Cradle of Deception (2024) Movie Script

[Erin]: Yeah, I understand how
that could be frustrating.
They're not here right now
but I can chase
them down tomorrow
and get them
to get back to you.
Would you like to leave
a message
and I can get that
to them?
Okay, you know what?
Why don't you give me
your number and then,
I will get them to call you back
as soon as I can.
You have a great day, too.
Bye, bye.
- Hmm?
Thank you.
- Hang on.
- Thanks.
[birds chirping]
[city rumble]
[overlapping chatter]
[Fred]: Good morning.
- I have a sonogram appointment.
- Your name?
- Erin Treadwell.
- And I need your date of birth.
- Uh, December 12th, 1987.
- And for security, I need
your address and phone number.
- Okay. Uh, 5 Bellview--
[Jackson]: Erin doesn't need
to go through all that, Fred.
I was at her house last week
for a barbeque.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Ooh.
- Are you excited?
- Stoked.
I had the worst day at work
and it didn't even register.
- Come on in.
[soft music]
Here you go.
[Erin]: He's perfect.
Thank you.
He wouldn't be here
if it weren't for you.
- There's no need to thank me.
I can't begin to tell you
how much joy it gives me
to bring a wanted child
into this world.
Diane is gonna be very excited
to see your scan,
so when you see her later,
give her a hug from me.
- I absolutely will.
[soft music]
[Diane]: Oh!
Oh, look!
It's your new best buddy,
- Oh, I cannot wait
to meet him.
I can't believe he's gonna
be here in less than a month.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ugh!
What if... what if
I'm a disaster parent?
- Impossible! You have way
too much love to give.
And I know it's scary
but you are one of the bravest
and warmest people I've met.
Matthew had foresight,
and to have his child
through IVF, that takes
courage and real love.
[birds chirping]
[soft music]
[blows out breath]
[mellow music]
- He was a good man.
- I miss him so much, Mom.
I keep thinking,
maybe if we'd gotten him
checked out earlier,
we could have caught it.
- You did everything
you could for him.
Just like you're gonna do
everything you can for your son.
(city rumble)
- This case, it needs
to be watertight.
If there are any holes in it,
we are going to lose
everything that we have...
[Erin exhales deeply]
...worked for.
- Excuse me.
[breathing shallowly]
- Is it time?
- Ah! He's coming.
[baby crying]
[soft music]
He's so perfect.
- Just beautiful.
I'm so proud of you.
- I guess
the hardest part is over.
- Oh, my sweet child.
- Do you really think
I can do it, Mom?
Raise him all on my own?
- It's too late now.
But darling,
you're not alone.
Far from it.
[birds chirping]
[baby crying]
- You're okay. You're...
Who's that? That's your daddy.
It's okay, don't cry.
Mommy's gotta go to work.
Okay, okay.
It's my sweet boy.
It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay. I know.
It's okay, sweetie.
[baby continues crying]
[Ruth]: Hello?
[door closes]
- Hi!
Sorry, he's in a mood.
- So are you,
by the looks of it.
[sighs heavily]
- Thanks.
- You okay?
- What do you think?
- That you're not okay.
That's why I asked, honey.
[blows out breath]
- Ow! I expected it
to be hard but not like this.
It kills me to leave
when he's so upset.
- Just go. He'll be okay.
- Thank you. Bye, sweetie.
[baby continues crying]
[soft music]
[door opening]
- Excuse me.
- Jessica, hi. Uh, good morning.
- You realize
you're late, right?
- Sorry. Ben wasn't well
and I--
- I get that you've got
stuff going on
but I need you to deliver
in work hours.
I know that this
doesn't seem like
the most important job
in the office,
but you're our first port
of call for our clients.
- Right. Of course.
I am sorry.
- I'm glad we understand
each other.
[insects chirping]
- Just a little.
Just a little, sweetie.
Just a little.
Okay, that's okay.
[baby cooing]
You're so hot, aren't you?
[Ben crying]
Oh, I know.
- He's barely been feeding.
[Alice]: Bottle or breast?
- Either.
- Hi.
Well, hopefully,
these tests clear up
what's behind the infection.
- It's okay.
- But for now, I'll prescribe
some antibiotics.
[Erin]: Thank you.
[Alice]: Yeah. You did good.
[birds chirping]
[Erin]: It's been relentless.
And what makes it worse
is I just can't sleep.
- Well, why don't you try
going up
and taking a nap
in the guest room?
I don't mind
watching them both.
- Oh, that sounds amazing
but I...
I just can't stop thinking
about worst-case scenario.
- I'm so sorry, Erin.
- Don't be. You and Jackson
have been lifelines.
I'm just scared.
And tired. I'm so tired.
I swear, I looked
in the mirror yesterday
and I thought I was a ghost!
Yeah, it was scary,
wasn't it? Yeah.
[Ben starts crying]
- Hey, you are so strong.
- Oh, I know.
I feel like I might break down
at any moment.
I knew that single parenthood
would be hard but just...
...not like this.
- Yeah.
[Jessica]: As per the stipulated
we're to schedule the deposition
in accordance with Rule 30
of the Federal Rules
of Civil Procedures,
ensuring compliance with all
relevant notice requirements.
[Erin's phone buzzes]
I need to make sure--
- Excuse me.
Hi, Doctor Alice.
[Alice]: Hi, Ben's results
came in.
Can you come in today?
- Yes. Yes, I'll be there.
- Severe Combined
a rare genetic disorder
that affects his ability
to fight off infection.
I can't downplay
how serious this is
but with the right treatment,
his odds are good.
- How?
- It's inherited.
Needs two carriers.
You and Matthew
both had the gene.
- But I've never heard
of it in our family.
- Matthew's neither,
as far as I know.
- It's easily missed
unless you test for it.
[exhales deeply]
- So, what are our options?
- With the type of SCID
Ben is suffering from,
the only treatment
is bone marrow transplant.
The right donor would provide
healthy blood stem cells
to replace his.
- Well, that's something.
- Yes, and the success rate
for the treatment is high
if the right match is found.
Generally, the closer the
genetic background, the better.
Often, donors tend to be family.
- So, potentially
we could help him.
- Maybe. We'll take some
samples in today just in case,
but generally, the closest
matches are siblings.
Does Ben have a brother
or a sister?
A cousin, even?
- Ben is the only kid
in the clan.
It's really just
the three of us.
- What about the father's
side of the family?
- Matthew, my husband,
he was adopted.
- Okay, I will bring the tests
and I'll be right back.
[blows out breath]
- I know, sweetie.
I know.
You're gonna be fine.
- All right. Thank you.
Let's hope you're a match,
otherwise you're gonna have
to put your focus on finding
people with similar backgrounds.
We can put out a request
on our end, too.
I'm gonna drop off these
samples. I'll be right back.
[Ben starts crying]
- Let me babysit.
Take the night off.
Give yourself a chance
to process all this.
- I... I can't.
- Yes, you can. I insist.
- I just need to...
[breathing shallowly]
[shallow breathing continues]
[dramatic music]
I'm just praying
I'm a match,
otherwise, it seems
extremely difficult.
- What about Matthew's family?
His birth mom?
- She died right after
he was born.
He was the only one.
No one knew who his father was.
It seems like finding a match
outside of family
is almost impossible.
- Thanks.
- I can't lose him.
- You won't
[Jackson]: You won't.
Okay? We will find someone.
- I just wish I'd opted
for more genetic testing.
-SCID often skips generations.
We might not have
caught it anyway.
Ben just got really unlucky.
Look, the clinic
has a huge network.
We'll put out an appeal.
We will find a donor.
[Jackson's phone buzzes]
- Oh, excuse me. Yeah?
- What about getting in touch
with the local paper?
Try to raise some awareness.
Can't hurt.
- Huh. Yeah, I could do that.
- Hmm.
- I can do that.
[baby cooing]
[soft music]
The Willowvale Bugle.
[cellphone pings]
[birds chirping]
[dog barking]
[Erin's phone buzzing]
[clears throat]
[blows out breath]
Hey, this is Erin.
[Charlie]: Hi, Erin, uh,
Charlie Allen here,
from Willowvale Bugle.
[mysterious music]
[phones ringing]
- Hi, I'm looking
for Charlie Allen.
- Right here! Right here.
Right here.
Hey, uh, Charlie Allen.
- Erin Treadwell.
- Hey, thanks for coming
on such short notice.
- I'll admit, I was surprised
to hear from you so quickly.
- Yeah, well, the story is um...
[paper crinkles]
...somewhat familiar to me.
Um, yeah, another couple
needed something similar
for their kid last year.
They also got IVF
at Blessed Beginnings.
[tense music]
You know, if you have time, we
could go meet Tina, the mother.
Um, yeah, I already checked,
and she's free.
- You work quickly.
- Yeah, I wanna help.
And I... I think there could be
a story here.
- Things have gotten better
since the transplant.
- How did you find a donor?
- In the end,
it was Pat's cousin,
my sister's girl,
who was a match.
- Oh. That's great.
- I know. He wouldn't be here
without her.
Here's the weird thing,
over the past couple of months,
my husband, Chris, and I,
have been talking about
trying for another.
And this time around, we went
for all the genetic testing
options, the whole hog.
And it showed that I was
an SCID carrier but not Chris.
- So, your husband,
he's not the--
- Well, that's what
we don't know.
- You know, we could do
another test.
And compare results with Erin.
- That's a Pandora's box
I'm not ready to open, Charlie.
Pat's our son,
and that awful chapter
of him being sick,
it's behind us.
I just wanna move on.
[phones ringing]
- Erin, nice to see you.
- Hi. Sorry, I'm so bad
with names.
It's Fred, right?
- That's me.
[Erin sighs]
- Uh, how's your little boy?
- Uh... he's doing better.
- Oh, he's been unwell?
I'm sorry to hear that.
- Thank you, it's...
it's been tough.
Look, I was hoping to speak
with Jackson.
Is he, is he around?
- Uh, Jackson is uh, just out
of a board meeting.
What's this concerning?
- Um... I think
it might be easier
if I just explain it
to him myself.
- Jackson has just gone
into surgery. Can I help?
- Sorry, do I... do I know you?
- Gabi Watts.
I'm from head office.
If you don't mind sharing,
I'd love to hear about
your experience.
- Right. Uh... yeah.
I just met Tina... Tina Davis.
- She was a client here.
- Her kid has the same
condition as mine, SCID,
with no family history.
So, I'm just wondering
if there's ever been
a mix-up with the samples?
- Please, let me
reassure you there.
It's Erin, right?
- Yeah.
- Jackson actually
mentioned you today.
You're his friend
who's looking for a donor?
We've put a request
out at every clinic.
- Oh, thank you.
That's so good to... sorry.
[Erin's phone rings]
Sorry, just... one second.
Hi, yeah, I...
The hospital?
Excuse me.
[baby crying]
[breathing quickly]
How is he?
- Stabilized, finally.
- Oh.
- They're running tests now.
Said as long
as the infection is down,
he can come home tonight.
- Oh, that's good.
[Ben cries]
That's good.
- Alice also told me
that we're not matches.
[insects chirping]
[sighs heavily]
- I finally got him down
for a nap.
- It's okay.
- Oh, but what if
it won't be, Mom?
- We have time.
We'll get him through it.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Don't you dare apologize.
I think you should see
a therapist.
- I don't have the time
for that. Or the money.
- Well, you can't
take care of your son
if you're not taking care
of yourself.
- You think I'm not
taking care of Ben?
- That's not what I meant.
Just, when was the last time
you had more than two hours'
consecutive sleep?
- I don't even know.
- Take a day off tomorrow.
I'll watch Ben.
You need to rest.
- I just can't stand
watching him decline.
I already did that with Matthew.
- And I can't stand
watching you suffer.
You know, you never stop
worrying about your children.
[birds chirping]
[Erin]: "Erin's story
is strikingly similar
to that of the Davis family,
IVF parents to a son
who suffered with,
and thankfully,
recovered from SCID
last year."
- Well, that's positive.
- Wait.
"Despite later DNA testing
showing the father
was not a carrier,
the fact that both cases involve
the Blessed Beginnings fertility
clinic raises questions.
Though they did not respond
to our request for comment.
[exhales sharply]
I feel weird about this.
I just wanted help
finding Ben a donor.
- Well, that's in there.
- Yeah, but the rest
is salacious.
It's like he's trying to make
some kind of big scandal
out of everything.
- A bit of drama might
give more traction.
[knock echoes on door]
[suspenseful music]
- It's from the clinic.
Look at this.
- They're threatening
defamation charges?
For saying that two cases
from the same clinic
were similar?
I mean, that's
categorically true.
- I don't have the money
for a legal battle.
This could ruin me.
- Honey, it won't come to that.
[dial tone]
- Jackson's not picking up.
- Where are you going
in such a hurry?
- Change of plans.
[Ben cooing]
[Jackson]: I'm sorry to do this.
[Fred]: No, you're not.
- Listen, please,
don't make this more difficult
than it already is.
- Difficult for who?
Because it'll be
far easier for me
not to have to deal
with a suspension.
- Erin, uh, what
a nice surprise.
- I got a not so nice
surprise this morning.
- Um, can we speak
about this in my office?
My guess is that Gabi informed
the lawyers
of this conversation, and then,
that article came out.
- You read it.
- Sure, I did.
It's not every day
we're in the news.
Yeah, see, this looks
like an automatic response.
It's nothing to worry about.
Look, I have to get to my--
- It seems as though this was
sent with the precise purpose
of giving me something
to worry about.
- It's unfortunate.
Listen, can we talk about this
another time?
- No, I'm sorry
to keep you but...
...everything is starting
to make me feel very...
disturbed. I...
...I think I wanna get Ben
DNA tested.
- Well then, you should,
if it'll put your mind at rest.
Swab his cheek
when you get home.
Put in the envelope,
mail it back to us.
Here. Prepaid envelope.
We'll get the results back
within a week of sending it.
I just wish you had come
to me directly.
- I tried but you were so busy
and Gabi was very insistent.
- It's all good, it's just...
I just wish I could have
cleared everything up for you.
I am on the board, after all.
- Right.
- Nothing bad is happening
to you on my watch.
And I completely understand
you wanting to tell your story.
Just be careful.
- What do you mean?
- That journalist,
all he wants is a story.
- Right.
Well, I just want a donor.
Hopefully, this'll help
cast a wider net.
- Absolutely. Which reminds me,
I have been putting
a lot of pressure
on the other clinics
to reach out to potentials.
- Wow. That's really good
to hear.
Thank you.
- It's gonna be fine.
[birds chirping]
- Sorry about the angry texts
this morning.
- That's all right.
You sure have a colourful way
with words.
Have you ever thought
about being a writer?
- Hmm.
- Could I see the letter?
- Jackson said it was just
an automatic response.
I don't think
your article helped.
- Well, I had to go with
what I thought the story was.
You know, children
get sick, sadly,
but you know,
there's a pattern here.
- Well, it wasn't what I wanted.
- Well, I'm truly sorry.
You know, they sent
the Bugle something similar
after the Davis article.
I'm assuming there's one
at the office for me already.
You know, they do seem
very proactive.
- Wait, so you knew about this
and you still published,
without even giving me
a heads up?
- Well, you told me you were
friends with their star doctor,
you know, I was assuming
you'd get special treatment.
- You still could have told me.
- But would you have gone
through with it, if I did?
Look, in my experience, people
don't get this defensive
unless they have
something to hide.
- Well, what about you?
You seem a little defensive
to me right now.
- Yeah, you're right.
And there is something
I haven't told you.
I have another source,
inside the clinic.
- Who?
- I couldn't tell you,
even if I knew.
They're keeping anonymous
but they gave me a tip,
another couple that have had
some difficult dealings
with Blessed Beginnings.
Arranged to meet them tomorrow.
Look, why don't you come
with me?
Hear their story for yourself.
[intriguing music]
[birds chirping]
[David]: So, I did the DNA test
behind Anne's back.
Not my proudest moment.
- It was not.
- I mean, don't get me wrong,
I'm, I'm grateful
that we have a happy,
healthy daughter.
I just couldn't get past
the green eyes.
[Anne]: I'm 100% Jewish,
and David too.
- And your daughter
is half-Dutch German.
- It would seem so.
You'd see for yourself
if she wasn't at kindergarten.
Straight, white hair
and green eyes.
Never seen anything
like that in our families.
Of course, we went
to the clinic.
We needed answers.
They wouldn't give us any.
And then, when we brought in
our lawyer,
they got aggressive.
- In what way?
- They lawyered up.
They made it clear that there
was a covenant in our contract
that made taking
any legal action very risky.
Having already mined
our savings for the treatment,
we weren't willing to put
our home on the line
for the fight.
- Would you be willing
to get Ellie tested,
to see if she's a match for Ben?
If there was some
kind of mix-up, they...
...they could be related.
[Anne]: Can we think about it?
- We'd love to help your son.
Part of me just wants to shut
the door on that whole chapter.
[soft music]
You know, another person
called us
about our story
a few months back.
- Really?
- Yeah, his name was...
Sam something.
Researching IVF.
Nothing came of it.
He never followed up.
- Well, thank you so much
for everything.
- Anytime.
And if you find your way down
here again, stop by, say hi.
- We might just do that.
[intriguing music]
[engine starts]
[insects chirping]
[dog barking]
[loud bang in distance]
[footsteps thud, approaching]
[tense music]
[suspenseful music]
[heavy breathing]
- Shh...
[footsteps approaching]
[dramatic crescendo]
[handle clunking]
Shh, shh, shh. It's okay.
My laptop's gone,
and a bunch of files,
and my bank cards.
Okay, should I wait to look
around the rest of the house
until the police have sent
forensics over?
Okay. Thank you.
[doorbell chimes]
[steadying breaths]
Can I help you?
- Yes, I'm Brenda Day,
I'm from CPS.
We were asked to do
a welfare check.
Are you Benjamin Treadwell's
- Yeah.
[clears throat]
I'm Erin. Please come in.
- Is Benjamin home?
- I just got him down.
- I will start over there, then.
Is that the father?
- Yes, he's passed.
- I'm sorry.
[breathes shakily]
- Me too.
- It's not easy
raising a kid alone.
- Especially a sick one.
- He's sick?
- Yeah. I assumed you knew.
- I didn't.
- I know it's a mess.
We... we got broken into
last night.
- Seriously? Are you okay?
- Yes, a bit shaken.
- I bet.
- I was told not to clean up
until after the police
have sent forensics around, so.
- You're taking oxycodone?
- No. Why?
- There's a bottle right there.
- Oh.
That's not mine.
The intruders
must have left that.
- It's not a crime to take it
with a prescription.
- No, I'm telling you,
those aren't mine.
- Okay. Well, just make sure to
keep them secure in the future.
[exhales heavily]
- Oh, I will be
giving them to the police
as evidence.
Hey, can I ask?
Who reported me?
- I don't know and I couldn't
tell you if I did.
- Okay. Because it seems like
between this and the break-in,
the timing is weird.
It... it kinda feels like
someone is out to get me.
- I'm sure that's not the case.
Someone probably just thinks
you need a little more support.
- Right.
- Is Ben's room upstairs?
- Yes.
- Great.
[birds chirping]
[Erin]: Okay.
[Ben coos]
Yeah, my sweetie.
[blows out breath]
[soft music]
[exhales deeply]
[exhales deeply]
[uplifting music]
Ooh, you are hot!
[Ben crying]
- 104.
- It's climbed
since this morning.
It was at 102.
[Ben crying]
- It's another infection.
I'm going to put him on a course
of antibiotics and a drip.
He's staying here with us
at the ward.
[Ben cooing]
[soft music]
[overlapping chatter]
- You look terrible.
- Thank you.
- You always look good.
- Except when I look terrible.
- I just mean
you don't look well.
- I'm just spooked.
I had a break in.
- Seriously?
- And I didn't tell you because
it was followed
by a surprise visit
from Child Protective Services.
And then, an emergency
trip to the hospital with Ben.
He has another infection
and I don't even know
when I can take him home.
- I'm sorry.
That's... that's rough.
- You don't say.
- So, the break in, you know,
what did they take?
- Took my laptop, files,
cards, some money.
Oh, and they left a bottle
of oxy in the kitchen,
which did not impress
the CPS officer.
- CPS. Do you know
who called them?
- How would I know that?
- That's weird, though, right?
The timing.
- Look, that's not
why I called you.
I wanted to show you this.
It checks out
with our family history,
so... I guess there's
no story here.
- But these results, they're
the ones from the clinic?
Think it might be worth
getting a second opinion?
- So you can get
a spicy follow-up?
- No, I just don't trust,
uh, the clinic.
- All I want is a donor.
All I ever needed is a donor.
And I need one now,
more than ever.
Did anyone even come forward
after you published the article?
- No.
No, but if more people know
about your story,
more eyes on it,
someone has to step in.
- Sure.
But they haven't yet.
Have they?
- We're a local paper.
We have limited reach.
But this story, okay,
this is big.
Okay, this is--
- National news,
broken by Charlie Allen?
Gosh, I can just see you
scooping up your Pulitzer.
- Look, Erin, I wanna
help you, okay?
I do. I wanna help Ben.
- As long as it furthers
your career?
[Erin's phone buzzes]
[tense music]
[Charlie]: What is it?
Is Ben okay?
"You have to drop this.
I'm telling you
for your own safety.
You don't know what
you're getting into."
Who is this?
- It's a private number.
- Really.
That's an escalation,
to put it mildly.
You're not freaked out?
- Of course, I'm freaked out,
but the worst thing
in the world
has already happened.
My son is in the hospital.
You're right.
Something weird is happening
and someone wants us
to stop talking about it.
If unravelling the truth is
what I have to do to help Ben,
then... that's what
I have to do.
[dramatic crescendo]
[insects chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[car door clunks]
[dog barks]
- What the...?
[door creaks]
[footsteps thud, approaching]
[tense music]
[phone ringing]
- Good morning.
I'm sorry, sir, I just,
I missed that last part.
All right.
Yes. Yes, I will have that
sent out to you.
Uh, is there, is there
anything else?
[Erin's phone buzzing]
I'm so sorry, sir, I'm gonna
have to call you right back.
Yes, my apologies.
I apologize, I will call you
right back.
Alice, how is he?
Stable is good.
Yes, of course, I understand
you need to keep him in.
Okay, thank you.
See you tomorrow.
Jessica, how can I help?
- I need to give you a write-up.
- What for?
- Taking a personal call during
business hours
at the expense of dealing
with a client.
- I'm sorry, but my son
is in the hospital.
- We have been more than
about your circumstance.
It's not fair to the rest
of the team.
- I have been trying my best
to carry on as usual here.
- Maybe you should take
a break from work.
- I am a single mom.
I can't afford to take time off.
- Is that the only reason
you're here?
- Well, it sure isn't your
inspiring management skills!
[chocked whispering]
- I'm sorry, but we have
to let you go.
- You're firing me?
- Yes.
- Because my son is sick?
- No... no, because you are
taking time off work,
taking personal calls, and
when I ask you to work,
you act as if I am
being unreasonable.
- I'm sorry I snapped.
- I don't doubt that you have
got a lot on your plate,
but this is a business.
It's not a charity.
[tense music]
[birds chirping]
- I don't know what to do.
I mean, what if I can't make
the house payments?
- It won't come to that.
- Ugh.
- Plus, you hated that job.
- Yeah, but it was something.
[Diane]: You have to be kind
to yourself, Erin.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Oh, hey, honey.
- Hi, Erin.
[Diane]: Is everything okay?
- We had to close the clinic
for the day.
Fred, the office
- Yeah.
- ...he's dead.
- What?
- Yeah, I don't know
all the details, but um,
his son found him this morning
and it looks like a suicide.
- Oh! Oh, that's so terrible.
- This is gonna sound awful,
but um, I think the clinic
is gonna be a bit of a nightmare
until we can find someone
to replace him.
- Mm-hmm.
- Erin, at your old job, you
answered phones
and kept the office running,
and handled sensitive materials.
Erin lost
her job today.
- Oh, Erin, I'm so sorry.
This is gonna sound crazy,
...would you consider
coming to work for us?
Yeah, you've got the exact skill
set that we're looking for,
plus you could relate
to our clients.
- Uh... I don't know what to
[Jackson]: Say yes.
[regular beeping]
[exhales deeply]
- He looks so fragile.
[soft music]
[inhales deeply]
Oh, Mom,
what if I can't save him?
- You can't think like that.
- But I do. I am, all the time.
It's all I think about.
- Me too.
- Ladies, hi.
Hi, little buddy.
Hello. How're you feeling today?
I have some news for you.
A couple came forward,
they tested their daughter,
and I'm happy to say
we found a match.
[uplifting music]
- Seriously?
- Yes!
[gasps and laughs]
- I can't tell you how happy
this makes me.
- I'm just glad to be giving you
some good news.
- Hey, buddy.
- Who was it? Did they
respond to the article?
- I'm not sure how they heard
about your case,
but they said they'd be
in touch,
so I assumed they had
your contact and it was a...
David and Anne Levy.
[pager buzzes]
Oh, pardon me.
I've gotta take this,
but I'll be back.
[dial tone]
[Anne]: Anne Levy speaking.
- Hi, it's Erin!
Erin Treadwell.
I just got the news!
Thank you!
A thousand times over,
thank you!
- I'm glad we could help.
I would have called
but I didn't wanna get
your hopes up
until the results came through.
- I just, I haven't smiled
like this in months.
- Good. And apologies
for our hesitancy.
I was terrified of dragging
this back up,
but then we thought,
if some good can come out
of all of this.
Once the treatment is over,
once Ben gets better,
you should bring him up here.
- Absolutely.
- Ellie can't wait to meet
her half-brother.
- Well, thank you so much.
- I'm glad we could help.
- Bye, bye.
[birds chirping]
- Hey. Thanks.
- So, they still have to do
the treatment,
bone marrow transplants
are no walk in the park, but...
[exhales deeply]'s looking good.
- Good.
How do you feel about Ben
having a half-sister?
- I'm trying not to think
about it,
that he's not Matthew's son,
I mean.
- I'm really sorry.
- Ah, don't be.
He's still mine.
And now, knock on wood,
he has a future.
- I was really sick
as a kid, you know.
Born with a hole in my heart.
- Oh, Charlie!
- Oh, I'm fine now.
Took them a while
to diagnose it,
but these days, my heart
is fully functioning,
pumping blood around
my strong, healthy body.
All I'm saying is
that they figured it out.
You know, I got the surgery
and I got better.
Same thing's gonna
happen for Ben.
I don't know if this is the time
to bring it up
but a few days ago,
my contact gave me a lead,
a woman near Millerton,
said she'd been pretty messed
around by Blessed Beginnings.
- Does she want to speak?
- I've been trying to find out,
but my contact hasn't been
very responsive.
You know, all I have
is an address.
Who even knows if she's there?
But we could go,
see for ourselves.
- Can I think about it?
A part of me wants to just close
the door on this whole thing.
Also, I... I should tell you.
Jackson offered me a job
at Blessed Beginnings,
and I can't afford
not to take it.
I need to keep a roof
over Ben's head.
- I get that.
- Yeah.
- Timing is strange, though.
You know, they try
to take you to court.
Now, they wanna hire you, give
you access to all their systems.
You know, aren't you
weirded out?
I mean, how can the DNA results
from the clinic be so far off?
And weren't they gonna put out
a call for donors?
I mean, it seems like they
didn't really try that --
- Charlie.
You make a great point.
Something is up.
But can't you let me be happy?
Just for this one moment.
- Of course.
No, you're right.
You're right.
Tonight's for celebrating.
To Ben.
- To Ben.
[intriguing music]
- So, the sonography rooms,
you're already familiar with.
I'll show you the cryo-bank.
That's where we freeze
and store the samples.
And uh, I'll introduce you
to the rest of the staff
at a later date.
It's been a bit of a strange
ever since, well...
you know.
[blows out breath]
- Yeah, I can imagine.
- Just between you and me...
...Fred had been causing
issues for a while.
Yeah, he was actually
on suspension
and we were in the process
of letting him go.
Anyway, um, let's go
look at your contract.
Clause 14 Benefits,
and clause 24,
that refers to, um...
flexible work.
We're happy to do paid leave
for Ben's care.
- Thank you.
- No, I...
I really appreciate
you taking the offer,
especially after
the misunderstanding.
- Clause 18 Nondisclosure.
- Oh yeah, that's... standard
for most medical practices.
It's because of, um...
patient confidentiality.
- Right.
- How's Ben?
- Good, actually.
We found a donor.
Now, we just have to hope
the treatment goes well.
- Erin, that's amazing!
- Yeah!
David and Anne Levy.
- Hmm.
- You might know them
from the Rosewater clinic?
- Sorry, I... meet
so many people. Huh.
- Right.
- Is everything all right?
- Is it okay
if I take this home?
There's just so much
to read through.
- Yeah, by all means.
Just get it back to us signed
by tomorrow.
- Will do.
- All right.
[dial tone]
[receptionist]: Blessed
Beginnings, Maine branch, here.
- Hey, I wanted to ask
about the call-out
for finding a marrow donor.
- Sorry?
- I heard that there was a
client that was looking
for a donor for her kid
in Willowvale, Oregon?
- What? Was this recently?
- Yes. Did you not see that--
- I'm sorry, ma'am,
but as far I know,
we've had no requests.
If you want to try to give me
some more details,
I'd be happy to ask around.
[tense music]
[intriguing music]
[tense music]
[phone rings]
- Blessed Beginnings
fertility clinic.
[Diane]: Erin?
- Hi.
- How's the new job?
Getting settled?
- Yeah, just Feng Shui-ing
my new space.
Uh, did you, did you
wanna talk to Jackson?
- Actually, I thought I'd find
you before you went home.
My mom is in town
and she's babysitting.
Wanna grab an early dinner?
- You know what? That's funny
because I am actually starving.
- Perfect. It's my treat
to celebrate your new job.
- Aw. I'll see you later.
- Okay, bye.
- So, how are you liking
the new job?
- Great! I mean,
I barely started
but Jackson's a lovely boss.
- So I've heard.
Enjoy it while you can.
- What does that mean?
- Hmm, I just found out
he's getting transferred
to Phoenix,
which means we're moving
to the desert next month.
- I'm so sorry.
- You know, it was hard enough
leaving Rosewater,
and Georgia, and Maine.
I love my husband
but he promised
that we were through
with moving.
I mean, when's it gonna end?
- Why did you leave Rosewater?
- Officially to open up
the Oregon branch.
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- And this time,
what's the reason?
- Well, the party line is
that he's the right guy
to open up the clinics.
He has the experience,
he's good with people.
But honestly, there was
tensions in California.
And Jackson never spoke
about it.
But I... I could tell.
I'm sorry to dump
all of this on you.
How are you holding up?
- Good, actually. Really good.
A donor has been confirmed.
- That's the best news I've
heard in forever! Who is it?
- Some people
I made contact with.
They went to a Blessed
Beginnings in Rosewater.
David and Anne Levy.
[tense music]
- Rings a... rings a bell.
- Hmm. Well, it's
such a close match
that it seems like their kid
is actually Ben's
big half-sister.
- But how?
- I guess there was
some kind of mix-up.
- That's...crazy.
- Right?
I wonder if there are more.
Diane, I need to...
[breathes shakily]
Jackson said he put out
a call for potential donors.
I called around to the clinics
to follow up
but it seemed like they hadn't
heard anything about it.
Do you think maybe Jackson
never put a call-out?
- I didn't know I was moving
to Phoenix until three days ago,
so... I'm not really
the one to ask.
- Are you okay? You seem upset.
- I'm fine.
I guess I just needed
your support today.
- I'm sorry. I really am,
but you know, this whole
situation has been very--
- I get it!
But my mind is elsewhere.
You know what? I... I have to,
I need to go.
- What? Already?
- Yeah, I've lost my appetite
and I'm terrible company.
- Oh, Diane, please.
Don't take offence.
- I'm not, Erin!
I get it. I just...
I wanna be at home.
- Diane...
[suspenseful music]
[insects chirping]
- Hey, just me.
- Hey, I've been trying
to reach you all day.
Uh, Charlie,
what happened?
- I got jumped.
- Are you okay?
- Oh, it's just strained.
Yeah, I'll be all right.
But they took my laptop,
and phone, you know,
which is why you couldn't
get a hold of me.
- Oh! Who was it?
- Uh, two guys.
Yeah, it happened so fast,
didn't really see their faces.
I don't know if they were
after something specific.
- Hmm.
- I'm just glad I had everything
backed up and encrypted.
You said you were trying
to get hold of me?
- There's been
some developments.
Jackson and Diane
are leaving, imminently,
and the clinic, turns out
they never even put out
a call for donors
in the first place.
- Wow. Just wow.
- And...
...I found this.
Taped to the bottom of a drawer
under my desk, where I work.
- You check it?
- Not yet.
[suspenseful music]
If it were to be found...
- Well, I mean, if someone takes
it, it's not your fault, right?
Plus, you wouldn't be in breach
of your NDA, so...
Things happen, right?
- Well, I think I'd better
get to bed.
Good night.
Take care of yourself.
Oh, and turn off the lights
when you leave.
[dramatic crescendo]
[Charlie]: That drive you gave
me was very interesting.
Found a lot of files
and some familiar names,
Davis, Levy.
There was a file on you, too.
They had data on you all,
including DNA samples.
- What did it say?
- All sorts for the parents.
But the kids, again and again,
half-Dutch German.
Where did you say you found it?
- Fred's desk.
The one he used to work at.
Come on.
I don't think it's safe
to talk about this here.
[suspenseful music]
[overlapping chatter]
- I have no idea.
Did they ask you any questions?
Hold on.
[Erin]: What's going on?
- Can you come with me?
[overlapping chatter]
[suspenseful music]
The police are here
investigating the circumstances
surrounding Fred Malley's death.
- Okay.
- Before the accident,
we were keeping
a log of his strange behaviours.
Secrecy, actions
that felt like sabotage.
- What does this have
to do with me?
- We were able to recover
a sample of Fred's DNA.
He had some of his sperm frozen.
What we discovered is that Fred
is a carrier of SCID.
- Did he also have
Dutch German heritage?
- I'm not sure.
- Did he ever work at any other
Blessed Beginnings
fertility clinics?
- Fred worked in the field.
Back in the days when doctors
would sometimes use
their own samples
for insemination.
We believe Fred may have
got inspired...
...and that the guilt,
or the fear of being caught,
drove him to swallow
a bottle of painkillers.
- So, what you're telling me
is that Fred is my son's father.
- I am so sorry, Erin.
Of course, the clinic
will be paying damages
to anyone that has been
affected, yourself included.
- Okay.
- Again, I can't begin to tell
you how sorry I am.
- I think I'd like to take
the rest of the day off.
I think I just need some time
to process everything.
- Of course. Of course, you do.
- Okay.
[overlapping chatter]
[suspenseful music]
[canister hisses]
[suspenseful music]
[tense music]
[breathing quickly]
[canister hisses]
[dramatic crescendo]
[door clunks closed]
[tense music]
[intriguing music]
[phones ringing]
- You okay?
- Do you have someone
who could run a DNA test?
I have Fred Malley's sample
in here.
Jackson told me that Fred
is Ben's father.
- What?
- But I want to be sure.
- Um...
How did you get it?
- Nefariously, and I suspect,
just in time.
- I'll have someone
send it to a lab, ASAP.
- Good. And also, that lady
in Millerton...
...I think we should go
and talk to her.
- Okay. You're turning into
a real reporter, Mrs. Treadwell.
[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[knock echoes on door]
- Looks like no one's here.
- Or they just really
don't wanna talk.
- Yeah.
- No. You're good at that.
- Thank you. I could teach you,
if you like.
- You know what? Why not?
Once Ben is better, I am going
to whistle the day away.
- How's he doing?
- Yeah, he's going through
a conditioning regimen.
- Sounds luxurious.
- It's pretty rough on him.
Poor little guy.
I just hope that it works.
[soft music]
When you had surgery
as a kid, did it hurt?
- I mean, I'm sure it did
but I was too young to remember.
Yeah, older than Ben, though.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, it was my folks
who suffered more, I think.
- Oh, I just feel so guilty!
I should focus on him.
Be there at the hospital.
- No, Erin. Erin...
Ben is so lucky to have you
for his mom.
And he's gonna get better.
Thanks to you.
[Charlie's phone pings]
- Forensics are back already.
What? Fred was 85% Italian.
[tense music]
- So, definitely
not Ben's father.
[van rumbles, approaching]
[engine stops]
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, uh, sorry
to surprise you like this.
Uh, we've been working
on a story
about Blessed Beginnings
fertility clinic.
- You have a connection
to the clinic?
- I do. I actually have a story
that seems similar to yours.
- How do you know
about my story?
- An anonymous whistleblower.
Can we help? Uh...
- You know, I wish
I never tested Pip.
It was clear she wasn't
her father's daughter...
...but he loved her.
- Do you mind me asking, um,
the test, did it say
anything specific?
- Yeah, Pip's quarter Dutch,
quarter German.
My husband is... was Cuban.
He was furious
when he found out.
Tried to sue the clinic.
- Which one was it?
- Up in Maine.
- Do you remember your doctor?
- Of course, Jackson Walker.
Nice man, to be honest.
Anyway, we uh, hired a lawyer
to put forward a civil lawsuit
but they countersued.
It was more than we could handle
and much more
than we could afford.
Evidence was on our side.
I think, looking back,
we would have won.
After the accident, they offered
to settle out of goodwill.
[intriguing music]
- The accident?
- They found him... my husband,
and his truck, in the lake.
Luis was the warrior.
Without him, there was
no more fight.
I could barely face the world,
let alone the courts.
- I am so sorry.
- Yeah.
Even after all these years,
the pain's just
under the surface.
- I lost my husband
almost three years ago
and, um, it still knocks
the wind out of me.
- Your son,
he's your husband's child?
- That's what I wanted,
what we wanted, so badly.
But if I'm being honest...
...I think our children
might be siblings.
- I've wondered if there was
any others, all these years.
Hey, I don't want my name
in that story you're writing.
I don't want anything
to do with this.
- Uh, of course.
Can I ask why?
- I'm scared. That's the truth.
I had someone else
about this a while back.
They thought there were others
and they seemed to think
the clinic would do
almost anything
to stop word getting out.
Made me think of Luis
and his accident.
- This man, the visitor,
he was connected to the clinic?
- I'd assumed so, though
he didn't share many details.
I remember his name,
Sam Bates.
- Another one of our sources
mentioned a Sam.
- Is this him?
[door rumbles closed]
Is this him?
- Yeah.
[intriguing music]
[Charlie's phone rings]
- Yeah?
Well, did the autopsy confirm
it was an overdose?
I see.
No, thanks for sharing.
I'll be in touch.
So, apparently, Fred took
a whole bottle of painkillers.
But there was plenty of fentanyl
in his bloodstream.
- Do you think
it was orchestrated?
- I don't know.
But you need
to be careful, Erin.
We both do.
Listen, if you wanna
stop this now--
- No!
There's no turning back now.
- I know.
- I'm scared.
What am I supposed
to do at work?
- As much as you can.
Pretend everything's fine.
As soon as it isn't, call me.
[engine starts]
[intriguing music]
[Jackson]: I'm sure you'll
agree, it's pretty generous.
- You're offering the same
to the others?
- Yeah, of course.
- How many are there,
if I may ask?
- I... I'm not sure
we're at liberty--
- I think I have
a right to know.
They could be Ben's
- Perhaps the best thing
would be
for me to contact them directly.
See if they're happy with
me sharing their details.
- Another NDA.
- That's standard.
- Seems so.
I'd like to have
a lawyer look at this.
[inhales deeply]
- If that's what you wanna do.
- And I'd like to take the rest
of the afternoon off.
I wanna spend time with my son.
- Yes, of course.
How is he doing?
- Not great.
The treatment isn't easy on him.
- I imagine. Poor thing.
- You know, that poor thing
got very lucky.
I called up the clinic
in Vermont.
Asked them if any donors
came forward,
but they didn't seem
to have heard about it.
Your request, I mean.
- That's strange.
Maybe they have
a new receptionist.
- And then I called the one
in Maine and Georgia.
Rosewater, too.
Same thing.
- Could be because they didn't
know who you were,
and, um, we have
very strict rules
about sharing
sensitive information.
- Yeah. That must be it.
[tense music]
[Erin's cellphone vibrates]
[messages swooping]
[car screeches]
[car rumbles away]
[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[exhales deeply]
- Erin, are you okay?
- You've made quite a start.
- I meant to call.
- But you didn't.
- We're leaving earlier than
expected. It's been hectic.
- I bet.
- Come in.
[suspenseful music]
- When are you leaving?
- Thursday next week.
[breathing nervously]
- Jackson didn't
mention anything.
- That doesn't surprise me.
[inhales deeply]
I've been meaning to call.
- You know,
you were right, Erin.
I didn't wanna see it.
I'm sorry, I packed
all the other glasses.
- Honestly... I don't need
a drink.
- Yeah, well, I do.
You know, Jackson used
to make fun of all the losers
that would come
into the clinic.
He'd say, "What's with these
idiots thinking that the world
needs their pathetic genes?"
You know, I paraphrase, but
it's like that every day.
No, he would pick them apart.
And he could be so cruel.
And I just thought maybe
it was, I don't know,
some superiority complex,
which I guess it was,
but to the extreme.
[sighs deeply]
- Did he ever admit to anything?
- No, I just started
piecing things together.
The incessant moving,
and this rushed relocation,
and now, all of this.
And he wasn't alone, you know.
No, he had help.
But the clinic didn't want
to lose their star doctor.
They didn't want to admit
that he was impregnating
his patients for years.
There's so much at stake
that I know the board would do
just about anything to keep
the truth from coming out.
And then, you started digging.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, don't be!
I just didn't wanna see it.
- Neither did I.
- And I've been torturing
myself since we spoke.
I was stuck in this state
of unwilful ignorance.
And I liked my life.
It was perfect,
on the surface, at least.
And after speaking to you,
I went looking for answers
in his home office, and I found
some interesting things,
your laptop, for one.
Pile of court documents.
And a pattern.
I really believe that Ben
has a half-sister in Margot.
- Oh, Diane.
[tense music]
[car rumbles, approaching]
[engine stops]
[car door closes]
[suspenseful music]
- I can't imagine what
you're going through right now.
[Diane]: I'm so sorry.
[Erin]: Oh, no. Don't be.
You are a good friend, Diane.
- Yeah.
- Such a good friend, Diane.
So loyal to a woman
who wants to ruin our lives.
What a big, bleeding heart
you have.
- You're the one that ruined
our lives!
All you've ever done is lie!
- How can you say that?
I worked so hard
to make you happy.
- Okay.
- To make other people happy.
I made it easy for people
who couldn't have afforded it
Hundreds of families!
And each one of those
miracle babies
are smarter and more beautiful
than anything they ever could
have created without me.
Go ask any of those families
whether they wanna
give those kids up.
- You are a monster.
You were prepared to let
your son die to hide the truth?
You knew that he had siblings!
You knew that they could have
helped him. Come on!
- I always planned
on helping him,
I just planned to do it
with a little delicacy.
Something that you have made
an impossibility!
Diane, honey, I can fix this...
...but I'm gonna need
to deal with Erin.
The same way I dealt
with the others.
- What do you mean?
- He means that he killed
Fred and Luis
and who knows who else.
- Clever girl.
Yes, I know how to make people
go away
and to keep my hands clean
while doing it,
and I'm gonna do it again.
Sweetheart, I love you, okay.
We can start again,
you and me and Margot,
we could go out west.
- No.
- We'll start over.
I won't do this anymore.
- No, I can't!
After everything I know?
- Go, go.
[tense music]
[breathing quickly]
- No! I can't let you leave,
- Ah!
[Charlie and Jackson grunting]
[thudding blows]
[dramatic music]
[gunshot cracks]
[glass shatters]
[thudding blows]
- Ugh!
[dramatic crescendo]
[pan clangs heavily]
[Jackson thuds to floor]
[all panting]
[somber music]
[sirens wail, approaching]
- Are those for us?
- I hope so.
- Oh.
[birds chirping]
[soft music]
- Oh, what do we have here?
- Hi, sweetie. Mwah!
- Hey. Mwah.
- Okay.
- Looks good.
- Here we go!
- Okay.
It's your birthday?
Yeah, it's your birthday.
[Diane]: Happy birthday!
- Hi!
[Charlie]: Hey! Look who it is!
- How are you? Say happy
birthday to Ben.
- Who's that, Ben?
Hi, Margot.
- Hi.
- Oh!
Isn't it wild to go
from being an only child
to having three dozen
brothers and sisters?
- Yeah, that they know of.
Look how happy
and healthy he is.
[Charlie]: Should we go
see Mommy?
- You're not gonna get a moment
of peace from me ever again!
- Okay, here we go. Ready?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Ben
Happy birthday to you
- Do you wanna blow
out the candles?
- Let's blow it out.
- Ready?
- Okay. And...
[all blow out breath]
[all cheer]
[Diane]: Good job!
[suspenseful music]