Covenant (2018) Movie Script

I said push,
you little bitch!
I won't!
You can't have him!
We agreed.
Think of the power.
The money, our future!
You're not doing this to me.
This baby is...
- Your son.
Look at him.
Look at him.
Sue, show
me 97 on County Road 33.
Approaching a woman who may
have been in an accident.
Stand by on EMS, copy?
Copy that.
Miss, are you okay?
Are you injured?
What happened?
What happened?
Come on, come with me.
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
Show me your eyes.
You'll never have my son.
You hear me?
You'll never...
My God!
Where am I?
Julie, look.
It was a mistake, okay?
I was drunk.
And besides, you just,
you can't take Clay away from me
just 'cause I made,
just 'cause I screwed up.
It doesn't make sense.
It doesn't work like that.
So just...
I'll take him this weekend.
All right, just...
Call me back.
'Cause I've been looking
For too long
The Raven.
The movie's better
than the book.
Can't beat Cusack.
Six dollars.
Six dollars.
For an orange juice?
For a
fucking orange juice.
It's cash only.
Cash only.
What kind of a place
only does cash only?
I said cash only.
You speak English?
Cash only.
Damned are the
children of Nefarion.
I said you're not from
around here, are you?
Used to be.
Sergeant Ian Parker.
That's Lieutenant, Officer.
That's Sheriff to you, son.
You know, I knew your
mother when you were a baby.
You have her eyes.
I mean, before the incident.
On account of the
closed casket and all.
Yeah, well.
To me, she was just
a crazy old bitch
with an old log
cabin in the woods.
Apparently, that's
my problem now.
How long you staying?
Long enough to take her
shit and put it on the market.
'Cause long as
your mother's death
is under investigation,
I need to know where
I can find you.
Am I a suspect?
Well, let's just say
you're a person of interest.
Well, let's just say...
Good to know.
And do you want to
move your fucking car?
Good talk.
catch tunes from
Interstellar there
called High Horse
off their latest album Risen.
And now here's Moth with
State Of Your Wings.
I don't know where to begin.
I've practiced this 1000 times.
I know you must think I
abandoned you, but I didn't.
It was to protect you.
Anyway, if you're playing this,
it means they found me.
And I'm afraid they'll find you.
I sent Malcolm to the
cabin to cover our tracks.
We were so close
to exposing them.
I only pray he made
it there in time.
Please forgive me for
what I'm about to do.
I love you, my son.
Please find a new
home for Edgar.
Be careful.
They're coming for us all.
I'm there.
Straight on through.
Straight on through to what?
Here's your problem.
There's no map for hell.
Excuse me.
Just getting a little lost here.
Was wondering if I could
just get a little help.
Fuck you too.
This town really is
full of assholes.
I'm convinced.
Is that you?
Clay, I really wanted
to talk to you, buddy.
I really didn't
think I was gonna
get the voicemail
on this one but
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
I love you, buddy.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Yeah, just the side there.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, thanks.
How's it going?
How much...
How much do I owe you?
Jackie Chan, how much?
I don't speak French.
I'll tell you what
I will do though.
Take this.
Keep the fucking change.
I gotta lay off the pills.
Look, just call me when
you get this, okay?
Hey, this is cute.
What is this, bring
your kid to work day?
Let me guess, you
guys are about to
bust a pot farmer, right?
It's meth country, son.
Or maybe you already know that.
What's with the newspapers?
I don't know.
I just got here.
Maybe she was
allergic to the sun like
one of them vampires.
Can this guy go wait in the
car or something? Guys, look.
I don't know, what do you want?
Is there a problem?
Don't know, is there?
What do you want?
Don't you find it
odd, way your mama died?
I mean, what makes a person
walk into an empty church
and set themselves on fire, huh?
Preacher said someone who
can't forgive themselves
or something world
changing to hide.
Ben, you mind?
Guys, I don't know.
I'm not a shrink.
And she sent you away
when you were what?
You don't know
anything about me.
Don't stand there
and act like you do.
I know you lived in the
shadows, moved around.
Military school.
Two botched stints of
rehab and two divorces.
And a whole bunch of missed
child support payments.
That about sum things up?
I don't know what you and
mini-me are looking for,
but you better
call off the dogs.
Barking up the wrong tree.
Maybe not.
All right Ben, let's roll.
Hey, Ben.
Is there any
little girls that
live around here?
Just you for 20 miles.
Don't worry, son.
I'll make sure
you're not lonely.
The next words
out of your mouth
better be one
syllable, motherfucker.
- Who the fuck are you?
- The man in the shed.
Did you kill him?
What man?
What man?
Did you kill him?
Open it, now.
But I gotta tell you, Natasha.
I've been through
way too much shit
to get taken down by
some Russian Contessa.
Name is Jayde.
And I'm Ukrainian.
Get up.
Oh, you fucking bitch.
You fucking bitch.
Fucking bitch.
It's Malcolm.
It's true.
All of it.
Their unholy union with Nefarion
grants them unlimited
powers and wealth.
In two days, the blood
moon will rise again.
And Nefarion will be summoned.
He'll seek the blood sacrifice
of an innocent he was denied.
Your bloodline.
Well, I'm far from innocent.
That much I know.
And besides, you just said
I couldn't be sacrificed.
I'm too old.
Your son isn't.
And he'll send The
Six to acquire him,
if they haven't already.
The Six?
The Six?
His personal bounty hunters.
They will kill you for sport
and take your son too.
- Okay, okay.
Look, you know what?
This has been so fun.
My son is fine, all right?
He's literally sitting in
front of the TV right now,
probably in his
favorite pajamas,
eating a big bowl of cereal,
watching his favorite show.
you've reached Julie.
Sorry, I'm not here.
At the beep, you
know what to do.
Let me put it in terms
you can understand.
Your son is in deep shit.
Got it?
It's the sheriff.
I'm getting rid of him.
What, back so soon?
Come here.
What do you want?
I need you to come
down to the station.
Answer a few questions.
Do you mind telling
me what it's about?
Seattle PD got a call
from a concerned neighbor.
Went by your ex's condo.
Place was trashed.
Ex-wife and son missing.
Neighbor says she ain't seen
him in a couple of days.
So imagine my surprise
when my office
got a call asking...
- Hey, hey, hey.
He's coming.
What the?
- Holy shit!
- Officer shit, officer shot.
Ben, you read me,
you read me, I'm hit.
Who shot me?
They're shooting
at me too, asshole.
Stay put.
I still need you to come
down to the station.
Believe me now?
Let's go.
Where are we going?
To the killing ground.
Wait, wait, wait.
You all right?
Let's go.
Just give me a sec.
All right.
You've got 30.
Okay, look.
Jayde, I don't even,
I'm running on empty here, okay?
Like, I don't even know
why we're still running.
It's not like anyone's
chasing us anymore.
That's why.
I totally got your
back on that one.
Oh man.
You see when that second
guy came in there?
When that second
guy came in here,
I was like, "Oh man,
she's in trouble",
but I pounced in like a panda.
Fuck, I fought that guy.
This way?
I trained in
Rome under His Holiness.
The Pope taught
you how to kill demons?
No, of course not.
His royal guard did.
Okay, all right.
Let me get this straight.
Those guys back there.
They weren't human?
Half-human, a new breed.
Slavers of our dark future.
And the first of the...
The Six, right?
The assassin and the mortals.
Leaving the temptress,
shadow, and the earth.
And the worst of all, the agery.
The agery?
The Greeks called
them soul eaters.
Native Americans said they
brought sickness and death.
They usually take
the form of children.
Girls, mostly.
Did you hear that?
What is that?
The temptress.
She smells your fear.
Well, I'm not scared.
You should be.
That's what demons do.
Make you see and hear things
that can't possibly be.
They use your instinct
and judgment against you.
We should get some sleep.
Hey, you hear me?
You got the first watch.
All right, I got this.
I hope so.
The hell is
that supposed to mean?
What the fuck?
You were never this good
when we were together.
Fucked her yet?
What the fuck?
Fuck me.
Fuck me!
What's the matter with you?
What are you waiting
for, you pussy?
What are you waiting for?
Get the fuck off me, bitch!
Holy shit.
What, what is it?
I saw her.
At least, I think I saw her.
Some watchdog you are.
The hell are you doing?
What is this?
Plan B.
Plan B.
Pure silver.
What, is she a
fucking werewolf?
I'm gonna summon her.
Why would you summon her?
As soon as she's in the
circle, she'll be vulnerable.
Plunge that dagger
into her brainstem.
Oh yeah, so I'm the bait?
The worm attracts the fish.
The worm always fucking dies!
No no no no, fuck this,
fuck this, fuck this.
I didn't sign up for this, okay?
Stuff won't let me in.
Fucking amateurs.
Voodoo doesn't work on me.
Let's kill her.
No, we can't risk
entering the circle.
Besides, she can't escape.
Oh but I will,
you fucking cunts.
What if somebody
else comes in here
and let's her out while we're...
No, they won't.
- But what if somebody else...
- They won't!
Whoever sits by Nefarion's side
when the sacrifice is made
will be granted eternal power.
The ultimate price.
He'll use their body as a vessel
to leave the forest.
She's their competition.
You want to know
what they're doing
to your little brat?
Hey, hey!
He's in a cage.
With a chain around his neck.
Shut the fuck up.
Don't, she wants
inside your head.
When Nefarion chews the flesh
from his teeny bones,
his bones will be extra juicy.
Shut the fuck up!
You mustn't break the circle.
Never get any service
on these fucking things.
What'd you expect?
You're still using a flip phone.
What is it?
Hate these birds.
When I was a little girl in
our farm in Vinnytsia,
we were dirt poor.
One day, my father
brought a kitten home that
he rescued from a drug head
trying to drown her.
I called her Perets.
How do you say...
Like the spice.
Loved her.
One day I
ran outside calling for her,
as I always did.
But she didn't come.
I found her near the cornfield.
The crows pecked out her eyes
and were eating her alive.
My baba called them...
Harbingers of death.
I'm sorry.
Let's cut through here.
You okay back there?
Please, Ian, help me, help!
Jayde, no!
That's not your wife.
Come on.
No, I'm not okay.
No I'm not okay, Jayde, okay?
It's pretty obvious
they're trying to kill me.
All right, they're not
trying to kill my son.
Are you seeing this?
Are you seeing this right here?
What am I even doing here?
What the fuck are
we even doing here?
My son right now is safe
and I'm not even with him.
I should be beside
him right now, man.
But I'm not.
I'm here with you.
Clay, where are you?
Dad, it's
the shadow man.
It's all right,
buddy, I'm here, okay?
Just talk to me.
You piece of shit.
You piece of fucking shit.
If you lay one finger on my
son, I will kill you, okay?
I will fucking kill you!
Fuck it.
Deputy Hanson to dispatch.
Possible 1000 at
the Parker place.
You copy?
Sue, you there?
Hold up!
Ian, stop.
You look like shit.
All right, listen.
I know you're
scared for your son,
but you're no good to him
if you die of a heart attack
or infection on the way.
Maybe we should rest.
No, we keep going.
Let me check.
You're burning up.
I'm fine.
Okay, let's just keep moving.
So here's the deal.
Once we are past these grounds,
there's no turning back.
We enter his domain.
I can't promise you I can
protect us on that side.
Sure you're down for it?
I wish I had a choice.
But I don't.
I assure you,
she's quite dead.
Yeah, but that's what
you said about the circle.
You said she couldn't
leave the circle.
But she did.
Did your son say
the man in the shadows
or the shadow man?
Jayde, I don't remember.
- Think, it's important.
My kid's 10 years old.
You're not.
I think he said
the shadow man.
I think he said...
I'm pretty sure he
said the shadow man.
Can we just go?
Who's there?
So how do we find him?
If the shadow man is here,
he'll find us.
He's watching.
You okay?
I don't, I don't feel too hot.
Come here.
I'm okay.
Your infection's
getting worse.
You're getting dehydrated.
I'm just gonna go
get some water.
I won't be long.
Help me, Dad.
I'm coming!
Got you.
What did you just do?
What did you just do?
I saved your ass.
If you pass into
the Shadow World
without an anchor
to bring you back,
you'd be stuck in that
dimension forever.
My son is in there.
More deceptions, more lies.
Have you heard
nothing I've said?
I was about two fucking
seconds from ending this.
Two fucking seconds, Jayde.
Ending it how, exactly?
By killing an
immortal that lives
in a shadow dimension?
It wasn't the shadow
man, it was Nefarion.
Did you see him?
Big fucker, huge
horns, seven feet tall?
Yeah, he's in there.
Did he see you?
Ian, did he see you?
What are you doing down here?
Where are your parents?
We gotta rest.
You're in septic shock.
Just sit here.
- Hey, get off me, get off.
You don't really get it.
My whole life,
I've been unsure of everything.
Who I'm supposed to be.
What I'm supposed to do.
Why my parents weren't around.
But then I had Clay.
And that made sense.
He made sense.
Being a father made sense.
It's the only thing
that made sense to me
in my stupid life.
So, yeah.
I gotta keep going.
I have to.
He's all I got.
It's okay.
Just rest.
Hey, Clay.
How's it going, buddy?
It's good to see
you, you know that?
- Yeah, good to see you too.
- Want to get outta here?
Yeah, let's get outta here.
That's all you got?
What have you done?
I'm gonna send you
back to hell, bitch.
No, no, no.
Come on, Ian, breathe.
Breathe, damn it!
Come on, Ian.
Damn it!
It's over.
It's over.
When we get back
to the station,
if we get back to the station,
I'm gonna need an explanation.
And a bourbon.
Hey, you can't just
leave him here like this.
He ain't going anywhere.
I'll send a crew back.
Holy shit!
Okay, look.
I know how this whole demon
thing sounds really strange.
Not strange at all.
As a matter of fact, this
ain't my first rodeo.
I saw them with my own eyes,
the first time I met
your mother and you.
Well then why have you
been such a dick, huh?
Did you feel that?
What is it about near
death experiences
that always make you want...
Will you guys shut up?
I don't want to have to
save your ass a third time.
Come on.
Come on.
So, where is he?
Where's Clay?
Must be waiting
to bring him out.
Bring who out?
You'll blow our cover.
What are you doing?
I'll tell you what
I'm not gonna do.
I'm not gonna sit on my ass
and watch these freaks
summon up some demon
to kill my kid.
Not today.
Hey, assholes!
You got three seconds
to hand over my boy
or I start putting
holes in heads.
Your son's not here.
But I...
No, no, you're dead.
I saw it.
What'd you really see, Ian?
I don't understand.
It's simple really.
I broke a deal with
the devil 30 years ago.
So now it's time to pay.
She sacrificed everything.
To protect you, so you'd
have a better life.
But you're nothing
but a rotten apple.
They were shooting at us.
Dickhead was only
supposed to graze my arm.
I never wanted
this for you, Ian.
But when they found me, Malcolm,
what choice did I have?
No, no.
Bud's right.
No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
Your life led
down a dark path.
Maybe because I was
alone for most of it.
It's a little late for
pity, don't you think?
Drop it, now.
The reality you think
you know is a lie.
That's what demons do.
Make you see and hear things
that can't possibly be.
Whoever sits by Nefarion's side
when the sacrifice is made
will be granted eternal power.
The ultimate price.
He'll use their body as a vessel
to leave the forest.
Well it looks like
they're trying to kill me.
And my son?
Where is he?
It was never about him.
I don't get it.
Why the charade? If it was
about me the whole time,
why not just knock me out
and just drag my ass here?
Now that wouldn't
have been that much fun.
Besides, I wasn't
gonna carry you.
You were right though.
Clay is probably
home, safe and sound.
Get on your knees.
Stay down.
Hold him.
Holy mother of God.
Who brings my sacrifice?
I do, my liege.
Are you prepared to
relinquish your body and soul
for all eternity?
Join you, body and soul,
is my highest honor.
You fucking she-bitch.
I trusted you.
Jayde, come on.
I know our time meant something.
Come on, help me.
Mom, you can stop this.
Stop this!
Make mama proud.
For decades, I
have lay dormant.
Awaiting this moment and
awaiting our time to reign.
Knowing we'd meet again.
Your sacrifice will
complete the awakening
and seal the end of days.
Knowing this night,
I gave purpose to your
insignificant existence.
The world receives you.
All the horses
All the king's men
Everything ends
My forces
Couldn't fix their
Just hold it together
Stay right here forever
Cover this distraction
Of that war and faction
That collapsed the mazes
I avert my gaze from you
Every second wasted
Chasing all the wasted
Seconds turn to days and
I want every day with you
Here and now is shot
Forever, whatever
Sick as I invite the reaper
So hold it together
You will rise when you find
That you are
collapsing deeper
All the horses
All the king's men
Never changes
My own forces
Couldn't fix their
You can ask it anything
This my seven dollar ring
It can tell your moods and
It will read
your fortune too
Black and violet, indigo
Up and down the path below
'Cause you're falling and I
Didn't pack your parachute
Here and now it's shot
Forever, whatever
Sick as I invite the reaper
So hold it together
You will rise when you find
That you are
collapsing deeper
So hold it together
And stay right here forever