Contracorriente (2009) Movie Script

Hi there.
Hey, little man.
You sleep well?
I've got the money.
What a kick!
- You're tickling me.
How's your back?
- Not great.
You carry too much
now Miguelito's getting heavy.
You shouldn't talk to the baby
- But I was only jocking.....
Yesterday they said on TV that a baby
can hear everything when their in the womb.
If it's a girl, she'll get confused.
Then we call her Miguelina.
What is that?
- Open it.
49 sol
For the ultralight
Ultrasound, silly !
- Exactly.
Tano, what is it?
Dona Flor is asking for you, Miguel.
It's Carlos.
Chino ...
We want you to give
Carlos' body to the sea.
What about you? Isn't that your job
as his brother?
He would love it if you did it.
And you're on good terms with God.
I don't want my brother's soul
to find no rest because of me.
No one is on good terms with God.
# have come to the coast
# You searched
# for neither the wise nor the rich men
# You only wanted that
# I follow you
# My Lord
This applies to anyone who will listen.
I, Miguel Salas,
stand for this church and parish ...
... to give my cousin Carlos Vela a proper burial.
May our Lord have mercy on his soul.
As we care for his body,
God will care for on his soul ...
... So that it will not wander restlessly.
UNDERTOW "Against the Current"
A skinny, shy man came up and
they asked him: What do you do for a living?
The man looks at them and says:
I make lollipops, so that you have
to suck one all night, until it's gone !
Quiet, Pato.
The fairytale prince is there.
Hector, from Santiago.
- For me?
Yes, in honor of Carlos.
What is this?
Is he your boyfriend now?
No, Sabino, thanks.
We were just leaving.
You won't take them?
- Why ? He'll sit with us
Are you crazy?
- Bunch of idiots.
It's okay dude.
We're fine here, right?
I'm sorry about what
happened to your brother. Really.
Come on, damn it.
To my cousin.
May he rest in peace. Cheers.
- Cheers.
How are you?
Come on.
Carlos' life was no life, Mico.
It's better now he's at peace.
I'm worried about my aunt, Flor.
It is difficult for her.
You're so beautiful.
- You always say that.
But you can't get enough, huh?
Like this, huh?
- Rogue.
I'm tired of being nice to Hector.
And that stupid Pato.
Pato is a good man.
He just likes to joke around
I have my suspicions about him
- You think everyone is like you.
No, I rather think that everyone is
like you. That's the problem.
They're waiting for me.
- Mico.
What about our going away?
I can't now.
My aunt needs me.
I know. I'm not stupid.
Can you later?
I don't know.
Mariela is almost due.
So I had better leave.
Then you can provide for your family
and you don't have to worry about me.
When will you come back?
I don't know.
But ... you will come back?
Pastor Juan!
The heart is strong.
The heartbeat very strong.
The spine looks good.
And now the 1-million-dollar question.....
Let's see.
What? What is that?
What do you think?
Good news.
Come to the cemetery at 4 o'clock
It's a boy !!
No pictures, man!
Why are you laughing?
I've never seen you so happy.
- Don't fuck with me
Really, I'm glad to see you like that
You're really going away?
It's for the best.
But you'll still come back?
You tell me.
Should I come back?
You haven't broken my record yet.
When you're ready.
Ripe, juicy but not ready yet.
It still needs a few days.
You must learn quickly.
Soon I won't be able to go.
Try to find two that are ripe and juicy.
What's this?
- 10 Sol
Do I look like a tourist?
- Good morning, Don Pepe.
Light it on when the baby's born.
It brings good luck.
They say so, yes.
Take it ! It'll be my present to you !
Why would you give me something?
I don't know you.
Well then.
Santiago La Rosa.
Mariela Ordonez de Salas.
Sorry I look like this. I've got to do
shopping for tomorrow's lunch
Don't apologize.
You look beautiful.
What? What's so funny?
I've not been called 'beautiful' in a long time.
My father always said that
but but here you never hear it.
I knew you are not from here.
How come ?
As a child I came here every summer
and I know almost everyone here.
I had never seen you before.
- I've lived here five years now.
Don Pepe, can I have a bag?
But do you know my husband, Miguel?
He was born here.
Yes, I know him.
What do you think? Will you take it ?
- You don't need to give me anything.
Listen, I know what.
You take the candle ...
...and in return I'll take a picture of you.
What do you think?
I'll take it now ...
Don't ...
Ana, pick it up.
Ana, it's your favourite brother.
Damn. I finally get through and
all I get is your voicemail
Call me back soon, before I
lose signal. It's because ...
I met her in the market
and I spoke to her.
You should have seen me. As if
it had nothing to do with me.
Honestly I felt shitty.
Call me back, then we can talk here.
I need cheering up.
I love you very much.
A kiss. Ciao.
Thanks for the egg today.
It's Saturday. We could cook something
simple for them, like Vermicelli Soup
You complain as if you actually had to pay.
Vermicelli Soup isn't real nourishing food
Be happy that you're helping
your parish and your church
You see. She's always right.
- Don't be silly.
And this candle?
- Guess who I got that from.
Don Pepe?
That old miser doesn't even give me a smile.
From the painter. We need him to take
a picture when Miguelito is born.
I didn't know you were friends.
- It's the first time I've spoken to him.
Where are you going?
I have to repair nets.
Chino, it's Saturday.
I've promised Hector that I'd replace him.
It seems you're the only one who works
- If I don't work, we don't eat.
You won't work so hard
when Miguelito is born, huh?
That's a good one.
What is it?
For me?
Who else?
Watch me.
Watch me.
- I'm curious.
Damn, you seem to be an expert.
I'm going to break your record.
- You won't get to do four.
Go fuck yourself.
Not even three.
Fucking stone !
Which do you like most?
- You didn't bring more ?
You took one of me at the funeral.
It's on my bed.
Naughty boy. I said you shouldn't shoot me.
I don't need to take pictures of you.
I know your body from head to toe.
I'll show it to you.
It's really well done.
You looked so serious
when you were burying Carlos.
You looked like a real leader.
You have to take it seriously,
otherwise his soul will find no rest.
You really believe that story, huh?
You think you know everything, right ?
Don't spit into the sky, because
it'll come back to hit you in the face.
Terrible saying.
They're good,
but they were better last week.
Have you suddenly become an art critic ?
Forgive me, Your Eminence.
There's something for you.
What is it?
- Open it.
I wanted to give it to you for the trip,
but now we're not going ...
I said I didn't want any gifts.
But you wanted to get a camera !
She thinks I'm fixing nets. What should
I tell her ? I found it in the sea?
Don't be so stupid.
-Hide it in your boat.
You're certainly feeling very generous.
The camera. The candle for Mariela.
You thought I wouldn't find it?
She wanted it very much.
- I don't want you to give her anything.
....don't talk to her
and stay away from her.
I met her by chance.
- I'm not interested in an explanation.
You play dumb and nothing more.
I'm sick of playing dumb.
Maybe you can, but I cannot
But that's how it should be.
Well if it should be so ...
...then I'd better leave.
Come on, Santiago.
What about your paintings?
You really are stupid. Do you really think
I'm here because of them?
I am here because of you, idiot. Now I've
said it. Satisfied? I'm here because of you.
You knew I had a wife and a child
besides, I'm not like that.
No ... You're a real man, huh?
A real macho, huh?
- So what?
And what am I?
Think what you want,
but I see your face when we fuck.
Fuck you.
Go fuck yourself, motherfucker.
Like every Sunday, we're invited to
Miguel and Mariela Salas home ... enjoy lunch at 1pm
Because she's giving birth soom
she needs help with the cooking.
Tano and Jacinto have already offered
their help. Give them a round of applause
So Mariela has anybody volunteered?
- Yes, yes. Here's one !
You, Ms. Trinidad?
- No, not me. My daughter.
I told Carlotta yesterday that I wanted
to find for my Isaura something to do
She's very quiet. Men
don't like quit women
We love beautiful women like her.
Always so nice.
It would be good for her.
She works hard and is a good cook.
You'll be very happy with her.
What do you think, Father?
You must be relieved.
Why relieved ?
- Haven't you noticed?
The photographer isn't there.
And Don Pepe said he hasn't
collected his newspapers
I see that you are well informed.
I won't condemn anyone, but he's
not a good example for the children.
I don't think the painter is a bad person.
He even gave me a candle recently
in the market.
You know what she said? "I think I like him.
He gave me a candle. "
Unbelievable. Now they're good
friends. I don't like that man.
Always taking photos,
He's so quiet, always watching.
I hope he goes back to where
he came from....
He is here to paint,
but I have never seen a painting.
He's probably been thrown out
of his house. It's obvious why...
And he had no choice but to come here
Do you think the artist is that way...?
Of course. I've seen him
with magazines with naked men.
What a shame ! I could eat him up !
Miguel !! You woke me.
Why are you sweating ?
What were you dreaming?
- Nothing.
What are you doing here?
Go away. Don't ruin it for me.
You see me ?
- Don't spoil it for me.
- Damn. Go away.
You do see me ! Listen to me.
- Go away.
The current has taken me under, Mico.
- Did you catch much?
Sabino said he needed 20 fillets for lunch.
What's going on?
Is everything all right?
You look so pale.
Sit down.
Did you eat something bad?
I'll heat you up some soup, alright ?
"For my fisherman"
From Santiago
"Now you can take your own photos"
Chino ...
Cry, throw it out there.
I'm sorry.
I can't believe you have held it in
for so long
You have to know that Carlos is
now at peace. He's resting.
"... In the sense that darkness passes
and the true light is shining already..."
"He who says he's in the light and hates
his brother, he is still in darkness.
"He who loves his brother remains
in the light and will not fall"
This is the word of God.
- The Lord be praised.
You're sweating
Chino, you're sweating.
Are you okay?
- Yes, it's just hot.
I don't know what happened. I don't know
what I'm doing here, but we need to talk.
The Gospel according to Luke.
- Stand up.
Bless the Lord.
"If a man has 100 sheep ..."
"...will he not leave 99 behind
to find the lost sheep ?"
They sleep with their
make-up on. I don't like that at all
I think the Brazilian are best.
- Those are great.
How would I know ? My Carlos didn't like
soap operas. He just watched soccer, soccer and soccer again.
I'm fed up with soccer
Miguel also doesn't like soaps, but
he watches "The Right to Love"
That's being repeated.
-You must see it Dona. For Lauro Corona.
He's a...hottie !
- Really?
Even Miguel says that (Lauro Corona
Brazilian actor, died of AIDS)
What happened?
- I don't know.
I went into the sea ...
... The current took me to the rocks.
And now nobody sees me.
Nobody hears me.
I want to leave, but I can't.
It's like I'm stuck here.
With you.
I don't know what to do.
It feels the same.
Why am I here, Mico?
We must offer you to the sea.
- Damn.
I know it's ridiculous.
We need to find your body and
offer it to the sea.
Otherwise you will find no rest.
I'll help, Tiago.
I'll help you.
Don't ask me to leave, Mico.
I'm so unhappy being alone
It's terrible when you are away.
There is nothing !
Why are you here?
- I don't know.
Do you sleep walk?
The sound system was good.
The music sounded loud.
Yes, Father Juan bought it.
The music was good, huh?
Pato brought the CD.
Thank you for dancing with me.
- You dance well.
You know how to lead.
Nobody can see you, huh?
Except you.
How are you?
- Great.
I've spent the whole morning
frightening people
Come on.
- Where?
The street.
- Wait.
Come on.
Nobody can see me. Come!
Ma'am, you like gossip, huh?
Tell that idiot you can't see me.
See? No one sees me.
Come on, fool.
Miguel, come on out.
You see. Nothing happened.
Look what a beautiful day it is.
We're outside.
Let's go for a walk
- Hi, Miguel.
See? No one can see me.
How was your day?
Good !
- Yes?
Don't be so nervous. Relax.
Hi, Miguel.
- Hello.
Good day, Auntie.
Holy shit.
I will match your two and
raise you two more. Okay?
You'll need at least a Flush.
-Oh, now I'm scared
He's bluffing. His cards are crap.
You're lucky, Chino.
I've found nothing.
The sea is clear.
That will help.
Why don't you stay ?
- Here.
With me ..
I mean it.
What is it?
I waited a long time to hear this and
look when you decide to tell me
We couldn't be together before. Now
we can. I thought you were happy.
I'm happy when I'm with you, but when
I'm not, I'm fucked. There's nothing
I promise you...
- What can you promise me?
Don't you understand?
Look at us. Look!
I know I cannot promise you anything,
but I want you with me.
Wake up, Miguel.
- What happened to you?
-What do you mean 'nothing'.
Look at you.
Put your clothes on.
Now I see.....
Nothing, huh?
-Sorry. I must have had too much to drink
What's wrong, Miguel?
You never do this kind of thing.
-Nothing, Father. Really.
You haven't been to confession for a while
- Because everything is going well.
Are you sure everything is going well ?
Don't say anything to Mariela, please.
- I don't like gossip.
But you have to promise me that you
won't get drunk or naked again !
The children might see you.
He's sleeping.
You're exactly your father.
The whole day sleeping.
Sorry, but if you think of me, I come.
- I thought I heard the baby
I'm so ugly, huh?
Not at all. Why?
-I don't know.
You look very beautiful.
"Beautiful" ?
What could have happened to the painter?
How should I know?
Nobody has seen him lately.
- Maybe he left.
That's weird, right?
All his belongings are still here.
You ever talked to him?
No. Why should I?
I thought you were friends.
- Are you crazy? He's a friend of mine?
Come on. I know a place.
The body of Christ.
- Amen.
Well, I'm done here.
I'm going to see if Miguel needs help.
Mariela, I said nothing.
Jacinto has spread the rumor.
What rumor?
- About the painting.
What painting?
Where is Pato and the others?
- No idea.
They said they'd come.
- Really? When?
Before the mass.
- Maybe they're busy.
What? They come here every Sunday
-Why are you asking me?
I'm here, right?
- Yes, thanks.
Well, what's going on, Hector?
Come on.
Don't be stupid.
It's not me.
I don't know. I haven't seen it.
You don't have to see it. It's not me
- How do you know?
I've never spoken to that faggot
- Maybe he has a picture of you.
You don't believe me, huh?
Do you believe me?
- I don't know, Miguel.
They've seen you coming out of his house.
-That is a lie, man.
Listen, Miguel, I don't know....
...if you want to mess around with this
guy, that is your problem.
But you have a wife. Show her respect,
so that others will respect her too.
You're gonna be father.
You're gonna have a son
Everyone is telling me that
you're fucking that guy.
Even the women say it,
and that makes me furious.
Think of your wife, your family,
of your child, growing up !
Do you want your son to have
a fag as a father?
Motherfucker, I'm not a fag.
You're a fucking fag.
Santiago, I know you're here.
I thought you never talked to that fag?
Go to Hell !
I said you should never paint me.
It was for me, not for them.
-The whole town thinks I'm a fag
You're not a fag....
And you know why?
You got to have balls to be a fag
and you don't have balls
You're a coward who thinks he's a man
because you have a wife and child.
Shut up, damn it.
There are thousands of ways to be a man
and you're none of them !
You think you're a man?
Who are you trying to fool?
You're afraid to accept ...
...that you love me.
I can't love you, Tiago.
It's not right
Who says?
Who says that shit?
You do your best for them
and then people behave like this ...
... they make up everything.
She said it just like that....
- The bitch.
She gets more like her mother.
Let them all go to hell.
They won't see any tears from me.
He's huge.
I've known Miguel since he was a kid
A stupid painting won't make me doubt him
and you shouldn't doubt him either.
Yes, I know.
I'm here, Mari.
Relax. I am here.
I can't do it.
- You can do it.
Any later and you'd have missed it.
-Like that !
Good. Very good.
So it went well.
Look at him !
Hello, little one.
This is Miguelito.
Hello baby.
He looks just like you, man.
Now you're a dad, Mico.
I'm gonna go get some booze.
We should celebrate.
Of course.
Sabino, a Pisco, please.
This one's on the house, Miguel.
Congratulations, Miguel.
- Thanks, Tano.
Tonight our son was born.
None of you came to see.
What are you doing here?
- To see you two.
You're a beautiful mother.
Come on.
What's happened with Hector?
- A stupid quarrel.
He clearly thinks otherwise.
He hasn't even come to visit.
I beat him too hard.
I'll apologize. Don't worry.
I'll get home early.
- Chino.
What about that painting?
I don't know if it exists.
I never posed for this guy. I swear !
Why do they say that you two...
-How should I know?
Damn, whom do you believe Mariela ?
- You, that's why I'm asking you
I wasn't with this guy.
I swear on Miguelito.
No, don't swear on him.
Never. Do you understand me? Never.
"If anyone should make one, of the little
children who believe in me, to sin...."
"... it would be better to be thrown into
the sea with a millstone around his neck"
"If your hand causes you to sin,
cut it off."
"It's better to go through life maimed,
than go with two hands to hell ..."
"... where the fire never goes out"
"If your foot entices you to sin,
cut it off."
"You're better to go through life lame ..."
... than be thrown into hell with two feet.
Miguel, what is it?
It's ...
What is it?
Was it true?
Forgive me, Mari.
Don't fucking cry !!
Mari, please ...
I'm not like that. I swear.
Nothing happened. And he's gone now.
-I'm sick of your promises
What is it?
This can't continue.
I found the body.
But I didn't want you to leave, so
I tied it up to a rock
And now it's gone.
I didn't want this.
I'm an idiot.
Everything was going so well.
I thought I could make everyone happy.
And now what?
I can't do it any more.
I have a son, Tiago.
I gotta give him a family.
I want to ask you one more thing.
Don't call me anymore !
Don't look for me any more !
Promise me you'll let me rest.
Good evening.
Dona, sorry that I come so late ...
- She doesn't want to see you Miguel.
I know.
Is she well?
- What do you think?
How's Miguelito?
- He's a saint.
Please tell Mariela I'll be
at home waiting for her.
I'll wait for her as long as it takes
-Go home son. I will tell her
Thank you.
We should break up for a while.
We need time to think.
I have nothing to think about.
I want to be with you.
Even if you don't believe me, it's true.
What do you want me to do?
What would you do?
I wouldn't do what you did.
I didn't think you could do
such a thing either
I only want what's good for him.
Come inside.
If I hear that one of you has been saying
something about my husband again ...
...I swear I'll take your eyes out.
Have a nice day.
Pull, man.
Fuck !
- Hector!
Where's Miguel ?
- He's inside resting.
Let him sleep.
- I just want to talk to you.
Goal !
Fuck ! You've had bad luck all day.
What happened?
- Nothing happened
They're a bunch of crybabies. We had
to set a sea lion free from the nets.
So ? Ready to play against your master?
Please wait. I gotta pee.
Isaura, what do you want?
Say what you're dying to tell me !
It wasn't a sea lion.
It was the body of a man.
His face was unrecognizable, but
everyone knew it was the painter.
Pastor Juan has blessed the body
and they're looking for his family.
The body is laid-out at the doctor's
until someone arrives to claim it.
Why are you telling me this?
If I don't tell you, no one else will.
I thought you'd want to know.
Well, now I know.
Hear that?
That's the sea.
I live there when I'm not here.
You see how beautiful it is?
But you know who's even more beautiful?
Indeed, you.
You are the finest in the world.
Yes, I know.
Where were you?
- Outside.
So late?
-We were looking at the sea.
Didn't he cry?
With you he never cries.
You make me jealous.
You probably hungry.
I'll warm it up.
His body was found.
You knew that, huh?
I want him buried.
Pastor Juan has arranged everything.
Tomorrow his family pick him up.
He did 't care about our traditions.
He surely wouldn't ...
But he did.
If I don't offer him to the sea,
he'll find no peace.
Do you think they're gonna let a dirty
fisherman bury their wealthy son here ?
I 'm gonna try.
I owe him that.
-And Miguelito? You're his father.
I do it for him.
-Don't be selfish.
So that he can respect his father.
How can I teach him to be a man....
... If I myself am not a man ?
- But he won't find out....
Let them take him. In a few years
everyone will forget.
But I will remember and so will you.
Why do you have to drag us all
into your shit?
Mari, this is the last thing. I swear.
- Again you're swearing?
Do what you want,
but I won't watch.
Where will you go?
- We'll see.
And Miguelito?
- I will take him.
You still love that man, huh?
I'll come to you soon.
I promise.
Finally, Miguel.
I've come for the body of Santiago La Rosa.
I want to give it to the sea.
Do you still have it?
-They've already collected it.
- His family.
They're collecting his stuff from the house
and then they're taking him away.
- You have no business there.
What the fuck do you know ?
His paintings improved a lot here, huh?
I don't know. I've never seen any.
He was protective with his work.
But you still, you've posed for him?
- Me?
I can't pose.
I swear I never ...
- Don't worry, Miguel.
He told me about you.
He called me one time
and said that there was someone.
I said nothing.
I didn't even ask your name.
I didn't know what to say.
I pretended I hadn't heard.
Since then he never spoke to me about you.
He still called, but we never talked
like we used to.
He said that he painted,
thanks to you
That he had this sensitivity thanks to you.
I want to ask a big favour.
It's not for me but for Santiago.
He wanted to be buried here.
In the sea.
I've come to ask your permission.
Thank you, but we'll bury him
alongside his father.
You know he was happiest here.
Mama...You know that Santiago hated....
You came to help me fetch my son
and I intend to do it
I'm sure he'd have wanted you
to keep this. Thank you for coming.
My wife is going to leave me,
maybe forever, and will take our son.
She will leave me because I'm here and
I want to honour my promise to your son.
Santiago wanted to be buried here.
If I don't do it, he will find no peace.
- Do you know what you're asking me?
You know it's not my request.
I want you to support him ...
...and keep him company
Are you sure?
Do it for me.
Shall I help you?
- Are you sure?
This applies to anyone who will listen.
I, Miguel Salas,
stand for this church and parish ...
... In order to give a proper burial to
the lifeless body of Santiago La Rosa.
May our Lord bless this ceremony....
... so he will be merciful unto Santiago.
As we take care of his body,
God will care for his soul ...
... Not so that he no longer
wanders restlessly...
... but will rest in peace.
Dedicated to my parents