Courageous Mr. Penn (1942) Movie Script

Over the caf oh god save the king
where is the key
the king is engaged engaged His Majesty
is detained on affairs of State will you
please find him no no it's no use you
have promised and Snyderman be far away.
Your Majesty may come on your Majesty me
but I want to have that well and you've
got to find the nice tomorrow you can
have anything you want but until I know
house tonight oh one moment
well come in come in
what is it pardon my intrusion your
majesty medic Castlemaine grows very
impatient you know I'll chicken though
you're Martin politics tarsem politics
pray be seated
you've been a long time foreign affairs
I do very complicated complicated
god save the king
bring tea for everyone
to you and your brother
what do you say to this haha
oh I see thank you brother.
Who you and your brother
for heaven's sake and stop that noise
sausage would I know how to deal with
these fellows who do sir william I can't
Have you heard any amusing gossip leave
it no mr. Pheebs but I can hear the
knives that rebel is making I thought
the Admiral was going to put a stop to
it bro he's always telling us what he's
going to do well so will your mother
wasn't they were ducking a Quaker in a
barrel of beer and serves a great
miserable fella tried to spoil all out
of course never said a word just to beg
glum mourn for these impudent Quakers
they belonged to the common mob and yet
the behavior than tolerable insolence to
their betters he even refused to take
off their heads in the presence of the
jail I never heard such insolence and
the nonsense they talk about all men
being brothers and equals who they get
his Majesty does wrong to tolerate such
dishes rebel don't be wit oh they are
sometimes it's an awful nothing well
thank you ah come on in with him.
your son team very moody of late that's
not that I blew my dear fellow my son's
got too many girls in love with him he's
probably off the vauxhall gardens now I
have heard that he has some very odd
friends nonsense his programs of a very
good soldier His Majesty likes him and
the girls love him irresistible charm
runs in the family yes and it's got a
great future in front of him My dear
fellow that's not the right moves you
want to give the game away and forgive
me so will you laughs I playing this
game or are you jus T and gratitude have
you no gratitude sup yes I'm grateful to.
God we're full of God yes but what about
me pinned I do anything for you haven't
I taken immense pain yet immense pains
to fit you for a high position in life
you did it out of your own free will and
free will is all I ask don't try to
impress me with your highfalutin
language I may be a plain soldier but I
can hold my own with any man that's why
you're an admin and proud of it sir I'm
part of a tool father like a wish you
were but fear me you have no pride you
had you would not want to throw away the
chance of a career and cutting a fine
figure at the cost to the Quakers all
that is sure end now we'll kill William
let's look at this mess I quite plainly
Terry you a cultured traveled educated
gentleman with great opportunities ahead
of you on the service of your country
and you want to give it all up to
associate with a low common rabble one
of the cover of religion are undermining
all peace and order in the state all I
can say father is at the quaker stand
for righteousness you know what you're
talking about purity y Jory didn't know
the meaning of it but demi it's not
healthy come brother's how can all men
be brothers but father it says in the
Bible a math final you're just an
argumentative obstinate fool you don't
know how fortunate you are living the
lap of luxury now I make you good
allowance yes far too good very well now
you have to make a choice if you want to
associate with your crazy mom you'll
have to leave my house I shall
disinherit you have nothing more to do
with you now make your choice I have
made my choice you're determined to
become what we come
yes quite a ton
bye huh.
I wonder if you'd be so kind of a guy's
no peddlers no sake of all but I only
want to drink of water I'd be very
grateful for a drink of water water are
you quite sure now you're another teeth
uh-oh you need to be frightened we did
you just let me in that a glass of water
I promise you I won't even talk
come in Thank
sit down over there hey kind of good
evening good evening
sadaf hasn't rubbed in it all day busy
say you are thank you ah good mm did you
ever seen cows training each dangerous
to think yes I suppose this dude is if I
right but mark my words the time will
come will it now yes the time will come
when people won't think it eccentric to
the kind of urgent it can't change human
8r but Russia when HS divine that if you
all must realize every country cream
rich or poor okay whose house is this
it's the house of Sir William Penn
income be William Pennington now don't
tell me you want to talk to him because
you can't and even if you could he isn't
here no you're a lady Pennington our
dining out tonight well now that you've
had a drink of water in plenty more you
be wantin you can have that and I think
you better be going now or we'll have.
Miss Julie after and who is Miss Judy
she's lady Pennington daughter and she's
giving a party to all a young men all
yes and they're all in love with her
you'll keep a respectable tongue in your
head well now just a minute before you
go what did you mean just now when you
talked about human nature well what I'm
Johnny what's your name Maggie Murphy
sir well Maggie what I meant was one
little smile from you and it's heaven oh.
I don't like compliments
there's so little you do like well I
must admit I'm bored I don't think your
governess approves of the trend of the
conversation she's got here egg poured
in her ears are stuffed with cotton wool
isn't that so mr. Cletus no mega I've
also make it there you are yemisi so.
Miss Julie you make one great mistake
you always have lots of people around
you instead of just one to be perfectly
frank and tonight I can be played the
cousins to please his count here I have
no intention whatsoever letting any one
person take up all my time dash it all
that's not fair I proposed to three
times and I've given you an answer which
is more than the 72 giving me I'd better
go and see what's happened to them value
growing my dear there's an epidemic of
deafness in the house yes my dear I
think you left it in the right move.
Without the wishing of either we must
always do and say according to the
feelings of our own true hearts let us
then the wear of application of speech
have you all gone mad what are you doing
take those heads off at once usually
image with jewelry budget but this
gentleman has converted us convert you
yes ma'am we've seen the life oh I see a.
Quaker there's a craven line I'm not
sufficiently interested tonight but
mother said cratered will not to be
allowed near the hut ah but if I talk
with her you soon change your mind
you're very sure of yourself yes I am
you know I think I would even touch me
you couldn't why do you know
your eyes give you away
they do nothing of the sort if you're
determined to go on talking like this
you better come into the dining room
then perhaps we can get some service in
the house what did you say her name was.
Miss Julie Elma there's a talkative.
Quaker in the kitchen he's coming in to
convert convert us oh dear he would you
be found Lucy good evening come here
come my 50 I don't think we've had the
pleasure no man has ever spoken to me
the trip at all pitched off at what ho
but he can't you see he's a Quaker oh do
sit down lunch yeah thank you hold my
behavior please I suppose I your young
friends yes why don't you approve of
what do you mean well I what a pity it
is that you always his ID useless lions
what do you do ma'am an just preach yeah
did you try to put it that way oh you
see you're all so thoroughly bored of
yourself what do you mean you know you
get so much more out of life and took a
bit of interest in it for instance
you'll find it to a satisfaction
vegetable family have the other the
secret of happiness gentlemen is to be
found in that one word Club it is the
key gentlemen and it was given to us for
the son of man in Galilee a very long
time jokes well but a common fellow hmm
you're a sort of terror don't talk yes
that's what I am but a happy one because
all the time I'm repeating something
which is true I will not sit here and
listen to this unspeakable rudeness like
Freud I don't know Ivan I 10 diamond hmm
I would show him out but you come
pateros dangerous I think you better
you wish
so very boo-boos it you know you remind
me of a lot of lovely peacock so forgive
me gentlemen no offense meant I bid you
all a good night
are you going now I'm going to London
why are you smiling I'm smiling
very loved enough you love her very much
I sometime
and you've been demanded oh I haven't
asked her to marry him have she refuse
you somehow I don't think she does she
leave a number
and I can't ask you to come with me
because I'm a Quaker
do you think she went home.
good night about
and keep her safe.
I don't even know your name it's real
William Penn
I know
there is a faith which overcomes the
world and there is a faith which is
overcome by the world but first we must
realize that all men are born free free
I not I wish I was in the eyes of God we
are all equal I don't believe it I'm not
your equal I knows a gentleman when I
sees one and I won't be made fun of it
right on life why you want to be ashamed
of yourself making fun of an old man I'm
not making fun of you you can think what
you write just as we all have a right to
a conscience the richard reid burn oh
come come come that's a poor way of
convincing anyone didn't it you always
keep that hat on yes except when we pray
you go to bed in it no not often why do.
Quakers where their head yes tell us why
partly because we believe that we should
not do anything that does not correspond
with the feelings of our hearts and
partly to keep our heads warm my friends
the knowledge of God does not come to us
to observing things of this world God is
in our hearts waiting reveal himself
wigan should be burned but is there not
one amongst you feels with me and
understands me yes there is I've been
listening to your preaching and there's
so much I'd like to talk to you about
let's see if you're gonna find somewhere
quiet chillin
you see bindle everyone has the right to
enjoy a decent life f freedom and
justice can be free to worship God in
his own way but others have spoken like
you before and political issues have got
them turned into jail we must have
patience and courage I tell you the day
will come when the world via just
friendly place it must be so I'm going
to London at the end of the week you
must come with me George Fox is holding
a large meeting a frenzy he feels it in
these dark days unity within the fence
is essential it essentials unity in
non-essentials Liberty in all things
charity out of our unity will come that
greater unity of Europe on world we
cannot fail with me well can we meet an
they're not what the young men were at
our time no boys no manners and a new
model as no decency you heard of course
of old Admiral pens death oh yeah but
his son William is to be tried next week
tried like a common thief I'll glitch
I'd well he deserved it I understand
that he was preaching troubled and.
Sedition he was not hey couldn't he
loves people not hate cutie really you
forget yourself Oh dare you defend this
criminal you don't even know it hola
I'm sorry to see you here young men I'm
trying to see myself here at the
converse I'm not so will you have only
also to blame this is no place for the
son of a distinguishing to ask me this
is not personal son of any man then it
is up to you my dear boy all you've got
to do is to admit that you were wrong
promise never to repeat the events and
his name is Damita means to have you
release no I can't admit that I wrong
because I didn't do anything wrong since
when has freedom of speech people didn't
come come before it is too late the
doctor more reason with you and all you
will a fine young man like yourself can
expect to be favored by the key what
about my conscience
there can be no compromise every man is
entitled to think for himself
and worship God in joining me
really quite shocked entropion eyes you
are running the risk of a long sentence
in jail don't you realize that the
maximum penalty under the new Act is
death but I'm going to be tried by
during the journey will be composed of
uncut uneducated fellows who might hang
you why do they want to learn if they
find you kidding but I'm not I'm quite
content to place myself in hand with
television so don't worry Maya township
I'm not bed
for said William Penn unlawfully uncha
maza see the symbol and Congress be
together but divers are the persons in
the street called Gracechurch Street to
the disturbance of the peace of the said.
Lord the King his crown and dignity take
off your head Jimmy take off your hat
did you put off it head put it on again
wearing your hat I find you 40 shillings
for contempt of court you know the child
which should be preferred against you
yes I do I've asked him I'm sorry for
you are an ingenious gentle all the
world so now that and you have a
plentiful estate why must you then
render yourself unhappy by associating
with such simple people as the Quakers I
confess I emitted my choice to
relinquish the company of those who are
ingenuously wicked but the first of
those were more honest with you appear
to have everything a young man could
desire help reasonable appearance end
intelligence with their digital travel
on your part you could add to these
advantages that the benefits of Manu the
property and solid influence there is no
harm in being religious but you must
prove a right sort of religion and
there's a limit to what a gentleman can
do okay if you persist in trying to
convert mean I should think about you I
wish you were a wiser them I wish you
were a better man mr. 10 I have no ill
will towards in fact I have a great deal
of kindness for youth in your lil way of
expressing after all the question is not
whether I'm guilty of the indictment
whether the indictment illegal that's
the new Act of Parliament the new Act
has nothing to do with the meeting I was
conducting you or any personal fellow
would you Keyshia Cole all the Act is
not valid in law if the Lord cocaine is.
Institute's volume 2 page 56 you have
any weight common law is corn right and
common right is a great charter
privilege confirmed by Henry the third
and in that charter it says that every.
Englishman can clearly taking away the
law if you do not take some costs to
stop this in person the fellows mouth we
- should not do anything all day anywhere
- I'll take him a rave.
Turn him into the bail doc this is an
additional charge it is justice on
monday I am not to be tyler than a
kegger I'm from mike illegal turn and
only no chance with a tent out come on
it right now gentlemen of the jury you
have just with this the disgrace of
behavior of the prisoner you have also
heard the indictment it is for teaching
trouble and Sedition Colin position is
that you want free speech can I appeal
to you who are my judges and to this
vast assembly whether the proceedings of
the court are not both arbitrary and
void of war war in endeavoring to charge
the jury in the absence of the prisoner
that QR Christmas you can hear and you
not sure even we have not been heard and
you cannot legally depart on the court
until I have been fully hard pull that
colour down put him down I appeal to the
cherry one I judge that they cannot
the gentlemen of the jury you will now
consider your verdict I need hardly tell
you that they can be only one possible
perfect yo say anything else would be a
personal affront to this court and would
be received as yes we know we wait your
verdict it should not take long while
they are considering shall we retire for
a glass of sherry no that's a very
difficult judicial problem but I think
in this case the verdict is not guilty
or not guilty I tell you my man what is
your name push am alone then I tell you
to deserve to be indicted or in any
manner in tightly this day he died it
for what offense you're an impertinent
fellow I should put a mark on you and I
shall deal with all of you most of you
work in the city don't you very well
then you know what can happen to you you
master wrong you're employed by Thomas
alguien aren't you well we'll see after
butch lives right the Lord to our way of
thinking odds are you'll be dead by a
who like bussola it's about counting
knave and you perform and indeed I
thought you knew your piece better Jory
all I judge it or not busted event that
body could be free and not compare
it's ruined you will not be dismissed to
you bring in a verdict of the court will
accept do some be locked up without deep
pink fire or tobacco we will have the
right perfect or you shall starve for it
this is a germ but you got to be locked
up for the night your Englishman
remember your provides give not away all
right that's we will never do what is
your very not guilty Minaj off kilter
the Lord we give no other bodies than we
gave last night you give no other
verdict than you gave last night do not
allow the verdict not gives you is no
verdict and if not guilty be no verdict
to make of the jury and the Great.
Charter am a fast I say she's no virgin
it is intolerable that my juraj with us
man is this according to the fundamental
only your violence if you're not
experiments are you for some authority
till now I never understood the reason
of the policy of prudence of the.
Spaniards in suffering the Inquisition
among it certainly it will never be well
with us to something with like the
Spanish Inquisition be in England to be
drive another barrage that they may
bring it in special special yes I don't
know how to do it he doesn't know how to
do it
but the verdict has been brought take
him away aight aight a burden I think I
shall go back and bring in another
variant or else you a star and we'll
have you break through the finish this
ll cool off for the twentieth time what
for the twentieth time what is your
buried still not guilty very well I'm
sorry gentlemen that you have followed
your own judgements and opinions rather
than the good advice which I have
offered you God keep my life out of your
hair but for this you will be fined
forty shillings man and you will be
- imprisoned in you get until the pines be.
- Paid these men can never pay I have been.
Freed by the jury and I demand my
liberty you demand your tail for your
fines find her off a contempt of court I
should pay no finds it is unlawful and I
shall appeal and so shall we it will not
help any of you we have cited the
Spanish Inquisition be it so we shall
see how you will enjoy the hospitality
of His Majesty's Prison at you and until
you see the error of your ways there you
shall stay and rock
I'm glad I went the trial will go down
with a landmark in the history of.
English know why why well it will
definitely establish the absolute right
of juries to bring in a verdict
- according to their conscience bears are.
- Notoriously composed yes but in being in.
A verdict for the plaintiff and
interviewing the Lord Mayor Mr Justice
music it said the judges were free to
open the eyes of the jury not to leave
them by the nerve I don't really approve
I suppose I should first night here but
after all my dear them it is to the
courage of such fools as bushland
history of journeymen that England owes
her renowned as the home of jack
well gentlemen I can only thank you you
are the true spirit we only did what we
knew was right time do what is right
isn't always easy don't own justice over
the total again good luck sir thanks to
be needing it
I've been a long time
William Penn and Julie Elma arouse
trinket those their intention of taking
each other in mail in the presence of.
God and these up and I William Tate Lee.
Joon young promising to between loving
kindness it so long as it shall be is
gone to continue our natural I should
be my husband
I'm thinking to the 11 kind of the law
that you please God consumer afterlife
my bounty is as boundless as the sea my
love of thee the more I give to thee the
more I have both
no I like that in a play once you get it
but that was long before I need you oh
that's not
I knew we Quakers on supposed to wear
jurors and where did you get from all
this advice I know I shouldn't wear it
but my father gave it to me on my 12th
birthday and you wear it my darling you
don't mind no can you smell anything
done early
is it all right excited away music makes
you forget things not the way I played
oh alright looks delicious mm Susi
slightly first
the picture
don't you dare doesn't taste good I like
I oh I know
I did try the recipe said leave in the
other two are so I didn't say leave in
the oven I didn't realize I didn't marry
for your cooking
Meet William
thank you doctor don't thank me
death to the Quakers
why don't they arrest me I can't
understand it they simply refuse to
arrest me that must be grateful for that
I can't stand by and see all the other.
Quakers being persecuted for their
beliefs what can I do I wish I could
help you do help me my darling hello
it's not possible in bed time it is ah
the night William it's a very strange
world in front of you Monday man trying
to give you a new one all bright and
shiny tonight a new world yes Christ
said behold I will make all things new
you see Julie it's the spirit of that
which we must capture.
America's a new where America you could
start from the beginning there yes
you could leave behind all the hatred
and foolish customs in the old world we
could take America and turn it into a
vast continent to a freedom of thought
and liberty of conscience would be the
birthright of every man and our laws be
just because it'd be the laws of Christ
William you must go you got to go to a
lake Escalade all right
the answer.
I'm smiling because I wish posterity to
remember me Riley that me Your Majesty
but would you please keep still please
do not pitch it how can I paint if you
fetching my sincere apologies
he's no good I appeal I shall not paint
anymore today you're very happy I like
this place so far removed from all I
creditors my de Pleasance new experience
couldn't we find another week in June
what is it there is a man called William
him he claims he's expected by our
majesty mmmm yes bring him in his the
creek her yeah but when people say they
knew you were ignoring with crimson they
say enough in haha I have to see the boy
of the 60 late father friend of mine
wonder what he wants with me oh my young
friend take your hat off I can't do it
not even in the presence of a king it is
customary here only for one person to
wear the hat but as you know I have
always endeavored to respect others
beliefs another thing I can't do is to
call your majesty your majesty we make
the distinction to us all men abilities
I quite understand but for me what's
been happening haven't seen you for
years yet to having your guests I trust
you were not too uncomfortable this is.
William Penn lady consulate obviously
mr. Penn wishes to speak to your majesty
for know what can I do for you it's
about money money or you will see my
personal financial advisor and have a
talk with him it is with you I want to
talk about the money world my father did
I owe him money yes esposo did seventeen
thousand pound to lead them as much as
that wonder where they could have got to
you know it's extraordinary how quickly
money goes that you'll notice that or
are you married yes I have a very
beautiful way really tell me about her
the money method is urgent money matters
always are urgent and always pass not
only my happiness but the happiness of
thousands of people depend on it money
isn't everything you know and I'm rather
surprised that you were quakers should
sit so much store by it I always thought
you fellows to clear interest in such
sordid mercenary matters anyway if you
had it you'd only spend it my dear boy
yes I should spend it and I can tell you
how oh I know all about spending that
have sought such a critical cheating if
I had that money I'd like to buy
something from you but for me but I have
not acceptable you had land heavily
mortgaged land in your vast territories
in an egg I mean want to find an America
whatever for here in England the
persecution of my brother Quakers is
intensified every day I have no hand in
that new autonomy but if you give us
land in the new world you could go there
and start a new life we will creep the
Indians brothers gain their friendship
quiet kind just peaceable we do it is
build great cities and the free to
worship God in our own way here we go.
Hannah yeah it would work
- and build up a state which will be a
- Adam.
Isn't it an experiment worth trying a
holy extent
perhaps the Kingdom of interest
mr. Penn deep in my heart I am the true
father of my he had people and King of.
England and to be king of England is to
be the Guardian Britain's glory.
Britain's honor and Britain's future no
one day across the sea which shall be
our defense Sun developed colony of
which you speak they become the champion
for the truth and the freedom of all men
then we may have the nap I don't see why
not thank you
kaneda see
thank you brother now tell me what
you're going to name this new colony of
yours how well I hadn't thought of it
perhaps we didn't call it off your
majesty oh no they're already 20 colin
is named after me North Carolina and.
South Carolina well it's a leafy would
it contain sylvain oh why not pens
sylvania and then he said why not call
it ends with it the people who think you
call it off yourself I know but you
wouldn't change it to relatives anyway
if 10 is your name after order the Kings
distance Matt and what sort of
management oh he's very amazing and he's
a man of great vision so now I can still
hard well I don't know about we but I
should have to go after all I should be
the governor of the points but don't you
want me to come with you yes of course I
do but America's a long way away and
there's nothing really that damn is
William you couldn't go without me but I
wouldn't let you I'd say anything you
don't know how brave I could be get a
plate of nice be nice in America Oscar
from the Indian and I'd rather face an
Indian with you in the mouth and you
would how soon should we be starting I
don't know that charter hasn't been
signed yet I expect to pay a few months
I hope it won't be too long he grounded
the tract of land in america north of
maryland bounded on the east by the
delaware on the west limited as Maryland
northwood as far as plantable and in
return for this His Majesty the King is
to receive annually to Beaver skins 70
might come in useful and one-fifth of
any gold or silver found in the province
which would not be unwelcome they did
this day the path of March 1681 Majesty
is still determined to sign this curious
document yes quite different anything
else this map indicates quite clearly
the boundaries six degrees of latitude
between the northern boundary of.
Maryland and the southern boundary of.
New York yes quite my congratulations
mr. Governor there your majesty won't
regret it I hope not I have grown up a
frame of government a sort of draft on
which I intend to base the
administration of the state what do you
know administration I studied it a great
deal this is what I propose as the basis
of the state's policy it is merely an
assertion of the rights of man to our
conscience I do for me in mind care and
establish for the first fundamental of
the government of my province that every
person that dust and shall reside
therein shall have and enjoy the free
profession of his or her faith and
exercise worship towards God in such a
way and manner and every such person
shall in conscience believes most
acceptable to God not content to be a
so-called idealist you're an ambitious
man it seems mr. Penn yes I dream of.
conquests yes I intend to conquer by
love and govern my truth well spoken if
your Majesty will forgive me I should
like it to be placed on record that I
considered the entire enterprise
ridiculous and fantastic and bound to
end in disaster and what is your opinion
my lord halifax I think that mr. Pen is
the extremely brave gentleman I should
like to wish him luck the king is the
winning move as dr. chefs in the second
time yes they've all been captain
indifferent my dog absconding the box
with the provisions I made it myself did
you I know I do enjoy it you will have a
walkabout in the rain and get your feet
wet won't you sigh but I won't promise
you've gone into the master
each other before
of its long of course not my darling as
soon as I get to America I bill
developers when I come back to catch you
tani you can see dreadful
I mean the journey before and I can tell
you at this time of the year is not a
thing to be lightly Undertaker the
weather's bad the seizure up and with
under present it on board it's not easy
to survive such a long voyage don't
worry greenaway we survived all right
ready for personnel set out yet just an
important thousand you're coming aboard
ah look at him mdf duty as they could
gather in the tomatoes he's gonna style
of minus breed of horses in America
why do you want to take a horse with
your fall that's the ordinary horse
that's camel 80 it'll never get there
are achievable fellow what is it a bit
cheerful about you've never crossed the
Atlantic pen and his followers will.
Ritter up in jail and your Majesty would
be well advised to prevent this foolish
expedition I'm sure my lady Castlemaine
agrees milord Arlington is right and
there's still time to stop them sailing
Charles II Bernie you've taken my advice
if your idea you always get me good at
rice in fact I've already sent a
messenger to the ship less than another
sure you think of everything
William pain yes I'm William Penn a
message from His Majesty
god bless you all
may he grant you a speedy voyage and
give you happiness in your new home
mailing god of my life watch over my
love which neither see nor landlord sent
with a bike
explain what school bus is broken up
then there's four parts of all we are
turning back there's to be no turning
back on this voyage happens Holland mr.
Penn the master baton over board the
ship turn back for England all right.
I'll see the captain get away from it
keep clear of that man if we're not
careful we'll have a whole crew down
with smallpox but captain the man GL you
can't lead him to die I'm captain of
this ship mr. Penn and I say keep away
from that man mr. Make get a sack and
throw him overboard hi you get a second
time ever bored I warn you mr. Penn if
you touch that man I'll have you put in
mr. Penn you find my orders keep away
from that man dares bring me some water
hello I'm afraid I'm raised don't do it
I'll get the place David oh yeah
nothing to be afraid of get me some
yes mr. Pink.
There's your America mr. Penn
and this must depend is kept in coppell
there's nothing he doesn't know about
India I have heard a lot about You
captain I very pleased to meet you you
know the first thing I want you to do is
to teach me the Indian language very
sorry sir mr. Byrne haha we forget our
anthem well gentlemen I can only thank
you from the bottom of my heart of the
fine work you've done and in so short a
time but we've still got a lot ahead of
us boom let me look my plan of the city
again William wells depends an architect
I can only congratulate you but if I may
say so I think 10,000 acres is a lot of
land reserved 1200 would be far more
sensible oh no we shall need all the
land we can get see city is laid out in
a rectangular system a series of
parallel highways reaching across from
river to river here to Rick's treats
each a mile in length board seat and
high street in the center of the city a
grand square 10 acres and then each port
a square of 88 of each it's all
practical and an engineer all the land
we can get now has one thing that's
worrying me and that's the name go on or
co-op Coco thats Indian it yeah
it's a pretty sounding name tell me
what's the indian word for Brotherhood
love TR we can't really call it that can
mean buzz will have it in Greek Greek
yes that's an idea why don't we give it
the Greek name a ladder for Philadelphia
no one will ever remember that I think
they will
let it go a letter from America oh he's
all right here we are satisfied then is
good the air clear springs plentiful and
provisions good visitors Hannah oh how
sweet is acquired of these parts be from
the ways and perplexities of willfully
earth Oh Hannah Oh what it is love what
is it lie back let me understand your
collar what you go on reading I'm happy
what makes me happy is not merely to see
a prosperous community growing and
friday now it's the fact that we've had
no oil no rivalries in no jealousy no if
you were only here my darling to see
Philadelphia truly the city of brotherly
brother Linda yes fine you will hang on
that tree till your rut and it'll be a
lesson to you another dirty Redskin says
this is a white man's country Keith what
do you think you're doing untie that man
he killed one of our eyes postnatal we
found him scalped with an arrow so his
neck these Indians must be taught a
lesson mr. Payne but that's not the way
to teach them they've been tortured in
massacre too long they've lost faith
this Indian letter sent back to stripe
that's no good we've tried kindness it
won't work on dits no all right boys
team up John stofflet X you heard Mr
friends orders I'm not taking any orders
from mr. Pan all right you've asked for
it I had to do it kaku you know you
might have killed a man hi boys I'm time
goggle ask his name boom tar or ha I
uses his name little white all well
little wide all your free you can go
back to your tribe and tell them that
the white man send greetings to the.
Great Red chief and tell him that the
for many moons Wayne if he's agreeable a
- certain mr. Penn will pay man in form of.
- It.
A great spirit who made me and you lose
the heavens and the earth and knows the
innermost thoughts the man knows that I
in my friends have a heart a desire to
live in peace and friendship view it is
not our custom to use hostile weapons
against our fellow creatures or which
reason we have come unarmed we are met
on the broad pathway of good faith and
good will so that no advantage is to be
taken on either side but all is to be
openness what am I to do home keith is
undermining the confidence of the whole
state even the council is showing you
things will settle down just a passing
phase yes but a such a waste of time and
then at this boundary question Marilyn
painting part of Pennsylvania is it true
the governor of Maryland is going to
fight the keys needle yes I'm afraid I
shall have to return new england too but
you can't do that no you'll needed here
more than ever to carry things on
pennsylvania must be made secure and
then this problem of self-government
the king will never grant a must we've
made Pennsylvania say from the Indians
and we must consolidate that safety by
gaining complete independence it's the
only way and when that women
hey England for can you see mrs. Pynn
anywhere no I can't Oh mr. Penn message
from dr. Vernon what is it species
painter you must get to London at once.
I must see there's nothing you can do
mr. pare she's not in pain and must see
I'm not cool William
okay I'm not crying
I only wanted to get well
I've come to take you back to
Philadelphia I can't do anything there
without you never.
I'm always
illness paper
gentlemen I
and yeah
good evening had a Google drive when
you're coming
ha this is brother pearson from
Philadelphia this is brother Klaus from
Amsterdam yes mrs. Pen as this was a
great shock to us all hello mr. Binns
I'm so glad you've come I'm so
frightened when she died all life seemed
to go out of him you do whether
everything is well boo nothing I can say
now Hannah do you think you'll see me no
good mr. vigil yoli stairs instead I
think it's going out to be lying but I
must speak to him Hannah other person
has come with many messages from America
brother class has come with nearly a
hundred friends from all over Europe
they've given up everything and all that
they may start a new life out in America
they're all waiting to save what is the
pen won't go back to American Alistair
what do you mean Hannah he told me still
before she died Henry said to me if you
resign my heart will die I shall give up
everything she's my life Hannah she's my
life what are we to do everything is
ready ships is sailing from London Docks
he doesn't return to Pennsylvania the
state will go to rack and ruin in a
- month even now they started quarrelling.
- And intriguing among themselves well.
Without pens leadership it is no use
going on I will have to return to
Holland they won't go to America without
William Penn all the faith and hope of
their future life I is keeping ease
their only salvation
everything is ready save with time
thank you
Jay every night for your city
normal is