Cowboy & Indiana (2018) Movie Script

It's time.
JUSTIN: Hello everyone,
I'm Justin McBride,
joined alongside former
champ, J.W. Hart.
J.W., we're in for a
real treat tonight.
The number one bull
rider in the world
versus the number one
bull in the world.
It's Colt Webb
versus Gangbanger.
This bull is as
rank as they come,
I'm just glad I'm
up here with you.
Well, a million dollars.
That's what's on the line.
Can Colt Webb be
the first guy to do
what's been impossible,
put his name on that check?
Well, I've done the math.
That's $125,000 a second.
Well, unfortunately for Colt,
he only gets that million bucks
if he stays on for
the eight seconds.
J.W.: And I got good
and bad news for Colt.
Eight seconds ain't that long,
unless you're on a bull.
Well, J.W., this will
be the fourth cowboy
to try and attempt to
collect that bounty
off of Gangbanger's head.
Does Colt Webb have a chance?
Well, Justin, nobody has
even really come close.
But you can't forget that Colt
is the current world champ.
ANNOUNCER: Gangbanger!
You ready for this, kid?
You know it, old man.
He don't look so bad.
Well, and these
two have met before.
They have, at the World
Championships two years ago.
Colt drew Gangbanger.
Made a really good effort,
but the bull got
the best of him.
JUSTIN: Well, that's nothing
to hang your head about.
Gangbanger's gotten
the best of everyone.
J.W.: Yeah.
And well, the difference
this time around
just might be the
involvement of Tulsa Hughes,
a past world champion
that has some
old school tricks up his sleeve.
JUSTIN: Well, that's
why we're all here
to see if the old school tricks
will work for the
young champion.
Keep going left.
COLT: He always goes right.
Yeah, not tonight.
You're just trying
to see me bust my butt.
I think you forgot
about that part
where you promised me 10%
of that million bucks.
I tell you what, it
won't be the first time
you made that wreck's
highlight reel, don't worry.
Just make sure they
get my name right
when they put it on the check.
I tell you what.
I'll bet a round of drinks
that you don't last
more than four seconds.
Oh, you betting
against me now?
I just want to
make sure I get paid
either way, that's all.
I'll take that bet.
You just make sure
you don't forget
your wallet this time.
That's him.
The short fella in blue.
Looks like he needs ya.
There you go!
Go get him.
Hey, get out of here!
You alright, little man?
I know you.
You're that bull rider.
Tulsa Hughes, right?
Weren't you out when that kid
got himself killed last month?
I don't know how ya'll do it.
It sounds like a
death wish to me.
Just before I nodded
He hollered in my ear
Whatever you
do, don't let go
It's time to be a cowboy
Don't you know
If you get through
this, you got it whipped
But until you hear
the whistle blow
Whatever you do
Don't let go
did you see that girl?
MAN IN BLACK: It's that
girl I was telling you about.
Tasmanian Devil's
got nothing on me
Bucking and buffing
on the back of a bull
Check in, I'm a
certified fool
Straight from the gate,
I'm trying to make
Eight seconds on a bull
Longer than you think
Hold on tight, cause he's
a real street fighter
Trying to throw
you to the ground
Hey, this might
be interesting.
Come on cowboy.
Yeah, you still got it.
There you go.
Come on now.
Ride that thing.
Yeah, ride that thing!
Man, it looks like your
best days are behind you.
You may want to get
that shoulder worked on.
It's your lucky day.
Looks like you should
get that jaw worked on.
Ma'am, are you
Velena Williams?
Who asking?
OFFICER: Ma'am, we
need to speak to your son.
Speak to him?
For what?
Ma'am, we've got
a lot of complaints
about fights and gang
activity in the neighborhood.
Gang activity?
Sir, my boy 10 years old.
And I'm guessing
ya'll too scared
to go after the real criminals
in this neighborhood.
Ma'am, can you just
call him out here?
We'll explain it all.
Come here.
Indiana, these men say
you've been fighting.
Is that true?
Indiana, get back here!
Hey, hey, easy, little man.
Hey, what's going on?
- Alright, what's going on?
- Let go!
Hey, who you running from?
I ain't running from no one!
Now let go of me.
Hey, thanks man.
Yeah, thanks man.
Be careful, aight?
He's a good kid.
It's very disturbing
to the court
to think of all
the young people,
especially the young men
who view you as a role model,
and the example you
are setting for them.
There comes a time
in a man's life
when he has to start
acting like a man,
not some drunk
acting like a fool.
I'm assuming you understand
this, Mr. Hughes.
Your Honor, Mr. Hughes is...
Ms. Hines, I wasn't
speaking to you.
So, Mr. Hughes.
The question still stands.
I ain't nobody's role model.
INDIANA: I ain't
wanting to come up in here.
Shh, shh.
Bailiff, bring the
young man forward.
Ms. Shaw, I presume
this young man
is under your care?
Please excuse the
disruption, Your Honor.
This is the first appearance
in court for Mr. Williams.
And exactly what
brings Mr. Williams
to my courtroom today?
Assault of an officer
and fighting, Your Honor.
That's why our office
thought a trip here
might be a good preventative
measure for Mr. Williams.
Williams a candidate
for your mentoring program?
Yes, Your Honor.
Now I understand
why everyone complains
about our judicial system,
that judge is, he's an idiot.
Trust me, it's
not nearly as bad
as you think it is.
Oh, you think this is funny?
Now look, I fully expected
to lose my license, okay,
do some community service,
but mentor that kid?
Well, this is just some
kind of a sick joke.
Come on, right?
And you did this, didn't you?
Oh, get over yourself.
Ah, that's a new line.
Like I want to part of
your life again either.
Oh, no, no.
See, that judge may
have sentenced me
to mentor that kid,
but he did not
sentence me to you.
That sentence ended years ago.
And thank God it did!
And we can agree on something.
Did you ever stop to think...
I don't have to listen to you.
Hey, Vee.
What you want?
Just want to let
you know I'm back.
Yeah, I see that.
Vee, I'm not the
same man I was.
And I wanted to apologize.
You should keep them apologies
for somebody who cares.
Well, I think you should know
that I'm gonna make it right.
Make it right?
Is that what you think?
You think you could
just walk in here
and make it right?
Worst mistake I ever made
was getting involved with you,
and your drug lifestyle.
I was young enough to
make that mistake once.
I ain't that young
no more, so no,
you ain't finsta walk in here
and act like none of
that ever happened.
You right.
All of that, is right.
But God changed me, Vee.
And if you give me a chance...
Don't even try that with me.
You think you can walk in here
and talk a bunch of God stuff
and work your way
back into our lives?
No, see, as far
as I'm concerned,
you died years ago.
You right.
I am dead.
Dead to the old me.
Well, a leopard can't
change his spots, so.
If you need me, I'm
staying right down there
across the street.
Next to your boys
at the drug house?
Looks like your
spots are showing.
Hey, Marcus.
Don't come back.
Who was that man, Momma?
That was just some stranger.
And we don't talk to strangers.
Velena, do you have a minute?
I have some news for you.
I sure hope it's
some good news.
Come on.
Do you mind?
I'm gonna need you to
fill out these forms,
and here's some personal
information on Indiana
just so you can
understand him better.
Ah, I think you gave
me the wrong file.
This is for a Dewain Williams.
It's the right file.
He just goes by Indiana.
I'm also gonna need you
to get fingerprinted.
You could just get them from
the sheriff's office, okay?
They already took them.
This isn't some game, okay?
This is about a kid's life.
You see these files?
These are all kids who need
mentors in their lives,
and the statistics are
frightening for them.
Are you listening
to what I'm saying?
These kids need
positive role models,
they need direction.
Not a single one of them has
an active father in their lives.
Don't start lecturing me
about being a father, okay?
This has nothing to do with
you being their father.
It's about investing
in the lives of others.
I mean, are you that bitter
that you don't understand that?
You have no idea, Ann.
You can get off your soapbox,
'cause I didn't pick this.
You don't pick
anyone, do you, Tulsa?
Alright, I'll talk
him horseback riding.
Tulsa, I doubt he's
ever even seen a horse.
Okay, I was thinking more
on the lines of lunch.
Just give me his address.
It doesn't exactly
work that way either.
Besides, your driver's
license is suspended.
A technicality.
I've found that sharing a meal
is a good way to start.
But first you'll need
to meet his mother,
and I've already
told her about you.
She agreed to this?
The good news is,
is that Indiana's
out of school for the summer.
So, tomorrow afternoon
I'll pick you up,
we'll head on over to his house
for the formal introductions,
and then we'll go
to a restaurant.
No one said anything
about meeting his mom.
How about you and I, we
meet somewhere, and from...
This is serious business.
Flashing in and out
of this kid's life
could do more damage than good.
Define flash.
ANN: It's at least
a one year commitment.
Tulsa, are you out here?
I could really use
your help out here.
Jim, meet Big Mex.
Big Mex has a little bit of that
Mexican fighting
bull blood in him.
One of the most dangerous
bulls on the planet.
I would hate to be
caught in a pen with him.
Big Mex, meet Jim.
He's my clean shaven agent.
Tulsa, this isn't funny.
You know, I rescued
Big Mex from a ranch
where he was being abused.
He's not real fond of people.
See, the bad thing about them
is the tips on those horns,
they are really sharp.
See, the bulls though,
in bull riding events,
they got them tips
sawed off for safety.
Not Big Mex.
He can run those
horns right through
a three piece suit.
Seriously, Tulsa.
Hey, whoa, Jim.
I wouldn't move if I were you.
That might make him charge.
The best thing you can do,
you puff out that chest,
and you stand up straight.
You show him you ain't scared.
There you go, yeah.
It might've been that red tie
that caught his eye,
that would be my guess.
I mean, you could always
use that jacket right there
as a matador cape, hm?
Please, don't let
this bull kill me.
Or you can make
a break for it,
run for the fence, you
might be able to make it.
Figured you'd take
the running route.
What kind of fool owns a
bull that attacks people?
The same kind of fool
that walks into places
he shouldn't be, Jim.
JIM: I've been trying to
get ahold of you for days.
Yeah, I threw my phone away.
Hey, man.
This is serious.
Will you just stop
and hear me out?
Okay, what?
There's been an offer.
What, you got
another commercial
where you want me to stand
around in my underwear?
JIM: They want you
to ride Gangbanger.
Are you serious, Jim?
Tulsa, you need this.
I need this?
Sounds to me like you need this.
You're never gonna get
another million dollar offer.
I think you forgot
about the part
where you got to put up $100,000
to get a shot at him, right?
We'll raise the money
through endorsements.
It's not a problem.
I got better things to do.
Just think about it.
Here's a phone.
Keep up with that.
Is there a different
way I can get out?
Think about it, Tulsa.
I'll be back with you later.
What are you looking at?
You know, Indiana,
Tulsa's a bull rider.
You know, like
you see in rodeos.
My momma told me.
Well, did she also
tell you that he was a...
Why do you ride bulls?
I don't know, I guess
I just grew up doing it.
Ain't scared?
Yeah, sometimes.
Ever got hurt?
Yeah, a few times.
My momma said anyone
that rides a bull
must be full of bull.
Why don't we order?
You know what?
Your momma's right.
Ya'll ready?
I think so.
Indiana, what looks good to you?
I want a
cheeseburger and fries.
Make it two of those.
I always said the best bull
is one on a plate.
What about you, ma'am?
ANN: I'll have
the vegetable salad
with vinaigrette dressing.
Don't you have no
kids of your own?
I ain't never had
no daddy no way, so,
I guess we got
something in common.
I've been trying to
reach you for days.
Here, hold this
for me, will you?
I'll take that.
Where's the phone I gave you?
I threw it away.
I've raised the 100K.
Good for you.
I've got the contract.
All you need to do is sign this.
They say you're too
scared to do it.
You're too old.
You're too banged up.
They just want to
see someone else die.
This ain't bull riding,
it's a circus event.
Call it what you want, Tulsa.
It's a million bucks.
So, is that what
this is about, Jim?
Hm, the money?
Your 10%?
You know that's not what I mean.
You know what?
I'll ride him into the ground,
but we're gonna
do it on my terms.
You understand?
I'm sure I can get
them to do whatever.
Just tell me what
changes I need to make.
And I'll call you.
(CHUCKLES) I mean,
I'll stop back by.
REPORTER: Tulsa, why
did you decide to do this?
I'm a bull rider,
it's what I do.
Since you haven't
ridden professionally
in over five years,
what makes you think
you can ride a bull
that nobody else can?
Probably the same thing
that makes you think
you can write a decent story.
Let's not forget that Tulsa
is a former world champion.
There's no question
that riding Gangbanger
is a challenge for anyone.
But maybe a wily, old
veteran is just the ticket.
Mr. Ferguson.
As the owner of Gangbanger,
you have been selecting
young, current riders
to ride your bull.
So, why this change in strategy?
Well, if you had
done your homework,
you'd know that the
last time I had a bull
with a streak of over 40 outs,
Tulsa, he was the
one that broke it.
So, you might say I'm just out
after a little revenge.
So, you're saying you
don't actually believe
Tulsa can ride Gangbanger?
I don't think anybody
can ride my bull,
but Tulsa is a worthy opponent.
If he'll put up the money,
I'll cash his check.
Tulsa, you've had a
lot of serious injuries
over the years,
what's your body telling you?
Well, just not
to get stomped on
like I did in Oklahoma City.
Are you scared Gangbanger
might kill you too?
You know, my daddy used
to say something to me,
he used to tell me that you
don't stand in front of a bull,
behind a horse, or
anywhere near a fool.
That's all for
today, thank you.
Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go!
Take five, boys.
Not bad, not bad.
So, how'd it feel?
MARCUS: It ain't my best.
Now, there's a
sight for sore eyes.
How you doing, Buck?
Let me introduce you to
an old family friend.
Marcus Cruz, say hello
the best bull rider
I ever worked
with, Tulsa Hughes.
It's nice to meet ya.
So, where'd you learn
to ride like that, huh?
Well, I picked up a
few things from some guy.
Mm, yeah, I think
I know that same guy
who's got a bad back,
he complains a lot,
can't hear nothing no more, huh?
That would be
the guy. (LAUGHS)
Comedians, huh?
Let everyone know Tulsa's here,
time to get to work.
Well, it was nice meeting you.
Yeah, the name rings a bell.
It should.
About 10 years ago he was
one of the top high
school bull riders.
That's right.
What happened?
Short story, he got
in with the wrong group,
one of the biggest waste
of talent I ever seen.
Kid could ride.
Probably the best thing for him
was being able to keep riding
while he was in jail.
In fact, I think he won that
prison rodeo every year.
I don't know if you noticed,
but he's still got it.
But enough about him.
It's your time.
How you feelin'?
Yeah, I'm good.
My shoulder's giving
me a little bit
of a problem though, but...
When's the last time
you were on a bull?
Well now, that's been a while.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, well.
Hey boys.
Let's get Tigerbait
in the chute.
Mhm, ease down on him.
Easy, boy, easy.
BUCK: Now, feet in.
RIDER: Pull it.
TULSA: I can move forward.
You can go tighter
than that, come on.
Hold on now.
I'm ready.
BUCK: Nice, time to ride.
Let her down.
Keep your head down, right?
Nod when you're ready.
I'm sorry,
something ain't right.
BUCK: What's the matter?
What's the matter, Tulsa?
Where's the trough at, hm?
I gotta pee.
It's right over there.
BUCK: Ease down.
Nice, nice riding.
ANN: Not bad.
not for the bull.
Now, what you think cowboy, huh?
How'd you do that?
Well, I tell you what.
We go get a
cheeseburger and fries?
Do that tonight?
Tell you all about it, huh?
Can we?
Supper, tonight?
Looks like someone's warming up
to being a mentor.
Just fulfilling my
sentence, that's all.
Okay, but only if
you spend some time
doing your homework too.
But school is
out for the summer.
Yes, but because
of your poor grades,
you have to study
during the summer too.
School is boring.
Kid's got a point.
Uh, that's not the kind
of positive reinforcement
we're looking for, cowboy.
Very sorry.
What's positive reinforcement?
Something you will learn
if you stay in school.
I wish I could
continue on with this,
I gotta rematch put
together though.
So, if you don't mind,
get that hat back,
thank you very much.
Now, I want that
same bull, Buck.
Round two.
Alright boys, let's
run him back, chop, chop.
So, how's that shoulder
feeling on you?
TULSA: Yeah, it's stiff.
Yeah, I tell you though,
it's not quite as
bad as I thought
it was gonna be.
Ya'll weren't playing
about that horseback riding.
Indiana's really
looking forward to it.
Oh, remember, my
baby ain't never been
on no horse before.
Don't worry, I'm going along
on the ride too, it's safe.
Trust me, he'll have
a really good time.
Howdy, ma'am.
It's good to see you again.
Hold on.
Indiana, they're here for you.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey.
How you doin', huh?
Well, we better get going.
We'll have him back before dark.
Well, ya'll be careful.
Horseback riding.
Does he bite?
Well, he's a she.
Does she bite?
Only bad kids.
I need you to do
me a favor, okay?
I can't have you biting Indiana.
He's my friend, okay?
Oh, okay.
What'd she say?
Well, she said she likes you.
She's a little worried though.
About what?
Well, she says those
are basketball shoes
that you got on, right?
So if get your foot stepped on,
it's gonna hurt.
We already thought
about that though, so,
I'm looking forward to it.
Come here.
Come on, up we go.
I got you these, okay?
Now put these on, alright?
Your jeans go on
the outside, okay.
INDIANA: Outside.
Outside is right.
That's better.
I'm impressed.
I'm gonna see
what you look like
up in that saddle now, okay?
You ready?
Take that left
hand on that horn.
I'll pick you up, you
take that left foot,
you put it right in here, okay?
One, two, up!
Get it?
Swing that leg.
There you go.
Told you she was gentle, right?
It's okay, Indiana.
You're gonna do great.
I don't know, something
still just don't seem right.
You know, that's right.
I appreciate you, thank
you for pointing that out.
You know, Sally noticed
something else was missing.
I need you to remember
something, okay?
Every cowboy has to
have a cowboy hat.
You ready to ride?
Yes, sir.
So, how long have you
been doing this for?
Working with kids?
About three years now.
Not long after we broke up.
Well, it seems
like you enjoy it.
You know, I just
wanna make a difference.
Change lives for the better.
Well, you got your
work cut out for you,
that's for sure.
Actually, I've made a
lot of changes in my life.
Ah, you wouldn't understand.
Oh, come on, try me.
What you got?
It's about fear, you know?
TULSA: Fear.
Many of the issues
in our communities,
we see something we
fear, we run from it.
Classic fight or flight.
I'm choosing to fight.
You lost me in there,
I thought we were
talking about you.
These issues, these kids.
We can take a stand and
fight the issues of poverty,
lack of education, and crime,
or we can just flee from it,
move to another
neighborhood or town.
But guess what?
It's just gonna
follow you there.
I ain't running from nobody.
Maybe not, but are
you taking a stand?
Look, kids like Indiana
have little chance
if people don't intercede
into their lives.
By the time kids like
him are five years old,
they've already
seen and experienced
what most kids two or three
times their age would.
Shoot, I don't know.
Life don't seem too bad,
he's playing on a tire swing,
he's smiling, he's
having a good time.
His mom seems like a nice lady.
I mean, come on, what you want?
She is nice.
But as he gets older, the
streets will raise him,
if people like you
don't intercede.
The fact is, 80% of
incarcerated males
grew up in fatherless homes,
and 60% of prison inmates
are functionally illiterate.
Kids like Indiana know
more people in jail
than they do in college.
Okay, I get it, I get it,
but doesn't it come
down to a person
making a choice, though?
I hear that a lot, or
how it's a racial problem.
But the truth is,
these kids just need
positive role models.
For the most part,
they just want to feel
like they belong.
So they become involved
with the first thing
that comes along.
it's often a gang,
or kids raised in poverty.
Take your life, for example.
You became involved
in bull riding
because you were exposed
to it from a young age.
Well, yeah.
Well, like I said,
it was a choice.
Yeah, but how many
choices did they have?
We need to offer them more,
and give them better options.
Many of them want to
make the right choices,
they're just not
given an opportunity.
And our system isn't
helping mch either.
Oh, okay, so now we're
blaming the system, huh?
I didn't say it was
the cause of the problem,
but it sure could
use some improvement.
The broken family is the
number one contributor
to children living in poverty.
And our current system actually
penalizes married couples.
Yeah, right.
It's true.
Single moms get
more financial support
than married couples.
Oh, I have to
call BS on that one.
Well, then you check
into it yourself.
Well, maybe I will.
Kids like Indiana
are just victims
of our broken system.
Somehow, we've got to change it.
Let's not talk
politics right now.
I mean, a politician made a guy
charged with a DUI a mentor, so.
Okay, I'll agree it's
not the ideal solution,
but I do understand the
judge's perspective.
Oh, alright, well.
Maybe you can explain it to me,
what you got?
Like I said, these kids just
need positive role models.
And while you're
obviously not perfect...
Well, I guess I walked
right into that one, didn't I?
You sure did. (CHUCKLES)
If you stick with this,
you're gonna find that
it's really rewarding.
Look, I'm willing to
play the role, okay?
I'll fulfill my
sins and all but,
I'm not a role model, okay?
Our choice is not
if we're a role model,
but rather what kind.
Can we go ride some more?
I mean, shoot, he
didn't do half bad, so.
ANN: You did do pretty good?
What do you say,
you want to pick up
the pace a little bit?
What you think?
Please, can we, Ms. Ann?
Yeah, I mean come on, Ms. Ann.
Please, can we?
What am I gonna do
with the two of you?
Alright, let's go.
Alright then, let's go, huh?
Hey there.
- Boots and a hat.
- A hat and everything.
You did so good, didn't you?
Tell her how good you did!
I don't want to brag, but...
TULSA: Brag it
up, brag it up.
Alright, take care.
Did you have fun?
Aw, no, I put him to bed.
He was tuckered out.
No, I ain't seen him this
happy in a long time.
Hey, let me call you back.
No, no, it's cool.
I just gotta take care
of something real quick.
What do you want?
I just want to talk.
We ain't got
nothing to talk about.
I want to spend
some time with him.
I thought I made myself clear
last time you was here.
I've got a right to see him!
That's the Marcus I remember.
Screaming and
demanding your way.
What are you gonna
do next, Marcus?
You gonna hit me?
I just want to see my son.
Your son.
Besides, he already
got somebody.
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
You see, I don't think Tulsa's
a good influence on him.
Whoa, what?
Are you is?
I'm not the same.
Your daddy was a
felon, you a felon.
My boy ain't gonna
be no felon, Marcus.
That's exactly the
cycle I wanna break, Vee!
I want to prove myself,
but you've got to
give me a chance.
Can I talk to him?
He's sleeping.
Well, can I just...
Can I just peek in on him?
Just for a little bit?
Morning, Tulsa.
Good morning.
You two are who I wake up to.
Guess who arrived
in time today?
Yep, media was out here earlier.
Crazy reporters think
they can interview a bull.
You want to see him?
I've seen him before.
Well, if you change
your mind, he'll be here.
Heck, he eats better than me.
Fatten him up for
the kill then, huh?
We got a rank one for you today.
Brought in special.
They say his style is
similar to Gangbanger's.
Think you're ready for it?
Buck, I was born ready.
I like the sound of
that, let's get 'er done.
Hey, boys?
You don't need that stuff.
What you talking about?
The painkillers.
I saw them.
So what?
They're prescription.
Yeah, I've seen my
share of guys abusing it.
If I was to guess,
I'd say you was
putting them up your nose.
At least that's
what I'd have done.
That sounds like that'd be
your problem then, not mine.
Look man, I did
10 years behind bars
because of what stuff
like that made me do.
I know an addict when I see one.
Yeah, well, I know a
felon when I see one.
Then I shimmy too
That's just what I do
Hands on my side,
while I move my waist
Give it back!
I'm serious, give it back!
Give it back!
Throw my back into it
Look how good I shimmy
Look how hard I get it
Give it back!
All the swag that's in it
All the sauce
that's drippin'
Give it back!
What you think?
You're some kind of
cowboy or something?
I said, give it back!
Look here, little ass kid.
You better carry your punk
ass home to your momma.
Hey, Velena.
We're here to get Indiana.
Just going out for some supper,
we shouldn't be long.
Uh, he had a run in with
the neighborhood boys.
Is he okay?
I just, I don't think he'd be up
for going out right now.
You mind if I talk to him?
Um, sure, yeah.
He in his room.
Hey, man.
What's wrong, cowboy?
He took my hat.
Who did?
Those guys over
at the drug house.
You okay?
I'll be right back.
Tulsa, no.
Tulsa, don't do this.
Listen to me.
You don't need to do this, okay?
Try to set a good
example for him.
This is who I am.
Deal with it!
Oh, I can't believe him.
What's up?
You just got something
that don't belong
to you, that's all.
Man, what you talking about?
Just coming for the hat, okay?
I wonder how long
it's been since
you had an ass whooping, hm?
Damon, he said that.
I'm just curious
how long it been
since you had a
cap in your head?
Hey, hey, easy, big homie.
It's cool.
know this white boy?
Yeah, he a friend.
GANG MEMBER: I suggest
you get his white ass
before I kill him.
Appreciate it.
Come on.
Come on.
I see you got a full
house over here, huh?
You ever play poker?
Man, what just happened?
Man, don't even
worry about it, man.
Pick the dominoes up.
Give me 15.
Man, you ain't getting 15.
You give me 15.
I've been drinking
All night
I've been feeling
You ready to party, Big Mex?
Let's party.
What are you doing?
Well, I am setting
up the table.
Bull poker.
Finna teach them how to play.
That ain't a good idea.
These ain't the kind of
guys you mess around with.
TULSA: Yeah,
well, neither am I.
And besides, they got
something that belongs
to a friend of mine.
Look, man.
Just give him another hat.
It wouldn't be the same.
It's a hat.
It's about more
than just the hat.
You see, it's about standing up
for those you care about.
Now, you gotta get outta my way.
You can't do this.
Now we're talking. (CHUCKLES)
So, what's your plan?
Well, I'm gonna
take this door,
I'm gonna back it right on up
to that door,
then we're gonna get
the hell out of the way.
Giddy up?
Yo dudes, you hear that?
I'm trippin' man, I don't
even hear nothing man.
Hey, hey, no, go out there
and see what it is, homie.
Man, you trippin' man.
There ain't nothing
out there, man.
Yo, yo, man, ya'll wake up.
Wake up, ay, wake up, wake up.
Pretty Boy, get up.
There's someone at
the door, homie.
I hear someone.
Yeah, a straight
flush is gonna beat
a full house any day.
Well, isn't that convenient?
Wake up.
Wake up, Tulsa.
Good morning, Jim.
It's after lunch, Tulsa.
I guess I was out a
little later than I thought.
We need to talk.
To be honest, Jim,
now is not the best time.
I got a little
bit of a headache.
Speaking of which...
It's over.
JIM: What is this?
They're just painkillers,
they're for my aches
and my pains, Jim.
And this explains it?
Relax, it was
just a bull, Jim.
That's all, just a little bull.
What, a bunch of drug dealers
call the cops on me?
Look, I tell you what,
you should've seen
the way they just,
seriously, they flew out
of them windows, just...
I am talking about this!
Oh, let me help you out here.
You failed your drug test!
Drugs, Tulsa.
You have drugs in your system,
don't you get it?
I just told you, Jim.
I have a prescription, okay?
Your levels are off the chart.
You got anything
to wash it down with?
Only addicts have
levels that high.
Not to mention, the alcohol,
you might not want to drink
before you take
the test next time!
You need to lower
your voice, Jim.
It's over.
When the media
gets ahold of this,
and they will get ahold
of it, we're screwed.
Jim, come on now.
Who cares what the media thinks?
Oh, you really are
stupid, aren't you?
This is about Gangbanger.
You just lost your
million dollar ride.
What are you
talking about, Jim?
I'm talking about you.
Find yourself a new agent,
I'm done standing
next to a fool.
Ladies and gentlemen.
At this time, we
would like to present
our man of the year award,
to the reigning bull riding
champion of the world,
Mr. Tulsa Hughes.
It's a real pleasure
to be here tonight,
thank you for coming.
Cause us bull riders,
we're not big on talking.
I mean, I have to
thank my beautiful,
incredible wife, Jessica
here for supporting me.
She puts up with me,
and it's not easy to be the wife
of a bull rider.
You hear?
She gave me the greatest
blessing of my life.
My son, Duncan.
I love you, buddy.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, here, come here.
Hold that for me.
You look good in that hat.
Now, come here.
Looking more and
more like your dad.
Hey, world champion bull rider,
you got plans later tonight?
I might be able to fix
you into my schedule.
You know, I ain't never seen
a more handsome cowboy.
You clean up pretty good.
Thank you, ma'am.
Might I add, you're not
too shabby yourself.
Tulsa, watch out!
Where's Duncan?
MAN: It's alright
buddy, just relax.
I've already called for help.
DUNCAN: Daddy, help me!
Help, daddy!
TULSA: I can hear him.
DUNCAN: Please Daddy help me,
help me, Daddy, please!
MAN: You can't go in there!
The first time on
a bull, I was...
I was 10 years old.
His name was Lightning.
It wasn't as bad as you,
I mean, I was a 10 year old kid.
Yeah, I've lasted
the entire eight.
That was it, it was in my blood.
I never even thought about
doing anything different.
You know, it wasn't
for the likes,
it wasn't for the cheers.
It was for the ride, you know?
Just the thrill of doing it.
You know all about
the thrill, don't you?
People say eight seconds
ain't a long time,
they ain't never done it
on the back of no
bull, I tell you that.
You know, I didn't want
to ride you anyway.
I ain't scared of you.
I've ridden worse than you.
You know, people thought
I did it for the money,
like I even care about
the money, you know?
Other people thought I
did it to settle a score.
Yeah, well, how about we
settle the score right now.
How they say, put a
cap up in your head.
What you doing, Tulsa?
Just evening things up.
BUCK: Nah.
This ain't your style.
It is today.
I think the thing that
has amazed me the most
through the years is watching
the love-hate relationship
between bulls and bull riders.
Guess it's their respect
for each other, hm?
2,000 pounds of bull.
What, 170 pounds of rider?
Eight seconds of
intense violence.
But they have to
have each other.
Like darkness has to have light.
Killing him won't
change anything.
And it won't make
you feel any better.
But there is another option.
If Marcus tried
to ride this bull,
it looks like I
ain't the only one
who's been drinking today.
Hey, if you trained him.
Yeah, some unproven rider
against the world's
baddest bull,
get real, Buck.
Yeah, you're probably right.
You're not that
good of a trainer.
Ain't workin', Buck.
Besides, he ain't
never gonna go for it.
Maybe not.
Bt then again, it's the
perfect underdog story.
Ex-con versus
world's baddest bull.
Bad versus bad.
Hey, everyone needs
a second chance.
Second chances are overrated.
Not always.
You know, I sat
back and watched you
spiral out of control.
I guess I figured it
wasn't any of my business.
And I figured you probably
wouldn't listen anyway.
So, I saw the world's best
become a beat up has-been.
I know you, son.
I know the old Tulsa,
the young kid with big dreams.
He died, on the side
of a road one night.
A part of all of us
died that night, Tulsa.
I just don't think
you ever saw past
your own pain enough
to notice that.
What do you know
about pain, Buck?
Probably not as much as you.
But I know that holding all
that pain in will destroy you.
Even an old man with poor vision
can see the trail of destruction
you're leaving behind.
It's time to get your
eyes off your past, Tulsa.
There ain't nothing else.
So, what?
You're just gonna continue?
Nah, you've tried it your way,
where'd it get you?
You might be shocked at
what helping others will do.
That's just what I need, huh?
Another person to tell me that.
Hey, if you're in it for
more than one person...
Hey, look.
Just talk to him.
See if he's worth the effort.
Buck said you
wanted to see me?
I grew up in one of the
poorest parts of Louisiana.
And I worked them cotton fields
with my older brothers.
We started when the sun came up,
finished just before dark.
My dad was a good man,
who believed in hard work,
worked hard until
the day he died.
He never took no charity,
thought it was an insult.
It was manhood.
Even though that meant we
went to bed hungry sometimes,
sometimes we did.
And I promise we'd
get out of there.
You know, make something better,
get out of them fields,
someway, somehow.
The kids these days,
they don't know
what it means to work hard.
They expect everything
to be handed to them,
given right to them.
He never gave me
nothing, I paid my dues.
When I was five,
my dad got arrested.
Went to prison.
Left my mom alone to raise
five kids by herself.
She worked two jobs to feed me,
my brothers, and sisters.
None of them had
graduated high school.
Being that I was the youngest,
I promised my momma I would.
Both of my sisters,
they were pregnant
before they turned 16.
And I grew up watching
men abuse my momma.
When I was 18, I came home,
and found a man raping my momma.
I was so high, I don't
remember exactly what I did.
But I do remember thinking
nobody would ever
hurt my momma again.
You know, I spent my whole life
trying to make my momma proud.
Instead, I became a felon.
So, are you trying to tell me
you went to prison for
defending your mom?
I got locked up because
I had a record a mile long,
and a court appointed attorney
that didn't care much.
Besides, most of
them folks in there
just thought my momma
was making that stuff up,
to try to protect me.
She's trying to protect me.
Nah, they just thought I was
another troubled black kid.
Is this the part
where you try to tell me
you wish you had
a mentor, Marcus?
I had mentors.
Just the wrong kind.
And believe it or not,
prison was good for me.
I met a guy in there
that believed in me.
Thought I had worth, value.
Helped me turn my life around.
Yup, strange as it sounds,
prison was good for me.
Not saying I want to go back,
'cause I ain't
saying that at all.
So, what makes you think
you deserve a shot, hm?
Honestly, I don't think I do.
Then why are you...
Aw, that's just something
Buck came up with.
You don't want to
ride him then, huh?
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
I never said that either.
Yeah, I want a shot at him.
What rider wouldn't?
But deserve?
I don't deserve it.
Your ma, is she still alive?
Still going strong.
Well, I guess it's time
we made her proud, huh?
Savannah, I'm
heading to lunch.
Any messages?
Yes, here you go.
JIM: I don't want
to even hear it.
I've been trying to
call you for days, Jim.
I threw away my phone.
Jim Hawkins.
Hey, go ahead.
Look, he's gonna
call you back.
Listen to me closely.
It's over.
You don't need an agent,
you need an attorney,
maybe a psychiatrist.
As soon as the judge finds out
that you failed your drug test,
he's probably gonna
put you in jail.
Hear me out, Jim.
I'm not here about me, okay?
Not about you?
That would be a first.
We are sad to announce
that Tulsa Hughes
will not be able to compete
in the million dollar
challenge to ride Gangbanger.
Tulsa, are you hurt?
Will it be rescheduled?
Hear me out.
While we're sad that Tulsa
will not be competing,
we do have a replacement.
A replacement that
Tulsa will help train
for the event.
Actually, we believe
that this will be
a very compelling replacement.
One that will not only
bring a lot of controversy,
but also a lot of excitement.
At this time, I'd like to
introduce Mr. Marcus Cruz.
Marcus, are you currently
on the pro tour right now?
(CLEARS THROAT) No, I'm not.
How many years have you
spent riding professionally?
Actually, none.
Tell us about your career.
I rode some back
in high school,
and then some when I
was just in prison.
Is this some kind
of publicity stunt?
No, Mr. Cruz is
a legitimate rider,
and a solid opponent
for Gangbanger.
Marcus, did I
understand you correctly?
Did you spend some
time in prison?
Yeah, I was recently released.
Okay, is this a joke?
Bill, do you support this?
As owner of Gangbanger,
I decide who gets to ride him.
I've checked this kid out,
and he gets a chance.
A second chance, if you want.
He's paid his debt to society,
and he's paid his entry fee.
Okay, so you're saying
it's all about the money.
All I'm saying
is this is America.
Where second chances are
given, and cash is accepted.
What do you think of this idea?
I've seen him ride.
Kid's got a shot.
You don't sound
too convincing.
Well, I watched this
bull kill a close friend,
so let's just say I'm cautious.
Like I said before,
Tulsa along with Buck,
will be helping Marcus
prepare for the event.
He couldn't have
better trainers.
What's it like working with
such an inexperienced rider
in an event of such magnitude?
Well, I've known
Marcus for years,
and I think he just
might shock some folks.
Tell us about
yourself, Marcus.
Are you married?
Do you have children
of your own?
That's enough
questions for now.
We'll be sending out press kits
with all you need to
know about Mr. Cruz.
Thank you.
What is this?
What do you think it is?
The judge doesn't
want you to have
any contact with Indiana,
and honestly I agree.
Who cares what you think?
The either of you two.
It's always about
you, isn't it?
You could've called me.
Do you have a phone?
You know where I live, Ann.
And have this
argument at your place?
No thank you, I feel
much safer here.
Besides, it's policy
to have it in writing.
So you're just gonna
rip another person
out of his life, huh?
Don't try to turn this
around on me, Tulsa.
You did this.
Nobody's gonna tell me
who I can and can't see.
Tulsa, you really
need to figure out
where your life is headed.
Save it for
somebody else, okay?
Besides, like you
have it all together?
Do you remember when I said
I'd made some
changes in my life?
Well, the main one was in
my relationship with God.
God, seriously?
I knew you
wouldn't understand,
it's exactly why I
didn't say anything.
You know how many people
tried to tell me
about Jesus, huh?
How much he loved me?
Where was he that night on
the side of the road, Ann?
Answer that!
Tulsa, I don't
have all the answers.
And until you do,
I'm fine the way I am.
ANN: Tulsa, we really
need to find you some help.
I know...
What are you, my manager now?
I don't need your help.
And what do you want?
I just, I came to see Indiana.
Ms. Shaw already called.
Said you weren't allowed
to see him no more.
Here I was thinking you
was gonna be different.
I just want to tell
him myself, okay?
I figure it's the
right thing to do.
Right thing to do?
The right thing to do
is not let my boy hang
around somebody on drugs.
I'm not on drugs, okay?
Look, can I just see him?
Hey, man.
Look, I'm not gonna
be able to keep on.
My momma already told me.
I just wanted to tell
you myself though, okay?
You know?
Maybe after, you know,
maybe things will change.
I understand.
You know, look, I wanted
to give you something
that had belonged to you,
I wanted to give it back.
Remember, right?
every cowboy has to
have a cowboy hat.
Has to have a cowboy hat.
That's right, okay?
So whenever you
wear that, alright,
I want you to think
of us, alright?
Our friendship, you and me.
You promise me that?
Come on now, cowboys
don't cry, right?
Look, I gotta go.
I promised someone I'd help them
with their bull riding.
Can I go with you?
TULSA: Ah, that's
probably not a good idea.
Mom, can I please?
Indiana, wait.
They said...
Wait, look.
I decide who my
child's with, alright?
Yes, ma'am.
He got to be home by seven.
What you waiting for, cowboy?
Some kind of bell or something?
No, ma'am.
How about we go before
she changes her mind, huh?
Okay, let's hurry.
Put that up on that head, eh?
Watch that puddle now, alright?
Get on up there okay?
There you go, ride
him, ride him, ride up!
He's still got it.
Yeah, well,
let's not crown him
world champion
quite yet, alright?
BUCK: Great ride, Marcus.
That's a wrap for today, boys.
What'd you think?
Well, you better
keep them hips forward.
Hey, while you guys talk about
all this bull riding stuff,
me and Indiana are
gonna go get us
something cold to drink
before he has to head home.
You probably don't know this,
but your momma used to play
with my daughter
when they were kids.
The two of them were
thick as thieves.
My momma was a thief?
Not exactly.
Come on, I'll tell
you all about it.
You know, these bulls
ain't nothing like
what you're gonna
experience on Gangbanger.
He's in another league.
I know that.
Well, I'm sure you do.
Are you taking this serious?
Of course I am.
What's the deal with you?
I thought you wanted
me to do this.
This ain't some
prison rodeo, Marcus.
Why don't you just
speak your mind?
Look, you got decent
technique, alright?
Looks like you got
the physical strength,
but do you have what it takes?
I've been interviewed
a thousand times
about riding bulls,
asking me all
kinds of questions,
what separates the great ones
from all the others, huh?
I tell them, tell them
every time, all the time,
same thing, they
just don't get it.
You gotta want it.
You gotta want it
more than you want
anything else in the world.
Sometimes, it's
better to die trying
than to live with
yourself for not.
You get that?
They all say they want it.
They say they want it.
Sure, it's easy to say
you want something.
But you know what
keeps it from them?
It ain't getting rid
of the fear, though.
You feed off of the fear.
You use it to your advantage.
You ever been really afraid?
When I was 18.
I had to walk into a
maximum security prison.
Well, I guess you just
got it then, don't you?
I understand what you're
talking about though.
Fear, using its strength.
Yeah, growing up, I was
filled with that fear.
On the inside.
But I never let it show.
Not if I wanted to survive.
I looked for that fear
in the eyes of others,
and I fed off of it.
Trying to be that
baddest, the bravest.
There's always somebody
badder, meaner.
There's always a gang banger,
trying to prove himself.
Throw you to the ground,
stomp on your head.
I know fear.
And I know it will
destroy you too.
But I traded in
the spirit of fear.
Traded it in for
a spirit of peace.
The spirit of peace.
Why don't you save the sermon
for someone else
there, Pastor Marcus.
Spirit of peace.
MARCUS: I know
about your son.
And I know my prison experience
was nothing compared to
what you've been through.
You have no idea.
You're right.
I don't.
But I know a man in
prison when I see one.
This ain't prison.
It's hell.
Where's Tulsa going?
Something came up.
But, we were gonna
get burgers and fries.
That's what we like.
Yeah, well, I
don't think Tulsa's
in any condition to
take you anywhere today.
Is he sick or something?
I know what you're thinking.
He can't be your daddy.
I ain't never had
no daddy no way.
Lil man.
The people that
disappoint you the most,
are the ones that
love you the most.
And just because it looks
like they've given up on you,
you don't ever give up on them.
'Cause you never know
when they might come back.
And I also learned
to keep my chin
up, no matter what.
Let's go see if we can get Buck
to give you a ride home.
He already left.
Did he now?
What you say I give
you a ride home?
Momma said I can't
ride with strangers.
Well, my name is...
I know what your
name is, Tulsa told me.
He did.
What else did he tell you?
He told me you were
gonna ride Gangbanger.
Well, now that we know
each other's names,
we're not strangers anymore.
But you have to give me
something to eat on the way.
My momma doesn't like
when I come home hungry.
Alright, deal.
Come on, let me
go get changed up.
Come on.
Mom, this is Marcus.
He rides bulls too.
Why don't you head
on in and clean up?
Momma, he's not
a stranger anymore.
You heard me.
Yes, ma'am.
Look, what is all of this?
Hey, I can explain.
I told you to stay away.
Come on, Vee.
Can't you see how
much he wants a man?
A father in his life?
Don't you lecture me
on how to raise my son.
Besides, you ain't
the kind of man
I want him hanging with.
Oh, it's alright
for him to hang out
with an addict though?
Like you're any
different than him?
You know what?
You tell that bull
rider to stay away
from my boy too.
You're just another lying man.
Vee, Vee, Vee, Vee!
I just want to spend
some time with our son.
Did you tell him that?
Did you tell him that
you're his father?
I just drove him home.
But look, Vee.
I've got a right to
see him, he's my son.
I'm not gonna let you do to him
what you did to me.
I was just a kid then!
That was over 10 years ago,
I'm a man now!
I'm a changed man.
And after you spend the
next 10 years proving that,
then maybe we can talk.
Marcus, just please leave.
You can try to run me off
as much as you want, Vee.
I'm not giving up on my son.
Momma, why don't
you like that man?
What kinda pies
ya'll got today?
Uh, we've got pecan, coconut,
and chocolate meringue.
I'll take a slice of
that chocolate meringue,
and a cup of coffee
if you'll sit with me
while I eat.
What is you doing here?
Can't an uncle visit
his favorite niece?
You ain't my uncle.
All them hours spent
in my house growing up,
might as well be.
Come on, come visit with me.
My shift's almost up,
and I got to get
home to Indiana.
It won't take but a minute.
Besides, I want to talk
with you about him.
Something happen?
No, no, I just wanna visit.
Now, come on.
Let's sit.
Aye, Cheryl.
Can you cover for me?
So, what's up?
Alright, I'll
get straight to it.
It's about Marcus.
Not you too.
BUCK: Vee, I know
what you're thinking.
I seriously doubt it.
Did he put you up to this?
No, no, not really.
He didn't ask me to
talk to you but...
You forgot everything?
He left me, pregnant.
I was 17 years old.
Told me all them lies.
BUCK: The truth is...
No, the truth is, he left
me to raise a child on my own.
Vee, he's a changed man.
You got that from him, huh?
I seen it first hand.
God has changed that boy.
Good for him.
BUCK: Vee.
Indiana needs a
father a in his life.
Oh, well, Marcus
should've thought about that
10 years ago.
Vee, you're not being fair.
Don't talk to me about fair.
Besides, having a
father that come and go
is worse than not
having one at all.
I'm not gonna let
him do to Indiana
what he did to me.
Is this what it's about?
You and Marcus?
VEE: Don't turn
this around on me.
Indiana is not gonna
be a boy forever.
He's gonna need a
man in his life.
And before long, you're
not gonna be the one
making the choices about
who he hangs out with.
Couldn't you be a
father figure to him?
You know it's
not the same thing.
Vee, the boy needs his father.
Now, I'd love a slice of
that chocolate meringue
if you could see
it in your heart.
Love that chocolate meringue.
Come here, come here!
Who's that?
Tell the white
boy with the bull
that his neighborhood
belongs to us.
Hey, come here.
What is he doing?
Hey, hey.
Let him know that now we even.
And it better stay that way,
because if not, we'll be back.
Oh God, no, no!
Marcus, Marcus,
Marcus, Marcus, Marcus.
Please, Marcus, please,
help me, you have to come.
Hey, hey, slow
down, slow down.
What you talking about?
It's Indiana!
I got you, come on.
Come here.
He okay, he okay.
REPORTER: I have with me now,
Ms. Velena Williams who
lives inside the home.
Ms. Williams, do
you have any idea
how this fire started?
I must've left the
stove on or something.
Hey, hey, turn that up.
REPORTER: Now, the truly
amazing part of this story
is this man right
here, Mr. Marcus Cruz.
Mr. Cruz, I understand that
you ran inside the home
and saved this young boy's life.
Yes, ma'am.
ask why you did that?
He's my son.
There you have
it, reporting live
from the scene with a true hero.
I'm Tanya Springs,
for Channel 8 News.
Mind if I talk to you?
Uh, yeah.
Come on.
Want something to drink?
Ain't got no beer,
but I got some sodas.
Nah, nah.
I'm good.
I also got some...
I saw you on TV.
That's a great thing you did.
So, where they staying at now?
Well, they headed
over to Buck's.
I figured it's safer
for them there.
That's probably a good idea.
Well, actually, I'm
on my way out there now,
I just came to get a few
things, and then, you know...
Look, man, I need to...
Let me just...
Let me just get this out.
When Duncan, my boy,
when he was about four,
I got him his very
first cowboy hat.
God, he loved that hat.
He wore that thing everywhere.
He even wore it to bed.
And I wanted him
to wear his hat,
but they told me
they wouldn't open the casket.
They told me he
was burned too bad.
I never got to say goodbye.
You know, people don't
know what to say,
I mean losing a child, it's...
I guess, people are too
afraid to say his name,
you know, because they
thought it would upset me.
I mean to be fair, I
mean, everything upset me.
I wanted so bad to hear
someone, just occasionally,
just say his name.
I mean, my wife,
not too long after that,
what was left of her, I mean,
she left me too.
There wasn't much
left of me either,
you know, I mean.
You know the first thing I did?
Rode a bull.
I mean, shoot, what
else is a bull rider
supposed to do, right?
I mean, it's all
I got left, right?
It was either that or even, ah,
so I rode.
You know, the craziest
thing about it is
I don't even remember
most of those rides.
About three years
before I hung it up,
I hurt my shoulder real
bad in Albuquerque,
and that's when I discovered
them painkillers you...
They worked for a while, I mean,
they took away the pain.
I'm trying to tell
you I'm proud of you.
MARCUS: Thanks.
Tell me, why didn't you tell
me he was your son, huh?
I mean, come on.
You could've at least
just been like hey,
that's my boy.
I don't know.
I just...
Look, I understand, okay?
I get it.
Shoot, I'd probably had
done the same thing.
Can you do something for me?
Just don't let him
get away from you, okay?
I mean, that kid's a good kid.
I won't.
And that money, I
mean it's enough to
get him out of
this neighborhood,
away from that lifestyle
and everything forever,
so you just promise me, okay?
Just promise me
you'll do that, okay?
I promise.
I should...
I'm gonna go.
Thanks for stopping by.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll see you at
practice tomorrow?
Yeah, sure.
You know you're
gonna do it, right?
You're gonna ride
him the whole eight.
I'm gonna give it my best.
Welcome to roudn two
of the event of the year.
Man versus bull.
The world's greatest bull,
versus, well, to be honest,
the world's biggest underdog.
Gangbanger versus Marcus Cruz.
Hello again, everyone.
I'm Justin McBride, and joined
alongside former
champ, J.W. Hart.
J.W., we were all
thrown for a curveball
when Marcus Cruz
was a replacement
for former world
champion, Tulsa Hughes,
in tonight's event.
Yeah, I think we're all asking
the same question, Justin.
Who is Marcus Cruz?
Yeah, not a name
that bull riding fans
are gonna know, at
least until tonight.
Well, and nobody's
giving him a chance,
but I tell you what,
bull riding is so unpredictable,
and this matchup may be
even more unpredictable.
I think you would have to
go all the way back to 1990
when Buster Douglas
defeated Mike Tyson
to find a bigger underdog
than tonight's matchup.
You might even have to go
back to the Old Testament
where David versus Goliath.
You know, I never
did like talking heads.
Yeah, me either.
But, I'm not expecting to
be the fan favorite tonight.
The world's big on
paying your dues.
And to most folks,
I ain't paid all mine yet.
I got something for you.
It's the pair I wore when I won
my last world championship.
Why don't you wear them tonight?
Duncan had helped
me pick 'em out.
I don't know what to say.
Don't say nothing,
just put 'em on.
This bull ain't
gonna wait all day.
You coming?
Yeah, we're on our way.
You coming?
Not tonight.
It's your time.
No, no, no, we got
this far together.
You don't need me.
Besides, I'll be here
when you get back.
Eight seconds ain't a long time.
Unless you're on a bull.
You know, I promised myself
I'd never tell you this,
but growing up,
I looked up to you.
I don't guess there's many
black kids with a white
bull rider for a hero.
And our lives, yeah,
they fell apart
around the same time.
So, I guess I think that's
why I understand you.
I was gonna give this
to you later but...
Go ahead.
I figured, you know,
you might enjoy
reading it one day.
Yeah, maybe one day.
I even put some sticky notes
on some of my favorite passages.
Some I think you
might enjoy too.
But the Son sets you free.
You will be free indeed.
I don't think I ever told you
how it all started for me.
The change.
Well, one day I was
sitting in my cell,
the guard pulls out
this big brass key,
opens up my cell door.
Asking me if he had a spare
he could leave with me.
Never expected an answer.
He said, yeah, I got one.
Bring it back to you later.
The next day, he shows
up with this box.
Hands it to me.
Says there's the key to
your freedom right there.
Use it wisely.
Turns and walks away.
I was scared to
open it for hours.
When I finally did,
it was a Bible.
I don't think I've ever
been more disappointed
in my entire life. (LAUGHS)
But he was right.
He was right.
You see, the same
way he held the key
that kept me locked up,
that book holds the key
to what keeps us all in bondage.
That book taught me
about God's love for me,
and his desire for me
to have a better life.
I spent my whole life
being controlled by pride.
Just doing what was best for me.
And I finally learned that,
I couldn't do it alone.
I see that in you too.
He changed me, Tulsa.
Jesus unlocked my chains,
and gave me life, real life.
You can have it too.
And peace from those demons.
BUCK: They're about to
start this thing without you.
I'm coming.
Thanks for believing in me.
J.W., this event
is being billed
as bad versus bad.
And having served
time in Louisiana's
maximum security prison,
a place where some
of the baddest men
in the world are held,
Marcus Cruz knows what it's like
to be in tough situations.
But let's get to the question
that everybody wants to know.
Does he have a chance today?
J.W.: Chance?
This matchup may be
more about survival
than bull riding.
Wars are waged on the
frontiers of our mind
Casualties are
falling all the time
Burden by burdens that
I cannot understand
I am the prisoner
within this old man
Set me free
Set me free
Set me free from me
Jesus, my King
Set me free
Set me free
Set me free
From me
Set me free
and gentlemen,
please welcome our
cowboy, Marcus Cruz.
Set me free from me
Jesus, my King
Set me free
Set me free
From me
Set me free
Set me free
Set me free from me
Jesus, my King
Set me free
Set me free
Set me free from me
Look at him running
around out there.
Yeah, I see him.
Got a lot of spunk.
You said the same
thing about me.
That, I did.
Well, J.W., the longest
ride on Gangbanger
has been 6.2 seconds.
Will today be the day
we get the full eight?
J.W.: Well,
starting that clock
a little bit early sure
wouldn't hurt a thing.
bull Gangbanger
known for his short fuse.
Let him know you're coming.
This ain't nothing personal.
looks like Gangbanger
is ready to get going.
Yeah, this one could be over
before it ever gets started.
BUCK: Don't do that again.
Don't worry, I won't.
Alright, that first
jump gonna be a big one.
Keep your head down
and stay over him.
Whose idea was this anyway?
Good question.
Got any last
minute instructions?
Just hold on.
JUSTIN: What a first jump!
Ride him!
Bear down!
Hold on, Daddy!
JUSTIN: He did it!
He did it!
J.W., can you believe
what we just watched?
J.W.: That's absolutely
one of the best rides
I've ever seen.
He did it. (LAUGHS)
JUSTIN: Ladies and gentlemen,
David has just slain Goliath.
Marcus Cruz has
done the impossible!
Thank you, Lord.
Yeah, that's a ride!
bull is not done yet.
Marry me.
Only if you promise
to never make me
watch you ride bulls again.
You did it.
Marcus, you did it.
Marcus, you did it.
I can't do this.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm here.
We are gonna be late.
Come on.
Wait, our hat!
Oh, yeah, good thinking,
we're gonna need those.
That's for you, sir.
Aw, we look good.
We're ready, come on.
It's me who's
supposed to be late
to my wedding, not you.
Go ahead, give it to me.
Give you what?
The ring.
I got it.
You talking about this ring?
You see, I gave it to
Daniel for safe keeping.
Good idea.
Speaking of which, have
I introduced you to Daniel?
We haven't met yet.
Heard a lot of good
things about you,
good to meet you.
So you decided to give
this mentoring thing
another try, huh?
Yeah, absolutely.
But this time, it's
not court ordered.
Well, if you don't mind,
I got some people waiting on me.
It's always about
you, isn't it?
Some things never change.
I got an image to maintain.
We have to take our place.
Okay, come on.
Hey, Daniel.
Hey, Ms. Ann.
Hey, buddy.
Do me a favor.
Why don't you just park
it right there for me.
Ah, he's a cute kid.
I never thought you'd
want to be a mentor.
Yeah, me neither.
But you know, I'm getting there.
You know what?
I'm gonna do it right this time.
I can tell.
This may be a
crazy time to do it,
but I want to thank you.
You're welcome, Tulsa.
No, seriously.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You know, we could make
this a double wedding.
One step at a time, cowboy.
Oh, come on, now.
You sound like my counselor
Pastor John.
Then the last six months
weren't a waste of time.
Well, that offer still stands.
Well, I'll see you in a few.
I'll be waiting right here.
All rise.
Who gives this
woman to be married?
I do.
When I was a child,
I talked like a child.
I thought like a child,
I reasoned like a child.
Then I became a man.
Left the ways of
childhood behind me.
I promise to love, to protect,
and to trust, and
provide for you, my wife.
And for you, my son.
On this day forward, through
whatever life may bring us,
these things, I promise forever.
By the power invested in me,
I now pronounce you,
husband and wife.
Marcus, you may kiss your bride.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Cruz.
I would like to give a toast.
Since my recovery is
successfully entering
its sixth month,
my glass is filled
with delicious,
wonderful tasting,
sparkling cider.
Seriously, though.
You're the luckiest man I know.
BUCK: Here, here.
Wait, hold on a second.
Now, true that this is
a lucky day for Marcus,
but I went back, I
watched that tape.
This toast here
is to the luckiest
bull rider in the world.
Wait, wait.
You take into account
who I had for a trainer,
I say luck was my only shot.
Then it's agreed.
Marcus and Velena,
may your marriage
last a lot longer than
my bull riding career.
Here, here!
And for the record,
that ride was more
than just dumb luck.
And I know a jealous bull
rider when I see one.
Please, now.
Come on, I'd of
ridden that thing
with my left hand, eyes closed.
Congratulations, Marcus
Thank you.
It looks like you've
found yourself a keeper.
So you're the young lady
that cashed my
million dollar check.
Well, don't you worry
now, little darling.
There's more where
that came from.
How you doing, cowboy?
I'm good.
Day by day.
But I think I've
finally figured it out.
Can we tell him now?
Now's as good as any.
Bill's got a new bull.
Rankest thing you've ever seen.
Oh, okay.
Hold, hold, hold on.
Before you even get started,
my bull riding career is over.
Well actually, I
was talking to Tulsa.
He's 20-0 on the circuit,
the longest ride
was three seconds.
BILL: Well, are you healthy?
Ready for this, old man?
You know it, kid.
He's going left.
He always goes right.
Not tonight.
You just want to see me
bust my butt, don't you?
Won't be the first time
you made the highlight reel.
You just make sure
they spell my name right
on that million dollar check.
MARCUS: I bet you
a round of drinks
you don't make it four seconds.
You know I don't
drink no more.
Just making sure.
Watch this.
It's my time to ride
It's my time to shine
It's my time to ride
Ride into the night
Watch this
It's my time to ride
It's my time to ride
It's my time to shine
It's my time to shine
It's my time to ride
It's my time to ride
Ride into the night