Corpus Christi (2019) Movie Script

Podkarpackie Film Commission
AURUM FILM presents
I'm gonna say it again.
Use the whole blade for cutting.
Cut at a right angle.
Keep working!
Hold him!
Put his balls in the drawer!
Shut the fuck up!
You! Come with me.
- Where's the preacher?
- Father Tomasz is not here yet.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
- The Lord be with you.
- And with your spirit.
Before we begin...
I'd like to tell you something.
I'm not here to pray mechanically.
And I hope you're not here,
just to get it done with.
You don't have to stay here.
We can go outside and...
Wanna play football?
God will follow us.
If we don't have to be here...
Then ask yourselves:
"Why have we come here?"
We're here to remember
something important.
Remember and keep it in memory.
Each of us is the priest of Christ.
Me, you. Each and every one of you.
They tell you to pray.
What does "pray" mean?
It means: "Talk to God."
Tell him something
important, personal.
Tell him about your feelings,
anger, fear, hurt...
Even about your guilt.
He will understand that.
Sing to him about it!
The Lord is my shepherd...
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down
in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He makes me lie down
in green pastures.
Shit, Bonus is here.
Fuck, that's Bonus...
What's up, Daniel?
Long time no see.
So, you're getting the fuck outta here
just when I came?
You think you can run away?
- You hear me?
- Bonus!
I'll find you anyway.
Move over there.
Get out! Get out!
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with Thee...
I put my number in.
- Don't call me unless it's important.
- Thanks.
What time do you need to be
at the sawmill?
At 4 p.m.
That's the other end
of the country, right?
You afraid or what?
I just haven't been out there much.
Walkiewicz is a good man.
Demanding, but good.
Father, what if I took my finals?
Is it really impossible to...?
Do you remember
what I told you last year?
Yeah, I know.
No seminary accepts convicts like you.
There are many other ways
to do good things in life.
Easier ways.
When you get there, you need to be...?
Sober, that's obvious.
You're gonna make it.
Were you really in juvie?
What for?
Just... things.
You're a student, eh?
Of psychology.
Yeah, it's cool.
Hard as fuck though.
Fuck me!
Saint Daniel!
Let me try it on.
What the fuck?
Put it out.
You hear me? Put it out.
Or what?
Or that.
Where are you going?
To work.
Work where?
The sawmill.
From a juvie, eh?
Released on parole.
Nah, the usual.
I can sense you anywhere, you scum.
Oi, 'scuse me!
- Was it the last Mass?
- Yes.
The next one is in the morning.
- Wait till morning. Great.
- If you actually care...
No place to sleep in the sawmill?
What sawmill?
Where are you from then?
Doesn't matter where you're coming from.
All that matters is where you are going.
Where are you going then?
Wherever the wind takes me I settle.
So you're from the sawmill.
The church closes soon.
I'm a priest.
And I'm a nun.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
Where's your clergy collar?
So I'll...
I'll introduce you.
Wait here, Father.
Give me that!
- I waited for you the whole Mass.
- You should've come inside and participated.
- The church's door wasn't shut.
- I'm not that fucking mad yet.
- God bless you.
- God bless you.
The vicar will be happy to meet you.
Your civilian clothes, Father...
- You can change in the sacristy.
- All right.
It's a friend.
Don't you recognize a friend?
Blessed be God. I'm Wojciech Gob.
Father Tomasz.
Can you help me, Father?
I need to pay the bills tomorrow.
Sort it by denomination into tens.
So? A pilgrimage from parish
to parish, eh?
Kind of.
- You've been ordained recently?
- Uh-huh.
Which seminary?
Father! Can we talk for a second?
My dear, Father is in a meeting now.
- So...
- I'm sorry...
Which one?
In Warsaw.
The Metropolitan Seminary
or the one in the Praga district?
The one in Praga.
I graduated
from the Metropolitan Seminary.
The regime was oppressive.
Anyway, you can't remember it.
It was a long time ago.
Your seminary was strict.
But we used to bunk off
and spend nights out.
What about you?
Really strict.
At times, did you manage to...
Some guys do bunk off.
But they return in the morning?
How's the parish?
Just the usual.
Many people, few believers.
Some go to church only to keep up
appearances with their neighbors.
I saw the board with photos.
It was a tragedy.
I've got something for you, Father.
Quince liqueur.
And you, Father?
Bad for my health.
So, cheers!
It's getting late.
If you want, Father, you can stay here.
For the night.
Anything else?
Which ones?
Don't know. Strong.
These, please.
Blessed be God!
Forever and ever.
Look at that kid...
...Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord,
And let light perpetual
shine upon them.
Eternal rest grant to them...
Are you asleep?
Blessed be God.
- Nnnoo...
- Quiet!
And up into bed!
And now...
Can you...?
- Father likes to have a drink, eh?
- He doesn't drink.
Shall I cancel
the confession session or what?
There are people waiting.
God bless you!
God bless you!
Please, come inside!
Please, come inside.
Come on!
Blessed be God.
Forever and ever. Amen.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
May the Lord be on your lips
and in your heart that you may...
...properly confess all your sins.
It has been three weeks
since my last confession.
I've done my penance.
These are my sins.
I can't stand it when...
My youngest son... He's twelve.
He smokes cigarettes
with his friends at school.
I try to talk to him.
But it's not working.
I sometimes get impatient...
I hit my son.
What penance
do you have for me, Father?
As for cigarettes, it's easy.
There's a well-tried method.
Buy a pack of strong cigarettes.
And tell him to smoke them.
He'll quit at once.
Shall I buy him cigarettes?
Uh-huh. Or give him yours.
But I... I don't smoke.
I can smell it.
Well, yes, but it's only...
Do you hit your son
only sometimes or more often?
So, as your penance...
Take your son biking.
Thank you.
Thanks be to God.
Here you are.
Once I committed a mortal sin.
I made my confession, but...
Confession solves nothing.
Do you understand me, Father?
I guess so.
I'm asking myself
who could replace me.
No... I don't think it's a good idea.
Just for a few days.
Until I find out
what the treatment is.
It's going to stay between you and me.
The Curia won't know anything.
- You mean, like, Masses and all?
- Yes.
And much more.
Just for a few days.
Hold it for me.
Don't enter the vicar's room.
Why should he stay in this hole
if the vicar's room is free?
Because that room
belongs to the vicar.
The Mass is at eight!
But you know that, don't you?
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son...
In the name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the communion of the Holy Spirit
be with you all.
And with your spirit.
Silence can also be a prayer.
I'm not here to pray mechanically.
And neither are you, I hope.
Actually, God is also outside, right?
Because why are we here anyway?
It's like this.
We come to church.
We look at him.
Jesus, how can I imitate you?
You are so pure.
While I bring you
all this dirt with me.
How am I supposed to act
on your behalf
if I can't handle my own life?
Then go and pray.
Just pray.
From the bottom of your heart.
Have a chat with God.
Sing him a song.
The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down
in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He makes me lie down
in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
Good evening!
Leave that!
He's here... Shh.
God bless you.
- Shall I take my shoes off?
- Please, don't, Father...
- Hello.
- Hi.
Please, come in.
Turn it off.
No, this is good.
You've got a beautiful voice.
- Why don't you sing in church?
- Yeah, right.
You can see at once
it was filmed by Kuba.
He added his special effects.
Everything shakes.
Kuba is...
It was God's plan.
God planned to kill seven people?
I'll bring the cake.
Seven? So why are there
six photos on the board?
It was a head-on collision.
Kuba and our friends were in one car.
In the other, there was only a driver.
The driver?
Why isn't his photo on the board?
The vicar said no.
He had the right
to take such a decision.
God will manage.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit
of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with Thee...
Excuse me, may I?
Of course.
You took them away from us.
Kuba, Marysia, Tomek...
Maciek, Kamila...
and Staszek...
What you did was unfair.
We don't understand why you did that.
We are furious.
Try to understand us.
Don't judge, but understand us.
And help us, O Lord.
Help us understand.
Help us understand you!
For we know
how easy it is to lose faith.
Not only in God and his goodness.
But in the point of it all.
We know!
Just take a look!
This is a miracle.
This is the Kingdom of Heaven
on Earth.
The one we're reading
so much about in the Gospel.
It's not up there,
distant in time and space.
It's right here, right now!
All right!
Now we should hang it to dry.
Holy water doesn't make
clothes dirty, Ms. Lidia.
But it makes them rot.
Father Gob called me.
He has to stay there a little longer.
- Why?
- For electrical stimulation.
- What stimulation?
- Of his neck.
- And they do it over there?
- Will you stay longer, Father?
- Hello.
- God bless you.
Please, come inside.
Come here, son.
You will not die.
Take the kids away.
That's almost forty euros. Get it?
For an hour's work.
And the best part...
The sunshine is free of charge.
The sun is strong and tans your ass.
You stand like this...
Good morning.
Let's close our eyes
and hold out our hands towards them.
Maybe they feel our presence.
Maybe they hear us.
Maybe they also miss us
and need a hug.
It's in our hearts.
Let's reach out to them.
Inhale... And let it all out!
Once again!
Let's reach out.
Inhale. Exhale.
Let's reach out to the place
where no prayer can get.
Where no thought can get.
Inhale. Exhale.
Take a deep breath and let it all out.
Inhale! Inhale.
Inhale! And exhale!
Because we miss them.
Let's reach out to what's choking us.
To what stops us
from shouting and crying.
Turn around and let it out!
You whore!
You whore!
You whore!
You whore!
You whore!
You whore...
You whore...
You whore...
It somehow feels shameful.
Why? Who's going to think
it's shameful?
They are?
They are not ashamed of you for sure!
Is the priest in?
God bless you!
Well, of course.
We haven't had the pleasure...
I'm the mayor.
- Father Tomasz.
- God bless you.
I haven't got this much
during my entire term.
For your collection.
It kind of grew.
Ms. Lidia told me
a few things about you, Father.
- Did she?
- She did.
I know everything.
Have you heard
of the sawmill near the town?
I guess I have.
Well, it's mine.
Near the hill.
Yes? OK, never mind.
I'm going to open a new wing
before the Feast of Corpus Christi.
The vicar and I
had already talked about it.
But in this situation...
If you agreed to replace the vicar
at the celebration,
I know how to show my appreciation.
No problem.
God bless you.
God bless you!
Chill. Just ignore me.
Relax. I invited him.
How's it going?
What? That's a regular topic
out there.
Everyone should handle it
on their own. Don't know.
All right.
And how do you handle temptation
as a priest, Father?
You know...
- Things happen.
- What then?
To be honest, celibacy is pointless.
Once, a pope came up with this idea
and now it's a problem.
But God had a kid
and no one gets at him.
Wow, I'm impressed. I guess
we have a candidate for a new pope here!
Nah, but seriously...
Rules are rules.
They have a point.
If you're in, do it right.
If you decide to become a priest,
you just go for it.
I think I could manage too
if I really got into it.
Flying solo, from time to time...
Yeah, right. You can't stand
even one day without porn.
You'd be fucking surprised.
You remember Maciek's collection?
Shit! He was the porn king.
Outstanding items.
He also died in that accident.
He didn't die. He was murdered.
Fuck me...
By that driver...
If the fucker wasn't dead,
he'd get a life sentence.
I'd fucking kill him myself instead.
- He was fucking nuts.
- Full of shit.
The crazy motherfucker didn't drink,
but who the fuck knows?
Driving drunk as fuck,
he got into
the other lane, and bam!
Oh yeah? How do you know that?
- What do you mean?
- How do you know that?
- You're gonna defend him now?
- I'm not!
We don't know what the fuck happened.
We know the police found him drunk.
Wow, now you believe the police?
Sure, keep pissing on me.
I'm not. It's just...
There were six people in one car, man!
Six or five,
what difference does it make, huh?
The fact is he used to yell at people.
How many times did he threaten
to fucking kill someone?
- And he finally did.
- Yep, he just came up with this idea.
"I'm gonna fucking kill
someone today!"
Luckily, they didn't bury him here,
but in some dump.
- Why?
- 'Cos he wasn't a local.
He went to school with my old man.
Fuck me...
The vicar refused to bury him here.
The widow had to take him away.
So fucking good for her.
And what was she guilty of,
for fuck's sake?
You'd better stop talking, eh?
Why should I?
- Why?
- Yeah, why?
Where were you
when your brother was being buried?
Shut up. Shut the fuck up.
- What did you do back then?
- I'm surprised, really.
- Why, huh?
- I lost my sis,
you lost your brother!
You didn't even come to his funeral!
You have no right to talk now!
It's not your fucking business!
Chill the fuck out, y'all!
Why remember what happened last year?
Why the fuck analyze this crazy shit?
Let's have fun, play some music,
for fuck's sake...
So that's what it's all about, Father.
What? It's nothing
but nature from God.
You think I've always been a priest?
What did you do before?
Like what?
Everything. I had a lot of fun.
Kuba would have liked you.
And I didn't even come to his funeral.
I got high as a kite.
Everyone does the best they can.
- Or they don't.
- Right.
I still do better than my mates.
Not to mention the widow.
Her husband was the driver
from the other car.
She's withdrawn, literally gone.
She doesn't talk to anyone.
And no one tried?
- She will talk to me.
- Yeah, right.
Wanna bet?
God bless you...
I won't give it back.
You can fucking kill me, but I won't.
I don't understand.
Fuck off!
Why are you laughing?
I've heard you're asking around
about that driver, Father.
Don't wait for me.
I'll have a smoke with Father.
I can understand your curiosity.
But the investigation is over.
We've only managed
to calm down unnecessary emotions.
What's the point of going back?
Father, I'm asking you to...
To let this thing go.
I have the impression
that you're giving me an order.
Have some humility.
You're a substitute, Father.
Well, I mean...
I have the right to talk
to the faithful about anything I want.
And I can share my opinion
about you, Father.
With the Bishop.
You know...
You might have power.
But I'm the one who's right.
You might be right.
But I'm the one who has power.
So? We have a deal?
Make a funny face to cheer her up!
What's wrong? Why's she crying?
Thank you all for coming.
As the owner,
I'd like to thank my manager.
And the CEO of Budexpert
for coming here today.
Now I'd like to ask Father Tomasz
to bless the new wing.
Just a short prayer.
Our Father...
Today, we want to admit to being ill.
This illness is greed.
We must have more money,
more expensive clothes...
More cars...
More people we want to control.
Therefore, O Lord,
we drop down on our knees,
unashamed of being small.
Our Father...
I admit that I'm guilty.
I want to be important. To be liked.
To be admired.
To be in the spotlight.
Not only to have more,
but to have more than others.
God, forgive me.
For constant trying to find
someone worse than myself.
Help me follow your example.
Help me become humble.
And now I'd like to bless
the new wing of the sawmill.
The last workshop is the largest one.
Three times more people work here
than elsewhere in the sawmill.
How many hours per day do they work?
It depends. 24/7, if necessary.
Look, the entire world
is waiting for our planks.
They are transported to the UK...
A beautiful sermon, Father.
Can we talk for a minute?
The Feast of Corpus Christi is coming.
Could we discuss the details?
Talk to Ms. Lidia, please.
- I'd ask her opinion anyway.
- Fine, thank you.
Six heads!
Watch your fingers.
Let me take it... It's fragile.
It was in his room.
- With autographs.
- That's David Beckham's.
It's still so hard.
God, it's so hard.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
That's fine.
What are you going to do
with these things?
I'll burn them by the river.
The guys and I will take them
to a children's home.
That's Maciek. He was driving.
Kuba sent it to me
three hours before...
I'd like to say hello to my mum!
See you in church tomorrow!
The tests didn't show anything.
Standard tests never do.
- God bless you!
- God bless you!
We'd like to talk to you, Father.
I'm coming! Please take a seat.
Girls, sit down.
What about the widow?
Can we...?
Did your mum send you?
Mum doesn't know I'm here.
You want something
I have left of Sawek?
Here you go.
Read it aloud.
"My dearest..."
"...daughter was murdered..."
" your..."
"...fucked-up husband."
"How could you let
your drunk husband drive?"
"You must have known."
"It was you who made him
drunk as fuck."
"We all know what white trash
you both were."
He'd been sober for four years.
The autopsy showed nothing.
My mother wrote this one.
This is her handwriting.
Did the vicar know about it?
The vicar?
He promised he'd bury Sawek
once things calmed down.
What do you mean?
I don't remember what to say
at the beginning.
Don't worry about that. Shoot.
I have sinned a lot.
I used to rob newsagent's shops
and stores.
I did drugs.
Once I wanted to show off
in front of my people,
so I beat the shit out of one fucker
and he fucking collapsed.
He dropped dead in hospital.
I didn't plan that,
but it kind of happened.
So I ended up in juvie.
There, I hooked up with the priest
to have it easier.
When I fucking found out
that the brother of the guy I killed
was coming to juvie,
I begged the priest for parole.
I was going to work in the sawmill,
but I fucked out of there.
I got into a fucking dress and...
- Shut the fuck up!
- You shut the fuck up!
What the fuck do you want, Pinscher?
Not "what", but "how much".
Five grand.
- Where the fuck should I find it?
- In your fucking ass!
You wanna go back to fucking juvie?
Bonus is so fucking ready
to get at you.
I wouldn't go back there, man.
I wouldn't even think about it.
I bet you're gonna end up
fucking dead.
Bless you for that.
Bless you for that.
Bless you for that.
I am a murderer.
Yes, you've heard me right. I killed.
I killed in my thoughts.
I killed in what...
...I failed to do.
I killed in what I did.
You know what we're good at?
Giving up on people.
Pointing the finger at them.
"Forgive" doesn't mean "forget".
It doesn't mean
"pretend nothing happened".
"Forgive" means "love".
Love someone despite their guilt.
No matter what the guilt is.
Pray, brothers and sisters,
that my sacrifice and yours
may be acceptable to God,
the almighty Father.
May the Lord accept
the sacrifice at your hands
for the praise and glory of his name,
for our good
and the good of all his holy Church.
Across the lake
stands a green linden tree.
And in the greenery
of this linden tree,
three little birds are singing.
They are not really birds,
but three brothers
who say honey words
to win one girl's favors
and make her only his.
One says: "You are mine."
The other says: "If God gives a sign."
And the third one says:
"My dearest, why are you so sad?"
"How can I not be sad"
"when they tell me
to marry an old lad?"
"We don't have much time,"
"only two Sundays"
"I can spend with you, my love."
Bravo, Father!
God bless you!
One more thing.
The money raised during today's Mass
will be entirely spent
on the funeral of Sawek Kobielski,
who hasn't been buried until now.
The ceremony will take place here,
at our parish cemetery.
What's up, bitch?
That's some sick bullshit you said
about the funeral...
Fuck me!
You shithead! Look at that!
Living fucking large, eh?
Don't touch this.
Now I know why you're doing this.
You don't know shit.
Gotta bury that guy.
Bury him in your fucking ass.
Give me the fucking dough.
No way.
You want me to smash it all
to fucking pieces?! A fucking faker.
Fuck me...
How many inches?
Fuck the money, I'ma take this shit.
Shit, all right, I'll leave it now.
Bring the fucking glasses!
Let's have a drink and chat...
Go and fucking get them, boy!
This thing after the reading.
It's all in the book.
I know, for fuck's sake.
After the reading.
- The sermon?
- Yeah!
- Is it freestyle or prepared?
- It's mine.
Was it that fucking lame?
Nah, it fucking destroyed me.
You know what to say,
people follow you.
You know what to do.
I used to serve at Mass in juvie.
But it's fucking different.
The point is, you have it in you.
What do I have?
Should I go back to juvie?
Work on fucking planks
till the end of my fucking life?
Give a fucking plank to my kid
for his birthday? Fuck...
You got a kid?
Yeah, shit...
You love her?
I do.
I love her.
Please, for fuck's sake.
Give me the money.
It's not mine, man. Not mine.
Give me the dough.
That's not for me.
I can't. It's for the funeral, man.
All right! Fuck it.
You're fucked up, know that?
You poured all your potential
down the drain.
You're stiff in the head,
looking so dead.
Your every move has led to the grave.
Miracles fled, lies are spread.
Everything I do I do for my brothers!
How did he announce it anyway?
Like a rock'n'roll star.
- It's our money after all.
- No respect even for...
God bless you!
We'd like to talk.
Let's talk.
We don't agree to this funeral.
It's not proper.
Not proper to bury a man
in sacred ground?
- Not this man.
- Exactly.
We want our opinion to be respected.
This is a good town.
With good people.
Please read it.
Please read it.
Here you are.
Do you recognize any handwriting?
What do you need
such provocations for?
You got a clergy collar
so you think you're a fighter?
- Let me go.
- Why are you fucking things up?!
Can I stay here?
Blessed be God!
- Officer Baniocha.
- Father Tomasz.
We've met before, haven't we?
I've never seen you in church.
But I have seen you, Father.
Not here, in the parish,
but somewhere else.
No, I'm from Warsaw.
Are you? Which parish?
Our Lady... of Fatima.
You noted it down?
Did you ask Father
for a priest ID card?
Do you have an ID card, Father?
That's my fault.
Yesterday, I washed Father's trousers
with his wallet and ID.
I'll bring it later on.
That's fine.
We just have to watch out
for the scum hanging around.
Give us a moment.
How should we report it?
An accidental fire?
Or something else?
What does it depend on?
On you, I think.
Since we've managed to meet here,
then we should be able to find
a reasonable compromise, right?
Do you agree with me, Ms. Ewa?
I believe
Sawek's funeral
should take place in his hometown.
But, in return for that,
we'll add his photo to our board.
No, no! His photo can't be
pinned to our board.
Not with our children.
His photo has to hang with the others.
No, we can't agree to this.
Let's remember what we talked about
over the phone yesterday.
We agreed that in the meeting today
we'd try to resolve the conflict.
This is the most important thing now.
- The funeral will be here.
- No.
Change your tone.
Help to calm emotions down.
- A priest should...
...and serve the entire society.
And that's exactly what I'm doing.
Sawek deserves a funeral
no matter who he was.
He was a murderer.
Murderers and victims
are not to be buried together.
- Can you hear yourself?
- He was the murderer.
- Of young people.
- What murderer?!
No big words, please.
It was an accident, right?
Though tragic, it was an accident.
I also hit a boar on the road once...
- A boar, yes, but...
- ...and it was an accident.
No one calls me a murderer.
Of course it was an accident.
Plus the state the young people
were in after the party...
What state?
What state?
What state?
Tell me...
What state? I'm asking you!
- What state?
- No state, Mum.
- No state meaning?
- No state.
They were sober.
Not only did he kill Kuba,
he killed me as well.
I wouldn't have got up from bed
if it hadn't been for God.
You are killing yourself.
I hope the vicar will soon return
or I'll just...
Could we talk outside, Father?
What's the matter?
The truth is...
We argued before the accident.
I threw him out of the house.
And he shouted that...
That he'd fucking kill himself
if I didn't let him in.
But I did nothing.
And he drove away.
Are you ready?
Let's go.
We therefore commit his body
to the ground,
earth to earth,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
in sure and certain hope
of the Resurrection.
Rest in peace.
One more thing...
I'd like to invite you
to the farewell Mass.
Please let everyone know.
Are we alone?
- You need a drink or...?
- Where are your things?
Pinscher fucked me over?
Something's wrong?
God bless you.
God bless you.
Clergy issues.
we have very little time and...
We have to go to the Curia now.
What about the farewell Mass?
People are gathering.
It's cancelled.
No. Why?
I told you, Father,
the Bishop was waiting for us.
We have time. We'll make it.
I think you should pack
your things, Father.
Come on.
Father Tomasz is going
to come back, right?
Father Tomasz.
It's up to the Curia.
Please, don't worry.
The parish will always have a priest.
Thank you!
For the Preest
God bless you for raising money
for the treatment.
You think it's fucking fun?!
I didn't hurt anyone.
And nobody knew except Pinscher?
Look me in the eye.
Excuse me.
I will celebrate the Mass.
Introduce me.
Say your holidays are over.
Then you get changed and wait
at the presbytery with your luggage.
- Get it?
- Yes.
There's one condition.
You have never been here.
Say it.
Go on, say it.
- I have never been here.
- Thank you.
God bless you.
What are you doing?! Fuck off!
Get the fuck outta here!
You thought we're mates?
'Cos we drank fucking vodka?
You fucking nuts?
Your priest's fucking gone, eh?
No dress to hide under.
You sold me.
You're in for a slam tomorrow.
Bless these gifts, O Lord,
and those who made them.
And teach us to share these gifts
with the needy. Amen.
When does God speak to us?
The Church believes God speaks to us
in every moment of our life.
Fall in!
- Count off!
- One, two, three...
...four, five, six, seven.
I sometimes commit a sin,
do an evil thing.
It takes me a long time
to admit my guilt.
- Everything's cleared up?
- Yes, sir!
Tools returned?
So you can find it easily.
- Sir!
- What's wrong?
- A boy cut himself.
- Where's he?
- In the warehouse.
- Don't move.
I'll be right back.
God speaks to us
through various events in our life.
Sometimes we think
it can't have been God's plan.
Various tragedies strike us.
But the most important thing
is never to lose faith.
It's only a parable.
A parable of how far
you've walked away from God.
Everyone. Even me.
Let go!
Let go!
Not you!
Get Bonus over here!
Get the fuck outta here!
Enough! Set fire, now!
Hurry up!
MAKE-UP ARTIS CAS Translated and subtitled by
Magdalena Cedro