Contratiempo (2016) Movie Script

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The Invisible Guest
Mr. Doria?
Virginia Goodman.
I came on behalf of your
lawyer, Felix Leiva.
Nice to meet you.
- Please come in.
- Thank you.
- Two minutes and I'll finish dressing.
- Sure.
Information provided
by members of armed groups
who withdrew and who contribute to
the search for the disappeared.
Here, the news of the
day and this morning
they held the
funeral of Laura Vidal,
known photographer
and visual artist,
allegedly killed by her
lover Adrian Doria,
who was recently awarded the
prestigious European awards
for Innovation and
Business Development,
as entrepreneur of the year'.
Doria, who had recently
launched in the Asian market,
his company 'Go Global Tech Media',
pleads innocence and claims to
be the victim of a conspiracy.
I expected you later, Ms. Goodman.
Yes, I'm afraid there's been
a mishap.
I tried to talk to Felix,
but he's not responding.
He's traveling.
But he assured me he had everything
under control, he had a lead...
- that would change everything.
- Yes.
This he told me the last
time I talked to him.
But then I didn't know
what I know now
- and that he doesn't know yet.
- Meaning?
It's quite possible that you'll
be compelled to testify tonight.
- What are you saying?
- My contacts in court
assure me that the prosecution
has a brand new witness,
that could provide a definitive
turning point in your case.
No word yet on who he is, but they
are transferring him to the courts,
to give a deposition within
the next three hours.
I told the truth.
There are gaps in your statement, Mr.
and I need details.
The reliability of your testimony
is based on the details.
With them, I can convince the
world that you're innocent.
And I assure you that I can.
So far, I have never lost
a case, in any process.
But I need you to cooperate.
The police has turned this place in a cell.
They watch me 24 hours a day.
Don't you think that if I had more to say,
I would have told you already?
They will request your immediate
incarceration, Mr. Doria.
We have 180 minutes to review
everything from the beginning.
So I would stop complaining
and get down to business.
First things first.
What were you and the victim
doing in that hotel?
They arranged for a meeting there.
Laura and I had been seeing
each other for a few months.
Someone who found out was
blackmailing us.
We followed his instructions.
He asked for 100,000 euros.
It's better to pay for the silence
of someone facing a millionaire divorce.
No, I never wanted to divorce Sonia.
I love her.
Why that hotel, three hundred
kilometers from your lives?
I don't know.
Weren't you suspicious that the appointment
was arranged in such an isolated place?
- What does it matter whether it's one hotel or another?
- Had you and your lover been there before?
The problem is that I have been
accused of murder, Mrs. Goodman.
Everything's important, Mr. Doria.
Anyway, it's all right.
First, let's talk about the message
you received on your cell phone.
We had been waiting for a couple
of hours when it arrived.
What's up?
He has your mobile.
He just sent a message
from your cell.
I'll tell you everything. Room 715.
Hotel Bellavista.
It's a trap.
We're leaving.
I was unconscious for a few minutes...
and when I woke up, the nightmare
What's the first thing
you remember?
The knocks on the door.
Are you OK?
Open the door.
Move away.
Laura! Hey!
- Can you hear me? Laura?
- Open, please!
- Laura!
- Anyone there, open the door!
No... no!
Laura! Help!
Help please!
Stand up!
Hands up! Stand up!
- There's someone else in the room.
- Hands where I can see them!
I didn't do anything, I didn't
do anything!
Hands up!
- I did nothing.
- Get down!
- There was... there was someone here!
- Get down! Don't resist!
All out!
According to the police report
Witnesses heard the cries,
but they saw no one
leave the room
which it was also locked from the
inside with the safety chain.
The report also indicate that the windows
did not open from the inside,
because, in the winter months,
the hotel takes the handles off,
and that it had not been forced.
They ascertained that any way out
without being seen,
was not possible without
leaving traces.
They found none.
So, according to your version of the
facts, the murderer of your mistress
- vanished into thin air.
- That's it.
- He had to enter first before leaving.
- He was already inside when we arrived.
But he had to get in regardless.
And according to the staff, he could
not enter except with a key like yours.
The whole crime scene was set up
to incriminate me and that
the police would have formulated the false
theory that Laura fell in love with me
and I, to save my marriage, tried unsuccessfully
to buy her off, and then killed her.
- It's an absurd trap.
- Whose?
I don't know.
- Why?
- I tell you I don't know!
The only thing I know is that my wife
has left me and took my daughter with her.
And that someone is
getting away with it.
If you don't pay attention,
if you don't seek answers
in your life, you know what will happen?
- What?
- You'll be confirming the police suspicions.
They believe there's no one who would
have any reason to do this to you.
So your version
- sounds like 'invention', Mr. Doria.
- It's not my responsibility to find the guilty!
- No.
- It's Felix's and yours.
And, of course, the police, who
must catch the culprit. Not me.
You... are the guilty.
Mr. Doria, if you were in my place,
and I describe your theory
of the plot to you, what would you think?
I'm describing what happened.
I don't know what else is expected of me.
You know?
In the 30 years of my career, I have had to
deal with two types of clients.
Those who take responsibility
and cooperate,
although it would mean to go where
they don't want to,
and those who think are smarter
than me and expect
that I save them from a guilty sentence,
without getting their hands dirty.
You belong to the latter.
But let me be clear about two
There'll be no salvation
without suffering
and you're not smarter than me.
Youth Missing in Bierge
Have you wondered if the new prosecution
witness had anything to do with this?
The disappearance of Daniel Garrido -
Shy and responsible young man
We have already lost 10 minutes, Mr.
I'll ask you just once.
Do you know who was the man
in that hotel room?
If you want to know, if you want me
to get you out of the mess you are in
and avoid jail time,
don't lie to me anymore.
It all started about three months ago.
- Darling.
- How's Paris?
- Full of nasty French.
- The meeting didn't go well?
- I don't think we'll close.
- My father called.
He's invited us to go sailing on Sunday.
I told him we're going.
He's dying to see Alex.
- All right.
- It's dad!
Let's see, say dad.
Listen, Sonia I have to
get to the airport.
OK. Are you coming home or
are you staying in Barcelona?
I'm coming home.
Let me know when you're boarding.
I love you.
Me too.
Who was it?
It was Sonia.
What time is it?
It's almost six.
We fell asleep.
Shall we?
- The GPS did not say that.
- Yeah, but through here it's quicker.
You could also go faster, right?
- Should I drive?
- You are already driving.
What's up'?
I spend the days lying.
I don't think that when you're with me
you do.
The rest of the day I lie
'cause I'm with you.
But being with me makes you happy.
Doesn't it?
I love how I feel when we're together.
Remember what we said when
we first got together?
That's what both wanted.
- And when also said that the time would come...
- Adrian, you want to leave Sonia?
- No.
- I don't want to leave Bruno either.
That's why this is perfect for us.
Yeah, but you can't have it all.
You always have to
sacrifice something.
We're fine.
- Everything is alright!
- No, what we do is wrong.
You know it.
It's done...
I'm sorry.
Are you OK?
I don't know.
Are you OK?
Oh, shit...
- What are you doing?
- I'm calling the police.
- It's not our fault.
- No, I invaded his lane.
He has the belt, you know?
He was on his cell phone.
If you hadn't made me race
I could have reacted.
What did you tell me before?
- That you have to sacrifice something, right?
- What are you saying?
That it's him or us, Adrian!
If you call the
police we are lost.
Listen, listen!
Listen to me, please.
Nobody saw anything.
Nobody knows anything.
Nothing's changed.
Your life, Sonia...
your daughter,
your career.
You don't want to lose everything, right?
Let's go.
It won't start.
Come on, please, come on, turn over!
- Adrian...
- Why, no fucking way! Let's go.
Watch out.
- What's up'?
- Someone's coming.
Get out of the car.
- What do we do?
- Let me handle it.
- Let me.
- Where are you going? Hey!
He'll figure it out.
Can you tell me what you are doing?
We bumped...
- How did we...
- rules of the game.
You need help?
What happened to you?
Nothing, I swerved and I hit him,
but we are exchanging information.
- You want me call an ambulance or something?
- No, no.
We're fine, thanks.
Must be the guys from the insurance.
Be right back, OK?
Pretty scary, right?
A deer crossed the road.
I'm still a bit shaken up.
Yes, I called earlier.
- Sure?
- Yes, thank you.
How long do you think they'll take?
OK, goodbye.
It's all settled.
I'm glad it was nothing.
Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- What if he saw anything?
- He hasn't seen anything.
- And if he saw the guy?
- We have to get rid of it.
- Are you crazy?
- There's a witness, don't you see?
If we leave him here, the guy
will know we lied.
It's best if I stay here to ask
for help.
All right?
And you take care of the body.
What do I do with it?
I don't know.
I don't know, but we have to get
rid of everything, all right?
And then, if it's what you want,
we stop seeing each other.
It's over.
I drove for almost an hour.
And the only thing I could think of is why I
was there instead of being with my family.
If I hadn't been with Laura...
if we had not fallen asleep, if
we hadn't taken the other road...
that deer would never have
crossed my path.
What did you do with the car?
I sank it.
With the guy in it?
Laura's words kept resonating in
my head.
It had been an accident and we
couldn't help the lad.
He had no future, but we did.
We did.
That guy was like
one of these spots.
I had to learn to see it like that
so I wouldn't go crazy.
What did you do after?
I called Laura with a prepaid phone
and told her where I was.
We always used prepaid to
communicate with each other.
It was horrible.
What happened?
Hello, I have car problems.
No, I'm fine, but I
need a tow truck.
Where I am?
- Hello.
- Good evening, everything OK?
Yes, a deer crossed my path,
but I'm fine, thank you.
You were lucky, you might
have killed yourself.
No power.
The engine, I do not know, it doesn't
start and I called for roadside assistance,
but they're very busy and they don't
know how long it will take them.
There's always a solution.
I know these cars really well, these
machines, are good.
years ago, I worked as an engineer in
their Spanish headquarters.
Tomas Garrido.
Now, I have a repair shop.
Nice to meet you.
- I have to get to Barcelona.
- Do you have a flashlight?
The car is my sister's. She lent
it to me, and I'm not sure where...
Don't worry...
I'll get mine.
Yeah, it's the starter.
Probably, the motor sensor
is blocked.
If there's nothing else,
only that it needs the unit
to be reset.
It looks like the rest is okay.
If you wish, I can tow it
to my house, and I'll fix it there.
If you prefer I can call a truck
and tell them where they can find you.
How long would it take?
- The tow truck?
- No, you fixing the engine.
A couple of hours, at most.
So, you live in Barcelona.
And what brings you here?
My sister lives in Barbastro.
My wife worked there, in the
the natural park reserve.
Now, she works near Bierge, in the
valley, 20 minutes from home.
First, she was a teacher of
Literature, but she had to abandon.
That's why we came to live here.
To have a quieter life.
What do you do?
I have a book shop.
I love reading.
Especially about theater.
My weakness are the classics.
My wife made me discover them.
That's how we met. In a theater group.
She got along very well, but
to be honest
I just signed up to go along.
You haven't told me your name yet.
- Raquel.
- Raquel.
Raquel, the cell phone is ringing.
Ah, it's true.
- Hi, darling.
- Hello, Laura.
How 'was the meeting?
When do you board?
Well, I was about to call you.
I'm gonna be late.
Well, look I am bringing home some incident
reports that I can't finish here.
TH - Banking Group
Too many interruptions.
- But what happened? Why the delay?
- Nothing...
A mishap, something wrong with the
engine, I don't know.
That's OK, let me know when
you're leaving.
No, no it's not necessary that you
come get me.
No, I'll eat something here and
continue until I'll pick you up.
Please don't come get me, Bruno, please.
- Laura... are you okay?
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No, no.
There's nothing, I'm fine now.
I regret not having called you before.
It's OK, don't worry.
I'll see you later at home.
- I love you.
- Me too.
Hello, love.
Elvira, my wife.
She's Raquel.
She hit a deer, and the engine
starter is blocked. I'll fix it for her.
- Nice to meet you.
- Me too.
Are you hurt?
You have blood on your hand.
- It probably was the deer's.
- The deer's?
Let me take a look. Some
wounds can become infected.
No, I have no injuries.
Excuse me, but I'm in a big hurry.
Well then, no more talk,
I'll start to work.
- Do you want some coffee?
- Yes, please.
- Come in.
- No, I can wait here. No problem.
You can't stay here, it's very cold.
Come on in.
What's the problem? Get cleaned up.
Come in.
Everything OK?
Yes, yes thank you. It's all right.
I'm gonna take the coffee to Tomas
and be back.
Okay, thanks.
We, too, we had a pair of frights
when we came here.
You sure you don't want to eat
No, no, no. Thank you.
This is a good place to live but
you need to adapt.
- Do you have any children? I see that...
- Ah! No, no. No.
My husband would
like to, well, I...
work too much and not...
I don't know very well.
Oh, well, don't be dismayed.
I had Dani, well, Daniel, he does
not like me to call him Dani,
was I was almost 40.
A child changes your life.
But it also gives you everything.
Look, how handsome. He'll be here any
minute now so you'll get to meet him.
No, I'm waiting for him.
We went out with his friends.
Are you're with them?
And Daniel is not there?
That's weird...
if he left at 6!
He came back from work,
changed and left.
Well, that's it. I reset it
and it works perfectly.
Are you staying for dinner?
I'm sure my wife convinced you already.
All right.
No, really, I'm very
late, I'm sorry.
Yes, all right, Clara.
Okay, I'll call you.
Clara says that the boys have not
seen Daniel. They thought he was with her.
What do you mean?
That he should be with his friends, but
no one knows anything about him.
Did you say anything?
Come on, don't get antsy.
Maybe he had other plans.
Sure, Tomas, but he told me
he would be with his friends.
Maybe, he didn't tell you the truth.
And if he met another girl?
But, no, Tomas. No.
It's all very strange.
I'm going to call him.
Calm down. He's a big boy now.
Do you hear?
I heard.
- Did you hear a cell phone ringing here?
- No.
I'll call him again.
My son.
He's not with his friends, and my
wife imagines God knows what.
Here it is.
That's weird.
Daniel never goes out
without his mobile phone.
It probably fell off and he didn't
realize it.
You tell her, Raquel.
I have to go, really,
I'm very late.
Nobody knows anything about Daniel.
What now?
Tell me what we do.
I just thought of something
But I'm in your hands.
It depends on you.
The look in her eyes scared me.
Scrap Yard
I made my car disappear
without a trace.
Well, I don't know...
It's located in front
of a scrap yard.
Then I said goodbye to her with the understanding
that it would be the last time we'd see each other.
When I got to town I reported the
car theft to the police,
pretending to be
returning from Paris,
and so I told Sonia.
I told her that I would stop to sleep
in the apartment in the city.
But you're okay?
I did not sleep all night.
But I felt a fraud, an impostor.
One that had taken 10 years
to climb to the top...
but in an instant, I
could lose everything.
The next day, I went to work.
We were preparing the entry of
Go Global Tech Media, Asia,
and it would have looked strange
if I had not shown up.
For more than a year, I had tried
to conclude the agreement.
And now it was going to happen I
could not ruin it.
Before returning home, I
tried to arrange my thoughts,
to present myself in front
of my wife and my daughter.
I had to put a mask,
so that they wouldn't the man I wasn't
but one that should have been.
And when it looked that I had succeeded...
the inevitable happened.
Daniel Garrido, 23, came
out from work in this
bank branch, at around
six in the evening.
So he went home and soon
after came out again.
His parents were waiting for him
at dinner time, but have not received
news of him since then.
Relatives and friends
gathered to search for him.
They believe he probably
was involved in an accident.
His car might be
invisible in a forest ravine.
The face of that father was
imprinted in the retina of my eyes.
I projected his grief.
But I swore that this would be the last
mistake that I would make in my life.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
Tell me.
The prosecution new witness
has arrived in court.
Are you sure?
Not much time left, you
have to make him hurry.
Let me know if there are further news.
The prosecution witness
has arrived at court.
No word yet on who he is, but
the judge is on his way.
I have to talk to Felix.
- Tell me.
- Felix, where are you?
I'm coming from Bilbao.
Virginia Goodman is here because it seems
that the prosecution has gone ahead of us.
What do you mean the prosecution?
- Look, when do you get back?
- Tonight, on the last flight.
Put her on.
He wants to talk to you.
- Felix?
- What's going on?
A new witness.
He just arrived at court.
It's very likely that Mr.
Doria be compelled to testify tonight.
Send me the details in writing,
but I leave it up to you.
I'm on a big break, perhaps
very beneficial for the case.
- I'll call in a couple of hours.
- OK. Thank you, Felix.
What did he say?
Everything's under control.
Don't worry.
Well, let's continue.
Where were we?
I resumed my life.
Then the police arrived.
Mr. Doria, you have visitors.
It's the police.
There's no record of it.
How do you know?
The details, Mr. Doria.
Police in Bierge found the
remains of two collisions,
5 km from where the deceased
But there's no record of any
party involved in both accidents.
The curious thing is that the
boy's father picked up a woman,
who had had an accident right here,
the same day his son disappeared.
You know her?
- What is this?
- Let's see...
Why would my client care what happened
in Bierge, when he was in Paris?
This woman said to the
father of the missing boy
that she hit a deer.
But the remains of a second
vehicle on the road
force us to hypothesize
something has happened that was
concealed with the help of a companion.
The license plate of the car
driven by this woman
belongs to a BMW which is
registered to your client.
And that was stolen from a
private parking that weekend.
Are you insinuating that Mr. Doria
is trying to hide an accident
for which there's no evidence?
According to the complaint,
you could not provide
a parking ticket that would prove
that the car was where you said it was.
I lost it.
It was in my wallet, which I left in
my jacket. I lost it during my journey.
Yes, I know. So you said at the police
station. Very convenient, isn't it?
One moment.
The license plate information was
given by the father of the deceased?
That's very convenient.
- And an unverified clue.
- That's we want... verify!
It wasn't necessary to disturb my
client to check his trip to Paris.
It was sufficient to ask his secretary
for the details.
Are we finished?
Why are you so nervous?
Tell me, or I won't be able to help.
Does the disappearance of this boy has
anything to do with you?
I was not in Paris.
I was with a woman.
So Eva can't prove to the
police that you were in Paris.
Can you make them believe I was there?
Can you buy me an alibi?
- Do I have any alternative?
- I left her. It was a mistake.
I can not allow this bloody coincidence
to ruin my life with Alex and Sonia.
I can't.
The next time you call me, start
by telling me everything.
I'm gonna need something else.
The police report.
I don't want this to haunt me.
I will take care of it.
Days later, the police confirmed that I had
been to Paris and they forgot the whole affair.
Felix satisfied the first part of
the agreement, but not the second.
One of my source managed to find
your name in the police archives.
And I'm afraid the prosecution
has also obtained it.
I would not have come this far were
it not for Laura.
What did you do when the police
reached out to you to identify her?
I did not tell her.
I know you contacted her.
Rich people don't want to stop being
rich and protect themselves
Protect what they have.
Go where the rich are... and
you will find security cameras everywhere.
How did you convince the
police that Daniel Garrido ran away?
Where are you calling from?
The phone booth at the port.
Speaking in a place so well protected is
not a very prudent move, Mr. Doria.
My nerves betrayed me, I know.
But, come on, don't think me so stupid
to contact Laura
just after police try to
involve me with her.
Then, when and why?
When I didn't know what else to do.
Laura would not stop when
she had what she wanted.
She did it with me
when we first met.
She was doing it again to forget
everything that had happened.
and the police have ruled out
that Daniel Garrido,
the boy from Bierge, who
disappeared three weeks ago,
had an accident.
According to latest research,
Garrido may have pretended
to have disappeared,
to run away.
Police sources reported
the boy took possession of
50,000 euros of the bank branch,
where he worked.
Daniel Garrido took away small quantities'
from the accounts of its customers...
Ready to set sail, dear?
I just learned that I have
an urgent meeting with Lee.
- Where are you calling from?
- From a booth.
We'll meet in four hours in the
bar in front of the junk yard.
What is this'?
The boy's wallet.
I took it before putting
him in the trunk.
I thought it could be
useful and so it has.
After the accident, Bruno worked
at home for a few days.
I took the opportunity to put an end
to all this, in the only way possible.
Successfully completed
Money Transfer
What are you telling me?
Your mistress was an expert
in banking IT system,
as well as a photographer?
Do you think that the
jurors are stupid?
She met her husband while working
as a clerk at the bank.
Information technology is making headway by giant
leaps, you should know this better than anyone.
Your mistress was keeping up,
while she was a photographer?
Perhaps she was helped by her husband.
Maybe she told him the truth but
didn't tell me to keep me out.
You didn't know Laura.
When she wanted something, she
would deceive and persuade.
The perfect prototype
of a femme fatale.
Do you realize what you've done?
What do you think?
Don't worry.
If I had left any tracks,
we wouldn't be here.
What? Don't give me that look!
You didn't call the police because
you knew what we were doing was right.
No, we didn't do the right thing.
If I fall, you'll be right behind me.
The police came to see me.
Don't threaten me.
And you don't threaten me!
I have pictures that prove that
you had not been to Paris.
The days that followed
were not exactly quiet.
My company arrival in Asia, hand
in hand with a technology giant
most 'powerful in the world.
They attributed me with the award
of entrepreneur of the year.
I went head first into the
media hurricane.
Mr. Doria, how do you feel?
Very happy.
They sold me as the 'man
of the moment'.
An example for young people like me who
came from nothing and turned into a winner.
But it was pure appearance.
I felt broken for a long time.
- Mr. Doria.
- Yes?
A reporter wants to talk to you.
He says he knows you.
If you'll excuse me.
Be careful with that.
See you later.
- To the right, please.
- Yes, thanks.
Mr. Doria.
Sorry to bother you
on such a special day.
You know who I am?
Ivan Souto 'El Periodico'
I just know that you're not Ivan Souto.
I am Daniel Garrido's father.
I don't know if you saw the news, but...
and they say he fled and, well...
I'd like to ask you
some questions, if I may.
All I know of your son is what
the newspapers say.
- I'm sorry.
- My son is not a thief.
And he didn't run away.
My son is dead.
Someone is laughing at
my wife and at me.
The day that the police spoke
to you, Elvira and I were there.
I know what I saw.
Our son used his cell phone
until shortly before Tomas
picked up that woman on the road.
So, it was impossible that
the phone was at home,
unless she brought it with her.
This could only have happened
if she crossed paths with
our son at some point.
And then, she was not alone.
There was someone else with her.
- But how can you be so sure?
- I already told you!
She adjusted her seat
before putting it into gear.
She was not driving.
She lied.
The car is my sister's. She lent
to me, and I'm not sure where...
She lied... and nobody lies
without a reason.
She lied to protect herself.
Or to protect you.
Do you have a light?
That woman was hiding something.
And so are you.
Really, I know nothing.
I was in Paris in those days.
That's what the police say.
But, an airline ticket and a
hotel reservation...
they prove nothing
Despite that... we trusted
the police and returned home.
Until a few Dias later,
the news appeared
accusing my son
of being a thief.
We understood that
it was all a hoax.
That was not our Daniel. In his
whole life, he had never hurt anyone.
My wife broke down...
when she understood what
that meant.
But I wasn't going to stop fighting.
I followed the one
track I had left.
And I found out everything that you
might lose by a mishap.
What would it mean to you to
admit that you were not in Paris,
but with another woman instead.
I went back to tell the police, but
they didn't believe me.
That's when I realized
the power you have.
The power that makes a wolf
stronger than it is.
But I'm not afraid of wolves like you.
When you live through the most horrible
experience as a father,
that they take away your son,
that he disappears without
anybody caring,
fear no longer exists.
There's nothing.
Soon they'll find out that I am
an intruder.
So tell me the truth...
where is my son?
I assure you that you are confused.
You were in that car with that
woman whose name is not Raquel.
And you had an accident in
the place where I found her.
And my son's car was also there.
Was it you that got rid of the body?
It was this simple.
Mr. Doria?
Mr. Doria, is that what happened?
From father to father.
My wife and I know that
our son is dead.
We only want to find him so we can bury
him and may he rest in peace.
- Sir, you have to come with us.
- Don't touch me.
- Please.
- Don't touch me!
Mr. Doria, I beg you.
Don't touch me, don't touch me!
If your daughter were the one
who had disappeared,
you'd want to ensure that the culprit
wouldn't get away.
Son of a bitch!
Do you know him?
If I know him?
Let's go inside?
Calle San Ramon... 5, Bierge.
No one connected him to me.
- Phone?
- Not even him.
He knew he'd only
complicate things.
And Felix had already been able
to exclude my name from the case.
- The city, you said?
- Bierge.
He went home barely able
to take care of his wife.
And then, all that disappeared.
And I never heard from him again.
By now, we have all the pieces
on the board.
Two dead and two bodies.
The murder of your mistress
seems to be a direct consequence
of Daniel Garrido's death.
But, for the police, there
is only one murder
'cause they only have just one body.
Laura Vidal's.
And their suspect is you.
But, for us,
and for Daniel Garrido's parents
there is another body
and another death,
that of the missing boy.
And the Garridos suspect that you
and your lover are the culprits.
Because she's now dead, the
only one that remains...
is you.
What does this puzzle suggests?
What does it suggests to you?
It makes me think of the
hotel room mystery.
In that man who you say...
killed your lover and then
disappeared... like magic.
Someone connected to Daniel Garrido.
There's someone that you have not named
who knows more than those parents.
Do you need help?
Do you want to have the jury believe that
passerby driver arranged the meeting at the hotel?
- To what end, Mr. Doria?
- To blackmail us for what he knew.
That we were guilty.
And that he couldn't find out who I was
and that Laura was not my wife.
Details, Mr. Doria.
I have to warn you that the jury would
only believe this absurd theory,
if the details make it plausible.
I have not yet told you how they arranged
the appointment at the Bellavista Hotel.
Mr. Doria, this has arrived for you.
Sender - Daniel Garrido
I know what you've done
with your girlfriend.
The price for my silence
is 100,000 euros.
In small small, unmarked bills.
If I don't get it today I will get
this photo to the police,
so they can find Daniel Garrido.
At 5 o'clock sharp,
both of you go to the Bierge railway
Be on time.
I'll call the phone booth
in the parking lot
and I'll tell you where
to deliver the money.
Don't come alone, or
without the money.
And don't try anything...
or I will call the police.
The envelope was sent from
Bierge, three days ago.
And the sender is marked
Daniel Garrido.
- It was here...
- If it is not, it looks very similar, yes.
Mr. Doria...
did you observe the moon?
Tonight, there's a huge full moon.
As huge as the hole in your story.
How do you know if you don't
let me finish?
How do explain that the passerby driver
would know about the swamp?
The sound I heard
before the car sank.
Tell me, what about if it wasn't
just a deer?
If Laura did not get him to believe
that the incident was between us?
I'm glad it was nothing.
Thank you.
Maybe he saw something
suspicious about our behaviour,
and that he pretended to leave,
and then hide.
Sure, I understand your problem.
You are trying to deflect your story
from Daniel Garrido's death.
- Sorry?
- The passerby driver is one who acts only for the money.
And you think that if you hide
behind that blackmailer,
no one will think about the poor boy,
and you'd look less guilty.
Tell me, do you
have a better idea?
I'll ask you three questions.
If you only responds to just one we will
continue with his absurd theory of yours.
What is the sense of the incriminating
message that you received on your cellphone?
I'll tell you everything. Room 715.
Hotel Bellavista
Two: why did the murderer not take
the money if that was his purpose?
And three: how could he get in and out
of the room as if he were a ghost?
Do you see?
You're giving the
prosecutor exactly what he wants.
Stupid connections that
will destroy the illusion
that you're making a
coherent account...
Don't start over with that!
Surprise me with something,
resolve this puzzle.
OK, I'll tell what might have
happened, according to what you told me.
- Please.
- Let's go back to the station,
where the blackmailer
had to contact you at 17:00 hours.
It's 5 o' clock. It must be him.
It'd be better if we are not
seen together.
I'll be waiting for you
at the Hotel Bellavista.
There is only access by cog train
that goes around the valley.
I booked room 715.
Another thing, leave your
cell phone in the trash,
and take the train at the
station right in front of you.
If you don't drop your
cell phone the police
will find Daniel Garrido's body.
I'm going to ask.
Wait here a moment, okay?
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
I have a reservation.
Room 715, please.
Yes. In the name of Adrian Doria?
Please, fill out the card.
I'll give you the key at once.
Did anyone see you?
He left instructions?
We have to wait.
What's up'?
He just sent a text message
from your mobile phone.
- It's a trap.
- We're leaving.
No, no, no!
No, no!
I don't know where.
Really, it wasn't me!
It wasn't me, I don't
know where is'...
A moment.
A moment...
Do you suspect Tomas Garrido
was the one in the room?
You don't agree?
It's a likely scenario
to build your defense.
It's something that would
convince a judge.
Tomas Garrido had a strong
motive to commit a murder.
If a father knows that the police
protects those responsible for
the disappearance of his son,
he has only one option:
- force you to face it.
- Kill one of us
and incriminate the other it's
a way to get it.
That's right. It
worked perfectly.
Everyone believes you guilty, Mr.
The police, your own wife and
even your financial partners.
Tomas Garrido did not only implicate
you for the death of your lover,
but he also ruined your
life and your business.
And only Felix could get you
out with a million dollar bail.
Together, they created
the conspiracy theory.
And I suspect he came
to see me and then hire me
because he wasn't capable
of handling it himself.
His lawyer knew that if you
convinced me with your story,
I would have convinced a jury.
Did you hire someone to tell me
what to say at trial, Felix?
She's the best witness
coach around.
Two weeks ago, she was about to retire,
but she took this as her last case.
And I guarantee you she's
not going to lose.
Now then,
the only way you have to prove
you didn't kill your mistress,
is to implicate Tomas Garrido.
And that means confessing what
you did to his son.
Yes, but that's useless without explaining
how he got out of the room without a trace.
I assure you that when I
woke up, there was no one in the room.
Are you familiar with the concept
of lateral thinking, Mr. Doria?
It consists in the technique
of changing the perspective
from which events are analyzed.
For example...
in a timber barn which is completely
a man is found hanging in the
center of the carrier beam.
The rope, with which he hanged
himself is three meters long
and his feet hang 30 centimeters
above the ground.
The closest wall is 6 meters away.
It's not possible to climb on
the wall, or on the beam.
Yet, the man hanged himself.
How did he do it?
He climbed on a block of ice which
gradually melted in the heat.
This is our barn.
The police's photographic archive of
your case.
And the answer must be in
the statement of the facts.
- I don't know what you expect to see.
- The details, Mr. Doria.
You dwell on the details.
They have always been
under our noses.
Adrian Doria arrested for murder
But they have to be analyzed
from a different perspective.
What if the answer to the enigma
had never been inside the room,
but rather, outside?
Now, he works near Bierge, in the
valley, 20 minutes from home.
It was no accident that he
chose a hotel so isolated.
Tomas Garrido set up
a trap for you.
He must have sent
the package to him,
so that you mistakenly assembled
the pieces of your puzzle,
Making it so you'd doubt
what actually happened'
Because he knew that this way
he would find the missing piece.
I look forward to seeing you at the
Hotel Bellavista.
It makes no sense, he
couldn't have known about the swamp.
The area where you buried the lad
is full of swampy lakes.
And the locals know it.
For Tomas Garrido, it was
enough to toss a coin in the air
and wait for you to pick it up.
And you did.
- Is that what happened?
- You gave yourself up,
and, at the right time,
you handed Laura over.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
I have a reservation.
Room 715...
That's how Tomas Garrido
could get in the room without
leaving any evidence.
He just had to wait for you and
Laura to get up to the room.
From there, he could send
the SMS with Laura's phone.
He just sent us a text message
with your mobile phone.
And then hit you to
put you out of action
completing the perfect crime.
If this was the case,
Tomas Garrido had set up the
stage for blaming you
and disappear through the road
that his wife had indicated.
He left the money
to incriminate you.
Left Laura's phone in the room
and made sure that your fingerprints
were on the murder weapon.
Is everything all right?
Well, nobody left the room.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Where did the noises come from?
- In a suite, the 715.
Stand back.
Stand back, please!
Open the door.
Everybody out!
Bring forensics.
Guys, we have to call the forensics.
We found a body.
The boy's mother was the reason
why they sent us to that hotel.
All she had to do was make her
husband disappear from the room
to implicate me as the guilty one.
The police never connected
her to you
because Felix did away with
your name in her son's case.
Excuse me.
Tell me.
One hundred percent?
OK. Thank you.
Is it about the prosecution witness?
We don't yet know the
name, but we know who he is.
The passerby driver.
- It forces us to think fast.
- It also means that I'm fucked.
Not entirely, if you obey me.
Suppose that you did not stay
at the cottage with your lover
the day of the incident.
You were in Paris, as per your alibi.
It was Laura who rented the place.
Her name is on record.
So you were not present
when the accident that
killed Daniel Garrido took place.
The license plates and other
evidence is circumstantial
and, of course, it was Laura
to put the plan into action
by faking the boy's escape
for embezzlement.
We have to convince the judge
that you were just another one
of Laura's victim,
and that you ended up in that hotel
room because she asked for your help.
It could be you might not have known anything
about Daniel Garrido until that moment,
while the father unjustly
accuse you of the disappearance.
You want to turn me into Laura's victim?
The only piece missing
is to connect her directly
with Daniel's body.
And tell me something...
how do you plan to do it?
We have to hide something of Laura's
in the boy's car.
We have to incriminate her of
Daniel's disappearance.
Your only crime
is aiding and abetting due to
a guilty conscience.
Where did you sink the car?
We'll give the location of the
body anonymously.
You won't have to admit anything.
But, without a body there
is no crime and without a crime...
there is no way to persuade a
jury that Laura's murder
was not a crime of passion.
We will stay to the true facts
just close enough,
so you don't get burned.
How could I not get burned if the
prosecution holds the most important card?
- Hello.
- Hello.
The passerby driver will place me
at the scene of the accident.
Do you need help?
Felix has been looking for
him to neutralize him.
The prosecution has no witness.
- What are you saying?
- Nobody has met with the judge.
It was my invention, which I
gradually shaped,
with the details you gave me.
You've been leading me on?
Why didn't you tell me the truth
from the beginning?
To see if it was possible to get rid
of Tomas Garrido from the room.
I've always known that
he was the culprit.
It was also easy to discover that
his wife worked at the hotel.
And did you wait for me to tell you?
To make sure that I could
put my life in your hands,
Ms. Goodman.
Where did you put it?
This is where I sunk it.
I have to tell you something else.
We thought he had died, I swear.
Laura had taken things too far and
there was no going back.
If the police found the body
the autopsy would give me away.
I had to be sure that you
would help me avoid it.
It's my job to keep you out of jail,
but I'm not going to save who
you really are, a scum, Mr. Doria.
And you're have to swallow
what I say to you because...
The boy was dead without being dead.
I had to decide in an instant.
Don't lie to yourself.
You're a murderer!
You're testing me again, right?
So I can learn to withstand the
prosecution's attacks, right?
What you told me
changes everything.
Now, you are in my hands.
If I get to the judge with what you
told me, you are lost!
You can't do that!
You hear me? You can't do that.
That's what the prosecutor
is looking for.
Your desperation.
And look how easy it was
to provoke it.
Do you want to insult me?
Go ahead.
That's also what the prosecutor is looking for.
That the arrogant idiot that is inside comes out.
Are you are not here to defend me?
Then, do it.
I will not let your case from
staining my record, on the last day.
From now on, we'll do things my way.
So, I must be certain that there
are no loose ends in your story.
- There are none.
- No?
Because I think you are still
trying to manipulate me.
Testing on me your distorted
version of the facts,
- like I was your puppet.
- What is it that you don't believe?
It's true that everything could
have happened as you said.
But... what if it wasn't you that broke
the promise never to meet again,
but rather Laura?
Can I know what you did to cause the police
to believe that Daniel has run away?
Come in 4 hours at the bar,
- in front of the scrap yard.
- All right.
- Don't be late.
- All right. I'll be there.
Withdrawal of small amounts
from the customers' accounts,
shortly before disappearing.
You also could have gotten a
hold of the lad's things.
Adrian, what does all of this mean?
The lad's wallet.
I took it before I stuffed
him into the trunk.
- Set a price. Thank you.
- You've always had the means and contacts,
to change the course of events,
- without leaving tell-tale tracks.
- I'll take care of it.
That's false.
- You can't prove it.
- Neither can you.
Let's see everything in reverse.
Would the pieces fit,
if it was you who took
the initiative?
- What are you doing?
- I'm calling the police.
Listen, it wasn't our fault,
it was the fucking deer.
Are you crazy?
- What if he saw something?
- He hasn't seen anything.
We have to rid of him.
And if it was Laura
Vidal who was dragged to
an extreme situation
out of control?
According to this medical report,
your mistress suffered from
severe anxiety attacks,
after your return from your
alleged trip to Paris.
Even a ruthless person like
her could collapse.
That's precisely what it does not
agree with me, Mr. Doria.
That she had been the real instigator
of everything,
it would strengthen the belief
that you would save that youngster.
Instead, you drowned him!
Parents fear it is not a
voluntary disappearance
It was she that bore such a weight
on her conscience,
that, little by little,
made her collapse.
The impresario Adrian Doria has
just received the prize...
Until she realized that there was only
one way to regain their dignity'.
By now, she could no longer return
the child to those poor parents.
There was my friend and...
But there was
something she could do.
Tell them the truth.
So she met them at the hotel
where the lad's mother was employed.
A secluded spot in which
to put her plan in action.
She went to Bierge alone
through the valley.
And when she got to the
hotel station,
She call you from a pay phone
so you wouldn't suspect anything.
Someone knows something.
She made you believe that the
passerby driver had seen something.
...then why the fuck are you
using the phone?
That he had found her and
was blackmailing her.
It was her way of trying to compensate
those poor people for their loss.
She didn't have the courage to
confess it all empty-handed.
Once in the room, all she
had to do is wait.
Then she set in motion the
second part of the plan.
She wrote a text message on her
cell phone as a protection measure.
Laura knew you would refuse
to confess.
Because you only care about
one thing: yourself.
So you made sure that nobody would see you
getting into the room where Laura was waiting.
But Laura had already
reached the point of no return.
When she told you what she intended
to do, you lost control
Read your message.
And when you received
the programmed SMS,
you understood you had fallen
into her trap.
The reservation is also in your name.
Let's give them the money.
You're going to tell them where
their son's body is
and we're going to surrender...
There's no going back.
I didn't kill her
and I'll never admit to it in front
of a jury, do you understand?
You killed and became trapped in
a room where it was not possible to escape.
Is everything alright?
You thought the SMS could be useful,
And you looked for the elements on which
to base your convoluted theory.
You look fine?
Do you want to play?
Let's do it.
Why did Tomas Garrido and
his wife have not spoken up?
If Laura call them to tell the truth
Why did they not tell the police?
Those parents know you
will never incriminated yourself
and tell them where their son is buried.
Without a body, it is very
difficult to prove a murder,
and that you're capable of
anything just to remain free,
including blaming them for the
death of your mistress.
Come with me.
Second window to the right of the
penultimate floor.
Look carefully, Mr. Doria.
Tomas Garrido has stopped counting
on the police for some time now.
And, since then, he's been watching you
planning take the law into his own hands.
You assume things that you can not know.
About Tomas Garrido I know more
than you think.
- You're very smart, make an effort.
- I want an answer.
When Tomas and his wife
arrived at the hotel
they learned of Laura's death.
they realized what had happened.
Of course, they examined the options
and hesitated about what to do.
But, not trusting in the
justice system, what did they have left?
Study the enemy and wait.
To watch you.
Tomas Garrido became
a shadow in the shadows.
He found an apartment
in front of your building
and managed to occupy it
And since then...
he's kept you and anybody else that came in
contact with you under constant surveillance.
Every meeting, every conversation,
every move to get away
Tomas Garrido was there '
to take advantage.
And of course, that includes me too.
Who was that man and that he was
doing in front of my office?
I realized that he had arrived there
following Felix's footsteps.
So I arranged for surveillance to
find out his movements.
VG - Virginia Goodman - Attorney
It was the boy's father that brought
you here, not the other way around.
He gave you the thread to
get to Daniel Garrido.
This picture shows that everything could
have happened in a way that benefits me.
You're still not listening and not
paying attention to the details.
The lad's mother was in the room.
That day she was off work,
I just told you.
They went to the hotel because they
had arranged a meeting with Laura.
- I tell you that this photo shows...
- This picture is fake, Mr. Doria!
And it's rigged. It's a composite.
Look at the reflection
in the mirror.
And now, tell me...
Do you want my help?
Do you want to make sure the judge believes
you're not a murderer? Well, then...
- admit that you killed Laura...
- I killed her.
Adrian, are you there?
You have your cell phone turned off.
Call me as soon as you can.
The miracle that we were expecting
has happened.
Talk to him.
It seems important.
Let's take 10 minutes rest and
then we'll resume from the beginning.
I know the strategy for your defense.
Rest assured.
I am going out for a bit
to clear my mind.
- Do you have coffee?
- Yes.
We'll need it.
It will be long night.
Mrs. Goodman?
Thank you.
- Felix?
- I was looking for you.
- The cell phone was turned off. What's up'?
- I found him.
You were never on that road.
Can we trust him?
What about Virginia Goodman?
I had to tell her everything.
And how do you feel?
You were right.
She's very good.
Can we trust her.
Tell me, what was the matter with the prosecution?
With the plane's noise, I couldn't hear you.
Nothing, nothing. Don't worry.
What the hell was that?
Felix, can you hear me?
Adrian, are you there?
Give me a moment.
I'll call you.
No one has met the judge.
The prosecution has no witnesses.
It was all my invention, which I
shaped, gradually,
with the details you gave me.
- I tell her that this photo shows...
- This picture's fake, Mr. Doria!
And it's faked. It's a composite.
You presume things you can not know.
On Garrido I know more
than you think.
- Because'?
- You're smart, make and effort.
My wife and I know that
our son is dead.
We only want to find him just to bury him
and may he rest in peace.
But, not trusting in the
justice system, what did they have left?
Study the enemy and wait.
That's how we met.
In a theater group.
If I get to judge with what you've
told me, you'd be lost!
Now you're in my hands.
Adrian, are you there?
Your phone's off.
Everything is under control.
And the Garridos suspect that you and
you mistress are the culprits.
Since she's dead, there's only...
Where did you sink the body?
There won't be no salvation
without suffering,
And you're not smarter than me.
Police, can I help you?
Mr. Doria?
My name is Tomas Garrido.
I'm Virginia Goodman.
I am the father of
Daniel Garrido.
I want to tell you what really
happened to my son.
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