County Line (2017) Movie Script

Three male subjects
identified as Prattler brothers
were seen entering Zack's warehouse
out between the counties.
Informant still on the scene, over.
10-4, is Maksville County in the dark?
Should we notify them?
Negative, Alden's got enough on his plate.
We got it.
10-26, over.
And good luck with the election tonight.
We all voted for ya.
Over and out.
They're in there, Clint;
They're in there, buddy.
I called you as soon as I knew.
I thought you'd want to know.
You did good, Scooter.
Howdy, Sloan.
Put you on the payroll
as much help as you been.
Oh, no. No.
I'm just doing my civic duty.
Sloan, cover the back.
Roger that.
Prattlers and Zack
make a dangerous concoction,
like a ketchup Popsicle.
You vote for me?
Yeah, yeah I did.
Voted twice.
Well, don't tell me that.
Hey buddy, hey buddy?
What about backup, Clint?
But he carries that
shotgun like a broom stick.
They're on their way.
Your wife would shoot
me dead if something
happened to you on
the last day at work.
I thought you voted
for me twice.
I'm not talking about
ballots now, brother.
There's some tough
hombres in there, I know.
Well, so am I.
You tell them to hold off
unless they hear trouble.
I'm gonna try to
avoid world war iii.
All right, if you say so.
Go on, find someplace safe.
You don't want me to
go in there with you?
okay, all right.
We're offering you a partnership.
And it would be in your
best interest to take it.
Hello, Clint.
Well now, I don't know if I
should save you or arrest you.
How about neither?
And then, there were three.
You choosing sides, Zack?
I always thought you
were smarter than that.
Forgive the uh-
appearance of evil, Sheriff.
But these guys are-
a little misguided.
They can keep what
they came to give.
Zack, you low-down p...
Well, then I guess
you won't mind
if I take these
boys off your hands.
You'd be doing me a favor.
You'll pay for this!
No doubt.
Well, you brothers
know the drill.
I'm sure of that.
We know the drill.
Your move, Zack.
I prefer democracy.
Now get this filth
off my property.
Search everybody...
Don't touch my head.
It'll be in your best interest
to get your mitts off me.
Hey, darlin'.
How's it going?
I guess your dreams of goin'
NASCAR are still on hold.
We won again, huh?
Congrats, babe.
Couldn't have done
it without ya.
Oh, I know that.
How about Alden?
What did Maksville County vote?
I think the two county
duo is over, Hun.
Alden here.
The results are in.
5,822 to 5,792.
I'm sorry, Sheriff.
What about Clint?
Sheriff Thorne won for his county.
Alden, it was less
than 50 votes; Contest it.
No, no, no.
We played fair and square.
Maksville County still needs you.
That's not what the numbers say.
It's over.
Listen Sheriff, I'll
get the boys together-
good night, Carl.
Hi, honey.
She's beautiful, isn't she?
My heart is broken
And I'm feeling bad
Like johnny told me
You can't put your arms
around a memory
So don't even try
Oh lord, all this
In time becomes a little
Oh lord, send in
the angels
'Cause I've thrown away
all that's mine
Now I want something back
You're late,
I ordered without you.
Why are you using the squad
car as a tow truck?
Jordan won't let me
drive her minivan.
Besides, look who's talking.
Pig farmer driving a Miata.
You know, you make fun of
my pigs, but come thanksgiving
you're gonna be begging
me for a ham.
You ain't gonna kill those pigs.
Lori was the farmer;
You're too soft.
Besides you probably
gave all those little
piggies names, didn't you?
I'm soft?
You're putty in Jordan's hands.
Oh, that's right I am.
I like being handled
by a beautiful woman.
That's why I married her.
I'm just saying,
you keep towing that
wreck with your squad car,
you're gonna be
buying york county
a new transmission.
You all right, buddy?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You sure?
Well, I'm here ain't I?
Well yeah, you'd
starve otherwise.
How's the Sheriffing business?
Ah, same old, same old.
I'm beginning to envy you.
Well don't.
I'm just getting tired of
being everybody's bad day.
What can I get you, Alden?
I'll have a pulled pork
sandwich and a gunderson.
You know I can't serve you
beer on this side of the line.
Well, put it on his side.
I'll have to put it
on his ticket, again.
Yeah, perfect.
You know she's soft on you.
Well what?
Come on, you know Lori would
want you to be happy.
Look, I don't want to talk
about her, all right?
All right.
Here she comes.
You ain't gettin'
any younger old man.
Somebody's calling you.
Who else?
Well, who is it?
No idea.
Is this becoming a habit?
Where's your cell phone?
Ah, county took it back.
That's the third
time this month.
Put it on my tab.
How hard is it to buy
a new cell phone?
How hard is it to leave me alone?
Alden here.
By the look of your arteries,
I figured you'd be at Maddie's.
Yeah, you got a second?
Yeah, hang on.
Hello, you there?
Yeah, I'm here Doc..
What's the verdict?
I think you should come back by.
It's your heart.
I don't need no test
to tell me that.
Let's just make sure we
get you back on the horse.
You still got a lot
left in you, Sheriff.
I ain't the Sheriff no more.
Some habits die hard.
some old men do too.
Make an appointment this week.
Let's stay ahead of this thing.
You can't run away
from this, Alden-
Give me all the presidents,
big to small, baby.
Doing everything right, darling.
Everything right.
Who else has got something, huh?
Easy, Sheriff.
We got a bogey!
Welcome back, partner.
You idiots, somebody get him.
Well who didn't check the back?
Down on the ground!
I said get down on your knees
and put your hands in the air!
Clint you remember that place
in Saigon that we
got thrown out of?
Which one?
Shut up!
Can't you handle
business over there?
Down on the ground!
The one with the
Italian sounding name.
Shut up!
What is this, story time?
That was Fredo's.
Fredo's, yeah!
I said shut up!
Never know how it hurts...
Get you some.
I'm gonna kill you.
I say hello and
you say goodbye
Here you go, slugger!
I always know when
you want to go
You yellow-bellied-
Ah, dang!
Look at that.
Everybody all right?
Yeah, yeah thanks Alden.
We're good.
Yeah, I think we're okay.
We're good over here.
Maddie, you all right?
What about me?
Shoot you're okay,
you ain't hurt.
Well that sure as
heck didn't tickle.
Oh, whew.
Take it easy on him, Doc.!
He's liable to faint at
the sight of a needle.
Thank you, April.
Why don't you get on
out of here, Alden?
You make sure you tell Jordan
that I saved your life.
You got me shot.
You wonder why she
doesn't like you.
Well, here comes
Sheriff Preston now.
Your replacement's
quite the lawman.
Diplomatic, precise.
Not the hammer that you were.
Well, I best go feed them pigs.
So long, buddy.
It's getting to the stage
I guess I always
knew it would
That I can't walk
down that street
I'm getting death
threats here
And death threats there
From everyone that I meet
Well if they knew
a thing about me
Which they obviously
They would not waste their
time or their breath
I may be afraid
of many things...
Don't even think about it.
I hear ya!
Oh well I may be afraid
of many little things...
But I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid of death
Police are on the
hunt for Crank Prattler,
the last of the three brothers
who robbed
Maddie's at the county line.
Earlier today the three
brothers rushed armed
into the restaurant disguised
behind welding masks.
York county Sheriff Clint
Thorne was caught unawares
and held hostage by the
brothers until he found
the opportune moment
to safely retake control.
Sheriff Thorne and maksville
county Sheriff Preston are
now working together to find
the fugitive brothers.
Sheriff Preston...
all right!
Bullet, magnum, high life
get on over here!
A little cheese you was all
yelling about just a minute ago.
That doesn't need to go in.
Hi, dad.
Hey kid.
You look different.
You look more
beautiful every day,
just like your mother.
Welcome home.
Oh, mom would've loved that.
Yeah, well...
she probably would.
It just stopped all of a sudden.
Have a seat, fellas.
We don't know where
our brother's at.
Just wastin' your time.
Oh, I'll find your brother.
Don't you worry about that.
What's that?
It's nothin'.
It's nothin'.
You tattoo something
like that on your neck,
it's gonna be there the rest
of your life and it's nothing?
Well that nothing's popping
up all over the county
like mushrooms under a cow pie.
I guess that's just
a coincidence.
You know, my father was a judge.
And my mother was a lawyer.
They met right here
in this courtroom.
And like all dads, mine wanted
me to be just like him.
Noble, prestigious, honored.
The end all, be all
of the system.
Your last stop before
the end of the line.
All rise, for the
honorable Clint Thorne.
Now of course, my mama...
she wanted me to be a lawyer.
Intelligent, handsome.
A man of speech,
a convincer of truth.
A debater against evil.
Plus, she thought I
looked good in a suit.
What's that got to do with us?
See, I like to look
at a man's job as an
ornate frame of who he is.
But now, his hobbies,
what he likes to do.
Now that's a picture
of who he becomes.
Now take my daddy for example.
He liked to golf,
played nine holes
every day of his life
till the day he died.
And my mama...
she liked to read.
A novel a week.
And she kept a journal of
every book she ever read.
Isn't that amazing?
Now me.
What do I like?
I hunt.
I track.
I chase.
Anything that's in
season, I'm there.
Just waiting for it
to cross my path.
And when it does,
it doesn't get away.
And I never quit.
Now you boys are
gonna see the judge
and you're gonna need a lawyer.
But before you do,
I'm gonna find out
what's going on in this county.
And if I do...
and it's not because of
something you tell me today...
By the time you put your
left hands on that good book,
you're gonna be
looking at prison
like it's a country club.
Now, I'm gonna ask you
boys one more time.
What is that?
What do you think?
I think we got a
whole new breed of trouble.
Yeah, we sure do.
We got the whole ball of wax...
Blackmail, corruption.
We're gonna have to put
surveillance in every place
that's got these symbols on 'em.
Yes, sir.
Every available man.
Who do you think is
behind all this?
But I can guarantee you,
whoever it is didn't expect
that idiot to put these
triangles on his neck.
No, sir.
I guarantee that.
What'd you say your daddy did?
My daddy had three jobs
before he died.
Plumber by day,
telemarketing at night,
newspapers in the morning.
My mom bottles perfume on a
conveyor belt as we speak.
As for me, I wanted to be
magnum, p.I.
help them get outta debt.
What I got was speeding tickets
and paperwork
for pennies on the hour.
Yeah, well welcome to a life
of fighting crime.
You can start right here magnum.
Don't you ever get
tired of eggs?
The hens keep layin' em;
They're free.
It's hard to get tired of that.
You still driving mom's car?
You don't like the look of
me in the Miata?
I actually look of you in
the Miata, just sayin.
How you doin', dad?
Oh, I'm fine.
I've been better,
but I stay busy.
That busy got anything to do
with those knuckles there?
I cut myself shaving.
Where you been?
A little bit of everywhere.
Now, don't get me wrong
it's not that I'm not
glad to see you
because I glad,
but it is hard not to wonder
the reason for
this sudden visit.
A girl can't just come home?
Oh, sure. A girl can
come home anytime.
I'm glad when you come home
you ain't come home in a heck
of a long time.
A cop for a dad.
Can't get nothin' past you, huh?
You still try.
Come on, out with it.
I mean, just-
just tear the band-aid off.
Dad, I'm getting shipped out.
A week.
The worst of it, I suppose.
I just wanted to come home,
and make sure you don't worry.
I always worry.
Dad, you don't have to worry.
I worried when you jumped off
the swing at the jungle gym.
I mean, how am I not-
how am I not gonna worry
when people are shootin' at ya?
You're my little girl.
Mom never worried.
Your mother had more
faith than I did.
Hey, I got a week.
You'll see me again.
That's it;
C'mon Clint.
Whoo hoo!
That is fast right there,
Aw, Zack can have all the
money in the world,
he can't buy speed like this!
His cars can eat my dust!
Bring it on! Bring it on!
Hey buddy, boss is calling.
I'll be back.
Tell 'er I'm comin' in.
Yes, ma'am this-this is
this is Scooter, ma'am.
Yeah, uh, he is-
he is just now finishing up.
I will-I will have
him home asap.
Scooter? Scooter!
Alright, magnum.
Come on, big boy.
I'm gonna get ya good;
Oh, I'm gonna get ya good.
Oh, that's a good-
that is a good one.
You got it all;
That's a good boy, alright.
Come on, high
life; It ain't that bad!
Good lord.
Howdy, Alden.
Sheriff Preston.
How's my car?
There's still a pack of your
sunflower seeds in the glovebox.
Workin' hard?
Work? No.
Just playin' with my pets.
You catch that third Prattler yet?
We will.
Well, between you and Clint,
he's got nowhere to go.
Well, Alden...
I came here because uh...
there was some trouble in
york county last night.
Clint's been shot.
At the dirt track.
He hit the wall at full speed.
Is he alive?
It's not lookin' good, Alden.
Come back with my car!
Security to ICU.
Code 1...
security to ICU.
Let me get through! I
just wanna see my friend!
Hold it! Hold it!
Where's security?
He's my best friend!
He's my best friend, Doc.!
Alden Rockwell!
Security to ICU, code 1.
You want to see my husband?
Set yourself right.
Is he okay?
No, he's not okay.
For you to clean the pig off
I'm sorry, Preston.
Doc... Liz...
You want the laundry list
or the gist?
Give him the gist.
Well, the gunshot will heal.
It missed his heart by an inch.
He's a lucky dog.
But his head's the problem.
He may or may not
come out of his coma.
So, what do you reckon his
chances are, Doc.?
Well, it's up to him.
As long as I've known Clint,
he ain't never done nothin'
he didn't want to.
I suppose that applies
to dying as well.
I'll come back and check on him later.
When you comin' to see me?
The sooner the better.
Now's not the time, Doc..
Did you hear me?
Can I come in?
I'm sorry this happened.
Me too.
Did you bring them boys with
you to keep watch?
Yes, sir.
I handpicked 'em myself.
I don't want any watchdogs.
You take those men with you
and put everyone you've got
on this case.
Figure out what happened.
Ma'am, with all due respect,
this was a planned attack.
They failed,
but they might try again.
I'm counting on it.
Uh, Mrs. Thorne-
So, who do you figure done it?
We're working on
it... now Mrs. Thorne-
Who you suspect?
The rogue Prattler brother's
now Mrs. Thorne, these men are
here to protect you-
Well, it may be him but it may not.
Excuse me.
Prattlers ain't murderers,
they're car thieves;
They're hoodlums.
Shoot 'em in the heat of the
moment or break a brother
out of jail, sure but...
assassinate a Sheriff?
That's way too much plannin';
Too much thinkin'.
Whoever it is
better hope I don't
find him first.
Well, now-
Mrs. Thorne, don't worry.
York county takes
care of its own.
We get 'em.
Well, I'm contracting Alden out
here as my own
private investigator.
You can't do that.
Georgia requires a license for
that kinda thing.
Not if I volunteer.
We don't need you.
Well, maybe he don't need you.
Alright, guys...
look, I know tensions are
high, alright?
Just... you take care of him;
Get him well.
Will crack the case, okay?
That's all fine;
You can take those men with you.
If I see so much as a badge
out that door,
Clint will have you dog-eared
'til summer.
Well, I don't know, Jordan.
I ain't Sheriff no more;
I got no authority.
I'm probably not the one who
should be lookin' into this.
If not you, then who?
Well, heck
york's got some good cops.
They ain't all like Sloan.
Not to mention Preston swooping
in if he's needed.
I mean, he held
Clint in high regard.
I guess that's alright then.
But you're
Alden "all-in" Rockwell.
So stop hiding behind
Lori's pigs.
You and Clint have carried
each other through more wars
and mayhem than any other
people I know.
So I'm asking you...
Clint and I are asking you...
To carry him through this.
What's that Doctor
want with you?
It's not your lookout,
don't worry about it.
I used to tease Lori that if
one of you died,
the other would follow from
heartbreak like johnny and June.
You never cease to
amaze me, Jordan.
Alright, I'll do this...
for you and Clint.
I'll go poke around
a little bit,
but I sure as heck ain't
making any promises.
I may not like you,
but I trust you.
You be careful.
You don't have
to worry about me.
Excuse me.
You do what you gotta do for
your friend, I appreciate that.
But just stay out of our way.
If you find something,
you bring it to me.
To you?
Yes, to me.
I am the acting Sheriff.
Who decided that?
The mayor.
Similar approach to
dealing with deputies.
The good ones...
the ones you trust,
you cut 'em loose and put 'em
out on patrol.
The ones you don't trust,
you keep close to ya.
I seem to remember he wore you
like a wristwatch.
Your county voted you
out for a reason.
Remember that.
Well, hello there.
Hey, Michelangelo!
Why don't you put your
social security number
up there while you're at it?
I don't suppose you know it
though anyway.
Pretty nice work...
I've busted better though.
What you gonna do old man, huh?
I see what you're sayin'.
Under a bridge, who cares, huh?
Yeah, right. Who cares?
I do, I care.
You couldn't catch me, man.
I don't reckon I have to.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
hold on, that's my stuff.
What are you... a cop?
What do you want?
I'll make ya a deal.
What kinda deal, man?
No hey, man!
That's my stuff!
Come on.
Well, I could carry that,
dude... come on.
Sweet tea, Maddie... to go.
A p.I.?
Aren't you gonna miss
playing with your pets?
Oh, they'll miss me more
than I miss them.
Most men enjoy their retirement.
Most men get to choose
when to retire.
Oh! Hey.
No, no, no.
On the house, remember?
Wow, yeah.
Hey, thanks a lot.
Now remind your boys,
drinks and sides are on me.
That's really nice, Maddie.
I never got nothin' free!
Oh hush, you got a tab
a mile long.
Besides, incentives
are investments.
And deputies are...
The dang deterrent.
What can I do for you, Alden?
Look at this;
What do you make of it?
I've seen it around.
Well, what do you
think it means?
What do these things ev'mean?
Well, one of the Prattler
brothers has it
tattooed on his neck.
I wouldn't know.
York has them locked up tight.
It seems like a trail of
breadcrumbs to me.
Yeah... for a york
county detective.
Well, maybe the county line was
a little more blurred
when I was Sheriff.
Maksville County has
problems of its own.
From what I read in the papers,
crime's way down.
That's because I spend less time
eating barbecue with my buddies,
and more time out in the streets
and in the woods solving crimes.
Clint and I had a system.
And now you're a civilian.
But alright...
it'd be stupid
to ignore your instincts;
You were a good Sheriff.
Agree Sheriff.
I'll look into the graffiti.
Just promise me
with this p.I. business,
you don't go turning over stones
you can't put back.
Well, you know me.
I do.
Best mentor I ever had.
I mentored myself right
out of a job.
Oh, stay safe, Alden.
Hey, thanks for the tea, Maddie.
Oh, Alden!
I almost forgot!
I dropped the charges on your
stealing my car.
We'll consider it
a crime of passion.
You stole back your car?
Don't ask.
I didn't know that you
mentored Preston.
He's got a pretty loose
definition of the word.
He wears that tin star
like a badge of honor.
You used to wear it
like the weight of the world.
Well, the badge is gone,
the weight's still there.
It's a sign that
you're a good man.
How's my stray coming along?
I was just about to go
and look at that.
It looks good, Nat.
You got what? About a couple
of hours left?
Uh... yeah, I guess.
Tell ya what...
I lost my kitchen boy
and I need someone reliable.
Someone I can depend on
to do prep each day.
You interested?
I-I don't think I can...
I pay $60 a day and all the
barbecue you can eat.
$60 a day?
Well, uh...
yeah, okay.
Finish up here.
Come in and see me
and I'll pay ya for the day.
Hey, you don't got to
pay him for today,
he's doing this for me.
We had a deal.
Well, that may be
but this is my building...
he is my employee...
I pay what's due.
Aw, you sad 'cause you
didn't get a job? Huh?
Well Scooter,
I'm glad you were here.
At least you can tell me
what you saw.
He hit the wall
right over there,
and I was way up in
the press box back here.
Did you hear a gunshot?
Unfortunately, I did.
Man, I didn't know
it at the time.
I thought it was his car...
and it wasn't.
Where did those
york deputies figure
the gunshot came from?
Well, they didn't-
they didn't say.
Did they look?
Oh yeah, they looked.
They looked, uh, in the
press box and on top of it
and out in the parking lot and
of course in the bleachers...
but, supposedly, they didn't
find a thing.
Well, you think if it'd have
happened in the
bowl of the track,
you would have heard the gunshot
loud and clear.
You're right;
I would.
That's right, now that you speak
about it, because I mean
all the echoes-
and if it came from
the parking lot...
did you see a car up there?
No, no I didn't see a car.
The security cameras
didn't show anything.
Did those deputies
check the trees
around turn three?
You know, I didn't
see them up there.
You know, if it was me
this is the tree I would use.
Because you've got a good look
right down the back stretch.
That's a good spot.
Especially if somebody's
got good aim.
Hey, look Alden.
Look here.
Look at this.
Hey, don't put your grubby
paws on that thing.
I'm sorry, man.
Dang, Scooter.
That's a careless thing for
somebody to leave behind.
What's all that chicken
scratching there on that napkin?
I'm fixing to find out.
Well, hello Ben.
Take one.
Whatever was your
mother's is yours now.
Dr. Peterson to the E.R.
Dr. Peterson to the E.R.
You remind me of your mother
with your hair like that.
She looks just like Lori,
but she acts like you.
Going off to war?
Yeah I am.
I think you should
reconsider that.
Your father needs you here.
You ever think about that?
All y'all always rushing
off into danger.
My husband included.
I'm gonna get dessert, yeah?
Here, take this.
Don't say it.
She knows you mean well,
but she don't have to
sit there and take it.
What's in the envelope?
Actually a lot of money.
I stole it.
So the guys who it belongs
to come looking for it.
I'm careful.
Well, that's what Clint
said before he would race.
Racing didn't get him hurt.
Well, I hated it.
It was being a cop
that got him shot.
I know that!
It's not that I married a cop;
It's that I married a
Well, I think you hating
it made him love it more.
Well, that don't make no sense.
Clint thought I never
came to the track.
But I was there.
Every single race.
Sitting in the parking lot.
Listening on the radio.
That makes no sense.
I just wanted to be
far enough away so that
I wouldn't see him get hurt,
but close enough
just in case he did,
that I could come
running to him.
I got to get back to Clint.
You will come upon
a large sum of money.
Huh, no kidding.
Come on.
Yeah, pigs I hear ya!
Get home late one night and
the whole menagerie goes nuts.
After you, kid.
You still drink IBC?
Chinese always makes me thirsty.
you know, I think there
might be a couple of them
back there in the
back of the fridge.
Where is he?
Look behind you!
Watch out!
Alden all-in Rockwell.
Is that a pistol
you got in your lap
or have I seriously
misjudged you?
You and Clint are surely
cut from the same cloth.
Put it down.
That your money?
You really think I'd leave
an investment unwatched?
You know this guy?
Oh, me and Zack used
to wrestle in high school.
You can't call it rivalry
when you never won, Van Zant.
Come on.
The high point of every
week was listening to Clint
talk about chasing you guys
up and down york county.
Clint could never pin me.
Oh, that's true.
Mind if I have a word with you?
Your daughter sure can fight.
Thank you.
what's the deal with
the two triangles?
I think they're
supposed to be fangs.
Well, what's your money
got to do with these fangs?
So they'll leave me alone.
You're buying them off.
You're smarter than Clint.
Well, he got the looks,
I got the brains.
So they got something on you?
On everyone.
You took my money before
it could be their money.
So if I keep that money,
then they're gonna spill
the beans on you?
So they say.
Well then if I fed it
to the pigs I'd consider
it money well spent.
That would be unfortunate
for everyone you love.
Well dang Zack,
with my wife gone,
and Clint in a coma,
my little girl shipping out,
I ain't got a heck
of a lot to lose.
Who are these people?
Don't know.
You don't know?
Only seen their lackeys.
Who do you know favors the 270?
Go on up to roarin' branch.
Calvin Killby will find you.
Ah... Calvin Killby.
Clint got him years ago.
He's in for life.
I'm talking about junior.
He boasts a 270.
Dangerous fella.
He don't miss.
You think he shot Clint?
Criminals work on hunches.
You need facts.
Facts, I don't have.
Roarin' branch, check it out.
Tell you what,
you leave the money
I'll let you go.
Or else?
Or else I charge you with
assault with a deadly weapon,
destruction of property.
Heck I could shoot you where
you stand for trespassing.
Oh Zack...
do you remember frank the flea?
High school was a long time ago.
But you do remember how
rough he looked after
he made fun of my mama.
You just had several weapons
aimed right at my baby girl.
You realize what that
makes me want to do to you?
I apologize.
Save it.
Save it for her.
And when you tell her, mean it.
All right?
Nice seein' ya!
Man I've never seen grown
men apologize like that before.
Like their kindergarten teacher.
Well, sometimes a man
know when he's whipped.
He's seen his whole crime
empire kind of crumbling
down around his ears,
and he knows it.
And he knows I know it.
You need help with
all this, dad?
I appreciate the offer,
but I think you got enough
on your plate, darlin'.
What are you gonna do?
I am gonna eat the whale
the only way a fella can.
One bite at a time?
That's right.
You know, I'm proud
that you're my dad.
Well, I'm double proud
that you're my daughter.
Even though you got ears that
look like a taxi cab coming
down the street with his doors open.
I got a gun!
good work.
Roarin' branch?
You really going up
there all by yourself?
I reckon so, Scooter.
Clint always had backup.
Yeah well,
I always had Clint.
But there ain't no use in
cryin' over spilled milk.
No, I reckon not.
Keep an eye on him. Okay.
A dream awakes
set in hollow
A cover of fog,
these empty years
The fading talk
about tomorrow
A quiet scheme
to leave me here
And all the danger
I now face...
I'm looking for Calvin.
And all I've missed
along the way
I've had some close calls
lately I know
Hey now, I know
I should be someone else
You must be lost, mister.
I don't reckon so.
All right, well then you're
looking for trouble.
I wouldn't be surprised by it.
It's quite an army you got
here for one unarmed old man.
We're all ears.
Clint Thorne's my best friend.
Somebody took a pot shot at him.
Missed his heart by that much.
Never easy killing a man.
300 yards, up wind
into a speeding vehicle.
First off...
I don't miss.
why don't you go ahead
and tell me my motive.
Well, he did put your
daddy in jail, didn't he?
Now I may hate Clint Thorne,
but I respect him.
Any man who can put my daddy
behind bars and keep him there
deserves at least that.
So if you're pointin'
your finger at me...
I'm afraid you're
grasping at straws.
Well, I ain't pointin'
no fingers, but I did
find this at the crime scene.
That may be mine.
But does a man who
packs his own shells
leave even one behind?
What about the Prattlers?
What's so funny?
Those boys are idiots.
They couldn't shoot the ears
off an elephant at 20 yards.
Well if not them and
not you, then who?
I know who you are.
Ex-Sheriff Rockwell.
A has-been.
Used to could.
Someone who never did
balance work and wife
and lost out to a hot-shot
cop with a pretty smile.
You mention my wife
again and I'll kill you.
If you ever step foot
back on my property
I will make sure that-
All right boys, back off.
Back off!
Boss gets it otherwise.
You're making a mistake, mister.
You already made one.
Tell them boys to
drop them guns.
Kick 'em towards me.
Tell them!
Drop them in, boys.
Thank you, gentlemen.
All right...
All right, boys!
Next time somebody makes
a move, I shoot to kill.
I killed before; I don't
want to do it again.
But I will.
Let's you and me put our heads
together and figure this out.
Where'd that shell
casing come from?
Has that gun been out
of your possession?
I was arrested a few days ago.
For what?
Disorderly conduct.
And when I got out,
my gun was in the rack
of my truck,
but it'd been used.
You sure?
I named that thing
after my first wife,
of course I'm sure.
Who arrested ya?
You seen that fang thing
around the two counties;
You think Sloan's
mixed up with that?
People been disappearing,
dropping like flies around here.
They show up a month
or so later with an
attitude like Tabasco.
Manipulating people,
ordering people around,
thinking they got power they
can't be touched no more.
Like who?
Like your Prattler
brothers for a start.
So where is that third
Prattler brother?
I bet you know.
Which third?
What do you mean?
You know there's
four of 'em right?
There's four brothers?
Four brothers...
I'm gonna borrow your bike.
All right, lose the mask.
Nat Prattler; You're
the fourth brother.
You know, you was born
into a pretty rough crowd.
But there comes a time in
every person's life when
they got to make
a decision on who
and what they're gonna
turn out to be.
I think you took a good
step in working for Maddie.
I think you can take another
good step right now
by taking me to your brother.
All right?
No, I'm not-
you don't have to
turn out like them.
Come on, hop on the bike.
Come on!
Let's go see him.
I just want to talk to him.
Two miles up the road.
He's in the bus.
He's not gonna be happy
to see you, though.
Tell him I just want to talk.
Go on.
Yo Crank!
Hey, it's me.
It's your bro.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Crank!
No, no, no...!
He's with me, bro.
Come on.
I just want to talk!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Crank!
You got no business here!
That's my favorite hat.
That's it.
Stop shooting at
each other, stop it!
Come on!
Oh, golly.
Welcome back to the party, pal.
I told ya I just wanted to talk.
Yeah I'm droppin' the Prattlers'
I just wanted you to know
I didn't touch nothin'...
alright, bye.
Alright, Prattler.
Tell 'em what you told me.
Deputy Sloan arrested
us a while back...
for stealing cars.
Instead of the jailhouse,
he took us down a back road.
He said if we did him favors,
he'd do us the courtesy of
forgetting our ill behavior;
He'd let us go.
What did he want you to do?
He needed muscle.
Tell 'em about Clint.
Come on.
Sloan wanted to bribe
Zack Van Zant for steady cash.
That's election night;
That's when Clint arrested 'em.
Sloan didn't take too
kindly to Zack's rejection.
Me and my brothers
found the leverage we needed,
so we began to squeeze him.
You'll pay for this.
No doubt.
Sloan didn't count on
Clint crashin' the party.
Tell him about that...
fang thing too.
That sign is a symbol.
It's a safe house;
A drop spot.
It can be used as a warning.
And Maddie's.
Clint started to pry;
Opening doors, digging around.
Sloan had us fake a robbery
at the county line.
Welcome back, partner.
And we just lost control.
So, who shot Clint
at the race track?
It wasn't me.
I don't know.
Sloan put me up out in that bus.
Lil' Nat would bring me food.
Sloan started working him
into the operations
pickin' up cash.
That's where I found him.
Good work, Alden.
Take him, fellas.
Good grief.
The paperwork on this one.
Yeah, it's one thing
I don't miss.
Uh, sir.
Yes, Scooter?
Did you get it unloaded?
Clint just died.
Mrs. Thorne called and uh...
He went peacefully.
Sorry, Alden
You did good;
Clint would have been proud.
I want Sloan.
We'll get him.
I want him tonight.
Look, I know you're hurting,
but we gotta look
at the bigger picture.
If what that
scumbag says is true,
we're dealing with an
entire organization here.
And when Sloan becomes Sheriff,
things will get even
more complicated.
What are you talkin' about?
I heard from the
mayor this morning.
He said if Clint passes,
Sloan will permanently
slide into his place.
Sloan is responsible for
the death of an officer!
I want him behind
bars yesterday!
So do I,
but you gave me a bullet
with Scooter's fingers on it.
And a stash of cash I gotta
shove into an evidence
drawer until the end of time
because we don't have any
pictures of anybody's hands
in the cookie jar.
Just give me time to
collect my case, alright?
Let's make sure we get the
head of the snake,
not just Sloan.
Let me do my job;
Clint will get his justice.
Well, if this is
what the job is now,
you can have it.
Lori's birthday.
Thanks, Maddie.
Thanks for reminding me.
You're welcome.
Slow night?
Everybody in the two counties
is at the race.
You look beat, Alden.
I feel beat, Maddie.
I've never seen this
look on you...
even at your worst.
You ain't seen my worst.
Well, I suppose
I'm seeing it now.
You know I'm from the coast?
I reckon I heard that.
My daddy was a shrimper.
He had a saying when it
came to times like this...
"Every man makes
his own shipwreck".
What do you want, Alden?
I want my wife back...
My daughter...
my job...
my best friend...
I can't do nothin' about that.
What do you want?
I want that dog
who shot my buddy.
Then do it.
I got no badge.
I got no authority.
Every man makes
his own shipwreck.
Be the rock that he breaks on.
So what do ya think race fans?
Is down to the final Z race
of the evening
before our main event!
Oh! Trouble in turn 2!
The 21 of Robbie banks
hits the outside wall;
Others take evasive action.
It's chance Jones in the 0!
Battles all around
the racetrack to determine
the final few starting positions
as we come to the
checkered flag.
Now folks, before we begin
the feature event...
let's take just a
moment of silence to remember
our Sheriff and fellow racer,
Clint Thorne.
Clint meant a lot to all of us,
and he'll be dearly missed.
And now as Clint Thorne
himself would want,
let's get back to tonight's
feature race.
Alright race fans,
everybody on your feet
as we're coming to the green
flag with mick Ryan on the
road and Joe "the jet" Thomas
leading them into turn one!
Here we come to the green!
Alright, now we've got it goin'.
Show 'em what you got.
It's hard to see the light
shining so bright
It's hard to see the light
in the sky
One day they'll
swing a rope
And tie it around
your throat
Watch them lose the cool
in your eyes
You better
run, run, run
Through the rain,
through the heat
You won't always sleep alone
but you won't stay the week
Lookin' for me?
What are you gonna do?
You can't do anything.
You got nothin'.
I got you.
Fine, alright... fine.
I've been taking a piece
here and there.
They're crooks!
I get paid dirt to be
everybody's bad day.
You, of all people,
should know that!
You shot Clint for money?
Look, I was told to set
something up at Maddie's.
You didn't count on though,
did ya?
Look, he was gonna
bust it wide open.
Alden, I need the money,
my mother's been-
Get up!
I didn't kill him!
Make me believe you.
Man, I swear... I didn't know
about the second hit.
Yeah, but you know who did it.
Come on...
Who did it?
Things have gotten
too messy, Alden.
Where'd you get my gun?
That's the difference
between me and Sloan.
Sloan didn't like getting
his hands dirty.
He trusted too much
in the middleman.
You know, I never cared for
you much, Preston.
But I never figured you for one
that was after the money.
Sloan was all about the money,
I wanted the power.
Power in these two counties?
Power over what?
To control criminals;
Own 'em.
Make 'em do what cops can't.
That don't make you no
different from them.
You're no different.
A kid spray paints
under a bridge...
you don't bring him to me,
you make him paint the
back of Maddie's.
That's not the same.
Maksville County is a safer
place because of me,
and york county
was on its way...
until now.
You can't get away with this.
Come on, Clint's dead.
I have the Prattlers in pocket
to testify against Sloan.
You killed Sloan out of revenge;
I killed you...
in the name of the law.
Yeah, you were a
good Sheriff, Alden.
You just didn't have what it
takes to go all the way.
You better bring a lunch.
I told ya I was always close
enough to come running.
I knew it wouldn't kill ya,
but I bet it sure as
heck didn't tickle.
Jordan, help me.
Hey buddy, I smell bacon.
Good morning, partner!
Where'd you get all of that?
Oh, Jordan...
that's from Maddie's.
Doc says I got to...
get my strength back.
Best thing for it.
I don't suppose I could talk you
out of a bacon biscuit?
No, no, no... you gotta look
after that ticker of yours,
buddy boy.
Tell me again how you are alive?
the first that happened is
I woke up.
And Jordan filled me in on
everything and my suspicions
on Sloan came true
so I figured I'd just...
play dead and let you
catch all the bad guys.
Shirkin' your duty as usual.
I did you a favor.
How's that?
You got to save the day,
and I just...
well I stayed here and...
Scooter whooped me in Uno!
That Sly dog.
Jordan is the one who
saved the day.
She always does,
that's why I married her.
I sure was glad to see her when
she was there, boy... whoo!
She's a lot like you, you know.
Although she'd hate to admit it.
That's why you married her.
She don't listen to me.
You know what she did?
She went down to
that track on her own
and followed Sloan around.
Fillin' in your gaps, I reckon.
Tell you what,
I would trade you all
three of my pigs
for one slice of bacon.
No can do; A deal's a deal.
What deal?
I made a deal with Doc. Bronson
and he agreed to let me play
dead if I agreed to whip
you back in shape and
that's what I'm gonna do.
He seems to think you've got a
lot more to offer
than just being a pig farmer.
I liked you better when
you was dead.
Don't think you're gonna go down
to the county line and eat all
that barbecue like you used to.
Your life's different now.
You're a hero, buddy.
Can we get the ballgame on this?
Well, who don't like to hear
about themselves on TV?
Now eat your oatmeal.
So how ya doing, darlin'?
I'm good... good!
Well, just want you
to know I'm proud of ya.
Well thanks, dad.
Look at you!
I'm impressed!
About what?
I don't know, you just look
so, like, calm and confident.
Well, I guess I got you fooled.
Still worried about ya, but I...
I know you're doing
what you gotta do.
You look happy, dad.
I guess maybe I...
came across a little bit of
your mother's faith
along the way here.
And I still hate this
facetime thing.
to you too!
I love you, dad.
Alright, I love you.
Hey, Nat.
Listen, I'm proud of ya and all,
but when you bring my burger
could you trade out that soy for
about a half pound of Angus?
Take that up with Maddie.
My criminal days
are over, brother.
I was born
in a haze of bullets
late November,
late seventies
Never did I want
for anything anytime
Never would I crawl down
on my knees
I came of age
in the early 1990's
Fear starts creepin' in
Well, I guess I'm in
better shape than the jukebox!
Well, I'd run the
gauntlet for ya
Take it all and smash it
down for you
You say you
tried to warn me
When I'm gone,
you ain't getting through
Don't say we're
better off this way
When you meant
everything to me, hey
And with your words
ringing in my ears
I'm gonna make my way on
down the trail of tears
My life of
Costs more than
I ever knew
But I'd trade it
all in one breath
To get back the things
I had with you
You left me
in a fade away
You've always been
the best of me, hey
May the love we made
echo through the years
Let it carry me on down
the trail of tears
Let it carry me on down
the trail of tears
Let it carry me on down
the trail of tears