Country Bears, The (2002) Movie Script

One, two, three.
You can't sit around waiting|for the path to glory
You've got to get moving|to tell your story
The bigger they come,|the harder they fall
From the littlest acorns|come trees so tall
And where you're coming from|is where you're going
Until you get there|you got no way of knowing
All the love in the world
Won't find you|if you don't let it
Let it ride,|let it ride, let it ride
And every mistake is a break|but only if you get it
Let it ride,|let it ride, let it ride
And all the love|in the world
Won't find you|if you don't let it
Let it ride,|let it ride, let it ride
And every mistake is a break|but only if you get it
Let it ride,|let it ride, let it ride
Every day is a brand-new place
Feel the sun upon your face
Try something new
You won't regret it
The hole in your shoe
-Buddy, just forget it|-Whoo! Hey-hey!
Let it ride
Oh, you got to let it...
-Stage dive, stage dive,|stage dive.|-Let it ride, let it ride
-Whoa!|-Let it ride
Let it ride
Oh, you got to let it
Let it ride,|let it ride, let it ride.
Whoa, oh!
Let it ride
Let it ride,|let it ride, let it ride
Let it ride
Oh, you got to let it
Let it ride,|let it ride, let it ride.
The Country Bears|officially broke up
after the '91 Hibernation Tour.
It's actually hard to imagine|popular music without the Bears.
I learned a lot from those guys
and that was why I was so sad|to see them break up.
I guess I miss the old days
at Country Bear Hall.
We was Kinda...|different, you see?
And, uh, at Country Bear Hall
you could be different|and still fit in.
Yup. Different. Mm-hmm.
Hey, Beary.
Doofus, it's time for dinner.
Sit down, Dex.
Okay, that's enough,|that's enough.
NapKin's not a toy, Dex.
I'm really not that hungry.
Am I adopted?
Well... of course not, honey.
Eat your fish.
Yes, you are.
Um... why would you think that,|Beary?
I don't know.
Sometimes I feel... different.
Like Dex and me.
We don't look the same.
Our eyes are different colors
and he has freckles,|and I don't.
I think.
Are you serious?
That's why you think|you're different?
You know, um...
Iast week it was "casual Friday"|at the office
and I guess I forgot|and I wore a tie.
And boy... did I feel different!
It was...
The point is that it's|not unusual to feel different
and... those differences|always lead us
to our higher purpose.
Higher purpose?
Honey, even if you were adopted
we would love you|as much as we love Dexter.
Maybe more.
Just remember, son
the people who love you|no matter what...
that's your family.
I'm going to go practice.
Did you know the Bears made|the only country song
ever go be recorded in Polish?!
Whoa! Really?!
And did you know|that nobody cares?
Way to go, doofus.
You're, like,|totally wrecKing this family.
Um, what are you talKing about?
You really want to know|what I'm talKing about?
Okay, this is my baby picture.
This is yours.
See this?
This is my birth certificate.
Here's yours.
The Rangers used this|to track you.
So... what's your point?
Forget it.
That's the day|Mom and Dad got you.
What do you mean... "got me"?
I mean, picked you up, man.
You were left alone.
They brought you home
they showed you a bunch|of Barney videos
and they pretended|you were their son.
You don't belong here.
At Country Bear Hall
you could be different|and still fit in.
Yup. Different.
Sometimes it's just the goin'
You've got to go
And you don't even know|if it's the right thing to do
Nobody else can be showin'
Which way to go
And you're not even sure|of where you're goin' to
But it's a start
In your heart
Sometimes it's just the goin'...
Country Bear Hall!
Whoa! Hey! Uh...
25 cents?!
Do you have change|for a hundred?
Hello, Reed.
I thought|you weren't coming back
until you could|tear the place down.
That's a whole|four days away, Henry.
The people that owned the bank|before you wouldn't mind
if I got behind in my payments|a month or two.
They'd cut me some slack.
Uh-huh. How far behind are you|right now?
Uh... six...
Six years?
Must be tough.
You had a good run, Henry
but good things must come|to an end, lucKily.
That also applies|to lame junKie things
Iike Country Bear Hall.
Do you like the sound|of crunching wood?
I do.
Oh, like that's going to help.
If you're going to stand there
you might as well|give me a hand.
What's that?
A sign.
Yeah, but... "Destroy"?
Well... they're going|to tear down Country Bear Hall.
Tear down Country Bear Hall?
Tear down Country Bear Hall?!
Sir, Officer Hamm.
And Officer Cheets.
Hamm and Cheets?
W-We get that all the time.
Well, it's your name.
I thought you officers|might enjoy
a little nibble of something.
When I'm upset, I bake.
Please help yourself!
Okay, um... about your boy...
Um, his name is Beary.
No, it's "B-e-a-r," like in...
the German spelling of the name.
Oh, man, are you Kidding me?!
Don't worry, young buck.
We'll find your brother for you.
Here now.
There we go.
Now you're an honorary deputy.
Gee, thanks.
I'm sure all the Kids|on the playground
will be really impressed.
Yeah, well,|don't arrest anybody.
Yeah, this place would fill up|every weekend night.
I tell you, a lot of great music|was on that stage.
There's Flat and Scruggs,|Liver Lips McGraw, Gomer.
Jimi Hendrix opened here|for Vanilla Fudge.
But nobody, but nobody was like|the Country Bears.
Huh! Place would be packed--|people sitting everywhere
even up in the rafters.
You know, sometimes I'd climb|up there just to hear the notes.
What notes?
The music.
The millions of notes|that floated up there...
Some of the best|darn notes ever.
Well, why don't you stop them
before they start|to tear the place down?
$20,000, that's why.
You don't got it,|I don't got it.
Good-bye, Country Bear Hall.
I can't raise that Kind of cash.
Four days from now, this place|comes a-tumbling down.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute!
I got it!
I heard that some people have|a higher purpose in life.
I belong here.
I belong here helping you save|this place.
And we can do it with a concert|to raise the money.
We can get the band|back together!
Get the band back to...!
Get the... get the...!
Oh, that's the stupidest thing.
Never in a million years.
But this place-- it's historic.
The notes in the rafters.
-No!|-I know they'll do it.
-Oh, come on now.|-They could play a show.
Now, stop it, okay?
Just forget it. Stop it.
But wait, you're not...
I said stop!
It's over.
Dumb Kid.
Stupid idea.
Get the band back together.
You could do that.
Oh, look, even if we found them,|uh... a concert?
Yeah, you need equipment
and tickets and promotion|and... everything.
I don't know.
I could do that.
Oh, Al.
Look, let's face it.
In a week from now,|some teenager's
going to be teaching us|how to operate a deep fryer.
We could do that.
Does he have|any distinguishing marks
something that we can|recognize him by?
He's got thick brown hair...|all over his body.
Uh, you know, I think I may have|a recent photograph of him
if-if that would help you out.
Oh... he looks like a...
fourth grader?
-That's right.|-Yeah.
Cutie pie.
Okay, you know what?
I'm going to go to my room now
and, uh, I'm going|to stay there till I'm 18.
Okay, we're all done here.
Are you going to find him?
Ma'am, we're going|to do more than that.
How are we going|to do more than that?
What are we going to do,|find him twice?
All right.
Let's get mobile.
There's a town down the road
Where I ain't been before
Nobody knows my name
Or what I'm looKing for
Maybe things will be|a little different
'Cause it can't stay the same...
I'm gonna ease on down the road
Where nobody knows my name
If they think about me tonight
I know they won't miss the pain
'Cause I'll be taKing it|down the road
Where nobody knows my name
Uh, well, if we're going|to get the band back together
we're going to need|some transportation.
Hey, Beary, meet Roadie.
Have you seen my chicken?
Uh, no.
Get off my grass.
He was maKing a mess|on my grass.
I'm sorry, Big Al.
The original|Country Bear tour bus.
Oh, yeah, pretty neat, huh?
Uh-huh. Wow.
Hey, uh... get the place ready|for the concert, Big Al.
I'm counting on you.
Let's hit it, Roadie.
Don't you worry|about nothing, Henry.
You just go get them boys.
Oh, and be careful of my...
So you want to be|a rock 'n' roll star
Then listen now to what I say
Just get an electric guitar
And take some time|and learn how to play
And in a week or two,|if you make the charts
The girls will tear you apart...
So, is Fred|still in show business?
Yeah, you could say that.
Hey, Fred.
How's it going, Fred?
Excuse me.
Sorry, got to be part|of the video shoot.
I Kind of am the video shoot.
Oh, Krystal, hey, sorry.
I am so happy to see you.
Uh, really?
Could you help me get my stuff?
What you been up to?
Uh, not much.
Playing my harmonica.
Really? You play?
Oh, yeah. I was a Country...
The "Fred"?
Wait, wait,|you're Fred Bedderhead?
Fred from the Country Bears?
And didn't you invent|the stage dive?
Oh, yeah, but I'm|too old for that now.
You're not too old.
You should play with us.
-Huh?|-Come on, Fred.
Come on.
Show us what you got.
Well... all right, I suppose.
Better call my sister
Tell her how much I miss her
Tell my brother|to come home, too
Apple of my eye is humming
That drummer is drumming
Singing, singing a song for you
Just when you think
There ain't no Kitchen sink
You throw one in|from way on out of view
Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo, yeah
Got nothin' left to do
To do
To bring out the Kid in you
The Kid in you
I know that you do want more
Turn the music up, too, babe
Bring out the Kid in you
Left your home and family
To find out who you could be
Find out if the dream was real
Come on, now
Listen to the music
Show you how to use it...
Good. you feel
Just take a look
At all that time you used up
That'll easily be true
Oh, oh, oh
Got nothin' left to do
To bring out the Kid in you
Bring out the Kid in you
Wow, look! There he is.
I say
Got nothin' left to do
To bring out the Kid in you
Bring it out, bring it,|bring it out
I'm gonna bring it out, yeah
The Kid in me
Say, you got to believe.
Stage dive, stage dive,|stage dive.
Oh, Fred.
Hey, Fred, you all right?
Uh, the dive works better...
Yeah, with an audience, right?
Well, if you're all right
I gotta go get ready|for the shoot.
-It was fun.|-Sure was.
Wish I could play some more.
I might be able|to help you out with that.
Huh? Henry?
Get the band back together?
You can do it.
You're Fred Bedderhead
the amazing, world-famous|Fred Bedderhead.
The Fred Bedderhead.
Uh, who is this guy?
Oh, that's Beary,|and he's right.
How you going to get people|to come to the show, Hen?
Why don't you call Rip Holland,|Hen?
Rip Holland?
The guy who stole the band|from me?
Call Rip, yeah.
Rip Holland.
Uh, Rip?
Oh, hey, how you doing, buddy?
Long time, no talk, huh?
So, are you nearby?
Uh, the boys and I are putting|on this reunion show
at Bear Hall|this Saturday night.
Oh, I get it, I get it.
You just called to gloat.
Well, you listen to me...
Oh, no, no, no, Rip, Rip, Rip.
I called...
'cause I thought we could put|aside the old stuff, and, uh...
Well, I was hoping you could|promote the show.
I don't know, but let me|check my calendar.
Well, it's going to be a squeeze
but I think a little juggling|I can fit it in.
Well, that's great.
Well, okay, this Saturday night|at 8:00, then.
You got it, Henry.
I am so back, baby!
Excuse me, sir.
This is the last time|I'm going to tell you.
You're going to have|to leave the store.
Yeah, right, like I need you.
Do you know who I am?
I'm Rip Holland-- Rip Holland.
That's ours.
You know, Fred, you were|the only one who ever wrote me.
You know where|any of the other boys are?
Zeb never gave up the honey.
Hangs out at a bar in Nuttville.
Oh, that's a nice scrapbook|there, Beary.
I've been worKing on it forever.
I really like this picture.
You used to have a lot of hair.
Uh... yeah, well...|oh, look at this one.
Winning that talent show|was our big break.
What's an "arm musician"?
That's Benny Bogswaggle.
He was real talented.
But he was a bad loser.
Wait, wait, wait a minute.|Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He hit Zeb with a chair.
What's that?
That there's a sign.
I'm aware of that.
"Reunion Benefit Concert."
Uh, watch the grass.
Where's Henry?
In the Bears bus,|picKing up the band.
You mean, he's...
He's not actually serious.
Oh, yeah.
Even got Rip Holland|to promote it.
Rip Holland? Really?
You bet.
Uh, come here.
You see, Henry says
we do this here concert,|and we raise that $20,000
we could tell that|little weasel banker to, uh...
Tell the weasel what?
Uh, over yonder-- a monkey.
I'm chubby, but I'm quick.
Rip Holland...
You told me, baby, one more time
You don't wanna sit|all alone and cry
Well, it's over
I can't let go
I'm like a fish out of water
A cat in a tree
You'll be the one on top of me
Well, it's over
I can't let go
He won't play me back|when I come around...
This way.
I got a big chain|around my neck
I'm rollin' down|like a train wreck...
Uh, excuse me, miss.
Uh, would you happen to know|if there's a Zeb Zoober here?
-Zeb Zoober?|-Yeah.
The Zeb Zoober|that sleeps on my floor?
The Zeb Zoober|that owes me $500?
The Zeb Zoober that won't stop|calling me Cha-Cha?
Set me up, Cha-Cha!
Sounds like him.
Zeb Zoober.
I can't get rid of Zeb Zoober.
Hey, there, Zeb.
Is that you?
Now, come on, Zeb,|what do you say?
You give up the honey|and come with us, hmm?
Guys, even if I wanted|to leave town, I couldn't.
I owe Cha-Cha over there|a lot of money.
I'm hungry.
Want to split an order|of salmon fingers?
Oh, Fred.
How about twigs and berries?
Excuse me, ma'am.
What's that boy doing?
I don't know.
Okay, it's a deal.
You're Zeb Zoober.
Yeah, well, that may be true|but, I-I...
Who is this guy?
Well, that's Beary.
Uh, ladies and gentlemen
can I have your attention here|for a minute?
Now, as most of you know
Zeb Zoober owes me|a whole heap of money.
But his little friend there|has proposed a wager.
My house band|versus Zeb's fiddle
in a little musical duel.
Now, if he wins,|he owes me nothing
but if he loses, I get to keep|the Country Bear tour bus.
-What?|-This should be good.
Son, that bus is our only means|of transportation.
Not to mention|that's where I raised my Kids.
Plus, I don't think|you've all seen the house band.
Hey, there, bear, I know|you'd like a little honey
But your credit's no good, man,|you're out of money
I heard you can play|the fiddle with the best
Well, I'm here|a-puttin' you to the test
I'm hereby challenging you|to a duel
'Tween my guitar and your fiddle
You fuzzy fool
That's my guy.
Well, hey, there, Mister,|that was pretty good
For a local bartender|in the neighborhood
Well, I'm a little rusty, now,|I admit
But I ain't afraid of you,|not one bit
I hereby accept|your challenge to a duel
Your guitar and my fiddle,|you crazy fool
I'm only in it for the honey
It makes my head|feel Kind of funny
Gimme that golden nectar|straight from the bees
Bartender, gimme some of that,|please
You better call a cab.
Ouch, hey, there, Mr. Fuzzy
Well, I guess that settles that
Leave your tour bus|parked out front
And the keys under the mat
Whoa, now, hold on just a minute
Hold that jive
'Cause I can feel this fiddle
'Bout to come alive
Back off, sunshine!
Gettin' better.
Go, Zeb!
Yeah, go, Zeb!
All right, Zeb.
That's my Zeb!
Broken lives
Broken strings
Broken threads
Broken springs
Broken idols
Broken heads
People sleeping
In broken beds
Ain't no use jivin'
Ain't no use joKin'
Everything's broken...
Oh, no! Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Country Bear Hall|has been crushed.
Oh, no!
Unit 2, this is Dispatch.
We've got a disturbance up here|at the clubhouse.
We've got Oliver and Wendall--
stuck their heads|in the fence again.
Can you get over here|right away, please? Over.
What is that?
That's a sign.
No, not that.
Is that Kentucky fescue?
Oh. Sure is.
Mmm. Beautiful.
Have you seen this boy?
Only... in real life,|he's a lot bigger
and not all...|tiny and flat like that.
That's true.
Where is he?
Henry took him.
Henry took him?
In the bus with Roadie.
Now, where can we find you?
Right here.
Or maybe over there|in a little while.
Sometimes I'm by that... tree.
Well, thank you very much.
You bet.
So, what do you think,|Kidnapping?
Yep. Let's get mobile.
You know,|would it Kill you just once
to say,|"Let's get going, partner"?
Mix it up a little bit?
They like you.
Uh, this is the harp|my daddy gave me.
Uh, uh, hey, Zeb, Zeb.
I was wondering.
What ever happened to Tennessee?
Saw him a few years ago.
He's still the same heartbroke
mixed-up, psycho,|basket case crybaby.
So, what's he doing?
He's a marriage counselor.
I'm tired!
I've been with the baby all day.
Look, I work all day.
I get a lot of stress|from my boss.
I come home,|I just want to relax.
Is that too much to ask?
I mean, what do you think?
What do I think?
I think you two are so dang|lucky to have each other.
Oh, I'm sure you might fight|over the dishes
but at the end of the day...
at least you're going|to be together.
Not like me.
Not like me and Trixie!
Oh, I lost her!
Oh, sweetheart!
Oh, baby!
I'm okay.
I feel better.
He's good.
Oh, Trixie!
Oh, come in.
Don't tell me you're getting|the band back together.
Tennessee... we're getting|the band back together.
I'm sorry, boys.
I just can't play the thing,|not without Trixie there. I...
Why'd she break up with you?
Was it that sweater|you're wearing?
Took off with some rich,|millionaire, real estate guy.
A panda!
What's with the pandas?|They get everything.
You're telling me.
You sure it wasn't that sweater?
If I knew where she was,|I'd be there in a second.
Ah, but even if I could play,|who'd come?
Nobody cares|about the Country Bears no more.
Nobody even knows who we are.
Hey, how's everybody doing?
Oh, my gosh.
You're the Country Bears.
Oh... you know who we are?
Sure. You guys inspired me
to go after my dream|to become a famous singer.
Did you make it?
Yeah, Fred, she made it.
She just works here|for the free uniform.
Sorry, no offense.
None taken.
I'm still worKing on it.
I even do one of your songs,|"Kick It into Gear."
Kick it into gear
Sometimes you just got to...
That old thing?
Blow the dust off that one.
Well, I Kind of got|my own arrangement.
Sometimes you just got|to Kick it into gear.
Hey, come on. Sing it!
Come on!
When your grip keeps slippin'|and your clutch is gone
And you're tired|of spinning your wheels
On your brain's front lawn
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh
Well, keep your asphalt under,|sunny side up
A gas credit card|and a giant coffee cup
The rest of your life|is gonna find you here
Get up on the highway|and Kick it into gear
Kick it into gear,|Kick it into gear
That's the only way|you're gonna get on out of here
Kick it into gear,|Kick it into gear
Sometimes you just got|to Kick it into gear
Hey, I Kind of like this song.
Had some money|for a turbo drive
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh
Well, it ain't the destination
It's the ride, ride, ride
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh
Put the heavy to the metal|and grab onto the road
-I hear your motor runnin',|it's about to explode|-Yeah!
Still be waitin'|this time next year
Head on down the highway|and Kick it into gear
Kick it into gear,|Kick it into gear
That's the only way|you're gonna get on out of here
Kick it into gear,|Kick it into gear
Sometimes you just got|to Kick it into gear
Oh, yeah
Kick it into gear,|Kick it into gear
That's the only way you're|gonna get on out of here
Kick it into gear,|Kick it into gear
So if you want to, yeah
Kick it into gear,|Kick it into gear
That's the only way you're|gonna get on out of here
Kick it into gear,|Kick it into gear
Sometimes you just got|to Kick it into gear.
Order up.
So, how do you boys like|your eggs?
Like us.
I guess people do remember us.
Yeah. Bears are even on TV.
Police believe this man...
-Hmm?|-Huh?|-What? involved in the abduction|of this ten-year-old boy.
That's you.
Police also believe|his accomplices are
this man, this man,|and this chicken
who are all traveling|in this bus.
We'll keep you updated|on Bus Watch!
Oh, no!
You guys are Kidnappers? Huh?
Of course not, Zeb.
Guys...|I think we have a problem.
How many?
Two, please.
Right this way.
-Ah!|-Here you go.
Suspicious activity at 2:00.
How could you possibly|know that?
Let's give 'em a...
Let's go.
Gone in a breeze
I keep blowing down the road...
Pull over.
Pull over.
Pull over immediately or...
uh... or... or-or what?
-Or we'll make you pull over.|-Or we'll make you pull over.
Shake these fellas.
Shake 'em!
Gone in a breeze
I keep blowing down the road...
Well, now they're gone|in a breeze...
I'm scared.
All right, it's time|to lose these guys.
I need honey!
How about a little thing I call|"hiding in the car wash."
Uh, how's that work?
We hide in the car wash.
I lost them.
What do you mean, you lost them?
How do you lose a bus?
Bingo. 9:00.
Ooh, ooh
You might not ever get rich
But let me tell ya it's better|than diggin' a ditch
There ain't no tellin'|who you might meet
-A movie star...|-Ah, yeah, we got 'em, baby.
Oh, sweet justice.
Oh, we got 'em.
At the car wash...
You guys,|they're right behind us.
Hit it, Roadie.
-Henry.|-Come on and sing it with me...
-We're in a car wash.|-Oh.
We're in it.
Where'd they go?
I don't know. I can't see them.
I can't see anything.|Can you see anything?
No, I can't.|Put your window down.
Do you think I should?
Yeah, it's all right.|It's police business.
You see 'em yet?
Oh, Cheets!
Cheets, you okay?
Cheets! Cheets!
Oh! Ooh! Cheets!
Oh, man! Oh...!
-Help... me!|-Some of the work|gets Kinda hard
Whoa, man! Oh!
Oh, Ch... Oh, Cheets!
Cheets, I'm coming, man!
-Whoa! God, I got soap|in my eyes!|-It's always cool...
-Oh! Oh! Oh, Cheets!|Hold on, Cheets! H-Hold on!|-At the car wash...
I'm coming!
-Help me, Ed!|-WorKing at the car wash...
Cheets, where are you, brother?!
I can't swim!
Car wash...
Car wash, girl
Come on, y'all,|let's sing it for me
Car wash
-Whoa!|-Ooh, ooh, ooh
-Look out!|-Car wash, girl
-What?|-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
-Help!|-Car wash...
Never seem to stop comin'
Oh, those bears|are gonna get it!
Oh! Oh! Ah!
Oh, my goodness, that's hot.
Your hair.
Your hair looks ridiculous.
My hair?
Your... mustache.
What about it?
It was a fake?!
You still got it, Roadie!
You, too, Mr. Chicken.
Hey, Dex, it's me... Beary.
Beary? You are in|so much trouble.
It's Kind of cool.
Are Mom and Dad, uh...
I mean,|Mr. and Mrs. Barrington there?
No! They're out looKing|for you, doofus.
Oh, well, tell them I haven't|been Kidnapped or anything
and I'm okay.
I figured out my higher purpose.
I'm getting|the Country Bears back together
for a concert on Saturday|at Country Bear Hall.
No, you're not.
I don't care if you don't|believe me, but it's true.
I just wanted them to know|that I was okay.
Okay, you know, fine.
Just...|when are you coming home?
I'm not.
You're right, Dex.
I got to face facts.
We're different.
I don't belong there.
I never did.
Beary, what are you|talKing about?
Dex, you can keep my Game Boy.
Look, you're part of...
So long, Country Bears!
Whoa! What the...?
Look, he's shooting|a ray gun at us.
Come on. Let's run.
Fred, your harmonica
might disrupt|the aliens' brain waves.
Blow. Blow, Fred, blow!
Ah! That noise!
Bear power!
That was bad.
"Appearing Tonight:|Trixie St. Claire"?
Oh, man!
Tennessee,|remember when you said
you'd do anything|to find Trixie?
To get her back?
Well, guess what?
Thank you...
...for not listening.
Uh, well, I am.
Guys, listen up.
This next song was written|by an old friend of mine.
He wrote it a long time ago|when he was my... a band|called the Country Bears.
Bears rock!
Did I lose your love|a long time ago?
Did I just wear it out?
Baby, I don't know...
Oh, Trixie, I'm all a mess on|account of how much I miss you.
-I know...|-Tennessee...
'Cause it seems like anymore
We're not on the same page
In the same book
Or on the same stage
Don't look at me|like I'm a stranger now
Have I changed that much?
Baby, tell me how
We said forever|and always for good...
Oh, stop|your blubbering, Fred.
I'm sorry.
Can love stand the test
Of time that surrounds us?
Moments that astound us?
Can love stand the test
Of time that surrounds us
Moments that astound us
Joy and happiness
Joy and happiness
Joy and happiness.
I think we just got Tennessee.
They're great.
They were always great.
Better than the Eagles.
Uh, uh, yeah, uh...
Ted? Ted, it's, uh, it's Henry.
Henry Taylor?
What do you want, Henry?
Yeah, well, uh,|well, Ted, look, uh
I'm sort of in a bind here,|and, uh, I was, uh, well...
Hey, hey, this is exciting!
Uh, we're getting the band back|together for a benefit show.
Great, huh?
What? Get the...|get the band back together?
I'm going in a tunnel.|I'm losing you.
Okay, Ted, good,|thank you very much.
Oh, he's in.
Whoo-eee! Razzle-dazzle!
Looks like old Ted's done|pretty good for hisself.
Why don't you just borrow|the $20,000 from him, man?
It don't look like|he'd miss it much.
Okay, guys, now,|one thing at a time, okay?
Just one thing at a time.
Got to do everything here.
All right.
Hello? Hello, we're looKing|for a Ted Bedderhead.
Uh, two orders of French fries|and a shake.
Uh, excuse me?
Excuse me?
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah. Uh, Ted Bedderhead?
He's, uh, an old friend|of mine, um...
Is he here?
No, he's, uh, not here.
He's probably still at the|country club at the wedding.
Oh, yeah, country club.
Well, thank you.
You're the Country Bears, right?
-Um... yeah.|-Yeah!
-Well, I'm, uh...|-Yeah, yeah, I know--
you're a big, big fan--|we get it all the time--
and that's real nice, young man,|but, uh, we got to run.
Thank you very much.
Come on, Beary.
-Come on, Beary.|-Bye.
That guy looks|a lot like Elton John.
Nah, Elton John's taller.
Keep your eyes open|for some clues.
Uh, give me a minute, huh?
How's it look?
I'll find a mirror.
Ted may be a little surprised|to see us
so, uh, let me do the talKing,|all right?
I thought you said|he knew we was coming.
Well, he does, but...
Iet's not embarrass him|in front of his rich friends.
It wasn't me.|It was the chicken.
Come on, Fred.
Let's find your brother.
Uh... yeah, my brother, um...
I'm going to go get something|to eat first.
-What?|-Yeah, eat first.
Right behind you, big guy.
Shake it, shake it
Shake your groove thing,|shake your groove thing
Yeah, yeah
Uh, maybe he's not here.
Shake your groove thing,|shake your groove thing
Yeah, yeah...
Show 'em how we do it now,|show 'em how we do it now...
How do?
Your hair is very purty.
-Nice shade of blue.|-Mm-hmm.
-Like a whale's belly.|-Yeah.
You, too.
Bye-bye, now.
We do more out on the floor
Groovin' loose or heart to heart
We put in motion...
No, no, no, no, no!
Hey, there, uh...
Shake your groove thing,|shake your groove thing...
What are you doing here, Henry?
Uh, well...
Wow! Ted Bedderhead!
I'm such a big fan.
Oh, I think it's great|you're going to play in the show
and save Country Bear Hall.
Play in the show?
No, no, no.
Well, we just thought we'd|drop by and see if we all...
We all?
They're here?
Uh, uh...
Oh, yeah.
Burn, baby, burn
Disco inferno, burn, baby, burn
-I just... but...|-Burn that mother down...
So the bear said, "You going|to Kill that before you eat it? "
You guys!
You, out!
Come on, now.
Hello, Ted.
-Hello, brother.|-Out!
O-Okay. All right.
-Sorry, ma'am, I...|-Oh, geez.
Get outta here. Come on.
What, what, what,|what makes you think
I'd get back together|with you guys?
Hey, look...|that's where I started out.
I'm not going back.
When I said I was finished,|I meant it.
I'm finished.
-But, Mr. Bedderhead, we...|-Kid...
We need everyone
to make this happen,|and we need you.
Now, listen, Kid...
Uh, uh... who is this guy?
That's Beary.
Uh, no, no, no.
That was a long time ago, Kid.
Things change.
Frankly, your little nostalgic|field trip
you know, is Kind of pathetic.
Well, maybe it was.
Sorry to have bothered you, Ted.
People are waiting for me.
You found your way in.
You can find your way out.
That guy's turned into a real...
I'm going to go get the bus.
My mistake, everyone.
Don't know what I was thinKing.
It's not your fault, Henry.|It's mine.
This whole thing was my idea.
No, no, now,|it's nobody's fault.
But it might as well be mine!
Why don't you just...?
Right. Come on, Fred.
This ain't right.
-It's not unusual|to be loved by anyone|-Huh? Huh?
It's not unusual|to have fun with anyone
But when I see you|hanging about with anyone
It's not unusual|to see me... cry
Oh, I want to die.
You... you're a wedding singer?
This... this ain't your party?
So, you're not rich?
And you still|won't play with us?
I'm not goin'.
Aw, Ted,|you don't gotta lie to us.
You're family.
And you're going.
When the Kidnappers call|to make their demands
we just agree|with whatever they say.
I already told you guys|he hasn't been Kidnapped.
He's with the Country Bears.
Listen to me, son
you can be sure that they're|going to be keeping him
in some creepy underground lair
high up in the building until|they get their ransom, okay?
Would you guys listen to me?
There's not going to be|any ransom.
He's with the Country Bears.
They're doing a concert|tonight... at Country Bear Hall.
They just said that to distract|you, sports fan. Besides...
the Country Bears back together?
Son, listen, leave the police|work to the professionals, okay?
Sure. Just... tell me|when they get here.
Good Kid.
-He's a keeper.|-Yeah.
All these years, I haven't been|able to face you guys.
I pretty much lost everything.
So I been trying to make a buck.
Singing at weddings|and stuff like that.
Well, at least you're not doing|children's birthday parties.
Well, uh, I am.
But we saw your house...|your gardener.
That's not my gardener.|That's Elton John.
Told ya.
I rent a room|over the garage from him.
Well, now, brother, that's okay|'cause we's all together again.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Just 'cause I'm telling|the truth doesn't mean I'm dumb.
Roadie, stop the bus.
Okay, have you rehearsed?
What songs you gonna do?
Who's doing sound?
Well, we ain't exactly|figured all that out yet, Ted.
Same old Country Bears.
Come on, Ted.|You do Kind of owe us.
I mean, you were|the reason we broke up.
Well! There it is.|Knew that was coming up.
I'm the reason|we stayed together, Zeb.
Did any of you-- any of you--|ever thank me?
We all had our jobs to do, Ted.
Oh, right. DrinKin'...
blubberin', and...
starin' into space.
What we were... was years ago.
Blubberin'? Uh, uh...
Well, you were blubberin'.
Hey? Okay, there.
Guys! Hey, hey, guys!
You know, in People magazine,|April 1983
you all said|that the Bears was your family.
And like a family...
Kid, that's just a bunch|of meaningless publicity.
You don't know nothing about|the real Bears, understand?
We are not a family.
You're right.
This isn't a family.
'Cause the people who love you|no matter what?
That's your family.
Who told you that, Beary?
My dad.
My dad.
Wh... wh... hold on, Beary.
Beary, Beary, Beary! Oh!|There's my good boy!
Are you all right?|Did they hurt you?
Did they brainwash you?
How many fingers|am I holding up?
I'm fine, Mom.
Oh, honey.
Norbert! Norbert!
Yeah, hon, what is it?
Hi, Dad.
Oh! Beary!
Oh, Beary, Beary
my Beary boy! Oh!
Hey, doofus.
Hey, Dex.
Look who's home.
Come here!
Aw, Beary left his stuff.
"My Hero," by Beary Barrington,|fourth grade.
"My hero is really heroes
"and my heroes|are the Country Bears.
"Whenever I'm sad
"I play one of their songs
"and I forget why|I was even sad at all.
"And if you'd met my brother
you'd know why|I was always sad."
"I can't really say Zeb|is my hero, or Fred, or Ted
or even Tennessee."
"But as the Country Bears,|what they can do together
makes them my heroes."
"I'd like to meet them someday.
That would be cool."
It says here
"A+, but is everything|about the Country Bears? "
Beary's a sharp little guy.
This morning he told me|something else.
Mr. Chicken... is a girl.
It's a pretty straightforward|demolition, Mr. Thimple.
Take about a half hour|to bulldoze her to the ground.
Oh, yes... do that.
Dex, honey,|would you get that?
And tell Beary to come down|for some pie.
Beary! Pie!
Uh... Beary?
Hey. That Ted guy is here.
You want me to Kick him out?
Ted? Ted Bedderhead is here?
You, uh, you left your stuff|on the bus.
You can keep it.
I don't want it.
Um, look, I, uh... mm...
I hope you know|how lucky you are.
It only took you three days|to understand something
that took me ten years|to figure out.
What's that?
Mr. Chicken is a girl.
I got ya.
Really, I want to tell you|that I'm sorry.
I was mad-- not at you--|and I'm sorry.
And that thing you wrote|in your journal about us
being great when we're together?
It's true.
You're going to do the show?
Nah, we're not doing the show.
Not without you.
Y'all come with me.
We can all ride together|on the...
The bus was stolen.
It was that Thimple fella.
Come on, move along.|Move it. Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Thimple, I'm definitely|changing banks.
Oh, pooh.
I hate it|when we lose a customer.
We have to find them.
They have to do that show.
Beary, Beary.
Your stuff was on that bus,|right?
All your stuff?
We can track them with this.
Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
All right.
Okay, in you go, big boy.
Hey, hey, hey, no, no.
I have a better idea.
Easy, captain.
Go on. Get in there!
Get in there!
Why are you doing this?
I can't have that show.
I can't have you ruin
what I've been worKing on|for 30 years.
30 years!
Which way?
Just, uh... go straight.
Okay, take a right.
Take a right here.
Oh, oh, whoa!
Whoa, my Kidneys.
What's the problem, bub?
You ruined my life.
Well, it's not our fault|you became a banker.
Not that.
What are you talKing about?
What's he doing?
What are you doing?
Wh-What's he doing?
Oh, my word!
You're Benny Bogswaggle!
The armpit farter.
That's right.
A sweet, innocent Kid|you jerks beat
all those years back.
You hit me with a chair.
And since that day,|I've been plotting my revenge
waiting for the day|I'd destroy the place
that brought me misery.
Well, that day... is tonight!
-No, no, no...|-No, no...
Left, left.
We're pulling a boat.
Left, left!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
It's going right.|It's going right.
Turn right.|Turn right.
Go right. Go right!
Whoa, oh, oh, oh...!
Oh, no, no!
We're right on top of it.
A big turn!
The bus!
-That was pretty nifty.|-Yeah.
What do you say we go show|Thimple who's boss, huh?
Bearrr... powerrr...!
Rrr... Sorry.
Let's go!
We're an American band
We're an American band
We're coming to your town
We'll help you party it down
We're an American band
Hey! We're an American band.
I hope the day will be|a lighter highway
For friends are found|on every road
Can you ever think|of any better way
For the lost and weary|travelers to go?
MaKing friends|for the world to see
Let the people know|you got what you need
With a friend at hand,|you will see the light...
Here we are.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Open the door. Open the door.
Watch your step.
Come on, guys.
I can't wait to see|the ol' place.
Hey, where is everybody?
What going on?
No cars outside, no lights.
-No...|-No people.
Here's the money.
You give me the five back
-Then I give you the ten.|-Wait a minute.
You give me the 20...
What's going on here?
I'm impressed.
Wow, I'm telling you.
I am so impressed.
I cannot tell you
how impressed I am, but,|boys, it doesn't matter.
The place is dead.
Look at him.
He never promoted the show.
Wh...? Rip!
-Oh, Reed...|-What, uh, it's not me.
Uh, hey.
Wow. Hey, guys, long time.
LooKing good!
Henry, are you worKing out?
It's not personal, Henry.
It's just business.
Business? Business|that'll ruin our lives!
I can't believe...!
Yeah, maybe, but it-it's him.
Hey, ain't you guys
doing the show tonight?
Uh... ain't gonna be one
Big Al.
Nobody showed up.
What are you talKing about,|Fred?
They's all out|in the back field.
They're what?
Didn't want anyone parKin'|on my grass out front.
-Whoo-hoo!|-Come on. Come on.
This is not over, bears!
I hate you bears. Aah!
There he is! There he is!
Ah, look,|here's the money I got.
Holy moly.
Well, folks,|here's the good news.
The count is in|and we saved Country Bear Hall!
Here we go!
Bears, Bears, Bears...!
Good luck, you guys.
Hey, where you going?
To... sit in the audience.
Well, that's a weird place|for a Country Bear to sit
during a Country Bear concert.
Yeah, Beary.
You're one of us now.
Welcome aboard, Kid.
Ladies and gentlemen
it gives me great pleasure|to introduce to you--
after an absence of many years--
the one, the only
the Country Bears!
Ha, ha! Whoo!
We take the long way around
We get lost and we get found
I wonder why we couldn't go
Straight to the heart of love
Climbing mountains,|crossing streams
Crying tears and dreaming dreams
I guess that's the only way|we know
Straight to the heart of love
Sing it!
Straight to the heart|of love should be
The shortest distance|from lonely
Not always the road|you're thinKing of
Straight to the heart of love
So, take a chance,|shine your light
Isn't it wonderful?
Everything will be all right
You're gonna find a way to go
Straight to the heart of love
I love you!
Straight to the heart|of love should be
The shortest distance|from lonely
Not always the road|you're thinKing of
Straight to the heart of love
I've been thinKing|about you and me
And how this love was meant|to be
I'm taKing|the next clear shot I see
Straight to the heart of love
I'm taKing|the next clear shot I see
Straight to the heart of love...
Straight to the heart of love
Straight to the heart of love
Oh, yeah.
Go, man, go.
Who's that little bear?
Oh, that's no little bear.
That's my brother!
Straight to the heart of love
Straight to the heart of love
The Country Bears!
How about that, folks?
Yo, Beary!
You're the bear!|You're the bear!
Yay! Yay!
There's a town down the road
Where I ain't been before
Nobody knows my name
Or what I'm looKing for
Maybe things will be|a little different
'Cause it can't stay the same
I'm gonna ease on down the road
Where nobody knows my name.
14 platinum records,|26 top ten singles.
The Bears to me really typify|rock and roll.
Their lives embody freedom.
Nobody tells them what to do.
Everybody loves the Bears.
The reason I do what I do today|is because of the Bears.
I needed a... you know...
somebody that I could relate to,|a certain band
and the Bears-- they just did it|for me, you know?
I admired their, uh, courage.
And their tenacity.
And their ability to go out
and fight|for what they believed in.
Real legends.|It's incredible.
And I'm glad we didn't get them,|you know, during wintertime.
The country was cool and all,|but, you know
it was becoming the hip-hop|generation, you know.
People wanted the beat.
The streets was pop.|You know what I mean?
Let 'em feel|what the country feel like
when it's bangin'.
Bow, unh.
You know what I'm saying?|Huh.
We could do that.
I found myself going back
and-and sampling some|of the bass lines
that the Bears had|and-and then we used it
in our first single|and got sued by 'em.
It was like nothing|I'd ever heard.
Wow! What is this?
I have respect for all peoples
and all bears.
Bears are human beings,|just like us.
You understand?
I'm an alien.
Me and Zeb
opened up a can of honey|on the roof of the White House.
We had a great time.
I'm a honey. They dip honey.
I'm a honey dip.
You know what I'm saying?
It's a honey thing, B.
A certain amount of honey,|they...
they start to lose focus.
It was bad.
Bon appetit.
They'll eat anything|that isn't locked up.
Hey, you want a sandwich?
Uh, no thanks.
I had trout for breakfast.
The Bears made me feel proud|to be a full-figured woman.
You want me to eat you,|don't you?
These guys were fat
Iong before it was spelled|with a "PH."
Come on. In you go.
I always hated bears.
I knew it.
You have one.
The guys|at the station have one.
Even Mrs. Davis,|our receptionist, has one.
You don't have to wear|no fake mustache to impress me.
Thank you.
You know, I'm Kind of glad|this happened.
Well, good.
Now, you don't have to wear|no mustache, right?
No, I'm wearing the mustache.