Cradle of Champions (2018) Movie Script

- I got this one.
- My man, you are in this.
All the way.
-I got this one.
And then I got all the medals
up there and all my articles.
That's the Golden Glove robe
that I fought in, 2013.
The gloves I fought in
and the handwraps I fought in
in the Golden Gloves.
- You fought in handwraps?
-Yeah, so you don't
hurt your hand.
This is the fight
I got Fight of the Night.
A whole bunch.
-This is the China pin.
- You went to China?
- Nah, they came here.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, Gage.
I'm going to China
sometime in July probably.
- Yeah.
You got more trophies than me.
- Yeah?
You're gonna get a lot soon.
- Yeah.
- How do you feel?
- Good.
I'm 130 right now.
- Who's coming on Friday?
- Everybody.
- It's gonna be another
awesome night.
he's gonna take it home.
- The newspaper article,
it said that he's a real
crowd pleaser.
Madison Square Garden,
the 33rd
inter-city Golden Gloves
with top amateurs of New York
mixing it up.
Few of these ring hopefuls
have fought in the big time
They're young, not too savvy
in ring technique,
but they're long
on gameness and enthusiasm.
- Golden Gloves
is the biggest amateur boxing
tournament in the world.
And my dream
is to become world champion.
- Every state
has Golden Gloves,
but in New York,
we get a pair of golden gloves.
New York is the only one
with the gloves,
so every time they see us,
they're like, "Oh, man,
she's from New York."
-And New York
is the best Golden Gloves
because how they promote you.
Like, they say on their poster
they produce champions.
- Camacho.
- My most memorable
moment in the Golden Gloves
was not when I won,
but when I lost in '76.
And I thought,
"You're not the only one
that lost in this event."
Ray Robinson.
Floyd Patterson.
Muhammad Ali.
- Cassius Clay.
They've all lost here.
Five! Six! Seven! Eight!
That's it.
- We are
the champions of tomorrow,
so this means everything to me.
If I become Golden Glove
champion, never know.
Sky's the limit.
- Ladies and
gentlemen, please rise.
- O say can you see
You're in the book, right?
Good luck to you tonight.
- No 123s going tonight.
- Anybody weighing in?
Who's weighing in?
Odero? Odero?
How old are you, buddy?
-20? Step up, please.
- Beautiful, 140.
Go see the doctor.
-Any chest pain, shortness of
breath when you're training?
Ever been knocked out?
- Follow my finger
with just your eyes. Ojo.
- Ahh.
- Take a nice,
deep breath.
All right, you're done.
-Good luck to you, boxer.
Get them ready, coaches.
- Let's go! Let's go!
- Let's go.
- Were so gallantly
- Yo, let's kill it.
Get ready.
I don't want to hear no shit.
And the rocket's red glare
The bombs bursting
In air
Gave proof through the night
- Back down here.
- That our flag
Was still there
-I wish you a great Golden
Gloves tournament this year.
- O say does
Peter Goodman, where are you?
That star-spangled banner
Yet wave
- Ten. Ten minutes.
- Coaches, you got that?
No 123s going tonight.
- Hurry up.
Clock's ticking.
- Bring your books.
- All right, get ready.
- Ready?
- Ready to go, right?
-Let's go.
- You're sure, you're sure,
you're sure.
You're sure.
-Here we go, bro.
-Let's go, Louie.
Let's go, Louie. Let's go.
- And that bell
means, ladies and gentlemen,
the road to the Barclays Center
begins here tonight.
The Daily News Golden Gloves
is pleased to be here
in Staten Island.
Especially like
to thank Teddy Atlas...
- What's up, man?
- Hey, Doc, how you doing?
- Not too bad.
How are things, man?
- Everything's well.
- This your last one
before you turn pro?
-Yeah, it's my last one, man.
- Okay.
- Last one.
-Last one. You call your dad?
-He's creeping up.
- You know, so, like,
but I watch you guys grow, man,
so it's like family, man.
-Yeah. Absolutely, absolutely.
-Any headaches or dizziness
-Cold or flu symptoms?
-Taking any medicines,
vitamins, any supplements?
-Turn your head.
-My name is Titus Williams.
I'm 25 years old.
- Haven't been
knocked out or passed out?
I've won every tournament
there is to win in New York.
I won the regionals,
so I'm currently
ranked number one
in the northeast.
I won the Golden Gloves in 2013
along with
the Sugar Ray Robinson Award
for the outstanding boxer
of the tournament.
That's my favorite one.
I got about 12 belts,
but that's my favorite one.
I accomplished everything
I wanted to accomplish
in the amateurs.
-Step up, papi.
- So this will
be my strong ending.
Close that amateur book,
start the pro book.
- One thirty-two even.
- That's what
the Golden Gloves for me
this year is.
-Good luck to you.
-Thank you.
It made my name,
and it's gonna take my name
to the next level.
There's nothing
that's gonna stop me
from winning the Golden Gloves.
- One thirty-two Open, 132 Open.
- Yes.
- Jose Gonzales.
-Man, I feel good about that.
-Yeah, you hurt your hand,
you're gonna start crying.
-He didn't get his wraps, right?
-Thank you.
- Told me
you had a heart condition
when you were young?
-During exercise, any difficulty
breathing or chest pain?
-Anyone in your family die young
of a heart condition?
- Look at me.
- James Wilkins
is a Staten Island favorite.
-All right, champ,
you're good to go, man.
Good luck tonight.
- Story behind James
is James is your typical,
like, Mike Tyson-type kid.
If he's not focused,
if he's out of the gym,
he's in trouble,
and he knows it, too.
- At the time
when I started boxing,
I was going to Tottenville
High School playing football,
but I was small
and I liked to fight.
So one of the coaches works for
the Atlas Cops N Kids program,
Pat Russo,
and he took me to the gym.
And he was like,
"Hey, you can spar here.
You can fight here,"
and I just started to like it.
- James struggled a lot
with school
and he struggled a lot with,
you know,
just dealing with everyday life,
and a lot of fights.
And I wouldn't say it's
anything like drugs or alcohol
or running the streets.
-Eight count!
- It's more so he dealt
with a lot of things like...
school, the suicide in school.
- One day,
my friend Felicia--
she wasn't a bad kid.
She was just confused.
She got caught up in a mess,
and she committed suicide
at the train I was at with her.
We were actually hanging out
and talking
and she asked me
to hold her bag for her,
and I was like, "What do I look
like, a hanger?"
Like, I was joking around.
And she put her bag down
and she just leaned forward
and jumped
in front of the train.
It was hard...
'cause I was still young.
I was only 14, 15.
I was a freshman,
so I was still a little soft.
So it hurt a lot,
but as you grow up,
you learn that you being upset
and cranky and angry,
it's not gonna
bring anyone back,
so you might as well
just live on and work hard,
and if you want to dedicate what
you're doing for that person,
you could do that.
- The boxing helped him
become stronger
and let his anger
and emotions go into the ring.
- Two years ago,
James won the 123 Novice.
Now he's going
for the 132 Open.
And I think
he's got a real good shot.
- James Wilkins.
We have a little bit of history.
We were sparring partners
for a little while.
He learned some stuff from me.
He used to ask me for advice.
He entered my weight class.
We fought in 2014.
And I put him in his place.
Do I have the mental edge?
I think so.
Three 3-minute rounds.
Introducing the gentleman in
the golden corner, Josh Allen.
And in the blue corner...
Please welcome James Wilkins.
-We got the last bout,
eighth bout, all right?
No, relax. We'll time
the warm-up just right, man.
Time to impress, baby.
James! Hit the body, James!
- Body!
- Body, James!
The body, James!
- Great shot!
- Step back.
- And your winner,
2 minutes, 24 seconds,
second round by TKO,
in the blue corner, is Wilkins.
Kevin Rudolf's Let it Rock
playing over speakers
Get something to drink
and come on back
in eight minutes.
-Boom, baby.
-Back to work tomorrow.
-Now, you know some of these
other guys in the division,
guys that have been around--
guys like Titus
that have won before.
Um, you, you've been
in big stages,
but how do you think you stack
up at this level
against this competition?
-I honestly feel like nobody
in here has stopped me,
and I'm coming
and I'm winning the whole thing.
Humble, hungry,
and ready, that's it.
-Humble what?
-Hungry and ready.
-Hungry and ready.
All right, man, congrats.
We'll see you next round.
You got it.
- Titus Williams.
He's from Elmont, Long Island,
and, you know,
he's a churchgoing kid,
but in the gym,
he works very, very hard,
and he's really
a really nice kid.
He's just not so nice
in the ring.
- And the winner
from the gold corner, Williams.
- Great third round.
- Thank you, thank you.
-You know some of the guys
in this division.
Um, it's a deep division.
There is talent there.
-I beat--
What's his name? James.
I beat James in the metros.
I know he want it back.
He gonna fight his heart out,
but he's not gonna get it.
But yeah, these guys are good.
They come, they're hungry,
they game, they want it.
They want to
win the Golden Gloves,
and they want to take me out.
I'm not gonna let them.
-All right, well,
congrats being back on top,
and we'll see you next round.
Here with us tonight,
let's welcome in Teddy Atlas.
Teddy, come on up.
- Thank you.
You guys, the great fans,
the loyal ones,
threat of snow
doesn't scare you.
You guys still come out,
so I appreciate you's
and you come out every year,
and you come out
and you support these fighters
that deserve to be supported,
because anybody
who could climb up those steps,
walk out of that locker room--
and let me tell you something.
I'm gonna let you in on a
That hallway
from the locker room,
it's only about a 20-yard walk.
But it looks like
it's about 20 miles,
because you know
where you're walking.
You're walking into that ring
to face another man
and to face all your doubts,
all your fears.
But these fighters train
to discipline themselves,
to condition themselves,
that even with that fear,
they still can summon up
the courage to get in this ring
and find out who they are,
and when you do that,
you become a better fighter,
and most importantly,
you become a better person.
Thank you, love you.
pensive music
Ladies and gentlemen,
a very good evening to you,
and welcome to
the Joe Louis Harlem PAL,
the uptown home of champions
right in the heart
of New York City
for this evening's edition
of the 88th annual
Daily News Golden Gloves.
One forty-one point six.
- Yeah.
-My name is Nisa Rodriguez.
I am 24 years old.
I train out of the South Bronx.
I guess it started,
I was 16 with my first trainer.
He took me to watch
my first Golden Gloves match,
which happened to be in the
finals in Madison Square Garden.
And I was the kid
to go get the gloves
when the fight was over
and bring them back,
and just being there,
that big crowd,
it inspired me to go
in the Gloves the next year
when I turned 17.
And I pulled it off,
and after that one year,
I pulled it off
four more times.
So I'm a five-time
Golden Glove champion.
And fingers crossed,
next season,
try to go for the Olympics.
So, the Golden Gloves,
it's a stepping stone for me
as far as Olympic dreams.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have the decision.
Your winner, in the blue
Nisa Rodriguez!
- But my main goal,
even if I don't
make the next Olympics,
even if I'm not, like, ranked
number one in the nation,
I want to make a statement.
I want them to remember me,
especially my son.
I'm a single mom from the
I had dropped out of school
when I was pregnant, and...
What did I do?
...if it wasn't for my son,
I probably
would've not pushed myself
as much as I have.
It's mainly for him.
So right now, I'm in college.
I'm trying to--
I'm trying to be the role model
that he needs
so that he can be proud of me.
- All right,
ladies and gentlemen,
the action continues,
and we'll switch divisions.
-Show time!
-Show time, show time!
-Hey. There you go.
Make him think
about coming in there.
- Got to work, Pete!
- Work the body, Pete! Let's go!
Again! Let's go!
Back it up with something!
-Come on!
-Touch that body!
Touch the body!
-Smack the face!
-Get off the ropes!
Get off the ropes!
-Hold him, hold him. Yeah!
-No, you wrong! Boo!
Referee, what the fuck fight
you watching?!
-Give him what you got.
Come on, come on.
Now! Stop, stop.
-I'm gonna tell you what's
going down here right now.
I need a bucket.
You're not fighting your fight.
That's the bottom line.
-Spit this in the bucket.
Where's-- I did not get
one straight right hand
the entire round.
Never mind a few less.
You should be--
He's coming in reckless.
One, two, real fast.
Bing, bing!
Real fast with the one-two.
Throw it the whole round.
Straight right hands.
You can finish to the body
as much as you want,
but I want that straight
right hand, you understand me?
Don't let him get on you
and freakin' hold onto you.
Throw the one-two
before he gets on you.
Before he gets there.
-Yo, Tyrone, relax, bro!
- Step around.
Reset your feet.
That's it, baby.
We train all year
for this tournament.
It's the guys that
stay in the gym all year round
that they put that necklace
around, you know,
at the Barclays Center.
The Freeport Police Athletic
League here in Freeport,
I lost count on how many
amateur champions
we've crowned.
You know,
so when we're rolling up,
everybody wants to beat
the Freeport guys.
- The thing about
what Coach Joe does,
he doesn't run his program
as a business.
And his gym has done a lot for
Freeport, 'cause in that park,
there used to be
a lot of gang violence
and a lot of kids hanging
doing drugs
and stuff like that,
but you don't see
any of that now.
The reputation of the gym
is taking kids off the street,
and then even if
you don't make boxing a career,
it puts you
in a positive situation
so you can better yourself
and better
the people around you.
- I want you
to have your hand pushed out.
I want this. Right?
Bop, bop, bop!
You want to turn the fist over,
all right?
Boxing means everything to me
because it helped me grow up.
I never won no title,
but I did try boxing
and I had some good events
and good fights
back in the day,
and I think it formed me
as a person.
I think it made me disciplined.
I think it set the path for me
to have a certain toughness,
but more than anything,
to have a certain respect.
The gym has other
besides just training
to be boxing champions.
These virtues on the wall
have to be memorized,
and these kids have to learn
how to use them in their lives.
Justice, temperance,
fortitude, prudence.
Where do those words
fit into your life?
Just knowing
the definitions of those words
will make you a smarter person.
You can't curse in here,
you can't wear your pants
on your ass,
you cannot use the word "nigger"
in here
'cause it's personal to me.
I grew up in this town.
It's integrated.
My coaches are black,
these kids are black.
They need to know
where that word came from
and how disgusting it is.
- Coach Joe
is a very strong personality.
He's very strong willed.
He was a Marine
and he was a firefighter.
- That's my father, me, my
brother Mike, my brother Bob,
and my brother Tim here--
he was killed in 9/11,
and me and all my brothers,
we dug him out.
We found him.
And we stayed there
all those months
and dug all our colleagues out
and hundreds
and hundreds of people.
Boxing's a lonely sport.
It's hard sometimes
to stay motivated.
Who wants to wake up every day
in the morning,
time to get hit?
You know, not the average person
does that.
You could lose your life
in this sport.
It's not like any other sport,
not like basketball,
football, or baseball.
When they say,
"Let's play basketball,
let's play football,"
you never hear a person say,
"Let's play boxing."
To lose, it just--
you feel like what was the
point of you training so hard
just to lose,
but then again,
what I learned now, and
especially in amateur boxing,
you never lose.
You either win or you learn.
You hear that?
Different look.
and the referee was, like,
taking points out of him,
and the kids are fighting,
he just knocked him out.
-The ref was on the floor
and he kept punching him.
-And they're like, "Yo, how much
you want to bet James
would do something like this?"
-Nah. Not me.
-Yeah, right? Oh, yeah.
-It was like kids
make their own, like, democracy
and stuff like that.
It's a mad interesting book,
Yo, if you ever get the chance,
man, read this book, man.
Kafka was the Rage.
It's, like,
a Greenwich Village memoir.
It's interesting.
Keep your mind
off of training for a while.
- Fight and leave.
- Right.
All this extra stuff.
That's what make you nervous.
-Yeah, yeah.
Got to embrace it, man.
-Part of the game.
- Thirty-two Open, you guys
all here? Pay attention.
There's six of you guys left.
Obviously two bouts
to get down to four.
Two byes. So, Titus.
Victor Benitez.
Alfredo Ibiza.
And Joseph Alvarez.
Jude Franklin and James Wilkins,
you guys got the byes,
all right?
Same stuff. Pick up your books,
uh, after second bout.
-Does that mean
you're not fighting?
-Nope. Got a bye.
-Can you guys swing
the line this way?
Vicki, Is that all right?
- Titus is still the guy
to beat in this tournament.
Even though he had
a disappointing year last year,
he's still the favorite.
James Wilkins looked pretty good
the last bouts at Petrides,
but he's not fighting tonight,
so he will see him again
in the semifinals.
He got a bye.
But yeah, should be a couple
fireworks with the 132s.
I think they're gonna be
third bout, so stay tuned.
- In 2013
when I won the Gloves,
I got a chance
to meet Floyd Mayweather.
Mayweather and his people
flew me out to Vegas.
I trained with Mayweather.
It was surreal.
Things was just flowing.
I was in a position like, "All
right, I'm done with amateurs."
I got tired of it.
-Ready for work, baby.
Ready for work.
-But you forget there's other
guys behind you that's hungry.
The first night
at the Golden Gloves in 2014,
these guys just came at me
and he just took it from me.
It hurt for a little while.
It stung.
This year,
I can't be complacent.
Just got to stay hungry.
Hunger is a big thing
in this sport.
-Tighten the back?
Titus is looking better
and better.
I had to have a chat with him.
You were on top of the world,
and then, you know,
maybe you slacked a little bit.
You can't let these young,
hungry kids come up,
'cause they want to beat you.
They got your picture on their
mirror in the gym, man.
You're the guy
that they want to beat.
So, you know, maybe I think
I motivated him a little bit
with that talk
'cause he's been on fire since.
-And the first young man
in the gold corner
is representing the Freeport
Police Athletic League.
Let's hear it
for Titus Williams.
- It was a learning
lesson for me losing in 2014.
Even when you're winning
and when everything
is all good,
you still got to find
the hunger and the motivation
from somewhere.
Look at Mayweather.
I see him and he has millions
and millions of dollars.
What motivates him to work hard
every day in the gym?
He has all the cars
you can ask for.
He has everything
you can ask for.
So, it's bigger than
just the materialistic things.
It's legacy.
I'm fighting for legacy.
Go ahead, baby, go commit.
There you go, there you go.
That's it. Laser dukes. Split
them gloves with the laser.
Split it!
That's it, split it!
That's what I'm talking about!
Sit on the hook!
Bend your knee on that hook!
Go forward with the jab.
Keep that calibration
backing him up.
That's it. Two! Drop it!
There you go!
Now give yourself room!
Stick first!
Back him up, T. Good stick.
Tidy up the rhythm.
There ya go!
- Yeah!
- And your winner,
from the gold corner, Williams.
-Did I see you on TV recently?
-Yeah, I came out on J Lo's
Neighborhood Session just,
you know, spreading the word
about people doing good
in the Bronx.
It's not
all what everybody thinks of,
and now I work in, um,
a charter school in Harlem
and I'm
a females basketball coach.
-Oh, yeah?
-So I'm just helping other girls
follow their dreams.
- Message is pray to God
you survive
Hail Mary, do or die
Ladies, listen, y'all need
to get
your act together in school.
You're not gonna like
every teacher,
you're not gonna like
every student.
There's gonna be times
where it's just...
you're not gonna want
to deal with them.
But I already told y'all there's
ways of dealing with things,
and if y'all acting up
and y'all being disrespectful
to other staff members,
the things
that we have planned for you,
you're not gonna participate
in it 'cause it's not allowed.
And nowadays, a high school
diploma doesn't mean nothing.
You need an associate's,
you need a bachelor's.
You don't want a job,
you want a career.
You don't want to sit
and do a job all day,
a 9:00 to 5:00
that you don't like.
I enjoy coming over here
'cause y'all
make me laugh,
y'all make me happy.
There's days I don't even want
to get out of bed,
and I'll be like, "Okay,
I'm gonna see my girls today.
One of them's gonna act up."
- Skyla.
-I see so much potential
in all of y'all.
A lot of you surprise me
on strengths,
the support, leadership.
You got to remember this
is a whole new generation.
Women are coming up.
So whether you're gonna
play ball in university--
which y'all better get tickets--
go into the military--
which I want to be in
the graduation.
And I want to go to all of y'all
high school graduations.
All right,
so we're gonna talk Monday,
right, Destiny?
Me and you?
Monday, I got to see you.
I got to see Esther on Monday,
-Wait, what about your fight?
- You know what,
that fight starts at 7:00.
I don't know how good
y'all parents are
with y'all staying out late,
but you got to let me know
before Wednesday.
James Wilkins, let's go.
Hit it. Hit it.
One step.
And jab-- jabs all day.
Don't back up.
- I grew up in Brooklyn,
New York,
and then from there,
we went to Staten Island,
back to Brooklyn.
Lived in Flatbush with my aunt
for a few.
Then we moved out to the South
Bronx with my mother's father,
and then we moved back
to Staten Island.
My grandmother raised
all of us,
and money was always
a problem.
It was 24 grandkids.
We lived in one apartment.
My grandmother gave all
the kids the master bedroom.
Literally, we just had
a bunch of mattresses
laying on the floor 'cause
there was too many of us
to put, like, a whole bed.
But it taught us how to, like,
stick together as a family.
That's why
we're all still so close.
I want to be the first to say
that I made it from my family.
Like, I got us
where we want to be.
That's my goal.
- He wants to turn
you know, to help his family.
He has a way to go, though.
First he has to win
these Golden Gloves.
Keep them hands moving,
hands moving.
I said James came a long way.
- He can win the Gloves, man.
- He will win the Gloves.
He will.
-We got Titus, right?
-We got Titus,
we got that kid--
Like, all of the rest of them
he beat already.
so he got an edge on them.
He got an edge on everybody.
-But he can't--
He got to listen, man.
That's all I'm saying.
-And that's the most
important thing.
James and listening.
-He don't listen.
Take your time. Just play.
- Nice and easy,
nice and easy. All right.
- Time!
-No, no!
He didn't do nothing wrong.
The kid did not do nothing
Don't even go there with that.
-Don't go crazy.
-Use your jab.
There you go, there you go.
Body! Body! Body! Body!
Work, shove away.
Stay relaxed, stay relaxed.
-He don't hear you.
All right, relax, relax, relax.
Relax the side.
No, no!
- Hey, hey, hey!
-Yo, yo, yo.
Yo, no, no, no.
-Holding me!
-Get out. Get out the ring.
I've had it with this shit.
There's no reason for you
to grab him like that, man.
-Don't do that shit.
-There's no reason for you
to do that, man.
Get out the ring.
-Do that shit to me.
Getting mad at me?
You see it, Patty.
-Right, I know,
but you got to think.
-I know you see it, Patty.
-I know, but you can't think
with this.
You got to think with this.
This ain't boxing,
it's sparring.
Listen to your corner.
-Just take a knee.
-G's mad at me again.
-I know, but because he don't
want you acting like that.
-That's that regular
Staten Island stuff, see, Patty?
You got to start hanging out
with us Brooklyn dudes.
James is the perfect example
of why the gyms are necessary,
why there really should be a gym
in every community.
The gym is a medicine.
It's a preventative maintenance
for kids that are gonna go
the wrong way.
It's gonna prevent them
from joining the Latin Kings,
the Bloods, the Crips.
This is 49th Street
in Sunset Park.
When I was here
as a police officer,
this was one of
the worst blocks.
It was like a carnival
for drug dealers.
The old timers
in the command said,
"We don't go down that block.
We let them kill each other
because they'll just throw
bricks off the building at
A major problem that the people
told us about
was that there was
no recreational activities
for kids, for teenagers.
Then I'd just started boxing.
I fell in love with the sport,
and I said, "You know what,
this is a perfect carrot
on a stick to get to the kids."
You see the results.
When we shut the block down
and we made it a PAL street,
we built relationships
with the block,
real police community
'cause they seen that
we weren't just coming here
to lock up their kids.
We were here to put them
in a positive direction.
And it was crime prevention,
because now you have 50 kids
that would be in the streets
that are in the gym,
and I literally
would go up there
because I fought in
the Golden Gloves at the time.
I was training with the kids
side by side, a police officer,
and really,
they couldn't believe it.
When they got to spar with me,
they couldn't believe
that they had the opportunity
to hit a cop
and get away with it.
And over the decades,
New York City Parks Department
had plenty of gyms
within the park's facilities.
PAL was the biggest.
They were always the elite
of the boxing programs.
But it slowly happened,
boxing being eliminated
from these major institutions.
- These kids
are in a fighting mood.
Fighting for the glory,
the belts, and the pride,
but most importantly,
for their futures.
-If I wasn't boxing,
I don't think I know
where I'd be right now.
- The free programs
ran successfully
the Police Athletic League
until about 2007
when they were shut down.
- I think
people have a built-in bias
because they perceive it
as just a violent sport,
that you're teaching kids
to beat up other kids,
and that's not the case,
and in my opinion,
it's total ignorance
of the sport.
Kids actually came up to me,
'cause I was the PAL director
for boxing
and said,
"How could you shut it down?
How could you, Patty Russo,
shut down our boxing program?"
And then you try to explain it
to a 16-year-old kid
that came every day
to the Webster PAL in the Bronx,
you try to explain to him,
"It wasn't me. It was..."
And then you try to explain why,
and how could you even come up
with that answer?
I couldn't tell you
off the top of my head
how many gyms are closed down,
but this is the kids that
are gonna be attracted to gangs
that are not in
a positive atmosphere anymore.
-This gym was the fourth one
they closed.
The ring was right here,
and you could hear the sound.
Bam, bam, bam, bam.
Hitting the bag,
hitting the speed bag.
And of course,
me yelling at them.
"Put your hands up.
Don't do this, don't do that."
Had all the trophies here
...with pictures
of all the kids.
There was a gang around
the neighborhood called Blood,
and they started
coming in here.
And at the beginning,
they were a little bit wild,
but I started with one,
and one of them became champion,
and the rest followed him.
Every time
I used to get a champion,
I used to say,
"I beat the street."
But when somebody
get killed out there,
the street beat me.
I thought we were coming back,
but that's the way it goes.
- My little brother,
he always protected me.
You know,
he was my protector in school.
I still think, you know,
if I train a little,
I still think I'd be able to
beat him up, but...
But seeing him
start from the beginning
to where he is now
is really amazing.
I called him one day--
"I'm with Mayweather.
Floyd Mayweather Jr."
I'm like, "What?
Tell him I said hi." Like, what
you told him, you know--
Like, the family knows.
I don't do too many fights.
-Come to the big ones.
-'Cause you know I be feeling
it, I feel it. Like, I'm like...
- Yeah,
she want to jump in the ring.
-I want to jump in the ring,
and I can't jump in the ring,
so what I do is I'll follow him
to each corner, like...
- What was your reaction
the first time
I told you I wanted to box, Mom?
-I totally disagreed
with you boxing.
-Thinking about guys
getting hit upside the head,
bruises, and your health.
That was just
so important to me.
Very important to me.
And I just agreed with it
the last,
maybe the last three years
because I spoke to--
- When I got good
and started making newspaper.
-No, it wasn't about the paper.
It was about--
- When I started
winning the belts.
-No, it's just that I wanted you
to follow your dream.
I finally accepted the fact that
you're gonna follow your dreams,
and I just said I'll go along
and I'll pray for you
as you follow your dreams.
- ...wasting no time
-Go on YouTube right now
and watch some boxing.
- Oh, good left hand
to the body,
a left to the head.
Down goes Proksa!
Coming up from 154 pounds.
-Who you think's gonna win?
-I don't know.
-Who do you think?
-I think the red one.
-No, he loses. Watch.
- Cut is pumping out
blood right now.
Blood just everywhere.
They throw in a towel.
Gennady Golovkin gets
win number 25
in 20-second stoppage.
-Listen, I'm gonna get started
on making that sauce, all right?
You guys got to do
what you got to do.
-Can I have one?
-Yes, yes, you may.
- Okay, wait, I want to
show you the trick I learned.
Alice, you want some
strawberries and some fruit,
- My mother taught me
this stuff, but then I became
great at it in the firehouse.
I'm gonna brown the meatballs,
all right?
That'll be nice and hot by
the time the meatballs are brown
and I'm gonna flavor it
with the meat.
You know, like Clemenza did
in The Godfather, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's, like,
one of the movies that comes on,
you got to watch it.
You stir this up,
this is nice and hot now.
They almost just
about ready for the meatballs,
you know what I mean?
And then the meatballs will cook
in there...
about a good solid two hours
or so, I mean...
I got very sick after 9/11.
I ended up
with two throat surgeries.
I had esophageal problems.
I ended up with asthma.
Then I was very ill
for a two-year period,
and I was retired
for that reason.
And we kind of knew
we were gonna get sick,
but let me tell you something,
being firefighters is
like being a Marine, you know?
You don't... You don't go
until everybody's out of there,
and I wouldn't change one thing
that I did.
I'd do it all over again
the same way.
What worries me the most is...
how many of these guys have died
since then,
and some of them
are friends of mine
and guys I dug right next to,
and I'm not so sure
I'm not gonna be the next guy.
That's why we find positive
things in our life
like the boxing gym and family
and all that stuff,
because you never know.
The boxing gym
is the best place in the world
for me and for my coaches
because as much as
we're helping these kids,
that program helps us.
Having that room to walk into
every day,
that hotbox of action,
having these combatants
going in,
battle their asses off,
and before they go in there,
there's nothing but pure love,
and when they're finished,
there's nothing but pure love.
Man, it's kind of a--
To some people,
it's an oxymoron, I guess.
It's something weird,
something strange,
but to us, it makes sense.
the humblest of warriors.
Latin music plays on stereo
-Aah! Ooh!
-"I can jump."
What are you trying to say?
Oh, "very high."
You need to fix the "y"
and the "j."
You did this by yourself?
-Nobody helped you?
-Look at me.
Serious? Nobody helped you?
It says 143.6, so you take
a pound for the clothes,
and, yeah,
I'm a good pound over.
I'm not gonna kill myself
to make weight.
I already didn't eat anything
all day,
and usually I don't have
a problem with weight,
but this is where for women,
it's a little harder in boxing
because when we get our cycles,
we retain water,
so regardless
of how good we're eating,
how hard we're training,
our body will still retain water
and it's that much harder.
We have to work that much more
to take the water weight off.
So, unfortunately,
that's my case right now.
Hopefully, I get to sweat it
out in a little bit of run.
pop music plays
in headphones
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
- Oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
They can say whatever
I'ma do whatever
Nothin' is forever
Yep, you know this
Tougher than a lion
Ain't no need in tryin'
I live where the sky ends,
You know this
Never lying, truth-teller
That Rihanna reign
just won't let up
All black on,
blacked-out shades
Blacked-out Maybach
I'ma rock this...
like fashion
As in going till
they say stop
And my runway
never looked so clear
But the hottest...
in heels right here
No fear
-Lines, let's go.
- I'm getting my fly on
Sincere, I see you aiming
at my pedestal
I better let you know
That I-I-I-I'm so hard
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm so hard
That I-I-I-I'm so hard
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm so hard
That Rihanna reign
just don't let up
So hard, so hard
So hard, so hard
All up on it,
know you want to clone it
Ain't like me,
that chick too phony
Ride this beat, beat, beat
like a pony
Meet me at the top, top
-Two more, two more.
- Who think they test me now
Run through your town,
I shut it down
Brilliant, resilient
Fan mail from 27 million
And I want it all
It's gonna take more
than that
Hope that ain't all you got
I need it all
The money, the fame,
the cars, the clothes
I can't just let you run up
on me like that
All on me like that, yeah
-Because it's nighttime.
- So I think I better
let you know
Listen, two minutes,
and then let's go.
I'm tired. And I got to clean.
We got to get ready
for tomorrow's fight.
All right?
- So hard, so hard
- So hard, so hard
That I-I-I
- ...was arrested for
assault three months ago.
Got into an altercation
with a co-worker, Alonzo Herne,
at his bike shop.
Guy dropped the charges.
- Well, maybe it's payback.
Check with the Precinct
in Brooklyn.
-Aw, man.
- Oh, James left
your dress socks upstairs.
-Don't worry, it's clip-on.
-Dress socks?
Do I...
You want me to wear a tie?
- I don't want you
to wear anything.
It's up to them, not me.
-It's up to you.
- You got to wear
the tie.
-You're fine the way you are.
Normally it's so much easier,
the boxing.
We go there, we're comfortable
in our jogging pants
and regular clothes.
Today it's very particular.
-This one will fit you perfect.
I'm not sure that the jacket--
I don't know what size
you are in jackets.
But it should fit you.
-Hate dressing up.
- Get used to it, buddy.
- Hmm?
-Get used to it.
Yo, Dad, where you at?
All right,
'cause we got to be at the gym.
All right. He's on his way.
He'll be here in two minutes.
-Jessie, your hair's already
wavy. Don't brush it.
You're gonna get rid of that.
It looks nice like that.
- You can't brush it.
- Exactly.
-Now I'm mackin' up.
Actually wavy, wavy.
-Yo, Brent,
where's those dress shoes?
-Yo, why you guys look--
-I don't got dress shoes.
I'm wearing a suit.
-See you later.
-There's my dad. Come on, man.
that actually looks good.
- Thank you.
- Give me a hug.
-All right, bro.
-Good luck.
- Bring the bank.
-What bank? Oh.
-Thank you.
-James, kick some ass, man.
-It's knockout time,
knockout time.
-Knockout time. Love you.
Be good, have a good fight.
-I took off from work today
because I want to be there
to drive you around
and help you out.
-Yeah, I just want to go
straight to the gym.
-I went to the bank, James,
and I got you
your good-luck $100 again.
There you go, son.
There's your $100 good luck.
- Thank you, Dad.
- What we got to do every
time on fight night.
-Thank you, thank you.
-You got it, buddy.
You're gonna get it today,
buddy. We're gonna get it today.
Today is small work compared
to what you're gonna do.
Gonna get those gloves, son.
Today's your mom's
Just got to run
into the bathroom.
You just got to run into the
bathroom in the gym real quick
so you can hop on the scale,
anything like that,
'cause I won't have it
any other way.
-I don't have time.
I don't have time.
-Son, listen to me.
-We have to go. Right here.
It's already 4--
If I don't weigh in at 5:30
I get disqualified.
I don't have time, no.
-Going in the gym with G, right?
-No, I'm not.
-Stay in there, you hear me?
I see them gloves right there.
Flash that on that camera where
we can see that right there, pa.
Come on,
you earned that right there.
-I'm about to get another pair
this year.
-Yo, I respect that, baby.
Train hard, do you,
stay focused.
You hear me?
And I want to see you on TV.
- Yo, Brandon.
- Come here.
- Your mother's allowed in?
- Yeah.
- "James!"
- That's right.
- "Let's go, James!"
-You hear that every fight, bro.
Let's go, James!"
Then his father's cursing
in the background.
- "Come on, son."
- "'F' them up, son.
'F' them up."
Your brother's coming, too?
-Nah, he can't.
- Why?
- 'Cause he's on the run.
- He's what?
- He's on the run.
- From your father?
- Yeah.
- The Addams Family,
I swear to God.
suspenseful music
- Ladies and
gentlemen, at this time,
can you please start
making your way to your seats?
Very good evening to you,
and welcome to the world-famous
New York Athletic Club.
This is the first of our
two 132-pound Open semifinals.
The winner of these contests
will advance to the finals
on April 2nd.
Boxing out of the gold corner
this evening,
Jude Franklin!
His opponent to my right,
boxing out of the blue corner
from the Freeport
PAL Boxing Team,
ladies and gentlemen,
here he is--
Titus Williams!
- Let's go, Titus!
-Come on, blue!
-Come on, Pop! Two hands.
Bent knees, bent knees.
That's it, but finish up faster!
Bend your knees
through the combo!
That's it, do it again!
Nice, T!
- Come on, yellow.
- You're tippy-toeing,
so it's causing your chin
to come up a little bit.
Bend your knees a little bit.
And I want you to aim
your right hand here.
Don't aim at the head 'cause
it's making your feet rise
and it's bringing you up
a little bit too high.
You understand me?
That's what I'm talking about!
There you go!
There you go!
That's it, yellow! Come on!
-That was a good second round.
I need a better third round.
Keep your feet right,
and don't tippy toe.
Come on, go get it! Go get it!
Two hands! Slice of that!
Good body, T!
Oh, good one!
Finish with the one!
- Come on, got to work!
- Let's go, Titus!
Show him one, two, three!
Attaboy! Attaboy!
Whoo! Yeah, baby!
That's what I'm talking about,
Took him to school tonight.
Ladies and gentlemen,
after three bruising rounds,
we have a very close
points verdict.
Your winner,
and on to the finals,
in the blue corner,
Titus Williams!
So, Titus Williams is in.
Now he's gonna see
who his opponent's gonna be.
All right, ladies and
we will decide
the 132-pound Open final
with this next contest.
-Yo, James, all body shots.
Jab, body shot, got it?
You hear me?
- To my left,
boxing out of the gold corner
this evening
from the Atlas Cops N Kids
Boxing Program,
James Wilkins!
-Stop it in the first round!
- Body, James, body!
James, hit the body!
The body, James!
Right here, James, right here.
- Stop!
-Yo, why you don't listen?
Why you don't listen?!
Listen to me, bro!
- You don't got it, James!
- Calm down, it's fine.
-No, calm down.
You don't listen.
Go to the body.
He's gonna drop his hands.
You'll have clean headshots.
-Take your time.
-All right, this round,
listen to me now.
Hard body shots,
and you'll stop him.
Trust me. Let's go.
- Come on, James!
- Focus, James.
- Let's go, James!
Get in there!
James, work the body!
Right hand to the body, baby!
-Get him!
Show him how strong you are,
He don't got it, James!
He don't got it!
- No! Stop!
- What are you doing?!
- Let's go!
- Let me tell you something.
I'm gonna tell you something
right now.
You let this kid
right back in the fight.
Come on, man. This kid should've
been done already.
If you would listen to me,
this kid would be out of here
You hear me?
I want five punches at a time.
Bone up, let's go.
-Balls to the wall, baby.
-Let's go. This is going
to the Barclay, you hear me?
You hear me?
-Balls to the wall, baby.
-Stop the kicking and all that,
all that.
You're gonna lose the fight,
doesn't matter. They watch.
Yo, this kid won't
see enough of you.
Get right back in the fight.
- Box!
- Go get him!
Go get him, baby!
Go, James! Way to go.
- Finish him right here!
Finish him!
- Work in there,
work in there, work!
Let's go, James!
- Let's go, James!
- Break!
-Nice shot, baby.
- All right,
ladies and gentlemen,
after three fast-paced rounds,
we have the decision.
Your winner
going to the finals,
in the gold corner,
James Wilkins!
- Way to go, James!
-Good fight, bro.
-If he'd listen,
he'd make it so easy.
O'er the land
Of the free
And the home
Of the brave
- You stepped it up.
You're gonna get on the scale.
Go ahead.
141 even. Very good.
- Winner sideways or
directly goes to the finals
at Barclays Center.
And your winner
is from the gold corner.
141-pound women's division.
Four two-minute rounds.
And the first is the young lady
in the gold corner,
Sarah Thomas.
And in the blue corner,
Nisa Rodriguez.
-Shake hands.
Watch your heads, no low blows.
Listen to my commands.
No holding.
Good luck to both of you.
Shake hands.
- All right, Nisa.
- One, two! One, two!
-One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight...
- Rodriguez.
- So small. Thank you.
- You should be very proud.
- Over there.
- Good job.
See you tomorrow.
Hold my water?
-I want a brownie.
I want a brownie.
Then I want chocolate.
Got to keep that weight down.
-My weight should be still good.
-Very important for you
to keep it down until--
Y'all should be doing
what you did today.
-Next is the Barclays Center.
That's the Barclays Center
That's where we going.
-Mitchell, where he at?
All right, see y'all later.
Goodnight, everybody. Goodnight.
We be at the next fight.
-There's two weeks
preceding the finals.
So we bag these up,
and we keep them all together,
and pull them out ringside
when that bout is on.
Brian gives the gold gloves
in the ring to the happy guys,
to the winners.
Me behind in the back,
I have to give the silver gloves
to the runner ups
that are not happy,
and the majority of them do cry.
I feel so bad for them.
That's when I have to bring out
my mother figure.
- Holding these gloves,
it brings back that feeling of
having the gloves
put around my neck
and wearing it all day the next
day around the neighborhood.
I won three of them,
'93, '95, and '96.
But 1994 was upsetting
the way I lost that fight.
I knew how I felt for the
two weeks preceding the finals.
The pressure that these kids
have on their shoulders,
people don't understand
and can never understand.
One thirty-two, 132 Open.
- The 132 Open,
we have James Wilkins
and Titus Williams.
It's real interesting.
I like James as a person, a kid.
I think he's come a long way
in terms of maturing,
but he got the perfect style
for Titus Williams,
'cause James
is gonna be aggressive
and just try to fight.
And James Wilkins is actually in
Big Bear, California, training.
He's up there in training camp,
so he's gonna be in shape
when he come home.
- He's never been
to training camp or nothing.
He's still an amateur,
so I don't really bring him,
but this is gonna be
an experience for him.
Now he's around the pros,
you know?
Three sprint from here.
Three sprint from that pole
and three sprint from that pole,
and that's it, we're good.
Ready? Go.
- I train with
great fighters like Eugene.
He's an Olympian.
Marcus is an Olympian.
Now they're both pros
with a lot of knockouts.
Waking up
at 7:00 in the morning,
none of us want to do it,
but when I see them do it
and I see where they're at,
it makes me want to do that,
so it just pushes me.
- You all right, man?
- Huh?
- You all right?
- Yo, G. These jump ropes suck.
- So get another one.
There's a thousand of them
over there.
Look on the rack over there.
I don't think
it's the jump rope.
Use your leg. Come on, man.
Don't touch it. You grab it
again, you're doing push-ups.
James, come on, man.
Time, time, time.
-G, we know--
-Come on, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Focus what you're--
- I am--
- Listen to me. Shut up.
Don't talk,
don't say a word to me.
Do me a favor,
don't say nothing.
When you jump rope,
don't say nothing to me.
Just listen
when I'm telling you.
Focus what you're doing,
'cause you're not focused.
That's why you're messing up.
You don't focus hard, man.
- Jesus
I won't forget
Saved a wretch like me
Gave me the victory
I won't forget
I won't forget
I won't forget
- Amen.
You may be seated
in the presence of the Lord.
We give honor to the Lord
on this morning.
Amen to
our beloved mothers board.
Deacons, deaconess, ministers,
evangelists, saints,
and friends,
we greet you all
in the matchless name of Jesus.
I also want to take
this opportunity to thank God
for one of our sons
of this house.
Those of you
that read the paper,
you would notice that you saw
Brother Titus' name
in the paper,
and he has won another fight,
amen, and amen.
The Lord has been gracious
to him.
So we thank God for him,
and certainly for his mom.
Anybody know
Deaconess Hattie Mitchell,
he probably learned how to box
from watching her
spank his butt.
Amen, amen.
He learned how to weave.
-We can compare it
when we look at it
as we're in a boxing match
daily with the devil.
Amen, amen.
I was there, and some of
the young people along with us,
amen, when we went
to the Barclays Center
and I saw him receive
the Golden Gloves.
Amen, amen.
And the Lord has blessed him
yet again,
and April 2nd, he'll be back
at the Barclays Center
to do the same thing again!
pensive music
- It's here.
This is going for the gloves.
What you got to do, you got
to show what a taller girl does
in a fight.
-90 seconds.
Let's go, come on.
You want to win, right?
Come on.
-You want to win?
-You don't move like it.
You want to win?
Come on, come on.
Don't get scared.
How bad you want it?
How bad you want it, Nisa?
Come on.
-Trying, girl.
-One more. You got it.
I'm ready.
-You cried for me.
-It's not that I cry for you.
It's I'm happy you're there.
You just make me happy.
- I want you to win
the Golden Gloves.
"God arms me with strength
and He makes my way perfect.
He makes me sure footed
as a deer,
enabling me to stand
on a mountain height.
He trains my hands for battle,
He strengthens my arms
to draw a bronze bow.
You have given me
the shield of victory.
Your right hand supports me.
Your help has made me great."
Psalms 18:32 and 35.
These are all the different
inspirational things
that I try to put up for my son
all the time.
I just want him to know
that no weapon formed
against him shall ever prosper,
basically, and that his dreams
will come true,
and like Jeremiah 29 says,
God has a plan for everybody,
and it's not of disaster and
evil but of hope and of future.
And I believe that this is his
destiny and this is his hope.
-There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
rap music plays on stereo
18. Come on.
- Hundred and twelve,
113, 114,
115, 116, 117, 118,
119, 120.
They say he too strong, T.
We been doing this for long--
way longer than him.
I fought way better fighters
than him.
They say he too strong.
I'm stronger.
pensive music
- James is gonna be in
and he's gonna fight hard,
so, uh, we'll spot him on.
We'll do our strength
and conditioning Friday,
but we're gonna take
a full weekend off,
and we'll be back nice
and fresh next week,
and we'll do
the finishing touches,
pull back, let our legs
get really nice and strong,
and then you're gonna see
something very exciting
from this young man.
Power and speed, baby.
He's the guy this year.
It's his time.
-Get the support
from my brothers in the gym.
That's all I need.
-That's right.
-We gonna try to win this.
Let's get it.
It's show time, baby.
dramatic music
I'm here at Barclays Center.
Golden Gloves championship.
I'm in the seat now.
- Looks good.
Let me get ahead.
Come back to me.
Push me up.
This one?
- Chopping wood.
Getting strong.
- 130.
-Blue corner here,
gold corner here.
Ladies, follow me.
-Where we at? Gold?
Got my socks, shirt, gloves.
Start breaking them in.
-Just hit him in the arms.
Yo, hit him in the arms.
He does that Mayweather crap.
How many boys do you have?
- I got two tonight.
- Yo.
You got a new suit on tonight.
- Make a fist.
Be coy and use that speed,
quickness, and power.
- Let your hands go.
You go low, hit body.
Don't go head.
Go low,
you're down for the body.
Hit him in the body.
- Welcome, everyone,
to a special edition of
Lou DiBella's Broadway Boxing.
We are outside the Barclays
Center in Brooklyn, New York,
and it should be
a great night of boxing
as we look at some of the
hottest amateurs in the city.
-Be advised, boxers now
on the move at this time.
- Ring the bell ready!
- Tonight,
the Daily News welcomes you
to the finals of the 88th
Daily News Golden Gloves,
the world's oldest and largest
amateur boxing tournament.
The Gloves has produced
over 40 world champions,
more than
any other amateur tournament,
including the Olympic games.
This is the place where
Sugar Ray Robinson was born,
where Floyd Patterson
became the champion,
where Mark Breland
became a legend.
Thank you for joining us
for the next chapter
in Golden Gloves history.
-Be the champ very soon.
Do it right.
We welcome everyone inside
the Barclays Center
in Brooklyn, New York.
I'm Rich Quiones alongside my
broadcast partners
this evening,
Mike Woods and Mark Breland,
no stranger to winning
Golden Gloves here in New York,
and let's go
for the official introductions.
For that, our ring announcer
Kevin VanMeter.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the first bout of the evening
will be the 141-pound
female championship.
In the gold corner,
Stacia Suttles.
She's 20 years old
and is a student
at Hostos Community College.
And in the blue corner,
Nisa Rodriguez.
She's 24 years old.
Nisa is a mother, a teacher,
and a five-time Golden Gloves
champion from the Bronx.
- Mark, if Nisa
goes on to win this one,
she'll do something that
only three other competitors
have ever done,
and that's win a half-dozen
pair of Golden Gloves,
and she's a special fighter.
She's a very talented
young girl.
- Oh, she can fight.
She fights very well.
- Box!
Four two-minute rounds.
Can see Rodriguez
slightly taller than Suttles.
- Show 'em who's boss,
Nisa, yeah!
- Ooh!
- Straight right
by Rodriguez.
Knocks back Suttles.
- Stay on her, Nisa!
- Suttles showing
a fighter mind-set.
We said that she's been doing
martial arts since she was 4.
Proving it here tonight.
Upper cut! Upper cut!
Suttles taking a couple shots.
Hanging in there, though.
Showing some guts.
Suttles trying to get
a little momentum
to close out round
number one and got rocked.
Another counter by Rodriguez.
- Good round, good round.
- One in the books.
-Wake up. Let's go.
Let's wake up.
-Just don't stand there
in front of her doing anything.
You have to keep the jab pouring
and keep pushing and pushing,
pushing her back.
-Stiff jabs. Second's out.
- Let's keep it going.
- Suttles is better off
being the aggressor
and risking taking counter
shots to land a couple shots.
- Rodriguez again
peppering her with shots.
Forget about the guts.
She's just fearless
in this round, too.
To close it out,
and a little potential
extracurricular activities.
Two in the books.
-That's what I'm talking about.
There you go.
That's yours, that's yours.
This is what you trained for.
This is your house, baby.
We taking her gold.
She's tired already.
-Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Don't follow her
around the ring.
Let's cut over and cut off
and work your hands.
- When you get close, hit
to the bottom real quick inside.
- I need it there one time.
- No.
Stand up, take a deep breath.
Deep breath, deep breath,
come on.
- More hands. Stiff jabs.
- Nisa, head and body shots.
- Rodriguez, again,
a five-time Golden Gloves champ
in the blue.
- Work, Nisa! There you go.
- Top right
by Rodriguez.
More push-back again does
- Ooh.
- Straight right
by Rodriguez.
- Good right hand.
- Get on her, Nisa.
- Suttles in trouble.
Paid the price!
Rodriguez going for the win!
And there's our first
standing eight.
The look in Nisa's eyes says
she wants to see more of that.
- Oh, yeah.
- Body shot!
Body shot! Body shot!
Rodriguez pressing the action.
Nisa, go to the body!
Oh, rocks Suttles again!
Oh, mercy!
Second standing eight
in this third round!
Sharp left hook did the damage.
Nisa Rodriguez looking
for the sixth pair of gloves.
Rocking Suttles, who's showing
nothing but heart.
Third standing eight
of the bout.
- That's it.
It'll go down as a TKO win,
and with that, Nisa Rodriguez
will win
her sixth pair
of Golden Gloves.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the winner of the 141-pound
women's female champion
is, from the blue corner,
Nisa Rodriguez.
- You've done something
that only three other people
have done in Gloves history.
- Just coming from where
I'm from, from the South Bronx,
not a lot of people
got to live out their dreams,
so I'm doing it
to inspire others
that no matter where you from,
what you've been through--
I've had a child,
I've gone back to school,
I had to hustle to make
ends meet being a single mom,
and I want it.
I want everything.
USA titles,
I want national titles.
I want everything
that they have,
and I already put in my mind.
I have people looking up to me.
I have a whole community looking
up to me, a whole school.
I got to take it.
I can't let my kids down,
I can't let my community down.
You know, I'm the fighting pride
of the South Bronx right now.
-Congratulations, Nisa.
-Thank you so much.
-Six, very impressive.
-Thank you.
- You got it.
-Did you like the fight?
-Was it good?
Did I fight good?
Are you proud?
Can I get a kiss?
You like it?
I got another one.
- Good luck.
All right, Rabbit.
Thank you.
-Follow me, guy.
Welcome back, everyone,
as we get set for
our next bout of the evening.
Should be a good one,
132-pound Open
in the male class.
Take a look at Titus Williams
taking on James Wilkins.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Titus Williams, 2013,
Best Open Boxer winner,
and a lot of combinations
from that guy you're gonna see.
James Wilkins from that,
once again, Atlas Cops N Kids.
He was Novice champion in '13.
-Use the shorty with the speed.
Gonna walk right into it.
Let's go, boys.
Step right around, drop it in.
-Hard body shots.
Hard body shots.
-Okay, I expect you to obey them
at all times.
Is that true?
Thank you.
-Everything we worked on
all year.
Everything comes down
right now to this kid.
Papito, do you know the rules?
I expect you to obey them
at all times, yes?
-Yes, sir.
-Good luck to you.
- Come on, James!
- I love me a game face,
Titus Williams glaring
and staring at James Wilkins.
Got my juices flowing.
-Come on, guys.
Obey my commands at all times
and good luck to both of you.
Second bell!
- James Wilkins, you know,
he fights very aggressive.
It's like an angry aggressive.
- There you go!
Finish to the body!
Bend your knees
and keep your chin tucked!
- Oh, great
from Titus Williams.
-Body, James, body!
Don't wait for him!
Jab, jab!
-Don't punk, sit, sit!
That's it!
Wilkins is coming straight in.
- Easy target.
- Easy target.
- There you go!
That hurt!
- Work the body!
Work the body, James!
- That's it, James!
-Work it, James! Body shots!
- Here we go.
- There you go.
- Now Wilkins trying
to close with a flurry!
That was a counter
right by Williams!
Titus Williams looks nice.
I'm gonna tell you something.
Right after you hit this kid,
you relax.
Don't relax, man.
Hit him with your combos, right?
Come back again
and hit him again.
- A little anxious
in that round, all right?
I know it's a big fight
and a lot of pressure,
but pay attention to me.
When you're throwing
your combinations, right,
you got to commit
half a step closer.
-Hard body shots.
You got to give me five
fast punches, not slow punches.
Da-da-da-da-da! Da-da-da!
Like we did in camp, man.
-Sit down on the combination,
don't let your chin come up.
- Box!
The onset of round number two.
Slated for three.
- James, fast hand!
- Come on, James, come on!
- James Wilkins.
- Probably shot down his
punches, and he is right now.
- James, right on him!
Right on him!
One-two, one-two, one-two.
There you go, yeah!
-Stop! Stop!
- There you go!
James, work the body!
Wilkins building some equity.
Going downstairs, comes back up
top, and a good right hand!
Now it's Titus Williams
on the attack
with a great counter!
- Tippy toes!
- Good body shot
downstairs by Wilkins.
- Yeah, baby, work him!
- Hey!
- The fight of the
night thus far,
very entertaining.
It was a Wilkins round for me.
-There's a little illusion
going on out there.
It appears that
he's working harder than you
even though he's
not really landing the punches.
One-twos get busy, got it?
-I want you to equal him
for punch tally, you understand?
-He throws two, you throw three.
He throws four, you throw five.
Go get him. Got it?
- This is it.
This is the third
and final round.
-Yo, this round decides
this fight.
-Throw an extra punch every time
you throw the combination.
- Box!
- Do it again!
Get that rhythm, T!
-Go! Come on! Come on!
- Watch him bounce, Titus,
come on! Get him!
-Throw more punches,
that's it!
-He's holding! He's holding!
-Good tie up.
That's a smart tie up.
Under the elbow!
- One-two, one-two!
One-two, one-two!
- Let's go, James!
- Work him, James!
Work him in there!
Keep working him!
Work, James, work!
One-two, one-two!
Right there, baby! Yeah!
- Wilkins says,
"Come on, let's go."
- Do it again! Oh!
That hurt, T!
Yeah, baby! Oh!
Do it again!
-Go get him, James! Go work him!
Go work him, baby!
- Oh!
- The crowd is juiced
in the Barclays!
They want to see
an exciting finish!
- Yeah!
He got that one.
-Come here, baby.
-Yes, sir, baby!
-Those are our gloves.
-You slapped a
lot and you blocked a lot
and he missed a lot.
You landed the cleaner punches,
no doubt.
-That was a good fight.
-Yes, sir.
Mr. Joe Higgins.
-Oh, wow.
We knew it was gonna be
that way, right, James?
-Yes, sir. Great fight.
-Great fight.
-James, right here, baby.
Williams and Wilkins.
- Perhaps fireworks--
love, war, and boxing.
- Very good fight.
Very good fight.
That was a heck of a fight.
The fight of the night.
I don't know who won.
- We'll throw it
to our ring announcer,
Kevin VanMeter.
- Let's hear it for
the boxers,
ladies and gentlemen.
The winner,
from the gold corner...
Well, it's Titus Williams
in the gold corner,
and he's very distraught
is James Wilkins.
Tears in his eyes, frustration.
He feels he was robbed.
-It's not fair, man!
-Listen, listen, relax.
-Relax, relax.
-How you gonna do this to me?!
-Me? I'm not a judge.
-Get off me!
-No, no.
Stay there, stay there.
Do the honors, please.
Your winner, Titus Williams.
You're still our champ, James.
You still worked for that.
-I worked fucking hard!
Worked hard, man!
-He's in the other one.
-That's bullshit!
That's fucking bullshit!
No, I worked hard!
That's my fight!
When you fight a righty
and you switch to lefty,
they're not really lefty,
so when you jump on them
and pressure them,
they get nervous.
And you could hurt them,
or they switch back.
Thank you, Jose.
And always, when I go lefty,
keep your lead foot
outside of mine,
and if you want,
step on it and hit me.
'Cause look--
I step on it,
you're off balance.
Step on it, watch.
- Blood, sweat,
and more tears
I worked hard through
all the long years
Dark storms
and now the sky's clear
The stars aligned,
and I'm finally here
Wouldn't mama be proud now,
I'm famous
around important places
But I'll never forget
where I came from
Waitin' tables, takin' busses,
get my name on
Now it's big yachts
and the big chips
I got the winning hands,
I got the biggest hits
Got to kiss the ground
to keep me humble now
When I'm stumblin'
I hear you whisperin'
Keep your head up
Keep your head up
Keep your head up
I keep winnin',
winnin', winnin'
Keep hoping, keep dreaming
I keep winnin',
winnin', winnin'
- Keep believin'
- Nobody gonna take my title
- Keep believin'
- Nobody gonna take my title
- Keep dreamin'
- 'Cause I keep winnin',
winnin', winnin'
- Keep winnin',
keep winnin'
Door's open, door's closin'
Keep pushin', keep hopin'
Every trial and tribulation
All my tears
and frustration
Now I'm stronger,
I'm a champion
I'm a warrior,
I do what can't be done
Flip the script, call me
crazy, but I'm number one
Fly so high,
eclipse the sun
Keep dreamin', keep dreamin',
keep believin'
I keep winnin', winnin',
- Keep hoping, keep dreaming
- I keep winnin', winnin',
- Keep believin'
- Nobody gonna take my title
- Keep believin'
- Nobody gonna take my title
- Keep dreamin'
- 'Cause I keep winnin',
winnin', winnin'
- Keep winnin',
keep winnin'
- Nobody gonna take my title
- Keep hopin', keep dreamin'
Keep believin'
Keep believin'
Keep dreamin'
- I keep winnin', winnin',
- Keep hoping, keep dreaming
- I keep winnin', winnin',
- Keep believin'
- Nobody gonna take my title
- Keep believin'
- Nobody gonna take my title
- Keep dreamin'
- 'Cause I keep winnin',
winnin', winnin'
- Keep winnin'
Keep winnin'
- Nobody gonna take my title