Counterfeiting in Suburbia (2018) Movie Script

I don't know if I can do this.
Chin up, girl.
it's all about attitude.
Hi. Can I help you ladies?
We'll let you know.
Girls, go!
Girls, go!
'Cause we are, we are the queens of the night
Girls, go!
Let's party together
The fun is never over
We are the queens of the night
Girls, go!
Let's party together
The fun is never over
Girls, go!
Let's party together
The fun is never over
Girls, go!
Let's party together
The fun is never over
We are the queens of the night
Girls, go!
Girls, go!
'Cause we are, we are the queens of the night
Girls, go!
Let's party together
The fun is never over
We are the queens of the night
I'm assuming you ladies
found everything you were looking for?
Not everything.
Probably have to hit Armani after lunch.
Oh, right.
What do you say, Ri, Spago,
or sushi?
I'm kind of sick of fish.
Me too.
Spago it is.
Did I say something funny?
No, ma'am.
I get it.
You think we can't afford these clothes.
Not at all.
I'm sure your mother's credit card
has plenty of overdraft protection.
Actually, we'll be paying with cash today.
I see.
So, all one bill, then?
That'll be $1,915.38.
And there you go.
Keep the change.
Thank you, ladies.
Do you need any help with your bags?
Oh, no, we're good, thanks.
...We are the queens of the night
Thank you again.
Girls, go!
Let's party together
The fun is never over...
[Riley]: And that's how it all started.
It was so easy.
For a moment, we forgot
we were actually breaking the law.
We were two naive high-school students
embarking on a path of crime,
and deep down, I knew it wasn't going to end well.
Girls, go!
Let's party together
The fun is never over
Where do you want to try next?
I could use a new car.
Maybe an Audi.
That new cabriolet is hot.
Okay, are you nuts?
We are not doing that again.
Whoa! Hang on--
It's worthless paper, Erica.
Are you having a senior's moment?
That "worthless paper"
just bought you a whole new wardrobe.
Okay, we were this close to getting caught.
Do you know
what the penalty is for counterfeiting?
Do you?
No, but that's not the point.
That's exactly the point.
Did you see the look on Morticia's face
when you slapped those Benjamins down?
She didn't have a clue.
She was a clerk at a clothing store, Erica.
Of course, she didn't have a clue.
What are you doing?
[printer whirring]
Printing some more of these babies.
God, it even feels like money--
because it's 75% cotton,
25% linen...
just like the real thing.
See, this is why we're going to be rich,
attention to detail.
You don't get it.
Look, the newer bills have security features
like microprinting and holographic ribbons,
things I couldn't duplicate even if I wanted to...
which is sort of the point.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
Not this way.
What's wrong with you?
This was your idea.
I thought you wanted to have some fun
while paying off some bills.
I do,
but I don't want to go to jail.
Well, news flash,
your aunt isn't exactly bringing home the bacon
these days.
I can't tell you anything.
[front door closes]
She's here.
Promise me
you'll print more.
Forget it, Erica. Come on.
Come on, Ri, you're killing me here...
[bedroom door closes]
I'm not going to let you do this.
-Do what? -Aunt Karen...
Hi, um...
Riley's got math homework,
and she was going to blow it off
to go see Oliver.
Wow, narc much?
we talked about this.
I like Oliver, I do. He's very polite.
But you've got six months left of school,
you've got to buckle down.
I wish we lived in a world where "A"s in art
could translate into a viable career,
but we don't.
And you can't get into a good college
with a "C" average.
I don't even want to go to college.
At least, not yet.
Anyways, we can't even afford it.
Scholarship money.
There's plenty of it out there,
but you have to earn it.
That means good grades.
And I hate to sound like a broken record,
but you need a job,
some responsibility in your life.
Actually, we were just talking about this.
Fong's Market is looking for a new cashier
to fill in on the weekends,
and I put in a good word
for Miss Underemployed over here.
That's amazing.
Do you think she has a shot?
Uh, we don't know yet.
Well, you gotta go out there, you know,
you gotta... show the flag,
let 'em know you want it.
Early bird gets the worm and all that.
[Riley groans]
Aunt Karen... 'kay.
Did I violate our no-PDA rule?
Because this isn't a public place, you know.
I'd have to check the fine print,
but I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to kiss my niece
in my own kitchen.
[whispering] What are you doing?
Why are you telling her you're getting me a job?
She's going to be wondering
where all the money is coming from.
I figured you might need a cover story.
Okay, no, I told you,
we are not doing that.
See you tomorrow, homegirl.
[school announcements playing]
-Hey, Stephanie. -I love your jeans, Ri.
-Thanks. -They're really cute.
How's it going?
Ah, it's all right.
I've got a math test next, so, you know--
Hey, girls,
Those jeans don't make your ass look fat at all.
Missy Rogers, queen of backhanded compliments.
You know, the other day
she told me she thought my hair looked nice.
I actually think she was serious--
Hi, Oliver.
Uh, hey, Steph.
I gotta get to class.
I'll see you guys later.
See ya.
[announcements]: Don't forget, it's chess club today in the...
What were you and the Grim Reaper
talking about?
Okay, first, she has cancer,
not the plague.
And she's in what-do-you-call-it,
Well, speaking of stuff that could kill you,
I think my dad's gonna kill me
when he finds out I'm failing chemistry.
You're not failing chemistry.
I don't know, I think I need a tutor.
Know anyone who might be able to help?
I'm free at lunch.
Maybe we can put our heads together
and figure something out.
Okay, sounds good.
that is nice work, as always.
[sighing] Erica...
what is wrong now?
Paint under my nails.
Should I call the nurse?
Would you, Tim?
That would be so nice.
That's "Mr. Sylvester" to you.
Oops, my bad.
Say, is there a Mrs. Sylvester?
[laughs awkwardly]
More work, less chat, please.
Yes, sir. You know...
Tim's pretty hot for an older guy.
That's the intaglio printing press.
So that's what they use to print banknotes.
They who?
The Treasury Department.
What, like, a hundred years ago?
Just because it's old doesn't mean it's bad.
It's organic,
and tactile.
It's the difference between real art
and a digital imitation.
Wait, are you saying we could use that to...
You know...
up the quality?
Erica, don't even think about it.
Hey, you're the one who brought it up.
Look, seriously,
we just have to finish this,
[school bell rings] ...Many thanks to all students
who have brought non-perishable food items for our Food Bank...
what are you listening to?
The White Album.
The what?
you don't know the Beatles?
Of course I do. I thought you were
into vintage music.
I am, I like rock and roll,
The Beatles... not so much.
Ooh, we're going to have a problem.
You're a bigger hipster than I am.
Take that back.
No. Here.
Can I borrow your girlfriend?
If you bring her back in one piece.
I just sat down.
It'll just take a second.
What is that?
The key to the art room.
I stole it off Tim
while he was ogling my boobs.
Got Mark to make a copy for me in shop,
and put the original back before he knew it was gone.
You're insane.
Before you get all high and mighty...
[bills rustling]
Your share of the proceeds.
You were selling my paper?
Our paper.
And no, I'm not that stupid.
I simply sold those new Ralph Lauren dresses
to the glam squad.
You may be on to something.
You may be, too.
Maybe we should just sell our money
to our fellow shopaholics.
Are you crazy?
No, we cannot pass those along to any other kids...
[whispering] someone will talk.
I was kidding!
We can't joke about this.
[whispering] Look, we have to be smart.
So you're still in?
I'm still in.
Now, let's discuss other ways we can "diversify" our income.
Sounds like you two are talking about stocks.
Come on.
You can bring him, too.
Wait, bring him where?
Hey, whoa, whoa, a currency exchange?
All set?
Erica... Erica, no...
Oliver, stay here.
Hold on, guys,
is this going to take long?
[whispering] Don't do this.
Too late.
Uh, I'm going to Paris next week,
and I would like to buy some Euros, please.
Sure, how much?
Uh, whatever a hundred bucks gets me.
That won't get you very far in France.
It only has to get me to the hotel.
My boyfriend's meeting me there.
He's rich.
And hot.
Well, you're looking at 85 Euros.
So much for the almighty dollar, right?
There you go.
Back in a second.
Take your time.
I'm not in a hurry.
[Riley, remembering]: By exchanging our bill
for foreign currency,
Erica knew she had hit on the easiest way
to launder counterfeit money.
But it was a risky plan.
These weren't sales clerks.
50, 60, 70, 85.
There you go.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Is there anything else I can help you with?
Uh, no, thanks.
I think we're good.
I can't believe you did that.
It worked, didn't it?
It worked once.
That doesn't prove anything.
Ri, that woman
probably handles thousands of dollars
every single day,
and she couldn't tell.
Or we just got lucky.
Besides, now we're stuck with Euros.
You have to go to another currency exchange.
You read my mind.
Why do I feel like I'm watching
Oliver, we need to talk.
[Riley]: Once we had the real Euros,
the pressure was off.
We could exchange them for U.S. currency
at a different shop.
We just cleaned our money.
And made an extra 11%
in the bargain.
Admit it,
we're sitting on a gold mine here.
Will you say something?
You're scaring me.
I can't believe you guys
are counterfeiting hundred-dollar bills.
Well, we'll have to switch over to 20s, but...
it'll be less conspicuous.
What does that mean, "okay?"
I'm your boyfriend,
isn't that what I'm supposed to say?
Is this guy for real or what?
Okay, we have class, let's go.
[school bell ringing]
I'm so brilliant.
This imaginary cashier job will be your ultimate cover.
You're so modest.
Hey, we need to jump on this.
Promise me you'll tell your Aunt tonight.
Yeah, I promise.
She's not just my aunt, okay?
If it wasn't for her,
I'd be in a foster home,
or out on the street somewhere.
Riley... I get it.
She would never risk losing you.
Okay, let's just keep our eyes on the prize.
I still can't believe
we're actually going to do this.
Believe it, Ri.
Your aunt's debts?
Thing of the past.
Welcome to the high life, my friend.
[sobs softly] [crying]
You're home.
Hey, did the...
did the life insurance get in?
No, not yet.
They're still blaming the accident
on Uncle Dale.
It'll... It'll work out.
I know, honey.
Hey, I got good news.
I got the job.
That one that Erica was talking about?
Yeah, they just called a few minutes ago.
When do you start?
Tomorrow. It's a night shift,
so I won't be home for dinner.
Well, I just think this is going to be so good for you.
Me too.
You want me to bring you up something?
I have those brownies that you like
in the fridge.
Oh, no, I'm good.
I just had dinner.
I know I must seem manic right now.
Things have just been crazy.
But I just want you to know that
if you need to talk,
or anything.
I'll be there.
I know.
[quietly] I miss Uncle Dale, too.
[online video plays] Hi...
today we're going to be talking about "intah-lio",
or intaglio printing.
That usually involves taking a metal plate,
copper and zinc are most common,
and using it to print on paper...
[chatting quietly]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[reply beeps]
Hey, where are you off to?
I've got an early shift.
Yeah. I'll see you later.
Good luck.
[floor polisher whirring]
Hey, Mr. Bernard!
We're just going to be in the art room
working on a project. Mr. Sylvester
know you're here?
You bet.
Gave us the key and everything.
[chuckling fondly]
[Riley]: It was a technical process,
but our art department had all the tools.
We made our hundred-dollar printing plate
with photo emulsion and an acid bath.
The Secret Service
made more than 3,600 counterfeiting arrests
last year.
It wasn't bad odds
knowing there was a hundred million
in counterfeit currency floating around out there.
Most bills are made with inkjet printers,
but we were old school.
Many of the images on counterfeit money
aren't as crisp as the real deal.
Luckily for us...
eight out of ten store clerks
aren't trained to look for it anymore
since most customers use credit or debit cards.
In the United States,
the $20.00 bill
is the most frequently counterfeited note,
but for the designer shops we liked,
the $100 worked just fine.
Listen, I get that you want to play it safe,
but we need to go back to a currency exchange.
We talked about this.
But the money works!
It's just too big of a risk.
Besides, you said it yourself.
You're so paranoid.
[door opens]
You girls pulling an all-nighter?
Uh... almost done.
Just give us a sec! I wish my daughters
were this dedicated.
[knocking continues]
Yeah, yeah...
[sighs heavily]
[shouts] Oh!
What the hell--?
I'm sorry, Mr. Sylvester.
This is strike two,
I gotta send a message.
You're all right.
Message received.
They're gonna need their principal back
by the close of business on Saturday.
[whistles for attention] Hey, hey...
And plus 20% interest.
[sighs] Yeah.
I advise... you not make me come back here.
Okay. Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Morning, Mr. Sylvester.
Oh, hey, Joe.
Watch your step there.
Got yourself a couple of real keeners there, eh?
Riley and Erica.
They were here pretty late last night.
Whatever you've got them working on,
I bet it's going to look great.
[humming distractedly]
[Riley]: Our fellow students
were the easiest way
to sell our purchases for hard cash.
Top sellers--
jewellery and brand-name shoes at a 75% discount.
Not big profit margins,
but it was a quick turnaround...
[school bell rings]
Don't do that.
Rough night, Michelangelo?
[groans] Yes.
If I have to look at another Ben Franklin image,
I am going to hurl.
Well, how do you feel about Grant?
I stopped by the currency exchange before school--
You promised me.
[sighs] But it was so easy.
I cannot believe you went behind my back.
Don't be mad--
Mad, Erica?
No, okay, you could go to jail.
I could go to jail.
But we're not gonna,
simply because we're too awesome.
Here's your share from last night.
What do you think, partner?
I think you should stop
flashing around huge amounts of cash
like you're an ATM.
Hey, guys.
Erica, I love this necklace.
Thank you so much.
Looking great, Steph.
You bought her a necklace?
What was I going to do, buy her a hairclip?
I was feeling flush,
and I felt like doing something nice for someone,
so sue me.
Look, just promise me,
no more currency exchanges,
no more expensive gifts.
We can't afford
to draw attention like this to ourselves.
Okay, just stick with the plan.
Okay, okay.
Just dial down the drama... please.
[cell phone chimes]
If that's loverboy, save your strength.
We've got another late one tonight.
what's up?
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, why?
I... I just called you last night,
and you didn't pick up.
Oh, yeah, sorry, I was working.
Working-working, or...?
Okay, Ollie, I'm gonna be late for third period,
what is it?
This thing with Erica...
I thought you said you were okay with that.
I just want to make sure
you know what you're getting yourself into here.
What do you want me to say?
In the last week, I've made over three grand.
Come on, Ri, you're too smart to fall for this.
Why can't you see what's going on here?
What don't I see?
What could happen.
What's going to happen.
What could happen to you.
What could happen to me?
Never mind.
Forget it, forget I mentioned it, okay, yeah?
Do you trust me?
Yeah, of course.
Then let me do this.
Just promise me if anything goes wrong,
you'll turn around and never look back, okay?
I promise.
Oliver, you are going to love this album.
I'm here about the album?
Follow me.
I just keep all my albums
in the back here.
Tangerine Vector, right?
Awesome-- Uh-uh-uh...
Cash first.
You like the classics, huh?
Yeah, my boyfriend does.
Lucky guy.
Yeah, he's going to love this.
I heard it's a collector's item.
Where'd you get it?
Tower Records.
What's your hurry?
I gotta get to school.
Can you let go of me, please?
Your mom know you're meeting strange men
in chop shops?
'Cause I won't tell if you won't...
Let go, prick.
Yeah, I probably deserved that.
But we're good, right?
Yeah, we're good.
Son of a...
You trying to rip me off, you little tease?
Come here!
[wheels sliding]
[distant police sirens]
[breathing hard]
[sobs] You sure you're
going to be okay?
Thanks for picking me up.
Anytime, okay?
Just don't let your aunt see that hip,
or she'll have an aneurysm.
He could have killed me, you know.
Well, next time you arrange to meet some jerk
to buy stolen property,
bring along some back-up.
50,000 volts buys a lot of peace of mind.
We really are criminals now, aren't we?
Just like Thelma and Louise.
Thelma and Louise drove off a cliff.
They died doing what they love.
See you tomorrow, partner.
You know, it's been over a week,
and you haven't told me anything about the new job.
It's great. It's going great.
Glad to hear it.
Are you working with Erica?
No. Different shifts.
When I was your age,
I was stocking shelves at a Home Depot,
but I've never worked at a grocery store.
Do we really have to talk about this?
I mean, I don't really want to talk about work right now.
Just making conversation.
You want to hear something crazy?
I checked my credit card account today,
and the computer says my balance is zero.
Zip. Nada.
Oh, man, can you believe that?
That must have been one hell of a computer glitch.
That's pretty lucky.
Except for now I'm going to have to go to the bank
and clear it up.
Are you serious?
Well, yeah.
Can't just not say anything.
Why not?
The bank can afford it.
What if tomorrow that same computer glitch
took away some grandmother's life savings?
It's dishonest, Riley.
Your Uncle Dale would have never taken money
that didn't belong to him,
and neither will I.
But it's okay if we lose the house?
I'll admit things have been difficult,
but we are not losing this house,
I promise you.
Things are not that bad.
Would you tell me if they were?
That's what I thought.
Look, can I be excused?
I have homework to do.
are you okay?
[door opens] Riley?
Riley, are you in there?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Don't come in.
I said don't come in.
Don't be stupid, you're bleeding!
It's fine, don't worry--
Stay still.
Now tell me what happened.
I just fell in art class.
And hit what?
A printing press.
It's just stupid.
Well, why didn't you say something to me at dinner?
Because I didn't want you to freak out.
Like you're doing now.
that looks really bad.
I think we should go to the free clinic--
It looks worse than it is,
Well, you can't go to work like that.
I'll call your boss,
and tell him you're not coming in tomorrow--
No! God, why do you have to be so dramatic?
You're not my mother.
Oh, now I'm the dramatic one?
What is going on with you lately?
[panting anxiously]
[metal clanging and echoing]
[school bell rings]
Good morning, everyone.
Can I have your attention, please?
Some of you may be aware of this already,
but for those who aren't...
one of our own,
Stephanie Summers,
died last night in hospital.
As most of you know,
she's been battling cancer
for some time,
and I'm told she was brave until the end,
which won't surprise those of us
who were lucky enough to call her a friend.
I'm sure you all are feeling just as shocked
as I am right now,
and anyone who wants to talk about it
can come to me,
or Mr. Braverman the school counselor.
Also, Stephanie's parents
are setting up a memorial fund
in her name,
and we encourage you and your families
to give as much as you can
to help fight this terrible disease.
[school bell rings]
do you have a minute to chat?
[] Sure.
Of course, Mr. Sylvester.
I know what you and Riley have been up to
in my classroom after hours.
I don't know what you're talking about--
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
Well, I'm not running a counterfeiting operation
in a public school, for one thing.
What do you want?
[whispering] I think you know what I want.
[whispering] What do you think I should do?
You already know what I think you should do.
Well, I want to hear you say it.
What did I tell you last week?
I said, if anything even feels wrong,
you get out, quick.
This isn't worth going to jail for.
It's not that easy.
Yes-- yes, it is.
Stop printing money,
go back to being the hottest girl in 12th grade.
Wow, seriously?
That... You know that's...
Listen, what's the real issue here?
I mean, I get it,
this thing with Stephanie
it's getting to everyone's heads, but--
It's not about Stephanie.
It's Erica.
Look, I don't know,
this is more than making ends meet for her,
it's like a crusade.
Yesterday, she compared us to Thelma and Louise.
I've seen that movie.
They drove off the cliff in the end.
I know.
So tell her what you just told me.
I already did.
She told me to buy a Taser.
Look, you print the money, right?
So stop.
She'll have to be cool with it.
Yeah, I don't know,
I don't think she cares about getting caught.
Like, whatever happens happens,
and if she leaves a beautiful corpse behind,
even better.
Okay, well...
whatever you choose,
I've got your back,
Any time.
Fong's Groceries?
Could I speak to Kumail, please?
Hey, Kumail, this is Karen Cartwright,
Riley's guardian.
I just wanted to make sure that she called you about her leg,
and needing to take some time off this week?
Well, no, you must have.
She's been working there about a week now.
Not unless there's another Fong's Groceries.
Wait, okay, are you telling me you don't have
a Riley Cartwright
working there?
She's 17, she has brown hair...
[chuckles in disbelief]
Um, thank you.
I'm sorry for bothering you.
[school bell rings]
[sent text chimes]
[incoming text chimes]
Where are you going?
What are we doing here anyways?
I just wanted to talk.
[Tim]: Riley Cartwright...
I knew you were gifted,
but printing funny money behind my back?
I swear, I just came here
to tell her that I'm out.
[Tim laughs] Stop?
Someone with your skills?
Sweetheart, if you stopped,
it would be a crime of wasted potential.
Okay, then what do you want?
50 grand.
[gasping] Fif...
That's a lot.
Look, I don't care where the cash comes from
so long as it's clean.
So you figure out a way to make it happen,
or I drop a dime on your little business venture,
and you can get your high school diploma
from prison.
Aunt Karen?
Get away from them!
You've got until Wednesday.
See you in class.
Are you okay?
Did he hurt you?
No, he's just a weirdo.
It happens.
Erica, is that true?
Yeah, it was my bad,
I made fun of his lame pick-up line.
Listen, I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
What is wrong with you?
You obviously know that guy,
and you lied to me about your job.
Wait, what?
When did I lie to you about my job?
I called the store.
They've never heard of you.
Why won't you just tell me what's going on?
Look, I'll see you at home.
Riley, please don't shut me out like this.
[Oliver]: So we can't go the cops?
No, that would kind of defeat the purpose.
There's got to be something we can do
I mean, he's an art teacher,
he's not exactly Al Capone.
Yeah, there is something we can do.
We can get him his 50 grand.
You know it's not going to stop with just that, right?
We gotta do something now,
before it's too late.
Oliver, you're not a part of this.
What are you talking about?
Of course I am,
I'm your boyfriend.
Which is why...
I think for now...
you should just stay away from me.
I'm serious, Oliver.
For how long?
I don't know.
Until this is over.
The way it's going,
it's never going to be over, Ri.
You have to make a stand.
I think you should leave.
No, I'm not leaving.
Not like this.
Okay, Oliver, just... Please stop--
Ri, don't push me away.
Where did we fall and lose our way?
I wish I knew how to make you stay
Something tells me
There's only leaving now
There's only breaking down the wall
When our love is gone...
I can let you go
Where did we fall and lose our way?
[school bell rings]
Good news.
My request for funding has finally come through,
so I have taken the liberty
of bringing our printmaking facilities
into the 21st Century.
We have got an image setter,
a plate processor...
[grunts in anticipation] Everything you need
to make high-quality reproductions.
I look forward to seeing what you guys can do.
[beeps in error]
[printer whirring]
You gotta be kidding me.
What'd you tell your aunt?
That we're job hunting,
for real this time. Good one.
So, how long
do you think it's going to take
to get this thing up and running?
Erica, what happened yesterday?
You mean, how did he find us?
For starters, yeah.
What difference does it make?
What difference does it make? He's blackmailing us,
and you're okay with that?
Maybe this will be good for us.
Think about it.
Now we've got a teacher on our side.
If anyone asks what we're doing here,
he can cover for us.
Erica, we have to start thinking about
how we're going to get out of this situation.
How do you suggest we do that, huh?
There's no getting out of this, Riley.
You have to stop seeing problems everywhere
and start seeing opportunities.
-Opportunities? -Yes!
Look, how is this any different
than what we've already been doing?
We're criminals, right?
So let's at least be smart ones.
And he's invested now.
He's not going to do anything
to jeopardize his big payday.
And if this works out, he's going to want more.
We keep making money, he takes a cut,
everybody gets what they want.
how close are you two getting?
Please don't tell me you're having sex with him.
You're making it sound creepy,
but he really cares about me.
I cannot believe you're making me do this.
I'm not making you do anything, Ri!
Stop trying to blame other people
every time something doesn't go your way.
Look, he wants his money by tomorrow night,
so can we please just get this done?
[Riley]: Financial institutions
are required to report any transactions over 10 grand
to the government
to stay anonymous.
It's called "smurfing," I googled it.
We never went to banks.
They have standardized bill-counting machines
with anti-counterfeit features.
Currency exchanges in low-traffic areas
were our main target.
They still count by hand,
and only use ultra-violet detection
if something, or someone, makes them suspicious.
For us,
our best cover was a smile and a polite "thank you."
I'd like to get
this... amount of money
in U.S. dollars, please?
Excuse me a moment.
I'm Special Agent Peterson,
this is Special Agent Pankow.
We're with the Secret Service,
Financial Crimes Task Force.
I'm going to need to see some identification.
I'm sorry, I'm going to be late for an appointment.
[door squeaks] Oh, hey--
Hey, hey, hey--
stay back.
Federal Agent! Freeze!
Whoa, whoa, whoa--
-Back up! -Keep him there.
Food court elevator.
Got it!
She's heading to the courtyard. Level one.
Go! Go, go!
What's going on?
Just drive!
Damn it.
[Riley hyperventilating]
Ri, come on, you're going to give yourself a stroke
if you don't calm down, okay?
You're safe now.
[gasping and crying]
What the hell happened back there?
Secret Service agents.
The clerk at the exchange probably gave us up.
I told you it was too risky
to go to the same places.
Okay, but you got the money, right?
No, I don't have the money.
Okay, but you still have the Euros, don't you?
I lost my purse.
That means we're still 10,000 short!
I know.
Tim needs his money by tonight!
We don't have time to print more!
I shouldn't have ran!
I should've just let them take me in!
But that guy who chased me showed up, and I panicked!
Are you crazy? If you let them
take you in,
you'd be sitting in a prison cell right now.
You did the only thing you could, Ri.
Don't you get it?
I ran.
They saw me.
They saw you wearing a wig.
Was your I.D. in your purse?
-Thank God... -Okay.
Hey, they don't know who we are.
If they did, they'd be here right now,
wouldn't they?
Here's what's going to happen.
We're going to go inside,
we're going to call Tim,
and I'm going to smooth things over with him.
Are you with me?
Riley, are you with me!
Yes! Yes. Yeah...
Okay, come on.
You're home early.
Erica, I'm glad you're here,
the three of us need to have a chat.
Actually, we were just leaving.
-No? -I can't do this anymore.
We have to tell her.
Tell me about what?
About this?
Tell me this is not what it looks like.
Tell me this is not how my credit cards
got paid off.
Actually, it's...
it's worse.
Who are you calling?
Barb from the PTA, she's an attorney.
I'm going to see if she can meet us
at the police station.
That's a really bad idea.
Riley, tell her.
Yeah, this is Karen Cartwright.
I need to ask you a favor...
a big one.
This is the situation.
I can't believe you're going to let her do this to us.
Erica, it's over.
Do you really think that we can keep this up anymore?
Well, the cops may be looking for you,
but they don't know about me.
And you'd better not tell them.
Wait! Erica...
You're 10 minutes late.
Sorry, this isn't the easiest place to find
in the dark.
Okay, where's your friend?
She's not coming.
And she's not my friend.
Normally, I love a good cat fight,
but things are a little tense for me right now,
so I'm not going to ask you to explain that.
Listen, there's been a bit of a glitch--
You're short.
Like I said, there was a glitch.
Wh-what is that, a glitch?
Where's the rest of it?
That's all I could get.
The Secret Service was waiting for us at the exchange.
Riley almost got caught, they took her money--
What, you brought the feds down on us?
Oh, this just keeps getting better and better...
[kicking and smashing]
There's still 40 grand there--
Let's just cut our losses.
If I needed 40, I would have said 40.
Did you think the people I owe
can't count?
If I don't get them the full 50
by Saturday night,
they're going to break more than just my legs.
I thought the deadline was today.
I was hoping to get it to them early,
earn some brownie points.
I thought you girls could handle it.
I guess I gave you too much credit.
Then let's just go.
Just get out of town,
take the money and run.
We can be together,
you and me...
Right, you and me,
on the run like outlaws...
You know what...
that actually sounds like a plan.
Screw the school,
screw this place,
screw the town, screw everything.
But first,
you've got to do exactly what I say.
I was hoping to see you.
I've been waiting here forever.
Why? What's going on?
Is Riley okay?
Uh, that's what I needed to talk to you about, actually.
We hit a snag.
A snag?
What the hell does that mean?
Where's Riley?
[truck roars past, Oliver yelps in pain]
Barb is on her way,
15 minutes.
I'm sure you'd rather
be anywhere but here right now,
but you gotta trust me on this,
this is the smart play.
[tearfully] Do you remember when...
Mom was taken away,
and I had to stay in the house the first time?
I remember.
This is...
a hundred times worse.
Well, we got through that.
We'll get through this,
I promise.
Oh, my God.
-What? -That's Oliver's mom.
Something's wrong.
Ms. Jackson?
She's his girlfriend.
Where's Oliver?
Who did this to him?
Did what--
You must know something.
No-- What's wrong?
Where's Oliver?
Somebody kidnapped my son!
[Police Detective]: Ma'am, I need you to calm down, okay?
We have video surveillance,
we are analyzing it now.
We're going to find him,
I give you my word.
I'm Detective Glass. You are?
Karen Cartwright.
This is my niece, Riley, I'm her legal guardian.
Your niece was friends with the missing boy?
They're dating, yes.
[cell phone vibrates]
We're going to need to talk to both of you.
That's all right.
That's actually, why we're here.
Your aunt says you have something to tell us
that might be relevant to the case.
No, I'm...
I don't-I don't- I thought I did, but...
I don't know anything about this.
I just, I can't do this right now.
[Riley crying]
They have Oliver,
and it's my fault.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do. Look.
Okay. Okay...
I know this is difficult,
but what we have to do now is go back in there,
and tell them everything that we know--
I... I know you don't want to believe this,
but the longer we wait,
the harder it's going to be
to convince them you're not part of this.
And what if they kill Oliver?
How can I look at his parents again,
knowing that I could have done something
to save him?
Okay, I got him into this
in the first place.
Erica's right,
I always blame other people when things go wrong.
I did this,
I have to fix it.
Get in the car, now.
"Or he dies."
I should have said something more...
I don't know, cool.
I think she got the message.
We're not really going to kill him, though...
Of course not.
It's just a bluff
to prevent her from flaking out on us.
You said he loves her, right?
Big time.
Then he's not going to do anything
to get her in trouble,
like pointing the finger at her best friend.
I don't know...
Counterfeiting is one thing,
but kidnapping?
You think I'm happy about this?
My ass is on the line here,
I have no choice.
Our asses..
We're in this together, remember?
You're right.
I'm sorry.
How far do you and Riley go back?
Fourth grade?
Third, actually.
Well, if it's this easy for you
to betray someone you've known half your life...
I wonder how hard it is for you
to turn on someone you're just getting to know?
Relax, baby,
that's not going to happen.
That's right.
It's not.
How well do you know this Tim guy anyway?
Why does he need 50 grand?
Erica says that he owes money
to shady people, I don't...
And they'll kill him if he doesn't pay up.
[chuckles ruefully]]
No wonder he's taking hostages.
Maybe we can figure out where he's holding Oliver
and go in and get him.
We're not Delta Force, honey.
I'd take out a loan, but...
I'm already over-extended.
No bank is going to touch me with a 10-foot pole.
I can't let you go out on a limb for me.
I'm already out on a limb, Riley.
We both are.
The federal government is after you.
How do you think it's going to end?
What the hell were you thinking?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry...
We need options that don't involve the authorities.
I'm not gonna let them take you away from me.
It's time you taught me everything you know
about printing money.
You can't be serious.
You're all I have.
It's our only choice.
Well, I wish you'd spent this much time
on your schoolwork,
but I gotta to say, I'm impressed.
You have no idea how weird it is
to hear you say that.
because I'm your aunt?
and now we're business partners.
Well, we've always been partners.
You were just too busy being a teenager
to see it.
If we get through this,
I swear I will never slack off in school again.
I'm going to hold you to that.
All right...
show me what you can do.
[knock on door]
Miss Cartwright?
I was hoping to have that chat with you and your niece
about Oliver Jackson.
Um... okay.
Come on in.
Late night?
I guess it was.
[chuckles awkwardly]
You know, this has just been hard on both of us.
I'll just go see if she's awake?
I'd appreciate that.
That's the cop from yesterday.
It's okay, I don't think she knows anything.
She just wants to ask us some questions.
Now? You know he wants the money today, right?
I'm aware of that.
Now, go put some clothes on.
Hurry up, go.
And that was the last time
you had any contact with him?
Are you sure?
Do you have any leads?
We have security camera footage
that suggests
there were at least two perpetrators,
one probably female. We think they were known
to the victim.
[splutters, sobbing]
Will this take much longer?
She and Oliver were...
are very close.
There's just one more thing.
We're investigating a counterfeiting ring
in the area.
It might be connected to several teenagers.
Do you know anything about that?
[Karen]: Honey?
Counterfeiting? Um...
Nothing at all?
Not even rumors around the schoolyard?
Um... [sniffling]
Not that I've heard of.
Well, thank you both for your cooperation.
I know this is a stressful time for you.
I'll be in touch.
[whispering] She knows.
I can see it in her face!
Calm down.
If she is suspicious,
the best thing that we can do
is just convince her that everything is normal.
That means you go to school,
I go to work,
just like any normal day.
See ya.
[car engine turns over]
This is Detective Glass.
Well, I need you to put him on.
[school bell rings]
[gunshot echoing]
Oh, that's Riley.
There she is.
[Special Agent]: Thanks.
Stop! Federal agents!
Hey, you!
[Agent]: Stop!
This is Peterson.
We've got an I.D. on the kids.
I'll just get that for you right away.
[device beeps in alert]
[incoming text chimes]
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
[tires spinning]
What happened?
They saw me at the school.
They know who I am.
They were all over the exchange, too.
I could only get Euros.
What are we gonna do?
I'm gonna take this money,
and I'm gonna use it to try to get Oliver back,
and then you're gonna go to the police,
and you're gonna surrender--
What? No!
--and tell them that it was all my idea,
the money laundering, the counterfeiting,
everything. Aunt Karen--
You have to do that, Riley, okay?
It's the only way that any of us get out of this.
It's going to be okay?
What are you doing?
You can't you take the fall for my mistakes.
Riley, no! No!
[sirens wailing]
Federal agents!
Hands on your head, do it now!
On the ground! Do it!
[officers reciting Miranda rights]
Our friends on the Secret Service
wanted to handle this interrogation.
I told them a missing boy takes precedence
over a fraud investigation.
Lucky for you, I won that fight.
Well, like I told the other officer,
the kidnapper's name is Tim Sylvester,
and he's the art teacher at Riley's school.
We're checking him out now.
Why don't you tell me a bit more
about your relationship with him.
We were partners.
In a counterfeiting ring?
We had a falling out over money.
I've been drowning in debt
for the last six months
ever since my husband died, okay?
You can check with my credit card company,
my bank,
they'll tell you.
And Riley?
You said you were her legal guardian?
Riley has never known her dad,
and my older sister was an unfit parent.
Drugs, petty crime...
so I took Riley in when she was 12.
And then I let her down.
Ms. Cartwright...
She may not be your daughter,
but she might as well be.
When you're a parent,
you'll do anything to protect your child,
I understand that.
But why should I believe
that what you're telling me is the truth?
You don't have to believe me.
Just find her.
Find them both!
[incoming message chimes]
[muffled protests]
[Erica]: Will you relax, please?
I told you, you're going to be out of here soon.
[Oliver]: No, Erica, you have to listen!
He-he's going to kill me.
No, he's not, okay?
Once she gets us the cash, we're leaving.
And if you stab us in the back,
Riley goes down, too.
Is that what you want?
[muffled by gag] No--
[footsteps approach]
She should be here any minute.
You looking for me?
Yeah. Money?
Throw it over.
These are Euros.
They all are.
The police were on me at the exchange, okay?
I'm lucky I got away with anything.
That wasn't the deal.
We were best friends.
You're gonna go with this jerkoff
and screw me?
What the hell, Erica?
Let's go, now.
No, no, not yet.
Not yet?
Let's just go before the cops find us here.
You still don't get it, do you?
No, I want the police to find you.
[Tim laughs]
That's kind of the whole point.
Tim, what are you doing?
[muffled shouting]
It's really sad when friendships get torn apart
over a man.
And when there's a lot of money's involved...
things can get really messy.
[Erica]: Riley!
Erica, run!
[gunshot blasts, ricocheting]
[muffled groans of frustration]
you were my favorite student.
So much wasted talent.
[whispers] Gotcha.
I am really sorry, Riley.
[Taser crackling] [Tim screams]
[gasping and sobbing]
[breathing hard]
He was gonna kill me.
That son of a bitch.
Let's go.
How can I help you?
I'd like to make a donation
to the Stephanie Summers Memorial Fund.
Will that be cash or check?
Do you also take Euros?
Okay, and now you can just apply the filter.
With just a little practice,
and you'll be a pro in no time.
Looking good, Cole.
educational games only, or I'll get in trouble.
how is community service going today?
Two more years of this,
and I'll have paid my debt to society.
Could have been a lot worse.
[sighing] Yeah.
If it wasn't for you and my aunt, definitely.
[quietly] You saved my life.
Being a character witness is the least I could do.
By the way, you ready to go see your aunt?
Oh, you don't have to come, really.
I said I'd drive you,
I'll drive you.
Taking the bus to the federal penitentiary
is very depressing.
By the way,
have you figured out what you're going to do
when she's out?
I'm going to spend the rest of my life
paying her back.
[Riley]: Like most crime sprees,
ours came crashing down around us.
We could have died...
Instead, I walked away with a felony conviction
and a life lesson--
Crime doesn't pay, even with counterfeit money.
Where did we fall and lose our way?
I wish I knew how to make you stay
Something tells me...
There's only leaving now
There's only breaking down the wall
When our love is gone
We're both just looking back
When we know there's nowhere left to run
Just let your heart break
Just let your heart break
Let your heart break
Then I can let you go
There's only leaving now
There's only breaking down the wall
When our love is gone
I can let you go
We're both just looking back
When we know there's nowhere left to run
Just let your heart break
Just let your heart break
Let your heart break
Where did we fall and lose our way?