Corbin Nash (2018) Movie Script

Please, God,
send him an angel of light,
protect him from darkness.
This is a city of sinners
and far worse
where the damned and
the forsaken walk the streets.
Somebody's taken my son!
Please help me!
Calm down, ma'am.
Can you tell me where you are?
The angels...
...they left a long time ago.
He's into my home!
She's dead!
He killed my wife!
Police are on their way.
Please, try to remain calm, sir.
The Lord
has prepared his people
for a great slaughter
This guy is dead
for sure, ma'am.
And He has
chosen their executioners.
The guy is
still unconscious.
There's fucking blood all over!
There are
those whose teeth are swords,
whose fangs are knives,
put here to devour the
weak from off the earth.
Their blood will be
poured out into the dust
and their bodies will lay
rotting on the ground.
And no wonder,
for even Satan disguises himself
as an angel of light.
Though light survives
and the battle between
good and evil persists,
angel or demon,
all will appear before
the Judgment seat of God.
Please, my brother.
Yet blessed are the merciful...
The window is broken.
...for they shall
receive mercy...
He's got... that all may
receive what is due.
If you could tell
me your name and location,
we're going to dispatch
an officer to your area.
And be saved.
Uhm... Uhm...
My name is Macy.
Of those who
have sinned against the Lord,
I will make you as
helpless as a blind man
searching for a path.
As it's only in the darkness
that we find ourselves
or find our Maker's wrath.
Help! Somebody help me!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, it's you.
Who did this to you?
Help me.
You can help him.
But you can't save him, Macy.
He doesn't need a hospital,
he needs a priest.
He's going to die.
Put it down.
Tough break, shooter.
Next time.
There ain't going
to be no next time.
And I'm walking.
Hey, you got two
strikes against you.
Don't do anything stupid.
it makes you better,
you know, Corbin,
especially when pieces
of shit like this get away,
it's a hard thing, but it
does make us better, so.
- Better?
- Mm-Mm.
I should have fucking shot him.
We could've shot him.
Who are you?
I'm a friend of the family.
I got no family.
I see Jack's got you
in a tight leash.
Yeah, he's a good man,
but he's not your father.
How did you know I'll be here?
You following me?
It's not a good idea.
It's not difficult
to spot a wolf
in a flock of sheep, kid.
You should have shot him.
We have a few things
in common, you and I.
Yeah. We like guns.
Looks old.
Belonged to your father.
He never used it on people.
You knew my father?
Yeah. And your sweet mother.
My parents are dead.
You know anything about them?
My mother was Irish,
my father played ball.
He won the World Series, kid.
Yeah, he did.
The thing was that being
a baseball player
was just a cover.
Cover for what?
The battle with
demons and destiny.
Demons, huh?
The never-ending fight
between good and evil.
Your parents came from
a long line of hunters.
You're one of them.
What's you looking
for ain't here?
- No?
- No.
It's three blocks down on East.
It's called the
fucking hospital.
You're my last rodeo, kid.
I'm almost done.
Your parents were
killed in Los Angeles.
Your dad was there for the game.
But like I said, he was hunting.
They were slaughtered.
It's the truth, Corbin.
What... what are you doing?
I didn't want to tell you
because I wanted to protect you.
It's who they were.
What the fuck is this?
You need to listen to him.
I was there.
Our mission was to
kill their royal blood.
Two brothers.
We got one.
The other one, Drake, got away.
What you're saying is insane!
Drake was behind it
from the beginning.
- You're fucking insane.
- You were the big secret.
You were kept away
from all this evil.
Drake doesn't even
know you exist.
Then why does it matter?
My parents are dead.
And no fucking fairytale
is going to bring them back.
It's your time.
Your dad would want
you to have this.
It's too soon.
It's history, Jack. And
it's a damn good start.
Shit don't make any sense.
It's all too random.
There's no motive.
Whole thing is spooky.
Friend of yours?
Disease, my ass.
Fucking guy raped
a seven-year-old girl
but he got off
on a technicality.
Makes you wonder
if what we even do matters.
If it was my daughter, I would
have killed the sick bastard.
At least put him down.
You think there's more
than one guy doing this?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
We just need to find them.
I am beautiful.
I am... angel.
I am...
...a cold-blooded
fucking killer.
Everybody wants to fuck me.
Chase it.
- Ooh, you like that, baby?
- Oh, yes.
- Yeah?
- Ah-Huh.
- You think I'm beautiful?
- I think you're so beautiful.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You think I'm sexy?
- You're so sexy, baby.
Yeah, baby!
You like that?
- Yes. Oh, yes!
- Yeah. You like it, huh?
Yeah. Tell me I'm beautiful.
You're so beautiful, baby.
Ah-Huh. Yeah. Oh, yeah.
Tell me you love me!
I love you, baby.
I love you.
Now look at me.
Look at me.
What's this? What the
fuck is going on?
- I'm just trying to help.
- Help?
Why am I chained to a bed?
Because someone
I trust told me to.
For protection.
- I don't need protection.
- Not yours.
Why are you doing this?
You don't remember me, do you?
We met before.
At the bar.
I was in trouble.
You saved me.
After that,
I asked around
and they just told
me who you were.
You're that detective
working on the missing cases.
My brother is missing.
Yo, Mace.
Shit. What's up, girl?
What do you want?
I came to see you.
Came to see my girl.
I'm not your girl, okay.
You were a mistake.
- Now leave me alone.
- Mistake!
Come on, babe.
I miss my baby, man.
Don't fucking touch me.
Shit! Come on outside.
Leave it alone, Karl. Go!
Open the fucking door!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- No!
- Huh? Just...
Stop that!
Open the fucking door.
Ah, who the fuck is that?
- Just go, okay?
- Who the fuck is that?
- You fucking bitch!
- Just go, Karl!
- Fuck!
- Go!
Fuck, it's like that?
Fuck. All right. What the fuck?
Bring that motherfucker
out here.
Let's go!
Leave her alone and get
the fuck out of my building,
you crazy fuck.
All right. Easy, all right.
We're cool, grandma.
Oh, grandma?
You fucking animal. Move!
We cool.
Thank you.
You owe me rent.
I know his face.
He's one of twenty-seven
I was looking for.
He was taken a year ago.
He's alive.
I can feel it.
I believe that too.
I was close.
I got you.
Fuck, yeah.
Deeper, bitch.
You better move on,
whoever the fuck you are.
Keep going.
Get back down there.
I said fuck off!
Who the fuck are you?
Get off the fucking car!
What the fuck!
You know that's not just blood
coming out of your ears, right?
That's fluid leaking
from your brain.
That's surgery right
there regardless.
Fuck, man!
I can't feel my
fucking face anymore.
Imagine what I'll do to you
when I drag you out of this car.
Who the hell are you, man?
Who am I?
It's a good question.
Don't kill me, all right. I'll
tell you all you want to know.
I want to know who they are.
I want their fucking names.
Okay. There's two of them.
I don't know their names.
But these guys,
they're fucking crazy.
What do you mean?
I mean, there's some dark
shit going on in this town.
There's talks about these guys
that they're different from us.
Different how?
That they're not even human.
Oh! Jesus. I'm telling
you straight, man.
These guys are evil,
like cannibals.
I don't believe in monsters!
Jesus fucking Christ.
Where do I find them?
I... I don't know.
- Where do I find them?
- Okay. Okay
I'll tell you everything,
okay. Just stop.
There's a collection tomorrow
night, okay, Eastside storage.
Speak to the blind man,
he sees everything.
The great
dragon was thrown down.
That's ancient serpent,
known as the devil or Satan,
great deceiver of the world.
He was thrown down to the earth,
and his angels were
thrown down with him.
Why do I get the feeling
with all the craziness
going on around here,
it's not entirely what you see?
We all have a shadow
side, young man.
I sense yours is
quite a strong one.
If only you could see it.
What do you see?
There's a fine line
between good and evil.
Sometimes you've got to do a
little bad for the greater good
I see destiny.
I don't believe in destiny.
Take care, old man.
But you will.
Oh, you will.
How did
you get this lead?
You really want to know?
See, that's what the
fuck I'm talking about.
You going off the rails,
playing fucking vigilante.
You're going to get us
both in trouble, man.
Don't think I don't
know what you're doing.
Did he deserve it at least?
Let's say I left my mark.
Oh, good.
What are we doing here?
What are we looking for?
Hey, Frank, let me
ask you something.
You ever heard of the
occult out here in LA?
You mean like devil worship?
Something different.
No. Can't say that I have.
You okay?
That's it.
There it is.
What the fuck.
Let's go.
Hey! Police!
Get out the fucking car!
Freeze! Put the
fucking body down.
I said put that fucking
body down real slow.
Get out the fucking car!
I said get out the fucking car.
Hands where I can see them.
Oh my, that's a big gun.
Quiet, bitch.
Ooh, are you a cop?
Don't you come any closer.
I swear to God I'll put
a fucking bullet in you.
I know what you are.
Well, tell me,
what am I?
You're fucking cannibals.
Don't fucking move.
Put the fucking body down.
- Frank!
- Corbin!
I'm going to shoot this asshole.
It's a nice ring.
I like this one. He's feisty.
Turn around real fucking slow.
This is my favorite part.
No! No, please!
Jesus fucking Christ.
Hey! Hey!
Let me the fuck out of here!
I said let me the
fuck out of here!
Shut the fuck up!
He will come back.
Shout all you want.
Not going to change anything.
Fucking bastard.
Just go easy, kid.
You could be here for a while.
What is this place?
Where are we?
Somebody must know a way.
You remember how you got here?
How long you've been here?
Doesn't matter.
To the outside world,
we've all disappeared.
Jesus Christ.
Ghosts, kid.
What's going on?
They are coming.
Corbin, what the hell?
You sick fucks.
Come on, Corbin,
talk to me, man.
Come on, motherfucker!
Son of a bitch.
Fuck you!
Shut the fuck up, man.
You better save
your strength for it.
I don't want your food.
If you're going to sit there and
die like a dog, you go ahead.
Oh, hey your friend.
But that was your first fight.
And it's not going
to be your last.
What if you don't fight?
You're dead.
What if you lose?
If you lose,
let's just say you don't have
to worry about the cage anymore.
I know what you're thinking.
You're asking
yourself why go on.
They killed
my little boy.
But they spared my wife,
and she's here somewhere.
You think she's still alive?
If she is...
she'll pray for death.
Shut your mouth.
We're just playthings to them.
To who? What are
you talking about?
She's lying.
I know her.
I can still hear their screams.
You've seen nothing.
You're just scared.
I don't understand.
What's it to you, man?
I'm a cop.
I've been trying
to find these people.
Have they found anybody?
Good job, asshole.
Useless fucking pig!
What did you see?
Where are the others?
They're just using us.
Using us for what?
I'm already dead.
The missing people
continues to grow
in the Los Angeles area,
LAPD detective Corbin Nash,
who was said to be working
the case is now reported...
You killed her.
I'm going to fucking kill you.
You're early don't
you think, Frank?
I'm not here for
a fucking dance
Corbin is gone.
Ring any bells?
Now I know why Corbin kept
coming to this shithole.
Three girls, six months,
all dancers right here.
Start fucking talking.
Look, I can't help you, Frank,
okay. There is nothing I can do.
No, I don't got
time for bullshit.
I'll drag you down to
the station right now.
Frank, you need to
listen to me, okay?
Two guys.
One's a mean-looking
bastard all in black.
The other one is...
You know, I don't know what
the fuck it was but it did this.
Corbin mentioned
something about the occult.
I've seen the bodies, Darius.
I know you know who
I'm talking about.
Just tell me where to find them.
You don't find them.
They find you.
Happy anniversary.
Tell me,
how old am I again?
How old am I really?
You'd be seventy-three, darling.
Like magic.
Tell me Vince,
all those women
that you killed before,
did you really just murder them?
That's all they deserved.
And you didn't fuck any of them?
None of them.
I need to know that I'm special.
You are.
That's nice, dear.
Your first kill, it changed you.
It made me.
My mother was a whore.
What made me so special?
Because I just knew when
I looked into your eyes,
I was saved.
You're my angel.
They abandoned me.
They didn't deserve you.
My own parents, Vince.
I know, baby.
They killed me.
But you... saved me.
And it changed me forever.
You look like my mother.
I told you I was going
to fucking kill you.
He roughed you up pretty good.
He had it coming.
He did.
This place doesn't
make any sense.
What do you mean?
Doesn't feel criminal.
Feels like something else.
Like what?
Something impossible.
Who took you?
Were there two of them?
That's what I thought.
The one that killed my boy,
he looked like a woman
but there's no way
in hell it was.
He's stronger than a damn mule.
You fought them?
Fucking tried.
But I couldn't get near them.
And when I did,
it didn't matter.
The other guy,
he made me watch
as they killed our boy.
You're right,
it isn't criminal.
It's pure evil.
I was told my parents
were taken, murdered.
I didn't believe it at first.
I was given a name.
Ah! Fuck!
You're not afraid.
The dark room doesn't scare me.
Does it pleasure
you then, maybe?
The darkness,
its flames engulf you.
Yet, you failed to see this.
Who are you?
The one that dwells
amongst the darkest of souls.
Fuck you!
If you are so bad,
then why are you hiding?
My sin is different to yours.
Its origin is not of your world.
If you fall far enough,
you will see me.
Okay. Open this one next.
Merry Christmas, Zach.
Born into darkness,
these men turned to
walk down dark paths.
They take pleasure
in doing wrong.
And they enjoy the
twisted ways of evil.
Ooh. What's shaking, pops?
Why don't you just
leave me alone?
Because I just don't understand
why you must live this lie.
I like the sun on my face.
That's enough for me.
Well, I don't miss
seeing the sun.
They're all a joke.
I embrace the darkness.
So fuck them and the day.
We own this world.
The Lord preserves
all that love Him
and all the wicked
he will destroy.
Thy throat is an open coffin.
The tongue
is used as a weapon to deceive.
Blood of asps
falls through your lips.
I have accepted my fate.
You abandoned the nights!
Maybe you're right.
But I'm not the one
who's blind here.
You just don't see it, do you?
See what, old man?
Your time will come.
He will destroy them
and their evil ways.
He abandoned me a long time ago.
But you know what?
You fell from his grace.
And now,
you've got to rot down
here with the rest of them.
I said move.
Bro, fuck off.
Come here.
I know she's
fucking that guy.
She thinks I was
a fucking idiot.
Think I'm fucking stupid.
Oh, gosh, you're beautiful.
Fucking Nash.
Fucking Nash.
What the fuck kind
of name is that? Ah!
What the fuck did you just say?
He's still alive.
You should have burned him.
Fuck, Drake.
And fuck the monarchy.
I'll deal with this myself.
Please, God,
send him an angel of light,
protect him
from darkness.
Let me go. Let me go.
Let me go.
Let me go.
We're dying.
I ain't fucking doing this.
You got no choice, kid.
Neither do I.
Let's get this over with.
Stop it. Stop it.
I'm going to kill you.
I'm going to kill you, kid.
I'm going to kill you.
Just fucking do it.
I will see my boy.
I'm sorry.
I can't do it.
No more!
No! Let him go!
You look like him,
his shadow perhaps.
You killed my parents.
I ate them.
But do not be troubled,
as I too lost
somebody dear to me
at the hand of your
murderous parents.
What do you call all
this, you sick fuck?
I'm glad my parents killed
your fucking brother.
Your existence is a joke.
It's as if you were
created to fall.
I'm still standing.
Your pathetic soul wanders
aimlessly through an existence
that fails everything
you are not.
Which is what?
Many hunters hide
their offspring.
When I threw your parents apart,
I sensed something,
but not you.
You don't carry their strength.
Unlike them,
you are not worthy
to die by my hands.
You'll be left to
rot in the streets.
The Nash legacy ends with you.
Come fucking get it.
You better fucking kill me.
Something's happening.
Please father, kill me.
Please kill me.
That fuck is in there, man.
He's mine.
Not with Macy, right?
Shh. I smell something.
Macy, babe!
He's done.
You think you can fuck my girl
and live, cocksucker?
Small world.
Nobody fuck with my girl.
We can't make the
same mistake twice.
We should burn him.
You understand?
You said he was dead.
How do we find him now?
He'll find us.
Honey, come out.
I'm going to treat you
like a real boyfriend.
Ha, ha, ha.
Hello, sweetheart.
Are you going to
come out to play?
I'm waiting for you.
And I don't like to wait!
His time is running out.
Come on!
Destiny caught up
with you after all.
What the fuck happened to you?
Everybody thinks you're dead.
Where are they?
The question you should
be asking is who are they.
They are the founders
of civilizations,
the architects of
historical movement.
They are monsters.
I'm going after them.
- Let me help you.
- No.
You got family.
Too much to lose.
I don't.
They're everywhere.
They've been everywhere
since the dawn of time.
And the two I'm looking for?
The two you seek,
they not only
embrace their gift,
they revel in it.
They work as
collectors in what they call...
the meat trade.
They use some for sport,
fighting humans like dogs.
they harvest their blood,
storing them as a food source.
They can walk amongst
us in daylight.
They are weak, fragile,
as blind as I.
Their bond was made in life.
It only superseded in death.
These demons are
old fashioned as hell.
I'm all ready for
the game, Frank.
What game?
The only real game
left worth playing.
How do I kill them?
A stake through the
heart should do nicely.
Now I know, old man.
Rest easy.
I'm going to kill them all.
I am so impressed.
You actually made it.
Vince, honey,
be a doll and go get
our guest a drink.
You look so hot.
Oh, my goodness.
Where is she?
I said where is she?
Shhh. You'll wake my babies!
Now, why don't you
just have a seat?
Fuck you.
You're fucking insane.
You are so fascinating.
I mean, after all,
you should be dead.
I am dead.
You've only just begun.
You know why I'm here.
Well, I thought it was
because you wanted me.
Do you think I'm beautiful?
I'm here for the girl.
And then I'm going to kill you.
And you.
That is no way
to talk to a lady.
Ain't no lady here.
You're a freak.
A freak?
I'd rather be a
freak than a whore.
She was begging for you.
I can smell the
whore in that one.
Oh, Corbin, watch out!
Your kind fucked up when
they made me what I am.
You should have made sure.
Don't you fucking leave me.
Tell me I'm beautiful.
You're beautiful, baby girl.
Tell me you love me.
I've always loved you.
Then go kill that
motherfucker for me.
He's safe.
What does he say?
He says thank you.
Thank you.
That's the hardest part
about being human.
Eventually in time,
we learn how to let go.
But there's always hope, son.
Always hope.
It's in the darkness we're
able to find ourselves.
I can't save them all.
A lot of people
are going to die.
But I'm going to try.
And so it begins.
So it begins.
for an angel fell like
lightning from the heavens,
sent to us from God himself.
For now our Lord will
send his vengeance,
disguise my sin,
to fight fire with fire
for even the demons
will believe and shudder.
He is their final judgment.
He is the end.