Control (2023) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
ladies and gentlemen, thank you
for taking time this evening.
Now, we knew
that it will be a real challenge
getting you all into the same
room at the same time.
But it's
been very productive.
So without further ado,
I would like to welcome
the Prime Minister
of the United Kingdom.
Mr. David Adams.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I know that many people
around the country,
and indeed in this room,
rely on information
and communication
more than ever before
for the specific purpose
of intelligence automation.
From the CEOs
of online retailers
to directors of A.I. driven
investment firms,
to automotive designers
and many more.
I know that you rely
on the sharing of personal data
to do this most effectively.
In the past,
we as a society
and former governments
have been reluctant to share
any more data than we needed to,
and with a lack of understanding
that was to be expected.
But we have moved on since then.
Today, I stand with technology
and I'm determined to ensure
that while I'm
still Prime Minister,
companies such as yours are
able to retain the access,
which I fought for
in Parliament,
to all the data you need
to serve the public properly.
Before newspapers were invented,
nobody was crying out for them.
Before the internet arrived,
nobody realized they needed it.
And so it is now
with the sharing
of personal data
sensitively and securely
for the benefit of the people.
I support it,
and this new bill will ensure
that data remains open
to be shared
for the benefit of everyone
in ways that we are only just
beginning to understand.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
-Well done, well done.
Thanks very much, cheers.
Thank you.
Thank you, great to see you.
Thank you.
Hi, how are you?
Good to see you.
Hi, how are you?
So good to see you.
Thanks for being here.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Lovely, thank you.
Great to meet you,
great to meet you.
Hey, superstar.
You okay?
Stick with Brian, okay?
Home Secretary.
How was it?
Not a bad speech,
The live poll suggests
we're down,
but that was to be expected
after the speech you gave
in the House this afternoon.
Yes. That was
always going to happen.
Thank you for supporting me
publicly in the House earlier.
David, you know my
feelings about the whole
sharing data issue,
but as home secretary,
you know I'll support you
all the way.
And I appreciate the support
both publicly and in private.
Daddy, I'm tired.
I just want to go home.
I know darling,
but I've got to speak
to the press
and a bit more work to do.
Can you hold on
a bit longer?
Then we'll go
home and see Mummy.
I'm tired.
we really need to be moving.
I'll take her home if you like.
It's on my way
and I'm sure Sarah won't mind.
To my house?
I don't think
that's appropriate.
David, this thing between us,
nobody knows.
so Sarah doesn't know,
but I've taken her home before.
Yes, but back then,
we weren't...
David, I'm offering
to take your daughter home,
not kidnap her.
And then later on,
when you're done,
I can come over.
Yeah, let's do that.
Take her home,
if you don't mind.
Sir, stand by.
Come on, Evie.
Night, Evie.
Sleep well.
see you later.
Let's go.
All calls, look alive.
We do prefer
if you don't use that feature
for safety reasons.
Oh relax, what's the point
in having a totally
self-driving car
if I can't use it to save me
walking any further
in these heels
than I have to?
There's a booster seat in here
for Evie for when we went out
for the day with David.
So you could
just pop her in the back.
I'm so glad
to have you guys here
for stuff like this.
I can't imagine being able
to check a seatbelt by myself.
I'm sorry, secretary.
- Don't apologize,
it's me that should look,
I'm just tired.
It's been a long day.
I'll never get used to that.
What a fucking mess.
Oh, hi, Sarah.
How are you?
Here's your daughter.
I'm going back to the office
to go fuck your husband.
What a fucking mess.
This isn't the right exit.
Oh for fuck's sake.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, shit.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god. Fuck.
Hello, Stella.
Who's this?
Oh, we'll get to that.
Look, whoever you are,
I need your help.
Look, I'm driving along--
Driving along the A5 southbound
back towards Central
after turning around
at Staples Corner.
Who the fuck is this?
Stella, you need to listen
to me very carefully.
As you may have noticed,
your car is not as responsive
as it should be.
What the fuck is going on?
Oh, my. Your vocabulary
is so colorful when you're not
reading off a teleprompter.
Do you know who I am?
Oh, I know everything
about you, Stella.
Much more than you think.
Which is why we're
having this little chat.
Oh fuck you.
I'm calling the police.
Are you quite finished?
What the fuck do you want?
Oh, right to the point.
Back to the Home Secretary
act we all get to see on TV
every day.
Okay then, let
me tell you.
You're driving one
of the most advanced,
autonomous, self-driving,
capable vehicles
ever made.
Well, you were, because
now I am driving it.
This car with its self driving,
self steering self
is all connected
to your phone
and a simple part time hacker
like me with enough time
and incentive sees that
as a massive opportunity.
So with a little work
and a lot of help
from data sharing,
thanks to your government,
I was able to hack
into your phone.
And now your car,
and I have complete control
over the whole vehicle.
Oh yeah, you can try,
but the steering motor
is controlled by me.
As is the accelerator,
the brakes, the door locks,
the lights, and even
the interior camera.
The camera?
What camera?
Oh, you didn't know
about the camera?
It's called the
cabin camera.
No, not there.
Just a little higher.
Right there
above the rear view mirror.
They say it's for safety,
but it works out just handy
for me as it means
I can see you
and Evie.
Oh, that's right,
you were a bit wrapped up
in your own little
world there to remember
that you had the Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom's
only child in your back
Boy, the pressure
you're under right now.
What do you want?
Oh, back to it again.
I like that about you.
You are to the point.
No bullshit.
Well, on the
outside at least.
We'll see how honest you're
prepared to be tonight,
though, won't we?
Look, if it--
if it's money that you want,
I can pay you.
Do I sound like
I want money?
I want to talk.
Talk about what?
You're holding me
and a young child hostage.
You and I find ourselves
in a unique situation,
so let's enjoy
the moment.
You're out of your fucking mind,
like this is insane.
Just let the
girl go, okay?
And then-- and then you and I,
we can talk as much as you like.
You know
I can't do that, Stella.
If I stop, my entertainment
for the evening would be
is that what this is to you?
A fucking game?
It's all a game, Stella.
You know that.
Like the games you play
in Parliament every day
with the lives of the
people of this country.
The games you play
behind closed doors
with bullying going on
in Downing Street
and the games you play
with people's lives.
What games?
Oh, you know
exactly what games.
Who is this?
Ah, I did wonder how long
it would take you
to ask that again,
but I'm not going to tell you
just yet.
I want you to figure
it out for yourself.
Look, if it's money
that you want I can pay you.
I can-- I can get you
as much as you like.
I don't want your money.
You just need to name
your price.
I said I don't want
your fucking money!
This isn't about money.
Then just tell me what you
I just want you to sit
for now so we can talk.
Please don't hurt Evie.
Stella, unlike you,
I'm not going out of my way
to hurt people.
And as long as you do
exactly what I say,
when I say it,
Evie will remain
completely unharmed.
Then tell me
what you want.
I was so hoping you'd
be keen to get involved.
I've been waiting
for just the right time
to do this
and when it turned out
that you were taking
the Prime Minister's daughter
home in your car,
I knew that this
was my opportunity.
How did you know that?
I know more than
you realize.
You've had this plan
for a while.
Well, a version
of the plan.
Some of it
I'll just have to see,
you know,
how the moment takes us.
You know, I'll wing it.
Wing it?
This is my life
you're playing with.
Now, now, I'm the one
in control here.
I ask the questions and I'll
decide what we talk about and
So let me start
by explaining the rules.
Firstly, you're going to do
exactly what I say
and when I say it.
If you don't,
I will drive this car
at its current speed
into the nearest wall.
They're going to have
to scrape your bodies
off the wall with a shovel.
Oh my god.
Secondly, if you do
anything to try and stop me
or prevent me from playing
out the evening the way I want
it to then, again,
I will drive this car
into a wall.
You're a bastard.
Do you need me
to demonstrate further?
You're fucking insane.
Oh, I don't think so.
Angry? Clever?
The first to crack
into a self-driving car system
and use it as a weapon?
Yeah, maybe.
A weapon?
A weapon against who?
Who are you
trying to hurt?
That's up to you.
How is that up to me?
How cooperative you are
decides on if we use your
as a weapon on you...
or on others.
This is very much a you,
not a we.
Yet this is very much your
car and legally you're in
of the vehicle by sitting
in the driver's seat.
If anything happens,
it's all legally
your responsibility.
You see, the law hasn't
caught up with technology yet as
so anything that happens
will be on you.
So what happens
when we get
to where you're taking us?
No, don't worry about that.
We don't have to stop.
I mean, I can go on all
night, or at least until the
batteries die,
which at this speedis around
five and a half hours from
Who is this?
I ask the
questions, not you.
got a little bit of time, so
let's talk.
July 16th last year, you
and the Prime Minister--
Wait, this is a--
this is a government thing?
Okay, well then you need
to take it up with Parliament
or write to your local MP.
But you can't do this to me.
To a child.
I never said
it was a political thing.
Okay, then what?
Let me finish.
July 16th last year,
you and the Prime Minister
were at a garden party.
At that party,
you and he disappeared
for around 20 minutes,
only to reappear
looking slightly red faced.
How did you--
Were you there?
I told you,
I ask the questions.
So hat's what this is about.
You're a fucking reporter.
Stella, I'm really disappointed
in you.
Is that what
you think I am?
Some kind of reporterfrom
the gutter trash tabloids?
Okay, if not a reporter,
then what?
A guest?
No, not a guest.
Keep trying.
I don't know, uhm...
Did you...
I don't know,
did you work at the event?
No, Stella, I wasn't working
for the event.
Think someone a
little closer.
I don't know,
what job did you do?
Well, if I told you that,
you'd guess right away.
Okay, how long
have you been doing the job?
- 12 years this Christmas.
Some good times
until it all went to shit.
What happened?
You and the Prime Minister
How did that affect you?
It wasn't me
that was directly affected
by what you did.
Not at first.
Don't you want
to know what happened?
Yeah, tell me.
A friend of
mine was fired.
You must remember her.
What's her name?
You tell me her name.
She was the Prime Minister's
private secretary.
Yeah, I remember her.
The... uhm...
The red haired girl?
Yes, Stella,
The red haired girl.
Now tell me her name.
I can't... uhm...
Was it Kara?
It was--
-Come on, Stella,
you saw her every day
or don't you remember
the little people?
It was, uhm,
it was C something.
It was Courtney!
Remember that.
What's that?
Don't answer that phone,
Stella, do not answer
that phone you understand?
It's David.
We can sort this out.
Do not answer.
- Stella!
Okay. Okay, I
won't answer.
Where was that phone?
It's in my bag.
But you didn't get it
from your bag when it rang.
I already got it from my bag.
Naughty, Naughty.
I'm going to have to
keep a closer eye on you.
Leave her alone.
Why, what's
wrong with her?
She's sleeping.
Evie, what's all that?
Wake up.
I said leave her,
she's sleeping.
I made sure of that.
You what?
I arranged
for a little something
to help her sleep
while we go through this.
Nothing sinisterbut a
child doesn't really need
to see or hear
all the sordid details
of what her father
has been up to.
What did you do to her?
I just arranged
for a little sedative,
that's all.
You're a fucking monster.
That's why she was so sleepy
at the event.
So you were there tonight?
Maybe I was.
Maybe I wasn't.
We'll get to that.
In the meantime, I think I
want you to call David back.
We can use this
to our advantage.
I always knew
we'd involve him somehow,
but now you've given me the
perfect reason.
You're fucking insane.
You'll rot in prison for this.
- Oh, I don't think so.
You know, I've got enough
on the Prime Minister
to keep me quite safe.
So, enough stalling,
let's call him back.
First, the rules.
You do exactly
what I say,
You keep him on speaker phone
and don't try anything
Yeah, yeah,
you'll drive us into a wall.
Do it.
Stella, are you okay?
What's happening?
How's Evie doing?
Yeah-- David, look.
happened, okay?
Someone's taken control
of the car.
What do you mean, someone's
in the car with you?
No, someone's...
Someone's taken control
of it remotely somehow,
and it's driving itself.
Or he's driving?
I don't know.
But he's threatened to--
What do you mean, threatened?
You've been speaking to him?
- How?
He can hear me and see me
and stuff because the car
has a camera.
-Can he hear me?
Yeah, I think so.
I can hear you.
Then you should
know that this
is the Prime Minister.
and if you
hurt this woman
or this child in any way
then I will personally see
to it that you spend
the rest of your life
in prison.
Do you understand?
Oh, I understand.
And now there's something
you need to understand.
If you try and stop me
from doing what I'm doing
or interject, or involvethe
authorities, or do anything
at all to bother me,
then I will drive
this car into the
Thames,killing both the Home
Secretary and your daughter.
don't talk about my family.
-Oh, I know all
about your family.
He knows you, David, okay?
He knows--
-Stella, don't test me.
tell me what you want.
Okay? Whatever it is, we
can get it or work it out.
I'm here to help.
I want to help.
To help?
You can't help.
You do nothing
but ruin lives.
All I want you to do
is suffer as I did.
Don't involve anyone,
don't call anyone
or alert anyone,
or the authorities,
and these two will be fine.
Being helpless
and out of control
is just what I need you to be
right now.
And if anyone gets involved,
these two die.
Their lives are your
responsibility now.
Stella, hang up the phone now!
Stella, I--
no I love yous?
Fuck you.
What's with the shit
British accent?
Oh, just a little something
to throw him off the scent,
that's all.
I don't wantto give
the game away just yet.
That's all this is to you.
This is my life
you're playing with, okay?
An innocent child's life.
You've been playing gameswith
people's lives for months,
You've destroyed lives
for your own gain.
It's time to pay the price
for your games, tonight.
What lives have I destroyed?
Even little Evie there!
How's anything I've done
affected her?
You don't think you've been
playing with her life?
What you've been doing?
In fact, your little trick
with your phone
has helped mewith the
next part of our game.
What now?
I want you to call Sarah.
As in...
As in David's wife, Sarah?
That's right.
The Prime
Minister's wife.
Why would you want me
to do that?
Well, I want you
to tell her about you
and the Prime Minister.
What? What for?
Well, what's the saying?
Confession is good
for the soul.
I think your soul
could really do with that.
And-- and why hurt her?
There's no way.
There's no way
I'm telling her. No.
No, you can just get David
to do it, okay?
It's his wife.
Oh, so now this
is all his fault?
Well, she's his wife, not mine.
It takes two to
tango, Stella,
and you knew he was married
long before you started
fucking him at work
and anywhere else you could
when she wasn't around.
Yes. I think this has
worked out quite nicely.
No, I'm not gonna fucking do it
and you can't fucking make me!
-Stella! Stella
stop this now!
I'm not gonna die in here
whilst you play games
with my life.
-I'm warning you.
Oh, fuck off.
What are you doing?
Wait, slow down, you'll kill us.
Okay, I'll stop. I've stopped.
I warned you, Stella.
Wait stop!
Oh my god! Shit! Stop!
Well, if you insist.
No. Yes, please.
We need your help, okay?
We're trapped in here.
There's this man, and he's--
No, I can't. Please help us.
She got a kid in the back.
Shit, they can't hear me.
Help us, we can't.
We're trapped in here.
Get out the car.
- Fuck.
You need to make them
go away, Stella.
How can I do that
if they can't fucking hear me?
They need to go away, Stella.
I can make them go away
if you want me to.
Get the fuck out!
I said get out,
Say the word, Stella.
I can end this.
Yes make it stop!
Please stop, make it stop!
What the fuck?
What did you do that for?
You told me
to make them go away.
I meant open the window
or something.
Not hit another man.
He was just a boy!
I don't like the way you're
talking to me, Stella.
I don't give a fuck
what you like.
Okay? Maybe this
will change your mind.
What will?
They're at my house. Oh my God.
Yes. It looks like your brother
is still staying with
You know, he just can't get off
those drugs, can he? Poor
Maybe it would be better
if I just took him out now.
No, no. Okay, okay.
I'll do whatever you want.
Good. Now, maybe you won't
try to fuck with me again.
Now call the Prime Minister's
wife and tell her
what you've done.
What do you want me
to say?
I want you to tell her
that you've been screwing
her husband.
I want you to tell her
the truth.
That it was you who
instigated all this,
you who turned his head
and he found it impossible
to resist.
-You made it impossible.
-No you don't--
-Don't for one moment
play the victim.
You don't understand.
It wasn't all me. Okay?
Oh, Do you want me to drive
through another person then?
Do it now.
- Stella.
Put it on speaker.
Sarah, it's Stella.
Oh, hey, Stell.
How's things?
Don't tell me David's having
to work late again tonight,
but he's got you to make
the dreaded call to the wife.
Yeah, something like that.
Is everything okay?
Stella, is David okay?
Where's Evie?
Is she all right?
Yeah. No, Look, uhm...
Yeah, no, David's fine.
He's at Downing Street.
He asked me to bring Evie home.
Oh, right. Okay.
What time will
you be coming--
Sarah, I-- I need
to tell you something. Uhm...
David and I have been...
David and I--
David and I have been
seeing each other.
You've? What?
We've been...
We've been seeing each other.
We've been fucking, Sarah.
Okay? We've been fucking.
I'm sorry, Sarah. I didn't--
I didn't mean to.
Who's with you?
Is that David?
No, it's not. It's--
It's someone else.
Why are you doing this? Why
are you telling me this?
Sarah, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for any
of this to--
We didn't mean for any
of this to happen, okay?
It just--
How long has it
been going on?
Last year.
Last year!?
But pretty much constantly
since then.
At work. Away from work.
At your place.
But we're friends,
you come over for drinks.
We go out. You take Evie--
Where's Evie?
Where is my daughter?
Bring her to me now.
No. Better yet, you tell me
where you are
and I'll come to you.
I can't.
What do you mean,
you can't?
You call me like this
out of the blue,
you destroy my life
by telling me
you're fucking my husband,
and that you have my
but you won't tell me
where you are?
Tell me where you are now,
before I call the police!
Sarah, I can't. Okay? Look,
something has happened,
all right?
And I have Evie
with me in the car--
Let me speak to her. Now!
She's asleep.
Then wake her up.
I want to speak to her now.
She's fast asleep, Sarah.
Look something has happened.
We were driving home
and Evie's with me in the car.
Oh, my God. Is she okay?
Look she's fine, okay?
She's fine.
But... something has happened.
I need you to
listen to me.
I'm in-- I'm in trouble.
Look, I've got this.
Who is that?
Who's there with you?
It's-- It's no one. It's someone
on the car phone.
Sarah, I need you to listen
to me. I'm in trouble.
If you don't bring my
daughter back here now, I will
show you trouble.
Sarah, I can't. Okay?
The car's been hijacked
or carjacked or something,
but Evie's with me.
But I'm not in control.
But-- but
listen, listen. Okay?
You can't say anything
and you can't do anything...
else this guy has threatened
to kill me and Evie.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
But listen, Sarah, okay?
You need to--
you need to listen
to me, all right?
You can't tell anyone.
You can't say anything.
You can't leave the house.
You can't do anything,
all right?
You need to trust me.
I will get Evie back to you.
But we need to do
what this guy says
and not do anything.
Do you understand?
Alright Sarah? Can you hear me?
That's enough, now.
Hang up.
But Ste--
Do you feel better now?
Not really,
but hopefully you do.
Me? Yeah.
I feel just great
after destroying her life.
She was my friend.
I didn't make you destroy
that woman's life, Stella.
You did that when you took
her husband inside your
The fact you called her
your friend after doing that
makes what you did
all the worse.
You did this to yourself,
I just helped you find honesty
and inner peace.
Save me the righteous bullshit.
You did this
cause you're a sick fuck.
who likes getting a kick
out of fucking
with people's lives.
No. I did this because yours
and his infidelity had already
destroyed my life.
How did it destroy your life?
I told you earlier.
Oh, yeah. Cora.
Okay, yeah. Okay, sorry.
Cor-- Courtney.
How has she affected your life?
How didshe affect me?
Yes, Stella did.
Courtney is dead.
Dead? What, did you kill her?
No, Stella, You did.
How-- how did I kill her?
I told you earlier. Last
July, at the garden party,
you and the Prime Minister
were screwing.
Courtney mentioned it
to the chief of staff
because she was worried
that you were going
to get caught.
Did you know she got
a disciplinary for that?
Simply for trying
to protect you?
No, I had no idea.
Yes she did, and she
tried to protect you.
It happened again
a few weeks later
at a garden party
at Buckingham Palace.
And do you remember
what happened?
She was fired.
She knew too much.
Someone else began
asking Courtney questions,
and instead of owning
his infidelity
the Prime Minister
got her fired.
I didn't know that.
Well, but that wasn't enough.
Oh, no. He had to go
Firing her was
just the start.
To protect himself
he totally discredited her.
He shamed her
with her reason for dismissal
cited as drug abuse.
She'd never done
more than grass,
unlike your lowlife kid
brother who's never been able to
get off the stuff.
Leave him out of this.
He's got his own problems.
Yes, he has.
But his problems
are his choice,
unlike Courtney's.
She was fired, discredited
and disgraced
which meant nobody
would take her seriously.
She got fired
from the highest level
of government
for drug abuse
and couldn't get any work,
I swear, I didn't know.
Can you imagine
what that does to a person?
Being discredited,
for something she didn't do
and thrown out like the
Last month she couldn't
take it anymore.
After months of being labeled
a substance abuser
and a mental health nut
she took her own life.
She died alone
with nothing
because of you and him.
I swear I didn't know.
And that's because you don't
care at all about the people
around you.
And that's why tonight
I wanted to make you pay
for what you've done.
Look, I am sorry
for what happened
to your friend. I am. But...
this doesn't make you God.
Not God.
Just a voice of reason.
Flashing lights.
Stay calm.
She's fine.
You better fucking hope so.
thank god, they've gone.
I want you to call
the Prime Minister again.
I think we can all
be on first name terms now.
You can just call him David.
I respect the rank,
if not the individual.
Call him.
What could I possibly say?
I can't say anything
without you driving
into someone.
Fuck, I can't believe
you did that.
You did that.
It's your car
and you're in the
driver's seat, remember?
Fuck you.
Let's call him
so you can tell him
about your little chat
with his wife.
That should hurt.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
are you okay? Is it over?
Over? No, I'm--
I'm still in the car.
He's still in control.
Okay, tell me where
you are right now.
Uhm, I'm-- I'm driving west.
I can't say, David.
Look, I have
to tell you something. Uhm...
He made me call Sarah.
- He made me tell her about us.
What? When?
Like, a minute ago.
Has she not called?
No, nothing.
What did you say to her?
Well, I said that we've been
seeing each other.
Jesus Christ. Stella,
why would you say that?
Well, I had no choice, David.
This is my life you're ruining.
Your life? I'm being held
hostage in here, David.
With your daughter, by the way,
and you're worried that I told
your wife we'd been fucking?
You said thatto my wife?
You fucking bastard.
not what I meant to say.
I just mean,
why hasn't Sarah called me?
I told her not to tell anyone,
but maybe she's just
working it all out.
All those times at your house
when we've been screwing
on the sofa.
And we told her
we were working.
All this time at the office
when we were just
fucking our way through
every room in Downing Street.
Stella, calm down, please.
That's enough.
You know, I'm starting
to think this guy's right.
You know, maybe we should
take responsibility
for what we've done.
At least I know
what we did was wrong.
You can't to
comprehend it.
But I am a single woman.
You're a married man,
and you took your vows
and you broke them.
So this is all my fault?
This is all happening
because you got
your private secretary fired.
I didn't know any of that.
He says you shamed her,
and that's why she's dead.
And if that's true, well
then maybe you do deserve this.
Stella, let's
be reasonable.
Fucking reasonable?
David, do you hear yourself?
I know I have my part
to play in all this, David,
but at least I know
what we did was wrong.
You can't even seem
to comprehend it.
You're right, aren't you?
Do you remember
what you said to me
when we first started
seeing each other?
You said that your marriage
was strained
and that you and your wife
had become distant.
That you never
made love anymore.
Well, do you know
what she said to me, over wine?
She gave a very different side
of the story.
One where you were pretty much
getting it every fucking night.
Every day with me
and every night with her.
Look I--
- Of course, I didn't want
to say because
I didn't want to believe
that I was just some meat
puppet for you
to fucking flirt with
during the day
before going home to enjoy
what you had with your wife
at night.
I thought we had to something,
We did. Stella, we did.
There it is. Did .
I was useful to you
until your wife found out.
And then we became a did.
That's not what I meant.
Stella, we do.
Oh, fuck off.
Can I call him back?
I don't think so.
No, I-- I can't leave it
like that.
I-- shit.
I shouldn't have said.
Oh, I think it was perfect.
More than I could
have wished for.
My life is not some toy
for you to destroy.
Like Courtney's was for you?
Right now, that's exactly what
it is.
I'm calling him back.
Do not call him back.
-No buts.
Throw it out the window.
Throw it out
the window, now,
before I end
that little girl's life along
with yours.
Help! Help! Please, I'm trapped!
I'm stuck here with a maniac.
Oh, you fucking bastard.
Calm down.
We don't need
hysterics right now.
I'm trying to drive.
I did tell you that
if you tried anything,
that I'd kill you,
and you're lucky
that I'm feeling forgiving
right now.
But your chat
with the Prime Minister
seemed almost genuine,
and maybe you've finally
started to understand
the hurt you've caused
other people, like me.
Oh believe me,
I still want to hurt you.
Oh I do love that fiery
streak in you, Stella.
That's what the public loves,
and why the papers are even
tipping you to be
the next Prime minister.
Well, that is,
they did love you.
I'm not sure
how they're going to feel
after finding that you
and the Prime Minister
have been--
Oh, you're still going public
with it then are you?
You are responsible
for Courtney's death.
And while you seem to have at
least a sliver of remorse,
he doesn't really seem to
have understood what he's
and doesn't seem sorry for
it, which doesn't leave me much
Oh? Him or me.
Him and you, both of you.
I just-- I just wish...
Go on.
I just wish it was him and me,
and then it could have been
He's just married
to someone else.
So if you want something that
belongs to someone else,
you just take
it for yourself?
That's called stealing, Stella.
Stealing Stella.
I like that.
Ugh. You're actually tapped
in the head.
Well, what can I say?
I'm a fan of alliteration.
I'm sure the press will run
with that one, though.
Stealing Stella quits
as home secretary in expos
over affair with PM,
which leads
to secretary's death.
You should write for the press.
Then you'd be where you belong.
In the gutter
with the other rats.
Very colorful, Stella.
I think there's
a post government career
in writing for both of us.
I shouldn't have left it
like that though.
I mean, I have his daughter
in here trapped with a maniac.
If only you'd been
this sympathetic
to people's feelings
before now, maybe none of
this would have had to
it's a bit late for that now.
Can I get
a vehicle check, please?
Yeah, roger that.
Yeah, over.
So what happens now?
We're getting close now,
Are you just going to drop Evie
back at Downing Street
and then you and I can go home
and have a good night's sleep?
I think you know
that's not going to happen,
So what then?
Not long now, you'll see.
I don't want to just see.
I'm in it now
and it's not like
I have control of any of this,
so what is the harm
in telling me your master plan?
Or is that it?
You don't actually
have a plan at all.
You want to seem like you're
in control, but actually
you're just as clueless
as to what's going to happen
next as I am,
Because that's not a bad thing.
That just-- that shows
that you're not really
a bad guy.
Actually, you're a good guy,
whose friend just got
some bad luck
and that is not your fault.
What happened
with me and David,
It-- it shouldn't
have affected anyone.
Not Courtney,
not Sarah, Evie and not you.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
how it got you involved, I am,
but if you stop the car...
If you stop this,
if you just let Evie go,
we can make it right somehow.
Make it right?
Make it right?
And how do you suppose
we do that?
By rewinding time
of you and him
being unfaithful,
or by bringing Courtney back
to life or telling Sarah
that we were just
having a little joke
at her own expense tonight
and making up a story
while you cried
about her
husband and you?
This cannot
be made right.
It cannot be undone.
We are riding
this rollercoaster
until the end,
no matter how it turns out.
You made your bed when you
got into the Prime
I made mine
when I turned my little hobby
into this,
and now we both have
to pay for what we've done.
You call hijacking a car
remotely a hobby?
It's something
that interested me.
I trained in computing,
actually, as part
of the training
I had to learn how
to bug and hack things.
I found it fascinating,
especially as technology
has grown,
cyber security
has grown massively,
but so thenhave the
cracks in the systems.
then, when Courtney died,
I wanted to avenge her. So
I decided to see if a car
that could be remotely accessed
by a phone
and that can drive itself
could possibly be hacked.
And it took me a few weeks
to figure it out,
but tonight seemed right
when I found out
the added bonus
that you had the daughterof
the prime Minister with you.
And that's when you drugged her.
Stella, please,
I didn't drug her.
I just gave her something
to help her sleep.
Which must have meant
that you were close by.
What sector did you say
you worked in?
I didn't say.
Are you going to say?
I work for the Royalty
and Specialist Protection
of the Met's Protection
You're security, Downing Street,
Special Security
and you were
there tonight.
I was.
And I saw you
and the Prime Minister
touching each other, too, in
view of the general public.
You know, the prime minister
of the country
should conduct himself
with a little more respect
for the office he holds
than that.
Patriotic till the end.
Well, someone has to be.
Shit, flashing lights.
They're, they're here
for me this time.
Oh, fuck.
They're gonna think
I hit that guy.
Just relax.
That's easy
for you to say, you're not here.
And if they stop me,
are you gonna claim
for what you've done?
Like you did you mean?
Oh, fuck.
You've got to stop the car.
Stop the car now.
Stop it now.
They won't do anything.
Not yet.
We're not stopping
for a police car?
This is going to get a lot worse
for you if you don't
stop the car.
The police were always part
of the plan, Stella.
This just means we've
started the next level.
Fuck, we've got to stop
for them.
They're going
to run us off the road.
You're used to having
a police escort,
this should make you feel
like home.
I'm used to them escorting me,
not chasing me.
Does it make
you feel good?
Does what make me feel good?
Well, being escorted around
like you're something
I mean, it must make you feel
so important.
And all the while,
us mere mortals are expected
to get out of your way.
I work for the government,
I can't help that.
You yourself don't have
an escort.
but you insist on traveling
with the Prime Minister
who does get one.
So is it because you wanted
to spend time with him,
or was it to massage
your own ego
by being around
him and in his bubble?
Was it the man
or the position
that you wanted?
Are you saying that--
That you'd fuck anyone
in his position
just so you can feel
and act important?
Yes, that is
what I'm saying.
I'm going to fucking...
You're what? You're what?
You're going to what,
get me for this?
You don't even
know who I am.
You never bothered to notice
the little people around
but you didn't realize it's
all those little people
that you're standing
on the shoulders of,
and when they're not there,
it's a long way down, bitch.
I'll find out who you are.
Not if you're not alive
to find out.
You pushed me
to that, Stella.
As I said, I don't want
to have to kill you
but I will if I have to.
Looks like
we got some more company.
We have
to stop the car.
They're going to kill us.
That's been your plan
all along, hasn't it?
Get them to do it
so you don't have to.
If that happens due to
aspects out of my control,
then that's just that.
Out of your control?
What's out of your control?
You're doing all of this to me,
to Evie, and now to the police
as well.
Just stop the car! Fuck!
What are you doing?
Are you-- are you letting me go?
Wait, no, not again.
Not again.
I'll do anything.
Please don't hurt him.
Please slow down.
Do and say exactly as I say
or I'll mow him off the
Yes, yes, okay.
Exactly as I say,
you understand?
Excuse me, sir.
I have
a child with me in the car.
I have a child with me
in the car.
And I have a gun.
What? I'm not saying that.
Well then
let's start with the dog.
Come here me,
No, no, no, no. Okay, fine.
And I have a gun.
The police are going
to stop you.
The police
are going to stop you.
And you are to tell them that
I am the Home Secretary.
have a child in the car...
And that I have a child
in the car belonging
to the Prime Minister.
And that you have a gun.
And that I have a gun.
Which you will use...
Which I will use if any attempts
are made to stop me.
Tell them
they need to keep a
Tell them they need
to keep a distance...
Or I will kill us both.
...or I will...
...or I will kill us both.
You did
well, Stella.
You saved that
man's life.
Don't you feel good about that?
You didn't give me much choice.
Well, you could have
been selfish
and screamed for help,but
you saved him and Evie too.
Maybe you're not the
egomaniacal bitch
I thought you were.
Maybe there's really a
soul inside you somewhere.
And maybe you too.
You could have killed him
but you didn't.
You could have killed us by now,
and you haven't.
So maybe you're not as capable
of this as you thought.
And that's okay.
You know
it's not too late.
You can stop this.
Stella, you know as wellas
I do that that's impossible.
It's not impossible.
You might have to do some time,
but, I mean...
Is what happened to your friend
worth all of this?
She was more
than my friend.
Courtney and I had been
dating for six months
before she was fired
and her life ruined by you.
Unlike you, we were
both free and single.
We were in love.
But after what happened,
I had to watch her struggle
and fall apart as she
crumbled into the shell of
She was a good person.
But you ruined
her reputation,
her mental health and her life.
And I went to see her one day
after working to protect
the Prime Minister,
and I found her in the bathtub.
She had cut her wrists.
Oh my god.
I'm so...
-So? So what?
Sorry is no good.
There's no
going back now.
When you started abusing
your position to sleep
with the Prime Minister,
it was a slippery slope
that was always going to end
like this.
I believe everything happens
for a reason
and I am your reason.
I am your judge and jury,
and I find you guilty.
I'm sorry.
Turn around so
I can see you.
I'm just looking
at the police cars.
They're backing off.
turn around, now.
I'm just looking, alright?
Then use your mirrors.
Turn around.
Don't play games with me.
I'm going to check Evie.
I said don't fuck with me,
Look, I get you're pissed
with me, but this has nothing
to do with her, okay?
Let me check her
to make sure seatbelt is right.
that noise?
I'll take care of that.
Was that you?
It was. You're welcome.
Leave it off.
Leave it off.
It'll add a little dramato
the occasion, a little risk.
I don't mind Evie buckling
up,but you deserve to have to
take the risk.
My feet are killing me.
Do you mind if I please
take my shoes off?
Well, I wouldn't want you
to be uncomfortable
and not pay attentionto how
the rest of this evening is
Stella, hello?
I said, is that better?
We've got some
way to go yet
and I certainly want you
to be comfortable.
Some way to go?
So, you know
where you're taking us then?
Yes, I do.
I want it to be a surprise
when we get there
so we can take
the scenic route.
The scenic route?
It's not very scenic
being chased
- by a single police car...
- Listen--
...through West London
by Parliament Street.
Parliament Street.
Where we are
isn't important,
it's where we're going
that matters.
And where are we going?
We're going to driveright
through Leicester Square.
I'm going to make sure
bodies bounce off this car
like human popcorn
bouncing into the air.
That would certainly create
a spectacle.
And why hurt
any more innocent victims?
I have nothing to lose anymore.
You took the woman I lovefrom
me, and it's not every day
one gets to enjoy
this level of control.
You're only in control
whilst you have us alive.
You need us!
I don't need anything
Oh, yeah?
So it wouldn't matter
if that police car came back?
It wouldn't matter
if every police car
and available helicopter
came back,
because you need
us alive to play your game, huh?
What matters is who stops
the car. You or the police.
- ...Leicester Square...
can't stop you.
It's too dangerous
to try and stop you.
They can't box you in
cause I'll accelerate,
and this car
has a lot of power.
The only way to stop you
is to stop you themselves
with force,
but with a child in the
car and you unbuckled,
that's only going
to end with fatalities.
Yeah, but they know
that I've got
the prime minister's daughter
and they think
she's being taken hostage.
So they'll try and stop me
anyway they can,
but that's-- that's okay,
because Evie is seatbelted in
as safely as can be.
They don't need
to worry about that.
They just need to stop the car.
They don't need
to worry about me,
they just need to do it now.
Thankfully, they won't
just do it now,
too much red tape,
too much paperwork.
To them, you're just
another criminal,
which this damn city
is full of these days.
The difference with youis
that you have a golden goose in
the backseat,
which means you're untouchable.
Nobody's untouchable.
Not me and not even you.
Do you really believe that?
You don't even know who I
No. But David will.
And when he finds out
that you're really American,
he'll soon figure it out
and make you pay
for what you've done.
Stella, I'm happy to pay
the price for my sins.
That's what this
is all about.
But I won't be judged
by a spineless man
who was voted into a position
only because the other
were even more corrupt and
untrustworthy than he was.
I will be judged
only by a higher cause.
That's what this is?
Some religious bullshit.
You're here to redeem me
of my sins by running me
and a child into a crowd
of people in Leicester Square?
Oh, yeah. I bet your god's
really happy with you.
Someone needs to hold you
accountable for the death
and the corruption
you've caused this government
and this country.
This country?
What do you even care,
you're not from here.
I care because
it's my home.
I was born here.
Raised in America.
Oh, yeah. America is the land
of the free and the home
of the brave,
but Britain is the land
of hope and glory.
I had hopes for this country
and this government
in which I chose to work.
But you and the Prime
Minister took a crap all over
So now I get to bask
in the glory
of watching you two crumble
just as my own life has.
It looks like they've chosen
the foolish option.
Time to step it up a gear.
Don't even
think about it.
If they want to play this game,
it has to be played
They're definitely
playing the game now.
They need to hurry up, though.
We'll be at our final
destination soon.
They need to act now!
If only they could hear you
and your running commentary.
Turn around so
I can see you.
Fuck you. You can control
the car, but you can't control
what I do in it.
Is that so?
That's right.
That's right.
Show me how scary you are!
This has to stop
one way or another.
So you either have
the balls to do it
or just let them stop me.
I'm staring death
in the face and there's nothing
more dangerous than a person
with nothing to lose!
So do it now
before it's too late!
...holding our
Before what
is too late?
Stella, before what
is too late?
Please! Just do it!
They blocked the road!
This isn't a chase.
This is an escort!
Please, do it now!
David do it!
Please just do it now!
Stella, what did you do?
I took your control away,
that's what I did.
you sick fuck!
You've been out played,
You may be at my house,
but you're not in control
You're just a player
in your sad little game.
I'm warning you, Stella.
Oh, I've listened
to your warnings,
I've listened
to all your self-serving,
self redeeming bullshit
about wanting good,
but all you bring is bad.
You're just a fucking monster.
An asshole
who just wants revenge.
Well you know what you can do?
You can go fuck yourself.
Hang on, hang on.
I think I can see
movement in the car.
Stay back. Stay back.
Ensure that the medics
are ready.
One female.
We need to get the kid out.
Get out of the car now!
Put your hands up!
-Come on, hands up! Now!
-I'm unarmed.
I-- I don't have a weapon.
This is a mistake!
Drop and get out the
car, now. Very slowly.
No, please, listen to me.
I am-- I-- I am
the Home Secretary
and I work for the government.
Leave the weapon on the floor,
out of the car!
you're not listening.
I'm unarmed!
Hands off the weapon.
Get out of the car, slowly.
Get out!
Please, please.
It's okay.
Secretary Simmons, please.
Target is acquired.
I'm Mark, okay? I'm part
of the Prime Minister's
RASP security.
Are you okay ma'am?
-No. We'll take care of her,
come on.
We'll take care of her.
There's a girl in the back.
Yeah about
eight years old.
Make sure the paramedics
are ready.
How did you...
Stand back.
Your phone.
It's going to be okay.
Nothing major.
The Prime Minister shared it
with all the services.
We heard your instructions
and we stopped you
the safest way we could.
Thank you.
- I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
-Thank you.
Yes, of course, sir.
Here you go.
-Stella, I'm so sorry.
They said it was the only way
to get you out alive.
Are you okay?
David, d-- don't worry about
that, he-- he's at my house.
The guy who did this,
he's at my house.
I know, I know.
I heard you.
There's a team
on their way now.
Don't worry.
We're going to get him.
Are you okay?
Evie. she's-- they've taken her
in an ambulance,
and-- and she's fine.
And you?
I think I'm okay.
How long? Okay.
Do whatever it takes.
Yes, I approve.
Stella listen,
we're two minutes out.
Don't worry.
We're gonna get him.
he said he worked for you,
he has an American accent.
Okay, just concentrate
for now on you.
You're safe, okay?
I've told them they need
to take you in.
I'll make sure you get
the best possible care.
We need to have a chat.
We need to-- we've got a lot
to figure out, and...
we can't keep hurting people.
We can't. We've got to start
thinking about others.
I know.
You're right.
We will. But first you need
to get checked out.
Promise me you won't leave
until the doctors do
whatever they have to do.
How long?
20 seconds, sir.
Okay Stella, they're close now.
I'll put the comms
on the speaker.
Down, get down.
Hands on the floor now!
Suspect down.
Suspect is down.
It's done.
Stella, it's over.
I've got to deal
with this.
I'll call you back.
No, David, I I need--
I need to see him.
I need to see
that sick fuck's face.
Uh okay,
I'll try to sort something.
Look, I've got to go.
I'll speak to you shortly,
Come on.
Let's get into the ambulance,
take a look at you, okay?
It's all right.
I'm in the ambulance now.
Oh, good.
I didn't want you to leave
without saying goodbye.
Well, it took me some time
to reach you on this number,
but I wanted to say
how much fun tonight was.
It was great
playing with you.
You're dead... they shot you.
Do you really think
I'm that stupid?
I wasn't at your house.
That photo I sent you,
I took that photo days ago.
I just wanted to have
a little fun with you.
My brother?
They thought-- they thought
my brother was you?
And now I think
we're even.
We've both lost someone
we love.
Hurts, doesn't it?
You're gonna pay for this.
And what have I done, exactly?
I was just on the phone to you.
I didn't wrongfully shoot
and kill your brother.
And it will take many months
of investigations to prove
that I hijacked your car,
and then many months,
probably years of lawsuits
from different companies
about how I was able to do
No, I think this will
quietly go away, as will I.
Who are you?
Just tell me who you are.
You really don't notice the
little people around you,
do you?
You should remember,
it's only been a couple
of hours
since we were together
in the parking garage
at the gallery.
a booster seat in here
for Evie from when we went
out for the day with David,
so just pop her
in the back.
I'm so glad to have you guys
here for stuff like this.
I can't imagine being able
to check a seatbelt by myself.
I'm sorry, Sec--
Don't apologize.
It's me that should,
Look, I'm just tired.
It's been a long day.
Goodnight, Stella.
That was you.
You checked her seatbelt
because you knew
what was going to happen.
That's right.
And it all went to plan.
You've reviewed
your life choices,
and I've got the revenge
I wanted.
And now I'll
get to disappear
in a fog of bureaucracy,
court battles and red tape.
You'll never get away with this.
don't worry about me.
I can always go
completely unnoticed.
That's the pointof
personal security after all.
To be right there withthe
biggest names in the world.
royalty, politicians,
but at the same time
we have to be completely,
and utterly invisible.
Not seen, not heard,
just there.
Those are the ones
you have to watch out for.
The ones closest who
know everything about you
because they are the ones who
see the person underneath.
The rotting,
poisonous corpse beneath
who needs security
not from those outside,
but from themselves, to
stop them from destroying
their lives and the lives
of everyone around them.
So from now on,
Stella, keep an eye out.
You never know
who's watching.
Ready to take
you to task on your choices
and on what you've done.
Okay, Let's go.
No. Wait!
Goodbye, Stella.
I'll be watching.
Hello Prime Minister.