Covert Operation (2014) Movie Script

Move! Hurry! Hurry!
Stop him! Stop him!
- Move! Move! Move out of the way!
- Move! Whoa!
What the fuck?
Get back!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Get back!
Too bad for you
there is extradition
between Hong Kong and Thailand.
And you should have
thought about that
before you screwed some little
kids, you piece of shit.
Fuck you, bitch!
He is a pedophile, guys,
come on!
I pay them very well to ignore.
Where are you?
On Kam Yuen street.
Let them arrest you.
don't put any resistance.
And please wait for me.
Your lawyer is here.
To be honest with you,
you're completely screwed.
I could've helped you
before the retrocession,
- but as it is, I just...
- Have you paid the bail?
- Yeah.
How much this time?
10,000 U.S. dollars
and 10 more for the
dismissal of charges.
That's it?
You thought you'd set
a record or what?
Next time maybe.
Time to go.
The police have found
about 10 kids at Khae's.
Beijing has ordered
his extraction.
- Hungry?
- No.
Let's party.
This is for you as well...
Offered by Interpol.
What about my passport?
Your time will come, Gabe.
Okay, I'm good.
- Hello?
- Hey, hola, chica.
So, what country?
Sun, palm trees,
crystal clear sea water...
Guess where?
Um, Scotland?
Cuba? Oh, bien.
You speak Spanish now?
Yeah, un poquito, un poquito.
So you're calling to tell me
you're coming back soon
and I have to book days off,
or that I will have to wait
because you don't have
your passport yet?
Yes, yes, and no.
Hey, you still there?
I just came across the T-shirt
you sent me a year ago.
- Gabriel?
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry,
but I have to go, so...
But I'll call you
back very soon, okay?
- Sleep tight.
- Oh, thank you.
Can't you just give me
a call before you come...
Your mobile is off, Gabe.
But I'd rather you woke me up
instead of that bitch.
Hello, Gabriel.
Did you sleep well?
Can people sleep well
in Hong Kong?
Nobody can sleep well
with the noise
from these restless streets.
I'm not talking
about restless streets.
I'm talking about
restless minds.
Oh, come on, Gabe.
We're going to sit down
and drink our
wonderful cappuccino.
near the north Korean border.
We had an agent posted there,
keeping watch
since Kim Jong II's death,
but we haven't heard
from him for 10 days.
I need you to find him
and bring him back
okay, and what if he is dead?
Do I bring you back his corpse?
This is the last shot
we have of him.
It was taken from a security
camera two months ago.
How many times
are you gonna dump me
with your dirty work?
Look at the photo.
I've already cleaned out
the whole of Asia.
What's next?
I'm only the messenger, okay?
Yeah, who gives me champagne
and gets me to swallow the pill
the day before?
Is that Witaker?
Yes, the guy who pissed
his pants in Rangoon, right?
Gabe, come on.
If someone tortured your
genitals with burning iron,
I'm not sure you'd have kept
a stiff upper lip.
Well, it depends on who's
holding the iron.
If you send
your worst agent up there,
don't be surprised
if he gets lost.
Witaker is my husband,
you prick!
I don't give a shit!
You married him, I didn't.
- But if we don't...
- "We"? There is no "we."
"We" is "me," and don't
start like we are a family.
- I don't buy it.
- Calm down, Gabe, please.
So why don't you inform
the Chinese secret services?
Because his mission was
off the record!
So it is hopeless
and you know it.
All right, if it was me,
would you send a commando
to get me back?
Would it be action stations
in Hong Kong to save poor Gabriel?
Are you kidding me?
You just send a new wanker,
write a report,
and you'd hire another guy
like me to screw him too.
I've been stuck there
for two years now
and every single week
there is a new job for me
and every time you're telling me
it's gonna be the last time.
And here we go again.
You go fuck yourself
and you too.
We have to pay
for our bloody mistakes.
What are you talking about?!
I've paid for it 10 times over.
You have to pay
for your bloody mistake!
- What is wrong with you guys?!
- Calm down.
I've paid for you
and the next motherfucker.
- Pay for it!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Calm down! Calm down!
Sit down and listen, please!
Please sit down now.
Gabriel, if you accept,
Interpol will wipe
your slate totally.
You'll get your passport back.
We replenish your bank account.
It is all written here in black and white.
No bullshit.
I give you my word.
Under which identity am I going?
Meal replacement salesman.
- Prep time?
- One week.
You're gonna love
the suit I found you. cities
in northeastern China,
they felt the tremor caused
by that artificial earthquake
that north Korea later
announced was a nuclear test.
We're told that on the ground
at the border today,
it's business as usual.
The two countries,
China and north Korea,
are separated by the Yalu river
that Chinese military skiffs
are patrolling China's side
of that river, as they often do.
Usually, they are
on high alert, especially...
Witaker's last message
and all
the G.P.S. Coordinates.
It's nothing but a lost
spot in the countryside.
He sent about
10 coordinates per day,
and we've looked everywhere
with no results.
Which means these coordinates
could be a security measure
in case of retrieval?
Yes, could be.
There is one thing.
The last day he sent
twice as many coordinates,
- as if...
- He felt hunted.
Welcome to my future...
The renovations
will be completed soon.
I'll be right back.
To the end of the renovations.
You speak Korean?
I can speak
any language you like.
It's so nice to finally
meet someone out here
that speaks English.
Doesn't happen every day.
Your timing is perfect.
Protection time.
I'm going in.
Hey, take it easy.
Relax, all right?
Stop it!
Stop it!
- Let go of me!
- Shh.
- Do you speak English?
- Yes.
- What's your name?
- Gong.
- Gong, are you okay?
- No.
Put your clothes back on.
Who are you?
I'm on your side.
All right, she coming with us.
Who the hell are you?
We have to leave this place
before they get here.
- Who?
Oh shit!
No, no,
please don't! No!
No! No!
Let me go! No!
How do you like the design?
A smell of pee,
and a dickhead on the wall.
That's north Korea, right?
What language would
you like me to speak?
Korean? Chinese?
- Latin?
- English is the nearest I can manage.
What are you doing
in north Korea?
One hour ago, I was in China
and your friends took me here,
so you tell me.
What are you doing
in north Korea?
What are you doing
in north Korea?
Do you ask every
question three times?
I'd like to carry on
this interview peacefully.
Is it a job interview?
Thank you very much,
but I'm not interested.
Are you helping north Korean
traitors to cross the border?
Can you go fuck yourself?
Are you a journalist?
Have you come to north Korea
to make an attempt
on our glorious comrade's life?
About your comrade's life,
I don't give a fuck.
You Americans are responsible
for these blackouts.
I'm not American.
French, English, Americans...
You're all the same.
Even your flags
have the same colors.
Oh yeah?
And what about your flag,
you smartass?
Do you remember
the great famine?
My whole family died
because of it.
I had to...
I had to eat rats.
And when there were
no more rats,
I have to eat dead bodies.
We turned morgues into canteens
while you were
stuffing hamburgers.
My people were starving
while you were growing fat.
Why do you work
with the Chinese?
I don't work with this guy.
You don't care if we kill him?
You can also cook and eat him.
Did you hear that, Dimitri?
Dimitri, did you hear that?
Do you know the difference
between lancet and scalpel?
Well, your friend
is about to find out very soon.
Our great leader says
we needed only four toes.
What do you think?
I think you don't need
your balls either.
Shower's over, honey.
Jinseyun says do what you want.
Me, Dimitri from Kamtchatka.
In Kamtchatka,
the children are taught
to pull out intestine
and put back in
without killing.
Let's go.
Keep an eye on the Chinese.
My face!
The bitch ruined my face!
Hey, you speak English?
Fuck you...
So where is the girl?
Fuck you, American!
I'm not American.
International calls
are not allowed.
Please hold the line.
International calls
are not allowed.
You dare waste
north Korean sacred rice?!
Sacred rice, my ass.
The situation is under control.
Who is this?
Barack Obama, bitch!
Dimitri, you must go
to the meeting room now.
He must not uncover our plan.
And get the mercenaries now.
Me, Dimitri from Kamtchatka.
And I'm Gabriel,
and I'm going to show you
how to stuff a goose!
You're never gonna
get me! Never!
Where are you hiding,
I was good looking,
wasn't I, gong?
I was good looking...
And then you stole my face!
No! No! No!
Hey. Go away.
Go away, man.
They're gonna catch you.
I'm screwed.
Just go, go.
North Korea's already after me.
And trust me, I don't want to have
any trouble with your country, too.
So just hold on, okay?
Hold on.
You're not going
to stop the bleeding.
You don't know where gong is?
Just hold on, hold on.
Which service do you work for?
All of them.
By conviction?
I knew it.
So what were you doing
in the mansion?
Many girls disappeared
in the last few months.
It's supposed to have been
under construction,
but I've never seen
any workers there.
Because it's a fucking tunnel
between China and north Korea.
Tunnels are usually dug
to get out of this country,
not to get in.
Help her, will you?
They can make an exception.
Take care.
No! No! No! No!
Hey, you're okay?
It's okay, it's okay,
it's over. Okay?
You are all right?
Yeah, it's just paint.
Okay, we need to go
now, now, now, now.
It's okay.
It's okay.
That's where we wanna go.
Come on, don't worry.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
- It's all right.
It's okay, we're here now.
We're going to help you.
- Shh, shh.
We can help, okay?
We can help.
Shh! Be quiet!
It's okay. It's all right.
We're here now.
We're gonna help you.
Shh. don't worry.
- don't worry.
- We'll get you out of here.
don't scream or the soldiers
will come, please.
Get your fucking torch
out of my face!
Gabe, is that you?
No, I'm the pope in blackface.
What are you doing here?
How many more stupid
questions do you have?
I'm here for you, man.
- don't you get it?
- Yeah.
That's why I'm here.
Yeah, I mean,
you found me all right then.
That's my job.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Just back away.
All right.
- Come here, mate.
- Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, you save it for Joan, okay?
Who is this?
It's okay.
She is with us.
All right, stay here, okay?
Come on.
Just wait, just wait.
Dirty fucker.
Come out, out.
We gotta move out of here.
You're coming with us.
- Kill our families... deportation.
- Come on!
Move! Move!
Get back to your cells.
Get back to your cells.
Should I cut her ear?
Is it time to talk?
Look behind you.
Filthy American!
You think you rule the world,
but you're nothing at all!
On a scale from one to 10,
- how would you rate your pain?
Five? Not more?
You're a disgrace...
To your nation.
How can you kill
your own people?
You have noticed
we live in harsh conditions.
I can't even afford
a decent life.
To make ends meet,
I make little films
that I sell to my friends.
By the way,
some of my buyers are American.
Some people are willing
to pay quite a good price
to see a Yankee die.
It'll be a huge success.
Where are they taking us?
In there.
Hurry, get in.
...more blood.
don't expect me
to say "cut."
We are the one
calling the shots.
Who the fuck are you?
Get dressed.
...American man!
Dimitri? Viktor?
Dimitri and Viktor are dead,
you son of a bitch.
Haven't you taken up
enough air time?
While there's
Lucifer to light your fag...
Smile, boys,
that's the style
what's the use
of worrying?
It never was worthwhile
so pack up your troubles
in your old kit bag
and smile,
smile, smile.
It's a pity
we didn't meet earlier.
You'd have been
the biggest star.
Fucking bulletproof glass!
Gabe. Gabe.
- You all right?
- Yeah, never better, mate.
- So where is gong?
- Jinseyun has got her.
Just get out of your car
so I can rip your head off,
you son of a bitch!
I have to take you
back to Pyongyang.
Have you changed your mind?
Where's Gabriel?
He is dealing with jinseyun.
Okay, all right, let's go.
Do you know where you're going?
The border's right there.
We've got to reach the river
before they send
for reinforcements, okay?
No, no, no, no.
Please, please. Family.
Come on! Come on!
- Do you speak Korean?
- No.
You look like you do.
- Come on.
- No, please.
You stay here, you're out, okay?
- Come on, you'll die!
- Parents.
- We have to go.
- You'll die! Come on!
- We have to go!
- Come on, girls.
Let them go!
Let them go.
I bet you this shit
is American-made.
That leaves you a 50-50
chance for killing me...
If you have the balls.
I can see the field of malls.
I feel the freedom
of the enterprise.
I can taste the smell
of the junk food.
I see your country now.
You don't know my country.
All right?
What happened to the girls?
They refused to come.
- What?
- I couldn't convince them, mate.
Their families would be
slaughtered if they came with us.
What took you so long?
- Greenberg?
- Five klicks that way.
Gabe, what are you
fucking doing?
Just tell Joan to do
what she promised, okay?
Okay, let's go.
Move! Move!
I've got your back.
What the hell are you doing?!
Move! Come on!
No, I'm not coming.
Are you completely insane?
You're coming with us now!
No way, I'm gonna help
the Korean girls first.
Oh, don't tell me
- you're gonna sacrifice yourself again.
- Oh yeah.
It's no longer
your problem, Gabe!
You're gonna get
your passport back.
You gonna get the money.
Exactly what you asked for.
You made it!
No, if the villagers
get killed like in Mexico,
I didn't make it.
If you go back there,
they're going to kill you.
You really think
this tiny dictatorship
is going to keep me away
from anything?
- - Are you in Paris?
Yes. So you are?
No, not yet.
What is that?
The engine of a plane.
Are you at the airport?
Yes, I wanted
to make it a surprise,
but my flight's delayed.
- You're in Seoul?
- No, just a Korean guy
who's pissed.
I don't know why.
Look, I'm gonna
have to go, but...
I see you
in a couple of days, okay?
Okay, I'll wait for you.