COVID-21: Lethal Virus (2021) Movie Script

...December and most citizens
continue to enjoy the beaches.
...reaches 45 degrees Celsius. warming
exponentially accelerates...
..the thaw is exposing
and well-preserved wastes.
...protesters against
climate change
as the rise in the water
levels reaches its maximum...
Millions of climate refugees...
...investigation teams
to the Antarctica.
Thaw exposes prehistoric
and well-preserved.
Doctors say it is some
kind of viral outbreak
of unknown origin...
Chaos spreads throughout
the mains cities.
Experts have named the unknown
coronavirus as Covid-21.
It's spreading
across the country.
Symptoms include
disorientation, seizures,
and attacks of rage.
Martial law has been declared
throughout the country.
Hospitals have been
declared in quarantine.
The authorities
have cordoned the area off
without making any
type of declaration.
This is Covid-21.
People demand solutions
to governments.
A global pandemic.
Refugees spill over the borders.
The government tries to contain.
The doctors who
assist them don't know.
Thousands of people
are trying to leave the cities.
Chaos spreads through
the main cities.
The authorities have cordoned
the area off
without making any...
The strange effects
of the coronavirus
are spreading across
the country.
Three hospitals have been
declared in quarantine.
World Health Organization
advises isolation.
Physical contact is prohibited.
The spread
of the new coronavirus
is worrying the World Health
...Civil rights
to ensure...
Martial law has been declared.
Some survivors tell horrible
stories about infected people.
Violence it's spreading
out of control.
An official government
announced the martial law.
It is the biggest
pandemic in history.
We are facing a global pandemic.
Call for disobedience
through social media.
We don't know
what's going on.
...the infected act
with extreme violence.
This is an official
government announcement.
Recommend saving water and--
The police can't stop them,
the army is trying
to contain them.
...close doors and windows.
God bless us.
The virus spreads at great...
Communications systems are
clashed by emergency calls.
No one go near hospitals
or places of contagion.
The incidents are repeated in
the capitals and major cities.
We are at war with the virus.
Declared in quarantine, the
authorities have cordoned off
the area without making any
This is the biggest
pandemic in history.
We have to make some sacrifices
for the good of humanity.
What's going on?
Okay. Okay. Bye.
- Charlie! Let's go.
...and activists
have entrenched themselves
in front of the building
demanding answers.
They're protesting
the imposition of martial law.
The spread
of the new coronavirus
is worrying
the World Health Organization.
that has met urgently.
We are facing
a global pandemic.
This is an official
government announcement
the passage through public
places is forbidden.
Martial law has been declared
throughout the country.
Suspension of civil
rights to ensure security.
The prohibition of going the
street by authorities continues.
The government recommends
saving water
and collecting food.
Doctor Allyson, epidemiologist
and coronavirus expert
just landed.
[crowd clamoring]
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
[people screaming]
What the fuck's going on, man?!
What the fuck?!
Aha! Yeah. Aha.
Yes, Sir, I'll be there.
Yeah, understood.
Yes, Sir, I'll be there.
[baby cries]
Have you changed her nappy yet?
What happened?
I have to go.
No, no way, Canum.
You promised me.
We are dealing
with a global alert.
Well, let them call
someone else.
My mom will come
to help you with the baby.
Come on.
In movies it always works.
Jesus Christ!
Oh, smokes... smoking kills.
Good to know...
I love these...
they smell so good.
First phase completed, Sir.
Come on, Canum,
you and your team should
escort the science team
to the lab
as soon as possible.
Things are getting too
too fast at this end.
Yes, Sir.
- Turn that shit down.
- Oh, come on.
Do you think you are
still in the army, man?
This is not Afghanistan.
Loosen up, bro.
Wait till we get there.
What the fuck is that?
A crash?
I'll get on the radio.
Don't stop.
Are we stopping?
No, we are not stopping.
Okay, boss. Fine with me.
Lovecraft to eco-base.
Sir, do you copy?
What's happening, bro?
We lost comms.
What? Here?
What the fuck man!
Shit! I didn't see it
was moving.
A girl?
From the crash maybe?
I guess.
We drive around her
and keep moving, no?
No way, dude.
Oh, come on,
you know we have orders.
No stopping
under any circumstances,
and that girl
is any circumstances.
We'll call when we get
back to radio coverage.
You know I can't.
Come on.
We'll pick her up and
drop her off somewhere safe.
We are stopping to pick up
a survivor of the crash.
What's happening?
We'll stay
in the leader vehicle
until we find somewhere safe,.
There is a girl
in the middle of the road.
Did he say there's a girl?
Hey, sweetie.
Are you okay?
Stop there!
This is a military convoy!
Do not get closer!
We will open fire! Stop!
This is fucking wrong.
Stop there!
[gun firing]
Get back to the transport!
Why are they attacking us?
What the fuck kind
of samples are they?
[gun firing]
Let's go!
What's happening?
Can we help you?
[gun firing]
Get back to the transport! Move.
What the fuck just happened?
What are those things?
You see what happens when they
bite? Did you see their eyes?
Save the question
for later, Johnson.
The whole fucking unit.
The whole damn unit, man.
We lost them because of that
fucking girl. Because of you.
Shut up, soldier.
We have a mission.
Yeah, what mission?
The one you just ruined?
None of this would've
ever happened
if you didn't send anybody
to check out that fucking girl.
And now what, Captain?
Now keep that fucking mouth
shut and your eyes open.
We have to get along here.
I will try to make
contact by satellite.
Lovecraft to eco-base.
Did you receive me?
Sir, we are in a critical
The convoy has been attacked.
We have lost the entire unit,
we need reinforcements.
We're in Defcon 1.
We are under global
biological emergency.
Complete your mission.
Do not expect reinforcements.
Sir, the mission has failed.
We have lost everyone,
including the scientific delegation.
Dr. Allyson's biological
sensor is still active
about 15 kilometers west
of her position.
Locate her,
it is an absolute priority.
Only she can stop
the infection.
I am losing the...
You must protect her and
escort her to the laboratory.
I'm losing the signal.
Complete your mission.
Sir? Sir?
So, what now?
We have a mission.
[heavy breathing]
[bird singing]
Have you been bitten?
No! Please! Don't shoot!
You're leading those
bloodsuckers into my territory.
Come on,
we gotta get out of here.
Come on!
[heavy breathing]
I think we lost them.
Now who the fuck are you?
My name's Allyson.
I'm a biochemist.
Ah, just what we need.
Another fucking scientist.
What the fuck were you doing
out here playing zombie bait?
I'm headed to the west,
I have a mission.
Do you have a phone?
I really need to make a call.
You mean the government's
favorite spy gadget?
Hell, no.
Who doesn't have a phone?
Yeah, seriously. Shut up.
Shut the fuck up now, okay?
You're gonna get us
both killed.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Come on.
[bird singing]
This looks really bad my friend.
So, who killed him?
That little brainy bitch?
No way.
Where are the remains?
There's someone else.
Where are we going?
I got a secure cabin
ready for lockdown
until this blows over.
It's stocked up with food
and weapons and good to go.
That's where I'm going.
Where are you going,
I don't know.
Oh yeah, the west, the west.
What's in the west, anyway?
I have to get to Baxton, okay?
You can't get
to Baxton from here.
Because you'd have
to go to Oates.
You have to go
past Oates and...
there's no way
you can cross Oates.
Oates is loaded
with those brain suckers.
Like any town for that matter.
Towns are like motherfucking,
brain sucker
incubators or something.
Well, maybe I can go around.
That's why there is no way
getting around it, okay?
Not to the south,
not to the north.
It just can't be done.
Are you sure?
I mean I have to get there,
I have to try.
You're not hearing me, are you?
I thought you were the--
the scientist.
You can't get there.
Too far away, too many towns.
I have to, you don't understand.
I've been studying this virus
for the last few weeks.
There's a possibility that
the effects can be reversed.
Reverse the virus?
what are you talking about?
So about two months ago
we had the first case.
You know the thaw, right?
The ice is melting.
Well, some prehistoric remains
were discovered in Antarctica
and there was a scientific
some of the best scientists
in the world
went out there
to study these remains.
And they must have come
into contact with something.
Some virus latent
able to withstand extremely
cold temperatures.
Yeah, you're telling me
your scientists
are responsible for us getting
our brains sucked out.
Is that what you're saying?
This is...
Why does this surprise me?
I'm saying the virus
was exposed
because the ice is melting.
Listen, what's important is...
You need to know
it's spread by bodily fluids
and it can control anything
with a central nervous system.
Even if the heart
stops beating.
Yeah, and it starts
with the bleeding.
From the eyes and the mouth
and the nose and these burning.
temperatures and violent aggression
and uncontrollable hunger.
Even if the heart
stops beating,
that's just messed up.
I know how it sounds,
but you've seen it
for yourself.
You know, I've just about
had enough of this crap,
and of you, to be honest.
You're not listening to me,
I need to get to Baxton.
The samples from the original--
Too dangerous.
They're in the lab in Baxton,
I could cure
these monsters, please.
Shut up!
I tell you what we can do.
My cabin's right on
the other side of the mountain.
I can get you so far,
and there's about
a day's walk to Baxton.
I'll show you some paths.
But I'm telling you
it's suicide.
Anyway, you gotta stay
away from towns, okay?
Towns are death, baby.
Towns are death.
And that's it.
Why won't you listen to me?
I can stop this.
Yeah, well good
luck with that, miss.
I ain't going with you.
My name is Allyson.
Yeah, well, I ain't going
with you, Allyson.
You really are
a pain in the ass.
All right, if you are coming
with me there are two rules.
Rule number one:
don't piss me off.
Rule number two:
watch out for the skinny ones.
Those are some really
sneaky little fuckers.
They are extremely sensitive
to any kind of...
visual and auditory stimuli.
In other words, you make any
kind of noise...
you got them on your ass.
Are we clear?
What is that?
What the fuck are they doing?
They are eating
that animal alive.
Are they human?
Are they smelling us?
Like wild wolves.
[gun fire]
Let's go.
Don't you care that this
is happening everywhere?
We're talking about
the extinction
of the human race here.
Why should we care?
Does anyone you cross
on the street give a fuck
whether we live or die?
Adapt and survive,
that's my motto.
Except I'm not fucking
boy scout.
And you're not worried
that there are living dead
people everywhere.
What difference does it make?
At least they
are not spreading shit
on social media
and taking selfies.
Humanity has gone
to hell long ago
but we were too busy
to notice.
Please, you have to help me.
No way.
But if you help me
we could change things.
Well, maybe, but what for?
What do you mean what for?
A society that doesn't take care
of its own
is doomed to extinction.
Where there are no values
there's no future.
You really have no faith
in humanity, do you?
Surely there's something
worth saving, someone.
Yeah, who do you
want to save, huh?
Let's hear it.
People that slap you
down for no reason.
Morons that think
they're better than you
because they have
a doctor's title.
Rich fucks that spend
their money on bullshit.
while half the world
are starving to death.
And what motherfucking
rose-covered planet
have you been living on?
Because on mine
there's nothing but crap.
There are people
worth living for,
people worth fighting for.
Don't you have a family?
Yeah, sure,
an ex-wife and alimony to pay.
And you don't care about anyone?
Do they care about me?
I don't know but I'd do
anything to protect my family.
Let me give you
a last piece of advice:
don't get your hopes up
for humanity.
You might save yourself
from a major disappointment.
An old mining town.
Well, maybe there's a phone
or water or a car, something.
Yeah, a fountain
of champagne, hmm.
Why didn't I think of that?
I'm so glad
I brought you with me.
That's probably the reason
why you earn the big bucks.
Looks clear.
It all seems so deserted here.
What do you think happened?
I don't know but
it sure is dead now.
Okay, let's go.
- Wait.
- What?
Can we rest?
Please, you said it's safe.
You're almost there.
It's not far anymore.
All right,
we camp here tonight...
and we go on tomorrow.
You sleep over there.
You rest first.
I take first watch.
Stop it!
Save some bullets.
I thought I'd come quietly,
It's obvious you,
with your screaming
you already...
made a breakfast call,
I'm sorry. I was asleep.
I didn't expect--
Go, go, go!
Just let them in.
Just do it.
Fuck, what is this place?
A fucking trap!
Thanks to you,
fucking hell!
I'm sorry!
Sorry, won't give us shit!
Fucking hell!
Maybe, if we wait
they'll just leave.
Yeah, maybe, maybe we
feed them with Big Macs!
So they die
of food poisoning, fucking hell!
Fucking screaming
like a little girl!
Fucking hell!
There must be
something we can use.
You know it's just
a matter of time this door,
this door's gonna give in.
We're gonna be screwed.
Fucking hell!
This is all I can find!
A fucking bottle of water!
Of water!
I suppose we're safe now!
Fucking hell!
Yeah, you cry!
Yeah, fucking hell!
What, you got another
fucking brilliant idea
of yours?
What? A door?
You saw a door.
What the fuck is this?
It's a drain.
We got no choice.
It's full of rats.
There's something else
down here.
I really hope that was a rat.
That's not a rat.
The gun, take the gun.
Shoot, come on, shoot!
Shoot, come on!
Run! Run! Run!
Come on, run!
Fuck! Fuck! No!
Are you coming?
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
I know, listen,
I want to talk
to you about something.
Sorry about...
Sorry talking to you
like that before.
It's fine.
I um...
thank you for saving
my ass back there.
It's okay, you're welcome.
Scott, that's my name.
What was that?
I don't know,
but I don't like it.
It could be a rescue team.
Yeah, it could be anything.
But maybe they could help us.
Maybe not.
Sir, did you receive me?
We are blind.
I just keep wondering
if everything just went to hell,
why are we risking it.
Because we have a mission.
What mission?
I don't think there's
anything left to defend.
The doctor?
Do we have another option?
Wait, wait, wait.
I don't like this.
I don't like this one bit.
Maybe they have phones.
Come on.
Excuse me, hi.
What are you doing?
Jesus Christ.
Hold on there, friend.
Let's see what we got here.
Ok, ok...
Please, we have an emergency.
Oh, an emergency.
Oh, well look around you honey.
Of course it's an emergency.
the whole world's gone to shit.
I need to make a call,
do you have a phone?
What kind of fool
you take me for?
Of course I've got one, here.
You're welcome to try it,
but the lines
are all saturated.
It's all gone to hell.
Yeah, me and the boy's been
pretty busy
since this all started.
I see you've been keeping
yourself entertained.
Uh, we started off in town...
but my friend,
I don't mind telling you,
we lost some good men
out there, yes we did.
It's hard to hear that,
but you still got
a good-sized group.
Hell, we're thinking about
organizing another raid
if you want to join.
Um, we're gonna have
to take a raincheck on that.
We got dinner plans.
We need help, please.
We have a mission.
Oh, a mission, oh, right,
yes, Sir, ma'am.
Well, I wouldn't call it
a mission.
Forgive me though cause
you two don't look like.
there's many of you
or is there some others.
hiding in the darkness
We are the only ones left.
Oh, I get it now, all those
monsters scare you, honey? Ay?
Those sons of bitches
get you bad?
By the way, you don't
happen to have some water.
and some extra ammo,
by any chance?
Oh, well, of course,
anything for
my new friends, hell.
Come on. Come on,
over here with me, come on.
So tell me, what exactly
is your mission, beautiful?
I'm a biochemist
and I need to get to Baxton.
to a laboratory.
I can synthesize
the cure and end all this.
End all this?
How the hell are you going
to end all this?
I just don't know
what to tell you.
But I do know something,
I'm starting to get used to
survival of the strongest.
Just take whatever I want
whenever I want it.
Oh, hell, I'm just kidding.
Hey, oh, you should have
seen your face. Fucking hell.
Oh, hey, hey, we got to
make out of each other.
if we want to make
it out alive, right?
Long live humanity, right?
What the fuck's going on now?
Well, you know the boys they've
been drinking to relieve.
the tension.
It's been a few days of hell
but what does a man want anyway?
Well, a drink and a woman,
but as women go there
ain't too many around here,
so, we have two drinks.
You know what, we really
appreciate your help, really,
but we got to get going now.
Oh, what's the rush?
Ain't you going to stay
and enjoy the party?
Hell, the world's gone to fucked.
Seriously why not enjoy
what you have left?
You know what, if I may...
just talk to my partner
for just a second.
Of course, yeah.
You don't mind, do you?
No, of course.
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
I need help.
- You won't get it.
- Why?
- He can't be trusted.
- Why?
Do you need a fucking sign
painted on their forehead?
No, I don't need
a sign I need help.
You won't get it here.
They seem more willing
than you.
You've only taken me halfway.
They obviously have what I need.
Okay, I owe you.
I want to help you.
I'm going to take you to Baxton
for help,
but for now let's get
the fuck out of here, okay?
[gun shots]
Fuck , run, run.
Have they followed us?
Shut up, man.
They're very close.
Shut up, watch out here.
[gun shots]
[gun shots]
[gun shots continue]
Why don't they fucking die?
Shoot them in the head.
[gun shots continue]
Drop the rifle down.
You know one of them?
Hey, captain, this one's alive.
Hey, buddy.
We need to know some stuff.
Have you seen a woman
who looks like a nerd?
Yeah, man, yeah, I think so.
She said she was going
to Baxton.
Baxton? Are you sure?
I don't know, man, she said
she had some sort of mission.
Sir, Baxton is 100 kilometres
away from the target,
it's too far from the lab.
It's freezing.
Yep, welcome climate change...
but you must have seen
that coming, you're a scientist.
Yeah, not a weather announcer.
Bread and circuses.
What does that even mean?
My father used to say that.
- Weird.
- Never mind.
Hey, for being a scientist
you're not too smart, are you?
I'm smart enough.
You just don't know it yet.
Yeah, right...
Smoke and mirrors.
Swings and roundabouts.
What, oh, you're not smart.
You're not a scientist because,
I mean,
you can't be.
If I wasn't a scientist
you wouldn't be traipsing
through the forest.
trying to save humanity
with me, would you?
Hey, you're giving yourself
too much importance.
You know, I'm just going to my
way you're just coming along.
From inside a cabin.
bet you wish you were there now.
Oh yeah, I love my cabin.
I got my fire.
I got my whiskey.
[intense music]
Can't you light
a fire or something?
That's dry wood there.
I can't, that's the first
thing they would see.
[heavy breathing]
I didn't think
we'd end up like this.
As a species, I mean.
You still don't get it, do you?
If the virus doesn't kill us all
it's going to
be world war three,
Fucking climate change, or
goddamn asteroid. I don't know.
it doesn't matter,
like with the dinosaurs.
Once upon a time
they walked the earth,
they were like motherfucking
kings of the world
until universe decided
to wipe them out.
End of story.
Now it's our turn,
now it's our turn.
And we fucking deserve it.
We are a motherfucking plague
to this planet.
You have no faith
in humanity, do you?
Seriously. None?
Who would you save?
Say just one person.
Who would you say? Like
fucking Gandhi? Your father?
Yeah, I would save my father.
Okay? I would save my family.
I would save you.
You don't know what the fuck
you're talking about, okay?
You're a good person.
You don't know me.
Don't I?
You don't know me, you don't
talk about me, all right?
You've brought me here.
Listen, you're judging me
about what I've done these days.
Yeah, because who else would
traipse across the forest
through sun and snow
to trying risk
their lives to save humanity?
That's what
you're actually doing.
You don't know me.
You don't know what I have done.
- You know nothing about me!
- What have you done? Tell me.
- You know nothing about me.
- What have you done, tell me?
I killed someone, okay?
It's not enough for you?
Who? Who did you kill?
I fought in Afghanistan.
I was just 25.
They sent me over there.
I'd never been
outside my home state.
They said we were there
for the right reasons.
Well, I shot a kid.
A kid? Why?
He had a grenade launcher.
They said he was a target.
They said I had
to protect my own.
But he was a child.
I shot him down.
He was maybe my little brother's
age at the time, I don't know.
I can't sleep since.
All right?
I can't fucking sleep since.
I don't believe it.
I just... [gasps]
I was devastated.
I had nightmares.
I tried to find his family.
I found the house where
he lived.
Nobody was there.
A neighbor told me
they were
at their two sons funeral.
They just lost
their only two sons.
You wanna fucking
save the world.
What would you say this is?
A fucking plant.
To you... to me it's life.
Growing out of the dead
concrete against all odds.
Don't you see?
There's always a reason
to carry on.
Whatever you say, doctor...
whatever you say...
[music continues]
[suspense music]
We might actually make it.
Thanks, really.
Goddamn it. Look!
- So, is it one of these houses?
- Yeah.
Which one?
There, behind those.
Over there?
That's a strange place
for a lab.
All right follow me.
This way, come on.
We need a vehicle.
Hey don't worry.
I'll steal this one for you.
Do you trust this guy?
Do we have another option?
What the fuck is this place?
- Shit.
- What?
Don't just stand there,
help me.
Yeah, okay.
- Something behind the door.
- Hold this.
Hurry up.
Scott, hurry up.
I'm doing what I can.
Scott, hurry up.
Get out of the way.
Okay, after you Doctor Allyson.
Sara? Sara?
Shut up, Jesus Christ.
No fucking way this is a lab.
Stop, stop.
Last round.
I don't have much left either.
Let's go.
Fuck those guys, man.
I'm getting the fuck
out of here.
[motor starting]
Ah, yes!
No, no, no. Fuck off,
go away. Leave me alone.
You fucking bastard.
Fuck you, fuck you guys.
I trusted you. I trusted you.
Where is she?
Where is Charlie?
You promised.
You would look after her.
You promised you would
look after until the end.
No, don't shoot, please.
It's Sara.
Who the fuck is Sara?
Charlie? Charlie?
Charlie, Charlie!
Charlie, are you in there?
Open the door for mommy!
Charlie, come on. Let me in.
My baby.
Oh, you're alive, you're alive.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
You sure you're okay?
Yeah? [laughing]
I love you so much.
Oh, I love you so much.
Scott, Scott, wait.
- Scott!
- I knew it.
I knew it. I knew it!
What the fuck am I doing here?!
Jesus Christ almighty!
- Please, please.
- Fuck!
Scott, please. I'm sorry.
Everything was just a lie.
I tried to tell you
but I was scared.
I had to find her.
You found her. Be happy.
No, wait, please.
Goodbye, Allyson.
Where are you going?
There's nowhere left to go.
I fucking trusted you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Please, I'm sorry.
Thank you for saving my mom.
Say something.
Tell me she
doesn't deserve a chance.
Tell me, come on.
Tell me!
Go, go, go...
Jesus Christ, go, go.
Go, go, go.
Run, run, run.
Scott, wait.
Come on.
Go away! Go away!
Come on! Run!
Run, run.
Run, run.
Fuck you!
She's there, fuckers.
[gun shots]
Okay, Charlie,
I need you to wait here, okay?
Are you okay?
[suspenful music]
Wait, wait!
Charlie are you okay? Yeah?
I'm glad to see you,
Captain Canum.
Me too, Doctor.
Sir, did you read me?
Canum, did you get it?
Sir, we have the target.
Come on, soldier, I don't know
how much we can take.
You are the only hope.
All right, Sir.
So, what now?
Complete the mission.