Cop Goes Missing (2022) Movie Script

Who's there?
Who's there?
Who's there?
Why the fuck didn't you answer?
Those paint fumes in the john
are annoying enough.
All this because the government
sends his official...
Who knew these guys
take dumps too?
I was off yesterday, dammit.
How is the official like?
Just like on TV.
It feels good.
Which one? Tristan, the beat cop
or Tristan from the SWAT team?
You there?
Clear the fuck off!
You call me a bastard?!
Get out!
Get the fuck out!
Got it at the drugstore.
Thank you.
Can't find anything in this mess.
I won't get to sleep tonight.
I didn't work the desk yesterday.
A real cop did.
You are a real cop.
Not until I pass the exam.
If I jog home, I might be so beat
I'll be able to sleep.
Yeah, maybe.
I want one of those.
To put on my balcony.
They put plants everywhere
the official went.
I'm still an intern so I let it go.
Seen the way he eyed me up?
- No.
- I swear.
I so need to sleep.
How Ping-Pong eyed me up...
Back to business, Zineb.
I was asked to come back.
Who did, Ma'am?
An officer, last Thursday.
I explained my situation.
What is your situation?
It's quite simple.
Either you tell me, or that's it.
Was it a complaint?
- I forgot the name.
- You're not helping.
Why so rude?
Who, me?
Back again?
That's him. You see?
Have a java, sweetie.
Take your time.
So. We meet again...
Thank you.
Do I look like a terrorist?
What's with their silly hats?
They are berets.
In military terms.
Berets or crap hats.
They use both words.
Can I go now, boss?
Are you scared of me?
Ain't scared of the police.
Why would I be?
I'm fuckin' sick of it.
Can I buy a cigarette?
50 cents.
It's too much.
Got a light?
- What?
- Who asked you?
What's going on?
Get lost, guys.
Come on, what's it about?
My boobs are too small.
Happy now?
Another java?
No, thanks.
You handle complaints, right?
For ten days now.
Been here long?
Almost eight weeks.
You'll take the exam?
That's the point.
So you wanna be a cop?
A true calling?
Not your case, sir?
No need to sir me.
I prefer to.
My name's Vanovic.
From Novi Sad, Serbia.
Hamza, Zineb.
Colomiers, France.
Not what I asked.
My father is from Sousse.
Where's that?
- You're Tunisian?
- French.
From Sousse.
Is that so?
Yes. I'm French.
You're a bit arrogant, officer.
A bit too much.
Don't be a brat.
Stop eyeing me up, then.
Your boobs are too big for you
to try and hide them.
Your face is in blood.
Go after the peddlers.
Right now?
Yesterday, you idiot.
The team's already on their way.
- Seen Ping-Pong?
- I'm not his mom.
I need him on a juvenile referral.
That old wreck...
It's still bleeding.
Don't touch.
Why not tell me
I was bleeding?
I saw Ping-Pong earlier.
I don't give a fuck.
Join the club, officer.
Here car dealer document.
It's your ex-wife's.
Her name, yes.
Told you. But to buy car
I can't get bank loan.
Look car registration.
It's her name again.
Her name, yes.
Told you. But to buy car...
Me no job, bank loan not possible.
- No job, no loan.
- Okay.
Not okay. Not okay.
I pay fifty-fifty.
With unemployment money.
She keep all.
We divorce, she give me nothing.
There's nothing we can do.
You not believe me?
I believe you, sir.
I not allowed insurance money?
Try talking to your ex.
You talk to her. You are police.
Get rid of him.
He's too loud. Do something.
But his complaint...
Police do job. You are police.
Are you blaming us
for your ex-wife's greed?
Fuckin' do something!
We can't file a complaint.
- Please...
- Clear off, sheeb.
Sir, please...
Not now, Nanny Palin.
- What's this?
- Come on!
You keep screwing up.
Answer me! What's this?
Your entry pass to join the force.
You're not a cop yet.
Keep going and you'll fail.
We... Are... Not...
Social... Workers.
Say it.
We are not social workers.
We... Are... Not...
Social... Workers.
We... Are... Not... Social... Workers.
We're here to stop
the shit from hitting the fan.
That's it.
I'm taking over.
Have a java: you're pale as death.
Cut the crap,
you were all smiles with the official.
Think I had a choice?
"The ladies' room's all yours.
See, it's way dirtier than the men's."
Shame you didn't dare.
Can I use your lipstick?
Ping-Pong said right to his face:
"You're bleeding us dry."
He really said that?
More or less, yes.
What reply did he get?
None. The guy offered his hand.
Ping-Pong declined.
He has balls.
Fuck yeah!
Ping-Pong is right.
we were guarding the city hall.
What if a wacko's car plowed into us?
We'd be dead.
Heard that?
Someone's here?
- No one's here.
- Must be the voices in my head.
Poor me...
You know what?
The official has sweaty hands.
But it's winter!
One more reason
not to shake his hand.
United We... FALL
Hey, babe.
I'm not asleep.
You should be, Delphine.
I couldn't.
I knew I wouldn't.
You'll be a mess.
It's gonna rain.
Streets are quiet then.
Rain is a cop's only friend. You'll see.
I bought tiramisu.
Finish it, it's good.
You have such a great body.
I really think so.
I could be your mom.
Age is not the issue.
The place will be yours
for three days: enjoy.
I'll try.
You should go home more often.
If I do,
my folks will get suspicious.
They think I'm a hotel maid.
I'll get busted for sure.
You know it can't last.
I fucked up
like a fool.
Tell them the truth.
No one knows I'm a cop.
I'd be dead. My folks too.
My bro would be finished.
Or he'd kill me.
Won't your parents protect you?
You don't get it.
They're old and tired.
I'm a cop. I must deal with it.
I'll move out at the end of the month.
I found a shared flat.
You could have told me.
I found out yesterday.
I'll be with other cops.
Can't miss the opportunity.
It's close to the station.
I can't afford gas anymore.
I'm 41,
I work nights, never get to see
my husband or my son.
I'm always worn out.
I rent this cheap hotel room.
How dare you?
Don't I rent it too?
Stop patronizing me!
Shut up!
I deal with it. Just like you.
I lost it, sorry.
No worries.
I'm sorry anyway.
Take care, honey.
See you in three days.
I'll find you a roommate.
I won't let you down.
- Wassup babe?
- Wassup nerd?
I know it's late. I'm still at work.
What's the matter?
Where's mom?
I couldn't call yesterday.
Put her on the phone.
I'm on a break at the hotel.
I do extra hours
in the laundry. It's cool.
Just kids playing soccer.
Speak up please.
No, I'm not tired.
I might change positions.
Switch to clerk.
It's the same pay
but I'll get to see more people.
It's only the kids' ball.
Maybe next week.
Ain't you a pig?
You're a pig!
You brought in my dad!
Said I was shakin' kids down.
Call you back.
I never took money from no kid!
My dad kicked my ass because of you!
Fuckin' bitch!
What the fuck?! You bitch!
Fuckin' cunt!
Are you okay?
Are you sure?
I'm off to the ladies' room.
You there?
Shut the fuck up.
Seen her knockers?
Not so loud...
Want the same for your birthday?
- What?
- Who asked you?
What's going on?
Get lost, guys.
Come on, what's it about?
My boobs. They're too small.
Happy now?
Take your shit and scram!
Look me in the face.
Fuck your face!
Excuse me, which way to the clinic?
Right this way.
Bizet district.
Fuck! Not again...
It's useless at this hour.
What's wrong with him today?
You're up early for a change.
Nice bike.
How are you?
Good. You?
I'm good.
So what's up? Tell me.
Nothing special.
You're nowhere to be found.
Then you show up with this bike.
Nowhere to be found?
I missed you.
Come on...
I swear I did.
It's yours?
Got the receipt.
Can you ride?
Tell me. You know how to ride?
Why? Wanna teach me?
- Show some respect.
- If you do too.
- Wanna get smacked?
- Relax.
- What?
- I said cool it.
- You side with Arabs now?
- Couldn't care less.
If you don't show respect,
you won't get any.
You don't care?
- What the hell?
- Yeah, what the hell?
Why is he taking their side now?!
So. I'm all ears.
- Forget it.
- Come on, spit it out.
You're a racist.
I'm a racist?
You're pathetic.
You're the racist.
You treat him like shit.
I'm doing my job.
We both know it.
Let's clear off?
Just a sec.
You think I'm a racist?
- Could be worse.
- "Could be worse."
What did you expect?
Be frank.
- I don't get it.
- See?
Could be worse, I said.
So he's a racist.
"Could be worse" means he is.
He's right. Am I a racist?
Make up your mind.
Could be worse.
We'll never know.
If I search you, will I find weed?
I'm late for work.
Where do you work?
At the supermarket car wash.
I have a son too.
Why didn't you say so? Congrats.
Got weed?
Please boss, gimme a break.
Give me your bike.
It'll be quick.
Turn around.
You know the drill.
You supply?
No. On my son's life.
Okay. Possession for personal use.
Felt his delicate touch?
Turns you on, baby?
Samia is your son's mother, correct?
Samara, right. Pretty girl.
I remove rust with it.
That's all.
Switchblade. Weed.
Means trouble.
Big trouble.
My job...
I'm fucked.
I'm fucked if I'm late.
You'll have to come with us.
- The easy way?
- No!
You move, you get maced.
Get off me!
You bastards!
Why? I didn't do anything!
It's just fries.
What are we doing here?
She won't drop it.
It's sunny.
We should be in the park.
With those shithead students?
Oops, sorry...
What a shitty day.
- Say something.
- What?
- What's wrong with you?
- With me?
You've been on edge all day.
No food in the staff room.
For fuck's sake!
Can't read a door sign?
I don't see any.
It hurts but I'm okay.
Get an x-ray. Now.
You. Go to Ping Pong's.
I can't find him. He's disappeared.
Go with the chicks.
You. Go to the garage.
You. X-ray.
Don't screw me over.
Where does he live?
Word from the chicks:
"Eat shit!"
The garage, really?
Fuckin' boring...
Bizet district...
Well done, boss.
What was all that for?
The bastard broke my wrist.
What the hell for?
Go on...
Bookin' jerks like him.
Is that our fuckin' job?
You do the dirty work,
no matter what it costs us.
Possession of marijuana
and offensive weapon.
Resisting arrest.
Fouad increases our quotas.
Right. We must meet
our fuckin' numbers.
Well done, boss.
And management
gives us a break, too.
Yeah. Management,
officials, all these jerks...
You keep pestering us about them.
Pestering you?
The same way you do
about Arabs and fuckin' quotas.
Who's the racist now?
Don't fuckin' push me!
You're losing it.
This isn't why I'm a cop.
- Why are you, then?
- Surely not to see your ugly mug!
You're losing it too.
I'll go check the cells.
Whaddya think?
What's the point of going there?
It'll change my life.
Comin' with you.
Here to pick one up?
Too bad, he's the quiet type.
Unlike him. Can't stop crying.
Drives me crazy.
What time is it please?
1:00 pm.
Here he goes again.
Where do you take him?
Don't get me in trouble.
Smells awful here.
This is wrong...
We take him back to his cell, now?
I'm not done.
I want more.
Can't get enough, right?
You're such a jerk.
Don't pass out on me.
Keep covering us.
Can you hear me?
We go back to the cell.
Try standing up.
I'll help.
Be strong.
Take your time.
It's so soft to touch.
Real delicate.
Thank you.
I wanted a bigger one.
On the chest, like Rihanna.
A semi-permanent one.
It'd look cheap on me.
You're livid, Tristan...
I'll pick you up.
So we're driving to Bizet?
Can't figure him out.
Let's go.
He lives in this place?!
Don't seem an issue for him.
Maybe nobody knows he's a cop.
Why "Ping-Pong"?
Everybody calls him that. Why?
What's his real name?
We've never spoken.
Ain't that crazy?
Best game I ever saw.
Yeah, why?
The guy sucked big time.
It's insane, man.
It ain't feet he's got.
It's anvils.
He's a total joke. It's sick.
He's hilarious.
Hello gentlemen.
Lift's out of order?
Does it say Otis here?
They can always take the stairs.
Not the social ladder,
it's broken.
The mayor said so.
If the mayor said so...
- Don't believe me?
- Whaddya expect?
You're just scum, man.
I'm scum?
So it says here, right?
We're not looking for trouble.
Someone we need to see.
Third floor.
The old cop?
He's our cop.
Leave him alone.
He's our cop.
We've known him forever.
What did he do?
He's reported missing.
Have you seen him today?
Red down there too?
Hello Ma'am? Or is it Mister?
- Looking for your neighbor.
- What for?
Ma'am it is.
That's progress.
Have you seen him today?
Butt out!
We're the police, Ma'am.
Can you open the door?
No way.
Cops are fighting each other now?
- Just looking for him.
- Ain't that a shame.
Got someone missing too.
Heard you came by this morning.
When will Fouad be back?
We worry, see?
Don't play that game.
We ain't playing.
Are you playing?
On the floor!
Get on the floor!
All of you!
Rollers again!
First time I draw my gun.
Nothing happened.
What's wrong?
Go see your daughter.
Your mom told me
to come see you.
Who did this?
Take a guess.
I'll drive you to school.
What for?
I have to fix this.
What for?
I'm your father.
You're a cop.
It won't happen again.
- It will. You're a cop.
- It won't.
- I'll find a new school.
- And you'll find a new job?
This morning...
a colleague
set his police ID card on fire.
His name is Ping-Pong.
Odd nickname, right?
We were community policemen
back then.
He organized youth tournaments
in the projects.
He found tables, paddles,
even trophies. For free.
The kids knew us better,
and we knew them better.
Some even said hello
when we drove by.
They said hello, really?
One day, it all just stopped.
We were not even consulted.
His real name is Laborderie.
My colleague.
The guys called him
It just stuck to him.
Nice story to tell the girls
who beat me up.
I'll fix this, I promise.
The next station is Airport.
Good time, last night?
Those lousy jokes you make...
- Can't stop being dumb?
- Can't stop being late?
Are you deaf? Lunch break.
I need you here at noon.
Where you going?
To get changed.
For a lunch break?
Be back at noon!
That running suit...
I knew it was you!
Can I have one?
You spend so much on candy.
What's left of your pay?
I'll be assigned to Senegal.
Or Benin.
Which, I forget.
But we get a bonus.
Plus a night in a hotel
with pool and private club.
And a bonus!
Ever been to Africa?
Or on a plane?
I never have.
Hope the deportee will stay still.
My boss won't do it anymore.
passengers side with the deportee
and the plane can't take off.
Would ruin my first mission.
Africa must be dazzling.
Especially now. It's not too hot.
Do you study for the exam?
I won't take it.
You're not meant to be a cop.
Why's that?
- You stay on your own.
- So what?
The colleagues won't accept you.
You don't wanna be a cop anyway.
I can't stand cops, that's for sure.
My brother's a cop.
Told me 'bout the job.
Had no clue what to do.
And cops get paid.
Three-year internship, final exam, etc.
Sure. I know.
As for me, I want the job.
It's my thing.
It's my bro's too.
He asked to become
a criminal investigator.
That's what I plan to do.
I won't spend my career
repatriating people.
To Afghanistan, to Syria,
to Ghana, to Guinea.
To Pakistan or China...
We don't do China much lately.
Indeed. Pakistan either.
You ain't through with that job.
It's not what I signed up for.
Wanna be a cop or what?
It ain't a cop job.
Just look at yourself.
Get lost, asshole.
Someday I'll take a flight.
- To go where?
- Wherever.
And I won't come back.
You alright?
Can I help?
I'll miss you.
Can I have one?
See ya tomorrow.
Your dad said I could...
May I?
Your place was hard to find.
May I?
Can't stand synthetic fabrics.
I didn't mean to soak your bed.
I feel much better.
You must think
I'm not very modest, right?
I don't.
Yes, you do.
Is it modest,
the way you eye me up?
I don't.
Yes, you do.
I wear an underwire bra.
It's so ugly, don't look.
Unless you can't help it.
I don't care, I'm used to it.
Gimme a break.
Usually, boys don't pretend not to look.
You're the angry type.
Considering I'm an Arab...
What do you mean?
Arabs are supposed to be modest.
I'm fed up now.
Don't talk...
Grab them.
He's gonna kill me.
Better not miss the plane 'cos of you.
This is taking forever!
The guy must be hiding.
Can't wait? Go inside, then.
Sorry guys, we can't find him.
He's in the toilet.
Nothing but trouble.
- Hell no.
- Hell yes.
You gave him plenty of time to hide.
It's your fault. Go get him.
When is take-off?
Five past four.
You speak French?
French. You speak French?
No! No!
The bastards...
They all crapped in it.
Nothing but trouble.
You hear me?
Jol! Can you hear me?
I can't hear you.
The little jerk!
The little jerk.
Your jacket's ruined.
Navy blue gets faded real quick.
The problem's not the color.
It's the fabric.
That too.
The tires need a little pump.
I also have safety shoes.
3 euros.
If you need anything else
I'm here every day.
Hello gentlemen.
You! Scram!
I said scram!
Now pack up all your stuff.
Pack it up.
Is this yours?
I don't care.
Pack up your stuff please.
Is this yours?
Put it down and go home.
Where did you find all this?
Speed up!
Can't tell where?
What's this? Pasta!
Where does it come from?
- It's not mine.
- Really?
Show me your ID, sir.
Come on, speed up!
Stop right there!
Want one for your office?
What for?
The boiler's fixed, isn't it?
Fixed. Not replaced.
It'll break down again.
We'll freeze.
Do they work?
I have a feeling they do.
I'll take one, thanks.
How's the kid?
He might have a broken wrist.
Give them a gun,
they act like Robocop.
And we act like garbage collectors.
The peddlers will be back anyway.
Sooner than you think.
Unless it starts raining.
The river bank will get muddy.
It won't stop them.
He attacks me day and night.
Ain't that Nanny Palin?
Nanny Palin!
I remember when I started...
she was such a pain at the desk.
I bet she's talking
about that devil again.
She's hung up on it.
"The Dark Satan".
Good luck, Zineb.
You know her?
A bit.
Nice boobs, your girl.
She's not my girl.
And she's deep in it.
Can't you see
we're treated like dirt?
How to spoil the mood!
He's right.
Cops make perfect scapegoats.
We get flowers, too.
Yeah, right! Even kisses.
Only if you die a hero.
Ain't it right?
How the fuck will it end?
In a fucking shitstorm.
That's how.
Let's go.
Pauline? It's me. Dad.
It's lunch time, so I wondered...
Maybe I'll come visit you
if it's okay
with you and Sylvain.
I can help you with the paint.
If it's not a good time, just tell me.
I'll come later, then.
You tell me?
I love you, sweetie.
Love you.
The kid don't want it.
You're looking for trouble?
Where are your pig friends?
Pick it up.
He's like our slave!
Won't draw your gun?
I won't, buddy.
Why not?
I see no reason.
- Now lick it.
- Fuck yeah!
Draw your gun. Give us a treat.
Lick it, fuckin' pig!
Ain't scared?
He's insane. We'll ruin you, pig!
Draw your fuckin' gun.
Lick it.
Draw your gun.
Lick it.
Draw your gun.
Kiss him! Kiss him!
Watch out, guys.
You're lucky, fuckin' pig.
See you tomorrow.
He's the guy Tristan brought in?
He had a bad fall.
Right, buddy?
I'll get going.
Tristan's trying
to get his release.
CID officer didn't agree yet
so I'm stuck with him.
Can you take him to the john?
I put up with him all day.
Give me a favor.
Then I'll take him to his cell.
Let's go.
Hey, man?
I'm dead beat.
Look at me.
Open your eyes.
Where have you been?
Shit. We call a doctor?
He's on your watch.
Deal with him.
Help me take him to his cell.
There's a video on social media.
I'll open the door.
Ping-Pong is in it.
With a bunch of scumbags.
They call him a fuckin' pig
and spit at him.
Fuckin' pig?
"Draw your gun. Lick it."
"Draw your gun. Lick it."
Sorry, I'm all wet.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
It smells yummy.
Where's the bro?
He called earlier. Couldn't hear him.
I left a message to tell him to hurry.
- How was the game?
- Lame but fun.
He's staying at your place?
It stinks in his room.
The bro never airs out?
Can you call him?
What for? He's late as usual.
Go sit down, I'll be a minute.
Aren't we comfy here?
You look like shit, Drago.
I know, Dad.
We'll start eating when he arrives.
Stuffed squid...
Jol won't take the exam.
That's what you wished.
What I wished? Well, you know
my views on cops. Anyway.
Your views on cops...
Sure. Whatever.
Can we stop arguing, comrade?
Loosen up.
I'm relaxed.
Aren't cops supposed
to protect people?
We are. Among other things.
But yes, mostly.
If it were true,
Jol would be happy to be a cop.
What's your point?
Tell me.
You keep picking on the weak.
- Instead of doing your job.
- The weak?
The weak. The poor. You see?
Little people.
Stop pretending you don't get it.
Stop harping on the same bullshit.
Aren't you ashamed?
- I didn't want you to be a cop.
- Dad...
You were a gifted student.
You mean cops are dumb?
I had higher hopes for you.
Not tonight...
I'm beat.
Who's taking care of you
since Galle left?
And you? Since Mom died?
Galle took her decision.
So did I.
Whether you like it or not, I'm a cop.
See where it takes you?
Jol did this.
We got into a fight about his exam.
What did I do wrong
with you kids?
- Nothing, Dad.
- Of course I did.
I must have, if my sons fight.
Jol won't be a cop.
At least you did that right.
We'll stop fighting.
I'll be missing it
but we 'll stop.
My son?
What now?
In the showers....
The showers?
He hanged himself.
I figured it out.
Pascal took a sick leave.
For how long?
I can't tell.
He'll be off to a rest home
Tonight it's just us, then.
How old is Pascal?
So young...
Poor thing...
You take the wheel?
I've stopped shaving.
I noticed. So what?
How do I look?
You asked me...
It fucking itches now.
Then shave.
Why awkward?
I don't know. It's just awkward.
You want my razor?
Don't worry,
I don't use it on my bikini line.
I'm not worried.
I only do my legs.
Otherwise I go to the beautician.
I can't stand wax. Hot or cold.
You want my razor?
Make up your mind.
Why awkward? Tell me.
Do girls find you attractive?
I think so.
Well, there you are.
Why worry then?
Just shave.
Laborderie? Is that you?
- How long has it been?
- Nine years.
I was like... 23?
Holy shit.
What are you doing here?
I was thirsty.
How are things at the precinct?
I'm still around, as you can see.
Done with work?
Just starting.
You taught me everything.
I was so stupid back then.
I must shave.
- Do I look awkward?
- Awkward?
Holy shit, Laborderie...
Take care of yourself.
You wished for rain...
Won't be much action tonight.
Sorry, I spaced out.
I ran into a former colleague.
He was my trainer
after I finished school.
He's looking old.
Why are you laughing?
I'm just smiling.
You're lucky.
You still look young.
You too.
Look at the road.
You change the subject.
Focus on work.
Change the subject again.
Don't want to talk about it.
What can we talk about?
Pascal not coming back?
He will.
He won't.
You know it as well as I do.
He's your friend, dammit.
Sure. But he's having
a motherfuckin' breakdown.
He's fucked-up. Understand?
What's the matter with you?
Same thing every time.
You take everything wrong.
You really suck.
I'm sorry.
I should stop asking questions.
I wish Pascal were here.
We need a partner.
The two of us don't work.
You're beautiful.
I know.
I'm in love with you.
I know.
Think it could have worked
you and me?
You're handsome.
You really are.
I love you...
Just not the way you do.
We're both cops. It would be a disaster.
Are you mad at me?
We talked about it.
Good thing.
Heard that?
What's it about?
A colleague is missing.
His name is... Laborderie.
Are you sure?
Too bad it's raining.
Boy or girl?
Picked up a name?
I have a daughter.
A big one. She's 30.
She's pregnant. Just like you.
Don't talk to him.
Shitty evening...
Pardon my French.
Can I buy a cigarette?
Draw your gun!
Right here.
It's the street
we see on the video.
He left his gun.
It didn't click to me.
He looks kind.
Didn't struck me this morning.
Why the nickname?
I have no idea.
It sounds so phony.
Got your diving gear?
Good evening, sir.
Have you been drinking?
We had a small party,
with the colleagues.
Where was that?
It's 12 miles from here.
Got a breath test?
It's kaput.
We played with it while drinking.
Lots of drinking, right?
Lots of peanuts mostly.
License and registration please.
Remain seated, sir.
Can't reach my back pocket.
My belly's stuck under the wheel.
Stay inside the car.
I'll get the test.
- I'm getting out
- Don't.
I can't reach my papers.
Remain seated!
For fuck's sake!
Delphine! Fuck!
Your hand!
What'd you do that for?
Shit! I knew he was gonna puke,
the fat dork.
I forgot my bag
was on the back seat.
It reeks of whiskey.
Want perfume?
Whiskey, peanuts and pepperoni...
Pepperoni indeed.
You asked about Laborderie?
No news yet.
Does it still stink?
I'm hungry.
How about the Basque restaurant?
It's way too pricey.
I've got an idea.
It's empty.
Hurry, it won't last.
Not so fast, slow down.
Don't cry, honey.
You know what?
Come to the carnival, okay?
You'll be there in no time.
You won't be a bother.
Call me when you get here.
What in thunderation!
Honey, are you back?
How's your pregnancy going?
How's Sylvain?
I'd be happy to help renovate.
Your mother's here...
Not a good time, then.
It's not a good idea.
I'm not off work.
I just have some free time.
I'm not on sick leave either.
No, I'm telling the truth.
I just want to see you, that's all.
The week-end after? Perfect for me.
Guess where I am?
No, not with my lover.
The carnival I took you as a kid.
I'll take your son there too.
It's not the same rides, of course.
It's empty right now.
It rained buckets.
The carnies are pissed.
No, I'm not heading to the dodgems.
I'm heading to bed.
See you in ten days.
Love you too, darling.
They checked his place?
Keep me posted.
Still no news from him.
I don't like this.
What are we doing here?
You look pale, Delphine.
Let's go.
What about Zineb?
We'll meet in the parking lot.
Step up, lovebirds,
and win something.
Is it me or everything's wrong today?
It's not you.
It's everything. It's our job.
I know, the uniform...
I'm here to meet my roommate.
She works at headquarters.
Have a nice evening.
I'm glad I ran into you.
Everyone's looking for you.
I know.
I don't answer my phone.
It's my brother.
I don't answer either.
I wouldn't know what to tell him.
He can't understand
what I'm going through.
Having a hard time?
I knew what to expect.
But still, it's hard.
Hang on.
Think I'll make a good cop?
I'm sure you will.
- Really?
- Yes, officer.
What's your real name?
I didn't see you, alright?
They don't need to know.
Are you okay?
You don't talk to cops, I know.
I'm worried about your girlfriend.
Her belly seems to hurt.
Are you alright?
Contractions started?
You should go home and rest.
You carry your baby high.
Web tutorials, asshole.
It's all available in stores.
A 9-volt battery and that's it.
Where's your rod?
I beg you.
The bastard's begging us.
You don't have no rod?
What you gonna do?
I told you.
They're back.
What you gonna do?
Come on, kids...
- We ain't kids.
- Yes, you are.
Whoever you are.
We ain't your kids.
We are the children of the martyrs.
It stinks less, uh?
You'll be home in the morning.
Don't look at me that way.
I'm tired.
Nothing will happen between us.
Move away!
We're cops.
There's one of your colleagues.
That face of mine...
Can I use your lipstick?
The other one.
I lost it.
It's that or nothing, hon.
Yes, I just got here.
No, stay with your family.
Take care too.
We've heard you were there.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
We'll gather
in front of the city hall at noon.
They were siblings.
It was long planned.
We searched his laptop.
You feel okay?
I'm fine.
- Who's at the complaint desk?
- No one.
- I'll handle it.
- You sure?
I saw him every day.
We never spoke.
Told you anything?
He told me to hang on.
I'm fed up with those beggars.
Who's first?
He came back last night.
The devil.
The Dark Satan.
I'll write this down.
We couldn't reach you.
I searched your stuff.
Found this address.
We couldn't reach you.
I got scared.