Correcting Christmas (2014) Movie Script

Honey, you not driving up to
see us this year is one thing,
but why are you still
at work on Christmas Eve?
It's just like
any other day to me.
Come on, you? The Grinch
who loves Christmas?
Since when did you start
spending Christmas in the city?
Does everybody think
that Los Angeles
becomes some apocalyptic
wasteland during the holidays?
Of course not. LA's
like that all year long.
nobody tees up those
one-liners for me like you do.
Anytime, Dad.
Now, now, listen, seriously, with
you staying down there all year,
does that mean I won't
get to see you till spring?
I miss you, too, Dad,
but it's
just like six weeks.
I'll be back
before you know it.
Yeah, spoken like a daughter
who's never been a father.
All right,
I should get back at it.
I'll give you guys
a call tomorrow.
All right, great.
Oh, listen,
Mom and I sent you
a little care package,
and I'm hoping
it gets to you on time.
I love you.
I love you, too, Alison.
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas...
Last chance to join us
at the cabin
for wine, hot-tubbing, and
Jay's famous baby back ribs.
Ribs in a hot tub?
Completely eliminates
the need for moist toilettes.
- Genius, right?
- Close. You're insane.
So you're coming?
I think the two of you
will have a better time
without me watching you
pollute the hot tub.
Jay could always
call a buddy.
that sounds awesome.
- Right?
- For Jay's buddy.
Ali, the thought
of you staying here
- in town for Christmas is just depressing.
- Do I look depressed?
The thought of you staying
here alone is depressing me.
Alone? There are four
million people in this city.
It's the worst kind of alone,
alone and surrounded.
It's Los Angeles,
where everybody spends
Christmas together,
just separate.
Go peddle that
someplace else.
You're not celebrating
Christmas. You're skipping it.
No, and I'm treating myself
to a deep-tissue massage
by a burly,
yet caring professional,
and I'm gonna
binge watch
every season of "The
Botox Ex-wives of Boston. "
Oh, that sounds so much
better than soggy ribs.
Aren't you supposed to
be talking me out of this?
I lost focus
at "burly professional. "
You know
what the best part is?
is that no one'll
be judging me
or incessantly asking
if I'm seeing anybody.
- Are you?
- Cherise.
It's been
a whole year, Al.
I'm so not having
this conversation.
Fine. I'm all done
trying to talk sense
into you.
Finally, the quitter
attitude I was counting on.
Well, thank you,
for, you know,
staying and helping me
with the Doyle project.
I know you were on your
way home for Christmas.
And I bought the coffee.
That, too.
Nicest Christmas bonus,
I think, I ever got.
Well, Ali, it was
the least I could do.
I mean, you were the only
person working Christmas Eve
other than me,
and I own the joint.
Not that working
Christmas Eve
and Christmas Day
is... is weird or bad
or a desperate cry
for help.
none of the above, Mark.
I just... I wanted some
distraction-free work time.
You are amazing.
At least say
you'll have dinner
with Doris and the boys and me tonight.
Christmas Eve.
Oh, I can't.
It's because of my mistake, isn't it,
what happened at the
Halloween office party?
- No.
- I said I was sorry.
Come on.
I mean, who hasn't
had a little too much
to drink and just...
That's what
I told Doris.
Now she has me
seeing a professional.
Oh. Fingers crossed.
It's not going well.
- Oh.
- No.
Listen, you want
to get out of here
and just have
a cocktail somewhere?
I was kidding.
I was totally kidding.
Did I get you?
- Yeah. I mean, yeah.
- Tempting, isn't it?
Um, look it. Thank you,
but I already have a date
actually for Christmas Eve.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Lucky guy
Well, hug Timmy
and Malcolm for me.
I would, except now
they're teenagers.
They don't hug anymore.
They don't talk.
They don't hug.
They just want money
and the keys to your car.
But kids are great.
You know what I mean?
So I will tweet them
your regards.
- There you go.
- Okay.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
You two have a great time on that date.
I'm a little bit
I'm kidding.
Yeah, I have a date
with a Dutch
chocolate cake.
Yeah, you'll love Aspen.
It has a super easy vibe.
Can't wait.
Ali? Is that you?
Cam, hey.
Merry Christmas.
Wow. How long
has it been?
A year, exactly a year.
You know, roughly.
Uh, Samantha,
this is Alison.
Alison and I
used to, uh...
Yeah, I...
I cracked the code.
Nice to meet you.
Ali, how have you been?
Good, totally good.
Yeah, no,
really, really good.
So do you
live here...
in the park?
Me? What? Here?
Uh, I figured you would
probably be headed up north
to your folks by now
for the obligatory
family Christmases.
No. You know, I decided
I was just gonna stay here
and do some work.
Ah, work through the holidays,
huh? That's dedication.
Can you go down memory
lane another time?
Kind of
running late.
We're, um...
we're headed to Aspen.
Oh! Enjoy.
Nice to meet you.
You... you have
a lovely park.
Wow, I don't know
what happened to her.
She clearly lost you,
then lost her mind.
But who wouldn't?
I assume
anywhere is fine?
Yeah. No. Afraid not.
No shoes, no shirt,
no service.
- Seriously?
- Hey, I don't make the rules.
I just get paid an insulting
amount to enforce them.
I bet you wouldn't be such a stickler
for the rules if I took my shirt off.
- Please don't.
- I wasn't really going to.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm sure you weren't.
You don't seem like the
desperate type at all.
Both of 'em.
So, we good?
Anywhere you like,
Big juicy burgers,
exactly the Christmas Eve
feast I need.
The roast beef sandwich
is to die for.
I'm sorry?
Roast beef sandwich.
Trust me.
And get the fries,
not the cop-out side salad.
It's Christmas Eve.
You don't mind,
do you?
On holidays, a lady
should never eat alone.
Who says I'm alone?
I'm talking about me.
Sure, I guess.
French fries.
No one will know
except you and me
and the mean waiter.
Didn't you used to...
Used to be over there,
yes. Now I'm over here.
No separate checks.
What, another rule?
Would you like to see
the whole book?
Two roast beef sandwiches with fries.
- Burn 'em.
- Okay.
Um, actually, I'll have
your juicy burger, well done.
You might as well
order a shoe.
- She'll have that medium.
- What?
I'm begging you here.
Thank you.
Don't mind him.
His wife left him
for a short-order cook
at a nicer diner,
which wouldn't take much.
I'm Ginny, by the way.
So what twisted reason
do you have
for eating fat and carbs
alone on Christmas Eve?
I was working.
I didn't feel like traveling
to see my family this year.
No guy or girl
or whatever?
So what? You think I need
a guy or a whatever?
No, but you do.
One guy in particular,
I'm guessing,
who's still
messing with your head.
There is a picture
of him on your desk,
and sometimes
you talk to it.
Um, I did, actually,
break up with my boyfriend
exactly a year ago.
Yes! I still got it!
Oh, I'm sorry.
Please continue.
Well, we were
living together,
um, and he was dropping
hint after hint,
or, you know,
at least I thought he was.
So when
the engagement ring
that I was so sure
was in that little box
turned out to be earrings,
I overreacted.
like stuck a fork
- in his hand overreacted?
- No.
Planted drugs on him and
called the cops overreacted?
I broke up with him
the next morning.
That's it?
You know,
I just got caught up
in the whole so-called
magic of Christmas thing,
and I was a child.
There is no magic.
There is just life.
Excuse me.
There is magic.
Okay, you're one of those.
One of those what?
One of those
"Magic is everywhere,
you just have to go
off your meds" people.
Magic isn't everywhere,
not even everywhen.
It's just at Christmas.
That's kind of even worse.
I'm just saying,
if all this grief
is about one overreaction,
hey, undo that reaction.
Oh, okay, yeah, and I'll just undo
his girlfriend while I'm at it.
Listen, if you could do last
Christmas over again, would you?
Well, that's impossible,
but if I could
do that moment over again,
yeah, I would.
Enjoy, meat eaters.
You want my roast beef,
don't you?
What? No.
My burger looks awesome.
Yes, the burger
does look awesome,
but that doesn't alter the fact
that you want the roast beef.
Okay, kind of.
See? I ordered
your juicy burger medium
because Mama
likes a little juice.
You're right.
This is amazing.
You would've been
so unhappy with this.
See? Sometimes people
do get second chances.
Mm, would you be okay
with half
a roast beef sandwich?
Don't even
think about it.
Well, that's not the
Christmas spirit, McScrooge.
So thanks
for the company.
That was fun.
Fun. Ooh.
Pace yourself.
I mean it. We should
do this again sometime.
Here. Let me give you
my information.
Oh, I already have
your information, silly.
I'm sure
I'll see you soon.
Well, how do I find you?
Oh, I'll be around.
Here you go, miss.
hey, who served you
without shoes?
Seriously, what is
with you guys and shoes?
Fine. Go ahead.
Kick us out.
Oh, wait.
We're leaving.
And by "we," you mean?
Merry Christmas, ma'am,
to you and
your imaginary friend.
When crazy's in town,
it eats here.
Yeah, copy that.
Shaking up
the Earthquake State
with their usual
ratings-grabbing shenanigans,
cursing, drinking,
running around naked,
and playing with dogs,
but center stage
this season
seems to be
unfiltered Brandy.
Who's a big,
fat pig.
But Ms. Glanville
is a lover...
To Christmas Eve
from now on.
...with new cast member
Carlton Jebiah,
and Carlton
is one special lady.
Yes, I'm a witch.
Are you sure
you mean "witch"?
When you go home
tonight, watch out.
And with powerful
new friends...
Rise and shine, sleepyhead.
Mom? What are you
doing here?
What am I
doing where?
I'm in the guest room?
Oh, yes, you're in the
guest room without Cam.
I know. You lived together. I get it.
But maybe
after you're engaged.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back up.
Back up.
Cam's here?
Yeah. He's downstairs
with your dad
fixing breakfast,
God help us all.
So it didn't happen yet.
Or has it happened?
You're still
as clumsy as ever.
What's the rush?
Rush? Um...
I'm starving.
Well, that's no surprise. You
ate zero dinner last night,
and then you finished off half
a box of my Christmas cookies.
Last night.
Race you downstairs.
- Honey?
- I'm okay.
- I'm telling you,
you get your coordination
from your father.
Good morning, my Ali.
How did you sleep,
Slept great.
Yeah, it's so good to
have you home, sweetie.
Morning, baby.
See? That's why they're
sleeping in separate rooms.
What? Come on.
Hey, no, no, Brian.
it's no big deal.
We have the rest of our
lives to spend together.
Now, that's a wonderful
thing about him, Ali.
That is one of many, many,
many, many, many things.
So did you two
actually cook
something we can have
for breakfast?
bacon and eggs.
- We're ready to roll.
- All right.
Heavy on the eggs,
light on the bacon.
This guy here started eating early.
Oh, way
to rat me out, sir.
Trying to get on my good
side again, I can tell.
- What can I say?
- Mm.
So what's on the agenda
for today?
Well, we're gonna
get Jason from the airport,
uh, the Christmas
toy wrap at the club,
and then we're gonna go for
Christmas Eve dinner there
with the Spivaks
from across the street,
and that was all
on the activity sheet
that I slipped
under everybody's door.
Right. Sorry.
Just a little spacey
this morning.
Yeah, you don't seem terribly
excited about all of it.
You've always loved
coming home for Christmas.
Yeah, I did. I do.
Mom, this is gonna be
the best Christmas Eve ever.
You have no idea.
Yeah, all right, gang.
Shake a leg.
The stagecoach
pulls out in five
with or without you.
Come on. Let's go.
He's been saying it exactly
like that since we were kids.
Is there actually
a stagecoach,
and if you don't shake a leg,
will the thing leave without you?
Good point.
Let's not find out, huh?
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
I'm coming!
I'm coming!
Come on,
come on, come on.
Everybody, let's go.
Let's pile in.
We don't
want to be late.
Jason can wait
five minutes, Dad.
Honey, with all
your schedules,
your mom and I
only get to spend
five minutes with you
every three years,
so, you know, we have
to make the most of it.
Ali, come on, hon.
We gotta go.
Thank you, darling.
Thank you so much.
Let's get in the car.
Come on.
This is another
unscheduled hug,
and it's throwing us
off schedule.
Get in the car.
Thank you so much.
Don't make up time
the way you usually do,
ignoring pedestrians
in the crosswalk.
My folks said you were
coming back this year.
Yeah, Cam and I
have been traveling
the last few
Christmases, so...
Yeah, if you haven't
been to Vienna
to see the professional
holiday displays there,
you should. It's amazing.
I'll keep that
in mind.
So you're coming to
the club later, right?
Uh, yes, definitely,
and Jason, too.
We're actually on the way to get
him from the airport right now.
- Jason.
- Yeah.
God I haven't seen that kid
in... since I don't know when.
That makes two of us.
What part of the world's
he working these days?
Uh, Singapore, I believe,
and then Sydney next.
I don't know how he
keeps it all straight.
Me either.
Well, I better get back.
My dad's so old-school,
he loves to wait till Christmas
Eve to put all those up.
But I'll see you
later, right?
Yes, absolutely.
So you really dated that guy
in high school, huh?
What? No.
Why would you
think that?
Oh, I... no,
I mean, you live
across the street from him.
I figured maybe...
No, Nick's always
felt just as much
like a brother to me
as Jason.
Just checking.
Deck the hall
with boughs of holly
Fa la la, la la,
la la, la la
'Tis the season
to be jolly
Fa la la, la la,
la la, la la
- Don we now...
- You know, Dad,
I could've gotten to your
place from the airport.
They have these things now called cabs.
That is
a waste of money.
Come on. You know how much
a taxi would cost out here.
Dad, you think everything's
a waste of money.
No, that's not true. Your
father likes nice things.
He just wants to pay as
little as possible for them.
And join the chorus...
That's just
a diplomatic way
to admit
that he's cheap.
Yeah, Dad's
In the world of cheapness,
that's a blackjack.
I heard that.
Good, than we won't
have to say it again.
You know, Jason,
if you'd taken a cab,
you might've missed
the toy drive.
You know, you could've
just written a check.
Now, where is
the fun in that?
Oh, first fun thing
just happened.
Can't feel my butt.
- Thank you.
- Oh, thank you, sir.
All right. Same bet
as every year.
He or she who wraps
the fewest gifts
gets to wash the Christmas dinner dishes
tomorrow at our house.
This could be great.
I don't like that bet.
I never have.
That's 'cause you're
a perfectionist.
If you'd just
cut out that nonsense,
you would stop
losing every year.
You know what?
I like pretty wrappings,
and I refuse
to rush the process.
Okay, Mom, these presents
are the only ones
these kids
are gonna get.
I don't think they're
gonna notice the wrappings.
but I would.
Yes, and civilization
as we know it would end.
Oh, I'd pipe down if I
were you, Mr. Giggles.
Next to Mom,
you're the absolute
worst gift wrapper
in this group.
Dad, think
about that bet.
I don't own
a single dish.
Do you really
want me washing yours?
Uh, let me
answer that for you.
These gifts, these are
for needy children, right?
Okay, so if
you're a needy kid,
do you need a doll?
Why not
a useful gift instead?
Each kid gets a toy
and something useful,
like you said,
shoes or clothes.
Okay, so why
the toy at all?
That's all
I'm saying.
Why not
two useful gifts?
You were a child
at one point, right?
I mean besides
this moment right now.
I'm just saying it
seems like a big waste.
Well, you know what?
I doubt there's
much magic in their lives.
You know, when your
whole life is about need,
it's probably
a welcome distraction
to have
something frivolous.
Aha! You admit
it's frivolous.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know
you love Christmas.
I just... I've never
caught the whole
magic of the season
Just always seemed a
bit ridiculous to me.
I'm starting to see things
a little more your way.
Hold on a second.
Last night, you are
wearing antlers
and literally
chasing me
around the house
with mistletoe.
This morning,
you're gonna wake up,
and all of a sudden,
you give up
on the holiday spirit
I've not given up on it.
I just... I think I've been
focusing on it too much.
You know, it doesn't
matter that it's Christmas.
What matters is
that some little girl
is gonna get
a nice doll
that we wrapped
and that we get to spend time
with the people that we love.
Like me?
Of course.
Come here.
Eggnog for
my darling girl,
and sparkling water
for my darling guy.
And if it turns out
to be champagne,
whoops, my bad.
We're out of paper.
I'm gonna go
get some more.
Does Ali seem a bit weird to you today?
Oh, Ali's always
a little weird.
It's part of her charm.
Oh, these are all
gonna have to be redone.
Excuse me. I need
some more wrapping paper.
Sure thing, doll.
Anything in particular?
What are you doing here?
What aren't
I doing here?
I'm the wrapping
Getting no help!
So I really get to redo
Christmas Eve with Cam?
You said that was the
part you wanted to do over.
You got your wish.
But how?
And why me?
Okay, did you see
"Men in Black"?
This is
nothing like that.
Did you see
"Back to the Future"?
It's nothing like that.
Okay, look,
you brought me here.
Well, maybe,
but from
here on out,
you're on your own,
I'm just here in case you
need any further guidance,
which you will.
Yeah. Well, okay,
give me some further guidance on this.
Cam just told me
that he's never understood Christmas.
So you claim
neither do you anymore.
Right, but that's...
that's not the point.
The point is that
he's never said that.
He never said it
a year ago.
He's never
said it ever.
Well, isn't this supposed
to be all like dj vuish?
Aren't people
supposed to be saying
the same things
they said last year,
and then I get a chance to
respond differently and fix things?
I see the problem here.
What we need is
a basic physics lesson
before we proceed
with your Christmas redo.
It's something called
the Heisenberg
Uncertainty Principle,
which says that the very
act of observing something
inherently changes it.
So I can't violate
the laws of physics,
other than
time travel.
You got it.
Heh heh heh.
Okay, but so how am I supposed
to know what's gonna happen next
if everything is
happening differently
than I remember it
the first time?
I know, right?
Those guys in "Groundhog
Day" had it easy.
Come on!
$5 for whoever
can catch me.
You'll never catch me.
I'm the king of toys,
I'm the king of toys
Can't catch me.
Sorry, Cam.
I got distracted.
Oh, hey, uh...
- Sorry.
- Let me help you.
Ali, look...
I know...
that you are
a big stickler
for holiday tradition,
okay? Yes.
But I was just
wanting to give you
your big present,
um, early,
not Christmas morning,
but instead tonight.
Before you say anything,
I just feel
like it would be
a lot more romantic
that way.
Big present.
I'm not answering
any questions,
not giving you
any hints.
Whenever you want.
Whenever I want?
Did I...
this is coming
from the girl who last
Christmas, I was eating,
remember, the 11th day
of Christmas chocolate
on the ninth day
of Christmas,
and you got
so upset with me?
I didn't get upset.
I believe
your exact words were,
"You wrecked Christmas. "
Yeah, okay,
that rings a bell.
You know what? But this
is the new and improved,
more flexible Ali.
Well, I... I like
this new Ali.
You should
keep her around.
That's the plan.
Oh, I'm thinking
and gorgonzola
for the salad tomorrow.
Why don't we throw in some sunflower
seeds, give it a little texture?
Ooh, I love that.
So how are things going at work, kitten?
Dad, I'm 30.
I'm not a kitten anymore.
You'll always
be my kitten.
You're gonna have
to deal with that.
- Things are good.
- Good.
Oh, I got a promotion.
I- I'm up for a promotion
for project manager,
- which I'm gonna get.
- Of course you are.
You're the strongest
architect they got.
Spoken like
a true brother.
So, Jason, how are
things going in Singapore
and Taipei
and Guatemala?
The same as always.
I'm living
out of a hotel,
eating at restaurants
every night.
Sounds like heaven, actually.
Well, after a few years,
it wouldn't.
Want to bet?
I have rarely
seen two people
that excited
about fruit.
Oh, I can't take it anymore. I'm hiding.
I'm waiting for Dad and Jason to
get back from their bourbon run.
A likely story.
You're a jukebox junkie.
I'm here to intervene.
Heh heh. Picking up
food for the family?
Ah, for me.
I just live a healthy walk from here.
Oh, wow. When you
said you weren't gonna
leave the neighborhood,
you meant it literally.
I leave, sometimes.
My gym, it's all the way
across town.
And I like
this neighborhood.
It was good enough
for us to grow up in.
Dad said that you have
the biggest contracting
company around these days.
We're doing okay.
Got 20 employees, twice
as many when we're busy.
Why? You looking
for work?
You know what? I'm actually
really handy with a lug wrench.
What is a lug wrench?
Ohh! I was hopeful
for a sec.
- Mm.
- Actually, we do a lot
of decorating
for the holidays.
You would be stunned how
much sane people will spend
on a little professional
Christmas cheer.
Oh, I live with Cam.
I got over the shock of what
fools spend a long time ago.
Well, you'll see some of
my work at the club tonight.
- Yeah?
- I would love your opinion.
If I can pass the Ali "Miss
Christmas" Pennebaker test,
I'll know I've made it.
Mmm. What'd I miss so far?
Ah, we were just discussing
Ali's skills with a lug wrench.
Mm. The only tool that Ali
really is familiar with is me.
Little hard
on yourself there.
Tell me you weren't
already thinking it, though.
Can't do that.
Nick was just telling me
about his business.
Mm, construction, right?
You build houses
and stuff.
Actually I was
just telling Ali
that big chunk
of our work right now
is decorating
for the holidays.
Quite the picture, huh?
Bunch of big,
burly construction guys
hanging tinsel
for the holidays.
It's cute.
Big, burly construction
guys like Christmas
just as much
as the next guy.
Hey, everyone!
Sorry it
took us so long,
but we settled
on the Wibberly's.
It's the bourbon
of kings,
really cheap kings.
Well, I didn't hear
you offer to pay for it.
- No, you didn't.
- No.
Okay, finally.
Come on. Take these.
- Really? Really?
- We gotta go.
Let's get
the groceries home.
So we'll find you at the
club in a couple hours, yes?
Just follow the tinsel.
The little black dress
was invented for you.
Heh. Yeah. I wish.
Quiet now.
I know what
I'm talking about.
Oh, God.
I've missed this so much.
since yesterday?
Okay, I... damn,
I guess I'm that good.
No arguments here.
You know,
it's really a shame
that you look
this beautiful tonight.
It's gonna be
really rough on Nick.
What are you
talking about?
Nick doesn't care
what I'm wearing.
Clearly the guy
has a thing for you.
Cam, you think everybody
has a thing for me.
Most of them do.
I can't blame them,
but don't tell me that you
can't see the way he looks at you
with those pathetic
little puppy-dog eyes.
Oh, come on.
That's so mean
and not even true.
Okay. All right,
I'm off base then.
Growing up across the
street from each other,
our parents
best friends,
Nick was like
a second brother.
Got it.
I don't even think
he thinks of me
as a girl.
I think that dress
will do the trick.
Should I change?
I think I've got some
shapeless footsie pajamas
around here.
Deflecting with humor,
you do that.
Should I feel jealous now?
Whoa. Suddenly I'm in
charge of your feelings?
I was just asking you
a question.
If I weren't
in the picture,
would you be interested
in the, uh, local handyman?
Why are we even talking
hypothetical questions?
Why are you dodging
my hypothetical questions?
No! Okay?
The answer is no.
I am here with you,
where I have dreamed
about being for the last...
for a very long time.
Whatever would have
happened with me and Nick
would have happened or wouldn't
have happened a long time ago,
so seriously, you need
to let this go, okay?
We all have options.
That's all I'm saying, okay?
I... I could have patched
things back up with Antoinette.
- Your ex?
- She dropped her rebound guy
a month after you and I
got together.
I could have looked her up,
I could have called her,
but I didn't want
to be rude to you.
Rude to me?
So good manners
is what kept you
from dumping me
for your ex-girlfriend?
You know that's
not what I meant.
Well, is Antoinette still on the
market? You should call her up,
wish her a merry fricking
Christmas for all I care.
I'm gonna walk away
before I say
something I regret.
It sounds like Cam is having
an important phone call.
I, uh...
I gather
you two had words.
Why can't he just be calling
his mom? It's Christmas Eve.
Uh, honey, it sounded like he
said, "This was a train wreck,"
but it could have been,
"Merry Christmas. " I...
I don't eavesdrop
as well as I used to.
He's jealous of Nick.
Talented, successful,
nicest guy
you could meet.
Heck, I'm even
jealous of Nick, so...
No, Dad,
this was different.
This was a part of Cam that
I don't recognize from before.
From before what?
Okay, look, Cam has a
jealous streak. Most guys do.
But over a person
I've never even dated?
Honey, jealousy is
not unusual
and unheard of in a
relationship. You know that.
Usually it just...
it just passes.
I know. I just can't
figure out why now
and why Nick.
Because you and Nick have a
history that Cam wasn't a part of,
and he's
never met this Ali,
and he's not sure
what to expect from her.
How can he not know
what to expect?
We've dated
for five years.
I know, I know, but I've
always had the feeling
that Cam's been a little insecure
around here in your world,
and maybe this is
just a part of that.
Hmm. It's hard
to imagine Cameron
feeling insecure
about anything.
He's only human,
I mean, we all go squirrelly
about something, right?
Even you?
Oh, yeah, especially me.
Come on.
Help me cheat on my diet.
- No, Dad...
- Hmm?
you don't
Cam and I never
had this fight.
Honey, just because
he hasn't said it out loud
doesn't mean he hasn't
been thinking of it.
Just, you know,
be honest with him.
I mean, Nick's never been
on your romantic radar. Simple.
I'm scared to even
say Nick's name
- at this point.
- Oh.
Have you guys
seen Cam out there
having some kind of emotional
meltdown on the phone?
Jason, this is
not the time, okay?
He's really got
his undies in a bunch.
Oh, wait.
Bet he wears a thong.
You're one to judge,
Giorgio Armani.
Al, I wear
nice suits to work.
I don't feel the urge
to match my skinny jeans
to my vintage chambray
shirt with retro timepiece.
I... I don't know what most
of those words mean, so...
We know, Dad.
You know what?
I think I finally understand
why you and Cam
don't get along.
You guys are
so much alike.
If I ever turn into that
guy, somebody smack me
until you get tired
of smacking me,
and then switch hands,
and keep on smacking.
All right, are we
finally all ready to go?
We've been ready for a while now, Mom.
You know,
when you're young,
you could just wash your face
and throw some clothes on.
At my age, it takes a little
more finesse to look this good.
Well, the finesse
is worth the effort.
- You look great, Mom.
- Oh, thank you, honey,
but I didn't get you
the Tesla this year again.
That's it. I'm running away from home.
You think
you're so funny.
Because I am funny.
Mom, ask around.
Oh, and I saw Cam out there.
What's happened to him?
Oh, he got in a fight with
Al, and now he's out there
crying on the phone
to his mommy.
I wonder if she'll fly out
here and burp him for us.
Alison, what did
you do to the boy?
What did I do?
Well, I know
how you get,
and he's very sweet.
Mom, have you
actually met
Al's boyfriend
I'll introduce you
when he's done snivel...
Just finishing up
some business.
Don't we have
a party to get to?
... the hills we go,
laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way...
Oh, I see the Laemmles.
Oh, yeah.
And I see the bar.
Dad, how 'bout I buy
the first round?
Well, music to my
ears, sir. Lead the way.
We need to talk.
Let's just
get through this here,
and we'll talk about it
back home later.
Just promise me that
I'm not gonna have to hang out
with your buddy Nick
all night.
that might be tough,
because my family
sits with his, too,
always have.
I'm gonna go
get a drink.
See the blazing Yule
before us...
Two thirsty gentlemen,
apparently have
some catching up to do.
Cameron, can my son
buy you a drink, sir?
Excuse me?
Clearly my father's
his judgment.
While I tell
of Yuletide treasure
Fa la la, la la,
la la, la la
If I were Cam, I would not
leave my girlfriend alone
at a party
full of eligible bachelors.
Oh, eligible bachelors,
you say.
If you can find
another man here,
besides you,
who is under 50,
and not twice divorced,
I'll give you
a hundred bucks.
Hey, being over 50
and divorced a couple times
is not gonna stop them
hitting on you.
Many still have enough money
to give 50% of their stuff
to a third future ex-wife.
Oh, gosh, you make it
sound so romantic.
Hi. I'm Samantha.
I'll be your bartender.
I'm Jason. I'll be
your designated drinker.
- Ah, good one.
- Thanks.
And Mom thinks
I'm not funny.
Hmm, imagine that.
Heh heh.
Actually, I was
just being polite.
I get that
designated drinker line
about three times
a shift.
You got me.
I'm a hack.
So you want to just
get out of here?
You're cute.
When you can steal a sec,
I'll have a elderflower martini, please.
Ha! Not here, you won't.
Uh, how 'bout
something local then,
shot and a beer.
You got it, Harvard.
so nice of you
to climb off
your high horse
to join us simple folk down here.
Tell me something, Jason.
What is it that is bothering
you so much about me?
What, do you want a list,
telegraph, PowerPoint presentation?
I want to take you
for a little walk,
just you and me.
How 'bout that?
Boys, don't make me
come over there.
I see Cam is finally bonding
with the Pennebaker men.
You don't hate Cam,
do you?
I don't hate anyone, Al.
- I don't want to date him.
- Well, that's not what I meant.
Or hang out with him
or really talk to him
- ever again.
- Okay, question withdrawn.
Well, what about you?
Last time
I talked to my parents,
they said you were
dating a yoga instructor.
Pilates. Um, no,
we broke up
around Halloween.
Well, any eligible
bachelorettes here tonight?
I'm actually hiding
from my parents,
who are desperate to introduce me
to Lila, the local veterinarian.
Ooh, family fix-ups.
I'm sure Lila's fine,
but I'm at the point
where I want there
to be the possibility
of it going somewhere,
and I want it to be
undeniable on both sides.
Yeah, but even still,
how can you be sure?
I don't know,
but suddenly
I don't want to waste
any more time.
I know that seems weird
to someone like you.
Don't be so sure.
I'm rehabbing this old house at
the edge of the old neighborhood,
big backyard and a basketball
hoop in the driveway,
and it just hit me.
I'm ready for the person
who's ready for that.
That sounds nice,
Nick, truly.
Al, where do you find
these guys?
Cam just ordered a elderflower
martini, elderflower.
Yeah, but have you ever
had an elderflower martini?
I'm sorry. I'm still
reeling from someone
who's more pretentious
about alcohol than myself.
It's good
to see you, Jase.
Good to see you, too.
This place looks amazing.
This is great.
Thank you. I charged them
plenty for it, trust me.
Oh, and we're still doing
our same deal, right?
is split 50/50?
Hey, send me an invoice.
Just don't hold your breath.
Ha ha.
I see a party foul.
Those hands are empty,
Let's fill 'em up
with some drinks.
Right this way, sir.
You heard the man.
Have fun.
It's Christmas.
What can I say?
Pardon me.
May I have this dance?
Oh, what a nice offer.
- Oh, yes. Whoops!
- Why don't you spin?
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm gonna
take you this way.
Now if I could only romance your
daughter the way that I can you.
I know.
I feel like I'm
pretty charming.
You are charming,
I think.
I didn't mean
to ruin your night.
I know how much you
love Christmas Eve.
I don't care
that it's Christmas Eve.
I just don't like it
when we fight.
Everybody fights
sometimes, Ali.
You know, in 30 years,
I've never seen
my parents fight once.
Yeah, well,
they fight, all right,
They were just going at it
this morning about how your mom
wants to turn the den into a
professional pottery studio.
What, Mom does pottery?
Not yet, but if she
had the studio...
I'm sorry that
I overreacted, Ali.
There's nothing
between me and Nick.
I know.
You're my present
and, I hope, my future.
I don't know what
it is about that guy.
Just I see the two
of you together,
and it just bugs me.
And I know I shouldn't
feel insecure or threatened
by the bricklayer
who wants 3.2 kids
and a tacky aboveground
pool in his backyard.
Basketball hoop.
I know you're not interested
in changing diapers
and baking brownies
for the PTA meetings, so...
What does that mean?
I just... That's what
those women are all about.
You know, they revolve around
school lunches and carpooling
and driving the snot-nosed
kids to and from field trips.
Wait. You don't want...
You don't like kids?
I didn't say that.
I... I don't dislike kids.
I just, uh...
I like my handwoven
eggshell rug, right.
How long's
that gonna hold up
with grubby
little baby fingers?
But we agreed... I mean,
I thought we agreed
that we would wait five years
and then have kids?
We agreed that we would
talk about a change
if we were bored
with our lifestyle
and the travel
and everything.
Oh, I thought that we
would wait five years
and then have kids,
not just talk about it.
Alison, I thought we were
on the same page about this.
I... I didn't think you were
cut out for this kind of thing.
Not cut out?
Yeah, look, you have
one life that you live,
and you're gonna
waste it raising babies?
I mean, that's... that's not
who we are. We're adventurers.
We get out.
We want to be wandering
down La Rambla at 4 A.M.
That's who we are.
Okay, La Rambla,
that was an amazing vacation,
but, Cameron,
at some point...
Look, let's talk about
this later, all right?
Let's... Your mom
sent me out here
to let you know that they're
gonna be serving dinner,
and I wanted to come
out here and just...
just tell you
I'm not mad anymore.
I mean, I know it's...
it's been
a rotten night so far,
but I promise you
there's a cute little present
with your name on it
in your
very near future,
and it's... it's gonna
fix everything.
All right,
well, um, just...
I'll meet you
at the table, okay?
I just need a second.
You're up, sister.
If I were you,
I'd light a match
in there.
Not good.
You're one
of the carolers?
Two years of voice
at Juilliard.
Had to drop out 'cause this
gig wasn't covering my tuition.
Stop it. Ginny,
this is terrible.
Tell me about it.
The tall one's
only moving her lips!
You did not come back in
time to sing "Deck the Halls"
at my parents'
country club.
I'm trying
to convince them
to turn me loose
on "Good King Wenceslas,"
something with some bite!
King Good Wenceslas
on a throne
On a crisping evening
Okay, clearly I'm
doing something wrong
for you
to be back so soon.
I didn't show up
'cause you messed up.
I'm just trying to help you
stay on task here.
Well, some task.
That's life, though.
You push down one lumpy
section of eggshell rug,
another pops
right back up.
Cam doesn't want kids.
Not everyone does.
to sleep in Sundays
on thousand-thread-count sheets
instead of coaching soccer
doesn't make him
a bad guy.
I know. You're right.
But if you want kids
and he doesn't,
now that's a problem
even nongrubby
little hands won't fix.
You've been together
five years.
You didn't discuss
wanting kids earlier?
Well, I don't know. I guess
we just talked around it.
I mean, I always
knew I wanted kids.
I just assumed
that Cam did, too.
Right, 'cause we know
all good relationships
are based on assumptions,
not communicating.
Hey, we talk plenty,
We've just been more concerned
with business-class upgrades
and gastropubs,
So, why suddenly
bring up children?
I don't know.
I guess just
talking to Nick.
Nick does seem to be causing
a lot of romance trouble
for someone who
you think of as a brother.
I thought this was about my
overreaction to some stupid present.
Ali, think.
Would the chance
to travel in time
and redo the past
be wasted on something
as simple as that?
Oh, I'm loving it.
Tonight I have
a very special gift
for a very special
No, not you, Robin,
although you are
very special,
and I do have
a gift for you, but...
Oh, never a doubt.
Want to guess
what it is?
Framed photo of yourself?
No, you'd never go
for one that small.
Open it. Open it.
They're boarding passes.
First-class, Aspen.
Wait. These say that we
leave tomorrow morning.
- Mm-hmm.
- Christmas morning.
Mom, did you know
about this?
Are you okay with this?
Well, Cam asked
before he booked it,
and... and I gave him
our blessing.
Honey, we always love
having you with us,
but we wouldn't want
to hold you back
from a fabulous trip
like this.
- Our blessing. Hmm.
- Mine, ours, same difference.
We... We agreed
that since this was
the first Christmas
that my brother could
make it back for in years,
that we'd spend it
with my family.
Well, we have.
Uh, I mean,
and it's been fantastic.
It... It really has.
But this gives us
an opportunity to go on
another vacation
for Christmas
just you and I.
I know how... how you
all have a tradition
where you exchange
gifts the morning.
I do know you,
and I know you
don't like surprises,
so this gives you
an opportunity to pack.
Instead of spending
Christmas Eve with my family
or sleeping.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, tiger. It's...
It's Aspen.
It's gonna be fun.
It's got
a supereasy vibe.
You'll see.
You'll like it.
To be honest,
I have no idea
how we haven't
made it out there
and seen the Rockies
by now anyway.
Oh, just too many
other places, I guess.
Well, I've always
wanted to see Aspen.
Heh heh.
So, anybody want some
coffee, tea, dessert?
So just so you know,
I tried to fit in
a walk
to Santa's Corner today,
but our agenda was
a little bit too busy.
And since you're going
to Aspen tomorrow morning,
we are not
gonna have time
to see the Christmas
clock reset this year.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
That's okay.
It's silly it took me
this long to outgrow
that tradition anyway.
Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
It's not silly.
No, I love it that you
always wanted to go there
the day after Christmas
to see the clock reset.
You always said
it made you feel good
knowing that even though
the holiday was over,
it was only 364 days left
until it came back around.
I was such a dork
as a kid.
But an adorable one.
Heh heh.
There's nothing wrong
with embracing
your inner dork
as an adult.
Dork chic was
so two years ago, Dad.
Uh-uh. Mm-mm.
Oh, also,
Nick's, uh, company
is taking over
the decorations this year,
so I thought you'd
want to check it out.
I'm sure it's
gonna be amazing.
I'm sorry
I have to miss it.
Yeah? Yeah,
you sure about that?
'Cause I don't think
you're all that interested
in the whole holiday thing
this year.
Is it that obvious?
Hey, I'm your dad.
Cam and I, we're fine.
Wait a second, I didn't
ask how you and Cam were.
I guess I'm just starting
to see things differently.
Mm, okay. All right.
Well, not too differently, I hope,
because my Al,
you are made
of the best stuff
in the world.
There's so much food.
You get that Cam and I aren't
gonna be here to eat it all, right?
Well, that's why I switched
the Christmas brunch
to a Christmas breakfast with
everybody instead of brunch.
Oh, great, so this
doesn't work on any level.
Is there anything else
I can do to help
before I turn in
for the night?
No, I think Ali and I
have everything handled.
You've been a peach.
Okay. Well,
I guess I'll go to bed.
It's gonna be
an exciting day tomorrow.
Good night.
I just think the world
of that guy.
I know you do, Mom.
Yeah, I look at him,
and I just see
this bright, shiny future
for the two of you.
Cam doesn't want kids.
that doesn't surprise me.
You're not disappointed?
I mean, Jason's not
gonna stay in one place
long enough
to have a family.
Aren't you worried you
won't have grandkids?
Well, I don't know
if you know this, honey,
but having kids is
a giant pain in the rear.
No, no, don't get me wrong.
I mean, you guys
weren't that much trouble.
Oh, gee, thanks.
No, it's just that
there's a lot of drudgery,
and... and it's
kind of boring,
and Cam is
not into boring.
Well, that's true.
Yeah, I mean, some people
are just made for
a brighter, shinier life,
and you and your brother
have always been on that track.
You never thought
I'd have kids?
Not really, no.
When you were 18,
you headed out of town for the
big city and never looked back,
and I was proud.
I was happy you
weren't gonna settle down
with a local like Nick
and have babies.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's wrong with Nick?
Well, Nick's a very sweet guy,
and he'll find
a meek, sweet, little girl,
but that's not you.
- Well, I know. I...
- I mean, that's why when he came to me
during your senior year
and he asked me
if I thought you'd go out with him
if he mentioned that, and I said no.
I'm sorry. What?
Well, I said that you
didn't think of him that way,
and he thanked me
and said
please don't mention
that we had the conversation.
And you're mentioning it now because?
Because it
doesn't matter anymore.
You've got Cam,
and you're happy,
and besides, you didn't
think of Nick that way anyway.
Mom, I don't know.
Maybe I would've
if I knew that he
thought of me like that.
And watch you derail
all your plans?
Okay, I know.
I know everyone says parents
shouldn't meddle in things,
but I couldn't help it.
Well, that's terrible.
That's parenting, Ali.
Those are
the tough decisions we make
because we think we know
what's best for our kids.
Well, don't you think I had a
right to know how he felt about me?
Do you really think
you would've been happy
stuck in this town,
the wife of a contractor?
Well, I guess we'll
never know, will we?
But don't we?
So you're really going
to Aspen in the morning?
Cam spent a lot
of money on this trip,
and you heard Mom and Dad.
They want me to go.
That's not
what they said, Al.
It is. I was listening.
Mom said she gave Cam
permission to bail early.
Doesn't mean anyone's
glad to see you go.
And who's
gonna do our tradition
of taking shots of peppermint
schnapps at midnight?
What are you talking about?
That's not a tradition.
Well, I was planning
on making it one,
but fine.
Deprive Mom of another
holiday tradition
to stress her out.
Can't you just admit
that you don't want to go?
What are you
talking about?
Of course
I want to go.
It's Aspen.
Throwing clothes around the
room. Slamming suitcases.
My mistake.
You seem overjoyed.
Shh. Cam might hear you.
Trust me,
a Michael Bay movie
could be
playing in here,
and he wouldn't be
able to hear it
through his solar-powered
hot-mist humidifier
and industrial-grade
earplugs. Ooh.
Why do you make fun
of him all the time?
Because I don't think
he's right for you.
I never have.
Well, what do you know?
I see you, like,
twice a year for a few days,
and the other times,
you're sending me
potato chips and...
some gelatinous thing
that was not delicious,
by the way.
Oh, you weren't
supposed to eat that.
Why? What was it?
It is so good
that you don't know.
Also, thank you
for not pointing out
that my advice-giving
include me not dating
anyone for an entire year.
Well, I still might.
It depends on your advice.
I really lowered the bar
on what I consider a date.
At this point,
a pat-down from
airport security counts.
But I... I know a bad
relationship when I see one.
I've had
enough of 'em.
You don't like Cam,
but everybody else
thinks that we're
pretty perfect together.
You don't.
I mean, sure, you and Cam
like a lot of the same things,
but when
he looks at you,
sometimes I wonder
if... if he sees you
or just another one
of his things.
Yeah, you're not
the only one
in this room
who's wondering.
Traveling, I meet
a lot of people like Cam.
He's not a bad guy.
He just...
He wants to spend his life eating
wild boar and drinking expensive wines
at a party
that never ends.
And he just moved
the party to Aspen.
There you go.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing, but that's
his whole life,
all of it, uh,
not a part of,
and there's just not room
for much else.
He said it earlier.
He would consider
the life I have heaven.
And, Al, the life I have
on the road traveling
is... is shallow and lonely,
because the people I love
the most aren't in it.
I miss you, too, Jason.
That's why it was so huge
for me to come back this year.
You know, earlier,
when you and Cam
had that argument,
I was really hoping he'd do something
idiotic like break up with you.
That's not nice.
I just...
I want you to be free
to experience that real
kind of love in your life.
I mean, at least
one of us should.
Well, yeah.
What you need is a job
that keeps you in one place
for longer than six months.
Glad you think so.
Can you keep a secret?
All right,
well, keep this one.
I just put my notice in
at work.
In two weeks,
I will officially be
among the unemployed.
Get out of here.
Yeah, just goofing around
with those kids at the club,
uh, for the first time,
I saw so clear
the life
I've been looking for,
and I'm never
gonna get that
unless I jump off this
hamster wheel I've been on.
Wow, that's huge.
I'm so proud of you.
What are you gonna do?
Have fun. Have a life.
I don't... I don't know.
I haven't figured
it out yet, but I will.
So will you.
Oh, Ali.
You scared the hell
out of me.
I didn't know Santa scared
so easily on Christmas Eve.
Well, that time at the North
Pole just messes with your brain.
What's up?
Is everything okay over there?
Yeah, sure. I just
wanted to come talk,
saw you were still up.
Well, if we stay here,
my folks are gonna
invite you in and
make hot chocolate.
- Kind of sounds nice.
- No, no,
that hot chocolate comes
with a side of guilt-trip.
And they don't even tip a little
rum in it to take the edge off.
Let's get out of here.
I was surprised
to see you up at 2 A.M.
I always loved waking up
there on Christmas morning.
You know, my parents
worked so hard
to bring Santa to me
as a kid,
so I just...
I don't...
I like to do the same
to them as an adult.
Well, bringing Christmas magic
is your day job.
You do know I'm not
actually Santa, right?
So, uh, what time
do you fly tomorrow?
Actually, later today.
Let me be the first to officially
wish you a Merry Christmas.
Back at you.
Al, it was tough to
see you so sad tonight,
on what's always been
your favorite night
of the year.
It's not sadness, really.
I don't know what it is.
whatever you call it,
you want to see something that
should make it feel all better?
All right, follow me.
You all set?
I've been set. Hit it.
What do you think?
It's fantastic.
It's like you were
born to do this.
What, born to decorate?
Is that a compliment?
My dad was right.
This is amazing.
The local kids
must've freaked.
Well, it's one
of the bonuses of the job,
that and the wads of cash.
So now that I have
improved the lighting,
how 'bout telling me why you
came looking for me tonight?
I didn't come looking
for you. I just...
I saw you across the street
bringing in the presents, and...
Well, you didn't
come across the street
to talk to me
in the middle of the night
on Christmas Eve
without a reason.
Do friends need reasons?
Well, Al, we haven't
really been friends for years.
I mean, we're not even
fake Facebook friends.
So, no,
while not everyone
would need a reason,
I think you would.
I guess I wanted to see
if it was true
that you wanted to
ask me out senior year.
Ho. Your mom told you.
Yep, she finally dragged
it out of herself.
Yeah, I had it pretty bad
for you back then.
Everybody knew.
Not me.
What my mom
said was true.
I thought of you
like a brother.
I mean, I appreciate
that you use past tense,
but that doesn't make that
any easier to hear.
I get that.
Is that what this is about,
you coming to find me?
Honestly, I don't know.
No idea about... about Cam?
About any of it.
I thought he was it,
but after
I broke up with him...
Wait. You broke up?
We broke up, like,
a year ago, okay?
And I thought that I
made this huge mistake,
that I threw away
something great.
So you took him back?
Well, went back.
So now you're the happy
couple I saw tonight,
which is why we're
standing here at 2 A.M.
You know, and then my mom
starts talking about senior year,
and I start thinking
about roads not taken.
Don't you want
to go back to a time
when things
were just simpler,
you know, when we knew
what was gonna happen next?
We didn't know
what was gonna happen.
We were just young and
stupid enough to think we did.
Ali, I don't think
the answer you're looking for
has much to do with me.
I'd like to think that I'm
more than just a distraction
and some tool for you to
figure out what you really want.
Wow, okay,
that's not harsh.
Okay, tell me
it's not true.
So what, Nick,
am I the only one
this connection here?
Well, we're not
gonna figure it out
while you're still
so unsure about everything
and definitely not while
you're living with a guy
that you're
not even sure you like.
Wow, okay.
No, you're right.
I guess whatever I thought
we had was just in my head.
No, that's...
that's not what I meant.
You know what?
I should get some sleep.
Ali, I'm sorry
that sounded harsh.
No, Nick,
it sounded real.
You should go
on that family fix-up.
Lila? How did she
come into this?
Good night.
Well, hold on.
I have to power down
the display.
You know what? I'll be
fine. I'm gonna walk.
Ginny, I need you.
Some help, you are.
Big day today, huh?
You believe that
this time tomorrow,
we're gonna be
strapping on skis?
Now that, that is
a Christmas vacation.
So what's this been?
This? Uh,
obligatory family visit,
I guess.
I mean, I... I get it.
You gotta keep the folks
happy, blah-blah-blah,
but I got the get out
of jail free card.
Okay, yeah, see, I...
I wanted to be here,
not because
I feel obligated,
but because
I love these people,
and I don't get
to see enough of them.
And that's how
I'm playing it, too.
Now, come on.
Let's go get through breakfast,
and we'll get our stuff
and get out of here.
I don't want
to go with you, Cam.
Of course you do.
We're practically
the same person,
basically share
the same brain.
We like to travel.
That's what we do.
I've been waiting months
to be in one place
with my whole family,
and if
you can't see that,
then we're definitely
not the same person,
not even close.
Is this about
our fight last night?
Because I said
I was sorry.
No, you said
you weren't mad anymore.
There's a difference?
just talk to me.
I thought you were
gonna propose, all right?
What? When?
Last night at the club,
the little box,
the one that was
supposed to fix everything,
I thought it was gonna
be an engagement ring,
not a plane ticket
out of here.
I had no idea
that you thought that.
I know you didn't, Cameron.
That's the problem.
So don't say you're sorry,
because I'm not looking
for an apology. I'm just...
I'm trying to give you a
sense of where we are here.
No, let me get a sense
of something here.
You and marriage,
a futile alliance
of two families.
Okay, so let me make sure
I understand this.
First, you don't want
to have children,
and now you don't
believe in marriage?
Of course I believe in
it. I believe it exists,
It's been around since
the dawn of mankind.
I mean, cavemen were just
as nuts as the modern man.
That's not what I'm saying.
You know what I'm saying.
My point is, is that you
don't want to get married.
I don't want a piece of paper
dictating our relationship.
It's a commitment,
a partnership,
It's a promise of love.
Human beings are
serial monogamous, okay?
happily-ever-after scam
is a bill of goods
sold to us by society.
stop coming up with lame,
pseudointellectual reasons
for everything.
Just be honest.
You do not want
to get married.
You do not want children.
I do not, okay?
I don't see
a need for it,
but if it's something that
is important to you, Alison,
of course I'd be
willing to consider it.
I mean, I guess
I could see us
with a couple of kids maybe
backpacking through Peru, sure.
Do you even hear yourself?
I don't want you to be
willing to have a kid with me.
And you can't just drag a toddler
all the way around the world.
Yeah, there's a law
against that somewhere?
I don't even know what
you're saying anymore.
Will you
just talk to me?
This isn't gonna work,
is it?
This, meaning us?
You're breaking up
with me?
Am I?
I... I guess I am.
Wow, this is rich.
I was considering
doing the same thing,
but I didn't.
No, I got us
tickets to Aspen
as a last-ditch effort
to save this relationship.
What was so broken about it
that you couldn't talk to me?
Talk to you? When am
I gonna talk to you?
All you ever do is work.
Yes, okay, I've been
working more hours,
but I'm not always there,
and I'm sorry.
I can't just walk out the door
in the middle of the afternoon
when the New York market closes
like you do.
Work to live,
not live to work...
that's what you and I
always said.
No, that's what
you always said.
I just didn't disagree.
I happen to love my job.
Yeah, you love
your job so much
that you choose that
and this...
this pie-in-the-sky
antiquated ideal
instead of me.
That's the thing, Cameron.
I shouldn't
have to choose.
We should support
each other's wants and needs.
Cam, do you love me?
"Yeah. "
There's a sexy,
confidence-inspiring word
every girl wants to hear.
Okay, all right, stop.
I'm gonna go inside,
I'm gonna get my things,
and I'm gonna go
to the airport,
and you can come with
me, and if you don't,
then I guess this
relationship can't be fixed.
we agree on something.
You're just gonna throw
it all away, is that it?
All the great years that we
had for some holiday tinsel?
You really don't get me,
do you?
Guess I don't.
I'm gonna go
finish packing.
Oh, Ali, will you go tell Cam
we're just about ready,
or your father is going
to eat all the bacon.
- Stop.
- I am not.
Mom, I... I don't think Cam...
Who on Earth drops in
on Christmas morning
when I'm putting
breakfast on? Good heavens.
Happy holidays to you
Merry Christmas
from the zoo
To you and you
and you and you
Happy holidays...
I'm sorry. I... I don't
think we ordered an ape.
Gorilla-gram for Ali.
It's a Christmas present
from her boss.
Wow, Ali, your boss
is a freak.
Uh, honey, I... I don't want to
interrupt your... your present,
but just a reminder.
We need to get you
to the airport
in about an hour.
Cam's going
to Aspen by himself.
I'll be right back.
God, I hope she
lets me tell Cam.
Where were you
last night?
It was Christmas Eve.
I crashed a party.
I'm here now.
In a gorilla suit?
A singing Christmas card?
I'm running out of ways to
keep people from asking me
questions I'm
not allowed to answer.
Whatever, Ginny.
I needed you last night.
You wanted my help
last night,
but you didn't need
my help. Semantics.
You sound like Cam.
Lord, I hope not.
you got an ex-boyfriend
that I need
to take off your hands,
and I'm just the gorilla for the job.
Hold on.
My mother's
gonna freak.
Look, it's gonna
be okay, slugger.
The hard part's over.
Okay, look,
you brought me here to
unmake this huge mistake,
and all I've done
is make it worse.
What if
breaking up with Cam
wasn't the thing
you're back here to fix?
I thought about Nick.
He's not interested.
That's not what he said.
I wanted Nick
to fight for me,
not tell me that
nothing is gonna happen.
Doll, he as much as told you
that he has feelings for you.
You know what? What if I
don't care how this turns out?
What if I just want to see
where my life might take me?
Now, that's deep.
Now we can proceed.
Let's go.
Yeah, the gorilla suit,
it's not helping me
in there.
honey, I don't understand
what's going on.
Mom, I think
the problem is you do.
You know what?
I think you kids
just need to turn down the
volume here, have breakfast.
Whatever's wrong,
you can talk it out.
Okay, there's
nothing wrong, Mom.
Cam and I, we just want
different lives.
No, no, you don't!
You want adventure
and romance!
did you say something
about turning down
the volume, yeah?
Ali, don't go to Aspen.
I mean,
I blew it last night,
and I want to answer
your question again.
Nick, dear, this is not the
ideal time for a drop-in.
Trust me. This is
exactly the right time.
Right, and exactly the right
time for us to butt out.
- But she needs to talk...
- Go, dear. Go, dear. Go.
Oh, Lord, will
this Christmas never end?
Um, look, you...
you asked me last night
how I felt about you,
and, I mean,
I wanted to explain so
perfectly after all these years.
- No, you did.
- No, I didn't,
because you ran off,
and you were convinced
that I didn't have
feelings for you.
Alison, I did then,
and I do now,
and it's definitely
not like a brother.
Um, I mean,
I'm over there, right,
and I'm
driving myself nuts.
And then it hits me.
This is about us.
I could care less about
stepping between you and Cam.
Good news.
Now you don't have to.
Well, it's like
she's 14 again,
you know,
instead of an adult
whose life is finally
starting to fit together.
you said it yourself.
not kids anymore.
They can make
their own decisions.
Mm, the wrong ones?
Wrong for who, you?
Mm, yeah.
The kids were little.
I wasn't sure
it was the right thing.
I mean,
who knows, really?
What I know is that
that's what made us us.
You know, we could've... we could've
blown out of this town years ago,
taken the jobs
in the big city.
I would go anyplace
on this Earth with you.
Try me, baby.
How 'bout Aspen?
Think about that.
Oh, okay.
So guess I will see you back in the city
once I get back
from Colorado?
Take your time.
I promise I'll be out
by the time you get back.
No reason not to be
civilized about this, right?
Take care, Cam.
I mean that.
You, too.
Good-bye, Ali.
Hey, don't.
No, you deserve a guy
who knows that Aspen
is the last place you want to be
on Christmas than with your family.
I know. It's just...
Why didn't my mom just tell me
you had feelings for me
in high school?
It wouldn't have mattered.
I mean, back then,
you probably would've
thought my life
was kind of boring.
I was
a stupid teenager.
Well, you're not
a teenager now.
What do you want?
I want to get
to know you as adults.
Man, am I glad I rolled
the dice and came over here.
Me, too.
Here's to
second chances.
Oh, it's a human
candy cane.
Oh, give it a rest.
Oh, good morning,
You said I could
change things.
You promised.
No, I didn't.
I said sometimes people
get second chances.
Yeah, well,
I went back last night,
and I did everything
And you broke up with Cam
a second time.
I know, remember?
I was there,
really cute gorilla suit.
You said that maybe that
wasn't the point of the redo,
that maybe my mistake,
it wasn't the breakup,
it was
not noticing Nick.
It's your redo, Ali,
not mine.
You tell me.
Well, I chose
the right guy this time.
I chose the guy that
was gonna make me happy.
I chose the guy who
really knows who I am
and wants
the same life that I do.
What went wrong?
Maybe nothing.
Maybe all of those things
are still true.
But they're not.
I just got a Christmas card from Nick,
from Nick and Lila.
Yeah, the girl
he wasn't interested in,
the girl that
I told him to date.
I even screwed that up.
Should I
call a coroner?
Oh, she's not dead.
Can you get me
some ketchup?
Thanks, sexy.
Nick. Nick.
Stupid Lila.
Hey, Al.
- Nick.
- There you are.
Where were you?
I ran out to get you
a Christmas latte.
Oh, thank God.
it's just a grande.
It's not a venti.
But you're...
so thoughtful.
No, I just know
what you're like
before you get
your coffee.
Here. Come on.
We gotta hustle up
if we're gonna make it
to the old neighborhood
in time to wrap
presents at the club.
Sorry. It's been
a weird morning.
Well, maybe you
can tell me about it
on that long ride up
to your parents' place.
And, you know how I hate when
you go out without your ring.
Men hit on you.
Boys hit you.
Babies hit on you.
I saw this
sitting on the sink
by the dishes
on my way out,
so I thought I'd just
take it for safekeeping.
Boy, I never get tired
of doing that.
Merry Christmas, Al.
Merry Christmas, Nick.
Yo, shake a leg.
Stagecoach leaves now
with or without you.
Ali, he's your brother.
Now tell me is there
an off switch someplace?
Uh, no.
You're welcome
to check, though.
I will.
All right, come on.
Let's go.