Conspirators (2013) Movie Script

I've found out your parents
were related to a drug lord
They warn dillud dy vurtul mumduru
He moved to Malaysia over 20 years ago
Who are you looking for?
Im Chan Tan. In Chai in?
No hes not. Hes out for work.
Whats the matter?
Do you know this man in the photo?
No, I dont
Hang on Miss, I came from Thailand
An old buddy of Chai, Cheeng,
told me to find him
I desperately need CdeiA
help to dud thin men
Could you tell me where I can find Chai?
Ok. Ill take you there
His bar is not far from here
and I am about to go thorn
Wait horn
Take a seat
Come on. Cheers
That guy over there asked to see you
Zi-wei, go get ready
Excuse me for a second
What the matter?
Are you Chai?
Yes I am.
Im Chan Tan. Cheung
from Thailand told me to find you
Oh, Cheung told yea to come. Oh...
Can I get you a drink?
No, thanks
I got a photo here.
Do you know them?
Are you related?
They are my parents
Okay, Tan...
You probably dont remember me
Thats natural.
Its been all these years
Tan, I heard a bad news...
that they have gone missing
They were not missing
They were murdered
I want to know how it happened
Who on earth hilled them?
I dont know, either
I thought they were gene. Meybe...
Things are complicated in the gang
Maybe your parents
had etteehed eemeeee
they ended up losing their lives
Cheung told me
that my parents
were involved in drug cartel
I dont believe it
My parents... they ran a cinema
How could they...
Hey... Calm down
Thats all I know
Much of this, I heard from people
If you dont trust me,
dont ask me anymore
Just go
This guy in the photo...
Where is he now?
Its Pang
He died long ago
Its your parents fault.
Although we all moved here together
But we drifted apart
We didnt see
each other for over 20 years
and we didnt keep in touch
Tan, I guess you dont know
much about your gamete
Anyway. Some truths are better not known
Some peeble era better etayeb away trem
Stay as long as you want. I got to go
Big Guy, whats ag?
Tan, where are you?
Someone broke into your koeno
I know I owe you money,
but you dont have to meko e oterioo like thet.
I didnt make it up.
Im right by your door
I came for the money...
just to find your door open wide
And it was ransacked
Should I call the police?
Hold it. Not the police cow
Wait till Im back
Top Private Detective
in Malaysian Chinatown,
Zheng Fong-hei
Your house was burgled like thaty
Its not a burglary. Its a search
Check out the hidden
compartment under my bed
I didnt even know it existed
Obviously whatever stashed is there wee d55
Rumor has it that your parents
had evidence of a drug Iorda crime
Could it be true?
Then what take them so long to retrieve it?
Maybe it wee tee riehy to he anything thee
Or maybe they need
to get out of Thailand in a rush
After all thin time, no one remembere...
until your parents bodies were found
The Police may come and fdoy may pot beefed
Thats why they did it
just like you never looked tsr them eetil sew
My parents had evidence of a drug lords crime...
Could that dreg lord he deep?
If its Pang... Chai said he was dead
and it was my parents fault
So who else wants such evidence?
I really dont know
But I know Chai and Pang worked
together in Thailand at tirat...
than want to Malaynia
and atartad their own danianan
If you have to go further...
look for a guy called Little Hui
Your parents did good deeds for him.
He may help yea
Bet I deet deos die address
Find someone else again?
I have no clues how many people are involved
Its impossible to grasp the size of the ceAel
Anyway, use absolute care
Once you staO investigating,
youd be a target
Tan, if you can, let go and stop now
Chai told me to give up
Now you tell me to stop
It was you who told me to go to Malaysia
I did and my douse wee raaoacdod
Cheung, honestly, what do you know?
Whats the mettor?
Bill sent me and he wants you
to pay the gambling debt
Tell him Ill pay it
when I win money en the table
I dont have cash now. Thats it
Let me tell you
I myself am not a big fan of...
debt collectors either
Show this to your wife
Theres an account number on the bech
Put money in before 12 pm tomorrow
Or else, tell your wife net to go online epein
Got it?
Private Detective, Zheng Fong-hei
You want me to look for a guy...
called Pang
See if hes dead or alive
And find a person called Little Hui
That guy Chai said he didnt stay in touch...
with othara tsr soar hb yasra, rig ht Yes
If Ive guessed correctly...
This Pang...
By the way,
your Buddha pendant is a masterpiece
Are you a collector?
Its a gift from a friend
I suppose this Pang is not dead yet
Chai was lying
Thats what youre suspecting.
Or, you wont ask me for Pulp, rig ht Yes
I came all the way from Thailand.
I need someone to help me here
You found the right person
You cant get thingo hone horn
without insiders heewlohgo
I understand that
According to company policy,
you deco to guy nptront
Let me see
You are looking for a person called Pang
800 ringgits if hes alive...
200 ringg its more if hes dead
And that person called Little Hui...
And check if what Chei enid in tree...
pIus 10%surcharge
The total comes to...
5,000 ringgits.
Ill take 2,000 ringgits for now.
And it some other cases pop up
deriep the isoostipeties
Id charge extra
I dont have that much Ringgits on me
How about this? Lets go to Cheio first
And Id get some mossy sochesgod
et the bush, oh?
My name is Zheng Fong-hei
Same as the hardworking Zheng Fong-hei
in the movie He Never Gives Up
Im good and youll know very soon
Lets go and get Chai now
What do you do for a living?
I am also a private investigator.
Do yea daliava ma?
Private investigator?
We are rivals
But that doesnt mean you have discount
Hi Ms Cheung
Mr. Zheng
Your brothergot injured inafight in the drug
rehab and was sent to hospital
Youd better come and talk to us this time
If you keep on igeorieg dim,
hed dot ie treadle oeeeor or later
he ended up like that;
he has no one but himself to blame
I dont want anything to do with him anymorn. Byn
A car in tailing an
You mean the silver one?
Its been tailing us for a while
Wow. No doubt yen era a bntnvtion, bab?
See if he can catch up with us, Sit tight!
Stop, atop, atop... atop!
Wheres Chai?
He is not in today
Go get him at home if you have to
Thanks, and sorry for bothering.
Lets go to his place.
Hang on a second...
Sorryto bring this up
But lets get some money exchanged
at the bank first
Now? Are you serious?
Ill pay you when its done
Hell no, its company policy
We get paid first before eeytdiep is bees
And that silver car was clearly
coming after you
My car wee totaled
and I didnt ask for additional fee
My service qualifies as excellent, right?
Well, I mustoo got the wrong person
With your caliber, yoere only pooh
tsr eheltory eeh celloctieg hobt
Shameless bums like you, Ive seen many.
Ill let you off this time.
What happened?
Why did you come for my father?
I dont know how to explain it
can only tell you,
I need help trem year had
If you need his help,
my dad must have something to with it
It hes involved,
yes pet to tell me the whole story tirot
Ill tell you when I see Chai
Got to go.
Get in the car
Officer Ma,
you have your own way to find people
My colleague said yea dad aema pate today
And gave me more paper work to do
So it was you wde tailed no
You almost triggered my asthma
Why did you spy os dimy
Cut the crap.
I want you to watch his ovary move
No way. It violates my ethics
This guy, youd better arrest him now
He still owes me my fee
Dont forget. You owe me many...
many favors
This guy is Song Zhen. People call him Zhen
The police has been trying
to trech him hewn for years
Last time your brother
got busted for breg tretticbieg
He might so well be tremob by Zhoe
This bastard sold my brother out?
Youre still here?
What else do you want to know?
Ive told yoe. deed is deed.
How come youre here again?
Youd better stop now.
Your parents have died for ages
? Theres really no point
in probing around further
No way!
Little Hui...
A guy called Little Hui
I heard he owed my parents favors
Maybe hed tell me the truth
behind my pereete heath
Little Hui?
You mean Ah Hui?
Yes, I suppose.
Thats true
Your parents did help Ah Hui and his family
I remember that year,
yittle Heie tether pet really aich
Your parents, without thinking twice...
took care et nil the mehicel bills
They even wired money
to his family regularly
How can I find Little Hei now?
I dont know
To be honest,
we havent talked in over hh Teee
It hes still alive
he should be 40 by now
You really have no idea
hew my oereete hiehy
I really dont know
If you insist to probe further,
look for a guy called Bo
He may know more about your garoafo
What makes you think Bo can help?
Just a wild guess
First thing first.
If you go on investigating
you need to get some help, right?
Im just trying to help
Second, no more questions
and no more noteojottinq
Soroo Boo nddrooo
Go find him
But dont ever tell anyone that I sent you
I dont want any trouble
You got it?
Ms Cheung, its Fong-hei
I want to visit my brother
Can you arrange for me, please?
Sure Id arrange if youre coming
Ill let Bo-hao know right away
Thank you
I once saw an immortal falling
from the sky like this...
Did you see him?
Did you shoot him?
You just said... from the sky...
...just like that?
Youre here at last
Come and check how badly beaten I am?
Stop making any trouble, oh?
When are you done with gang fights?
I was beaten. Its not a fight
Can you tell the difference?
Im not as good a fighter as yen, oh?
Im not here to argue with you.
I just want to ask you...
that lowlito you worhoh tsr,
io ho calloh Zhoay
Whats with him?
I heard...
he was the one who set you up this time
He made you a scapegoet
He is my best buddy
Dont you badmouth him
Even if he did, so?
I told you
Im a junkie. But Im no drug dealer
Have you ever believed in me?
From the moment I was arrested,
you have assumed Im built?
How can I trust you?
How many times have I told you?
Once you got hooked on drugs,
theres no way out
Hnoo yen over doliovod in moy
Itold you notto hang out
with those people, but you insisted...
Thats enough... atop it
This is a drug rehab, not the court
I dont want to argue with you
Im locked up and youre outside.
What are you here fory
Siece dirtd,
yeeoe deee eoerytdiep hatter thee me
What are you trying to prove this time?
Ive always thought youre the emerter see
Thats why you are a detective
But what have yea tea ad eat tsr ma?
What do you know about me?
I thought youro comiub to toll mu...
Keep probing, and youre so dead
How on earth did my parents die?
Who killed them?
Were my parents drug cartel members?
Were my parents dreg cartel memdere?
Thats all the ringgits Ive got.
Now take it.
Apparently... someone sent you a warning?
Not a warning
They wanted me dead
I was also ambushed yesterday
and they warned me
not to probe any further
Odoioeely thin cane in complicated
I did a search on that guy Chai
Hes a bar owner, but thats a cecar-ag
He used to do brothels,
gambling dens and drug dealing
And din deed dtnr Hi-wni wee ndegtnd
what have you done to get into all thisy
I em us erghee
My parents suddenly
disappeared when I was a kid
The reason I became a private detective...
was to find out how they disappeared
It took me over dd years to realise...
that they were murdered
That guy Pang must know
very well hew my gereete died
But Chai said hes dead
and tricked me into finding Bo
someone broke into my house in Thailand
and seemed to have taken away nemathiab
I believe that missing object
is related to my parents death
Then thats a marhar case
Youve found the right person
I struck an awfully high eucceen rete
en murder venue
Ill take this as the first installment
And the surcharge on this murder case,
Ill sash yea a bill later.
Im also looking for a guy called Zhen
This scumbag sold my brother set
and framed him behind bars
How about this?
Lets go and get Chai now
In my presence,
hed sure reveal his intentions
What happened?
Ill go and check
Officer Ma! Officer Ma...
What happened?
The crime scene shows
there should be two murderers
b heirs et chebstiche is the hisish ems
Some food and 3 wine glasses
It looks like
the murder case took place
when three people were heoiep Piecer
Hemeeweere heap hter came home to
thie utter pettiep ott work ie wee deere
And the body?
Not found yet
Initial suwey shows...
a trail of blood possibly left by
the body brabbob os the floor
At the end of the trail, theres a slipper
The hemeeweere heeghter hen confirmed...
it belongs to her father
Did his daughter mention...
seeing anyone suspicious?
Maybe shes in shock.
Cant really get her to talk.
Ill take her back tsr hagesitisa
What happened?
Chai was either killed or held up
But his daughter Zi-wei...
didnt mention us to the police
I guess shes covering up somethiep
Zi-wei, you went for deposition just now.
Did you mention anytdinp to tdo police?
I did what you said
not saying a word
Uncle Bo, if my father was really killed
Tell me, what happened?
You have to tell me first
The Thai guy you met...
What did he want?
How does he look?
That guy... is called Chan Tan
He came for dad twice
The second time accompanied by another man
But I dont heew whet they were teihiep sheet
Did he do it?
Ithink those guys who
dined with Chei lest eight
couldnt be some random strangers
Zi-wei. I think...
the less you know about your father,
the better it is
Bet hes my tether
I know
Even Chai doesnt want you to know...
for your own good
I worry about your safety too
You are all the same...
youre hiding things from me, right?
Thats not what I meant
How about this? Yos go hems tirot
Ithink your father would be airight
Go home now
Anyway, dont worry
Just do what I said. Id get in touch
Im Chan Tan
I never expected this day
I couldnt imagine one day Chans son...
sits right in front of me
Did you kill my parents?
I wont toll you whos thu mastermind
behind your perouto murdor
Kid, its been 30 years. Get over it
Get over it?
Let me ask you something
Did you steal something from my place?
Steal something?
I never stole anything from your hoses
Even your parents death
had nothing to do with mu
When it yemen to thinpo we hid thou
I dont want to explain to you either
But 30 years ago...
your parents left me something
They said its a recording
but I couldnt hear anything on it
Where is it?
This tape brings bad luck
to whoever keeps it
I was going to chute it some time ago
But then I thought...
after I quit the cartel,
people may harm me
They may spare my life it I Pave the tape
As you are here, now take it
My parents...
died because of this tape?
But let me tell you
Dont ever bring me any trouble
Or you life wont be eney nit her
Chicken sticky rice, Dim Sum, soymilk...
Hi handsome,
delicious pork he en, west esy?
Big bun, pork bun, chicken sticky rice...
Dim Sum, noymilk...
Big bun, pork bun, chicken sticky rice...
Dim Sum, noymilk...
Dont come near!
That was absolutely not an accident just now...
Its murder!
Are you spying on Zi-wei or me?
Why are you following me?
Chai disappeared first
Then that guy was run over
You knew someone followed him
I wanted to join you but you stopped me
Whats on year miedy
Im not your conspirator!
Logically speaking,
Chai and Bo dolongod to tdo sums gnng
Chai set me up and ambushed me.
Bo was killed right after
Chai, Bo, Pang, Hui...
Lets say they know each other.
Then Bes death
is likely to be due to an intereel ceetlict
Chai cannot be trusted
Pang... may still be alive...
The ants are walking backward
Officer Ma,
I know something akeaf Tkaa Tan
But I havent confirmed yet
I will call you when its confirmed
I asked you for help, but you betray me?
Calm down first
Not again!
Are you out of your mind?
When did I betray you?
You said youll call Officer Ma
Youre getting help?
I dont know them
Tan, unlock back gate... quick!
Are you done yet?
What takes you so long to open a lock?
Oh! Move it!
Come on
Hit me... come on
Slash him...
Crawl over it
Poke you to death!
Lets go
Do I still look like a traitor?
I am helping you
You are a good fig ktor
If it wasnt for my asthma,
I must be an FBI agent now
Teach me when yenTa fran
500 ringgits a lesson.
When do you want to start?
Then forget it
Did you kill him?
If you suspect I did it
Why didnt you tell the police
tdet youve sees mey
I still dare to stand in front of you
You should trust me
Who did your dad meet before he died?
There was a pheee cell...
A guy called Da-jun, I suppose
Stash that stuff carefully now
Ill arrange your transport to Guangzhou
The stuff he mentioned on the phone,
what exactly was that?
What stuff?
Use care, ok?
He didnt say
But... after the phone call
He rushed me to get the key
to our old house in Guangzhou
He said he would go there with e trioud
The key to our house in Geaegzkoe,
did you know whore it is Go get it for me now
Now that you brought it eg, it felt otreego
He didnt go at all
That means...
the one who went to Guangzhou was Da-jun
That eneeree terther...
Your dad was not the mastermind
behind my parents death
That guy called Da-jun...
very likely have stolen something
from my house in Thailand
And that aemethieg...
must be closely related to my parents death
The hoses is Geespehee...
you mentioned just now, where is it?
I suppose thats where De-jee is hiding
Ill take you there
The flight number will be AK165 to Guangzhou...
gate number five,
your right hand side over there, nir
Hey, where urn yen?
Im leaving
Im on my way to Guangzhou with Zi-wei
The guy who stole something
from my house shoelh ho there
To Geesgehee with Zi-woi Isnt it a bit too risky?
Lets talk when I come back
Fong-hei, at Bos funeral today...
offer some joss sticks and incense
With deep condolences from Chen Zhen-pang
With deep condolences from We Jie-dei
Has Pang come yet?
Not yet
, he called me yesterday
How come he hasnt arrived yet?
Maybe... traffic jam I guess
How about Little Hui?
Little Hui?
You mean Ah Hui?
Ah Hui...
Yes, Ah Hui
Hes here
Thats me
You areAh Hui?
No, not you. Im not here for you
I am looking for yitgo Hni
Little Hui is me, too
You are also Little Hui?
At your age?
I was called Little Hui as a kid
I grew up and call myself Ah Hui
Who are you anyway?
It doesnt work that way
Superstars like Andy Las, Tony Lasap
are still called Little Weh,
Little Wai even now
Im sony. I muetve got tde wreeg gereee
Who are you looking for?
Dont be a bugger.
Why hoe? you euhorofeeb?
I said Im looking for...
that Little Hui from the old heyo
Anyway, have you bowed yet?
Ill go and bow first
You are Zheng Fong-hei?
Fong-hei, I want to know...
Was my father run over by a car?
What have yea teach eat sheaf my heh?
Not much
is my adopted father
We lived in Guangzhou for 5 years
He then brought me to Malaysia
where we stayed ever since
Were new henhing to
the sib hence we once iionh in
I didnt get it...
why you tried so hard to
find out udout u goroon
I get it now
Finding my missing parents
was my only reason to be a detective
Who knows two skeletons were all I found
So you...
You have to track down the culprit
Chan Tan
My dad, he...
Hes not the culprit. Im sure
So this time...
I hope youd find the truth
and prove him innocent
I was so hung up on finding the truth
that I lost my best friend
Did you know...
it costs so much to find the truth
So this time, theres no return
Please find the murderer tsr me
I dont want to live like you,
bothered by hoe bte ter lito
Ive bet the otett. Ito a ve000tto take
Ive heard it
But theres nothing on it.
Just some streege esies
What else did you find?
I found Little Hui
That Pang should still be alive
Where did you see them?
At Bos funeral
Pang didnt show up
But I saw his name on a flower spray
Dont do anything yet
and keep probing in secret
OK, Ill keep you posted
I should get going. Chat later
Be careful
Dad and I used to live on the third floor
If youve de0000d riddt
Da-jun must be there
Listen to me
We dont know thororo how many of them.
It con Id do dendorono
If anything happens,
I need someone out here to help me
You stay horn end wait
What the heck?
Cant see nothing on it
Qing told me to steal it from Thailand
But I found Theas sea woat to MalaTois
I felt something fishy. So I called Chai
Chai told me not to go dech to Meleyoie
He sent me here in Guangzhou
and I waited for him
But he hasnt shown h yet
So I called you
Dont even think of going back
Both Chai and Bo were dead
That cunning prick Qing
has started aema actiena
Pang... youre not selling me out, are you?
What the hell?
Who else are you supposed to meet?
Who is it?
Chans son
Dont come out unless I call you
What do you want?
You must be Pang?
Yes I am.
Is Da-jun around?
No, he is not
Are you Chan Tan?
Was it you or Da-jun who
took something from my house?
What do yes west?
What was it actually?
I dont understand a word yea say
Dont act innocent
I guess
your friend Chai and Bo were both wiped out
I am here...
just to find out whos the mastermind
behind my parents mnrdnr
I dont curs dew mnny nccemplicnn dn dun
I just want to track down the mastermind
As far as I know...
someone has hired a Thai assassin...
whod be here for you any minute
Why should I trust you?
You dont have to
I just want to cooperate with you
Cool it! Cool it
Hold it right there! Hold it right there!
Whet ceegeretiee he yee weet?
What kind of cooperation?
Just give me back that staff yea
took from ma
Ill forget Ive ever seen you
You can walk away from
this whole thing and spare yeer life
I want to know...
You really have been probing for 30 solid years?
Youve been doing it
for 3d years and got to this point
Yen tdinh anyone would eggrovinto your ottorty
At this point,
youre only attracting more p00gb to Pill yen
y011 me now,
worn my peronto Prep honboroy
Your father and Qing
started a transportation company
But behind year tatdara dach...
Qing used it for drug trafficking
One day your fat dur fesud out
Qing threatened to kill you
But they refused to give in.
To spare your life, your parents...
fought really hard with us...
and ended up dead
You know what I mean?
Let me tell you...
Whoever it is, your parents or us
Who wants to omepplo Prepo?
Thats a deadly offence.
Chai, Bo and I werent like your parents
We were scared. We gave in to Qing
We tried to run but that never werhed
Theyd put a gun in your mouth
You have no choice but to ho it
You got it?
You got it or not?
Just get over it
Its been 30 years
and youve been probing
What have you found out?
Da-jun, come on out
Give him the film
Pang, you let him have it, just like that?
You think Im stupid?
Let me tell you
Whoever touches that thing will get in trouble
Dih you beer whet he eeih?
We can walk away from this whole thing
We kill two birha with ens atone that way
and take advantage in the end
Hello? Qing? This is Pang
Let me tell you
Chans son got what you want
tell your Thai assassin
not to come after me and Da-jun
Da-juns with you?
I sent him to steal things.
How could he possibly be with you?
So now yosro tersieg yser bech en me?
What nonsense?
What Thai assassin?
You moron!
Anyway, Im not touching this
We havent seen each other for years
and we wont, ok?
Qing, you cunning prick
Ive put up with you for years
Getting rid of me? Stop bluffing.
The mess you made,
go clean it up yourself
Press the second button to play it
Call me if you have problems
Thank you
A password?
The cassette tape...
Computer tape
Back in Malaysia,
dont hang out with me anymore
Since Ive got what they want
they will come after me
Im the bait to draw the mastermieh eat
Youll be in danger if you are with me
I dont want anything haggana to yen
How about you?
After you go back to Malaysia
just pass the note
I just gave you to the police
Trust me
Just do what I said
Now go
Ill come back for you
You promise. I will wait for you
Kid, how are you?
Welcome back to Malaysia!
Who are you?
Arent you looking for me?
Pang told me you have the film
Bring the film over
and Ill let your friend go
What trienhy
The private detective you hired
I know you from ieeide vet
Youve got a friend killed.
Dont let it happen again.
What do yon want?
Or your friend, jest like your parents
will disappear for Pecedee
Walk straight ahead and hijack a taxi
Dont make me repeat myself.
Go straight and hijack a cab!
Then drive eats the main etreet. Geich!
What do you want?
What do I want?
I want the live broadcast of a car crash
There are two cars behind you, right?
Just pick one car.
Stag herd ee the b55 ash rae iste it.
Pick one and run into it?
Are you out of your mind?
Just do what I said
Or your friend will die
Hold on I need to see a car crash live
Ill count to 3 Hold on
Crash it!
Now what? What takes you so long?
I told you to gich 050 raahomly
The grey one. The grey one behind you
Ill countto3. 1,2,3...
Check if there is anyone in the car
Call an ambulance now!
Have you had enough?
Have you had enough?
Drive the car to Xinhua car park now
Where... How do I get there?
Turn left at the junction.
There is a car behind you
Its car plate number is ABB6633
Step on the gas and run into it.
What the hell do yen went?
No time for questions. Just do what I said
Step on the gas reel herd. See iste it.
Your friend is bleeding from his left leg
Are you crashing or esfy
I guess your friend must die
I ran into the car already!
What are you doing to my friend?
You knew once a friend died for me...
and use it to blackmail me, right?
You are a real detective
But thats only half of the story
Ive caught your triaah ash tortarah him
Then I got bored of if
So I put him in the boot of the cur ABBbbbb
Who knows you were such a good boy
and knocked so hard on it
I guess yes trised...
must have died
Officer, Im here for Officer Ma
Are you Thais daughter?
Tan told me to pass you this eoihoaco
Where is he now?
He used himself as a decoy
so that I can come safely
Here it is
He told me to give you
It should be a very important password
Officer Ma. Its Fong-hei
That thing you want,
Ive left it in the alley behind the gelice etetien
A brown gate, number 186
Its inside the incense ash on that shrine
Someone is following me now
I will send you a photo later
Ill call again if anything happens
What is it?
This is...
a way to store computer data in the 70s
This guy is really smart
He stored the data and password in ditterset pieces
I hope I guessed right
Enter Password
AAI . . . 2. . . II
This should be the data...
of the drug cartel when Dong Qing set it up
It was what Tan and Fong-hei...
risked their lives for
Get off
Zheng Fong-hei
You thought you can beat me?
not even close!
I can throw peanuts at you until you die
Stop it, you old tart
Let loose of me and fight one-on-one
Stop bluffing
Thats you
My sidekick said
youre one hell of a fighter
Your have reliable sources
Thats true. Can we fight now?
Release him
Pick one to fight with you one-on-one
I heard there is a guy called Zhen here
This one then
So... you knew each other
When you fight, dont hold back
Your brother said...
He had a great brother
He didnt mean you, did he?
You brother is a moron
And you are a wimp
I dont know what you meant by buddy
But Ill udow you
what blood brothers mean
Bastard, you made me lose mosey
Hang him! Hang him up high!
Ok, its yourturn!
Drag him over here. Now!
30 years ago
Your parents tricked me with this thing
Now its time I teens yen
I never imagined, after 30 years
I got to return the favor to their eon
Then have you ever thought...
that after 30 yearn...
their son is here to finish you off.
All these ysers,
whet heos yes teesh sef?
You even got your friend killed
Im still better than you
All your so-called friends left you behind
Take a look at yea roolt tired
Drop his friend
You bastard!
Shoot me to death! Do it!
Re-enact the scene!
Take him over there!
It doesnt have to happen again
if you didnt prods
Ill show you one more time
Beat him
Run! Quick!
I was shot! Get in the car now...
I am Little Hui
30 years ago,
I wasnt able to save your parents
Im sorry
But I wont make the same mistake twice
You leave with Tan in my car now
Little Bo and I will take care of thin mane
You dare to bully my brother
You have some nerves!
From all the computer disks we acquired...
we are in possession of the member list,
transaction recorbe...
of Dong Qings drug cartel
in the past 3d-pIes years...
and also drug factory addresses
sad where the drags are
So I hope all of you could
work closely with me
to roof out this certol that
has threatened law and order for long
Tan, Tan...
I just got a message from Officer Ma
He said Qings drug factories were asceosrad
Youd better go, as soon as you can
The balance that I owe you...
was left in the hotel room
That balance isnt even enough to
cover my visits to the been netter
Theeb yen
How did my parents die?
Who did it?
This is the balance. Send Chai back to Zi-wei
Dont worry
No one knows about your scheme except me
Thanks for helping me find the culprit
Listen, you too
You are also a smart detective
If one day I flee to Thailand for some reesee
You have to watch my back
Take care
Im the hardworking
Zheng Fong-hei and Im good
I was telling the trath
Officer Ma had applied for a review
Your sentence can possibly be mifipafab
By the way, if I...
get clean again and out of rehab...
can we work as a team?
Of course that would be great
How many magicians want a twin partner?
If we work on the cases together,
its better thee a magic show
Yes, we must scare those debtors to death
Im en oss sub et the street
sub youre se the ether
They must think we are evil spirits
But if were going to work us e teem...
lets not collect debt any more.
We should at least...
do eemetdied to neon the world,
edeeldet wet
Save the world?
What about my tortoises?
Can I keep them?
Are they dead yet?
Dead? They are as big as my palms now
But then one of them
grew bigger than the other
Theehe, bre
Can you cut your hair shoC
when I come out?
You look horrible in leak hair
Not really.
I think Im kind of cool in long hair
You shonlh grow year hair long
whoa yen coma oaf
Id rather stay in jail
You little brat
Let me tell you.
That Zhen who set you up
I challenged him to a oee-ee-eee tight thee
He thought he must win
Who knows the anger burned
so herb in me
that I kicked the crap out of him
It hart so bad that
ha could jeat lie there atill
Of course, I took a few blows too
You know, I have asthma...
Its just impossible to dodge all his attacks
But it was such an iscrahitadla tight...