Cora Bora (2023) Movie Script

["Get Out Of My House" playing]
You never wanna touch me
You only wanna make me cry
You never ever call me
You think that
you can just come by
Then every time I see you
Standin' in the door
I feel alive
But now I understand that's
Just you messin'
with my mind
Get out of my house
I don't wanna know ya
Get out of my house
I don't wanna know ya
Get out of my house
I don't wanna know ya
Get out of my house
I don't wanna know ya
I love bein' on my own
without you
Takin' off my clothes
without you
Thought I needed your glow
Needed you to be whole
But I'm better alone woo!
Get up get out of my house
Get up get out of my house
Get up get out of my house
Come on get out
I think I wanna romance
I think I wanna happy-cry
I think I want sunshine
Streaming out of my two eyes
I think I wanna wake up
In the mornin'
glad to be alive
Don't wanna roll over
and see you
You remind me life
is terrifying
Get out of my
Dreams are stupid
And so are you
for believing in them
Dreams are stupid
and we're all dumb
And all who wander
are totally lost
All who wander are
totally fucking lost
[scattered applause]
Thank you. Um, that song
was about you guys.
[Cora chuckles] Um...
The next song is called
"I Don't Want To
Hear You Anymore."
Please follow my Instagram.
[Cora strums guitar]
What is so important
About being in Portland
I think you need to
change your life
I'm sick of you standing
in my doorway
Don't want to hear you
[Cristina] Hey.
Hey, Cristina!
My manager.
Hi, Cora!
Uh, Darren.
Cristina's boyfriend.
We went to school together.
I-I introduced you guys.
-Oh, yeah, okay.
So, uh, that was--
[Darren] Really so good.
[Cristina] Different.
Like it was so killer, uh...
One minute.
Justine, baby, hi.
Oh, my God, yeah,
I totally killed it.
Yeah, it was really amazing.
One minute, one minute.
Uh, we need to talk after, if...
[Darren] Great show!
Yeah, so many, so many
people from all over.
It costs nothing to be nice.
["Bad Thing" playing]
Wake up hand up
on my forehead
Can't believe this is
the way I live
Even now
Still somehow
Told my mom it was
the last time
Told myself maybe
it's okay one more time
[Cora] Yeah, just
I've always been performing.
And I know it's cliche
to say this, but like,
that talent show really
changed my life, you know?
Wait, so why did
you leave Portland?
Um, there's just so many
opportunities for me in LA.
There's, like,
way more for me in LA.
That's interesting,
I thought
Portland had a really good
music scene.
No. Um, no.
Short answer.
Long answer.
Um, it was kind of a big fish
in a little pond situation.
Well, I'd love to
hear the music.
Uh, yeah, I'll definitely
send it over
as soon as my
SoundCloud is setup.
I'm having some login...
It's like...
You guys are so cute.
You're like cutest couple
at the party award.
My girlfriend's still
in Portland. I miss her.
Shit. Long distance is icky.
Yeah, it sucks.
But we're open.
Like open, open?
-Makes it a little easier.
We just like can sleep with
whatever random person
we want to.
And it's like, really works
for us, I don't know,
like, I'm happy.
You seem happy.
I was in an open thing one time.
I just didn't know that it
was open when I was in it.
So then one day I was like,
"Oh, fuck."
-You know what I mean?
I know.
She was mean to me.
Yeah, well, that is sad,
but that's different,
'cause, uh, this was my idea.
That's cool.
[people chattering]
Yeah, if you're not gonna
smoke it, just hand it to me.
Did they say
they had pizza here?
Bad bad bad
I did a bad thing
I wasn't thinking
Fuck, I'm high.
I did a bad thing
I wasn't thinking
What you making?
Um, you know, I don't really
know what I'm doing here.
-What you got so far?
What's in your drink?
Oh, well, so far,
I've got some dry vermouth.
And then, um, whatever this is.
-What is that?
-Olive oil.
-Okay, just a little bit.
And, of course, tequila.
-You like tequila?
We can call it
"The Whatever's Left."
Hey, I like that.
You're getting it on my arm.
-I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
-That's okay.
Here, you can wipe it
on my sweater.
-You want some?
Here you go.
Oh, thank you,
the beautiful one.
-Ugh, it's so bad.
-Ugh, I know.
Sorry, I-I don't have
anything to chase it with.
I'm Travis.
I'm Cora.
[upbeat music]
I love this song.
Do you want to go to...
-[both] Dance?
-In the bathroom?
[music continues]
[people chattering]
So this is my apartment.
That's great.
Smells different.
"Farmer's market",
where the farmers go.
[Cora laughs]
Oh, you hate gluten.
I used to think I was
gluten intolerant,
and then I realized
I don't know what that is.
Those are my ex's.
Keep 'em right up front.
What a prince.
That is so funny.
She was a graphic designer.
-Oh, shit, did she die?
-What? No.
She just moved out.
She's in Santa Monica now.
Ugh, Santa Monica sucks.
So douchey.
I don't know why anybody
would want to live there.
This seat taken?
-No, I'm just kidding.
Is that real?
[Travis] Um, yeah.
[Cora] Okay, yeah.
I mean, who knows, right?
Mm-hmm, yeah, I know.
Yeah, I know.
It's like, okay.
-Oh, my gosh, I'm sorry.
I'm being so rude. Um, do you
want anything to drink?
-Glass of water, or something?
-Those are the only...
I think I've got water
and then, uh,
I might have some ice, too.
That tastes good, yeah.
Keep hydrated, right?
[glass clinking]
[water pouring]
-Hey, some waters--
-Hi, Cowboy.
[gentle music]
[garbage truck beeps]
[Travis cries]
Oh, hey.
Are you crying?
What did I do?
[Travis gasping]
-Can I call someone?
-I miss Katie.
[Travis breathes deeply]
-All right, cool. Um...
Why can't you be her?
What...the hell?
I just...
Katie would never sleep
with some random dude.
What? You're the random dude.
[Cora] If it makes
you feel better,
she's probably getting
boned by some guy
with like a glass balcony
patio situation
in Santa Monica
at this very moment.
You should be glad that
I'm not Katie, okay?
She sounds like an asshole.
With her
"live, laugh, love" signs.
Made by enslaved children
in China, by the way.
I would never make you
my girlfriend.
Okay, first of all, I never
asked to be your girlfriend.
Second of all,
I'm in a really loving
relationship with my girlfriend.
You have a girlfriend?
And third of all,
the world's fucking round! Okay?
-We don't know that for sure.
-Oh, yes, we do!
It's a ball!
What is wrong with you?
I'm just gonna leave this
for my show.
Oh God
Do I need God?
Who is God?
I've never had God
Oh God
[music continues]
I don't ever want
to be alone
Maybe I should call my mom
And say I'm moving home
I'm tired of saying
bless this mess
But I'm too in love
with Los Angeles
If I give up
I'll regret it
when I'm old
[line ringing]
[Justine] Hey, it's Justine.
Leave a message.
Spending all my twenties
not believing anything
[phone buzzes]
Oh God
Calling that many times...
Hey, babe
[Justine] Don't do that,
all right?
Don't talk
about her like that.
She's been through a lot.
That's why she's a lot.
[Riley] I know.
I'm just protective of you,
[phone dings]
Oh, fuck.
Don't want to hear you
Don't want to hear you
Don't want to hear you
Thank you.
Uh, this next song is called
"Dreams Are Pointless
And Stupid."
Thank you.
Have a great day.
Yeah, have a good day.
Why try and be
a better person when
I'm sorry.
Dating apps exist
You can swipe right
and meet someone
Who's sexist
I'll tell you what I've
learned in no uncertain terms
Dreams are stupid
and so are you
For believing in them
Dreams are stupid
and we're all dumb
And all who wander
are actually totally lost
All who wander are
totally fucking lost
-[Katie clapping]
-Thank you for the claps.
-That's nice.
-You're Cora, right?
-Okay, yeah.
So I guess you fucked
my boyfriend last night.
The one with the...
Travis, his name is Travis.
I know, but he said you guys
weren't together anymore.
Yeah, well I was planning
on getting back together.
I haven't even moved
my stuff out yet.
Yeah, I, I get it, man.
He's like, hot.
And he's got that
not-too-bright but like,
I mean, he doesn't
believe in science,
but like, who cares 'cause
he's got that big dick, right?
[espresso machine steams]
What is wrong with you?
Nothing, I'm good.
-You're good?
-Yeah, I'm totally good.
I'm like, having fun.
That's awesome.
Oh, my God.
By the way, your flier
is fucking garbage.
How many fonts can you fit
on one piece of paper?
Yeah, really n-nice. Classy.
Fuck, damn it.
Like, that's so low.
That's my instrument... case.
That's like, what I need...
I need it for my music,
to like, carry
my music around, right?
Yeah, yeah, she's insane.
Hey, uh,
so I have some news.
Oh, my God,
I got a record deal.
-No, in what world--
-Okay, what is it?
Well, first of all...
I'm engaged.
All right, cool.
That's, hey, that's cool.
-That's exciting.
-You know what?
I should have known you
wouldn't be supportive.
What? I-I'm sorry. I just...
I didn't know you were
into that kind of thing.
What kind of thing, marriage?
Okay, well,
what's the other thing?
You said first of all.
Oh, um...
Darren and I are moving to
Austin to start a microbrewery.
Oh, my God.
I thought you were kidding.
-You know what?
You can be a real
fuck-shit sometimes.
I'm sorry.
And obviously, I won't
be representing you
in your "music career" anymore.
Did you just put
my career in quotes?
Okay, that's not really
something a bride would do.
Just saying.
Just saying!
[line rings]
[Justine] Hey, it's Justine.
Leave a message.
[instrumental music]
[leaf blower whirring]
[video call ringing]
-[Justine] Hey.
Sorry, I missed your call.
I was running errands.
Oh, no. I didn't call.
It must have been an accident.
-You called like three times.
-Yeah, what errands?
The errands you said you,
you went on errands.
What did you have to do?
Um, just boring school stuff,
that's it.
Cool, cool.
So, hey, Cristina's
getting married.
-Can you believe that?
Okay, good for her.
That's what's up.
Whatever, I guess if you're
into that kind of--
Oh, one second, that's Taco,
he must have heard your voice.
[ominous music]
Say "hey" to mommy, Taco.
Hi, Taco baby.
So what were you saying?
Nothing, I'm good.
I am really great.
I did a show, um, earlier
a-a-at this really cool club.
Isn't it like 3:00 P.M.?
Um, yeah, it's like, uh,
it was like an afternoon show,
which is kinda like
the new night show.
It's like an industry thing.
They want to get in early
'cause they have dinners
and like, yeah.
Well, hey, I'm glad to hear
that you're back on stage.
I mean, I know
it's been tough, you know,
to get back to it after...
Uh, yeah, thank you.
Um, wha-what's up with you?
Nothing, just, you know,
um, getting ready for the
party tomorrow. That's it.
-The party?
-It's my graduation.
You, you said that you weren't
gonna be able to come.
No, yeah, I remember.
Uh, I remember.
I, I wish I could be
there for you.
I just, there's
so many gigs in LA,
I just, I'd hate to miss
like, a couple days.
Hey, you've gotta
get them gigs, right?
Right. You get it.
You know,
you gotta choose you.
Well, um, I, um,
should probably--
I probably should get
going, but, uh--
I-I'll call you tomorrow,
and I hope you have fun.
-[Justine] Um, bye.
-I love--
All right.
-I'll talk to you later.
-Talk to you later.
["Run To Your Mama" playing]
Hey, Mark.
I won't be coming in
because I have an abortion.
So, um, I just need
a couple days, thanks, dude.
[music continues]
Rolling with the rain
Boy you better run
to your mama now
Lightning in the sky
Boy you better run
to your mama now
Can I offer you
some champagne, ma'am?
[in British accent]
Sure, I'll take a bottle,
if that's okay with you.
A bottle, okay.
Uh, I will check on that.
Thank you.
[people chattering]
Um, I think,
I think this is my seat.
S-sorry, excuse me.
I think this is, um...
Hi, hi, I think
this is actually my seat.
Can I help you?
Yeah, um, this is my seat.
Doesn't sound right to me.
Uh, that, okay, um,
is that English or Irish?
-That sounds--
-Can I help you, sir?
Oh, uh, um...
[flight attendant]
Okay, let me see. Okay.
I'm gonna have to ask
to see your ticket.
No, that's like
an invasion of privacy.
No one else has had to check
their ticket.
Okay, ma'am, I'm gonna
have to ask you to
vacate the seat, please.
[flight attendant]
Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.
-Vacate the seat, please.
-I thought that was my seat.
-One second.
-Watch your head. Okay.
-Do you need some help?
-No, I got it.
[flight attendant] You're going
to have to check your guitar.
I'm afraid that the overhead
bins are all full, ma'am.
She can just leave
the guitar up here.
It can be my carry on item,
I travel light.
No, that's okay.
I only have one guitar.
I feel more comfortable
if it's with me.
All right. Either the guitar
stays up here in first class
where you do not have a seat--
Or it goes under the plane,
You have to listen
to what I'm telling you.
-All right.
-Excuse me.
Have fun with that one, bud.
-Thanks. All right.
-Do not speak to him, please.
I'm allowed to talk
to whoever I want.
Thank you, ma'am.
-Thank you.
Sir, would you like
some champagne?
-Um, coffee would be great.
-Okay, latte, cappuccino?
-Just a coffee.
-Okay, fantastic.
[muttering indistinctly]
[people chattering]
[Cora snores]
Mhm, sorry.
Are we there yet?
We haven't taken off yet.
[plane engine whirs]
[pensive music]
[airplane lights ding]
[buckle clicks]
[flight announcer]
Welcome to Portland.
We just turned your
fasten seat belt sign off.
It's 72 degrees
and drizzly today.
We hope you enjoyed
your flight.
Mom says selfies kill.
I guess that depends on
how bad you look.
That's why I'm putting
all this crap on my face.
So I don't look
sleep-deprived and desperate.
Why are you desperate?
Because I think my girlfriend
is seeing someone.
We're in an open relationship,
but if in reality, she likes
someone more than me,
that could really suck for me.
And it's like,
you know, my career's
not really taking off
the way it should be.
What's wrong with your career?
You ask a lot of questions.
Langdon, let's go.
Yeah, Langdon, let's go.
[people chattering]
Uh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, have you seen a guy
that's like, this high,
and like, with a face,
with a guitar case?
I didn't want to leave it alone.
Precious cargo,
baby on board, yeah.
-Here you go.
[people chattering]
Oh, and I got you a coffee.
I would've had them
make you a latte,
but I didn't know what
kind of milk you like.
I thought maybe an almond milk.
-That feels offensive, but, um--
-Thank you, sir.
-No worries.
Sir, we'll be getting
this for you.
Oh, my God.
[metal squeaks]
What kind of music do you play?
Uh, the good kind.
That's a relief.
I'd hate to think
I was abetting
someone playing...
bad music.
[indistinct chatter]
Okay, Damon, Damon,
let me do it.
Just give me one moment, sir.
Looks like you need a new case.
Okay, look, man,
I appreciate it,
thank you for the help,
but we're good now, okay?
I don't need
any more help from you.
[case thuds]
[flight attendant] One second.
[Cora] Great.
"The-The Maybe Nots,"
is that your band?
Uh, it used to be,
but not anymore.
[Cora sighs]
[flight attendant] Damon,
can you help me, please?
I can't do this by myself.
[metal squeaks]
Come on, let's go!
[flight attendant] Just give me
one second, ma'am.
Or whatever, however,
just as long as everyone's okay.
[instrumental music]
Are you visiting?
I live here.
Well, kind of.
I live in LA, I'm bi-coastal.
With-with only one coast.
Pretty landlocked
on the other side.
Um, you get it, right?
Well, welcome home.
Thank you. It's so good
to be back to the old,
to my old place.
[line ringing]
[Justine] Hey, it's Justine.
Leave a message.
[gentle music]
[Cora] Hello, pretty lady.
You will do.
Yes, cutie.
No, oh.
God, wait, okay.
-Eh, oh, well.
-Are you on Tinder?
I actually,
I met my, my wife online.
-She makes candles.
-I love that.
Yes, yes, yes.
[cab driver] I actually
have some in the trunk
if you want to buy some
to take to--
[Cora] No, I'm okay, yeah.
Thank you.
[cab driver]
Maybe as like a gift, or?
[Cora] That's okay, thank you.
It's just hard
to travel with them.
[cab driver] There's a tea tree
with vanilla.
I can give you a card.
[Cora] Okay.
[music continues]
[music fades]
[cab driver] Don't forget
to check out our website!
Stay, stay safe.
[car door shuts]
[birds chirping]
[dog barks in distance]
-[Taco barking]
-Hi, Taco.
[Taco barking]
Honey, I'm back from war.
[Taco whimpers]
Hi, baby.
Are you, you're Cora?
Yeah, are you the cleaning lady?
[laughing] No.
Um, I'm just...
I'm Riley,
I'm Justine's friend.
Oh, cool, yeah,
oh, my God.
-Amazing having you over.
Um, where is my girlfriend
of many, many years, anyway?
She's at the store right now,
because she's, we're...
There's a little
party happening.
Oh, yeah, I know, obviously.
What kind of person
would, like,
miss their life partner's
graduation party?
-So great that you came, yeah.
She'll be so, yeah,
that's awesome.
Thank you.
Do you want something to drink?
Yeah, oh, my God.
Let me get you something.
-Let me show you--
-Let me show you the kitchen.
I'll show you
where the teacups are.
Oh, oh, sorry.
-Excuse me.
-No, no, no, you're good.
What's that smell?
Smells like coconuts.
Oh, it's probably my face cream.
Ugh. I hate coconut.
It's so 80s, but it's cool
that you like it.
-I love it.
-It smells, yeah, different.
It's weird that
it doesn't bother Justine,
she's allergic to nuts.
Yeah, but it's just a scent,
Yeah, it's still a nut.
Is it?
Yeah, it's in the title,
There's so many dirty rags
around here.
I don't really drink tea
that often.
I'm more of a beer-tea girl
than a tea-tea girl.
[Riley] Well,
you might be disappointed.
Justine doesn't keep alcohol
in the house,
'cause we don't drink.
Who's we?
Mhm, us.
Me and Justine.
Yeah, I don't really know
what you're talking about
because Justine loves to drink.
It's like our number one
thing we like to do.
It's like the foundation
of our relationship.
But, of course, we fell
in love for other reasons.
We're like,
so spiritually close.
We have this cosmic
connection that's like,
absolutely incredible,
and really electric. So...
But, yeah, originally,
we did meet,
we were guilty of meeting
at Burning Bushes,
which is a bar
that adults drink at.
Um, playing an ironic
game of beer pong.
Which, it's like,
we were playing for fun.
It's like obviously funny.
But it was flirty, too.
Uh, her hands on my waist.
She told me that story.
So she told you.
First kiss.
-Fingered in the car.
[tea kettle whistles]
[lighter clicks]
Do you mind if I smoke?
Is that weed?
Uh, yeah.
Are you, like, a cop?
Have you heard it's,
like, totally legal?
It basically cures cancer.
It's a vitamin.
Hmm. Sure.
-Wait, you're not a cop, right?
-No, I'm not a cop.
Okay, good,
'cause cops are fascists.
My dad's a cop.
I'm sure he's one
of the good ones.
[Justine] Hey, babe.
They were almost
out of the lemon lime,
but I managed
to get the last case.
[bag thuds]
Mm! Mm!
How are you?
You look so good.
-I'll give you guys a minute.
-Yeah, thanks, girl.
She's neat. What is she,
like, 5'1"? Five-foot?
[Justine] Yeah,
something like that.
[Cora] Does she like cops?
I couldn't really get--
[Justine] Cora, Cora, what...
What are you doing here?
What do you mean?
I'm here for your graduation.
Your major educational
achievements, life goal met.
-Yeah, yeah, um--
But, I thought we,
I thought we talked about it,
and you said that you weren't
gonna be able to make it.
Well, I wanted to surprise you.
Are you happy to see me?
Yeah, of course, babe.
Of course I'm happy
to see you, yeah.
[Cora] 'Cause I was like,
I was worried,
for a moment, like nervous.
[Justine] It's a little
out of the blue, that's all.
Well, it shouldn't
really be out of the blue
for your girlfriend to like,
fly across the country to like,
see you on your most
important day.
It's like a two-hour flight
from LA.
It took a long time
to book the flight.
Okay, yeah,
you're right, it did.
-That's effort.
-So it's like, yeah.
Come here. Come here.
[Justine] Come here.
[Cora] I know I'm acting--
[Justine] Oh, my gosh.
I missed you so much.
[Cora] Okay.
I'm-I'm really happy that you
were able to be here, baby.
Yeah, wouldn't miss it.
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
[both laugh]
-Hi, I'm just gonna...
-No problem.
[Riley] Grab some dirty clothes.
Um, let me just get thi-this.
Oh, oh, sorry.
-Do you need anything?
-No, I'm good, yeah.
[Cora sighs]
[phone dings]
[gentle music]
I-I fixed your guitar case.
Oh, cool, thanks.
Um, so, when does
the festivities start?
Soon. Actually, I should
probably finish all this stuff.
Do you need help with anything?
[Justine] Uh...
I, nah.
I think we've got it
all under control.
Look, I know
we said, you know,
don't ask, don't tell,
but is there anything
you want to talk about?
Talk about what?
Fine, when, where
did you and Ross meet?
-Riley. Where did you guys meet?
Uh, we met at a bar.
You know, nothing exciting.
Which bar?
Um, the bar, which bar?
It was Burning Bushes.
Burning Bushes,
like our Burning Bushes?
Like every lesbian in
Portland's Burning Bushes.
Oh, come on. Don't act like
it's not our special place.
You and I used to hang out there
almost every single night.
Yeah, it's not necessarily
a good thing.
-Hold on.
-Great, cool, thanks.
[Justine] I'm sorry.
[both sigh]
What's-her-name said that
you quit drinking.
Yeah, I decided to take a break.
What, are you, like,
suddenly a 100 years old?
[Justine laughing]
Yeah, I felt like it.
[Justine] Started to be
a little too much, is all.
Yeah, well,
I totally would quit, too.
I mean, I'm just in
the industry. It's hard.
It's like partying,
it's part of the territory.
It's like networking.
Makes sense. I understand.
[Cora] You know
it's been eight months,
and you haven't come to visit.
[Justine] I, I want to.
I just wanted to make sure
that I gave you enough time
to get settled first, you know?
[Cora] Yeah, LA is amazing.
I mean, the people
are really real.
Not like real like,
they are here,
but they're like really
trying to be something
that they're not, yet.
But, yeah, you know,
since you've graduated,
maybe you move down there
and we can be together again.
[Riley] Justine,
your phone's going nuts.
You might want to answer it.
[exhales] Whatever. Uh...
Look, I, um,
I know that we have
a lot to talk about.
But, um...
I don't know,
can we talk about it later?
Yeah, whatever you need.
I'm here for you,
whatever you need, so...
All right.
[instrumental music]
[Justine] It's complicated,
I told you that.
[Riley] I know,
but it's only complicated
'cause she just showed up.
It wasn't before.
[Justine] Look, I told you
that I had a girlfriend.
[Riley] Everyone knows,
open relationships are just,
two people that maybe
don't want to admit
they're not in love anymore.
[Justine] I'm not gonna
have this conversation
with you right now.
I am gonna go take Taco
on a walk.
Oh, I already walked him.
Well, Taco's my dog,
so I think
I know when she wants
to go on a walk.
Taco's a boy.
Gender's a construct,
so I don't think
it really matters
if she's a boy or not.
[both laugh]
-I mean, it matters at the vet--
-[Cora] Okay!
-[Cora] Good girl.
[Justine] I'm sorry, all right?
[lighter clicks]
[mellow music]
Crush me
Crush me
Crush me
Crush me
Crush me
Okay, now,
don't you leave me too.
Crush me crush me crush me
[bell dings in distance]
[Kaitlyn gasping]
Wait! Oh, my God, Cora!
It's you, it's Kaitlyn!
It's me! Ah!
Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God!
It's so good to see you,
it's so good.
Wow, wow.
I can't believe you are here
and you didn't text me.
How long are you here for?
How's LA?
Is everyone just, like,
super famous?
-Yeah, I bet.
-No, it's been really great.
It's like really great there.
I feel like there's just
so many opportunities for me.
More than here, and I just,
I don't know, I feel like
I outgrew Portland.
-Even though I love coming back.
-Oh, yeah, that's so great.
Are you still doing
the music stuff?
Yeah, obviously.
Why wouldn't I be?
Yeah, of course you are,
Uh, hey, what are you,
what are you doing tonight?
I have a, actually,
I don't know yet.
What's-what's going on?
Well, a bunch of us
are going to this, like,
secret private Beach Roses show.
-Do you remember Beach Roses?
I can probably get you
on the list!
-The list, okay.
-Crazy, right, yeah.
Yeah, luckily, my boyfriend
Sam does sound for them.
I wouldn't have even gone
to the Revolution Hall show.
-Revolution Hall!
They played Revolution Hall.
so good for them, yeah.
I didn't think
they were quite there yet,
but that's great.
They must have been doing,
they're doing good.
They're going to be, like, huge.
-They're gonna be huge.
-Yeah. That's awesome.
If I don't have anything
better to do,
I definitely will stop by.
I might stop by,
I just don't, yeah.
Yeah, okay, great, yeah. If you
want to come, just text me.
Yeah, I'll definitely
text you if I'm bored.
It was so great
to see you, yeah.
It was so good to see you.
Oh, I'm sorry, one last hug.
[both squealing]
You look so good.
Be safe, okay?
I will be safe.
I miss you so much!
Thank you.
I'll keep you updated.
-All right, girl.
[door bell dings]
[man] Hey, hey!
Isn't that your dog?
Oh, shit, Taco.
-I wasn't gonna leave her, so...
-That's right.
I was just walking
around the corner.
Hey, girl.
Come on, girl, let's go.
[instrumental music]
[birds chirping]
[car horn honks]
What the hell? Go!
[brakes squeak]
[muffled hip-hop music]
[indistinct chatter]
What up, girl?
What up with you guys?
Your dog looks sad.
Uh, you look sad.
Can I pet it?
Come on.
[all laughing]
[music continues]
You think, like,
she'd be excited that like,
her girlfriend was here
on her important day.
I mean, she's graduating
from grad school.
That only happens, like,
a couple times in your life.
Wait, she's graduating
right now?
No, I mean,
I missed her graduation,
'cause I had a show,
I didn't want to miss.
But her party's today.
How come you aren't
at the party, then?
No, I am. I'm there, I'm...
I just had to, like,
take my dog on a walk.
Oh, shit, Taco.
Have you guys seen my dog?
The little...
Come here, girl!
[woman 2]
She just lost her dog.
It's fine, one sec!
-Taco, Taco!
-[Taco barking]
Oh, my God.
[instrumental music]
You little freaky girl.
[indistinct chattering]
[Joy] Gary, stop it!
Mom? Dad?
-Cora Bora!
Joy, Gary.
What are you doing here?
We came for Riley's--
We're here
for Justine's graduation.
What are you doing here?
Justine didn't tell us
you were coming.
Well, no, because
why would my girlfriend
talk about me behind
my back to my parents?
What you got there, mom?
-Nothing, nothing.
Why does it say
"happy birthday" on it?
I'm sorry,
what is happening here?
-Like, I'm confused.
-Joy and Gary are here!
[Riley] You shouldn't have.
Thank you.
Um, it's my birthday.
Oh, is it?
Is it your birthday?
[Gary] Jesus Christ.
You're Judas, and you are Judas.
You're the one who kept
asking us to come over here
and pack up more things
to send to you in LA.
Riley was just helping.
I'm sure she was. So nice.
Anyway, it turns out that
Riley's a massage therapist.
Get off.
She's been helping
your dad with his back.
-She has magic hands.
Wait, I'm sorry.
You've massaged my dad?
You've been touching Gary,
my father, with your bare hands.
That's perverted.
Cora, I can finally walk
properly again.
I wish you couldn't walk.
-Okay, she saved me. Cora.
-Cora, Cora.
I can't believe
this is happening.
I can't believe that you're
hanging out alone with--
[Joy] Just because you left
doesn't mean that Justine
is not still family to us.
You were together
for five years!
We're still together!
We are still together!
-I just don't live here.
What the hell is going on?
-My parents are traitors.
-Family's here.
-Oh, my goodness.
-Hey, y'all, hey.
-Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, dad.
Ma, this is Riley.
Remember I mentioned her?
You got her some flowers?
That's-that's sweet.
[Riley] Thank you
so much for coming.
It's so nice to meet you.
Who is over here?
-Hi, mama.
[whispers] Joy and Gary
got me these flowers.
-Oh, my God!
-You look gorgeous.
You didn't tell me
she was gonna be here.
I didn't know she was coming.
[both chuckle]
-She surprised me.
-Let me look at you!
-Check out my ass?
-Looking good!
-Do you think?
-Yes! Oh, my gosh.
How is Los Angeles?
[Cora] Amazing, it's gorgeous.
You have to come visit.
-I want to hear all about it.
Your mom really loves me.
I really do!
Even though she can be
a pain in the ass!
[both laughing]
A little bit,
a little bit guilty.
-Do you want a drink?
-I'd love one.
[upbeat music]
One, two, three.
[Cora laughing]
Are you okay?
Rock paper scissors, shoot.
[Cora clicks tongue]
Are you and Justine
still together?
What? Why would you ask that?
Of course.
Why, did, did,
why did she say something?
Are you gonna get married?
Uh, I don't know.
We haven't really
talked about it.
We're kind of
in a rebuilding year.
What's that mean?
I don't know.
Who's that girl?
Just some chick.
She's pretty.
I guess, if you like
people who are like,
radiant or whatever.
-Is she gonna marry Justine?
I mean, no.
No one's getting married.
Except for maybe
me and Justine one day.
Justine's the best.
I know.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Riley
Happy birthday dear Ruby
Happy birthday to you
[Cora grunts]
Um... Well, can...
I have a speech.
Can we put the cake cutter down?
And can everyone
look at me? Dad?
Um, I have decided
here's home for me.
Portland is home for me.
And my beautiful
girlfriend Justine,
uh, who lays it down
in the bedroom.
Is home, is home for me.
Um, that and, and my parents,
uh, my amazing parents,
Joy and Gary,
who, who can betray
a little bit.
They're a little bit
Um, but you guys
help pay the rent!
And I like that!
Um, I feel like I've done
everything in LA
that I wanted to do,
and I need to be here.
So I have decided
recently, guys,
that I'm moving
back to Portland.
[dog whimpers]
[Cora squeals]
My babies are together again!
Oh, I cannot wait
to be together!
Whose dog is that?
-[dog whimpers]
Where's Taco?
That's not Taco.
Babe, where's Taco?
- Oh, Cora Bora.
-[Cora] Um...
- What'd you say?
-[Justine] Where is Taco?
Um, what the heck?
Where is, what is going on?
How the fuck did you lose Taco?
Where was the last place
you saw him?
Cora, where is our fucking dog?
-What are you looking for?
-My cigarettes!
I'm looking for a pack
of cigarettes.
Why are you looking
for cigarettes?
You need to be looking for Taco!
Listen, I know
you're upset, okay?
But she's gonna come back.
She's done this before.
Remember, remember all the stuff
that happened with the band?
Like, she was gone
for like a week,
but she found her
way back to us.
Like, she's a good dog.
She's a loyal dog.
And she just is independent.
She just needs space to, like,
figure things out, you know?
Justine, please, okay?
[woman 3] Henry!
Stupid GPS. Come on!
[woman crying]
It, like, says "no service,"
but I have service.
It's okay, we'll find him.
Oh, give him to me!
-Give me my Henry!
-I was just calling you.
-It didn't go through.
-My baby.
Henry. Oh, I missed you
so much, baby.
I know it's not
your fault, baby.
Little baby, I know, babies.
I know, babies.
I love you, Henry.
Mwah! Did you steal my dog?
What kind of a person does that?
Just takes another person's dog?
No one stole your dog.
Are you trying to imply that
Henry just unhooked himself
and ran away?
No, lady, I'm implying
it was a mistake.
It was a simple mistake.
You are very lucky
I don't call the cops
on all of you people,
you thieves.
You're lucky we don't call the
cops on you! Why are you here?
Okay, lady, I'm sorry your dog,
like, followed me home, okay?
It was probably trying
to get away from you.
You're like, smothering him.
Do you know what it feels like
to have someone
take the one thing that
you love away from you?
Do you know what
that feels like?
-You don't!
-[Justine] All right.
[woman 3] To lose the one thing
that holds
you together on this planet.
Okay, all right,
I'm sorry that this happened,
but you've been reunited,
and we need to find our dog.
-So, all right.
-[Riley] Don't touch our door.
[door thuds]
[Riley] Uh, what?
Are you okay?
[Riley] Cora?
[Justine] What?
I just asked if she was okay.
-[Justine] Riley!
[mellow music]
[Gary] I think you should
stay here, sweetheart.
Just... stay put
for a little while.
["Cockroach" playing]
Crush me under the wave
Bitterness jealousy
Come here, Taco baby!
Come on, little, little girl!
[upbeat music]
[Justine] It's hard for me,
[Riley] And she has
so many problems
and she's going through
such a hard time, right?
'Cause that's like
a really good reason
to stay in a relationship,
isn't it? Isn't it?
[Justine] Look, we just have
a lot of history, that's it.
Okay, that lady used GPS.
[gasps] Chip number, what?
[Riley] She's been here one day,
and look at all the chaos
she's already caused.
I understand that what she went
through is really horrible,
but that was two years ago,
and it's not like you
weren't affected, too.
How do you not see
how selfish she is?
[Justine] I know that
I'm fucking this up, okay?
[Riley] No. She's sucking you
into her chaos again.
And just because her life sucks
doesn't mean
that yours has to, too.
Crush me crush me
crush me
[Cora] Taco!
Come to mommy.
Come to your beautiful mommy,
Come here!
[Cora] Come on, Taco!
[dog barking]
[music continues]
[muffled rock music]
-Uh, I'm on the list.
-Cora with a C.
You're not on the list.
Oh, you didn't even look.
-Yeah, you're not on here.
-How can you tell?
'Cause everybody that's
on the list is already here.
Let me call my friend.
And you're no bringing
that thing in here.
Okay, I'm an artist, so...
I'm a painter, but I don't bring
my damn easel
around to the club.
-Are you making fun of me?
-Little bit.
Oh, my God, okay.
H-hey! Hey.
-Hey, difficult.
-[Cora] Hi, what's up?
Why are you hiding
behind a curtain?
Uh, I'm standing behind
a curtain.
Well, that's not a very
nice way to treat someone
who's gone out of his way
to help you.
What is your deal, anyway?
I'm glad you finally asked!
My name is Tomas Moen.
I go by Tom.
I'm from a small farming
community in rural Pennsylvania.
My parents are Bill
and Sally Moen.
-Oh, my God.
-My friends are, okay.
Did you want to come in, or?
I was supposed to be
on the list.
-I don't doubt it.
-My friend--
I, look.
My label manages the band,
so your friend
can go pound sand.
Pound sand?
Yeah, you pound sand?
You take the sand, you pound it.
It's, it's a form of expression.
I-I'm serious, right?
-All right, well. Um...
[music continues]
-Okay, alright.
We have a winner.
Thanks, Tony.
Thanks, Tony. Awesome.
[Tom] Tony's a great painter,
by the way.
[Coral] Oh, my God,
he's so nice.
[Tom] Super artistic.
[Cora] Kaitlyn.
[rock music]
We made it.
Is that your friend?
-Hey, girl.
Hey, Cora.
Hey, uh, I texted you.
Did you not get my texts?
Oh, yeah, no,
I mean, I don't know.
Well, like, what the hell?
You invited me.
Yeah, that was before
I found out you fucked Sam.
Oh, uh, girl Sam?
[Kaitlyn] No, dude, seriously?
-Sam D?
-[Kaitlyn] My boyfriend!
Sam S.
You slept with Sam D, too?
Oh, I don't know, right?
I trusted you.
Yeah, but you guys
weren't even together.
Yeah, but you knew I liked him!
Yeah, well...
-What is wrong with you?
Why does everyone
keep asking me that?
And like, how can you just
keep cheating on Justine?
-She's so nice.
-[Cora] I'm not cheating on her.
Like anything,
we're in an open relationship.
It's like literally hip, so...
-Why don't you go back to LA?
-Yeah, okay, maybe I will.
So good luck with
your loser dead end town
and your loser dead end
boyfriend, okay?
-[phone thuds]
Oh, my God.
[music continues]
Good luck.
People really seem to like you.
Here, use this.
[Tom] Oh, no, that's, that's
not the right place to--
Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God.
-All right.
Sorry, sorry, man.
Um, you know what?
I think what the problem is,
is that you're not so good
at reading situations.
I'm great at reading situations.
Sorry, man.
Like I kinda knew she was
gonna throw something at you.
Maybe not her phone.
I thought probably like a
drink, something, at you.
But you seemed genuinely
surprised when it happened.
I thought we were cool, so...
Did you sleep
with her boyfriend?
No, I mean...
Well, they're together now,
but they weren't together when,
it was just oral,
and it was a long time ago.
I was in an open relationship,
so it's, was fine.
Hmm, how'd that work out
for you?
Fine. It's still fine,
it feels good.
Wow, you're still together!
I mean, yeah,
that's why I'm here.
At the show.
No, that's why I came to
Portland, to like be together.
Hmm, great.
Well, where is he?
-She, ah, jeez.
No, it's fine.
You hate bisexuals.
Uh... No, I just, I was,
uh, I'm actually--
You know what,
I'm just gonna leave it there.
Yeah. [laughs]
No, it's fine.
Uh, she's with her other,
she's with her family,
so it's sweet.
[door creaks]
That's very... sweet.
Well, um, I feel like
I've done more than is normal
to help a complete stranger,
and you're probably not gonna
thank me, which is cool.
But if you want to hang out
with some other cool people
who don't already hate you,
we have a table at the back.
[music continues]
Okay. You are
a tough nut to crack.
[laughs] Sure.
[Cora] Hey.
[door creaking]
[phone dings]
Ugh, gross.
[music continues]
[rock music]
[people chattering]
[distant muffled music]
[car engine humming]
[cab driver]
Old Springs Road, eh?
[cab driver]
What takes you out there?
Oh, just gonna get
plowed by a stranger.
Um, do you mind
if I play some music?
[cab driver] No, that's fine.
["Get Out Of My House" playing]
Never want to touch me
Only want to make me cry
I like this.
It's my band.
Hey, you guys are great!
When are you playing again?
We're not.
Get out of my house
I don't wanna know ya
Get out of my house
I don't wanna know ya
Get out of my house
I don't wanna know ya
Get out of my house
I don't wanna know ya
[crickets chirping]
[cab driver]
Have fun getting plowed!
Okay, thanks.
[car door shuts]
[car engine humming]
[gravel crunching]
[knocking on door]
[metal creaking]
[knocking on door]
[door creaking]
[rain pattering]
[floorboard creaking]
[footsteps approaching]
-Fuck! Oh, my God.
You made it.
-Hello! Get in here.
-Give me a, bring it in.
How's it going?
-Oh, thank you.
-[Cora chuckles]
-Not a hugger, I guess.
Oh, no, I love hugs.
I'm a big hugger.
I just, um, got hit
in the head, yeah.
-Oh, shit, yeah, you did.
-Um, here, uh, have a seat.
-Shh, okay.
I'll get you some, here,
just, yeah,
chill there for a second.
I'll get you something cold
or frozen to put on that.
[refrigerator door opens]
I can't wait to hook up.
Um, yeah.
I like your pants.
-You into, like--
-[Cora] Thank you.
-Ska? Yeah.
-Yes, thank you.
All right.
-Um, awesome.
-All right.
-Is that better?
-It's nice, thanks.
W-what is this?
-It is beaver meat.
[Jeremiah] Yeah.
Farmer market fresh.
Sounds delicious.
You have quite
the setup here.
Oh, Don did that, also.
-He does a lot of wood carving.
-So scary.
-How long have y'all...
been a thing?
Uhh, Don and Electra,
they've been together
for like, ever.
And then Jamie joined us
just last year.
Oh, Don did that one.
I like that one.
Um, yeah, Jamie.
She's not here yet.
She's like, uh,
she's at work right now,
but Kevin's probably gonna
pick her up from the co-op.
-So you'll meet her.
-Who's Kevin?
[Jeremiah] Kevin's cool, man.
I think you'll dig Kevin.
-[singers harmonizing]
He makes like,
bracelets for homeless kids.
And like, he's got
super good energy.
Total ally.
On your lips
it's like so fresh baby
[both clapping]
Sounds so nice.
It sounds awesome.
Um, this is Cora.
She's hanging out.
[Cora] I love
your little animal.
[Jeremiah] That's Electra's dog.
[Cora] Oh, yeah, I know.
[Don] Cora, Cora, Cora.
Did you just cook something, or?
Oh, thank you.
Awesome, thanks.
No way, you brought
your own guitar?
Oh, start holding hands.
[both laugh]
Yeah, it's so good.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, you play?
-Yeah, let's jam, let's do it.
[Cora giggles]
-You really sink in.
-Let's do "Sunnyside."
We'll do it in a C negative.
Oh, acoustic, that's cool.
Keep to the Sunnyside
Always on the Sunnyside
-Can you take my coat?
-Oh, yeah.
Sunnyside of life
Keep to the Sunnyside
Always to the Sunnyside
Always on the Sunnyside
of life
You wanna play?
Um, I-I-I, sorry, I just...
[Cora] So I haven't played
with, um,
I haven't played with other
people in a really long time.
Well, playing with other people
is the only way to do it.
Isn't that right, Lec?
Yeah, Cora, why don't you
sing us one of yours?
Oh, sure.
Yeah, like a song.
[chuckles] Okay.
[Cora clears throat]
[strums guitar]
Sometimes love
is just a joke
-Oh, it's a love song.
-No, it's not.
It's a, um,
I don't write love songs.
I just write about my life.
[Don laughs]
That's good, I like that.
[Cora strums guitar]
Right on.
Sometimes love
is just a joke
You touch me
and I start to choke
I wanna be near you
But not all the time
Just when I need you
When you're on my mind
Love is a joke
And it'll break your heart
It doesn't matter
if you're together
Or apart
Love is a joke
And it'll break your heart
It doesn't matter
if you're together
Or apart
Love is a joke
And it'll break your heart
It doesn't matter
if you're together
Or apart
-That was awesome.
-Whoa, really?
That was wonderful.
-Kevin and Jamie are home!
-Hey, my loves.
My lovely loves.
[door shuts]
Oh, hi.
Who's this?
-[Don] Darling.
-Thank you.
Meet Cora, Cora, Cora.
She has a mean set
of pipes on her.
Hi, Darling.
[lighter clicks]
[indistinct song on radio]
So like this customer
was being such a drag.
And he kept touching
all the potatoes,
and I finally told Craig
he had to toss him out.
How is Craig?
We haven't seen him since
the last get together.
[Jamie] Oh, he's good.
His cat died.
Oh, that sucks.
[dog whimpers]
What happened to your face?
Oh. [clears throat]
This girl threw
a phone at my head.
Oh, shit.
[chuckles] Yeah.
What are you doing here?
Um. Here here, like the house?
Or on Earth?
Or like what brings me
to Portland?
All of it, man.
Oh, I'm just, uh,
I'm visiting my girlfriend.
Oh, yeah,
we don't like to...
Well, she has a girlfriend, too.
Like a different girlfriend.
So I don't really know what that
label really means, you know?
Oh, cool, like a throuple.
No, um...
No, I-I wish. [chuckles]
More like we, we talked about
seeing other people,
and then I got back
and there's like
this woman's lotion
in our bathroom.
And it's like
the good lotion.
And her clothes are everywhere.
And my dog's not even
a girl anymore.
And I don't know
where my dog is.
I just like, I don't know
what we're doing.
But like, I love her, you know?
-The dog?
No, um, Justine.
My whatever person.
I get it, man, you know.
She's like your best friend.
Um, she's like the only person
that, like, gets me.
And I'm so afraid that nobody
ever will get me, again.
And I'll like shrivel up
and die alone,
and she'll be out there,
having these meaningful
and knowing that she's loved.
This reminds me of a story
about a beautiful soul I met
at The Burn.
His name was Patch
and he had one leg.
Not one eye?
No, Patch had one leg.
And a tall bike.
But he could never reach
the bottom pedal by himself.
He had to always lean down
and use his hand
to push that pedal.
[smacks lips]
Am I Patch?
[Kevin] Nah, man.
You're the bike.
I'm the bike.
Shall we make love?
[clears throat]
Yeah, sure.
I'm just gonna leave it here.
Okay, I'll just bring it.
[rain pattering]
[instrumental music]
Join us.
I didn't, I wasn't
quite ready to--
Shh. Come join us.
Okay, here I come.
-[all laugh]
-Come join us, yes.
So funny.
[Cora clears throat]
[Cora] Thank you, my hand.
-What is that?
-Me, it's me.
[Jamie] Can I kiss your ear?
You gotta share,
you gotta share.
[music continues]
[Jamie] Do you mind
if I touch your breasts?
[Jeremiah] Is it cool
if I grab your flank?
[Cora] Uh... Oh.
[Jeremiah] I love your mane.
[Kevin] Welcome to the stable.
[Don neighing]
[Cora laughing]
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I-I thought I can do this--
-Did I bite, or?
-No, no.
You used mostly your lips,
but I...
I'm in a really strange
head space right now,
and, um,
I-I have a lot on my mind.
I think I should go
look for my dog.
I don't know why I'm not.
So, yeah, you guys have
a really cool thing going.
And I just, I love you guys.
You've been so nice.
I gotta go, I should go.
Thank you for the company,
the, okay.
-All right.
-Totally fine.
-No worries, or whatever.
-Thank you.
[door slams]
Oh, my God.
[breathing heavily]
Oh, fuck!
[rain pattering]
[gentle music]
[birds chirping]
[insects buzzing]
[music continues]
[girl laughing]
[Mandy] She pooped
in the drum set.
-Thinking it was-- Yes.
-[Dennis] No. No.
-The girl from the bar?
-[Mandy] Yes!
-Oh, yes.
-No way.
You didn't see it or smell it?
-Not at all.
-It was literally on stage.
[Dennis] Was that before
or after your voice cracked?
You've gotta be kidding me.
Are you stalking me?
Uh, I've been at each spot
before you got there, so no.
Is this the girl?
No, no.
But she has
a broken guitar case.
[Tom] No, she is not the girl.
-It's, um--
-This is so wild.
Pull up a chair.
No, she probably
has somewhere to go,
and you know, things to do.
So, you've been talking
about me?
[Tom] That was someone's seat.
Help yourself.
He said he met a girl on a plane
with a broken guitar case,
and like, mental issues?
And then he went off on how
he's drawn to broken people,
and then he cried a little.
-Thanks, Mandy.
I think you two could actually
be really good for each other.
Oh, no, no offense,
but I'm not good for anyone.
As I've said, I agree.
But wait, how can you know that?
Like, I thought adding
keytar would, like, ruin us.
But now, it's...
it's like our signature sound.
I don't know, I just...
I have a really good
feeling about you two.
Ugh, no.
I have a girlfriend.
-And I don't want to date her.
-And he's too old for me.
I'm the same age as you.
Tommy's young at heart.
N-no, I am young, period.
I'm the same age as all of you.
And a year younger than Dennis.
-That's not true.
-What? I'm shocked.
O-okay, anyways,
I-I told you about her
because I'm working
through some stuff,
but I'm the idiot who decided
to talk through his issues
with a group of people
who are a part of his issues.
Oh, speaking of people
with issues.
Hey, I know you.
From the, uh,
from the Maybe Nots.
[Tom] Yeah.
Uh, I used to play with
Daisy and Seth, back in SF.
They were great.
Yeah, they were great.
It sucks.
Wait, what happened?
Uh, there was a accident.
Yeah, there was an accident,
and everyone died but me.
Oh, right, I remember that.
Man. Were you driving?
No, uh, Daisy was.
I was the, the co-pilot.
I was in charge
of keeping her awake.
It, um, it actually
happened right by here.
Yeah, we had a really long drive
back from San Francisco.
Uh, we had to do it
all in one shot,
'cause we had to work
the next day.
And, um, you know
how it is driving all night.
We had just had this
like really great show,
this like really amazing,
amazing show.
We killed it.
And everyone loved us.
We gave it our all,
so you know,
we were really tired.
And I really tried
to keep her awake.
Like I really tried
to keep her a-alert.
And we were almost home.
We were like minutes
from being home safe.
And then a deer
came out of nowhere.
It was like, before I knew it,
we were rolling and rolling,
and rolling, and I was
screaming, but nobody else was.
[Mandy] Oh, fuck.
Did you get hurt?
Oh, I just got a cut
from the glass breaking,
and Daisy and I got
rushed to the hospital.
And I thought, you know...
that she'd be okay,
'cause like,
how can something that
horrible really happen?
But she wasn't.
Um.... And so then,
there was just me.
[smacks lips]
So that's what happened.
Pretty fucked up, right?
I'm so sorry
you went through that.
Yeah. Me too.
Messed me up pretty bad.
Are you crying, dude?
That's okay,
it's a pretty sad story.
Can I get you anything, hun?
No, I'm okay, thank you.
Well, this is the
second party I've ruined
in the last 24 hours.
So I am going to...
walk home,
which is where I was going.
[Tom] Hey. Um...
Hey, wait. Um...
Let us...
Let us give you a ride.
[Cora] Oh, I have something
I need to do right now,
but when I'm back in LA,
we can hang out.
But I'm not gonna
hook up with you.
Just as friends.
All right, uh, check please.
[footsteps departing]
[birds chirping in distance]
[mellow music]
[plastic rustling]
[music continues]
[paper rustling]
My God, I miss you guys.
Music sucks without you.
I just want to make
you guys proud,
but sometimes
I just want to give up.
I'm so sorry it took me so long.
[music continues]
I love you.
[music continues]
[door clicks open]
[door squeaking]
-Oh, hey.
[door shuts]
Where's, um--
Justine's out looking for you.
Okay, cool. Um...
How was the rest of the party?
Um, I don't know.
I was looking for Taco
all night and crying,
and Justine was
looking for you, so...
Shit, I'm sorry.
She's gonna come back, you know.
Taco's a boy.
No, I mean Justine.
She'll come back.
I don't understand.
Like if you don't want her,
why can't you just let her go?
Justine, oh, my God, seriously?
Jeez, yeah. Um...
No, it's not that
I don't want her.
But you are the one that left.
For my career.
I don't buy that.
I love her.
So do I.
[dishes clatter]
[Riley] I am so over this.
[door opens]
[Justine] Where have you been?
I've called and texted you
a thousand times.
Why didn't you answer?
I-I was out of cell phone reach
and then my phone died,
but I'm back now,
and everything's okay.
-Everything's okay.
-Everything's fine.
Everything's fine, okay.
Hey, hey, I-I'm sorry,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I can't do this anymore.
Do you not love me anymore?
No, I'm tired.
Okay, I'm tired.
Yeah, but, like, you know me.
I just need to, like,
go away sometimes.
Okay, and what about me?
Am I supposed to just sit around
and wait for you to come back?
Yeah, but what are you just
gonna get another girlfriend,
and, like, replace me?
You are the one that wanted
an open relationship, right?
And it's lonely dating someone
who always has one foot
out the door of their own life.
I just, I just couldn't
stay here after everything.
And you're the only person
that knows me, and knew them,
and you're like the only
person that likes me.
I feel like if you still do,
you know.
Of course I still like you.
I just can't do
this anymore.
But I'll always love you.
-[Justine] Yeah.
Well why, like, specifically?
[both chuckle]
Oh, man.
Um, because you are, um,
vulnerable and so funny,
and nurturing.
Even though, you know,
um, it's in such a unique way
that, you know,
nobody really notices.
Yeah, I can be
pretty nurturing, huh?
[chuckles] Yeah.
So this is over?
[Justine] You and I?
[Cora] Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Babe, come on now.
You know it's been over
for a while now.
Um, will you come
visit me in LA,
with my parents, since you
guys are all so close?
I would love to come
visit you in LA,
but I probably shouldn't
make any promises.
You know, you can bring
what's-her-name, too.
Uh, I'll ask her, but
she'll probably say no.
-[Cora chuckles]
-But we'll see.
She's so intimidated by me.
[both laugh]
It's sad, right?
Um, where is Riley?
Uh, she left.
What do you mean she left?
Like, she went out the back door
at one, some point
when we were, we were talking,
and then at some point,
she had, she had
left the building.
Was she upset?
She wasn't really,
I-I don't know.
I couldn't really get
a read on her,
but I don't think
she was happy, yeah.
[sighs] Oh, my God.
[Cora] She's not gone gone,
though, right?
-She, like, will be back.
-I don't know.
I was so worried
about you last night
that I didn't even say
anything to her.
I just ran out the door.
She's probably mad as hell.
Damn, I really fucked this up.
I feel like some of it
might be my fault.
Okay, all of it was my fault.
Do you really like her?
Do you really want to know?
I mean, yeah. I'm not being
a dick, I'm being serious.
I like her a lot.
I love her.
Okay, just double checking.
Um... Yeah, you know what.
I thought it over,
and I-I want to help you.
Uh, you want to help me do what?
Yeah, I'm gonna fix it.
Cora, I don't need you
to fix anything.
I just need you to not break
anything else, that's it.
No, I want to nurture you,
and I want to bring Reba back.
-[Justine] Cora.
I don't need anyone
to nurture me right now.
I need you to sit your ass down.
-Don't worry. At all.
-[Justine] Cora, please.
[Justine] Don't leave
this fucking house!
Fuck me.
All right, if I were
a little tiny model
with a big ponytail
and a bad attitude,
where would I be?
Burning Bushes.
Burning Bushes.
I was down like you
I'm coming, Riley!
I'm coming for you, bitch!
In a, in a good way!
Blaming everybody around me
Hating myself more
I was desperate like
you read in the paper
Sorry, I'm not chasing you!
[door opens]
I was alone
in a lonesome place
Till I finally said
I'm done
[Riley gasps]
What the actual fuck?
I'm trying to help you.
You said you don't drink.
Are you kidding me?
This is coffee.
It kind of, okay, it actually
does smell like coffee.
Did it burn?
Thank you, yes, yes.
And now, you've ruined
my outfit,
just like you ruin everything.
Okay, that's a little harsh,
but I guess I deserved that.
Can I help you?
Like, what do you need?
Um, I-I want to bring
you home, so...
Uh, Justine wants you
to come home.
Come on, you can't break up
with Justine
just 'cause of
a little tiny thing
like she has another girlfriend.
You know what? This is on me
for even getting involved
with this whole shit show.
I shouldn't have even done
that in the first place.
[sighs] Okay, but it's only
a shit show because I'm,
like, sometimes I just, I-I just
sometimes I need a little help,
and it's hard for me to ask for
it, and with Justine, you know,
she never, I never had to ask.
She just does that thing
where like,
she already knows what you need,
before you ask.
So my point is,
it was only a shit show
because of me.
You can't hold it
against Justine.
That she is... was
in a relationship with me.
Yeah, I mean, I really can't
put my career on hold
for a relationship right now.
And, uh, I'm kinda over it.
So you know, Justine
is just a little, like...
Yeah, but almost a little
too perfect, you know?
[chuckles] Sure.
It hasn't been easy for me
realizing that I like girls.
Justine's my first girlfriend,
and, um...
I don't know. When I came
out to my parents, they just...
cut me off.
Fuck, I'm sorry.
-That sucks.
You're really lucky that
you have Joy and Gary.
I wouldn't go that far.
But I get your point.
They're, like,
supportive and cool,
and you have it pretty good.
Well, you have Justine,
and I don't.
Plus Taco, if she comes back.
Oh, yeah, he did.
-He came back last night.
-Is she okay?
He was curled up in a little
ball in the bed when I left.
Wow, look at you.
Well played.
[laughs] Thank you.
I've got tricks, too.
[Cora laughs]
[Riley] I can't believe
we're sitting here--
-Best friends.
-Oh, well.
Riley, can you please
just give me a call back?
[door opens]
[Justine sighs]
I've been calling you.
I know, I'm sorry.
I love you so much.
I'm so sorry.
I love you, too.
Ugh, you guys are gross.
I'm gonna go say
goodbye to Taco.
Hey, girl.
Be good to Justine, okay?
Protect her and lick her face
and remind her not
to take life so seriously.
And be good to your new stepmom.
I know she's not as cool as me,
but, like, be nice to her.
I'm really gonna miss you.
[guitar music]
You're so weird.
In, like, a good way.
Love is a joke
And it'll break your heart
It doesn't matter
if you're together
Or apart
Love is a joke
And it'll break your heart
It doesn't matter
if you're together
Or apart
Love is a joke
And it'll break your heart
It doesn't matter
if you're together
Or you're apart
[audience cheering]
No, babe, it's your friend.
I got it, relax.
[indistinct chatter]
Um, this next song is dedicated
to my new buddy Tom,
who's sitting right over there,
because he won't stop
stalking me.
Uh, this is called
"You're Okay For A Boy."
[audience chattering]
[guitar music]
Met you in line
On the way to see my girl
You like other
people's problems
And you want
to fix the world
If life is a broken case
You drag from place to place
Guess I can understand
Needing a helping hand
Ah oh
[music continues]
["The Situation" playing]
All my friends
are wondering
What I've become
What's the situation son
What's your
major malfunction
Oh no
Never miss your chance
to have a cigarette
Any recollections yet
Watch it burn into the end
Now I'm on the rise
This time is different
This time
You better hope I'm wrong
Hey man that's
a waste of a reputation
It's just for fun
It's just for fun
I didn't buy the gun
Buy the gun
I want to be someone
Looking up when the faces
are down around me
Come on
I don't buy
You want me to pick a side
And you never think
black and white
What's the cost
to win the fight
Take my life
It don't belong to me
They give 'em away for free
I can't afford
to fall asleep
If we're only strangers
in the end
Who's gonna pretend that
they were listening
Back on the rush
This time is different
This time
I want to feel the sun
There's no love no heat
When the lights are neon
Take my life
It don't belong to me
They give 'em away
for free
What's the cost
of falling asleep
Take my time
Never waste a beat
The good life is killing me
It's everywhere
you want to be
That's the speed of love
The taste in every one
Finally it's quiet
Enough to listen
Never a straight line
Stop and watch it...