County Line: All In (2022) Movie Script


Danny: Sorry, sorry. Hey honey!
I know mint chocolate chip.
I know you.
Yeah, me and the guys are just
gonna grab a beer and-
SKOOTER: What is going on?
DANNY: Hold on, I can't...
No, I'm losing you.
SKOOTER: Guys, come on!
DANNY: Hold on.
Well, I'm in the woods.
Hold on, hold on.
SKOOTER: Really?!
DANNY: Bree, I'm trying to find
a spot.
Are you even-
Are you even there?
You're not there.
Hey Garrett, you know the county
line is out of bounds, right?
DANNY: Garrett?
Hello? Hello?!
Oh honey, I gotta call you back!

I'm all in.
With all due respect,
you and your good ol' boys
need to work on your
good ol' bluffs.
What's that supposed to mean?
OFFICER DANTE: Well, your honor
some new evidence
has just come to my attention.
I call.
CLIFFORD: Great flush!
Thanks again for letting me take
Sheriff Thorne's seat.
CLIFFORD: I'll never understand
why he didn't request a re-count
after losing by so few votes.
SHERIFF ALDEN: His wife Jordan's
been hounding him for years
to retire and
move to the Keys.
I reckon once he lost,
he lost his excuse not to.
How is it dealing with
his successor?
ZACK: A sheriff...
a judge...
A politician...
and a lawyer...
They all walk into a diner.
Sounds like the set-up to
a joke, don't it?
If you're gambling on the
York side of
the county line...
and consuming alcohol
in Maksville County...
isn't that an overt
county ordinance violation?
Are you planning on making
a citizen's arrest?
No... rules are made
to be broken.
Hey Johnny, you got a concealed
carry for that
9 millimeter you got
tucked in your pants?
You bet!
Care to show it to me?
JOHNNY: I would, sheriff,
but you know you ain't
got no jurisdiction here.
Looks like somebody needs
to rebuy.
Get outta here.
Who is that?
- Zack Van Zant.
I brought charges against him
more times than
I care to remember.
HUGH: Clint's biggest regret was
that he never put
that low-life behind bars.
SHERIFF ALDEN: The top item
on my agenda is
to finish what Clint started.
I got your wings...
bacon cheeseburger.
MADDIE: Ta-da!!!
SHERIFF ALDEN: Veggie burger?
Is it too much to ask to eat
what I want one day a week?
It's called a "cheat day."
MADDIE: Maybe if you hadn't
already averaged 365 cheat days
every single year of your
entire life.
Thank you.
Hey, Skooter. Whoa, whoa whoa...
slow down, now what happened?
SKOOTER: Being that his body's
right here in the middle of the
road that splits both
the counties,
I thought it might be best
if I...
called both you
and Sheriff Jo here.
- Appreciate it.
SKOOTER: The victim is uh...
Garrett Barlow.
SHERIFF ALDEN: No kidding?
The ambulance chaser.
Van Zant's attorney.
OFFICER DANTE: Did York County
institute a new dress code
for its deputies, Skooter?
SKOOTER: No, no... this is that
Revolutionary War
re-enactment thing we're
doing here.
And you chose to
fight for the British?
I did not, I did not.
I got traded; me and Phil Wilks
got bumped for Benedict Arnold
and some guy named Cornwallis,
I don't know...
Hey Warren, I wouldn't have
thought you'd be a re-enactor.
Oh, just getting
back into it.
Barely fit
into my uniform.
SHERIFF ALDEN: Warren here is
medical examiner for both
Pleasure to meet you.
So what do you think?
WARREN: Well, it looks like a
single G.S.W. to the chest;
lack of soot deposition
and gunpowder stippling.
SHERIFF ALDEN: I wonder if maybe
he was shot back there
in the woods and drug
himself out here?

Found ya.
Y'all use live rounds
at these things?
Never, it's probably gonna match
the one I dig outta Barlow there
No, that exit wound sure didn't
look like a musket ball.
you may be right.
Oh, here she comes.
SHERIFF JO: Hey guys...
can you make sure no one else
comes back in there?
I feel like I'm back
at basic training
with my drill instructor.
Hey, Sheriff.
It was a real nice service
you had for Steph.
Ember was sorry she
couldn't be there.
Tell her that
defending her country
is more than a valid reason.
SHERIFF JO: What were
you thinking?
SKOOTER: He was out in
the middle of the road.
I didn't know what to-
Save it, save it.
Thanks for coming,
but I got it from here.
What makes you assume this is
a York County case?
Everything but his sneakers are
on my side of the line.
Well, the re-enactment took
place in my county.
The victim happened to live
there and he also got shot there
Possession is 9/10ths of the law
and I'm in possession of
9/10ths of the body.
Okay, fine...
you play lead,
I play rhythm.
You want to work together?
Well in situations like this
where there's a question
of jurisdiction, me and Clint
always worked together.
I'm not sure if you heard but
your B.F.F. lost.
Is this a crime scene...
or a costume party, deputy?
It's a crime scene.
Then treat it like one.
SKOOTER: I need you guys to back
up if you would.
I just figured since this
is your first homicide that
maybe you could use
a little assistance.
You figured wrong.

MADDIE: That was a kind gesture
that you made.
She can't look
a gift horse in the mouth.
She looks at this horse like
she thinks I'm ready to be
put out to pasture.
MADDIE: If this is her
there's nothing you can do.
I could solve it
before she does.
MADDIE: You'd solve a murder
out of spite?
Not just out of spite.
Oh, that's good to hear.
Also so I could gloat.
So what if she beats
you to it?
SHERIFF ALDEN: She probably
cares more about
being in charge than actually
putting in the work.
MADDIE: I know that look.
MADDIE: Oh I don't know,
what are the odds something
in there rhymes with
"Van Zant?"
SHERIFF ALDEN: A little early
for ski season, ain't it?
Alright, put your hands up.
And while you're at it,
let's see your face.
Now, who do we have-
POLICE RADIO: Liberty 25, code
6, 105 North Avenue 52.
OFFICER DANTE: Do you think it
was Barlow's killer or killers?
It's kind of hard to say.
He represented half the crooks
in this part of the world.
Probably a long list of
who'd be glad to get rid of any
paper trail.
This type of mess is gonna be
impossible to figure out
what or if anything
was taken.
Should we just call
Sheriff Jo and...
let her know what happened?
She wants to be
a one-woman show.
I think we should respect that.

NEWS REPORT: ...100 acres of
grassland saved,
and a merit badge
The hills east of Maksville ran
red, white, and blue yesterday
as the rotary performed its
annual re-enactment
of the Battle of Blue Ridge.
When the dust cleared,
local attorney Garrett Barlow
remained lying where
he had fallen.
Reports indicate
Barlow died
during the re-enactment,
in what newly-elected Sheriff
Joanne Porter's office
describes as
suspicious circumstances.
The family of the deceased...
SHERIFF ALDEN: Suspicious? Ha!
Someone suspiciously
put a bullet
in the middle of his chest!
MADDIE: I'm sorry, the policeman
is just a big ol' grouch
before he has had his coffee.
inexperienced young sheriff
in what would be-
Why'd you turn it off?
Because watching it is
bad for your blood pressure,
and listening to you
is bad for mine.
In all the years that you've
been coming here to eat,
have you ever known us
to deliver?
Hey Maddie, let me talk
to him.
Good morning, Skooter!
Oh, bless your heart!
I am starving to death, Alden.
Thank you, thank you!
Kept you here all night, huh?
She is treating me
like some kind of...
glorified security guard, Alden.
She's got me going
through files for
speeding tickets from 1985.
So you're in the doghouse?
Yeah, I am. She's ticked at me
for uh...
for calling you about
that body.
SKOOTER: And uh...
I'm a biscuit short.
Oh, don't be so
hard on yourself.
No, not me... the order;
I'm a butter biscuit short here.
Well if I were you, I'd suspect
the delivery boy.
Now what's Jo thinking by not
declaring this a murder?
SKOOTER: Oh, she uh...
She thinks that one of the
re-enactors might have used
a live round instead
of a blank.
SHERIFF ALDEN: So it was a
musket ball and not
a bullet that killed Barlow?
Well, I ain't really in the
loop on that but um...
she reasons that uh...
there's too many witnesses
out there for somebody
to plan a murder.
SHERIFF ALDEN: Witnesses who are
half-disguised shooting
other witnesses
who are falling down
and playing dead;
can you imagine
a better place to
commit a murder?
SKOOTER: No. No, I agree.
Well, she had me collect all the
weapons including mine.
I guess she expects to get
a ballistics match.
Hey, who found the body?
Hmm... a fella by the name
of Danny Boone.
SHERIFF ALDEN: You're kiddin'
No, he's a dentist here
in York County.
These are good.
Sure, everyone knew Garrett.
He was known for cheating.
You could shoot him
at close range,
and then he would pretend to do
this Matrix move.
Open wide for me.
Well this one time he brought
a paintball gun
to the
Battle of Gettysburg.
He shot Robert E. Lee
right in the crotch!
It got to the point where the
re-enactment society president
had no choice
but to ban him.
Well, how'd he
get back in?
Garrett filed a lawsuit
against the society,
and Riley had no choice
but to reinstate him.
So it'd be fair to say that
Riley's no big fan of Garrett's?
It's fair to say that Riley has
thrown a barbecue in celebration
of the fact that Garrett is no
longer a dues-paying member.
My wife's not letting me go.
Riley live
in Maksville?
Well thanks, Doc.
We're not done.
You've got 3 cavities.
Actually I do have to go.
- Thank you.
- You're gonna need it.
What are you
doing here?
I got a free toothbrush!
Maybe I wasn't clear about
not needing your assistance.
You were perfectly clear,
but I've still got the right
to investigate the murder
of one of my constituents.
First off, we're most likely
looking at manslaughter.
And do whatever you want
in your county,
but you have no legal authority
once you cross into mine.
Since when do I need
legal authority
to ask a guy a couple
of questions?
Since I say you do.
And if I catch you playing
cops and robbers
on my side of the line again,
I'm gonna arrest you for
interfering with
an official police
Try me.
SHERIFF ALDEN: I think she
wants to arrest me.
MADDIE: You gave it a shot.
What are you gonna do?
You can't cross
the county line.
RILEY: My BBQ was uh...
was planned
before Garrett died
and uh...
and I know I uh...
shouldn't have joked
about it being a celebration.
Too soon.
But uh...
in my defense...
comedy is uh...
When I told people
I wished Garrett was dead,
I meant it figuratively.
Should I be talking
to a lawyer?
Criminals are stupid,
but not this stupid.
Look, I'm gonna need the
names of everybody
who was involved
in the re-enactment.
can you do that for me?
Excuse me.
Uh, yeah.
SKOOTER: I think Jo is
getting suspicious, Alden.
If we're careful,
she won't find out.
Yeah. We got the
ballistics report back.
Guess what?
You were right.
Barlow wasn't shot
with no musket,
it was a 9 millimeter.
Do you reckon a 9 was pretty
popular back in the 1700s?
- I reckon not.
That's because Georg Luger
didn't invent 'em until 1902.

OFFICER DANTE: I stopped by that
new microbrewery
after frisbee golf last night.
After what?
OFFICER DANTE: Frisbee golf.
twice a week.
SHERIFF ALDEN: You were an
All-American at Georgia Tech.
OFFICER DANTE: It's good for
the hand-eye coordination.
Anyways, I heard you're
an I.P.A. guy.
Well, thank you.
Sucking up to the boss is not
only appreciated but encouraged.
I also came in early to finish
entering in
the list of re-enactors
into the system.
Anybody with a record?
A disturbingly high number
but uh...
only one was
represented by Barlow.
Oh yeah...
Brody Haywood.
Yeah, he used to
work for Van Zant.
OFFICER DANTE: He just got
released after doing
6 years for a bank robbery.
Well, maybe he's back on
Van Zant's payroll.
Or he's just another disgruntled
client looking
for more than a refund.
His parole information has him
working at
a body shop in York.
You see that?
A month with me and you're doing
first-rate work.
Or it's my uh...
criminology degree.
Yeah, you might wanna
hang back.
I don't think Jo's gonna be
too happy about this.
Are you sure we shouldn't just
pass along the tip?
Dante, old cop rule
number one:
it's better to
beg forgiveness
than ask permission.
I just don't see Jo
as the forgiving type.
Yeah, it works out.
I'm not exactly
the begging type.
Mr. Haywood...
Is that a late 18th century
rifle in your pocket,
or could it be a 9 millimeter?
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Look what I found.
SKOOTER: The word "name,"
or their name?
No, no... their name.
SKOOTER: Okay so Ross Wetherford
and just click enter.
SHERIFF ALDEN: Hey folks...
I come bearing gifts.
Sit down.
This most likely is the
weapon used
to murder Garrett Barlow.
Brody here used to break
heads for Van Zant,
and I figure he's
back on the payroll.
What reason would he have
to murder his own lawyer?
You wanted to be the lone wolf,
you gotta learn to hunt
on your own.
Do you smell burnt toast?
No, why do you ask?
Because it's the only
plausible explanation
for why your boots would
be on my table.
You're having
a stroke.
I am basking in the glow
of victory.
Oh, oh!
going on?
Oh, well this is
Alden's version
of a victory lap,
and now it's over.
Well I, uh...
heard about Barlow.
Thought I might be able
to offer some insight.
appreciate it, but I think
I already
got the guy... the guy you
put away, Brody Haywood,
remember that case?
I remember it well.
What do you make
for his motive?
Well, revenge on Barlow for
a job not so well done.
Makes sense.
SHERIFF ALDEN: Or maybe Van Zant
put him back on the payroll
to off his attorney.
And you've got evidence
for that?
- A gut feeling.
- Hmph... at least you're still
running the show.


Hi, Dad.
I didn't think you'd be home
for a couple of weeks!

How long you on leave?
Well F.Y.I.
it's nice to have you home.
I'm getting tired of
my own cooking.
How's the first month of
your new term going?
Eh, okay... alright...
It got better today.
Why's that?
Well, the new sheriff in York
has been kind of a burr
under my saddle.
You see, Clint's replacement
is a female.
She's only had a couple years
but she thinks she's
God's gift.
Why does her gender matter?
It doesn't.
EMBER: Then why emphasize it?
Dad, I can't tell you the number
of times that I have needed to
go above and beyond to impress
my male superiors.
And even then,
it's not always appreciated.
Well, I'm sorry you had
to experience that but...
this situation's different.
I was surprised to hear you were
even running for reelection.
I've got some loose ends
I'd like to tie up.
Maddie didn't encourage
you to retire?
Oh... oh, yes she did.
How is that going,
by the way?
That's going
fine by the way.
I guess... good... okay...
She likes giving me
a hard time.
Kinda like mom used to do?
Like you do.

What's he doing here?
- Sit.
Ballistics confirmed his gun
did not kill Garrett Barlow.
So he used a different
9 millimeter.
He may be as dumb as a box of
rocks but even he knows
how to ditch a murder weapon.
He wasn't even at the
- He was on the list.
- I sprained my ankle.
I had to go to the E.R. to make
sure I ain't busted it.
My gut still tells me
Van Zant's involved.
And my brain is telling me to
stop listening to your gut.
Resisting arrest is
a parole violation.
You deal with it,
I have a murder to solve.

SHERIFF ALDEN: Sam, I really
appreciate you
helping me out with this case.
SAM: Truth be told,
I'm glad you stopped by.
Retired life can be
a bit mundane.
I'm sure it's a lot
slower than being D.A.
Yeah I figured I'd love all the
free time but it turns out all
I wanna do
in my retirement is work.
These are the ones
who got away.
SHERIFF ALDEN: So when you put
something together,
what do you do with it?
SAM: Give it to
my successor.
And Barney helped her
close a couple.
And you don't take any credit?
I gotta admit
it has been humbling.
But it has also
been gratifying.
I uh... spoke with Van Zant
a couple weeks back and let it
slip that the Feds were building
a RICO case against him.
Are they?
Nah, I was bluffing but the
thing about RICO...
it supersedes
attorney-client privilege.
They could get Barlow to testify
against him.
Unlike you,
I'm a good bluffer.
Do you reckon you scared Van
Zant enough to sacrifice
his own lawyer?
The thought crossed
my mind.
The word is Johnny Prattler
spoke with Barlow a few days ago
and apparently there has been
tension likely stemming because
Johnny's growing tired of
playing second fiddle.
I've been expecting a Prattler
uprising for years.
There's certainly enough of
'em to make a move.
I'd love to go after Van Zant.
Unfortunately, he lives in York.
We gotta quit
meeting like this.
Now it don't matter how Jo
treats me, I don't care.
You know me, Alden.
I just don't wanna
be disloyal.
Skooter, look...
I'm not asking
for information,
I'm giving it.
I reckon this way
you can take credit,
and probably earn some
brownie points alongside.
But wouldn't you be
helping Jo though?
I figure it's for Clint.
But for it to work,
she cannot know
it came from me.
You got it?
I got it,
got it.
...which is why I think it's
worth looking into Van Zant.
And you came up with this theory
all on your own?
All on my lonesome.
I mean yeah, um...
sometimes I-I think of things,
you know?
And-and-and they become
thoughts, you know?
That's solid police work.
SKOOTER: Yeah, thank you.
I just have a couple
follow-up questions.
You honestly thought I'd fall
for Skooter
feeding me fake intel?
The lead's legit.
I seriously doubt
You clearly have a
vendetta against Van Zant.
Well, I got plenty of reason
but actually
I'm trying to do
the right thing.
The right thing would have been
to keep your nose out of it
from the start
like I asked.
You didn't ask, you told!
Look, all I wanna do is
develop a good
working relationship with you
like I had with Clint.
No, this is payback for me
beating Clint,
the horse you backed.
Of course I backed him,
he's my best friend!
Well big difference between
supporting someone,
and slinging mud.
You played the old card.
I never once
called you old.
You said that Clint and I
were set in our ways,
that our policing
method is old-school.
It is.
That doesn't mean it
doesn't work.
I didn't turn down your offer
to help because
you're past your prime,
my mayor backed Clint...
going so far as to warn voters
of an impending crime
spree if I were to
be elected.
It's his opinion that a woman
isn't qualified to do this job.
If I need you to hold
my hand and walk me
through my first murder,
all that does is validate him.
Well, thanks for the tip.
I'll follow up.
Actually it was Sam Tate.
The retired D.A.?
Yeah, he'll walk you
through it.
And if you feel like
running anything by me,
you know how
to get a hold of me.
I'll tell Skooter!
Oh hey, sorry I'm late.
What'd I miss?
Alden bluffing his stack off.
So nothing I haven't seen
a hundred times before!
Not everyone is blessed with
my gift of deception.
Not everyone is a politician
where lyin's like breathin'.
Hey Maddie,
could you spot me a loan?
MADDIE: The word loan implies
that you're gonna pay me back.
I thought you were bringing Sam.
Well, I tried calling him
but he didn't pick up.
MADDIE: That's a bit odd,
don't you think?
Sam lives for these games.
Yeah, he sure does.
Here, hold this.
You got Sam...
leave your full
name and number,
and if I don't get
back with ya,
it's cause I'm playin' poker.
Sam, you home?
Hey Sam, I'm coming in.
It's Alden.
Oh, Sam.
I've known Sam all my life;
suicide ain't his style.
Do you think
he was murdered?
I know he was.
Maybe he drank himself
into a depressed state.
We found an empty
bottle of bourbon.
Everybody was aware that bourbon
was his drink of choice,
but not everybody knew that he
developed an allergy to corn;
he had to switch
to Irish whiskey.
If Sam planned on ending his
life, I'd argue he might wanna
enjoy Bourbon for one
last time.
You gotta dust for prints.
I will conduct
a thorough investigation.
You have my word.
Did you find a note?
Alden, that doesn't mean that
this wasn't a suicide.
Listen, he argued for a living.
There is nobody in this world
who loved the sound of his
own voice more than Sam did.
If there's anything suspicious,
I'm sure the autopsy
will reflect that.
I don't need a coroner to tell
me what I already know.
But I do.
This ain't over.
And you got evidence for that?

You're up early.
Ugh, my body clock's
out of whack.
How you holdin' up?
I'm fine.
You don't have to be
so stoic, Dad.
Sam was a good friend
and I'm sure his suicide-
He was murdered.
I don't mean to snap.
I'm just a little
sleep-deprived that's all.
Oh shoot,
I gotta get to work.
Have a
great day.

Did you find anything?
No, but I'm... I'm bumping on
the coincidence of two
adversarial lawyers dying
within days of each other.
- Exactly!
Especially since you pitched me
Sam's theory that his fake RICO
case inadvertently motivated
Barlow's murder.
And Van Zant's connected.
If you tell me
what you know about him,
I'll start investigating.
I can do better than that,
I can help.
Alden, you're not in
the best frame of mind.
I'll follow your lead,
I promise.
Honest to God.
I need this.

According to county records,
Van Zant uses this warehouse
primarily to store plumbing
SHERIFF ALDEN: Lot of firepower
for some
showerheads and toilet seats,
don't you think?
You recognize them?
Johnny and Darryl Prattler.
- Brothers?
- Cousins.
I arrested a Prattler
last week.
It'd be a slow week
if you didn't.
Do you know every
criminal in the area?
Pretty much.
I know Johnny better
than most.
He took my daughter
to the prom.
You're kidding.
Ember has a lot of good
but taste in men
ain't one of 'em.
Alden, you know we can't legally
use that without a warrant.
Eh, probably not.
It's not my style anyway.
Violating the
fourth amendment?
- Technology.
Once you start using it,
you start depending on it.
You sure that's the
sheriff in you talking,
or the boomer who hasn't figured
out how to text?
I have FaceTimed before.
I use it to talk to
Ember in Afghanistan.
She's a Sergeant in the
Ordinance Disposal Unit.
Having to deal with bombs and
I.E.D.'s would take
a lot of courage.
It's probably genetic!
It also requires a calm,
circumspect temperament.
- How long is this gonna take?
- We're getting 'em.
There's Van Zant.
SHERIFF JO: It doesn't look
like Johnny's gonna
win employee of the month.
SHERIFF ALDEN: Not everyone
knows how to talk
to their employees
the way you do.
And there is our
probable cause.
I'm not sure some stolen
TVs will be
enough to get us a warrant.
Do you know Judge Mullins?
- No.
- I do.
He has been a regular in our
poker game for years;
the same game Sam played in.
The TVs will be plenty.
That poker game...
Fast-tracked Sam's toxicology
exam like you asked.
The cause of death was...
carbon monoxide poisoning.
You sure?
Sam had a CO blood level of
1600 parts-per-million.
He was alive and ingesting
toxic fumes for
nearly 10 minutes
before he died.
- He must have been drugged.
He had nothing in his system,
but his blood-alcohol level
was nearly 5 times
the legal limit.
So in your professional opinion,
was this a suicide?
Appreciate the quick turnaround.
- Sorry, Alden.
Warren knows his stuff...
You'd get no argument
about that,
but he is dead wrong
on this one.
You think you know better
than an experienced
medical examiner?
In this case, absolutely.
Well no offense to your gut,
but I am holding off
on the affidavit.
You gotta be kidding.
The Van Zant theory
is predicated
on two lawyers
being murdered.
So we agree to disagree
on that count,
but why not bring him in
for questioning?
I still haven't interviewed
of the re-enactors.
Look, if nothing pans out,
I'm willing to consider it.
SHERIFF ALDEN: Hugh let Van Zant
slip through his fingers,
you can't do the same thing.
You're letting your disdain
for him cloud your judgment.
And now I'm seeing why the
voters in this county
were afraid to elect
you Sheriff.
Thanks for your help,
but I can take it from here.
Sam did say that retirement was
a lot harder than
he expected.
Yeah well...
he was bored, not suicidal.
This is personal, Maddie.
I got an Ace up my sleeve.
And I'm pretty dang sure
Van Zant's involved.
Well, what'd he say when
you questioned him?
We ain't got there yet,
that's why I'm here.
How dare you go
over my head!
You got the
Your buddy, the mayor,
might be forcing me to do this
but I'm in charge!
as long as we get Van Zant.
Keep your weapons holstered.
Watch for my cue.
York Sheriff Department,
we have a warrant to
search your property!
You can huff and puff
'til you're blue in the face,
they ain't lettin'
you in there.
York Sheriff Department,
we're comin' in!
You're just giving 'em time
to destroy evidence.
Let's go.
John, John, John...
Johnny here obviously didn't
hear Sheriff Jo identify herself
he must have mistook
her for an intruder.
I'm gonna give you 5 seconds.
Alright Alden, I heard you.
My apologies.
As you surmised, my bodyguard
didn't realize
you were in law enforcement;
easy mistake.
We've all been a lil' bit on
edge since
my attorney's recent passing.
Darryl Prattler!
Come on out,
or I'm comin' in.
It's out of order.
What's with the
Wyatt Earp routine?
Johnny was a sniper
in the Marines.
If he wanted to hit us,
he would've hit us.
He was just buying time for
Darryl here
to destroy more
documents... sad.
Zack, I told my daughter I had
some unfinished business
and you're it.
I drove here with Skooter,
can you bring Johnny
back to my station?
Nice to see you in cuffs!
SHERIFF JO: Okay so grits,
CLIFF: Well, we've got 3 guys
counting you.
CLIFF: Who do you wanna have
do the fourth?
One of y'all can do two.
CLIFF: Why can't we do 3
'cause like we've got 3.
SHERIFF JO: It's a rectangle.
It's a warehouse, Cliff.
How you gonna divide a rectangle
into 3 even pieces?
CLIFF: Well, I'm not doing two,
you or Skooter can do two-
SHERIFF JO: The car was parked
at the station all morning.
The security video confirmed
nobody tampered with it there.
HUGH: Who's in the body bag?
SHERIFF JO: Zack Van Zant.
HUGH: Anybody else hurt?
SHERIFF JO: Yeah, my deputy
suffered blast injuries.
HUGH: Skooter?
SHERIFF JO: The last I heard,
he was headed into surgery.
HUGH: Lord, why did he
come out of retirement?
How? How was someone
able to plant
a bomb in one of
your vehicles?!
I don't know.
HUGH: And how did they even know
that Van Zant was gettin' in it?
Skooter transports
the prisoners
so it's possible that
they assumed Van Zant-
HUGH: If they knew about
the warrant but Alden only
came to me about it
this morning.
Alden, what you got to say
about all this?
And what do they know?
Not much.
They're good with DNA
and fingerprints,
but this is way beyond them.
HUGH: Alright, alright, alright.
I'm placing Alden in charge.
- Excuse me?
Look nothing personal I just
want an
experienced sheriff at the helm.
With all due respect,
you don't have the authority
to make that call.
HUGH: No, I don't but I do have
authority over your budget.
And if you don't want your
department de-funded down
to a bike cop with a BB gun,
you will follow his lead!
You got me?!
SHERIFF JO: Yes, sir.
SHERIFF JO: Well old-school...
looks like you're up.
SHERIFF ALDEN: Is this anything
like what you
saw in Afghanistan?
EMBER: So this bomb itself
is pretty basic.
But whoever made it does
have some chemistry knowledge.
The tertiary explosive was
acetone peroxide with
an ammonium nitrate oxidizer.
- Fertilizer?
- Yeah.
SHERIFF JO: What about how it
was detonated?
Remotely, likely a cell phone.
So they could have set it off
from pretty much anywhere.
Except they must have had
line of sight
so they could tell when
Van Zant got in the car.
There's quite a few
vantage points out there.
Yeah and even more in here.
You think it was
an inside job?
I heard that
Johnny ain't happy.
Except his hands were
cuffed behind his back.
His cellphone was in
his back pocket.
So it's possible he set it up
but he couldn't have planted it.
Prattlers breed
like rabbits.
If Johnny had decided to
make a move, you can bet
his kin were involved.
And shooting at us would have
made for the perfect distraction
Dad, do you still have
his cell?
Yeah, sure.
EMBER: Okay, well it looks like
Johnny made a call to
an unlisted number right around
the time of the explosion.
Can you tell if that call
detonated the bomb?
I guess there's only one
way to find out.
[ON CELL] CARL: Hey Johnny,
How'd it go with Zack? Johnny?
This phone wasn't used
as the trigger device.
But whoever that was could have
given someone
the green light to detonate it.
That was his cousin, Carl.
Are you sure?
Isn't Carl
still in prison?
He must have got out.
And you didn't think running
with a bad crowd
would pay off one day.
Well, we should question him.
Easier said than done.
Carl ain't exactly
the cooperating type.
I might be able to
help out with that.

CARL: I was surprised when you
called out of the blue like that
and was worried it might be
too good to be true.
but it was.
Hey, Carl! Look, I just want
to talk to you.
Nah, that's what Clint said the
last time he locked me up.
Now listen-
No, you listen!

I was gonna take
you to the fish fry.

Dang, Carl,
that had to hurt.
I ain't done nothin' wrong.
Besides aggravated use of a
weapon and evading arrest?
I meant before that.
Johnny called you on
the cell right before
Zack Van Zant
was killed.
So what?
So he needed somebody
to plant that bomb
and then detonate it.
I don't know nothing
about no bomb.
Then what did he
call you about?
Just stuff.
Cousin stuff.
Carl how about this-
You tell us what you know and if
I believe you I will forget
about the parole violation
I just witnessed.
Trying to keep you from
going back to prison, son.
Zack's been tellin' Johnny for
years he's gonna set him up
with his own territory.
Never happened.
So Johnny got
tired of waiting.
He was fixing to do some
business on the side but
Zack caught wind.
What did he do?
Nothing yet.
So he decided to make
the first move?
If he did, I ain't had
nothing to do with it.
And why should we
believe you?
I was picking up
trash under Harris bridge
when Johnny called.
Ask my PO.
I'll do that.
Then we talk to Johnny.
I want to take the lead.
I know he riled you when
he took a shot at you,
but I know these Prattlers.
You owe me one.
Sheriff, I hear Ember's back.
I'm thinkin' I might
give her a call.
You know, once I
make bail and all.
This is Sheriff Joanne
Porter of York County,
Johnny Prattler.
We have reason
to believe your...
employer's death was
an inside job.
Oh, okay...
I got nothing to say
without my lawyer.
We also have it under
good authority that you
and your boss had
a falling out.
Listen here
this is not
my first rodeo...
So I...
my lawyer.
The interview with Johnny
Prattler is concluded upon
suspect's request of counsel.
So, here's what's gonna
happen next...
First, I'm charging you
with attempted murder.
Ah-ha, no,
I missed on purpose.
Next, I'm gonna see to it
that you don't make bail
before I leak it that
you're our only suspect.
You- You can't do that.
Because everyone
has a boss.
And I happen to know your
boss Zack kicked up to
the Atlanta Syndicate
or at least he did
before you blew him up.
Oh, come on now...
And I'm
willing to bet
Atlanta won't look
kindly on the fact that
you shut down their
business here.
Okay, okay see
right there.
You can't do that.
Okay, she can't do that,
alright because I'll be dead.
I don't care.
I'll tell Ember
you said hey.
Oh, come on Sheriff.
Sheriff it's me...
Okay, okay...
Okay you win, okay.
Listen okay, Zack and I, we
didn't always see eye-to-eye.
Okay yeah sure, but
I did not kill him.
And yes, I took a shot
at you, I am sorry.
That was Zack's fault,
he made me.
Unless you can point us in
the direction of somebody else
who wanted Zack out of the
picture I'm not inclined
to accept your apology.
I got no idea who did it.
Okay? Look I swear.
C'mon Sheriff!
Let's go.
Just wait, wait-
Just wait one second!
Give me a minute
okay, gosh.
The mayor,
What about
the mayor?
Zack was blackmailing
the mayor.
I got pictures
and everything.
Yeah, if anybody needed
Zack dead it's the mayor.
Alden: Well you gotta hand
it to him, he's pretty
intelligent for a Prattler.
SHERIFF JO: Just keep

There could be some
explanation for this.
How about he's a corrupt
politician accepting a bribe?
I understand you want to
bring him down a peg or two.
And I understand why you're
defending him, you're biased.
I've known him all my life.
He stood up in my wedding.
Alden, a picture's worth
a thousand words.
Or, in his case,
I'd say closer to $50,000.
He's got an alibi.
How do you know?
We were playing poker,
during the time each of
those murders happened.
maybe he used his bribe
money to hire a hit man.
And you think I have
it in for Van Zant?
Okay for the sake of
argument, let's say
the mayor had nothing to do
with the first two deaths.
'Cause he didn't.
But he did know about the
warrant before anybody else.
If Van Zant really was
blackmailing him...
maybe the mayor saw an
opportunity to get rid of him.
And make us think all three
deaths were connected.
I don't see him doing
that to Skooter.
Alden, we served
the warrant immediately
after the judge
signed it.
The mayor's the only one
who had advanced notice
about Van Zant's arrest.
Maybe not.
What if Johnny made
us during the stakeout.
He would've known we were
gonna arrest his boss.
He would've seen
his opportunity.
So we have two
What's our next
move boss?
I don't know about you,
but I could use a drink.
Finally, something
I agree with.
Thanks again,
for staying open for us.
OH, it's fine.
Just... you guys find out
whoever did this to Skooter.
Look, I want
to go home.
Would you lock
up for me?
Sure, I got
you covered.
No matter how
much he begs
don't share
your bacon.
Heart issues?
Doc says if I limit
my drinking, get enough sleep,
avoid stress,
I'll be fine.
Guess you have nothing
to worry about then.
I couldn't help but
notice that...
it seems like being at the bomb
site was hard on your daughter.
Did she experience something
in Afghanistan?
Ember's a lot like me.
I figure she wants
to talk, she will.
Had a childhood friend
who recently passed.
M'm, was she sick?
No... back in her '20s she was
t-boned by a drunk driver.
Invalid ever since.
What happened
to the driver?
Walked away
scott free.
Thing is that...
the accident happened
when Steph was on her way
to pick up Ember from
an old abandoned mill
the kids used
to party at.
Ember feels guilty
about it to this day.
Look it's...
none of my
business, but...
PTSD is not something
to take lightly.
You should really
check in on her.
And speaking of issues
we prefer not to deal with.
What are we gonna do
about the mayor?
Let me sleep on that.

Good mornin'.
You're sure racking
up the overtime.
Yeah, I spent all night at
the hospital with Skooter.
Any change?
I'm just gonna grab
a shower and head back.
You can't keep burning
the candle at both ends, dad.
You realize every time
we have this conversation
is a time when you ought
to be sleeping too.
I'm still on Kabul time.
About that...
I don't know what you went
through over there but it
seems that it might've taken
a bit of a toll on you.
So if you ever want to
talk about it...
I'm willing.

My convoy hit an IED.
I heard about what happened
to Steph and I lost focus.
Made a mistake.
Nobody died but
they could've.
That's what McNamara
called the fog of war.
Yeah, that's what the Army
psychiatrist keeps telling me.
Talking to her
is helping.
That's good.
Maybe you should
try it out.
Oh shoot, I'm
fine, I'm alright.
You can always
talk to me.
I appreciate the offer,
Ember, but really...
I'm doing fine.
I promise.

Blowin' off steam?
My firearm recertification's
next month
but, yeah... that too.
So I got up early
and looked
through some of
Clint's old cases.
Looking for what?
Anyone connected
to Van Zant who was
defended by Barlow
but convicted by Sam
who's subsequently
been released.
And looking
for revenge.
That's a good idea.
Unfortunately, nobody
connects the dots.
It's worth a shot.
Speaking of which,
let's see what you got.
Maybe I can give you
a little help.
That'd be great.
Don't I feel stupid.
I was on SWAT team back
when I was State Trooper.
Excuse me.
Dante, what's up?

Dante: Alright so, between the
time that Skooter parked the car
and came back for it, there's no
one in the vicinity.
You're sure?
I've gone over this thing
frame by frame.
The bomb was placed in the car
before we arrived.
Which points us back
to the mayor who had
the most opportunity
to plant it.
Or Johnny, if he spotted
us during the stakeout.
Have we considered the
possibility that Van Zant
wasn't the target?

You really think you might've
been the intended target?
Had it detonated a few seconds
later I'd have been in the car.
That seems like
a stretch.
A lot of people didn't like
the idea of a female
running for sheriff.
I got my first death threat the
day I announced my candidacy.
A regular occurrence
by election day.
There's a long way from
making a threat
to actually doing something.
Skooter and me being the target
eliminates the question of
how killer knew how
we'd arrest Van Zant.
Also eliminates
Johnny and the mayor
from being suspects.
If the mayor wanted to
get rid of Van Zant
I'd make for good
collateral damage.
You actually think the mayor
wants you dead?
He might be able to
convince Clint to come back.
I'm not gonna waste my time
on some conspiracy theory.
Not when it involves a
card-carrying member
of your poker game?
when you've been on
the job a few years
instead of just a few weeks
you're gonna start to realize
that the obvious answer
is usually the right one.
Let me guess...
Johnny making a move
on his boss.
I guarantee you if you let him
out the first move he's gonna
make is to stake a claim
on Van Zant's empire.
You're so sure,
why don't we?
Ah, ah Johnny.
Hey man, Johnny.
Get in the truck!
-Johnny: Alright, back to work.
Rock and roll.
You know there was a white truck
parked outside of Barlow's
office the night of his murder.
Did you have anything to do
with his office being trashed?
Uh well, I walked in on
some guy in a ski mask.
I'm pretty sure it was Carl.
And then Johnny
cold cocked me.
SHERIFF JO: And you didn't think
that that was worth sharing?
SHERIFF ALDEN: Well it was
before we were working together.
what we're doing?
Aren't we?
We have two, just two
viable suspects.
One currently being
tailed by your deputy.
The other who you refuse
to investigate.
Jo, I'm not sure
you see it yet but...
- More pearls of wisdom...
If you want to be more than
a one term sheriff you're
gonna have to get the
mayor in your corner.
SHERIFF JO: So you're just
looking out for my best
SHERIFF ALDEN: Not everybody's
out to get ya.
Ugh Please...
You would love nothing
more than to have the voters
recall me and reinstate Clint.
That is not true.
Now you're just
being paranoid.
How can I not be?
You're circling the wagons
to protect your poker buddy.
If the mayor wasn't your
friend, would you have at least
questioned him by now?
He's been in office for years.
Not even a hint
of corruption.
You can't go accusing
the man of murder based
on what Johnny
Prattler said.
I can, and I'm
going to.
The only question is whether
or not you're coming with me.

MAYOR: So do
you have any leads?
We're looking into
one right now.

This isn't what
it looks like.
So you're not
accepting a bribe?
Zack offered me a campaign
donation but I didn't take it.
Right, because politicians
hate free money.
Do you have a photo of me
leaving with the cash?
What made him think
you'd accept his...
donation in the
first place?
The word got out that my
campaign was broke and
I was trailing in the polls.
We have a witness who claims
Van Zant was blackmailing you.
Well, he tried.
And he made a case that some
folks might come to the same
conclusion you did if
he leaked the photos.
But he was killed
before he got the chance to.
Are you implying that I had
something to do with his death?
I'm stating that you
had obvious motive.
Are you just gonna let
this woman waltz in here-
He didn't let me
do anything.
This is my county
and my investigation.
So you can threaten
my budget all you want,
I'm taking back the lead.
[Mayor] I see it's all about
the budget
I should've seen
this coming, huh.
Mayor I'm trying to do my job,
the job I was elected to do.
The job you seem to think
I'm incapable of,
and yet...
here I am sir.
In all my years of public
office I have never
once accepted a bribe.
And I had nothing to
do with making a bomb.
Now, if you're gonna
arrest me, do it.
Otherwise, get out
of my office.

Clint never would've
done this.
Clint never had
reason to.
Jo's a good sheriff.
She's got a real
bright future.
The mayor drives
a white truck.
Another detail that just
slipped your mind?

Looks like Johnny
took the bait.

I'm telling
the truth Johnny.
Zack had it.
Hit him again.
Carl, how do you reckon
I question a man when
he's knocked out, huh?!
Congratulations Johnny, that
must be some sort of record.
You're out for 37 minutes,
you're headed back in.
This is the part where you
slowly take out your guns
and place them on the bar.
Where's the
third guy?
Don't move.
Alright, hey,
hey. Hey.
Don't anybody do anything
stupid you're gonna regret.
Sheriff you might want
to put your guns down.
You know, unless you want
your deputy back here turned
into Swiss cheese.

Sheriff, you know, I should've
killed you when I had a chance
back at Barlow's office.
John, John, John...
even you aren't dumb enough
to murder a couple of cops.
Oh, see you don't
know how dumb I am.
That was Zack's problem.
You see, he thought
with his brain too much.
So blowing him up was your
idea of persuading the mob
that he was killed
by a rival gang?
I already told you both I
had nothing to do with that.
I ain't got nothing
against killing a man
...or a woman.
As much as I appreciate
ladies first...
if you're gonna start shooting
it really should be Alden
for getting me into this mess.
That is cold.
Ahhh my foot!

Do something.
- Daryl!
- Stay back!
I know that weapon only holds
three rounds, you're done son.
Frisbee golf.
Twice a week.
Why were they
beating ya?
I have no idea.
Come on, Billy.
Worst kept secret
in the county.
Your name's on the front of
this place, but Van Zant owns
it lock, stock and barrel.
Johnny wanted me to sign
the deed over to him.
No offense but
your club's a dump.
Why would he
want it so bad?
Zack had a deal lined up to sell
the land to some developer.
Planned to put up condos.
- It's not zoned for condos.
Yeah, Zack seemed to think
he could convince the mayor
to push it through.
How much
we talking?
Just said he'd let me go after
I gave him the deed but...
I was kind of skeptical
considering he already
tried shooting me.
And you're sure
you saw Johnny?
Huh, no.
But he'd threatened
me before and I saw
a white truck
speed away.
Did you believe Johnny when he
said he didn't kill Van Zant?
Yeah, I did.
Yeah, so did I.
Gonna put an APB out
on that truck.
Oh, he's probably
halfway out of
the state by now.
Copy that.
Thanks, Bill.

Were you wearing
your reflective gear?
And I know I had
my earbuds in, but
there's no way that
vehicle didn't see me.
I think I'll go take a look
at the site of the accident.
Will you look
for my watch?
I think it came
off my wrist.
Oh sure, I'll keep
an eye out for it.
You know, it's
funny, uh-
I've been praying for years
that you'd get home and I could
stop worrying about
keeping you safe.
Apparently, God
enjoys irony.
Yeah, I guess so.
About being home...
I have the option to take
an honorable discharge.
So what are
you thinking?
Someone in our family should
know when it's time to retire.
The truck sure swerved
a long ways off the highway.
Yeah, and forgetting
to turn on the headlights
the driver was
definitely impaired.
You reckon that was
about a 22 inch tread?
Dante: Oh yeah, it was
definitely a truck tire.
- Alden: Hey!
- Find something?
Ember's watch, white
paint on the face.
You'd think Johnny
would have more pressing
issues like getting a
bullet out of his foot.

Did Jo send
you down here?
No, I'm here
on my own.
Mm, well with friends like
you who needs enemies, huh?
How'd you get that fresh
dent in your fender?
A runaway shopping
cart, why?
Because whoever's behind all
this is driving a white truck.
Lots of folks drive
white trucks.
Well, this white truck
side-swiped Ember.
Is she alright?
Busted wrist, cracked ribs,
maybe a concussion.
Well now,
hold on here.
I'm her god
father, Alden.
You can't possibly believe
I had anything to do with it.
Well, that's the
problem Hugh.
I never can tell
when you're bluffing.

I heard about Ember.
How is she doing?
Doc says she'll
be fine.
She's pretty banged
up though.
You okay?
Yeah, I get it.
Between Sam and Skooter
and now Ember...
No, it's more
than that.
I'm afraid you were right;
I think I'm a little
past my expiration date.
I never thought that.
At least I
don't anymore.
Well, I do.
As a sheriff I've always relied
on my gut feeling about things.
But now I...
I'm not sure what
to rely on.
You're just exhausted;
you're run down.
I shouldn't have
run again.
I'm not fit
for office.
I'm sorry.
Here I am whining on...
I guess I thought since you
studied psychiatry you'd-
I read your bio.
You spent your entire
life protecting people.
The fact that cases still
keep you up at night is a...
testament to
your character.
But caring takes a toll.
You can't save
And you can't catch
every criminal.
Once we figure this
out, and we will...
Take a vacation.
Bad guys will still be
here when you get back.
Thanks for listening.
Oh, you'll be getting a bill
from York County's new police
psychology office,
don't worry.
So any leads on Ember's
hit and run?
Well, it was
a white truck.
I'm thinking
the mayor.
I mean, you were right;
I was looking out for him.
At least sub-consciously.
What reason would he
have to do this to Ember?
I do not know.
I mean, maybe to distract
me from things.
I mean, there's a dent
in his truck.
I figure I'll test the paint
against what's on her watch.
MADDIE: Alden!
Skooter's awake!
Being the victim of a crime
has really had an affect on me.
It has.
It's like... I've been the
lifeguard so long I forgot
what it's like to drown
inside the pool.
But... Y'all can believe this
if you want to but...
I sorta kinda saw my life
flash in front of me
kinda like people say that
they does, you know?
I saw things that I've done.
I saw things that
I hadn't done yet.
Can't figure that one out,
but it's made me look at my
life a lot different.
It-- it just has.
I'm just thankful to be alive,
that's all I gotta say.
That's great,
You're right.
Any leads on the bomber?
Well.... um
It's kind of a long shot but...
there's a chance it
was intended for you.
Yeah, have you had any
threats made against you?
I yelled at Carl Baker the other
day to cut his radio down
but I don't think that's
enough to blow me up.
No, there ain't nobody out there
gonna blow old Skooter
down for good, no.

The victim.
Skooter said he felt
like the victim.
When we've been talking about
folks who are affected by Sam
and Barlow together we've
only been talking about
those who were convicted.
Right, to
explain motive.
What about those who
were acquitted?
There's a lot of folks who
did not go to prison.
So, maybe it's not the
accused but the victim
wanting justice
they never got?
Or the father
of the victim.
Let's have another chat
with our friend Billy Morten.
I'll take the house.
- SHERIFF JO: I'll swing
by the bar.
- SHERIFF ALDEN: Keep your
phone on ya.
SHERIFF JO: Mr. Morten?
Sheriff Joanne Porter.
Billy! Alden!
I'm here for
your protection.
(door opens)
Hello Alden...
WARREN: Toss your
gun to the side.
Now you back up.
My back up's in
the truck!!
Coming up.

Right there.
I realize this is
all about Steph.
She did not get
the justice she deserved.
it's got you all
bent out of shape.
This ain't you.
Believe me, I know
how you feel.
exactly do you
think you know?
SHERIFF ALDEN: It was Barlow
who convinced the jury that
Skooter messed up.
And that got
the case tossed.
When you missed him with
the musket you didn't have
time to reload so you
had to go with the 9.
Sam was the prosecutor
who lost the case.
I'm guessing you drugged
him to get him into the car.
It's easy enough to fake
an autopsy when you're
the one doing it.
And you're the one who
gave us Sam's phony
cause of death,
right when Jo was typing
up the affidavit for
that warrant.
With your chemistry background
that gave you enough knowledge
to make the bomb.
You purposely waited till
Van Zant was in the car
just to lead us down
the primrose path.
Billy Morten, he was
the bartender who got
that driver drunk the night
he t-boned Steph.
Murdering him might've
showed your hand.
But I guess you figured
you were on a home stretch.
I know Steph was on her
way to pick up Ember,
but that don't make
Ember responsible.
It's not fair, Alden!
It should've been Ember,
not my daughter.
Not Steph.
Warren, wait.
Listen, I'm beggin' you
father to father, let me-
It's not supposed to
be this way.
Warren, please.
I need to think.
- SHERIFF ALDEN: It's okay,
Something's not right.
- I promised your mother
I'd take care of you,
that's what I'm gonna do.
WARREN: It's not supposed
to be this way.
Warren, stop!
Warren, no!
Hang on.
Oh honey, you okay?
SHERIFF JO: This is Sheriff Jo.
I need an ambulance
to my location.
Thank you.
Alright, sheriff,
look at this.
Maddie brought me
some takeout there.
That's never
happened before.
She... said that the only
thing I had to do to qualify
for it was to nearly die.
I owe you an apology.
I didn't trust you
and I should have.
I appreciate it,
I do.
It kind of makes
me feel better.
But, I guess now is about as
good a time as any to tell ya
I went ahead and made a
decision, I'm gonna retire.
Maybe go back to
my wrecking business.
You know, I enjoyed
that, so.
Well, maybe we could work out
some sorta special deputy
advisory position.
That sounds good,
that sounds good.
I'd be happy to help
any way I could.
Thank you, Skooter.
How you doing
Ooh, I'm a bit sore
but I'll live.
Actually I meant more
like if you'd care to
discuss things more.
I appreciate
the effort,
not to mention the irony
of how willing you
are to talk about
my feelings...
Truth be told I've been
having a tough time dealing
with the fact that I'm...
in the home stretch.
You don't think
you'll run again?
I don't think so.
I think it's more of
a young man's game.
Or a young woman's game.
Or a young woman's.
Well, embrace it.
I know both Clint and Sam
retired and they felt they
left things undone.
Matter of fact, Sam was
working on a bunch of cases
that I think I can
close before I walk away.
If I could do that...
no regrets.
No regrets.

I am all in.
Don't feel bad, Jo.
You're not the first guppy
who tried to swim with
the sharks and got ate up.
Wow, you really do
live up to your
bad bluffer
I call, sir.
Well, that's fine,
because I wasn't bluffing
I was using reverse psychology.
I know.
Take all of this
for me, thank you.
I suppose this is as
good a time as any.
Alden uh, we...
got you something.
We all chipped in,
although in reality
it was your money.
Oh my goodness,
look at that.
Learn from the best of 'em.
Well, actually the joke's on
y'all because I did need
some reading material
for the beach.
You're taking
a vacation?
Not gonna be around
next week to help you
guys pay your bills.
Maddie and I are heading
to Florida to visit
Clint and Jordan.
I was so happy
and not a little
shocked when Alden
suggested it.
An actual
One cheeseburger's
not gonna kill ya.
At least hopefully until
after our little vacation.
You know, some things
in life are worth the gamble.
Yodelayhee, oh
yodelayhee oh, yodelayhee