Coonskin (1974) Movie Script

Fuck you!
Alright. Now, I'm gonna give
you a little shit example.
I heard that 350
of you white folks...
committed suicide by jumping off
of the Golden Gate Bridge.
and out of the 350,
there was only two that was niggers.
And one of them was pushed.
I'm a minstrel man.
I'm the cleaning man
I'm the pole man.
I'm the shoe shine man
I'm a nigger man.
Watch me dance
I got the devil in me.
It's the man you see
Got the devil in me.
It's the man you see
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers, walk on!
Walk on niggers,
walk on
I've been waitin' on
The welfare line,
unemployment line
The gas line,
since 9
Now, I'm waitin' on
the pawn shop line
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
I got the devil in me.
It's the man you see
Put that devil in me!
Yes, the man that you see!
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
I've been shot on,
pushed on
Passed on,
gassed on
Red, white,
and blued on
Now, I'm waitin'
to turn on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
I got the devil in me.
It's the man you see
Put that devil in me.
It's the man you see
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
I'm a natural blackface.
Part of my race
And up my sleeve,
I'm holding an ace
That I won't die
in disgrace
If I stop dancing...
And don't let you blow me
anymore in the wind...
'Cause I refuse to come.
I'm a minstrel man,
cleaning man
Pole man,
shoe shine man
I'm a nigger man.
Watch me dance
I got the devil in me.
It's the man you see
I got the devil in me.
It's the man you see!
I say, walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers,
walk on
I say, walk on niggers,
walk on
Walk on niggers, walk on!
I see him...
I see it...
Standing on that
flaming mount.
I know you, Lord.
To pluck out the
eyes of the devil.
The heads of the enemy.
The hearts of fools, sinners, and gamblers.
I see ya, lord.
Grazing in the sun.
Shining on the moon.
I see ya, Lord,
rolling on the waves.
Haha, yes.
I see ya, Lord.
I see ya.
I hear your thunder,
I hear you on the wind!
Oh, I see you, Lord.
I see ya.
But do you...
Do you see me?
Do you see me?!
I loves ya, Lord...
As I sweat.
I loves ya, Lord,
as I burn.
I love you, Lord,
as I kneel...
and I wheel and deal.
I loves ya, Lord.
Does you love me, hmm?
I see ya, Lord!
Help me get through...
'Cause I have helped you!
I sees ya, Lord.
I sees ya, Lord.
I see ya, Lord.
And you better well,
fucking well, see me!
Preacher's coming.
Baby, you sure you
got to do this?
I got to do it.
Morning to you, preacher.
- Morning to you, Sampson.
- You ready?
Let's go!
- Car ready, Ben?
- Ready.
She's running!
Oh, oh, oh, yes!
God, she's running!
She get you in okay,
she'll get you out okay.
It's them crackers,
shooting at us on the way in...
That has
got me worried.
Shit, we'll shoot back!
What am I gonna do?
I ain't got no gun!
Well, preacher.
You just cuss and scream at 'em.
What kind of sermon
you want me to preach 'em?
The blues.
Now, we should be starting our running
towards that wall, about 2 in the morning.
I have no choice, I have to do it.
You know, it's...
My friends and...
and no one else
that can do it.
About 300 miles
to that prison wall.
We got to get Randy out
before sun up.
Slow down,
before some cops kick us up.
I told ya.
I've been in this
damn slammer so long.
Sometime I forgets.
But there's one thing Pappy knows...
Is every hole at this prison
got to get in and out of.
What cracker up there is gonna be
sleeping when it's being done.
Look, man, I can make it on my own.
I don't need no help.
I knows that.
I very wells know that.
But, hell, boy. This nigga ain't been
on this side of the wall for 100 years.
And what the fuck makes you think
I'm not enjoying myself being here?!
Well, enjoy yourself,
You never even tell me how Sampson...
and the preacher man suspect
to get you outta here.
You know that cow
pasture over there.
Sampson and the preacher man are gonna
come in here driving at 100 miles an hour.
And I'm gonna be somewhere
out there, waitin' to meet 'em.
While those guards are shootin'
into the night, we're gonna be leavin'.
You got that, pops?
Well, it's...
real simple...
Direct approach,
so to speak.
It's a roadblock.
They done kicked us out.
Get ready to fire some shit.
Let me see your license.
- What's the rush?
- We weren't rushing!
What's ya stopping us for?
- We's men, you Cracker Barrel cracker!
- Paul!
We is men!
- Listen, Randy.
- Yeah.
I just remember...
I used to know three guys,
just like you and your friends.
- Come on!
- No shit! There weren't any difference.
And there was Brother Rabbit.
As smart as you are, he was.
And he as mean
as you is, he is.
And Brother Bear...
As big as he was,
that's how strong he was.
Preacher Fox.
As wild as he was,
that's how wild he was.
Stick it, fuck it, do it, swing it.
Shit that thing, yeah!
Oh, yeah...
Oh, baby.
How you been, daddy?
I bet you wondering why I'm
here, after such a long spell.
Just here to tell you that me,
and Bear, and old Fox are leaving.
'Cause they sold our old house.
Fox raised us like he
promised you and mom he would.
But he's still a little shaky now.
I ain't shaky!
And me and Bear
have to take care of him.
Or maybe,
I is shaky.
I did all I could
to save the house...
but the bank sold it
to some fat, city slicker...
and he turned it into a pleasure house.
Me and the boys are
gonna be going back now...
To pick up our money from
the city slicker and leave.
Bear here, feels kinda funny...
talking to you,
but he sends his love.
Fox, too.
You take care of mama.
We're gonna be going now.
Ben, now don't you go
believin' that I'm shaky.
I still got it, Ben.
I don't lie to you, or God.
I still take care of
Rabbit and Bear, you hear?
And I don't want you
or mama to worry none...
'Cause old Fox here,
he's done gone...
- Drop it, Fox! Drop it!
- I'm gonna be putting you back now, Ben.
Don't you worry about a thing!
Oh, I feel our boys
are heading for trouble, Ben.
I know, mama.
I know.
It's gonna be up
to Rabbit now.
Yeah, trouble.
Rabbit and the boys went back
to the house to pick up their money.
They just took too long,
fine and blue.
Ah, Sheriff.
Good idea you heard...
finishing our Saturday night
with a little black whoring.
Only thing this nigger's town got to
offer is cheap booze and some women.
I guess it's about time for me
to split this here business.
Hey, hey, Fox.
You seen Blue?
I'ma get our money
and leave.
The last time I seen Blue...
He was showing the sheriff's
daughter, Marrigold, her room.
Sheriff's daughter?!
Howdy, boys!
Who do I pay around here
for my pleasure?
Uh, well it's uh...
It's on the house.
Much obliged, boy.
Which one of you fine
southern gentlemen is next?
- Marrigold?!
- Daddy?!
Goddamn, Rabbit.
I should have known better...
Mess you did got us all into.
Yeah, Rabbit!
Gambling, drinking, fighting.
You're not drowning on Sunday!
Well, that comes
on the Lord's day.
Killing crackers, well...
I guess that's cool any day.
But uh...
How the hell did Fox
forget to tell me...
that Blue had the Sheriff's daughter
stashed in one of those rooms?
Damn, boy.
What'd you expect me to do?
Stand there and get killed?
With that 'cause Blue owed us
some money on the house.
Where we gonna
spend it anyhow?
Yeah! 'Cause there ain't
no booze in heaven. Aah!
Well, boys.
We been hustlin' these here
Cracker Barrel countries for a long time.
And seeing how we
worn out our welcome...
There's just one place
left for us to go.
I mean, three guys like us.
We got to go with style.
Harlem! We gonna have
open derby twist, pee-hole pluck.
Ice hold murder...
Home to
every black man.
That's Iceberg Slimin'!
Goddamn me.
I take back everything
I said about you, baby.
You're still the head here,
we got ya.
Praise the Lord!
The pot of smack at
the rainbow's end.
Brothers and sisters,
living on the top of the heap.
No more soft shoein',
happy actin', back bustin'...
I know I ain't pretty, but
that's not why my man left.
At leaving, left me
alone and lonely.
...Hard to sleep.
That's how I meets
Malcolm the Cockroach.
First time we meets,
I chased him all over the place...
and try to squash his
long legged black ass.
But Malcolm,
he was cool.
Night after night,
Malcolm remains cool.
After a while...
It gets like I miss Malcolm,
if he don't show.
And when he does,
I don't try too
hard to hurt him.
And he don't try
too hard to run.
Wasn't long before
we stopped fighting.
and started talking,
and drinking, and partying.
he digged Fuente.
Malcolm became my friend.
Well, how'd you think I felt
the night he come by all packed...
To go downtown.
"Ain't it been good together?", says I.
"Yeah, woman," says Malcolm.
"But hell, I can't do nothing for ya."
"It's always cold here, and the
few scraps seat at your table...
ain't as good as what
I find in the garbage downtown."
"And there ain't the fear,
the whole goddamn building
falling down on our heads.
Or junkies crushing me on the front."
"If I can't do nothing for myself here,
what can I do for you?"
Funny thing about Malcolm...
He kinda sounded just like my old man,
Leroy, sounded the time he left Harlem.
And all day, I was drinking
and shivering on again.
And this here black rat
comes hustling across the floor.
And looks right to me and says
that he heard Malcolm was gone.
And winked and
kinda grinned, big yellow.
Shot him right between the eyes.
I don't want to be hurt no more.
You know what I mean.
Ain't this a bitch?
Guys, I guess this
is Harlem, man.
Yeah. We were really anxious
to get here too, weren't we?
Hey, what's that old
timer doing here?
Fuck the white meat.
Old Man Bone, that's me.
That's okay,
I got whitened teeth.
I make sure, I don't
see them no more.
When I walks pass 'em,
I keep my eyes to the ground.
I ain't seen a white
for 100 years.
And they ain't see me.
I got a beat.
Look at all this stuff,
White throw out.
They don't know,
I'm taking it.
Hey, lookie here.
What'd I tell ya.
A natural cotton sweater!
A natural cotton sweater!
I bet nobody ever think...
Blacksmith, shoe shine,
Cotton picker, cleanin' floors.
Nobody ever think,
But never owned a
natural cotton sweater.
Got whitened teeth,
just like I said.
Only trouble lately...
This load is getting
too heavy to tote.
I got a while... till I find a place...
to lay my burden down.
He got excited over
a goddamn old sweater.
Don't blame him, man.
His pappy was a slave.
Some brothers got beat up
so bad when they were young,
But they never come around.
Ask Miss America.
Hey, honey. It has been good for us.
I mean, meaning us.
See our relationship has increased
a ton-fold these here few years.
And I'm so happy and lucky to feel
that we has finally getting it together.
You know where
I'm coming from?
So how 'bout Miss America comin' over to
my place and let me squeeze your tits?
Oh, I should have fucked her
when I had the chance.
That nigger could be right.
What 'chu gonna do, Rabbit?
I still want to see what
else is happenin' here.
Whoa, it's
happenin' all in time.
I suspect something big
is happenin' on the inside.
There's gotta be.
It's gotta be.
Mainly because we're black,
it pertains to us.
What the hell what it is.
Let's go in and see, baby.
- Evening, brother.
- Brother to you too.
Say, brother.
Uh, like uh...
What am I supposed to
expect to happen here?
What's going on in here?
Here's where Simple Savior
runs his black revolution, brother.
That's proof Black Jesus
was the revenant's cousin to.
He gives people the
strength to kill whites.
Kill whites, you hear that shit?
Any whites?
- Yeah, any whites.
- Ain't this a bitch.
Anyone we want?
Ain't this a bitch.
- We can kill anyone we want?
- Any whites.
- I have one special...
- Stop it, Fox! Stop it!
You mean, we can kill
any whites we want to kill?
Any whites.
Don't mind the cough. Looks like
a good crowd out there tonight, huh?
It's good, very good crowd, man.
It's good, they're ready.
Oh, they're ready for their religion, huh?
They're ready for... heh heh.
Well, you know one thing about my people,
they always show up some time.
and I'm ready to get out there now.
And, how do I look?
You look great, you look great.
The purple is perfect, perfect!
It matches your eyes, Savior.
You know, I dance without
my robe, you know?
I know that, I know that.
Well, that's why they came, you know.
- You got your act together?
- I got everything...
- The chains?
- Yeah, I got the chains.
- Everything is ready?
- I got the whips. I got everything.
What's going on out there?
Well, there's a lot of
people roamin' around.
We got some strangers
coming into town that are there.
I don't think
there'll be any...
That home boys too, that's good.
They always good for money.
Oh, yeah. They always
good for money.
How do I look?
They look great, no kiddin'.
Your teeth are fine.
Can we get old Charlie in here
to puncture up the teeth?
You know, the gleam.
When we hit you with the blue spot.
Hey, boy.
You got something against the teeth?
- There's something wrong with my teeth?
- No, I said, they're beautiful!
- You look good.
- I'm... I'm nervous.
- Don't mind me, I'm nervous.
- Don't be nervous. Don't be nervous.
Told you,
no reason to be nervous.
- I'm not nervous because...
- They're ready for you out there.
I know, man.
It's the money they got.
- That's why I'm nervous.
- They have lots of money.
- I ain't nervous about the act.
- People been lining up since poor people.
- But I ain't nervous about the act.
- No. Oh, no, the act is great.
The act is good.
- You got the photographs?
- We got the photos.
They're ready.
They're on the skyline already.
I've been preachin' down south...
For now, to 30 years.
And I ain't never
seen no black Jesus!
- Me either.
- Or even his cousin either.
Hey, man. Why you shovin'
that picture so tight against?
Case, you black, down,
old Southerns ever die...
You know what to look for.
To carry you on home.
You all black niggers!
Black is tough!
Black is together!
Black is sweet!
Black is sharp!
Black is a Cadillac!
Black is pigtails!
All's black!
White is pale!
The cop is white!
The rich is white!
The landlord's white!
Your pain's white!
And white is pain.
You have been kicked by whites.
And God's children
are not all black.
And change make that
chain over your head.
Deliver yourself from the oppressors.
For I'm the one they sent here,
by gods who deliver you.
Deliver you!
From the white oppressors!
From the white oppressors.
Join me!
Join the Revolution!
Join the Revolution!
Join the Revolution!
And I'm the Revolution!
Join the Revolution!
Join the Revolution!
Join the Revolution!
Join the Revolution!
Join the Revolution!
Join the Revolution!
I thank you kindly,
folks, for showin' up.
So you can show your
religion and gratitude...
to Reverend
Simple's Revolution.
I ask you all to fill up the
baskets that's being passed around.
Mighty quick.
- Goddamn!
- Yeah.
I... I has never seen
nothing like this before...
In my whole life.
Not as likely as I can
recollectively recall.
Nah, that's damn
powerful religion.
I was wondering where you boys
revolutionary donation is at.
You boys sure that money
is for to kill Whitey.
It sure is, brother.
Guns, tanks, planes.
Even an atom bomb or two.
Man, I ain't got no money.
Rabbit. Fox.
I ain't got no money.
Well, I know you ain't lying.
We joining your revolution, boys.
And with the money
that the bear has took,
we gonna go
buy our own gun.
We don't need more guns, now.
Look, I sees how them guns
are mighty nice.
But I hate to let the
congregation think that...
the boys was being
frugal by not buying more.
Now, ain't that the truth,
brothers and sisters?
- Ain't that truth?!
- Hell yeah!
What's happenin'?
I want to know.
We need an airplane.
What is it?
What's wrong?
It's a long, long story,
brothers and sisters.
The thieves here are kind boys,
would love to explain to you...
Exactly when the
Black Revolution is gonna start.
And how they gonna use
your money to work for ya.
Right on!
What about our money?
And the same old rip-off.
Same thing.
- I wanna know...
- You supposed to be here for me.
You're here for no one, but yourself.
That's what you're doing.
It's tougher than fighting Miss America
without bullshit from my own brothers.
- Who is taking advantage of us all.
- I'm a living witness.
Okay, you red, white and blue...
Now, you no good
Miss America!
How you like this
shit here, huh?
- Okay. Okay, you win!
- Huh?
I winned?
I won?
Okay, yeah, boy.
Hey, put down your gun.
You won.
And you can take me.
Come on, fella.
Oh, she got the clap.
Savior's revolutionary money bought 'em
the biggest nightclub on 125th St.
Rabbit thought he should
have a few drinks there...
On the house.
We got the
coffee duck.
You got the ocean liner
with a pee-hole binder.
- Hey, Preacher!
- Yeah?
Why don't you shut up?
Because I have
an electric mouth.
Rabbit, sometimes I
misunderstands ya.
You know, I mean...
What is we doing in
Rev. Simple Savior's club?
After what's happened
at the church tonight.
You understand the meaning?
Yeah. Well,
I'm not sure, Fox.
But something's
sure gonna happen.
Damn, Rabbit.
I wish all this talking and screaming
about revolution would stop.
I'm tired of trying to segregate,
integrate and masturbate anymore.
- It's hate, too. Take it down a peg.
- You don't... Listen, listen!
The longer we wait, the
longer we gonna end up...
Like, like Malcolm
and King did.
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
- Hell yeah, I'll drink to that.
- Yeah,
- Mhm, right on.
I'll drink to that too, if one of
you boys will buy me one.
Look, baby. As slim
and trim as you is.
The Devlin's on me.
You got a lot of nerve, woman.
Hanging around with
down-home trash here.
Your face should be downtown
banging in some players.
I had no intentions on
going downtown anymore.
Listen here, woman.
You got 10 seconds
to make your mind up.
Look, I done heard enough, man.
And I think I'll say so.
That ain't nice.
- He's got a cap!
- Oh, shit!
Let me out of here!
- Watch out!
- Let me out of here!
Oh, let me out of here!
It's my duty to
escort you home, child.
And leave all the un-religious,
and disrespectful, unrespectful
and up-respectful, down-respectful
uh... roughhousing to the boys.
You and your friends has cost me and
my revolution too much fucking trouble.
The trouble with
you blacks is,
You're too dumb to know
when you're in big trouble.
I don't want you to
talking to him, Savior.
Kill him!
Don't kill me,
Preacher Man.
Don't kill me like
you've killed my friends.
Come on, spare me. 'Cause I'm just a...
I'm just a poor country boy.
Don't throw my bones
over that window ledge.
Don't let me hit that
cold, hard street below.
Please don't throw
me out that window.
Hey, look.
I'll be your friend.
Please, man.
Hey, man, you...
You my friend, please.
Shoot me,
strangle me.
Kick me down, ice pick me,
do anything you want...
But don't let my poor body fling
through that open window.
And slap down hard
on the concrete below.
I'm beggin' ya, I beggin' ya.
Don't throw me out that window!
'Cause I's born and
raised in the garbage can.
Follow me, I'll catch
his black ass outside.
Hey, man. Big...
I got big news!
Savior got wasted tonight,
by a black rabbit.
Funeral's tomorrow.
You know where.
And that rabbit that done it,
is gonna be there.
What 'chu doing spreading
the news, looking like that?
I don't wanna
be conspicuous.
Brother Rabbit took
Simple Savior's funeral...
As an opportunity to tell Savior's boys,
he was taking over all the rackets.
In this groovy graveyard...
the graveyard.
Beside the grave...
the grave.
Uh, uh... What y'all call it?
Uh, besides the beer.
The beer.
Oh, yes.
He served good beer.
Ah, and uh... Pest is uh...
mother. I mean, uh..
Well, I've come right
down to the point.
We's all black, right?
- Let's just leave it here.
- [BURP]
Yeah, but only some
of us don't know it yet.
Black racket money
stays in Harlem.
No more Mafia, police, mayors,
senators, judges or presidents.
It's our money up here.
Let's keep it.
Okay, Rabbit.
We like it.
We like your plan.
You killed the Savior.
We won't lay a finger on ya,
but you still got two big problems.
One of them is the
cop named Mannigan.
The other is a Mafia.
They're the same.
Kill 'em,
we'll join ya.
And if you miss,
we'll kill you.
Okay, Rabbit?
Lord, we is
getting a day.
Rabbit's burden was clear.
Prove himself.
Get the cop, Mannigan.
Bag man for the Mafia.
Kill him.
Then, get the Godfather.
Hey, what the fuck...
Harder, harder.
Faster, faster.
Well, if it isn't the head roller
of my favorite chick, Manny.
My, my.
Don't we look seedy tonight.
And when Manny get a
look seedy and don't wash...
That means just one thing.
Well, what's that, Queen?
Means every trouble for those poor
unfortunate black studs Uptown.
Yeah, I don't wash
when I go Uptown.
That's for sure.
Niggers ain't worth washin' for.
Yeah, baby.
But I bet you'd wash real clean for me.
Kiss this!
Don't try that
queer crap with me.
Eat this!
Hey, Mannigan.
Hi, boys.
Wanna drink before we go?
Let's just go and
get it over with.
- What's the rush?
- Plenty! Let's go.
So long!
Kick some asses.
I'm just gonna
bring you one, baby.
And that one's a rabbit.
I'm so happy,
I could cry.
After 45 years of hustlin'
in this here ghetto...
Washing dishes, shining shoes,
sweeping floors, soaping white asses.
Hustlin' never were,
then nowhere...
I finally made the
correct connection.
And any pack, repacked,
with smack is worth $45.
Told you that I don't want no
more H pushed around here.
Sell it Downtown.
32, all units proceed west on
the West Side Highway and tentative...
Hey, you should've seen this
house I bought in Levy Town.
Isn't a nigger around
for 40 miles.
- Can't bring a new one.
- You gotta bet them hole cards.
I bet 10 yards.
- Get mad...
- Hiya, boys.
- Goddamn.
- Spin it.
- Spin it.
- Spin it again.
- Let it go.
- Let it roll.
Hiya, boys. How's the fun?
Where is it?
I ain't got your stash,
this month, man.
I ain't got it.
You're crazy, boy.
Think I'm gonna let you run your
goddamn Crap games without my cut?!
- Your cut's been picked up, man.
- Picked up?
Brother Rabbit and his friends
been here two days ago...
with a gun, at least as big as
yours, and collected your share.
He's holding it, Mannigan.
So don't grill up on me, man!
He's the cat you want.
Come on, Ruby.
Keep playing.
Always a pleasure to see happy,
black folks just enjoying themselves.
Kiss my ass, cop.
You know what I mean.
Sorry, honey.
I'm just a good time, honey.
And if your muscle
ain't around...
I just can't see myself arguing
with no rabbit and his boys.
They done picked up
your share, baby.
Took some free rides on
my girls and lickety-split.
Black bullshit!
It's all just black bullshit!
Come on, Ruby.
Let's find that rabbit.
He's dead, man.
- Hey, it's empty.
- Might be some trick.
Keep Bobby in the car,
watching the front.
Tell him to blow anyone
coming in or out.
- Ruby, you check the roof.
- The roof? Alone?
Hey, it's so black up there.
Who the hell could see anyone?
The roof, Ruby!
If they're up there,
you better see 'em.
And if you don't...
I'll hear them
blowing you apart.
Then at least I know
where they're at.
Fantastic idea.
Just fantastic.
Good evening, Mr. Mannigan.
What brings you to the "Cotton Tail"?
Where's the rabbit, bitch?
Well, I'm sure he'll
be long by and by.
And knowing how
gracious Rabbit be...
You sit anywhere you want.
No cover charge, baby.
And have a few
drinks on the rabbit.
Now, you just loosen up, cop.
Have your drinks and relax.
Your boys got
everything covered.
Up and out.
So as long as you have to wait,
might as well be warm.
Well, hi there!
Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ!
God Damn!
Fucking black.
The niggers!
Alright, we got ya surrounded.
Put down your gun
and come on out.
It's the police here.
They ain't showed yet.
Something's got to happen.
Sit down here, boy.
Don't you leave this wall.
They'll pick your ass up,
sure as shit.
And I ain't never seen no
nigger that they picked up...
Come back walking,
talking, yapping, or breathing.
You hear what I say?!
Look, I don't care, Pops.
If that car don't show soon...
Randy's gonna try the only way
he knows how and that's by walking.
And if that ain't
good enough, fuck it!
I just have to pay the price.
But listen, I haven't
finished my story.
As I was telling ya...
Mannigan's own racism
finally caught up with him.
Rabbit used it to
wipe Mannigan out.
Now, getting the Godfather
was gonna be tougher.
But Harlem was still
digging Mannigan's death...
and started to step out.
Ya'll remember when we
used to run and fight...
for that empty
white apartment.
This nigger be sitting at home...
hearding some white
folks has movin' out...
ten blocks away.
And I'd run like a hurricane
to get there first.
By the time, this sucker
would get there...
There would be 3 million brothers
jumping all over the fire escapes.
And 3 million more Jews, packing
and running the other way.
We all got apartments.
We got the whole
neighborhood, man.
I'm the minstrel man,
the cleaning man,
the poor man,
the shoe shine man.
I'm a nigger man.
Watch me dance.
Yeah, I got the devil in me!
Been waiting on
welfare line,
unemployment line,
gas line since 9...
Now, I'm waiting on
the pawn shop line.
Hey, I got the devil in me!
Been shot on, pushed on,
gassed on, passed on.
Red, white and blued on.
Now, I'm waiting to turn on.
Yeah, I got the devil in me!
It's the man you see!
I'm a natural blackface and
up my sleeve, I'm holding an ace...
That I won't die in disgrace.
If I stop dancing, and don't let
you blow me anymore in the wind.
'Cause I refuse to come.
The Godfather and his family
lived in the subway.
Why not?
Everyone, sooner or later,
came to him for something.
Shit, the subway
made it more convenient.
Father, I don't wanna
interrupt-a you.
But I expects trouble
from-a the other families.
you gotta excuse me.
But they think, you're-a
too old to run New York.
And they say, that
because of the Godfather...
Ain't been able to stoppa
the black rabbit Uptown.
They think
you're-a sleeping.
No one's gonna try to
bust up-a my famiglia...
'Cause a few black guys.
It's only a matter
of time, until I...
I... zero in
on-a Rabbit.
He got-a no heads!
And black people, they don't
know what-a they doing.
They're all-a
It's-a no wonder they
treat 'em like animals.
The black people ain't
loyal to their own kind.
It walk around, all around.
Like big, big dummies.
No respect.
No one-a pays no attention.
No one-a cares.
No one-a pays any attention.
No attention.
- Godfather, where are you sons?
- [inaudible] Mario!
- I can't find 'em anywhere.
- What-e Mario?
They supposed to be
guarding you.
My sons are guarding me.
I promise you, Mario.
Come on, let's you
and I have a drink...
to the death
of the rabbit.
Excuse-a me, Father.
But I gotta find-a you sons.
Oh, for days.
- Oh, God.
- That's it. Don't stop that. Don't...
Oh, Jesus!
- Don't know if I can take it.
- Those-a queer sons of-a bitches.
I can't, I can't do anything
when you do that. Ohh!
Oh, I think I'm...
No, I'm not.
No, no, no.
Not now, not now.
No, I'm not ready.
I don't think it... Ah.
Oh-ah! Not that!
- Let me do this again.
- Those queer Godfather sons.
Oh, God!
This time, I'm really gonna do it to ya.
I'm not kidding. No giggles, this time.
There's nothing wrong with sex,
if you don't get excessive with it.
Oh, so you brought help.
Now, don't you worry.
You go right ahead and
whip that black slave's ass.
And if they wanna get macho...
We can show them
you can handle it.
If it's image they want,
well, they've got it.
Punch him, go ahead.
Go ahead and punch him.
Go right ahead
and kick him.
My brother would give
you a kiss of death...
on both cheeks,
if you had a head.
Hey. Now, wait a minute.
Let go, let go of me. Come on.
Now, wait. Oh, hey pal.
Listen. Fellas.
Hey, listen fellas.
It's gonna be... I promise...
I... I'm sorry,
I ever did it.
I... I know that dad's gonna
be mad at me. But I...
Look, uh... Come on, fellas.
Ah, come on. Have a heart.
Shut your stupid mouth!
Don't you dare, strike me again
or I'll tell papa.
If I tell papa what you were doing,
he'd break both your arms and legs.
So what's wrong with me taking a little
kickback, once in a while, on my own?
- Hmm?
- But not just fucking...
- Hmm...
- Money, stupid.
We take money, not blowjobs.
- You do.
- The Mafia takes money!
Remember us,
we're the Mafia!
What's papa want with me
home tonight? Huh, Sonny?
And papa asked all
the boys home tonight.
I think he's gonna ask
one of us to kill the rabbit.
A contract?!
Oh, I love contracts!
Oh, how beauti...
Oh, they're so messy and excit...
Oh, I wanna do it.
Oh, let me do it, Sonny.
Please let me do...
Let me shoot the rabbit
right between the...
Shut up,
you dolt!
One of the tough things though,
about being a kid of the God-daddy...
Is that it's a tough rep
to hafta to measure up to.
It's a pain in the ass to me.
I mean, all this responsibility...
People, let go of me, for Christ's sake
and let's talk about this hit.
You know, I was just thinking.
If you shoot a rabbit's
head clean off...
The feet just keep on
going, down the street.
That's the
warchild's thing.
There's Sonny with
Anna Banana.
It's always good to
see Anna in drag.
Ah, Sonny.
The Godfathers decided.
They want you to
shoot the rabbit.
All these other brothers, why me?
- Sonny's gonna shoot a nigger
- Who knows.
Sonny's gonna shoot a nigger
- Sonny...
- He'll yank his eyes and pop off.
Yeah, I wish I were
in a land of cotton
Look away,
look away, look away
Pixie land
Hey, Rabbit!
Hey, Rabbit!
Greetings from the Mafia!
Take it easy, Bear.
I get you a doctor.
Lookie here.
After you get fixed up...
Maybe, you better take a rest.
Cut out that revolutionary game.
We'll find our old friend, Fox
and talk it over with him.
Maybe, he can help
you make up your mind.
Sonny blew the hit
and got himself killed.
The Godfather still allowed Sonny
to be brought home in a box, in style.
But he didn't
send any flowers.
Oh, Sonny's home.
Okay if we take a look?
Oh, Sonny's turned into
some very hip ashes.
Oh, he's a mess,
isn't he?
Sonny, Sonny.
Sonny, Sonny.
Hey, I thought I told you
guys to guard-a the tunnel.
Okay. Okay.
Just don't get uptight, sweetie.
If anyone tries
to shoot Papa...
Bang bang.
I'll blow his eyes out.
Yeah, and probably
screw him later.
You know me.
Let's move out!
Bear was really hurt.
Not so much from
the slugs he took...
But because he loved Rabbit.
But couldn't decide whether
to stay and fight with Rabbit or...
Try to lead a normal life.
He also loved Fox.
He decided to try and find Fox,
to help him make up his mind.
I'm telling ya,
times were heavy.
Fox, on the other hand,
always liked the easy buck.
He opened up the
biggest house in Harlem.
- This yours?
- Here, here.
Do you... take uh...
this here woman...
to be your lawful, wedded wife?
- Tomorrow, I'll divorce you both.
- "Legal like"
- I do.
- I do too.
I now... pronunceth you...
mens and wives.
I should've known better, man.
Howdy, husband.
Any second. We, we are
gonna have-a here.
Our first and leak
with the rabbit.
A toast at the Bauge.
Lift at the bear.
Niggers, niggers.
Fighting in the gutter.
Oh, my paisan.
Hey, hey.
Hey, sit down-a here, Fox.
Hey you, stupido.
Bring a glass of wine.
And there it shall
be there, Father.
And right on schedule.
Your uh... monthly-a share
from... haha...
My establishmento.
You, a keep-a
this month's kickback.
We, we don't
take-a money.
What for?
Why are we giving that
skinny sucker back money?
I'm sick and tired of giving up
everything we got in Harlem.
How come the Father
be so generous?
- I need a favor.
- What'd I have to do?
- I... wanna meet-a the rabbit.
- What for?
it's-a business.
Sorry, Father.
But there is no way I can get
within two feet of Rabbit.
Cops, I ain't trusted no more.
I have an idea.
Oh, haha.
Oh, Fox.
I knew you would.
I could deliver Bear and
Bear could deliver Rabbit.
If you'll handle Bear, correctly.
that's all, Fox.
I just sold Bear
out to the Mafia.
The Godfather's gonna make him
the heavyweight champion.
Oh, Pop.
So much, you worry.
Still, you are such
a handsome man.
Come-a dance with Mama.
I carry your problems.
Come-a dance with-a Mama!
You're still such
a handsome man.
Dance with Mama,
like the good old days.
- I wanna Papa to be happy again.
- Happy, happy.
I wanna Papa to smile.
So much, Mama and Papa
used to love each other, huh.
You are the father
of my children.
They respect you
because you so brave.
They love you because
you is so powerful.
We both love Sonny.
Sonny's death has got to be
the last son of ours who dies.
I love you, Papa.
As I always have.
But you gonna kill all my sons,
you no should live.
All of my sons are gonna die,
so you can get fat.
Oh my God,
I found you.
With Mannigan
and Sonny killed,
The Godfather knew there
was no way he was gonna get...
Brother Rabbit as long
as he stayed in Harlem.
So he had to pick out some way
to get Brother Rabbit out.
Fox was the answer.
And Bear was gonna be the setup.
With Bear set up...
The Godfather knew that
Brother Rabbit wouldn't be too far behind.
- ...Far-fetched.
- Sure, we get a waterbed.
Is there any place with
a waterbed in town?
Damn, Fox.
What are we doing
down here, you crazy...
Cool it, Bear.
Cool it.
Just cool it,
cool it. Please.
This here is my...
business friends.
So... so they got to
be friends of yours, too.
Uh, Mario!
I'd like for you, uh... to uh,
meet Pearl and uh, Bear.
Pleasure is all-a mine.
Good evening, Miss-a Pearl.
meeting you, Bear.
Heard lot of
good things about you.
What's come over you, Fox?!
Let's party elsewhere,
goddamn it!
Fox's your friend, right?
Yeah, so what?
Well, sugar.
Fox has been taking
care of us, a long time.
And it's only right that
iffen he wants to party here.
We can't be jive-assin'
him elsewhere.
Relax, sugar!
The music...
Well, it's not bad.
The food looks good.
Come on, baby.
Just... just...
just with me, tonight.
Okay, let's dance.
You know, it was
really nice to meet you.
You really look terrific,
doesn't she?
You know, not only do you look terrific,
but you dance terrifically.
I mean, Herbert thinks you
dance terrifically but...
Yes, you dance terrifically.
He's too embarassed.
You know, the
funny thing is that...
We've always talked
about having black people.
- And the club...
- Yes, it's finally....
It's very nice to have...
But I mean, now
that you're really...
- Here and everything it's just...
- Black people in clubs.
incredible, isn't it?
- I mean, tell her!
- Yes, it's incredible.
It's so great...
and the things you wearing
and everything, and all the colors.
I mean, we always have
to wear the same old things.
- From our parents and...
- Yeah, time after time...
- everything like that.
- It's the same old thing.
And we always complain about
how we like to be different, but...
You... I mean, you guys
really do it, you know?
- I mean, don't they?
- Yeah. No, they've done it.
That you've done it.
Yes, it's different.
- I mean...
- Look here.
Did you look
at that Pearl?!
Look at that Pearl!
I ain't nevus... never!...
seen her so happy.
That's right.
Now listen, Bear.
Why don't you marry Pearl,
for real?
Settle down.
Get out of the rackets.
Live an honest,
God-fearing life.
Eh, Fox.
It sounds right, but...
What else can I do?
a professional fighter.
Excuse-a me...
I couldn't-a help overhearing,
but Fox is right.
Stay out of my black life or
this truce'll end, right here.
Who are you
kidding-a, Bear.
Any man in the world would jump at-a
chance to make the kind of money you could.
What-a makes you
so special?
Thinks you're gonna
save your race, all by yourself?
All you gotta show for
is some holes in your gut.
So wise up.
This maybe, the first and
last shot you got coming.
So letta me know.
Say yes, baby.
Say yes!
Let's make it straight.
Bear became a
boxer for the Mafia...
Learned to beat up
on his brothers.
The fighters?
Where are the fighters?
We want more of the fighters!
I wanna see them fight!
The main event...
Stand up and fight!
I love to fight!
That's it!
It's game over!
The one and only,
Big Bear!
The Heavyweight Piston of
the World, Big Brown Bear!
Bear got away
with it, brothers.
- He ain't never had the chair?
- No.
He got all that money
in his pocket.
I'm tell you,
they ain't no good for that Uptown.
Say, Rabbit, haha.
Your friend, Bear,
won the championship tonight.
He's working for
the American Mafia.
Up from the ghetto
and shit like that.
Hey, you can't let Bear
get away with that.
What're you gonna
do about it?
You got a fighter to fight Bear?
Huh, Rabbit?
Come on...
Come on, it's payoff time.
Come on, Rabbit's boys!
Tell the rabbit what ya want!
Tell him how you
want to fight the bear.
Who's your fighter, Rabbit?
Hey, Rabbit,
They run that
big fight, alrights
But we owe the Mafia
is the real winner tonight
A minute they cool and
bandit's friends slip outta sight
If it be pimp, punk
or a damn fool.
We need a championship
fight with Bear
Or every nigger's doomed
Say, Rabbit!
If you hip with the thing
with his plan.
Advice from your
ace boon man
Say, Rabbit!
You hip, you big winning.
Running, win that grand.
Listen to the 'vice
from your aids.
Boom, man.
From your race.
Boom, man.
This is the man,
this is the man.
Tell that mother, I can
whoop anybody in the world.
You know, I don't do no drinking.
I don't do no smoking.
That means, I'm gonna
come out pecking and poking.
His ugly head is gonna
be in trouble, mother.
That means, his ass is mine.
'Cause I is the greatest!
- He's the best!
- Ooh-Ah! Oh!
Yeah, the black nigger's ours.
- He's the man!
- He's the man, alright.
Fight the bear!
Get on with it.
I is the greatest!
I is the greatest!
- He's the man?
- I is the greatest!
I did it!
And Rabbit has a fighter
that's gonna fight the bear.
Rabbit, has a fighter.
Rabbit's gonna be there,
and so will we!
A-ladies and-a gentlemen!
A 15 round-a fight, for...
the Championship of the World.
From Oklahoma City,
a-weighing in at 210 pounds...
The world's heavyweight-a
champion, Brown Bear!
His contender,
from Harlem, New York...
Weighing in at a 140
pounds, to the bone...
Big Lip Pound "Bones".
I don't a million folks
watching me...
I'm gonna whoop
your head, sucka!
I'm the greatest!
I may sound like I'm lippin',
but I ain't jivin'.
I may sound like I'm lippin',
and might be slippin'.
But on your head,
I'm gonna be whippin'.
Who you calling
Uncle Tom?
Calling you Uncle Tom,
you jive sucka!
I sees ya, Lord!
I see ya, Lord!
Pluck out the
eyes of the devil.
- Wait! It's the tar, baby!
- What is it?
It's getting sticky,
dicky tar.
Don't anybody move.
We are in a lot of trouble.
Hi there!
What's the matter with you?
You're not hard of hearing.
Look, if you don't say hello by the time
I count two, I'm gonna bust you.
One, two...
- Hello.
- Hello!
- Hello.
- Hello! Hello! Hello!
Hey Bear, my man.
What 'chu waiting for?
- Yeah, this fight is over.
- Hello!
- Oh, hello.
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Oh, Jesus! I know.
- Hello!
- It was a tar rabbit, baby!
I want you
to tell me again.
You mean to tell me,
you two, Rabbit and Fox...
You knew this all
the goddamn time!?
Had it figured out ten months ago.
That means, never getting my ass whooped.
And you knew about it.
Why didn't you tell me?
Damn, I known there was
something I forgot to do.
Bet your sweet ass,
it's something you forgot.
I is the greatest!
No, you ain't!
We is!
Man, aren't those boys something?
What the fuck
you laughing at?!
We're dead!
- We're going home.
- Come on, let's go already!
- Let's go.
- Let's go!
- Come on!
- Son?
I know it,
go hiking!
- Let's get out of here, sun's wasting.
- Not this.
Come on, pussy!
Aw! Oh!
They need more
Plan B.
Everybody's waiting for us,
back at the house.
And he's anxious to see you.