Cool Runnings (1993) Movie Script

Ah, if I give the love
you know you won't forget
Girl, if I give the love
you know you won't forget
If I give the love
you know you won't forget
Girl, if I give the love
you know you won't forget
Come on to me, baby
And take my blues away
What I need to see now
Is brighter days
I want to take away
my dark skies
Take away my tears
Take away my sufferin'
People feel for
all these years
Ah, if I give the love
you know you won't forget
Girl, if I give the love
you know you won't forget
If I give the love
you know you won't forget
Girl, if I give the love
you know you won't forget
Let this love light shine
Let it in your soul
Steady on forever
It's time to take control
- On your mark, get set, run!
- We don't need no darkness
We don't need no fear
We don't need no sadness
All we need is care
Don't get upset
if you ain't got nobody
Don't get upset
if you have no fun
- Don't get angry
- Don't get upset
- When you wake up in the mornin'
- Hey, Derice, where you runnin', man?
- 'Cause it's a new day
- West.
- Mornin'. How are you?
Life's just begun
Ooh, yeah
Give thanks and praises
- Hey there.
- Derice!
- Yeah, man!
- Love is coming your way
Don't get upset
if you ain't got nobody
Don't get upset
if you have no fun
- Don't get angry
- Don't get upset
When you wake up
in the mornin'
'Cause it's a new day
Life's just begun
Ooh, yeah
Give thanks and praises
- Morning.
- Faster, Bannock, faster!
Come on, child, you have
an Olympics to get to.
Handsome as a lion, that one.
I could watch that backside
all day.
Come on!
- Go! Come on!
- Ah, if I give the love
you know you won't forget
Girl, if I give the love
you know you won't forget
Take away my sadness
Take away my tears
Hey, Sanka.
This steering wheel
is finished.
All right, team, let's get ready
for the pre-race cheer. Ready?
- Yes, sir!
- Ready?
- Yes, sir!
All right,
one, two, three, toot!
Who's the captain
of our crew?
Who's a friend to me and you?
Kind of nice, good-looking too.
Sanka! Sanka! Yea, Sanka!
Get back to work!
Who's the big hot bag of air
who doesn't have to comb his hair...
who doesn't bathe
and doesn't care?
- Sanka! Sanka! Sanka!
- Yea, Sanka! Hey!
What's happenin', star?
Where you been, man?
You almost missed my all-time world
record: seventh derby in a row.
Easy, Rasta. I'm not going to forget
my best friend on this day of days.
Derice, my grandfather says
you're definitely going to
make it to the Olympics.
He says you're even faster
than your father.
- Yeah, man, do it forJamaica!
- Hey, you know what my grandfather says?
- What?
- Get back to work!
- Booie, booie!
- What are you talkin' about?
Good luck, man. I'll see you
at the finish line, all right?
- Hi, Momma Coffie.
- Hi, Derice.
- Derice, is Sanka ready?
- Who knows?
Ready. That boy's never ready.
He's a lazy, crazy, sorry,
no-good bag of bones.
So what you laughing at?
All pushcarts
to the start position!
- Ready, little man?
- Ready, big man.
Kiss the lucky egg.
Let's go!
- On your marks...
- Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme!
Get on up!
It's pushcart time!
and go!
Here we go, Winston!
The Rockett has been launched!
Hey, fruitcake!
Where'd you get that cart?
Clear out!
Come on, move out! Look out!
Sanka Coffie,
pushcart champion!
- Pushcart champion!
- Get away! Get away!
Hey, grandma, out of my way!
Hey, Sunday driver, make room
for the Rasta Rockett! Make room!
- Sanka, four more carts left!
- Pee Wee, move! Move out!
I loveJamaica,
and Jamaica loves me!
Champion! Champion!
You can't mess with the best!
- Move over! Move over!
- Get away! Get off me!
- Go, Sanka!
- Get him! Get him!
One more cart left!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Yes! We win!
Jump, Winston, jump!
Move it, man!
Move, move, move!
Sanka, you dead?
Yeah, man.
And where do you think
you're going?
You caught me.
- You have papers to grade.
- I'm just getting in one last run.
I can't believe the trials
are finally here.
- You nervous?
- I'm not nervous.
I'm ready. I've been ready
for this day my whole life.
I don't care how fast they run,
I'm going to run faster.
I don't care how much
they want it, I want it more.
I'm going to the Olympics, baby.
I feel it.
I'm going to win the gold.
Derice, are you nervous?
I'm terrified.
It's my turn, Joy!
It's my turn!
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the final event...
of today's Olympic tryouts.
We have now come to the
main event of our games...
the running
of the 100-meter finals.
We've had a most
successful afternoon...
and I'd like to congratulate
all the athletes...
who have participated
in today's events.
- You sure no one can beat him?
- Oh, sure, I'm sure.
I'm just a little concerned
about that big baldy.
Let me first congratulate our athletes
on a splendid performance...
and let me remind them that
only the top four finishers...
will earn the right to represent
Jamaica in the forthcoming
summer games in Seoul, Korea.
Wait. Y-You're Derice Bannock,
- That's me.
- Oh. I hope I make the team.
- It would be a real honor to
run with you. Good luck to you.
- Good luck to you.
Derice Bannock.
Hey, good luck to you too.
Runners, take your marks.
Get set.!
Mr. Coolidge, please,
you have to run the race over!
I'm sorry, Derice.
Nothing can be done.
But I was born to compete
in the Olympics!
Then you're going to have to work
on your boxing or your cycling.
Those are the only other two sports
in which Jamaica competes.
I am not a boxer,
I am a runner.
And it wasn't fair.
It rarely is, my boy.
It rarely is.
Well, Papa, what do I do now?
Look, Derice, let it go, eh?
Let it go.
You'll have another chance
in four years.
Mr. Coolidge...
who is the other man in
the picture with my father?
Irving Blitzer. He's an
American who lives here.
- Unless, of course, he's
been arrested or shot.
- Excuse me?
Well, he's a bookie now.
Takes his bets in a small
pool hall just past Sandy Bay.
- Isn't that a gold medal
around his neck?
- Oh, yeah.
That lunatic was an Olympic
bobsledder who tried to get
your father to switch sports.
He had some theory about using
track sprinters to push the bobsleds.
Some ridiculous
thing like that.
Can you imagine
a Jamaican bobsledder?
And you're sure this man,
he lives on the island?
- Oh, yes.
- Mr. Coolidge, thanks a lot.
- Good, Derice.
- Oh, could I borrow this picture?
- Bring it back!
- Yes, sir. Thanks a lot, Mr. Coolidge.
- Oh, just one more thing.
- Mmm?
What's a bobsled?
That's a bobsled.
Oh. So a bobsled is
a pushcart with no wheels.
- That's what it looks like here.
- Let me see that.
All right. "The key elements
for a successful sled team...
are a steady driver
and three strong runners
to push off down the ice."
Ice? Ice?
it's kind of a
winter sport, you know.
- You mean winter, as in ice?
- Maybe.
You mean winter, as in igloos
and Eskimos and penguins and ice?
- Possibly.
- See you.
Where you going?
I'm going to take a hot bath.
I'm getting cold just thinking
about all this ice.
- No, man! You're going to be
part of my bobsled team!
- What do you need me for?
Who is the best pushcart driver
in all o'Jamaica?
- You're looking at him?
- Then you're going to do it?
Hey, man, you could be famous.
You could have your picture
on a Wheaties box.
But you said "no," and that's
all right, because I don't need you.
Everybody is going to want
to be on my bobsled team!
Look, star, let me tell you
a little something, all right?
When you need something from me, you
don't have to hand me a bunch of lines.
All you have to do is
look at me in the eye and say,
"Sanka, you are my best friend.
We been through a whole heap together
and I really, really need you."
Sanka, you're right.
And you are my best friend.
- And we've been through
a whole lot together.
- Heap. Heap.
Sorry, man.
Whole heap together.
- "And I really, really need you."
- And I really, really need you.
- Forget it.
- But you just said if I said that...
All right.
All right, all right. All right, man.
So, let's talk about
this bill-sled team.
- No, bobsled team.
- Whoever.
Now, about the Wheaties box...
I'm going to be on it by myself, right?
No, man, you're going to
be on it with me.
And down the stretch they come.!
Tumbleweed is holding on...
- As Captain Video makes it
all the way on the outside.
- Yes, Tumbleweed, yes!
- Come on! That's it!
- Brewster is dropping back
as Tumbleweed holds the rail.
- Good Tumbleweed! Good Tumbleweed!
- And here comes Captain Video
on the outside.!
- Tumbleweed is slowing.!
- No, Tumbleweed! No! Bad
Tumbleweed! What are you doing?
- Tumbleweed can't hold it and he
gets pinned against the rail.
- What? Don't do...
- It's anyone's race
as they approach the rail.!
- Don't do that! Let him out!
- Captain Video makes his move.!
Tumbleweed is running gamely...
- No! I need this one!
- But Captain Video seems
just a little bit too strong.!
- Please! Come on!
- Here they come.!
- No!
Yes.! Tumbleweed can't hold it,
as Captain Video takes charge.
And it's Brewster finishing in second,
Susan's Pride finishes third...
and Tumbleweed
is nowhere in sight.!
But, my, oh, my,
the odds-on favorite...
- Showed his true colors
with that late-stretch run.
- That's all right. Uh-huh.
Tumbleweed held on momentarily,
but realistically...
only a fool would put
their money on Tumbleweed.
That horse had no chance of...
That guy won two gold medals?
I think so.
That's Tumbleweed gone.
Okay, next race.
Excuse me. Are you
Mr. Irving Blitzer?
Well, that depends
on who's asking.
My name is Derice Bannock.
This is my teammate Sanka Coffie.
Greetings, sled god.
We were just wondering if you'd
be interested in coaching the
firstJamaican bobsled team.
Derice, remember the radio?
Stick. Shooting with the stick.
Let's go!
Let's go, Derice!
Come on, Coach.
Just help me get started!
- Greetings, sled god.
- Sorry to bother you...
- Get out! Get out!
- But you're the only one
that can help us!
- Go away.
- Okay.
Nice to meet you!
- Maybe today is a bad day.
- Yeah.
I'll come back tomorrow, and
the next day, and the next day,
- No. No!
- And the next day.
- Look, whatever you're name is...
- Derice.
All right, Derice, let me lay
out some difficulties for you.
Snow... you don't have any.
It's 900 degrees out there.
Time... you don't have any.
The Olympics
are in three months.
And me... you don't have me.
As far as I'm concerned, the sport
of bobsledding no longer exists.
I don't want to do it,
I don't want to coach it...
and most of all...
and I mean most of all...
I don't want to be within
- Now, did you follow all that?
- Then how come you still have
that poster on the wall?
Is that what's bothering you?
There. Is that better?
Are you happy?
Like I said,
my name is Derice Bannock.
I'm Ben Bannock's son.
I haven't seen this picture
in 20 years.
Huh! Would you look at me then.
- Ooh. Would you look at me now?
- Please, Mr. Blitzer.
Just give me a chance.
If I don't have what it takes,
we forget the whole thing.
- Believe me, kid, you do not
have what it takes.
- But you thought my father did.
Your father was one of
the toughest competitors I ever saw.
He ran the 100 meters
in ten-fat.
Well, I run it in 9.9.
Come on. Coach me.
Sorry. You're a couple
decades late.
Oh, I see. Well, it might be
easy for you...
to walk away from me,
Mr. Blitzer...
but you can't walk away
from this:
Twenty years ago you came down here
to see if you could make...
a Jamaican sprinter
into a bobsledder...
and you never got that chance.
Look at me, Mr. Blitzer.
I'm your chance.
Take it.
All right, everyone quiet down.
Nice group here.
Now, for two of you lucky people,
our trip to the Olympics...
starts right now.
And I want to introduce you...
to Mr. Irving Blitzer...
who's going to be
our expert bobsled coach.
Sanka, hit it, man.
You're on the air, sled god!
- Gentlemen, a bobsled
is a simple thing.
- Yeah! So's a toilet!
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Basically, what you're looking to do
is get your sorry rear ends...
from the top of an icy chute
to the bottom.
You're ziggin',
you're zaggin'.
It's the biggest, coldest roller
coaster you've ever been on.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I almost forgot, uh...
One minor drawback to this
delightful winter sport...
is the high-speed crash.
That hurt. Aah.
Always remember, your bones
will not break in a bobsled.
No, no. They shatter.
who wants in?
Look, Baldy's here.
- Glad you could make it, man!
- Don't touch me!
No problem. So what's your name?
Yul Brenner.
Well, it's good to have you
as a teammate, Brenner.
Let's get one thing straight,
We may be on the same team...
but I am no one's teammate.
- Long as you come here to bobsled.
- Hey, listen, man...
the only reason why
I come here...
is to get off of this
stinkin' island.
If I have to take one
of those bobsleds to do it...
then all right.
- No problem.
- Uh, yes.
Yes, I have a problem. There's
no such thing as a three-man sled.
- You're oneJamaican short.
- Hey.
The meeting start yet?
- Uh-oh.
- You!
- I'll kill you.
College boy, I'll kill you!
- Wait! Hold on!
- Hey, hey! Lighten up!
Whoa! Whoa! Down, boy!
- Wait a second!
- He didn't mean anything!
He didn't mean it!
- You're dead! You're dead!
Kill him,
and we don't have a team.
- I'm not riding
in the same sled as that.
- He tripped me too, you know.
But in case you haven't noticed,
there's no one else here.
You're crowding me, slinky head.
Slinky head.
That's a good one.
- What are you laughing about?
- Nothing.
If it wasn't for you, rich boy,
I'd be in the Olympics right now.
I don't know what
you all are arguing about...
- 'cause Derice was going to
beat both your butts anyway.
- What are you talking about?
How 'bout I beat your butt
right now?
How 'bout I draw a line down the middle
of your head so it looks like a butt?
Forget it, man. I'm gone.
Fine. Stay here on the island.
We're going to Canada.
All right.
I'll do it.
But you'd better tell
this mama's boy...
to stay the hell
away from me.
You understand?
No problem.
Hey, Irv...
say hello to the first
Jamaican bobsled team.
Oh, goody.
Gentlemen, this is a bobsled.
Sort of.
- All right, here's what
we're going to do. Yul...
- Don't touch me.
Of course. Sorry. You're going
to be the second middle man.
You're strong, you're fast, and
you're going to love that seat.
Junior, you're the first
middle man.
You're quick, you're sharp.
Hop in.
- Sanka...
- I know... I'm the driver, right?
- No, you're the brake man.
- No... No, I'm the driver.
No, you're not.
You're the brake man.
- I'm the driver.
- You're not! You're the brake man.
See, you don't understand!
I am Sanka Coffie!
I'm the best pushcart driver
in all ofJamaica!
I must drive! Do you dig
where I'm coming from?
- Yeah, I dig where you're coming from.
- Good.
Now dig where I'm coming from.
I'm coming from two gold medals.
I'm coming from nine world records
in both the two and four-man events.
I'm coming from ten years of
intense competition with the
best athletes in the world.
That's a hell of a place
to be coming from.
You see, Sanka, the driver
has to work harder than anyone.
He's the first to show up
and the last to leave.
When his teammates are all out
drinking beer, he's up in his
room studying pictures of turns.
You see, a driver must remain focused
one hundred percent at all times.
Not only is he responsible for knowing
every inch of every course he races...
he's also responsible for the lives
of the other three people in his sled.
Now, do you want
that responsibility?
I say we make Derice
the driver.
So do l, Sanka, so do I.
Oh, the back is nice.
All right, Father, listen here.
You see, I've made up my mind.
I'm going to be a bobsledder.
That's right. A bobsledder.
Oh, really?
Well, I'm sorry
you feel that way.
Fine. Cut off my allowance.
Because you see, Father...
a man has got to do
what a man has got to do.
Just who I wanted to see.
- M-M-Me?
- You know where I just came from?
- W-Where?
- I got you a job...
with Webster, Webster and Cohen,
the biggest brokerage house in Miami!
- Oh, right. Webster, Webster and Cohen.
- Yes! That's right.
And you start end of the month.
- Yes, but I thought that I would...
- Look...
we went along with this
track nonsense long enough.
And we agreed that it's time to
get on with your real future. Right?
- I know...
- Right?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
I'm going to tell your mother.
I guess we sure told him.
Winning a bobsled race
is about one thing: the push start.
Now, I know you dainty little
track stars think you're fast.
Well, heh, let's see
how fast you are...
when you push
a 600-pound sled.
Now, a respectable start time
is 5.7 seconds.
If you speed demons can't
whip off an even six-flat...
you have a better chance of
becoming a barbershop quartet.
Derice, come on! Hey!
Junior, get in! Never mind!
We'll have to move it back.
Let's go!
- Here on this mountain top Whoa-oh
- Slow down! What are you
doing to me? Slow down!
- I got some wild, wild life
- 14.3. No good.
- I've got some bills
to pay, whoa-oh
- 13.5. 11.7.
This is what it's all about!
This is where you win or lose the race!
Right here in the pushcart! This
is where you're gonna practice!
Right here! Right here in the
Volkswagen, you're gonna practice!
No, Junior, quit falling down!
Come on, hustle!
Catch up to them!
There you go!
Junior! No! Do it again!
Whoa, whoa! Stop! Stop, Derice!
Stop! Wait! Wait for me!
Wait! I'm in! Stop!
Slow down!
- Great. Very good. Try it again.
- Wild, wild life
If I've said it once,
I've said it 46 times.
Cold weather endurance is vital
to building a successful sled team.
- Cold enough?
- Wild, wild life
- You got to live your life
You got to live your life
- One, two, three!
Wild, wild life
- Wild, wild life
- Go! Go! Go!
- Here on this mountain top Whoa-oh
- Whoa! Slow down!
- Sanka, hit the brakes!
Hit the brakes, man!
- I can't! It's stuck!
Hold on!
About some wild, wild life
Sanka, you dead?
Yeah, man.
What have you done to the
police unit? I shall arrest you!
- Who owns this thing?
- We do, sir.
- And who are you?
- TheJamaican bobsled team, sir.
Don't give me that business.
I wasn't born yesterday.
You did it! You did it!
We did it! 5.9!
Get out of the way. Get out
of the way. 5.9, guys. What?
- Who are you?
- I'm their coach! You guys okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- How's the sled?
- Yeah, man, we're fine.
- Sled's okay?
Well, it's in the wrong place!
Get it back to the top of the hill!
Let's move it right now, you slackers!
Move it! Let's hustle! Come on!
Let's move it!
Come on, you guys! Move it!
I'm not asking for
a winter sports program.
All I need is a lousy 20 grand so I can
get us to the Olympics. That's all.
How in God's name are you
going to get to the Olympics?
These boys have never even
seen a sled race before!
Mr. Coolidge, I have been looking at
sledders since I was 12 years old.
If I say these kids can make it
to the Olympics, they can make
it to the Olympics.
Okay. Well, I'll tell you
what we'll do.
Practice down here with
the boys a bit more, and when
you're a little further along...
- I'll come along and see you...
- No! No! No!
Now, just a minute,
Mr. Blitzer.
This country enjoys
a fine athletic tradition...
and if you think I'm going to give you
the little money we have...
so that you can parade us around in
front of the world like a freak show...
you've got another thing coming.
It's bad enough how you
embarrassed your own country.
I'm certainly not going to
allow you to embarrass ours.
No go, kid.
That's okay, Coach.
We'll get the money.
- Do the words "give up"
mean anything to you?
- Not a thing.
Some people say you know
they can't believe
We have a bobsled team
'Nuff people say you know
they can't believe
We have a bobsled team
Hi. I'm here to offer you an
opportunity of a lifetime.
We're looking for a sponsor
for the firstJamaican bobsled team.
We have the one Derice
and the oneJunior
I'll pay you a dollar
to shut up!
We got nine dollars and fifty-two cents
from Yul Brenner, thank you.
We got a hundred and eighty-four
dollars from Derice and me.
Sanka, how did your singing
on the street go?
How did it go?
It went like this:
'Nuff people say you know
they can't believe
- Sanka, we know.
- Jamaica, we have a bobsled team
- Sanka.
- We have the one Derice...
How much?
- I made a dollar and sixteen cents.
- Oh, that's great.
We're only short about
nineteen thousand bucks.
- Sorry I'm late, everybody.
- No, really, that is terrific.
Don't pack a suitcase, Junior.
We're not going.
Mmm, that's too bad.
- Whoa!
- Oh! Where'd you get it, man?
- I sold my car.
- Yes, man.
- I am going.
- No, we're not.
Look here, Junior, I appreciate
what you're trying to do here...
but we can't accept this money:
it just wouldn't be proper.
Uh, Derice, if I hadn't
tripped you fellas...
we'd already have been going
to the Olympics: I want you to have it.
You mean you want us
to have it, right?
Right. Us.
Thanks a lot, Junior.
Thanks a whole heap, man.
Remember, this doesn't mean
that I like you, you understand?
Be sure to thank your father for
us, 'cause Lord knows, he didn't
have to let you sell that car.
Well, uh, he doesn't know
I sold the car.
Um, he doesn't know
I'm on the team.
He thinks I'm off to Miami...
and I loaned the car
to a friend...
to work for Webster, Webster
and Cohen, someplace like that.
Some people say you know
them can't believe
We have a bobsled team
- Yes!
- We have the one Derice
- And the oneJunior
Yu... Sanka
The fastest of the fastest
ofJamaican sprinters
Go to Olympics
Fight forJamaica
Welcome to Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
home of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games.
- This is it.
- We hope you all enjoy your stay.
Sanka, man, what you smokin'?
I'm not smokin'.
I'm breathin'.
- All right, fellas,
this is us. Let's go!
- Move! Let's go! Move!
- Aah! Me first!
- What's the matter? You guys cold?
It's not so much the heat: it's
the humidity that'll kill you.
Excuse me, do you know where
you can register for bobsled?
Do you know where you
register for bobsled?
- See you.
- I'll see you around.
- Okay, Mike, good to see you again.
- Ja?
- Take care. All the best.
- Ja? Okay, ja.
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, I'd like to
register for the tryouts.
- What country?
- Uh, Jamaica.
What country?
Well, what do you know?
AJamaican bobsled team.
Okay, here it is.
Uh, it says here your qualifying run
will be held on the evening of the 10th.
Your judges will be Shindler,
Gremmer and Kroychzech.
- I know Kroychzech. He's a good guy.
- Yeah.
In order to qualify, you must
complete the course safely in 1
minute, 2 seconds-flat or under.
- Used to be a minute, five.
- Yeah.
Times change.
- Irv, is that you?
- Roger, how you doing?
Hello, Kurt.
Been a long time.
Obviously not long enough.
- Hello, Larry.
- Jesus Christ, Irv.
What the hell did you
do to yourself?
- Don't worry about them, Irv.
- Roger, you got to do me a favor.
- What?
- Please. You know that
revolving restaurant thing?
- Yeah.
- Meet me there in half an hour.
- Half an hour?
- Yeah. Please!
- Roger, come on!
I'll try.
- Thanks, Roger.
- Yeah, well... What's up, Irv?
- How about a drink?
- No, I'm fine.
- What's so important
that it couldn't wait?
- Want something to eat?
- No, I'm fine!
- A salad or something?
- Irv!
- I need a sled.
- You came all the way
to Calgary without a sled?
I got 4,800 dollars.
I just need something competitive.
- For five grand?
- I know you got something
lying around, Roger.
- But, Irv...
- Anything.
- You know I can't do that.
- Now, wait a minute, Roger.
Remember when you were desperate
to make that last slot on the
'68 Grenoble team...
and you pleaded with me
to talk to Kurt?
Did I say, "Sorry, Roger,
I can't do it"?
Come on, don't make me beg.
Roger, it's me.
All right, maybe I can get you
one of our practice sleds.
You're a saint, you know that?
A saint! You haven't changed
a bit! You're still a saint!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, look, don't get
all mushy on me. Just tell me one thing.
Is this whole thing a big joke,
or do you really expect these
Jamaicans to qualify?
Not only are they going to
qualify, they're going to
turn some heads doing it.
Listen, three of these guys
can run the hundred in under ten-flat.
I don't care who you are,
that's lightning.
Yeah, but can lightning
run on ice?
No problem, man.
Irv, these special shoes
aren't very effective.
Grip with your toes!
All right, you sugar-coated
track stars!
Move out and let the ice rasta
show you how it's done.
- Yeah. Like that, yeah. Good.
- Hey, fellas!
- Look at my progress.
- Stop touching me!
All right, fellas, that's it!
Let's get off the ice before practice.
- What practice?
- That practice.
That's right.
Good team this year.
Ein, zwei, drei.!
Oh, man, you should see this
on the hill.
- It's like a miracle.
- What's "Schweiz"?
- No, man! Swiss!
- This is the real thing, man.
I'd like to introduce you to
the newest member of our team.
Um, you won't believe what I
had to go through to get us
a sled in such good shape.
If we're going to make it
into the Olympics...
this is the boat that's
going to take us there.
Well, I'm... I'm told
she's actually quite fast.
l, uh, know she's not
much to look at...
- But, uh...
- Shh! She's beautiful!
All coaches must sign teams in
before approaching bob run.
Here we go.
Let's go! Let's go!
- Hold on a minute.
- All right, come on.
Here we go.
Ah. This is good.
Okay, this is it.
- Everybody climb in.
- Hold up. I don't understand.
- We're not going to push start?
- No, we're going to push start
next time.
For your first run, I'm just going
to nudge you off, okay? Everybody in.
Let's go, let's go.
Come on. Come on.
- Don't touch me!
- Hey, Baldy, get off my foot!
- Don't touch me!
- Here you go. Come on.
Hey, Blitzer, why don't you put
some training wheels on that sled?
That's funny. Very funny.
You want to kiss my egg?
I'm not kissing no egg.
- Suit yourself.
- Now, listen up, fellas.
- I don't want you to worry
about looking good out there.
- Ah, Blitzie.
You going to tuck them in too?
Hey... Seeming to you
like nobody likes us?
We're different. People are always
afraid of what's different.
Hey, Jamaica.
Watch out for number 12 turn.
It's scary, huh?
- What's his problem?
- He's Josef Grool.
He's one of the best drivers
in the world.
Yeah, he's one of the biggest
assholes in the world too.
Well, don't listen to him.
You listen to me.
Derice, right here.
You got it?
Remember, keep your hands soft
and your mind clear.
- High in, low out. What is it?
- High in, low out.
All right, put your helmets on,
everybody! Let's go!
Here we go! Come on!
Helmets on!
- Hey, Coach.
- Yeah?
I can't get my helmet on!
Oh, thanks, Coach.
- That's what I'm here for.
- Oh. Coach?
- Yeah.
- I got to go, you know.
- Hold it.
- Hold it?
- Hold it.
- Hold it?
- Yeah, hold it!
- B-But, Coach, I can't hold it!
We're not bobsledding yet.
- Oh, yes, we are.
- Coach! Coach!
Coach! Coach!
Bob in track.
Slow down! Oh! Slow it down!
Slow down! Slow it down!
Oh, my god! Oh!
Oh, Derice! Oh, Derice!
I hate you!
I hate you! I hate you!
Sanka, you dead?
Yeah, man.
Well, you can pee now.
Ohh. Too late.
This is embarrassing.
Man, shut down that
hot plate, fool.
Those bananas are stinking
like a dead dog.
Back off! Back off, you eight-ball!
This is my mama's secret recipe.
And I hope you don't mind keeping quiet
while I catch up on my reading.
What are you talking about, reading?
This is a children's book.
- Oh, is that so?
- Yes, that's so.
Well, if it's a children's book,
that means it's too advanced
for the likes of you.
What are you trying to say, that I'm
not smarter than a little child?
No, what I am saying to you...
is that you are the kind of
club-totin', raw meat-eatin',
big, bald bubblehead that
can only count to ten if he's
barefoot or wearing sandals.
Say whatever it is
that you want...
'cause you're just like every
other fool on the island.
You're going nowhere, Sanka,
and you're thrilled to death about it.
But you see me?
You see me?
I'm different,
'cause I know exactly...
where I'm going...
and after l, Yul Brenner, win
the Olympics and become famous...
I'm going to leave the island...
and live right down there.
What are you laughing about?
- What are you laughing about?
- That's Buckingham Palace.
You plan on living there, you're
going to have to marry the Queen.
Yul, that's where
the Queen of England lives.
Face it, Yul Brenner... You can
start calling yourself Madonna...
but you're still going to end up
in an outhouse shanty like every
other dock-working nobody.
- Mm, says who?
- Says me, rich boy.
What do you know about it?
Well, I know my father
started off in a one-room hut.
- Now he lives in one of the
biggest homes in Kingston.
- Well, he ain't your father.
He doesn't have to be.
All he has to do is know what
he wants and work hard for it.
And if he wants it bad enough,
he'll get it.
Look, believe me, Sanka...
the more Yul Brenners we got
making it in this world...
the better off this world will
be, especially forJamaicans.
Go ahead, Yul Brenner.
Go get your palace.
Move! Move!
Bob in track.
What do you have in there,
a baby?
- I can't believe you're still cold, man.
- Cold?
I'm freezing my royal
Rastafarian nay-nays off!
All right, we're up!
Let's go, guys, this is it!
Give me that!
Okay, now, this is our first real push
start. But don't worry about it, okay?
l-It's no different
than what we've practiced.
We've done it a hundred times.
Right here.
- Okay, get your helmets on.
- Coach!
- Okay, okay.
- Thanks, Coach.
All right, let's go, Derice.
It's yours.
- Ridiculous. What's he doing?
- Ready?
- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
- Hold on! Wait! Hold on!
Now! Now! Now!
- Those guys are
pretty good, aren't they?
- Good? They're the best.
So you guys been having a
little trouble out there, huh?
- Ah, we'll be fine.
- I sure hope so.
That'd be a real shame
to waste all that talent.
I'm not worried.
And we have a good coach.
Kid, I hate to say it,
but, uh, you got to wake up.
Coach Blitzer is what's killing
you: he's been useless since
the day he was busted.
- What you mean, "busted"?
- The '72 Games.
The guy hid weights in the front
of the sled to make it go faster.
So what? It's no big deal.
Having your gold medals taken away
for cheating is a big deal.
Derice! Let's go.
We got a meeting.
Giving my kid
a few pointers, Larry?
"Your kid" is going to need
all the help he can get...
Maid service, sir. Would you
like your bed turned down?
Mint? Perhaps I could
dust your head.
Whatever's wrong with you
is no little thing.
Hurry up, man. I have a dead
grandmother that moves faster than you.
Wait, wait.
What that fool want now?
- What do you have there, man?
- A telegram.
I know it's a telegram.
What does it say?
It's from my father.
He says I have to come home
right now.
Workin'for my payday
Every time payday comes
You know I'm down
to my last
Well, I'm dreamin'
Dreamin'of you all day
When the work day's done
we're gonna love that night away
'Cause we're goin'nowhere
and we're gettin'there fast
When we finally make it
we can both look back
On these hard times
- Just for a laugh
- Hi!
- Howdy, partner.
- 'Cause when you got love
you don't need too much money
I'm in love with you
and don't you know, honey
We're goin'nowhere
- And we're gettin'there fast
- You've worked too hard and too long!
And let me tell you
something else, Junior Bevil.
If it wasn't for you,
we wouldn't be here right now.
Oh, wait.
But you don't understand.
He is really mad.
I mean, you don't know him
like I do, you know.
I think I'd better just
do what he wants...
and go back home.
And forget about your teammates.
Blood fire!
The man, you act like he's
the king of the whole world.
But what should I do?
What should I do?
Hey, Jamaica, keep it down!
You are not owning this place.
Sorry, sir, sorry. I didn't...
I didn't mean to bother anyone.
You have no business here,
You and your stupid friend
playing like you are bobsledders, ja.
Why don't you tourists go back
to where it is you came from...
and leave the bobsledding
to the real men.
Well, I'm, uh...
I'm a real man.
You want to say something,
Jamaica? Come on, out with it.
You know that money can't buy
This feeling
That we're sharing tonight
'Cause we're goin'nowhere
and we're gettin'there fast
Come on, man.
Come on! Right now!
Now, look in the mirror
and tell me what you see.
- I seeJunior.
- You seeJunior.
Well, you want to know what I
see? I see pride. I see power!
I see a badass mother who don't
take no crap off nobody!
- You really see all that?
- Yeah, man.
But it's not about what I see.
It's about what you see.
Now, look in this mirror and
tell me again what you see.
I see...
- Pride!
- Pride! Right.
- Power!
- Power.
- And I see...
- A badass mother...
- Who don't take no crap...
- Off of nobody!
- Again!
- I see pride!
- Can't hear you!
- I see power!
I see a badass mother
who won't take no crap off of nobody!
- Once again!
- I see pride!
- Junior!
- I see power!
I see a badass mother
who won't take no crap off of nobody!
- That's right!
- That's right! Junior Bevil!
Where ya... W...
Where he going?
Pride. Power. Pride.
Now, you listen to me, buddy.
I will not be talked to that
way, so you'd better come up
with a damn good apology...
- Or else.
- Or else what?
Eh, Jamaica?
Or else what?
Come on, Jamaica.
Say something.
No problem, man.
Excuse me, missy!
That hurt! Get off!
I can't believe this.
I just can't believe this.
Didn't one of you have the sense
to know better? Go on. Laugh.
I wanna see who's laughin'
when Irv gets here.
Now wait, wait.
When that East German fellow
go out and push my teammate...
then blood fire,
we have to fight back.
You don't see the Swiss
team fightin', do you?
You don't see the Swiss team
drinkin' and carryin' on and such.
And you don't see the Swiss
team smilin' neither.
In fact, if one of those Swiss boys
ever come across a pretty girl...
he probably yell,
"Eins, zwei, drei..."
and try to push her
down some ice.
- What happened?
- Oh, I took care of the whole thing.
I told the owner of the bar
these guys were...
mentally disturbed, so he's
not gonna press any charges.
All right, sled god
does it again.
Just shut up, Sanka.
Now maybe you
haven't noticed...
but we aren't exactly winning
any popularity contests here.
They hate me, they hate you,
they hate us.
Now, if we're even gonna
think about qualifying...
we're each gonna have to sit down
and take a nice, deep look inside.
I didn't come all this way
to get my butt whipped.
As a matter of fact, now that
I'm here, I thought I'd do
a little whippin' of my own.
Good night, gentlemen.
Rise and shine!
It's butt-whipping time.
Rise above it
Rise above it
Not bad.
Pick it up though.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on. Now, now, now!
Just rise above it
Come on and rise above it
- Good. That's it.
- Even though the road
seems very long and narrow
- Five more. Come on. Five more.
Push it, push it. Come on.
- Baby need to sharpen his pin
- Just like an arrow
- That's it, that's it.
- Got-a no place to go
- That's it. Good, good.
- Good. You're doin' fine.
You got anymore?
- Believe us, baby
Come on! Come on! Get in!
Oh! Wait! Hey! Help!
You gotta learn to
believe in yourself, yeah
Listen, little man, there ain't
nothin'you can't achieve if
you work hard and sacrifiice
- Hear me now
- If you've got a problem
- You've got to rise above it
Yes, you do
- Go, go, go, go, go! That's it.
- And when you face a challenge
- You gotta grip with your toes. Go! Go!
- You got to rise above it It's so large
- Now! Now!
If those storm clouds
reappear, oh, yes
You don't ever have to fear
Just rise above it
- You have got to
- Rise above it
I tell ya once
and I tell ya twice
You know, you're gonna have to
do this on your own one day.
Just one man
and a thousand eyes
Come now, come now
and take my advice
Rise above it
Rise above it
- Rise above it
- Go, go, go, go, go!
Now, now, now, now, now!
- Straight. Right.
- Turn six. Turn seven.
- Straight. Right.
- Turn eight.
- Follow me, follow me
follow me, follow me
- Rise above it
- That's it! That's it! That's it!
- Rise above it
- Rise above it
- You can do it
- Rise above it
- You can do it
Okay, guys.
Tonight's the night.
Now in a few minutes, you're gonna
get a chance to do something...
that no one in your country
has ever done.
I was gonna save this for
the Olympics, but I figure...
if we're going to convince
these judges...
that we are
world-class sledders...
then we had better look
like world-class sledders.
- Whoa, man.
- Yes.
I freeze in this.
Bob in track.
Hello, gentlemen.
Irv, this is Karl Shindler.
He'll be watching the middle track.
- How do you do?
- And this is August Gremmer.
He'll be judging
the push starts.
- Hi.
- I'm your third official
up in the tower.
You. What happened
to Kroychzech?
He came down sick this morning.
I'm taking his place.
Oh, goody.
Oh, the Alliance has decided
to change the qualifying time...
from a minute-two
to a minute-flat.
Is that clear?
No problem, man.
Go get 'em, kid.
Track is clear
forJamaica One.
Eins, zwei, drei.
Go, go, go!
Now, now, now, now!
- All right, what was that time?
- 6.13.
Under 60?
Is it under 60?
I'm, uh... I'm sorry.
I'm outta here. That's terrific.
- Ah, no, it's great.
- They couldn't beat us.
- I know we were the best.
- Yeah.
...inspired you guys, that's all.
- You were great, all of ya.
Nobody had that much fun
in a sled since Santy Claus.
Fellas, here's to
followin' your dreams.
- Yeah, man.
- Followin' your dreams.
I said it to your father the first time
I met him, and I'll say it again.
Sprinters make
the best bobsledders.
Here's to sprinting.
So what are we gonna
name the sled?
How about "Tallulah"?
- That's hot. Tallulah.
- Tallulah. Tallulah.
Sounds like a two-dollar hooker.
How you come up with that?
Hey, you idiot,
that's my mother's name.
- It's a pretty name.
- Tallulah. I like that.
So what's it gonna be, star?
What are the people gonna be screamin'
when Jamaica takes the hill?
I say we call it
"Cool Runnings."
- Beautiful.
- I like it.
- It's very strong.
- Nice. Very nice.
Uh, what exactly
does it mean?
"Cool runnings" means
"Peace be the journey."
- Peace be the journey.
- Peace be the journey.
- Cool runnings.
- Cool runnings.
- Cool runnings.
- E-Excuse me.
To the man
in the orange suit!
To the orange!
To the man in the orange!
- To the messenger.
- To the messenger.
- To the messenger.
We are officially
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Kurt, I really have to talk to you.
Excuse me, Irv.
I've nothing to say to you.
Yes, you do.
- I want to know why
you disqualified my guys.
- As you were told...
your team must compete in
an international race in order
to qualify for the Olympics.
But in an Olympic year...
the qualifiers count
as an international race.
That may have been true
in past Olympic years...
but this year, the Alliance
decided to change its policy.
Oh, please!
Change its policy?
The Alliance has the right to do
whatever they feel is in the
best interest of the sport.
We must also be concerned about
the potential for embarrassment.
Oh, forgive me.
I didn't realize...
that four black guys in
a bobsled could make you blush.
I think we've heard enough.
Come on, Kurt. What you're doin'
is wrong and you know it.
Now, if this is about
you and me...
then let's get it straight
right now.
All right, 16 years ago, I made
the biggest mistake of my life.
I cheated.
I was stupid.
I embarrassed myself,
my family...
my teammates,
my country and my coach.
If it's revenge you want,
take it.
Go ahead.
Disqualify me. Banish me.
Do whatever you want,
but do it to me.
It was me who let you down,
Kurt. It wasn't my guys.
They've done everything you've
asked of them, and they did it...
with all of you
laughing in their face.
Hell, it doesn't matter
if they come in first or 50th.
Those guys have earned the right
to represent their country.
They've earned the right...
to march into that stadium
and wave their nation's flag.
That's the single
greatest honor...
an athlete
could ever have.
That's what the Olympics
are about.
Sixteen years ago,
I forgot that.
Don't you go
and do the same.
Sorry if I interrupted
your meeting.
Hello. Yes?
Right. Good-bye.
- What?
- That was the Alliance.
- God.
- What did they say?
Oh, they said
we're back in.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
And a lot is expected
of the Italian team.
Did I miss it?
Did I miss it?
No, child.
You didn't miss a thing.
...ofJamaica made it
all the way here to Calgary...
to compete
in the bobsled event.
Their flag bearer is
the sled captain Derice Bannock.
Derice's father, Ben Bannock, was
a gold medalist in the 200 meters...
at the Summer Olympic games
over 20 years ago.
And perhaps there's gold in
two generations of this family.
That's quite a story.
TheJamaican bobsled team.
It's a beautiful afternoon in Calgary,
and there is a lot more coming up.
So stay tuned for
more exciting coverage...
of the opening ceremonies
of the 15th Winter Olympiad...
from Calgary,
Alberta, Canada.
Gentlemen, let's go
check into our new home.
Come on, Junior.
Junior! Hey!
Now a lot of coaches would be
giving you one of those, uh...
"Win one for the Gipper"
I'm not good at that stuff.
Instead, I thought I'd, uh...
lead you in a psalm
of inspiration.
Let's bow our heads.
Who's the "Gipper"?
Our Father who art in Calgary,
bobsled be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
gold medals won...
on Earth as it is
in turn seven.
With liberty and justice
forJamaica and Haile Selassie.
- Amen.
- All right!
- Yes!
- Respect.
- All right.
- Jah Rastafari.
Now you listen to me, boy.
You might not have done
what you were asked...
but you will do
what you're told.
- You're coming home.
- Yeah, but, Father,
you know I just want...
But nothing.
I didn't send you
to the finest school...
for you to go around
sliding on your backside.
- You must be mad.
- Yeah, but the team needs me.
I don't want to hear
any more of it.
Go and get your things.
I'll wait in the lobby.
Pride. Power.
Father, when you look
at me, what do you see?
I don't have time
for games, Junior.
Tell me what ya see!
All right, I'll tell you
what I see.
I see a lost little boy...
who's lucky to have a father
who knows what's best for him.
No, no, no, no. You don't know
what's best for me, Father.
I am not a lost
little boy, Father.
I am a man.
And I'm an Olympian.
I'm stayin' right here.
Hey, Junior Bevil.
You're a badass mother.
- Here, l-I got a couple.
- I like this one. Yes.
O Canada, indeed. This is Al Trautwig
along with John Morgan.
We're live at Olympic Park,
the brand-new bobsledding venue...
just a few miles outside
of downtown Calgary.
Everybody, shut up.
It's starting.
...extremely intense, exciting
competition for the next three days.
I am feeling very Olympic
today. How about you?
Uh, this sport, as we well know,
us made up of athletes...
who go to the edge and sometimes
beyond, and it is why we believe...
the next three days is going to be
extremely competitive and exciting.
And already, John, on day one,
we're starting things off
with a gold medal favorite.
Well, the Swiss were fortunate enough
to draw number one in the competition.
We gotta make them the odds-on
favorite to win the gold.
But the East Germans, they're comin'
off the gold medal win in 1984.
The Canadians, it's their home track.
You gotta favor them too.
And they've been doin'
very well in practice all week.
Eins, zwei, drei.
One! Two! Three! Go!
- Eighty miles an hour or close to it.
- You know, Al,
I'm lookin'at the times here, and
the course is gettin'extremely fast.
And I was worried about that Austrian
team's safety in that last big...
four G's of force on the athletes.
Well, if you were worried about
them, what are you thinking
about our last and next team?
Yes, it certainly seems
strange that surrounded by
the ice and snow of Calgary,
we are about to watch a team
from the tiny island ofJamaica.
- From Jamaica!
- Quite a story for them
to even get here.
They came out of nowhere. And
you know, there's a lot of teams
up here on top of the hill...
that sort of feel theJamaicans
don't belong here.
- Hey! Hey!
- Hey, what are you doin', man?
- What are you doing?
- That's what the Swiss do
to psych themselves up.
They also make them little pocketknives,
too, but I don't see you doin' that.
All right, guys, we're up. Come on. Hey,
knock it off. Knock it off, will ya?
Okay. Let's go.
Come on.
Take your start positions.
Remember, we don't have to win
the gold in the first day.
- It's just like any other run.
- Except this time...
Derice, did you forget
something? Thank you.
- Ready.
- Ready.
- Ready.
- Ready.
Eins, zwei, drei.
Go! Go, go, go, go! Go!
- Get in! Get in!
- As theJamaican team attempts
its first ever...
winter Olympic event,
and look at this.
They've gotta get into that sled.
I've never seen anything like this.
I know it's not funny,
but how embarrassing.
Now, thank goodness. For
a minute, I didn't think they'd
ever get all four of them in.
And that could've been
a disaster.
C-Come on!
Well, most importantly here,
when you do get in the sled...
you have to get in with catlike
movements, get in, get relaxed.
Ooh, look at that high line at
Omega.! He bounces off the wall,
ricochets like a pinball.
You know, the driver here,
Derice Bannock, looks like
the sled's really drivin'him.
- That fool better watch his mouth.
- He better watch more than that.
This is the time when this team
may be thinking, "This may not
have been such a great idea. "
Their heads are bouncing around.
This is amazing.
Like rag dolls as they come
through the finish...
at a time of 58.04...
which will be good enough
for last place.
You choked. It was yours for
the taking, and you choked.
You were ready,
and ya choked.
Well, maybe we should
go over the turns again?
You know the turns.
You know everything there is
to know about this sport.
I'll tell you somethin'.
You had all better figure out...
how to stay loose out there.
That's somethin'
I can't help you with.
I'll see you tomorrow
on the hill.
You know, when the Swiss
want to get relaxed...
Will you shut up
about the damn Swiss?
I mean, it was all that "eins,
zwei, drei" nonsense that got us
all nervous in the first place.
Hey, man, look here. I'm just tryin'
to get us off on the right foot.
Well, the right foot for us
is not the Swiss foot.
I mean, come on, Derice.
We can't be copyin' nobody else's style.
We have our own style.
Kissin' an egg
is no kind of style.
It's the Olympics here.
It's no stupid pushcart derby.
Let me tell ya
somethin', Rasta.
I didn't come up here to forget
who I am and where I come from.
And neither did I. I'm just
tryin' to be the best I can be.
So am I. And the best
I can be is Jamaican.
Look. Derice, I've known you sinceJulie
Jeffries asked to see your ding-a-ling.
And I'm telling you
as a friend...
if we lookJamaican,
and is Jamaican...
then we sure as hell
better bobsled Jamaican.
Greetings from Jamaica
'Nuff people will say
you know they can't believe
Jamaica we have
a bobsled team
'Nuff people say
you know they can't believe
Jamaica we have
a bobsled team
We have the one Derice
and the oneJunior
- Thank you.
- Yul Brenner and the man Sanka
The fastest of the fastest
ofJamaican sprinters
Respect to the man
Irv Blitzer
- All right, gentlemen, this is it.
- Respect.
- Respect! Whoo!
- All right.
- Let's go!
We now come to the second chance for
the four intrepid men from Jamaica.
- What do they have to do, John?
- In reality, Al, I don't think
- Have any chance of winning a medal.
- Dear God!
Just let them be better
than yesterday.
- Ready.
- Ready.
Feel the rhythm!
Feel the rhyme!
Get on up!
It's bobsled time!
Cool runnings!
Bob in track.
That's a hair faster than the Swiss.
Boy, that's a real big difference
from yesterday.
Well, this is an absolute shock
in the making. Yesterday...
- They were falling down
almost from the start.
- Yes!
Now they slide into place. Yesterday,
their heads were bobbing everywhere.
Today, they're
almost in unison.
- Can this really be happening?
- Boy, what a difference.!
Flying through the Omega,
looking possessed here. It's not
the same team we saw yesterday.
- Where did these guys come from?
- Jamaica!
Wow! 56.53!
Whoo-hoo! Yes! Yes!
- Did you hear that time? Yes!
- Yeah.
- That moves them up into 8th place.
- Watch out, world.
TheJamaicans are coming.
Derice, you in here?
Hey, Coach.
Oh, there ya are.
How you feelin'?
- All right.
- Good, good.
You all set to follow
in your father's footsteps?
- I think so.
- You think so?
- All right, I know so.
- That's more like it.
We're gonna go grab a bite to eat.
You wanna join us?
- Nah.
- I didn't think so. I'll
pick you somethin' up.
- Hey, Coach.
- Yeah.
- I have to ask you a question.
- Sure.
But you don't have to answer
if you don't want to.
I mean, I want you to, but
if you can't, I understand.
You wanna know why
I cheated, right?
Yes, I do.
That's a fair question.
It's quite simple, really.
I had to win.
You see, Derice...
I'd made winning
my whole life...
and when you make winning
your whole life...
ya have to keep on winning,
no matter what.
You understand that?
No, I don't understand, Coach.
You had two gold medals.
You had it all.
a gold medal
is a wonderful thing.
But if you're not enough
without it...
you'll never be enough
with it.
Hey, Coach...
how will I know
if I'm enough?
When you cross that
finish line, you'll know.
Welcome back to the bobsledding
venue for this, the last day of
competition. It's medal time...
and, John, the top six teams
are separated by only half a second.
- So it's very close, and
that's been predictable...
- I didn't expect...
- To see you here.
- Well, my dear...
we've got a team
in the Olympics, don't we?
Most astonishing is the
Jamaicans. They still have a
chance to win an Olympic medal.
Everybody, shut up.
My boy's on TV.
And you're not the only one
to get excited about that.
I think the fans here have an
extreme case ofJamaican fever.
- Al, so do I.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
So do we. Do I have to tell you
whose turn it is now?
- Jamaica, to your start positions.
- Respect!
Hey, dreadlocks, let me
kiss your lucky egg.
- Next team up is Jamaica.
- All right, fellas, that's us!
Let's go! Here we go!
Today's our day! This is it!
Come on, guys.
We can do it!
Derice! I'll see ya
at the finish line.
- With the kinds of push starts
these guys are capable of...
- All right, it's all yours. Go!
we might actually see the
Jamaicans win an Olympic medal.
So this is it. We could
see history in the making.
Feel the rhythm!
Feel the rhyme!
Get on up!
It's bobsled time!
- Cool runnings!
- On the track.
Go! Go! Go!
Move that bobsled! Go!
One, two, three, four, all of
them in, and look at them fly.
Oh, man, they shaved another
couple hundredths off the start.
Al, they get better
every time down the track.
Go, Derice! Move!
Take that bobsled and move!
Look at the way the sled's comin'in
and out of the corners. Very smooth.
It's like he's been drivin'
the sled for ten years. Bannock
looks really possessed here.
Oh, what the heck.
Go, Jams.!
What a run Bannock is having.
He's letting loose on this
extremely fast course.
And even with that
rickety old sled...
theJamaicans are
flying through the turns.
This does not look good.
Something's gotta be wrong.
TheJamaicans on a record pace
as they fly almost out of
control around the turn.
- Move it! Move it! Move that sled!
- Now the speed seems too much...
and I don't think he's going
to be able to hold it. Oh.!
Derice, you dead?
No, man, I'm not dead.
We have to finish the race.
Excuse me, please.
Excuse me.
Sehr gut, Jamaica.
We'll see you
in four years, ja?
Yeah, man.
Junior Bevil.
But it doesn't mean
that I like you.
We split.
- Thanks, Irv.
- Thank you.
- All right. Hey, guys.
- Hey, Coach.
- Coach.
- I'm so proud of you guys.
You all right?
- I love you, man.
- Can I get a picture, please?
I can see clearly now
The rain is gone
I can see all obstacles
In my way
Gone are the dark clouds
That had me blind
It's gonna be a bright
- Bright, bright
- Bright sunshiney day
It's gonna be a bright
- Bright, bright
- Bright sunshiney day
Oh, yes, I can make it now
The pain is gone
All of the bad feelings
Have disappeared
Here is that rainbow
I've been prayin'for
It's gonna be a bright
- Bright, bright
- Bright sunshiney day
Look all around
There's nothing
but blue skies
Look straight ahead
There's nothing
but blue skies
Oy, you know
people can't believe
Jamaica have a bobsled team
We have no snow
Just food and water
And the temperature ranges
from hot to hotter
No spring, no fall
much less no winter
And yet we have
a bobsled team
Holding on
to an Olympic dream
We say them ready I'm always say
them ready Them ready like Freddy
You see them funny sled
You see the world steady
When they make the motion
Them a rock and a dolly
A country on a sled
with a wish in them body
Yes, my four men
are my bobsled posse
Yul Brenner, Derice, Junior
Sanka, the men are ready
When them reach the Olympics
we're proud and irie, irie, irie
Lord, you know
people can't believe
Jamaica have a bobsled team
Boy, you know
people can't believe
Jamaica have a bobsled team
Lord, you know
people can't believe
Jamaica have a bobsled team
Boy, you know
people can't believe
Jamaica have a bobsled team