Courageous (2011) Movie Script

Hey! Hey, no! No! No. Hey, stop!
Get off, man. Get off.
No, stop the truck!
You trying to die?
No. Stop the truck!
Let go, man. You trying to die?
Stop the car! Ah!
Stop the car!
Let go, dawg. Let go, dawg.
Let it go. Let it go.
Forget this, man. Let's go.
Hurry up, man. This ain't
worth it, dawg. Come on.
Get in.
Sir. Sir. Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Just lay still. We're calling
for help. We're getting help.
Don't worry about the car.
I'm not worried about the car.
It's all right, sweetheart.
It's okay.
There is a baby in the car.
Please hurry. Is he okay?
It's okay.
Yeah, I think it's his dad
that's with him.
Yeah, I think he's all right.
It's okay, it's okay.
Did you notice any other markings?
Maybe a tattoo?
No, sir. It happened so fast.
I think he had on a black do-rag
or something like that.
You know you could've lost your life.
Yes, sir.
But I couldn't risk losing my son.
I was hoping to meet you guys under
better circumstances on Monday.
Yep. I start work with you next week.
Nathan Hayes. Kept wondering
how I recognized your name.
Adam Mitchell.
Shane Fuller.
Hey, good to meet you.
Good to meet you.
So why Albany?
I wanted to move back to give
my family a better, slower pace.
Heh. I'd say welcome back,
but I hate to say it after a rotten day.
Well, my son is okay,
so I still say it's a good day.
So would you have held on
to the wheel?
Well, I can think of a few ways
he could've died,
but I guess he did
save his kid's life.
I don't know. Would you?
Where have you been?
Working on reports.
Trying not to miss another deadline.
You missed
Emily's piano recital.
Totally forgot about that.
She asked if she could
stay up till you got home.
Dylan is out running.
When he gets back, he's gonna
ask you about that 5K race again.
I'm gonna say no again.
I tried to tell him that.
But he is determined that
he's gonna change your mind.
And here we go.
Hey, Dad. Can I talk to you?
As long as it's not about a 5K race.
Why not? Other guys are
running it with their dads.
You're already on the track team.
They hardly ever let me run. I
can't sign up unless you run with me.
Doesn't bother me
that you like to run.
This is not the only 5K race.
There's gonna be others.
Can I suggest that you
spend more time with him?
All he wants to do is
play video games and run.
Well, then go run with him.
There's gotta be a better way
to spend time with him.
Well, you have got
to do something.
He can help me build the shed.
He's gonna see that as your project.
Besides, he's at school
most of the time anyway.
Hey, Daddy.
Hey, sweetheart.
I'm sorry I missed your recital.
That's okay. I messed up three times.
You did?
But then Hannah Stuart messed up
four times, so I felt a little bit better.
You little stinker.
Oh, by the way,
Emily has been invited to
Hannah's birthday party next Friday.
But I told her she was gonna
have to ask you first.
Please. Please let me go.
I promise I'll do my chores
and my homework every day.
She committed any crimes
or misdemeanors lately?
Actually, no.
She's been very good.
She even cleaned her room
without me asking her.
Not by putting everything
in the closet, right?
All right,
but you owe me a really big hug.
- Yes. Thank you, Daddy, thank you.
- All right, princess.
Too many birthday parties.
You have too many friends.
All right, you go on to bed.
I'm grilling steaks Saturday.
What are you gonna do?
Come over and eat one.
That's what I'm talking about.
You've got no life.
You come over too.
I've got a life, man.
What are you doing?
This Saturday?
Well, I mean,
I guess it depends if, um...
I mean...
Hey, I'll see you on Saturday.
All right.
If everyone's here, let's get started.
First things first, Deputy Thomson
has now survived his rookie year.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I guess that means you can start
using real bullets now. Ha, ha.
I'm gonna see you out there.
I wanna introduce
Thomson's new partner.
His name's Nathan Hayes.
He'll be joining our shift.
He has eight years of experience
in Atlanta, but he's from here.
And we're glad you're here.
Let's welcome him.
Okay, guys,
we have two new warrants out today.
If you would pass those out.
Clyde and Jamar Holloman,
two frequent fliers who have
opened up a new drug operation
on the 600 block of Sheffield.
I'd like both warrant teams
to handle this one.
Everyone else,
stick to your normal beats.
The sheriff
has something to share.
Thank you.
Had an e-mail come across my
desk I'd like to share with you.
"A study was done on the increase
in violent gang activity.
In almost every case, each
gang member had a similar attribute.
Runaways, dropouts, kids on drugs,
and teens in prison.
That attribute is that most of them
came from a fatherless home.
To put it another way,
when a father's absent
kids are five times more likely
to commit suicide and abuse drugs,
twenty times more likely
to wind up in prison. "
I know your shift work's hard,
and I know you see
the worst side of people.
But when you clock out,
go home and love your families.
All right, you're dismissed.
Get out of here.
Victoria, the truck with the lumber's
about to show up.
Just tell them to pile it
next to the driveway.
Right. Yeah, hold on.
Hey, that's the sheriff.
I gotta take this.
Okay. Love you. Bye.
Hey, sir.
Yes, sir.
We did that.
Thank you. We'll take care of it.
All right. Love you. Bye.
Oh, no, no, no.
Did you just tell the sheriff
that you loved him?
I can't believe I did that.
Should I call him back?
Why? To tell him that you don't?
Heh, heh, heh.
Six-93-C en route to the 600 block
of Sheffield, 10-99 reference.
Hey, five-0.
Yo, five-0, five-0.
Thomson, Hayes, you got the back?
It's not them, but they're up to no good.
I got a feeling about this one.
I'm feeling it too.
You got the back door,
Yeah, I'll take it.
I'm not a rookie anymore.
Who is it?
Sheriff's office.
We have a warrant for the arrest
of Clyde and Jamar Holloman.
I don't want nothing to do with this.
I ain't even supposed to be here.
They use the same interior decorator
you use, Shane.
Just watch my back, Mitchell.
Clyde and Jamar Holloman,
we have a warrant for your arrest.
We can do this the easy way or the
hard way. I suggest you come down.
One, two, three.
This is your last chance.
Don't make this any harder
than it needs to be.
What are you doing up here?
Uncle Clyde told me to walk
around here until he gets back.
Come on down.
That's them.
Back door! Back door!
Get in the car.
Thomson, stay with them.
No lights, no lights.
Shane. 600 block is uphill north.
Copy that.
- 400 block of Hartford.
- 400 block of Hartford.
David, help me out.
Where's Hartford?
Officer in foot pursuit,
300 block of Oakview, northbound.
David, where are you?
I haven't even found Hartford yet.
I'm getting too old for this.
David, where are you?
I'm headed to Whitley.
Always gotta be the hard way,
doesn't it?
Oh, look at what we have here.
You're just digging a deeper hole
for yourself, aren't you?
Adam, I got the suspect, 10-95.
Help Nathan if you can.
Ten-four. Good job, Shane.
Where is he?
Headed back up toward Sheffield.
All right.
- There he is, there he is.
- I got him.
Let's do it.
Give me your hands.
How far you gonna make me
chase you, man?
I'm getting too old for this.
You got some wheels, man.
But I'm out of gas. Hoo.
Welcome to the party.
You go out for a burger?
Should've got pulled over
for driving too slow.
Hey, I got Jamar in the back.
I'm really sorry.
- I got turned around. It was my bad.
- They don't pay us enough.
They ought to give us a bonus
for catching them on foot.
Look, man,
you gotta learn the streets.
I needed you.
Look, it's not gonna happen again.
Hey, Javi, boss wants
to see you in the trailer.
- I'm gonna get you, Marcos.
- No, you're not.
Isabel! Marcos! Stop running.
Pick up these toys!
I need to start lunch.
Not rice and beans.
You show me a clean room
and I'll think about it.
How can you have anything else?
Rice and beans is all you have.
What are you doing home?
Why aren't you at work?
They let me go.
What? Why?
I was last hired.
They went over budget.
Why didn't you call me?
I could have talked to them.
We've got two children to feed.
I tried to tell him that.
But it made no difference.
We owe $400 in a week, Javi.
All I have is rice and beans
to feed the kids.
Marcos needs shoes.
I tried to tell him, Carmen.
I'm trying.
Here's $300.
Get whatever you need
for the children.
I'll go out and look for work.
Javi, wait.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to react that way.
Why don't you take the car?
We'll walk to the store.
I'm not gonna drive
while my family walks.
Carmen, I've asked God for help.
He will find me work.
Do you have anything
I can take with me to eat?
A tortilla.
Tell Jordan to get out of my room.
He won't leave my stuff alone.
- I'm not bothering her.
- Yes, you are.
Jordan, I told you five minutes ago to
brush your teeth and put your p. j.'s on.
- Now, do I have to get Mr. Pow-Pow?
- No, ma'am.
Well, let's start moving in that
direction. Quick, quick, quick.
I don't want you up all night
texting that boy. You hear me?
We need to know
more about him
before you even think about
developing feelings for him.
Hey, what boy?
Another saggy-pants boy
is interested in Jade.
But this time he's 17.
Mom, it's not that big of a deal.
It is a big deal when you're only 15.
Here, hold this.
Is this someone you met at school?
Yes. He's nice, though. His
grandmother goes to Mount Zion.
Does he go to Mount Zion too?
I think, when she takes him.
His parents don't go to church?
He lives with his grandma.
Has he asked you out?
Jade, come on,
we already talked about this.
You can't go on a date
till they talk to me.
They have no business talking
to me until you're 17.
It's not a real date. We're
just going to the mall.
If a boy has asked you to go
anywhere with him, it's a date.
Nathan, it's Adam Mitchell.
Trying to kill me? That is nasty.
You're not supposed to be eating it.
My car should be ready
in a couple days.
Not a problem.
That shirt's a problem.
Heh, heh, heh.
You don't like my shirt?
Emily, what do you think of my shirt?
I love it.
Your daughter loves my shirt.
My daughter's 9.
Okay. Well, Tyler thought
it was cool, so I got it.
Your 12-year-old son's giving you
fashion advice?
Well, I see no one gives you
fashion advice.
- How is Tyler?
- Oh, he's good.
I only get him every other weekend,
and even then
it's only after Mia's filled his head
with her toxic opinions of me.
A third of my pay goes to alimony.
Let's talk about this later.
Why? What's alimony?
It's a, uh, real bad condition
Mr. Shane has.
- It makes him wear ugly clothes.
- Hey.
You know what I like about you?
Oh, yeah. Never mind.
I was thinking of somebody else.
# Your love is all that I needed #
# It's all I ever needed ##
All right,
I'm just staying here on the curb.
You got five minutes,
cabana boy.
Hey, can you bring me a lollipop?
Yes, I will, sweetheart.
I'm not getting you one.
Oh, Daddy, turn it up. I love this song.
Oh, I've heard this before.
Who is it?
No, sweetie,
what are you doing?
Come dance with me.
This is a parking lot.
This is not where people dance.
Just for this song. Please?
Emily, people can see us.
That's okay.
They don't care,
Daddy. Please?
Tell you what. You dance
right here and I'll watch.
# And oh, oh, oh, oh #
Okay, when you're ready to dance,
this is what you do.
First you put your right hand
around my waist like this.
Then you hold your
other hand out like this.
Then we sway back and forth
to the music.
# When we're together #
And you can spin.
Are you sure
you don't wanna dance?
# I'd like a castle on a hill #
I'm dancing with you
in my heart, sweetie.
# Where you and I
Could spend the day #
# And I'd love to go
Where time stands still #
Trying to teach your dad
how to dance?
He won't dance with me.
That's because he's a fuddy-duddy
with no sense of style.
All right, everybody in the car.
Mr. Fuddy-Duddy's leaving.
# And oh, oh, oh, oh #
Your Highness.
Thank you.
Emily, who taught you to dance?
I know it wasn't your father.
Hey, I dance at home with my wife.
Because she's too embarrassed
to dance with you in public?
You could be walking right now.
Heh, heh.
But I'm not.
# When we're together ##
No way you're doing that again.
Watch me.
You want me to line nine more up
like I did last time?
They want to know
what we're talking about.
We're not talking about anything.
Hey, man, that steak was great.
Thing tastes just like my dad's.
That guy used to grill out all the time.
Yeah, mine too.
Hey, speaking of dads...
That e-mail the sheriff read,
you think that was accurate?
I do. I grew up seeing
that kind of stuff all the time.
I wonder where
all the good fathers went.
Ain't that the truth?
What? I remember you talking
about your dad.
Wasn't he an usher at your church?
Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything.
Soon as the church service started,
he'd step out back for a smoke.
You know, one time he says to me,
"I better not catch you drinking. "
Had a beer in his hand
when he said it.
My mom used to nag him.
That is, till they got divorced.
Look, it's not like I don't love the guy,
but it's hard to respect a hypocrite.
What about you, David?
I had a good dad.
I guess.
I mean, the guy wasn't perfect.
My parents split
after he had an affair.
But I think he regretted it.
I struggled with it, but, you know,
divorce comes with the territory now.
I disagree, man. Divorce happens
because you make it an option.
You don't know what's gonna
happen. People change.
You can't always work stuff out.
Sometimes you need to part ways.
- I think I agree with Nathan.
- Thank you.
People don't fight for marriage.
Right. Wait till you get married.
You're gonna figure out real quick
how much you don't know.
If it wasn't for my faith in God,
I'd be in a tailspin.
Yeah, me too.
Look, guys,
not everyone believes in that stuff.
You guys are religious, but you can't
think religion's the only way to live.
It didn't work out for your parents.
Didn't they get a divorce?
That's the problem.
They were never married.
Listen, my dad had six children
from three different women.
And I was the fifth child.
Before I was born,
he had already left.
I'm 37 years old, and I've never
met my biological father.
Looks like you turned out all right.
That's because a man in my
neighborhood named William Barrett
mentored me as a teenager.
Taught me about God.
Every Father's Day,
he's the one that I call.
I'm telling you, man,
not having a father as a child, man,
scarred me in more ways
than I can count.
I've enjoyed our little heart-to-heart,
but I need to take off and pay bills
while there's still something left
of my paycheck.
Speaking of paycheck,
I talked to my man Javier.
The guy did a phenomenal job
on my deck.
He's available next week,
but he wants 150 a day.
Call him. Gotta have somebody
who knows what they're doing.
I'm taking vacation time.
I gotta get it done. So 8:00 Monday.
Okay. I'll call him.
See you boys in church tomorrow.
All right, let's see it.
I told you. Heh, heh.
All right.
Yes, sir, I could be there today.
Great. Thank you very much.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Who were you talking to?
I got a job, but I need to leave now.
They're building a new office.
They need more men.
Thank God, Javi.
The rent is due on Friday.
I'd tell you to take the car,
but the tank is on empty.
I don't mind walking
when I have good news.
Carmen, I told you,
God would give me a job.
I'd give you a big kiss
on the mouth,
but your breath is very bad
this morning.
I love you too.
I need that pile moved over there,
you understand?
All right, what are we waiting on?
Let's go.
Sir, are you Richard?
My name's Javier Martinez.
I was told to see you for work.
I just hired the last
three guys I need. Sorry.
I can do most anything, sir.
Woodwork, brickwork. Even drywall.
Man, I said I got what I need.
Unless someone quits,
I don't need you.
I don't understand, Lord.
I've been trying to do everything
possible to provide for my family.
And I have needed your help.
But you don't help me.
I told my family that you would
help us... That you would provide.
What do I tell them?
That we're going to lose our house?
What do you want me to do?
Hey. Javier.
What are you doing?
I'm not paying you $150
to stand in the street.
Let's go.
Adam, be nice.
He's late
and just standing in the alley.
You don't know him.
You need his help.
You better start off on the right foot.
All right.
Javier, right?
- Yes.
- Adam Mitchell.
Didn't mean to yell.
I should've come out and talked.
- This is my wife, Victoria.
- Nice to meet you.
Let me go get you a water.
Got the plans for the shed here.
My old one's falling apart.
You didn't bring any tools?
All right, we'll just have to share.
I don't mean to put you on the spot,
but you got a work permit?
Yes, I do.
Let me show you what we're doing.
"He gave her blue eyes
and blond, wavy hair.
He gave her a cute
but devilish grin. "
- Javi, is that you?
- It's me.
Oh, it's Papi.
Yes, read us a story, read us a story.
Okay, Isabel.
Let Daddy get cleaned up and eat.
I've got a special story for you.
- Come, kids.
- And you too, buddy.
Let's go, let's go, let's go. Off
to bed, off to bed. Let Daddy eat.
So? How did it go today?
Then wonderful.
What is that supposed to mean?
I went to that job this morning,
and they said they didn't need me.
So where have you been all day?
That's the thing.
I was walking home, asking God
what he wanted me to do,
when this guy comes out of his
house and starts calling me by name.
Then he asked me to go help him
build a shed. Look.
You made $150 today?
How did he know you?
I have no idea.
And why didn't you ask him?
I was scared.
Are you going back tomorrow?
Eight o'clock.
Carmen, few times have I ever felt
that God was helping my faith.
But today was one of them.
It felt so good to work hard.
Javi, I know God loves you.
He listens to you
because you honor him.
And all I wanna do right now
is to hug you and kiss you.
But you smell so bad,
I can't bring myself to do it.
Give me 15 minutes.
I'll heat up your dinner,
mi amor.
It was a day of sadness and joy
for Mr. And Mrs. James Turner
of 11th Avenue as they watched
their home nearly burn to the ground.
The fire started from an electrical
outlet and spread through the house.
The Turners escaped,
not knowing that their 7-year-old
daughter, Lacey, was inside.
Dylan, you need to run earlier.
Ten-thirty's too late for you to be out.
I just knew they were dead.
- We live across the street.
- We could feel the flames.
The heat was intense. We're so
excited the girl got out okay.
- Emily, sweetie, come on.
- Let's go to bed.
We practice for these things
all the time, but every fire is different.
- I'm just glad everybody got out alive.
- There's that little bird...
has been busy. I don't know why...
We're gonna have some...
One of the big...
- kneecap.
- It would cost...
for her to be able to drive in any...
Get him!
- Get him!
- Get him! Get him!
- All right, that's it. That's enough.
- That's it. I said, that's it.
You did good, little G.
So... Unh. So I'm in?
Yeah, you in.
Now that I ain't got Clyde
and Jamar,
I'm gonna have you
making those runs for me.
Let me tell you something.
This pain you think you feeling?
Ain't nothing compared to what we'll do
if you try to leave or turn on one of us.
Twon, get him up, man.
You family now.
You know what I'm saying?
Family, boy.
- There he is.
- Hey.
How's it going?
I hope you're enjoying your vacation.
You missed a nasty fight on 9th.
Oh, yeah. That guy was crazy.
Vacation? I've been spending
all day working on my shed.
Sorry about Javier not showing up.
I meant to call you.
He was in the hospital.
He's got kidney stones.
What? He's been helping me
for three days.
I'm talking about my friend Javier.
That's who I'm talking about.
Showed up Monday,
been working like a machine.
That's impossible.
The guy's in the hospital.
He's at my house right now.
I left him 10 minutes ago.
You're out of your mind. The
guy's got, like, tubes and IVs. No.
What does Javier look like?
I don't know. He's like 6'2",
thin as a rail, goatee.
No, no, no. I'd say maybe 5'10",
stocky, clean-shaven.
Look, guys, look, guys.
I'm not a genius, but you aren't
talking about the same dude.
I'm thinking the same thing.
I mean, I figured that out.
Adam, I don't know who's at
your house, but it ain't Javier.
Dude. He's at your house
right now?
By himself?
Talk to you guys later.
Hey, hey, we ordered for you.
Who's gonna pay for this?
Back from lunch already?
Javier, what's your name?
No, no, no. What's your full name?
Javier Eduardo Martinez.
What's your full name?
Adam Thomas Mitchell.
You know Shane Fuller?
Shane Fuller?
No. What's his full name?
No, no, no. Who told you
I was building a shed?
You did.
Who told you I'd give you 150 a day?
You did.
How did you know to call me "Javier"?
Thought your name was Javier.
It is.
Why were you standing
in my alley Monday?
Because I needed a job.
Why did you ask me to help?
Because I thought you were
a guy named Javier.
I am.
You don't have a problem
with your kidneys, do you?
Do you?
I don't understand this.
What I can tell you is
by you giving me this job,
it has been an answer
to my family's prayers.
Well, you're doing good work.
Sure I can't get you anything to eat?
My wife's lunch
was big enough already.
All right, I'll be back in a bit.
I'm gonna go get something to eat.
You're hungry again already?
Hey, how you doing?
What's up?
What happened to your face?
What? Oh, this? It's nothing.
I was just playing around
with some friends.
Anyway, check out my ride.
Is that your car?
No, it's a friend's, but I can
drive it pretty much whenever.
I really came to see if you wanted
to go get something to eat with me.
I don't know.
I'd have to ask my dad and see...
Hey, Jade, dinner's almost ready.
Hello, how are you?
I'm good.
You must be Jade's father.
I am.
And you are?
Daddy, this is my friend Derrick.
Nice to meet you.
You just in the neighborhood?
I came to see if Jade wanted
to get something to eat.
I'll bring her back later.
Jade, go in the house.
I'll be in in a few minutes.
Thanks for coming over, Derrick.
I guess I'll just see you later.
Let me talk to you for a minute.
I appreciate your interest
in my daughter.
But we're not allowing her
to go out on dates.
This ain't really a date.
We're just trying to hang out.
Mm-hm. It's important that she be
older and for us to know who she's with.
You got a problem with me?
Look, we just don't know you, okay?
Any man interested
in my daughter
needs to explain the purpose
of the relationship.
The purpose? It ain't like I'm gonna
take advantage of a 15-year-old girl.
Oh, I agree.
If you'd like to get to know us better,
join us for lunch on Sunday.
We'd be happy to have you.
I don't know.
How'd you get that bruise
on your face?
You know what?
That's none of your business.
You should let Jade
make her own decisions.
I do not like that boy.
He is very disrespectful.
How can he be respectful
when Daddy runs him off?
Listen. If he shows no respect for us,
he won't respect you either.
- That's right.
- Baby, you've gotta trust us.
That boy has a lot of growing up to do.
We'd better go eat while it's still hot.
Come on, let's go to the table.
I'm not hungry.
Well, I'd still like for you
to sit with us.
So your wife
homeschools your kids?
For now.
It's important that we give them a
good foundation when they're young.
Seems good.
You have two kids?
I do.
Nail gun?
Emily's my sweet 9-year-old,
and Dylan is
my stubborn 15-year-old.
Well, I think he's just
going through a stage.
You can meet him
when he comes home.
I think Emily's at a birthday party.
So I had this thought.
Know that thread factory on Clark?
I know the guys that run it.
If you'd like, I can talk to them
about getting you a job.
You mean like a full-time job?
Why not?
I'd recommend you.
I would be very grateful.
Adam, I need you
to come with me now.
What's wrong?
Emily. She's been in a wreck.
God be with them.
Talk to me, Shane.
Emily was picked up after school
by the Martins.
Their SUV was hit by a drunk driver
at a four-way stop on Emily's side.
Nathan went to get Victoria.
It doesn't look good, Adam.
I'm sorry, man.
Oh, God, help my daughter.
Please, Lord.
At a moment like this
silence seems to be
the only expression that fits.
What can we, as mere men,
say to a grieving and shattered heart?
We speak today
because we have a living hope.
Death is no respecter of persons.
Death is no respecter of youth.
Death is a painful intruder
and a pernicious reminder
of our human condition.
But I stand before you today
to declare that we have a living hope
and that causes us
to rejoice greatly.
You see, our hope today is found
in the fact that Jesus
is no longer entombed.
He lives.
And because he lives, Emily lives.
Because he lives,
the grieving broken heart has hope
and reason to rejoice.
Make sense of this for me.
I feel like...
I'm in a fog...
or some type of black hole.
And I really wanna get out.
I mean, were we wrong
to let her go to that party?
If I had said no,
she'd still be here.
We can't do that.
Why is she the one
that had to get killed
and why is that drunk still alive?
Why? Why?
There's so many things
I didn't say.
I should've been a better father.
You're still a father.
How'd you get in here?
I know how to open a lock, Dylan.
Calling me or something?
Just wanted to see
how you were doing.
Is anybody doing okay
around here?
Is there anything
you wanna talk about?
Why do you wanna talk?
Everyone who comes into this house just
keeps saying the same thing over and over.
They're just trying to help, son.
They're not.
Dylan, we're all hurting.
What we can't do
is block each other out.
We need each other.
You don't need me.
Can I play my game now?
I'll never get to see her graduate.
I'll never get to walk her
down the aisle.
Adam, don't.
Don't go there.
How am I supposed to let her go?
I should've danced with her.
Why didn't I dance with her?
Pastor, I appreciate
you meeting with me.
You're welcome, Adam.
I'm so sorry for what you and
Victoria have been going through.
I can't make sense of anything,
you know?
Ahem. And, um...
And I guess I kind of feel
like I'm in the dark.
And I wanna be there for Victoria,
but my emotions
are all over the place.
So I don't know what to do.
Well, Adam, there needs
to be a grieving process.
And the Lord is the one
who carries you through it.
And it takes time.
It takes time for healing.
I've heard many people say,
who have lost a loved one
that in some ways it's like learning
to live with an amputation.
You do heal,
but you're never the same.
But I would also say
that those who go through this
and trust in the Lord,
discover a comfort
and an intimacy with God
that most people
never experience.
I wanna trust him.
I just don't understand
what he's doing.
Well, he doesn't promise
an explanation.
But he does promise to walk
with us through the pain.
And the hard choice for you
is whether you're gonna be angry
for the time you didn't have with her,
or grateful for the time
that you did have.
I don't wanna be angry.
I wanna heal.
How would you like for me
to help you?
I wanna know what God expects
of me as a father.
And I wanna know
how to help my wife and my son.
You'd think you were going
for a doctorate.
I feel like it.
Where's Dylan?
Oh, he's getting a shower.
Ran another five miles.
Says he already needs
new running shoes.
I'm gonna go to the store, okay?
All right.
I don't think I could run five miles.
Well, who says you have to?
I've been thinking
about running with him.
I'm accepting the fact I have to learn
how to do the hard things.
I've never enjoyed running, but it is
the best way to spend time with him.
Well, how is your research coming?
I've been doing about half of what
I should've been doing as a dad.
And there is so much in scripture
about being a father.
I never took time to look it up.
It's the sheriff.
Hello, sir.
Yes, sir.
We did.
We turned that in yesterday.
Adam. Adam, bye.
Love you.
Thank you, sir. We will.
Love you. Bye.
Got a lot of homework?
Not really.
Got your learner's permit?
I need you to drive me to the mall,
get you some new running shoes.
If you don't mind,
I might get a pair for myself.
Are you serious?
Oh, ho, ho.
Hey, Javi, glad you could come.
Oh, thanks for the invitation.
I've never been in the back
of a police car before.
How's my other Javier friend?
You liking the new job?
Yes, very much.
Thanks to Adam.
SO to 6-93C.
Six-93-C. Go ahead.
Deputies need assistance
in reference to a 10-95
at the intersection
of Plantation and Foxfire.
Six-93-C en route.
It's gonna be gang-related.
Javi, we'll get to lunch
right after we do this.
If I tell you to get down, you stay low.
What kind of gang is this?
They're all jail prep programs,
if you ask me.
And they're all dangerous.
You know,
I started a gang once.
You were in a gang?
We were the Snake Kings. Heh, heh.
Snake Kings?
We had snakes
in our neighborhood
so we would throw rocks
and try to kill them.
- Ha, ha, ha.
- Okay.
So how many were in your gang?
Only three. My brothers and I.
So did you kill any snakes?
Ha, ha, ha.
We thought we were heroes.
Ha, ha, ha.
All right. Javi, you just hang out
right here, all right?
- What do you got?
- We got three.
Possession with intent to
distribute, possession, possession.
He's a little belligerent.
I need you to go 10-95 to the jail
with one of them for me.
I need to separate them.
Can you swing it?
We can do that.
All right. Appreciate it.
Not with Javi
in the back.
Wait here. I got an idea.
- Javi, I need a favor.
- What's that?
You heard of the Snake Kings?
The who?
Snake Kings.
You ever crossed them?
I ain't heard of no Snake Kings.
We got their leader.
If he tries to cut you,
you yell, we'll stop the car.
I ain't getting in the back
with no killer.
Stay on your side. Don't look at him,
don't talk to him, you'll be fine.
Martinez, you hurt this guy, I'll
put you under the jail, you got it?
Don't touch him.
All right, get in.
I don't wanna be in the car
with no Snake King.
Hey, they got a lot of room up there.
Get in the car.
Stay on your side.
We will protect you.
You're nuts.
Roll with it.
This goes south, all you.
All you.
All right.
Dispatch, this is 6-93-C.
We're 10-95 en route to the jail.
10 to 12 minutes.
We are going to lunch.
I am getting a chicken sandwich.
And a lemonade.
Hey, man.
Hey, what's he saying, man?
Hey, man, just don't talk to him.
You stay on your side.
I may even get...
some waffle fries.
And a milkshake!
Hey, man, he's threatening me.
- I think he wants to kill me.
- Just calm down.
If he wanted to kill you,
you'd be dead by now.
Hey, he's free! Hey, he's free!
- Hey, stop the car! Stop the car! Stop!
- Snake King!
- Hey, stop the car!
- Stop the car!
He's trying to kill me! Stop the car!
Let me out! Hey, help!
- Stop the car! Stop the car!
- Heh, heh. Snake King.
Oh, it was the funniest
thing I've ever seen.
Oh, my.
Oh, man.
I've never seen somebody
so anxious to get to jail.
Oh, he is so crazy.
The guys like him.
We've kind of adopted him
into our group.
I mean, I still can't believe Carmen
brought us three meals after the funeral.
I mean, that was so sweet.
I had a good day today.
You all right, buddy?
We're gonna be okay,
aren't we?
We're gonna be all right.
I wish I would've been
a better brother.
It's all right.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Hey, I love you, buddy.
You are my son.
And I'm proud of you.
Don't you ever forget that, okay?
Don't you ever forget that.
It's okay. It's okay.
All right. If everybody's stuffed,
I'm gonna tell you why I had you come.
It isn't because
you just can't get enough of us?
Sorry, no.
I'm gonna ask you a favor.
For a while now, I've been struggling
with what kind of dad I was to Emily.
What kind of father I'm being to Dylan.
You're being too hard on yourself.
You've been a good-enough father.
That's just it.
I don't wanna be
a "good-enough" father.
We have a few short years
to influence our kids.
Whatever patterns we set for them
will be used for their kids
and the generation after that.
We have the responsibility
to mold a life.
I don't think
that should be done casually.
Half the fathers in this country
are failing.
- I don't wanna be one of them.
- Okay.
I'm all for spending time
with our kids,
but don't you think
you're taking this too far?
It goes way beyond
spending time with your kids.
That should be a given.
I'm talking about setting the standards
that they need to aim for in life.
What kind of standards?
Well, when did you first
think of yourself as a man?
- Heh.
- No, no, no.
I mean, when did you first think,
"I'm a man now"?
Ha, ha. Come on, you can't be
serious. We are not talking about this.
No, just humor me for a second.
Think about it.
Maybe when I moved out.
Or when I turned 21.
I don't know.
- When you were legal?
- Yeah.
What about you, Shane?
I don't know.
I mean, when I got my license.
Or my first job.
I mean, what does it matter?
When my father told me I was.
When I was 17, he had to leave
for three months to do a job.
He told me that
he thought of me as a man.
He wanted me
to take care of the family.
I'm learning that God wants me
to call out the man in my son.
I can't do that lightly.
I can't be passive about that.
I got these things
from studying scripture.
I wanna sign this as a resolution
of what kind of father I wanna be.
I'm giving you guys permission
to keep me accountable.
Can I sign this too?
Fine. Adam, if you're gonna do this,
maybe we should all just sign it.
No, no, no. I'm not asking
you guys to sign anything.
I need this. Dylan needs this.
If you wanna sign it,
take a few days to think about it.
I'm not doing this lightly.
And you're saying
you wanna do this too?
That's what I'm saying.
I thought I was good enough because
I was doing better than my father.
But that resolution
hit me right between the eyes.
there are some days
I'm glad I married you.
And there are other days I'm really,
really, really glad I married you.
And this is one of those
really good days.
It's a really, really good day, huh?
By the way, what does this resolution
look like that you're signing?
What do you mean?
This is not the paper
you're gonna sign.
This is computer paper.
A resolution is something that a
father frames and posts on the wall.
We didn't talk about all that.
And how will you be signing it?
Not in jeans and a T-shirt.
Something like this needs ceremony.
A ceremony?
Yes, Nathan.
I see a group of well-dressed men
and their wives and children
making this all official.
Baby, if you're gonna do this,
then do it right.
So this resolution deal
has gotten pretty big, huh?
We decided if we're gonna do it,
we're gonna do it right.
Yeah, suits and everything.
Nathan, can I ask you something?
Yeah, what's up?
Do you really feel like it messed up
your childhood not having a dad?
More than you know.
I struggled with who I was,
trying to prove myself.
I almost got in a gang.
If fathers did
what they're supposed to,
half of the junk that we face
on the streets wouldn't exist.
Why are you worried about it?
You nervous about
being a father one day?
I already am one.
You got a kid?
A little girl.
She's 4 now.
I was playing ball in college,
hooked up with a cheerleader.
I told her to take care of it,
but she didn't do it.
So I got mad
and left her to deal with it herself.
You know she lives 30 minutes away,
and I can't bring myself to go see her?
She married?
I just never really loved her,
you know?
Hearing you talk about how fathers
walking out messed up the kids,
and then seeing this stuff...
I don't wanna be
one of those guys.
David, part of being a man
is about taking responsibility.
Any fool can have a child.
I'm just tired of feeling guilty.
Let me break it to you this way.
You are guilty.
Listen, one day,
you, me and every one of us
are gonna have to stand
before God,
and he's gonna do
what good judges do.
Well, then I hope my good
outweighs my bad, Nathan.
That's not the way it works.
You know that.
Let me put it this way.
Who's the person
you're closest to?
Probably my mom.
Suppose she was brutally attacked
and murdered in a parking lot.
The guy was caught
and put on trial.
But he says, "Hey, judge,
I committed this crime,
but I've done a lot
of good in my life. "
If the judge let him go free, would
you say he was a good or a bad judge?
A bad one.
That's right.
The Bible says
that God is a good judge
and will punish the guilty
not for what they did right,
but for what they did wrong.
Because he loved us,
he sent his son, Jesus Christ,
to take the punishment that we
deserve and put it on himself.
And that's why he died
on the cross.
But it only applies
if you accept it.
That's why I asked
for his forgiveness.
I asked him to save me.
And I'm a new man
because of Christ.
Do you understand
what I'm telling you?
Then what's
holding you back?
# I ran away from your love #
# But you waited for me #
# Yes, you waited for me #
#And then I heard your song #
# Singing over me #
# Now that I hear you, Lord #
# I wanna know you more #
# Sing your song to me #
# Oh, there's no greater thing #
# Than to listen to the sound
Of your voice #
# The sound of your voice ##
# I'd like to sail the lands afar #
# Out on a boat that's built for two #
# Beneath the canopy of stars #
# That would be just like
A dream come true #
# Just to be with you #
# And oh, oh, oh, oh
When we're together #
# Oh, oh, oh, oh #
When you're ready to dance,
this is what you do.
First, you put your right hand
around my waist like this.
Then you hold your other hand out
like this.
Then we sway back and forth
to the music.
# I'd like a castle on a hill #
# Where you and I
Could spend the day #
# And I'd love to go
Where time stands still #
# And all that doesn't matter
Fades away #
# You are here with me #
# And oh, oh, oh, oh
When we're together ##
Lord, thank you
for the nine years I had Emily.
I'm grateful.
I don't know if I can ask this...
but would you tell her
I did my side of the dance?
I love it. It's perfect.
I don't know.
Should I have done this?
Yes. Put it on for me.
Right now?
Right now. I wanna see you in it.
No, no, no. Here, let me do it.
Yes, this is Daddy's suit he'll
wear to his ceremony next week.
We'll all be wearing
our very best.
I feel like a rich man.
You are a rich man.
You have a strong faith,
children that love you.
Yeah, and a wife that adores you.
Stop it, Carmen.
Don't make me cry
in front of the children.
Starting today, I'm
implementing a new code of ethics
for the entire sheriff's office.
No matter how you feel
about another employee,
I want you to keep
your personal feelings to yourself.
I don't wanna hear
how much you love me
or any other staff member.
It's inappropriate, it's awkward,
and it's unacceptable.
And Corporal Mitchell...
I gotcha.
I love you, Adam.
I can't tell you what an honor
this is for me today.
To hear the commitment
that you men are making
for your faith and your families
was almost overwhelming.
Nathan, I'd like for you
to come and stand before me
and your wife and children
to stand beside me.
My son in the faith, I took joy
in mentoring you as a young man,
and today I take joy
in blessing you as a godly father.
Are you ready to make this
commitment before God and your family?
Yes, I am.
Then I'd like for you
to repeat after me.
I, Nathan Hayes,
do solemnly resolve before God...
To take full responsibility for myself,
my wife and my children.
That I will take full responsibility
for myself, my wife and my children.
I will love them,
protect them and serve them...
And teach them the statutes of God
as the spiritual leader of my home.
I will be faithful to my wife,
to love and honor her...
And be willing to lay down my life
for her, as Christ did for me.
I will teach my son
to love God
with all of his heart, all of his mind,
and all of his strength.
I will teach my son to love God
with all of his heart, all of his mind,
and all of his strength.
And I will train him to honor
authority and live responsibly.
I will train him to honor authority
and to live responsibly.
I will confront evil,
pursue justice, and love mercy.
I will treat others with kindness,
respect and compassion.
I will work diligently to provide
for the needs of my family.
I will forgive those
who have wronged me
and reconcile with those
who I have wronged.
I will walk in integrity
as a man answerable to God.
I will seek to honor God,
obey his word and do his will.
As for me and my house,
we will serve the Lord.
Now that each of you has committed
to live by this resolution,
I bless you
in the name of the Lord.
But I also have a warning
for each of you.
Now that you know
what you are to do
and have committed to do it
before God and these witnesses,
you are doubly accountable.
Let me also assure you
that you may have confidence in
this resolution and your resolve now
because as you stand here
there's no challenge,
no controversy and no conflict.
But I can assure you
that challenges will arise,
conflicts will arise,
and controversy will arise.
It is at that moment that in order
to live out this resolution,
you will need courage,
courage, courage.
Dear Amanda, I know it's a shock
for you to hear from me,
but I need to tell you
what's happened in my life.
In the last two years, I've become a
deputy for the Albany Sheriff's Office.
This job is tough,
but I work with some
of the best guys in the world.
Being a cop has forced me
to see the worst in people
and see how one person's selfish
decisions can hurt so many others.
I had a life-changing experience
and began a relationship with God
through Jesus Christ.
I've still got a lot to work on,
but he's helping me
make sense out of my life
and take more responsibility
for who I am as a man.
For years, I've been afraid to admit
that I have a daughter
and doing nothing
to take care of her.
I see now that every child
is a gift from God.
I know how wrong I've been
and have asked God to forgive me
for what I've done to you and Olivia.
I'm writing this letter to tell you
that I've decided to stop running.
If you're willing,
I'd like to meet with you and begin
the process of rebuilding your trust.
In time and with your permission,
I hope to meet Olivia personally
and let her know that she has
a father who cares about her.
I have no other expectations.
I'm only asking for a chance
to be a part of Olivia's life.
I'll wait for your response.
Until then, I've begun to pray
for you and Olivia
and have enclosed a symbol of
my commitment to help with her care.
Sincerely, David Thomson.
Okay, God.
Whatever you wanna do, I'm ready.
"My name is Nathan Hayes,
and I am your son.
I've wasted too much time
being angry with you
and asking why
you were never there for me.
I've always felt like I needed
to prove myself to you
and that I was worth being loved.
But I realize
that I have a heavenly father
who loves me even when
my earthly father did not.
But he is more than enough.
Because of him,
I've forgiven you.
He is your judge, not me.
And I live with the hope
that you gave him your life
before you died
so that one day,
I'll finally meet you
face-to-face. "
Okay, hold on. I wanna
rest for a minute.
I wanna talk to you for a second.
I know...
every day I live,
I realize I need the Lord more.
I don't feel like I started well.
I wanna finish well.
What I want for you
is that you seek the Lord,
that you trust him.
Even if it means
you're standing alone.
You got me?
Yes, sir.
Now, before I beat you
to the corner...
Heh, you're not gonna beat me
to the corner.
Just let me get a breath.
What is that?
I don't... Hey, you can't do that!
Mr. Martinez, have a seat.
Thank you, sir.
You've been very productive
your first month here.
You do good work.
I'm very grateful to be here.
The reason I called you in here
is that I'm looking for a manager
to oversee Inventory and Shipping.
Carries more responsibility,
but it pays more.
Sound like something
you might be interested in?
Yes, I would.
But before I make my final decision,
I'd like for you to work a shift
in that department next week.
You'll see a list of 17 crates
coming in on this sheet.
Now, one of those crates will
be going to a separate warehouse.
Mr. Martinez,
when you report the inventory,
I'd like for you to report
that we received 16 crates.
Seventeen are coming in,
but you want me to write down 16?
Yes, that's right.
I have another purpose
for the extra crate.
You are on my team, right?
Because I really can't use
people who aren't on my team.
Tell you what.
Think about it tonight. Give
me your answer in the morning.
Make it 10:00.
But I'll need to know
if you really want this job.
Good evening, sir.
Hey, sarge.
Sanders said the drugs we found
on Highland have been logged in?
Yeah, 4:30.
He told me 24 bags were turned in.
I thought I remembered 30.
Well, it says here 24 went to the lab.
You sure you guys counted right?
Well, maybe not.
You guys have been bringing in
pretty heavy hitters here lately.
You had that bust over
on Gore Street last week.
Before that, you brought in that
box with six bags of rocks in it.
Six bags?
That's what I got here.
You keep this up, you're gonna put
another drug dealer out of business.
Thanks, sarge.
You bet.
- You coming?
- Just give me a second.
- All right.
- I'm gonna go get some.
Oh, come on, man.
- Hey, sarge, you got a second?
- Yeah.
Think I may have an issue.
What's that?
I think someone's
ripping off evidence.
One of your guys?
Are you sure
you wanna go down this road?
No, I'm not.
We need this job. For the first time
in a year, we're able to pay the bills.
I know, but he made it very clear.
If I was not a team player,
he did not want me.
Maybe it's not wrong,
it just looks that way.
He's the owner of the factory.
He asked me to write down
false information, Carmen.
He asked me to lie.
When do you have to
give him an answer?
Ten o'clock.
Javi, if he lets you go,
promise me that you will call me.
If you don't,
then I know everything is okay.
Javi, I don't want us to go back.
I hope you're wrong about this.
I hope I'm wrong about this.
But what if you're not?
I still have to do
the right thing.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, Mr. Martinez.
How are you this morning?
Fine, thank you. How are you?
I don't know yet.
Please, have a seat.
I trust you've had time to think
about our conversation yesterday.
Yes, sir, I did.
And what did you decide?
Are you on my team?
Mr. Tyson, I am very grateful
to have a job here,
but I cannot do
as you have asked.
And why is that?
Because it is wrong, sir.
And it would be dishonoring to my God
and my family to lie on that report.
Do you understand what
this may do to your job here?
Yes, sir, I do.
Javier, may I shake your hand?
Young man, you just gave me
the right answer.
I've been looking for someone
to manage Inventory and Shipping.
You were the last person on my list.
But I need somebody I can trust.
Will you take the job?
We'll adjust your pay.
I would be honored to, sir.
Good. Then the job is yours.
Walter will go over
the specifics with you.
I'll make the announcement
to the staff on Monday.
Congratulations, Javier.
Oh, and, Javier.
Thanks for your integrity.
It's rare.
Well done, Javier.
After six times,
I was getting discouraged.
No, no. Please, God, no.
Carmen, be strong for him.
Javi, it's okay, baby.
It'll be okay, we'll make it.
We'll get through this.
No, Carmen, listen to me.
The Lord knew
we were gonna go through this.
I was not let go.
I know, baby. It's okay.
Carmen, you're not listening to me.
They did not fire me.
They promoted me.
It was a test, Carmen.
They made me a manager.
And they're gonna raise my pay.
A test?
I was promoted, Carmen.
Everything is gonna be okay.
What's wrong, Mommy?
- Are you okay, Mommy?
- I'm okay. We're all okay.
I love you, Carmen. And tell
the children I love them too.
And that God answered
our prayers.
I'll tell them, Javi. I love you too.
I'll talk to you soon.
Hey, sarge, you called me?
They're still doing motions,
and I gotta get back to testify.
Would you mind running these down
to Evidence for me? Appreciate it.
What are you doing?
So it's you.
This is what
you've been doing?
What? Rechecking the count
before I turn it in?
No, no, no, don't lie to me. You
got bags in your pocket right now.
You're not gonna
turn me in.
You'd just make a big, ugly mess
and embarrass the entire department.
Besides, it'd be
your word against mine.
No, it wouldn't.
Oh, I see. You've thought
this whole thing out.
Two cops camp out
to bust their friend.
What have we been doing
the last month?
What did you commit to?
Don't you throw that in my face!
I work hard to provide,
and 36,000 a year doesn't cut it.
You'd do the same thing.
I wouldn't do the same thing.
Does your word mean nothing?
You signed the same thing we did.
You're throwing it down the toilet
for an extra thousand a month?
You've been lying to all of us, Shane.
Your friends, your son, to God.
I'm a fellow officer and a friend.
You do not wanna do this.
You're right. I don't.
- Turn around.
- Put your hands on the wall.
- What?
- You're under arrest.
This is a mistake.
This is a mistake.
You're gonna burn us all.
Is that what you want?
Is that really what you want?
Let's go, let's go.
Is this what you want?!
We all agreed, Adam.
We are doubly accountable.
I'm gonna have the fillet,
medium well, with vegetables.
Very good, sir.
I'll be back with your appetizer.
Thank you.
Wow. Daddy, this place is nice.
Isn't it expensive?
Well, tonight's a special night.
It's worth it to me.
Well, what's so special
about tonight?
I brought you because I wanna tell you
how grateful I am God gave you to me.
I see my daughter becoming
a beautiful young woman.
And I can understand how any
young man would be drawn to you.
But I would also like for you
to know that as your father,
I want the very, very best for you.
One day I'll give you away
to another man,
and I want that man
to love God more than anything.
Because if he does,
then he'll love you.
And I know
how young men think.
They wanna win your heart, but
they don't know how to treasure it.
So I'd like to make
an agreement with you.
Jade, if you'll trust me with your heart
and allow me to approve any young man
that desires to have more
than a friendship with you,
I promise to take care of you
and give you my full blessing
when God shows us
the right one.
I will.
Thank you.
I have something to help us
to remember this night.
Jade, will you give me
your left hand, please?
Daddy, is this real?
Yes, it is.
This is meant to be worn until
it's replaced by your wedding ring.
Jade, I love you, sweetie.
And from this night on,
I wanna treat you like
the young woman that you are.
Daddy, thank you so much.
I love you too. I love you.
Hey, Shane.
Can't tell you what it's like
to be on this side of the glass.
Shane, I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
I knew what I was doing.
I guess somewhere along the way,
I let go of the wheel.
And now I couldn't get it back
even if I wanted to.
Shane, you've gotta get right
with God first.
And then you've gotta get right
with your son.
I've lost him, Adam.
No, you haven't lost him.
He's hurting,
but you haven't lost him.
You have to help me with Tyler.
He, uh...
He needs someone
to look out for him.
I'll look after him.
You have my word.
I don't want him to be like me.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
I forgive you.
Listen, I'll come see you again,
all right?
Don't ever let go of the wheel.
I picked up the mother lode.
Gotta get to the house, meet Tyrone.
How much?
Man, 40 stacks, dawg.
Forty stacks?
T.J., that's crazy, man.
We ain't playing
Little League no more.
We're going prime time. Tell him.
That's right, dawg.
- I got two keys in the trunk now.
- Two kilos?
That's right. We told you,
we ain't playing.
All we gotta do is
go cook it up.
- Heh. It's Adam.
- Yeah?
- We were just talking about you.
- Yeah, where are you guys?
Coming up on Denson.
I'm three miles behind you.
We gotta talk
about this Father's Day deal.
Can you come over this week?
Already talked about that.
Since you came up with the
resolution, you're the spokesman.
- It's only fair.
- Heh, heh, heh.
No, we didn't agree to that.
We gotta vote.
No, we already voted.
David and I chose you, and look,
you know Javi's gonna go with us.
Ha, ha, ha.
If I do this, you owe me dinner.
I gotta go. We'll talk about this later.
I got a green Cadillac
with a blown taillight.
- Light them up for me.
- Yeah, I got you.
I'll talk to you later.
Hold up, man. What is this cop
doing? I ain't even speeding.
We can't do this.
Yo, dawg, they bust us this time,
that's an automatic 10 years.
Ten years?
Yo, what you gonna do, man?
I just gotta get off this road.
I'll take him out
before I go back to jail.
Take him out? You gonna shoot him?
Look, you wanna go to prison?
? Huh? Because if he searches this
car, that's where you're going.
What is he doing?
He better pull over before I get him
for more than a taillight.
Go ahead and call it in.
We can't do this, man.
We can't shoot no cop.
We ain't got no choice,
Derrick. Be cool.
You want me to take this?
No, I got it.
All right.
There's two of them, T.J.
We can't shoot both.
Shut up, man.
You'll do what I tell you to do.
Oh, man, I know this cop.
He about to get
what he got coming to him.
T.J., that's Jade's daddy.
Sir, I need you to turn off the
vehicle, put your hands on the wheel.
The reason I pulled you over is that...
Go, go, go!
Ah! Unh!
- Back up, back up, back up!
- I got the side.
Stay down, sir. Stay down.
- We can't stay here, we gotta move.
- Get out, get out, get out!
This is 6-93-D. Shots fired,
Denson Road. We need backup.
Repeat, we need backup.
Six-93-C en route.
D, what you think you're doing?
You trying to save that little punk?
You ain't nothing. I should kill you.
Man, you crazy?
I should kill you right now.
I don't wanna be here, man.
- I don't wanna be here.
- Get off.
Argh! Ahh!
Stay back, stay back!
Just drive back.
- I'm moving to the front.
- All right, I got you, I got you.
I'm out, Nathan, I'm out.
Adam's coming, Nathan.
I got three guys.
One has a shotgun, 9 mm.
I'm almost out of ammo.
Twon, hey, come here, man.
Shoot this for me. I can't hold it still.
Twon, come get it!
Give it to me, give it to me.
- Get out of the way.
- Get out of the way.
I'm out of ammo.
Stay down.
Twon, man, look. Twon!
The girl. We need leverage.
We gotta get out of here.
I'm out, I'm out, I'm out.
I got them, I got them,
I got them.
They're going after that girl.
Stay with me.
- Stay to the right. Stay with me.
- I got you.
Front of the car, front of the car.
- Go, go.
- Show me your hands.
Show me your hands.
Show me your hands.
- You got him. Nathan, stay with me.
- Get up. Give me your arms.
Come here.
- Daddy, Daddy! Aah!
- Come here, come here.
Come here.
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!
Get down! Stay down!
- Stay down!
- Get off me.
Get off.
- Adam, are you okay?
- Get the girl, help the girl.
- She's all right. She's with her dad.
- She's all right.
Hey, you okay?
That dude was strong.
Hey, you looking like I'm feeling.
I'm feeling like I'm looking.
Okay, well, come on.
Man, thank God for backup.
You just be glad
you fought the small guy.
The small one?
Hey, Victoria.
No, I'm okay.
Derrick, what are you doing?
Why are you with these guys?
I ain't got nobody, man.
I just ain't got nobody.
You did good today,
Yeah, you mean
for a rookie, right?
You're not a rookie.
For the last six weeks
I've preached on God's design
for fathers
to be teachers, to be protectors,
to be providers.
I read to you this resolution
that was written and signed
by the four men
standing behind me.
But instead of just talking
about these men,
I wanna ask Adam Mitchell
to come and speak to us.
As a law-enforcement officer,
I've seen firsthand the deep hurt
and devastation
that fatherlessness brings
in a child's life.
Our prisons are full
of men and women
who lived recklessly after
being abandoned by their fathers,
wounded by the men who
should have loved them the most.
Many now follow the same pattern of
irresponsibility that their fathers did.
While so many mothers have sacrificed
to help their children survive,
they were never intended
to carry the weight alone.
We thank God for them.
But research is proving that a child
also desperately needs a daddy.
There's no way around this fact.
As you know, earlier this year,
my family endured the tragic loss
of our 9-year-old daughter, Emily.
Her death forced me to realize that
not only had I not taken advantage
of the priceless time I had with her,
but that I did not truly understand
how crucial my role was
as a father to her
and our son, Dylan.
Since her passing, I've asked God
to show me, through his word
how to be the father
that I need to be.
I now believe
that God desires for every father
to courageously step up
and do whatever it takes
to be involved
in the lives of his children.
But more than just being there
or providing for them,
he's to walk with them
through their lives
and be a visual representation
of the character of God,
their father in heaven.
A father should love his children
and seek to win their hearts.
He should protect them,
discipline them
and teach them about God.
He should model how to walk with
integrity and treat others with respect
and should call out his children to
become responsible men and women
who live their lives
for what matters in eternity.
Some men will hear this
and mock it
or ignore it.
But I tell you that as a father,
you are accountable to God
for the position of influence
he has given you.
You can't fall asleep at the wheel
only to wake up one day
and realize that your job
or your hobbies
have no eternal value
but the souls of your children do.
Some men will hear this
and agree with it
but have no resolve to live it out.
they will live for themselves
and waste the opportunity to leave a
godly legacy for the next generation.
But there are some men
who, regardless of the mistakes
we've made in the past,
regardless of what our fathers
did not do for us,
will give the strength of our arms and the rest
of our days to loving God with all that we are
and to teach our children
to do the same,
and, whenever possible,
to love and mentor others
who have no father in their lives
but who desperately need help
and direction.
We are inviting any man whose heart
is willing and courageous
to join us in this resolution.
In my home,
the decision has already been made.
You don't have to ask
who will guide my family,
because by God's grace, I will.
You don't have to ask who will
teach my son to follow Christ,
because I will.
Who will accept the responsibility
of providing and protecting my family?
I will.
Who will ask God to break the chain of
destructive patterns in my family's history?
I will.
Who will pray for
and bless my children
to boldly pursue
whatever God calls them to do?
I am their father. I will.
I accept this responsibility,
and it is my privilege to embrace it.
I want the favor of God
and his blessing on my home.
Any good man does.
So where are you, men of courage?
Where are you,
fathers who fear the Lord?
It's time to rise up and answer the call
that God has given to you
and to say, "I will. I will. I will. "
# We were made to be courageous #
# We were made to lead the way #
# We could be the generation #
# That finally breaks the chains #
# We were made to be courageous #
# We were warriors
On the front lines #
# Standing unafraid #
# But now we're watchers
On the sidelines #
# While our families slip away #
# Where are you, men of courage? #
# You were made
For so much more #
# Let the pounding
Of our hearts cry #
# We will serve the Lord #
# We were made to be courageous #
# And we're taking back the fight #
# We were made to be courageous #
# And it starts with us tonight #
# The only way we'll ever stand #
# Is on our knees with lifted hands #
# Make us courageous #
# Lord, make us courageous #
# This is our resolution #
# Our answer to the call #
# We will love
Our wives and children #
# We refuse to let them fall #
# We will reignite the passion #
# That we buried deep inside #
# May the watchers
Become warriors #
# Let the men of God arrive #
# We were made to be courageous #
# We're taking back the fight #
# We were made to be courageous #
# And it starts with us tonight #
# The only way we'll ever stand #
# Is on our knees with lifted hands #
# Make us courageous #
# Lord, make us courageous #
# Seek justice, love mercy
Walk humbly with your God #
# You will make me be courageous #
# Seek justice, love mercy
Walk humbly with your God #
# Lord, make us courageous #
# Seek justice, love mercy
Walk humbly with your God ##
# I have been the prodigal #
# I have been untrue #
# I have stood for lesser things #
# When I could have stood for you #
# Call this my confessional #
# From this moment on #
# I will live for you, my God #
# I will finish strong #
# This will be my creed #
# I will live what I believe #
# Till the hope of Christ
Is all that's left in me #
# I will live by faith #
# For your glory unashamed #
# For the sake of those
Who follow after me #
# This will be my creed #
# I wanna leave a legacy #
# That goes beyond my days #
# To make a mark on history #
# That time cannot erase #
# Be a man of honor and #
# A man is full of faith #
# I will not bow
I won't back down #
# When duty calls my name #
# This will be my creed #
# I will live what I believe #
# Till the hope of Christ
Is all that's left in me #
# I will live by faith #
# For your glory unashamed #
# For the sake of those
Who follow after me #
# This will be my creed ##