Cowboy Zombies (2016) Movie Script

Back then I was a lawman
in the Arizona territory
so sneaking up on bad
men and outlaws was
something I did quite often.
No no.
Nobody move.
It's all right, Marshal.
No no, it's all right.
Let me
see those hands.
Nobody moves.
You move, I'll kill you.
This was a bad bunch.
George River, Ike and Bob Davis.
Outlaws through and through.
Killers and horse thieves,
and I'd been tracking them
a long, long time.
Today was gonna be
their day of reckoning.
Of all the bad things they
did, all the things they stole.
Don't you move!
And all the people they killed,
there would be a price
to pay, there always was.
I can't
move, you shot me.
Get up, convict.
Get up.
Get up.
Lord, I pray
that you have mercy
on these two souls who
are about ready to leave
this green Earth.
Caleb Jennings, you have
been found guilty of rustling,
theft by person, and murder.
We are gathered here
this morning to carry out
your sentence of death.
Do you have any last words?
He dead.
Now, I know I've
not been a good man,
but I've not done
some things you say.
I didn't kill them people,
and God knows that this is so.
So, to hang me today,
well that'd be against
God's will, I say.
And, and...
No, you can't.
God, please, give
these people a sign
that I'm truly innocent.
Please, God, please!
You see, I told you.
That was a sign
from God almighty.
You saw that, don't you?
You all saw that.
Yeah, I see it.
You can't hang me, Sheriff.
They seen it.
What the hell?
What's going on?
I don't know.
Can I at least
have my hat, Marshal?
What the hell was that?
Marshal, you ever seen
anything like that?
I had never
seen anything like that.
It was something
strange, that's for sure.
Get up.
Come on, untie me.
And soon after,
the horses were spooked
and ran off.
Marshal, I can't take no more.
And they were
dead 'cause I had shot
each of the Davis
brothers in the heart.
Square, square clean in the
heart with a.30-30 rifle.
And nobody, and I mean
nobody gets back up
after being shot in the
heart with a.30-30 rifle.
So this was mighty
strange indeed.
What's going on
here, Preacher?
Apparently he's
coming back to life.
That's not possible.
Well, he's as dead as
that one, that's for sure.
Clem, check his pulse.
No pulse, Sheriff.
Well, listen for a heartbeat.
I don't hear nothing, Sheriff.
No, Sheriff, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Get those two to defend him.
She's dead too.
What's going on, Sheriff?
I don't know, Rose
Anne, I don't know.
I'll go get my medical gear.
Clem, go with him in case
some more of those things
are out there.
All right, Sheriff.
What things?
The dead outlaws.
You should have seen...
Go, Clem, go.
Yes, Sheriff.
And don't shoot nobody
that don't need shootin'
Yes, Sheriff.
What are you talking about?
What was all that running?
Was it the hanging?
Yeah, we hung 'em,
but they didn't die.
Well, they did, but then
there was a flash in the sky,
and they both opened their
eyes and started screaming.
It's the damndest
thing I ever did see.
It was like the dead
come back to life.
That's impossible.
Jenny, please go and
get me some water.
We need to clean this
little girl's face.
It's the Miller girl
Becky, poor little thing.
Both her parents are
dead, they were killed
right before our very eyes.
I mean, they were
run over by a horse.
Ben Miller and his wife?
Did you say they're dead?
They're dead, they're
lying right outside dead.
My god.
Here, Miss Rose.
Thank you.
What am I thinking.
Get me a drink, will ya?
Sure, Sheriff.
I thought you
said he was dead.
I thought he was dead.
He was dead, deader
than a doornail.
Ben? Ben?
He don't look right.
right there, Ben.
I believe I've got everything.
As soon as we get the
sheriff patched up,
then we're gonna take a proper
look at that neck of yours.
She's dead.
What's going on
here, Preacher?
First that thing in the
sky, and those dead men
thrashing about.
Sheriff's got a hole
in his shoulder.
I never shot anybody
before, honest.
You can fix it
can't you, Preacher?
You can fix this.
Mrs. Miller?
Are you all right, Mrs. Miller?
Are you all right?
Mrs. Miller? Mrs. Miller?
Shoot her, Clem.
Sheriff said not to shoot
anyone that don't need shooting.
Mrs. Miller?
Not any more.
Shoot her.
Sheriff said not
to shoot anyone.
My god.
She's coming.
Mrs. Miller, she...
Shoot her, Clem!
What the hell was
going on here, Preacher.
It appears the dead
are coming back to life.
It's not possible.
Nevertheless, it's...
It can't be happening.
This ain't happening.
Pull yourself together, Clem.
No, no I'm not seeing this.
Shoot her, Clem.
I can't shoot a little girl!
She's not a little
girl any more.
Shoot her.
Somebody do something!
You shot her, Sheriff!
You shot little Becky Miller.
You take this gun.
Take it.
And you go and
stand by that door
and you shoot any more
of those things that try
and come in here again.
Do what she says, Clem.
All right, Sheriff.
horses, we walked on,
me and the outlaw,
George Rivers.
Around the summer months, the
desert would have killed us
for sure, but I was lucky
that this all began in April.
April, the year
of our lord, 1876.
They was dead, Marshal.
You and I both know you don't
survive a shot to the chest
with that rifle of yours.
You got 'em square in the
heart too, you're a good shot.
And the horses,
that's why the horses
started running away, man.
This all spooked 'em.
Something's not
right about today.
They was dead.
Yeah, they was dead.
Get up.
You're not listening.
The outlaw,
George Rivers, was right.
There was something
not right about today.
And Ike and Bob
Davis had been dead
before I killed them
both for the second time.
When I saw the old Apache
surrounded by those things,
I pretty much figured out
this was happening everywhere.
The dead were walking.
Do not tell me you're
gonna waste lead on there.
That day
was also the first time
I ever used my rifle
to protect an Apache.
Usually I was using
it to stop one of them
from trying to kill me.
They were a tough bunch.
That's incredible.
If you ever
saw them, it was because
they wanted you to see them.
And they were usually
none too friendly either.
I can't say I blame them
what with what was happening
with territory, but
they were always to be
approached with caution.
Why does the
white man, an enemy,
help an old Apache?
Because he needed help.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Do the dead also
walk among your people?
Yeah, it seems to.
Why is this Apache
speaking like a human?
Shut up, convict.
Come on.
Hold it right there!
Or I'll shoot, you better stop!
You better...
What are you shooting at?
You said to shoot...
I said don't shoot nobody
that don't need shootin'.
And Wyatt don't need shootin'.
Why is he shooting?
He's not gonna shoot
any more, are you, Clem?
You sure he ain't
gonna shoot no more?
I'm sure.
Are you okay?
Preacher, what is going on?
There's dead people
walking in the street
and the men on the ropes
they're just, they're screaming!
I should check on my folks.
All the horses have run off.
I know.
I saw the horses
run out of town.
That's when my horse bucked
me off and went running after.
Don't worry, your
folks will be fine.
Mr. Gull?
Sheriff, Mr. Gull's dead.
One of those dead
men was eating him.
Eating him?
Son of a bitch.
We should close up the door
and board up these windows.
No telling how many
more could be out there.
Yeah, I got a hammer
in nails in the back.
There's some wood
in the back there too.
I can help.
Come on, Clem.
Where are we going, Sheriff?
To see if the telegraph works.
All right, Sheriff.
What are we gonna do with him?
We gotta move
him out of the way.
Come on.
You all ain't dead...
As they
day got longer,
we met a buffalo soldier.
I didn't know it at the time,
but Sergeant Bale and I would
become very good friends.
He was a good man.
Sergeant Bale, US Army.
Marshal Frank Wilcox.
Now, this is just great.
Shut up, convict.
Now travelling with a lawman,
an Indian, and now a Yankee.
Meet the outlaw George Rivers,
back shooter and killer
of women and children.
I don't know his name,
but I'm guessing he's
full blood Chiricahua.
And how is it that you're
travelling with an Apache?
Well, he got in a
little trouble back there
with some of those things,
and, I couldn't exactly
stand by and let them
get him now, could I.
Guess not.
You shouldn't
have done that.
Knocked my damn tooth
out, you son of a bitch.
You've seen 'em
too, haven't you.
Yes, sir.
I surely have.
Dead folks coming to life?
Spooked my horse
so bad he threw me.
Probably done run
himself to death by now
the way he took off.
This don't make no sense though.
So where you all headed?
I was headed to Tucson
With some prisoners,
but right now I'm just
heading up this road.
Town of Crumpit is
just up ahead a spell.
Good a place as
any on this day.
They won't be too
happy to see him.
He's not
bothering anybody.
What outfit you from?
Line must be down somewhere.
You think?
Yeah, probably.
You don't think the
same thing's happening
down in Tucson Do you?
I don't know, Clem,
I sure hope not.
Telegraph is out.
You don't look so good.
Sit down.
The thing bit me.
It sure did.
Be still,
I gotta clean it.
It's already infected.
That's awfully fast.
I don't feel too good.
I got the shakes.
You just relax.
Any idea what's going
on here, Preacher?
I dunno.
I'd like to examine the
outlaws on the rope.
They're the only ones
I can safely approach.
I wouldn't exactly say that.
Examine them for what?
Bodily functions and such.
Just what makes them tick.
I'd also like to
visit the cemetery.
The cemetery?
I wanna know if all the
dead are coming back to life
or just the ones we've seen.
That's crazy.
Rose Anne, watch over Clem.
I will.
Wyatt, Jasper,
you're coming with us.
You be careful.
I will.
No heartbeat, just
like the other one.
So, he's dead.
Absolutely, dead
as a door nail.
Then how...
Well, that's the
question now isn't it.
Let's go dig.
You gotta shoot
'em in the head.
I hadn't been through
Crumpit in a long long time.
It had been one of
those little boom towns
built around the silver strike.
Of course, the silver
had long since played out
and most of the
people had moved on.
So whoever had stayed was
living a hard life indeed.
I'm gonna die, Sheriff.
That means, don't let
me turn into one of 'em.
You're not gonna die, Clem.
I am, Sheriff, I can feel
it, I can feel it in my bones.
You rest now, Clem.
All right, sheriff.
So you've heard of zombies.
Yes, sir.
Just stories spun by
my grandmother is all.
About the walking
dead, about zombies.
Zombie's an other name for
the voodoo that got done.
Only heard of this
happening in here.
There are reports of ghouls,
zombies walking out today.
That's from stories of
the voodoo practitioners
from the Congo in Africa.
I hardly ever paid
it any mind but now.
Who knows.
I don't know what the hell
you guys are talking about.
Just don't bother waiting.
Well, whatever
these things were,
they were now surrounding
the Double Peach saloon
and everyone in it.
I don't know, Preacher,
this idea of not shooting 'em,
it doesn't sound like
such a good idea.
It must have veen
the flash in the sky.
I'm talking
about the catalyst.
The thing that caused
all this to happen.
What does it matter now?
We gotta deal with these things.
And knowing all about them
will help us deal with them.
I'm not sure that
we have enough bullets
to deal with all of 'em.
We should have gone
to Obarts and got us
some ammunition and supplies.
We still can.
I'm not real excited
about being stuck in here
with no ammunition.
I'm with you there.
Hold on, we just
can't open those doors
and go out there,
they'll tear us apart.
Not if we have rifle
fire from the front door.
I can take care of that.
Now hold on, I'm in no
shape to go out there.
Nobody's asking you to go.
I'll go.
Gotta offer you that choice.
I'll go.
I know Obarts like
the back of my hand.
Sergeant Bale
was one of those rare men
who could shoot real good
at the worst of times.
Times when men were
shooting back at you,
or what was the case that day,
when the dead were walking.
Can you shoot something?
Yes, sir.
Young Wyatt
probably could shoot,
but not under pressure,
not when it mattered.
It could have been his
youth and inexperience,
only time would tell.
The same could not be
said for the Apache.
He was a real warrior
like Sergeant Bale.
I was happy to see he hit
what he had to when he had to.
Right, come on.
What I remember
of Jasper the bartender
was that he had heart.
He was a tough son of a gun
and there was no
quitting in him.
He could shoot a
pistol real good too.
Back in those days,
that was the difference
between your livin'
and your dyin'.
Christ, Jenny,
it'll be okay.
How can you say that?
Well, we'll see.
The world has changed,
it's falling apart.
Nothing is gonna be
the same ever again.
We're together, okay?
We're together.
That's okay, isn't it?
Of course that's okay.
But dead people are
walking the streets.
I'm not gonna let anyone
or anything hurt you, Jenny.
Not ever.
I would die before that
would happen to you.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Don't let me
become one of them.
I don't wanna be one
of them, all right?
You rest now, Clem.
Promise me, Sheriff!
I promise.
It's time to
shoot me, Sheriff.
I'd let go of his hand
if I were you, Sheriff.
Shut up, Preacher.
Holy crap!
I'm sorry, Clem.
We didn't much
like shooting Deputy Clem
after he opened his eyes,
but I doubt very much
that the sheriff could
have or would have
been able to shoot his own man.
From what I could
see of the sheriff,
he was a little too affable,
and he seemed to
lack some backbone.
The Apache on the other
hand was another story.
There was a lot more to
him than he was showing us,
that's for sure.
Nice gun.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're Chiricahua, how do
you find yourself so far west?
The ones you kill capture me,
they saw me alone,
and horse give out.
They take me, but they get
careless and I kill them.
But they no die.
Then you come, then they die.
Well, bet you'd have
done the same for me.
How you know?
'Cause I think,
'cause you're Datanta,
great warrior chief of the
Chiricahua, that's what I think.
Not tell the others, might
wanna hang me.
Why is this happening?
I don't know.
Is it the end of the world?
I don't think just yet.
'Cause there's so much
I wanna do with my life.
How about you?
Being a lawman
suits me just fine.
Me, I wanna go to France.
Paris, France.
City of lights is
what they call it.
I guess I wouldn't mind
having a spread somewhere.
Spare horses.
It'd be okay.
You will.
I hope so.
So do I.
Well, goodnight, Marshal.
Goodnight, you sleep well.
I will, you too.
Let me go on
watch for a while.
What in tarnation was that?
It ain't the walking
dead, that's for sure.
What is it?
Don't let them hurt me.
Somebody's out there
shooting, that's what it is.
If they don't hear us, they
won't know we're here, right?
We stop wasting shots.
Wait a minute.
It turned
out to be just two people
followed by a horde of zombies.
There was more of us,
but they're gonna keep up.
At the end it was
just me and this girl.
They followed us all night.
How many?
First is wasn't too many,
they just kept coming,
lots of them.
Like they could smell us.
Heading this way?
Now we have more of
them to deal with.
I told you...
Well, we couldn't have
just left them out there.
No, but...
Hector Ruiz, thank
you for his life.
You're Hector Ruiz?
Yes, Marshal.
You want my gun?
Not just yet.
I knew of Hector Ruiz.
He was a Mexican gunfighter,
an outlaw, a killer.
It will be okay.
Why do you think
it will be okay?
I've always been this
way, optimistic I mean.
Even when my folks died, I
knew that I would be okay.
I mean, look around you,
everyone here will protect you.
We're safe here for now.
Yes, for now.
What happened to them?
Your parents.
They got sick.
I never knew my parents.
That's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Jasper, take that out of his
mouth so he can eat, please.
Little runt.
Shut up or I'll
put that gag back on.
You're just mean through
and through aren't you.
Yes, ma'am, I am.
There is another
way we can leave.
The railroad.
There ain't no railroad
coming during this mess.
I know that, I'm talking
about one of the hand carts
like the Chinese use when
they're building the line.
Well, if we could find one,
we could escape on the tracks.
I ain't seen one of those
around in a long time.
I saw one on our
way here last night.
Yes, saw it also.
About a mile east.
It was just sitting there.
But we have everything
that we need right here,
why should we go?
Sooner or later we will
start running out of things.
Then what?
I agree with the preacher.
The problem is we all
can't fit on a hand cart.
No, but some of us
could see what's happening
elsewhere and send us help.
I'll tell you what's
happening everywhere else,
same damn thing
that's happening here.
Probably so, but
at least we could get
the word out that some
of us have survived.
I agree with Rose Anne,
we're safe here for now.
It might be a good
idea to find that thing
just in case we need it.
We'll go at dawn,
me, you, Wyatt, Ruiz.
I don't want you to go.
Jenny, I have to go.
Says who?
You're not a boy
any more, Wyatt.
Nobody can tell you what to do.
I know that.
Then don't go.
The marshal needs
me to go, okay?
This is the best
thing for all of us.
So we can maybe
get out of here.
And go where?
I dunno, okay,
but we may need to.
All right, but you
better come back in one piece.
And don't let one of
them things bite you.
I won't, I won't.
I said yes.
Jenny, what are
you talking about?
Wyatt Andrews, I know you've
been working up the courage
lately to ask me to marry you.
Haven't you?
Well, that is true.
I said yes.
The minute this is all behind
us, and I'm telling you
this tonight because
it is one more reason
for you to come back to me.
And after this one time, you
never leave me alone again.
Okay, Jenny.
Are you coming?
Yeah, I'm coming.
I thought
the preacher was right.
We should find that hand cart
just in case we ever need it.
I brought Hector Ruiz along so
we could keep an eye on him.
A man like that
wasn't to be trusted.
He was every bit as
bad as George Rivers.
My shoulder.
Just lay back,
Sheriff, and rest.
My shoulder's
killing me, Preacher.
Can you take a drink of this?
He's been getting worse.
I see that.
You all better
keep an eye on him
'cause when he turns, he'll
come back and gobble us all up.
You better shut.
You better shut
up, you little runt.
Untie me, somebody
untie me right now.
You better sit down.
Or what?
What are you gonna do to me.
What are any of
you gonna do to me?
Big bad marshal's not
around any more is he.
I'll shoot you.
I don't think so, darlin'.
If you weren't such an
evil man, we might have
untied you long ago but...
Shut up, old man.
Jasper, you take him in
the back and hogtie him.
Come on.
That's great.
An Indian and a dwarf.
Not so tough are
you now, convict?
Consider yourself the
luckiest little boy in the world
an Apache's standing behind you.
Shut up, convict!
Stuff you under the ground
like a damn little scorpion.
Yeah, we gonna have some
fun now, aren't we convict.
How about I gag you
right about now?
You're a little
quieter now, son.
It's a little harder
to hear you now, convict.
Yeah, yeah.
Tie you up right here like this.
Yeah, tie that up.
Have a nice night.
traveled a good bit,
but in the end, we found it.
My god in heaven.
Doc, move.
I told you he was gonna turn.
I'm outta here.
Did you tie that rope
real tight, Jasper?
Yeah, double stitch.
He ain't getting out of that.
Well, we're in no danger
if we can tie his arms
behind his...
No danger?
Are you serious?
What if when this is all
over, they come back to life
as they were.
If we kill him,
this is our sheriff.
He won't have that chance.
Besides, I can study him.
No, that's not
Sheriff Wright any more.
Get out of here.
Jenny! Jenny!
What's going on?
They got in the back door
and we climbed up the stairs.
We're all right.
They're all over
the place in there.
Go round the back,
we'll draw 'em out.
I'll go with you.
Okay, don't move.
It's gonna be okay.
I learned early on in my life,
the only thing that could
stop a bad man with a gun
was a good man with a gun.
So I trusted in my weapons
and my marksmanship.
The same was true for these
zombies, a gun would stop them.
They're leaving.
Be quiet, they're
luring them out the back.
I always wanted
to be a matador.
Seeing him
toy with that dead girl
turned my stomach.
Only an evil, no
good, devious man
would do something like that.
This is how you
do it, old man.
Some say I
didn't help Hector Ruiz
because he was an outlaw.
That's not the case,
I didn't help him
because by the time I
saw he was in trouble,
he'd already been bit.
We're leaving.
Well I have to say, I
agree with you, Marshal.
Leaving town as soon as
possible is a good idea.
Those tracks go all
the way to Tucson,
there's bound to be more
survivors there like us.
Problem is, we
can't all of us fit on
that one bitty railroad cart.
She won't take eight.
I won't be going.
You won't be going?
Why not?
I'm afraid one of them bit me.
It got me good too.
Right here on the
back of the arm
and it's already
starting to tingle.
I'm sorry to hear
that, Preacher.
So am I.
Isn't there any way to stop
it from happening to you?
I dunno, Jenny, I've
been thinking about that.
The transfusion of blood
might have some effect.
At least it'd slow it down some.
Just sorry I won't be
around with you all
to see how it all turns out.
They got me too.
You too?
Jasper, no!
On the ankle.
Well, it looks like
it's you and me, Jasper.
Will that make enough
room on the cart?
Can we do six?
Probably you can do six.
That was bad news
to hear because by this point
I liked Jasper and the
preacher very much.
You're gonna stick that
thing into our arm, Preacher?
Yes, shall I go first?
No, I'll go first.
Are you ready?
Be gentle.
How is he gonna be
gentle with that thing?
I'll be as gentle
as I can, Jasper.
I always wanted to
run this experiment,
I just didn't think
it'd be on me.
And me.
How you holding up, Jasper?
I don't feel anything.
Hey, I want you
to do me a favor.
I want you to look out
for Rose Anne when I'm gone.
I seen the way
she looks at you.
She's sweet on you.
Don't look so surprised, I seen
the way you look at her too.
Well, she is a fine woman.
Cut the crap.
She's the best woman
in the whole world.
I always thought I'd
have a chance with her.
But now, well you know, just,
you've gotta look out for her.
Treat her real good.
Sure, okay.
Shake on it.
You treat her good.
Yeah, I promise.
How you feelin'?
A little woozy but all right.
Starting to think
this just might work.
The infection's not as rapid
as with Deputy Clem
and the sheriff.
God rest their souls.
You want us to wait and see.
I'm afraid we'd both
be too weary to partake
in such an arduous journey.
Besides, I don't wanna be
remembered as one of them.
Okay, Preacher.
There's something that, something
that I want you to know.
If we make it, I
want you to know
in spite of everything
that's just happened,
I have feelings for you.
You're a good man.
And I would really liked to
have gotten to know you better.
Who said we're
not gonna make it?
We're gonna make it.
So I hope you meant
what you just said
because I have
feelings for you too.
So we're gonna make it, okay?
All right.
We're gonna make it.
I promise you, we're
gonna make I it.
Bye, Jasper.
I don't know how to do this,
I don't know how to say goodbye.
I love you so.
And I love you, Rose Anne.
Maybe the preacher's
experiment will work out.
That we'll be okay.
We'll be here.
You'll be back for us?
We'll be back as
soon as we're ready.
I hope you find us as we are.
Me too, Preacher.
Good luck.
Good luck.
As we moved out,
I was struck by
how easy they went down.
The problem would come
if you ever encountered
a mob of them.
If this was happening
elsewhere, I couldn't help
but wonder how it
was in big cities.
It felt good getting
on the hand cart.
It felt like an accomplishment.
We moved on, putting some
distance between us and Crumpit
and for a while the world
seemed normal again.
And then we saw them up ahead.
Good shot.
Looks like
we're gonna make it.
Yeah, I think so.
You know, for a while
there, I had some doubts.
Me too.
Without you and your
shots, I don't think
we'd even be talking right now.
Happy to be of service, sir.
It's the blasted flywheel.
We can crank this
thing to kingdom come,
we ain't going nowhere.
Can you fix it?
No, sir.
We walk.
We walk.
Losing the hand
cart was a real blow.
We had no choice
but to just walk on.
Wyatt, get up!
I was
never, in all my life,
so happy to see an
Apache raiding party.
Datanta we been
tracking you many days.
It's good to see
you, my brother.
It's good to see
you also, White Face.
Datanta thanks you.
No, these people saved my life.
They are friends
of the Chiricahuas.
You are a good war chief,
I would ride with you
against my enemies.
And I would ride
with you, Datanta.
I will keep this
gun to remember you.
can't believe it.
I didn't
know what our future held
but I knew that there were
dark days ahead for sure.
This new world would
not be an easy place.
But so far, we had survived.