Contraband (1980) Movie Script

(Dockside ambience)
(Boat horn)
(Seagulls calling)
(Action music begins)
They should be coming in soon.
Ask 'em for the code word.
This is Nest Egg.
Request identification.
Pilot over radio:
"I repeat, this is Nest Egg."
"Request identification, over."
- It's us. We're coming in.
- Pilot: "Us who?"
The Violet Cuckoo.
Everything's okay.
Standby, over.
It's Luca, okay?
Mm. Right.
Okay, let's go!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
You sure no one saw you?
Man: "Hey, Luca, we're all finished."
Don't worry. It all came out fine.
The pappagallo! Fucking cops!
How the hell did they
know we were here?
If I find who squealed
I'll break his neck!
Those bastards sure as hell
aren't dropping by for a social call.
For Christ sake! Move it!
(Men yelling)
Follow and maybe we'll catch them.
Maybe they'll run out of fuel
or something or blow an engine.
Or have an attack of delirium tremens.
But at least we'll have a boat
for our trouble if we're lucky.
- But it's better than nothing.
- Let's hope so.
You've gotta do something fast!
Alright now, everybody. Listen up!
We're gonna give it
everything we got, okay?
Luca: "Now, Tony...
Tony, you hear me?"
You go towards Procida.
Salvatore, you go to Ischia.
And Nico, Sorrento.
And for Christ sake, do it fast!
All the rest of you get moving!
When I give the
word, you break for it!
Zigzag like hell.
Ready? Take off!
It's funny. Must be the
smuggler's favorite dance.
There's only three that
got anything of any interest.
So stay behind those that
float lower in the water.
That one, there!
Catch him, damn you!
If they catch us, there's
only one thing to do!
You've got to, Luca! Fast!
Those bastards!
They've got a fucking machine
gun mounted up in that boat!
Do it now, Luca! Now!
(Loud explosion)
Looks like our friends did have
an attack of delirium tremens.
Half throttle!
We'll see if we can pick up
any of the pieces. Come on!
Fast! Fast, Luca! Fast!
Now they've got something
else to think about!
Captain, what're you doing?
Pretty intelligent of 'em, huh?
Gotta admit you've never
seen a trick like that before.
Rubber dummies.
But you wait.
We won't go for it again.
I'm through!
Hey, how 'bout a towel, here?
Someone calling me?
I'm the luckiest man in Naples.
Whew, talk about the
skin of your teeth!
That's not the kind
I'm interested in.
Luca, no.
Adele, where you going?
Luca, no. Not now.
We can't.
Luca. Luca!
Luca, no.
No... Mm.
(Ringing phone)
Mm... let it ring.
(Opening door)
There's Uncle Mickey
on the telephone.
What are you doing around here?
Aren't you supposed
to be in school?
All the teachers went home early.
You didn't give me
time to tell you.
- Adele: Now, you finish getting ready and come with...
- Yeah, what's up?
- Ve, Mickey!
- Francuccio: Mm-hm.
Ve, Mickey!
You're some shabby
excuse for a Neapolitan!
Hey, what are you doing?
Whada ya mean, "shabby excuse?"
- Just because you're my older brother doesn't mean you can have the right to go calling...
- Tell him thanks for the roses.
- Adele says to thank you for the roses.
- They were beautiful.
- Papa, please can I talk to Uncle Mickey?
- She says they were very beautiful.
- Listen, Mickey, can we get together to speak sometime?
- Can I?
- I want to talk to Uncle Mickey.
- Mickey, your nephew wants to speak to you a moment, okay?
Uncle Mickey, hello!
I'm Francuccio.
Francuccio! Bet you
like horses, don't you?
Can you get your daddy
to bring you down here?
I've got something I
wanna show all of you.
(Up-beat music plays)
Go Arrow, come on!
How much?
- Two and six.
- Is he fast?
- You want to sell him to me?
- Ooh.
- Adele: Maybe the jockey would give you a ride if you ask him.
- What are you, out of your mind? Not even for a hundred grand.
Askin' that would be as if
you wanted me to sell the boy.
I don't want to be insulting,
but he's like Francuccio to me.
Come on now. I want to buy the horse
like I want to buy your socks, Mickey.
I already got Bijou.
I'll buy him from you. I'm
low on glue for my stamps.
Glue, huh?
You just wait 'til the
Mediterranean Cup next Sunday.
Then we'll see who
ends up licking stamps.
- Ciao, Mickey.
- Ciao, Capece.
Ciao, Francuccio. Signora.
Ciao, Luca.
I'd stay away from the track!
Better you stay home and take
care of that ulcer you got!
A mother I got at home.
And I don't have ulcers.
I give them to everybody else.
(Moody music)
(Horse whinnies)
Ve, how things hangin' there?
Ciao, Scherino.
Come back!
Whoa! Wait a minute
there, Francuccio.
Can I have a ride, Uncle?
Daddy says it's alright.
But Arrow's still all
sweaty, Francuccio.
But I tell you what we do.
You go over and help Pasqualino
brush him down and dry him off.
Pasqualino! Pasqualino!
Yeah, boss?
- Got some help for you!
- Thank you!
Make sure Pasqualino
doesn't work you too hard.
Okay, what do you say we take him into
the stable and give him a good rub down?
- Pasqualino: Okay?
- Francuccio: Okay.
I think perhaps it would
be better if I went too.
You know all the
trouble he can cause.
Be a good idea.
Francuccio! Francuccio!
Francuccio: Yes, Mama?
Son of a bitch.
Who, Scherino?
The cops knew the
day, time, and place.
Somebody squealed on us, Luca.
Somebody who wants to take
over the whole operation.
He wants to do business
with his own people.
Are you sure?
Yeah. You know how much
money we lost in that mess?
Two million probably.
Yeah, more than likely.
We'll have to talk
to Perlante, huh?
I'd say so.
Hm. Tonight'd be good, yeah?
Scherino. Heh.
I assume you can't find an excuse
for going out with Mickey this evening.
No, no, no. I can't back out now.
He's my brother.
And just who am [, then?
If you're trying to make me feel
useless, Luca, you're doing brilliantly.
For once, let's not have one of those silly discussions.
It's been going on since before I married you.
Why was it so much easier in Milan?
What the hell were we
doing in Milan, hm?
Starving. But you probably
don't recall, do you anymore?
You know I remember
perfectly well how hard it was.
Don't forget, you had a family.
It was tough to find a job.
But it was hard for everyone else.
Perhaps it was a little
difficult in the beginning.
But we could've, but...
Yeah, but, but. What
could I do, huh?
You could've found
some legitimate work.
It would have been
better than coming here...
To Mickey.
That's right. To Mickey.
Because Mickey was
like my father to me.
Practically brought me
up since I was this high.
He sent me up north.
Made sure I was okay.
Made sure that I even
had my own home.
And who the hell would I
be if it wasn't for Mickey?
And you like what you're doing?
You like the possibility of
getting killed at any second?
I don't know what
I'd do without you.
At least it paid for the
wonderful paintings.
And all our wonderful furniture.
And our private life,
hey? What about that?
(Loud up-beat music)
(Shouting and laughing)
Here you go, gentlemen.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, sir.
Well, then. The pearls
of the family, huh?
What the fuck are you doing here?
Oh, must make the presentation.
That's Luisa.
Tasty set of cones.
That's the one we call
our little Neapolitan.
One of my spoils of war,
guaranteed grade triple A.
The way she moves in
bed, there's nobody else.
A real specialist.
And the family's very
own hun, Ursula.
Try those lips on if you dare.
Mickey and Luca Di Angelo.
Couple words, you mind?
Sure, go right ahead.
Want something to drink?
I want a whiskey.
What about you?
In private, okay?
Nothing else, Mickey.
On your feet, Alfredo. Why
don't you take Ursula with you?
Go out and dance.
You too, Luisa. Get your ass off the sofa.
You can impress Luca with
your talents some other time.
Right now we have
business to talk about.
So why don't you getup and
fuck around with the disc jockey.
And tell him to lighten
upon the volume!
Because if he doesn't do it...
Just get your ass out there.
Move it.
Now then, what is it?
I hope you appreciate...
Well, this accusation is heavy.
Oh, sure.
Sure, I know it's heavy.
Secure 200%, I'm not.
Nobody could be.
(Video game noises)
These, uh, boys you've sent out.
When'll they be able
to tell us something?
Pretty soon. I think tomorrow.
Not soon enough. Today.
You're right.
Or it'll be too late.
All right, then.
Before making any big decisions...
Let's wait and see what happens.
What do you think, Luca?
(Pours drink)
Well, I think it's
better that we wait.
If, in the meantime, we
confirm that... No, none for me.
...That Scherino blew the whistle.
Then what do we do?
Luca: Huh?
If he says war...
Then I want to be prepared for any
surprises that may come down the road.
- Luca: We can't wait forever.
- Mm.
Perlante, it's maybe two
or three million we lost.
More, if you want to count the
fucking boat we had to sink.
When's the next time
you'll be going out?
Friday, the 27th.
The 27th.
Maybe I can help.
Perhaps we can beat these bastards.
"Cause if I was him,
I'd be concerned.
What the fuck's he think
he's doing, this Scherino?
(Birds chirping)
(Horses whinnying)
(Horse panicking)
Perlante seemed to me too
cautious to be of any use to us.
You know what I mean, Mickey?
Don't underestimate him.
He's got brains.
He'll fool you.
(Phone rings)
Who the hell's that?
Mickey. What's going on?
Is he dead?
Yeah, I'll be right over.
- Is who dead?
- Arrow.
They burned the stable.
Scherino! I'll kill you!
(Tires screeching)
Oh, Christ, no!
If we stop now, we'll
be in real trouble.
Step on it, Mickey! Run it!
Mickey: I can't! These days they
shoot at anything that moves.
I gotta go!
(Brakes squealing)
I know, huh. Yeah, I
was driving a little fast.
Yeah, but you see,
officer, it was...
It was an emergency, and I...
(Gun cocks)
No! No! No!
(Mickey screams)
(Somber music)
(Tires squeal)
(Siren wails)
Oh, my God!
If you want to protect your neck,
you must tell me everything.
I told you the whole story.
Read it back, please.
(Clears throat)
You see, as we came out of the curve.
We found a car parked in the
middle of the street, straight ahead.
Two men from inside
the other car got out.
Shot him, and then
they made their escape.
Am I to believe this is correct?
Uh-huh. That's it.
And if I asked you the
make of their automobile.
How fast you were going
coming out of the curve.
The men's clothing,
their height, color of hair.
You wouldn't know, would you?
The time it all happened.
Is there anyone who would
want the death of your brother?
So, you have nothing else to say?
Nothing, nothing more to add?
Before making the final deposition?
Mm. No.
Listen, Di Angelo. Better get
this into that head of yours.
If you're withholding evidence,
and I'm going to check it.
I'll make sure you spend
a healthy time in jail.
If you don't end up
like your brother first.
(Noisy crowd)
(Traffic noise)
Go ahead, Alfredo.
Luca. I've got no words to
express what I'm feeling.
Mickey was like a brother to me.
Any suspects?
Yeah, Scherino.
Luca, relax, and listen to me.
It would help...
To forget what happened to
Mickey if you'd leave for a while.
By going on vacation.
I'm sorry. No.
Forget about it now, Luca.
There's nothing you can do.
Let me worry about it.
As soon as everything's
calmed down, I'll take care of it.
(Port horn blaring)
Funeral in the bay.
Wouldn't you say that's suggestive?
Yeah. Moderately suggestive.
Priest: "We recommend to you, oh
Lord, the faithful soul of our brother Michael."
"Having left this world to rejoin you in Paradise."
"We beg you, in your great
wisdom, to forgive his sins."
"And give him peace."
In the name of the Father."
"The Son and the Holy Spirit."
There they are, you've got all
the capos from around the gulf.
All the bosses you could want.
Captain: "Perlante from the North."
"Young and ambitious, a playboy."
"A rising star in the firmament."
"Abatte. They call him 'The Priest.'"
"Bigoted and cruel."
"Old generation but still an iron fist."
"Without the velvet glove."
"Murolo. Middle generation.
"A paralyzed wife he adores."
"They attempted to hit him
once, missed and got her."
"Secure, immovable."
A star at the peak of his splendor.
"A curious mixture of
love and guilt for his wife."
"They're all down there together."
"All we'd have to do is
send in one pappagallo.
"And we'd have the
mall in one sweep."
And they'd probably all have to
go free for lack of proof as usual.
Don't even dream about it.
Good point.
You know what?
I bet they got saints in
Paradise. That's what it is.
Probably a bit lower.
Yeah, you're probably right, too.
We both loved Michael very much. And you.
Thank you.
(Distant horn sounding)
And Francuccio?
Capece took him away
to distract him a little.
(Woman weeping)
Where'd he take him?
The track.
What'd you let him
go with Capece for?
Don't worry about it.
Come on over later to my place.
I want to have a word with you.
Ciao, Mama! Ciao, Papal!
- Ciao!
- Ciao, bravo!
Are you a little more relaxed now?
Yeah. Yeah, a bit.
But it was still a risk
to let him come here.
Oh, Luca. Capece's with him. Relax.
It would be nice if you could stay home and
take care of Francuccio with me this evening.
And I was wondering, we
could take him to a movie.
Even if we don't feel up to it.
It could be a western
with lots of horses.
[ Can't.
Tonight, I've got to see somebody.
Luca, you mustn't.
But I've got to.
He was my brother.
You want revenge.
A vendetta.
But aren't you afraid that
maybe they'll kill you too?
It's for Mickey.
Jockey: "Huh, don't, don't worry
about a thing, Don Scherino."
"This horse here, he's
like, he's like a dynamo."
"A real powerhouse."
"You should see him on
the straights now."
You gimme, uh, you
gimme three more days.
And I'll have him in shape.
Luca, don't!
Jockey: "Yeah,
that's all it'll take."
"Uh, another three days."
I'll cross that line first
and by six lengths."
My respects, Don Scherino.
Yeah, see you later.
Mama, Papa! I held the reins!
- Luca: Bravo!
- Adele: Wonderful, darling!
Mama, I held the reins and
drove the horse and everything!
- Please can I do it again?
- Better watch out for him, Luca.
- Please can I?
- Or else you're going to have a jockey in the family.
- It's in his blood.
- Thank you, Capece.
Ciao, Arrow. I have
to go home right now.
Oh, yeah. I forgot.
Arrow's in the sky
with Uncle Mickey.
Right, Mama?
Afternoon, Signora.
Ciao, Francuccio.
Ciao, Luca.
Ciao, Capece.
Francuccio: Ciao.
(Horse neighing)
(Solemn music)
You've got to stop it.
I thought it was all over, but...
Instead you...
I can't...
I think it would be better if
we separate for a little while.
It would be good if the boy and I
went to stay at my father's place.
And first thing tomorrow, I'll
come and pick up a few things.
Perhaps it's better for us all.
You behave like a stupid idiot
and you jeopardize all of us!
Luca! (Sobs)
Speak to me, please!
(Somber string music)
(Engine revving)
(Horse neighing)
(Action music)
(Car horn blares)
(Eerie wind blows)
Antonio's voice echoing: Luca!
Come here. Come here.
Come here.
What is it?
Even though they put me
out to pasture here, Luca.
I'll never forget what you
and Mickey done for me.
- You know what I mean?
- Okay, okay.
But what about that information
you had for me, Antonio?
- What is it?
- Listen.
I know where most of those monkeys,
those assassins, hang their hats.
- Those sons of bitches that killed your brother.
- You sure?
Sure, I'm sure.
I got it all written down
right here, okay? Take it.
Now be careful 'cause
those assholes are all around.
Now, go on, beat it!
(Antonio screaming)
(Antonio grunting)
(Action music)
Oh! Uh!
Scherino: What the?!
Now I pay you back.
For Mickey.
Who the fuck let you in?
What do you want?
Fucking prick.
Mickey never deserved
that miserable death of his.
- And you were back of it all.
- I was?
Luca: Yeah, you!
Just a second, now, listen.
You've got it all backwards.
I had nothing to do with the
death of your brother, believe me.
You've got to. Yes, there was
no love between him and me.
But I respected him, Luca.
And I would never have
wanted to kill him, never.
Is that how it is, huh?
Then explain to me. Explain to me.
Explain to me why one of your men.
After having killed the
guard at the sulfur pits.
Then went after me.
Nice try, Scherino.
(Luca moans)
Alright. If everything
you said were true.
I'd take great
pleasure in killing you.
I already told you, Mickey's
dying was unfortunate.
But I didn't do it.
And this carcass here...
Looks like he was
moonlighting for another family.
Asshole. Deserved
to end up like this.
And you, listen up a minute.
If you really want to
vindicate your brother.
Look at yourself.
Deep in your soul.
Right here in Naples.
All the time, many
things are changing.
Too many, Luca.
Now there isn't only
the fixed horse races.
The contraband.
And the girls in the
street that we send out.
Yeah, so what does it
have to do with me?
Just that now, there's
something much worse.
Worse than you can imagine.
And you don't even
know what it is yet.
You asshole.
(Gun fight and horses neighing on TV)
Luca, where are you?
(Action music)
Oh, my God!
You're alive.
Luca... Oh.
What a mess. One of those
lingering colds, you know.
He'll be all right.
I've seen much worse.
Well, hope to see you
soon, Mrs. Di Angelo.
I hope not too soon.
Good day.
Your good friend the
doctor wanted $340.
Yeah, I know, but he's a good man.
Good, maybe.
But a blackguard.
I forgot...
Wasn't I given the heave-ho?
I don't know. Why?
Oh, nothing.
I must have heard badly.
Uh-uh, I don't know what your
intentions are, but I'll do it.
- But I want to get up.
- No. No.
The doctor said I didn't
have any bones broken.
And what about all
that blood you lost?
You were worse off than
I've ever seen you, Luca.
Do you want something?
- A cigarette. Would you get me one?
- Mm.
Look at this jacket.
You better throw this away.
Better the jacket.
And this?
Mm. No, it's nothing.
And so Scherino didn't do it?
Mm-mm. No.
Luca, don't you think you'd be better
off if you told the police everything?
Hey, where's Francuccio?
He went with my
father to the movies.
Oh, I've got to go and get them.
- Ciao.
- Ciao. See you later.
(Action music)
- Ah! Argh!
- Why did you kill my brother?
Tell me now!
I don't know you.
I don't know anything.
You know me, asshole.
You guys murdered my brother, Mickey.
If you don't tell me who
ordered it, I'll kill you now.
- Who wanted my brother dead?
- (Screaming)
Who the fuck is he?
What'd he want Mickey killed for?
- Huh?
- (Screaming)
Say it!
(Screaming and gasping)
The Marsigliese?
You didn't get any more out of him?
No, no, nothing else.
Just the Marsigliese.
Would you have
heard any scuttlebutt?
Yeah, I heard of him. All bad.
But I thought he was
still in jail in France, huh.
Yeah, his real name is Francois Jacquen, but
everyone knows him as the Marsigliese.
Is he in cigarettes?
No, he's not cigarettes.
He's drugs.
(Soft whistling)
Boss, this stuff we can
probably cut in thirds.
(Door opening)
This is Ingrid. She just
arrived from Frankfurt.
Finally, I get to meet you.
You're better than
what I imagined, Ingrid.
And so are you.
It's very good, your perfume.
Where is it you get it?
It's special.
There's a man in Paris
who makes it for me.
Where's the toilet?
- Please show her.
- Mm-hm.
Pure as can be.
And the rest, you have it?
In a place very secure.
There is nothing to worry about.
You can pick it up any time.
That means a lot to me.
Truth in the world of affairs.
(Music on television)
(Sirens blaring on television)
(Woman moaning)
(Men yelling)
(Action music)
(Tense hum)
What are you waiting for?
What do you want for it?
Oh, I'd be satisfied with $50,000.
Happy to oblige.
Hm, not bad.
It's a pity.
(Woman cries out)
No! No!
(Burning, sizzling)
Stupid cunt.
You want your money, eh?
$50,000 for that?
It's half bicarbonate.
What do you think in Frankfurt?
That we're all complete idiots?
(Ingrid crying)
It's dangerous to believe
things like that, my darling.
Especially about me.
(Action music)
Priest: "ll corpo Di Cristo."
"Il corpo Di Cristo."
"Il corpo Di Cristo."
"Il corpo Di Cristo."
"Il corpo Di Cristo."
(All screaming)
Well, I finally found the cannoli,
but there were only eight of them.
Do you think they'll be...
Oh, God! No!
Clara, Clara, Clara...
Oh, Clara. Clara.
(Murolo crying out)
(Crowd noise)
(Announcer over loudspeaker)
Yeah! You got it! Go, Bijou!
You've almost got it! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Bijou!
Go, Bijou!
Go, Bijou! That's my horse...!
(Action music)
How come we didn't
go dancing tonight?
And since we didn't,
what are we going to do?
Kiddies, tomorrow morning
I've got an appointment. Early.
And so, have yourselves a
drink and then nighty-night.
How exciting.
Hold on a second.
Luisa, alone.
But Ursula...
How do you feel about a
little company tonight, huh?
- Alfredo, how they hangin'?
- Hmm?
Aw, no. Come on, that...
That's not funny
those kind of jokes.
Well, don't you feel like it?
Or are you more happy...
How shall I say it?
Together alone?
No, no. Not very.
(Nervous chuckle)
Then you'll have to prove it to us.
- 'Cause Ursula can tell us all later.
- (Chuckling)
(Tense, high-pitched drone)
Luisa: Yeah! Go to it, girl!
Luisa: You might even have a little fun!
- Yeah, come on. Help me.
- No... no.
No, please, I really
don't feel like...
No, please. No, no! I don't want.
Take off, take off the jacket.
No, please! I just don't feel like it.
- Could we do it maybe some other time?
- (Growling)
His face!
- No, no!
- Mein leibe, meine cupcake.
Yeah, yeah! Suffocate him!
(Women laughing)
(Alfredo gasping)
Take off the tie!
No, please, please, I...
(Alfredo stuttering)
Take off his shirt!
Ursula! Take off his shirt!
(Alfredo gasping)
Please! You're very nice, but no...
(Alfredo whimpers)
His pants! Get rid of them!
No! Not the pants!
Please, not, oh, no...
Alfredo: (Cries) I don't want to...
Both of you in my bedroom, at once!
No, no! No, no!
I-I have a headache.
I don't want to go.
Please, no, Mr. Perlante!
Mr. Perlante!
I don't want to go!
(Party music gets louder)
Another one.
Now what's happened?
Another bomb. This time,
they tried to take Perlante.
- Why don't you go over and have a look at it?
- Uh-huh.
And try to keep the assistant prosecutor's
blood pressure down, why don't you.
- Right. No problem.
- Ciao.
Man 1: Bring the light over here.
Man 2: Okay?
(Camera shutter clicks)
Man 1: That's it. She's
done. Get rid of her.
Man 2: Hey, give me
some light over here.
(Camera shutter clicking)
Man 2: Okay, you can take him too.
Man 1: When you guys are finished, get back
to the station and start your report. Right?
Man 2: Okay.
Hmm, pity, I always
did like Sundays.
Well, as long as they keep
killing themselves, it's fine with me.
These things are
becoming routine now.
Well, what do you want,
it happens in Rome, Milan.
Why not Naples? Italy is starting
to look like America in the thirties.
Poor Alfredo.
They killed him like a dog.
He was always faithful to me.
Yeah? What is it this time?
Boy, we're getting fancy these days.
Bombs under the mattress now!
Tarantino: Ahh, technology'll ruin us yet.
Now tell me, Mr. Perlante...
This Mr. Alfredo, this
man you trusted so much.
Tell me why he was found
with a young lady in your bed?
Well, it's rather obvious, I'd say.
Yes, rather obvious, of course.
Perlante, let's be realistic, alright?
It began with Mickey Di Angelo.
So, now, you got Abatte,
Capece, and Murolo.
And it's your turn right now.
Well, we're not sure of that 100%.
Okay, I agree, they killed
Alfredo and this poor girl.
But the real victim should
have been him, though.
Well, this bombing...
It doesn't speak Neapolitan.
There's somebody else behind it.
Now, feel like collaborating?
We're not talking
about boot legging now.
Aw, come on.
My God.
It's absolutely insane to
say that I deal in contraband.
It's a calumny, you know that?
(Faint traffic noise)
They come here, they
come here to try to kill me!
And you have the courage to throw
around unmotivated accusations like that!
Be careful I don't report you.
Defend your citizens
for a change, will you?
But! But where is he going?!
- To talk to his lawyer.
- What lawyer? He has a lawyer?
Actually, to his flock of lawyers.
Perlante: "These guys play rough, Luca."
"Stay on guard and be
sure to cover yourself."
"If we don't stop them, they'll
knock us off one after another."
It's better to disappear for a few days."
"And then I'll call you. Ciao."
- Luca!
- Hm?
What are you doing?
Take the child and go to
your father's place for a while.
Uh, Luca, uh...
Is it that bad?
Take care, Luca.
Take care.
I will,
(Stadium noise)
It's called Musk Savage.
What do you want?
An accord.
What type of accord?
For our organizations to join forces.
The suppliers I already have.
And we'll split everything 50%.
Before, you guys were
eating rice and pizza.
Now, I'm offering
Champagne and caviar.
And, naturally, as you
guys say here in Naples.
"He who gave, gave. And he
who took it, deserved it."
Let's forget the past, shall we?
(Crowd cheering loudly)
(Crowd roars)
(Boat horn blares)
(Faint voices)
No, no, no!
I say, we've got to
fight back and soon, too!
If they don't bump us all off first.
And what are you gonna do? Wait?
What are you waiting for?
A miracle from San Gennaro?
What are you, a cop?
For what?
Who the fuck wants a
corpse in the family?
What's this Marsigliese want, huh?
Fuck, he can take care of his own.
We got what's ours,
and he's got his.
And he quits breaking
balls all over the place!
Look, the boats are all
stopped because of spies.
So, I say, and I think
I speak for my brother.
Let's keep 'em where they
are and accept the deal.
No, no. Listen to me.
You know we can't
stop those boats now.
There are 200,000 people that have
got to have those boats to depend on.
Yeah, but that's okay.
That's honest.
Smuggling cigarettes, I mean.
And the Marsigliese, with force and
violence and intimidation wants to make...
Every one of us.
Wholesale dope pushers.
Mm-mm. No. I say no.
I say no to the Marsigliese
and no to drugs. And!
Yes, that we've got to
comeback hard on drugs.
Maybe they're selling
it to school kids.
Maybe they're selling it to our
own kids right in front of our faces.
We can't allow that,
no matter what it costs.
Then that's about it.
We've heard from everybody now.
Essentially, there are two proposals.
On one hand, that we hold our ground.
And hunt down the Marsigliese.
If you don't mind letting the boats go out
and running the risk of losing men and cargo.
Then that's the way to go.
On the other hand.
Should we go the other way.
And accept the deal
with the Marsigliese?
For the first choice.
(Sirens blaring)
Go on.
I want 'em all down to Central!
Come on, move out!
(Crowd clamoring)
Annie, it's the treasury cops!
Annie: Mama Mia! Oh! Oh!
(Crowd panicking)
Quick, Lucy! Hide this stuff!
And don't worry! I'll be back!
Mama, the treasury police!
Oh, Madonna!
Woman: Oh, my God!
(Sirens and crowd shouting)
(Continued shouting and sirens)
- Hey, come on, hey!
- Hey, let go of me!
- Come on!
- Since when is it against the law to shit?
Let go of me, you bastard!
I said let go!
Tony: Tell me what I did, huh?
That's all I want to know.
Tony! You can't do this!
- Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
- No, no! Leave him alone!
What's the matter with you guys?
Don't you respect nothing?
Hey, get your hands off of me!
I don't want to... wear this stuff!
What's the matter with you?
Come on, let me...
Hey, what's the matter with you?
(Sirens blaring)
(Brakes sqealing)
Nun: What is it you want, my son?
Cop: My son, my ass, come on.
- Cop: Just get in the car.
- Nun: Oh, well! I never!
Nun: That's no way to talk!
Nun: Let go of me. What! Oh!
Cop: Just get in, get in that car!
Nun: Fuck you, buster!
Luca, Luca! It's a bust.
You gotta escape now. Luca!
Cop: You talk too much. Come on.
Luca on phone: Rocco! Rocco! Rocco!
(Faint sirens)
(Action music)
(Siren blaring)
(Crowd screaming)
(Sirens blaring)
(Tires screeching)
(Women shouting)
We're missing Luca Di
Angelo and Luigi Perlante only.
Very good.
Pretty nice catch of small fry, hm.
But that's okay. Mixed grill.
(Siren wailing)
Di Angelo, come on.
Wake up, will you? Wake up.
Luca, wake up.
(Distant tires squealing)
The killing of Capece has really
blown the lid off the whole thing.
The police are making
arrests everywhere.
The guys who regulate
the races are rebelling.
And drugs are getting
sold all over the place.
I'm telling you, if it gets much worse...
I'm going to America.
Have I explained?
Yeah, sure. I understand.
I don't like you very much.
And you don't like me.
But this time our
interests are coinciding.
You, me, and Perlante, we
can mobilize half of Naples.
So what happens? It's better than
everybody fighting everyone else.
What do you say, Luca?
(Crickets chirping)
That's it. It's gotta be
that one on the right.
Take it up that side.
(Faint barking)
What a surprise. I wasn't
expecting you guys.
I just made it home, uh, myself.
(Nervous chuckle)
Come on In.
Listen. You've seen
what's been happening now.
Scherino has a deal
for us and, well...
I thought it was important that
we see each other immediately.
Anybody want anything to drink?
Whiskey. For everybody.
(Action music)
Get down! Scherino!
(Shattering glass)
Agh! Ah!
(Scherino grunting)
(Shattering glass)
(Faint barking)
Move it!
If he escapes, I'm sure as hell fucked!
Don't be scared.
I'm not scared!
If we want to move this deal fast.
I've got to remain clean.
We sacrificed poor Alfredo.
Maybe you could have
asked if he was scared.
(Faint barking)
(Heavy breathing)
We should have killed him before.
Along with the others.
But we didn't know it'd
turn out like this.
And who would have imagined
they'd have, that they'd have...
Turned him into a hero?
Everything was ready.
If you didn't smell like a
goddamn French cat house.
I would have thought that
to be an interest of yours.
Well, that's too bad.
I'm a man who only likes the best.
You get it? Caviar and Champagne.
(Gun shot)
(Forboding music)
He's outside the gate!
Well, you were pretty lucky there.
A little bit deeper and, uh...
You might have been breathing
through your belly button.
Doctor, that's the third
time you've repeated that.
I know, Luca, I know.
But, uh, well, what
do you want to do?
I always try to remember it.
You know something?
It helps me...
Where's my pen?
In my reports to the police.
It's my duty, you know.
Okay, how much?
Oh, let's say $600.
Uh, Luca Di Angelo, born in...
You fucking son of a bitch.
I'm very happy you met
my mother, but anyway.
600 should about do it.
I figure I can put you down...
Uh, now, where is it?
Oh, yes, here we go.
Why, you!
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, I wouldn't
do that if I were you.
I can always be of
service to you, no?
Now, where were we?
Listen, I can give you a check.
Would you take a
check from my bank?
(Laughs) I've never set foot
in a bank in my whole life.
Very nice. Gold, isn't it?
(Sighing) Here.
How much for a phone call?
Are you kidding?
Be my guest.
(Phone ringing)
(Receiver clicks)
Who's speaking?
Who is it?!
Luca Di Angelo?
But who's speaking? Tell me!
-Luca! Luca! (Screams)
- I'll tell ya in a minute.
(Adele screams)
What the fuck are you doing to her?
(Adele cries out)
Mama! Mama! Mama!
You bastards!
- Come on, let's go. Both of you, come on. Get up!
- Mama! Mama!
- (Adele crying) Oh! No! No!
- Let me go, let me go!
No! Oh!
What have you done to them?
I'll kill you!
Stay calm and listen.
We've killed Perlante, and the
Marsigliese wants to talk to you.
Face to face.
See, we've decided to
give your kid back.
But we're going to keep your wife.
So no heroics.
So be sure you're home
tomorrow at 9:00, punctual.
Television reporter: "Today the finance
guards and the Treasury Department.
"In the course of a fast dragnet
in several quarters of Naples."
"Arrested 52 alleged smugglers."
"There are rumors circulating in the
world of the infamous blue motorboats."
"That profound changes are occurring
at the very summit of the organization.
"We remind you, in fact,
that in the past few days."
"Several bosses of contraband have been killed in circumstances."
- (Yawning)
"That make this reporter believe that it is
something more than a simple settling of accounts.
Television commercial: "After you've gone,
who will take care of your loved ones?"
(Horses and gunfire on television)
(Carnival music)
Well, what do you think?
You like 'em?
Well, they're not as
pretty as real ones, though.
But, then, I guess
these ones eat less.
Hey, you wanna go for a ride?
- You sure?
- Yes.
Okay, up you go.
Well, there they are.
The famous blue motorboats.
At a stand still for ten days.
Well, at least we were
able to do that much.
- You mean stop them.
- Certainly.
Do you consider that success?
Doctor, you know
Naples very, very poorly.
There are at least 200,000 Neapolitans who live off
contraband because they can't find any other work.
And if not that? Mugging, robbery.
Or buying massive amounts of drugs.
You have no chance of solving anything
when the economy is completely shot.
Hey, Doctor, don't
look at me like that.
Facts are facts.
My duties, work,
don't mean anything.
And I've always had the nasty
habit of talking to myself.
But it wouldn't do to
let that get around.
Let's go.
(Action music)
(Gun cocks)
(Glass shatters)
(Telephone rings)
Who is it?
Three guesses whose
underwear it is.
Where's my wife?
You have my compliments.
Very beautiful.
Hold on.
I believe she would
like to speak to you.
- Luca: Hello? Hello, Adele.
- (Sobbing) Luca.
Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
And you, Adele?
So, Di Angelo...
It seems there's been an
epidemic among the capos.
The only one left alive is you.
So, we're just going to have
to strike up a little bargain.
And, as you might've heard,
I've a slight advantage.
What do you want?
I already told you that.
You put up the organization,
and I'll put up the stuff.
And your smuggling can start up again
tomorrow, but on a lower level.
I don't want it crossing
with other affairs.
A deal?
We can split the power.
You tell me where and
with who we can meet.
And I'll give you back your wife.
- Is it?
- Adele: No, Luca! No!
They only want to kill you!
It's a trap, Luca! Don't
give them the...
Luca: Adele! Adele!
Luca: You bastard! What
are you doing to her?
Are we partners?
But why, Di Angelo?
Maybe you don't want
to see justice done?
And for all that, I like you.
Even if you don't
like my perfume.
Well, um...
Stay on the line and, uh...
Let me know when you
change your mind.
(Adele's cries are muffled)
(Adele crying)
Wait, Luca. It's not finished yet.
(Adele screaming)
This time we have to do it right.
Face down.
(Adele screaming)
(Adele's scream unmuffled)
The car is waiting for you
outside, Don Morrone.
Thank you.
(Music plays on television)
So many terrible things are
happening these days in Naples.
When all you gentlemen were the capos,
ever body had an easier time.
Other times, Filomena.
Other times.
Now, we're old men.
Driver: Good evening, Don Morrone.
Morrone: Good evening, my ass.
Let's just go and
finish this idiocy.
Good evening. (Scoffs)
(Action music swells)
- Ciao. Have fun.
- Ciao.
But remember, it's
dangerous after 11:00.
- Oh, Daddy. Don't worry. Bye.
- Don't worry, sir. We'll be home early.
(Action music turns up)
(Gun cocks)
(Subtle street noise)
(Distant singing)
(Faint ship horns)
Bring her over here!
- (Gunshots)
- Oh!
(Rapid gunfire)
(Gun clicks)
(Solemn music)
(Traffic noise)
(Action music)
(Women screaming)
- Let go of her!
(Woman crying)
Oh, Mama!
(Sirens blaring)
Move it!
Hold it, right there!
Turn around!
(Door creaks)
(Adele moans softly)
(Action music)
(Gun clicks)
(Faint singing)
(Crowd noise)
Fishmonger: At your service, Don Morrone.
Eh, which one do you want?
- That one. - Yes, yes. That's a good one - Do you want me to kill it for you?
- Thank you
Pay him, Filomena.
- Yes, sir.
- She'll take care of it.
(Faint singing)
- Eh.
- Good morning, Don Morrone.
Ah, good morning, Captain.
So you come here for
your shopping too, eh?
- Look at this, prime quality.
- Always.
- I'll have six of them.
- I just wanted to thank you for your help.
You told us where
to find that girl.
And we just happened to
find a huge quantity of dope.
Cut and ready for sale on the street.
But, Don Morrone, where did
you hear about that place?
I didn't know about it.
However, I've got some very
good friends who like me.
- And make sure I know about these things.
- Ahh.
Then you also heard about what
happened yesterday morning.
Very messy, you know.
Heard about it?
Yes, I had word of it.
Certainly, I heard about it.
Ah, but Captain, that's
your business, isn't it?
This Marsigliese had
too many enemies.
- In other words, Luca Di Angelo.
- Mm.
Luca Di Angelo? Hm.
I don't know him.
I've only done what I could to
help a young lady, that's all.
That shouldn't have had to go
through what happened to her.
And perhaps I did
upset the applecart.
But it was important.
Captain, what would you have done?
No differently, I assure you.
Enjoy the day, Captain.
(Peaceful music)