Corporate (2006) Movie Script

Corporate - the professional
way of conducting business
The owner of a corporate entity
can either be a sole businessman..
or a lot of shareholders together
The sole objective of every
business is the same - profit
Also called the
bottom-line in the corporate world
To improve upon their bottom lines..
..professionals of these corporates..
often resort to a lot of
unprofessional methods, too
Our story revolves
around two corporates..
who are traditional rivals
in the food products business
The Sehgal Group of lndustries..
and the Marwah Group of lndustries
They're always launching new
Products to upstage each other
ln the recently concluded elections,
the party backed by the Sehgals..
romped home to power
While Marwah was dejected..
Mr.. Vinay Sehgal
was obviously overjoyed
The Finance Minister has personally
invited him to New Delhi, after all.
Navin my contestant was right.
We backed the right horse.
Ashwini has bagged the
finance Portfolio.. that's a plus
Poor Marwah. lt's
gonna be difficult for him.
After the State, he's going to
be kicked out of the Centre too
Congratulations. - Thank you. Thank
you very much for your support.
l am very happy.
The party has entrusted a
huge responsibility to me
Oh yes.. Vinay, there's a
nice proposal for your company
There's going to be
a major change in..
..the Foreign Direct lnvestment policy
The American food giant,
Friscon lnternational..
are looking for collaborators in lndia
Their Asia Pacific chief
is here in Delhi right now
l've spoken to him
for a tie-up with you
Make sure you meet him.
- Certainly.. thanks
This is going to be
a great partnership.
Friscon lndia Ltd. will be
a joint-venture company..
which will manufacture
snack foods and soft drinks
The Sehgal Group will hold
44 per cent of shares..
Friscon lncorporated U.S.A.,
will hold 26 per cent..
and 30 per cent will be held
by lndian financial institutions
ls it going to be a
closely held company?
Very soon, the Sehgal Group and
the lndian financial institutions..
will divest 8 per cent of their
holdings through a public issue
And today l am very proud to
be associated with Friscon.
Thank you all.
Good morning sir.
Congratulations on the Friscon deal.
Thank you!
lt's a clincher.
- Well, let's see.
How did your meetings in Singapore go?
Both the deals are closed, sir
12 consignments in the next 6 months.
That's 270 million in the kitty
So see you tomorrow at
the Cll meeting, okay?
Okay, sir. l'll see you there
Hi Nishi.
- Hi Andy, what's been happening?
As usual. There's a
backlog of 2 weeks, Nishi
l've kept the papers on your desk.
- Fine
Have you sent out the emails
for tomorrow's Cll meeting?
Yeah, all done.
That's great. - And by the way
that new girl, Megha, she is come.
Okay, send her in 10 minutes.
- All right.
Send Anmol inside
So Megha.. are you clear
about the job functions?
Yes ma'am.
- No ma'am here.
We work together on a first-name basis
l mean.. Nishi.
- That's better
One thing l'd like to tell you.
When you were featured..
in the Business Today magazine
as the best female executive..
l was extremely proud.
l have graduated from your
own management school and..
l just hope, l'm as
successful as you are, some day.
That's very nice Megha. Thanks.
l hope l can live up
to your expectations.
Welcome aboard Friscon.
Hi Anmol.
- Hi Nishi
How are you?
- Good, thank you.
She's Megha.. Megha Apte.
And that's Anmol Rawat
Megha's joining us as
assistant manager, operations
Would you like to show her around?
Yes, of course.
- Well.. yes..
terms and conditions of Friscon,
marketing.. please go through it
And do involve Megha too.
- Done.
l hope you enjoy working with us.
- Thanks. - All the best.
Yes, Navin?
Okay Megha. Open an Excel file
of Friscon's..
..region-wise distribution network..
and get a print-out
in table form, okay?
Anmol. Can l have a coffee please?
Coffee..? Of course. But
it's Machine-made.. not nice.
lf you want to have good coffee,
there's a coffee-shop close by..
we can go over, if you wish
Don't you think you're a bit too fast?
Fast..? To be honest, madam..
the rest of the guys in the
office are by far faster than me
Anyway. Hey Lobo.
- Yes sir? - Listen.
..treat the lady to some
coffee from the machine
See? A new girl arrives and the
boss starts playing Romeo immediately
You're no less a Romeo, are you?
What difference between you and him?
Don't you ever
compare me with the bosses
There's this great difference
between the boss and the orderly
What difference?
- Look..
in a shift of nine to six,
when you stop working at four..
you're the peon. Those
that start working at four..
are the bosses! You dig?
- You're right
Now stop raving and
make some coffee.. go on
ln your gain lies our gain
Make as much gains as you can..
and also make the state and
the nation gain in the process
That's the objective of our party
There was so much disagreement
over the disinvestment programme
But what will the opposition do,
lf not disagree with us..?
l had a simple argument.
The government..
..must provide the industrialists..
a proper atmosphere to set up industry
For example, the Maharashtra
Bottling and Confectioneries..
a public-sector undertaking.
What does it do..?
Makes cakes, biscuits and soft drinks
And the Maharashtra Two-wheeler Ltd.
Another public-sector company
The government, l believe,
ought to show the way to people..
making scooters and motorcycles
is not the government's job
ln any case, government officials
prefer to travel in four-wheelers..
what good is the
manufacture of two-wheelers?
And thus, our government has decided
to sell all public-sector units..
to the private sector
l will not waste any
more of your precious time
Else, you will accuse me of delivering
a speech even at the Cll meeting
Glory to lndia. Glory to Maharashtra
What did your State
Finance Minister say?
He made great promises for the
corporate world. - Will he keep them?
Whether it's lndia or America Steve,
politicians are politicians.
This PSU will benefit our
company's expansion plans immensely
Right, sir. And their
product-line matches that of ours
Good evening. This is Devyani Bakshi
from Corporate News and l'm here at..
..the Cll meeting tonight with
Steve Jones from Friscon..
..lnternational in an exclusive.
Hi Steve.
- Hi, how are you today? - Very well.
To start with could you throw
some light on your..
..tie-up with Sehgal Foods?
Well, Friscon is world
number 1 in aerated drinks.
And we control nearly 55 per
cent of the international market.
So even in lndia we feel like the
soft drinks segment will provide..
..a huge per cent of benefit.
That's exactly what we are
working at with out with Mr.. Sehgal.
This Maharashtra Bottling and
..looks like a good proposition.
Huh? Nishi?
ln fact we qualify
in all criteria, sir.
Will you take the last page?
That's the criteria of corruption.
We emerge tops at that too.
What is that saying, corruption is
an infallible symptom..
..of a constitutional liberty.
We are truly liberated.
Cheers to that. l'll just come.
- Okay.
Work on Gulabrao because l have
a feeling Marwah is going.. move in big time on this piece.
l don't see you at the club nowadays
l was out of town
Singapore right? How was the trip?
lt was nice
l'm told the Sehgal's are
starting a regional office there?
Parvez, l thought you were doing
well as the CEO of Marwah lndustries
Since when have you taken
up full-time detective work?
Come on Nishi. You
don't have to be so acidic.
To keep myself abreast with
competition is part of my profession
But the tie-up with
Friscon was a great surprise
l don't want to talk with you now.
Exactly why l tell you, Nishi..
Always mix a bit of
pleasure with business
Believe me. lt's a
highly potent mixture.
You sound like a
confused scientist to me.
Kumar, everybody's drinking
And having a great time..
it's such a shame for us!
Do you drink?
- Yes
Also eat non-veg?
- Sure
Hey you.. come here
You know who we are, right?
Of course, sir.
- Here's what you'll do
Two bottles of Black Label.
Two or three grilled chickens
Keep it in the van behind that
Guy's car there.. hurry it up
Kumar, you know your way around!
- Just keep watching
So you're coming with me tonight?
- lt's difficult to make it, Mukesh
My husband's returning early tonight.
- Make some excuse
My wife has also left for Shirdi today
There's nobody at home.
- But my husband..?
Say you have a presentation.
That You have to work all night
ln any case, l'm giving
you an out of turn promotion
l know.
- Okay? l'll wait for you.
What Marwah? Your
rival Has entered into..
..a tie-up with such a big company
The Sehgals are in the
habit of taking big strides
From the very beginning, we
have always moved at our own pace
So you want to be a tortoise.
Slow and steady wins the race. What?
Hello, Gulabrao..
- Joe! How are you?
l was good. Till now.
- Have you met Mr.. Marwah?
Mr.. Marwah. Chairman of the
Marwah Group of lndustries.
This is Joe Rajan. He's into corporate
surveillance and intelligence
He's a very useful guy
in your line of work
My card sir.
Nice meeting you sir.
- We'll keep in touch.
Please come..
Mom, from college
l'm going to the gym
Keep in touch okay?
- Okay bye Mom.
Have a good day.
- Okay bye Dad.
Let this be.. l'll handle it
Vinay.. l hope you remember l
have this exhibition and auction?
The world's top painters and
artists will be participating
First time ever in lndia.
Well.. there's something more.
- What?
Ritesh is coming back from London
l see
l was wondering.. this new
project is such a huge one..
if you could involve him too..?
Why doesn't your
brother talk to me directly?
Maybe he's afraid of you
Don't you think we ought
to give him another chance?
Let's see
Yeah okay. Everyone
deserves a second chance.
And he's my wife's brother.
l'll have to do something about it
Don't worry, l'll fix it
3 lakh bottles per day.
A huge water reservoir.
Believe me sir. This PSU is worth..
..every rupee we spend.
Sir, MBC happens to
be in a backward area
The state government is bound to
give tax and excise concessions..
to the company that
takes over this unit
The price of a soft drink will
come down from rupees 5 to rupees 3
And our margin will be more
than double. - That's true
ln addition to that, if
we acquire this PSU..
we don't need to set
up a new bottling plant
Our capital expenditure
will be reduced to half
The valuation of the plant and
machinery alone is about 6.3 billion
l want an accurate valuation
of this PSU in Maharashtra
Remember, there is 1500
acres of land around this PSU
That too, in the industrial belt
l have details in this report,
sir. Of the 1500 acres of land..
about 600 acres of
land is agricultural
Jhunjhunwala and Bajaj are
bound to bid for the MBC, no doubt
But Anand Dahiya will be
a very strong contender
And above all, he is
very close to Mr.. Gulabrao.
This PSU is very critical for the
further expansion of the Marwah Group
Get cracking Hansa.
- Okay sir.
Parvez. lmmediately.
- Right away sir.
The Minister Gulabrao announced
a benchmark price of 9.5 billion
That means, the minimum
bid will be 10 billion
Right. And there are several
requirements for the bidding companies
l think only six companies in
lndia will be able to qualify
Come to think of it sir.
lf there's anyone
who can compete with..
..Sehgal Group, it's the Marwah Group
But after Friscon,
we are far ahead sir.
Folks, put things in
the right perspective.
Friscon is prepared
to spend an extra..
..100 million US
dollars on this project..
..if we can pull off the PSU.
That's awfully sweet of you Steve.
l am sure there's an incentive
for all of us here.
Now with your kind permission,
l'd like to make.. announcement to the whole team.
My brother-in-law,
Ritesh will be joining us.
Oh outstanding.
- As Senior Vice-President..
..for this particular project.
Well that'll be all. Thank you,
ladies and gentlemen.
Steve, what are you doing for lunch?
- Thai food and Martini? - No, no.
Come with me. l want
you to come with me..
..and try a special
delicacy from Maharashtra.
Lobsters. Yeah,
yeah. Let's go. Let's go.
lt's delicious, you'll love it.
You've never tasted anything
like that before.
- Bye.
Every moment.. this is life
Every moment.. this is life
Every moment that was yesterday,
is there this day, too
One moment, yours..
one moment, mine
One moment, yours..
one moment, mine
Let's merge these
moments and make our lives
Every moment.. this is life
Every moment that was yesterday,
is there this day, too
A million dreams our eyes weave
A million dreams our eyes weave
lt's only when we march
ahead that we reach our goals
ln loneliness..
in loneliness.. you are with me
in loneliness.. you are with me
Every moment.. this is life
Every moment that was yesterday,
is there this day, too
Coming.. coming
This is for you.
So.. what's the gossip nowadays?
Gossip? What gossip?
They must be talking already. Here
Comes the boss's brother-in-law..
to sink another company
And they're not wrong either
A loss of 1 .7 billion
in London and then..
the complete failure
of the fast-food chain
Ritesh, you went to London
to set up your own business
lt's okay if that
venture didn't work out
You at least put in your effort
That's what you say. That's
not how the others look at it
Ritesh, when we met for the
first time five years ago..
l was going through a
terribly trying time
You were the one who told me then..
Either spend your lifetime
looking back at your failures..
or move on in life
You've now arrived in Friscon.
lt's such a great opportunity
l tell you today.
Either spend a lifetime..
..looking back at your failures..
or use this opportunity to move on
- Hi Vinay. - How are you?
How are you?
- l'm good. Where are you going?
Off to the gym. But you relax.
Feel comfortable. - l'll be okay.
- Wilson? - Yes, ma'am?
Take care of sir.
- Yes, ma'am.
See you later. Take care.
- Bye. - Bye.
Give me a call, huh?
- Yeah.
l'll let you know.
- Hi.
How are you?
- l'm fine.
l'll take a shower and join you,
okay? - Okay. - Okay.
Did you talk to the astrologer?
- Yes
There was no network for two days.
l spoke to him in Ujjain today
He said, since today is Wednesday,
l must wear the sapphire
lt's her sixth month. l must go
to Delhi for her fertility rites
l've called her over so many times.
But going to Delhi..
ls it necessary to go there?
The ritual can be performed here
She's our only daughter
Let me think
Tell your son-in-law to go
slow on his hobby of hunting game
He has been asked to
strictly keep off stripping them
l'll have a word with him
There's an exhibition at Anita
Jaitley's art-gallery this evening
l hope you're coming?
- l'll try to
When you called this morning,
l was with Deepa
She suspected it was
you l was talking to
Lobo.. you see that mare?
- Tanaaz? What about her?
Earlier, she used to play
along with just about anybody
But now, she's seen
only in Tyagi's company
What do you think is cooking?
- Jhandu..
looks like l need to explain
it to you at the corporate level
Earlier, she was a public enterprise.
So she went with just about anyone
She's now in the private domain.
So she goes only with Tyagi, okay?
Know what? l've heard the bosses
say it so often at meetings..
Let's sleep over the issue
What issue they come up with
after they sleep, l have no idea
Now pin it up quickly. Else,
there'll be another issue!
45 per cent of the
soft drink market is..
..concentrated in the western region
So this PSU is strategically located
Okay, what plans do we have
for statewise product launches?
We'll first launch wafers and
crunchies and later, soft drinks
Which means, we'll first
feed the public fried stuff..
and when they feel thirsty, we
sell our soft-drinks to them
You could say that, sir
Okay.. who's our closest
rival in this PSU acquisition?
The Marwah Group.
Our traditional rivals
At the moment, they're thinking
of making mineral water at the PSU
l see.. when is the
public issue of Friscon due?
With the product launch.
ln another six months
- Yeah, just about.
The shares are much sought after
The bookmakers are quoting
350 to 400 in the gray market
Okay, so Navin?
What's next on the agenda?
There's a meeting with the State
Finance Minister. Gulabrao lngle
We have about 35,000 retail outlets..
and our company provides
employment to roughly 800,000 people
Sir Friscon lndia is
an alliance between..
..two of the world's
biggest consumer food giants.
Yes, l know. - Sir, we
have great respect for you..
and would like to take
care of you in every respect
No, never mind that. A
PSU is national property
We'll take a decision after we
have looked into all the aspects
And our government
treats everybody equally
There is no favouritism. But
go ahead, file your bid..
do not worry. l'm here..
l'll take care
Hail lndia, Hail Maharashtra
Does business need politics more?
Or does politics need business?
lt's a question worth pondering
As soon as the
disinvestment plan in the..
..public sector unit was announced..
business groups were
desperate to acquire it
The executives of Marwah and Sehgal..
began working out the
profits the PSU would yield
ln order to
strengthen their positions..
all business groups got
together to make their best bids
But Gulabrao represented a
different political party in the state
lt was difficult to
gauge from his mood..
as to whom he would
entrust this PSU to
Sir, we've offered Jhunjhunwala's
3.3 billion for a complete buy off
Plus, distribution in the south.
- Have they agreed?
Of course.
- Perfect
Please have the agreement ready.
Parvez will take a look tomorrow..
and we have a meeting
the day after tomorrow
- Yes, sir?
this deal file of Jhunjhunwala's is
very important. Put it away safely
l'll need this file tomorrow morning.
- Okay sir.
Hi Nishi.
Hi Pervez.
You're getting more and more
beautiful with every passing day
What's the secret?
Keep guessing.
- Yeah.
l will.
Nishi, don't you think you're
wasting your time at the Sehgal Group?
Why don't you join us? We
Could give you a good offer
But l'm very happy with the Sehgals.
What is it that keeps you
glued to the Sehgal Group?
ls it Ritesh?
May l ask you something, Parvez?
What is it with your house
that you can't stop flirting..
..whenever you see a girl?
ls it a bad vibe?
ls it a bad marriage?
Or an average looking,
narrow-minded wife?
Well, both.
- Both?
Excuse me.
Yes..? All right, l'll be there
Sorry, l've got to go. See you.
Nishi.. do think about my offer
Hi Shirley.. how are you?
- l'm okay
Sorry, l had to call
you to a place like this
That's okay. So..
what information is it?
lt's about Maharashtra Bottling
Marwah has offered a
deal to Jhunjhunwala
Parvez gave me the documents
yesterday. l have the photo-copies
l hope nobody in your
office is suspicious about this?
Not yet
Thanks, Shelley. Here you are
Hello. Navin..?
So what's the deal?
Marwah has offered you 3.3 billion.
- Yes
For a complete buy-out.
You also get
distribution rights for the South
The Sehgal Group will give you
21 billion for a 51 per cent stake
And also Sri Lanka,
apart from South lndia
Also the distribution
rights in the entire..
..North Eastern states will be yours
And this is not just
for the new products.
But for the entire
range of existing products.
The valuation of your company would
be in the range of 4 billion plus
And the distribution will fetch an
additional 750 million ever year
Year after year after year.
Are you serious Ritesh? The
offer is too mouth-watering.
As l said, if we give you a
better deal than the Marwah's..
..You can congratulate us
lt's a deal.
- Thank you.
l sent you to Jhunjhunwala to
find out what Marwah had offered him
And you went ahead and
made a commitment to him?
l made him an offer, he liked it..
On what basis, Ritesh?
What made you do it?
Did you discuss it with someone,
or seek anybody's permission?
With me or the management?
- No
l didn't consider it necessary.
- Ah!
How can you give him distribution
rights in our current products?
What's the problem if
some new people are..
..brought into our
distribution system?
So what happens of our
current distributors?
They've been with us all these years,
even in our bad times..
Doesn't that mean anything
to you? And you, Nishi..?
you know everything.. at least
you could've made him see reason
No, l'm sorry.
l cannot let this happen.
l won't approve this.
That's it.
So l will have to
take Navin Shroff's..
..approval for every decision l make?
Yes, you will have to, Ritesh
You see, Navin has been
with me for eleven years
l trust his judgment
and decisions completely.
Navin has played a big
hand in getting the..
..Sehgal Group where it is today
And then Ritesh, ultimately,
business is about teamwork, isn't it?
Excuse me.
Hey Steve. How are you man?
l'm good, l'm good.
- Yeah, yeah, we..
..we're working on the PSU deal, okay?
Send the corrected
Jhunjhunwala deal to Mukesh. Yeah.
Okay fine.
Papa. he's been standing for a long
time.. order something, will you?
What will l order, my child?
Have you seen the prices?
Look at this..
Cottage-cheese tikka: 375 rupees
We don't cottage-cheese
worth so much in a whole month!
Seasoned lentil-curry : 345 rupees
Bread.. 50 rupees!
And look at this..
a large drink of whiskey..
495 rupees!
The Udupi restaurant is any
day better! They serve nips..
we could've bought five nips!
- Papa.. please!
Please place an order for
whatever you wish to eat!
l'm footing the bill today.
- You ought to be happy..
Megha has received her first salary..
and she has brought us
to this 5-star hotel
All right, l'll
place an order. Listen..
big hotel, isn't it?
- Yes, sir
You must be getting a fat paycheck?
- Papa!
Have you bought an insurance policy?
- No, sir
No..? But you must..
- You're making a pitch here, Papa!
One minute. l must
explain to him. Take this.
Give me a call and ask for
Arvind Apte. Who will you ask for?
Arvind Apte.
- There are Four Apte's in our office
Ask only for Arvind Apte, okay?
- Very well, sir
lf he buys now, the premium will
be low and the span will be longer
lf he doesn't save now,
when is he going to save..?
You have to guide these youngsters..
- Order..
..whatever you want to, Papa..
l'll be back in a moment.
- Sure.. come here, you
Today l'm going to order
something different. - Let's..
..ask for..
- Nishi? - Hi. - Hi.
Hi Megha.
Who have you come with?
- Well, today's a Sunday.., l've come with my parents.
- That's sweet
Do you come here often?
- Not really.
Once you get involved in
the corporate lifestyle..
you'll have no time for
the family. So that's good.
Make the most of your time.
- Thank you so much.
Have a great life.
See you in the office.
- Bye.
Nishi, this girl has the
same spark that you had.
What do you mean by 'had' ?
l mean.. what you
had in the beginning
l also think so. She'll do well
Maybe we're small in the food
segment, but we have some big plans
By all means, Anand.
This PSU is extremely critical
for our expansion plans, Vinay
l have already turned down Marwah.
- Anand, l know that!
Vinay, you're a friend. l
came the moment you called me
However, to cut a long story short..
our company is not
backing off from making a bid
That was a good game.
- Thank you.
l'll see you.
- Yeah.
What happened, sir?
Don't worry, sir. There's
surely going to be way out
A way out.. on its own?
We'll have to find a way
Let's meet the stockbroker
Now Mr.. Sehgal..
Ruia is an extremely difficult man
lf he has refused you already..
it won't be easy to convince him
That's true.
And that's exactly why l've
called in a star broker like you
Come to think of it,
he's the one who holds..
..the pulse of the stock-market
Actually, we've worked on a deal. We
want you to study it thoroughly..
and bring Ruia around,
one way or the other
Parekh, you crack
this thing with Ruia.
l promise, l'll take
extremely good care of you
Don't say that, sir.
You are embarrassing me
ln the last market-crash,
it was you who bailed me out
Stop worrying about Ruia. l'll
do all l can to bring him around
That's my man.
- Hail Krishna.
You'll do it.
l don't get you, Parikh.
- lt's like this, Mr. Ruia
Friscon's public
issue will be out soon
They have a market
capitalization of 60 billion
The public issue isn't out yet..
on what basis have you
worked out their market worth?
Mr.. Ruia, we're
part of the stock market
lnstitutions have bought the
shares at a premium of 1 10 rupees
They'll obviously offer it to
the public at a higher price
We've calculated their worth
with a price of 180 per share..
but the listing will certainly
be at a minimum of 300 rupees
Now imagine.. if you
hold even 8 per cent.. such a giant corporation..
what will be the
worth of your holding?
Have you ever given it a thought?
- 4.8 billion
Mr.. Ruia, think of your own profits.
- Well, have a word with Sehgal then
l'm okay with it.
- Hail Lord Krishna.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Yes, l'm with Nishi. l'll
come as soon as possible
Okay, don't worry.
- Okay, bye.
Why're you so upset?
Once it stops raining, you can leave
Nishi.. l have something to ask you
About me and Ritesh..
- l'm sorry, l didn't mean to..
Come off it, Megha. At
least you can ask me directly
Everybody at the office
gossips about us anyway
l met Ritesh five years ago.
A year after my divorce
What? Were you married..?
ln Calcutta. We were
divorced in just six months
After my divorce, l moved to Mumbai.
Depressed.. and disillusioned
l'm so sorry Nishi.
lt's okay.
Call it hypocrisy. ln
our society, there is.. place for career-oriented girls
l was on the verge of
a nervous breakdown.
lt was then that
Ritesh came into my life
lf it wasn't for him..
maybe l'd have been dead by now
Whatever l am today, whoever l am,
is all because of Ritesh
We plan to settle down
after the success of Friscon
We'll be getting married
What's happening, Parvez?
lt was Jhunjhunwala first.
Now it's Ruia
Go and see Gulabrao
l want MBC at any cost
No matter what l stand to lose
l just can't figure
out what you're saying
The Sehgal group has offered the
same deal that you are offering
Jhunjhunwala and Ruia
are both with them..
they're mounting a lot of pressure.
- l have a request, sir
Before you take a decision,
please talk to Mr. Marwah once
That's no good..
Mhatre, he doesn't understand
..please talk to Mr. Gulabrao
Who is it?
- Mr. Marwah
Greetings, Mr.
Gulabrao.. how are you?
l'll be just as you wish me to be
What should we be
doing for the MBC deal?
That's a serious problem
Sehgal is offering the same deal
that you're offering.. 5 per cent
What d'you think of 8 per cent?
The PSU is worth 10 billion
lt would work out to 800 million
Half of it
- 400 million. ln advance
lt'll be deposited in your
account in any bank you say
What if l still give the PSU to
Sehgal, despite everything..?
Then keep what l give
you as a gift from a friend
Bapu has blessed me with enough.
There'll be more coming
Looks like it's going to
be fun working with you
Of course it'll be fun.
Please at least make a beginning
All right, l'll work out something
Good bye
So how do we go about it, sir?
What will l say..? lt
could turn positive, you know
Hey Mhatre.
- Yes sir.
See what he says about the cash.
Okay sir.
Very well then..
- Thank you, sir
What do you think..? You
think it's going to work?
Oh yes, it should
Do you have any
connections in the film world?
Why must you yearn thus..?
Things will soon change
lf only you could
look within.. for once
There's something about you surely.
lt's your stature, l admit
There's something about you surely.
lt's your stature, l admit
You have it in you to
become the conqueror of all
You have it in you to
become the conqueror of all
O conqueror..
if only you would look within
O conqueror..
if only you would look within
Make the attempt and
hardships shall cease to be
lt takes a rendezvous to
sate the desires of the heart
Whatever you find, is
part of your destiny..
Whatever you find, is
part of your destiny..
what you do not achieve,
you are not destined to
what you do not achieve,
you are not destined to
O conqueror..
look within
Why must you yearn thus..?
Things will soon change
lf only you could
look within.. for once
There's something about you surely.
lt's your stature, l admit
There's something about you surely.
lt's your stature, l admit
You have it in you to
become the conqueror of all
You have it in you to
become the conqueror of all
O conqueror..
if only you would look within
O conqueror..
O conqueror..
Vow! This is very nice.
lt's too good.
Not to worry.
Everything will be organised
Come with me. Come on.
Hello, Sajid-ji.. l'm Ashok
Pandit from the Dainik Vichaar daily
Please be seated
You've included an item-song
even in this film of yours?
This is not a hot number, okay..?
This is a philosophical Sufi song.
- Oh, l see
When's the book you're
writing going to be published?
My Breath will arrive first.
And then.. the book
Breath ?
- That's the name of my film
Oh, l'm sorry, sorry. Sorry sir.
Please do your homework well
before you come to me.. disgusting
These so-called journalists! Payal..
l can't see Sikander.
l want to see Sikander on this face.
- Okay baby.
More of Sikander on your face.
Are you through?
Who are they, Ballu?
- Some corporate guys
And who do l have to go to?
- A politician
Delhi, or Bombay?
- Local
lndoor, or outdoor?
- lndoor. ln Mumbai
- The day after tomorrow
How much am l getting?
- l've quoted 400,000
Ballu, how often have l told you?
l'm not accepting a
penny less than five
You get a cut of 10
per cent, don't you?
And what happened of my brother's gym?
Don't you know? He needs permission
to build a two-storied structure
When are you doing that?
- l've discussed everything
The matter is being processed.
You needn't worry
Okay, l'll be there the
day after tomorrow.. go on
l'm at a charity function
Assembly's in session
Your work will get done
only after the session
Do not disturb.
- Very well, sir
Oh Sikander, Sikander, Oh Sikander..
Look into my heart..
Oh Sikander, Sikander, Oh Sikander..
Kumar, the girl goes into that room.
The minister went into that one..
and you said it was all set-up?
- Namya..
you've just arrived
from backward of beyond
This is a 5-star hotel.
They have certain specialties
There's a door between the two rooms.
As soon as it opens.. bingo!
Don't tell me!
- lt's the usual stuff
Hello, Payal-ji.
- Hello
Please be seated.. sit down
l must say.. l'm a
great fan of yours, Payal-ji
l don't watch too many films,
but the movies in which..
you dance or perform
a special number..
..l've seen those
parts several times..
so very often on DVDs
Take it from me.. the movies of
the big stars that are successful..
they're doing well only
because of your special dance numbers
What a dancer you are!
l must say Ms. Payal. You're rocking!
Shall we get on with it..?
l've got to inaugurate
a boutique after this
Oh, certainly.. c'mon
Namya, you got the pack of cards?
- No. Why?
We have an hour or so to kill.
We could've at least
played a game of cards
Wait for another 15 or
20 minutes, will you?
Yes.. everybody will get to
know in just 15 or 20 minutes
Me first, me first..
these guys from the media! Everybody
wants to break the news first
Mhatre, what's the
position like on the MBC bids?
Have you opened all the bids?
- Yes, sir
Madam Prabhune.. Satam..
please wait outside for a while
l'll send for you
Mhatre, whose is the highest bid?
The Sehgal Group, sir.
10 billion and 2.5 million
How about Anand Ruia?
SRM Foods have bid 9.6 billion
Now.. you have the blank
bid of the Marwah's, don't you?
Yes, l do, sir.
- Raise it by 50 million..
Make it 10 billion, 300 million?
- Yes, 10 billion, 300 million
Okay, sir.
- Hurry up.. put it all back inside
Put big seals on the envelopes..
l don't want any trouble later
And in about 20 minutes.. make
the announcement. Breaking news
We're on to some more business news.
The bids for Maharashtra
Bottling and Confectionary Ltd.. of the seven PSUs that were
on the block for..
..disinvestment were opened today.
Sehgal Group of lndustries, which was
always the frontrunner in these bids..
..was today piped by traditional
rivals, the Marwah Group of lndustries.
Our correspondent Parag Goyal is
presently outside Mantralaya..
..with Pervez Merchant,
the CEO of Marwah Group.
Gulabrao gave us the re-assurance..
that it would go our way
Even the price we quoted
was what was suggested by him
l mean.. l can't figure
how he.. l don't know
Make me a drink will you?
Bapu.. with your blessings,
all is well
With your blessings, our
company has even acquired a PSU
l had told you.. you
have a bright future
Praise the Lord..
Jalpa.. my son-in-law, too.
- Come, my child
May you bear a son. May you live long
He has given her his blessings
Bapu, if you would care to eat..
- Praise the Lord
What made you call me so urgently?
- There's some vital information
Marwah had spread the
impression that he would be packaging..
mineral water at the
Maharashtra Bottling
So what's new?
- Actually they plan to manufacture..
a mint-based soft-drink there
How do you know it's a
mint-based soft drink?
The company has imported the plant
and the machinery for this purpose
Here are some important
emails that were exchanged
Could you get details..?
Marketing plans and so on?
lmpossible. That's in the
possession of only the company heads
Pervez is heading the project.
What are Pervez's plans
for the next few weeks?
He's going to Delhi tomorrow.
lmportant branch-office meetings
We have to call a
meeting as soon as possible.. you inform all branch offices.
You know everybody there?
- Yes, sir
- They've already prepared
But l still want you to
call everybody over here..
because l don't want us
to get late. l think..
That also reminds me Manji that..
l get it, yes.
Well, l'll talk to you later.
Those in Chandigarh.. call them over
Mail the details to me
at once. Yes,.. okay
Hey Nishi.
- l'll just call you back. Bye, okay.
How come you're in Delhi?
- We had a branch-office meeting
Same here. We had a
meeting too. What a coincidence!
That is a strange coincidence.
Same city, same hotel.
you're having dinner with me tonight
Parvez, there you go again
l'm having dinner with
some friends this evening
Okay, if not dinner, we'll have a
drink together. You owe me one, okay?
You always make excuses
in Mumbai. So.. please?
All right, if you insist.
What time?
- Nine O'clock sharp. Okay.
- Bye.
That was a good one. Pervez,
you are a really funny guy.
l hope in the right sense. Absolutely.
Having spent time with you today,
l feel you're a gamely person..
A very nice guy. l
totally misunderstood you.
Maybe because we're competitors
l wasn't very nice to you
whenever l met you earlier
To the point of being rude sometimes.
l apologize. l'm really very sorry.
Nishi, why don't you join us?
Okay, tell me. What's your offer?
Double the salary and perks;
stock options and above all..
..a Senior Vice-President's position.
You'll be reporting directly to me.
Virtually, CEO's designation.
Vow! - How's the offer? - lt
sounds too good to be true.
But may l ask.. why make
such a lucrative offer to me?
Well, best deserves the best.
Thanks Pervez. That's very
flattering. Excuse me. - Sure.
Yes, Pammi.. l'll be there.
ln 15 minutes.
Sorry, l have to go.
Nishi, can't you really
avoid your friends? Please..
Just see, we are
having a good time in Delhi.
..let's go and hit the disc after this.
- l know, Parvez.. but not today
Any other day in Mumbai.
Just you, for sure.
- Yeah, promise. See you.
lt was a lovely evening.
Don't drink too much. Bye.
One more drink please.
- Yes sir.
My youth is drying up..
My lover doesn't give me any water..
One scotch with lots
of ice. - Right sir.
The month of summer
increasing the indifference..
My heart is burning..
l will drown in the well,
l will drown in the well..
One Margarita. - Right away ma'am.
l will drown in the well, l
will drown in the well..
l will drown in the well, l will
drown in the well.. - Hi. - Hi.
Are you alone?
- What?
How about having a drink with me?
This place is too noisy.
How about going someplace else?
- Like where?
My room.
But that'll cost you.
- Really?
How much?
- No it's too much.
- 30. - Okay done. - Okay.
Should we leave?
- No not now.
l'll go first. You'll follow me. Okay?
Room number 2019.
- See you.
l am scared and not
opening my door..
According to this report,
the Marwah's..
..are launching a new
mint-based soft drink
ln just six months. lf that happens..
the launch of our product JUST CHlLL..
..will be postponed by
at least a year or two
The project might
probably not even take off
This Parvez is a thorn in the flesh.
- Yeah
l must say, he's quite sharp.
Bloody Parvez
But he uses his
sharpness at the wrong places
Nishi, you're really nasty, okay?
Nasty with a cause.
Jokes apart, if we launch
our drink before Marwah can..
this could be a major
turning point for us
Totally sensational.
lf we can prepare a plan and
present it to the boss overnight..
it won't be very
difficult to get his approval
Let's make a report, Nishi.
The report, l can make.
But l want you to be
the one who presents it
But you've done all the hardwork..
- No, Ritesh
This is a golden opportunity for you.
This launch is going to be
a very big success story
And l want you to get the credit
for this information and report..
as far as the boss
is concerned. Only you
ln a nutshell, our drink will
hit the market in three months
That is.. three
months before Marwah's
We'll launch our drink
and capture the market
We'll get a huge, huge
first movers advantage.
lt's fine.. but how is
it all going to happen?
We'll import the concentrate
of our drink.. just chill.
And we'll pass on the concentrate
to our bottlers across the country
Whereas Marwah is manufacturing..
..the concentrate of
his drink here in lndia
That'll take him six months
But Marwah's per bottle cost
works out at 2.90 rupees..
and ours will cost 3.70 ?
- Agreed
Should we increase on our volumes..
..the cost can be cut
by 20 per cent atleast
And if we launch it on time..
we can easily achieve our targets
That's okay, but
that Marwah's about to..
..launch a mint-based soft drink..
how reliable is this information?
lt's wholly reliable
So Marwah's been
misleading the market..
..with stories of
mineral water bottling?
What else is he capable of?
By the way, l've already had
a word with Steve Jones..
for the import of the concentrate.
He's okay with it
Very well, sir. So what date do
we launch the product, Ritesh?
A teaser campaign in August. And
the product launch.. in October
Which means, our soft drink will be..
..launched in the
market in 3 or 4 months
Navin, we'll come out with a
public issue, with the product launch
We can raise atleast 40 billion
from the market? What d'you think?
That will be good sir.
Nishi, Ritesh, great job.
Brilliant work. - Thank you sir.
Start preparing for the launch
Value creation for my shareholders.
That's my only priority.
Although l depend a lot on my wife..
..where personal
decisions are concerned
You can say Devyani that
my family is my mental, emotional..
..moral support system.
- That's wonderful.
Vinay Sehgal, the family man.
Ladies and gentlemen,
that was Vinay Sehgal..
..first generation entrepreneur
who's made it bigger than big.
This is Devyani Bakshi signing off.
See you again, same time,
same day, next week.
You start asking personal
questions as soon as the camera rolls
l enjoy making you uncomfortable.
- Really? You do?
By the way, this programme
will be aired on Sunday..
immediately after you have
won the best businessman award
lt'll be perfect timing.
- lf l win the award, that is
Vinay, please, trust me.
l've taken care of
every member on the jury
You can win hands down.
- Really?
Really. Don't worry so much.
Just be there to make sure you
receive the award okay? - l will.
Bye. - And the award for the best HRD
manager goes to Mr.. Manohar Karango.
Mr.. Bharadwaj, how are you? Good.
- Hello Tanya. How are you? - Good.
To give away the award for corporate
excellence marketing campaign..
..may l call upon Mr.. Anand Ruia..
..chairman of CRM Foods.
The award for the best marketing
campaign of the year goes to..
Mr.. Alex D'cunha of
Montano lndustries.
- Thank you very much. - All yours.
You know the importance of the last
announcement at any awards function
This brings us to the
award for corporate excellence
Last but by no means the least..
..To give away the award for
the business leader of the year..
..may l call upon stage,
the living legend..
..the inimitable,
the literary genius..
..Mr.. Javed Akhtar.
Please welcome Mr.. Javed Akhtar.
The award for the business leader of
the year goes to Mr.. Dharmesh Marwah.
Of Marwah Group.
Step aside..
Mr.. Sehgal, Mr.. Sehgal, were
you expecting to win this award?
Sir one byte sir. Sir one byte sir.
Vinay.. please listen to me.
Just please hold on!
Let me just explain.
- l don't want an explanation!
The whole of the business
community was out there..
you made me look like a
bloody fool in their presence!
But Vinay..
- No! What did you say to me?
That you've managed the whole jury.
- But the jury just got changed..
Just shut up, Devyani. Shut up!
You know what,
you're good for nothing.
You know what you are Devyani?
Just a pimp.
A glorified bloody pimp,
that's what you are.
Leave me alone, l'm okay..
why did he say that, Kedar?
Why did he say it?
- Come on, ma'am.
You know everybody uses me just like
a punching bag, that's what they do.
You know they just take advantage
of me and punch me and punch me.
Please ma'am.
There's so much l do for everyone..
- Yes, ma'am..
l've done so much for him! And for
one.. one stupid little thing..
he didn't get one award.
Just one award..
and for that, you know what he
called me..? You know what..?
He called me a pimp! A bloody pimp.
How dare? How dare he
talk to me like that?
Please, ma'am..
- He accuses me of whoring!
Oh yes.. thank you so much.
Very well.. good bye
Yes, Cherian?
- Please watch the news on TV, sir
- Please watch it, sir
What is it about?
- lt's on TlMES NOW, sir
We have a formal announcement to make
The Sehgal Group is
launching a soft drink..
a mint-based soft drink
Sir, are you launching this
drink on an all-lndia basis?
Absolutely. The drink will launched
in the whole of lndia in 45 days..
and its name is Just Chill.
You had no such plans earlier, sir.
So why this overnight announcement?
Because l believe in taking
the competition by surprise.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the countdown has begun.
lt's believed that you're
making this announcement..
..only because you did not
bag the business leader award
Look, one does not get
emotional in business
lt's a hard-core business decision.
After our tie up with Friscon..
..we feel this is the time
to launch our product..
lt's got nothing to do with the award.
You'll get the brochures
and all publicity material..
..wait for it. Thank you all.
So this was Mr.. Vinay Sehgal..
..chairman of the Sehgal
Group of lndustries.
Though he completely denies to have
any personal reasons for..
..the sudden announcement
of the soft drink launch..'s now quit clear
that the simmering war..
..between two corporate
giants is now out in the open.
With cameraman Prem Mishra, this
is Tanya Khanna, Times Now, Mumbai.
Mr. Marwah, the
Sehgal group was about.. launch their
product next year, right?
Yes, but this is a mint-based drink
The plant and machinery has
been bought from our own suppliers
We were about to send
advances to the bottling plants
And they've gone ahead and
cracked deals with them!
Such a lot of coincidences..?
l can't digest it, Joe
ls there anyone you suspect?
Nobody except my core-team
knew about this project of ours
Obviously, they're the
source of the leakage
Very well, Mr. Marwah. Give me all
the details you can give me on them
l'll give you a confidential
report in just two weeks. Don't worry
Just Chill is a mass-based product.
Every age-group
ought to identify with it
Sir, media co-ordination..
how will we be able to
manage all that in just 45 days?
One works best under pressure.
That has been my experience
We'll do it. All we'll have to
do is work.. 24 hours a day
Sehgal was terribly
offended at not getting the award
What else could
explain the announcement.. launch a soft-drink in 45 days..
without any preparation or strategy?
Ad campaigns,
market-surveys, sampling tests..
efforts were on in full-swing to
give the product a nationwide launch
On the other hand, Marwah
was taking a suspicious look..
at his own top brass,
with the help of Joe Rajan
He wanted to know how the
secret of his soft-drink project..
had reached the Sehgal group
Parvez.. how well do you know
Nishigandha Dasgupta of Sehgal Foods?
Well sir, socially. That's it.
Like one competitor
knows another, that's it
When you were in Delhi recently
for the branch office meeting..
..did you meet Nishigandha there?
- Pardon me..?
Well.. no, sir
You had dinner at Delhi's
Shangrila Hotel with Nishigandha.. then met this
model in the discotheque..
..and she subsequently
followed you into your room
That model was spotted with
Nishigandha the very same evening
You were having a ball with her..
..and Nishigandha
stole all details of..
..our soft drink
project from your laptop
How much did he pay the girl?
- 30,000 rupees
Your thrills of 30,000 have
ruined our project worth 30 billion!
Sir l'm really, really sorry sir.
l was slightly drunk sir
but l didn't do it deliberately.
lt wasn't intentional, sir
lntentional or unintentional.. are fired Mr.. Pervez.
- Sir.
Now please you.. please.
Thank you sir.
Take 5.
Just Chill.
When thirst becomes the taste,
baby the heart remembers it..
Chill, Chill, Chill, Just Chill..
Chill, Chill, Chill, Just Chill..
- Cut! Excellent Jennifer!
Mind blowing.
- Nishi you're films going to rock.
Of course Prahlad.
When you're there, it's bound to rock.
Thank you ma'am.
Anyway, l'm getting late.
l have to go.
See you.
- Bye.
Mahesh, close-up please.
- Yeah, Prahlad. Turn off that light
Parvez.. here?
How could you do this to me Nishi?
What happened?
- Just stop acting in front of me
You set this all up
That girl in the discotheque..
the information you
gathered from Shelley..
l know everything
l offered you a job. And you?
You double-crossed me?
This exploit of
yours has cost me my job.
You screwed my career.
How can you do something
so unethical you bitch?
Language Parvez.
At least you mustn't talk about ethics
What you intended to do by
offering me a job, both of us know.
You bloody wanted to sleep with me.
And you know what Pervez?
You are not bothered about
losing your job or your career.
What is eating you is the fact
that a girl did all this to you
And yes Parvez, get this clear.
The brain is always in
the head, not down there
What happened?
Sir, there's a problem.
What is it?
We've received a fax
from the quality control..
..guys from our plant saying..
that, they have found heavy
traces of pesticides in our soft drink
The FDA has refused to
provide us the license, sir
the pesticides are
in the water source..
which makes it hard to detect
Despite having a water
treatment system at the plant?
Sir, our water
treatment system is not..
..equipped to filter these pesticides
Consultants say that
insecticides and..
..pesticides are
indiscriminately used..
in the fields of Panvel and Khopoli
Due to prolonged use these chemicals
have penetrated the water table
These are very
dangerous chemicals, sir
Studies say it can even
lead to cancer
lt could also affect the
immune systems. What do we do?
Navin, what would you suggest.
- What should we do?
Sir, we must find an
alternative immediately.
That'll take some time too
The product launch is in ten days
On the 14th.
You want time, don't you?
Forty-eight hours.
That's it. Two days. Okay?
l see.
You mean to say, we must
shift the bottling plant?
lt'll take two months.
So the launch too..
..gets delayed by two months, right?
Yes sir. We have no choice
Navin, are you plain crazy?
You know, after the launch of Chill,
we're bringing out a public issue
Delaying the launch by two months
means cancelling of the public issue
We'll lose 40 billion as
well as the group's reputation
No l can't delay the launch.
l can't delay this.
Which means we'll launch
the stock with pesticides?
Yes. And don't get
emotional about it okay?
We'll fix the future
supplies and no one will find out
Besides, millions in our country drink
filthy water. How does it matter?
Just forget about it
and let's roll it.
Excuse me sir, but in that case..
..l'd like to resign.
What? What?
Don't be impulsive, Navin.
Don't take hasty decisions
No, sir.
l think it's the right decision.
l see. Your principles and all that?
Well, in that case l can't stop you.
lt'd be better if you stayed, since
you know so much about this project
l assure you, sir. l won't
speak about this project to anyone
That was never my worry, Navin.
Do well wherever you are.
And remember, our doors
are always open to you.
Thank you sir.
Yes Mukesh. What is it?
The FDA officials are
with me. What do l do?
What do you mean? Bribe them!
Need l say that?
Fulfill their demands. l
need that licence, at any cost.
Okay sir.
- Okay.
l don't think it's a wise decision.
- Why?
Because what we are doing
is absolutely unethical.
Such talk doesn't befit you, Nishi.
l know how you got hold of
Marwah's project report.
What's wrong with you guys, huh?
l have to tell you that the
only thing that matters.. business is the profit.
That's the bottom line.
You think l'm doing
all this for myself?
Friscon's success is yours too.
You are the top
executives of a company..
..worth 40 billion. Think about that.
Despite this, if you still think
you mustn't go ahead with it..'s unethical, it's wrong,
then we'll call off the project.
Big deal.
Age, age, age..
Ritesh. This is it.
This is what l mean.
Give your heart tonight..
Move your body right..
Oh yeah, oh yeah..
Plunder the joys of life
Plunder the joys of life
Plunder the joys of life
Have a couple of swills
Plunder the joys of life
Plunder the joys of life
Have a couple of swills
For such merriment..
you are not forbidden
Hi Devyani.
Plunder the joys of life
Plunder the joys of life
Hello, we have met before.
Good to see you again.
- This Ritesh.
Have you met him? Devyani.
There's somebody
else l want you to meet.
Some drink in love, some
drink to slake their thirst
Age, age..
Some drink in love, some
drink to slake their thirst
Some drink for fun,
some drink together
Live it up! Drink it up
Live it up! Drink it up
Have a couple of swills
Have a couple of swills
Plunder the joys of life
Have a couple of swills
Have a couple of swills
Have a couple of swills
Just chill
Absolutely sir, book the table.
Lobo, l'm flying to London tonight
There are some files in my cabin,
put those in the car
So what do you want
from London darling?
Damn the ass! Every
other month he is off to..
..London spending company funds
We can't even go to a hill station.
- These VPs, CEO, executives..
they use the
company's money to have fun
And this smartass changes
his secretary every six months
- Can't change wives in our country
So he changes secretaries. Ass!
- Forget him. You know Bhatia?
Hemant? - l feel ashamed
to even talk about him
Why? - Steals stationery.
Pencils, erasers..
He says he wants to
distribute them on his son's birthday
He even bribed me
l couldn't help it, Lobo. l
can understand the factory thing
But l can't understand
the corporate working style
lt's very simple, l'll
make it short for you
Fifty people sitting across the
table and doing one man's job..
is known as Corporate. What?
- Corporate
Let's take it
Corporate lunch. C'mon
Guys. Within a very
short span of time..
..Chill has captured the market.
We haven't received the
certified audited figures yet..
but indications are
that we have displaced..
Which is great. l mean great.
We have a staggering 65
per cent market share.
Just one more thing.
Just one more thing.
Friscon's share's are now
selling at a 150 per cent premium.
That's another great news. And
the credit goes to the Friscon team
Especially, Ritesh and Nishi, who
put their hearts and souls into it
So guys, it's time to celebrate.
There's just one last
thing l want to say.
Just chill. Congratulations, Ritesh.
- Thank you.
Love you!
l'll see you in a minute.
- Yes.
Hi! Ritesh, well done.
- Nice tea!
Where are you?
- Thanks.
That was great Nishi, Congrats!
- Thank you!
Great job, Nishi!
Did he relent?
- Well, he did
We'll have to work out some
options for his terms and conditions
All right
Mukesh, l got to know that
Sehgal is appointing Ritesh as CEO
But the news was that you were the
top contender and you would make it
l can understand. His brother-in-law,
after all
Anyway, Joe said that..
you want to set up your
own business in Malaysia
- And you need capital
No problem. Will be done.
Mukesh, this Navin Shroff
gave his resignation just..
..six days prior to
the launch of Just Chill.
He cited personal
reasons before the media
l don't believe it either
What could be the reason?
Valid information?
What do you want?
- To begin with..
suspend those three FDA officers
Then send a fresh team of
seniors to Sehgal's plant at Panvel..
and conduct a raid. Send
samples of Just Chill to the labs
l'll organise the media
Give me that order.
Sandeep Varma, sir..
- Sharad Joshi, FDA
Orders for plant inspection
Mishra, collect samples from filling,
coding and quality control. Quick
Yes sir.
Mr.. Rakesh, don't let these
go for packaging. Seal them
Ok. Sir. Yes sir.
Let me see the sample.
As you can see behind me the
official of food and drug Authority..
..have just conducted a
raid at the bottling plant..
..of the Sehgal Group of lndustries.
Sir, what is the purpose of
this raid, sir? - No comments.
Sir, why this raid, sir? Sir,
one comment, sir. - No comment.
Sir, could you tell us...
Really? You know this for sure?
Are you sure?
What are you saying?
lt means that Marva has got the
information about pesticides from him?
l just don't believe this.
Now l see, that's why he
has left the country.
What a bastard?!
- Ok. Thank you very much..
..Munjal. Tell me if
there's something else.
l'll make it up to you. Thank you.
Guess who it was?
Our dear friend Mukesh Tyagi.
Bastard! He's joined hands
with Marwah. The son of a bitch.
Because he was not
made the CEO. Bastard.
And this circus in the media,
it's Marwah's doing.
He is behind it.
What legal options do we have?
Not a fat lot, Ritesh.
Jindal and the other lawyers
are at it. We'll know by tomorrow
And in the mean while
let us all enjoy the show.
Yes, Ricky. Tell me.
Listen l do not want to talk to
the media. This is not the time.
Just sell him l am not reachable. Ok?
Congratulations, Mr.. Marwah
The FDA lab reports have
come in. The tests are positive
Just Chill contains
huge amounts of pesticides
You tell me what to do
The workers of your Nationalistic
Party.. tell them to march out..
and protest in front
of Sehgal's office..
and create an uproar in the media.
l have incurred huge losses too
Another thing
The Centre passed the Just Chill
project. Rattle the capital as well
l'm giving you an issue for free.
- You ought to be in politics
Just watch how l take this
matter to the Lower House
- Sir?
The politician will do his bit
But we'll have to
prepare well from our side too
The lab tests are positive
Get our entire network of
print and electronic media to work
Blow this issue.
And all the NGOs that
we've been funding regularly..
tell them to file a
public interest litigation..
against the Sehgal Group
We'll bear the legal costs.
- Done, sir
And Archana..
- Yes, sir?
keep an eye on the share
price of Friscon Limited
After this scam, it has to fall
And when the price reaches the
perfect level, we'll start buying
Down with Friscon!
- Go back!
Down with Friscon!
- Go back!
Down with Friscon!
- Go back!
- Go back!
- Go back!
l'll call you back.
Down with Friscon!
- Go back!
- Go back!
Down with Friscon!
- Go back!
Down with Friscon!
- Go back!
Down with Friscon!
- Go back!
The controversy has put the
Friskon lndustries into deep trouble.
As the consumer group and the
NGOs are demanding a strong..
..action against the
management of the company.
This is Sania Khanna from Mumbai for....
The Police had to resort to mild
baton charge to quell the unruly mob..
..that had gathered
outside the head quarters..
..of the Sehgal Group of lndustries.
The situation worsened when some
of the protestors began to burning..
..the effigies and breaking
bottles of soft drink Just Chill.
- Sir, we have bought a huge block..
of Friscon's institutional shares.
- Good
lf we've crossed five percent
purchase in the open market..
send a written
intimation to the stock exchange
Officially, our holdings
in Friscon is 3.5 percent
However, unofficially, as of today..
it is 13.5 percent.
- Good
But not enough.
Our holdings in Friscon
must cross 20 percent..
for the financial
institutions to back us
Then we'll have the management
control over Friscon lndia Limited
Can we get another block deal?
Ruia holds about 8
percent shares of Friscon, sir
Hemant Parikh brokered it.
- Sure..
but Hemant Parikh and Anand
Ruia are very close to Sehgal
Why can they sell?
- They can, sir
Hemant Parikh has
immense respect for Devi Bapu
lf Devi Bapu speaks
to Hemant Parikh..
For their selfish motives,
people of the corporate.. can go to any extent
Even if they have to use a Goodman
When it mattered, Devi Bapu
reasoned with Hemant Parikh..
and he struck a fat deal
of Friscon shares for Marwah
Well, following the controversy
surrounding the Sehgal group..
..the stock today once again
opened at a lower target of 10%%%.
There was heavy
volumes on the counter..
..and sellers to the
tune of 20 million.
With today's fall the market
cap of the company has now been..
..eroded to 80%%%.
Vinay Sehgal, besides being a
victim of the media attack..
his position has
deteriorated with the..
..merciless reactions on the bourses
The share prices of
Friscon as well as all..
..its group of companies crashed
To save its global image,
Steve from Friscon lnternational..
threatened to
withdraw the collaboration
ln the capital, Finance Minister
Ashwini Dayal was Sehgal's last hope
But, even he declined
Sehgal had lost. But Marwah wanted..
the name of Sehgal Group of lndustries
wiped out of the corporate world
Please every body
calm down and listen.
To investigate the Just Chill
pesticide issue, our government..
has decided to set up
an inquiry commission
The inquiry
commission will soon send a..
..notice to Sehgal Group of lndustries
Other details..?
- Other details in the parliament
Hail lndia. Hail Maharashtra.
How serious is the situation,
Mr. Jindal?
Well Vinay, the situation is
very serious. This notice..
has been very carefully drafted
taking advantage of the public outcry
We have to file a
reply within 48 hours
lf you go before the
enquiry commission..
they will definitely recommend you
to be prosecuted under section 328
Eventually you get bail
However, if the higher
authorities twist the case..
and charge you under
section 304, procuring..
..a bail will become impossible
Mr.. Jindal, what is to be done now?
Look Vinay, at least
on behalf of Friscon..
you mustn't go before
the enquiry commission
There must be a way out
Jindal must've suggested something
Actually, there's a way out.
- What?
Ritesh, right now,
the judiciary, media..
..everyone is focussed on Vinay
l mean, if someone is willing to
own up for the pesticide scam..
we can say that, Vinay and the
family members knew nothing about it..
we were not involved. lt'd work
The focus will shift from Vinay..
and the company will be
saved from more disgrace
you folks have done a lot for me
So now..
to save the company..
l'm willing..
to take all the blame
on myself. Not to worry
You are willing to make such a
huge sacrifice for our sake..
We really appreciate that.
But try to understand, Ritesh. Please.
lf you own up, what good will it do?
You are part of the Sehgal family.
You are my brother
lf you or Vinay own up the scam,
what difference will it make?
lt's still the same
You know, there has
to be someone else.
Who else?
Ritesh, actually.. l mean, the
lawyers have suggested that..
the second in
command in this project..
if that man owns up blame..
You know the problem...
Second in command is..
- Yes.
Sister, please keep Nishi out of this.
Yes, but....
That is just not done, damn it.
So what do you want? All
this to end right here?
Sehgal Group is worth 20 billion.
15,000 people work here
Millions of investors have
locked their savings in our shares..
..their lives are tied
to ours. What do you want?
You want them to be
ruined along with us?
No, sis. This is not possible
Ritesh, we have worked
out all the other options.
We have no choice, trust me
l agree, it's my mistake
l never tried to understand
your relationship with Nishi
l know you want to settle down.
You tell me.. we have no
choice at this point of time
Ritesh don't worry.
lt'll only be a matter of a few days
The best of our
lawyers will defend her
Ritesh, l am giving you my word.
Nishi will be out of the
enquiry commission in four weeks
That's a promise.
l think they are right
No other way to save the company
lt'd be only a matter of a few days
And they are saying
they're going to use..
..the best lawyers to fight the case
Ritesh, don't forget that
your future as well as mine.. connected to
the company's future
Please, let me do this.
Nishi, before you sign it,
l'll read out the affidavit
Mr.. Jindal, l have implicit
faith in my company and my people
All right
Nishi.. they..
Nishigandha Dasgupta?
Pramod Bangara from Crime Branch.
And in the latest development
surrounding the Just chill pesticide..
..controversy, Sehgal Group's CP..
..Nishigandha Dasgupta was
taken away by Mumbai Crime Branch..
..for questioning. Though she
hasn't been formally arrested.. she claims she will
remain in the custody as she has..
..already accepted the full
responsibility for the crime.
Mr. Dayal, you are the
Finance Minister of this country.
And if you can not
find a solution to this.
We are going to be forced to withdraw
our entire investment from lndia.
Let me caution you.
This will be seen in extremely bad
light by our lnternational lnvestors.
Ok. Ok. Don't worry Mr. Steve.
l'll try to resolve the issue.
You have it in you.
You deserve it too.
You can also make it
Gulabrao-ji, Your phone is ringing.
- Hello, Gulabrao?
Ashwini here, Gulabrao.
- Sorry, Mr.. Ashwini
l was in a charity function
How come Delhi
remembers this poor man?
Stop all that you started with Marwah
Friscon's guy is sitting with me
He's furious, he's threatening me.
- Mr.. Ashwini, they are your people
Handle them.
- Try to understand, Gulabrao
He is threatening to
withdraw his investment from lndia
lf a big foreign
investor like him leaves, all..
..the others will follow suit
There'll be an uproar
The country will lose heavily,
imagine how much you and l will lose
Hang on, sir
Tell me. - Gulabrao,
stop playing party politics
Talk to Marwah, while l discuss
it with Steve and Sehgal. Okay?
As you wish, Mr.. Ashwini.
- Okay
We'll work out a compromise formula
Vinay, if Steve and other
foreign investors leave lndia..
... all of us will stand to lose.
- No one will lose. l'm at a loss
Because of him!
- Who started it?
One of his
executives .. Nishigandha..
she stole our project
Or, we'd have been the
first to launch the.. soft drink in lndia
Stop digging up the past now
My company's image is ruined,
Friscon's share prices have crashed..
He bought our shares in blocks
There will be no addition
to Marwah's Friscon holdings
The management control
will remain with you
As for the share price, l'll
manage it with Hemant Parikh..
and the financial institutions.
Just handle..
Friscon's next two quarterly results.
What say, Gulabrao?
As for your image, the court cases
and public interest litigations..
that Marwah's NGOs have slapped
against you, Marwah will withdraw them
What say?
- Why not?
l have a huge stake in his company
Fine, but what about my stocks worth..
..millions rotting in the storehouses?
Don't worry about that. l'll get
you a clean chit from the State's FDA
You just have to change the
batch numbers to sell the same stuff
No one will find out
lndians have a very
short memory anyway
So Vinay, is everything all right now?
Mr.. Gulabrao, just one more thing
What about Nishigandha's case?
Damn Nishigandha's case
Look Mr.. Sehgal, State
elections are four months away
And this time too, our
party is going to win
lndications from the
High Command are that l..
..might become the Chief Minister
Well, his party could make an issue
out of the scam for the elections
So, the people must also
feel that our government too..
has taken very stern steps on it
So, the girl has to
stay in until then
Besides, the court and the
police will do their own jobs
Ok. Shake hands.
Go on, shake hands
- Thank you.
Vinay had come over.
He and Marwah have
reached a compromise.
Ritesh, Nishi is pregnant.
Besides, they have decided to keep
her in custody for a longer period
You didn't tell me.
You had given up on me.
Bloody hell! l am
going to be a father.
You are such a fool, Nishi.
Such a fool.
Everything will be all right
l'll set things right
At any cost
Everything will be alright,
ls it true? You guys
have reached a compromise?
- ls it true or not?
ls it true or not?
Ritesh, you are getting too emotional
l know it's a compromise,
but it was imperative
Look at the larger picture,
Ritesh. We're getting a clean chit..
in the media, in public.
We're back in business
l know it's tough on Nishi, but
it's only a matter of a few days
She will come out
Navin too left. There's so much
work to do, who will manage it?
You will manage it, right?
Think about it
l am thinking about it.
l know you'd go to any extent
for your personal gains, but..
l'm seeing this base
and disgusting figure..
..of hypocrisy for the first time
Ritesh, what is wrong with you?
- Shut up!
Not a word from you.
Because of you folks,
l reasoned with Nishi
l convinced her that
nothing would happen
And what did she do? Took
all the blame on herself
Do you folks even
realise what she has..
..sacrificed for us, for the company?
What did you give her in return?
Plain betrayal
Nishi is pregnant with my child.
God damn it.
But now listen to me very carefully.
lf you don't get
Nishi out in 48 hours..
l will strip you before the media
That's a promise Mr.
Vinay Bloody Sehgal
He lived on the top floor, alone
Ritesh's death is
believed to be a suicide
But some people say it was murder
Nishigandha was released
on bail after some time
After all the controversies
..the soft drink Just Chill..
it stayed off the
shelves only for a few weeks
Today, people happily guzzle it,
as if nothing had ever happened
Long Live Gulabrao!
Gulabrao's desire to become
the Chief Minister was fulfilled
Navin set up his own consultancy firm
Megha and Anmol assist him
Devyani focussed entirely on writing
Marwah still has
high regards for Bapu
ln fact, more than ever
Sehgal is elated,
because the white men are happy
Two years have passed
Nishigandha still does
the rounds of the court..
regarding the same soft drink case
ln this game of
Sehgal and Marwah she's..
..been reduced to being a mere pawn
lt's a tight slap on
her modern values
For having used her heart in
this corporate battle field..
... she had to pay a very
heavy price. Very heavy indeed.