Contagion of Fear (2024) Movie Script

morning Sydneysiders!
It's an unusually
glorious day out there
for a Sydney winter.
Looks like a great day
for the beach, Smitty.
Spring is definitely
getting closer.
It sure is, Rach.
It's just a shame
most of us are stuck
indoors working for the man.
This is Smitty and Rach
keeping you company on your way
to work this fine
Tuesday morning,
stay safe out there, Sydney!
Driver 3023,
you are exceeding the
City Circle limit.
You need to decrease
velocity immediately.
Driver 3023 do you receive?
Due to
a defective train,
all City Circle services
have been suspended
until further notice.
Please do not board any
trains on the platform.
We apologize for any
inconvenience caused.
Due to a defective train,
all City Circle services
have been suspended.
Copy that, we're
approaching the location now.
It is absolute chaos
in Sydney's central
business district.
There has
been a train derailment,
there are some fatalities
and these are increasing--
from eyewitnesses
are describing horrific scenes.
distressing scenes
It is total chaos
here in Sydney's CBD.
Reports of a strong
chemical odor on the train.
We also had reports
of multiple injured
on the street outside.
of people coming out
of the tunnels uninjured
and minutes later they are
dying in the streets around me.
of the crash
are experiencing rapid
flu-like symptoms.
Loss of
sight, blisters.
say at this stage
what's causing all the death.
The virus
spread is quick.
Approach anyone
with symptoms of the virus
with extreme caution.
Help me!
Help me!
Why is everyone fuckin dying?
I don't know!
Maybe something from the smoke!
You look okay.
Due to
a defective train--
Come one, get up!
Can you do me a favor, mate?
Call my bro,
tell him to come
down and get me.
I don't wanna die in the
arms of a fuckin Muslim.
What's going on?
What's happened?
Find my phone!
His name's
His name is Dave.
Hey, hey!
His name's Dave and
he wants to leave a message!
- Fuck no mate!
- You have to believe me!
I was helping him!
Please let me out!
Not till the police arrive.
Mikey, I've
restrained a suspect,
it's a Middle Eastern male
who I've reason to believe
is responsible for whatever's
happening out there.
You're making big mistake!
Why aren't you dying like
the rest of them, huh?
-I don't know!
-Terrorist bastard!
You're sick!
Please let me help you!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Please open up!
Look at you!
Look what you've done to me.
are being asked about--
What is going on--
Shocking scenes!
Reports suggest that this
may be a biological
terror attack--
A biological
terror attack.
are extremely contagious-
Killing fast--
People are advised
to stay away from the CBD.
Those inside the cordon are
advised to stay indoors and not
to exit the quarantine zone.
We can't
say at this stage whether
or not it's been a
terrorist attack--
No terror
group has taken credit
for the attack.
We're crossing live
now to best-selling author
and renowned political
activist, Pax.
Reports point to Islamic
extremism, now would you agree
that this is a
strong possibility?
Maybe there's an
opportunity in this
to cease our invasion
of sovereign lands
to fuel our witless consumption.
Maybe this is a wake up call,
Behind me,
emergency services
are absolutely stretched,
at this stage it's unconfirmed
how many people are dead.
People are coming out
of the tunnels uninjured
and then just keeling over.
We're still waiting for
any kind of confirmation
from emergency services
as to what is going on,
we can't say at this stage
what's causing all the death,
whether or not this
is a terrorist attack
or whether or not this is a
tragic accident is very unknown.
- Dad?
- Right now,
the focus is on
saving some lives.
- What, where?
- Circular Quay!
I was on the train that crashed!
- What?
- Yallah!
- Are you sick?
- I'm good, come get me!
Okay, I'm on my way.
As the
death toll rises,
so do fears this tragedy
may be an act of terrorism.
Sweetie, are you okay?
There's been an attack!
Yeah I know.
You're not sick, are you?
I'm almost home, wait for me!
Listen, just--
- Hey, Beth.
- Jack?
Have you heard from Shelley?
They're saying people are dying,
I can't get through to her!
I just spoke to her,
she's not far away.
Oh thank God.
She works so close to the
station. I was worried.
- Sorry, darl.
- Jack, it's me!
Shelley, you look sick.
I'm fine.
It's just a cold, I've
been fighting it all week!
Jack, I am fine!
Jack, please,
I'm gonna be okay.
I can't see you!
Don't just stand there!
Who would do this?
Apparently they have a man
of Middle Eastern appearance
somewhere at the station.
Why the fuck
aren't we in there helping?
We've gotta hang back
until we know what this is.
Besides, I'd hate
for you to get sick.
What are you doing here, anyway?
You're meant to
be on suspension.
Wallace said "All
hands on deck".
Ask him yourself,
he's over there.
Due to
a defective train,
all City Circle services
have been suspended
until further notice.
Please do not board any
trains on the platform.
We apologize for
any inconvenience.
- Dad?
- Leyla!
Are you okay?
But I don't know why.
We need to get you to safety.
The Islamic center is not far.
-Not a good idea.
Think about how this looks, Dad.
-Okay, okay.
Move out of the way.
So you didn't notice anything
suspicious on the train?
I don't know, there was
gas smell in the carriage,
everyone got sick, then
the crash Leyla, come!
Dad, I need you to wait
for me at the address
I just sent you, okay?
Here, take my bike.
It's parked behind the cordon--
Come with me.
It's not your problem.
Do you want to
die like everyone?
What for?
To prove what?
To prove you didn't do this.
Now please, just go!
Good morning, ladies
and gentlemen,
Federal Police investigators
are still looking
into the cause,
we would ask media, therefore,
to please not speculate
and cause undue concern
for certain religious
and ethnic communities.
continue to advise
those located in the CBD
to please stay indoors,
the area is being secured
but the ongoing biohazard--
- That's Georgia!
- Deputy Premier,
can you confirm that this
tragedy is an act of terror?
Fuck-a-horse, Pam!
You can't just walk
out of a presser today
of all days you had clear
god-damn talking points!
Jesus, the
city is on its knees
and you've just shoved
two fists up its anus!
Georgie, it's me,
please call me as soon
as you can, darling, okay?
Okay, you know what,
today is a real
skull-fuck for all of us,
but with the Premier
still on the plane I hate
to admit this,
but I need you to
step the the fuck up!
God damn it!
Police are
extending the cordon
and guarding it strictly in
order to contain the infection.
Residents are warned
to stay indoors
and to not exit the
quarantine zone,
but witnesses are reporting
distressing scenes
from within the barricades.
I need names of everyone
identified at the crash site.
My daughter was there.
Where are they moving them?
What do you mean it's
classified information?
Um, Pam?
Sir Langston.
I couldn't reach
reach you on the phone.
No, well, half the
city's trying to.
Uh, the Premier
still hasn't landed.
I wanted you to know that
I've got my board looking
into allocating emergency funds.
You know the party can't accept
contributions from Entova.
That would be a
conflict of interest.
This isn't political, Pam.
These are special circumstances.
I'm going to have
to leave you now.
I think my daughter
was on that train.
- What?
- Georgia?
Oh Lord, no!
Is she alright?
I'm going to find out.
You can't go there, Pam.
I will get the Federal
police to prioritize Georgia--
Already tried.
Useless clowns.
This virus acts so fast.
Survivors don't have long.
Christ, they're saying
people are dying
within 20 minut--
But, um,
I'm sure she's going to be fine.
The Premier's car is on its way.
Hurry up!
I'm running out of
Come on.
Give it to me!
Who was she and what
was in the canister?
I've made a really big mistake.
I'm so sorry.
Were you on the train?
What did you inject?
Hey, are you alright?
What was the black shit
that you just injected?
Oh Jim, thank Christ.
I need the day
off, maybe longer-
No, no, Pam I need
you and the media team
in the Collins room.
Patch through to
the Prime Minister
and the Transport Safety Bureau.
You'll head up your
team from here.
Now Bree, I want you to organize
a car, a hard hat
and a respirator.
I'm going to the scene.
No-one else is dying here today,
We need to evacuate right now!
-Quarantine the area!
Help me.
Hey, there's a woman
still alive over here!
I'm gonna need
some help over here.
I've got another one.
Federal police.
Stay where you are, love.
We'll take good
care of you, too.
Just like everyone
You don't have much time left!
You need this!
We'd best stick
backstreets if we can.
- Yes?
- Morning, Premier.
Deputy Premier.
-Who is this?
- You'd be well advised
to accept the position.
Your party has been informed.
You'll need to come
back to the office
to deliver a statement shortly.
I can't.
Jim's not even cold, Jesus.
-Who am I speaking to?
- I can assure you
it's quite safe.
We've quarantined that
level of the building.
-You're mad!
- I see you need an incentive.
- Mum!
- Baby, is that you?
Are you alright?
Where are you?
If you want
her to stay intact,
you'll tell no-one.
I need to get her out!
Pam, he's got a baby!
Come on, I need to get her out!
We need to go!
I need to get her
out of here, please!
Okay, okay!
I need everyone
to remain calm.
Buses are on the way to
take you to a safe area.
I need you to move inside
so we can secure this area.
Keep moving.
Straight through.
That's it.
Keep moving.
I need you to move inside
so we can secure this area.
- Hey.
- Fucking hell!
I almost shat myself.
Did you change your password?
That was some reckless
shit you pulled,
running into the
restricted area.
You could've died.
Can you just log me in?
I really need to run the
prints off this evidence.
Please, Wallace
disabled my login.
You doing horse now?
Explains a lot.
Thank you.
The city's under attack
and you've got a hard-on
for some junkie?
Uh, that junkie had
the cure for the virus!
You are high!
No, seriously!
I got infected when I
was inside the cordon.
No, no it's fine, it's fine.
This girl,
she came up and she injected
me with the antidote.
What girl?
I don't know, 5'4", dark hair,
combat jacket.
Stokes do I look like I'm dying?
You look deranged.
Let's hope you
haven't been skipping
your counseling sessions.
Harriet Vela.
Whoa, she is a
grab-bag of everything.
Public nuisance
at occupy Sydney.
Resisting arrest.
Assaulting an officer.
Petty theft.
Hey, she was the one
that threw the egg at
the Prime minister.
There's a video online
for that, actually.
Hey, are you coming
round tonight?
What part of suspension
don't you understand?
Chill out, I left my
tabouleh in the kitchen.
Stokes said you were nosing
around the crash site.
Yeah well Stokes
is full of shit.
Well, unlike you,
he's not in the habit
of making up stories
when it suits him.
He's also not in the
habit of speaking up
when he finds out his
boss is on the take.
I don't want to see
your fucking face
until the disciplinary
hearing, you hear me?
Tell me this,
does it hurt your throat,
all that screaming?
You can't just
barge into my home!
Actually I can.
Federal Police have the power
to search a suspect's home.
Okay, okay.
I saved you!
Well I wouldn't
have needed saving
if you didn't fuck everything
up in the first place!
That little canister of yours,
it killed half the fucking city.
I made a mistake.
Yeah no shit!
I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry.
Then stop trying to run
and start answering
some questions.
Now, we can help each other.
I can't promise anything,
but if you tell me who you're
working for, I might be able
to help you make a deal.
He said we were going
to make a difference!
He said we were going
to change the world!
Get down!
Stay down.
Oh shit!
Harriet, Harriet, hey!
Stay with me, okay.
Hang in there.
You're gonna be fine, okay?
Police, Fire or Ambulance ?
Yeah, hey, I need an ambulance,
31 Stanley Street, Marrickville.
Okay, Miss,
can you tell me what's happened?
- Miss ?
- Hey, Harriet,
stay with me, stay with me.
Tell me who you're working for.
- Hello ?
- Harriet!
Harriet tell me who
you're working for!
- Tell me!
- Hello?
Miss, are you there?
Can you tell me what's going on?
What the hell?
It wasn't me.
There was a shooter.
You've gotta get out of here!
Wallace and the gang
are on their way.
I told them about the syringe.
I'm sorry.
Oh, fuck!
Okay, rolling?
Excuse me, sir!
Excuse me, sir, can we talk
to you about today's events?
Sir, did you lose someone
today to the virus?
Excuse me, sir, did you lose a
loved one to the virus today?
My wife.
My wife died.
Do you think
what happened today
is an act of terrorism?
I don't know.
My little girl just lost
her mum and I don't know
who did it.
Do you have
a message for the people
that did this to your wife?
A message?
Aren't you
angry at the terrorists
for murdering the
mother of your child?
Of course I'm angry.
My wife just,
my wife just died on my
doorstep, choking to death
on her own blood!
The scum that did
this should suffer,
they should suffer
just like she did!
Suffer how?
How? Suffer how?
I don't know.
What do you want me to say?
"Bring back the death
penalty, lynch the bastards"?
Yeah, no, what's
that going to solve?
Get away!
Please tell me you got that?
It's pretty nuts out
there at the moment, Smitty.
I just can't believe
what's happened.
Yeah, well, we
know what's happened.
Some Islamic terrorist
has attacked a bunch of
innocent Sydney commuters.
Hm, they're saying
that they don't know
that for a fact yet.
Of course it's a fact.
Who else would go and
crash a train like that?
Trying to find the
asshole who did this.
Why you do this?
Come here! We'll
go somewhere safe.
No-one is safe right now, Dad,
least of all people
like you and me.
At least let me help you!
Just help me by
staying where you are, okay?
We need to sort
this out, right now!
Who gave you this?
Ah, Premier!
This is yours.
You're new, I take it?
Well you must be new
to writing legislation.
I'm not doing this.
That contains everything
you need to know.
It's not party policy,
it goes against
everything I stand for.
Times have changed, Premier.
Voters will forgive
a small back flip
if it means they stay safe,
their sons stay safe,
their daughters.
What are you talking about?
Where is she?
Not sure who you're
referring to, Premier.
These new proposals are not
about monitoring
innocent citizens,
this is not about targeting
those of a certain background,
however if you have
nothing to hide,
you have nothing to fear.
This is about giving
power back to the people
who protect our way of life,
our freedoms, our country.
Premier can I clarify?
What do you mean a
certain background?
Uh, I won't be
taking any questions.
Premier Pamela Laird,
in a statement earlier,
flagging controversial new
surveillance and arrest powers,
in response to the
Event Zero attack.
It's emergency legislation the
opposition believes will lead
to racial profiling,
however, citizens' groups
have applauded the move.
Nah, Nah, it's not racist,
it's the only logical
response to this foreign evil.
The Premier just
wants us to feel safe.
Meanwhile, there
were more heartbreaking scenes
in the city.
Earlier I spoke
with an Aussie hero
who lost his wife to the virus.
My wife just died on my
doorstep, choking to death
on her own blood.
The scum that did
this should suffer,
they should suffer
just like she did.
Bring back the death penalty,
lynch the bastards!
work, Pam, really.
So, what are we suggesting next?
That everybody from
a certain background
wear a yellow fuckin star?
reports of bodies being burned
in an effort to further
contain the virus.
Seriously, though, Pam.
What's next, we occupy Poland?
Is sure to
become a tragic chapter
in Australia's history.
Leyla Nassar.
Federal Police.
Can I help you?
I can get you a
print, if you want?
Just make yourself at home!
What's your relationship
to Harriet Vela?
Is she a fan?
I have loads of fans.
They're always
sending me things.
Like that briefcase,
for example.
Where did you get this?
Someone left is on my doorstep,
and given everything
that was going on today,
I was about to report
it to the police.
And then you
Ah, fuck.
Your puppet, Harriet,
injected me with the antidote.
You're under arrest.
Why aren't we going
through the front entrance,
I thought you were
Federal police?
So what's Nickelback
meant to have done?
What? Writing shit songs
isn't a crime.
I have a Grammy, monkey boy!
Come on.
There's a vaccine.
-A fast-tracked antidote
that's showing success.
Now, you have got a joint
presser with Entova tomorrow.
We're just waiting on Federal
support for a mass rollout.
Cause, surprise, the
vaccine's not cheap.
Pulmonary Coronavirus.
Jesus, five minutes
ago we didn't even know
what was killing half the city,
now there's a bloody cure?
Jesus, Pam!
Cheer the fuck up!
This is great news!
Plus, you're gonna look
like a fuckin hero.
Alright, get the
PM on the phone.
Kent's already on
the way to Sydney.
Now that there's a
vaccine, fucking coward.
It's tragic, isn't it?
This is what happens
when the oligopoly
of corporate psychopaths
turn us against ourselves.
is a wake up call.
You murdered this kid
as a wake up call?
I didn't do this.
Venal market forces
created a society
in which the prosperous
prey on the weak,
and the desperate
claw each other for the scraps.
We're all a part of
this giant, whirling,
self-cannibalizing Ouroboros.
The fuck is this tosser on?
I found the biological weapon
that caused this
outbreak in your home.
All I know is I had
a violent intruder
who viciously injured me.
You set me up!
You tried to fucking kill me.
I'm more than aware
of the egregious bully tactics
and endemic corruption in
our law enforcement agencies.
Hash tag blacklivesmatter.
Look it up, yeah?
I met this girl.
Her parents filed a missing
persons report five years ago.
They thought they'd
never see her again.
But they did.
And she looked like this.
It certainly was a wake-up call
for Harriet
when your sniper took her out.
He said
she'd be safe.
I want a name.
Give me a name!
Jesus fucking Christ, Nassar!
Are you insane?
What are you doing?
I nearly had a confession.
His counsel has
raised concerns about
your conduct.
This is totally out of line!
You can't be
running an interview
while you're under suspension!
Now leave!
Wait a minute.
Is this him?
Is this the man who told
you Harriet would be safe?
Stokes, restrain her.
Wallace, are you seeing this?
It's clearly the
lawyer, he's in on it!
Stokes, don't let her out!
-Fucking hell!
-Stokes, stop her!
What the fuck, Wallace,
you just let him walk out?
He's a key suspect!
That interview wasn't legal.
None of what you're doing
would hold up in court.
No no no. Ley!
Just tell him what you saw.
Pax has the gas
canister in his home.
The same canister
that Harriet Vela
had in her backpack, look!
You're done, Nassar.
Go to Pax's house, he
has the fucking canister!
You've had warning
after warning.
I'll get HR to draw
up the paperwork.
She's obviously
just upset, Wallace,
just give her a
second to calm down.
Holy shit.
You're in on it again.
How much are you getting
paid off, this time?
Do everyone in
your life a favor,
get some psychiatric
Ley! Crap!
Arrest her!
You're fucking done this time.
The vaccine is 95% effective
in blocking all known
symptoms of the virus,
as well as providing
ongoing immunity.
Commander Wallace and
the Federal Police
will be helping Entova to roll
out the vaccination clinics.
Any questions?
Prime Minister Kent?
Prime Minister Kent?
Eh, Elizabeth.
I have a question
for the Premier.
Why are innocent people
being harassed thanks
to your stop and search laws?
We're here to talk
about the vaccine.
Positive news in an
otherwise tragic week.
And a testament to the
tireless scientists of Entova,
and to the generosity
of Sir Langston.
Premier, this is
Dr. Rabia Mahmoud,
an Australian-born physician
at St. Vincent's
infectious diseases unit.
Now, this morning, Dr.
Mahmoud was stopped by police.
Despite her hospital ID,
she was questioned,
stripped and searched.
30 patients died at the
hospital this morning.
30 patients Dr. Mahmoud
was unable to help.
I'll have Commander Wallace
look into Dr. Mahmoud's case.
Don't pass the buck, Premier.
Now would you agree that
your laws are being used
for racial profiling?
No, that's a distortion
of the truth.
But of all the doctors at
the hospital that morning,
only Dr. Mahmoud was
searched and detained.
Now, you wouldn't agree
that that seems strange?
All of our law enforcement
agencies are stretched
at the moment and under
a great deal of pressure.
So then you're
satisfied that the strip-search
of a Muslim doctor was not
racially motivated in any way?
Okay, we're going to have
to leave it there, thanks.
Premier, were you
stopped on your way
to work today and forced
to take off your clothes
in order to be searched
and humiliated the
way Dr. Mahmoud was?
Sensationalist hysteria
from certain media outlets
is certainly not
going to help somebody
like Dr. Mahmoud
either, is it Elizabeth?
Who's pulling the strings
here, Pamela Laird or Wallace?
Clearly the Premier
is experiencing some
teething problems
with her new State legislation.
You think the Premier fixed
the poison with your boss?
Dad, Wallace released
the perpetrator
and made the evidence disappear.
This talk is why
you're suspended.
We at Entova have
been pushing hard
to play our part alongside
the State government.
And how much is the
smug Entova prick making
out of all this?
It's bullshit!
This company gives
free flu injections
at the Islamic center.
They make no profit from
us migrant patients.
- Really, Leyla!
- be able to
provide citizens
with the vaccine.
Maybe your boss did you a favor.
This job's not right for you.
And what is right, Dad?
Marriage, kids?
I did not say that.
Yeah, but you wouldn't
have to change the subject
every time your mates at
the center asked about me.
I worry.
It's paranoia.
It's how it started
with your mother.
Your mother and I came
from different backgrounds,
but I always support
you, you know this!
Then support me now by
letting me do my job
so I can protect you.
Where are you going?
-Hey, Beth.
-Christ, Jack,
what's so urgent?
-Bye, darling.
-Where are you going?
Won't be long.
We need to talk
about Shelley's funeral!
That was another
A-grade shit scramble.
That guy. That guy.
That black
suit, the nasty smirk,
dead behind the eyes.
you've just described
every single male
bureaucrat in this place.
He knows where Georgia is.
They have her.
Wh- who are they?
Did you report it?
I can get Wallace right now.
No, no!
Don't, please.
No, it's alright I must,
I must be mistaken,
I just--
You know what, I'm
going to get Kirsten
to hold all of your calls
for a little while, okay?
You just take some time.
Well, I think that went well,
aside from the hysterical
opportunist Haines.
Unfortunate business.
I assume you've been immunized?
Wouldn't want to be
losing another Premier.
Any news about Georgie?
Well, it's early days yet.
Wallace and his team have
some excellent officers,
I'm sure they're--
Hey! Hey!
Where are you keeping her?
Give her back!
Why did you let me go?
Fucks sake, Leyla!
I'm going to have to start
wearing incontinence pads.
After Wallace had you arrest
me, why did you let me go?
Get in.
The day after Wallace
fires me, he's on TV
with all those bastards running
this false flag pantomime
announcing the magic cure.
You're with me while
I interrogate Pax.
Wallace arrives, lets Pax go,
then you let me
go, and I go back
to his house and it's empty.
Evidence is gone, no
gas canister, no Pax.
Wait a minute.
Why the fuck did you let me go?
You still don't trust me?
I almost got fired
standing up for you
after that paranoid
shit you pulled!
Blaming Wallace for
bullshit kickbacks.
Fuck you, it wasn't bullshit.
They found the Photoshopped
receipts on your computer!
Wallace shredded them,
I spent a night taping the
fucking things back together,
Photoshop was the only way
that I could make
them readable again.
Yeah, well it
looked a lot like forgery.
Wait a minute!
You need to watch this.
What you're about to witness
is shocking footage the
government doesn't want
you to see.
The attack's aftermath.
Why am I watching this?
Just give it a minute.
See, the fatal
epidemic, it spreads instantly.
Yet one man is
immune, Yusuf Nassar.
You can see him here trying
to ransack the corpse
of an Australian citizen
before being bailed
up by a transit cop.
And then, moments
later, fleeing.
No remorse, hate pulsing
through his veins.
Our investigations revealed
that Nassar is the manager
of the Western Sydney
Islamic Resource Center.
If that's not radicalization
101, then
I don't know what is.
Wallace has every unit out there
at the moment looking
for your father.
He didn't do it, did he, Ley?
Of course
he fucking didn't.
Then we have to find
him before Wallace does.
Or the lynch mob.
What do I tell her?
What do I tell my little
girl when she asks,
"Daddy, why did Mummy die?"
What do I tell her?
You'd know the answer
to that, wouldn't you?
You did it!
You got me.
I did it.
Plus, I flew both planes
into the twin towers.
Fuckin hilarious.
Explain this, then.
Why aren't you sick?
You explain!
How do I explain it?
You tell me!
Why aren't you sick?
I don't know!
I'm sorry your wife is dead,
but I did not do this!
You want to hurt me?
let me finish cleaning up.
I don't want
children to see this!
What did you just say?
What did you just say?
You say it to my face!
You say that to my face.
Come on, come on!
Hey, hey!
Oh shit.
- Step away!
- Stop, step down!
She's good, she's good!
I told him to go fuck
himself so many times.
That doesn't surprise me.
I just was such a--
What the fuck?
Are you serious, now?
Sorry, I just thought that--
My Dad's dead.
I know, I'm sorry.
I just, I'm a dick,
I just thought--
We fucked,
but that's all it was.
It was 12 times.
As the nation
tries to come to terms
with the tragic deaths of
thousands of innocents,
I'm joined tonight by newly
appointed Premier Pamela Laird.
Premier, news today
that a key suspect
in the attack has
been found dead.
What's your response?
are still ongoing,
however I'm told Islamic
extremism may have
played a part.
The suspect, Mr.
Nassar, had connections
with an Islamic center which
is now under Federal
police investigation.
We know that Mr. Nassar was
at the scene yet unaffected
by the viral outbreak.
We are still looking into
whether he was acting alone.
Your latest reports are
that a man, Jack Winston,
is in custody charged
with killing Nassar.
Premier, why is this man
being labelled a murderer
when there are actual
terrorists roaming our streets?
I'm advised, actually,
Elizabeth that the director
of public prosecutions
has now reduced that charge
to involuntary manslaughter.
Look, I can't comment
on an ongoing case, but
it's true Mr. Winston's wife
was tragically killed in
the attack and, no doubt,
emotions were running high,
but I want to urge restraint.
My Government's new
'stop and search' laws
will improve public safety
and ensure that
individuals like Mr. Nassar
will no longer be able
to threaten the freedoms
that we hold so dear.
Woo hoo, well done Premier!
Bloody top work.
Listen, the job you're
doing, it's inspirational.
Now, personally I usually don't
like politicians, but you,
oh, you're a breath
of fresh air.
We're gonna follow
your lead, Premier:
slice up all those Mussie
bastards, send the back
to where they come from.
All the way back to Islam.
Yeah, look, what
Rusty's trying to say
is that we really appreciate
you standing up for what's
right, you know what I mean.
You're showing those
Islam-loving Lefties,
those global elitists,
enough's enough!
Yeah, we've got
your back, Premier!
We're gonna slaughter
those Arab pigs for ya!
What are
you waiting for? Go.
Where's Anton?
Who are you?
This is Leyla
Nassar, leave a message.
It's me.
Uh, answer my calls?
Everything is so
fucked right now,
can you blame me for thinking
that you might need
a little support?
That's not what I meant, um,
no actually that is what I meant
and, no maybe it's best
that we just don't see
each other for a while
b-but I would like to
know you haven't gone
and topped yourself, so if
you could go ahead and find
time in your schedule
to give me a call--
Leave him alone!
What, you wanna have
a crack at him, mate?
Guys, this is not a good
idea, just leave him alone.
He's just a Mussie cunt.
He's a Sikh, actually, and
that's beside the point.
Different shit, same smell.
Okay, everyone just needs
to chill the fuck out!
- I'm a cop.
- He's a cop?
Bullshit, he's just
some lefto that wants
to suck Mussie cock!
We're just here taking
what's rightfully ours.
What, a convenience store?
Shut up!
Just get the fuck out of here.
Make us!
Fuck me!
Stokes requesting backup!
- No units available.
- You're fucking kidding me!
Get your ass out of here.
Bail's been paid.
Here he comes, Jacky boy!
Come on there, come
on, meet your fans.
Nice one mate!
Oh, you're the man.
This is Leyla
Nassar, leave a message.
Come on, Ley.
Things are getting
mental out there now.
Just give me a call back, I
just want to know you're okay.
I'd steer clear of
her, if I were you.
I am.
Sure sounded like it.
She's just going
through a tough time
at the moment, sir.
Associating with a
delusional criminal
isn't going to do
your career any good.
Stokes, I like you.
You're a good cop.
If you want to stay one, don't
let your dick ruin your life.
Mate! Hehe, oh!
Aw, hello sweetheart.
How'd you know I
was staying here?
Great news, mate.
Today's Nationalists
of Peace rally has a
special guest speaker.
It's you.
Look, I'm sorry, I can't.
I've gotta look after Ada.
Ah, one of the ladies
will look after her.
Oh, what you did to that
terrorist prick
was inspirational.
All right.
Oh no.
This is,
this isn't what it looks like.
I was,
this was an accident,
I made a mistake.
Have you seen
that video we posted?
You went viral, mate.
Imagine what's going to happen
when we get you
into Parliament, aye?
Look, um,
what your group does,
it's not something
I can get behind.
No offense.
Yeah, no worries.
Shame, though, considering
we paid your bail.
And I'm grateful for
that, I can pay you back.
No, no, no,
I get it, I get it.
You're a smart man.
You see, there are a few of
our blokes who are a bit rough
around the edges.
Some of them even
scare me, mate.
No, it's not that--
We've got this one guy,
Rusty, he gets that name
because he stabbed
a couple of lebos
with a rusty butter knife.
I mean, you wouldn't want to
get on his wrong side, eh?
Alright, yeah!
Thanks for your patience, guys.
Tanya, thank you for
the biscuits, Daryl,
great work on the posters, mate.
Really appreciate it.
Just gotta tell you guys,
I'm a bit excited myself,
we've got a special
guest speaker today.
He's just--
Hey, hey!
Gotta say I'm a
bit disappointed.
He died because of
that video you posted.
Because I believed you.
I'm not the one that bashed
him to death, though, eh mate.
Hey, you should
lighten up,
okay you should be proud.
Have you seen the news?
Aussies around the
country are rising up.
You, son, have
started a revolution.
So you, uh, you want us to
cancel that fancy lawyer
that we've been paying for?
You know, the one who's going
to prove it's self-defense?
Do ya?
Well don't you want to see
your little girl grow up?
Who are you?
Are you with them?
I don't know what you
think I've done!
I know you're in on it.
I've got proof.
That's just ridiculous.
I mean, even if I was,
this is no way to--
Shut the fuck up, Pamela!
That's a charming way to speak
to the Premier of the State.
It's funny that this tragedy
was such a convenient excuse
for your fascist 'stop
and search' laws.
That's insane.
Laws that did what you wanted.
Kept everyone under
surveillance and fear.
Sent the knuckle-dragging
racists on a warpath
to do your dirty work.
It's you.
You're the virus.
Please stop.
They kidnapped my daughter.
They have her.
They wrote the legislation;
I had no choice!
I tried to find
her, to stop this
and then they mutilated
her to get me!
Who are they?
I don't even know!
Why should I believe you?
Get my phone.
Get my phone out of my bag.
There's a video of my daughter,
my baby, being tortured.
You're Federal Police.
Not anymore.
Well, if this is
how you get answers,
I can't say I'm surprised.
That was my Dad.
I'm sorry.
I really felt that
I had no choice
after what they did to Georgia.
Look, there's a man,
infiltrated my office somehow.
I swear he knows where she is.
I chased him, and it was after
that that they sent that video.
There's gotta be something, a
hint as to where she might be.
There's no light,
there's no windows,
I can't hear any traffic,
a basement, maybe? It's hard--
Stop it!
Go forward.
Does that mean something to you?
Well it's a train tunnel marker.
Probably a service
tunnel, disused.
He's got her
underground somewhere.
You sure?
I was Minister for
Transport for five years.
Photo ops in
"interesting places".
Okay, well, how do we find it?
There'll be maps
in the department.
Here it is.
She's here.
I told you to wait in the car.
Come on, she's my daughter!
Just stay back, then.
And keep quiet.
Are you okay?
Oh my God, sweetheart, are
you alright, are you hurt?
He's got a gun!
Watch out!
Thank you.
Hey, that's a Government
car, you know.
You gonna return it?
Probably not.
Maybe it's in
their DNA, Smitty.
Islam's not a race, Rach.
Anyway, sounds to me
like they all knew
the attack was coming.
Like someone gave
them the vaccine ahead
of time or something?
Come on, Smitty,
what about innocent
until proven guilty?
Stuff that.
This is what happens
when you let every Tom,
Dick and Habib into our country.
Pretty soon they all turn on us.
I've heard the Government
has been burning dead bodies
to make sure the
virus doesn't spread.
Maybe they should start
burning Mosques instead?
- You can't say that.
- I think I just did!
So, we're taking calls.
Tell us what you think, lucky
DNA, or suspiciously immune?
Let's take caller one,
Tammy from Capbelltown,
hi Tammy what do you think?
You should know what
you're really dealing with.
Yo. This was from
a long time ago.
back when we first
started working together.
I probably was a bit
of a tool back then.
I was the one who convinced
her to withdraw the complaint.
She took a lot of convincing.
Stokes, she's not
exactly your friend.
And now she's wanted
for questioning.
Be careful.
Hey, you've got Stokes.
Leave a message if you want
to, unless it's a booty call
in which case, how did
you get this number?
And thanks to the
tireless efforts of our lab--
You need this.
- Hey!
- Fucking Christ!
I know who did it!
It was right in front
of us the whole time.
Gimme my spare keys.
Ever wondered how Entova created
the vaccine for the virus
- so fucking fast?
- No.
Media certainly
didn't give a shit,
because they were too
busy spreading fear.
Look here.
Wallace wants you brought
in for questioning,
don't make me do it.
Here's the thing.
Entova developed the vaccine
long before the outbreak.
This is why my Dad was immune,
this is why other Muslims
near the scene were immune.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
Look at this, see?
Entova gave my Dad's Islamic
center free flu vaccinations
two weeks before the attack.
Only they weren't flu vaccines.
Get out of my house!
And have a fucking shower.
Who knows how many other Mosques
and centers were involved?
Entova created
immunity among Muslims
to frame us for the attacks.
They wanted a race war.
Why would they do that?
Power, control,
money, what else?
Seen here is Federal
Police agent Leyla Nassar.
Sources say Nassar was
a disgraced officer
on suspension for fabricating
evidence against her superior.
Footage shows officer
Nassar with her father,
now deceased Event Zero
attacked Yusuf Nassar.
The pair are seen here
at Circular Quay station,
an innocent transit police
officer dead at their feet.
Here, the pair are fleeing the
scene as the outbreak spreads
and fatalities pile
up by the second.
Of Lebanese background,
officer Nassar's father,
Yusuf Nassar, managed the
Western Sydney Islamic center-
a suspected hotbed of extremism.
We look to our protective
forces to shield us
from violet extremism.
But what if one of those
sworn to keep us safe
is evil to the core, do we
blindly accept their authority?
Or do we stand up
for what's right?
I'm Elizabeth Haines.
This has been "The
Haines Agenda".
Fucking assholes,
they know I'm getting close.
We need to move fast.
Whatever you did,
Ley, I'm sure you had
a good reason for it.
What? No, just--
If you've got nothing to hide,
maybe we should just
go down to the station
and answer a few questions.
Come on, Ley.
It's done.
Yeah, okay.
Jesus, Ley!
Ley, stop!
What are you doing?
You're only making it
worse for yourself!
This device will be administered
to known felons and key suspects
in matters of National security,
allowing us to monitor
their movements.
Our thanks to Entova for
fast-tracking the rollout.
Sir Langston, perhaps
you'd care to demonstrate.
The chip slides
into the apparatus,
the operator then holds it
against the suspect's skin,
and, click.
I need a volunteer.
Prime Minister?
Oh, don't worry.
It's not loaded.
I hope not.
I'd rather not be monitored;
I have my wife for that.
As you can see, the
implantable initiative ensures
that we are a nation that
won't bow down to terrorists.
Racial violence has
broken out across the country,
with reports of 30
deadly incidents,
including a fatality
in Dulwich Hill
where an Indian
convenience store clerk
was bashed to death by
multiple teenaged assailants.
it was an act that, the
perpetrators maintain,
was self-defense.
They smothered
her with an Australian flag,
suffocating her while her
daughter looked on, in tears.
You cannot simply, you
know, spread the message
of hate and say that, you know,
"this is the freedom
of expression".
I'm not racist, but when
they come to our country
and they don't adopt our ways,
what do they expect?
No, I'm sorry, I just
need somewhere safe
for Georgie and me to be.
I didn't expect
you to throw in the towel.
Don't worry, you'll soon
have another Premier
to scream obscenities at.
Ah, it won't be
the same without you.
Yes it will.
Good luck.
Okay babe, let's go.
- Where are you going?
- Ah, I'd rather not say.
-Mum, can we go?
-Yes, darling.
We need to go, I'm sorry.
What do you know about
Langston Charleswoth?
Rich, powerful, a creep.
Do you think he's capable
of orchestrating the attack?
-Yes, I know.
I'm sorry, we have to go.
Look, I know this sounds
crazy but I have evidence
that Entova vaccinated
Muslims before the attack,
pretending it was a flu shot.
That's why my Dad was immune.
He was set up. They all were.
Pamela, tell me what you know.
He's been trying to donate
to my party for years.
His filthy fingerprints
are smudged
over every bloody election.
it doesn't matter which side.
And he kept asking me about
Georgia, like he knew something.
You cannot leave.
I need your help to expose him.
I only just got her back!
I don't want to
take them on again!
Look, I'm still
putting it together.
Wallace, Harriet, Pax,
but I know that Charlesworth
is at the heart of-
Wait, wait, wait.
You mean Preston?
Preston, Preston Charlesworth,
he's Langston's son,
he calls himself Pax.
What's your
relationship to Harriet Vela?
He said she'd be safe!
Who's pullings the
strings here;
Pamela Laird or Wallace?
It's clearly the
lawyer! He's in on it!
- Wallace, Harriet, Pax.
- Mum!
This company gives
free flu injections
at the Islamic center.
Oh and how much is
this smug Entova prick making
out of all this,
I'm sorry, we really
need to be going now.
Police warn
of illegal roadblocks
on the M1 out of Sydney.
Residents are reporting
violent carjacking incidents.
Meanwhile, police
are still on the hunt
for fugitive accomplice
in the Sydney attack,
disgraced former
Federal Police officer,
and suspected Islamic
extremist, Leyla Nassar.
Was it Daddy's
orders, or were you
just playing terrorist for fun?
No, I was used!
We we're all used!
Oh fuck. Ungh!
You knew exactly
what you were doing.
Oh! I need protection.
Get me out and I'll tell
you everything.
Why should I believe you?
There's a new regime,
a level of society
that operates above
the political class.
You're fucking wasted.
But that doesn't stop
it from being true.
They operate the
switchboard while the rest
of us slave and squabble
and eat and sleep and fuck--
And your Dad's the leader?
He's just one heinous visage
of a many-headed hydra.
Talk like a normal
human being for once!
Easy now, dear.
Let's just have a nice,
civilized conversation,
shall we?
After all, I know more
than to take on a known
Islamic extremist.
Go fuck yourself!
Did your father know you
used such dreadful language?
Why'd you kill half of Sydney?
Well that's a
weighty accusation.
I'm just a businessman.
Whereas, last I heard,
you and your father
are guilty of genocide.
It's all over the
news. Shocking stuff.
Bullshit, that's not
what your son said.
He's my step-son, actually.
I do wish you'd
keep your trap shut.
Drop the weapon!
I'd rather not, if
that's all well and good.
Family heirloom.
We need to go, now!
Drop the gun, or I
snap your son's neck!
Why'd you plan the attack?
That nonsense with
him, the train, and the virus?
That wasn't an attack.
The real attack's happening now.
Our society tearing
itself apart.
That hatred was festering
long before I became involved.
People just needed
a little push.
My dear, you won't
stop that train.
Come on, Ley.
Put the gun down.
You can't keep running.
I can help you out.
I can get you through this.
Come on, Ley.
I need you to trust me
just one more time.
-What the fuck?
-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I had to.
Come on, I know you're in there.
It's alright, I just
want a little chat, eh?
This is bullshit.
Who gives a shit?
You know what happens
to Mussie sluts like you?
We tear fuckin' holes in 'em!
You fuckin are!
Get the fuck off me!
I'm dying, man,
I'm fuckin dying!
Yeah harden up, Rusty,
it's just a cut mate.
Hey, listen.
We're not that bad, we
respect your traditions.
You might remember
this old favorite, eh?
Hey, go on!
You've got the
honors, mate, come on!
Let's go, son!
The honors, mate, the honors.
Come on, come on son.
Take that, there you are son,
take that, that's
yours, come on.
Get it in your hand,
get it in your hand.
Go on! Right!
Off we go son.
You've got it, mate.
You've got this, you've got
this mate, don't worry about it.
You got it, mate, okay.
There we go, no, no, mate,
come on, bring it in.
It's easy, mate, I'll show you.
Here we go.
Lift her up, on
there, here we go.
Up there.
There, I've set it up
nicely for you, mate.
Remember, she killed
your wife, eh?
Back off!
Come on.
-Back off!
-Hey, hey!
Ah, that's a shame.
Real shame.