Corvette Summer (1978) Movie Script

There's a Mustang '66.
We could turn that into
a '65 with no trouble.
There's a Volkswagen.
Hey, let's do
a dune buggy!
Hey, no foreign cars,
huh, man?
There's a Chrysler
Look at the fins.
You like it?
I love it.
No way.
O.K., keep your eyes
peeled for a Packard.
You guys want to
do a Camaro?
Don't get me wrong.
I got nothing
against Ford products.
Climb under and tell me
if that cross member's
Come on. Cut that out.
Yeah, it's straight,
but there's
no Springs.
No! No! Wait!
where you going?
Can't you see?
It's a Corvette!
A stingray!
Hey, stop this machine!
This is it!
We found our car!
Can you believe
your eyes?
It's a Corvette!
Hey, mister!
Please stop it!
Stop it!
Stop the crane,
for Christ's sake, will ya?
Hey, hold it!
Hold it!
Hey, stop the machine!
Hey, somebody...
Keep it coming.
Keep it coming...
Whoa! Hold it.
Hi, Mom.
What happened?
Did you forget
your key?
Don't you remember?
There's one
in the mailbox.
I guess I took it.
I left my key ring
at the lounge.
It's late, isn't it?
What time is it?
Who you out with
That's Mr. Borodino.
He's in real estate.
I don't know.
Thought I heard
his water pump going.
He ought to look
at that.
Got the key?
Have fun
Did you have
a date?
Not really.
Aren't you going to
give me a kiss, huh?
Come on.
Give your old mother
a kiss.
I haven't seen you
all day.
Hi, Bernie.
it's not late.
Come on over.
It's Ed McGrath.
Yes, I am passing
the hat again,
only this time,
I was wondering
if you folks could contribute
a set of bf GTAs.
Yeah, I know, but it's
for a good cause...
I'm pleased to see
my efforts this past quarter
haven't entirely
been in vain.
Most of you
are on the plus side
of the bell curve
at midterm...
with notable exceptions.
Uh, glad to have you
join us today, Dantley.
Ricci, don't
try to be heroic.
Watch that pin
I got it.
I got it.
Far out!
Oh, wow!
Simple dreams
And crazy schemes
All can come true
Hear what I'm sayin'
My love is with you
This fire
between us
If I'll make you mine
Give me the night
Give me the night
My heart's on ice
Call to me
Care for me
Sing to me
Share with me
Give me the night
Oh, boulevards
Broken dreams
Don't be depressed
Now we're together
My day crest
I'm full of your passion
You hold all the rest...
Who's in here?
So give me the night
I didn't think
I'd see you tonight.
Hey, Mr. McGrath.
You a dance monitor?
You look like
something off
the Lawrence Welk show.
Knock it off, Ken.
I'm enjoying myself.
What are you doing
in here, anyway?
I don't know.
I was thinking,
maybe we should've
lowered that spoiler,
maybe even gone for
a wing or a fastback.
What are you giving me?
It's perfect.
Be proud of it.
Yeah, you're right.
It is perfect.
Listen, Dantley...
Don't you go bad on me.
I don't want to read
in the paper
you're sticking up
filling stations
to support
your car habit.
You're a good kid,
talented kid...
But I wish you'd done
better in your classes.
the difference?
I'm out, aren't I?
O.K., comedian.
You joke about it.
But I had high hopes.
Better attitude,
better grades...
Couple of years
in junior college,
I'd have seen one of
my boys in the art center.
Come on.
Don't you get on me.
I had a good year.
To general motors.
Listen, Dantley...
I been around automobiles
all my life.
They're mechanical devices.
They always let you down.
You buy them, drive them,
break them, fix them...
You sell them.
Goods in the marketplace.
Easy come, easy go.
Don't get too attached
to this car.
You don't fool me,
Mr. McGrath.
You might have seen
a lot of cars...
But you love this one
just as much as I do.
O.K., everybody, next stop... Van
Nuys Boulevard.
No one... Can see
The best...
Place to be
When we get closer, baby
When we get closer, baby
Breaker, breaker,
shop craft 1,
honk if you love
This is the top happenin'
dragon wagon.
Hiya, folks.
Dig it, boys and girls.
They cannot believe
this right-hand drive.
And my, my. What
do we have here?
This is a field trip,
not a racetrack.
Get back and give
someone else a turn.
I'm warning you,
Come on,
step on it!
Go for it!
Come on!
The best
Thanks to me
When we get lovin'
Ooh ooh-ooh
When we get lovin'
Ooh ooh-ooh
When we get lovin'
Ooh ooh-ooh
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Ooh ooh-ooh
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Ooh ooh-ooh
What do they see?
Ooh ooh-ooh
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Ooh ooh-ooh
Hold it up.
We gonna let
this creep wreck it?
Why should you
drive it?
You never
worked on it.
Hey, I helped.
I got a right.
Come on.
Let him drive it.
He kept
the floors clean.
All right.
Don't wait up
for me, guys.
You idiot!
Hey, congratulations,
You know, that's the
greatest car I ever saw.
Ever think about
going pro?
Yeah. Get some Polaroids
and go to Detroit.
I been thinking
about it.
Hell, I'll drive that thing
right to general motors'
front door.
You bet
your life, man.
You bet your life.
McGrath to stingray.
O.K., Kootz,
let's call it a night.
I'm making my turn.
what a great car.
Do you see Tommy's
in front of you?
I see it,
and they see me.
Get eight large cokes
and a sprite for me.
Uh, Roger, uh, Wilco.
10-4. Over and out.
And, Kootz,
take the keys.
Did you copy, Kootz?
Come in, Corvette.
Come in.
Rotten kid.
Where the hell is
that little bastard, anyway?
I bet he slopped the
drinks on the seat
and he's too scared
to face us.
Come in, Kootz.
Come in, Kootz.
do you read me?
There he is!
No, that's not him.
Oh, yes, it is.
You said to get cokes.
They're right here.
The keys are in my pocket.
I was only in there
a minute.
They never started it.
I would have heard.
They must've
towed it.
Are you towing
cars tonight?
No, and this is
legal parking.
Did you leave
it running?
Of course I didn't.
The keys are right here.
You said get cokes.
I didn't want
no cokes.
Who said
I was thirsty?
I want my car.
You little shit,
you lost it!
Dantley, don't we have
enough trouble here?
Don't worry, son.
We'll get
your car back.
your car was a Corvette.
They are the favorite target
of your professional car ring...
Corvette, Porsche,
'67 Impala,
Buick Riviera,
Dune buggies...
and now they're
getting into your RVS.
What about
your Toronado?
Oh, that's right, sir.
Your principal's car
was taken two years ago,
and it was
never recovered.
we feel there's a ring
working right in this area.
No matter what you've
heard in math class,
some things are worth more
than the sum of their parts.
Stingray front clip...
we're talking about
$750 right there.
No, I'm sorry to say so,
but that's it
for your machine.
It's out of state,
and it's in pieces.
I understand
you have insurance.
That's it?
It's a kiss-off,
after all the work we did?
You ought to be out looking.
Sit down, Dantley.
Look, I know
how you feel.
Might as well
resign yourselves.
You'll never see
that car again.
No one's going to
break that car up.
I don't buy that
"sum of the parts" crap.
You guys have seen...
it's the best-looking
street machine
on the west coast.
No one's going to
lay a finger on it.
Fill 'er up?
Gonna fill you up.
Promise 'em anything...
But give 'em Arpege.
Here you go.
Beg your pardon?
I sure as hell have.
Have what?
This car is
in Las Vegas.
What are you talking about?
You've seen it?
Sure, I saw it.
It was in one of
those big casinos
on a mirror
going round.
It's on display.
I can't remember.
I was with a client
on the strip.
Wait, wait.
This was a Corvette,
metal flake.
Superior mags, Mercury
tubes, Gabriel shocks?
Kid, this is the car
you're looking for, right?
This is the car
I saw.
Hey, where you
going, Las Vegas?
Far out. We take you the
whole way. Jump in.
What's this supposed
to be, anyway, a hearse?
You don't like cars?
Sure, I like cars.
I... I love 'em.
Yeah, you like cars.
What kind of ride you like,
charger, Camaro?
Corvette, huh?
Yeah. You got it.
Sure, I got it.
Corvette, Anglo.
Anglo, Corvette.
What's wrong
with a Corvette?
It's all gm.
What's gm
have to do with it?
Excuse me, uh...
17 miles an hour?
On the interstate? You looking
for a contact lens?
Ha. You paddies
crack me up.
Still doing
your speed, huh?
What are you into,
miles per gallon?
We're into class.
O.K. I got to
get out now.
We're going to
Los Huevos, remember?
just let me out.
You don't even
have to stop.
Hasta la vista.
Ba-da da-da da
Ba-da, ba-da da-da da
Ba-da da-da da-da
da da da...
Thanks for stopping.
Oh. Wait a minute.
Thanks for
picking me up.
Oh, yeah.
I thought you were
only you didn't have
your thumb out.
You wanna hitchhike,
you gotta stick
something out.
Where you from?
You go to
MacArthur High?
I just graduated.
No kidding.
I go to
San Fernando.
What are you going
to Vegas for?
I'm looking for my car.
Somebody stole
my stingray.
Word's out
it's in Vegas.
You've got
a Corvette?
Oh, sure.
Nice Van you got here.
Yeah, really,
but you can't tell
from up front.
Go on back and,
uh, check it out.
Who did the work?
Some friends of mine...
You know, in exchange
for services rendered.
What kind
of services?
You know
what I mean.
Hey, bring up
a couple cold ones.
We'll talk about it.
What are you going
to Vegas for, a summer job?
Full-time, sugar,
from now on.
Hey, how old
are you?
You know what
I'm talking about.
You've met girls
like me.
I guess.
I'm a hooker,
for Christ's sake.
A what?
What, you mean
like a prostitute?
Well, you know, like
a trainee, anyway.
I mean,
there comes a time
when every
amateur goes pro.
Take it!
What are you doing?
I got to get ready.
I'm pulling over.
Ho-ly smoke.
Yeah. Hi.
Tell you what.
You can be
my first customer.
Boy, you got to
be kidding.
No, I'm not.
What do you think
I'm worth?
Oh, I... I... I
wouldn't know that.
Check it out.
Look what I got here.
Name a figure.
Make me an offer.
$15? What you think I am,
an old prune?
Wait a minute.
What did you just say?
Did you just say
15 or 50?
50! Oh, I said 50.
That's what I said.
That's more like it.
You got yourself a deal.
Let's jump in the back.
I wasn't
making a bid.
I know. I know.
You never paid for it
before in your life.
But then again...
You never had me.
Look, this is my stop.
Really nice
riding with you,
but will you hand me
my gear, please?
Don't be like that.
O.K. Come on.
Here's the thing.
I didn't want to...
give me my gear!
My final offer. $20.
Maybe some other time.
Hey, wait.
What's your name, anyway?
You can read,
can't you?
"Van... essa."
Excuse me, uh, sir?
Yes, sir?
A room?
A name, please?
N-no. No room.
I'm looking
for a car.
The garage
is one floor down.
Elevator to your right.
No. No, wait. See,
you got a car in
the lobby on a mirror?
We sure don't, sir.
Yes, sir?
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Please, sir, it's
a stingray, a '73.
Yes, I heard.
A car on a mirror.
That's one thing
we don't have.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You look like a winner.
You really do.
I got something
I'd like you to see.
Just something
right here.
Huh? Come here.
My friend and I,
we're a little
short on cash.
You got 70 bucks
on you?
Hey, most of these
are real diamonds.
Well, I...
hey, 100 bucks.
You gonna say no
to a Bulova?
I'm from out of town.
I don't want anything.
All right, I gotcha.
We'll catch you
later, champ.
Excuse me, sir?
Yes, sir.
I know
this sounds crazy,
but you don't have
a car in there, do you?
Inside to your left,
near the lounge.
I'm talking about
a full-sized automobile.
Call it what you want.
It's just
a goddamn Hotrod.
A Datsun?
It's a Datsun!
Yeah, I know.
You'd think they'd at
least have a Cadillac.
I was told
it was a Corvette.
Don't take it
so hard.
Why don't we try
someplace else?
Good god.
My wallet's gone.
"Most of them
are real diamonds."
What'd you have in mind,
double or nothing?
I got to eat. Let me
wash dishes for it.
It's all paper.
Beat it!
Give the kid his food!
Are you good for it?
I'm not only
good for it,
I'll make it
How about 4 to 1?
How about 10 to 1?
Huh? Huh?
I love it!
Go ahead, kid.
What's the catch?
There's no catch.
Boy, are you dirty.
Hey, just call me
Gladstone duck.
It is
the damnedest thing.
I cannot lose
for trying.
I been in this town
18 hours. I made $18,000.
I've heard of it
happening to other guys,
but to think
it could happen to me...
Makes you believe
in the almighty.
Well, it's time for me
to go, and I know it.
Let me give you
some advice, kid.
Quit while you're ahead.
Get out of Vegas.
You're not going to
Los Angeles, by any chance.
No. I'm going to run
this baby back to Avis
and catch the first
plane to Portland.
O.K. See ya.
Hey, kid.
You're in a bad way.
I tell you what
I'm going to do.
I'm going to pass my
lucky streak on to you.
A $2.00 bill?
That's what
I started with.
Climb in. Hi.
Hey, hey!
Hey! Stop!
Hey. That's quite a car.
We shouldn't have
any trouble picking it up.
You got a license number?
No problem.
Totally unique.
I'm sure it is
to your eyes,
but there's a lot
of fancy cars here.
Are you positive
you weren't running after
somebody else's automobile?
No way. Look.
See what I did with
the steering wheel?
Yeah, what about it?
It's right-hand drive.
Ha! So it is.
What do you know?
Maybe you can let me
ride with a patrolman.
I could really
help spot it.
The Las Vegas
police department
is one of the finest
in the country.
We can handle it.
Dear Mr. McGrath,
I've tracked the Corvette
to Las Vegas, Nevada.
It's here.
I saw it.
Someone probably won it
in a card game.
Bet you 4 to 1
I find it.
Get it?
Don't worry about me.
I won't gamble.
I don't have
the money for it.
Goodbye for now.
Kenny Dantley.
P.S. Lots of incredible
cars here.
Goddamn it.
Jesus Christ.
Sorry I scared you.
Do you remember me?
Oh, yeah.
Love your shawl.
The men's room's open.
Do I look like a man?
Who's gonna
bother you?
What are you
doing here, anyway?
I got a place nearby.
Rent's right.
Oh, you're sleeping
in a u-haul, huh?
Forget it.
Get in my Van and make
yourself comfortable.
I'm all right
where I am.
How you doing?
Life on the street
kind of rough, huh?
I seen rougher.
I just got started on
the wrong foot, that's all.
Blue jeans.
Kiss of death.
You ever seen those
$100 models work the hotels?
See the way they dress,
how they look?
You look cheap,
you are cheap,
and it's all downhill
from there.
No, I gotta get me
an outfit.
You know?
Something sophisticated.
Black velvet with
a little choker ribbon.
So what are you doing
out here freezing to death?
Get in the Van.
There's food
in the fridge.
How do you like
that ocean motion?
Oh, it's great.
Really great.
You know, uh,
I hear some people
keep fish in them.
You got a girlfriend?
No. No.
Well, no one special.
You ever go out?
Yeah, sure.
Anybody ever tell you
you're cute?
Well, you are.
You know what I got on
under here?
Paper towels?
My streaker suit.
If you're going
to spend the night,
you're going to
spend it with me.
Comprende, amigo?
Oh, uh, sure.
You know, I-I'm cool.
So... peel off
them duds, sailor,
and let me see
what you got.
Fine. Fine.
Do, uh, do you mind
if I close the curtains?
Go ahead.
Got it.
There's one.
Take my towel,
would you,
and hang it
on something.
O.K. Yeah.
Are you O.K.?
Oh, yeah. I just...
Got a little knot
in one of my shoelaces.
Just do a little...
Wait a minute.
This is a real honor.
What do you mean?
I'm going to be
your first woman.
Oh, no. No, no.
Hey, I've been
through this a lot.
A whole lot.
No, you haven't.
Yeah. Oh, yeah.
Come here.
Mama help.
I know just
how you feel.
As a matter of fact,
there are
a lot of moves
that I haven't
tried yet.
Which are going to be
very important
in my line of work.
You don't mind, do you?
Where are you going?
Oh, nowhere.
I just thought things
might work out better
if I slept over here.
This sure is warmer
than that old u-haul.
Are you putting me on?
Oh, no. No, no, no.
It's just...
I got to get some sleep.
I'm really out
on my feet.
Hey, come on.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Where's
your wallet, anyway?
Let go of that, and
stay out of my pockets!
Look, we got to have
some rules around here.
You spend the night,
you get charged!
I never laid a hand
on you!
I don't care! You've
got a lot of nerve.
What are you so mad at?
You had your chance.
That'll be 20 bucks!
Stop the hooker stuff!
Cough it up! You spent
the whole night!
It ought to be 40!
No way! I didn't do anything!
You stink!
Boy, do I
need a pimp!
Everything I got
I give to you!
Full payment
for services rendered!
Oh! I hate you!
Oh, yeah?
That's telling her, kid.
What do you want?
This is my gas station.
I like your style.
You ever pumped gas?
Quiet down.
It's me.
I was just
going over my mail.
I got a postcard here
from Kenny Dantley.
He's in Las Vegas.
That's the idea.
Looks just like
a new one, don't it?
You know something, kid?
You catch on fast.
As of today,
I am promoting you
to salesman.
I have just seen
your first needy motorist.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Take these...
And drop them
in her battery.
Alka seltzer.
Plop plop.
Fizz fizz?
Can you handle it?
Yeah. Sure.
Fill her up?
Yes, please.
And may I check
under your hood, ma'am?
And, uh,
what, shall I look
under your hood?
Yeah. O.K.
What have we here?
Battery problems.
Are you traveling far?
Across the desert.
Well, fortunately for you,
we have a special sale
on new batteries.
Say, Gil,
I was wondering...
you're doing great, kid.
Now, listen.
I want you to cut
her fan belt.
This is my magic ring.
Just a flick, a snip.
Just a Nick, that's all.
Here. Take this battery.
She doesn't have
any cash.
She lost it all
playing Blackjack.
That's what
they all say!
She can't pay for the gas.
Her credit card's expired.
Stop! Crook!
Maybe we could
mail her the bill.
Hello, cheapskate.
Looks like I lost
a quart of Quaker State,
two sets
of wiper blades...
I got some hot news.
Get in.
Where's my STP?
They even took
my credit card machine!
And my anteater.
Dantley, you're
in trouble!
I'm working now.
I'll see you.
The job can wait.
It's important. Get in.
Can I maybe...
Oh, no, you don't,
working overtime
because this is
all your fault.
Don't listen to him.
He can take a ride
if he wants to.
Are you running
a prison farm?
So, what's
the hot news?
You're unemployed.
Very funny.
What are you supposed
to be now, a nurse?
A beautician. I got a job in a
hotel beauty shop.
Did you notice
I frosted my tips?
It's neat, huh?
Wonderful. Is that
what you came to tell me?
I lost a job because
you frosted your tips?
Take it easy.
What about
the hooker number?
What happened to that?
This just gives me
a chance to get
my act together.
Hey, can I tell you something?
You're never going
to be a prostitute.
You haven't
got it in you.
You're right.
You're right.
As a matter of fact,
there are no prostitutes
in Las Vegas.
Look at this.
"Good company escorts..."
oh, god.
What do you think
of the name Rosalind?
Rosalind? What's wrong
with Vanessa?
First of all,
it's not my name.
My real name's Eleanor.
Second of all,
I'm not sure
that Vanessa's got
the right tone to it.
It might be
a mistake for me.
Oh, no!
That's my car!
How about a lift?
Come on in.
There he is. Tromp it!
What the...
are you out of your mind?
Kenny, it's a red light!
Go through it.
That's my car!
I can't move!
It's illegal!
What do you call
auto theft?
Sit down and shut up.
Don't be such a...
Oh, god.
God, we're losing him!
Kenny, c-o-p,
Oh, perfect!
That's a stolen car!
What's the problem here?
You, uh, take
the wrong pill this morning?
This is what
I'm talking about.
We still got
a good chance.
This Dodge has the
performance package, right?
Are you
kidding me?
It's not even
his car.
It belongs
to the school.
What a nut!
It's not even your car!
So what? I built it.
Can we discuss this
after we catch him?
Slow down, friend.
Radio... even faster
than rubber.
You did get the license
number, right?
License number?
Right. It was, uh...
It was, uh...
Oh, god.
Thank you, miss.
On your vehicle
I.D. Check,
stolen Nevada p-r-b-2-3,
we show no such
Nevada registration.
Repeat. No such
Nevada registration.
It's a forgery.
They forged it.
Dear Mr. McGrath,
I saw the car again,
but it eluded my grasp.
I know the world
is full of crooks,
but jail is too good
for the guy
who's driving it.
Well, at least
he's kept it waxed.
Would you believe it?
I met a girl
with this Van.
I think she likes me.
Well, that's
all for now.
What are you writing?
The spoiler still looks
kind of high to me.
What is that?
A letter to mommy?
No. It's to
a friend of mine,
one of my teachers.
Teachers... they're
worse than parents.
I hate them all.
There's teachers
and there's teachers.
This one's different.
He helped me
with the car.
Oh, the car.
The car, the car.
I should've guessed.
Hey, hey, I got
a terrific idea.
Why don't you
write a letter
to the car?
Dear car...
I miss you so much.
What are you doing?
Mixing screwdrivers.
Want some?
No, thanks.
Come on.
Vitamin C.
Not for me.
Well, I got to do this.
I'm in training.
If a girl can't
hold her liquor,
falls asleep
with her trick,
and then where is she?
Asleep on her trick.
Is that a fact?
What do you drink...
Motor oil?
You can make jokes
about a lot of things.
I don't want to hear any jokes
about my car till I get it back.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, you're sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The trouble is, you don't
know what a Corvette is.
Hand me a washcloth,
would you?
It's not... oh...
an ordinary car.
It's a...
I mean...
Families don't buy them
to go... go... go
to the supermarket in.
Corvette's a man's car.
I mean...
Uh, a woman
might buy one,
but that's only
to get noticed in.
A man drives a Corvette
because that's what it is...
it's a Corvette.
Where are
my pajamas, huh?
Will you
give them to me?
It's fast and powerful.
It handles.
It's beautiful.
It's the only sports car
made in America
and happens to be very...
Important to me.
I know.
It's a terrific car.
What's that?
It was a kiss.
I... I was kissing you.
What do you want
to kiss for?
Let's screw.
Yeah, sure.
You didn't say a word
about my souvenir.
You gave it to me.
My first cash sale.
Some souvenir.
Come on, Kenny.
You want to kiss?
I can kiss.
I drive my first car
at 9,
I overhaul my first
transmission at 10,
at 13, I turned
the 1/4-mile
in under 12 seconds,
and I wait till now
to get laid?
Love is a many
splendored thing
Ta da da da da
Excuse me.
Can you tell me where
Mrs. Dantley is, please?
Oh, she's right
back there.
Thank you.
Mrs. Dantley?
Mrs. Dantley?
I'm Ed McGrath,
Kenny's shop teacher.
Oh, yes. I've heard
so much about you.
Excuse me.
Uh, I was wondering
if you've got Kenny's
current address.
I haven't heard from him
since school let out.
Look out, Fifi.
He's in Las Vegas.
Did you know that?
Hey, Fred,
did you hear that?
Kenny went to Las Vegas!
Who does he think he is...
Nick the Greek?
He's not in any trouble,
is he?
No. No trouble.
He's fine.
Oh, what a relief.
Thank goodness.
We're moving, and
I have a lot on my mind.
Uh, you going far?
No. Del mar.
What about Kenny?
Oh, don't worry.
He'll find me.
Say, maybe
you could tell him.
That would simplify things.
Oh. Oh.
Fine. Sure.
When I see him,
I'll, uh...
Tell him his mother
moved to Del Mar.
Dear Mr. McGrath,
guess what?
I'm going steady with a girl
from Los Angeles.
Wait till you meet her.
Don't get me wrong.
I still like cars.
I will find that Corvette
sooner or later.
I'm not worried
because Las Vegas
isn't all that big.
Yours truly,
Mighty nice.
You like it?
I'll say.
What can I do for you?
I'm looking for a car.
Not bad.
Nice little car.
You kidding me?
Nicer than this one.
Bad guys came,
took it away from me.
Sorry to hear that.
You ever see it around?
Too bad.
Hey, kid!
You ought to be careful.
You run up against
a car thief,
you're liable to wind up
at the bottom of lake mead.
I'll remember that.
Hey, stop
what you're doing.
What's up?
Get the Corvette.
Prepare it.
We're going to paint it.
"Working. Back late."
Oh, boy.
Working late.
I'll bet you are.
He said it was
a lipstick commercial,
so naturally
I believed him.
Honey, when they say movie,
you just move on.
You really make me sick,
you know that?
Order, please.
Yeah, uh, give me, uh,
an everything dog, uh...
A Danny's diamond dog,
large order of fries,
and a cherry-lime Rickey.
You really
take the cake,
you know that?
What's the matter?
Didn't you get my note?
It's Friday night.
I got to work late weekends.
What happened
to the beauty parlor?
I quit. Nobody accuses me
of petty theft.
Anyway, you're going to be
real glad I got this job.
What, free food
from now on?
Yeah, but that's not all.
Every car in this city
either comes through
or goes by here.
I'm helping you, dope.
I'm helping you
find your car.
Batter up, girl.
That's, uh, 14 even.
That's mine.
take your mitt off!
Were you worried about me?
A little bit.
I'm on your side.
I just got back
Hey, yeah
Take me back home
Bring me back home,
You know I love you
And I'm never
gonna leave you
Hey, brother,
get out of there.
Hey, man, I smell
a big tip coming.
Get the hell out.
I'm taking it.
You're going
nowhere, man.
There's enough
for everybody.
Here you go.
This is your car?
You brought this
in here?
Then you're not
going anywhere.
Why not?
Because you stole
this car.
Hey, I'm out
of this.
I mean, y'all do what you
wanna do, man. I...
Bye-bye, little buddy.
Hey, sorry, man.
I didn't see you.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
My bike!
What the hell
are you doing?
Pull over!
Get off this car!
I'm calling the cops.
You want to play?
Pull over!
You want me
to pull over?
Get back here, you...
Hey, Wayne!
Get out here!
This kid ran into me
in the street.
I was at the car wash.
This kid came up.
He said I stole the car.
I'm driving down the street.
He comes up to me
on a bicycle.
Pick him up.
Hi, kid.
Remember me?
You're in a lot
of trouble, boy.
Lock him up.
Hey, what's
the matter, kid,
you forget your key?
O.K., O.K., you got me.
No chain!
Buenas noches, doll.
What do you want?
You Vanessa?
We got your friend.
Where is he?
What did you do to him?
They're not getting
away with this.
You went to the cops,
Boy, are you stupid.
Well, as soon as we get
you cleaned up,
that's where you're going.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Set it on wax.
Just a minute.
Come here,
let me get your front.
And don't look
so goddamn depressed.
You got them.
And you found your car.
You're a big winner,
you lucky
son of a bitch.
Kenny, you did it...
All by yourself.
Over here!
Ha ha ha!
Mr. McGrath!
Far out!
Kenny, how you doing?
Fantastic. Terri...
I've been
looking for you.
Great. Just in time.
I found the car.
I knew you would. I want to talk
to you about that.
You should see these guys.
You talk about bad news...
mean, stupid,
vicious bastards.
I think they were
getting ready to kill me.
I know they were.
They got some kind
of operation going.
They work out
of a body shop.
I know...
Silverado auto body.
Oh, you've been doing
a little spade work, too.
Oh, aren't we something?
We got 'em.
I even know
the name of the guy
that runs the show.
You do?
Name's Wayne Lowry...
talented body man,
good business head,
very aggressive.
He's a former
student of mine,
class of '71.
No shit.
You've been
to my house, huh?
You met Marsha.
You know what I got...
pool, orange trees,
a couple of great kids,
You know how much
I make a year?
It must be
kind of rough, huh?
13,000 lousy dollars.
Mr. McGrath,
don't you think
we ought to go to
the police right away?
I mean, you know,
if we give 'em
too much time,
they could get away.
This truck...
Paying monthly for it.
The mortgage payments
on the house,
they were killing me.
They upped the taxes 100%.
I'm just a little guy,
Kenny, a teacher,
and I'm getting killed.
Everyone has to answer
the question...
am I a sucker or what?
We all play the game,
but who makes up the rules?
Oh, Mr. McGrath.
One day a fellow comes to me
with a proposition,
a former student of mine
doing very well
for himself.
You mean...
You stole the Corvette?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
I'm sorry. You got to see that
car for what it is.
It's a commodity
to be bought and sold
just like everything
on this earth.
So you go to the police.
You know what happens?
I go to jail.
My wife loses the house...
Probably her mind.
Kids are disgraced.
Is that what you want
to do to my family?
We're talking about
a victimless crime here.
Who got hurt?
The insurance company
pays off.
What the hell?
They can afford it.
So you go to the police?
You got a good head
on your shoulders
and a hell of a touch.
There's no reason
we can't put you to work.
I'm not talking about
pumping gas.
I'm talking about
$700 a week,
and you get to do
what you were born to do.
How many people
get that chance?
How come you never
said anything?
We laid up all that
fiberglass together.
You never sa...
how was I to know
you'd fall in love
with a pile of junk?
Are you worried about
living in Las Vegas?
You worried about
your mother?
Good, because
Mom has gone to Del Mar.
Del mar?
Yeah. She's got
a boyfriend.
Look, Kenny,
I'm offering you a job.
Tell me, please,
you'll take it.
I don't know.
You got to know!
You got to know right now!
Why are you doing this?
You don't owe me
Look behind me.
I don't like him
any more than you do,
but if I don't
hit my lights here
in just about a minute,
he'll come over here
and handle it his way.
He calls the shots,
Kenny. I don't.
Come on.
Say yes, huh?
Come on.
Come on. Please.
Was a hell of a car.
We should've lowered
the spoiler, huh?
It's 9:30.
He's coming. He's coming.
He'll be here.
I'm not worried.
I'm just saying it's 9:30,
and you been had.
Something tells me
this little Turkey
is smarter than
you thought he was.
Keep your shirt on.
I see him.
Morning, Kenny.
How you feeling?
I want you to meet the man
you're gonna work for.
Wayne Lowry.
Hey, Jeff, Tony.
Get over here.
Meet a guy
who knows about cars.
Listen, I'm really sorry
about that chain.
I'm sorry
about that.
Hello, again.
No hard feelings,
We're starting
from scratch, right?
That 700 a week?
Not enough.
Now, wait a minute.
First week in advance.
There you go.
I see what you're doing.
I'd do the same thing.
Make 'em pay you what
you're worth, right?
Come on.
Gee, Mr. Sinatra,
I didn't know
you were in town.
I could go for you
in a big way.
That one.
What are you
trying to pull?
Oh, I love it.
Did you sell your car?
No, no.
That wasn't your car
to sell.
That belonged
to the high school.
I never sold it.
So, uh...
Where did all this money
come from, Mr. Dantley?
You didn't pay for this
with a $2.00 bill.
I got a job.
Pays 850 a week.
850 a week?
We do custom work.
Special cars
for special people.
Oh, I get it.
You're going to make it
an inside job.
Steal your own car back.
You think
you can pull it off?
What are you
talking about?
850 a week. That's
what I'm pulling off.
Well, what about your car?
You've got to see it
for what it is.
It's a commodity
to be bought and sold
like anything else
on this earth.
Don't laugh.
I'm not telling you
anything new.
Thing is...
I can have
any car I want now...
A Corvette...
A Cadillac...
A Lamborghini.
What's the matter?
Oh, it's... it's great,
I guess.
Wait a minute.
I got something
that'll cheer you up.
I'm a paying customer.
Oh, Jesus.
What am I doing?
You're worth a lot more
than 20 bucks.
Here's another 50.
And you're worth
a lot more than that.
You keep your money.
This one's on the house.
O.K. Hold it
right there.
Hi there. Looking for
some paint for my wheels.
Sorry, man.
We don't do vans.
I just want
to get rid of this.
I want it to say
"Pete's pulsator."
Really classy. Try
Orlando's down the street.
Hey, where'd
you get this?
It's my new Van.
I just bought it.
You're a car thief.
Look at that back window
and tell me how much
bullshit you want to eat.
Got it from Alslip's
this morning.
Had a waterbed
in the back.
Wasn't nothing
but a boff buggy.
Orlando's your man.
Thank you.
What's so
goddamn funny?
You, man, calling that guy
a car thief.
Come on, already.
Will you talk to me?
Sorry, pal.
She missed two days' work,
and she owes me
for some meals.
Hey, stay right there!
Is that you?
I beg your pardon?
I mean, wow!
No wonder you're not
slingin' hamburgers anymore.
Have we met?
I don't believe
I know you.
Here you go,
Play with these.
Oh, Mr. Blanchard,
I'm losing all your money.
How about
another drink?
Rosalind? Oh, that's
the Rosalind crap again.
Where did you
get that dress?
Would you shut up?
If you think...
just because...
let's take a walk.
Great, great, great.
Just terrific.
You finally
went and did it.
A hooker.
The real thing.
Where do you get off?
I'm getting 100 bucks a shot,
and you know what I'm doing?
Body work... just like you.
where'd you go?
Oh, coming.
Creep. $100. $100.
I'll give you $200. 1,000.
You don't have
to do this.
Come on, Kenny.
It's not your money
I'm after.
Here you go, gin-gin.
Who's your friend?
Oh, this is just
my cousin homer.
Goodbye, homer.
Call me tomorrow.
Say, you wouldn't want
to get in on the action.
I got some friends
coming by.
Its gonna be
a hell of a party.
I'd make it
worth your while.
Hey, enough
is enough.
Beer time.
Hey, don't forget to turn off
the lights and lock up.
What is that?
What the hell happened?
Look out!
Oh, you son of a...
That's it.
Give him to me, baby.
Come on, now.
Come on, baby.
This time I got you. Ha!
Sir, the keys?
I'll get it.
Hello, old buddy.
I'm glad you made it.
Take it easy, pal.
I don't want
any trouble.
I've got expensive
equipment here.
Kenny Dantley, get your ass
out of here!
I'm going to
call the cops.
Oh, no!
Don't do that.
You in the tub...
You're checking out.
I'm not coming!
Who do you think
you are, anyway?
You have no right
to take me anywhere.
I just want to get
my flipper off.
I don't want to go!
You're embarrassing me!
Oh! Let me go!
Oh! I'm going
to smack you!
Oh, and what's this?
Where's your
Lamborghini, big shot?
I'm not gonna forget
what I saw.
You were making
a dirty movie.
I was not!
Yeah? What do you
call it, a pg?
It was not a movie.
It was a short.
Stop this car!
I'm getting out!
Oh, no, you're not!
We're going
the wrong way!
I know. I'm trying
to get us on the freeway.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
That was it, dumbo.
You missed it.
I got it. Hold on.
What are you doing?
Where's the freeway?
I got it. Look for
a place to turn around.
Are you doing this
on purpose?
Oh, I see
what's happening,
and you don't
fool me a bit.
Look out!
You had this planned
the whole time.
Trying to scare me,
huh, you little creep?
Well, it's not gonna work.
I'm enjoying it, see?
I love this.
Boy, are you a nut.
Where's that freeway?
What's he supposed to be
doing, shooting at us?
Bang, bang,
yourself, Mac.
Get down!
What are you doing?
That's it.
That's it!
I knew I'd find it!
The freeway!
End of the line, folks.
So what happens now,
you turn around
and take me home?
Looks like I have to.
You're insane!
Kenny! Kenny!
Kenny, stop!
Stop! Stop!
He's back!
I don't believe it!
Wow! Amy,
come here and look!
Isn't it great?
You wait right here.
This won't take long.
- Uh-oh. Look out.
- Oh, brother.
Alright, now.
No running.
Stay single file.
Hey, look!
The car! It's back!
Hey, come on!
It's back!
What happened to it?
Who is responsible for this?
Who set off that alarm?
Good lord.
Is this our car?
Yes, sir. It is.
You! Young lady!
Do you have
an explanation to offer?
Sure don't, Jack.
Excuse me.
Well, who does?
Ask bozo.
How did you
get it back?
Let's just say...
I found it.
And what about
the police?
You've talked
to them?
They are
aware of this?
They don't know a thing.
You should have.
They should be informed.
What's the difference?
You got the car back,
didn't you?
Back inside.
The fire drill
is over.
Uh, Mr. Bacon?
Yes, Dantley?
There is one thing.
What is it?
I'd like my diploma.
Yes, of course.
It's in my office.
can I talk to you?
What do you want?
What happened?
Money wasn't
good enough?
Couldn't get along
with Wayne?
Should have
called me.
Kenny, listen to me,
You need money,
another car, a job.
Give you my best
I got it! Ta-da!
Where you going
with my Diplo...
Kenny, tell me what
I got to hear. Please.
So long, Mr. McGrath.
Kenny. Kenny, please.
Hey, Kenny,
where you going?
Stick around.
Meet me after school.
What about the car?
Going to buy it?
It's a terrific car.
Superior mags,
Mercury tubes,
Gabriel shocks.
Why don't you
buy it, Kootz.
Hey, Kenny.
Where you going?
Hey, Kenny?
Hey, you
with the funny walk.
Come on. You're not
all that tough.
Give me my diploma.
You think I spent five years
here for an empty envelope?
Oh... danger!
You mad because
I gave the car back?
Ha ha!
Ah, I see what it is.
Any guy...
That doesn't own a Corvette
just doesn't get a kiss
from you.
I'm full of your passion
And you're holdin'
all the rest
So give me the night
Give me the night
My heart's on ice
Come to me
Care for me
Sing to me
Share with me
Give me the night
Oh, now, now
It's better
Oh, havin' you
And heaven now
Oh, our life
Our life
Oh, it fills me
with a joy that won't stop
Give me the night
My heart's on ice
Come to me
Care for me
Sing to me
Share with me
Give me the night
Give me the night