Cowboy Angels (2006) Movie Script

Another one.
Stop playing now, that's enough!
Did you hear me, Kevin?
OK, now put your things away!
Did you do your homework?
Yes, I'm done.
Do you have a light?
Officially I quit, but today...
Last year, I tried to stop,
I lasted two weeks!
Well it's just to go with my
drink... but even that,
I'm stopping everything.
- Have a drink with us.
- Can we go?
OK, just one, because it's a party!
Wait a minute!
So, a toast?
Well, he doesn't want to toast.
Oh, but it's a party.
Hey Ginette, what are we celebrating today?
Did you see the wolf?
It's spring, isn't it?
Did you eat, Kevin?
I don't want you whining for
a sandwich back at the hotel.
Can I have a bag of chips, please?
Here, your chips, you happy?
Yes, thank you.
He's beautiful, isn't he?
I made him.
- I want to go, mom.
- Just a minute.
I have to go.
Stay with us.
You're not gonna go now.
My bodyguard is getting
a bit heavy here!
Come on.
Come on, stay with us!
No, I have to go.
Come on.
Hey you, your drinks have to be paid!
I'm playing my game!
Don't you have anything better to do?
Shouldn't you be in school anyway?
It's the end of the year, school's out.
That's not enough.
Hey, this is no soup kitchen.
Tell your mom
we don't run tabs here.
That's for him...
That's mine... the coffee.
Thanks for the Coke.
What's your name?
What's yours?
Pablo? Isn't Kevin your name?
No. Pablo's my real name.
I'm really part Spanish.
I have a job for you.
No, I'm serious. I need a driver
to take me to Spain.
And he'll be well paid.
How much?
How much?
Uh... I don't know yet.
So, are you in or out?
Then, get lost!
Here sweetie, look,
I got you a bronie.
It's not a bronie,
it's a "brow-nie"!
Where are you going?
Off for the weekend, I told you.
With that guy?
That guy has a name, Patrick, OK?
So stop messing things up.
- You were leaving without telling me?
- No
I left you 50 euros, see?
And don't spend it all on video games.
You have to eat, too, all right?
Listen sweetheart,
you have to help me, OK?
This guy can really help us.
Sure, he's really going to help us.
But I don't care!
I'd much rather stay here
than be with that jerk.
Do you know
what time it is?
Exactly. You should go to bed now.
I'm finishing my game.
Listen, you are not the boss
around here.
I was just finishing up, Jesus!
Off you go now!
And where's your mother anyway?
She's gone on a business trip!
That's enough!
How many times do I have
to tell you we're closed!
Go back home now!
What are you doing?
I'm going to bed.
I'm going to bed.
Hey, the winner never
leaves the poker table first.
I only see one asshole winning here,
and that's you!
Hey, those guys are here.
Leave me alone, OK?
This is for the two grand.
Son of a bitch!
Go away!
I said go away!
What are you doing?
Get lost!
Does it hurt?
No, it's OK.
Do you have a bottle opener?
Those guys...
- Do they know where you live?
- Yes.
You can come to my hotel
if you want.
Are you staying in a hotel?
Yeah, with my mother,
but she's not there.
You can come.
And how much do I get
for taking you to Spain?
I'm still figuring it out.
Do you have dough or not?
Of course I do!
Can I see it?
Yes... at the hotel.
Then let's go.
You can sit here, if you want.
Can you turn around, please?
Where does this money come from?
It's my mom's. You didn't think
we were going to live here forever, did you?
I think there are ten of them.
What are you doing?
Give it back to me.
Give it back, please.
- Where's your money now?
- Give it back to me!
Who did you steal this from?
Nobody. It's my mother's
savings for the rent.
Give it back, you turd!
- What do you do now?
- Give it back!
I hate you.
Who's the jerk now?
Did you think I would take you to Spain
with your mom's money?
I'll find somebody else
to take me there.
Hide you money before
somebody else steals it,
and get me a beer.
There's some in the bag over there.
OK, you can split now.
What's holding you up?
You can leave now.
OK, Pablo.
I'll take you.
I thought you didn't want
my mom's money?
Well, I guess I need
a change of scenery.
You promise?
We've had a report of a child
living alone in this hotel.
We do have a kid living here
with his mother.
What's their room?
Number 30.
It's the social services,
they've come for me.
Good morning.
Children's Services.
We are looking for a boy.
No kids here.
We were told he was in this room.
If you don't mind, we'll have a look.
You got the wrong room, you woke me up,
I'm hungover,
and I don't give a shit about the brat
you're looking for, get it?
I want my money now. Come on!
That's not what we'd said,
I pay you when we get there.
That's not what we'd said?
Oh really?
What are you doing?
Get out!
Give me my money
or get out.
Only one half. The other half
when we find my father. Deal?
OK, deal. Hurry up.
- You're kidding me?
- Why am I kidding you?
That's it?
Yes, that's it.
You have a poker game and
all you come up with is 250 euros.
There was no poker.
I don't see how you'll pay
Skoba back with this.
That's all I have.
Well, I've got this deal,
we might get triple the money.
How long?
Call me in 3 days,
I'll let you know. OK?
- Don't mess up.
- No problem.
What if you get caught?
I never do.
Anyway, that's my business.
That's your business?
You're fucking kidding?
You don't even have any ID.
I can be charged for anything!
Kidnapping, corruption of a minor.
All that for 3 bags of candy!
Did you think about that?
For all I know your mother's
put out a search warrant!
That's not her style at all!
You clown!
No big deal!
Well, you just won't get any!
They're all smashed!
Do you want some?
We're on the freeway!
E viva Espaa!
What kind of music
do you listen to?
Who cares...
What type? Rap? R&B?
Rock 'n' roll?
Or Jazz maybe?
I hate Jazz.
Don't you?
Where's Sky radio?
Your radio sucks.
Hey listen! You forgot to mention
"chauffeur with radio."
Check out the car!
Wow! Don't you love Jaguars?
I don't give a shit about cars.
And the Mercedes,
don't you like the M2857?
I don't give a damn.
Right. 'Cause you can't buy them.
In Germany, they are cheaper,
you could buy a Beamer.
Listen, I'm off to Spain here
to unload a brat; I'm kinda busy.
Right! I get it,
like I'm for sale. Right!
Ever seen "Once upon a time in the West"?
Do you remember
the very very end?
He has to carry his father
on his shoulders, or he'll die.
And then he falls. It's horrible.
Don't you think I look like him?
Maybe not, but with this!
I lifted it at the station.
You'll see, when I do
my pompadour,
if I don't look like the King!
You never shut up?
Hey, a Buffalo Grill!
Can we go there?
No, it's expensive
and it tastes like shit!
Aren't you hungry?
Ready to order?
Steak, fries and coke, please.
The children's menu?
It's cheaper, that's what he wants.
Yes, I'll take that.
Steak, fries and a beer.
Are you sure your father
will be happy to see you?
Well, he wrote to me.
He found my address.
He's waiting for me, that's all.
What's your father doing in Spain?
He's Spanish, you dumbo.
He has a restaurant
and a hotel.
He'll give you a huge reward
if you bring me back to him.
He's really loaded.
It's all ground up!
Too gross.
It's disgusting!
Don't touch!
What's your job?
Where's that guy? I want coffee.
- Are you in the mafia, by any chance?
- Not really.
Didn't you have an ice-cream
in your kiddy menu?
Sure, he's going to bring
a teensy dish.
Listen, you've got to
understand something, Pablo.
If you don't bug the other guy,
he'll bug you.
It's about the chin, see?
You stare the other guy down.
Just wait till he looks off, get it?
You never give in.
Just watch him, wait him out.
Did you ask for me?
I'd like coffee and Pablo
has something to say.
Your hamburger was disgusting.
I even found a hair in it.
What he's trying to say
is that he would like
a proper dessert.
Not a disgusting thing.
See that?
Yeah, I've gotta piss.
Your hair is super cool, man.
This hair wax sucks.
Does it hold back there?
It's perfect.
Where are you going?
I'm on the road,
I'm heading South, to Spain.
We're going to Spain, too!
That's great!
Want a ride?
Sure. But shouldn't you ask
your parents first?
My father's pretty cool, you know.
Who's this asshole?
Well, see you, my friend.
- He's your big friend?
- What?
Well, he was nice.
He was a jerk, that's all,
Well, I liked him.
So any old jerk who says you look cool,
that's it, he's your friend.
So all the nice assholes you meet
are going to be your friends?
No, but I just thought he was cool...
that's all.
Let me tell you something,
You only have one friend
in your life.
And that is if you're lucky!
And you two are like this!
And when you lose him, it sucks.
It really sucks!
What are you doing?
Stop! Stop!
See, I know how to drive.
You don't know a goddamn
thing! Stop fucking around.
But, look, I...
Shut up!
I didn't do anything...
Come on! Come on!
You're scaring me...
Leave me alone.
I scare you?
You don't know what scared is.
I'll leave you alone,
you little shit.
But you'll give me the money
you owe me, first.
Come on, we still have a
long way... it's OK.
Do you want a Lion?
I bought some Lions.
They're disgusting.
Anyway, I hate chocolate.
There is your kind of things here.
I have some Twix, Lion.
and some more Twix,
I'm not hungry, I'm cold.
Well, climb on in.
Are you sure you don't like chocolate?
Not even a Twix?
You're not talking anymore,
you never stopped before!
That was a pretty dumb thing to do.
We almost ended up in the trees.
- Are you sulking?
- No
- Yes, you're sulking.
- No!
You want a Twix?
Look at me.
You've got something
on your face.
That's dumb.
Look at me.
- You have something there.
- Where ?
It's stupid!
So give me one.
I'll eat a Lion, this one's open.
I thought you didn't like chocolate.
It's for you.
the lion.
The baby lion.
A cub.
He lost his mommy,
I know how to do the lion cub.
Is he sick?
No. He's trying to hunt a calf!
A calf?
Sure; they're about the same size,
aren't they?
He does this, and then
he growls again.
Oh no, we're not watching that!
Could you leave the light on, please?
You still sleep with the light on
at your age?
No, just a lamp.
You're dead, Geronimo!
Do you still sleep with the TV on
at your age?
Who's Brigitte Laudais?
Dude, check it out!
You were young!
How old are you now?
From 1967 to 2005...
35... 36... 37... 38.
38, right?
"Louis Leroy"?
You never told me
your name was "Leroy.
Like Leroy Merlin?
No, like "The King"!
Right! That's cool!
That guy with the flowers, there,
is too weird.
Is it still far?
No, we're almost there.
- What's it called again?
- Palafrugell
Are you sure you lived here?
Yes, it's the white house
with blue shutters.
We've driven past that house 3 times.
There, to your right!
That's my left.
And it's a one-way street.
Well, go around.
You're the driver!
Come on, Louis!
Come on, Louis!
So what?
Well, look!
Ah right, let's go!
It's him.
What are you doing?
Hide me!
What's going on?
I'm nervous. I haven't seen him
in a long time.
If you're getting cold feet now,
you should have thought of it earlier.
Come on, go!
What the hell are you doing?
He's right there.
I'm scared.
What's wrong?
ls he your father or not!
Sure but...
will you come with me?
I don't think so.
- I have to tell you something.
- Good idea.
I didn't tell you the truth.
It hasn't been 3 years
since I saw my father.
It's been longer.
The last time I saw my father,
I was 2 years old. 24 months.
Oh, shit!
Qu tal, les franais?
Is everything OK?
Did the boy lose something?
Stop this nonsense and get out
from under the table.
Don't I know you, kiddo?
What's your name?
But he has a Spanish name, too.
Tell him your Spanish name!
With a name like that, you're going
to do great things!
You sure took me for a ride!
It's been 9 years since I last saw my dad,
and he doesn't even recognize me,
and all you have to say is that
I took you for a ride?
All you ever think about
is yourself anyway!
"With a name like that, you're going
to do great things!" Huh?
You made up your Spanish name,
didn't you?
You don't have a Spanish name
and you don't have a father!
What did that castle do to you?
Nothing. Let's go.
Did you ask my father
for your reward?
Come on, stop it,
that guy's not your father.
Why do you believe him
and not me?
OK, let's go to his hotel.
What's this crap about a hotel?
Maybe he needs time to
realize his son is back.
And then you'll get your reward.
Want to drink something?
No, it's OK.
Not even a Coke?
Look what's left.
Just wait. I bet my dad
will help us out.
Do you know how to put
your hand to sleep?
Look, hold tight.
I don't want to play now.
Come on, you're no fun!
I have to make a call.
Are you coming back?
Yeah, yeah.
Doesn't he have his cell phone anymore?
We have a deal, it's important.
OK, pass on the message. Tell him
I'll call him tomorrow, OK? Right.
Cinco... chips.
I was sure I'd find you here.
Are you OK?
I'm here now. It's OK.
Come on. I don't know what
to do when you are like this.
That's not it.
That's not it?
Then what is it?
My backpack; they stole my backpack.
Who are "they"?
Some guys who were playing
with me. They took it.
No big deal. It was a bit worn, wasn't it?
We'll find another one.
That's not it.
It was my mom who
gave it to me.
Where did you live
before the hotel?
I lived in Bayonne.
At my mother's boyfriends.
Then she met another guy
and we moved to the hotel in Paris.
It was great.
But he didn't like us much,
so he left.
Then she met another guy
and she went off with him.
Anyway, I don't want to go
to a foster home.
That's why I asked you
to take me here.
I'll take you back to Bayonne where
you lived. You'll go to school and...
your mother will come and get you.
Did she stay in touch with the guy?
I don't know.
Was he nice?
Anyway, we don't have much choice.
It's that or the Social Services, so...
You're a pretty good liar, aren't you.
Well, my father is Spanish, that's true.
He came to the maternity ward and
then he split. He never came back.
Maybe he thought I was too ugly.
Not funny!
Sure it isn't funny; it's true
you are ugly!
I'm sure I'll find him one day.
You know, I knew my father a little,
and he was no piece of cake!
So you know...
I have to tell you something.
It's that he...
he's a kind of jerk.
What kind of jerk?
You'll see.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Where is that bitch?
Can we come in?
What do you want?
That's my PlayStation.
You weren't allowed to touch it.
Shut up! The PlayStation is mine,
I paid for it!
I washed your car for two years.
That was my money!
Don't touch it, do you hear?
Are you deaf?
- Relax! It's OK.
- Who is he?
Who's the new sucker?
Fuck you. Get that?
What kind of language is that?
That's enough! Stop!
That's MY Gameboy!
Come back, if you have the balls,
Come quick!
Nice family!
You washed that creep's
car for 2 years?
A year and a half.
I have to make a call.
So, what's the story?
What? What do you mean
it fell through?
You fucking with me, Karim?
You're trying to keep
the money, right?
Are you bullshitting me? Shit!
I have a plan!
We could rob a bank!
Don't move!
Grab me that garbage
bag! Hurry up!
Don't touch him!
Hurry Maider!
Don't touch him!
Don't touch him, you asshole!
Don't touch him!
Come on! Shit!
Calm down!
Stop, you bastard!
You bastard!
Are you going to smoke
all of those?
It was like in the movies.
Do you think they got your
license plate number?
I don't think so.
Anyway the registration
isn't in my name.
Whose car is it?
A friend's.
I thought you didn't have any friends.
He died.
In the car?
Come on, let's go away.
- Are you sure it's here?
- Yes.
- Are you sure it's here?
- Yes.
It's like an echo, reverberating
between two solitudes.
That's how it can live.
It goes up and down,
from left to right
and it fuses from below.
And that's how the work comes to life.
It's like a... lung.
It breathes, it inhales, it exhales.
And that's how the colors
can also appear.
I made that one to be sent
into space.
Cosmic, right?
I'm happy to see you; if I wouldn't
say the same for your mother.
- A drink?
- Yes.
Just stay together, OK?
Excuse me, but this is very rare.
This dates from 25 billion years.
It existed way before
the solar system,
way before Earth
and all the planets,
way before me and you.
It's very rare.
Pasta with Pesto!
You have to be careful
not to walk barefooted.
That can be dangerous here.
Where is Pablo going to sleep?
The kid.
There's a room upstairs.
I just have to clear it out.
Where is your bathroom?
The door in the back
of the garden.
Stop wiggling like that!
Go pee!
- I wasn't wiggling.
- Go to pee, I said!
I have to go. I want to avoid
a big goodbye.
Goodbye then.
Come, come, come.
Come on, let's go!
What's really cosmic is
your mother's taste in men.
But I'm not saying that
about your father.
Well, I hope not.
- Is the last one normal or not?
- Yes, he's great!
- Couldn't you have told me earlier?
- It's been a long time since I saw him.
Kevin! My little beetle!
I can't believe it!
I didn't think I'd see you again!
You've grown!
Good morning!
My Beetle.
I'll show you my house.
- It's beautiful, isn't it?
- Yes.
Quit moving, Beetle.
You're tickling me.
You gotta let your hair grow,
Or use glue, this stuff
won't do it.
- Should I make pig tails?
- Yes, sure.
OK, that's good enough.
- You call that pompadour?
- Nice, huh?
It sucks.
Remember this?
If you want, I can buy them all.
There are plenty of takers
in the area.
How much do you want for them?
Two grand?
You're lucky, I've just fixed up a Mercedes
and the guy paid in cash. Here.
That's my tip.
I just wanted to say.
The kid...
I can't keep him, I'm sorry.
See, I've got one on the way
with my girlfriend,
and I ain't rolling in dough.
I'm really sorry.
What are you going to do?
Don't know.
There's foster care, it's not the end
of the world.
I come from there.
It's only few years before
he turns 18.
With a bit of luck,
he'll land a good family.
I'm sorry, really.
It's Djamel's mom who goes:
"We're all going to die!
Saturday or Sunday".
- I didn't get your joke.
- I'm not finished.
- Go ahead then.
- Then she turns around and goes:
"That's too bad,
Tuesday was market day".
You get it?
- So in fact...
- No, stop!
Come on. You're no fun!
Coffee? Desserts?
I'm telling him a joke
and he doesn't get it.
What's the joke?
Don't make him start again
She'll like it.
Would you like a dessert?
Yes, an ice-cream.
We have frozen oranges.
Yes, I'd like that.
Thank you. Good night.
Do you want to come
to get your ice-cream?
So, what I can offer you is
frozen lobster...
Frozen mint, frozen fish,
and frozen oranges.
- You can choose it.
- This one.
Go ahead, take it.
You don't waste time.
Isn't she great?
Working here all summer?
So I'll tell you my joke.
So Djamel's mother
is standing with her iron
and she goes:
"We're all going to die!
Saturday or Sunday".
And she turns around and goes:
"That's too bad,
Tuesday was market day".
You get it?
It's Djamel's mother
who says that?
Who says "We're all going to die" and then?
I don't understand.
I don't get his jokes either.
I missed the beginning.
I guess it stinks.
Yes, I think you're right.
It's not a great joke, I guess.
How old are you?
25. And you?
He's 38; he doesn't look like it.
Are you on vacation here?
We went to Spain
to look for someone.
But he didn't exist.
Kinda stupid, huh?
So what are you doing here?
We're just hanging out.
Yes, really cool.
How about going to the sea?
- I'm going back to Paris.
- Come on!
it can't be bad for us.
That's not sure.
- What could be bad for you?
- Nothing.
Come on!
We're going to the sea!
OK, let's go.
You should start up the car,
or we'll never make it.
We're going to the sea!
I'll decide when.
OK, but start up.
Right, if I feel like it...
We're going to the sea!
Do you know how to put
your hand to sleep? - No.
- Leave her alone.
- No, I'd like to know!
So give me your right hand.
Now squeeze it
as hard as you can.
But I'm going to hurt you...
Don't worry.
As hard as you can.
- Really hard?
- Yes, hard.
Ah, it cracked!
It's OK.
Did you hear that?
I just broke two of his fingers.
Now just let me
slide out my fingers.
Wow, that's great.
Hijo de puta!
What kind of name is that, Billie?
You like it that much, huh?
It's a strange name for a girl,
isn't it?
I guess.
- Do you know Billie Holiday?
- No.
She's a Jazz singer my mom adored.
Are you there?
What is it?
Can I come in?
Wait, we'll be there in a while.
Come on, guys!
Can I come in now?
What's up?
Thanks for letting me sleep in the car!
Don't whine, we were right here.
It wasn't you out there.
Come here.
He kills them all
end then he leaves.
Then a girl comes and says:
"Veteran, come back!"
"Please! We love you."
"Come back!" And he splits.
I need something for my hair.
Do you have 10 euros?
Thank you.
That kid is great.
Can I have some coffee, please?
Where are his parents?
His mother left him,
I don't know.
Are you going to adopt him?
Are you kidding?
Could I ever adopt a kid?
No, I'll take him back
to his mother.
She'll come back eventually.
- What if you don't find her?
- I don't know.
I don't have a job,
I don't have a place.
And even if I wanted to adopt him,
they'd never let me.
You're dreaming!
Who knows, you might get lucky.
A present each. Here.
Don't you like it?
Yes, yes.
Hey, that's Billie!
Some friends. Come meet them.
How are you?
How are you?
This is Pablo.
Come. We have a long way to go.
- We have to go.
- The two of us?
Are you leaving already?
Yes, we're going back to Paris.
OK then, goodbye.
Bye buddy.
It was great meeting you.
- I'm sure we'll see each other again.
- Me too.
- Cheers?
- Cheers.
I have to tell you something,
man to man.
That girl was so beautiful.
You agree, don't you?
Did you take her phone number?
Did you sleep with her?
- And you? Have you already made love?
- You crazy!
What are we going
to do in Paris?
We'll see.
You think I don't get it?
Come on, don't be chicken.
I know you'll take me
to the social services.
You didn't have to pretend,
just because of Billie!
And my mother won't be there,
you know damn well!
Either you'll go and drop me off
with the cops,
or you'll abandon me
at the end of the street.
But I don't care.
I won't go to the Social Services!
And if you take me there,
I'll tell the cops
that you stole the cigarettes,
and you'll go to jail.
I don't care, you'll go to jail!
Give me some bread,
I'm going to buy some Twix.
I thought you didn't like it.
I don't care. I'm hungry.
Come on!
What can I do with that?
Give me the bill.
Calm down, Pablo!
What are you doing?
Stop that right now!
Shut up, who are you
to boss me around?
Nobody, just shit!
- Mister, can you take me with you?
- What?
What's going on?
Enough! We're going now.
I hate you, let go of me!
Listen, listen.
I can't keep you, Pablo.
But we're going to be OK.
You mustn't fuck up.
And I won't either.
You're my friend?
You're my friend, my friend!
We can't fuck up. OK?
Even somewhere else,
I'll be there.
Do you understand?
I'll carry you around
inside me,
You're going to make it.
And so will I.
We won't let those assholes nail us.
Come on.
Aren't you a little hungry?
Drinks for everyone, it's on me!
Hello Virgil!
You see...
There's life in garbage,
there's life in garbage,
it's cosmic!
This needs a little salt.
Thank you.
Do you want another one?
- How old are you, son?
- 13.
Do you want some dessert?
Maybe later.
Call me if you need anything.
- Look, there's Geronimo!
- That's not Geronimo.
That's... what's his name?
That's Cochise.
Aren't you still hungry?
Well... I have to piss.
Hi. Do you know where
that man went?
To the bathroom. Why?
Who are you?
A friend of your mother's.
I'll wait for him.
How do you know my mother?
How are things at school?
Can you tell me who
that man was?
And your name? Are you sure
you don't want to tell me your name?
Pablo Leroy.
You see, that wasn't so difficult.
Where are your parents?
Who was that man with you?
Did he hurt you?
Where did you meet him?
Can I get you some orange juice?
I'll get you your juice
and then we'll continue, OK?
Do a search on his name.
Put your hands on the wheel!
Get out of the car!
Hands on the car!
Legs apart. Shut up!
Hands on the car!
Give me your hand!
The other one!
Now move!
Come on!
No, his name is Kevin Podard.
Podard, P-O-D-A-R-D.
Why does he give your name
when we ask him his?
I don't know!
We just went for a ride, and I was
taking him back to his mother.
The child is registered
with the Social Services.
There's been an investigation.
Shall we transfer him to the Social Services?
We'II organize a confrontation first.
This way, Mr. Leroy.
Mr. Leroy, can you explain what you were doing
in the gas station parking lot with Kevin
who is 11 and a minor?
I was doing what you usually do
in a gas station... getting gas.
We were given the description
of an adult chasing a child
then grabbing him
and forcing him to enter his car.
Well, the boy,
Pablo, I mean,
had decided to hitch-hike
back to Paris
which I didn't think was safe,
so I tried to convince him
to come back with me.
If I got mad, it was only because
he was acting stupid in the store.
Kevin, do you agree with all this?
It's true. I was a little irritated.
You were irritated, angry.
For what reason?
Because he had done something?
Yes, because this jerk didn't want to
give me 20 euros to buy some Twix!
Then he didn't want me to steal them,
and that got me mad.
He can really be a pain!
He offered you candy...
in exchange for what?
What did you have to do
to get your candy?
In exchange for what?
Did he ask you to do something
for him in exchange for these gifts?
You don't understand. It's him who had
to do something for me!
He had taken me to Spain.
Why did he take you to Spain?
Because he has a driver's license
and a car, and I don't.
Even if I'm a better driver!
But he doesn't agree with that.
Why did you take this child to Spain,
Mr. Leroy?
At first, I didn't want to... but...
When he has something in his head...
he's stubborn and it's difficult to resist him.
So we went to Spain.
Then we couldn't find his father,
so we came back to Paris.
Kevin, if you want to tell us
something, now's the time.
You know you're going to be put
in foster care, as of tonight?
If you want to press charges
against this man...
If he's harmed you in any way,
it's now.
You know that protecting him
won't change anything? Is this clear?
Do you get it Kevin?
He's not deaf!
Please, Mr. Leroy.
I'd watch it, if I were you.
You're not getting out of this so easily.
Did this man hurt you?
Do you want to press
charges against him?
Because he didn't buy me any Twix?
I don't think so.
So I guess that's it.
He asked me to do something.
For me to make it.
And I will.
Are you ready?
I'm going to speak to him
for two seconds, OK?
Be brave.
You're my friend.
A friend is for life, you know?
Look at me.
This way, Mr. Leroy.
Shall we go?