Cover Story (2001) Movie Script

Walk carefully.
Just a minute, slowly.
Madam, just a second.
Madam, there is a problem. - What happened?
Justice Menon's grandchildren have still not arrived.
Why haven't they arrived?
They very well know what time they had to arrive.
Latest by 5 o'clock, still they haven't arrived by now.
Are they different from all these people?
I tried to contact them, but no one is picking up the phone.
He was such a well known judge..
..he knows the value of time why haven't they arrives till?
Sir. - Please pack the food quickly, okay.
Okay sir.
Was I very late?
No problem!
You are very late.
Let me get the food packet, then just watch how I drive.
No grandpa, my father says you are trying to enjoy in your old age.
Forget your papa.
I have been driving even before he was born.
Since childhood.
You are making fun of me.
What is your programme after dropping us?
Programme! After dropping you both I will enjoy alone.
Excuse me sir, your parcel. Thank you.
Grandfather, why are you driving so slow?
Drive faster, or else the teacher will be angry.
Is that so, I will appease your teacher.
Don't worry about that.
Good morning.
Sorry, sorry for being late.
Our car broke down on the road.
It's alright sir, no problem.
I know you are very punctual.
Okay sir, we should leave. - Okay.
All the best. - Thank you. Good day sir. - Bye. Bye.
And yes, stay away from mountains and waterfalls.
Okay. Fine.
Take care of yourself, okay fine. Take this.
Stop doing this grandpa. - What?
You punish people that lie, and you are lying yourself.
That.. I am retired now.
Come soon. - Okay, bye
I am leaving grandpa, take care.
Thank you dear.
Bye. - See you.
Move from here!
Move everything from here!
Move back! Move back!
Move everything from here!
Come on, move!
Move back! Move back!
Move it from here. Move it. quickly run the bull dozer.
Come here. Stop it!
Whenever the police do their duty you arrive there with the camera.
Get lost from here before I raise my hand!
Forget about raising your hand.
You are doing your work and I am doing mine.
And why are you worried if the public is watching your duty.
Remember one thing, I am not one of those police officials..
..who are afraid of the camera.
My name is John Wargis, I am not afraid.
I know on whose orders are you uprooting..
..these people who earn their livelihood after a hard day's work.
And that's what I want to tell the public.
Fredrick. - Yes. - Come on! - Yes sir.
Welcome back to True Vision.
This one acre land of Marine Drive.
Ex M.P Mr. I.K Thomas has taken on leas for 99 years..
..from the orders of the special department.
Like always, this is his plan with is contractor friend Sachidanand.
And breaking the rule of this complex..
..a multi-storey complex has to be constructed here.
And the truck filled with the materials.. construct that building will go through here..
..destroying these poor people.
Even after the police's interference and hooliganism..
..we are bringing to you this report. Bye. Cut it.
The story is not over.
The end part of the story, on the screen..
..tonight 9 o'clock, on True Vision channel.
Wish you happy evening.
What did you say? What did you say?
Tonight 9 o'clock, take the cassette out.
We won't tolerate the police's hooliganism!
We won't tolerate the police's hooliganism!
Take the cassette out.
Come on Fredrick.
Police, go back.
Hello Mr. Vijay.
Bravo. - Thank you.
You are much more than a TV news reader.
I am Menon, a great fan of yours.
Retired judge.. - There is no need for your introduction.
I am a fan of yours too.
What are you saying, thanks!
I have read your articles on human rights, with great detail.
And I have filed them too.
One more thing, I am inviting you now..
..for True Vision's function which is next month.
My pleasure.
What you said right now, is absolutely right.
The BMC has still not given the permission for the building..
..and they are being moved before that.
That's absolutely wrong!
This is not the way to remove them. - Sir, just a minute.
Frederick, get ready.
Sir, will you repeat what you just said for our channel.
Sir, please.
If I get your expert comments my story will become stronger.
Okay. Thank you. Ready. - Yes. - Rolling. - Yes, sir. - Start.
Footpath.. - Sir, over here.
It is the right of the law to stop business on footpath.
But the law makers change the law.
They compromise with the shopkeepers..
Yes, so children. Wait. Wait.
Look, I have brought something for all of you.
Yes, take this. - Me, first. - Take. Take.
Come and meet me if someone is left out. Okay?
Hi. - Hi.
Hello. Hello.
Which floor?
5th floor. Who is there?
I have shifted here. 5B.
5B? - Yes. - What a surprise. I am in 5A.
So we are neighbours. I am Chandrasekhar Menon.
I am judge. Retired judge.
Hello, sir. - Hello. - I am Jasmine.
I am a computer engineer.
I am joining in Yusuf Multimedia from tomorrow.
Fine. - Hello, sir. - Hello, where are you going?
Her brother's daughter is getting married in Peddar road.
Yes. - There are hosting a party. We are going there.
You are alone. Shall I bring food for you?
No, I have already brought it.
The joy of having food and drinks alone is great.
Isn't it Jatin brother? - What can I say in front of my wife?
That is okay. - Bye. - Bye. Okay bye. Sorry. - It's okay.
You have come here today. You will have to work now.
Yes. I have not even unpacked till now.
All right, your family?
I have a family. They live in Mumbai. - I see.
Come. My daughter and son-in-law are doctors.
They have gone to Delhi for a conference.
They will return on Christmas.
And my 2 grandchildren has gone to a school picnic.
They will come after 5 days.
Look I have bought cooking items.
And what about you? What have you arranged for food?
I have not thought about it till now? - Okay.
There is no need to think about it now.
Jasmine you are my neighbour.
We will eat together today. - No thank you.
Why there is no need? Look, I am alone.
If you accompany me I will feel nice.
First freshen up. My flat is there. I will wait for you.
Okay? - Okay. - Okay? - Okay. - See you then.
Yes, listen.
You don't need to be afraid of me.
I am a harmless old man.
Whatever it is hurry up. I have other important work.
Look. I told you from before.
We will call up and go to Menon's house.
But you didn't listen and came up.
I don't need to take an appointment with Mr. Menon.
It's been 15 years since we had worked together.
Do you still think that I have to approach you formally?
All right tell me..
I have come to tell you that.
We 2 are going for foreign tour in 2 days..
..with the industrial minister.
I am ex-Member of Parliament from the opposing party.
My and the minister's party are also different.
But we think the same way. So I agreed.
Mr. Harsha. Can we talk of work now?
Exactly. Nothing is hidden from Mr. Menon.
It is my friend's Sachitanand's work.
The old business where I am financially interested.
Fake wine and spirit goes abroad everyday from his distillery.
When the union came to know of it there was a strike at the factory.
The police investigated the matter. But it was of no use.
That was my bad time.
The union leader was killed at that time.
That was a family matter. - Yes, it was my family matter.
The police said that it was suicide.
But to calm the union the government.. setting another committee for enquiry.
We have been informed that that case is in your hands.
The commission work will start before we return from Europe.
You will have to help us. I am sure you will help us out.
No, I can't help you in this matter.
I think God has given us a good chance to meet again.
Stop it I say. I can do nothing against my ideals.
Look, sir. - Shut up, friend.
We don't want to do anything by hurting sir.
Let sir rest. He is the chairman of many charity trusts.
And is justice Menon who walks the path of truth.
But I was thinking how much time is required to defame a person.
The way a high rise building falls down quickly.
And the dream breaks as soon as you open your eyes.
I am not going to be scared with your threatening.
The one who love life are scared.
Okay, we won't bother you.
Come. - I am leaving, Menon sir, but we will meet again.
Hello, you have come early. Much before time.
You said, sharp 8:30. Look, its 8:29.
So I will wait outside for a minute.
No, it is not like that.
I was thinking what to prepare for you.
But the aroma of food.. - Smell..
What have you prepared? - Yes.
But it's a long time since I have eaten home cooked food.
Now I know why your mood was spoiled. - How?
By seeing your kitchen condition.
All right, I will leave. - No, sit. Sit down.
I was about to cook, when they arrived. - Who?
My friends. My mood was spoiled by them. Leave it.
Now there is no use remembering old things.
You are right. Even I don't think about olden days.
But I can't forget about dinner.
Shall I stay or leave? - Of course not.
How will leave like this? Let's do one thing.
We will cook and eat together.
What is left in the formality of a guest and a host?
No. there is something.
Now I am the hostess and you are the guest.
Only 40 minutes. My time starts now.
When are your parents coming?
And where do they stay in Mumbai?
You said that we shouldn't remember olden times.
Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. - I am coming. I am coming.
My friends. They are very naughty.
Tell me what is the matter?
Uncle, we children have decided..
..that you will be the Santa Claus this year.
Me? Oh no. - Uncle, your dress is ready.
Anyone can wear the dress.
No, you will wear it. You will be the Santa Claus.
Oh no, tell someone else. - Hello. Yes. One minute.
All right. I will wear it.
But don't tell anyone that I am the Santa Claus.
Everyone should know it later. Okay? - Even I know.
What? - Santa Claus. Your call. - Yes. Hello.
Yes, one minute. Hello.
I said she is not my daughter but she is like my daughter.
Swatch on the TV.
Your interview with the incident in Marine Drive is on.
Is it? It's going on. I will switch on the TV.
Thanks for telling me. Okay. Thank you. Thank you.
The buildings near the road are not legal.
In fact all the buildings are unauthorised.
And even the police are ignoring this matter.
And all the people who are behind it have bought law.
There has to be a power failure now.
Come on.
Sir, I felt strange when you invited me for dinner.
But now I am feeling close. - You are right.
Closeness increases when 2 strangers eat together.
We will enjoy it. - It's strange theory. - Yes.
Let's eat our dinner. And forget about your horoscope.
Look, taste this. If it is spicy just breath in.
And burp when your stomach is full.
And yes, if it is tasteless then spit it out.
And yes if something gets stuck on your throat then..
Thank you, thank you..
My joke was played on me.
I was busy when my daughter was a child.
When I retired she became a doctor and become busy.
She got married and had children.
To tell you the truth Jasmine, you won't believe.
I and my daughter have never eaten together like this.
You are now in a good mood, sir.
Correct. You are right. - Look, this is true.
Good night. - Good night.
I remembered my parents after eating with you.
I felt as if they are here.
Listen, Jasmine.
Yes. Don't ever think that your parents are not near you, dear.
Think that your parents are here with you.
"The constellations have disappeared from the clouds."
"And even the birds decreased from the clouds."
"My sad heart is now seeking and amazed."
"I can't see, even I see nice dreams."
"All my dreams have died."
"This heart which walks slowly is hurting me."
"Even the breeze of the spring is lost."
"The constellations have disappeared from the clouds."
"And even the birds decreased from the clouds."
"Papa says that this is the right thing to do."
"The one who teases us will wear anklets."
"In this calm silver like river."
"They sing something."
"We will steal some sweet tune from flowers."
"Come, let's find a lightning like pearl."
"There was restlessness." "We started flying."
"The bud of my heart started blooming."
"When a magical bird gave me the message of love."
"I can't see, even I see nice dreams."
"All my dreams have died."
"This heart which walks slowly is hurting me."
"Even the breeze of the spring is lost."
"The constellations have disappeared from the clouds."
"And even the birds decreased from the clouds."
"There will cool breeze with the sun rays."
"Come near me with such address."
"The way I sing the melodies."
"The heart says something is going to happen."
"This amalgamation of the heart strings."
"The one which is made by the threads of the eyes."
"This colour is like the blue sky."
"It has started spreading like desire."
"Sometimes I fly in my own imagination.
"I can't see, even I see nice dreams."
"All my dreams have died."
"This heart which walks slowly is hurting me."
"Even the breeze of the spring is lost."
"The constellations have disappeared from the clouds."
"And even the birds decreased from the clouds."
"My sad heart is now seeking and amazed."
"I can't see, even I see nice dreams."
"All my dreams have died."
You have come.
Uncle, you are still not ready. - I am getting ready in 2 minutes.
You are still not ready. - Only 2 minutes.
Get ready quickly. - Get ready quickly. - I am getting ready.
Go now. Let me change. You go, I am coming. - Come.
Just 2 minutes. These children.
"Jingle bells. Jingle bells."
"Jingle bells..
Uncle. Uncle. Who is it?
Who is it? Uncle.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is it?
Uncle. Uncle.
Uncle. Uncle. Uncle.
Move back. Move back.
What happened? - I don't know.
But only a girl is a witness. I think that girl is very smart.
I suspect if she is saying the truth about Mr. Menon.
The opinion regarding the relation of the girl..
..and Mr. Menon is not good. - What is the truth? - That..
Mr. Jatin? Yes, sir.
What do you do? I work in R.D. office.
How did you come to know of Mr. Menon's murder?
I and my wife were leaving for the Christmas party.
Then we heard a scream from upstairs.
When we went upstairs..
How did you know that he was dead?
Dr. Toni from the flat upstairs told me.
Yes, sir, I am Toni.
Where were you at that time?
I was at my flat. When Pawan told me.
I went and examined Menon. His pulses have stopped.
Has anyone made an entry after 6:30 yesterday?
It was the owners' children's Christmas party.
There were many guests that's why there was no entry.
So guests don't make an entry?
Keep care in the future.
Mr. Jatin, what is the name of the girl who saw the killer?
Jasmine. - Was the murder committed in front of her?
Sir, she had poor eye sight.
She had lost her contact lenses.
Because of which she was very worried.
That's why she came outside to call Mr. Menon.
She saw it then.
Do you know anything else about Jasmine?
Nothing special. She has come recently to the city.
She is a compute engineer in a firm.
I just know that she has domestic connection with Mr. Menon.
Shivram - Sir. - Follow me.
Come let's see that girl. - Sir, that girl is much tensed.
She has fainted many times.
The doctor has examined her too.
Now go and collect the other proofs, I will go and meet the girl.
I will talk to her. Go. - But sir.. Sir.
Sir the press people want to take photographs.
Sir, they are not listening to me even after my refusal.
What do I do?
Who wants to do video shooting here?
Sir, we are standing here since the last 12 hours.
And we are not even allowed to take pictures.
Is this justice? - Don't teach me law.
Sir, I am from True Vision channel.
I want to have a live coverage of the murder spot.
You will shoot the dead body.
You are always waiting for someone to die.. that you can have interview.
Who murdered? And then how to catch the murderer?
Why are we wearing uniforms? Listen.
Go from here. - Sir, please don't touch me.
If I do? - I told you don't touch me. - Move from here.
Strange. Move. - Excuse me. Vijay. Executive director.
True Vision News services. Please let him go inside.
I can't go against law. - I have just seen you and your law.
What do you know about law?
Please behave yourself.
I have to meet the assistant commissioner of police inside.
I will talk to him and not to you. - Where are you going?
Entry is prohibited.
What is happening here?
Have you got the license to beat by having the camera?
First make him understand that.
Has your department given him the license to be a rogue?
Don't think that we have come to rule here.
We have come here with the liberty provided.. us by the news service network.
Stop it. Mr. Vijay. I don't have time to argue.
And don't prevent us in our work.
We don't want all proofs to be erased.
Mr. Anand. May I ask you something?
What are the proofs there which..
..will disappear as soon as we go inside?
But if it hurts your pride then we will leave from here.
But we will be forced to take the matter to the home minister.
Let him go. I shouldn't face difficulties because of him.
Not only that.
What are your comments regarding justice Menion's murder?
No comments.
All right. You have to say the same in front of the camera.
No comments.
Sir. She is waiting for you. Jasmine.
Say yes or no. - Yes.
Then tell me, how did he look like?
Do you have a problem in speech?
I didn't see him.
You just said that you saw him. Have you forgotten it?
What did you say?
I couldn't see him properly.
I had not worn my contact lens then. I had lost them.
You have found a good excuse.
What do you mean?
I will tell you..
I don't believe in what you told the police and the people here
Your explanation of the situation is least convincing.
For instance, one thing that everyone knows.
A fact of common knowledge.
Every person who uses such contact lenses has a pair of spectacles.
Do you have those spectacles?
If you have, are they in this flat?
So when you lost your lenses why you went.. call Menon instead of wearing them.
How could I wear them? My spectacles have broken.
Cut the bull shit.
Just think with whom you are talking to.
The spectacles breaking. The loss of contact lenses.
And then seeing a killer whom no one saw and then turn back.
And don't think I am fool.
And tell me another thing.
You were in Chennai before joining Multimedia.
But where you before that? Tell me.
Come on tell me. Where do you belong to?
Where is your family?
Family? I was in Mumbai before coming to Chennai.
Then why did you come to Kerala?
Tell me what your connection is.
You can leave.
Listen to one thing. You will meet me again at my office.
Answer my question after thinking then. Understand?
Please madam. 1 second.
Can you tell me what happened in front of you?
Any comments.
Mira, leave her.
Leave her alone.
Thanks. - It's okay.
Good evening. - Come, good evening.
I knew you would come.
What was the need to act there?
Listen, Vijay. Don't try to insult the police. Understand?
Remember the time when you broke..
..a police jeep before joining the police force.
You are talking f that time. My friends had teased me.
Okay. In front of me.
Greetings. Your interview was great.
Do you have an opener? - I have one but it doesn't work.
Okay. I thought I will meet Vijay before going home.
There is complaint against you.
You create a lot of problems in the district commissioner's house.
That is the matter of my house.
The ACP shouldn't say anything.
I can do anything in my house after drinking beer.
You will say that you find it cheap comedy.
Vijay. Vijay you tell me. Who am I to him? - Who are you?
I am his father's sister's son.
Then I am his elder brother, right? - Right. - Isn't it?
Yes. - When he insults me I feel like committing suicide.
That is okay. Listen.
According to protocol you are my sub-ordinate. Youngest.
Protocol. God is biggest of all. God.
If he doesn't support you then.. - May I come in, sir?
Yes. - Come.
One minute.
This is news of 3 minutes. Give it to Nina.
Okay sir. - Okay. What about your investigation?
Got any clue? - Absolutely nothing.
Who will get anything by killing a person like Mr. Menon?
If not for property, then Menon's life must be hurting someone.
That's right. It may be right.
Mr. Menon must have opened the door thinking that..
..the children have come to invite him for the program.
With his clothes it is found that the shooter has shot Mr. Menon.. soon as he opened the door and has run away from there.
The shooter who does that is hired. - You are right.
Look Anand. What can is ay now? It's not a perfect killing.
Maybe he had some motive.
You know I met Mr. Menon 4 days ago.
I was about to meet him today for our program.
I didn't know that I had to take his dead body pictures today.
Vijay, I think that girl Jasmine is linked to this case.
Because they used to stay close. I will ask her tomorrow.
Good morning, sir. I am advocate, Seema Lakshmi.
All right, so you have come with legal protection.
Yes, why not?
I have to come like this to talk with police officers like you.
Shut up. No, don't try to frighten me.
Why am I not getting the right from the law extended to the masses?
And if I don't have the right then refuse.
And since you agree with her. What is this?
This is certificate from the eye specialist from district hospital.
Without spectacles or contact lenses Jasmine can't see anything.
He has written so in this certificate.
So how can she recognise the killer?
What other proof want? Everything is here.
The lens power and other details are in the doctor's certificate.
You can go through it.
And yes you have asked that didn't you have spectacles?
This is the photocopy of the customer receipt from Rose Opticals.
I and late Mr. Menon have given them there for repair.
Due to the power, they told me to collect them after 2 weeks.
Now, you will have prove if I had broken my spectacles..
..or lost my lenses consciously.
And your next question was my background. Identity.
These are addresses of the apartments..
..where I used to stay in Chennai and Mumbai.
And the copies of the institutes..
..where I used to work and teach before.
The one who has a criminal record doesn't have all these.
And I don't want to say any more personal details than this.
Now I want to say you one last thing.
Me not answering your questions yesterday..
..didn't mean that I was sacred by you policemen.
In fact my not answering was my mental sadness.
You know I am more restless to se the person..
..who killed Justice Menon than you.
I am ready to bear witness at any court. Now good bye.
Contact me at the office if you need me. - All right.
Okay, I will leave. Hi. Vijay. - Hi.
What are you doing here? - I came to meet the ACP.
Jasmine, this is Vijay, head of True Vision News Service.
And this is Jasmine. - I know. I have met her yesterday.
Maybe you remember.
Only Mr. Vijay was lenient with me at that time. - Is it?
And Mr. Vijay saved me from the media's attack.
Then you 2 talk. I am in a hurry.
What happened after that? - Nothing till now.
I have submitted documents to prove my innocence.
You must have read today's newspaper.
Very pretty news has been published about Jasmine.
But you know people from True Vision didn't write about me.
And has been very kind to me. - We weren't kind.
Our channel has a strong policy.
That we only show standard news.
And we don't show useless things. This is True Vision.
I don't have that. True Vision. My short eye sight.
By the way, what is your problem?
A terrible short sight.
My problem is that I can't see anything without lens.
Oh I am sorry. - That's okay.
Good morning sir. - Hi Vijay. - Hi.
What are you doing here? - I have come to meet Anand.
Retired DCP (District commissioner of Police), Mohan.
I can't bear people seeing me like this.
And Mr. Menon's daughter, son-in-law, children and other people.
All of them consider me to be justice Menon's killer.
I don't want to live suffocating like..
..this like a criminal though innocent.
I want to shift from there.
If you don't mind, Mr. Vijay I need your help.
Yes, why not? Tell me.
Find a new house for me, as soon as possible.
If possible today.
I met Mr. Menon a week ago. He seemed to be very happy.
We talked a lot and played cards.
Was Mr. Menon enemies with anyone, sir?
There cannot be anyone.
But the protectors of law can have many enemies.
Fine, sir. The last time you met did he mention anyone?
Think and tell me. Nothing.
I saw Menon was habituated to live along since the last few years.
Maybe he has gone crazy because of old age.
Anand, whoever has done this has done a bad thing.
Use your entire force and find the killer. - I will do it, sir.
Okay, see you, Anand. - Okay sir.
Anand, is some girl involved in this case?
Has she seen everything?
Yes, sir. But that girl has got problematic eyesight.
That's why she couldn't see him properly.
I think she is very tricky.
Sure. It's a lovely house. Thank you very much.
How many times will you thank me today?
How can I believe that you found a house for me in a day, Mr. Vijay?
Not Mr. Vijay only Vijay.
Vijay I have told your friend the ACP my new home address.
Otherwise tomorrow it will be published..
..that a girl trapped in rumours has fled.
Nothing. It is a nice name. It sounds like perfume.
You felt it. This is the problem.
Everything about me is like that.
It seems something and is another thing.
What do you mean?
I am the only eye witness of Menon uncle's murder.
An eye witness without eyesight.
I saw but didn't see. I saw but didn't see.
But in reality I didn't see anything.
Vijay I have never thought about my life till now, Vijay.
But I am very sad today.
The one who gave me happiness, a father's love.
A decent man whose murder ran away in front of me.
And I couldn't even recognise him.
Jasmine, leave it. Relax.
Everyone is worried about my background.
My village girl mother Saraswati had a love marriage..
..a Muslim businessman in Flora fountain called Salim Khan.
And I am their offspring.
I don't know which religion to embrace.
I learnt their language and their customs.
And after they separated I was totally confused. Confused.
I said everything but you didn't tell me anything Vijay.
Even my life story has taken such turns.
To tell the truth I have no relatives. I am alone.
So our story is the same.
But I don't know why I told you all this.
Maybe you are friend in need.
What was that drama?
You are not scared of the police.
Where is your legal protection now?
What have you thought about me?
Because I was lenient with a mad girl like you.
But the police are police.
If the need arises not only you even your guardian angels..
Leave it. Otherwise I will raise my hand uselessly.
Tell me who is after you. - I am telling the truth.
I don't know anything. I went there to do shopping.
And suddenly that man fell on top of me. - Very good.
You want to say that great man die at your feet, right?
You are not a goddess. - It is not like that.
I don't know that man.
I saw him for the first time outside your office.
I don't know what is his name or profession.
All right. Very good. So you have no connection with him.
Anand about this.. - No. Shivram. - Sir.
Come with me.
Anand, why are you torturing Jasmine?
Vijay you don't know. 2 murders in 3 days.
That also of great men, in my area in front of this girl.
So what? - This girl is connected to the murders.
Listen, Vijay.
Even Mr. Mohan came to me when this day this girl came to me.
He said that don't spare Menon's killer on any condition.
So what, Anand? This is not a connection.
What do you think of Mr. Mohan?
Jasmine has murdered. - It is not like that.
Mr. Menon and Mr. Mohan's friendship.
And Mr. Menon and Jasmine's friendship.
It is strange that both of them were killed in front of her.
I think it is too interesting to ignore.
That's why Vijay I will interrogate her further.
Don't be so stubborn, you do not know..
She is a decent girl, you are harassing her beyond necessity.
Vijay, why are you defending her?
I am feeling sorry for you. - Why?
Because it's your mistake. Whatever reference she gave you about herself.. can confirm within 24 hours.
So why don't you do that?
If you want more information about her than I am there.
I will tell you everything. But one thing, if her innocence is proved..
..then you will have to let her go. Okay? Okay?
You don't need to be too worried, Jasmine.
I am not worried. I am feeling strange.
I don't understand anything.
Someone is playing a game with me.
I don't understand why all this is happening to me.
Don't think about all that. Leave all that to me.
I will find the one who has done this. Trust me.
Will you always stay with me?
Will you?
Tell me.
I will. I will always stay. It is true. - No!
Don't demean our friendship by giving a name to this relation.
I have shared my problems with..
..a man for the first time.
Vijay, I have met many people.
But I have got a good understanding friend.
A protective partner and a friend who supports me all the way.
Jasmine that.. - No. Don't say anything.
Please I am in no condition to hear anything.
Yes. - Vijay this is me.
I want to tell you something.
Jasmine is innocent. Don't tell her that.
Friend Vijay I suspected her uselessly. She is innocent.
Thank you. Thank you very much. - Hello.
Ready? Can you please explain me what is this?
Hi, Anand. - Hi. What are you doing here?
I have come to meet Jasmine.
I know that you are very angry with me.
I think I made a mistake. You are free.
At last I am free. Is this really true?
Yes, it is true. - 1 minute, sir, check this. - Excuse me.
I have..
What? - I have bothered you a lot. I am really sorry.
It's nothing like that. You did your job. That's it.
Is that okay? - Okay, sir.
This was a sensational case that's why I was excited.
I said it's all right. - Check the disc too.
Friend Vijay. Where are you going with camera and unit?
Bhatnagar camp. Smile, friend. I am telling you.
Excuse us. I am going to find Sachitanand.
Ex MP?
Yes, he has a soft drink bottling factory around here.
But he bottles wine instead of soft drink.
If you want to know more about it then watch my TV program.
And if you want to know more about it then..
Friend, how do you know all this?
Because I have a nose for news.
I have seen the hero's bravery for the first time.
Wonderful! You are really brave. Great!
"I will keep chanting your name like the holy Gayatri verse."
"It gets mixed with the flora like the phoenix bird."
"You have started to spread in my heart."
"You have become light in my dark night."
"Give me your lovely eyes and your flowing arms."
"I will keep chanting your name like the holy Gayatri verse."
"Darling, my darling."
"You mix melody with my breath."
"This very talks of your wounds my heart."
"I am lost him in all the time."
"I am spread in the magic of love."
"Touch my heart."
"Embrace me and let me touch your lips."
"I will keep chanting your name like the holy Gayatri verse."
Coming, one minute.
It's you.
Yes, yes, I know it's you.
No. Wait.
No. No. No.
Stop it.
Yes, I am the one. It's me.
No. No. No.
Stop it.
I am the one.
But why? Why did you do this? You are a killer.
You are a killer.
I won't spare you. I won't let you go.
I said, please. No.
I am killer, so take this filled pistol.
And shoot me.
I killed justice Menon who loved like a father.
So shoot me.
I killed DCP Mohan in front of you. So shoot me.
You can't kill me. No ordinary man can kill anyone.
But I killed 2 men. I will kill 2 more men.
You should know why I will kill them.
And you know them.
Thank you. Thank you for the compliments.
But 1 thing we don't care about anyone..
..while handling such sensitive cases. It's okay. Bye.
Yes, Vishnu. Not that. This. Not you. I was telling here.
Make another copy from the master copy. - Yes.
Yes, Vishnu tell me now. There are 4 big people.
All right, we will come. Okay.
Yes, now tell me what is the matter?
I will tell you. First stop talking over the phone.
Since the last 1 hour I can see that you have no respite.
Look, if I miss even one call it means hot news has gone cold.
A sensational scoop.
Even I have very hot news which will shake the public.
A policeman stays near my house.
Retired head constable Chandra Naik.
A few days ago he came to my house.
He wanted to tell some truth to everyone.
When he was in service something happened..
..which he wants to tell now. A major confession.
He told me that some great people would have..
..been revealed by his talks.
Which great men? - I don't know.
I don't have the courage to publish what he told me.
I am already in problems after publishing such sensational news.
He doesn't know that. That's why I have come to you.
His confession should reach to people through..
..your channel without the editor's editing or the..'s censorship and interference.
Will you do it?
What was his name?
All right we will start. Throw away that cigarette.
Tell everything with clearly. There is no need to fear.
Fear and me. I am scared of my conscience.
I couldn't sleep peacefully for years.
I can't tolerate this anymore. Even God won't forgive me.
Mr. Madhavan was a God like person.
We don't get current because of the Electricity board's carelessness.
That's why the public has to stay in darkness.
Papa, current has gone. - Sridevi, light a lamp.
The current went as soon as he started to read.
I think there is a power failure.
You should think before writing.
We have a power failure now.
Only our house has a power failure? - Or what?
Son, go inside and read. Carefully.
The poor boy has exams next week.
Even I had studied M.A. in this light, Sridevi. - Leave it.
Why do you repeat useless talks? He is a child.
He understands our problem.
He is not stubborn like other children.
I regret thinking this.
If I compromise a bit then I can.. the chief editor of a bug newspaper.
But I won't be able to do this ever. - Listen.
Don't ever think or say like that. To tell the truth.
You are great.
Open the door.
Who is it? - Is there anyone? Open the door.
Yes, I am coming.
Who are you?
Save me. They will kill me. - Who? Hold the candle.
I will see. - Don't worry. No one will come here.
Where do you stay? What is your name?
Rosie. I have come from far away. They will kill me.
Son, go inside.
Dear tell me what is it? You don't need to be scared.
I had come to work in Sachitanand's cold drink factory.
My parents' relative John had given me this job.
In the evening they locked me in the factory's hostel room.
When I said I want to go home, they beat me a lot.
I have somehow escaped.
They will kill me if they saw me again. - No.
No one will see. Don't be scared.
Take her inside and feed her properly. Go. - Come.
Sridevi. - Yes. - Give me a shirt and a torch.
Video business is been done in a place.
And the great people are responsible for it.
Prostitution is being carried out in a 5 star hotel near town hall.
There a politician and a contractor..
..bring girls with promises of job.
And the great men in the world are its regular visitors.
And law protectors are standing as audience.
They are ignoring this even after knowing everything.
It is good. This is knows as clean news.
The writer has written for the one who should understand.
Precise and sharp.
The writer has shot the arrow sharply. Isn't it?
Where is that girl?
I will kill you if you came to me without that girl.
There is no use by bringing that girl.
Madhavan is our main enemy.
The matter has not ended here.
All the great men involved in prostitution will be published now.
Leave that to me. I will kill that dog and his newspaper.
You will smell of alcohol no matter how much you wear perfume.
You have lost your intelligence dealing in alcohol.
Pen is mightier than the sword.
You know that all this illegal business.. there because of my political power.
And that ordinary journalist wants to defame us by writing this.
No, I won't let that happen.
You think what we should do now?
Have we made all this just like this by taking so much risk?
I know how to work when the need arises.
Hello. Yes. I.K. - Have you read today's newspaper?
Yes. What can I do after it is being published?
I will tell you what you should do?
All right. I will do everything in the police way.
But if this matter goes to court?
Don't worry about the court. I will see.
Hello, I am S.P. (Superintendent of police) R.V. Mohan.
Madhavan is not at home.
He isn't. I had to tell him one thing.
We investigated after the news was published.
What is the girl's name? Rosie.
We have arrested Johnny who had trapped her.
I have sent a constable there.
What happened if Madhavan is not at home?
You come to the police station with Rosie.
So that Rosie can recognise Johnny her in the police station.
But he is not at home.
So what madam. It is a matter of 10 minutes.
But it is difficult to bring that girl at once.
Now it is not right if people like you do this, madam.
Only people like you can write that the police don't work properly.
But no one comes to help the police.
There is no one to write about the police's problems.
Madam only you can tell me about that girl.
You will have to come here.
Otherwise Johnny's man will force fully take her from there.
And we won't be able to know the truth.
It is the matter of that innocent girl's honour.
All right, sir. We are coming.
Hello. Is this Amar press? Is Madhavan sir there?
The S.P. sir has called you to the police station.
Where have you brought us?
We have to take the girl's statement?
Do you recognise the criminal?
Have you read today's newspaper?
Yes, I have. Madhavan's headline was great.
You will live for a hundred years. Where were you?
I had to go out for some important work.
Madhavan, where do you get all this news?
Your newspaper is being talked about everywhere today.
I have got a good response. - Hello. Yes, I will.
Madhavan, your call. - Yes. Hello.
Good morning. I am S.P. R.V. Mohan.
Good morning sir. - I had called to prise your work.
And yes you are worthy of congratulations.
How? - Your story today was shocking and revealing.
I didn't know even after I was here in the police department.
I am ashamed to admit that.
What is the use even if you knew.
Raid is going on there.
We didn't allow anyone to escape.
We have caught everyone.
I am giving this report first for your newspaper. Come here.
You will have a new story for tomorrow. Okay?
Where are you 2 going? Go inside.
Why are you misbehaving?
I have brought them to bear witness. - Talk to sir.
Sir? - Yes.
I have brought them as you said sir.
Go ahead. - Do I have to tell you separately? Go ahead.
Papa. - Yes.
Papa, where are you going? - I am going to take some important photos.
Shall I come too? - No, son. Go home.
No, I will come with you. - All right, come.
Have you sat properly? - We will meet tomorrow. Bye.
Papa, look mummy is there.
Madhavan. - Where are you going?
Sridevi. - Come. - My son. - What is happening here?
Sir. - Yes. Hello Mr. Madhavan.
I have given you the headline for tomorrow. - Sir.
You have taken the photographs. You can publish it.
But she is my wife.
Really? Very bad.
What are you saying? My wife is here.
This is surely someone's ploy.
Ploy? What ploy?
Before writing in the newspaper.. should have thought that your wife is a prostitute.
I will take your life. I won't spare you.
No. no. Let papa go.
Don't beat my papa. Don't beat my papa.
Papa. - My son.
My son.
After going through the witnesses and proofs..
..the police has produced regarding this case these..
..prostitute women are termed guilty and kept in judicial custody.
This is the court's decision.
My child.
Come. - Mummy.
My child. - Come. Go inside. - Mummy. - My son.
To tell the truth only one person is wise.
What would have happened to us if he had thought such an idea?
Have you drunk too much?
You shouldn't say this at all.
Now I will relax and drink.
What is the matter Mr. Menon?
What are you thinking?
Look, I am trying to convince my friend Menon since long.
But he is not strong like us. Not at all.
His heart is like wax. - Sir I know I have hurt your heart.
I am sorry for that. But I had no other way out.
Now have a drink. Please.
We had been too unjust in this case.
By the way I listened to you because I am also sinful.
But this is too much. Just too much.
Mr. Menon. Don't get worked up. Take it easy. I.K. - Yes.
1 minute.
Leave him. My subordinate is more tensed.
Head constable Chandra Naik. I don't trust him.
And I am scared too. - All right, call him.
Listen Chandra.
You? What is the matter?
He used to come thrice a day to get his daughter admitted in college.
And now no greetings at all. Good. Take, have a drink.
No, sir. - Drink. - No. -
You don't want to drink in front of your sir.
There is nothing like that. This is strictly unofficial.
No, sir. - What happened? Are you okay?
Or are you in confusion?
Still whatever happened to Madhavan was not right.
Even I am a part of this crime sir.. - Stop your nonsense.
Listen friend. He is absolutely right. We were not good.
By the way this is war tactics. To kill the enemy. Leave it.
You neither saw nor heard anything.
Your daughter will need a god job after her education.
After that you have to marry her too.
To tell the truth you are alive for them.
You are doing everything for your children.
If something happened to them.
What sir? - No, nothing of that sort will happen.
And it shouldn't happen either.
Madhavan? Come in.
There is a court held here too.
We were talking about the police raid.
Madhavan, we salute you.
We came to know of it after reading your newspaper.
Isn't it, Mohan? - Yes. - Isn't it, Sachi? - Yes.
Didn't you know this used to happen in your factory?
No, I didn't know.
You don't know anything. Right?
I will tell you one more thing.
My wife Sridevi has committed suicide.
I have come here after seeing her hanging corpse.
This matter won't end here.
I won't spare you 4 devils. I will..
I will kill everyone. I will kill everyone.
Traitor, I won't spare you. I will never spare you.
You are right, Madhavan. The story has not ended here.
Your wife has committed suicide in sorrow.
And fearing defamation you committed suicide under a train.
Sorry, friend.
All right. I won't take law in my hands.
Then I will make the law protector do this. Isn't it?
Chandra Naik, come here. Take this revolver. Take.
Mohan tell him.
Take the gun I say.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Madhavan was killed with these hands.
But I feel light after telling you the truth.
Today I can sleep peacefully. I can.
The scoundrel will sleep peacefully after telling a story.
Now listen to me.
A son is living like mad since 20 years hearing..
..that his mother is a prostitute.
His father was not a coward to commit suicide after hearing this.
The son shed tears of blood at his father's death.
And do you know who the son of that goddess like mother is?
That is me. And there is no forgiveness in my court.
Let him go. Let him go. Please.
No, I won't kill you. I will keep you alive.
You will prove my mother innocent in front of the entire world.
I knew that my father was not a coward to commit suicide.
You will prove him innocent.
I am ready to say this in any court.
You will say on court.
Now I will decide about these 4.
I feel light after telling you the truth.
Today I can sleep peacefully. I can.
I didn't know anything about it.
Without any reason, Vijay I.. Pardon me.
I really don't know if what you have done is right or wrong.
Don't do this in future. Nothing.
Let me decide what is right and wrong.
But this fire will never get extinguished. Pardon me.
And forget me.
Chandra Naik. - Yes, sir.
He has retired from Matunga police station in 1980.
Since when he is missing? - From 28th.
And he used to live alone after his daughter's marriage.
And the daughter lodged a complaint.
But we have not found him till now, sir.
We have to find him out, sir.
Chandra was D.I.G's (District Inspector General) special man.
His close friend.
He is missing since 20 days before the DIG's murder.
Sir I think something is wrong, sir. - What is wrong?
No, he is right. We have to find Chandra Naik soon.
Yes, you are right sir.
What is this? Why are you pointing the light on my eyes?
Stop it.
If you have problems with light then come to darkness.
It will be easier to talk. Come.
I couldn't sleep peacefully for years.
I only fear one man.. - Vijay.
Yes, Vijay listen. This is Latif. Have you met Chandra Naik?
Did he tell you anything?
What is the matter?
He is missing. ACP Anand took and interrogated me.
Then I told him that I introduced Chandra Naik to Vijay.
What's happening, friend?
I am bothering you but I still need your help.
Tell me, what can I do?
I can't keep him with me now.
If I do I may face problems.
Your house is the best for him to hide. Only for 2 days.
After that I will take him elsewhere.
Go to that room. - Go.
And thanks.
Okay, you have come with official work.
I thought you have come to meet me.
I try to but I don't get time from work. - That's okay.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
I need to know about a man.
These are his S.S.E. (School leaving exam) certificates.
I think he has studied from this school. - Yes.
All the details are here.
Even you used study here then. - Yes, sir.
I can be helped with your old records.
Okay, let's try. - Thank you, sir.
This is our Vijay. I can't believe it, sir.
Latif told me that Vijay went to meet Chandra Naik.
After that Latif doesn't know anything.
From old records I found out that Sridevi..
..and Madhavan had a son too.
The school principal told me that.
If the one I am searching for is Vijay..
..then I will find the killer soon.
We don't know anything about Vijay's past life, sir.
It is not like that, Shivram.
We have to meet Chandra Naik for further investigation.
We have to follow Vijay to know what he told him.
Shivram, adopt a twisted way to collect proofs.
Anand, tell me where are we going? - I will tell you.
But tell me what day is it? - Today is a special day.
Special? - Do you remember? - Stop joking, friend. Tell me.
Don't try to hide everything from me all the time, friend.
The thing that today is your birthday. - How do you know?
I am policeman so I know everything.
I like your kind of work. I am satisfied.
We 2 will celebrate your birthday for the first time together.
In a very special place.
You were about to being me to this special place.
Don't you like the place? I don't like facing Jasmine.
Vijay, I will be able to meet her if you stay with me.
Thinking this I have brought you along.
Hi. Good evening.
Good evening. - Okay, get ready for the surprise.
Come on.
What is this? Cake and candles.
Is it someone's birthday?
I won't tell you whose birthday it is.
His secret he has concealed from everyone has been revealed.
Isn't it, Vijay?
We thought we will celebrate here as you have come to know.
Hey, I forgot the lighter. Do you have matches?
I need some plates and glasses too. I will get them.
The kitchen Is not there. Wait a minute. I will get it.
I will get it. - No, the kitchen is dirty. I will get it. - I don't mind.
No, it's okay. - Okay.
As you wish.
Wow, not bad. Happy birthday Vijay.
My god. I have forgotten something.
Vijay I have another bag in my car which contains..
..a bottle orange juice and 3 cans of beer.
Sorry, with your permission. Catch.
Till I fix them. You go and get everything.
Friend, you have to do something on your birthday.
Shall I give you a compliment?
May I ask you something?
Jasmine you look nice in spectacles. Nice frame.
Can I have a look?
Look, there is the person who has killed justice Menon.
Come on, tell me.
Come on, tell me.
I know you can recognise him.
No, I don't.
My spectacles please.
You don't know. - Have you gone mad?
Your cunningness won't work.
So even you are a part of this ploy.
I know how to make you speak the truth?
Do you want to see? Come with me. - Anand.
Let her go.
Jasmine, go inside.
I salute you. I like your way of finding the killer.
The way you tried to trap me on the basis of proofs is praiseworthy.
The ploy you adopted to prove me murderer was brilliant.
But you made a mistake.
A girl who loves can betray herself but never her lover.
The story doesn't end here.
There are still 2 men in the hit list.
Sachitanand and I.K. Thomas.
I won't let them get hurt.
Then prove your masculinity.
Good night.
I won't bother you anymore. I will take him away.
Come here. Appoint 4 men at the departure. - Sir.
And block the path there. - Yes, sir. - Go.
Have you appointed men at the V.I.P. lounge?
I have appointed 6 men there and Sharif is their in-charge.
It is good that even the minister is coming.
Otherwise how could we have covered this police.. for Sachitanand and I.K. Thomas. - Leave it.
Shivram. - Sir.
Our jeep should follow Sachitanand and I.K. Thomas' car. - Sir.
There should be full police protection at..
..Sachitanand's press conference tomorrow. - Sir.
You are airport staff. - Yes, sir. - Show your I.D.
What happened? Anand? Is everything okay?
How are you, Anand? - Fine sir.
Vijay. No. Stop it. Stop it.
So you pity me.
When I told you about myself I told you clearly not to stop me.
You cannot extinguish my fire of revenge.
Vijay, why are you playing with fire consciously?
You are right. You are right.
I will do what I have to do now. Don't stop me.
Understand? - Vijay.
Is everything okay?
What is so special about today's conference..
..that the police is so ready? We don't even have bombs.
An anonymous call came. We were threatened.
You can delay a train or cancel a plane if you have a rupee.
All of us can face problems because of this. So please.
Okay sir.
Shivram. - Sir. - Don't be fooled by anyone's face.
Sir. - Check all the cars properly. - Okay sir, okay.
Hello. - Hello. - What is the matter? So much police.
Sir, it is nothing like that.
We were called and threatened that something will happen.
There is no need to worry but the police have to do their duty.
Sure, okay. - Please.
Excuse me, open the box. - Its not my problem.
See it yourself. - That too.
The government has tried to make..
..our old customized business into new.
And the help extended to traders is an example.
I want to take advantage of this chance.. that I can adopt the new tactics of Sach company.
What do you want to say? - I will tell you about it.
I know very well that you went to avoid your illegal case..
..than to promote small scale industries.. your foreign trip with I.K. Thomas and the minister
What are you saying?
I and I.K. Thomas went to tour Europe with the minister.
No, it is not like that.
All right my friend. Shall I ask you something?
Nearly 2,000 people board the Rajdhani express from Mumbai.
Do all of them go to tour?
It was my bad luck that the minister was in my plane.
Yes, it is true.
Shivram. - But this is true too. - Which?
Illegal wine is being prepared in your cold drink factory.
Who said so?
I saw a news report on TV.
It is right. A story. A tall story.
Now it is the age of great mega serials.
Even news based programs are like mega serials.
A little tears, violence. And a climax.
They used to show the truth before.
Such programs should find sponsors to tie the public.
I have no problems with such channels.
They do it for their stomach.
And what we saw on TV?
They saw a lot on TV.
They make tall stories and try to defame me.
Shivram. - Sir.
We tell the true news which other channels don't show.
That's' why the name of your channel is True Vision.
Where there is no bad thing or fear.
Your bottling factory produces fake wine worth lakhs.
And this is sent by stealth in the company tankers.
The wine flowing in your advanced distillery pipes..
..amazes the innocent public here.
And Sachitanand can you falsify the truth seen by the eyes.
And first think about the loss of yearly subsidy quota.. get for the raw material needed in your chemical..
..factory that you have been doing continuously.
Nearly 8 crores.
What happened?
Don't try to scare Sachitanand with your big lectures.
I know what your problem is. And I have its remedy too.
Hello, John. What happened to the camera?
I.. I..
What happened? - Move back. Side please. Move back.
Move back. - Move back. Side please. Move back.
You are under arrest.
What for?
Sir, Sachitanand's post mortem report.
Heart attack. Immediate death due to cardiac arrest.
Then why have you arrested, Vijay? - Shut up.
Shut up, I say. Do you want me to believe this report?
Hello. Sir. Sir, I have read it.
But the report can be wrong.
Sir. Okay sir.
After all Vijay is the TV channels' special man.
I can lose my post for accusing him falsely.
Shivram, release him.
Vijay, the post mortem report has arrived. - Heart attack.
You have got the news so quickly.
All right if you don't mind write a statement.
That the police have not touched you.
Otherwise Anand's job will be in danger.
Shivram, I will leave. - Okay sir. We will meet again.
But sir it wasn't right for Sachitanand to die suddenly now.
It is a great loss for us. - Stop your nonsense.
Don't spoil your brains by thinking about the dead.
I have got the last chance to be the minister, understand?
It will be good if you support me.
Sir, you are right. - One thing is true.
After our rally even the God from heavens cannot defeat you.
We will get all the people required for the rally, sir.
But it will be very expensive sir. That's why take care.
Don't worry about money.
You will get all the money you want.
And I have formed another party to collect those..
..who have separated from us.
But I don't know who is the enemy, to hurt me and my party?
We have found the enemy.
I have found Shivram sir's personal file.
In which sir has written about the one who has killed..
..Justice Menon, D.I.G. Mohan and Sachitanand.
Sir you will profit hugely from this file. - Come.
There is no use of me telling anything now.
But Vijay..
No, don't talk about what is not required.
I will have to complete my task.
For God's sake forgive me.
In future maybe I won't get the chance to meet you.
When I think about it I regret it.
But even if I want I can't do anything for you.
I just had this wish. Whatever I loved..
Leave it. I am habituated now. - I am leaving.
I can't wish you this time.
Who are you? Who are you? How did you come inside?
How did you come inside? - Move aside.
Where is he? Tell me, where is he? - Who?
Drop the act. I am the one who is kind to women.
Find and bring him out.
It will do good if you are decent with me.
Otherwise you will cry forever as a woman. Understand?
Tell me the truth now.
Where is retired head constable Chandra Naik..
..whom Vijay has concealed?
Truly. No one has come here.
You don't want to tell the truth you have seen..
..with your weak eyes so that you can save Vijay.
You are wrong.
You are wrong if you want to defame I.K. with a small channel.
I have stamped his death.
His destiny is death.
Pray to all your Gods and Goddesses.
So that you don't have to meet I.K. again.
And if you face him again..
Then bells of death will ring in your ears.
A whisper of death.
Go. And pray for Vijay's soul.
Look, is everything right?
No. no. Let him go.
No, let me go.
Let me go. Let me go.
Greetings, Chandra Naik. We have met after many years.
It is nearly 10-20 years, right. Is it okay?
What happened if it is 20 years?
I never forget the one who works for me once.
You helped me for many years.
Only Chandra Naik was the person..
..who concealed my secret for 20 years.
But now you have committed a mistake? Isn't it?
I am not the old Chandra Naik..
..who used to be scared of your threatening?
If you want you can me too.
Madavan sir's son is there to account for it. - I know.
But I do what I say. Now it is not right for me if you live.
One last settlement.
Jasmine. Both of us know you won't tell.
Vijay who is like brother to me has killed 3 people.
And now he is looking for the 4th. And that is I.K. Thomas.
Naturally they are V.I.P. men Jasmine. I can save you.
Give it to me in writing that they have threatened to kill you.
Tell me the truth. Otherwise Vijay will kill Thomas.
Or Thomas will kill Vijay. - No!
Listen carefully. You have only one way to save Vijay.
Either tell me or the law and let the law take its course.
Hello. - Sir, this is me.
Someone has killed Chandra Naik.
We have found the body at level cross road.
All right. I am coming. You stay there.
I know. Vijay won't do anything wrong consciously.
Chandra Naik will bear witness to prove Vijay right.
Chandra Naik.
All right, listen to the truth.
Jasmine's witness is recorded in this video cassette.
Sir, don't be angry. I am not speaking for Vijay.
But if a criminal like I.K. Thomas escapes and stays a patriot.
Acts and collects young men and comes to power.
If this happens what will the public do.
We policemen have to salute that traitor.
Just watch who salutes whom.
We cannot hurt a moneyed and powerful man like I.K. Thomas.
Wait and see.
Thomas is wrong if he thinks he will escape.. killing Chandra Naik. - What do we do now, sir?
I have heard he has organised a big rally.
His wish to win the election again won't be fulfilled.
He can't fool the public this time.
I won't spare him at any cost. And I mean it.
The bad things that happens in this country.
Even after freedom this country is not free.
And the way I.K. Thomas collected the youth and tried.
I welcome him for that. Welcome him with applause.
Down with I.K. Thomas.
Down with I.K. Thomas. Down with I.K. Thomas.
Down with I.K. Thomas.
Irritated with his party's wrong deeds he has left it 3 years ago.
So now I.K. Thomas has established his own party.
That's why welcome him.
Dear audience. Greetings to all of you.
Down with I.K. Thomas. Down with I.K. Thomas.
The collection of youths is new..
..episode in India's history. It is a change.
Down with I.K. Thomas.
Politics is an open stage.
But that doesn't mean that anyone can come.
You need ability for it.
Nothing can be acquired by burning my effigy.
The truth is India's future is connected..
..with today's youth and not politics.
I am lucky today that I can encourage..
..patriotism among the deviated youth.
This is the biggest day of my political life.
Hail I. K, Thomas.
Today you are sitting and listening.. Hello.
Welcome to True Vision. Greetings.
Thank you that you for came to save this country.. finding time from your busy schedule.
Today you have come to listen something.
Maybe you don't know the reality of patriot I.K. Thomas.
Today I will reveal all the doings of this social worker.
Before telling this truth to you, retired constable..
..Chandra Naik was killed 3 days ago.
And now I am going to let you hear his truth. Listen properly.
I am only scared of my soul.
But I want to tell everything and unburden my soul.
Down with I.K. Thomas.
Down with I.K. Thomas.
Among the people who did bad work were..
..retired justice Chandrasekhar Menon.
Retired DGP R.R. Mohan.
Wine seller Sachitanand.
These 3 have died till now.
And now only one man is left. I.K. Thomas.
And he will be killed too today.
Mr. Anand. You have come at the right time.
The murderer Vijay is here somewhere.
He had adjourned my meeting.
And has threatened to kill me.
Find and arrest him.
Hail I.K. Thomas.
Please, listen to me.
The criminal won't escape.
Arrest Vijay.
We will arrest Vijay at any cost.
I will have to arrest you now.
What are you saying, Mr. Anand?
You will be foolish enough to arrest me.. hearing a murderer's false story.
Or are you acting to save your friend Vijay. Well.
Hail I.K. Thomas. - Hail him.
But will my supporters and my believers won't spare you alive.
Hail I.K. Thomas. - Hail him.
Hail I.K. Thomas. - Hail him.
I know you trust me.
I don't know Chandra Naik who told this tall story.
But Freddie knows.
You have killed Chandra Naik and he is the witness.
And your partner Jhon Vargis has supported you in this murder.
Now, shall I take you into custody?
Shivram. - Sir. - Give him the warrant. - Yes, sir.
I knew I will get you after my long wait.
I won't handover I.K. Thomas to law now.
Your fate is sealed.
Don't beat me. - You will tell your reality to your.. people about your reality.
And tell everyone about your misdeeds yourself. Come.
No. I will tell. I will tell everything.
Whatever Chandra Naik said was true.
I trapped Madhavan's wife Sridevi.
I am the one who made Chandra Naik kill Madhavan.
I accept all my crimes.