Coureur (2018) Movie Script

Come on, daddy!
Go, daddy! Come on!
Come on, uncle Willy!
Come on!
I guess we'll go home then?
Cycling is in your blood.
It's passed on from father to son.
And if it's in you, you can fight it
all you want, you can't escape it.
But if there's one thing I've learned
from my dad, it's fighting.
Fighting against everything
and everyone.
Especially against yourself.
Drop your pants.
"I'm overtrained," he says.
I ride four or five races in a row
and I keep getting better.
Overtrained? Never heard of it.
The more you ride,
the better you get, isn't it?
His results show
he's in no fit state to race.
What does that mean?
'No fit state to race.'
He has the testosterone levels
of a 12-year-old. He's still in puberty.
Can't you give him some?
If you're so strong,
you could give him your blood.
Is that possible?
Can we do that now?
Close that gap.
You're winning today.
Three laps from the finish,
we have 25 km to go
in the Belgian road race championship
for espoirs.
Two pursuers have caught up
with the leader.
The sprint has been launched.
Fred Barr starts the sprint
with Felix Vereecke behind him.
Felix Vereecke passes him.
It's Felix Vereecke!
Felix Vereecke wins!
What a competitive race.
What an end to the race.
Felix Vereecke is the espoir champion.
-His teammate comes second.
The deserved winner, Felix Vereecke,
who has become champion
and can now wear the jersey for a year in
the espoir category.
Give them a big hand,
ladies and gentlemen.
I've never felt so bad on a podium.
The rush I felt when I crossed
the finish line, had suddenly disappeared.
I put on that jersey and I realized
I could only lose from that moment on.
Mind you, he won thirty races a season.
Postman Miel, he was called.
He never took a turn at the front.
If you took him to the finish line,
he'd beat you. Except me.
I once beat him in his hometown.
Things got out of hand.
We had a brawl with the fans.
I've seen impressive things from this one.
Third race in a row, Tour of Lige,
on top of the first hill, 40 riders in a
pile-up. Four minutes behind the leaders,
he stands up...
Yes, they're all great riders.
Till you sign them.
That's when trouble starts.
"I have a tooth ache, my granny has died,
I have glandular fever."
I will have none of that.
When it's time to race, it's time to race.
Of course. Look, Mr. Vermarcke,
you won't regret it.
I want to sign him,
but like I said, I'm out of budget.
We can help with that. We can fix that.
I told you, didn't I?
- What about the rest?
- The rest... will be deposited later.
- We'll put it on paper.
- It's not a problem.
Right, I'll hang it over my bed.
Alright then.
Here. Signature on the first page
and your initials on all the others.
What's gotten into you?
I'm not riding for that bastard. Go find
someone else to launder your money.
I promised someone else anyway.
What? Who?
An Italian semi-professional team.
Italy? Have you lost your mind?
You want to be an amateur
while you could turn pro here?
I don't need your help.
If I'd had all the opportunities you're
wasting, I would have reached the top.
You don't get it, do you?
You never got those opportunities
because you weren't good enough.
- Don't you feel any difference?
- I do, but...
You have to make yourself be seen,
or they won't pick you.
I know, but my legs are fucked up.
I don't know if I can go on like this.
Don't you want to turn pro?
Get ready for a seriously tough climb.
What a weirdo.
Doesn't even say hello.
What are you doing?
Vereecke? Fabio.
- Give me the keys.
- You're tall. Fuck, you're tall.
- Come on, man.
- The clutch is broken. It doesn't work.
- Give me my keys.
- No. Bruno's orders.
Who's Bruno? Hey, don't do that!
Bruno Leone. Your boss.
I like you.
You are true Belgian.
One question, bad boy.
Who's your hairdresser?
I want my hair like yours.
Now go and change.
We have to ride. Get a move on.
Come on, Vereecke.
You're so Belgian.
you haven't given me my jersey yet.
Impossible, it must be in your bag.
Everyone got a jersey. Impossible.
No. My championship jersey.
What do you mean?
- I'm the Belgian champion.
- The Belgian champion for what?
The best hairdo?
You're too fat.
I'll give you two weeks
to drop to 73 kilos.
we'll take it out of your pay.
100,000 lire per kilo.
Sign here.
It's all there. You can go now.
Close the door.
Hey, don't waste water.
Stop it, you idiots.
Moscatelli, don't drink so much water.
That's bad for your stomach.
What is this?
Are you going for a walk?
- No, we're going now.
- Are they here on holiday?
Put them to work, Fabio.
- Fabio.
- Yes?
- Where's the Belgian?
- Where's the Belgian?
There he is. Vereecke?
He's peeing.
Put him on the bike.
I want to see him ride.
OK. Come on, Vitaly.
Today, we'll form two trains.
Five men each. Got that?
One for Pavesi and one for Vereecke.
- Can we choose which train?
- Yes.
- I don't want losers in my train.
- Nice friend you are. Come on, Pavesi.
Leone wants to see who's the fastest.
The winner stays. The loser goes home.
Listen up.
The finish is where my van is. OK?
Get to work, guys. Grab your bike
and close the van. Come on.
Get moving, Mosca.
- Asshole.
- I'm the fastest, bitch.
- He pushed himself off.
- So?
Are you crazy, idiot?
You'll train an hour longer today.
Because you lost. Go on!
In every race, there is a moment
when you feel completely drained.
But you go all out once more.
That's when you usually hit the wall
and it's all over.
But sometimes,
you break right through that wall,
and you feel invincible.
That's the best feeling in the world.
That's what makes cycling so addictive.
Felix, stop!
Where are you going?
They'll run you over. It's pitch-dark.
What a lunatic.
Now he's accelerating!
Did you get lost or what?
I looked for you everywhere.
Here, drink some water.
I'm begging you, have some water.
- No, no.
- Come on, Felix. Drink water. Please.
No, prock.
What? Prock?
We don't say prock, we say prick.
This prick. Mine.
Repeat after me,
'you dirty son of a bitch.'
- You dorty son of a bitch.
- No, not dorty son of a bitch.
You dirty son of a bitch. With an I.
You should say, "I am a dickhead".
- Dickhead.
- You. You're a dickhead, not me.
Come on, pull over now.
I'm begging you.
Come on, Felix. Let's go home.
Here, phenomenon.
Have some water.
- What are you doing with the salt?
- None of your business.
Stop that.
That brings bad luck.
What the fuck are you doing?
And how dare you speak to me like that?
That stupid Russian
doesn't understand a thing.
Take the salt and throw it
over your shoulder. Now.
What's your problem?
- How dare you speak to me like that?
- Do not test me!
You are a Russian shitbag.
Talk to me like that again
and I will smash your face in.
Take it easy.
Good, sit down nicely, you idiot.
Eat your pasta.
Come on, boys.
- Need a hand, Fabio?
- Good man, Mosca. Yes.
Take that.
This one, this one.
We have two flat tyres.
The season hasn't even started yet.
Do you know why he's tired?
Because you're fat.
Champion of Belgium.
- Hello, Vereecke.
- It's me.
Hi, son. How are you?
It's about time.
It has been raining without end though.
I'm sure you have better weather.
- How is my champion?
- Fine.
- Are you getting in shape?
- Yes...
I bet those Italians
can't keep up with you.
I guess.
What's the food like?
Are you eating enough?
Yes, kind of.
You have to get up that hill, son.
Is dad there?
No, he's out training.
Shall I leave him a message?
I need a prescription from Dr. De Mol.
Can you write it down?
Yes, just a second.
-What do you need exactly?
Is that with a Y?
- Mom, I have to go.
- OK.
- Take care, son.
- I will. Bye, mom.
Felix needs a prescription
from Dr. De Mol.
I'll leave it here.
- Keep on laughing.
- Sorry.
Laugh. Keep on laughing.
Take off your jersey.
Show me your tits, stupid faggot.
Take off your jersey, idiot.
I explain the tactics and you're sitting
there laughing, asshole!
A piece of shit! That's what you are.
A piece of shit, a nobody!
When will you become a man?
This sport is for men with balls.
Not for wimps like you.
Leone doesn't understand anything.
He wants me to lose three kilos.
I'm a sprinter.
I need some fat to be strong.
I don't need to be able to climb.
You received a package. Here.
What's in it?
At the end, there is a climb.
The rest is flat. Good, right?
That way, no one can attack. In the last
5K, we'll form a train for Pavesi
so he'll be out of the wind. You all make
sure the group stays together.
It may only be a practice race,
but I don't want any mistakes.
I want to win. I want you all
at the front, from start to finish.
Do you know what a victory feels like?
Do you think cycling
is just about pedaling?
Does the music bother you?
- Is the noise bothering you?
- No, the Swedish guy is bothering me.
Can I sleep here?
Come here.
No, wait. It's your bed.
You don't understand.
It's a Russian thing. Welcome.
Come on, grab the bottle.
- We have a race tomorrow.
- Just do what I say.
Keep going. Come on.
Didn't I tell those fuckers?
They are all riding at the back. Fuck!
Do you want a bidon?
A beer?
Sergey. Do you want?
- Do you want water?
- No, no.
Do you want?
Take me to the front.
Slow it down.
Slow it down!
Where are you going, stupid Belgian?
Slow it down, you idiot!
Number 33 has escaped
from the pack...
...Felix Vereecke of the Lazano team.
What are you doing, Vereecke?
Cut that out!
Piece of shit!
What the fuck were you doing? You idiot.
- What's wrong, man?
- I'll beat you up!
- Let that asshole go.
- That's enough, Vereecke!
What do you want, piece of shit?
- I'll beat you up.
- Quit it.
Idiot. Piece of shit.
I'll beat you up!
What now?
Stop that, Vereecke.
Come here, Vereecke. Stop that.
Come on, let's go! Come here.
I'll beat you up, idiot.
You're dead!
- What is it, man?
- Guys, please.
- Let's go!
- Thieu, cut it out.
Stupid Dutch fuck!
Thieu, cut it out. Come on.
- Thieu, don't!
- What's your problem?
- Come here.
- Thieu, come here.
Calm down.
Do you know the expression
"the winner's always right"?
Well, not on my team.
You'll get a nice fine.
I'm taking 250,000 lire
out of your next paycheck.
- Why?
- Because you're an idiot.
Now, they all know you.
They won't let you win
in such a dumb way again.
What was in that package?
For three weeks,
you've been lousy in training.
Then a package arrives from Belgium.
The next day, you win the race.
And you have enough energy left
to start a fight after the race.
What was in it?
Just vitamins.
Have you used EPO before?
We'll start you on 4,000 units.
For three weeks.
Keep it hidden from the others.
With your blood count,
you'll see that after two weeks
you'll be flying.
Can you turn down the volume?
I can't sleep.
What do you want?
Get out, or I'll smash your face in.
- Go ahead. Do it.
- Come on.
Harder, you pussy.
Who's the faggot now?
Did you shit your pants?
I feel good.
- Do you want?
- What is it?
It makes you stronger.
Your fat go away.
- Really?
- Yes.
Take it.
Come on, take a few
and let's get on the bike.
Go on.
Come on, just go for it.
Good. Go on.
Take two.
We left that Swedish prick in the dust,
didn't we?
His ass full of EPO.
How do you know he's on EPO?
They all take it.
Even the little one.
Leone is a prick.
He doesn't want to give me EPO.
I'm clean.
What a moron. He's stupid.
I'll take you to Russia.
Go with me.
We have everything: HGH, EPO,
growth hormone, testosterone...
- And it's cheap.
- Really?
Girls, nice girls.
You're the Belgian champion.
You'll get laid, for sure.
Vitaly, stop! Stop!
Do you even know what you're doing?
I could have drowned, you idiot.
Go fuck yourself!
If I win next Sunday,
I'm opening a flower shop.
Awesome, man.
Vitaly, none for you.
None for you.
- Pavesi, the king of the race.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Here, take this.
- Thanks.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Here, Matteo.
Take a shower before it gets dark, guys.
Come on. There he is, our star.
Come on. Let's go.
Yes, I'll take care of it.
Yes, tell me.
We need to get going now.
- What do you want, Felix?
- Why doesn't Fabio give me EPO?
We got your blood tests back.
It's not working on you.
- What does that mean?
- It means we have to stop.
At least, until we know
what the problem is.
Can't I just take more?
When we started,
your hematocrit level was 41. Now it's 39.
You got about 40,000 units.
Do you have any idea how much that is?
It just doesn't work on you.
Let's go now.
- With this weather, shall we grab a bite?
- You go. I'll fill up the tank.
OK, close the van. Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
- Don't you want to come?
- No.
- Felix?
- No, no.
Are you crazy, man?
I already told you, it's not unhealthy.
- I don't care, it's not for me.
- Just do it.
No, you do it.
Felix, I found them.
- Hey, faggots!
- Hey, go back home!
Goodbye, Sweet Julia.
She's yours now.
Treat yourself to a good wank.
And Sandra is yours.
I've got something extra for you.
But watch out, only one.
Maximum two.
I will talk to Leone.
We'll all pay for the damage.
Good idea.
Let's each pay our part.
Fuck off, Leone!
Goodbye. Take care.
- Here's a memento.
- Fuck off.
Come here.
This might help,
but only temporarily.
How many units of EPO
did you use in total?
- 40,000?
- Bullshit, at least 100,000.
Or you want me to believe you didn't use
the EPO you bought from the Russians?
Maybe I just need more?
Listen, it's really simple.
Because of your delayed puberty,
your hormone levels
never attained their full potential.
Without testosterone,
the EPO won't work and will never work.
The only solution is long-term use
of growth hormone.
You'll have to take it
throughout your career.
- Then I will get cancer.
- No, no, I didn't say that.
Long-term use expands the cells.
And the same would happen
with potential cancer cells.
I know a lot of athletes who have done it,
and they're healthy.
Listen, it's up to him.
- How is your daughter?
- Great. She's at university now.
- Is she married?
- Yes. It was a lovely wedding.
- Did he at least have a dowry?
- No, in fact...
He's not the brightest, is he?
Yes, son...
You won't believe this, but uncle Willy...
They found him in his car this morning.
He killed himself.
Nobody understands it.
It's unbelievable.
It's a real blow for your father.
Uncle Willy always said we have
something special in our blood.
That we can tolerate
the lactic acid more than others.
We can go on until we see black spots
and we can't eat anymore.
'Only those who can do that,
are destined to be cyclists,' he said.
But sometimes the acid spreads out all
over your body,
your head,
the people around you
that everything freezes.
'A Vereecke never gives up,' he said.
"Even if you
let go of the pack 10,000 times,
"even if you hit the asphalt
or you piss your pants,
"you never give up."
But sometimes
you have no other option.
- Nice words, buddy.
- Thank you.
No, thank you.
Fucking whore.
- How is Italy?
- Good.
Italy is big, though.
Where exactly are you?
- In the north.
- The north, that's at the top.
- How's the food?
- It's alright.
- Nice girls?
- They're alright.
- That's not good for performance, Leo.
- Gee, he's at the top of his game.
Even so.
- Are you managing the climbs?
- Yes, I won a race already, so...
He's won a race.
Impressive. With such opponents.
Well done.
It was a training race.
Can we have the same again?
- Can I have a diet coke, please?
- You have a beer, son.
Maybe that's what you're missing.
- I'm driving.
- No, I am.
- Give me the keys.
- Don't be ridiculous. I'm driving.
- You can't even ride a bike.
- Get in.
- Give me the keys, I said.
- No, I'm driving.
Give me the keys.
Come on.
Give me the keys, I said.
Did you just hit me?
- Where's your mom?
- She's gone home.
- Did you just hit your dad?
- What are you talking about?
This is what I'm talking about!
You're too weak.
You're all cowards.
Anyone can get cancer.
I read somewhere that we all have it.
We all have it inside our bodies.
My dad,
your grandad, rest his soul,
only came to see one race
in his entire life.
Only because it was nearby.
It was pouring.
And he was in a caf
sheltering from the rain
while I was riding the race of my life.
I rode alone at the front the entire day.
I walk out of the locker room
and he says,
"A Walloon won it.
A rider in an orange jersey."
Can you believe that? He didn't
even know the color of my jersey.
Why did you never become a pro?
Why not?
It's late. Go to bed.
It's OK, mom. It's OK.
Take this. Put it away.
Go on. Get out of here.
Did you hear anything from Sergey?
Did he tell you anything?
He's decided to stay on holiday,
the bastard. Permanently.
And do you know about Pavesi?
- No.
- That idiot got himself caught.
Emile is stagiairing
with a pro team, so...
We're in deep shit.
Listen up.
You'll ride the Baby Giro
in a month's time.
The whole team will work for you.
If you finish in the first five,
you'll turn professional, for sure.
Keep this refrigerated.
Four units every other day, before bed.
How do you feel?
Feeling good?
How much pasta do you eat
in a day now? 100 grams?
Great. Perfect.
You've burned a lot.
Some muscle mass too,
but that's good.
You feel stronger.
How about we try and bring it down
to 80 grams?
Do you think you could do that?
Can you manage that?
Alright, we'll try 80 grams then.
With all the stuff we're giving you,
you don't really need to eat.
That stuff keeps you going.
Let's do that.
Come on, let's do it.
You're strong.
You're so strong.
I always knew you were a champion.
Champion of Belgium, champion
of the world, champion of the universe.
First past the finish line today.
He wins the pink jersey
which he's wearing now.
Today's stage winner. We'll see if he can
hold on to it in the next days.
In the pink jersey today,
Felix Vereecke!
Well done.
Pink suits you, faggot.
How do you feel?
Do you feel strong?
Great. That's how I like it. Good job.
Fabio, take everything to the car.
Listen, Lampre has approached me.
They want to talk to you.
I'll arrange a meeting for tomorrow
after the race.
They're offering a two-year contract.
Talk to them,
but don't agree to anything.
Say you need to think about it.
You have options now.
- Are you not pleased?
- Yes.
Good. That's what I want, champion.
To see you happy. Do you get me?
antidoping testing
- It's a hill climb. No one will keep up.
- Dad...
- I'm totally drained.
- I'll mail you another one tomorrow.
Go and have a rest.
Rest well.
That's the most important thing.
Felix. Hey, Felix.
Dammit. How are you?
- How do you feel?
- It's alright. Let's go.
Go and sit in the car.
Get in the car.
- No, let's go.
- Felix, get in the car.
Put me back on the bike.
For fuck's sake.
Come on. I'll help you. Come here.
Come on. Goddammit. Go on.
Go on, don't give up!
What's your name?
Your name?
Felix... Vereecke.
How old are you, Felix?
And what are you doing here?
Felix, do you know why you're here?
Don't get up. How do you feel?
How much time did I lose?
I don't know.
Do you feel confused? Nauseous?
Do you feel pain anywhere?
Do you think I'll be OK for tomorrow?
I have a race.
I don't think that's a good idea.
We'll see.
Try to relax now.
The cycling federation called me.
They found suspicious blood cells
in your blood. Someone else's blood.
Tomorrow, you're riding your last race
in our jersey.
Tell me...
How many units of HGH did you use?
- What?
- The growth hormone.
10? I don't know.
I want it all back.
That stuff isn't yours.
When you first take up cycling,
you're conscious of every pedal stroke
turning the chain.
Of every bend.
Every pebble.
Every pothole.
You take everything in.
Over time,
you don't feel or see anything anymore.
Sometimes you forget you're on a bike.
As if it has become a part of your body.
You keep pedaling
and you're on automatic pilot.
It's like breathing and walking.
Or sleeping.
My boy, I'm so happy to see you.
You look so skinny.
- You look good too, mom.
- Come in.
I'll fix you up something nice.
- When did you leave?
- Yesterday.
- Do you come here often?
- Do I look like I do?
I said, "I'm from Belgium.
Do you want to do it in the ass?"
- Then what do you do?
- Nothing.
Are you unemployed?
- No, just nothing.
- Exhausting!
You have no idea!
Amphetamines, cocaine,
heroin and cortisone.
What is that?
Do you want some?
What do you think?
My pal needs me for a second.
- You want another drink?
- You choose something.
- What are you doing?
- What does it look like? I'm training.
I want to show you something.
I want you out of here tomorrow.
I want you out of my house.
What's wrong with you? Loser.
- Daddy?
- Yes, it was a breeze.
That Spaniard didn't pull an inch.
Only the Swiss guy did his part.
He was in 14, so I took my 13.
It was a breeze.
If that Spaniard hadn't been there,
I would've started my sprint earlier.
Are you riding home on the bike?
That Spaniard refused to pull.
He didn't do anything.
Only the Swiss guy did.
He was in 14, so I took my 13.
It was a breeze.
Without the Spaniard,
I would've started my sprint earlier.
- I would have lost him in no time.
- Daddy?
- I didn't even have to use my 12.
- Are you going home on the bike?
Are you going home on the bike,
To Genk, you mean?
Give me my bike.
I'm going to call mom.
Thieu, are you going to sit in the shade?
I'm going to sit over there in the shade.