Craig Before the Creek (2023) Movie Script

[tense music playing]
[energetic music playing]
[Hannah panting]
[pirate kids yelling]
Soda bombs away!
That all you got?
[chuckles mischievously]
Release the Kraken Kid.
[thrilling music playing]
[Hannah panting]
[chuckles] What's crackin'?
[water bubbling]
[gasps, breathes heavily]
Phew! [scoffs]
[water splashing]
She got away.
The captain
is not going to like this.
[suspenseful music playing]
[mysterious music playing]
Lower the sails.
We'll find it.
[Hannah breathing heavily]
Still dry.
[dramatic music playing]
[over video recording]
Craig, we're gonna
miss you a lot.
Yeah, table four for life!
[softly] Hey,
say goodbye to Craig.
Oh. Hey, man.
And it's definitely
a shame you're gonna miss
my big birthday sleepover!
It's nuts.
[James] Dude, his name
is Craig, not Greg.
- [Bryan] Who?
- [tablet beeps]
[wistful music playing]
[Jessica] Bernard, look!
[Bernard snores, grunts]
-Huh? What?
-Is that our new house?
Uh, that's a silo.
Small Uncle, look!
Is that our new house?
-Is that our new house?
-Man on a bike.
-[bicycle bell ringing]
Pasta La Vista.
Oh, for real?
-Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
-[tires screeching]
It's a beautiful town.
to get your own rooms.
You just gonna
take that, Craiggy?
Next Saturday is
Bryan Banks' birthday.
And he's having a sleepover.
If we were still home,
I'm sorry, sweetie.
But they have sleepovers
in Maryland too.
I'm sure as soon
as the kids here meet you,
you are going to be getting
sleepover invitations
left and right.
But how am I even supposed
to meet anyone?
It's summer.
You just gotta look around.
See what's out there.
[melancholic music playing]
[lively music playing]
Here we are.
Well, now we gonna fix it.
As soon as we look up
how to fix a light switch.
[somber music playing]
All right. Finally some space
for a grill.
We could have some
serious cookouts here.
[sighs] I know, my guy.
We left a lot behind.
[Nicole] Who wants
to pick rooms?
-[Jessica and Bernard] Me!
-Ooh, ooh. Me, me, me!
Honey, pick the room
with the bathroom!
[mysterious music playing]
[crickets chirping]
What is that?
[loud clanking]
-[Bernard] What?
Craig, what are you doing?
There's a monster in my vent.
Are you for real?
What is going on in here?
Craig's being
a big scaredy-cat.
I am not.
Okay, I got it.
You okay, Craig?
I'm fine.
Good night.
[Gibson] Wait, you like food?
I like food.
You wanna get some food
with me right now?
Yeah, I do.
Making friends is so easy.
-[knock on door]
-[Nicole] Craig.
[gasps, pants]
I thought maybe we could work
on unpacking your room today.
[Craig] Never.
I like what I'm wearing.
-[gentle music playing]
-[Nicole sighs]
Listen, Craig.
I know this move has been hard,
but your father
and I just want to provide
the best we can for you kids,
and sometimes that means
making hard decisions.
[Craig grumbles]
I was starting to make friends.
But now, I'm here.
This room with an air vent
that sounds like
it's got a bird trapped in it.
[sighs] I know
this place feels different.
But it's never gonna
feel like home
if you don't give it a chance.
Look around.
There's so much
possibility here.
If you don't wanna unpack,
can you at least get
some fresh air?
Think you can take her?
How about...
if I let you pick
the toppings
for tonight's pizza dinner?
-[box clatters on floor]
-I'll do it for pizza.
We're here.
So, what do you wanna do first?
Small Uncle does not want
to do the slides.
Okay, what does
Small Uncle wanna do?
[mimics static]
Welcome to
Craig-copter Airlines.
Today, we'll be flying
one million miles in the air.
Two million.
[Craig] Two million miles
in the air.
A hundred million.
[Craig] A hundred million miles
into space.
Please keep all hands
and feet inside the swing,
as we prepare for blastoff!
[Jessica yelling]
Ahh! Small Uncle!
[Jessica groaning]
Small Uncle, where are you?
I'm sorry, Jessica.
He went in there.
[crying] No! Small Uncle.
[sniffling] He... was...
my... only friend here,
and now I have... nobody.
Because I had Small Uncle.
-Hey, hey, hey.
It's all right. Just breathe.
[both breathing deeply]
-I'll go get him for you.
How far could he have gone?
[classic Western music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[pleasant music playing]
-Whoa! A frog.
Ha! You're no match
for the Bug Battler.
I choose you,
Stinkbug, use--
[frog burps]
There's definitely more
where that came from.
-[distant whooshing]
Good grief! A civilian?
This is water balloon war!
You better watch out.
Come on, soldiers!
Let's H-2-go!
-[kids] Yeah!
-Go, go, go.
[bicycle bell ringing]
-Watch out!
-[Craig shrieks]
[Handlebarb yells]
-[Todd] Bleh!
-[Handlebarb] Oh, it's chill.
He just took
a little spill. Huh?
Come on, little bro.
Time to roll.
Are... are you okay?
Oh, yeah. I'm totally good.
Mm, that's my good one.
Will you grab that?
Oh, um... [chuckles nervously]
Yeah, here you go.
[tooth pops in]
He's about this big,
and, um, kind of looks
like an... an onion?
I... I honestly don't know
what he's supposed to be.
If you're looking for a toy,
I'd check the trading tree.
The Trading Tree? What's that?
Yo, are you new to the Creek?
The Creek?
Hop on.
[upbeat music playing]
Hold on tight.
-[tires screeching]
[Craig chuckles]
And... we're here.
[Cannonball] Welcome
to the Trading Tree.
This is where all of the kids
in the creek come
to trade and snack.
And if anyone found
that little onion
you're looking for,
-probably made its way here.
-[Warpspeed yelling]
Come on,
before they run out of Yogo.
[Todd] Yogo!
Maybe I'll see you around, man.
So many kids here. [grunts]
Quick, fellow scouts!
Can you identify
that friend group?
The Horse Girls?
That's right, Jason.
And we add
two parts carbonation
with one part
fruity binding agent.
[goop plops]
Will you science kids watch it?
Some of us are trying
to have a tea party!
[Kit] All right, all right.
Who's ready to trade?
This is a trading tree.
Not the standing-around-
You wanna trade that
for Spicy Beefers?
Now that's more like it.
Come on,
step right up and trade.
We got fun-size, king-size.
[coughs] Half-eaten,
but half price.
Come on, who's next?
Hey, Kit,
what can I trade for this?
[gasps] Small Uncle.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
That's mine.
Uh, you must be new here,
because that is not
how this works.
At the Trading Tree, we trade.
Okay, new kid?
but I think
that belongs to my sister.
Well, here we go.
Everybody got a sister.
Look, you got proof
of ownership, new kid?
[scoffs] Check the tag.
-[loud boom]
[cup clatters]
-[booming continues]
-[Horse Girls neighing]
What? Where's everyone going?
[Kit] Here, just take it.
Wait, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
What's going on?
-What's happening?
-[horn blowing]
[inhales deeply] Pirates!
[intimidating music playing]
[children yelling]
[boy 1 yelling]
[heavy metal music playing]
[Bobby yelps]
[knife thwacks]
-My candy!
-Jackpot. [laughs]
-[Kraken Kid growling]
-[glass clattering]
[both yelling, panting]
-[both scream]
-[Kraken Kid laughs]
[Teach grunts]
No, please.
These sodas are untested.
[groans] This is
the worst day of my life.
-[children grunting]
-[Craig panting]
Ugh! Hey, that's my sister's.
[both gasp]
[both] Huh?
[Wren gasps]
[tense music playing]
[laughing evilly]
You must be new here,
because if you knew who I was,
you wouldn't have done that.
Huh? [groans]
I'll show you
who runs this creek.
-[Mortimor screeching]
What? [groans]
-[Mortimor screeching]
-[grunting angrily]
After them!
-[Craig grunting]
You saved me.
Hey, there they are.
[Kelsey yelling]
[Andy groans]
[Kelsey grunts]
[both panting]
[dramatic music playing]
Craig, I just asked you
to take her to the playground,
not dropkick her doll
into the woods.
I didn't kick anything?
It was the--
And what happened
to your clothes?
Oh, my gosh, Mom.
They're gonna make him
walk the plank.
Small Uncle can't do that.
He doesn't have legs. [crying]
We will talk later.
[chuckles] Thank you
for helping my son.
It was nice to meet you...
Kelsey. Normally,
we'd invite you in,
-but our house is...
-[electricity crackling]
[Duane] Whoo!
My belt buckle is melting.
...under construction.
Coming, Duane.
[sighs] Well, thanks
for saving me back--
-Pay up.
Pay up.
-For what?
-For saving you.
You think I did that for free?
Well, you didn't
exactly give me a choice.
Would you rather be paying up,
or cut in twain?
Uh, is there a third option?
I don't stick my neck out
'cause I'm nice.
I do it for snacks.
So pay up.
[Craig] Fine.
[Kelsey munching]
I wanna go back home.
[rattling, whirring]
[grunting in frustration]
Just great. [grunts softly]
-This place. [shudders]
-[vent rattling]
"To whoever
finds this diary...
If you are reading this,
I've already moved.
My name..."
[Hannah] " Hannah.
known to kid kind."
-"The Wishmaker."
-[Hannah] "The Wishmaker.
To learn more,
turn to page 12."
I said, page 12.
Hey, this is still my diary,
you know.
Oh, no, no.
[Hannah] Thank you.
Now, The Wishmaker...
"This magical relic was created
thousands of years ago
by the children
of middle school.
Folded in the fires
of second period math,
The Wishmaker had the power
to grant any wish
a kid desired.
But accessing this sorcery
is not so simple.
The Wishmaker's power is sealed
behind a puzzle
of arcane runes."
[voice 1] Red.
[voice 2] Five.
-[voice 1] Four.
-[Hannah] "And your wish
will be granted.
Some wished for strength.
Some wished for beauty.
Some wished to simply
never have to go to bed.
But like most good things,
somebody totally ruined it.
Our ancient kid-cestors decided
to hide The Wishmaker,
to save kid kind
from total destruction.
Where they hid it,
no kid can remember."
[Craig and Hannah]
"My time at the Creek
has ended."
[Craig] "But this diary
contains all that
I have learned
in my explorations.
[gasps] That's it.
Find The Wishmaker
and wish my family
back to our real home.
All I gotta do is...
go back to the creek.
[rock music playing]
Hoodie armor!
Level nine.
[sniffs] Extra stink barrier.
For protection...
Hm. Hm?
-[drill whirring]
A staff...
Okay, now, to carry stuff...
Nah, kind of feels
like I'm going to school.
the Purse of Holding.
A purse fit for an adventure.
I'm sorry, Small Onion.
It's just not the same.
Time to make a wish.
[Nicole] Craig!
You're going out.
Uh, I'm just going
to the Creek for a little bit,
to, uh, try and find
Small Uncle.
So don't unpack
any of my stuff
while I'm gone.
You sure? Not even some
clean underwear?
Especially not
my clean underwear.
Okay, but come home
if this weather turns,
all right?
Looks like we might be
in for some rain.
Right, better be off then.
[mysterious music playing]
[breathes deeply]
[mellow music playing]
[Craig grunting]
Ugh! Stupid pirates.
You're that new kid
who was looking
for the Small Uncle, right?
Uh, yeah. My name is Craig.
I never forget a trade,
especially if I have
to give it back.
[chuckles] Well, if it makes
you feel any better,
I lost her toy again.
-Those pirates took it.
It does make me feel better.
Kids didn't play pirate
before she showed up.
Wait, who?
Serena, Captain
of the Pirate Kids.
Nobody knows where
she came from.
She just showed up
in the creek one day,
with a bad attitude
and a sword.
She bullied, she bossed,
and she took whatever
she wanted.
Some kids joined up
with Serena for the spoils.
But ever since
she hoisted her flag,
these waters have
not been safe.
Oh, not the shrimp sticks too.
You know how hard
it was to get these?
I had to trade
through three school systems.
[sighs] With business
like this,
I don't know how much longer
I can keep
playing at the Creek.
Hey, have you seen that kid
with the cape
and the bird in her overalls.
The sunflower seed kid?
Uh, yeah, yeah, Kelsey.
Check the oak tree
around the bend.
And watch yourself out there.
[twig snaps]
[grunts, yells]
[screams, sighs]
It's you again.
No trade backs, new kid.
I'm not here
to get my snacks back.
I need your help.
What, you have trouble
with your shoelaces
or something?
No... no. I'm...
I'm on a quest.
[Kelsey] Huh?
I'm looking for The Wishmaker.
[laughing maniacally]
Hey, you're funny.
I don't like funny people.
What's so funny?
The Wishmaker's
a suburban legend,
a Creek myth,
the man that steals boogers?
It's not real.
[grumbles] Oh, yeah?
Then that's this?
A drawing of a unicorn
with a jetpack?
Huh? Oh, uh...
[Kelsey] Kelsey gasped,
awestruck by the awesome sight.
She was typically more eloquent
with her awestruck responses,
but this map had
left her awestruck.
It was an actual,
real-life treasure map.
Could this fool
be telling the truth?
[birds chirping]
Uh, hello? Chelsea?
It's Kelsey, and where
did you get that?
Doesn't matter.
and I'm gonna need
some protection
Will you join me?
What's in it for me?
[spits] All right.
But I'm gonna need
some payment up-front too.
-[Mortimor squawks]
One for Mortimor too.
We're a package deal.
[scoffs] Birds can't
eat choco-rolls.
It's the principle
of the thing.
[Craig grumbles]
Okay, so let's go over
some ground rules.
One, I gotta be home by dinner.
Two, things could get bloody.
So, if you're squeamish,
Here you go.
[grunts] One raft.
[Mortimor squawks]
This is a baby pool.
Will it even float?
Hey, supplies are tight
with these pirates around.
Now, are you trading or what?
He'll also take some
of those sunflower seeds.
-[Mortimor squawks]
-[Craig grumbles]
But this kid, Hannah,
has tons of notes.
So I think with these
I can figure out the rest.
I mean, I am pretty
good with maps
if I do say so myself.
Do you have to eat that
in front of me?
Mm. Yeah, I do.
[munching loudly]
[baby pool inflates]
[Craig blowing air, coughing]
A little help, please.
[in sing-song voice]
Only if you pay me.
[Craig grumbles]
Cast off today
On the crest
Of a wave that is
Barreling through...
Hm, Butt Rock?
For one thousand nights
I've been searching
The dark...
Turn here. [yelps]
Braving the elements
Battling currents
With all of the strength
In my soul
I've been looking
For something
I lost long ago
But I haven't given up hope
So I go far...
[dogs barking]
On my own against
Powerful seas
Yeah, I go far
Following dreams
Warmed by the shine
Of the light on my cheeks
Yeah, I go...
[Mortimor burps]
Of a life that's been
Waiting for me
Wow! The Creek is so big.
A kid could play here
for a hundred afternoons,
and still see
only a fraction of it.
[both gasp]
None shall pass.
Uh, who are you?
We are the Wind in the Woods.
The Priests of Plants.
And none shall pass.
Unless, you answer a riddle.
How many times do
we have to tell you.
We don't do riddles.
We're elves, not trolls.
Well, we're just
paddling through, so--
Too many children have
desecrated our forest.
So we swore
to protect the plants
that cannot protect themselves.
With riddles!
Do you have an offering?
Uh, no.
[giggles] Oh. Well, then.
None shall pass!
What? [grunts] Open the gate.
Wait. We'll do the riddle.
-[gasps] "I must sink to rise."
-Oh, gosh.
-"I must drown to live."
-"Once I'm grown..."
-Oh, boy.
[Roger] "...I do nothing
but give."
-[Jameolas] Okay.
-"What am I?"
That's it. I'm taking the book.
-Give it.
-[Roger grunting]
"I sink to rise,
I drown to live"?
Hm. Yeah, that riddle's tough.
Almost as tough as
that Mithril soccer net
of theirs.
Well, I think we've got
a better chance with battle.
[munching] It's three on one,
but I'm pretty sure
I can take 'em.
-[Roger] No, give it back--
-[Jameolas grunting]
and once I'm grown,
I do nothing but give."
-[Roger] Whoa!
-[Jameolas] Seeds.
-To replenish the forest.
-You may pass.
[victorious music playing]
[Kelsey] Look alive.
There's a fork ahead.
[Craig] Hm.
It looks like the Creek bends
around this way,
but I'm missing
the other half of the map.
Not sure which way to go.
Mortimor, scout up ahead.
One chirp for piranhas,
two chirps for pirates.
And if you see piranha pirates,
safe yourself.
How did you train him
to do that?
Mortimor and I spend
a lot of time together
at the Creek
honing our fighting skills.
I may look like
a regular second grader,
but I have more battle scabs
than most kids will pick
in a lifetime.
My parents never let me
have a pet.
They just told me to play
with my brother and sister.
I have no brethren
nor sistren,
or any sibl-ren at all.
I'm the only child
of my bloodline.
And my dad, the only parent.
But Mortimor is like
a brother to me.
My dad got him for me
when I was five.
I read this book about
a prince with a falcon
that could peck out
the eyes of his enemies.
So I asked for a falcon
for Hanukkah,
and that we had
enough medical bills as is.
But parakeets are tough.
Don't underestimate them.
but we fight
at a 12th grade level.
And I can read at
a nineth grade level.
-[Mortimor chirps]
-What is it, Mortimor?
Wait, what was six chirps for?
Giant squid? Hydra?
No, the other way.
The other way.
But I am going the other way.
-[Kelsey] The other, other way.
-[Craig yelps]
This is gonna cost you extra.
Okay, I'll pay
whatever you want.
[Kelsey grunting]
[Norman chuckles]
Never turn your back
on a pirate.
[Craig] Uh...
[Norman] Whoa!
[Kelsey grunting]
-[water splashing]
-You all right?
[boat stretching]
[shouting hoarsely]
[both screaming]
-[Craig whimpers]
-[both] Huh?
[both grunting]
We got some booty.
[pirate kids laughing]
You've got booties all right.
Some booties that
I'm gonna kick!
[yells, gasps]
Stop it! I'm trying
to threaten you.
Hey! [panting]
Give it back!
[monkey geckering]
[pirate kids laughing]
[Craig gasps]
[Cammy laughing]
Okay, you got our snacks.
Can you let us go now?
Not so fast.
What were you doing
in pirate waters?
I got nothing to say.
[scoffs] Me neither.
Then we will talk to the bird.
Ha! Mortimor ain't
no stool pigeon either.
[chirps] Nuh-uh.
Better luck with
your next hostages, losers.
Oh, we'll get
all three of you to talk.
[pirate kids laughing]
Shall we escort them
to the captain?
No, nothing till
we know their...
je ne sais quoi.
Uh... what?
Oh, mm-hm.
Take them to The Torturer!
[laughing evilly]
[Craig and Kelsey gulp]
[both groaning]
Y'all are in for it now.
Have fun.
[both laughing]
[Kelsey grunts]
Come on, Mortimor.
[chewing gum popping]
[inflates, pop]
Yo, ho, ho.
And a packet of gum.
Who are you?
They call me "The Torturer."
JP, The Torturer.
And I'm here
to break your souls
using any means necessary.
And today, I think
I'll start with my favorite.
How would you like a dose of...
an uncomfortable amount
of eye contact! [grunting]
Yeah, I mean I've had worse.
Guess you city slickers
have seen eyes before.
Good for you.
Then how about something
a little nastier?
the Goggles of Inferno,
Sir Spikes-A-Lot,
maybe the Bucket of Doom!
Huh? Huh?
No, for you I think I'll use...
a wet willy.
You wanna stick that in my ear?
[chuckles] Your funeral, pal.
Ugh. Well, what about you?
Well, I definitely
don't want that in my ear,
but it seems like you don't
want it there either.
Oh, I'm not convincing
enough for ya, am I?
So, you're the torture
expert now?
I mean, is your name...
What is your name?
Oh, nice to meet you, Craig.
Is your name
Craig The Torturer?
No, I'm not Craig the anything.
Okay, Not-Craig-The-Anything.
If you know so much about
being a scary pirate,
how about you just
show me how to do it, huh?
Well, I didn't say
I was an expert, but...
-Yar! Har! Har!
Oh, no. Are you okay?
Yeah. [sniffles] No.
I'm a terrible pirate. [crying]
Okay, this is
definitely torture.
I've been trying to be
a scary pirate for weeks.
And then you just
waltz in here
and nail it on the first try?
[blows nose]
First, I was a ship's lookout,
but there was, like,
too much to look at
and I got distracted,
and we hit a duck.
He's fine,
but it was a whole thing.
And then they made me
scrub the poop decks,
and I totally misunderstood
that job.
You know why
they call me The Torturer?
Because it's torture
to be around me. [crying]
Somebody get us out of here!
No, no, no, no. Look, hey.
It's okay to be terrible
at being terrible.
[sniffles] It is?
[chuckles] Yeah.
I mean why would you wanna be
a scary pirate anyway?
I don't know. I just wanted
to be a part of something.
Go on adventures with friends.
Also I really wanted to steer
that big wheely-thingy.
Whatever that's called.
but you gotta work up to it.
Well, we're on an adventure.
I mean, well, we were.
How about this?
If... if you let us out,
you can help us on our quest
to find The Wishmaker.
The Wishmaker?
Yeah, join us.
You don't belong
with these mean kids.
And if we ever get
our raft back,
you can steer.
[both grunting]
Can't believe you told on us.
It's... it's nothing personal,
it's just pirate business.
I miss the ocean.
That's where
a real pirate belongs.
Wind in your hair,
waves beneath your feet.
A taste of salt on your lips.
Edie, spritz me.
[sniffs, exhales]
Now, tell me.
Where did you get this?
None of your business,
sea witch.
I'm not talking
to the bird feeder,
I'm talking to you.
Tell me, did you steal it?
No, I'm not like you.
Oh, really?
So, you're not
looking for this?
[gasps] The other half
of the map.
[Serena] I found it
two summers ago
on one of our raids.
I've been looking for
the other half ever since.
But that nosy little explorer
beat me to it.
-I don't know.
-[Serena] Hm.
I don't believe that
for a second, new kid.
That's right. I remember you.
Do you remember him?
Small Uncle!
What have you done to him?
He's one of us now,
and you could be too,
if you tell us where
the rest of the map is.
What are you talking about?
To be confused, and alone,
with nobody to turn to.
Join us. Become a pirate.
All your problems
will be solved.
Ooh, I think a song is coming.
When you're a pirate,
you've got nothing to fear,
and everything to gain.
[upbeat music playing]
Oh, love it when we sing.
Join us in sailing
To waters unknown
If thrills and adventure
You seek
I can assure you
A pirate's life is for thee
Take what you wanted
But never could have
Steal everything
You can see
Kick back with some snacks
And enjoy all the toys
And the cream
It can't be more unfair
Than being a kid
Controlled by
The powers that be
They pick out
All your clothes
And tell you where to go
So don't cast
Your judgement on me
'Cause I'll sail away
And leave all this behind
One wish to end the tyranny
And flood the whole Creek
Till it flows like the sea
Wait, what?
Wait a minute.
Oh, I can't believe
-The Creek
With The Wishmaker
-Teachers, dungeon masters
'Cause that would be
-A huge disaster
-Set me free
Oh, great Wishmaker
You'd destroy
-I don't care
- [Craig] The town
You could have
All that you wanted
-I wanna go home
-What would it matter
To you
But I just don't...
Join us and become
A pirate kid
I'll even save
A wish for you
You scratch my back
Give me the map
And you'll see
Content and happy
Everywhere that
We'd rather be
[all] Join us together
We'll take back control
Join us and you'll lead
A life that's your own
Join us, you know
It's the right thing to do
Join us and become
A pirate kid too
[pirate kids laughing]
So what do you say, new kid?
Gonna join us or what?
I... I just wanna find
The Wishmaker,
not flood the whole town.
That's fine. A pirate's life
isn't for everyone.
Let's find somewhere
we can drop you off.
By the demon blade
of Saggaroth,
they're taking us
to the most vile place
in the Creek.
Bacterial Infection Pond!
[both retching]
It smells like
old chocolate milk
and egg salad.
Keep your head up!
I'll give you one last chance.
Tell me where
the other half of the map is...
or sink into the stink.
What'll it be, new kid?
The name is Craig!
And I will never join you!
Yeah! You can lick my boots.
[Mortimor squawks]
Very well.
Smell you later then.
-Smell you later, forever.
-[knife thwacks]
[Serena grunting]
All this stealing
and fighting...
This isn't what being
a pirate is all about.
That's exactly what being
a pirate's all about.
It's, like, the defining
feature of a pirate.
Okay, historically, yes,
but maybe we could be
different pirates, you know?
Fun pirates.
Instead of hitting kids
with cannonballs,
let's hit 'em with a real
specific compliment, you know?
I think it's so cool
how you just sort of appear
out of nowhere.
I have nightmares about it,
but it's... it's a talent.
I think my point is, like,
we could just be
a bunch of friends
sailing together on a ship.
A Friend Ship!
What are you talking about?
Ugh! You're torturing us.
-Torturer! Torturer!
[pirate kids chanting]
Torturer! Torturer!
Stop saying that!
I'm not a torturer!
[Teach] Whoa!
Whoa! Ugh!
Sorry. I...
I shouldn't have done that.
My... my bad.
Are you finished?
[Craig] He might be.
But I'm just getting started.
[pirate kids] Whoa!
Oof! After them!
Time to fly!
Brighter days
I feel your sunshine rays
Feeling down
-[Kelsey grunts]
-[air hissing]
[Kelsey yells]
[JP shudders]
You're a genius, JP.
[pirate kids yelling]
Oh, wow!
I mean, I've heard,
"Way to go, genius."
Heads up!
Ugh. Yeah, that's the worst.
[Cammy] Whoa!
Whoo, yes!
[Serena] Ready?
[water splashing]
[both] Hm.
[Kelsey panting]
[both screaming]
[Craig grunting]
-[Cammy shrieks]
-[Craig chuckles]
-[water splashing]
And these were yours, right?
Come on, we gotta
get out of here.
One sec.
All right, Craig.
This ends now.
-Double bounce me.
-[Kelsey and JP exclaim]
[thrilling music playing]
[music intensifies]
I'll take those.
Gah! No!
[pirate kids groaning]
Well, we're gonna be
heading out.
Smell you later, Serena.
[Craig] Smell you later,
Ugh! No.
-Ugh, not now!
Pull up anchor!
We're going after them.
-[horn blowing]
-[Serena gasps]
Captain, the dinner tuba.
Aye, and it's pizza night.
Who here is ruthless enough
to risk a grounding
to please their captain.
Stay in the Creek
all night if you have to.
I want that map.
-[distant yelling]
-[duck squawking]
[all groaning]
That was amazing!
[JP groaning]
[gasps] Man,
you were amazing, JP.
If it weren't for you,
we'd be sunk to the bottom
of that pond.
Or at least have
a really bad rash.
Oh, thanks.
But it was you guys
who saved me
from something
even more toxic.
All right, I'm sorry.
It was a bad joke.
[shushing] Do you hear that?
[laughter nearby]
[pirate kid]
Think I can small 'em.
Here they come.
I'll be right behind you.
-[Mortimor squawks]
-[Kelsey] You know what to do.
-[Harry] Yo, ho, ho!
-[Norman laughing evilly]
Yarr! Where they at?
You know, guys,
I really am having
fun with this.
-[pirate kids laughing]
[Teach] Hm.
[leaves rustling]
-[twig snaps]
-[Teach] Huh?
[Mortimor screeching]
I hear sticks. This way.
-Good job, Mortimor.
-[Mortimor warbles]
[Craig] Here it is,
[magical music playing]
[both gasping]
[Craig] The map is complete.
Oh, look.
That looks like an X.
That must be where
The Wishmaker is.
It's some ancient playground?
Whoa, I've... I've never heard
of a playground
in the Creek before.
[Craig] Look, if this is
Bacterial Infection Pond,
then we're around here.
Just need to follow
the Creek south,
turn this way
at the Raccoon Drive-In,
and there's The Wishmaker.
Ugh, we can't go now.
The pirates
are still looking for us.
It's not safe to go out
till they go to bed.
When do you think that is?
Well, judging by the splashes,
I'd say
they're seventh graders.
So, they could be
up until nine, ten o'clock.
but that's on a good night.
[cell phone vibrating]
[Craig gasps] My mom!
Uh, uh. Okay, okay, okay.
Hi, Mommy.
[Nicole] Hey, sweetie.
Where are you?
You're not hungry for dinner?
but I've been busy, um...
[Nicole over phone]
Hello? Craig?
Craig? Are you still
at that Creek?
No, no, no, no.
I'm at, uh, Kelsey's house.
[Nicole] Kelsey?
Yeah. Um, you remember
that brave girl
who helped me get home
the other day?
Well, I ran into her again,
and she asked me
if I wanted to sleepover.
[Nicole] A sleepover?
She wants to talk to your dad.
[whimsical music playing]
Okay, um, yeah.
Here's... here's Kelsey's dad.
[JP clears throat]
[both exclaiming]
Uh, hello.
This is Craig's mom, Nicole.
[JP] Kelsey's dad.
Pleased to meet
your phone-quaintance.
Do you have a cold
or something?
[chuckles] I'm just suffering
from the condition
called "old."
Well, are you sure
you don't mind having
Craig over?
[JP] Oh, no.
They're like puppies
in a basket.
[Nicole] Okay, well.
Let me swing by real quick,
and drop off
some pajamas for Craig,
-and a toothbrush.
-[in normal voice] No.
[in hoarse voice] No!
That will not be necessary.
See, I... I work at a pajama
and a toothbrush factory.
Uh, PJ's.
PJ and Toothbrush Emporium.
[Nicole] The one off 270?
[JP] Yep, family-owned
and operated.
I can give you
a tour if you want,
but it caught fire.
but, um, can you put
Craig on again, please?
No problem-omino!
[in normal voice]
Oh, my gosh.
That was a close one.
Uh, well, Mom? Can I stay?
I don't know, Craig.
But, Mom, I'm actually playing
with other kids,
and making friends here.
[sniffles] Isn't that...
what you wanted?
I'm getting sleepover
invitations left and right.
[Nicole grunting]
You can have
your little sleepover
at your new friend's house.
But you better call me
or your dad
if anything comes up, okay?
-Got it?
-Got it.
We're having a sleepover!
-I can't believe that worked!
[laughs] So, what's for dinner?
Let mama see
what she's got in her purse.
[JP] Wow! Thanks, Mom.
[JP munching] Mm.
[Mortimor squawking]
[Kelsey squawking]
You're pretty good
at doing those voices, JP.
[imitates adult voice]
I'm pretty used
to talking to grown-ups.
[chuckles] Wait, did you take
apart your choco-roll?
It's a three-course meal.
and the cream for dessert.
You're so weird.
[sighs] I'm tuckered out!
I guess we'd better get
some rest then.
At first light tomorrow,
we'll head
to the Raccoon drive-in,
and then eastwards
to the ancient playground.
You guys,
I have a confession to make.
This is my first sleepover.
It's not a sleepover,
it's a hideout.
Me too, actually.
What? For real?
Like, sleepovers?
Yeah, once a week.
No big deal. [chuckles]
Pfft! Well, I've never been
invited to one.
You know, probably because I do
better with books
than other kids.
[sighs] Books are
easier to read.
I was actually supposed
to go to a sleepover
at my friend Bryan's house.
But then we moved here.
First sleepover/hideout.
Okay, um, who do you
have a crush on?
No, too soon. Okay, uh...
How about when you guys
get to The Wishmaker,
what are you going to wish for?
Oh, maybe muscles?
Bigger muscles.
Um, well...
[sighs] I've always wanted
to be like the brave knights
and noble warriors in my books,
you need something
to fight for.
I guess I wish
I had something like that.
Wow! Okay, so...
The obvious one for me
is infinite wishes.
But if I only had one,
well, you know, I... [sighs]
I've never felt like
I really fit in with
the other kids my age.
I've just never, like,
been into the things
they're into,
which is fine.
who, like, understood me,
like, like me for who I am.
Which is why
I would wish for clones.
Clones of myself.
Like a whole
softball team of JPs,
'cause, look, I mean,
who's gonna be better
at understanding me
than more mes.
And then if you had a lot,
you know, if you lost one
in a flood or something,
it'd be... it'd be
not a big deal.
What about you, Craig?
[gasps] Huh? What?
What are you gonna wish for?
Oh, um...
Probably to go back home...
to get a million choco-rolls.
[chuckles] Man, am I hungry.
May... maybe
a little less heartfelt
than the other wishes,
but life is about
the simple pleasures.
Get those choco-rolls, yeah?
Yeah. Uh, look,
I'm getting pretty tired,
so I think I'm gonna
go to sleep.
-[crickets chirping]
-[water sloshing softly]
[tense music playing]
[all snoring]
Sorry, but it's better
this way.
I didn't come to the Creek
to make friends.
I came to find a way home,
to my real home.
[lively music playing]
[grunts, yells]
[both snoring]
[JP muttering]
Well, I... I can steer it
if nobody else wants to.
-[Kelsey grunts]
-Will you roll over?
-Man overboard!
-What? What's happening?
-You were snoring like a Yeti.
Where's Craig?
Craig? Craig?
Oh! He ditched us!
Why would he do that?
We're sleepover buddies.
I was this close
to telling him
who my crush is.
It's Belinda Doghouse.
We weren't sleepover buddies!
And it wasn't a sleepover.
He was using us to get
The Wishmaker!
Oh, hi, guys.
[water splashing]
Captain, we found 'em.
[Craig] Raccoon Drive-In.
[scary music playing]
[Craig screams]
This is it?
This is the ancient playground?
There's no slides, no swings.
There's just a bunch
of messed up trees
and a rusty old merry-go-round.
[mystical music playing]
The Wishmaker.
[air hissing]
[pleasant music playing]
[metal creaking]
[dramatic music playing]
It's a slide.
This should be fun.
Let me just ease my way down--
[Craig yelling]
I've got a splitting headache
It hurts to think
It really stinks
So this is
the ancient playground.
It must have sunk
into the sandbox.
Probably right there.
Time to grab this thing
and wish myself home.
[frightening music playing]
What kind of sick game is this?
Wait a minute.
It's hopscotch.
Oh, I don't think
I've ever actually
played hopscotch.
Do you step on the one
with or without the stone?
Oh, let me just see if I...
-[tile clatters]
-[worms chittering]
Well, that answers that.
[sighs] Oh, boy.
-Gotta do this just right.
-[worm chittering]
[breathing heavily]
[sighs] This place
is more dangerous
than I thought.
I better watch my step.
-[metal creaking]
[groans] Ow!
[swings clinking]
Ugh! Good thing
this is a hand-me-down.
[exhales] Okay, Craiggy.
You got this.
[blowing air]
Dang! I did that.
[scoffs, yelps]
All right, I just gotta
get up there.
Well, I didn't come this far
just to let a few
monkey bars stop me.
[metal clanking]
-[bars rattling]
[bars crashing]
[bars crashing]
[inhales deeply]
[blows air]
[mystical music playing]
The Wishmaker.
I can finally go home.
[exhales] Okay.
[reading repeatedly]
Got it!
Just gotta make my wish,
and then it's back
to my real home,
Red. R-E-D.
They'll never believe
I made friends with a warrior,
her deadly falcon,
Uh... Five.
One, two, three, four, five.
They'll never believe
I already had
my first sleepover,
and had the most fun
I've ever had in my life,
Would they believe me?
Bryan didn't even
remember my name.
[exhales] Four.
One, two, three--
[JP] Craig!
[Craig] Huh?
-[Mortimor squawking]
-I'm sorry, buddy.
He's not our buddy, JP.
Ahh! Let go of me.
Don't go wishing
anything stupid, kid.
Just hand it over.
Uh... Oh, my gosh! Behind you!
A three-headed monkey.
[thrilling music playing]
[Craig yells]
[grunts] No!
[clears throat]
Thank you so much
for doing all the hard work
fetching The Wishmaker for me.
You really are a lifesaver.
Now, how do those
instructions go?
Red, five, four.
[laughing mischievously]
Don't do it, Serena.
Your wish, it's too dangerous.
It'll destroy the Creek,
Well, should've joined the crew
when you had the chance.
Now, red.
One, two, three, four.
I wish for this
pathetic little Creek
to be as wild as the ocean.
[whispers] It will be so.
[laughing maniacally]
[metal clanking]
-[Teach grunts, pants]
-[Craig grunts]
Everybody, run!
[thunder rumbling]
[Teach panting]
[Craig grunts]
The Creek, it's flooding.
Finally, it's happening.
Teach, Nessie, Kraken.
Climb aboard.
It's time to set sail.
-[thunder rumbling]
-[Kraken Kid shuddering]
[wood creaking]
Uh, I think I hear
my mom calling.
-I'm getting out of here.
-[Kraken Kid yelling]
[Serena] Wait.
Where are you going?
Fine, leave!
[grunts] I'll just wish
for another crew.
How could you lead Serena
right to The Wishmaker?
What? We didn't have a choice.
But they never
would've found us
if you hadn't ditched us.
Why did you do that, Craig?
I though we were friends.
I thought we were friends too.
That's the problem.
I don't want new friends.
I don't want
to like this place.
I wanted to wish myself
back to my old home,
to my old friends,
to my real friends.
[thunder rumbling]
I... I... I didn't...
[all screaming]
[all yelling, grunting]
[Serena grunting]
Serena, give me your hand.
[Serena grunts]
Serena, now!
[Serena grunting]
-[Craig] Serena!
Oh, my gosh!
She really did it.
[all screaming]
Oh, my gosh! This is terrible.
My socks are getting drenched.
You're worried
about your socks?
The creek is being destroyed,
and we're gonna die!
Well, if I'm gonna die,
I don't wanna be squishing
around when I do it.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna stop this.
But how?
By getting The Wishmaker back.
We've got a ship
and a pirate to steer it.
What? Me?
You were born to steer
that big wheely-thingy.
No! No!
This quest is a fool's errand.
Look at this flood, Craig.
It's hopeless.
Kelsey, think about
the heroes in your books.
Would they retreat
just because they thought
they couldn't win? No.
This is your home.
And now that
I've met you both,
I want it to be my home too.
Because I've never had
friends like you before.
but it's true.
So, what do you say?
You had me at hero,
then you won me at home,
then you said, "Friend."
What are we waiting for?
Let's go!
First mate JP,
set a course for over there.
I'm doing it. [laughs]
I'm doing it!
[Craig] Whoa!
[all screaming]
Whoo! [laughs]
[chuckles] Wow!
There it is.
I see The Wishmaker.
[grunts] Hold on!
[thrilling music playing]
[Craig grunts]
[muffled] Craig.
I said, "Craig."
[staff clatters]
Serena, can't you see?
Your wish is out of control.
I can't let you undo it, Craig.
I just can't.
[Kelsey yells]
[Serena straining]
[Kelsey grunting]
[Serena grunting]
[Kelsey grunts]
Why are you helping him?
He can't possibly be
paying you enough.
[Kelsey] Kelsey smirked
a smirky smirk.
She was no longer
the hapless mercenary
the Creek kids called,
"Weird bird girl."
Nay! She was Kelsey The Brave!
[thunder rumbling]
I'm not doing this for snacks.
I'm doing this
to save my friends,
and to save the Creek!
[weapons clashing]
[Serena groans]
Make the wish!
[Craig] Five.
One, two, three, four, five.
-[Serena grunts]
[yelps, pants]
Where am I?
Inside of The Wishmaker.
[voices] I wish.
What the heck is this?
These are the wishes
of kids who came before us.
Each of these folds
contains a wish.
Or a wish yet to be made.
Did you really think
you could get rid of me?
I've been searching
for The Wishmaker for too long.
I'm not gonna let you
undo my wish.
[Craig groans]
[voices] I wish
to be beautiful.
[Craig groans]
What the--
Oh, looking good, Craiggy.
I'm not gonna let you
destroy the Creek.
[voices] I wish to be fast.
[Serena grunting]
[voices] I wish to be strong.
[Serena grunts]
Uh, I need another wish.
[Serena grunts]
[voices] I wish for laser eyes.
-[heavy metal music playing]
-[laser whooshing]
[Serena grunting]
[voices] I wish
to be invisible.
-[Serena laughing]
Where'd she go?
[Craig screams]
Ow! [grunts]
Got you! Ow!
Cut it out! [groans]
[voices] I wish...
to be taller.
[Serena groans]
[lips flapping]
[voices] I wish
I was Mr. Fluffy Boo-Boo.
-[gentle music playing]
-[Serena] Who--
Who would wish for this?
[Craig laughs]
What are you gonna do
with your widdle paws?
-[Serena yelling]
-[Craig screaming]
[both groan]
-[waves crashing]
What is this? Are we in a wish?
Yeah. Mine.
Huh? [grunts]
Wait, I thought you wanted
to flood the Creek?
Yeah, so I could sail
away to here.
My home.
I had everything here.
Sunshine, palm trees,
my best friends
right next door.
And the ocean in my backyard.
In the summer we'd get
ice cream near the shops.
And ride our bikes
by the twig huts.
[chuckles] That's what
we called them.
My friends and I used
to joke about
[all laughing]
And if a hurricane would come,
I'd get on my boat
and let the ocean take me away.
But then my parents dragged me
to this stupid town.
With no friends, no ocean,
and only this tiny Creek
to play in.
I vowed to do anything I could
to get back there.
Yeah, that was my wish too.
I wanted to go back
to my old home.
but it was everything to me.
When I first moved here,
I hated this town.
Even the smell.
But in looking
for a way to go back,
I did get to know this place.
And I realized that
I was just scared.
And that maybe there's
more for me here
than I thought.
And maybe there can be
more for you too,
[Serena grunting]
[groans] Huh?
Uh, what the--
[Craig yelling]
What's happening?
[Craig] It's your wish.
[pants] The Wishmaker...
it's being destroyed
by the rain.
[yells] Help me!
[Serena grunts]
[Craig coughing]
Or else everyone in
and outside the creek
will be in danger.
We don't have much time.
We gotta find an empty fold.
One without a wish.
[Serena coughs]
There's water shooting
out everywhere.
[Craig] How are we gonna get
all the way up there?
[breathing heavily]
I think I know how.
[upbeat music playing]
[Spanish song playing]
[Craig panting]
We gotta make the wish now.
I... I wish...
[Serena breathing heavily] Ahh!
I wish that...
...this flood
[both] ...would stop!
[gasps] Mm.
The rain.
It's all over. [chuckles]
We did it, Serena.
We saved the Creek.
[air hissing]
No! My ship!
[ship deflating]
[pleasant music playing]
Craig? [grunts]
-[JP] Oh, my gosh!
-[Kelsey] Craig!
[all cheering]
[Craig laughing]
What happened?
and it looked like
you disappeared.
And the... the rain.
It just stopped, and...
-You did it!
-[Mortimor squawks]
All of us.
[Serena] It's over.
[birds chirping]
[Jessica sighs]
We were so young.
[exclaims] What?
Small Uncle!
[Jessica exclaims]
-[Small Uncle squelches]
-[Jessica] Mm.
Thanks, Craiggy.
[joyful music playing]
-Now I got you, Craig.
-[both laughing]
[Craig giggling]
All right,
your room is all ready.
It's perfect.
[Duane] Welcome home, my guy.
Enjoy it, hon.
[Craig] Dear, Hannah.
I know the move
must've been hard.
You had to leave
your home and the creek.
It's still pretty wild there,
but kids are having
a lot more fun
without the pirates stealing
their stuff all the time.
All right, y'all.
[Craig] Some of the pirates
[Kit exclaims nervously]
Do you accept apologies?
Mm. No?
How about donations?
[pirate kids] Yeah.
[Craig] Not all of them chose
to stay though.
[Serena] Ah, it's okay.
I don't need
that thing anymore.
I spent so much time trying
to control these waters,
maybe it's time I see
what these waters can show me.
Give the Creek a second chance.
Who knows?
Maybe it'll give me one too.
I think it will.
[Serena] Hm.
Smell you later, kid.
Smell you later too, captain.
Thanks for leaving me
your diary.
I'm not sure
what you were wishing for,
but I wanna wish you good luck.
Yo, those garlic knots
were sick!
-For me it's all about
that Caesar salad.
-Caesar salad.
[giggles] Bernard.
[Craig] Sometimes what you want
can feel so far away.
But if you take a look around,
it might be closer
than you think.
If you ever wind up
back in Herkleton,
you should look me up.
You'll know where to find me.
Sincerely, Craig of the Creek.
[both] Hey, Craig.
So, what do you guys
wanna do today?
Explore a dungeon,
slay a dragon.
We could put a bunch
of leaves on my tummy,
see which ones give me rashes.
But what do you think
about making our own map
of the entire Creek?
-Yeah, we got nothing
better to do.
-Yeah, I've got, like,
three hours before dinner.
We could squeeze it in.
Let's go, then.
[all] Yeah!
[JP] Craig of the Creek!
Craig of the Creek!
Craig of the Creek!
Craig of the Creek!
[JP] Whoa-oh-whoa-oh!
[JP] Whoa-oh-whoa-oh!
Never wanna go to bed
[Kelsey] You know when
The school day's done
[JP] Whoa-oh-whoa-oh!
[JP] Whoa-oh-whoa-oh!
At the stump
Your heroes three
-[Kelsey] Kelsey!
-[JP] And JP
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek
[upbeat music playing]
I got the new town blues
Back to the life I knew
-Got pirates on the prowl
-Watch out!
I'm talking about JP!
I'm talking about Kelsey!
Could be talking
About Serena
But really she's really mean!
I follow Hannah's example
So I get my wishes granted
And it turned into a sea!
I think i kinda dig
A different tribe
I got the homies
On my left and my right
Ready to try to live
A different life
Even if i gotta fight
A couple of pirates
[echoing] It's aight
Let the adventure ride
Let the adventure ride
Linqua Franqa