Cousin cousine (1975) Movie Script

Ridiculous of your mother
to marry on a Friday.
After we eat, I'll go to the office.
-Do what you want, darling.
Am I wearing too much make-up?
-As always.
Behave well, children.
Don't eat too much ice-cream, like
your cousins at aunt Angle's wedding.
And don't interrupt
any adults, Sylvie.
And no elbows on the table, Olivier.
A wedding is a serious matter.
Two flowers that have been reunited.
I'll sing something for you.
-Please don't. You can't sing.
Ok, then I'll show you my butt.
Is your father the cousin of my mother?
Can I tell you everything?
I'm only happy
during sleep therapy.
My first husband was a psychiatrist.
His name was George.
I owe everything to him.
Little bastards. Go away.
Why do people who marry
invite their families?
They have no choice.
-Of course they do.
You're not obliged to come.
-But I like to.
I'm the cousin of the groom.
-I know that.
Uncle Gaston, the cycling champion,
lived with two women.
When one died,
the other one committed suicide.
So he had two funerals on one day.
Stphane, do you think uncle Eugne
is the daddy of your 2 year old cousin?
Well, he's not. Ask aunt
Marcelle who is.
And now...
-Enough talk. We're going home.
You can talk more in two months,
at Jocelyne's wedding.
I sprained my foot.
Bye, mum.
-Bye, sweetheart.
Have you seen Pascal?
Give him our regards. We're going.
I can't find them anywhere.
What a beautiful sunset.
My husband's car is gone already.
Have you been married long?
-Eight years.
Me eleven.
What does your husband do?
-He's a sales representative.
I work at an office as a secretary.
And you?
I'm a dancing teacher.
No, I teach tango, tap-dancing, charleston...
How does one become a dancing teacher?
-By coincidence.
For fun.
I change jobs every three years.
-The moment you're doing well?
No, I don't go for success.
I have another year to go.
What will you do next?
I have a few ideas.
I'd like to cry,
but I can't.
I've never been able to cry.
I just can't.
Come, let's dance.
Music, champagne, what a life.
Are we going, mummy? I've had it.
You're having fun, but it's not funny.
A bit longer, darling.
Do you have any children?
-A daughter, from my first marriage.
She was here, but she already left.
How old is she?
You're not bored, are you?
Has everybody left already?
Karine didn't know the local horticultural
school and she's a landscapist.
She works for the Parks Department.
-I know.
We had car trouble along the way
and it took us an hour to get back.
Will you have dinner with us?
-I have to get up early to find trees.
Fucking car.
I came to bring your key.
-Keep it. Then you can always get in.
No, thanks.
It's getting too serious between us.
Do you understand?
You're right.
I'm busy.
Ok, bye then.
What's wrong?
I can't see you this week.
Or next week. Or ever again.
Did your wife find out?
-Yes, she did.
Goodbye, Nicole.
clinic for family planning
Pascal, I'll be right there.
Everything alright at home?
Listen, Olga. The two of us...
Is that why you came?
Don't look like that.
Have you got a new girlfriend?
What's she like? Tell me.
You're so funny. I don't know
anybody as restless as you.
You can't come in.
Did you want to say something?
-No, nothing.
Don't be jealous. I just met him.
Gilberte, don't cry.
I'm a bastard.
Don't ask me why.
You won't cry?
I'll do what I want.
Get lost.
-Fuck off.
You can't stand there
while we're moving.
Get out.
Get out.
-Listen to me...
How did you know where I work?
-From my uncle, your father-in-law.
It's a sensitive topic, but...
Don't get angry now.
Your husband.
Have you noticed anything
strange about your husband...
...since he knows my wife, Karine?
You don't know whether
he's still seeing her?
If he is, he doesn't say it.
No, but maybe you had
an idea.
And you?
-Well, you know, my wife...
She's still a child.
She goes from one
depression to the next.
Yesterday, I took her to a clinic
for sleep therapy.
Pascal. That's your
husband's name, right?
I found this on Karine's bedside table.
'To Pascal, in case something
happens to me.'
Maybe it's empty.
Karine likes to play pranks.
Maybe she's telling him off.
Do you have a lighter?
Burn it.
Do you like pastries?
-Very much.
Enough, we don't have that much time.
Have you been working for that office for long?
-Twelve years.
The address of my dancing school.
-Why? I'm not taking dancing lessons.
Tell me...
You change jobs every
three years, right?
What kind of work did you do before this?
-I was a mycologist.
I researched mushrooms
and wrote articles.
I discovered a rare Boletus parasitus.
I gave it to a museum.
-And before that?
Before that...
I played the trumpet
in a jazz band.
I looked for oil in Normandy,
with a friend.
But to no avail.
-It's two o'clock already.
You eat it. I have to go.
The sixth lesson is for free.
Good evening, darling. Everything ok?
You won't believe what I did.
I can't wait to tell you.
Do you want to have pasta or potatoes.
You turned a blind eye. You were
admirable. You knew it.
I've taken a decision.
From now on you'll be the only one.
-We also need tomato sauce.
You don't seem to realise.
I was having affairs.
I broke them off, all of them.
I couldn't do it anymore. Understand?
All the lying.
Also to you. It was terrible.
You have the right to know.
The other day, at your mother's funeral...
I was ashamed.
It's true we had car trouble.
But before that...
The landscapist,
the cousin by marriage...
She and I...
Eric, your mother and I have to talk.
Go and do your homework.
I've finished.
Go feed your guinea pigs then.
I have to tell you everything.
I want to get it off my chest.
The landscapist, Karine...
Three times.
-I don't care.
Three times in the bushes.
-Shut up.
When I saw you dance like that...
Now you know everything.
I don't have to feel guilty anymore.
Eric, dinner's served.
There's no place like home.
Breathe well.
You don't breathe properly.
All our grandchildren will be there.
Their parents bring them over each
first Saturday of the month.
Another round?
-Yes, but this is the last one.
Madeleine, you were a bit too late.
Take a deep breath.
Please be quiet.
Pay a bit more attention.
It's important to be able to sing.
Attention, three, four...
Why are you at work?
-After a whole week at the office... want to enjoy the outdoors
in the weekend.
I'm making a swimming pool
for next year.
Give me a hand.
-But I'll get dirty.
Come on.
You came in at the right moment.
Nelsa's going to show us her slides.
She was also at our wedding.
She's the daughter of Ludovic, a nephew
of my husband, a dancing teacher.
I know.
Shall I start with the wedding pictures?
-Of course.
This is before the fun started.
And after.
And again.
Uncle Eugne ogles at his
neighbour's corsage.
Uncle Gaston is drunk
and pees in his hat.
Aunt Gabrielle pukes in the flower bed.
-This is terrible.
You can't show these things.
-But this is how it was.
At your age you should focus
on the nice things in life.
That's enough.
Turn on the light.
Should we call the doctor?
He's dead.
Mum, be strong.
Children, go outside.
It's me, Biju. Do you hear me?
Don't leave me.
I beg you, come back, please.
Good to be in Paris again.
The last time was six years ago.
I live in the Sologne, in Vernou.
I'm here for a funeral.
My half-brother. His heart gave up.
And Karine?
-She's getting sleep therapy.
Aren't you going in?
I'm staying with granddad.
Why aren't you going to church?
-I'm against it.
There's no room for
churches in a republic.
Even when your father married
in church, I stayed outside.
For you. The last time
you asked for a bear.
That was three years ago.
-Keep the suitcase as well.
I bought it to put the bear in.
The people are so sweet.
They loved him a lot.
Everybody loved him.
His boss sent a beautiful wreath.
This is my father.
He couldn't come to the wedding.
-You were suffering from sciatica.
I know what it is to be alone.
My wife died three years ago.
I still haven't recovered.
This is not a party.
I used to drive past here a lot.
I went to the swimming pool three
times a week. I loved swimming.
I continued going just after my marriage.
Then other things came up.
A pity.
We have to look for adventure every day.
If only for half an hour.
I'll be glad when it's over.
-Me too.
Singing really makes me happy.
I've had singing lessons for three years now.
What kind of songs?
-Anything. From Mozart to Gershwin.
Hum something for me.
-Not here.
Go on.
Quiet, mum's asleep.
It will do her good.
Stay, we can have lunch together.
Will you look after Eric? I'm in a hurry.
Let's go. Mum's tired.
-I'm hungry.
Come along then.
-No, she's eating at home.
Bye, see you soon.
Are you going to?
-I have an exam.
In three weeks, I'll be
at Jocelyne's wedding.
People used to take at least one
day off when one of their parents died.
Is that too much for a loved one?
Bunch of bastards.
We're in a hurry. A swimming suit
for her and trunks for me.
I could stay here for hours.
-Shall I call your work?
I'll tell them you're ill.
-I can do that myself.
They'll believe me. I never report sick.
And what about you?
I'll ask the caretaker to
hang a note on the door.
My students will come back tomorrow.
One day doesn't matter for dancing lessons.
I'm going for a swim and then we call them.
In the beginning, I lived close to
the Folies Bergre.
At night, I'd leave my door open,
hoping a girl would walk in.
But unfortunately...
Before I got married,
I was always in love.
When I'd see a guy I liked,
I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore.
He wasn't allowed to touch me,
but I also couldn't live without him.
I was so silly.
Next time, we bring towels.
It's incredible.
He creates sculptures from tires.
I'm talking with my mouth full.
He takes old tires and
creates a sculpture from them.
You should meet him.
That's the third person
you want to introduce to me.
I'm always like that with friends.
What a nice hat.
It would look good on you.
My husband hates it
when I wear a hat.
I'll give it to you as a present.
-Then I'll wear it when I go home.
The look on his face.
What does your wife hate?
Showy ties.
-Then I'll buy you an ugly tie.
Great. I'll wear it when I
visit her in the clinic.
We've had a nice day.
I'm happy.
It's after eight.
Pascal must be worried.
Good evening.
I didn't wait.
I have a meeting tonight.
Did you have to work overtime?
I didn't feel like working today.
I went swimming with Ludovic.
It was nice.
Then we went to the movies.
An old Laurel & Hardy movie.
-With Laurel & Hardy?
You're a character. Suddenly,
I don't see you anymore.
Come for a drink?
Yes, now.
I'd really like that.
Come on, just follow me.
But why?
-Because I'm crazy about you.
That's it for today.
Till Monday.
Am I interrupting?
-I wanted to pick you up, but I was late.
I brought something to eat.
Why are your wife and you...
No idea. I never understood.
Maybe because I'm not jealous.
I respect other people's freedom.
Some people call that indifference.
What do you always do on Sundays?
Sometimes we go to the flea market.
My husband collects soldiers.
Generally, we go out for dinner.
He tries all the gastronomic restaurants.
And then he complains to
the Michelin guide.
What if we pretend we met
there by coincidence?
I'll call as soon as I know where we're going.
-My wife's coming home, by the way.
The more the merrier.
You're so sweet.
You treat me as if I was ill.
You're handsome.
You're really very handsome.
It's great.
Before my therapy I didn't see it.
What a nice tie you're wearing.
Your boss called
to ask how you are.
I sent him a resignation letter.
I don't want to design gardens anymore.
Nature can do what it wants.
Two years ago you wanted to work.
-Not anymore.
From now on, I'm dedicated to you.
By the way, there was an industrialist beside me.
He wanted to replace personnel. I told him
you're wasting your time with dancing lessons.
You should call him next week.
You can make a lot of money there.
On Sunday, we're having lunch
outside of the city.
In a good restaurant.
-I'd rather stay here, in bed, with you.
Ok then, if that's what you like.
What's wrong?
Are you in love? Tell me.
-No, I prefer suffering on my own.
Are you pregnant then?
Look at Karine, for instance.
She's in great shape.
There's not enough pepper.
No, it's too late now.
Look who's coming in.
What a surprise.
-It certainly is.
Hello, cousin. Hello, cousin.
Do you want to sit there?
-Yes, please. Come, Nelsa.
Will you sit there?
-Are you on motorbike?
Nelsa has a moped.
-She leaves 15 minutes before we do.
Did you see Ludovic's bike?
You should buy one as well.
It's a terrible place.
Look at those people.
They're stuffing themselves, while the
rest of the world's hungry. Jerks.
If you start like this, I'm leaving.
You say something about it.
Everybody can say what they want.
What a beautiful day.
How do we continue now?
First we have to get on a first name basis.
-I find that difficult.
But I'll do my best.
Then we make a decision.
We'll have sex or not.
If we have sex and continue to
see each other, we'll have to lie.
You to your wife, me to Pascal.
It would be so common.
Or we have sex and
then say goodbye forever.
Then I'd rather not make love to you.
We keep going in the same way.
We see each other because we like to.
They'll be jealous.
-So what? We don't do anything wrong.
Years pass and we become
an amazing couple.
'They've been together for 20 years but,
apparently, they don't sleep together.'
We're a special couple.
And we have to remain that.
We will remain that.
Aren't you ready yet?
We have to buy presents
for Jocelyne's wedding.
It's sweet that I can stay with Diane.
I can't stay home alone anymore.
Come, come.
-This time my life is over.
Oh well, I'll try
to be a good grandma.
I'll learn to make jam.
I need red shoes.
I found an old dress that looks
good on me and is back in fashion.
What time is the ceremony?
We have to get up.
You made me laugh so hard last night.
I haven't laughed like that for a long time.
I went to the doctor yesterday
and he said I'm in top shape.
I've never been in such good shape.
Good, let's get up.
-Alright, boss.
The trees are still blooming.
We're always the first to arrive.
I'm not drinking or eating,
because of my bladder.
Isn't that uncle Pascal?
What's going on?
-Why did you do that?
There's a pharmacy along the road.
He's bleeding.
-This is not the end of it.
He's an old business partner
of Pascal's who ran off with money.
He's the father of the bride.
Damn, my glasses.
I built it all myself
and next year I'll expand.
I couldn't close today.
Saturdays are always the busiest.
I have pain everywhere.
It's caused by my spine.
Me too. Cervical or lumbar vertebrae?
Dirty bastard.
Am I getting my money back, crook?
Stop it, you two.
I'll beat him to a pulp.
-Stop it.
Let go of me.
He's going to pay me alright.
I've been operated on twice.
I have two terrible scars. Look.
What do you mean 'yes'?
Are you mad? I have no scars.
Yes, but...
-You're nuts.
A glass of liqueur, sir?
Shall we leave
without saying goodbye?
Look, a leaf consists of three parts.
The leaf base.
The stalk or stem.
The blade with the veins.
The chlorophyll causes the assimilation.
An admirable woman.
She never did anything wrong.
Never says a wrong word.
I like to talk. I talk and talk,
but people don't listen.
Are you listening to me?
-It's all I do.
I know a funny guy not far
from here, who makes terrible souvenirs.
He makes the ugliest
souvenirs sold in France.
Do you want to meet him?
-Of course.
Don't you take pictures anymore?
-No, nobody understands them.
I want to be a rabbit.
-You'd look like a fool.
I want to be like the others.
Closed for no reason.
Come back tomorrow.
That's typical of him.
My father saved that money for me.
But you promised me trucks
and I'm still waiting.
I never received them, but that
has nothing to do with our project.
I'm glad they're making up.
That's enough.
-Let go of me.
Excuse me, sir.
Are you happy?
What time is it?
Ten to five.
Too early to go back.
They're not worried enough yet.
A year ago I wanted to die.
All I thought about was suicide.
But I didn't have the courage.
Did you want to die?
-I was depressed.
My work, my husband, my son.
Sometimes it's all so ridiculous.
Can I ask you something?
-Go ahead.
If you find me impertinent,
just don't answer.
Have you ever cheated on your husband?
With somebody from work.
He was funny.
It lasted two months.
That was the only time.
And have you cheated on your wife?
You'll be surprised, but never.
I was waiting for you.
Pascal's drunk out of his mind.
Leave me alone.
Excuse me.
He's had a bottle of whisky.
I wanted to stop him and he hit me.
I'm a fish. Catch me.
-That's enough. Get out.
Aren't we allowed to laugh anymore?
We're cousins and you throw me out.
You're an asshole, just like your father.
Eric, we're going home.
We're going home.
-I'll follow you.
I'm taking my present back.
You have a nice daughter,
but you're even greater, my Biju.
I love you. We should really
marry the mothers, shouldn't we?
There's champagne left.
Let's drink it.
You'd better go to bed.
Maybe you're right.
They have sunlight all day long.
Why don't you stay?
We can have dinner together.
Well, if mum likes it.
Come on up.
I don't want him to get the wrong idea.
I don't want any men anymore.
You said that a year ago as well,
yet you remarried.
This time I mean it, unless something...
-Did he invite you to Sologne?
He talked about Sologne all the time.
At the end I told him to invite me.
He didn't say no. A couple of
days away will do me good.
While the female looks after the young,
the male goes looking for food.
The hours are long
during his absence.
The male returns with worms in
its beak and the young play with them.
Is their apartment bigger then ours?
How many square meters do we have?
-I don't know.
Marthe, how many square meters
is your apartment?
No idea.
Help me push the table aside.
I'm going to bed.
What do you blame society for?
-I don't know.
A lack of imagination.
The people accept anything.
One day, you'll marry.
I'd rather kill somebody.
Quietly plan a murder....
...find a victim and think about
it for months and years...
That's no more absurd than working
every day. It's more fun, actually.
Are you crying?
-No, I'm not crying.
Do you want to go home?
We're going.
-As you wish.
That's funny. They call each other
by their first names.
Karine and I don't do that.
Last night the coin dropped.
What do you mean?
-You slept with her.
No, I didn't.
-You're lying.
Listen, darling. Don't you think...
...that you...
Sorry, do what you like.
I was so happy during
sleep therapy.
I was awake for two hours a day.
Then I went back to sleep,
I'll be cheerful,
so you can be proud of me.
I decided not to bother
other people anymore.
You'll see. I can be funny.
Wasn't I funny a couple
of years ago?
Thanks to your father
I'm flourishing again.
This morning, I listened to
the news again, for the first time.
There was nothing interesting.
I'm going to bottle my wine.
We have at least 400 litres this year.
Imagine my father
marrying your mother.
When will we see each other?
-One of these days?
Maybe we shouldn't see
each other for a while.
I need to talk to you.
-I know what you're going to say.
They're convinced we're doing it.
We had agreed...
-It's a pity.
You're right.
Let's think about us.
It's Saturday tomorrow.
Ok, here, tomorrow at 11 o'clock. We'll
spend the afternoon together.
At 11 in the morning?
Excuse me. Do you know what time it is?
-What do you care?
It's 11.40.
My train stood still
for an hour.
Where are we going?
-No idea.
Do you want to eat something first?
-No, let's not.
I used to work with a dancing teacher
who took his girlfriends here.
Number twelve.
Number six. Eight.
That must have been a long time ago.
-Don't you know...
There must be another place
like it in the neighbourhood.
Hello, madam. Hello, sir.
We'd like a room.
For the afternoon?
Number seven on the first floor.
150 francs, paid in advance, please.
Would you like a drink?
-No, thanks.
We broke the lamp.
I scratched your back open.
Fourth round.
Can I cut your nails?
It's almost dark outside.
-What time is it?
Good evening. I'd like to know
if you need the room for the night.
Would you like to eat something?
We serve cold meals.
This time they're really worried.
Come in.
Put it there, please.
Do you want to be paid right away?
-Whatever you prefer.
Tomorrow then.
Put the light back on.
I don't know where I am.
As a child, I wanted to be a tramp.
But my parents were against it.
You cut the rabbit in chunks
and marinate them for at least two hours.
For the marinade you need:
three table spoons of olive oil...
...the juice of two lemons...
-Green ones?
Normal lemons and two
tablespoons of ginger.
Did I fall asleep?
Do you blame me?
-Yes. I'm furious.
Everything alright?
Do you need anything?
I have to ask whether you want to stay.
Have a nice Sunday.
See you tomorrow.
That's for me.
How are you?
Have a nice evening.
And you shut up.
One word and I'm gone.
I'm staying in bed.
-Eric is gone already and I have to go too.
I'm not coming out of this bed
and I'm not selling medications.
Are you sick?
-No, but I don't want to do anything.
Then stay here until you're fed up.
Hello, sir.
-Do I know you?
I'm Mrs Baudoin of the
Aveyronnais society in Paris.
You were at the first meetings.
-Yes, I remember.
Do you still visit our region often?
-During summer. My parents live in Rodez.
I haven't been there for a while.
How was it?
I'm not bad, am I?
Be honest.
-It was good.
Was it good or bad?
-Not bad.
Just not bad?
-It was good.
It was very good.
Are you happy now?
If you're in doubt,
we start again.
Go ahead.
I'm waiting for you.
I want you to take
me out tonight.
Nelsa had to go to a meeting.
You know what I'd like?
To do our first evening over again.
Do you remember the restaurant?
The club where we danced?
-A pilgrimage?
Don't say no. That's all I'm asking.
An evening out.
We were sitting there.
I'm going to work again.
We can't make ends meet with your money.
I'm not blaming you.
I won't bother you.
You just do what you want.
But sometimes, I want to
have you for myself.
You made me laugh so much.
Remember the nonsense you were talking?
That I drank vodka with breakfast.
That I won a beauty contest.
Everybody believed you.
So I can't be that bad, can I?.
Do you know why
I married you?
For your eyes.
I said to myself:
A man with those eyes...
...will never hurt a woman.
Why would I hurt you?
It was the Colibri.
-No, the Arlequin.
The second time, we went
to the Colibri.
Then we're going to the Arlequin, darling.
A pharmacy.
There's a new tranquillizer.
Little green pills.
Would you get them for me?
Undress me. I have a surprise.
Quickly. We only have an hour.
It's for the children,
to make tattoos with.
You can remove it with water.
See, you don't know me. I'm nuts.
I'm so naked now.
We should do something about that.
Get on your side.
What will you do next year?
There are three options.
Grow medicinal plants
in the Provence.
Collect sounds
for a sound archives.
Or play the trumpet at the
other side of the ocean... an orchestra
for people on holiday.
I want to travel, but not as a tourist.
We'll go everywhere,
without knowing if we'll return.
Go away together, that would be great.
I want you to make
me cry once.
I told you that I can't cry
for some reason.
I'll try.
It's not coming off.
-Rub harder.
We should have left already.
Will you teach me to dance?
I'd like to be able to dance
all the dances and special steps.
What an adventure.
Bye, darling.
I'll call you.
I met him in the train.
Your father's a sweetheart,
but we were not meant for each other.
Nice to be back.
Let's go to a bar.
Did you want to come back?
-Thomas was happy when I got on the train.
I always fancied men with problems,
who complain and suffer.
He's happy and doesn't need anybody.
He's happy just watching the stars.
He gets up early and takes care of everything.
It depressed me.
And how are the two of you?
Freedom is so great.
Diane's idea. Once a year,
the children spoil the adults.
They get the groceries
and they cook.
It's good to give children
a sense of reality.
Serge is a magician.
He's about to show us some tricks.
When I started,
I only had one laundry.
Now I have four. And they're trying
to tell me society's bad.
That needs a plaster.
I need to talk to you.
Open that door.
-Sit down.
Are you happy?
I never ask myself that.
-But it is important.
I was happy.
Talk to your sister.
She'll listen to you.
She doesn't understand that a man
has to prove his manhood... making love to other women.
I love Marthe.
I don't want to lose her.
Life's all about family.
And I'm a family man.
She openly flirts with that dancing teacher.
What a role model for our son.
I'm doing it in secret,
so I don't bother anybody.
That's discretion.
Why do you take it out on me?
My brother doesn't want to dance with me.
I'm leaving. That's better.
Hi, dad.
Do you know about Karine?
She said goodbye
this morning.
She leaves you
free to make a decision.
Do you want some champagne?
-No, thanks.
I can't leave you.
I just can't.
I'm so unhappy.
Nice Christmas like this. I could just
as well crash the car and us.
After the next bend everything would be over.
-Careful. You'll have an accident.
That would be good. And I won't stop for
a red light, so that we crash into another car.
Don't do it, dad.
-Of course not.
But I like to say it.
Look at your mother.
Look at her well.
She forgets she's a mother.
Dinner's served. Who gets the wine?
I've never seen anything
like this on Christmas Eve.
Where could they be?
-They locked themselves in a room.
At least taste this.
-I'm not hungry.
It's delicious goose liver.
-Shut up and eat then.
That man's terrible.
Aren't you ashamed?
Go away.
You're reacting well.
That's enough.
I want to tell them what I think.
-What's the use?
Late mass starts. Come on.
Poor Karine.
I'll be 17 next month.
-Do you still want to kill people?
I changed my mind.
They're too stupid.
Just enjoy it.
If I was your age...
Last week I made love to
a guy. That was cool.
May the Lord bless you. In the name of
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
He's got a great voice.
Is it good?
Can I get your phone number?
You never know.
Let's unwrap the presents.
Are you coming?
Do it for the children.
We're coming.
Are we leaving quietly or not?
-We're not stooping to their level.
We'll say goodbye.
-Can you close it?
I'm a vampire.
Glad to see you like this. You said you
wanted to break Casanova's record.
How many do you have to go?
-I'm thirty short.
I was wrong again.
They're not here.
Can I make a call? I'm invited to a
Christmas dinner, but I got lost.
I always get lost.
-Please come in, madam.
Hello, doctor?
Merry Christmas.
I've been thinking about
you all evening.
Do stay here. We'll dress you up
as Frankenstein's fiance.
Does that suit me?
It was so nice in your clinic.
Very nice.
It was all white.
Serge's going to cut mum in half.
-Provided he doesn't get it wrong.
You're not going to hurt me, are you?
-You won't be harmed.
Say goodbye.
Stick your feet out.
-Like this?
Ok, goodbye. We're leaving.
-Thanks for everything.
Are you leaving?
See you soon.
Let me out.
Let me out.