Contes immoraux (1974) Movie Script

Love, delightful as it is,
pleases even more by the ways
in which it reveals itself.
La Rochefoucauld
La Maree based on the story of
Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues
Julie, my cousin, was sixteen,
I was twenty,
and this small difference in age,
made her docile to my will.
Be careful!
You too!
Goodbye! Don't worry!
-How many tomatoes do you want?
My hat! In my room,
under the bed!
Bring me my hat!
That is not a hat!
I will get past you,
so I won't see you!
I want to forget you.
I must yearn for you,
next time we meet.
-How many;
I have met five boys
since last summer.
I met them in parties.
We made out...
Only that;
On the mouth;
No! Each time
my mother was present.
Thanks to my aunt
who left today!
I think your mother
looks like madame Claude.
That fat lady who introduces you
to girls in Paris?
They are my friends!
-Do you see them often?
-Every Wednesday. We have fun.
Have you kissed them?
Not exactly.
I have other uses for their mouths.
Watch out girlie!
If we go on like this,
the tide will catch us.
The tide is nearing!
It's your fault!
You should have told me earlier!
It is too late now!
We have come a long way,
to go back.
We'll head for those rocks
The tide won't reach us there.
We will wait until the waters recede.
My foot hurts!
What shall we do?
We are all alone!
The water won't get any higher.
Do you see that line on the rocks?
If we get a little higher,
we'll only wet our feet.
Andre, I am here!
Come closer!
Get up!
Give me your dress!
Did you get it dirty already?
You have time to wash it,
until your mother returns.
Tidal timetable
Now you shall take off your
swimming suit.
You'll be naked
under the dress.
Get those seaweeds off you!
You'll play another game with me.
I want it much.
Come here!
As close as you can.
Look at this!
1 1 :27...
I have craved your mouth
for a long time.
As a man in the desert
craves cool water.
I will satisfy my desire
and quench my thirst.
You'll kiss me on the mouth?
You shall not kiss me on the mouth!
You shall take me in your mouth!
I thought you understood.
Like the girls of Madame Claude.
You shall take me,
until high tide.
That's half an hour.
So you won't talk to me
and distract me...
...I will explain the tide
Pay attention to what I do
to your mouth... the sea that is rising
all around us... the desire that rises
within me.
Exactly at 11 :27,
I will enter your mouth.
It is not easy
to subdue you...
...but I have some experience,
and I am a bit older than you.
I need to concentrate.
You too should concentrate.
Think strongly of what you need.
Yourself, me...
...somebody you desire
or something you want.
You will mostly feel
the consummation of my desire.
When I enter your throat... will swallow obediently
and with pleasure my gift to you.
you shall consider this gift...
...the outcome of the tide
that is rising right now.
I do not have to tell you
what I am thinking right now.
Come on! We have no time to lose!
Wrench, don't you want something
I have for you a salty stick
that all little sheep desire.
The tide is the result...
...of the gravitational pull
of the Moon and the Sun...
An action...
...that depends...
...from the moon... it nears...
We still have time to have fun.
No! We didn't come to the rocks
for fun.
This was your training.
Now you know all about the tide.
Theresa the Philosopher
10 July 1890
''the locals demand that Theresa
be declared a Saint...''
''...a young girl
raped by a vagabond.''
The Sunday Gazette
We are good
to those who are good.
Is the holy ghost speaking?
I am the lord of the heart.
I lead all hearts
wherever I please.
My child, you don't need
to know much to love me.
As long as you love me deeply.
I love you, my lord.
I am the Lord
of the beauty of the heart.
The beauty of the body
belongs to me as well.
Ask for them, if you wish.
I can give you everything.
I give everything, when it's used
to cleanse souls.
What do you want child?
-I want to be happy.
-I am here. I won't leave you.
My heart, my hands
are your treasures.
I ask for only one thing.
that you take full pleasure from them.
Ask for my help.
Show me your weaknesses.
How sensuous are you?
Arrogant, sensitive, selfish,
cowardly, slothful?
forgive me, my Lord.
I stayed in the church
after the ritual!
I did nothing!
You are a liar!
I tell you the truth!
You will remain in here
for three days and nights!
Give me my book!
My book!
Get your mouth near that water.
It will quench your thirst.
It will give you the life
of angels.
It will reinvigorate your faith.
To will do everything for your mercy.
You will crave a better world
where no thirst exists...
...only God
and His glory.
My pleasures will be for you.
I am here
to console you... make you smile,
to offer you joy.
An unexpected visit.
Is it a reward for which you
deem yourself unworthy?
I believe in your Providence.
I am coming near you, Jesus Christ.
My heart is ready.
you are so sensuous...
It is 1610. Countess Erzsbet
Bthory and her retainer...
...visit the village of Nyitra
in Hungary.
Go away!
Don't be afraid!
Countess Bthory seeks
for her Tower...
...young girls,
honest and humble.
She offers a place to stay and food.
Tell the people to come out!
Come out! Don't be afraid!
Everybody come out!
The ones that the Countess likes
will be happy.
This sunday...
...the Countess will allow
the chosen ones... touch her magic dress,
which is adorned with pearls...
Those who touch the dress,
will have eternal bliss.
-What is that?
-A Sun!
Let me go!
-What did you call me?
Wash the young girls!
I would like to wear it!
Countess Bathory?
You are under arrest!
By the kings orders!
Resistance is futile!
Lucrezia Borgia
Year 1498. Lucrezia Borgia
accompanied by her husband
Giovanni Sforza...
...visits her father,
Pope Alexander VI...
...and her brother,
Cardinal Caesar Borgia.
Hyeronimo Savonarola condemns
the debauched doings in the Church.
You, whore of a church...
...were once ahsamed,
for your debauchery!
but nowadays are beyond shame!
The Woman and the Tiger!
I bless my son in law
Giovanni Sforza, Count of Pezaro.
word has it that
my cookies are sour.
Judge by yourselves!
Try them!
your sensitivity offends me,
dear Count.
Lets go see the horses.
son of Pinduriccio.
What beauty is hidden
in a mane!
Don't close your eyes Count!
Don't shut your ears!
The mares of the fields!
Look! don't object!
Lucrezia Borgia who embodies
bravery, honesty!
You know...
In the old times...
...the priests called their
children nephews.
Today they are no longer nephews
but sons...
do you exclude whores from the
Holy Church?
You are a fool!
Listen to Saint Hyeromimus.
Redeem your souls!
go now...
afterwards you will be able
to speak of such things.
My mother.
Her body is dressed.
Nice Earings!
The priest commited a sin.
With a wife, a child...
One of those that we throw to
the dogs, the mules...
The Virgin incarnate!
Saint Lucrezia!
All comes from me.
You too Caesar.
I created you.
The Lord's garden was destroyed.
Come, priests, clerics,
people of the Church!
at night you are with
...and in the morning you
administer holy communion!
Christ has entrusted me the
defense of the truth!
I will defend it to my last
The time will come when the
truth shall shine!