Cottage Country (2013) Movie Script

- Hello.
- Hey, snuskebasse.
- Are you still at work?
- Yes, Shawn and Debbie made a mess.
And you save them as usual.
You work too hard, Todd.
- Do not to pack my bags.
- Of course not.
I mean it, Cammie.
Do not touch the bag.
I do not like the idea
you unpack it as a servant.
- We drive to the cabin as soon as possible.
- I can hardly wait.
The same here, Cammie.
- I love you.
- No, I love you.
16 hours later
We have lost a whole day. Your boss
can not treat you like this.
- We should have run six hours before.
- What should I have done.
If you do not say from
will never improve.
I know that. I could stand just not
a confrontation at the time.
I just thought: "Get it over with,
and came out to the lake."
"Come down to the lake, look at the water,
and then it all washed away."
It deserves you. But you must do
something about it. We can make a plan.
Can we not talk
the work the rest of the trip?
Sorry, I...
I would only think
on two things this week: Cottage and you.
Nothing more.
I think it will be
the best trip to the cottage ever.
Just wait till we get there.
- Todd!
- Damn!
Who is it?
Let me see you.
You are an angel.
- I love you.
- No, I love you.
- What?
- It is Sal.
What? What's he doing here?
- It's not his turn.
- Booked you on the website?
I already made the website!
It's my turn.
Hello, Toddie.
- Good to see you. What are you doing here?
- I have booked the cottage all week.
- Cammie, taxes.
- Salinger.
- Mom said here was empty all week.
- She knows nothing. Check the page.
- I have booked the entire week.
- Well, the website. Pis. Sorry.
- Do not turn it on in here.
- I open the door.
Do not, Sal.
Can you carry the bags up, Masha.
Thank you.
It is God damn country.
He is almost done.
I'm sure.
- Breakfast is ready. Tea?
- Yes, a little bit.
- I thought it was over between them.
- She shows up occasionally.
Maybe it's not so bad that they
is here. We can be out on the lake.
- We can row out to the island.
- No. Not while they are here.
It is not intended,
they have to be part of this.
Toodles. Our time together.
It gives me chills,
they lurk around.
- I get them to leave.
- And everything will be perfect.
- You can rely on.
- You get them to leave?
And now...
What about having breakfast, Miss?
- Okay.
- It was John Wayne right there.
Masha learned the secret
behind the perfect caesar salad -
- On a small lortebar in Thailand
where there was kickboxing matches.
What is the secret then, Masha?
- What?
- Horseradish.
If it does not burn,
do it wrong.
That's what she said.
- That's what she said.
- How's the painting?
You know what. I do not paint anymore.
It is too insipid yuppie fools
which will have something to hang up -
- In their small,
arid occasions.
It is the 21st century.
The only real art... is virtual.
- Really?
- I get enough arts... a cool website and Masha
must complete the application forms.
- What is it about?
- Masha gathers strangers up.
So she gennempuler them
with a compressed air driven hammer fuck.
- If you get arts funding for the kind of?
- Not to anyone. Come on.
- It sounds like porn.
- That's not porn. It is art.
It is ten billion times more genuine,
than what the hell you than doing.
- I can never remember. What are you doing?
- I'm working.
- I work 60-70 hours a week.
- Cool.
I fistfucker life
with a nuclear-powered fuck hammer -
60-70 hours per week.
Who is the fool now?
First fistfucker he lives,
and so he fistfucker me.
There is very horseradish.
I love you.
She is the ultimate rvdronning.
I'm bored.
Hold the book.
What the hell are you doing?
Sal, you know how dangerous it is.
Do not do it.
I would rape balls of you.
I'm bored!
- Go out and pick mushrooms for dinner.
- Me. Picking mushrooms?
- Do you poisoned?
- Take Cammie with.
She loves to pick mushrooms.
Is not it true, Toodles.
Fine, but you have to say
he must go.
- You're not always so persistent.
- I ask him to leave.
No, you do not ask.
You tell him.
- They're gone in the morning.
- Fine. Come Masha, let's go.
- An hour in the woods with that.
- You are a treasure.
No, you're a treasure.
- Are you going to walk with it?
- I do not look like a mannequin.
I'm not cheap, so I do not go
out and looks like a mannequin from GAP.
- A mannequin from GAP.
- Okay.
- Bye, honey.
- They must be out.
I am considering
to invite some friends.
You're kidding.
The headphones. Sal!
Sorry. I am considering
to invite some friends.
Come on.
I booked the cottage
to be alone with Cammie.
And actually when I has evaporated -
- I would row out to the island
and propose to her.
Good luck, I just say.
Are you deaf? I want the cottage.
I will be away before sunset.
"Away before sunset."
Are you John Wayne, or what?
It's not your cabin.
You will not dictate to me.
You're like a five.
What have you performed in your life -
- In addition to swipe the
one naive slut after another.
If at any time
just work a single day -
- And contribute to the society
as you so magical live in -
- You could earn the
to be here. But until then: Smut.
I'm so fucking tired of,
that you are who you are.
Give me the damn headphones.
You forced me to beat you.
They cost $ 300, you bastard!
Hey, your pile of shit. I want
replacement for the headphones, Todd.
They are important for my life.
Your priorities
is completely out of the woods.
- What did you say?
- Do not.
Should I pinch you in the teat?
Do you like it?
You hit me in the eye.
It did piss sorry, Todd!
- Fine. I hate you.
- You owe me $ 300.
- $ 300!
- I need to connect my head!
Give it to me.
Candy abenosser, you idiot.
You stupid...
Come here.
It's my turn to have the cottage.
I booked it on the site.
I'm not the idiot. That's you.
I'm not the idiot.
That's you. You're the idiot.
I'm not a complete idiot, you idiot!
Come on.
Oh, god.
Come on.
There's another one.
- No, not that. It is poisonous.
- I know.
I'm from a religious family.
Father burned us when we were naughty.
One day
melted his mother's face with the boiler.
When she came back from the hospital,
she poisoned him with this fungus.
He died. She went to jail.
I was 13 when my foster parents
sexually abused me first time.
Every time I see this sponge...
...I feel...
...all hands, tongues
and pikkene inside my body.
I can not take it anymore.
No, Masha! Spit it out!
Spit on you!
Oh, God!
- Hey, baby. You find some mushrooms?
- Yes.
- We found one as big as your fist.
- So it must indeed be great.
What happened to your head?
Been in a fight?
- Have you quarreled with my chipmunk?
- No, it was so stupid.
I took a swim and hit his head,
when I was going up.
- Where are Salinger?
- I do not know. I was out to bathe.
- Have you talked to him?
- Yes.
- Is he leaving?
- Yes and no.
Meet me on the porch.
No, no, sit down. Sit.
- Will you marry me?
- Here?
No, at one of the fine hotels
at Niagara Falls.
- Why will you ask here and not on the island?
- I had thought about me...
...but things have changed,
and I will do it before I...
- Before...
- What things have changed?
Salinger is dead.
- What do you say?
- I told him to get out of here...
...and he did not take it so nicely,
since he is who he is.
There was something stupid,
and I hit him with the ax.
- Did you hit him with the ax?
- Yeah, I hit him with the ax.
It was an accident.
He was pushing me.
And then it happened. Sorry.
He's dead. It was not meant to be.
Seriously? Is he dead?
Where is he?
You know, I can not say yes right now.
You must be free again on the island.
But I'm sure
you will be happy with the answer.
- Are not you mad at me?
- Toodles...
You've done something really difficult.
A real manly things.
- I will stand by your side all the time.
- Will you wait for me?
- I'll be in jail.
- No, we will not let that happen.
Nobody is going to believe
it was self-defense.
Nobody is going to know something.
Not if we stick together.
- Is not that what the ring means.
- I bought it, you liked.
You did not think I saw it,
but I did.
I turned my brother to death.
Do you know what that means?
It means...
When we create a family
we can come here as often as we want.
For crying out loud.
- I do not know.
- Todd!
I am 34 years old,
and what have I accomplished?
I am chief accountant for
a frostmadfirma. It's not enough.
I want a family, and if you
You're going down, I'll find someone else.
How long will it be before he will
to have children? And can I get some?
My babe.
Yes, there was something terrible,
but you wanted it.
Make over your brother, but do not
to let it go beyond yourself.
We also do not have to die, right?
Oh, god.
- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
- Do not do it for me.
- No, this is how I want it.
- A zillion percent.
- Fine.
Put the ring back in his pocket.
We need to get it to look like,
as if they were never here.
- Hello.
- Still nothing new about Salinger?
- Has Todd did not say it to you?
- What?
I must have forgotten it. Salinger
said he was going out with the kayak.
- I fry some mushrooms for lunch.
- I'll help you cut.
Moment. The kitchen floor is as
dirty when we fry mushrooms, so...
Masha, you can rinse the mushrooms while
I get started in the oil and garlic?
- Fine.
- You can use the little sponge.
By the way,
I met someone on the way up here?
It was midnight.
I saw no one and no one saw you.
It is only us
who knows that you are here in the hut?
Yes, Cammie.
- Anything else?
- Wait.
- What?
- See here. Tax?
How to make really delicious
fungi. Man pours them on the forehead.
- And then touching one round.
- Yes.
It continues to touch,
so they do not burn on.
It's not what you think.
- Do something.
- No, it's fine. You got her.
- How long does it take?
- I do not know. You beat her.
This had not happened,
if we had followed the plan!
You do not know how hard it is
to kill another human being.
- See here.
- What are you doing, Cammie?
Shut up!
That's it. That's it.
She's not going anywhere.
It'll be fine.
- What is it?
- I do not know. In the heat of battle.
- Is it part of the plan?
- No.
Be a good boyfriend and get the ax.
Should we not move his car first?
Is not it best to paddle, while
is bright and dump the car in the dark?
- What if someone sees us sail?
- We are off to camp.
It looks more suspiciously out
paddling in the dark.
So we leave the car at home
while we are away.
- Do you want to move it now?
- No, I suppose not.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Just let me know if you are not.
- I'm sure.
Why you mentioned it at all?
- I love you.
- And I love you.
- One, two...
- Wait, I need to loosen the canoe.
Cammie Ryan, will you marry me?
Tax. What car are you?
Our or Salinger?
- What's the plan?
- I can not think clearly.
That's why we have a plan.
So you should not think.
- You're Salinger, I'll take ours.
- Fine, well.
I see. Sorry.
I can not relax until we
has dumped the car and everything is quiet.
That's fine, honey.
Everything goes right by our head.
Someone party.
- Did you leave the lights on?
- For hole instructions indeed!
He had already invited them.
Salinger said, but I said no.
If you had said this,
we had moved the car first.
- I told you.
- You did not tell me everything.
- So we had moved on.
- Fine, you're right.
- From now on I will tell you everything.
- How insignificant it is.
- Is there anything else you would like to share?
- No.
Okay, let's put our alibi.
Has anyone seen Salinger? My brother.
- Are you his brother?
- Yes. Todd. Todd Chipowski.
Have you seen Salinger?
The guy who invited you here.
If you could fuck with anyone
anything here, who would you choose?
My boyfriend.
- Are you Todd's girlfriend?
- Cammie.
I am orthodox. I have not
touch women outside the family.
- Is this your friends?
- I have known Salinger long.
We studied art together,
but I chose not Salinger's way.
- I'm still studying.
- What are you studying?
- Torah. I leave from Yeshiva.
- Yeshiva, yes.
- They are amazing.
- It is a religious school for Jews.
Come on. So you get
completely from the Holy Land?
From New York City.
- How exciting.
- It can be.
- Have you seen Salinger?
- Is not he here?
The door was unlocked when we came. His car
are here, but no one has seen them.
- He does not answer.
- We've been out in the canoe all day.
We went to the waterfall and to the island.
We were not here when he came.
- We did not know he was coming.
- So I waited probably not us?
- It was a bit of a shock.
- Typical Salinger.
- When you said you left?
- I did not. This morning.
I am trying to create a timeline
to figure out when he was away.
You make it sound,
as if he has disappeared.
He and Masha trains safely in the woods
and was crooked. You know the ones.
Yes, that's why I'm worried.
Maybe we should start looking.
- Based on what?
- Because...
...a completely unreliable and
absentminded guy does not have emerged.
You are right.
- Relax and enjoy the party.
- I will.
Just to confirm: Salinger's car
was not here last night?
No. It was neither here
last night or this morning.
It is so strange.
He texted me yesterday.
- What did he say?
- He wrote...
"Shalom, dude. Just got.
Sea control. See you maana."
It's from yesterday.
It says nothing about the cabin.
He mentions only the lake.
Maybe they slept under the stars.
They do probably now.
Yes, it is probably just what they do.
- I stop worrying now.
- It's nice that you show care.
If you see Salinger, would you say,
that Todd will talk to him.
- Okay.
- Hello.
- Hi, Todd.
- Dov.
- What a party. When the slips?
- When there is more than one substance.
It is gas. On Sunday.
A portion going back to work.
It will be good
to get the place to ourselves.
I hope it creates discord
between you and Salinger.
I have not seen him today.
We left this morning and came
back to this. Surprise!
- I have not seen him.
- Was his car here yesterday?
No, he must have come,
while we were out.
- When did you last see him?
- I do not know.
- At Easter, perhaps.
- I know you are not the best of friends.
- But he looks up to you.
- No, he does not.
He would not want me to say it, but
he respects your hard work.
It inspires him to
to work harder with his art.
Although. It's good to hear.
What did you do with the head?
That was stupid. I slapped me
on the bridge, when I swam.
- Av. When did it happen?
- This morning.
- Before the canoe trip?
- Yes. I...
I usually take
an early morning swim.
- I get smoke in your eyes.
- What time was it?
- Fairly early. At six o'clock.
- I do not know. Are you asking me?
At six o'clock.
I'm trying to find out
When Salinger may have arrived.
Yeah, where the hell is this prat?
- Where do you think Salinger is?
- I do not know.
You know him better than I do.
Tell him that I'm looking for him.
Good night, Todd.
- Hey, sweetie. How are you?
- I can not take it anymore.
Do away.
I need peace and quiet.
I have not
had a moment's peace since we came.
It'll be fine. You'll have peace soon.
Just pull yourself together.
- What?
- We need a fourth man.
What we play on.
Five cents per point?
You guys are already four.
One, two, three...
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
I have no beer.
Where's my beer?
I'll get one for you.
What the hell is happening to you?
- Here.
- Thank you, darling.
Cheers to life in a cabin -
- And for my little brother Salinger,
who miss his own party.
- Get out of my cabin!
- I can not. You killed me!
No, I booked the cottage
on the website.
I go down to the bridge
and enjoying the view.
I had dreams -
- But you chopped them
into pieces and threw them into the lake.
Every time you hear a loon cry, is
I who fucks the crazy!
I swear I will strangle
every diver in the lake!
Get out!
How it should be.
That's it. Let's play euchre.
- Ace plays out?
- Toodles. You're really tired.
Let's go to bed.
Sorry, he's got sunstroke.
- He should be allowed to sleep out.
- Are you coming to bed?
Good night, everyone.
- Do not make noise so much.
- Come on.
Is it kosher?
My rabbi has blessed it.
I have not
done since high school.
- Not very orthodox.
- I'm more into mysticism.
Some mystics say you should
be bad before you can be good.
I try to be really good.
Be honest.
Do you want to become one with the
universe, or you wonder about Salinger?
It's weird, right?
The car is here, but it is not.
I'm worried.
Why are you not?
- Maybe I have thought about other things.
- Like what?
- If I can undo?
- Regret what?
Since you asked who I would rather
do it with, I told my girlfriend.
I regret it.
They are so cute.
- What are you doing?
- Todd. Did you have nightmares?
- Cammie, what are you doing?
- You snored. I could not sleep.
Since when are you smoking something?
There is evidently
a lot of strange things in the cottage.
- Will you please come back to bed?
- If you stop snoring.
Hell, Todd! You have
something about Salinger, right?
No, I have no idea
how they ended up in the lake.
If you had said it before you run
I might have believed you.
- I'm not so good at something.
- What?
- I will not talk about it.
- What have you done?
- Give me the headphones.
- What have you done to Salinger?
- Give me the headphones, Dov.
- Stay away.
- Give me the headphones.
- Go along h to!
Come here, Dov.
Close your eyes.
The universe is waiting for you
with a big hug.
Get the ax. You chopped the other
apart. Now it's his turn.
He is not like them. He is a jew.
A Jew's body to be buried whole.
- Seriously?
- We can not destroy his afterlife.
- Should we dump him like that?
- No, snuskesbasse. It does not.
- Why not?
- Jews must be buried in the ground.
It is God's law, not mine.
We have killed one of God's chosen.
- Do you want our house haunted?
- No.
- How do you know all this?
- I've been to bar mitzva'er.
I'll get the shovel.
He should be buried. He is a jew.
We ought to say a prayer.
- Do you know any?
- No.
- Do you?
- No.
- I fry anything.
- French toast, maybe.
Who is it?
- Who is it, Todd?
- The police.
- What will you do and say?
- Shut up and go upstairs.
- Do not panic.
- Go upstairs.
Good morning. Is this your cabin?
Yes, I'm sorry. We held a party
yesterday, and it was maybe a little high.
- It will not happen again.
- I am looking for Dov Rosenberg.
- I do not know if there was a Dov here.
- Do not you know who your customers are?
It's my brother's friends.
I do not know really...
It's not my party.
I just cleans up after them.
- What is your name, sir?
- Todd. Todd Chipowski.
Mr. Chipowski.
We got a call from Dov Rosenberg
about a missing person.
Who is missing?
Rosenberg said he had arrived
to Salinger Chipowskis cabin.
His car was outside,
but he and his girlfriend was not there.
Mr. Rosenberg was concerned,
if they were lost in the forest -
Or "something worse".
- Are you related to mr. Chipowski.
- Yes.
He's my brother, but missed...
It is brittle.
He is the
most unreliable human.
This Dov overreacted safely.
He was as tall as a skyscraper.
Is mr. Rosenberg present,
so I can talk to him?
They partied through yesterday.
What is it, Toodles.
Police constable Mackenzie
looking for Dov Rosenberg.
He called yesterday,
because he was worried about Salinger.
He is certainly a brackish or
else. I'm looking for.
He put all a message?
Looking at it.
Where is he? Where is he?
Find him.
- We must find a new alibi.
- A new alibi?
- I have a plan.
- Of course you have.
Where is it? Have you found it? Nice.
Good dog.
We were out on the lake all day.
I never met my brother.
I did not see his car,
before we came back.
Dov, he who called you -
- Said something about
that he would take a natsvmmetur.
He drank a lot, so maybe...
There was one thing...
I was not thinking about it,
but in the circumstances...
There was this oddball,
since we paddled into.
There was this creepy, weird guy.
He lurked among the trees.
I felt uncomfortable.
He had a vaskebjrneskindshue on.
I waved to him,
and so he ran away.
- I do not know if it means anything.
- Completely bizarre.
Hi, Dad.
I do not know what might have happened.
- They found blood on the ground.
- Maybe it was not his blood.
- Where else would it be?
- A rabbit.
Maybe beat a bear
a rabbit to death in front of the hut.
- Why would the bear hide blood?
- Instinct.
Maybe he never came. It did not,
as if he had decided.
Did you talk to Salinger
to take up here?
Todd booked the cottage. Salinger had
never have been here.
Mary, did you say to Salinger,
that he could come up here?
He called and asked
the cabin was vacant.
I thought
I had checked the website.
It has been this way for 35 years.
You think you never about!
If our boy is dead
it's your fault.
It'll be all right, Mary.
It is hard for all of us.
But if we are missing
after a bright spot...
See the ring Todd gave me.
That's funny. I thought
I would learn to love your mother -
- But you and Salinger
I loved from the beginning.
Then came as something good
out of the damn marriage.
- The police will find out.
- I think Cammie not.
Cammie, Cammie, Staple Cammie.
What do you get really out of it?
Lifetime with her.
Is that really what you want?
- I already proposed to her.
- Yes, but why did you do it?
If you had waited a little, you could
have got a treat as Masha.
I have seen
how you look at me, Todd.
Do you like it? I like it.
You could have had me.
You should have just asked.
- Todd? Who are you talking to?
- None.
I imagine a June wedding.
Yes, we ought to look for party rooms,
when we come back to the city.
I thought we could do it here.
A small, stylish ceremony.
Guests coming by boat, and we can
garden lights and flowers along the path.
- Would not it be great?
- After all that has happened here?
Our children and grandchildren
happiest memories will be here.
It should be our family's soul.
I do not know if my parents are with
on the. Things considered.
will be as perfect as here.
I can ask them.
- I love you, Toodles.
- I love you, snuskebasse.
Move away from my side of the bed.
The stain is not gone by.
Dry cleaners said it would get rid of,
but it is not.
Has anyone detergent?
No? They have not.
They have no detergent.
Where is everyone going?
I shall not go. It's my wedding!
I should not ruin my wedding!
You idiot! You did not know there was
so much blood inside your brother?
It's the police.
We're looking
for missing people in the area.
It's the police! Is this your cabin?
If you do not answer, I assume
from you is an illegal intruders.
Shut the fuck up! Keep to scream.
Put your hands on the floor.
I saw a blue heron at Evans's.
- Was it great?
- Aim high.
- Have you written it in the bird book?
- No, I forgot the pencil.
- Did you bring the new mustard out?
- I have taken the new mustard out.
- We are considering a June wedding.
- Have I given you for a date?
- Then I look for rooms.
- We will have a banquet room.
- We'll keep it here.
- Why?
Because, Mom, it would make it
something special -
- And that would mean
a lot of Cammie and me.
How would it be special?
Despite the fact that there are some
shall we say obvious -
- And a bad connotation
there are also good associations here.
- I know you love to watch the birds.
- Invite people up here? How?
You can do it
a memory for Salinger.
That is sick. You are sick.
Do you have a party the same place,
as your brother was murdered?
Want to see your grandchildren, mother?
Because when we have children -
- We can say
You gave us your blessing -
And you gave us your full support.
Or we can tell you -
- The reason
they never see their grandparents -
Is because they did not care.
Did you kill your brother?
What? It is...
Cammie... No. No.
You fucking bastard!
How dare you? You're protected
Salinger his whole life and now in death.
You have two sons. One of them is still
alive, and he does something great.
But you are trying to sabotage him -
- Because you need
one to blame.
- He needed extra care.
- Apologize to your son...
...and tell him he's welcome
to marry here in the hut!
Otherwise, I swear by God -
- The divorce papers waiting,
when I get home!
Say you're sorry!
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
I should like to marry here.
I have to be here as often as you want.
Thank you, Mary. We are happy.
It's great. Thank you.
She forgot the pencil again.
This is it.
Really? That I must say.
No, Gruber used to be
in the Netherlands now. Netherlands.
Right now? Where are you?
Yes, I know where it is.
- What?
- It was the police.
They have caught the tramp.
He lived in Gruber's cabin.
They think he is crazy enough to have
killed Masha, Salinger and Dov.
Oh god, that's fantastic.
- We need to identify him.
- So let's do it.
No, I will report
myself to the police.
But they think you he did it.
Is not it great?
One last thing, and it's over.
Then we can do what we want.
No. No. No, look at us!
See what I just did to mom.
We have done disgusting things,
and it will never end.
- I tell everything to the police.
- You have never completed anything.
When I make a plan, I stick
to it. Why it is called a plan.
I will not be with you
rest of their lives. I do not love you.
I've never done.
So I have it also with you, Todd.
You are loyal and kind,
but you are a lump of fat-free yogurt.
Can we even like each other?
Is it important?
It is called obligations.
How dare you go
in the middle of an argument?
Todd came out of the car.
What are you doing?
Listen, Toodles.
You fucking coward. I have put
too much of that shit matters.
Pick up the phone, Todd.
- Pull off the road, damn it!
- Cammie.
Pick up the phone.
- Your phone.
- No.
Stop. We need to talk.
No. Do do this.
P. S. You drive miserable.
- Do not, Todd.
- It's over, Cammie.
- No.
- Yes. You can keep the ring.
Pussy phiz.
- Is it them?
- Yes, one of them.
I have arrested the wrong man.
He is innocent. It was...
You do not say
I have to keep the shit ring.
Holy shit.
Holy shit!
Giantess shot me.
- Is it also part of your plan?
- I know it does not look good.
But we can still do it here.
Get it to work.
You are really something
out of the ordinary.
- No way.
- The engagement is hereby canceled.
Add the weapon.
There are great here.
- How long can we stay here?
- As long as you like.
- Where's Mom?
- She left me.
- Where are Salinger?
- Salinger died.
There are great here.
How long can we stay here?
Where's Mom?