Cowgirls n' Angels (2012) Movie Script

[Girl Narrating]
The only difference between
cowgirls and angels,
my granddaddy used to say,
is that angels
can't ride as good.
Hello, hello, busy city
You let your light shine bright
Hello, good day
Good morning and good night
Hello, hello to the heartland
You make me feel just right
Hello, good day
Good morning and good night
Hey, world,
I hope you're listening
When I say how
The more places that I go
The more I seem to know
I think you're beautiful
Hey, world,
I hope you're listening
When I say how
The more places that I go
The more I seem to know
I think you're beautiful
I think you're beautiful
I wouldn't call myself a cowgirl.
And I'm not much
of an angel, either.
The truth be told,
I'm not really a rodeo fan.
But it was summertime,
and the rodeo was the most
exciting thing around.
I'm not exactly your typical
Oklahoma girl.
See, I'm half-orphan,
which means I don't have a daddy.
And my mama works all the time.
So I'm basically on my own.
I did have a granddaddy.
He was a rodeo trick rider.
- One of the best.
- [Groans]
When I was real little,
he'd tell me,
"It's not enough for a man
to know how to ride.
He's gotta know how to fall."
Well, I couldn't ride a horse
to save my life.
I have to admit, though,
it sure looked like fun.
- Yeehaw!
- Hey! What are you doin'
in my purse?
- Get outta there! Get on!
- Hey! What are you doin'
under here?
Come here.
Hey, you can't get away
from me, now... Hey!
Just stop!
All right.
Come on out of there.
Security guard went that way.
I suggest you go that way.
Thank you, sir.
- And don't let me
catch you in here again.
- I promise!
[Whinnies, Blusters]
It's... It's okay, boy.
Whoa, hey.
Hey, boy.
Come on. Step off it.
[Whinnies Quietly]
Come on.
Work with me, boy.
Here we go.
Come on over here.
[Clicks Tongue]
What are you doin'
out here, huh? All you need
is just a little love.
Ha. Good boy.
Here we go.
All right, girls,
listen up.
Real nice job, ladies.
Just a few little things
I noticed I think
we can improve on.
Nora, when we crack the whip,
you gotta keep up, okay?
I know.
[Man Continuing]
Has to be a tassel...
Hi. That was an awfully
great show, everybody.
- Thank you!
- [Chuckles]
Like I said,
I ain't much of an angel, either.
Yep. The only ridin' I did
was on my old bicycle.
One thing was for sure.
I wasn't gonna tell my mama
I was hanging out at rodeos.
She hated the rodeo.
"Rodeo's nothin' but
a bunch of deadbeats,"
she'd say.
And by rodeo...
she really just meant my daddy.
[Woman] Hey, Punky Brewster,
just checkin' in on ya.
I know I promised
to swing by the market.
But we are
shorthanded tonight.
You know the drill.
Gotta be somethin'
left in the old fridge,
right? Love you.
Love you too.
[No Audible Dialogue]
Mama made it clear
a long time ago.
No talkin' 'bout my daddy.
Wouldn't even tell me his name.
But just like a Texas Ranger,
I had my ways.
I'm sorry
for the sudden departure.
I'll always remember you.
Can you think of a cooler name
for your daddy than that?
I mean, I'm not tryin'
to get down, but...
that's only the third
rodeo since spring
and there ain't been a...
Sorry. There hasn't been
a "Walker" at any of them.
I mean, at this rate,
my grandkids are gonna still
be lookin' for him.
Okay. Whoa. Whoa.
[Horse Grunts]
All right.
Just wait a second.
Ho. Easy.
Whoa. Okay, boy.
You're too big.
That's the problem.
Point your toes.
Keep 'em straight.
- [Woman]
Up, up, up!
- Come on strong!
Rose, when you touch the ground,
you gotta jump back up.
As I see things come and pass
We're left with what's essential
That's better. Good girl.
Turn me underneath the prairie
when I'm dead
and dust and ash
I pray to leave you
what will carry
[Woman Laughs]
To the one sweet light
that lasts
that ain't funny.
It's funny to me, Kansas.
You just don't have
a well-developed
sense of humor like I do.
Don't worry about it.
Hey. Okay.
Who was in here last night?
Looks like
the gelding
got loose again.
What's the matter
with that horse, Augustus?
Nothin' but trouble.
Lock was broken.
Found this.
Come on. Keep up the speed!
You gotta sell it!
- There you go, Terence.
- Thank you, Alice.
- And how are you doin'?
- Well, I get up every morning...
and make it to bed
most nights.
- So I guess I should
count my blessings.
- [Chuckles]
You hang in there.
You sure do mean a lot
to all of us.
Thank you, Alice.
I appreciate the kind words.
Beg pardon, ma'am.
Oh, that's okay.
Excuse me, ma'am.
You have a nice day now.
Oh, you too.
[Bell Jingles]
I swear I was gonna pay for it.
Oh, is that why
you were halfway out the door?
No! I was halfway in the door!
You save your story
for the sheriff.
There you are.
Thought I told you
not to run off like that.
- Is she with you, Terence?
- Uh-huh.
Well, it looks like
she was trying to make off
with this bottle of aspirin.
[Clears Throat]
It's for my mama.
She's got
a real bad headache,
and it's extra-strength.
Sorry about that, Marta.
I'll give her a good
Come on, kid.
So, what's your name,
Ida Clayton,
Mr. Parker, sir.
And how is it
that you know my name?
You're Terence Parker.
Used to ride in the rodeo.
- You were almost as good
as my granddaddy.
- That a fact?
Jim Clayton.
Ever heard of him?
So, uh, how are
things at home, Ida?
Everything okay
with you and your folks?
Just me and my mama.
Never knew my daddy.
Well, you best
be gettin' on home.
Imagine your mama's
waitin' for these aspirin.
Yep! Yep.
Gotta run.
Thank you, sir.
Whoa. Whoa, boy.
All right.
I promise I'm gonna get on you.
If you just give me a second,
I'll do it.
[Whinnies Quietly]
Come on.
All right.
Good boy.
There we go.
Let's go
for a little spin, huh?
Boy, slow down!
Come on.
He's a beauty, ain't he?
Takes somethin' special
to ride a horse like this.
How'd you feel about
ridin' with the Sweethearts?
Uh, don't take this
the wrong way, but...
did you forget to take
that medicine that you got?
Come on now.
How about it?
What are you afraid of?
I'm about the worst rider
in the world.
Sweethearts goin' out
on a big tour.
Rodeos all over the West.
And Rebecca...
That's my daughter...
She's lookin'
for a couple of alternates.
Uh, did you say
all over the West?
[Terence] Mm-hmm.
If I help you,
you gotta do something for me.
Yes, sir.
No more lyin'.
No more stealin'.
You gotta ask
your mama's permission.
- Thank you, sir.
- Mm-hmm.
[Horse Blusters]
Come on.
Come on.
No way. Absolutely not.
But, Mom, come on!
It's Terence Parker!
I don't care about
Terence Parker.
Anyway, you don't even
know how to ride a horse.
Oh, well, I do so!
Oh, yeah?
Summer camp.
Uh, that was...
two years ago.
The rodeo's no place
for a little girl.
It's just a bunch of...
Huh? You sure you not
talkin' about what's-his-face
picking you up tonight?
- He's not that bad.
- [Horn Honks]
There he is.
No on the rodeo.
I got my phone on me.
I'll be back by midnight.
ou sure you're okay?
I always am.
[Door Closes]
- Okay.
- [Engine Starts]
Just for
a little while.
Mr. Parker...
"I would be honored,
Mr. Parker..."
[Continues, Indistinct]
She really wanted
to come out today,
but it's just so hard
to get off of work.
Let's get you on in there.
[Gate Creaks]
Yes, sir.
In you go.
All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, now.
Don't you want to
name him first?
You want me
to name him?
I think...
that your name
should be Prince.
Prince it is.
Go on.
Get up.
All right.
All right,
now hold on a second.
First thing I want you
to remember is that
you and this horse are a team.
Every team
has a leader.
So that makes you
the leader of
the Ida-Prince team.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Let's get you on up.
All right.
On three.
One, two, three.
There we go.
All right now.
Hi, Prince.
Now, you just
hold on to the reins...
and tell him
where to go.
You might wanna put
your heel into it.
I got it.
I'm sure that you do.
But you still
gotta listen to me.
That's part of the deal.
All right?
Off you go.
Yes, sir.
[Clicks Tongue]
Learnin' to ride
Show him
who the boss is.
I'm the boss!
What are you doin'
over here?
I don't know!
Get on over there.
Go on.
That horse
should be riding you.
A few broken bones
for a place to hide
I get knocked down
when I'm learnin' to ride
Come on. Faster!
All right.
Here's the turn!
They're watchin'!
That's right.
Good boy.
That's it. Now hold him up.
Hold him up.
It's the moon
It's the sky
Attagirl, Ida.
Lookin' good.
I know it don't
make no sense
Keep it up, boy. Good boy.
'Cause I ain't even
met you yet
But I know that
some things take time
And everything's all right
Good girl.
Good job.
- You're as ready
as you're gonna get.
- Here. You deserve it.
[Horse Whinnies]
Better, boy?
Then, Madison,
you'll be up, okay?
And then
you'll go last
on Friday.
Oh. Howdy.
This here's the young lady
I was tellin' you about.
I'd like you to meet
Ida Clayton.
You're Jim Clayton's
Yes, ma'am.
How old are you?
I'm two years older
than Mr. Parker when
he started performin', ma'am.
Well, why don't you go ahead
and show us what you can do?
- And you can lose the "ma'am."
- Oh, yes, m...
You gotcha.
All right, Prince.
[Clears Throat]
Ride like the wind.
Thank you.
That's a different way
to get up on the horse.
She's learnin'.
Didn't you once tell me...
"You can't make a silk purse
out of a sow's ear"?
Come on, now.
Just give her
a chance.
- You gotta admit,
she shows promise.
- Form's not bad.
Let's see.
Not bad, Ida.
Thanks for comin' out today.
Thank you, Miss Parker.
Sorry for wastin'
y'all's time.
You'll fit in
just fine.
Welcome to the Sweethearts
of the Rodeo.
[Augustus] Whoo!
Wait. I'm in?
Oh, thank you,
Miss Parker.
I promise I won't
be a problem at all
to any of you.
Thank you.
Rebecca, we done?
I got some laundry
I gotta fold.
No, we are not done.
We have a new member
who needs to practice.
And I'd like to
try her out
on Friday night.
I'm Kansas. Good job.
We'll see
if she can really ride.
Race y'all to the well.
- Come on, girls!
Let's go!
- [Scattered Cheers]
[Ida Narrating]
I used to think of people
as a great big box of crayons,
and each one of us
had our own special color...
that God would scribble
into his book of life.
Only up till now,
I thought my color was "clear."
She's an Oklahoma girl,
singing songs at midnight
Come on, boy!
Howdy, partners.
I'm Ida.
Why, yes,
I'm a cowgirl.
Dancin' past
the porch light
Down among the path
Uh, occupied!
Uh, one-one second.
Ida, now!
I'm late for work.
Give me a moment!
Is that makeup
on your face?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
See? I'm just goofin' around.
That's all.
Oh, Lord.
You've discovered boys.
I'll be back by 10:00.
The trail shines out
before them
All around the world
For that Lone Star state
Hey, babe.
I forgot my purse.
[Man On P.A.]
What a beautiful day for a rodeo.
That's right.
We're gonna have us a calf-ropin',
barrel-racin' afternoon.
- Ida.
- Hey, Augustus.
Hi, preacher.
Why do people
call you preacher?
That's what I am.
The rodeo preacher.
So, you, like,
pray for the riders
or somethin'?
Oh, yeah. Riders, animals,
even new members
of the Sweethearts.
who may need help.
Come on.
It's just me and you.
[Man On P.A.] You know what?
Let's cheer 'em on with a round
of applause as we go down...
Well, now look at you
all gussied up.
Is your mama
gonna make it tonight?
My mama, sir? Um...
Oh, no. No.
She has to work.
- Oh, that's too bad.
- Yeah.
Well, get up on there.
Let's do it.
Oh. Okay.
They're waitin' on you.
Okay. Hi, Prince.
Come on.
Yes. Mr. Mack,
I realize I am late. But-
No. You're not listenin' to me.
I have to go get my daughter.
[Blusters Quietly]
All right, girls.
If you feel it,
I wanna hear ya.
Keep your lines tight.
If you make a mistake,
just keep ridin'.
Kansas, keep an eye on Ida.
Hey, Ida,
don't be nervous.
Just have fun.
Make a ruckus!
That's what Sweethearts
do best.
[Man On P.A.]
Sweethearts of the Rodeo.
All right!
Ride 'em like you stole 'em!
That's so funny.
Step on up, folks.
Line up.
- [Chuckles Nervously]
- Can I have your autograph?
- Wait. You want mine?
- Aren't you the new Sweetheart?
Well, I guess I am.
What's it like
to be a Sweetheart
of the Rodeo?
It's better than anything
in the whole wide world.
Sign mine
"No-good stinkin' liar."
Mom, I swear
I can explain.
Yeah, you always can.
Get outta here.
Ow! That hurts!
Ma. Mama, that hurts.
Uh, ma'am? Ma'am?
I reckon you must be
Ida's mom.
And I reckon
you must be the one
who put her up to this.
Well, no. Not exactly.
She gave me the letter
you wrote. But I...
If you actually believe I wrote this,
then you're dumber
than I thought you were.
Ow! That hurts!
You just ruined
the best thing
that's ever happened to me!
Pretty sad if
this is the best thing
that ever happened to you.
Well, how would you know?
When all you care about
is your dumb old job!
Yeah, I care about my job
so much, I just threw it away
so I could look for you!
Right along with any chance
of me ever findin' my daddy!
Wait. That's
what this is about?
You actually think you're gonna
just stroll into every rodeo
this side of Louisiana...
and say, "Hi. I'm Ida.
Which one of you
is my daddy?"
You're gonna be waitin'
in a long line.
Well, maybe if I didn't
know his name.
But I do,
and it's Walker! So ha!
What are you gonna do
if you find him, huh?
Transform magically
into a respectful
and loving daughter?
Baby, listen to me.
Listen. There's only
one thing you need to know
about your daddy.
And that's the fact
that he deserted us.
He did.
He deserted us.
You just have to accept that
and move on.
Oh, me?
Me, move on?
You're the one
who keeps him stuffed
in your closet!
All right? He is gone.
All right? Gone!
I hate you!
Oh, hey. There's Kim now.
Nice job, girls.
We gotta get all this
loaded up so we can
get on the road by 10:00.
Sorry, Rebecca,
uh, but I'm not goin'.
Well, why not, Kim?
Kenny doesn't want me
to be away that long.
Wh... [Chuckles]
I didn't know
it was up to Kenny.
I'm sorry.
- [Engine Revs]
- What are we gonna do?
We should bring Ida back.
That crazy lady is not
lettin' her anywhere near us.
After she lied,
I'm not sure I want her back.
Well, I think we all knew
she was lyin'.
I'm just startin' to think
maybe she's too much trouble.
That's all.
I think you said that
about me once.
And me.
Definitely said that
about me.
You even said that
about me.
Well, I don't know
what I would do with Ida,
but now that I'm unemployed,
I could really use the money.
Okay. Let me call you
first thing tomorrow morning,
and I'll let you know.
All right.
Who was that?
Carrie wants me to go
to Oklahoma City...
and help her
with her catering
for a few weeks.
You gonna do it?
I don't know, okay?
I'll figure it out.
[Car Door Closes]
Howdy, ma'am.
- I'm, uh, Terence Parker.
- I know who you are.
Yeah, well, uh,
look, Miss Clayton.
You and me kinda
got off on the wrong foot,
and I was thinkin'...
My daughter's
not ridin' with you.
So you might as well
just turn around and go.
You know, Miss Clayton,
the Sweethearts, they give
everyone a fresh start in life.
Sweethearts takes 'em all in
and gives 'em a second family.
Well, Ida's already
got a family.
I know that.
And a mighty fine mom too.
How would you know that?
Because I knew
your daddy.
And I know how much care
he put into raising ya.
Even if you did start out
as an ornery little thing
no higher than my knee.
Yes, sir. Jim was a...
Jim was a good man.
And a fine cowboy.
Sure looked out
for me.
Wish someone would've
looked out for him.
ou and me both.
I think he'd be proud
to know that Ida
was ridin' with us.
Don't you dare
tell me what my daddy
would've wanted, Mr. Parker.
And don't you go
usin' his memory
for your personal gain.
You're right. Sorry.
That... That was out of line.
Um, I don't know
if I mentioned that
there's pay involved?
Seventy-five dollars
a performance.
Twelve performance
works out to be about,
um... about $900.
Times is hard right now.
For all of us.
Um, I could pay you
half up front...
and, well, the rest of it
when we come back.
And, um,
I'd be personally
responsible for Ida.
Something about the way
my heart flows
On a sunny day
Somethin' about sayin'
I'll love...
Wh... Girls,
now that's not very nice,
now, is it?
You said we should be
practicing our roping.
- Not on Sierra.
- [Giggles]
These little things
in life
I love the most
Yeah, well,
they said they was gonna
come see us up in Fremont,
but I'll believe that
when I see it.
Five years of ridin' rodeos,
and my parents have only
come to see me one time.
Must be hard for you.
Nope. I don't care
one way or the other.
What about your folks, Ida?
Hey, did you hear that...
Chuck Norris found another way
to make butter
without churnin' it?
He just roundhouse
kicks the cow,
and it comes out butter.
I hate those stupid
Chuck Norris jokes.
No. Do another.
- Hey there.
- How can I help you?
I'm Rebecca Parker
with the Sweethearts.
The Sweethearts
of the Rodeo.
Heard a lot about you.
Thank you.
Dean Stucky,
Selby's manager.
Hi, sir.
Gimme a sec.
Lemme grab your paperwork.
Careful there, little lady.
This here's some
sensitive information.
[Radio Turns Off]
If you'll just sign those,
I will grab y'all's passes.
You see, Mr. Stucky,
I've been tryin' to
call you all day.
Um, it's very important
that we get a chance...
to practice in the arena
before tomorrow
night's show.
- Why is that?
- W-We always do.
The girls and the horses
need to get familiar
with their surroundings...
so we don't
have any accidents.
Dang. I am sorry to say...
ring's all booked up
Well, uh,
what about tonight?
Now come on.
Now you know these gals
just gonna prance around in
their pretty little britches.
The only accident they may have,
one of them may get their makeup
smudged a little dab.
Look here, Mr. Stucky.
My name's
Terence Parker.
Case you don't
recognize the name,
that's me up there on that wall.
Me and my wife started
the Sweethearts of the Rodeo
over 25 years ago.
Now, all I'm askin' you
is to make that dirt
available tonight.
And, uh, show these ladies
some respect.
If you don't, I'm gonna
give you such a whoopin',
you won't sit down for a month.
Well, uh...
Okay, Mr. Parker.
Uh... Well... Why don't I
just meet you on out there?
She's pretty.
I seen her first there,
It just sounds hollow
Some things I cannot resist
So I'm cleaning up my mess
But every mill
has need for grist
Then must give up the excess
So lay me down
[Sniffs, Exhales]
Come on, Daddy.
Please be in here.
Are you dumber
than a box of dirt?
What are you doin' in here?
- Kansas!
- What are you doing?
I'm trying to
find my daddy.
What is that smell?
Oh, come on...
What in the Sam Hill
are you girls doin' in here?
[Ida, Kansas]
Looks like somethin' to me.
- [Police Radio Chatter]
- I was tryin' to find out about
a cowboy that I met tonight.
And... Ida must have woke up
and followed me. I'm sorry.
It was stupid.
Darn right it was stupid.
If word of this got out
to any sponsors...
Ah, nothin'
was missin' here.
I ain't gonna
press any charges.
- I was young once too.
- Thank you.
It won't happen again.
I promise.
Mr. Parker?
It's me, Ida.
Can I come in?
Sure thing.
Come on in.
Shut the door
and make yourself at home.
Is that your sweetheart?
That's my wife,
She's beautiful.
Where's she at now?
Well, Ida,
I guess you could say
she's with the angels.
I'm sorry.
You needn't be.
She's in good hands.
And I'm doin' okay
down here.
I reckon we'll be together
soon enough.
What's on your mind?
Kansas. She...
Um, sh...
She shouldn't take the blame
for something I did, sir.
I'm sorry for lyin' to you...
about my mama and, um,
for not doin' my chores
when you told me to.
And the other million things
that I haven't even done yet,
but, I mean, I will.
Yeah, that's all.
Well, I'm gonna go now.
Oh, and, Ida...
Yes, sir.
Thanks for tellin'
the truth.
You're welcome.
Why didn't you just
ask for help?
Yeah, why didn't you tell us
about your daddy? Hey!
[Horse Whinnies]
your daddy's name?
It's Walker.
His first name is Walker.
That's all I know.
Oh, I get it.
Walker, Texas Ranger.
Chuck Norris, bad jokes.
It's cute.
Wait. Chuck Norris
is your father?
No. Her father's
a Texas Ranger.
No, her dad's just a dude
named Walker.
- Ohhh.
- Ohh.
So, what's
your daddy like?
[Horse Whinnies]
Well, I've never
met him before.
But I've dreamt about him
more times than I can count.
He's always the same.
He's nice,
funny and helpful.
He cares about me
more than anything
in the whole wide world.
He's definitely
a good daddy.
I just know it.
Well, if there's any justice
in this world, I'm...
I'm sure you'll be
reunited with your daddy.
So, should we
start lookin'?
Hey, excuse me.
Any of y'all named
No, ma'am.
Do you all know
anyone named Walker?
No, ma'am. Sorry.
All right then.
Hey. Either of you boys
named Walker?
No ma'am.
Thank you.
I think there's some guys
down by the breeding barn.
- One of y'all named Walker?
- Honey, I can be
any name you want.
How about Ricky Rodeo?
All hat and no cattle.
So no?
All right.
Thank you, sir.
You've only been
to one rodeo.
Didn't think
it'd be that easy,
did ya?
Don't give up hope.
We'll find your daddy.
I've been waitin' this long.
I reckon I can wait
a little bit longer.
"Star Spangled Banner"]
All right now, ladies,
keep your spacing.
Don't cut the pin.
Uh, Terence,
there's somethin' wrong
with my stirrup.
Well, let me
take a look.
- Oh, get... Go on. Back.
- Prince, stop.
I need a piece of rope.
All right.
Try this.
[Man On P.A.]
This year's Landon Rodeo Queen,
Jean Simms...
and Princess Brooke Stevens.
Ida, you were supposed
to check the saddles.
- I did.
- It was your chore.
No, it's too thick.
I need somethin'
I can tie.
Oklahoma's own,
the Sweethearts of the Rodeo.
And as they get ready to go,
they make some very
last-minute details...
- What are you doin'?
- Make sure everything
is taken care of.
- What about your blood clots?
- I won't have 'em off long enough.
Ida, you wanna be a Sweetheart,
you pull your own weight,
got that?
Yes, ma'am.
Y'all are on now, girls.
Let's go.
All right.
That'll do 'er.
Come on, Dad.
Oklahoma's own,
the Sweethearts of the Rodeo.
I remember that
second-grade summer
Storm season in our hometown
Sittin' in the cellar
Tornado was a-comin'
Didn't know where
it was gonna touch down
Daddy read the Bible
by the Coleman gaslight
How God sent a rainbow
to Noah for a sign
The winds stopped blowin',
and it got real quiet
Mama turned to me and said
Don't be afraid
when you see dark clouds
Once again,
ladies and gentlemen,
As she'll make her way
around the arena,
she'll attempt another
high-flyin' danger maneuver.
There's a lot of trust
between the horse
and the cowgirl tonight.
Rose will lay over
the neck of her horse
at a full gallop.
Right as rain
Once again,
a round of applause for
the Sweethearts of the Rodeo.
Don't be afraid
when you see dark clouds
Life grows sweeter
when heaven pours down
Wish me luck.
Well, hey there.
Annie Oakley.
Annie Oakley
was a sharpshooter,
not a rider.
Well, I stand corrected.
Just sayin'.
That was some fancy ridin'
you were doin' tonight.
Thank you.
What is wrong with you?
I don't know.
Leave me alone.
He's cute.
Hey there! Cowboy!
[Kansas] Ida!
What's your name?
Justin Wood.
What's yours?
- I'm Ida Clayton.
- Pleased to meet you,
Miss Clayton.
This here's Kansas.
She's a little shy.
But trust me,
she's real pleased
to meet you.
See ya.
What are you doin'?
[Ida] Don't yell at me.
[Female Singer]
We're gonna speed things up
a little bit.
And do a song
I wrote called "Come On."
You wanna dance?
Hey, hey,
I'm lookin' at you
Wanna dance? Come on, girls.
Come on. Let's dance.
- All right.
- Come on.
Scuff up those shiny boots
Come on
Hey, hey,
I'm a-talkin' to you
With your tight T-shirt
and something to prove
Step up
Show me your moves
Come on
Come on
Worked hard all week
Got a whole lot of girls
in a little backseat
Touch up my face
It's ladies' night,
and we get in free
Boys are gonna hunt
Girls are gonna play
Say, hey, hey,
I'm lookin' at you
Boy, I gotta tell you,
I'm likin' the view
Scuff up those shiny boots
Come on
Step up
Show me your moves
Come on
You can dance.
Thank you guys so much.
Well, I'm gonna slow it down
a little bit for you guys
and do a father-daughter song.
I'm going to actually get
some help from my special dad.
So if you guys would help me
welcome Mr. Doug Grant.
[Applause, Cheers]
Do you remember
how I begged you
To read Cinderella to me
Every night?
I must've read it
a thousand times
When Billy Wilson
asked another
Girl to go
to the junior prom
You thought
your world would end
You said I'd live through it
I can always count on you
To make it right
Make me smile
Knowin' that
makes me feel safe
This world can be
a scary place
You're always there
Always there for me
[Male Singer]
My baby daughter
Off to Nashville
[Line Ringing]
[Girls Laughing]
I know.
[Line Clicks]
Hi. It's Elaine.
Sorry I couldn't
take your call.
Leave a message.
[Female Singer]
Even where we're...
To a great
performance tonight.
I'll drink to that.
So, how did you get
a name like Kansas?
My mom and daddy said
that I was conceived
in Kansas...
on a road trip
that they took
right after they eloped.
I think Kansas is nice.
All right, let's go.
Rebecca! Justin's
gonna take me home.
I don't think so.
[Justin] I'll catch up
with you later.
I wouldn't count on it,
what is wrong with you?
You are about as sharp
as a marble, aren't you?
Let go!
Do you even remember what
brought you to the Sweethearts
in the first place?
Rebecca, I've changed.
Have you? Because last night
you were breakin'
and enterin'.
And tonight you're
throwin' back longnecks
with John Wayne Jr.
Looks to me like you're
hell-bent on gettin'
sent back to prison.
It was
a correctional institute.
Whatever it was,
do you ever wanna walk
through those doors again?
Well, then you
gotta stay clean.
And stay away
from that cowboy.
You hear me?
Yes, ma'am.
[Country: Soft]
[Woman Vocalizing]
[Vocalizing Continues]
Beat up
Worn down
Comin' back around
'Cause I know
You will always leave your
Light on for me
I will call you home
[Horse Blusters]
Hey, Walker,
you got them halters?
Yeah, I got one
right here.
Here you go.
He kinda looked like her,
but I don't know.
What was his last name?
She doesn't know
his last name.
Shh, shh.
- What you doin'?
- Kansas found your daddy.
I didn't say that.
Where's he at?
- He's at the
- [Gasps]
Ida, I said "I think"!
Howdy, sir.
What can I do for ya?
Well, if you don't
mind me askin'. Um...
Does your first name
happen to be Walker?
Yes, it is.
My name's Ida.
Ida Clayton.
My mama's name
is Elaine Clayton.
It's a fine name.
Well, you see, sir,
we're from Dalton,
and that's in Oklahoma.
But we used to be
from Springville, or at least
that's where my mama was.
I wasn't actually born
on account of
I'm only 12 years old.
But that's kind of the point
because she fell in love
with a rodeo man named Walker.
And I was just thinking
that since his name's Walker,
and he could be my father.
You know.
Since your name's Walker,
it could be perfect.
Your name is Walker,
That's good.
I mean, you're just
the right age and everything.
I-I-I was just wondering if-
if you could be him.
My father.
Ida, you seem like
a wonderful young lady.
But I've never been
to Springville.
I'm sorry.
Wait a minute.
They didn't meet in Springville.
They met in Kansas City.
I'm from Colorado.
I'm pretty sure I've
never met your mother.
I'm sorry to have
wasted your time.
Hey, babe.
Well, what are
you doin' here?
Well, I was on my way
to Missouri...
and I passed
a sign that said,
"You are leaving Kansas."
It hit me I'm not ready
to leave you.
Look, I got
a confession to make.
I'm not supposed
to drink anymore.
Oh. I'm sorry.
I thought you just bein'
a big rodeo star and all...
No, it's just
I used to be kinda wild.
I guess I got
what you could call a past,
and... I'm different now, but-
Is that okay?
Of course it's okay.
You know,
I got a past too.
So what's
this past of yours?
I went to business school
for two years.
That is not a past.
A past
is something bad,
like petty theft
at least.
I dropped out.
All right.
That's a little better.
Gettin' there?
How come?
Uh, my parents, uh,
own this big business...
and I was expected
to take it over one day.
When I got there,
I just felt like
I was penned in.
I couldn't breathe.
Thought it was my destiny
to be out here
and think for myself.
How about you?
Am I happy?
Hopefully the bad times
are behind me.
[Sniffles, Sobs]
Don't I know you
from somewhere?
Here I thought
you did all your hidin'
in the hay cart.
Oh, come now, angel.
Tell old Rawley
what's all the fuss.
I ain't no angel.
Bad day, huh?
It's a bad life.
Well, I don't know
about that.
Aren't you one
of those Sweethearts?
More like one
of their stray horses.
Mama was right.
I'm such a mess.
He wouldn't wanna have
anything to do with me.
Hey. Hey now. Hey.
What are we talkin' about?
Boy trouble?
You just wouldn't understand.
You probably
right about that.
I, uh, never been too good
at relationships myself.
But I will say sometimes
it's just as simple...
as that boy not even knowing
there's a problem.
You can't give up.
- You gotta get right back
in the saddle and...
- Wait.
- What did you just say?
- About giving up?
No, no.
About "not even knowing."
That's what
I'm talkin' about.
Can I have this?
Well, I...
Well, I'm glad
I could be of help.
[Ida Narrating]
That cowboy helped me
see the problem.
My daddy probably
didn't know I existed.
But if I could become
a famous trick rider...
and get my picture
on the front page
of the newspaper,
then he would find me for sure.
The Hippodrome?
You want me to teach you
the Hippodrome?
That's right. Why?
I can't even get you
to practice your drills.
Well, you said
I had what it takes.
Well, maybe you do,
but that doesn't mean...
I'm gonna teach you
a dangerous trick
like the Hippodrome.
Listen. Did Kansas and Madison
ever make the front page
doing a Spin the Horn?
Not that I know of.
Then Hippodrome it is.
I hope someday
you find your daddy, Ida.
I really do.
But whether
you do or not,
you can't go living your life
lettin' all those yesterdays
define your tomorrows,
not if you wanna be
a trick rider.
You gotta step
into that arena
with a clear head...
and a quiet heart.
But you don't start out
with the Hippodrome.
You gotta learn
every piece of it
step by step.
Then that's what I'll do.
You don't have to get
all Mr. Miyagi on me.
The way I see it
Come on. Relax.
I got a pretty good chance
of bein'
Who I wanna be and gettin'
where I wanna go
I ain't lettin' nothin'
stand in my way
Ain't no reason
I can't find somebody
who believes in me
Knows how to love me
It happens every single day
Somebody's gonna set
the world on fire
Somebody's gonna fly
a little higher
Than they dreamed
Somebody gets a blessing
from above
Somebody gets to live
the life they love
Might as well be me
That a girl.
Breathe. Breathe.
Good girl.
Easy as pie.
Somebody's gonna set
the world on fire
Any news
on the sponsor front?
Oh, you know.
"We'd sure love to,
Miss Parker, just as soon
as this economy picks back up."
I heard that there's
gonna be a big honcho...
from the Cactus Saddlery
here tonight.
Word is they lookin'.
They'd be great.
I know you been praying,
We all have.
But I'm not sure
it's doing any good.
I mean, every time
we get close to it,
it seems like someone
just snatches it
away from us.
If God
is driving our car,
then honestly,
it seems to me...
he took a wrong turn
a few miles back, or I...
I know you
believe, Rebecca,
but believin' and trustin'
is two different things.
So you think all
my second-guessin'
makes me a fool?
Just means you've been
given a chance...
to find out
what trust really means.
Thank you.
I am ready to practice
more of my Hippodrome.
You don't say.
Well, yes, sir.
I mean, I've had my fill
of "waxin' on and waxin' off."
Well, how about we start
on it tomorrow, okay?
All right, ladies, listen up.
We gotta look extra sharp
There's gonna be some
potential sponsors
in the audience.
Hey, that's good,
ain't it?
Good. Yeah, that means
we can finally go legit.
Hey, where's Kansas?
I'm just wondering,
is this...
Is this just for fun,
or what?
Well, I mean, it's fun, but...
I think there's
somethin' more.
Me too.
Come on.
[Clicks Tongue]
I told you
not to see that cowboy.
it's not a big deal.
It's not?
I'm 21 years old.
I should be able
to have a boyfriend.
You can see him all you want
when we're back home.
But you know the rules
about fraternizin' with boys
when we're on the road.
I'm not fraternizing
with him.
I need you
to be focused on the job
that you are here to do.
I am focused.
Kansas, you see that boy again
while we're out here,
you can say good-bye
to the Sweethearts!
Well, you know what?
That's fine by me.
'Cause I would choose love
over trick riding any day.
What are y'all starin' at?
Tend to your horses!
Howdy, Ida.
Hi, sir.
Can you imagine it, Prince?
Everyone just
watching you and me?
Ladies and gentlemen
and worldwide audience
watchin' at home,
please help me in welcomin'
at only 12 years old,
the greatest trick rider
in the world,
Miss Ida Clayton!
See, Ida Clayton
rides for many reasons.
But tonight, she rides
in honor of her daddy,
who doesn't even know
that she exists.
She was born to Elaine Clayton
of Dalton, Oklahoma,
And a mysterious cowboy
named Walker.
Ida's the youngest to perform
the death-defyin' Hippodrome
in competition!
- [Grunts]
- Hey, kid!
What were you thinkin',
pullin' a stunt
like that out here?
Come on. Let's see.
My arm.
You all right?
It's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna go get you
set down here.
How bad is she?
Well, she's a little banged up,
but I think she'll be
all right.
She's definitely not riding
for a few days.
- Thanks for all your help.
- Well, no problem. Hey.
Take care, missy.
Thank you.
- Great. Now we're down two.
- [Coughing]
[Clears Throat]
Don't you "hi" me.
You was practicin'
the Hippodrome.
And I straight up
told you not to.
I'm sorry.
- Hey there, sweetie.
- Don't call me sweetie.
Didn't mean anything by it.
I'm Mark Winters,
Cactus Saddlery.
I'm looking
for the Sweethearts
of the Rodeo.
You'd best steer clear
of the Sweethearts.
- Excuse me?
- They only care
about themselves.
Is that so?
You'd be wasting your time,
as far as I'm concerned.
And who would you be?
I used to be
one of their riders.
Have a nice day.
[Engine Starts]
But I almost had it!
The trouble with you, Ida,
is you just don't listen.
Those men from
the saddle company that
were comin' tonight... aren't.
Did Miss Grumpypants
over here say somethin'
to them?
No. Kansas did.
- This was our big break.
- Then why did you go
and hurt your arm?
It wasn't my fault
I went and hurt my arm.
Dang it, Ida.
Whose fault was it then,
the horse?
Fine. I'm sorry.
Well, you know what
I'm really sorry about?
Is that they ever let
Kansas out of jail.
Ida, hush.
Kansas was there for you
when no one else was.
Girl, you gotta stop worrying
about other people's problems...
and take a long, hard look
at yourself.
Maybe you could
call 'em up
and explain everything?
I don't have their number.
[Terence Groans]
Augustus, call 911.
It's all right.
It's all right.
He's gonna be fine.
Come on.
He's gonna be all right.
[Siren Wailing]
[Ida Narrating]
Rebecca pulled everyone
from the show.
There was no way
we were performing that night.
There was one more show
scheduled at home,
but without Terence,
it was lookin' like
the Sweethearts were done.
But he'll be okay?
Well, Mr. Parker
has stage two.
It is treatable,
but he has
a long road ahead.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Doctor.
It's okay.
It's all right.
All right.
It's gonna
be all right.
You can't let him
see you like this.
Doctor said
Terence needs to rest.
What if your mama's
cooked up a big feast
to welcome you home...
and you're
sittin' here missin' it?
She doesn't cook.
Hey, what are
you doing?
What's it look
like I'm doing?
My arm feels better.
Don't think your mama
didn't miss you.
I promise you. She has.
And I promise you
she's probably
just sittin' there...
waitin' for you
to come home.
Thanks, Madison.
All right. Go on now.
You have fun
with your mama.
[Engine Starts]
Madison was right.
[No Audible Dialogue]
Stop tryin'
to replace my daddy!
[Monitor Beeping]
How you feeling?
Well, you just rest,
Mr. Parker.
Come on, boy.
- She ran away.
- What?
- Prince is gone too.
- We better try and find her.
She looks like an angel,
doesn't she?
You'd have been proud
of her out there
on the road, Elaine.
She's a real trouper...
just like you were
when you were her age.
I sure am sorry
I lost track of you
after your daddy passed.
But I'm real grateful
Ida's brought us
all back together.
Me too.
Now, this lovely lady here
is Nurse Joan,
and she's gonna bust me
out of here for that
last rodeo tomorrow night.
I'm gonna appeal
to her sense of adventure.
[Both Laugh]
Would you mind passing me
that box over there
on the way out?
Bless your heart.
I found this up in the attic
a little while ago.
No idea how long
it's been there.
It can wait.
I think your little girl
needs to go home.
Yeah. All right.
Take care.
You too.
Is that you?
You have
your grandfather's eyes.
I have your eyes.
You have my stubbornness.
You really miss him, don't you?
I'm real...
I like those...
No. It's okay. Go ahead.
Those curtains
in my room are real pretty.
I'm glad you like 'em.
I wasn't sure whether
to put 'em up now...
or wait till after
your show tomorrow night.
I'm not gonna ride tomorrow.
I'm retiring.
No, honey,
I'm not asking you to.
I know.
All I ever do is...
is talk, Mama.
When words come cheap,
sometimes you just
gotta find another way
to say what you really mean.
I missed you.
What time is it?
I wanted to show you
the morning paper,
see if I could get you
to reconsider.
Terence isn't even
gonna be there.
Besides, I'm sure
they'd do far better
without me.
I'm just gonna go back
to sleep, okay?
All right.
Love you.
You are not gettin'
away from us that easy.
- Did you think
we wouldn't miss you?
- [All Laughing]
We're draggin' you out
whether you like it or not.
Okay, okay,
I'm going!
Hey, hey,
I'm a-talkin' to you
With your tight T-shirt
and somethin' to prove
Step up
Show me your moves
Come on
Worked hard all week
Got a whole lot of girls
in a little backseat
Touch up my face
It's ladies' night,
and we get in free
Boys are gonna hunt
Girls are gonna play
Say, hey, hey,
I'm lookin' at you
Boy, I gotta tell you
I'm likin' the view
Scuff up those shiny boots
Come on
We got a big show tonight,
boy, for everyone.
Gotta help Mr. Terence.
Got the sponsors
comin' tonight, huh?
That way, the Sweethearts
can keep ridin'.
We've been through
a lot together.
Thank you
for being there for me.
Good boy.
- Hi.
- Hi, Ida.
I'm really sorry
about the other night.
I mean, you seem like
a really nice man,
Mr. Rawley.
You can date my mama
if you want to.
I'm... I'm sure
she'd be happy.
No, I...
Ida, I didn't come here
to date your ma.
Ida, I... I came here...
to ask permission...
to introduce myself
to my little girl.
Why do you
need permission to...
People call me Rawley.
Rawley West.
But my real name
is Walker.
And I don't know
why it didn't work out
between me and your mom.
I'm sure it's my fault.
I was more bullheaded
than the bulls I rode
back then.
I didn't know
about you, Ida.
And when I saw your...
your confidence
and your determination, it...
convicted me, and...
I... I can't get
those beautiful
brown eyes out of my head.
Hey, you know, um...
You know what the difference is
between a cowgirl and an angel?
Angels can't ride as good.
Oh, sweet little girl.
I'm here now.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to rodeo night
in Clarksville.
The Sweethearts
of the Rodeo...
are a very special set of ladies
I'm gonna introduce you to
in a moment.
They ride with a purpose.
And tonight, they ride
for a gentleman.
He dazzled us with his riding,
and we wanna take care
of that gentleman.
And the Sweethearts of the Rodeo
wanna make sure...
that he knows he's not
going through it alone.
Ladies and gentlemen,
help me and the Sweethearts
and welcome Mr. Terence Parker.
- Did they just say "welcome"?
- [Augustus] You mean
that old coot is here?
Guys, come on!
Come on!
There he is!
Oh, my gosh!
He's gonna see us perform!
We got a show to do.
Come on.
He's gonna see us ride.
Well, that means
he's feelin' better.
That's all that matters.
What are you doing here?
Look at you.
I know.
I heard y'all could use
another rider.
- Got my message.
- Yeah, I did.
Well, can we
go ridin' now?
Mr. Parker's here.
He's here?
He's out
of the hospital.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
here they are
for your enjoyment,
your cowgirls, your angels,
your Sweethearts of the Rodeo!
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
a very special moment
for us this evening.
Last, but
certainly not least,
Ida Clayton will perform
a surprise for the man...
who believed in her
when she didn't
believe in herself.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
Miss Ida Clayton!
- [Cheering]
All right, Ida,
you can do it!
Yeah, come on, Ida!
Terence, Ida wants you to know
this one's for you.
Yeah. Yeah. Whoo!
Come on, girl.
Come on now.
That's my girl!
That's my girl!
Wow! Look at that!
[Ida Narrating]
I guess you're wondering
how everything else turned out.
Well, Terence ended up
being just fine.
Said he had at least
another hundred years or so
in those boots.
Kansas and her cowboy
were truly meant to be.
Rebecca said that from now on,
true love would always trump
rules and regulations.
- Rebecca, this is Justin.
- I know who he is. Come here.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
The man from the saddle company
was mighty impressed
by the show...
and very excited
about striking
a sponsorship deal...
to keep
the Sweethearts of the Rodeo
riding for years to come.
[Sweethearts Shrieking]
As for my mama and daddy,
I don't claim to know
what the future will bring.
But I'm hoping
the spark that once burned
so brightly between them...
just might rekindle itself.
And as for me,
well, I sure learned
how to fall,
but I do believe
that I also learned how to fly.
After all, I had gone
searchin' for my daddy,
but did one better.
I found myself.
Yep, it was like
the good Lord himself...
was smilin' down
on all of his cowgirls.
Of course, the only difference
between cowgirls and angels,
my daddy once told me, is that
angels just can't ride as good.
[Pop: Up-tempo]
I can see you
pullin' in the driveway
Wild summer women
make your hair go crazy
It's the moon
It's the sky
And I can see us
buzzin' up the freeway
Rippin' it up right through
the long weekend
Till the sky says good night
I know it
don't make no sense
'Cause I ain't even
met you yet
But I know that
some things take time
And everything's all right
I can see us
settin' up our own place
Fightin' about the ottoman,
startin' up a fireplace
Jumpin' on the bed
And I can see you'll know me
Divide this confusion
Scatter the sadness
Understand I'm
tryin' to change
Accept me just the way I am
And know
that I will do the same
I know it
don't make no sense
'Cause I ain't even
met you yet
But I know that
some things take time
And everything's all right
Everything's just swell
Sure, it gets lonely,
but no one can tell
I know what I want,
and I can be strong
And if I can't find it,
then I'll go it alone
I can see us
when we grow older
Just a bit shorter
Quite a bit wider
Hair turnin' gray
We'll say this was
my destination
And I'm sure I will feel
a sense of completion
From this life
We live so well
I know it
don't make no sense
'Cause I ain't even
met you yet
But I know that
good things take time
Everything's all right
And everything's all right
And everything's
all right