Corn Island (2014) Movie Script

Are they Georgians?
(Abkhazian language)
Grandpa, does this land
belong to Georgians?
There, that land belongs to them.
Then, to whom this land belongs?
This land belongs to its creator.
Hey, sweety, what's your name?
Let's go... motherfucker...
Are you finished with your school?
And the diploma?
It'll be ready next year.
Your parents couldn't
see you graduating.
May the god allow me
to live up to that day.
Good day, grandpa!
You chose a quite dangerous place
to dwell on.
Haven't you seen anyone
around this place?
Are you sure?
If you spot someone, tell me!
Rest a little bit,
aren't you tired?
You feel hot, don't you?
But I don't understand
your Abkhazian...
Get in the boat!
Hey! How are you grandpa?
What happened? You don't seem
to be happy to see us.
It's enough, Boria,
don't bother this old man.
Grandpa, have you got anything to drink?
I have some wine...
God bless you!
Here's to us.
To us!
You are a good man, grandpa!
The wine is good,
but there isn't much.
God bless us.
A toast to you grandpa.
You accommodated here very well,
you know?
Won't you tell what
you are looking for?
The dog escaped from us,
the dog!
But, he's wounded, he can't run away,
be attentive, we'll be back soon.
Hello (in Russian)
We're looking for a friend
If you are not looking for us,
then you are not in the right place.
It means you haven't seen
anyone around here?
Ok, I understood, goodbye.
Come here, come!