Contact High (2009) Movie Script

(A bee buzzes.)
(loud gargling and rustling)
(Music: "So Long, Old Bean"
by Devendra Banhard)
(Vogel cries)
(A telephone rings.)
(Telephone ringing)
Hamma ned, listen again!
So akquirier'ma
but ned necessarily new customers.
I've already felt that I have nothing,
what needs of me.
Nobody needs anything in the future
ask because you already feel it?
The waiter of the future is activated
just his mirror neurons.
The docks to the brain of the guest
so that he feels the same.
That what the shamans
know for generations, ...
... will be slow now
scientifically confirmed.
Ah ok?
If I have a whistle, you can
catch my wave by contact.
If you let me in a bit.
The last part of your execution
agrees with me now but questionable.
(Music: "Frontera" by Calexico)
Say, Stevie!
- Hm?
- Have you ever...
... an out-of-body experience
- Hm?
- Something like an astral projection.
- I've got an Opel Astra once.
- Mm.
You should have a look
to grow your hair.
- It's enough for me
Dye Meschen once a month.
(A cellphone rings.)
It's Carlos.
(He laughs.)
Heast, fahr'ma on arrival
or fahr'ma on victory?
Do you want to provoke me? Ha?
Right is the gas pedal!
(The engine howls.)
Do you know why the female botanists
also need windscreen wipers inside?
Does that ned know? Well, because they drive like this:
(He mimics a car, spitting.)
(He laughs.)
And you think the ned funny?
Okay, then tell a joke!
And if i find the ned funny,
then I blow away!
Hey, Johann!
Eh, the E.T. and the little one
Bua were also on contact.
Because the E.T. has a beer,
and the boy has belched.
But that was never ned in really.
Yes, but that is also possible.
The Didi told me:
If his friend has taken LSD
and she fucks ham, ...
... he also hallucinated himself.
But in the case
is the contact extremely intensified.
But according to your theory, radio
yes it works on the phone too.
For sure. What do you think, why the
all flirtlines so popular?
The funny thing is ...
... that she gave him the make-up mirror
'gave and ned the driver's license.
I understand that.
(loud :) I understand!
Give me your mobile!
Give, in Poland need anyway no
Mobile, roaming costs hell!
Mao here.
"You, I need that degree."
What is going on with you?
I understand.
"I understand!"
Where are you? Bend left front!
And what should be funny, ...
... if they are the gendarmerie
a make-up mirror holds?
- She gives to the policeman
the make-up mirror, ...
... because she believes
it is the driver's license.
He says, "I did not know,
that you a colleague san. "
He gets off as the dork
and ned the blonde.
- Did you just invent the joke?
If you plant mi!
Schorsch! What's so important?
- Watch out: A policeman asks a
Blonde after the license.
- driver's license! With registration certificate
the joke works ned.
- I told you:
The joke is not funny!
Schorsch, i know him anyway.
- And?
- He is very funny.
- For sure.
I do not care.
- What and?
- That's why you came here?
If the joke were not funny,
would have blown him over now.
- And who is the Lord?
- Leubenegger Gerhard.
I'm slipping in by accident.
Thou shalt hold the cardboard,
otherwise I'll think it over!
(The phone rings.)
So i do not have a good feeling.
They call Hans Wurst
and Max Durst, the buffet magnates.
What can we do for you?
Hello, Astrid! How are you?
The sissi?
Over the extended weekend?
Yes, eh.
Yes, good.
See you soon.
Maybe we can
help with the congregation and so on.
Where is the whole Leberks?
Do you mean the pizza Leberks, the
Horse Leberks, the cheese Leberks?
Or the normal?
Do you want to go back?
insult my car?
- How do I get out of this?
- Turn around there! And you finally tell
what you have in mind in Poland!
- bring a bag.
- That can not be so hard ned.
I'm just about grad
in a kind of predicament.
I have to spice up.
Stay there!
- Let him!
Where did you get that from?
- I must, as I said,
relatively urgently to Poland.
I have s' but last week
to pluck the driver's license.
I just checked a driver.
- How did that matter?
- In order to!
What? You are just
on the street '...
... and have somebody the
Crunch under the nose g'halten?
What should i have done?
Does he have a passport?
- White i ned.
- Ask him!
Go! Crap!
- Ned!
If you shoot him, you have to go next to
management and illegal possession of weapons ...
... a murder on the neck -
and certainly not a driver.
Who says that i have no driver?
Well, certainly not!
Come on, please, Mao! I would have something too
very urgent things to do at home.
And I think you are mine
really guilty.
Labor Inspectorate.
Ah, the boss!
Mach'ma there now
on child labor or what?
Only over the extended weekend,
then mom is z'ruck again.
Sissi, are you doing the woman's boss
a Wurstsemmerl with Gurkerl, ha?
Certainly not!
Himbeerkracherl would have been too.
Sure ned.
Leberks is unfortunately out, has
eat our Lehrbua together.
And he never picks up the phone.
I do not do that
Afternoon care at the nursery.
And you need it
ned each other.
If nobody comes,
Mss'ma lock up. Very easily.
I'll tear open the Oasch!
Next Thursday
mach'ma an open-air dance party.
And every Saturday
organize a theme evening.
For example, the Whiskey Cola massacre,
a theme evening for teenagers.
We start full on the lake.
Seems great to start.
Why are the sausages punched through there?
They were jumping.
You can not cook sausages?
And where are the prices?
Do you know that? If in Italy in
so a little fish restaurant go, ...
... where the boss collects after G'fhl,
such places always full.
That's good for people.
Johann, i thought that
Join in such a nonsense ned.
Hey, we have the concept
worked together.
I find that cheap that you give us
want to play against each other.
We build up an existence there.
- Stay there too.
I need your skills
just somewhere else.
There must be someone
go to Poland - get something.
A Krakauer?
Would actually offer.
I'm driving there sure with ned!
You have to go to Lodz
get off at the main station.
I wrote that down to you. Johann!
And there ask
after the Hotel Blaue Krone.
That really means that?
Yes, that sounds great in Poland.
The owner is a friend of one
Friend and give you a bag.
He knows,
nobody needs to know more.
Here we go!
No questions
and no unnecessary answers!
We are full professionals!
If everything works, I'll pay you
double salary for six months.
Ah yes, your phone will stay off.
Your way must be ned necessarily
can be traced back.
Can we also talk nothing?
Or should we look after ours
Simply destroy yourself return?
Listen! Because of the G'schicht
you can go in the ports.
Should I tell you something about that
tell a Polish harbor hierarchy?
There are also Schweindln in the game.
Okay, there's the travel ticket.
Laufts! Verplemperts
Everything in the dining car!
And buy yourself
the tickets at the conductor!
And watch out for our hut!
Let's try the next days
get along well, okay?
- (She apes her):
Let's try ...
...the next
Days to get along.
That can be cheerful.
- That can be cheerful.
How old are you?
- How old are you?
That's a shitty thing to you!
- That's a shit on you!
Do you know what? You are sleeping in the basement.
- knows what? You are sleeping in the basement.
Stop the Gschn!
- Stop the Gschn!
(A telephone rings.)
(TV :) "An unbelievable
stupid and avoidable mistake. "
It is completely unfavorable.
are you already over the border? "
Almost, Harry. I drive so fast i
can. But the traffic is killer.
(Engine noise)
But I have everything under control,
the day after tomorrow the bag is there.
Wait a second, it's about to ring.
Georgie! I'll get you up
called the landline, understand?
On landline -
Do you understand what that means?
- That's nothing - because of tariffs.
I also look that I can save where i can.
- no. That means you are not
in Poland, but at home.
- You can not see ned so closely!
- Aha. And how should I see that?
Well, because of the car race
I've sent a girlfriend.
Advance sends, so to speak.
You know, Le Mans, I like to look,
and that's only once a year.
But not the porn trulla, ha?
Yes and naa.
(softly :) Schorschi!
Rather a bit more yes, how naa.
Maybe s' car racing looks.
- Maybe you'll shut up!
- But you also do not notice anything new.
(Schorsch :) Come on, Mao! Open up!
- Get your feet off the table!
- Get your feet off the table!
(Schorsch :) We just want to know
how it goes on
Do you have cable TV?
- Schorschi!
Open, Madl! Do you see that?
There are two gangsters out there
with pistols in hand.
If you switch ned off immediately,
I open the door and you are allowed to go.
- There are two gangsters out there ...
Really true?
Do you see that?
These are not spray guns.
Fully true.
Heast, how long do you want to paperwork us?
We give an order there
and you're doing laundry at home
- Everything okay.
I forwarded the order
to two of my best people.
Say, are you completely dumb?
Maybe it's just bad.
No, that's definitely the one
Desolidarization of society.
It does too
stop in front of such a highway.
At the highway feeder hamma
statistically more chances.
Maybe you're really on vacation.
- Poland should be very beautiful.
- I've never heard that.
So a loss!
You also have to drive the cars
include in the statistics, ...
... the us as a car stopper
have not even guessed.
We have a lot of time
wasted and no money was saved.
Save in need, then you always have time.
I wish me two
Korean synchronized swimmers.
Ah ok? I thought you were tipsy
on a Bulgarian javelin thrower.
Or a ladies beach volleyball duo
from Carinthia.
Yes, that would be really supermatic.
A nice night!
(loud snoring)
Greetings to God!
(Music: "Have Love Will Travel"
from The Sonics ")
You, Max?
How did that happen?
the Mao g'meint with the Schweindln?
Rather metaphorically or more in real?
Well, they will not be any
Schweindln imprison in Poland.
If s' ang'stellt have come, come
I'm sure I'm in a Schweindl prison.
The Schweindln live anyway in the
G'fngnis, if you take it exactly.
So an outfit just suits me ned.
We have to find something else, okay?
- Shall I
miss a hairdrier, Schorschi?
- Well, but either
Leiwandes Kapperl it would be nice.
And if it's just a baseball cap
would, wrong aufg'setzt.
- But you only do that when you blow.
- Really? Do you know that the Grenzler?
- For sure. You have to be very sovereign
Otherwise, they'll fool you.
- With the glasses i look
like a primary school teacher on withdrawal.
What does he want?
- I knew it:
You have to give him a blowjob.
Well, that's what i'm doing.
I know.
What does he say?
- He said: next time
is it your turn. When we go back.
Heast, that's ned!
I have not got it yet
a Kapperl wrong aufg'habt.
- That must be up to you, Schorschi.
But that does not matter.
To the Blue Crown
is it quite far.
Thank God
gave us the Mao a taxi field '.
I drive black.
Know anyway: Spare in need!
That has the car stop
already works great.
We have to see if it's in Lodz
also have a Krakauer.
- Sausage means that.
No, the Poles say to Lodz Wutsch.
Give that to you! There are Windi
with a skin of real intestine.
This makes Borschtsch.
- borsch?
Is a Russian soup
with a Polish sausage in it.
We have a sausage stand
and no gourmet snack.
Maybe that would be a market niche.
"Sauteed Polish on pearl onion
with Dijonsenf dressing "at 8.50 Euro
That is already expensive.
- We collect after G'fhl!
A garlic sausage "Silesian style".
And a poultry sausage of the Warsaw style.
From the kauf'ma now 20 kilos,
then collect it from the tailor.
Thank God
krieg'ma soon a bag.
The contents throw'm somewhere
and pack our sausages.
- Hello!
- Hello Hello!
Maybe that's not English at all.
You know, the Poles.
- Is that a Polish?
Does the woman look like a Polish?
The lady is from the Philippines,
that can do that.
Now you have
the same thing happened again.
What's that supposed to mean?
- I asked if they were both
Comedians have picked up the bag.
- And what did she say?
- Did not you listen?
- Naa.
- That she already 3.5 hours ago
were here and back on the train.
Do you know what?
You can change someone else.
She did not even open her mouth.
- Schorschi, that was a joke!
Come on, Schorschi!
No, no, no, no, no!
Why do not you take the bag?
Why should we
make the fingers dirty?
- What are you doing then?
Shall she shadow her?
- We wait, shadow the two
Comedian, until they sit on the train.
Then we drive home nicely
and receive them there.
- I understand all that ned. also
the start of Le Mans would be at five.
- Le Mans, Le Mans, Le Mans!
- Let me
maybe even say something!
- Are you coming here!
- Styrians.
Do not get it.
He also talks so funny!
Woll'ma talk about it?
What's up? We did not do anything wrong.
- But you never know.
Bull san bulls san bulls.
- My little philosopher!
Blue crown.
What did you pay for?
For driving in the black, five euros,
nothing for the lead.
Did you tip?
- 10 percent.
Hello, you long for my heart!
Thousands of kisses pulsate
from the Vienna Basin to you.
What was that, please?
I just want to make sure
that does not understand German.
Just let me do it!
What does "order" mean now?
Command? Are you dumb?
We're not ned
in some Chuck Norris movie.
Sorry that i
no Langenscheidt mithab!
We have to ned GIs out of one
Free jungle camp. Command!
What does that have to do with that
you do not know what "mission" means?
You do not need to be depraved
because I think of a word ned.
I'm just looking,
how you looked.
The master has hypersensitivity
but misunderstood.
Oh great!
We have to go to the train, you idi!
Nix Mao! We can do things
decide for yourself.
Well, I hope you have a fridge.
Otherwise, I will
broke my whole sausages.
A Jacuzzi
would be ned bad in front of the disco.
I'm pretty breaded now
from the journey.
Very nice!
But I like it quite simply anyway.
Do you think they have a hotel safe?
Maybe there is something valuable in it.
Look inside!
(deep bubbling)
Does not go on anyways.
- Is not it?
Should not I go somewhere to dine somewhere?
Is not necessary. The good Sissi
has given us two Semmerln yes.
Say once:
How do they look?
I know the quasi only from stories.
- No idea, Schorschi.
But in any case they would have to
have the bag with you.
- First they would have to come first.
Look! A 68er Mustang.
Yes eh.
You too a E?
- no.
I'd rather see what's wrong with you
that happens to be funny.
But know anyway: His big hour
came whenever he took pills.
(dull disco music)
(unintelligible conversations and jubilation)
Oida father, are you paralyzed!
I'm just getting into it!
You're cramming?
And you have to laugh too, right?
(Dogs bark)
Johnny Boy, say: Do you see that too?
Look closely!
You see that too, right?
This is completely crazy, hey!
(loud music)
These magnificent braids with ears in front of it!
Phew! And i have it again
this urge to bow to me.
Oioioi, let's go!
Here we go
with the damn psycho-crap!
Let's start with psycho-dung!
That's actually ned, right?
For sure
all people in the world.
I get two Mai Tai.
(The dogs sniff and growl.)
That they are still not there!
- I told you,
the san ned grad bright.
This is totally unhealthy
what you are doing, Schorschi!
- Heast, I'm 18 hours old
At the wheel, I'm totally groggy.
Le Mans is 24 hours.
I know full ned, who leads!
But speed sniff
is not a solution!
You have to take care of your body!
Come, sleep an hour! Hm?
- Yes.
You know, I'm on watch.
And you sleep, no problem.
- Thank you!
But i can now
surely ned sleep after the nose.
Well then I'll sleep first,
and then you take me off, huh?
Watch out!
You are a totally good friend!
Mmh, Mai Tai!
Everything, what is here in suspension,
must be concreted with alcohol.
If only someone understand it.
Listen! I'm coming, I'm
already a hundred hours' in the kennel.
(He stammers.)
What? Heast, are you dumb?
I want to fry,
I have just a madness run!
We have an order
and I am bad. Bye Bye!
Thanks, Mr. Rubbershoe!
It's too much for you,
It just makes you unhappy.
Is it up or down?
Hupf'ma in the hole!
I hope the Tormaus is z'haus.
(The dog whines.)
(TV :) "And that, though he does
really stuck in traffic. "
"Out here
is really traffic now. "
"We have right now
exactly five cars in the pit lane. "
"Three of them Ferrari, that speaks
Good for the quality of Maranello. "
(Engine noise)
(She screams loudly.)
(Mobile phone ringing)
Here Mao?
"The Astrid.
"I heard, the sissi is with you?"
"I prefer that much,
as if s' is with the two. "
"And the Sissi has it herself
such a strong character. "
"But you know how kids are."
Yes, that's why I have none.
You? Say honestly:
Did you ever think that
you can educate children a bit?
Things like: You can not do that!
Or: say thank you!
"I just do not want her, that
it will be a good truffle. "
Well, of course you want ned.
That's it but really ned!
"What's up?"
- Ah, nothing.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Where did you get that biscuit?
- From a new friend.
- Blond, butterfly dress?
- Blond, butterfly dress?
Blond, butterfly dress?
- Blond, butterfly dress?
Blond, butterfly dress.
Yes, say it!
Heast, san we just grew up?
Because the two bags
In any case, they stayed the same size.
Pst, say nothing!
Because if you say that,
what you think you see, ...
... then that will be true.
Is not it true?
It happens at least ned often.
Maybe sleep'm still.
Naa. I go take a shower.
When is our train?
Is eh highest railway.
(He hums a tune.)
Is that wonderful!
(Engine noise and English
Comments on TV)
(exciting music)
(Bell jar)
(Toilet flush)
You, that's completely burned.
Yes, it was a 68 Mustang.
Two Plattler with the bag!
- How did they get there?
Did you sleep?
- Well, I even have
still taken a grass, that sharpens!
- What do you have everything?
- I have to look in the trunk.
A graserl, a Moroccan oil,
Uppers, Downers, a LSD, ...
... a good MDMA, Speed,
Coke, ecstasy, the Mitsubishis ...
... and a picking gum. That's it!
Pick rubber?
Yes, a glue, a glue!
An adhesive.
I know when I have to invite kids.
Do not we want to drive slowly?
(Happy music)
I nothing.
But i think it was an announcement.
What kind of platform would you need?
The announcement is in person
now ned so well understood.
But just follow the people.
Now that we're all in
the same direction on the way san.
Which direction?
Georgie! The train to Vienna
was announced for platform 5.
What does that tell us? Ha?
- Yes, that now
on the way to Drogomysl san.
- Also. But mainly:
You can do this guy
do not entrust our bag.
- We would only have those shitty ones
Need to take bag.
Then I can see Le Mans now.
- Who wants to drive alone -
make up for everything?
- Then everything would be fine.
- Nothing is good.
- You mixed in!
- That would not have been necessary
if you had done everything well.
I'm going to Drogomysl,
get the bags, you drive afterwards!
Samma good again?
(The train whistles.)
Maxi? Is everything alright?
I happen
we're going backwards again.
You sit with your back to the direction of travel.
That's just too heavy for me!
Could you ask the Lord,
Would he exchange space with me?
For sure.
What is wrong with you
now exactly to him?
Eh just that you the wind
Grad through the Schdl blast.
That's right. I have to go now
focus entirely on my heart.
And reconcile the outside with it.
And therefore
i can not talk much now either.
Can you explain that to the Lord?
- All right.
Fuck Polaken Tractor, g'schissener!
I want to know where the pointless way.
I'm insanely bland.
Heast, hurry up, I'm in a hurry!
Did I interpret that correctly now?
Did you say "fucking Ford"?
Yes? Zloty, you eggbear!
Do you know what you can do? You can
put your zloty in the Oasch!
Together with your Hendl
and your mum!
You shit, you eggbear!
- How exactly?
- You eggbear!
This is crazy, hey!
You can
do not rely on anyone else.
Avez-vous vu le chien?
- Huh?
Do you have the dog?
The dog?
Our dog.
Our dog?
You think we have a dog with us?
Bag. Ned dog.
Bag i g'meint.
Where is she fast?
No stress at all!
Oui! C'est Drogomysl.
Pah, there would be that
to keep a hair ned up.
Say, was the bag always so yellow?
She was already relatively yellow.
But that she is so yellow now, ha?
(The tires squeak.)
Quick, disguise yourself!
So that the Polack ned recognize you.
- But Schorsch,
they do not know me at all.
And if they are looking for you,
they know the Mustang.
- Then that's just another one
Mustang, the track.
- Why is he following us?
- Because of the dapper Hendl.
- Hendl?
- Hendl! Rubber eagle.
As in Grillhendl, Backhendl,
- A chicken!
- A chicken.
Whoa! There's a lot of kohl in there.
Heast, I told you,
that the bag is too yellow!
Thank God, my sausage bag!
I would personally
the dress seems familiar.
Things are going awry right now,
we should call the Mao!
This is the madness-Oide with the Zpf!
The dance floor, the what
just make me unhappy.
Shit, what's Zpf called?
That's something of blunzn to me!
Oh yeah!
If the yellow bag of the boy
Lady with the ears of dogs heard, ...
... that means our bag
away is and our command spanked!
Do you get that?
Now dramatize so dramatically!
How do you do it?
Chuck Norris react now?
He would call the Mao!
Very slowly, Johann!
Where are you?
and how silly are you?
- Where are you?
All at once everything was wrong.
Are you in a knitting course?
- No, in Drogomysl.
Say ned, Max has drugs!
After the disco everything went wrong.
Now there is still the sausage bag
and those of the Madl with the Zpf.
Give me the max! Sissi?
Maximum risk, hello?
What are you doing in Drogo-something?
We chill there a bit.
How are you?
"Max, the Johann has said,
the bag is gone. "
You can not see ned so tight!
I see it so close,
it's even ned.
- Everything great!
Max? Johann?
Can you call her ned once?
"If you do not hurry,
I can not help you anymore. "
Who's speaking?
Do I know you?
What is in there anyway?
- Let's take a look.
- Exactly. Maybe we can
a little bit of coke or uppers.
I'm already a bit tired.
- Contenance, Schorschi, contenance!
- What?
What's that?
This little rat!
- Who do you mean?
Not you now. This Paki!
He ripped off our bag.
Turn the car, Schorschi!
- That would be extremely unfavorable.
- Turn around!
The Paki ripped off our bag!
Haha, I hung it!
- There's the Paki, let's get it.
Mister Paki!
Plug away, plug away!
Why exactly should i do that?
Because there are policemen with us
are real pigs.
Please please!
Please do not!
Please please! Please do not!
No, that's my car!
In the first have to give intermediate gas!
Please, please, please do not!
Go please, why?
Quick, take your pack with you!
Mister Pakistani!
Give Gas!
- Okay!
But Schorschi, fuck the Mustang!
We are going home now!
- With the spit
but it's not nice.
But Shoshi,
do you have to argue with everyone?
- What are you doing,
if one offends your car?
- I do not have a driver's license.
- I too ned.
Wait, you do not have a driver's license?
He plucked 'me'
a week ago, the pigs!
- You drive through a thousand kilometers
Poland without a driver's license? Hold on!
Yes, Blosmanova.
Sausage? Sausage?
Because of you i can look today ned Le Mans.
You hold the cardboard, not a human
drive in Prague a car race!
- You are not one with you,
your vibes are confused.
You do not swing right, that's why
everything is lost here too.
- That's possible. But for what have
we pay the little brown?
- He should tell us
what he wanted with the bag.
Care, Schorschi! Care!
- I'm eating a broom,
if he has no smack.
He should tell us
how the bag rises!
- Schorschi, you are too nervous.
The sweet Paki will be us
to open his secret already.
We stop here. And then we take
us the little Paki before.
Kuck, a chicken!
I'm so breaded,
i have to lay down a bissi.
- Of course, Schorschi.
Schorschi, search his things!
Do not get rude, Muselmann,
do not be naughty!
Wow, he's got a smack!
Whoa, that whistles!
Show your teeth!
Show me the teeth!
I would have such a madman now
Gusto on an apple compote.
- That's the cinnamon, Schorschi.
You've got to get in contact - now!
"You have to get in touch!"
"Bitter Sweet" by Roxy Music)
These vintage years!
Lovers you consume, my friend.
As others their wine.
(singing :) No!
This is not the end of the world.
Stranded to life and art.
And the game continues,
as you know.
Many more beautiful reunion.
(The engine howls.)
And now, as you turn to leave.
Try to force a smile.
As if to compensate.
Then you break down and cry.
(TV :) "There are on the straights
to set up a chicane again. "
"The tire piles are wild
flown through the area. "
"Maybe that sends
Racecourse out a safety car. "
"So the posts
without danger to life and limb ...
... again this chicane
can build up. "
"Because cheap
is not that right now ...
... if the boys
come with 320 flown. "
And? Are people coming?
- If you cook the right thing,
People always come.
Maybe they are all Persians.
Or Iraqi, they look a bit like that.
Are not all Iranians and Iraqis
at the same time Persian?
I'm getting the feeling
you never speak English.
Did you understand everything the whole time?
Yes, it's clear.
I fucking on!
Yes, I'm fucking too!
But it is already a great holiday there.
Poland, ha? The hamma went well.
Are you actually
still on contact with the Johann?
Only so vague.
But somehow I have the feeling,
he just falls in love.
(Vogel cry)
Funny bird hear me there.
They sing a bit ill, I think.
Bissl have cooled down there
in the Persian draft.
(Vogel cry)
Maybe they have been since
Disco with us. Or always.
Just hear'em now for the first time.
That's nice, what you're saying.
Watch out!
Come close to me,
my little Schorsch!
I meant our new Asian
Friend, his name is Schorsch.
That's ned!
I once meet an Asian,
which is also called Schorsch!
- My two best friends
Hot Schorsch.
Maybe you in India too
a deity called Schorsch?
Like the Shiva,
from which the Skunk comes from?
I do not care, as long as you
no bomb umg'schnallt have.
You are my Haberer!
- Schorschi!
(Vogel cry)
Harry, I want to go home. I can never.
Excuse me, I have to go now.
Otherwise I will miss my train again.
Was really nice with you.
I stop the ned in the scenery!
Each one quickly lays an egg,
and then death comes.
Say it!
Because death comes here.
Ned with me, ned with me!
Ned with me, y'know Hendln!
(She screams.)
We can stay pen pals.
Hello! Hello!
Do you hear me? Hello!
I send you my vote. OK?
She comes through to you
and it stays with you.
"Contigo Hija" by The Base)
(The music gets quieter.)
I have to continue!
Can you come with me please?
The pigs want to do something to us.
Sure, i come!
I'll do the pigs, you the bag.
- Okay.
It's enough for everyone.
I'm so sorry.
Everywhere the death here.
And all the panicky chicken karmas,
they're sticking to him now.
Did he understand?
I do not know.
He has to become strong now.
Otherwise the wind of fate blows
through his hair.
And he only believes
that his hairstyle is destroyed.
A madness wave was that!
I think that was a brain tsunami.
There is only one important thing: children
pure, when the swordfish fall.
I've got it,
how the atoms start playing.
It's raining strawberry kisses, Max!
Quick, catch!
"I love you" is only allowed after
say four to five months', right?
Yes, but I want you
already say it all the time.
I know. I heard it before,
how you held my head.
Almost g'schrien have it.
I'm back!
- Were you away?
You never told me your name!
- Johann!
I have a sausage stall at a beautiful
Pond, and I do not have a waitress.
(The train whistles.)
(Johann cries.)
Why are you crying?
Because it's sad maybe?
But now I have enough
from the whole contact.
Let me, too!
Hey, watch out!
Because there are questions,
which you can never answer.
What is actually in the bag now?
An invention with which you can see the world
save or destroy?
Antimatter for example.
Antimatter can not be transported ned.
I do not care, I'm looking in now.
(Music: "Do not Bogart Me",
sung by Sven Regener)
Do not bogart that joint,
my friend.
Pass it over to me.
Do not bogart that joint,
my friend.
Pass it over to me.
Roll another one.
Just like the other one.
You've been hanging on to it.
And I sure would like a hit.
Don't bogart that joint,
my friend.
Schau, die Libellen!
- Schau, der Max!
Don't bogart that joint,
my friend.
Pass it over to me.
Roll another one.
Just like the other one.
This one's burnt to the end.
Come on and be a real friend.
Don't bogart that joint,
my friend.
Pass it over to me.
Don't bogart that joint,
my friend.
Pass it over to me.
Don't bogart that joint,
my friend.
Pass it over to me.
Don't bogart that joint,
my friend.
Pass it over to me.