Courage Mountain (1990) Movie Script

''Dear Heidi,
it is my pleasure to inform you...
''...that you have been accepted as a pupil
at Brookings Academy for Girls.
''I can assure you your attendance here
will greatly benefit you in the future...
''...and it might be the best use
for your recent inheritance.
''Should you chose to join us here...
'' may wish to bring
a few personal items...
''...and also an extra blanket, as it does get
quite cold here in northern Italy.
''I am sure you will make
the right decision.
''Yours sincerely, Jane Hillary...
''...Headmistress, Brookings Academy.''
Look what Schwanli did to my book!
She's hungry. Peter is late,
Schwanli wants to be taken up to pasture.
Grandfather, l don't see how l can leave
for school tomorrow.
Too many things to pack.
Books, toys, and besides,
my eiderdown won't fit in the suitcase.
-You may have my blanket.
-But you'll freeze.
Heidi, you have not yet decided
that you are going.
-l'm packing, Grandpa.
But you must decide here, ''l am going.''
Heidi, the money from your friend
Klara's grandmother is a gift...
...not a punishment.
l suggested using it for your education,
only because l want you to learn... provide for yourself.
No matter what happens.
...go, or stay.
You have to decide.
Now, go fetch your friend Peter and take
these poor hungry goats out to pasture.
-l hate you.
-No, you don't.
Grandfather says you have a secret. Tell.
Make me.
l've joined the Army.
l leave for training tomorrow.
You can't.
You're not the only one
that can have an adventure.
But, Peter, you'll be a soldier. A man.
What's wrong with being a man?
There's a war on, Heidi.
What if Switzerland were attacked?
People are out there right now,
fighting in places that....
l'll make a terrific soldier.
l'll go with you. l can be a soldier.
Yes, you can be the General.
General Heidi, commanding
a vast battalion of Alpine troops.
l'm only teasing!
Dear Lord, we thank you for your blessing
this day and for the food on the table.
Please, help Heidi
through this difficult time.
She needs your guidance.
ln the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost, amen.
...l'm going.
Good night, child.
Good night, Grandfather.
Come on, Heidi.
l wish l could take everything,
carry it with me.
...the mountain is inside you.
lt'll always be there.
But so will its hardship.
l've never felt it.
l'm afraid...
...that l won't see you again.
Don't be silly.
You'll be back at Christmas.
Give me the bag.
Let me carry it.
-lt's heavy. You'll miss your train.
-l can carry it!
You're on your way, Heidi.
Have a safe journey.
l'm gonna have a uniform, too.
A school uniform with a jacket.
l'll bring it home.
You can see it at Christmas.
-You will be here, won't you?
-Christmas is for children.
The Army doesn't care about Christmas.
By then l'll be in some far-off land
winning medals for courage.
l doubt it.
Demerits for bad conduct, more likely.
Peter, promise me you'll watch out
for Grandfather.
l promise.
So you don't forget me
in your fancy school.
l'm Clarissa. Are you an orphan, too?
Yes, but l have a grandfather.
That's lucky.
lf l had a grandfather,
l wouldn't be going to an orphanage.
He's Giovanni.
Stay together, girls.
Hey! What about us?
How would you like to come
to the orphanage, too?
She certainly would not!
She's with me, thank you very much.
You're Heidi. l knew you right away.
l'm Jane Hillary,
Headmistress of Brookings.
Heidi, dear,
we should not talk to strangers.
-They are alone. They're orphans.
-No, l mean strangers like Signor Bonelli.
l'm afraid our group
is a little sparse this year.
So many of our girls are scared to travel
because of the hostilities.
ltalians are such poor soldiers.
They are not about to go to war.
Come on, this way.
-A little chocolate for the bella signorina?
-Ursula. Really!
-Heidi, have you been in an automobile?
Good, it will be a new experience.
You will enjoy it.
Just let me get in first.
Come in, Heidi.
Grazie, signora, tante grazie.
Ursula, why don't you help
our little country mouse...
...familiarize herself with Brookings?
All right?
Heidi, the girls and l were wondering,
where did you get those clothes?
l made them.
How quaint. They're positively dreadful.
And breathe!
Your arms and waist.
And the other side, and breathe.
That's it.
What is the matter, Heidi?
Yes. The miracle of the machine age.
But we mustn't fall behind.
Listen to the music, girls. Ascolta bene.
Let it lift your spirits.
We're feathers. Feathers!
We're feathers, not donkeys!
What European country
is currently at war...
...trying to extend its borders?
-Ben fatto.
And what other country,
moved by nationalistic fervor... negotiating to alter its borders?
-Right, ltaly.
And who owns the provinces ltaly wants?
The Austria-Hungarian...
The Austro-Hungarian empire,
Germany's friend.
And who,
in this turbulent and greedy Europe... wise enough to remain neutral?
Who knows?
No one knows? Switzerland!
She stands between Germany and ltaly.
Heidi, will you show us Switzerland?
Thank you, Heidi.
''Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do
''l'm half crazy over the love of you
''lt won't be a stylish marriage
and l can't afford a carriage
''But you'll look sweet upon the seat
of a bicycle made for two
''But you'll look sweet upon a seat--''
-My God, she's naked!
-l'm only taking a bath!
-We're not animals here!
Ursula, she's not doing it to annoy you!
Little tramps!
You're both revolting!
Who did that?
Tell me. l want to know.
Which one of you perverted monsters?
...l am going to tear out every hair
that's in your natty little head...
...and shove them down that big fat mouth
of yours if you don't leave now!
l knew she was a chicken.
llsa, go up to your room at once.
Heidi, l'm sure you have
been accustomed to a more...
...rustic kind of existence.
And without arguing the merits
of naked bathing...
...suffice it to say that we remain clothed
here at Brookings.
Yes, ma'am.
l have felt like a stranger, too, you know?
l was born in France and raised in England,
did you know that?
And those responsible for my upbringing...
...could also say that l was...
...a little more ''natural''
than l should have been.
There's nothing wrong with nature.
We just have to tame it a little bit.
l'm trying.
But it's hard.
The other girls, they're so...
Accept their differences.
Not out of weakness, but... a way to learn your own strength.
That way you learn how to survive...
...and grow.
''Dear Grandfather, school is wonderful.
''Making lots of nice friends.''
-You two are positively disgusting.
Don't look at that!
Mrs. Hillary!
l have to inform you this school is required
by the ltalian Army as a military post.
My men will be garrisoned here.
-But that's impossible!
-Here's a letter from the Governor.
The entire building and grounds
must be cleared within the next 24 hours.
Unfortunately, we must
move in immediately. l'm very sorry.
Girls, get back in!
I'm afraid the Christmas holidays
have arrived a few weeks early this year.
We may meet in the next year.
More likely we will not.
lf the rest of Europe is anything to go by...
...the unpleasantness
between this country...
...and its neighbor to the north...
...will not be resolved
without a great deal of bloodshed.
l cannot promise you
a next term at Brookings...
...but l do promise you a forever and ever.
You may leave Brookings,
its activities, and its friendships...
...but Brookings will never leave you.
Signora, everybody
must leave this property.
l said yesterday,
the children are not safe here.
Where do you expect me to take them?
Their parents are traveling,
l cannot reach them...
...and Heidi's grandfather has not
responded to the telegram l sent him.
And as for Ursula,
her case is far more complicated.
Ursula! Heidi!
Help these soldiers.
Now, here, you take this...
...and you take this, take it all.
And the blankets, too.
Probably end up as saddle blankets
for their sweaty horses.
They think they can just march
into my home...
...and take anything they like.
Bunch of silly soldiers.
Silly schoolboys playing at soldiers.
They belong back in the nursery.
This is my school, my beloved school!
Now, children, you'll catch your death
of cold if you go out dressed that way.
Put on your coats
and bring a single change of clothing.
No teddy bears, no dollies.
My lady, in his kindness, Signor Bonelli
has opened his orphanage to you.
You're all going there for the night.
Come on.
Don't be silly!
We have no intention of going
to that man's diseased institution.
l've been ordered by the Governor himself.
By the Governor's command, l must
take these children to my orphanage...
...until further notice.
This is impossible!
-There must be a mistake.
-Signora, everything is in order.
Please have the children
gather their things.
No, you don't mean that.
l mean, something's gone wrong.
You don't understand who that man is!
Those children are under my care.
l will not let them go!
You don't understand. l will not!
This is my house...
...and this man will not
take those children away!
Take your hands off me!
Get in!
Oh, my!
Poor little things, turned out of their home.
We need to get you to bed.
We don't burn much lantern oil at night.
Waste not, want not. We like darkness.
This is the girls' side.
Over there is the boys' side.
We don't mix, ever.
l'm sure you'll be very happy here.
Go up!
There'll be absolutely no talking.
Get off!
l thought you had a grandfather.
What happened to him?
Are you an orphan now?
There'll be absolutely no talking!
-You tell him.
We'll wait for Mrs. Hillary.
llsa, Gudrun and Ursula and l
would like to go home now.
-Confiscate her breakfast!
-And no lunch!
Yes, of course no lunch.
l do not like impudence.
Take your seat.
What did he say?
l think we've been stolen.
l want to see Signor Bonelli.
Madame Hillary.
l have come here to collect my girls.
We will be taking rooms
at the Pensione Bruno.
-What a nasty little fleabag.
-No worse than this filthy establishment.
-Filth? l don't see any filth here.
-Naturally, you wouldn't.
l shall be waiting here
while you go fetch my children.
Signora, l wish l could help you out.
But these unfortunate children
have been placed in my hands... my good friend the Governor.
l can't go against his wishes.
They shall remain here
until their parents come for them.
No one can travel these days,
and well you know it.
-Then they shall remain with me.
-And me, caro!
They're quite content here.
-l want to see them.
-l cannot allow that, bella signora.
Please be kind enough
to show the signora out.
Let me go! How dare you?
Remember... are making
the famous soap of Saint Mary's.
Put your hearts into it.
Why does he want us?
Bonelli, we call him ''The Bone.''
Very smart at business.
You see, the Governor of this city
pays him money for each child here.
The more children he steals,
the more money he makes...
...and he has slave labor for his factory.
Most of the children here
aren't even orphans, they're just lost.
Take this.
-Why hasn't Mrs. Hillary come for us?
-She will!
-What if she doesn't?
-She will!
-Let's get llsa and Gudrun and run away.
-Don't be silly, we'd never make it!
The only sensible thing to do
is to wait for Mrs. Hillary.
-What if she doesn't come?
-She wouldn't just abandon us here!
You don't know her. l know her!
What if she's ill? What if she can't come?
What if my grandfather's ill?
What if he's dying?
l'm not an orphan! l don't belong here!
l have a grandfather!
l was half expecting Heidi.
She's still in ltaly.
They never received your cable.
Heidi and her schoolmates
are some place called Saint Mary's.
Saint Mary's?
l'll contact the school.
l'm certain l can get through from my post.
Then say l'm coming.
l'll bring Heidi back myself.
Grandfather, no.
-The country is at war, it's too dangerous.
-All the more reason to go.
The ltalian Army has taken over
the railroad, you'll have to travel by foot.
Heidi cannot make the journey alone.
First let me contact the school.
They must have made arrangements
for the children to travel safely home.
And if not, l will go and get her.
l have old man's imagination.
lt runs away with me.
Saint Mary's.
l know how to run away,
but l can't do it alone.
-lt's too heavy. lf l drop it--
-What's too heavy?
The grate in the floor drain.
Let's get the others.
-We're leaving.
-Come on, Gudrun, move!
Be quiet.
Heidi? Giovanni!
-He's not coming.
-Yes, he is!
-What's he doing?
-The crowbar! Help him!
Come on!
Go down! Hurry up!
l'm not going to be responsible
for Giovanni. You brought him!
l'll look after him.
Cover your eyes!
This is where Bonelli puts
the lost children!
Which one of you knows?
Which one of you knew their plans?
Which one?
Which one of you
would like to eat breakfast?
You! You were up.
You saw them from the window.
You knew, didn't you? You helped them!
A more refined approach might help.
What did you see?
l didn't help them.
But you saw them, didn't you?
Didn't you?
The milkman!
Come on!
This is like a party, isn't it?
l've always wanted to go to a party.
-We must go before they see us.
-They won't see us, they're kissing.
Kissing? lt was more like
they mashed their faces together.
This is not a proper topic of conversation!
-Will you please?
-What's wrong with it, Ursula?
They love each other.
l have a friend Peter. We love each other.
Really? You have a sweetheart.
You're such a little liar, Heidi.
He gave me this. l know he loves me.
-Are you going to marry him?
-l don't know.
He's very old.
He's 18.
She's making this up.
Honestly, Heidi, it's sickening.
You're such a liar.
Are we ready to go home now, my dears?
Or rather, back to work?
l do so like to mix business with pleasure.
-What about Giovanni?
-Maybe he got away!
-We can't do anything. We have to escape!
-But how did he find us?
He's a devil!
-When will we be there?
-l don't know!
This is a road, roads lead to towns,
towns have telegraph machines...
...maybe even a telephone.
We'll get to a town
and we'll contact Mrs. Hillary.
You said that about an hour ago!
l'm scared, Heidi.
What if The Bone put Giovanni
down the drain?
Don't be silly! l'm sure he got away.
Your Excellency, you placed the children
in this man's hands!
l demand that you send out
a search party at once!
Your Excellency...
...the silly girls ran away because they
feared they'd be returned to this woman.
l reassured them.
l told them they'd never go back to her.
And they never will!
Signora, please,
you have nowhere to keep them.
And besides, you are only a woman,
and we have a war to fight here.
They'll be safe with Signor Bonelli
when they are found.
Sir, please,
l am responsible for those children!
Look at these men, they are heroes!
Young man, as Governor of Turino...
-...l commend you!
-Please, excuse me.
l implore you, sir!
You must help me find the children
before it's too late!
Capitano, a small request. May l borrow
three or four mounted soldiers?
-Go away!
-Tutti via.
You imbecile!
You realize what will happen if the soldiers
find those children? Stupido!
Don't talk to me like an idiot. l'm a man!
l'll be the judge of that.
Now, listen to me, you idiot.
We're finished, capito?
Jail, if those children talk.
-You must get to them first.
-And then?
Make it look like an accident.
Perhaps they'll fall off a cliff.
Yes, an accident.
A bad one.
A very bad one.
Are they Austrians or ltalians?
lt doesn't matter.
lt doesn't matter.
-We have to get to shelter.
The mountain, it's Switzerland.
-Up there?
-Do you have a better idea?
Get a blanket. lt'll be cold up there.
Don't touch him!
Get his knife.
Come on, get his knife before they see us.
A soldier spotted the children.
They are alive.
ln fact, it would appear...
...they might be attempting
to go over the border into Switzerland.
Crossing the Alps in street shoes?
Signora Hillary, if l could help you, l would.
As a matter of fact, you could.
You could help me send a message
to Heidi's grandfather...
...and grant me safe conduct to Dorfli.
At your own risk.
-Who takes care of them?
-They take care of themselves.
Can we really climb the mountain
all the way to the top and over?
Anywhere a goat can go, we can go.
Grandfather told me.
l'm not going!
l've never climbed a mountain in my life!
Neither have any of you!
-l want to go with Heidi.
-So do l.
Go back. See how far you get.
We're coming, Heidi.
We'll go and get our things.
Come on, Gudrun.
l am not walking to Switzerland
on a goat trail!
Come on, Ursula, we can make it.
You know we can make it.
Where are you, my little darlings?
l know you're out there somewhere.
This air makes me hungry.
Any excuse to eat chocolate.
l'm here to see Peter.
Am l glad to see you.
A telegram has arrived.
Heidi and some children
are climbing the alp to come home.
That's insane. What is Heidi thinking?
Heidi knows the mountain.
They'll have to cross the glacier,
and with the storms...
...nobody should be on the mountain
this time of year.
Peter, go after them.
How am l going to explain this to Mommy
and Daddy? Stupid Swiss cheese.
Ursula, just walk!
Yeah, walk!
This is ridiculous!
People just don't walk
from country to country.
Not in these shoes! l hate these shoes!
l will have kid leather dancing slippers
for my coming-out party, silver ones.
Mommy and Daddy promised me.
Grandmother will give me
her evening shawl. lt's Belgian lace.
Who cares?
They're just runts with bandy little legs.
l should have overtaken them by now.
Do you expect us to climb that?
There is a pass.
There's snow up there.
We don't have proper boots.
Boots? We don't have proper sense!
We'll die up there in the snow!
Starve and freeze!
We'll never make it.
We'll wander in the snow and get lost!
We're probably lost right now.
Ursula, l live on the other side
of that snow.
l know how to get home.
Don't you know how to get home?
l'm going back down.
l don't care what they do to me!
You can't leave, the hardest part is ahead.
l can't take Clarissa,
llsa and Gudrun all by myself.
Then let's all go back.
-lt's too hard!
We have to go on so that
Grandfather can notify your parents.
l don't have any parents!
l've no one to notify except Jane Hillary,
and we don't know where she is, do we?
She could be back in England
for all l know.
She's left me here.
l don't have a father.
l don't have a mother.
They took her away!
lt wasn't proper for her to have me.
She was too young.
But l don't understand...
...what l did.
The school was my home.
There's nowhere else.
l'm alone.
lt isn't true, Ursula.
You have us.
You should have told us sooner.
Gudrun and l thought that
we were the only ones.
Our parents never cared much for us.
You should have told us sooner.
Hello! Are they here?
Have you found them yet?
l've sent my friend Peter after them.
Come in.
l have been trying not to blame you.
You're welcome to.
l certainly blame myself.
Not that it changes anything.
The world has gone out of control.
The world was never in our control.
You would know that
if you had ever lost a child.
When Heidi first came to me...
...l had lost my wife, my son...
...and l turned my back on God and man.
l did not want Heidi.
Not at first. She was a burden to me.
l had to provide for her,
feed her, school her.
Her little voice was everywhere...
...questions, prattle.
l had no solitude...
...which seemed so important to me
at that time.
But it was not before long l came to see...
...that what l gave her
was so much less than she gave me.
She gave me back my life.
Come on, help each other!
Here, this is good.
Good for what, dying?
Come on, huddle, keep each other warm.
Are there bears here?
Don't be such a ninny.
They would have eaten us by now, Gudrun.
Did you hear that?
lt's all right. lt's okay. l'm here.
l wished it were you so many times.
So you didn't forget me.
Come on, l brought some food.
Thank you.
Will we be home for Christmas?
As soon as l can get a sled
to carry us all back.
The snow's much deeper than l thought.
Tomorrow l'll ski back to Dorfli
and bring help.
-And leave us here alone?
-l'm coming with you.
Without skis?
So, who has a song for us?
We can't have a campfire
without a song or a poem.
Didn't anyone teach you to recite
at your fancy ltalian school?
''Not l,'' said the fly.
Ursula is the best. Go on, Ursula, do one.
She's really quite the actress.
''Lord Lovel, he stood at his castle gate
''combing his milk-white steed
''When along came Lady Nancy Belle
to wish her lover good speed''
Stop, not that one, it's dreadfully morbid!
Lady Nancy Belle dies.
l don't want anyone to die!
lt isn't morbid.
lt's romantic.
-We won't let anyone die.
-Then you go, Heidi.
Go on, amuse us.
Go on!
l'm not really very good at it.
Christmas, Heidi.
-Yeah, Christmas.
''Advent, Advent
''a little light burns
''First one, then two
''then three, then four
''then next the Christ Child at the door''
We know that one.
''Advent, advent, a little light burns
''First one, then two
''then three, then four
''then next the Christ Child at the door''
He left hours ago.
You were still sound asleep.
l didn't want to wake you.
-Look, Peter's left us some more food.
And chocolate.
-Why didn't you wake me up?
-Please take your hand off my shoulder!
l will when l'm ready.
See? Peter wouldn't leave
without saying good-bye to me.
l've been very very worried about you.
Alone on such a dangerous mountain.
Now it's time to go home.
-l'm not going back!
-You can' t make us, not now or ever!
You creepy crawling caterpillar face!
We're not afraid of you.
My little darlings, l want no more trouble.
And since l wouldn't want you
to catch a cold...
-...get your things!
Are you all right?
Come on, get Clarissa!
Come on, faster!
Come on, get Clarissa!
-This is not the way down!
-That does not matter!
-Where are you taking us?
-To the top. lt's a wonderful view.
Everyone should see it before they die!
Come on!
Hold on. l'm coming.
Hang on,
l need to get this rope around you.
''ln the cave...
''...around the tree!
''lnto the cave....''
''Out of the cave!'' Pull!
Let's go home.
-Somebody's spotted us.
-We're getting close! Come on!
''Advent, Advent, a little light burns
''First one, then two''
Wait! Wait for us, Heidi!
l hear them!
Grandfather, it's me!
Oh, God!
l thought l'd never see you again.
Grandfather, may l give Schwanli one?
Cookies are for lucky children
and old men...
...and kind ladies.
Thank you.
And green grass is for goats,
as you'll find out in the spring...
...when you take Schwanli and Barli
up to pasture.
-Then l'm not going back to the orphanage!
-There is no more orphanage to go back to.
Grandfather, are you sure it's all right,
keeping the children over the holidays?
lt will be all right, and if this little one
is the only one l can keep longer...
...then l guess l'll have to learn
to live with it.
To our hero!
Which one?
Heidi, beautiful!
You look so....
l'm sorry, l have to leave.
l have to get back to my post.
Tonight? On Christmas Eve?
There is a war on.
Not in Switzerland.
l'm still a soldier.
Good night, all.
-l will see you soon, l promise.
-Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
-Good night.
-Merry Christmas.
He's a man now, he has responsibilities.
lt's freezing, you'll catch a cold.
l'm a big girl now.
l can see that,
but you still need to stay warm.
-You'll come back?
-l will if you don't go running off again.
l will if l want to.
Then l'll have to make sure
that you don't want to.