Corrina, Corrina (1994) Movie Script

I knew I shouldn't
have worn three-inch heels.
I kept sinking into the grass
during the eulogy.
Manny. There you are.
How you doing, sweetie?
There's just so much to say.
Annie looked so gorgeous...
laid out with all those flowers
around her.
It just looked like
she was taking a nap.
We bought that dress together.
She said she didn't have
any place to wear it.
Where's Molly?
She's probably in her room.
I better go.
Check, see how she's doing.
Doris, I can't believe you.
Where's my head?
So what's the matter?
Everybody on a hunger strike
or something?
Eve, I was just having
one of yourfamous cookies.
Fabulous. They're not too sweet.
Two cups sugarfor a wedding...
one cup for a funeral...
and today I used half a cup.
It seemed right.
Easy on that strudel, Harry.
You try that apricot Bundt cake?
The only thing I haven't eaten
is the tablecloth.
Poor kid.
Thank goodness she's so young.
If she's lucky,
she won't remember.
Don't tell me I lost Harry.
What are you doing, my darling?
Come here.
I'll see you, Dad.
OK. Bus is leaving.
All right. Here we go.
All right. OK.
Sid, give me the duck.
Give me the duck. I'm sorry.
I just miss Annie already.
Shirl, please, huh?
OK, OK. I love you sweetie, OK?
Good-bye, princess.
You'll give us a call?
Hon, please. Take care, old man.
You'll call?
Say good-bye
to Grandma and Grandpa.
Don't you want to wear
the matching top?
Want me to sing you
a lullaby?
What was the song
that Mommy sang to you?
How does that go?
Want to teach me a lullaby
to sing to you every night?
Here's a fun one.
Oh, the coffee
that they give you
They say it's mighty fine
It's goodfor cuts and bruises
And tastes like iodine
Oh, I don't want no more
of army life
Gee, Mom, I wanna go
We're going to be fine, Molly.
Justfine, you and me.
I'm glad to see
your smilingface.
I haven't gotten lamb chop
to smile all day.
Salisbury steak...
for madame...
and veal parmigiana for me.
There you go.
Look, Molly.
Tater tots.
Mmm. Very good, very good.
You want to get that?
I didn't think so.
And a sore throat.
Hey, hi, Sid.
I'm not ready
to come back to work quite yet.
I have some people
coming by tomorrow...
that might stay with Molly
so I can leave.
I start at eight o'clock.
I will have had my breakfast...
and I assume
the child will have had hers.
At noon, a brisk walk...
followed by two hours
of Bible study.
Where is the child?
lfeel like Sophia Loren
in "Houseboat..."
when she meets
the widowed Cary Grant...
and selflessly gives herself
to his family.
Did you see it?
I know what it's like...
to lose someone
close to your heart.
I understand.
Winnie and I,
we both understand.
I'm so tired.
And I'm not tired?
Oh, I love kids.
I have a real way
with children.
And no windows!
I get very nervous.
If I put my head down
between my legs, I'll be better.
I realize it's your decision...
but I also sing.
Won't you come home,
Bill Bailey?
Won't you come home?
I cried the whole day long
Kids love that.
Kids love me, Mr. Singer.
I walk into a room
full of kids...
they drift to me...
like a goddamn kid magnet.
Uh, let's see.
I'm not sure where to begin.
Well, Mr. Jones died...
and we never had any children...
and believe me...
I would treat
your little Molly...
with all the love
and tenderness...
I'd have given my own.
OK, sweetpea.
Let's see about making you
some breakfast.
What might be good?
What's the matter?
Cat got your tongue?
Jonesy's famous pancakes
will loosen you up.
Just making sure
we got all the makings.
Oh, boy. Aren't we havingfun?
It's for after work.
She's been playing
that little ditty all day.
Maybe you could
talk to her about that.
Her mother
was teaching her that.
Hide-and-seek noodle casserole.
This is just the first course.
Looks fabulous.
The other courses...
they're hidden
throughout the room.
I'm just kidding.
Chicken Marengo.
That looks fabulous.
Doesn't it, Mol?
I bet your wife
wasn't this good a cook.
You think? Huh?
No, it is perfectly
all right, Mr. Singer.
Kids sometimes go through
a very tough time.
Why don't you just...
No, I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Justfinish your...
What are you doing?
I'm doing everything
a wife does.
Shouldn't I be getting
everything a wife gets?
Hello, kid.
My name's Corrina.
I bet you're Molly.
I hear you don't like talking
much these days...
but that's all right with me...
because it makes my job
a lot easier.
Nice wheels.
When would you like me to start?
Why don't you have a seat here?
I thought we would talk a bit.
Talk. All right.
How long have you lived
in the house?
Three years.
Do you have any references...
Have you had maids before?
My wife used to take care
of everything.
So you're a beginner.
Let's get some things straight.
Yes, let's.
Salary does not
include supplies...
Excuse me.
Did the agency explain to you...
that this is just an interview?
Look, Mr. Singer,
what shall we discuss?
Children. I was wondering...
if you had any experience
with children.
You know, I met your little girl
out there.
She's got your eyes.
Do you have any references?
Do you have a rsum
or anything?
"Professor Louise Gordon.
"Fisk University."
How long were you with her?
Four years.
What happened then?
I graduated.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mr. Singer.
That's OK.
Well, if you had some glue...
I'm really good at gluing.
I could just glue it.
I mean, I could just
snap this back together.
No. I'll take care of it.
Thanks for coming by.
Mr. Singer,
I'm having a really bad day...
and I'm sure you know
what that's like.
I really need this job.
Thanks for coming by.
I'll let you know.
Where is my music?
Not in the refrigerator,
that's for sure.
You'll have to do a marketing.
We're going to need...
We'll need, um...
I noticed there's a list
started there.
Yeah, it's my wife's writing.
I haven't wanted to...
Well, I'll just add on
from there.
You and Corrina
are going to go shopping...
for some breakfast
and pick up some other things.
The keys to my wife's car
are on the dresser.
Do you know how to drive?
I'm an old pro.
I was just testing the brakes.
It'll do your heart good
to know they're fine.
I made a slight booboo...
which I hope you won't
tell yourfather about.
But you won't
because you don't talk.
You're the short, silent type,
aren't you?
Oh, here she comes.
A hip-hap-hoppy
good morning to you.
Welcome to Terry's Diner.
So glad you came that extra mile
for breakfast with a smile.
I'll be right there!
So, what'll it be for starters?
I need a cup
of your strongest coffee.
Would you like a hot cocoa?
Pecan waffles?
What about the Slim Starter?
Ladies, I ain't got all day.
Wilma, where's your boss?
He's inside.
Why don't you slip
into the backseat.
I got to talk to my friend here.
I know what
you're going through.
I used to do this.
Come on in.
OK. Just a minute.
She's coming over the side.
You in?
All right. You all right?
Molly, I understand
that you don't want to talk.
I know you have your reasons.
But we have to figure out
a way to communicate...
so if I ask you something
and the answer is yes...
pat your nose like that.
Then I'll know.
If the answer is no,
don't do anything.
Do you want to have
the pecan waffles...
with lots and lots of syrup
and butter?
All right.
That's good, what you're doing.
Would you rather have
the Slim Starter...
with cottage cheese...
the hard-boiled egg,
and the tomato?
Honey, if it's a choice
between those pecan waffles...
and that stupid egg...
for God sakes,
pat your little nose.
Good try, Wilma.
Ah! She did it! She did it!
Mr. Potato Head.
Mr. Potato Head.
Potato Head...
Was alone in his bed.
I love it.
I love it.
Mr. Potato Head,
the untold story.
Sid, I have
a great opening here.
I tried, uh...
I'm with you. Come on.
I know how hard it's been.
We're in this together, OK?
I appreciate that. Thanks.
Imagine how hard
things would be...
if the job got shaky.
What do you mean?
Did someone say something?
- Absolutely not.
- Sid, tell me.
Once. Maybe a couple times.
It's always said
very affectionately...
at least to me.
I say the old Manny Singer's
going to be back.
They say when?
And I say any day now.
They say great.
It'll be your job, too.
It's all very positive feedback.
Yeah, we bought some sunglasses
'Cause sunglasses
Protect our eyes from the sun
You look good.
Anybody want some more?
Anybody want any?
No, no, no. It's good.
Just a little more spice
than we're used to.
It was just
to bring out the flavor.
It's good.
It's just, you know, a little...
Spicy. Yeah.
Ya-da da da da da
You can make him funny
Or you can make him sunny
He's Mr. Potato Head
Oh, yes, it's true he's lumpy
OK, he's kind of dumpy
He's not a French fry
He's the potato to buy
Did you like it?
You think my boss
is going to like it?
Maybe the iambic pentameter's
off just a bit.
Yes, it's true he's lumpy
OK, he's kind of dumpy
Now, you thought
that was clunky, didn't you?
Just knew we were in sync.
lambic pentameter.
Where do you want it?
Sorry. I think you have
the wrong address.
Why don't I just talk
to Mrs. Singer?
She's, um...
She's in the bathtub right now.
I bet if you're on
the inside of a maraca...
that's what it would sound like.
Excuse me, but I'm ticklish.
Stop that!
Oh, wait.
I hate to impose...
but could you give me
a little help?
I can't do this last one
on my own.
Ah! You know,
the first time I saw you...
I knew you had this magic.
Here's another one.
Give me a hand.
Well done.
I think your dad's
really going to like...
this present you picked out.
We have to emphasize
that you picked it out yourself.
Hey, Molly, it's time to eat.
Come on, and bring Lois.
Would you like to be
queen for a day?
What do you listen
to this garbage for?
Why are you watching this?
Queen for a day.
I knew a guy in my neighborhood,
wanted to be queen for a day.
You know what happened to him?
Her husband was killed
in the Air Force.
She has three children.
She'd like a trained dog
to ease her mind.
My husband's gone, too.
That doesn't make me a queen,
does it?
Ladies and gentlemen...
we've heard
from all of our contestants.
Is it going to be Lois?
Numberfive! Queen for a day!
Yes! Yes, Lois! Queen Lois!
All I askedfor was a dog...
and look what I'm getting.
I want to thank
everyone out there...
who made this possible...
Lois made a sissy on the couch.
You know what I think, Molly?
I think your mom's looking down
at youfrom heaven right now.
And if you look
really closely...
I'll bet you'll see
she's waving.
I really appreciate
everything you're doing here...
and whatever you believe in
is fine.
OK, your heaven is fine for you.
Molly's mother was an atheist
and so am I.
I don't want you telling her...
she's somewhere she isn't, OK?
Yes, Mr. Singer.
I'll just continue to tell Molly
her mother's in the bathtub.
Did you ever undress
in front of a dog?
What's the matter, sweetie?
Can't sleep?
Did you have a bad dream?
You OK?
How about I break out
some graham crackers...
and we'll sit
and watch the late-late show...
till youfall asleep, OK?
Don't hit your nose.
I'll go get the stuff.
A recent report
from the Surgeon General...
links cigarette smoking
to lung cancer.
Statistics show that one
out of every ten male smokers...
will die from lung cancer.
in Washington today...
President Eisenhower announced
that he'll...
Here you go, Mol.
...fact-finding tour
to South America.
The vice president will visit
Venezuela, Argentina...
Molly, what... what are you doing?
Molly, look...
Cigarettes are for adults.
I'll get you
bubblegum cigarettes tomorrow.
Molly, stop it!
Now, what's the matter?
I really feel
like I should stay.
Well, it's your house.
I just can't be late
for this meeting. l...
Then you better go.
You know what it is?
Mr. Potato Head's
in from Trenton.
I can't be late.
Really? The Mr. P?
The one and only.
You better get
your heinie going.
Yeah. I'm gone. Bye.
All right, well...
Bye. Thanks.
You know what I discovered
about your dad?
He likes to eat cookies in bed.
Can you get that cornerfor me?
Just pull it down, right there...
The white one.
Thank you.
Malamutes or whatever
they call those things...
they look like little humps.
This is where my mommy sleeps.
You're right.
Your mommy used to sleep here.
When's she coming back?
You know, Molly, I...
She's not coming home...
because when you die...
the angels
take you up to heaven.
Well, then I want to die, too.
Now, darling,
you don't want to die.
It's too soon.
Was I bad?
No. People don't die
because you're bad.
They die
because it's their time.
Lots of things happen...
but no, you...
You were not bad at all.
You're wonderful.
And think of all the people
who are here now who love you.
They'd be so sad and upset
if you went.
And your daddy loves you.
He really needs you, too.
But my dad doesn't think
she's in heaven.
Well, maybe deep down
inside he does...
and he's just so jealous
of those angels...
who get to play
with your mommy every day...
he just can't bring himself
to say so.
'Cause he's hurting,
like you're hurting.
And you're going to hurt
for a long time.
Every day it will get
a little bit better...
but you'll always miss
your mommy, and that's OK.
You know the other thing?
How many of the thirty-one
flavors have you tasted?
Chocolate and vanilla.
Well, that's my point.
That is my point.
No one should go anywhere
until they've tried...
mint on the rocks
and cherries jubilee
and bing bang cherry.
So much for you to do.
I'm home!
Look, Daddy...
I made you some pig knuckles.
Ohh, that's wonderful.
I'm so happy.
Think someone's inviting you
to dinner.
Thank you very much,
but maybe another time.
No, I'd like you
to join us, too.
Well, l...
Here, have a seat.
I guess I don't have
much of a choice.
Oh, here. Have one of mine.
I'll have one with you.
So pretty.
It's Erik Satie,
a French composer.
Yes, I know. He was twenty-two
when he wrote this.
Can you imagine
being so poised...
and having such boldness
in a composition...
when you're only twenty-two?
Can Corrina sleep over tonight?
She's got to get home
to her husband.
No, she doesn't.
Her husband's gone.
I'll get it.
No, no, I'll get it.
You're our guest.
What happened
to Mr. Potato Head's wife?
Um, oh, she's around.
As a matter of fact...
here she is.
You want to split this?
- No, thank you.
- Sure?
Go ahead.
Is tater tot
Mr. Potato Head's son?
That's funny, Molly.
Well, yeah,
he's theirfirstborn.
Thank you.
Oh, boy!
I got it. Butterfingers.
Corrina, did your husband die
like Mommy did?
No, baby.
Though it is hard to tell...
with old Edward B. Washington.
He said he was going out
for cigarettes...
and never came back...
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
That's... that's OK.
I'm sorry. I'll get it.
No, I'll get it. You just sit.
I'll take care of it.
Thank youfor inviting me
to dinner.
Thank you very much...
but I just made enough for two,
and I have to go.
You can make him funny
You can make him sunny
His name is Mr. Potato Head
There's something
I wanted to tell you guys...
that I thought
you'd get a big kick out of.
The other day,
my seven-year-old asks...
You're going to love this...
We all love kids.
Uh, she asked me...
is... is tater tots
Mr. Potato Head's son?
My wife would have loved that...
um, the way kids' minds work.
That's the kind of thing
we'd talk aboutfor hours...
She had this great laugh.
Sid, I'm sorry.
Stop it. Stop it.
They could see
where you were going with it.
I had a small stroke,
but they were fine.
- You did?
- Stop it.
That's not why I'm here.
Sunday... Shirl
and the boss' new squeeze...
are throwing a party
at his place.
I can't Sunday. I have Molly.
She'll understand.
Get a sitter, OK?
Sunday, get a sitter.
Work, work, work.
Talk, talk, talk.
That's not what we're here for.
Come on, Manny.
Don't thank me.
I'm selfish. I miss you.
The rainbow
Are blue
And the
Dreams that you dare
To dream
Really do come true
Someday I'll wish
Upon a star
And wake up
where the clouds are far
Behind me
Troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where
You will
Me, yeah
Somewhere over the rainbow
Mama, Percy threw his bologna
on the floor.
I didn't throw it, itfell.
Percy, hold your sandwich
with two hands.
That dog gets more bologna
than we do.
At choir practice today...
Carl Johnson laughed at me
when I was singing.
Said I had a double chin,
You ain'tfat. You're beautiful.
Go a little easy
on that potato salad.
Wait. Hello?
I don't know. Is Percy here?
Right here.
Yes? Hold on, please.
It's for you.
Oh, yes, my lovely.
I will twist around...
Sit down.
I'm on the phone.
I know, but I want you to sit
while you're on the phone.
You talked to Charlie today?
Yeah, ten more paid off,
laid off.
I'll get some new shifts.
Somebody will have to
watch Percy.
I'll call Mrs. Hopkins
and clean some fancy houses.
Hey, b-b-b-baby,
that's... that's enough.
Eat, enjoy. It's Sunday.
You need some fattening up.
How about some guacamole?
I made it. It's delicious.
Look, two of my favorite people.
Jenny Davis, Manny Singer.
Manny Singer, Jenny Davis.
How do you do?
Oh, there's the doorbell.
And where's Sid, you asked?
look who's in the neighborhood.
Hi-ho, everybody.
- Frank, how you doing?
- Good.
Good, good, good. Corrina...
I was thinking...
Did you do something different
with your hair?
I knew it. I knew it.
And it looks
absolutely beautiful.
I don't think I've ever had
such good guacamole.
Well, you haven't tasted mine.
Loo loo loo
Nap time.
No more noise from you, Percy.
You're not my mama.
You can't tell me what to do.
Good night.
Come on up, Percy.
Ain't you lonely there?
Yuck! I don't want to sleep
with no girls.
Now, look, this is nice, huh?
That's cute.
You can'tfit in that.
I can fit in that.
Have you seen
what's behind you recently?
Let me turn
to the maternity page.
Maternity? Come on, now.
This about where you are.
You done had three kids.
If you'd kept that nickel...
between your knees
like mama said...
you'dfit in that tiny outfit.
You talk more stuff.
I know I do.
- Listen, Corrina...
- What?
More importantly...
why you giving Anthony
such a hard time?
Oh, please. Anthony. Anthony.
That's who I'm talking about.
Because, in the words
of Gertrude Stein, girl...
"There is no there, there."
Oh. And you think there is
in there?
I don't care what yourfriend
Gertrude says...
there's more with Anthony...
than there's ever going
to be in there. So there.
Relax. She's divorced,
feels the same way you do.
Sid, it's too soon.
To talk to a woman?
She needs a ride home.
Shirl and I thought...
Is this high school?
Sid, please.
I know how youfeel.
I'm yourfriend...
No, you don't.
You don't know how lfeel.
I don't know how youfeel,
all right?
I don't know
how youfeel at all.
But the guys at work
have an idea how youfeel.
They've got problems
of their own.
The bottom line is...
you need someone to talk to.
You have me, butfrankly,
I'm not thatfond of you.
And... and all of a sudden
out of the blue...
Molly says, "Is tater tots
Mr. Potato Head's son?"
Oh, that is what
is called adorable.
Oh, kids, huh?
Yeah. Just the way they work.
Where you on the night
of April thirty-first?
How much money do you make?
Are you just interested
in you-know-what?
Oh, gosh.
Well, as Voltaire says...
And these are my boys.
Manny, this is my son Lewis.
Hi, Lewis.
And this is Howard.
Hi, Howard.
Hi, Manny.
How are youfellas?
If Molly is lookingfor some
playmates, give me a call.
Come on, let's go.
Leave the briefcase.
Over my head
I hear music
Over my rainbow
Over my rainbow
I can hear music
Hi, Daddy.
Catch me.
You look just like Mommy
when you smile.
Can we play
like we did with Mommy...
andfly to Kalamazoo?
Daddy, you're supposed to say...
"Make sure you get tickets
for three, not two."
Um, Daddy can'tfly right now.
I've had a really hard day.
You just get ready for sleep.
Hey, Daddy-O.
Every cat talks to God
in his own way...
and God understands Chinese.
So Corrina says don't be jealous
of the angels.
Bo, Daddy, bo.
What did Corrina say?
Corrina said
you're jealous of the angels.
Because they get to spend
all that time with Mommy.
Molly, listen to me, OK?
the angels and all of that...
It's just something
that people make up...
so they won'tfeel sad anymore.
Well, what's wrong with that?
What color eyes did Mommy have?
I can't remember.
Let's talk about it later.
No, now.
It's time for bed.
What'd she smell like?
Molly, I said
we'll talk about it later.
Liar. You don't even
remember her anymore.
Of course I do.
No, you don't.
She's disappearing.
She's almost all gone.
No! I don't want to go!
What is the matter?
There's nothing to be afraid of.
You're not going to come back.
What did you say to me?
You're not coming back.
I'll be back at three.
You promise?
Oh, yeah, I promise.
Now, come on.
Maybe they won't like me.
Maybe they won't like you?
Are you kidding?
Have you looked
in the mirror today?
That's the most likable
face in America.
We're going about this
the wrong way.
You have to think to yourself...
"My name is Molly Singer...
"and there's no one in the world
better than me."
That's what you got
to say to yourself. Try it.
"I am Molly Singer...
"and there's nobody in the world
better than me."
Now, walk right in there...
say that as you're walking.
Go ahead.
I am Molly Singer...
and there's nobody in the world
better than me.
I am Molly Singer...
and there's nobody in the world
better than me.
Chin up! Up!
You're too young to have two.
Goodfor you.
Pinky. Oh.
Good morning.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Oh, I'm sorry, too.
Wouldn't it be the day
I need my windows washed?
All of them.
All of them?
What do you mean, all of them?
Miss Warner,
you want all the windows done?
This is the day
I expect them to be done.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late.
Crazy woman. All those windows.
She's standing there,
watching me.
He had his lunch already.
I'm sorry. Go on. Don't be late.
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
Don't move...
at all.
Who's hogging the black crayon?
You used it all up.
That's notfair.
My dad has a big beard.
Huh. You didn't even
do it right.
Did so.
She drew her maid...
not her mommy.
What a dodo head.
I'm Molly Singer...
and there's nobody in the world
better than me.
Nobody stupider than you.
Give me that crayon.
I think Ed Sullivan
should run for president...
because he knows lots
of different kinds of people...
and could help
keep world peace...
because he's very good
with Russian acrobats.
Topo Gigio.
Honey, I'm late. I'm sorry.
They couldn't balance
the cash register.
But I'm not done.
I'll hear the rest later.
Sorry I'm late.
I'll never be late again.
Ooh, I will never be late again.
You don't know what happened.
As I was coming up
the street...
a band of elephants
stopped in the street...
and I didn't know
what to do, so...
Are you stuck on me
with Elmer's Glue?
I guess I'm just going
to have to carry you.
I can't get you off.
Come on, kid.
What a day I've had.
Worked my tail off andfor what?
I'm starving.
Where are my cigarettes?
I just put a carton in there
this week.
I don't see them.
I can't even offer you
one of mine...
since you've smoked them, too.
What is that supposed to mean?
If you're going to smoke
my cigarettes, tell me.
Fine. If you're gonna
smoke my cigarettes...
I'd appreciate if you told me.
All right.
Molly, wake up. Wake up.
She didn't turn around.
Mommy... She was on the hill.
I saw her...
and she didn't turn around.
She just kept walking.
Molly, if I'd been there...
You were there.
You couldn't stop her.
Why couldn't you?
She walked through you.
It's yourfault she's gone.
You never talked about her.
You made her disappear.
It's all yourfault she's gone.
I hate you!
Molly, that's enough.
It's OK.
But I'm just so...
You're just so mad.
You're just so mad,
and you can be mad.
Molly, listen. I'm mad, too.
I'm mad at Mommy for leaving us.
I want to talk to Mommy
every day, and I can't.
I want to bring Mommy
back to you, and I can't.
I'm mad because she didn't
say good-bye.
I'm mad about that, too, Molly.
Me, too.
I'm mad that she made you mad.
She should have said good-bye.
I'm really mad at her.
I'm just... so... mad!
Come on, this is all right.
You can come over here
and be mad.
Come on. Be mad.
Hit it.
Yeah, hit it again.
Yeah! Hit him again, Molly.
Hit him, hit him!
Stupid head!
- Sock him again!
- It's notfair!
Really mad at you!
mad... too!
Isn't that "Peace, Piece"?
My dad always listens to it.
I love it.
When you listen to Bill Evans...
it's as though you held up...
a really
beautifully clear crystal...
in front of a warm light.
That's lovely. Who wrote that?
I did.
You're so...
inside the music.
The way you phrase things,
you could write poetry.
I do.
I did.
You know, I'd like to write
liner notes...
in the backs of the albums.
And I want to have
my own column...
in High Hat magazine.
"Listenin' Up"
with Corrina Washington.
Not that it would, you know...
take away my joy and love...
at scrubbing wax buildup
from linoleum floors.
Did you ever try?
What, scrubbing wax buildup?
No, no, no.
Liner notes and poetry.
they just let us play the music.
They don't let us
write about it.
This is really bad.
I wouldn't say it's really bad.
I would.
You've got thirty seconds
to name five songs.
Name allfive correctly...
and you win
fifteen-thousand dollars.
You know how much money
I've won so far?
Millions of dollars.
I've won about a half a billion.
Half a billion?
I'm good at this one.
We'll see how good you are.
Name this tune.
"Turkey in the Straw."
You know the name?
"Turkey in the Straw."
I think I beat you by a hair.
Tie. One-one.
Go ahead. Side with yourfather.
Molly's the judge.
"Sailor's Turnpike."
"Sailor's Turnpike?"
Two-two? Listen.
"Sailor's Hornpipe."
"Sailor's Hornpipe."
I wonder what happened
to that guy's head.
She smacked him for giving
the wrong answer at home.
Why you tipping in here?
Why you lurking on the couch?
You awfully late.
Little girl had a nightmare.
They paying you overtime?
Jevina, it wasn't
that kind of night.
Sister child, you need
to stop kidding yourself.
Now you know
these white folks...
going to pretend
you're part of theirfamily...
so they can work you
and not pay youfor your time.
you're working too hard...
to be giving it away forfree.
Giving what away forfree,
My letter come today?
Nope, not today.
The firstfew weeks...
are always hardfor everyone.
Come on.
Oh, now you're not even going
to talk to me?
It's just not that bad.
Please don't make me
go to school. I can't!
All right, don't cry. Don't cry.
Come on.
Thank you, Corrina.
Say good-bye, Sophia.
Well, it's just a lightfever.
I'm sure she'll be ready
to come back tomorrow.
If you'd just
let Mrs. Rodgers know.
All right, then. Thank you.
All right, you.
You get one day, and that's it.
Got it?
Isn't itfun
to make things shiny?
I think the thrillfor me
is gone.
After lunch, can we go swimming
in the park?
That's not a park.
That's their backyard...
and no, we can't...
because we have way too much
work to do.
Oh, come on. Please?
- Please?
- No.
No, we simply can't, my dear.
We simply can't.
Every time
It rains, it rains
Pennies from heaven
Bring out more.
Don't you know
each cloud contains
Feel it, girl.
Pennies from heaven?
Oh, lfeel Esther Williams
coming on.
May I have this dance?
Oh, every time
It rains, it rains
Pennies from heaven
Don't you know
each cloud contains
Feel it, girl.
Pennies from heaven?
Very nice.
yourfortune fallin'
All over town
Be sure
That your umbrella
Is upside down
Pudding. Wooding. Tooding.
The problem is pudding
doesn't rhyme with anything.
It's like knockwurst.
Please, just rhyme with Jell-O.
I'm not helping?
No. Jell-O.
For he's a jolly good Jell-O.
Hunks of Jell-O
that run across the road.
Just... Oh, very Abraham Lincoln.
Very Abraham Lincoln.
Yes. And little eyebrows
right there.
Will I have chi-chis
like yours someday?
Why do you call them
Who told you that?
My daddy calls them that.
He calls them chi-chis?
I've heard them called
a lot of things...
Hooters, ta-tas,
but never chi-chis.
Anybody home?
Oh, oh, you're in there.
Molly, I was thinking it's such
a beautiful night out...
why don't you and I cook dinner
for Corrina tonight?
It's my favorite song.
Mine, too.
You know, Billie does
a better version of it.
No one's better than Louis.
Nice hat.
Now listen to this.
He writes, "Basically,
Louis needs nobody but Louis.
"He could stand
all alone in the Sahara...
"singing selected excerpts...
"from the Tunis
telephone directory...
"and we suspect
that he could make it...
"for a week
withoutfood and water."
Who writes this garbage?
Somebody named Bob, obviously.
I don't want youfilling up
on potato chips.
I know you want
thatfudge sundae later.
Please finish your milk.
But I hate milk.
Listen to your mother.
Somebody once wrote
that writing about jazz...
is like dancing
about architecture.
This is exactly
what we're talking about.
I couldn't write
something like this.
This... Who could write like this?
Milk makes pudding
Pudding is gooding
You sound like a doorbell.
Pud-ding, pud-ding
Oh, have you ever
had a block?
All my life.
She has a very kindface.
She was...
She had a real sweetness
about her.
Didn't have much
of a sense of humor.
But she loved to laugh.
What about Edward B?
Edward B.
He was not kind...
but he did have
a good sense of humor.
Sometimes that's not enough.
You know,
I could really use a...
Me, too.
You say you don't
have time to cook
Come over here and take a look
At... bum, mmm.
Right. Right.
See, and I don't have
the middle here.
I can't get it.
Then I have to end it
with pudding.
You say you don't
have time to cook
Come over here and take a look
It's smooth, it's...
It's smooth, it's...
It's smooth
It's... cool
It breaks the rules
See? I'm stuck on this...
See? It's this pudding.
This pudding, like the doorbell.
You're right. It's a doorbell.
You... you did it.
You justfixed your problem.
You took the "g"
off the end of pudding.
Who says you shouldn't
have instant puddin'?
It could be that simple.
Who says you shouldn't
Have instant puddin'?
By the light
By the light, by the light
Of the silvery moon
Of the moon, of the moon
I want to spoon
Good boys.
To my honey I'll croon
Love's tune
Sing, Molly.
Keep a-shining in June
Your silvery beams
will bring love's dreams
We'll be cuddling soon
By the silvery moon
Happy birthday.
Now make a wish. Make a wish.
Big wish.
Oh, yay!
Got all of them.
Hey, look-it, Molly.
Happy birthday.
What is that?
- Hula-hoops.
- Hula-hoop?
There you go.
Oh, you got to get
some oomph into it.
I'm a hooperfrom way back.
Wait. I have to show her...
'cause it don't mean a thing
if you ain't got that swing.
You remember that.
Come, come.
Come, Mollinchka.
You're the birthday girl.
You get to choose
wherever you want to go.
Can Corrina come, too?
Oh, no, no.
Corrina's worked a long day.
I'm sure she wants to go home.
pick yourfavorite place
in the whole world.
I don't know
if I like this very much.
She should have cleaned this up
before we got here.
That's a novel idea.
Oh, my.
Well, let's get started.
Well, all right.
We deserve a break.
Molly, I hope that lady
has more parties.
These are some leftovers.
Yuck! A cream one.
I hate cream ones.
Give it here, Percy.
I don't mind cream ones.
Yuck. Coconut. I hate coconut.
Give it here, Percy.
I don't mind coconut.
You don't mind nothin', girl.
And he's wearin' diamonds.
Oh, yes, indeed.
He's rich, too...
and makes hundreds
of thousands of dollars.
Molly, I know you're pretending
you can't hear me...
but you're going back
to school tomorrow...
and that's that.
You say you don't
have time to cook
Come over here and take a look
It's smooth, it's cool,
it breaks the rules
Chocolate, cherry,
sweet strawberry
Who says you couldn't
Have instant puddin'
From J-E-L-L-O?
It's OK, it's OK.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Had to stop off
and get somethingfor you.
Um... I had a good day at work...
a real good day...
and I have you to thank for it.
I'm sure you could write
better liner notes.
I was thinking...
why don't I take us
all outfor dinner...
How was school today, Mol?
Hard work.
What did you do?
I won the spelling bee.
You did?
Well, what do you say
we all go on out?
Did you hear that?
Molly won the spelling bee.
- I heard that.
- What was the word?
Why don't we vacuum
ourselves into the car...
and get some dinner
because I'm starving.
Vacuum. That's a hard word.
How do you spell it?
She's so cute.
For Molly Singer.
A major romance
is headed your way, young lady.
No. That one's yours, Daddy.
An angel justflew over.
you can't see him, but whenever
people get really quiet...
at the same time at a table...
it means an angel's flying over.
Which reminds me.
I think I'm going to go pay
my water bill. Excuse me.
Hey, ma'am...
my wife spilled tea
all over the table.
Hey, what's the matter with you?
You don't grab somebody
like that.
Does she look like a waitress?
I don't care
whose waitress she is!
She's not a waitress!
Saw him come in with his kid.
Look at that.
Another nigger lover.
Sit down and clean it yourself.
Check, please.
Here now is one of the most
outstanding vocal groups...
in the country today...
Girl, when you going to wake up
and smell the coffee?
Don't you have
anything better to do?
Lonely man. Lost his wife.
Left with that poor little girl.
Now, honey,
I seen this coming a mile away.
I don't need a mother.
What you need is that nice
tall drink of water...
across the street, baby.
What's wrong,
Professor Washington?
Your own kind
ain't good enough for you?
And I thought we said...
you weren't going to buy
no more albums for a while.
I didn't.
Oh! He buying you presents now?
You know, Corrina...
you may have
yourfancy education...
and you got these fancy dresses
that you sew and everything...
That bothers you, doesn't it?
Don't do this.
That still don't make you smart.
What you come home to, baby?
Alone, every night.
When did this come?
Doesn't even feel
like the other ones.
It's skinny. Look.
Read it slow.
"Dear Miss Washington...
"High Hat magazine
would like to thank you...
"for your article.
"we are not interested...
"in publishing articles
by unknown colored women..."
No matter how talented they are.
Best regards...
Yours truly.
Do you taste like chocolate?
I don't know.
Do you taste like vanilla?
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine
Let it shine
Let it shine.
Oh, everybody
Now go
I'm a nigger lover.
Molly! What a mean thing to say.
You're not
my bestfriend anymore.
Well, I didn't know.
What's so mean about it?
I don't know. It just is.
It means you think you're better
than me, you honky.
But you just called me a donkey.
Not donkey, honky...
you white gringo womp...
hymie macaroni-face!
Shut up. She is not.
She's my bestfriend.
I'm going to let it shine
Oh, Jesus
This little light of mine
I'm going to let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine
Let it shine
God does not like ugly.
You're going back to school
tomorrow, and that's it.
But I don't want to go back.
I want to be with you.
You don't want to go where?
Back to Jenny's.
We'll talk about that later.
You know why?
Because, more importantly...
you are looking at the winner
of the new Mr. Bromide account!
Yay! It absorbs twenty-seven
times its weight in excess acid!
It's still unofficial, but...
I'd like to thank the people
who got me there.
Must be the press.
You say you don't
have time to cook
Come over here
and take a look
It's smooth, it's cool,
it breaks the rules
Manny Singer
Your mother just called me
with the fabulous news.
And I thought
we could toast Mr. Bromide...
with a little bubbly.
Aren't you proud of your daddy?
Oh, I got your nose!
Oh, this must be your girl.
Uh. Yeah, Corrina Washington...
this is Jenny Davis.
How very nice to meet you.
I hear you're a real wonder
with children.
Catrina, could you get us
an ice bucket and two glasses?
You know, uh, I'll do that.
Gosh, aren't those
lovely flowers?
Has anybody seen my cigarettes?
I just got you a carton.
I can't help it
if you're tearing through them.
You know...
the three of you
could go for a drive...
and maybe pick some up.
Or... this is what is called
a good time to quit.
You're so right.
Good night.
Something sure smells good.
I'll turn off the oven.
Well, I've never...
experienced another man...
except Douglas, and...
Excuse me.
We're having trouble
on our line.
Can you dial the number again?
No one there.
But l...
Don't answer it.
You recognize my voice.
What do you think you're doing?
Well, l... I can't sleep.
Good night, Molly!
Maybe our voices
are keeping her up.
You OK?
Boy, I tell you...
Louis could stand alone...
in the middle of the Sahara...
singing selected excerpts...
from the Tunis
telephone directory.
No, Louis is cool. He's cool.
But Billie Holiday's version...
It's just a bit tastier.
This is all very new... for me.
This is all very confusing.
I just don'tfeel
like I'm ready to get...
Oh, Manny, I know. I know.
I know how hard it is
to let yourself love again.
Would you like a cigarette?
No. I don't smoke.
Maybe you should start.
Maybe you should get some sleep.
That's a pretty frock, Molly...
but it's a little late
for dress-up.
Excuse me.
You know what's going on here?
My dad's in the living room
with Jenny.
I don't want to hear it.
Go to sleep.
I can't go to sleep...
if I have to go back to school.
All right.
I'll think about it...
if you promise
to go right to sleep.
OK. I promise.
I love you.
I love you, too, Molly, OK?
Go to sleep now.
I'll sing you to sleep first,
Molly, please...
Hush, little lady,
don't say a word
Molly's going to buy you
a mockingbird
If that mockingbird don't sing
Molly's going to buy you
a diamond ring
If that diamond ring don't shine
It's been a long time since
I've been serious about it...
but I still play a little piano.
I used to sing myself.
No kidding?
Bus driver
was twenty minutes late.
I have to talk to you.
Corrina, we need to tal...
Whether you like it or not,
I employ you.
Oh, yes, you did.
I meant to tell you
I'm giving you my notice.
A week in advance,
which is fair.
Listen, about last night...
This is what is called
one week's notice, Mr. Singer.
Listen to me, please.
Jenny's a friend of mine.
I wasn't expecting her
to come over.
And what I really wanted
was you to stay.
l... I just wanted to apologize.
Well, thank you.
But let's get
one thing straight.
All right.
This is my job.
I work for you. Nine to five.
Time and a half for overtime.
No more. No less.
I'm really running late.
I'll be home, um, aroundfive.
Will you just wait a minute?
Turn around. You have the thing
that's all messed up.
I tell you, Manfred...
I think she's spending
too much time...
with this Mrs. Washington.
Go. Tell me I'm wrong.
Give a look at your baby.
Am I blind,
or is she becoming a sh...
Ma, enough.
Kids are impressionable,
that's all.
Corrina's the best thing
that could have happened to her.
Try the light.
you've got water spots
on your glasses.
Maybe you're using
the wrong soap.
Since when did you become
such an expert on cleaning?
Ah. Which reminds me...
did you see
how the crystal sparkled...
at Jenny's house?
Ma, please. Don't start.
Listen, Manny,
it wouldn't be so bad...
for yourfather to see you...
with a lovely new wife
while he's still here.
Ma, nobody's going anywhere.
You'll both be around to dance
at Molly's wedding.
Oy, Molly's wedding.
Look. Ha ha.
Show me an "A."
And a C-sharp.
That was beautiful, Harry.
Before you skedaddle, maestro...
could you spare a moment...
to fix the light
in the Frigidaire?
Ma, the light works fine.
So, are we going
to talk about it or what?
Grandpa, can you hear me?
Make Daddy marry Corrina, OK?
I told you, she's the best thing
in the worldfor Molly.
Look at her. She's glowing.
Manny, I wasn't born today.
It's just
a tremendous relief to...
You were kissing Mrs. Washington
on your steps.
I got a call
from your neighbor Mrs. Murphy.
This is sick.
This is really sick.
Don't worry about Mrs. Murphy.
She's a small, unhappy woman
with bigfeet.
But that's the world.
It may not be a perfect world,
but it's the world we live in.
Listen to what
I'm telling you, Manfred.
Afish and a bird
can fall in love...
but where will they build
their nest?
It's flying!
There it is.
It's flying!
Look, guys. Look at that.
Here it is.
Here it is, here.
I'll get it. I'll get it!
In the tree?
In the sandbox.
In the sandbox.
What the...
This isn't a joke.
You have some explaining to do,
young lady.
Cigarettes cost money.
They're not your toys.
Now why did you do a thing
like that?
Corrina's husband went outfor
a pack of cigarettes and died.
What are you saying?
They all die.
That's what the TV says.
Even the Surgery General
says it.
You have my promise...
that I will never,
ever, ever leave you...
Because Mommy says...
it's bad to be
a breaker of promises.
Yeah, she did say that.
You see? We remember.
You know what?
If Mommy were here right now,
she'd be smiling.
She had the bluest,
bluest eyes...
just like yours.
Blue like mine?
Mm-hmm. And you know what else?
Yep. She smelled
just like you do.
What was that?
Did you hear that?
Think it was a plane.
Who wants to take a trip
to Kalamazoo?
Make sure you get tickets
for three, not two!
Come here! Let's go fly.
Here you go.
I'll have this one.
I want chocolate!
Appreciate your patience.
They had to special order
the fabric from France.
Your wife had taste.
Yes, she did.
Wasn't great with dimensions,
Well, nobody's perfect.
One of the last things
my wife said to me...
was don'tforget
to pick up some almonds...
on the way home.
She said she had a coupon
for roasted.
But I was in a hurry...
and I didn't wait
till she found it.
I don't think
she was angry, Manny.
I think she understood.
Now, do you want to know...
the last thing I said
to my husband?
Slow down.
Slow... down.
You have such an amazing smile.
Wanna dance?
You want to dance?
Been a while for me.
Look at the window.
Take a look at the window.
I have to go.
I beg your pardon, madam,
but I have a giftfor you.
Now close your eyes.
Here you are.
I made this specialfor you...
in honor of you going back
to school tomorrow...
so that you have a place...
to put all your papers,
poems, drawings...
and you can show them
to your dad.
I don't think anyone else
at your school...
has anything like this.
Did you notice that was Lois
on the cover there?
I just wanted
to point that out to you.
Yes, Gregory, what is it?
I was just wondering
when Molly Singer...
would be coming back to class.
She'll be back
as soon as she's all better.
That means that she'll be here
later today?
What makes you say that,
She's been very sick.
Hello, Mrs. Rodgers.
How are you?
Where's Molly?
She's in the room.
How dare you keep her
out of school and not tell me.
There's an explanation.
There is no explanation.
She just wasn't ready.
Corrina, I trusted you.
She was not ready to go back.
She was not ready.
Corrina, you're not her mother.
That's not your decision.
How dare you lie to me, Corrina.
Just stay away.
You're fired, Corrina.
Why did you lie to me?
Why did you lie to me?
What are you doing?
Molly, you have to talk to me.
Go on. What happened?
Mom, this isn't a good time
right now.
Let me call you back later.
Howard, here.
Why don't you take this piece
of cake over to Grandma.
Pardon me,
but could you slow down?
Mrs. Singer just hired me.
All the ashtrays emptied,
and another pot of hot coffee.
Got it.
How are you? Where's the coffee?
Come on, Lois.
You got to eat.
You know, I can stay...
make a little dinner.
Untie him right now.
I'll clean up a little.
I can put Molly to bed.
You need me right now.
That's OK. I appreciate it.
All right. Well...
what are you doing with that?
I was going to surprise you...
and get it restored.
I bet I can get rid
of all these cracks.
I like the cracks.
No, you don't.
Yeah, I do. I like them a lot.
You are what is called...
Well, perhaps you need
a little time.
We'll, um...
We'll talk later.
All right, boys.
Come on. Let's go now.
Come on. Right now.
Thanks for everything.
Uh-oh. He's back.
Come in the house, Percy.
I should have called.
My father died...
and... it gets you to thinking...
about the people
that you love...
the things that you've done...
wish you hadn't done.
your supper's getting cold.
I'm really sorry
about yourfather.
I liked him a lot.
I'm sorry.
I don't want the last words
I said to you to be...
It's all right.
You know...
I'm not very good at this.
Can you please
help me out here...
just this once?
Who are you talking to?
Oh, a new friend.
I made this for Molly.
Would you like
to give it to her yourself?
I might.
I just want to clear up
one thing.
Really clear.
So there's no mistake.
I quit.
You'll be happy to know
that I hired somebody else.
I think you'll like him.
- Did you check their references?
- Yeah.
Good, because you're no picnic.
I know.
I live in this neighborhood.
Come inside.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
That's the funniest thing you
ever told me in your whole life.
This is Manny.
Hello, everybody.
- Good to meet you.
- Pleased to meet you.
Percy, get your jaw
off the table.
Pull up an extra seat.
Is this Mr. Puddin' Face?
Yes, this is the face himself.
Sit there.
Go ahead. Sit there.
What's your name?
Percy. Thank you, Percy.
You're welcome.
You know, you can eat
all my vegetables if you want.
Shine, shine, shine
Let it shine
All through the night
I'm gonna let it shine
All through the night
I'm gonna let it shine
Grandma, that's your part.
Mollinchka, enough.
I'll sing it with you.
All down the road
Take it, Grandma.
All down the road
I'm going to let it shine
All down the road
I'm going to let it shine
All down the road
I'm going to let it shine
Let it shine, shine, shine
Let it shine