Copy (2018) Movie Script

Where is the security guard?
- I don't know, sir.
Whose car is this?
Whose car is this?
Whose car is this?
I don't know, sir.
I went out for breakfast..
- You went out for breakfast!
Yes, sir.
Do you know where my office is?
Yes, sir.
Do you know my secretary?
Yes, sir.
- Do this..
Go to her
and give her your resignation.
Is that understood?
I don't want to see your face
from tomorrow!
Everyone, get back to work.
Our boss is here!
I have to use the restroom..
Hold it, he's in a bad mood.
- I really have to go.
Happy anniversary, sir!
Fire the security guard.
He is good-for-nothing.
But why?
Vani, do you have
any other work?
Because I have a lot of work to do.
Sir, today is your anniversary.
So, I was thinking if I should
buy some gifts for Ms. Mamta.
Mamta has me.
That's her best present.
On your way out,
shut the door.
Oh, no!
I am so sorry!
I mean..
- It's okay.
- It's okay!
- Sid, it's okay!
It's ruined.
I will get another one.
- But it's just a cake, Sid.
Don't be silly.
Come on, let's cut the cake.
Come, let's cut it.
- Yes. - Okay..
"Happy anniversary to us.."
"Happy anniversary to us.."
Here you go.
Small piece..
This is amazing.
You should open a bakery, you know?
- But I didn't make it.
I bought it.
Still, it is also a talent
to select the right cake.
You know, you should
never underestimate yourself.
You are very good
at wooing women.
That reminds me of something.
Very good.
My beloved..
The love of my life..
For God's sake,
please stop it!
Come on,
that sounds so cheesy!
No, please..
- Come on, no..
No, please don't say that!
I have worked hard for this.
- Okay.
Please, allow me to do so.
- Okay.. All yours..
My beloved..
The love of my life,
my sweetheart.. - Wow!
If I have your permission
I'd like to present this to you.
Sid, this watch!
How do you know
about this watch?
You have been looking at this
watch online since two months.
It's time for you to wear it.
Thank you.
But I didn't get
anything for you..
Oh, come on,
please don't start with all this.
This watch..
Just like this watch..
You are my prized possession.
And I can't stay away
from you even for a minute.
I swear.
What about the eight hours
that you spend at work
away from me?
Excluding the eight hours.
- Right.
Yes, please..
- Okay. Okay..
Now, go and get changed.
I can smell the odour
of your sweat. - Hey..
- Yes?
I need to ask you a question.
- Yes, go ahead.
Well, our anniversary is today..
- Yes.
Then why are we hosting
the party tomorrow?
Good question.
Because, Siddharth..
- Yes?
Today, you are only mine.
- Wow!
And I don't want to share you
with anyone tonight.
Actually, you are very good
at wooing men.
I have wooed one man,
mission accomplished.
Now, go!
Hey, listen! Where are you?
- I am coming.
- Bless you.
The husband is going
to kill his wife
for the sake of his girlfriend.
He will get caught.
He will never get caught
if he is careful.
- Yes.
Okay, now let's watch.
You know, before I met you
I never believed some people
are meant to be together.
Now, I totally believe it.
Just watch the movie.
You'll miss the action.
Why don't we do some
other kind of action?
- No, I mean..
No, I mean..
- Yes?
No, are you serious?
Don't I look serious?
- Come on, now.
Do you want some action?
- Yes.
Don't you want to?
Today, I am definitely going
to be late.
After a late night show
on a weekday
it's hard to wake up early
on the following day.
Well, listen.
- Yes?
Before I forget.
The party is at 8 p.m.
Don't forget.
Should I get something?
- Yes.
Bring yourself.
Hey, by the way
did you see my new watch?
Oh, wow!
Who gave it to you?
The best husband in the world.
Update me.
Sir, I took your car
and reached home on time,
for your anniversary.
I didn't let your wife
feel your absence.
I was affectionate towards her,
spoke in a loving manner
gave her a gift
and ate the cake.
Did you give her a gift?
Who asked you to give her a gift?
People do give gifts
on an anniversary, sir.
The chapter on marriage
in The Robot Guide
to Human Relations says this.
Listen, I don't care about
what your guide says.
Why did you spend my money
without my permission?
Sir, your data says,
your house, money, car
business and everything
belongs to your wife, Mamta.
Shut up!
You are here to fool everyone else,
not me. Is that clear?
I'm sorry, sir.
Hereafter, I'll ask your permission
before spending your money.
You better do.
You have a cold.
I will have to copy this as well.
Can you sneeze as well?
From the odour of sweat to
the symptoms of every disease..
Everything can be copied.
There's an application
on your phone.
Open the application
and press 'simulate'.
This contains general information.
How will it copy
the kind of infection I have
from a particular virus?
Sir, please choose
the 'manual' option.
Excuse me.
All right, go inside now.
- Yes, sir.
Rohan Saxena is waiting for you,
in your cabin.
- Yes, sir.
Just get me a box
of tissues, fast!
Yes, sir.
- Hello, sir.
What brings you here?
Sir, is everything all right?
- Of course.
Why won't it be?
- Can I?
I got an alert that there's
been a manual operation.
Close the door and don't let anyone
inside my cabin.
Yes, sir.
Well, I got an alert
for manual operation..
Yes, I did it.
As you can see,
I have a cold.
Oh, then it's okay.
In that case
there are a few standard checks.
Will your give
your left thumb print, please?
To verify if you are Sid.
Actually, the clones we make
are almost identical
and it's hard to differentiate
between the robot and the human.
Whenever there's
a manual simulation
we have to double-check.
Why the left thumb impression?
That's enough.
Every robot's left thumb
is purposely left blank.
No fingerprints.
Okay, sir.
My cold is getting worse.
Sir, the health monitor
in your watch
is giving me all the information.
As your cold gets worse,
so will mine.
You're gone if it doesn't.
Is that clear?
Here you go.
This is paracetamol!
What do you mean?
I am allergic to paracetamol!
Why didn't you get it
by yourself?
What's wrong?
You have fever.
Listen, should we cancel the party?
- No..
I will be fine.
I have brought medication.
I will be fine
after taking it.
Sid, this is paracetamol.
- So what?
Are you crazy? You are
allergic to paracetamol.
Wait, I will get another medicine.
You are watching television
all the time.
There are things
that are more interesting.
Do you want to see?
I am not in a mood.
I have a bad cold and am hungry.
Do you want me to cook something?
So that my stomach also gets
upset along with this cold.
Never mind,
let's order from outside.
I can make soup.
- Please forget about it.
Only Mamta knows how to make
the kind of soup I prefer.
Then go and stay with her.
Why do you come to me?
Please don't start this now!
So annoying!
Here you go.
If you don't feel better,
we shall cancel the party
and go to the doctor.
- Okay.
Thank you.
I am fine..
Hey, Jeet!
Stop! Stop it!
Jeet, what're you doing..
- Jeet, stop cheating!
I am not cheating.
- I saw it. Did you see that?
Mamta! Mamta, see..
If Sid says so,
you must have cheated.
Did you see that?
- You are caught.
I mean, love is truly blind.
- Right!
What do you mean?
I didn't cheat,
and yet, you think I did.
Sid has been scamming
your company for years now
and you can't see that.
What rubbish!
How is that related to this game?
Rubbish? Why don't you ask him?
Sid, tell her.
Sid and I are married.
The company doesn't belong to me.
It belongs to Sid and me.
It's ours.
Whatever is mine is his as well.
It's your company, your money..
You can do whatever you want!
Yes, Jeet.
This is our house.
And you're not welcome here
I am sorry, guys.
Did she do that for me?
Did she really say that about me?
Sir, the cameras in my eyes
had recorded everything.
If you want,
I can play it on television.
I didn't know that Mamta
still feels the same way for me.
I was fed up of her nagging.
Sometimes, I wanted to..
Then I thought,
you're a better option.
Where are you?
Oh, no! Why didn't you tell me
she was home?
Sir, you came suddenly, so..
I will go and see..
- No! Stay here.
Come on, take off your t-shirt.
Since she is trusting me
I have to go to her.
Take this, and go inside.
Go on.
- Okay.
Hey, thank God!
Tell me. Which one?
Which one do you like?
This one, or the other?
Sid, I am getting late..
Sid, come on.
We should go to a place
like this for a holiday.
Let's go then.
How can we plan right now?
- Why?
I can't afford it
at this moment.
It's okay.
I can pay for it.
You never let go of any occasion
to make me realise
that I am financially
dependent on you.
When did I say that?
- But that's what you meant.
Now I know why you said all that
in front of your friends
last night.
And why is that?
- You wanted to exhibit
that you are a big-hearted person
and I am so petty
in front of you.
It's better to partner
with a machine like you
than to have a wife like this.
- That can't happen, sir.
Neither can you become a machine,
nor can I turn into a human.
Is it necessary for you
to talk sense every time?
Is it written in your
robot guide? - Yes, sir.
My robot guide is..
- Shut up! Just shut up!
To hell with your robot guide!
I don't want anybody.
Neither you, nor Mamta.
And specifically, I don't need
that wisdom from you.
Don't you need Mamta?
There's an old-fashioned way
to get rid of one's wife.
That would've worked
better than you.
- 'Hello.'
- 'Yes, sir?'
Rohan, I want to meet you.
I want to put an end
to this robot contract. Yes.
Get inside.
Just go!
Actually, he left the office
just now. Can I take.. No..
Hold on.. Sir, Rohan Saxena
is on the phone.
Shall I transfer the call
to your cabin?
Yes, please.
Sir, your shirt..
Oh, right..
I spilled some coffee on it.
So, I changed it.
I always keep a spare shirt
in my car.
By the way, Vani, I like it.
You take care of all my things.
Thank you.
Yes, Rohan?
- 'Hello, sir.'
'You asked me to come down
for a meeting.'
Y-Yes, I do remember
but I'll be busy
for a few days.
We'll meet after a few days.
'Okay, sir. Whenever you're free.'
'Thank you, sir.'
- Sure.
Thank you, Rohan.
- 'Bye, sir.'
Sir, Edward is here.
He wanted to meet you.
I told him that you can't
meet him, but still..
No, please.
Bring him in.
I made a mistake, sir.
Please forgive me.
Sir, you had fired him.
- Sir, I'll never repeat it.
Please. You don't have
to do this. Please.
Resume his services.
And, give him a hike
of 25 per cent.
Okay, sir.
Thank you.
- Please.. - Thank you.
Well, why just Edward?
Give a 25 per cent hike
to the entire staff.
Yes, why not?
Thank you, sir.
- You're most welcome.
I'll just tell them.
- Sure.
'Sid, are you still in the office?'
'I have been waiting for you.'
I am sorry,
I am leaving right now.
'Please come soon.'
Yes, I'll be there soon.
Hey, you reached so fast.
What was so urgent that you
called me from the office?
Sid, I am very upset.
And I am very confused.
- What's the confusion?
You'll have to make a choice.
Would you choose to be
with Mamta or me?
- Are you serious?
Of course I am. - No,
I mean, are you really serious?
Did you call me here
to discuss this?
Yes, Sid, because it's important.
We've discussed this
numerous times.
Then why can't
you make a choice?
What do you want to know?
- Would you choose to be
with Mamta or me?
Is this a pattern
in every woman?
Do you have to bring up
the same topic every 15 days?
Do you want to hear the truth?
Then listen.
I am not a fool, okay?
I can't leave my wife
only to marry another.
Let things be the way they are.
And if it doesn't suit you,
then leave me.
And help me get rid
of this relationship.
I'll be well off
without you two. Okay?
Is there anything else which is
very urgent for you to talk on?
Excuse me, sir.
Everyone keeps
chattering around.
I can't even sit peacefully
for a while.
What the.. Hey!
Who did this?
Are you dumb?
I asked you, who did this?
Who broke the windshield
of my car?
What's wrong with you?
Are you even blind?
Why do you work here?
I'll get you fired from this job.
Just wait and watch.
- Excuse me, sir.
You broke it by yourself.
And now, you are trying
to put the blame on me?
Let me see how you get me fired.
Did you say I did this?
- Yes.
Are you saying I have
smashed my own car? - Yes.
Rascal, did I do this to my car?
- Sir, leave me. - Sid..
You come drunk and lie!
- You did. - Leave him.
Leave him. - I'll hit you.
- Go. I am so sorry.
He gets drunk at work
and blames me. - Please. Go.
What's wrong with you? Please.
Look at the way he's talking to me!
Sid.. - Just look at the way he's
talking to me. - Please calm down.
Sid, this is my society.
I stay here. - Fine.
Cheers to Mr. Sid.
One shot, come on..
- Cheers!
Who's going to start fast?
- Cheers! - Cheers..
Cheers. - What's happening here?
- Sir..
What's happening here?
Vani! What the hell
is happening here?
Sir, everybody is celebrating
the increment that you announced.
- Yes, sir.
Have you lost your mind?
What's wrong with everyone today?
Now, what is he doing here?
You asked him to resume duty
a few minutes ago.
Did I? - Yes, sir.
- Have you..
Come with me.
Did I come here?
- Are you very sure?
Yes, sir.
But you were wearing a blue shirt.
I know what you are up to.
I brought you as my copy
but now you are
plotting against me.
Well, you're right on your part.
When I have deceived everyone
with my personality
how can I expect you
to follow my instructions?
What you did with Mamta
was wrong.
That's my personal matter.
Who are you to interfere in that?
You are wrong on your part.
Whatever you are doing
with Simona..
Just shut up!
Now, will you show me
the right way?
And what do you know about her?
What do you know?
She's far better than Mamta.
At least she never boasts
about her money.
You don't deserve Mamta.
How dare you!
How dare you talk to me like that!
Have you forgotten that
you're just a toy that I bought?
I can play or throw you away
according to my need. Got it?
I have been created
exactly like you.
Our tissues, bones, hair, skin..
Everything is identical.
Everything has been copied
but they couldn't copy
the filth of your heart.
Do you have one?
So, you have a heart,
and you've lost it to Mamta.
Have you started to love her?
Just wait.
And watch me crush your heart.
I'll take care of Mamta later.
'Hello, sir.'
Hello, Rohan.
- 'Yes, sir.'
Come and meet me.
I need to talk to you.
Sir, I was coming to meet you
but you asked me to come
after a few days.
Rohan, I..
Yes, Rohan.
I am really sorry.
It skipped my mind.
'Shall I come tomorrow, sir?'
Yes, please come tomorrow.
Thank you.
'Okay, sir.'
Congratulations, sir!
You own your copy
permanently now.
Thank you, Rohan.
Thank you.
Actually, you see,
I am getting used to him.
Yes, I can understand.
That's your copy.
Thank you.
But, Rohan, I wanted
to tell you something.
- Yes, sure.
This whole matter is strictly..
It's confidential, sir.
The entire procedure
is confidential.
Every client of ours
is exclusive.
We keep their information
to us.
Whatever you do..
Whatever you intend
your copy to do..
No one will get to know about it.
Thank you, sir.
- Good.
Sir, one more thing.
You'll have
to confirm your identity
in order to upgrade your status
from temporary to permanent.
Just a second, sir.
Here you go.
No, sir, the left one.
Oh, yes..
Here, right?
- Yes, sir.
It's done, sir.
It's done, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much, Rohan!
- Welcome. - Thank you.
What's the matter?
Come inside.
You asked me to choose between
Mamta and you, right?
These are the keys
to your house.
Go to hell.
Hello, Mamta.
Would you like to go for a movie?
With whom?
There's a good-looking guy
by the name of Siddharth.
But my husband shouldn't
come to know about it.
I stayed with your husband.
He didn't get a hint.
Now he has planned
to go on a holiday with you.
With Sid?
I can't even stand that
freeloader for a second.
Anyway, what did you say?
You asked me to be a good wife.
So, I said yes to him.
You agreed?
Without my consent?
You are of no use.
Let me handle you first.
And then I'll handle Sid.
What did you mean by that?
- 'Yes, ma'am.'
I need to meet you,
and it's urgent.
I want to cancel the contract.
You're looking gorgeous.
Thank you.
Are you going somewhere tonight?
Yes, I am going for a movie.
Oh, with whom?
With a guy named Siddharth.
I am so sorry, I forgot to tell you
that he won't be able to come.
So, you'll have to manage with me.
Okay, I'll manage.
You'll manage?
- Yes, I'll manage.
- Don't worry.
Let's go!
She'll manage!