Countdown: Jerusalem (2009) Movie Script

On November 29, 1947 the UN has allocated
Palestine into two states, one Arab and one Jewish.
Is this the reason for the problems ....
After centuries of migration of Jews
that was returned in the Holy Land.
... supports energy
after nuclear explosions of an atomic bomb ...
Countdown: Jerusalem.
.. a strong storm with winds of 125 miles
hour, has killed many people ...
American troops in Vietnam have provoked
that the world is in a high threshold of war ...
Declared that meets the oil embargo
U.S. and Israel during the conflict.
Radicals have expressed
their support in demonstrations.
Meteorological Service reported that
Temperature rise 10 F. ..
Meteorologists consider themselves
stuhin that has happened recently.
Nearly 34 countries were in committee
for the destruction of Iraqi troops ...
A cunam hit Tajlanden this morning, still ...
Americans experience a
great tragedy on November 11th ...
that never forget that day.
Yet the world powers
argue its global position.
Fuel prices
increased without changing numbers.
It is a disaster
with major in history.
This morning the president of the union
Adrian Romano spoke to the media ...
only looked at the crowd reaction.
This is a glorious day for the world.
This is a victory for all of us.
Later, peace in the Middle East.
Look, your mother will come on television.
Previously held moments
of reunification, here in our temple,
Religious leaders in South
are including our mayor ...
sitting to discuss the ramifications
Treaty of peace in the Middle East.
most who have talked with leaders
The bank has been praying for president ...
The Central Europe, Adrian Roman main
architect of the peace agreement.
And we will be moments
within the temple ...
where there will be a conference
Press ...
Are you good?
We just experienced an earthquake
in downtown Los Angeles.
See it.
Buildings ...
I think that everything
is moving.
We will continue recording
to conclude kasetn.
Okay, sleep.
I tried but no calls
Mark has called.
Hello dear.
We had an earthquake.
I know, dear,
you are so brave.
And you also.
Okay, back to sleep.
I do not spike saying my prayers.
God loves worship.
Now I have to sleep ...
we will pray to God,
if you die before you wake up ..
I ask God to take my soul.
Will go tomorrow?
I want to go to the park.
In the morning.
... there were 415 dead and hundreds injured ...
and flew to California
all necessary assistance.
Pakistan and India joined the consortium
Romano peace ...
to strengthen and achieve a stronger peace.
In a press conference held
morning ...
President Roman said the new members.
We are very happy for our friends
Pakistani ...
Indians have decided to join us.
We hope and a union of indestructible
the rest of the world ...
how to join our opinions.
A great earthquake occurred in Japan
this morning.
Many central structure in Japan collapsed ...
and the number of deaths is expected to be high.
Seismologists recorded a level Japons
8.1, the largest in its history.
I tried to call you.
All are good.
Why are you here, Mark?
We send me to the Atlantic.
--This afternoon.
Washington wants
we go there.
Believe to be a banking crisis
potential in Europe.
What you miss a shot
your last week with Mary.
It will not be till, to take with me.
Come, was Atlanta.
Their grandparents have not seen
when they leave.
Allison, the earthquake will consume next week
know how this works.
Let me here.
There is no need to worry.
It is in the best care.
I do not want to be now in Los Angeles.
Who is speaking for you?
Hello, come here.
Can you cast your loving father?
-- Where are we going?
Baba is going to see in Atlanta.
Can I? Baba always
leads to fishing with his boat.
Let's talk about Maman father.
Farewell to Baba.
Come, give me a kiss.
What? What is the problem?
Now you're talking about potatoes and fishing
for two weeks.
Then let us come.
Do not go to the top.
Allison has two weeks.
I'll be busy.
Do not stir with my work, good?
This was discussed in court.
Your phone.
Yes? Hey Vic
See you in two weeks.
Yes, I can be there.
Need help?
No, I can do.
Okay, I will jeme out.
--Close the door.
Sorry Vic
Yes, I can go in that time.
When is the press conference?
No, I was good. Yes, I only recently took
to bring Mary to the park.
It is not a problem.
It is assumed that work only
in history from ...
Did you hear that?
Have you done?
Ms. Thompson sleuthhound
I am sorry to wait.
I read his statement.
She suspects that her ex--husband has a daughter?
Why dyshoji it?
Before they disappear Mary
wants to go to Atlanta ...
he is where he grew up.
What is your job?
He is working for the CIA data.
He works in the federal building
on Wilshire.
We will vihemi in this system.
Have a picture of your daughter?
This will help us in your search.
This is the last.
This was when she was five years.
It is a very beautiful girl.
Do you know if your husband already left for Atlanta?
I went to his house and he was not there.
Tentova to call?
--Phone does not work.
No flights are leaving now
Airport ...
Birmingham will contact us Long Beach,
we will disclose.
And the park.
To begin with I would kem someone tomorrow morning.
-- Tomorrow?
I know, but we have an earthquake
Over a thousand people.
She is my daughter, she is the only one.
I understand this, think about your friends,
There is someone standing in his house ...
or other person who knows Mary,
a best friend or a nurse?
See Mrs. Thompson ...
I have 20 years in the Force.
I had never seen any such thing.
I think that ... something big is happening.
Do you understand what I say?
The phones work,
try to call your former spouse.
Nothing in the bathroom.
Find it, I'm sure
Mark has it.
You see it after the earthquake?
Are we weird or something?
He returned after the break.
Do you ever get a break?
She saw us arguing.
Maybe he ran away and after the earthquake ...
It's Mark
I'm sure.
And what we find,
I already notice.
Cosgrove, why send it to Atlanta?
What do you mean?
Why Mark sent there?
I did not.
What does it mean that you did not?
He said he was going to ask and Atlanta
Mary performed.
Allison did not know what to tell you.
We hear the president's speech
Romano of the peace agreement.
A world united UK
now is in our hands.
Romano said that procedures
many of the leaders of the Middle East ...
and its plans to expand the Union expressed
in a global ...
ensuring peace among nations.
In other news, expected storms
east ...
snowfall data expected in the area of New York ...
Come in minutes.
I need your help.
It is strange, but never knew existed
had one in my hands.
Can you read?
A government is a codification.
It may take days.
I am interested just email
and if there's something about Mary.
What are you looking for?
Airline Information, where they can
have passed, everything.
Meetings you may have.
There are 12 post of meetings,
one of them was two days ago.
This is the direction.
There are many conflicting views on this subject;
but it is also an opportunity for
begin a dialogue with Russia.
And they said: "One door closes
and another opens.
Tell us new world order.
It is a movement, is very exciting ...
when people create
nations and to join ...
then we are organizing
in the world.
Did you know this man?
He came here to meet with someone,
I think with you.
And a little?
Will there first?
A is lost.
God has taken her daughter.
What the hell is supposed to
I want to say?
Is it a safe place
Look around, you will have the answers.
I do not understand.
Many earthquakes destroy China ...
... another fire out of control ...
... conditions have worsened in the country ...
Destruction is unsafe ...
Another bank in bankruptcy ...
There must be something there.
All have uploaded files.
Wait. It may have something here.
I know where is Mark.
Mark has bought two tickets to Tel Aviv.
Book a hotel room in Dermani
in Jerusalem for two nights.
Israel why?
One more thing.
Go away.
Cindy are you okay?
The chip.
I do not mind chip, take
But I want my daughter!
This is impossible.
Where is it?
Is Israel?
Is Mark in Israel?
With Mary?
This is beyond you.
Do not go!
I know where it is.
Know where it is!
In the latest ...
Many countries want to belong to the Union.
In other news from Israel, a small fraction
The population has shown dissatisfaction with the Union.
But Romano has been in the region
government to negotiate with the leaders.
It is a national series.
-- How?
It does not mean anything.
This may be false passport.
What else is supposed to do John?
Come with me to see how Mark was doing.
What Israel is doing in John Mark?
Honestly, I do not know.
You have requested to speak with you?
Well I was here.
One day he disappeared
its time is running out ...
for me and Mark.
I know that he would not do harm, I know.
I have to go there, this man said
who was in Israel.
Look, I can bring Arizonn,
then take a plane Flagstag.
I do not have time
and you know how to do!
You can not go faster there!
Airports were closed
from damage by earthquake.
you in contact with the embassy, seeking.
And if they do not work?
"I will.
What would you do if your son is John?
Are you a journalist?
Will make a report to
Roman Peace Treaty?
It is a joke, you know?
This peace, be peace in the Middle East.
Okay, I do not listen.
Like most Americans
decide not to hear.
Please just try to relax.
Let's have a little conversation.
Have you seen any good films recently?
Sorry, smiles.
Very good.
Do you have family in Israel?
Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen
Captain said ...
put on your seat belt
we experience slight blur.
Do Turbulence does not affect you?
I fly a part.
Let me walk in the path of peace ...
guide my steps towards peace ...
to reach my destination safely.
-- You what?
No more fear.
For pray.
Deposited because my faith in God.
This aircraft is still in decline.
If God will,
so be it.
But even after depositing my faith in God.
New Les talks about the captain, we can not
avoid the storm, stay in their countries.
Our lives are unimportant
so that in the Lord.
We can not control it,
in fact, nothing in life.
I spoke once again master,
me fal ...
seem to spend more difficult.
We have to land in Tel Aviv to 1 hour
and 45 minutes.
We will live to see another day.
Please Jerusalem.
Tina reported that Radio Tel Aviv ...
There are some Israelis unhappy
with the chairman Adrian Romano.
The opposition movement is the last
because the government supports the treaty.
Protests in Jerusalem
Tel Aviv are on the rise ...
are stopped by police.
Demonstrations aimed at ...
students who do not want a European leader.
Hello. Ingls?
I came to meet my husband
last night was marked with our daughter.
Your name.
Allison Thompson, my husband is Mark Thompson.
Are you a journalist?
We have many reporters in Jerusalem.
These are very turbulent times.
Did you find it?
Yes, Mr. Thompson was last night.
With our daughter?
Sorry, I do not know Ms. Thompson.
It gives me a key to
things in my room.
Are you here for the cult of peace?
Go here.
Ask for help with the luggage?
Hello, is there a message
for this room?
Thank you.
Excuse me, I can say
Is an address in Old Town ...
with a name ...
Are you Hanifah?
Are you here to join
Mark Thompson my husband?
Do you have the package?
Demel. It is not safe with you.
Mark has it.
Please, I need to find my husband
he has our daughter.
It is here, you watch all the time.
Is a journalist?
Are you American?
Who monitors me?
Is not ready for this response.
I heard that name before.
We are true believers.
Events occurred at the moment
Holy Land and worldwide.
This is the world dying.
The business market is destroyed,
banks disappear
countries have the financial crisis,
and people are morally
What has to do with it Mark?
Her husband knew this,
he had helped.
Does it help them?
Wake up mom.
Wake up.
Mama needs a break
awhile, okay honey?
Ok, I want mama
And I love dear.
Are you at the embassy?
There was a man, Hanifah.
Do you remember much?
Who are you?
Joseph. Her husband sent me.
Is he OK?
Where is my daughter?
Is it?
He sent to help
to find it.
It was the explosion?
No, is sick.
All are very sick.
Are suffering.
Must rest.
No, I can rest,
you know.
I need to be smart.
Can you help?
Munt of ndimoh you find Mary?
For that I get.
We have to go here
road is not safe.
What is happening?
Israel abandoned
peace talks.
What? Why?
After the blast, there was a
struggle for power in government.
Drove the Prime Minister.
Is a funeral procession?
Who died?
Two of the protesters in the streets.
You know, is there?
They died because they were a threat
They had veshkuar.
-- Vigia?
For how long was the hospital?
All this has happened in the past
24 hours.
Mark has asked something.
What is required?
This is what they wanted.
Mark discovered something ...
and will give it to lookouts
or blackmail, I do not know.
Why bring in Mary?
If not ...
have misunderstood ...
and it is in the U.S.
-- What your heart tells you?
Who is here somewhere.
I need to find Mark.
Where did you saw last time?
Citizens of the world,
God still believes ...
we can achieve
a global united front.
This should be against the peace force
by all nations.
Because understand this, the leaves
immediately from Jerusalem ...
to meet with the heads and hope
convince them that peace ...
can be achieved only if there is commitment.
Review the documents.
Stop for inspection.
-- Exit.
-- What?
See you at the hotel.
Americans have deported.
You should go.
-- And what will happen to you?
-- Now.
Ms. Thompson.
Did you find your husband?
Do I have a message?
No, no.
Did you go today?
-- What are you looking for?
-- Many Americans are marching.
-- Are you Jewish?
-- What?
It is not safe for Jews.
Ordered a taxi
of leading to the airport.
-- Do not leave.
-- Please, Mrs. Thompson, ...
go to your embassy.
The government of Israel states
Force of New Order is responsible ...
for discharge of chemicals
Dead Sea ...
causing the strange color
in water.
The government is faced with
this small fraction ...
The opposition has ruled
painted colored sea of blood ...
references in the New Testament ...
Have to leave, authorities
are on the way ...
to get the embassy.
You should go.
Not react.
Do you see things the same as us?
-- Do you believe?
-- I do not know what you are talking about.
My daughter is missing.
Also mine.
-- My father
-- And all my brothers.
You are not safe here, you should
go to the U.S. Embassy
-- I do not go without my daughter.
-- Your daughter is not here.
This place is for
true believers.
Believers, de qu?
Day account.
We meet after tonight
by two days of difficult ...
the world of diplomacy.
We have endured the pain of seeing
Israel brothers and sisters ...
subjected to a cruel attack
their government.
The Jews represent God as ...
a voice that is angry and capricious
against God and against the world.
We must not allow
tyranny, oppression of the Jews ...
should stand in the way
of truth and tolerance.
Let this serve as a warning to
Jews in Israel:
You are enemies of the world.
-- So be thinking?
-- So, this will be.
Why it says?
She says it is antikrisht.
He wants the Jewish people.
Is the cause of the destruction of earth.
Her husband knew.
And when he kontaktoji us
information on Roman.
Mark is not involved in any
Conspiracy for the Day of Account.
This is not a conspiracy!
I went to Los Angeles to meet with Mark
when he was still there.
Her husband had the force of
necessary for us to vihemi in the world ...
Who is the man.
It can save lives.
-- It's secret.
-- Can I come?
Of course, give me a time.
Mark came to Israel
to give this album?
Where is he now?
I'm sorry.
Roman People
it came in earlier than that we did.
And Mary?
I do not know.
-- Where is he?
-- What?
No, it is impossible
is very dangerous.
I need to see it.
Joseph can bring.
He found with God at the last minute.
Do not know.
And now he had met with God.
He prayed? Mark?
God loves worship.
Tensions rose as today
Israeli government that has issued ...
an order after the war
withdraw from the peace agreement.
Israeli military positions
have been strengthened ...
the borders with Syria and Jordan
intervenes to prevent ...
from any outside forces.
The heads of state of New Order
The kercenyen attacks izraleite ...
international security and require that
Army to disarm before 48 hours.
In the capital of Israel, it must touch
All foreigners who are and ...
must leave
country immediately.
You know how painful history
bankruptcy bank withdrawals ...
storm, ice,
sea level rise?
You have to communicate with God ...
so you can check to see
as we see all of us.
Do you believe in God?
-- Asnjher not remember.
-- Why?
Because it is there ...
and while I am here,
I can find it.
I understand.
We found something.
-- What is discovered?
-- Not sure.
Something about my daughter?
-- We found children.
-- Children?
Hundreds of children, perhaps thousands.
Where are they?
What i have done them?
The aim of the new world. Are in the
concentration outside Jerusalem.
Taking the Jews is appropriate.
-- The brand?
-- Yes, I want Tatu.
Because the Jews can not
buried in Jewish cemetery ...
if they have to Tatu.
So do Jews, those tattoos
serial numbers of their weapons.
-- It is part of the prophecy.
-- Where is it?
No one knows, is somewhere
on the outskirts of Jerusalem.
There is no way to find it.
No, only those who have been
and know how.
Still in Jerusalem?
It is not safe.
I would like to talk about his Tatu.
-- What do you want?
-- This, who did this?
What do you think?
In the middle of the night prgjuam
to put identification marks ...
and lead to detention centers.
In the place where he took
a child?
I heard screams, but they can be
are women.
-- Women and children?
-- I do not know.
-- Llevenos there.
-- I can understand them.
-- If you tell them where you will kill me.
-- Call the embassy ...
to go together. I have friends
Department of State.
You do not understand, because there is
U.S. Embassy.
Nobody has to protect it.
He had gone when he manage.
Israeli army is prepared
for an attack ...
UN forces, after
final talks with ...
international organizations.
President Roman warns
Israel that is violating ...
international law and requirements
Israel is disarmed, and surrenders.
We are given 48 hours to attract
Jews, after which ...
urdhruam a military attack
I thought it was not working.
-- Hey!
-- Allison, thank God.
-- Cosgrove?
-- Close Embassy.
-- I know.
-- You will go out from there.
Novels have planned a full attack
against Israelis.
Iran has stated
their weapons towards Jerusalem.
Were mobilized its forces on the border of Pakistan.
Allison is in the eye of the storm.
We have intelligence information
planning an attack after 48 hours.
John, has a building with children
outside the city.
I think there is Mary.
Allison, wait, let me help you ...
-- John?
-- Come.
It is a numerical series.
I discovered Kame.
-- What is it?
-- A group of bombs.
Explosives are to join
cables, see.
You are always at war.
He was a fool to Prime Minister
Roman withdraw from the talks.
Now the only answer is war.
The blast at the top, is not it?
What makes you think so?
Weapons, cause it, they believe
account for the day.
The Bible says that the temple
be destroyed.
You destroyed it.
There Judas Jesus?
-- God has destroyed it.
-- Hundreds of people died ...
in that holy.
This war is more important than all
we, you, me, ...
to your family.
Allison, coordinates these are
a geographical point.
We will go.
-- You can not go.
-- I will find my daughter.
-- Your daughter is dead.
-- Do not say why!
Itzhak, please, it is
in this deposit.
I want only to find my daughter.
Let it go, we do not need.
We had what to do.
If God wants us now,
so it will be.
No, we still have not finished.
We still have to do.
-- Please.
-- Sorry, we have gone too far.
What are you doing?
Add below or I will kill you.
You know.
A to kill?
You can not kill me!
Kame found your daughter.
Whether God on you.
Run, the straight!
With help someone!
With help me, please!
Is it holy war?
I do not care, I do not care.
I just want to hug.
Why not me?
Merciful God, who
The infinite done he gave them meat ...
save, save me.
You that:
"Who believes in me will live and
not known death. "
Enjoys your boyfriend, i love God.
Sun before I wake up.
I pray God, my sweat.
"Then I saw heaven opened
and had a white horse:
which increases Rioja was called "faithful and true";
and judge with justice for the fight. "
Qur'an 19:11
"And every hiding tears from their eyes.
And there will be no death, nor will have lot ...
or will not weep, or fatigue, because
old world has gone. "
Qur'an 20:4