Corridor of Mirrors (1948) Movie Script

"What's the matter Mifanwy?"
"That bad dream again?"
Sorry I woke you.
"That's alright."
Goodnight darling.
Yes. I had a bad dream again.
And I'm sorry.
It's mine!
No, it's mine!
Wake up Mifanwy. You're
going to miss your train.
I've been awake for hours.
Those terrible children of yours
have been up since daybreak.
Here they come .. you'd better hide.
Stop pretending you're asleep.
We've thought up some nice new things
we want you to buy us in London.
Yes. we have!
Wait for me!
We frightened you, Daddy.
David .. come here.
What's the matter David? Mummy
will be home again tomorrow.
Is London very big, mummy?
Yes it is. It has millions of people.
Will you get lost, mummy?
Mummies don't get lost, David.
Then why did you cry when the
postman brought that telegram?
Go on, get out of here!
Three blind mice! See how they run!
They all run after the farmer's wife, who
cut off their tails with a carving knife.
Did you ever see such a thing
in your life. Three blind mice.
Well, what is it this time?
It depends what you mean, as they say.
It means, my good woman,
that I can see you from where I am.
And whatever it is you're
thinking, you're up to no good.
You really want to know
what I was thinking?
I was thinking at first you haven't
kissed me "good morning".
And second .. that I have the best
husband in the world .. for me.
Well as for the first.
Good morning. And
as for the second.
I'm very flattered, but I never did
think very much of your taste in men.
I'm going to close the window, ladies.
There's a tunnel coming.
"How highly respectable they
think I am .. and how happy."
"I, with my beautiful home, perfect
husband and wonderful children."
"How shocked they'd be if they knew
the secret of my visit to London."
"I am going to see my lover .. yes .."
"I am going to see my
lover .. but I must go."
"Those dreadful letters coming
more and more frequently."
"Threatening to break up my home."
"I've yet to tell my husband."
"No .. he wouldn't understand."
I wouldn't want him to.
"Bywaters." .. "Frederick".
Executed for the murder of Mr Thompson
whose wife had been his sweetheart.
See number nine. Nine. "Thompson. Mrs."
Executed in 1923 for the complicity
in the murder of her husband.
And was killed in her presence by her
lover, a young man named "Bywaters".
Forty-four .. forty-five.
Death head of Marie Antoinette and
her husband .. poor things.
Carrier. Jean. 1756
to 1794 .. death head.
One of the French Revolutionists.
he ordered over a thousand persons
to be drowned in the Loire.
He was guillotined by
order of Robespierre.
Forty-seven. Robespierre.
Hello Paul .. I knew that look.
You feel above the cut-throats and
murderers surrounding you.
Don't you? .. I knew that look so well.
That look of utter boredom.
You had it the first time I saw you.
I wanted to know all about you.
I wanted to know everything.
I still hear the tune they played.
The song the red-headed
girl was singing.
Seven years ago.
[ lady singing ]
"A tinkling piano in
the next apartment."
"Those stumbling words that told
you what my heart meant."
Anybody interesting here tonight, Jack?
One or two people maybe ..
"These foolish things remind me of you."
"You came, you saw, you conquered me."
"When you did that to me."
"I knew somehow, that it had to be."
"The winds of March make
my heart a dancer."
"A telephone would ring,
but who's to answer?"
"Oh how the ghost of you .. clings."
"These foolish things remind me of you."
Look who has dropped in.
"Dropped in" is hardly the
phrase I should have chosen.
Can't see why actors don't change their
costumes before coming to this place.
The first bit of real man I've seen
tonight. I wonder who he is.
Paul Mangin, painter,
art-critic, connoisseur.
And who are we all pulling
to pieces this time?
Take a look .. standing in
the entrance .. Lord Byron.
I'd say it was Sir Walter Raleigh,
complete with cloak.
No .. Hamlet.
Good night sweet Prince,
as far as I'm concerned.
Jack, I shan't be staying.
My hat and stick.
"Oh how the ghost of you .. clings."
"These foolish things."
"Remind me of .. you."
Would you ask him to play a waltz?.
If that's what you like.
"Don't stare darling. Remember what
mother told you: blush, and turn away."
Well, well ..
Move up.
Thank you.
Come closer ladies and
gentlemen, come closer.
Yes .. the lady is alive.
See the gentle rise and fall.
Ah, that's sixpence extra.
The lady suffers from a rare disease.
You see the glazed look in her
eyes. They're looking at what?
The curtains gentlemen, the curtains.
You fool! Give me a cigarette someone.
Well, if the vigil is on for tonight I
suggest we order another bottle of ..
What the management
laughingly describe as "Cognac".
We may as well go on to the Sutherlands
now. We don't want to be too late.
Of course not.
Another one Miss Conway?
That famous smile.
One moment! I have something in my eye.
Take this and get me a handkerchief.
Oh, agony .. absolute
agony .. absolute agony.
Rub the other eye. Pull
the eyelash over the eye.
I ask you to pull it up and clear it.
Face the light .. put your chin up.
Eye open.
Perhaps you'd like to repair
the rest of the damage.
I must look an awful mess.
Thank you .. Mr Mangin.
You know my name. I don't know yours.
Mifanwy .. Mifanwy Conway.
Won't you sit down?
Thank you.
No thank you.
Mifanwy .. then you're Welsh.
That accounts for your black hair.
Actually not. My mother was Italian.
You seem to like that .. and you?
I'm a mixture of so many nationalities
I can truthfully say I belong to none.
Well you're an artist, aren't you.
In a way.
An artist is supposed to belong to
nowhere in particular. But the world.
I don't want to belong to the world.
I'm careful to try to avoid that.
Do I look as if I belong to the world?
Well no .. not to
this world .. not exactly.
It's rather stuffy in here .. there's
a little garden-place outside.
I was waiting to come again after our
dance. I decided not to come too soon.
Now, I mustn't stay too long .. goodnight.
Well, how did ..?
Shut up.
Better order that bottle that I
talked about a few minutes ago.
You'd better, before you fall flat on your
face amongst the broken glass.
You'd better get to that party.
You don't want to be too late.
Aren't you coming Mifanwy?
No. Another time. I think I'll go home.
You need a taxi, Miss?
No thank you Harry. It's a lovely
night. I think I'll walk .. goodnight.
Goodnight Miss.
I thought it was you. Have you ever
ridden in a Hansom before?
Yes .. long ago.
You must have been very little then.
Would you like to try it again?
I like the way you dress.
It's not like everybody else.
I shouldn't call you
altogether .. conventional.
Don't you think it a mistake if I were
to send you home at this moment?
I'd like you to see my house.
It might interest you.
Would you care to
continue the adventure?
Yes .. I would.
Drive us home, Mortimer.
Very good sir.
Would you wait, Mortimer.
There's no key. The Florentines
like mechanical gadgets.
Come along.
"As we came in, I could feel
somehow that it was watching me."
"And even now, after all these years."
"I can still remember this
house of his in Regent's Park."
"Perhaps if I saw it today, it would
seem much smaller, and more ordinary."
"And everywhere the scent of flowers."
"So strong, so sickly-sweet,
that I felt almost suffocated."
I really ought to explain. You see,
there is no-one here except myself.
I keep my staff out of
view as much as possible.
I like to attend to the needs
of my guests myself.
I rarely invite anybody to my home.
It has to be the appropriate person.
You need not come any
further unless you wish.
I wish.
I strongly advise you not to,
unless you feel the inclination.
Oh, I feel the inclination ..
you've no idea how much.
"It was then, for the first
time, I was to learn .."
"Of the strange affect that
laughter had on Paul Mangin"
How do you like this room?
Highly effective.
Thank you.
I never quite thought of it like that.
Oh, how intriguing.
What's that? In the scent
bottle. It must be very old.
It is.
The scent is still there.
The scent of an age to
which you really belong.
It smells of musk, and thyme and
amber. Juliet might have used it.
Not Juliet .. the Borgias, with their
lusts, and passions and murders.
I'm glad you like the
little scent bottle.
It happens to be one of the
most lovely things in the house.
You've got very good taste.
I should have said that of you.
It means something
more than mere taste.
It's an attitude towards life.
A Hansom cab, 1066 and all that?
A Hansom? I have the
courage of my convictions.
Did you enjoy your ride?
It was a novelty.
I was very disappointed that none of
my friends passed in a car and saw us.
No doubt, you wonder why I surround
myself with an atmosphere of the past.
It's not exactly what
you think, Mifanwy.
Most people think they were born
before their time .. I'm after mine.
Everybody wants to
belong to the future.
Nobody wants to belong to the past.
Except me.
But perhaps you'll be there
with me sometimes.
I hope you like this.
You know, you mustn't think that.
I belong neither to the
past, nor the future.
I'm up to the minute, neither
a second behind or beyond it.
The present.
Whether you like it or not,
we are all products of the past.
Even the present you think you
belong to, will soon become the past.
We don't know if the future will be
good or bad, but we gamble on it.
But I've given up gambling.
I prefer a certainty .. the past.
Tell me something.
Remember you said after our little
waltz, that you dare not come too soon.
That you mustn't stay too long.
What did all that mean?
I've always found that whenever I'm
very attracted to anything or anybody.
I always move very slowly
in the opposite direction.
You know ..
Mentally, I pushed back that curtain
at the nightclub many times ..
Before I actually went there again,
though it was difficult to keep away.
The chance was worth taking.
What chance?
The chance that you
might be interested.
Some more wine?
Only .. interested?
Interested at first.
I'm going to set out to charm you.
Lots of men have tried that.
It's my form of seduction, if you like.
No man of any shape
or kind I've yet met ..
Has ever suggested charm as
his entire plan of campaign.
Very well .. charm me.
You don't understand
me .. I mean my ideas.
My way of looking at things.
My .. attitude towards life.
That's a new approach.
Don't you like this wine?
Alright. Show me round.
Show me your studio.
I don't paint any more.
Why ever not?
Have you noticed this?
It should interest you.
Do you recognize it?
I'm ashamed. Should I?
Is it so famous? It's a mirror.
Has it a special significance?
Only for me Mifanwy.
I'd like you to have it.
No, I couldn't. Please.
It would give me a particular
pleasure if you accept it.
Do you know what you put
in that wine you gave me?
I'd swear I've just seen a
white cat the mirror.
Cat? Nonsense.
I did .. there!
Get out .. get out .. get out!
A lovely cat.
I do apologize .. I'm afraid I've ..
Well ..
I must be going. I promised to have an
early night and it's getting rather late.
But I thoroughly enjoyed
myself .. I really did.
Please don't go yet.
It's not very, very late.
Stay and have another glass of wine.
Well .. maybe.
Perhaps it is a little late.
I'll get you your cloak.
You've been interested, I hope.
Yes .. enormously .. enormously.
I'm glad.
Mifanwy I wanted to call it.
But the natives couldn't pronounce it,
so they gave it a new name: Devil Girl.
Particularly suitable.
Your prejudiced in her favor
because she's your daughter.
Sir David Conway,
the over-indulgent father?
I wonder what the quivering
prisoners at the bar would think ..
If they could see me as I am.
Well she certainly keeps
the most fantastic hours.
You know, it's none of
my business but ..
Don't you think this night-club
life is bad for a young girl?
Put it this way.
The gawky schoolgirl that you remember
has turned into something of a beauty.
Oh that's rather a fine peak.
Oh, I'm not very worried about her.
The people she runs
with are all like her.
Just marking time, waiting for
something to happen to them.
Here! End of film.
And so we say .. farewell.
Owen Rhys.
My dear girl.
Well, say something .. preferably
something about me.
Well, four years in the wild hasn't
exactly improved my small talk.
Well .. have I changed? Said
she, expecting the answer "yes".
No .. you still have a
brace on your teeth.
And I can't see your legs but I
expect you're still knock-kneed.
And quite honestly between you and
me .. your nose is still very shiny.
Oh you beast .. you're probably right.
Well go on talking about your months in
the wild or the bush or wherever it was.
Well, I'm home for a short time,
and then away for a couple of years.
I think that's all.
Why do grown men do these things?
To get away from young
women who write poems.
I have still got that one about
"love and dove" you knocked up.
I find you quite terrifying.
Flattering, quite flattering.
How do you turn this
infernal thing off, Owen?
Unorthodox, but effective.
If think I'll leave the infernal
machine until the morning.
Of course. Goodnight Ed.
Nice of you to have
looked in on us first.
I'll see you to the door.
I hope we see a lot of each other.
That would be lovely. Goodnight Owen.
Goodnight Mifanwy.
I want a word with you, young woman.
I'm very tired David. Can it wait?
No .. come here.
Nearer .. what's that great thing
you've got on around your neck?
Now David .. this is not the
quivering prisoner at the bar.
This is your spoiled beauty
of a daughter .. remember her?
Now stop being foolish.
I want to look at it .. here.
You weren't wearing this when
you went out this evening.
He .. came tonight.
This is a priceless piece
of Renaissance work.
You can't go accepting
valuable presents like this.
Who is this man anyway?
Oh, someone I met in
a nightclub weeks ago.
Your tie is crooked.
You ought to have got over it. Your
affairs don't usually last this long.
No .. this is something different.
I find him attractive
David .. madly attractive.
Don't ask me anymore .. this is
my own secret .. for the moment.
It only matters to be a chosen companion
of the most extraordinary man in London.
Possibly in the whole world.
Alright Mifanwy, you
shall keep your secret.
But you won't keep this .. you
shall take this back tomorrow.
To your .. uh .. your most extraordinary
man in the whole of London.
Stop joking.
Where are you? .. Paul?
Very beautiful .. but this
is hardly in character.
Now we must do the finishing touches.
Jewelry is missing, so is the headdress.
How wonderful.
Do you mind me trying on this costume?
I've been collecting them over a period
of years .. just for this occasion.
Oh .. surprising how it fits me.
It isn't surprising at all.
In future, you'll find all the matching
jewelry in the opposite cupboards.
Is that right?
I hope so.
You know Paul .. since the
moment I entered this house.
I can't help feeling that I've left the
other Mifanwy back at the nightclub.
This one is someone .. entirely different.
You are someone entirely different.
"Yes .. I was becoming
someone entirely different."
"I was beginning to think like him,
speak like him .. feel like him."
"Paul was turning me into
someone I couldn't understand."
"The weeks passed. He took
up all my time and energy."
"And yet, there was never any undue
pressure in Paul's hold over me."
"All day long, there was the sensation
of being inside a different world."
"It was as if I wanted to
get away .. and couldn't."
"Even in my sleep, he would be
there, in the corridor of mirrors."
"Watching me, dressing up for him."
"I was becoming like a wax
doll .. all head and shoulders."
What's in the letter Caroline?
Since you're so anxious to tell me.
And it is addressed
to me. What's in it?
Since you're so anxious to know, your
favorite client, Mr Paul Mangin. ..
Is giving a ball .. a masked,
fancy-dress ball next month .. here.
He wants you to make a particular dress
for a lady .. the design is enclosed.
It could be for Miss Mifanwy Conway.
Could be .. that man knows what
he wants .. these are quite perfect.
She hasn't been seen at the club
now for some time, has she?
Neither has he, my pet.
Do you think I haven't noticed the look
in your eyes whenever he's around?
It makes me sick .. I could always tell
the moment he came into the club.
Even your voice would take on a hungry
note .. like a yowling cat on the tiles.
Tel me Edgar, if you hate him so, why
slave on these dresses all these years?
Why do you crawl to him?
Why do you lick his boots?
Or maybe that's become a habit .. hmm?
[ telephone rings ]
The reason is simple, my pet. I am
an artist. He appreciates my artistry.
And pays well for it .. hello?
Hello. Alright, show him
up quickly .. yes, quickly.
I hope I'm not too early.
No sir. I'm at your service any time.
I received your designs.
They're quite perfect.
Piranesi probably thought so,
when he originally designed them.
I want all these costumes kept in the
same style. Venetian school.
I leave the choice of choice of materials
to you, but they must be kept simple.
May I make a few suggestions?
I'm still here you know.
I beg your pardon. I didn't see you.
There was a time when you came to the
club, you couldn't look at anyone else.
I wasn't looking at you my dear.
I was merely interested in the
play of light on your red hair.
I'm amazed at the vulgarity of an age
that can produce such a type as yours.
This fancy-dress ball of yours
.. I'm looking forward to it.
Only my friends are invited.
Mr Mangin, perhaps you'd care
to look at kind of velvet?
Oh Edgar.
I was just trying to
explain to Mr Mangin ..
That the costumes might not
be ready in time .. unless ..
Is that also your condition, Orsen?
Yes .. sorry Mr Mangin.
I'll arrange to have
the costumes sent for.
[ musical chimes ]
Who put that on?
Must be the young lady, sir.
She asked me not to
tell you she'd arrived.
She wanted it to be a
little surprise for you.
Will you be needing
me again tonight, sir?
No, you can go Mortimer.
I will see the lady home.
It's good to see you so happy, sir.
Haven't seen you like this since Italy.
The day you brought the picture home.
That's ten years ago, Mortimer.
It's a long time.
Yes, it is a long time, sir.
Perhaps this might be the moment
to ask how much longer I've got to ..
Wear these fancy clothes.
I'm getting a little tired of the way
the trades-people keep laughing at me.
Even the girl in the Grocers
calls me Mr Pickwick.
You are honored Mortimer .. Pickwick
was Dickens's favorite character.
Pickwick .. Pickwick?
Please don't laugh.
You love dancing, don't you. Well, I've
something here that might interest you.
I've arranged the ball just for you.
You'll be able to dance all night long.
I've invited all the most famous
and infamous people in London.
But Paul, how wonderful .. for me?
How do you know they'll all come?
They'll come alright,
if only out of curiosity.
For one night, you and I will be in our
proper setting .. Venice 400 years ago.
Mind your dress.
You know the little piece of canal
that goes through my grounds?
There it is, the Grand Canal. The
dancing, the ballet. Canale Del Latte.
But a detail will be missing from the
age to which you really belong.
That should make you happy Mifanwy.
What have you chosen for me to wear?
I'll tell you about that after dinner.
I don't know what I should
do if you were to die.
An odd thing to say ..
I should have nothing left to live for.
Do I mean so much to you, Paul?
One day you'll realize how much.
Still raining?
I'm afraid it is .. and
Mortimer isn't back yet.
Paul .. would it be very "20th Century"
if I invited myself for the night?
I'm really awfully tired.
Have you a guest-room?
I have, but I'm afraid I can't
supply the chaperone.
I should hate to answer the door to an
irate father shouting for my blood.
Daddy is on holiday in Wales.
Good .. I have a horror of
bloodshed .. especially my own.
No-one has been in this room before.
It was waiting for you.
Goodnight Mifanwy.
My name is Veronica.
Won't you come down?
Sit down .. Mifanwy.
You know my name?
Oh yes.
I know everything about you.
Naughty, naughty cat .. this
time you've given me away.
So whenever I saw the cat ..
You were near.
Oh yes.
Many were the times I wished
that I could talk to you.
You wondered how I knew your name?
I heard him say it.
It sounds beautiful from his lips.
I don't understand.
Paul told me there was
nobody else in the house.
For him, there is no-one.
You will have some tea?
But you have many opportunities of
talking to me, when I was alone.
How could I know that he
wouldn't suddenly appear?
You know how he can appear
quite suddenly from nowhere.
But I can always watch
you without his knowing.
I have a way of flitting from room
to room and about the corridors.
Like a ghost.
Very often, I thought that
you would discover me.
What would happen if Paul were to
find out that you had spoken to me?
He would throw me out.
What's he afraid of?
How old do you think
I am? The truth now ..
About .. fifty?
That's what he's afraid of.
That you might find out, why
a woman of thirty should ..
Look like me.
I'll not listen to you anymore!
I don't believe a word of it.
Oh but you must .. you don't want
to become like me .. do you?
Listen .. he found me in Italy during
the war. I'd lost my home, and family.
I was very beautiful .. he
was very rich .. he said ..
That I was what he had
been searching for.
He promised .. that I should
be the mistress of this house.
That I should never want for anything.
That I should have all the clothes
and jewels that I wanted to wear.
I did .. every day I was
dressed up in them.
He never let me go outside the house
because it would spoil the illusion.
And then ..
He got tired of me.
I was banished below stairs.
You could have run away and left him.
How? For years, I've been
a prisoner in this house.
I didn't know a soul.
Since that time, there's been
a long procession of girls.
But I always warn them .. in time.
You think he loves you, don't you?
He loves only himself.
It isn't true .. it isn't true.
Paul didn't force me here.
I came and stayed of my own free will.
Of his will.
He's clever .. He makes
you think it is your will.
He's like a drug .. he makes
you see life his way.
And you have to go on, as if you stop,
you'd find the world so cruel and ugly.
That you would have to go
crawling back to him again.
No .. no .. no!
No .. no .. no .. no ..
"Must get out of this house."
"I must change these clothes."
"I must get out." "He's like a drug".
"He makes you see life his way,"
"There's been a long procession of .."
"Go crawling back to him again."
Come in Mifanwy.
You've found out where I work.
Come here and tell me what you think of
my designs for the musician's costumes.
I found them in this old book.
Paul ..?
Is it true about the other girls?
Did they also have
black hair like mine?
Did you dress them up as well?
So Veronica has been talking to you.
So it is true .. everything she told me
is true .. you haven't a hold over me.
What are you talking about Mifanwy?
You haven't a hold over me.
You can't make me become like
her, or a slave like all the others.
See .. you can't deny anything.
I've seen how she looks. I thought
she was an old woman.
That's why you kept her hidden.
Because you made her what she is.
She looked as she does now when
Mortimer first found her in the street.
She's a poor creature,
with the mind of a child.
Don't lie to me .. you found her in
Italy .. she doesn't sound mad at all.
She's afraid of you Mifanwy,
as a child would be afraid.
Her obsession is, that with you
coming here, she will be turned out.
Why should she be afraid of me?
She also warned the others.
There were no others.
I don't believe you.
Aren't I almost a prisoner? You've done
everything to keep me away from people.
I was afraid of losing you .. because
you are the one I've been waiting for.
Afraid of losing me .. no!
In his untiring quest, the well-known
connoisseur Paul Mangin ..
Discovered her in a rather expensive
curio shop, took her home and ..
Found she was the exact shape and color
to fit his unique collection of costumes.
But this marionette has got tired of
the role, before you got tired of her.
Paul, I don't intend becoming one
of those dolls in your cupboards.
I'm getting out of this toyshop.
Mifanwy .. I've no power to hold you.
What I'm going to tell you may
seem puzzling and strange to you.
You may wonder why I
haven't told you before.
You're young, and I wanted to be sure
that you are ready to accept a miracle.
I don't believe in miracles.
Don't you Mifanwy?
Then what's this?
It's wonderful .. when
did you do this of me?
"Portrait Of A Lady".
Attributed to Cristobano Laurie.
I don't understand.
I was in a castle in Italy,
after the last war.
Wounded, with a
shell-splinter in my ear.
All the times I lay in bed,
she looked down at me.
In the nights, I dreamed about
her .. she filled my imagination.
After the war, I went back to England.
I found no peace and no happiness.
That girl's face haunted me.
She drew me back to Italy.
I had to possess her.
The day I bought her.
An infinite peace and happiness came
over me for the first time in my life.
I was determined to
find out who she was.
They let me search in the archives at
the castle. Then I discovered her name
"Venetia". Then something
very strange happened.
I became conscious of events in her
life before I had even read about them.
Somehow I'd known her before. That
mirror in her hand. I'd given it to her.
I've always laughed at the
idea of reincarnation.
But this had happened to me.
So I was bound to believe it.
By now, I was convinced that
I had lived 400 years ago.
That I had been Venetia's lover.
You are Paul Mangin,
living here and now.
How could you believe you're that man?
Yes, how could I believe?
One part of the puzzle was missing.
That part .. was me.
You believe that I'm that girl.
That smile .. it's mocking .. cruel.
Yes, I always hated her smile.
I wonder what she was thinking?
She was cruel .. she was faithless.
I could have changed
her .. but she left me.
You speak as if you were really there.
As if?
I was there I tell you. I was there!
This time, you won't leave me, Venetia.
No .. I won't leave you.
No, Paul .. I won't leave you.
"It wasn't easy to lie
to Paul. To leave him."
"But I knew in that moment, that if
I didn't .. I would never be able to."
"It wasn't so much Paul who frightened
me, but what was happening to me."
"And most of all .. I wanted
to be able .. to love again."
[ laughter ]
So you are happy here, aren't you?
Very happy. I never want to leave.
Mifanwy .. have you ever been in love?
A thousand times, but never in love.
Both cynical and sad.
And true.
Here, move over. Use your
wrist more in your cast.
Is that better?
No. Dreadful ..
Do you think you ever could be?
In love? Yes.
I could be.
But not like the other thousand times?
I'd want it to be different somehow.
A thousand and one?
Days and nights.
Heavens! What a country to live in.
No wonder Welshmen are always miners.
Far better than living above ground.
Still, I wouldn't live anywhere
else if you paid me.
Now you run up and change your clothes.
I'll get you a hot drink .. here.
Shall I bring your own shoes and socks?
The top right-hand drawer.
Any more of this hunting, shooting and
fishing business and I'll be an expert.
Imbecile woman.
What's the matter darling? Bad news?
Owen, I've got to go back to London.
It will only be for a few days,
but I've got to go back.
Disappointing .. even for a few days.
Perhaps it's because of you
that I've got to go back.
I can't explain it.
It wouldn't make sense.
Nothing you do say makes much sense.
You see .. I could never marry someone.
With the shadow of another
man that was beside me.
With a shadow? You're sure you were
right the other day when you said ..
"A thousand times and never in love".
It's always so difficult
to explain, isn't it?
Perhaps I should have said I
never .. loved anyone before.
So glad you were able to come.
My dear, what we've missed by
him hiding himself all these years.
It must have cost him thousands.
I hear that Sir is completely crackers.
All this for a woman he adores?
Did you hear that Caroline? He wants to
know if Paul did all this for the woman.
You ought to know, dear
Edgar. You made the dress.
Well, it's getting late and I
haven't seen it anywhere.
Don't worry, you will. Even if,
according to The Tatler ..
"Mifanwy Conway spends her first holiday
in Wales with the eligible Owen Rhys."
The distinguished explorer.
Somehow, I doubt if Paul
Mangin reads The Tatler.
Then, don't think dear Edgar,
that someone should tell him?
Hello Paul .. looking for someone?
Do I see my sister, Lucrezia Borgia?
Is that intended as a compliment?
Just as you like. She's as handsome as
you are Caroline, and just as dangerous.
And how do I live up to her reputation?
By poisoning a dozen lovers or so ..
Lead me to the bar,
I'll start at once.
I'm afraid you'll have to look
elsewhere for your first victim.
I knew you would come.
Good evening Miss Conway.
What a lovely costume, Mortimer.
Yes, I'm afraid I make more noise than
a fire-engine. Beg your pardon, Miss.
I would have one of those if I were you.
I never take it, sir.
[ man singing ]
"Black .. black .. black .. is the
color of my true love's hair."
"Her lips are something wondrous fair.
The purest eyes and the daintiest hands."
"I love the grass,
where long she stands."
"I go too troublesome,
to mourn, to weep."
"But satisfied, I now can sleep."
"I'll write her a letter
in a few little lines."
"I'll suffer death a thousand times."
Well, that's all I have to show you.
You've given them something
they'll never forget, Paul.
Until some bright, young thing comes
and shows them something more amazing.
But you'll remember, won't you?
Yes .. I'll remember.
It's getting rather cold.
Let's go inside.
Stop Paul. Stop!
Well .. it's all over.
Not for us.
Give me your hand.
Whatever for?
It's an engagement ring.
You don't like it?
How very amusing.
It's awfully .. cute.
It's just like hers. Don't you see?
Just like hers.
Oh for goodness sake Paul,
stop this nonsense.
This bringing of something of
the present back into the past.
Or the past back into the present.
Whichever way you put it.
You're becoming a bit of a bore.
Have you got a cigarette?
I'm absolutely panting for one.
Oh I'm forgetting. We
don't smoke, do we.
What's the matter with you?
It's just that I have the courage
to tell you the truth at last.
You set out to charm me, as you
put it .. well, you succeeded.
I was attracted to you. I like
dressing up. What woman doesn't?
I was in the mood, it was a novelty.
You played up to my
vanity .. yes of course.
It was my vanity which made me
take part in all this madness.
But when you showed me the picture of
this woman, and told me that I was her ..
Then things became a bit
too complicated Paul.
So I went away for a rest-cure.
Why did you come here tonight?
Curiosity .. that was all.
I don't believe it.
You came because you had
to .. because I was here.
You came because we can't
live apart from each other.
I'm sorry .. but really.
Just because you're dressed up as
a Borgia, doesn't make me Venetia.
Look. Ours was a very charming,
unique affair .. that was all.
I never intended anything serious.
I love someone else.
I'm going to marry him.
So, you laughed when I told you my
story .. You thought it was very funny.
She laughed too.
I should have known that four centuries
cannot change a woman's soul.
A pity Mifanwy that you inherited
not only her beautiful body.
But also her worthless heart.
Alright Paul .. I'm
Venetia .. heart and all.
Didn't you say she went off
with another man?
See? We've both completed
the full cycle of our destinies.
Not quite.
I didn't tell you the end of her story.
As I hoped yours might be different.
But it's not going to be
Mifanwy. It's not going to be.
You see, he loved her hair.
It was so dark and mysterious.
He strangled her with it.
Do I still make you laugh, Mifanwy?
Do I still make you laugh Mifanwy?
[ hysterical laughter ]
[ hysterical laughter ]
[ hysterical laughter ]
Oh darling, don't look so disappointed.
Aren't you glad to see me?
Why haven't you gone home?
Yes, I know. I'm completely plastered.
In fact .. I nearly passed right out.
Oh, don't let that little
society bitch get you down.
I love you .. do you hear?
You've always treated me like dirt.
Well I am a tramp .. but I like it.
Don't look at her, look at me!
You've never said a kind word to me.
You despise me .. I suppose you
think I'm not good enough for you.
[ man singing ]
"Black, black is the color of
my true love's hair."
"Her lips are something wondrous fair."
Mortimer has come back. There
are two gentlemen with him.
Caroline Hart has been murdered.
Why did you do it, Mr Mangin?
Why did you do it, Mr Mangin?
Veronica, tell the men I shall be ready
in 5 minutes for them to take me away.
Yes, Mr Mangin.
Only five minutes, Miss.
Why have you come?
Let me tell them.
There's nothing to tell.
Yes there is .. about you
and me .. and Venetia.
That must never be told.
It would help to save you.
From what? The lunatic asylum?
Can you imagine me in a padded cell?
I, who've always surrounded
myself with beautiful things.
Jewels .. pictures .. the sound of
music .. the touch of a woman's hair.
Sorry, not quite the most
tactful thing to have mentioned.
Don't you want to live?
Do you love me, Mifanwy?
No ..
Then there's no need for
me to defend myself.
You see, before I was
searching for someone.
I know I must have seemed
mad and frightening to you.
Have you ever thought .. everyone, once
he is born, is searching for something.
Most people die without
even knowing what it is.
I knew .. so I'm one of the lucky ones.
But .. Paul ..
All sorts of people before me have
tried to live outside their time.
Quite futile.
There is a time to be
born .. and a time to die.
So please don't spoil the
exit I have chosen for myself.
You ought to know .. I always
had a liking for dramatic effects.
Goodbye Paul.
Au revoir Venetia.
Bring up Paul Mangin.
Paul Mangin, you are charged that on
the night of September 3rd 1938 ..
You willfully murdered Caroline Hart.
Under this indictment,
what do you plead?
Guilty my Lord.
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.
My Lords the King's Justices do strictly
charge and command all persons ..
To keep silence while sentence of death
is passed on the prisoner at the bar ..
On pain of imprisonment.
God save the King.
The sentence of the court is that you
be taken from here to a lawful prison.
And hence to a place of execution .. to
be hanged by the neck until you be dead.
And your body be buried within
the precincts of the prison.
In which you have been
confined before your execution.
May the Lord have mercy
upon your soul .. Amen.
Paul Mangin .. the
masked-ball murderer.
Strangled Caroline Hart with her
own hair. Executed October ..
Oh yes, I remember reading about
that in the News Of The World.
Good afternoon Miss.
Not quite as we knew him, is it?
So it was you who sent the telegram?
Yes, Miss .. uh Madam.
You see, I discovered Veronica had found
your address and was writing those ..
Threatening letters
you've been getting.
Madam, do you believe he did it?
No .. not always.
Mortimer .. why should Veronica
now wish to blackmail me?
That is why I sent for you.
Veronica's always been
a little queer, Madam.
She was like that when I found
her and brought her home.
From Italy?
Oh no. That was her story.
He realized that she was mad and it
wasn't safe for her to be out alone.
But lately she's got worse .. she
is mad .. dangerously mad.
I sent you the telegram as I was afraid
you might take action against Veronica.
The poor Master's name would be
dragged through the mud again.
Oh Madam .. I wanted to
implore you not to do that.
Because I am .. having
Veronica put away.
Yes, I'm having her put away.
He never wished that but ..
Every evening, just as it's
getting dark she disappears.
A few days ago, I followed her
here .. always at the same time.
Just as this place is going to close.
She wants to have a
few words with him alone.
"Come along ladies and gentlemen."
There she is now.
"Hurry along ladies and gentlemen.
we're closing down."
"Hurry along, please."
I'm late Paul .. we haven't much time.
That old fool, he will keep spying on
me .. he pretends she's not in the house.
But I know she is there.
I hear her every night. Laughing
and dancing in the corridor.
I hear the music-box playing.
Last night ..
I went after her .. but she fled
and hid in the guest-room.
She knows I'm frightened of going there.
But one night .. I won't be.
I couldn't see the last
time .. it was too dark.
I couldn't see if she had red hair.
It was the one with the
black hair I wanted.
She's here Paul.
The one with the black hair.
She still uses the same scent.
Why did you let him die Veronica?
So that you couldn't have him.
Where are you?
You won't find me Veronica .. you won't
be writing any more letters to me.
Yes, get to know those faces Veronica.
Soon, yours will be one of them.
Look at your own handiwork.
You say you loved him, but you've turned
him into an effigy of horror and wax.
No good running away Veronica
.. no good running away.
Don't look Miss .. turn away ..
Go now, Miss. I'll see to everything.
Mortimer I .. Please Miss.
The Master would wish it.
Alright Mortimer.
"Come on ladies and
gentlemen .. all out please."
Thank you Mortimer.
Hello mummy! Mummy!
What have you got for us? Hello.
What have you got in that box?
Hello darlings. I've got lots of
presents for you .. of course I have.
Well, how did you get on?
I had a very busy time darling.
I spent more than I ought to. I bought
you a new dressing-gown to match mine.
Thank you.
How have the children been? Good?
How's the garden? Tulips out yet?
Well, darling, you haven't
been away a year you know.
I went into Madame Tussauds.
You know .. they've
got Paul Mangin there.
The man who strangled
a woman with her hair.
Funny you say that. There's something
about him in the paper this morning.
He didn't do it at all. His housekeeper
confessed just before she died.
She'd thrown herself under
a lorry or something.
You're lucky to have seen him. I expect
they'll take him out of Tussauds now.
They will?
He must have been a
very attractive person.
Didn't you think so, Mifanwy?
T-G. 2015.