Copa-Loca (2017) Movie Script

Copa Loca...
That's the name of this place.
The summer in Copa Loca is wild.
Copa Loca is an open paradise
for everyone.
Tourists arrive by the thousands.
They run, they dive, they slide...
...they take positions
under the sun...
...and wait to catch fire.
In the winter, the few remaining
residents of Copa Loca...
...recall past summers.
And feverishly prepare
for the summers to come.
This is Paulina.
The girl in the heart of Copa Loca.
Everyone knows her
and everyone cares for her.
And she cares about everyone.
No one is left out.
Old fashioned...
...Pina Colada, Bloody Marry...
The people of Copa Loca know
all the cocktails inside out.
Mai Tai.
French 75.
Gin Fizz, Piscu Sour,
Sex on the Beach...
Martini, Negroni,
Daiquri, Boulevardier...
Sidecar, French 75,
Old Fashioned...
Pina Colada, Brooklyn,
Manhattan, Mai Tai, Jack Rose...
I'm going to fuck you up.
Jack Rose or Tom Collins?
Brooklyn or Manhattan?
In Copa Loca, people have dilemmas,
all year around.
If the dilemmas was between apples
and bananas, the choice would be easy.
Bananas for everyone,
all year round.
The state's donation
to the people of Copa Loca.
Hey, where are you going?
If you were born with a flaw...
...and you didn't have fingers,
Would you prefer
to have four fingers or six?
Paulina's dilemmas
keep the residents alert...
...all day round.
Even the smallest dilemma
can turn into a drama...
...or an unprecedented
exotic adventure.
Would you prefer... die, while you're dancing... Lambada?
Or Macarena?
If you're born with six fingers,
you can do many more things.
First of all, it's more practical,
there's no question about it.
Secondly, you have the option to cut
the sixth finger, if you don't like it.
The useless one, the pinky, or the
sixth one that could extend from here.
Because there's a reason
we have this gap here.
You can cut it and have five fingers
like everyone else.
If you keep six fingers you can improve
your piano skills, your guitar skills...
...cook better, masturbate better,
freak people out better.
I don't need to argue about it.
Six fingers is a much better choice.
Four fingers is a stupid choice.
In Copa Loca,
the houses have decks.
They also have a bow,
a steering wheel and a pole.
Come upstairs.
Big houses,
spacious and very heavy.
And waterproof.
I saw your mother.
She asked me
when you are going to go home.
How was she?
No make up...
Blonde hair, dark roots...
In a bad state.
- We agreed...
- Please!
One last time, please...
This is the center of Copa Loca.
Every summer, the tourists
arrive by the thousands.
They run, they dive...
They slide and
sink in the summer fever.
Hi, Babar.
Hi, Paulina.
OK, I'll be waiting over there,
if you change your mind...
Copa Loca is a planet
at the other end of Space.
Gradually, the planet moves away
from the sun.
The hearts of people
cannot cope with the cold.
One by one,
they surrender to the frost...
...and wait for the end of the world.
This is Paulina.
I had to come back into her life.
What do you want?
Get in the car.