Corrective Measures (2022) Movie Script

[Jack taking deep breaths]
[Speaks Russian]
Boiler Street Butchers, huh?
More like Boiler Street Bitches!
[Taking deep breaths]
Jack Jeffery, you fuck it up!
Walter Locke is still alive.
You burnt down his house
and killed his family...
[Speaks Russian]
I j... I just did
what you told me to do.
He's alive!
[Speaks Russian]
I'm gonna eat your fuckin' face!
Please, you guys, please,
I'm begging you.
[Jack clears throat]
Fuckin' bulletproof.
Shall we?
[Indistinct speech]
[Taking deep breaths]
Jack Jeffries,
I couldn't let them kill you.
[Takes a deep breath]
Thank you.
No, no, no.
It had to be me.
You killed my little girl.
And I died with her.
And all that's left now
is Payback.
Payback, put the gun down
and put your hands
above your head.
I hear the train a comin',
it's comin' around the bend
And I ain't seen the sunshine
since I don't know when
I'm stuck in Folsom Prison,
time keeps draggin' on
Still that train keeps movin'
on down to San Antone
SARA: Devastation
from across the globe
of what is being called
"The Pulse".
This is all that remains
of Saint Louis,
another city destroyed
in the great tragedy.
GLENN: Riots break out in
major cities around the globe
as resources become scarce.
Today, we say goodbye
to Australia.
Billions have died
from Acute Radiation Syndrome.
Genetic mutations
have been increased
by a factor of 100.
SARA: Hundreds of enhanced
humans with unique powers
across the world.
The first footage
of an enhanced individual
and he is shooting electricity.
TechnoKill is fleeing
from the scene
of a bank robbery.
Is that The Matriarch pursuing?
Are enhanced humans
becomin' an epidemic?
Sara, let me tell you,
I am hearing people saying
"Kill all supes."
US Military
has declared martial law
to deal with these walking
biological weapons.
[Indistinct yelling]
And that's why I'm supporting
the Superhuman Rights Act.
...are live covering the raid
on supervillain, The Lobe.
All this begs the question
"What is next?"
Failing to pass in the UN,
the United States implements
the Super Law.
I bet I'd move on a little
further down the line
Yeah, far from Folsom Prison
is where I want to stay
GLENN: With temporary
holding facilities in place,
arrests of the super-powered skyrocket.
All in preparation for
the San Tiburon Ubermax Prison
ready this coming fall.
ANNOUNCER (VO): PulseWatch,
real powers, real news.
Lock me away in San Tib.
True penance awaits all sinners!
Good evening,
I'm Sara Michaels.
And I'm Glenn Barry.
Tonight's top story,
the vigilante Payback
has been sentenced to life
in the world's first prison
for the super-powered,
San Tiburon.
Walter Anthony Locke,
aka Payback, made headlines
with his murderous spree
of vigilantism
claiming over 50 victims.
Some actually praise
Payback's approach
for wipin' out the criminals.
Regardless, Walter Locke
will be spending
the rest of his life
in San Tiburon
under the eye
of Warden Walton Devlin.
And with us live via satellite
is the Warden of San Tiburon,
Walton Devlin.
And it's Overseer, not Warden.
Of course, Overseer,
thank you for joinin' us.
What do you say to accusations of inhumane treatment
of your inmates?
Inhumane? No, no, no.
Gots to be human
before you concern yourself
with humanity,
and half my charges
are anything but!
Now, you got your mutates,
your cyborgs, your masterminds...
Masterminds like Julius Loeb,
aka The Lobe?
The Lobe is a freak
that can read minds.
But at San Tib, I cancelled
all his mind-power-readin' shit.
Y'all do not have the first idea
what it takes to do my job,
do you?
Overseer, you oversaw
the conversion of a regular jail
into a prison for the most dangerous supervillain prisoners
on the planet and your critics have referred to San Tiburon
as a pressure cooker.
Y'all say that like
it's a really bad thing.
It's anything but.
Uh, let me get serious with you.
You wanna count the number
of escapes this here fortress
of mine has had?
Zero, zilch, nada.
Three languages, there.
Nothing's gettin' out of here.
You think it's easy keepin'
these boys locked up?
We have supervillains
that set off The Pulse
in the fuckin' first place!
Overseer, some say that
proposed changes to Bill C-2,
under the well-established
Super Law,
has gone too far
as first-time offenders
wouldn't get fair treatment.
[Overseer scoffs]
Listen, baby, I don't know where y'all are drawin' the line,
and what is too far
and what's not,
but it ain't near far enough.
Have you given any thought
about the super-powered
who are forced to go to San Tib, but only have misdemeanors?
Why yes, I have.
When we come back,
are you paying too much
for your super-damage insurance?
Tell me how to do my job,
nave little bitch.
[Clearing throat]
Yeah? What you want?
They're comin'.
Well, bring 'em on!
Coffee's cold.
You wired me awake
And hit me with a hand
of broken nails
You tied my lead
and pulled my chain
To watch my blood
begin to boil
But I'm gonna break
I'm gonna break my
Gonna break my rusty cage
and run
I'm gonna break
I'm gonna break my
Gonna break my rusty cage...
[Tattooed prisoner grunts]
[Laughing and barking]
[Tattooed prisoner grunts]
Yeah, boy!
[Hooting and whistling]
[Tattooed prisoner grunts]
Welcome home!
[Hollering and grunting]
Look at what we got here, boys.
And ride a pack of dogs
I'm gonna break
I'm gonna break my
Gonna break my rusty cage
and run
Fresh meat, boys!
[Indistinct speech]
I'm gonna break my
Oh, Payback.
[Takes a deep breath]
Oh, you're mine.
I'll see you soon enough.
Uh, yeah, you will.
Let's go...
Let's go, come on!
I don't have all day!
When the forest burns
along the road
Fuck off.
Like God's eyes
in my headlights
[Prisoner screaming]
There you go.
That's power-nullifying equipment.
Mm, PNE or Nullie.
It's in the lights, the water, food you eat.
Out there, your super powers
make you omnipotent,
but in here, you're just like everybody else.
Yeah, alright.
Diego Diaz.
You're an empath?
You're in here with felons
who are literal biological nuclear weapons, and you...
You're a lover, not a fighter.
[Officer Danny laughing]
You're fucked, little man.
Have fun.
Tch, tch, tch,
tch, tch, tch, tch.
Who's this?
That's Payback.
Scary motherfucker,
he's killed 40 or 50 guys.
You know, I thought
you were gonna be
a lot more intimidating
in person.
I guess you're not
that scary now, huh?
That's right.
Something funny, freak?
What are you lookin' at?
Eyes forward!
You know, I also have powers.
Super strength.
Don't piss me off.
okay, okay. Okay, that's enough now.
I see all, hear all.
It's best for all y'all
to remember this,
here's my home.
You do not... I repeat,
you do not shit the man's home
unless he gives you permission. You dig?
That one's all juiced up, huh?
You back up please.
Back up on the line, please.
There you go.
Back up, please.
Back up.
How that feel?
Was that nice?
You shit yourself?
That's good.
So welcome to San Tiburon, cocksuckers.
Sure you've heard of this place. It's a fucking shithole.
Probably dyin' here,
which is a sad thing.
I'm sure you met
your boyfriends outside
when you were drivin' in,
greasing up their poles.
Just toe the line.
We're not here
to rehabilitate you,
we're here to punish you.
And if you're lookin' at me
and you're thinkin' to yourself,
"Who... who's this guy?
Well, why is he in charge?"
Here's the thing.
I don't give a fuck.
Alright, let's drop
these guppies in the pool.
Yes, sir.
Welcome home.
Alright, grab your shit!
Get inside! Let's go!
Come on, come on, move!
PAYBACK (VO): "Lord,
I am of sober spirit and on the alert."
What the fuck you lookin' at?
PAYBACK (VO): "Our adversary, the
devil, is prowling like a roaring lion,
seeking someone to devour.
Resist the devil
and he will flee from you."
Move out. Get out of here!
I... I am so sorry.
And you are?
Diamond Jim, you piece of shit.
Oh, Diamond Jim
of the Boiler Street Butchers!
Yeah, I know your brother.
Correction, I knew him.
Oh, you're a dead man.
Yeah, I've got something urgent
in the yard.
[Diamond and Payback grunting]
You don't need to see that.
[Diamond and Payback grunting]
It won't end well
for those knuckleheads.
Never does.
[Indistinct speech]
[Indistinct speech]
Guess those aren't diamonds,
huh? Not so tough now, are you?
[Taking deep breaths]
You see, that's the trouble
with powers.
[Takes a deep breath]
You come to rely on them.
[Taking deep breaths]
And without them...
[Takes a deep breath]'re nothing.
Know this!
You have all been found guilty and your sentence is m...
All you freaks, stay back!
You're gonna get zapped next!
[Payback grunting]
Don't move.
Get off me!
You fucking kidding me.
Alright, alright!
Let's take these maniacs
to medical.
Let's go.
Come on.
Well... that happened.
But who are you?
Who am I? I am Gordon Tweedy.
The Conductor.
Really? No?
Uh, The Electric F... okay.
Uh, maybe that's a little bit
before your time.
Trust me, kid, for a while
I was a very big deal.
You remember The Pulse?
After The Pulse,
I shed the name Tweedy
and simply became The Conductor.
And The conductor
was a fucking god.
Remember it took them a year,
a full year to invent
the Nullies
and in that year,
The Conductor reigned.
How did you end up here?
Good question.
You're perceptive.
I like that.
So, I always thought
The Conductor would go out
in a blaze of glory
and instead the cops slapped
a Nullie on me while I slept.
I've been here ever since.
Yeah, one of the first prisoners in San Tib.
Listen, kid,
prison's not that bad, okay?
Here's what you do.
Just find a vantage point,
put your hand up,
and block out the fences.
You're havin' a hard time,
I can tell.
I get it.
You want the tour
or do you have another
pressing engagement?
No, you don't.
You're in prison.
- Tour!
- Uh...
Rule number 1,
keep your nose clean, okay?
In more ways than one.
And if you do make a mess,
make goddamn sure
you clean it up. Hygiene.
Wouldn't kill you to shower
once in a while.
Rule number 2,
mind your own business.
Mind your own business.
Do not go lookin'
for trouble and...
Well, trouble
might still find you,
but uh, why make it easy, alright?
You do your own time,
nobody else's.
That's rule number 3.
Do not let any of these knuckleheads drag you
into more trouble.
More trouble equals more time.
- You want more time?
- No.
No, you don't.
Rule number 4.
No matter what you do never ever
borrow anything in here.
The last thing you want in here is more debt.
- Do you want debt?
- No.
No, you don't.
How long you in for?
Five years.
- I still can't believe it's...
- Okay, alright.
keep that to yourself, okay?
There's no lifer here
who wants to hear you whining
about five years.
- I... I wasn't t...
- Easy nickel.
- trying to whine, I was uh...
- You were kinda whining.
Let's go, let's go!
So, CrimeWatch has some conspiracy theories
on this place.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, yeah, like um, secret...
secret experiments.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
- Well, not anymore.
- What?
- That stuff actually happened?
- No, well, yeah.
When they chose
the old detention center
for San Tib,
they slapped the Nullies on us
to continue to nullify
our powers.
Definitely an experiment
on what worked and what didn't.
But uh, they don't do that stuff anymore.
Yeah, for the most part.
It's Darius.
Who's the fish?
Oh, Darius,
this fine young man is...
Uh, Diego Diaz.
I'm... I'm Diego Diaz.
Diego Diaz.
It's a real pleasure.
Great... great to meet you, sir.
Your fine young boy
will get you killed.
I'd throw this fish back, Gordon.
Just call me,
"Mr. Social", Darius.
[Takes a deep breath]
Beware of fish.
He's nice.
Shall we?
So how'd they get you?
Was the driver.
Um, first time, and uh,
someone tripped the alarm,
and we didn't make it
six blocks.
It's always that way, innit?
Just one slip up is all it takes
and then you wind up in here
with the most powerful people
on the planet
where their powers
don't mean anything anymore.
No, because the Nullies
screw up the pecking order.
See, without a Nullie on,
I'd be able to fry a city block
with just my fingertips.
With the Nullie on,
I'm just a handsome old man.
Whereas some of these guys,
some of these dudes
still have like
their natural size,
their natural strength.
Darius, for example.
I mean he may not have
a supernatural strength,
but you wouldn't wanna pick
a fight with him.
Or Diamond Jim.
Or Payback.
Or pretty much anyone
from the looks of you.
What are your powers?
I'd rather not s... say.
Respect. No, I... you know,
I shouldn't have pried.
That's my bad. You know,
we've got plenty of time
to get to know each other.
Right, um, so uh, has anyone
ever made a break for it?
From here?
Are you joking?
No, no, no.
This place is locked up tighter than a nun's ass.
I'm speaking figuratively,
not from personal experience.
Yeah, yeah,
um, so... so real talk.
Uh, is it... is it true?
Is he... is he really here?
Who's really here?
The Lobe.
Yes, The Lobe is here.
And if there is a higher power,
he's never getting out.
No, I've heard the stories.
What stories?
Uh, uh, this one time,
he used mind control
on this woman
to make her murder
her entire family,
including the baby.
And then there's another one where he... he used telekinesis
on this guy to pull his brain right out of the skull
through his nose.
Yes. Listen to me.
The last person,
I mean the last person
that you wanna mess
with in here is The Lobe,
because without a Nullie,
he's unstoppable.
Do you understand?
I mean they've taken
extra security precautions
but uh, um, I don't even like talking about him, so...
- Uh.
- I'm gonna go.
Thank you.
You need anything kid,
just holler.
See you around.
O... okay.
I wouldn't stand there.
Hey, Gordon.
Hey, hey, Gordon!
What? What's up?
It's time.
Time it is.
Julius Loeb, aka The Lobe.
Good morning.
BOARD LEADER: This is the
fourth time you've been summoned
in front of this court
to discuss your parole.
When I get to five,
do I get a toaster?
BOARD LEADER: Mr. Loeb, this parole
hearing is required to determine a...
Oh, fuck off.
No, Mr. Loeb, I will not have you make a mockery
out of this hearing.
You don't like me,
you kiss my ass.
Problem solved.
BOARD LEADER: Julius Loeb,
you are not ready to re-enter society.
I'll get over it.
BOARD LEADER: Schedule another
psychological evaluation. Parole denied.
Surprise, surprise, surprise,
How you doin', warden?
It's Overseer to you.
And you can shove it
with your Looney Tunes act.
We're alone now, okay?
How romantic.
Frost almost found out
about our cage fights.
And without the betting,
my bank account is a bit
behind the eight-ball,
if you know what I mean?
What? No nest egg?
No, no, no,
you're gonna get me rich
before my retirement.
You can mind control people
and move shit with your mind,
but in here,
you're just another felon.
You're in prison for life.
Now you're gonna give me
your fortune, every single cent.
Or you fuck with me
and you see what happens.
So this is a stick-up?
Bingo. I will fuck up that mind
if yours so good.
or a fuckin' screwdriver,
doesn't matter to me.
It's your choice.
Now, let me get this straight.
I give you billions
or you give me a lobotomy.
There ya go.
That's my genius.
Fine, but I'm gonna need
a few things first.
Oh, goddammit!
I can't let that slippery fish get away.
He is in prison.
No, I'm talkin' metaphorically,
damn it!
Come on, what do you want
from me anyway?
It's not like I got forever.
I mean do I?
What? I got like what uh...
One month, two weeks, four days.
Didn't know you were countin'.
You're gonna miss me, ain't you?
Good afternoon.
You're still unconscious.
How's it goin', Officer Morales?
No complaints, Doctor Josephs.
It's funny. I was gonna say
the exact opposite.
Hi. Uh, here for trash.
Sure. Yeah, um, y... you can just start right in there.
Thank you.
Is there a problem, convict?
No, ma'am.
What? He looked at me.
I'm pretty sure
that's not a crime.
Yes, Captain.
CAPTAIN JASON: Need eyes on
B deck for a shakedown tour.
I think the Flu
is makin' Pruno again.
On my way down.
Watch yourself, fish.
Don't even think about it.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, newbie.
I uh...
I get why she has to be like
that, but I am not like that.
Believe it or not, not everybody here is out to get you.
It's okay, you...
you can talk to me.
You won't get in trouble.
Well, I'm Isabelle
or Dr. Josephs
if you need a doctor.
It's nice to meet you.
Don't let Morales get to you.
She doesn't like anybody.
So what about you?
I... I love bein' around people
and uh, somehow can't get enough
of this place.
So what happened to him?
How'd he die there?
Oh, uh, Bernie's actually
not dead.
He is regeneratin'
and I'm studyin' him.
He can survive without his head?
Well, without his power-nullifyin' equipment,
I think that he'll be...
he'll have a head
within about a week and a half.
That's incredible.
He's actually a real sweetie.
I... I should probably leave.
Oh yeah.
No, of course,
I don't...
Keep playing.
I don't wanna get you
in trouble.
It's really nice
to meet you though, Diego.
Yeah, you, too.
He's here.
Excuse me.
Dr. Josephs.
Stay alert.
All righty.
It's been a full year
since your last checkup.
Overseer finally easin' up
on you a bit?
Yeah, somethin' like that.
Any headaches lately?
Not too bad.
This is pretty normal
with all the power-suppressants
they put in the food here.
I assume you've heard that Overseer Devlin is retirin'?
He might have mentioned it.
Actually, maybe they'll promote
from within.
That way the new warden
would have some idea of...
How the system works
and how to run a prison.
San Tib will definitely
have a different feeling
without him here,
don't you think?
How'd your parole hearing go?
Same as always.
If you keep mouthin' off
at them,
they're never gonna let you go.
C'est la vie.
Hey, doc.
Enjoy your nap.
[Taking deep breaths]
Nice cross.
I know who you are.
Do you know
how to make holy water?
You boil the hell out of it.
The billions you stole,
the lives you destroyed...
Very tasty.
[Taking deep breaths]
I am the alpha and the omega,
who is, and who was,
and who is coming.
Now let's see what's inside
that head of yours.
Hey, leave him alone!
Get off me!
[Payback and Diego grunting]
I'm gonna kill you!
Get off me!
Come on.
Way to go, slugger!
Thanks, I didn't do anything.
Oh! Others might beg to differ.
How'd it feel?
How'd it feel givin' Payback
a little payback?
Everybody's talkin' about it.
Just sayin'.
Well done.
- It's...
- Well done.
Not like I planned it.
Oh, no, no, no.
Perish the thought,
perish the thought,
but uh, The Lobe and his ilk
are still very appreciative
of that around here.
Around here appreciation
goes a long way.
You gonna eat that?
No uh, call it thanks
for showing me around.
I have space.
Diego Diaz.
My man.
How long do you think
this is gonna go on for?
Between uh, the Payback's
anti-fan club,
which is um, everybody,
and uh, those of us
who appreciate
the lovely Dr. Isabelle,
which is um, everybody,
this could go on for some time.
Ooh, the good stuff, huh?
Savor the flavor.
Yeah, you say that.
But then you... then you also say that uh, mind my own business,
- keep my...
- Kid...
...listen to me.
Nobody is ever gonna call you "fish" again.
You understand me?
As far as all these guys here
are concerned, you did good.
You did good, kid.
So, all I gotta do now
is heed my counsel.
Your counsel?
It's a fancy word for advice.
I... I know what it... thanks.
Good, so what you have
is currency, kid.
Okay. Uh, well,
according to your counsel...
Thank you.
What should I do?
You just wanna make sure,
so I... I do blend in?
And do you want me to like...
- No?
Everybody is offering you respect
and that counts for so much,
so you just...
you wanna make sure that
you don't do anything stupid
like... Darius.
It's... it's Darius.
Diaz, let's take a walk.
- Alone.
- Right.
Nobody will touch it.
No, I'll keep an eye on it,
I'll make sure that no...
You don't mess around, do you?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Keep that shit up.
I wanna thank you for earlier.
Mr. Loeb, um, it...
it was no trouble.
It was my... my pleasure.
Come on you can do better
than that.
Gordon said
to keep my head down.
THE LOBE: He's a distraction
of no real interest.
You on the other hand,
I could use your assistance.
With what?
Just a favor.
Nothing big.
A shift in the cafeteria.
He has carpal tunnel.
Uh, I... I thought you owed me.
How about a pudding cup?
Or you could make a friend.
I'm very good to my friends.
Isn't that right?
Yes, sir.
What do you say?
Can I think about it?
Don't think too long.
That'll be all.
I thought I'd let you know.
Top-notch work, Captain Brody,
sir, top-notch.
Do you want me piss fuck
one of these cunts,
find out what they know?
Why would you wanna do... do
a fool-ass thing like that for?
Well, that's what you usually
want me to do,
so I'm... I'm... I'm...
Oh, no, no, no, come on.
Can't overextend our hands,
you know?
And let the other team see
what we're planning.
Not until the last play
at least, right?
So leave him alone?
Oh God, just shut up!
Good lord,
I don't pay you to think.
I certainly don't pay you
to plan.
Just be happy as my fists,
okay, son?
Leave the thinkin' to me.
You've got to know this is gonna bite you in the ass.
Oh, what the hell do you know?
FELICIA: I know better than
to tangle with The Lobe.
He ain't so special, damn it.
You, my dear, do not have
the first idea
of what it takes for me
to run this place.
I barely sleep.
I'm workin' out what I'm gonna do the next day,
you understand?
Okay, so what?
I don't.
But you can play ball.
You know, be the smart move.
There's nothing smart
about playing with The Lobe.
Fuck The Lobe.
I'm talkin' about your future.
You want the big boy chair,
you're gonna have to play ball
a little it.
You're gonna have
to help me out.
I'm trying to.
no, no, no, no, no, no.
You're not tryin' at all.
Okay, we'll do that over again.
You see this right here?
Come here.
- Are you ready?
- Hmm.
Right there.
See these two letters here?
This avails you most highly
as my successor to the board.
My choice.
Who does not love
an underdog story? Hmm?
But this one right here,
this letter cites you
for continued insubordination, several times.
Big boy chair, insubordination.
Big boy chair, insubordination.
You get the picture, right?
You piss me off,
you're gonna spend your golden years pushing papers
in the basement or selling
whatever the fuck you got
to sell on the corner of Robson.
You take what I'm sayin'?
Absolutely, sir.
You okay, Cap?
Yeah, just uh...
...things change.
In a good way?
We'll see.
- OFFICER LIZ: It's poker night.
- Yeah, come on, Cap, huh?
Let me take your money, too.
I can never lose!
- Really?
I've been working too much,
so I... I take the wife out
for dinner.
Date night.
She's a lucky woman.
Morales, come on, let's go!
You still owe me 40!
You got lucky.
Huh. Every time?
Have you ever met Miss Lindy
She's the gal
with the bright red hair
Now she stands out
from all the rest
You'd know her anywhere
Well, she's mine
Yeah, she's mine
Well, I love that little girl
with the bright red hair
Well, Miss Lindy
My Miss Lindy
[Clearing throat]
Have you ever seen
Miss Lindy
She likes to dance all day
Oh yeah.
Another day another dollar.
- Hello, doc.
- Hello.
Yeah, you have yourself
a good one, doc.
- Oh, you, too.
- Yeah.
Bright red hair
It is.
So, are you going to give me
any more trouble?
You're wasting your time.
Oh yeah?
Not me.
Treating them.
They're all soulless animals.
I kinda hate to break it to you,
but you are goin' to be in here
for a very, very long time.
The same cage
as these soulless animals.
I can take care of myself.
If you need anything,
please don't hesitate
to keep it to yourself.
You, keep an eye on him.
life has nearly killed me
And my mind
has put me on the edge
life has nearly killed me
And my mind
has put me on the edge
No, I can barely crawl
I've got to walk
where these angels fear
To tread
Darkness nearly drowned me,
sunlight logged on
It burned my eyes
Darkness nearly drowned me
and the sunlight logged on
It burned my eyes
This valley is much too deep
and this mountain so very high
[Takes a deep breath]
Tweedy, aka The Conductor.
Yes, sir.
That's me, sir.
BOARD LEADER: You've served
20 years of your sentence.
Do you feel
you've been rehabilitated?
Yes, sir.
Absolutely, sir.
Learned my lessons.
And then some.
And what would those lessons be?
Well, I... uh, I've... I've...
I've learned what it means
to be a part of something.
Have you?
Yes. Yes, sir. I mean th...
this place uh, is a community.
You just got... gotta find
your place in it.
BOARD LEADER: What exactly is
your place in this community?
No affiliations, no visitors,
not even comments
from the guards.
I feel like that God made...
I don't...
I'm sorry I don't see
what that is.
I don't know
what that has to do with any...
BOARD LEADER: Well, for someone
claiming to care about their community,
it's just hard to find you.
It's like you barely exist.
I exist.
Speak up.
I said, "I exist!"
I exist, I matter!
You don't get to...
you don't get to tell me
what I amount to, okay?
I'm a person.
I'm a person!
That's very moving.
Parole denied.
No, wait, I'm sorry.
No, I... no!
Hey, man.
Thank you.
You okay?
Well, about as good
as I'll ever be I think.
DIEGO: Well, guess who uh,
pulled a cafeteria duty today?
- GORDON: Who?
- DIEGO: Me.
DIEGO: We workin' together,
you can show me the ropes.
The yard.
It's time.
It's time for Payback
to get his.
What you doin'?
See you in the kitchen, kid.
"These are days of vengeance,
all things which are written
will be fulfilled."
Yeah. I'm done.
"Your shame will be exposed.
I will take vengeance
and will not spare a man."
When do we get him?
Not yet.
Really? Not one of you?
Wait for the signal.
What the hell.
Diego Diaz.
Uh, I just wanted to say uh...
[Takes a deep breath]
Thank you.
- For what?
- For bein' a friend.
Right down to rock bottom.
Of course.
Hey, jackwagon!
Yeah, you. I'm talkin' to you,
the big gorilla
with the little badge.
Where's your Nullie, convict?
Where's my... Oh no!
Where's my Nullie?
My Nullie was so restrictive!
Show me your hands.
I need backup to the cafeteria.
[Mimicking officer Bob]
Yeah, you better run.
You don't seem too concerned
[Indistinct speech]
...because it occurs to me
that maybe you...
You... you...
You might not have any idea...
...why they call me...
..."The Conductor".
Yeah, that's what I remember!
Gordon, what the hell?
what the hell, man?
I forgot
how good that feels.
Gordon, what are you doing?
I'm doing a lil' power trip, 'cause I'm The Conductor!
You stay here.
- You sure?
- Yes, stay here.
Where's my screen?
My ba... my baby screen?
Oh, this is disgusting.
You got your fingerprints
all over this thing.
We've lost power.
Shit, work. Tablets are offline.
This is Danny.
I'm headin' to the yard now.
Now that's the good stuff!
- Oh!
- Gordon.
God, I know it's Lobe,
it's that son of a bitch,
- I know it is.
- The Lobe is not going anywhere.
I hate him!
The backup generator
should've kicked in by now.
Well, where the hell
is all the damn power?
[Taking deep breaths]
Gordon! Where are you going?
See you around, kid.
Come on, fight me!
Sick fuck!
I'm... I'm fed up of this shit.
I didn't do it,
it's not on me.
- I'm...
- The power's back online.
How did that happen?
Give me.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
God... fuck!
[Payback grunting]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up!
Back, don't fuck up,
you goddamn animals!
[Overlapping speech]
Whatever you say, officer.
Oh, give me a reason,
I dare you.
[Overlapping speech]
Get out of my face!
Yes, tick-tock, Jimbo.
I'll be waiting.
All of you dipshits,
get back to your cells
for full count!
Get up.
[Taking deep breaths]
I want a full count, okay?
I mean now.
Every last one of the son
of the bitches.
It's already happening.
Lockdown protocols went
just like they're supposed to.
Yeah. Well, at least somethin' around this damn place does.
We're working on what happened.
Nothin' personal.
Somebody blew up
the goddamn cafeteria,
that's what happened,
and I wanna know how!
Come on, this is bullshit!
Are you kiddin' me?
Now hear this.
Gordon Tweedy's done...
done a rabbit,
after pullin' a zap and tap.
Boy, you gotta know
we're comin' for your ass
right now.
Now any of you slackasses
get any ideas,
my boys are authorized
to use excessive
and deadly force!
On the other hand,
if any of you cough up
any information that leads
to this squirrely jolt-Jacky,
speak now or forever hold
your peace.
And as for you, Tweedy Bird,
there's a puddy cat
comin' for your ass.
[Taking deep breaths]
Oh, look at that.
Look at that.
[Taking deep breaths]
No more goddamn fences.
[Taking deep breaths]
[Gordon grunting]
I got him.
Kill him!
Ha-ha. Down in a blaze of glory.
Devlin, I can't do that.
An eye for a fucking eye.
I said, "Kill him."
Why don't you be a big girl
and finish the job?
Yeah, like you're so tough.
Close your eyes.
You son of a bitch!
Why did you make me do this?
You fucker!
[Taking deep breaths]
It's done.
[Taking deep breaths]
Good evening.
Our top story,
escape from San Tiburon.
We have a report saying
that an electrical fire
broke out
in the prison cafeteria,
allowing supervillain
The Conductor
to attempt his getaway.
Emphasis on attempt,
as the report says
the sole escapee fell
from the prison's roof
when chased by the guards.
Gordon Tweedy died on impact
and an SIS investigation
is underway.
This is only the 12th
reported death this year
in San Tib.
We reached out
to Overseer Devlin.
He simply replied,
"I ain't got no comment."
Alright, comin' up next,
a sobering look
at the billions of people
from Acute Radiation Syndrome
since The Pulse.
No, I... I'm okay.
You and the baby okay?
None of this is okay, Diego.
They said somebody
almost broke loose.
His name was Gordon.
But I was nowhere near all that.
Don't think you can lie to me.
I promise I'm doin' everything
I can to make it home.
Like everything you did
to keep us safe.
Martina, please.
How long?
How long are we supposed
to wait?
I'm doing what I can, okay?
I'll try to get my sentence reduced, I promise...
Devlin wants a talk with you.
I wanna show you
a little San Tib secret,
but it's our secret,
so let's not share with anyone, okay?
You see, this here is solitary and time in the slot works
a little bit different
down here.
Now, if you are a bad boy,
I could take special measures
to bring your ass in line.
Time don't exactly run smooth
in there.
Minutes feel like hours,
hours feel like days.
Days... well, let's not
think about days, son.
Why don't you share with me
like why a loser like you
gets tapped for special attention from The Lobe?
He just asked me to...
to be his friend.
Uh, do him a favor,
take a shift.
Friend, huh?
Well, ain't that nice?
Now, this friend of yours,
he didn't tell you
why he cherry-picked
your cherry ass?
C... car... carpal...
carpal tunnel.
Carpal tunnel, indeed.
Do you stutter often?
Well, I tell you what?
You keep gettin' pally
with your old friend,
and you make sure you report right back to me.
You understand?
I know your power gives you
a lot of feelings
and there are a lot of men
in here that would love
to share those feelings
with you.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
Don't worry.
The secret of your little pussy power is safe with me.
Just don't cross me
you understand, boy?
Yes, sir.
I catch you at a bad time?
Not at all.
What can I do for you?
Oh, just wanted to check
on my guest of honor, is all.
Heard about your boy's
carpal tunnel pains.
Whatever the hell
that shit's called.
Thank you.
It's been dreadful.
Oh, I'm sure it was.
You know, I've been rackin'
my brain for two days now,
tryin' to figure all the angles of your little scheme.
My scheme?
I know the Nullies
are keepin'
that super brain of yours normal,
but I just can't make heads
or tails of you askin'
that nobody Diaz to step in
and cause trouble
with Diamond Jim and his idiots.
I wouldn't know anything
about it.
Listen up, genius.
What we have here is a fucking failure to communicate.
You see, you got a very,
very simple choice to make
and not a lot of time
to do it in.
You think the next overseer's gonna let you stay up here
in your ivory tower?
'Cause I guaran-damn-tee you,
if you don't get me what mine,
you are gonna regret it
in a big, big way.
I believe you.
I'm a reasonable, man.
I've been reasonable.
But boy, I am runnin'
the hell out of patience.
You have 24 hours.
A day?
You just pull
whatever goddamn strings
you gotta do to get me
my goddamn money!
I can't do that.
It can't be tomorrow.
What'd you just say to me?
It takes time.
This much money
doesn't move like that.
When you retire,
you'll have anything you want and more.
You ain't gettin' out,
you better know that.
I'll never get out
of this prison
that's why I need you.
Go on.
I need one more thing from you.
Uh-huh, what's that?
The Wi-Fi password.
You need a Wi-Fi password,
do you?
I got one for you.
You better write this down.
You fuckin' fuckface fuckin' fucker you #69.
That's your password!
Is that lowercase?
When the hell was the last time anyone was down here?
It's all the original infrastructure.
Nothing's changed.
Yeah, well, we still need 'em
to back us up.
What if those yahoos step
out of line again?
We handled it.
Handled it?
That sittin' all right with you?
- Takin' a man's life?
He fell!
He fell.
He fell?
Yeah. He fell.
- Hey, Danny.
- You got a problem with that?
Relax. Don't be mean.
Felicia, you know the deal.
We toe the line.
Yeah, well, you're conforming
to Devlin's rules,
not San Tiburon's.
[Officer Danny laughing]
Doesn't have to be like this.
Rules? No. I'm loyal
to whoever pays me.
According to this,
the dampener power supply
was retrofitted
with the wrong amperage.
Okay. I'll call tech.
We'll get it handled.
No, I can fix this.
I'll bring a tech crew
with me. It's fine, I got it.
Let's get this place upgraded
before the overseer steps down.
Probably lookin' forward
to that, huh?
Be lyin' if I say I didn't.
Think you're next, huh?
Why not?
Nobody is more qualified.
[Officer Danny chuckling]
It's not about being qualified, Felicia.
It's a boys' club.
You think he got up here
on his own merits?
He's an idiot.
Makes no sense.
Watch your fucking tone, Captain.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why don't you watch your tone?
Danny, shut the fuck up.
[Takes a deep breath]
Let's get out of here.
It stinks.
After you.
Dead love couldn't go
no further
Proud of,
and disgusted by her
Push, shove,
a little bruised and battered
Oh Lord,
I ain't comin' home with you
My life's a bit more colder
Dead wife is what I told her
Brass knife sinks
into my shoulder
Oh babe, don't know
what I'm gonna do
I see my red head,
messed bed
Tear-shed queen bee,
my squeeze
The stage it smells, tells, hell's bells
knocks me on my knees
It didn't hurt, flirt,
blood squirt
Stuffed shirt,
hang me on a tree
After I count down
three rounds in hell
I'll be in good company
I see my red head,
messed bed
Tear-shed queen bee,
my squeeze
The stage it smells, tells, hell's bells, miss-spells
Knocks me on my knees
It didn't hurt, flirt,
blood squirt
Stuffed shirt,
hang me on a tree
After I count down
three rounds in hell
I'll be in good company
[Taking deep breaths]
In hell,
I'll be in good company
In hell,
I'll be in good company
Wakey-wakey, motherfucker!
Updates are nearly finished.
Did you authorize switchin'
the power drain supplements
in the food?
Got a guy who knows a guy.
Got a humdinger of a formula
for half the cost, kiddo.
And how reputable
is the supplier?
What kinda jail keep you think
I am? For God's sake.
Do you mind?
Yeah, I mind.
You got my attention.
What is it?
FELICIA: The backup
power has been restored.
We shouldn't have any more problems moving forward.
Speakin' of moving forward,
any word from the board?
Yeah, yeah,
they're still deliberatin'.
Don't worry about it,
your hat's still in the ring.
It's all good.
Sir, your retirement is Friday.
Oh shit!
That reminds me...
travel agents.
Those things,
they still a thing?
Travel agents.
I mean about time
I've had a proper vacation.
You agree, right?
I'm trying to make sure that
you don't have any loose ends
before the big day.
Oh, don't you worry about that.
Big Daddy Devlin's got everything under control, babe.
You like my new shirt?
Diamond Jim.
Oh bitch, we're saving you
for a special occasion.
Your time is comin'.
You're already dead.
I fear no evil.
You should.
Boss. Come on.
Oh yeah,
you keep your eye on him.
That's real pretty.
I'm gonna fuckin' tear it off.
I wanna see him!
What do you want?
We're friends, yeah?
Then why don't you tell me
what the hell is going on?
I mean Tweedy is dead.
I'm sorry to hear it.
Is that all I am to you?
One of your... your little
pieces you can move around.
You need to relax.
I just want answers.
Then ask the right questions.
What do you want with me?
Why pick me out
and then do nothing?
Prisoners need to have patience.
When I tell you to do something, it's good reason.
But you won't tell me
the reason.
Can you get me out of here
or not?
But I need you to play ball.
Well, why don't you keep me alive long enough to do it?
Sit tight until Friday.
We're done.
Sit tight until Friday.
Good evening,
I'm Sara Michaels.
And I'm Glenn Barry.
The Lorenzini Corporation announced today
that superfortress
San Tiburon Ubermax
should be finished
before the end of this quarter.
Will be finished.
Will be finished
before the end of this quarter.
It... it's okay, Sara.
While there have been
numerous delays
to complete the superfortress,
the temporary San Tib's location remains safely hidden
in the Great Northwest.
Activists protested outside
The Lorenzini Corporation's
head office
saying that the corporation created these supercriminals,
in order to justify the need
for special imprisonment.
The corporation allegedly created these supercriminals.
Shut up, Glenn!
One more word
and I'll tell everyone
what you did
at the Christmas party.
Son of a...
Email? You can't even tell me
to my face.
Felicia, the board decided...
Don't give me that shit.
Beg your pardon?
I can't believe
you're dragging your feet,
waiting for the last minute
to make up your damn mind.
You coward.
I can believe you're hiding behind the board,
saying it's their call,
but fucking Brody?
Hey. You wanted to see me?
Not in this office.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up!
He's in the running now,
same as you.
Boy's got the right
to advance himself.
How? He doesn't know
the first thing
about running this place!
What are you talkin' about?
He doesn't need to know anything about runnin' this place.
I mean look at me.
Ha-ha, genius.
It runs itself!
I'm the most educated,
been here the longest,
and let's...
I've been here the same amount of fuckin' time as you have.
- And don't talk to me...
- So have the fuckin' inmates!
Easy, easy, easy, guys.
I'm gonna go work.
Now you know
what I gotta put up with!
Look at you all fired up.
Good for you.
Damn, you're hot!
You really want it, don't you?
I deserve it and you know it.
You do deserve it
and you will get your shot.
Don't you worry.
And Brody, he gets his, too.
How can you consider
putting him behind the desk?
What's to consider?
The guards follow him.
The entire yard's afraid of him!
I mean come on,
it's honest competition.
What you worried about?
Well, you're making a mistake.
Oh, we'll just have to wait
and see, won't we?
So they offered you
the big chair.
That's gotta feel pretty good.
Hmm. They're just talkin'
about it.
Nothing set in stone.
You don't sound exactly thrilled.
Got a lot of thinkin' to do. Hey, Jimmy.
[Diamond grunting]
Captain Brody, sir.
Hey, Parker, how you doin'?
Heard you went a whole
five minutes without fighting.
That's good.
Hmm, off day.
Yeah. You and your boys
hearin' anything?
- No.
Nothin' about
the overseer's last day?
Uh, no, sir.
Come Friday, I want you
to be on your best behavior.
Like a good boy, okay?
Absolutely, sir.
Good boy. Yeah.
Five minutes alone
with that prick.
What's the word?
Like you heard the captain.
Friday's the big day.
Think we'll throw him a...
A lil' party.
[Taking deep breaths]
Tonight I'm feelin' mean,
I'm feelin' mean
Tonight I'm feelin' mean,
I'm feelin' mean
Tonight I'm feelin' mean
That's it.
We're up and runnin'.
Gonna make another scene
That's good.
Tonight I'm feelin' mean,
I'm feelin' mean
Think we're done here.
I'm gonna pick myself a fight
Give some deservin'
dirtbag a black eye
And if he swings at me
Then I'll bust
that sucker's knee
'Cause tonight
I'm feelin' mean
I'm feelin' mean
I'm feelin' mean
I'm feelin' mean
The meanest hunk of meat
Anyone's ever seen
Get out of the way
of the hurricane
Or there's a heavy price
to pay
Tonight I'm feelin' mean,
I'm feelin' mean
I'm feelin' mean,
I'm feelin' mean
I'm feelin' mean
I'm feelin' mean
I'm feelin' mean
I'm feelin' mean
Overseer wants you.
What's wrong with this thing? Looks different.
They did a software update
after the generators were fixed.
Hmm. He passing you the torch?
Let's see.
Not too late to say "no".
And leave all this?
Hey, break it up!
[Clears throat]
Mr. Brody.
Ms. Johnson.
I know both of y'all
have risen to the occasion
and I have to say
it has been a very,
very difficult decision.
...Ms. Johnson,
you my dear,...
...are just not right
for this job.
Congratulations, Mr. Brody.
I highly recommend
that you hang on to Felicia.
She's a valuable asset
and a lovely, lovely person.
I couldn't have made it
this far without her.
There you have it.
Paperwork's in the pipeline.
Oh, oh, w... where you...
where you goin'?
Nowhere at all.
What's with her?
Well, I mean she thinks
I'm retarded
and I just got her job,
so there's that.
Keep gettin' worse.
THE FLU: That's why
they call me "The Flu".
That's... that's clever.
But um, I'm worried
that without your powers,
you might keep getting worse.
I'll just keep monitoring
your WBC count.
Thanks, Dr. Joseph.
Of course.
Don't forget those meds.
I won't.
Well, la-di-da, right?
Do you uh, do you like
what I've done with the place?
I mean after all the wacky bullshit you tried to pull,
I figured this is just
the goodest place
as any to have our last goodbyes.
Shall we?
Just you and me.
Everything's ready.
Super-deluxe retirement for me
in the lap of luxury
and well, for you,
I'll make sure you're all comfy.
Don't worry about it.
Damn, you weren't kiddin'.
Mmhmm, I never do.
Well, what you waitin' for?
Make it happen.
It has to upload.
Oh, upload.
I actually got a shift in here.
Well, that's amazin'.
[Taking deep breaths]
What are they doing?
[Taking deep breaths]
Get the fuck out my way.
The wages of sin is death.
Hey! You two meatheads,
calm down, you hear me?
Oh, come on.
Shut up.
It's Payback.
Do you hear that?
What's goin' on out here?
Those two.
Handle it, Morales.
It's not... it's not working.
Come on,
what are you waitin' for?
Download it, upload it,
I don't care what you do.
I don't know
how to do this shit.
[Indistinct chatter
in background]
Boys, we got our powers back!
Oh shit.
My powers... I... I can feel
their pain in the head.
It's okay. Just focus on me, okay?
[Taking deep breaths]
Uh, jeez. Call on me.
Yeah. Yeah, go ahead.
Convicts are losin'
their damn minds.
Well, fuckin' zap the fuckers.
That's what
they're there for, babe.
They're using their powers.
For fuck's sake!
I'll be right there.
Oh, come on!
Hey, hey, hey,
get your asses down here
and get me out of here now.
[Yelling in background]
Oh no, you got laser!
Got you.
Game over.
Come on, come on!
Cap, let's go!
Let's go!
Get back. Get back, get back.
Get out of there!
Lock down.
Lock down,
Nullie is down.
Nullie is down.
[Prisoner grunting]
2B protocol.
You see me, Ms. Johnson,
I'm Brody.
Fuckin' hell. Copy that?
What am I supposed to do here, Felicia?
[Officer Danny grunting]
FELICIA: The entire system
is built on to the generator.
A hard reset
should bring it back online.
But the light will go out.
Copy that.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, stay here, alright? I'm goin'.
Yes, sir.
You heard the Captain!
Captain Brody!
Son of a...
There we go.
Shut up!
Just do your job, man.
This was worth it.
What the hell
you talkin' about, man?
See for yourself.
- What is this?
- It's payday.
For everyone.
I paid the boys in the yard...
You know, you have the same password for everything.
Wi-Fi, software, security.
[Taking deep breaths]
It's gonna be okay.
Focus on me, okay?
Just focus on me.
- You got this.
- Okay.
- Alright?
- Okay.
Hey, Felicia,
what am I lookin' for?
Brody, the power dampeners
in the lights will remain on
until you reset the generator.
[Distorted speech]
Felicia, I don't know
what the fuck I'm lookin' for!
Answer your coms!
When it's reset,
it will go off for seconds
before coming back.
That should reset all Nullies.
[Distorted speech]
Brody, you need
to reset the generator!
Brody, can you hear me?
Goddammit, Felicia,
answer your fuckin' walkie!
Oh, Captain!
I hope the hell you're happy.
Now, you're stuck in
here with me.
How do you like that shit?
It don't matter if you
double-cross me now or not.
Transfer has just gone through and it's still there,
so checkmate, motherfucker.
What do you think
about those apples?
You know that new stuff
they've been puttin'
in our food?
It just doesn't have
the same kick, you know?
Those fuckin' animals
wanna tear themselves
a new asshole?
Let 'em! I don't give a shit.
Nobody's goin' anywhere.
I still got mine, okay?
What the hell you smilin' about, huh, boy?
The answer is very simple.
Just like you.
Well, spit it out
if you got an answer, sucker.
I know something
you don't know.
You don't know shit.
Bet you didn't see that comin'.
Come on out, Captain!
I just wanna talk.
I'm bulletproof.
You're way out of your league, Brody.
You're gonna die down here.
You're always in the middle
of the bullshit, aren't you?
You think any of this
was an accident?
The Lobe said he had someone
in his pocket.
Swore it was you.
Yeah. We even done here.
Goddamn it, Danny!
Come on. Come on now.
I bet you think you're pretty smart, don't you?
Hmm? We got redundancies here, babe.
Nullies offline.
Hmm, fine.
Light dampeners,
they're still goin' on.
That's right.
But you still ate the powder
in the food, didn't you, boy?
I haven't eaten that prison shit since my parole.
You like magic?
Yeah, I like magic.
Oh, you're done.
You know, after I kill you,
maybe I have some of my boys
on the outside
pay a little visit
to that bitch of yours.
Fuck you, Jim.
I have one more power
nobody knows about.
I know everything about
your stupid fucking ass!
What's your power
I don't know about... what?
- What the fuck's goin' on?
- What the fuck's going on?
What the fuck is going on?
Interesting, isn't it?
That's a reset.
Am I gonna have to spend
the whole night
with this schmuck?
Yeah, I think it's okay.
Alright. Okay.
Mask him up.
Bring him to solitaire now!
You're alive.
I was so worried.
Is that so? I tell you what,
why don't you try that again,
a little bit more feeling?
Make me believe
and I'll buy you
a one-way ticket to Hollywood.
'Cause, girl,
you are in the wrong profession.
What the fuck is going on?
Get your fuckin' hands
off of me.
I'm Devlin, you moron.
It's me, you idiot.
I am the overseer.
What got into him?
Who the hell knows?
I mean you've seen the tapes,
The boy's done
and lost his damn marbles.
So, what happened
in here anyway?
Far as we can tell,
a software patch of a tablet
went wrong.
Had to restart the whole system.
Hmm. I see. And the power.
Why didn't the backup generator kick in?
Working on it.
Found Diamond Jim
and Captain Brody
locked in together.
Jim's dead, Brody's alive.
Well, you sound uh,
quite broken up about it.
I tell you what,
have janitorial go down there
and clean up the generator room,
and get a bunch of tech boys down there lickety-split,
Who said that they were
in the generator room?
Deductive reasoning,
deductive leaps.
You gotta make those
when you're in charge.
Well, I'm sure
Brody will be happy.
Oh, don't worry, you'll pick
it up, lady overseer.
Well, you wake up
in the mornin'
Mmhmm, you heard me.
Hear the work bell ring
I got every damn confidence
in you.
And they march you
to the table
You make good coffee, too.
To see the same old thing
Ain't no food upon the table
And no pork up in the pan
But you better not complain, boy
[Payback laughing]
You get in trouble
with the man
Let the Midnight Special
Come on, Flu. Get inside.
Shine a light on me
It's over. Go on!
Let the Midnight Special
Go on!
Shine a light on me
Stay down!
Let the Midnight Special
Shine a light on me
Let the Midnight Special
Shine an everlovin' light
on me
Just one sec.
Okay, you're good to go.
I didn't r... I didn't really
get to thank you.
After everything, yeah.
I'm getting transferred.
Apparently, they're now classifying superpowers
and mine aren't about to change the world anytime soon.
Don't sell yourself short.
A great man once said that empathy can change the world.
I... I don't really know
what else to say.
Are you leaving San Tib, too?
No. If I realized anything,
it's that I should stay
where I'm needed.
Well, doctor...
It's been a pleasure.
Watch your back, fish.
You, too.
Dr. Josephs,
I need IM of Haldol
and Ativan for The Lobe.
You're kidding,
who... who's askin' for this?
Overseer Devlin.
It's his last order.
So, are you gonna give it to me or do I need to grab it myself?
Ask me?
You're gettin' off easy.
Mm, mm
Mm, mm
Mm, mm
Got the feelin'
in your bones
Make you feel right at home
Honey does it, does it well
Keep me dancin'
till I'm dead
'Cause I could run a mile
like this
Head over heels,
feels like bliss
The sun,
it's got me on my track
Overseer Johnson.
You sure about this, Captain?
Never been more sure
of anything in my life.
What's next for you?
Real nice working with you.
You, too, Cap.
'Cause I ain't lookin'
Ain't lookin' back
Ain't lookin'
Ain't lookin' back
Ain't lookin'
Ain't lookin' back
Ain't lookin'
Ain't lookin' back
Ain't lookin'
Yoo, hoo, hoo
Ain't looking
Ain't lookin' back
Ain't lookin'
OFFICER LIZ: I can't believe
you stayed out of the riot.
I also read Devlin's letter.
His final act was almost
pleading to let you out.
Congrats on your parole, Darius.
Thank you, ma'am.
Good luck, big guy.
Won't need it.
Hop in.
Just confirming my private flight to Switzerland.
45 out.
That's right.
See you soon.
Oh wow, so much better.
So, so much better.
[lyrics in German]
- Shall we?
- Alright.
[lyrics in German]
Darius Alan D'Souzo.
That's me.
BOARD LEADER: You served
your sentence of three years.
Do you consider yourself rehabilitated?
My anger is under control.
I have a much better demeanor.
BOARD LEADER: With Devlin's
strong recommendation,
it is the board's position
that you are to be released.
That's fantastic.
Thank you.
Wanna hear a joke?
Uh, sure.
What's worse than ants
in your pants?
What's that?
Your uncle.
I'm Sara Michaels.
And I'm Glenn Barry.
This just in.
After a super-powered
prison riot at San Tiburon,
a prisoner has escaped
the prison and is on the loose.
On the day of Warden Devlin's retirement,
a prison riot broke out
and all inmates got
their powers back.
We do not know
why the power-nullifying
equipment did not work,
but we are told all convicts
are once again powerless
and secured in their cells.
The escaped convict,
known only as Zed,
was filmed fleeing
from San Tiburon.
What we are about to show you are the tragic last moments
of our cameraman who died
to bring you this footage.
This is a warning to anyone living in the Great Northwest,
stay indoors
and keep your doors locked.
We are told Zed is infected
with a super virus
and that he is a zompire.