Crash (aka One Day Like This) (2012) Movie Script

I take it this means you missed me?
Sshh, Mum and Dad are
back in half an hour.
You can talk later.
# And leaving without them... #
You're back! You said
you'd be back at seven!
Rach! Tom picked me up.
Don't lick me!
You have to drop out.
It's been shit without you.
All right, Rach? Hi.
To be honest, Rachel, we're
just going to have a night in.
But I've told everyone you
were going to be there.
I haven't seen my mum or dad yet.
You've got all Christmas for that.
Anyway, I thought Tom would
have told you by now.
I told him not to but you know
what he's like around you.
He's whipped! He's whipped!
Rach! Tom, you could have warned me!
Well, yeah, but you're only
back for the holidays,
I've got to live round here.
Look, it's your first night back,
we have to do something.
Unless you two have got
something else in mind?
What? No! No! The Rose
and Crown it is.
I can come back if
you want to get ready.
Rach, I am ready!
What, don't you like
this or something?
It's just... different.
Oh, right, have the Rose and Crown
introduced a dress code
since I was last there?
Ash! Oh, my God, haven't any of
yous heard of knocking?
Look at you. Our little girl,
all grown up, making it
in the big wide world.
Feels like years.
Three months, Ash.
I swear, you're worse than her!
If we go now, we can get seats.
That looks nice on you.
Ah, thank you, mate, cos, you know,
Rachel was worried it was too
"different"! Sensitive.
For the Rose and Crown?
That's what I said.
Oh, yeah, because Rachel
always looks so sort of... Nice hat.
No, I was just on about
going out after.
Have you seen what the
average KFC punter wears?
That's Ethan, come on, everybody.
Now then, what's occurring?
Ah, Dad! Presents!
Very current that, Dad.
Not cringe at all!
Happy Christmas, love! Thanks, Mum.
Good to have you home. What's this?
You've got your fancy boots on,
your make-up on,
your hair's all done,
do you think they're trying
to tell us something, Ann?
You going out? You've only just
come back. I thought we'd have a
nice quiet night in, I thought we'd
have a catch up. Mum...
I'm teasing, he told us last night.
Tom! You warned everyone
but me, thank you.
Tom, while I've got you,
I'm having trouble getting
the Bluetooth to work in the new
car, I wonder if you could...
Tomorrow, I'll pop round,
have a look? Nice one.
OK, people, Rose and Crown!
I've put a wash on for you, Mum.
Put a wash on? You are learning
something, then, at this university?
Come on. If we go now
we can get seats.
I have to pick up Brian, take him
home before we go out, that OK?
Fine, whatever. Who needs seats?
Look, it was starting to chuck
it down when we come in
so watch yourselves.
Cover up your hair!
Hi! Hi.
Hey, you all right, mate?
How's it going? Good.
Come on, you're with us.
Oh, Tom's car's more comfortable.
I heard that! Ash! Well, apparently
I'm with Rach and Ethan.
Tom's picking his brother up.
And there I was just thinking you
wanted the pleasure of my company.
Kidnap and friendship - it's a
fine line for our Rach. Ethan!
Yes, my lady. I'll see
you in a bit, Mart. See you later.
Jesus, talk about a vice grip.
Why can't I go in their car?
I was giving them some space.
I was being nice.
I can be nice, you know.
The whole convention of
present-giving is you don't know
what you're getting.
I'm not really into "convention".
Can you not just give
me a hint, a tiny one? No!
Oh, fun.
What are you doing here?
I could ask you the same question.
Mum's sick, you're supposed
to be looking after her.
No, Mum's hung over
from her work do.
Anyway, I told her I
was meeting a friend.
Friend? Yeah, I just missed the
"boy" bit off of "boyfriend".
Boyfriend? You're going
out with that? Wow.
Six months now.
Brian Harris. We've met before.
About a dozen times. Home now.
I was going there, anyway.
Selfish brat!
Takes one to know one.
Catch me, Brian!
Not a peep out of you or I will
break that finger and shove it
in a certain orifice
if you don't behave yourself.
You have my full sympathy.
Can we get food before the pub?
Hi, Mum. I forgot my keys.
We'll leave the front door open.
Watch what you're doing in that car.
Mum, Tom's a good driver.
It's not his driving
I'm talking about. Mum!
Love you. OK, I love
you too. Bye, bye.
Oh, my God.
Do you want to stick a CD on?
Sorry, did someone mention pizza?
You're into Dylan?
No, it's for your dad.
He mentioned he went
to that gig ages ago.
I tracked down the bootleg.
Sorry, did I mention pizza?
You're being way
too subtle, Brian.
I'd prefer it if you didn't distract
the driver whilst he's driving.
Excuse me! And I'd prefer it if
you walked home. As you were.
It is actually pronounced, "quelle
age as-tu." If you don't do
the accent,
you won't get the marks. I don't
know why you're taking French,
anyway, it's a waste of your time.
I love filming her rants,
it drives her mad.
I'm not ranting, I'm talking.
Will you stop doing that?
This is so going on Facebook.
You should bring her out more often.
I don't know why you
always stick up for her.
Because she's quite funny, actually.
Yeah, hello, I am actually sat here.
I'm actually trying to
pretend you're not here.
What? Nothing.
Fucking twat.
Jesus! Dickhead!
What is he doing?
Listen, I'm really sorry about Rachel
coming in and that before.
Do you know what I think?
I think we should spend
New Year's Eve together. Alone.
Yeah. Just me and you. Yeah.
Then we can bring it in
somewhere quiet, yeah?
Yeah, that would be perfect.
Oooh! Let's do it.
Take it easy. Tom! Tom!
Get up! No. It's a mess in here,
you have to get up. Leave me alone!
It smells like something's
died under here!
My dreams.
Do you know - you are wasted in
sixth form, you know that?
You should be doing drama instead.
Get up!
You know, I really
thought he loved me.
Yeah, well, there's only room for
one person in David's life.
And that is himself.
This was our song.
He ripped it for me.
So he's cheap and vain.
What a catch. You've been up
here now for three days
and we need to get you out.
It was this one, wasn't it?
What are you doing? I am getting
your dress ready for later.
When you said "out", I thought
you meant out of bed.
I'm not going to the prom! Rachel!
We have been planning this night
for years! We've sorted the catering
out, we've sorted the music out,
the decorations and the fundraising,
and we did not waste three nights a
week since term started for you to
say you're not going to the prom.
I can't. Why? Everyone's going.
Because I don't have a boyfriend.
So? Neither does Ashley!
Every boy in the year
asked Ashley out.
She turned them all down. So then
we'll go together. Me and you.
Oh, great, a pity-date. As if I
wasn't pathetic enough already.
You can hang out with me and Tom.
I remember when I had a boyfriend.
Oh, for God's sake!
Ash told me Ethan's single again.
Really? Mm-hm. Has
been for about a week.
I never did like his new
girlfriend. Yes, I know.
She weren't good enough for him.
Well, after you, who were, eh?
She was just... she just wasn't...
Brrff? What, you?
I'll get up. Yay!
I'm not going to the prom.
We'll just do one step at a time.
It's too soon. Oh,
it's far too soon.
You do love him, don't you? Tom?
Yeah, I do.
Come on. Out!
Fast road cam, panel filter,
all sweet and sorted.
Yeah, it doesn't need it,
doesn't need it. Job's a good 'un.
Re-tuning an engine right ain't
something every lad can do, mind.
Yeah, you done good.
You still at that?
You're not even changed.
What? The invitation says seven.
Hiya, Mum.
Hey, you're supposed to be
picking up your tuxedo.
Yeah, at five. You are still coming,
though, ain't you, Dad?
We'll be there! Even if I have
to drag him there myself.
I'm not letting you refuse another
invitation from the Harpers.
They have heard every excuse
under the sun. We're going.
Did you get the oil?
Yeah, GTX, it's in't kitchen.
Eh? Relax, I got the olive oil you
wanted, and the balsamic. I love you.
Kate's mum said we didn't
have to bring anything.
I told your father I didn't want
anything for our 20th anniversary.
Oh, quietest fortnight of my life.
Shower, shave. You still here?
All right, all right, I'm going.
Off to get dressed up
like a wazzock.
Ey-up, it lives. Good to have you
back. We thought we'd lost you
See? Told you I could get her up.
See you if you can get it into
the shower, as well. Shut up.
Are you going to this party
thing then, or what?
No, I am not going to the prom.
My powers of persuasion can
only stretch so far.
God. Sorry, did someone
just say something?
Prom? Could you do anything
more sexist and chauvinist?
This isn't America.
Jealous much?
You wouldn't get me to the
prom even if you dragged to it.
If you don't want to go, love,
you don't have to.
You missed lunch, there's
leftovers in the fridge.
You wouldn't go to the prom because
you don't have a boyfriend.
Neither do you! Rach!
Mum, Leah's being a bitch!
How can I be a bitch for telling
the truth? Take it back!
What are you, seven years old?
Slag. Princess. Lesbian. Loser.
Holy cow, all right!
People. You did get the invites to
Mum and Dad's party, didn't you?
Yeah. The limo's coming at eight
so the party starts at seven.
What, no itinerary?
Actually, yes. Maps and directions.
Just saying, we live next door.
Yes, and I'm just saying you need
to leave plenty of time to get there
so you need to set off
at 6:55.
OK? And don't make me come
get you, Jack. Mr Grew to you.
There's no mention of the girls.
There's a separate
itinerary for participants.
Rach, you have to come. It'll be fun.
I can't, it's too embarrassing.
That is the most sensible thing
you've said in three days. Leah.
Right, will you at least
do me a favour then?
Can you just put your
dress on for a photo?
First day of primary school we had
our picture outside our house.
And the first day of
secondary school.
This is just as important. And you
need to do this for me, please?
Please just do it for me.
I feel stupid.
It'd mean a lot to my mum.
I'm still not going.
Right, I need to go.
More organising to do?
Yes, something like that, bye!
Bye. See ya.
Ethan. Oh, plan A has failed.
So plan B is game-on, and as soon
as I have a plan B,
I will let you know, OK?
Now, yours is the
grey dress, isn't it?
I think so.
Most girls could describe
their dress blindfold.
There we are. Lovely, isn't it?
Yeah, yeah, that's the one.
I'm picking it up now, Kate.
Yes, I'm standing in the...
No, I won't let you...
Hiya. Yeah, she's
just picked it, yeah.
Oh, no, it's a lovely choice.
She'll look lovely.
Bye, Kate.
Be sure to tell your dad
I was asking after him, eh?
Yeah, thanks. Bye. Bye.
This is supposed to
be a secret meeting.
Oh, shit, sorry. I'm just really
excited for the prom! The prom!
Nice. Totally believable.
So, tonight's the night?
Did you bring it?
It's opal. It's her favourite stone.
It's amazing!
D'you think she'll...?
She'll love it.
I was going to say, do you
think she'll say yes?
She loves you.
You're not getting
in my car like that.
Showers are broken.
Well, there's newspaper in the back.
Yeah, I'll watch the news
when I get home.
It's for sitting on, Brian. What's
the extra practice for, anyway?
Extra? Just mucking around, mate.
If you don't want to
tell me, that's fine.
There's a scout coming. On Saturday.
Do they teach you how
to build a tent
and do your cycling proficiency
and making fire with sticks. No?
Serious? Yeah.
A proper scout, that's fucking
awesome, man. Cheers, mate.
Have to tell Mum and Dad.
Oh, you know what Dad's like.
"Football's not a game, it's a job.
IF you get signed,
"IF you get to play,
IF you don't get injured.
"What happens when it's all over and
you're on the scrap heap at 34?"
Yeah, well, that's just Dad, innit?
You know what he's like.
How much does this mean to you?
It means everything.
There you go then, man.
It's your dream, innit?
You never give up on your dreams.
Yeah. You have to stop
watching The X Factor.
Kate makes me. Bet she does.
No, seriously though.
Sit on that. Right.
When you're wearing number
ten for England,
we'll be sat in Wembley Stadium,
Dad will be proud as punch saying
he knew all along you'd be a pro.
I have to get signed first.
Yeah, you will, man. They'll
be fucking idiots not to.
Thanks, Tom.
I need to set something
up for the prom.
I was going to drop you home first
but do you want to give me a hand?
It doesn't involve a bucket
of pig's blood, does it?
Sure, fine. Yeah? Yeah.
Hilary, that you?
It's me, Dad, Ashley.
I should set t'table.
Your mum will be home soon.
Mum's not coming home, Dad.
She never mentioned
she were working late.
She rang a little while ago.
Oh, OK.
I've left your medicine on
the side, and there's more
casserole in the fridge.
I'll be home before 12.
Do you want a cuppa before I go?
She never mentioned she
were working late.
She's dead, isn't she?
We lost her two years ago.
You look just like her,
you know that?
Oh, I'm shattered.
Don't you have a committee to
help you with all of this?
Are you joking? Most of them are at
the hairdresser's getting ready.
How were Rachel? She still
wallowing over that boy?
No, she did get up.
Besides, Mum, wallowing is
a perfectly normal thing.
All the wallowing in the world
isn't going to bring him back.
All the wallowing isn't
about getting him back.
It's not about them at all.
Listen, your dad and I have
been very impressed with you
the last few months.
All your organisation
and the fact your schoolwork
hasn't suffered.
You know, your buttering up
approach needs a lot of work.
Here. Just something to show
just how proud we are.
It's Nan's necklace.
You don't know how much this means
to me. You really don't. Thank you.
Oh, go on, get dressed.
I look stupid in these clothes,
like I'm pretending
I own a yacht or something.
Aw, you look lovely,
my little skipper.
I don't do well meeting new folk.
You're not that great with
the ones you know, either.
I don't see our Tom's car anywhere.
Maybe we could just say
we got lost on the way here.
Kate gave us perfect
directions to the house.
Look, you like Kate, don't you?
Well, any parents of hers
can't be that bad.
There's always exception
to the rule, ain't there?
Look at you and your parents.
I mean, what if they don't like us?
We're meeting them, not
going out with them! It's Tom
and Kate who have to get on.
This is ridiculous. It's worse
than being back at school.
Hi! Oh, Jesus! Hiya!
What you doing sitting out here?
No, yeah, no, we're just coming in!
We're coming in. Fantastic.
Yeah, fantastic. See? We should
have gone home when we had t'chance.
Come on.
Do you want to go and help
yourselves? You going to serve that
over there?
Hiya. You must be Val.
Hi, I'm Val. I'm Martin, nice to
meet you. The house is lovely.
Bit small for us. You know how
things are with properties.
You can't give a house away,
can you? Let me get you a drink.
What will you have?
Whatever you're having. Same for me.
I'm having a beer, but
there's wine, anything.
Beer. Beer's fine. OK,
a beer I'll get you.
Shall I take that?
Your usual? Yes, please.
I feel really stupid. Don't be daft.
It's for one photograph, Rach.
Exactly. You look gorgeous.
Really? Yes. You're not just
saying that? C'mon.
Now you're just fishing for
compliments. Shut up!
You know, you should come. No.
You know I'm only doing this
for your mum's stupid
photo collection.
Here. You don't have to wear them.
Aww, Ash.
Aww, they're beautiful, thank you!
It's all right. Aw! Thanks.
Can you help put it on
please, Rach? Yep.
Thank you.
It's really fiddly.
Don't choke me!
Shut up!
I guess this is it. We're ready.
You look a million dollars!
That's exactly what
this is costing me.
You like it? Love it!
Thanks, Mum.
You were such a tomboy
till you were 11!
Mum, stop it!
You look amazing.
Oh, this old thing?
I found it on my wardrobe floor.
Oh, Mum, Ash made us all matching
necklaces. They're really nice.
I thought... She's very talented.
You look amazing.
That's Leah. Rach's sister.
She's out of my league.
Why do you say that?
If she's Premiership,
I'd be what, Conference?
Don't put yourself down.
League two, least.
Cheers, mate, thanks
for the ego boost.
Yes? Hey. Hey.
Some party.
Yeah, last time I saw this
big a collection of plastics
was at the recycling bank.
I'm Tom's brother.
I know who you are, Tom's brother.
Everyone knows everybody
else in this place.
I'm just saying. I'm Brian. What,
I thought you were Tom's brother?
I am. I mean, I'm both, I...
Moby Dick. That isn't on the
school reading list, is it?
Let me put this simply,
seeing as you clearly have
no understanding of
rudimentary body language.
Firstly, you're a footballer.
No, I'm not, not yet.
But you aspire to be a footballer.
Yeah, but... Wow.
That's your aspiration? Even sadder.
Secondly, and I know this may
come as a bit of a shock,
but believe it or not, you can read
books that aren't on the syllabus.
Might want to remember that next time
you're "aspiring to be a footballer."
Whoa! OK, I can take a hint, Ahab.
I get it, you're not interested.
Well? I'm taking it slow.
Playing it smooth.
I just wanted to introduce myself
so she knows who I am.
Dad! Dad, don't dance!
You mind your own business,
I'm having a good time
over here, all right?
He's so embarrassing,
he does it all the time.
..think she's double
bluffing you...
She's into Arcade Fire. Who is?
That girl you were talking to.
Tell me you didn't talk to her?
You like them and all, don't you?
What's that song of theirs
that always makes you cry?
You know I can never talk to her
again. I'll have to move schools.
Relax, I was talking to her mother.
Mam! You'll only delete it!
Cos I always look crap in photos.
I think you look cute.
Fine. But this never sees the light
of day, ever. I've got to go.
All right. See you in the morning.
See you later, love. Love you.
Right, you ready? After three.
One, two, three.
Have a good time, love.
Thanks. And don't drink.
And when you've finished not
drinking, drink loads of water
and take two aspirin before
you get your head down. Mum!
I'll make sure she gets home safe.
No, I've told you. Rach!
What? You are coming! No.
You can see my knickers!
Have a great time!
Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
Is that really the advice
you want to give her?
Bye! See you. Bye. See you.
Oh, don't you start.
You'll set me off.
That cost you a few quid
and all, did it, Charlie?
Aye, an arm and a leg
and a lot of earache.
Two arms and a leg here.
We need a beer, then. Who's up for
one? Yeah, I'm up for it, come on.
Right, so go on, what are we drinking
to? One more night and we never
have to see the inside of Millwood
High School ever, ever again.
Oh, see, I'm going to miss it.
That's because you're a swot
who's off to uni.
We grew up there
and we hung out there.
Everything changes after this.
Not everything.
I'll drink to that.
Are you drinking?
No, you got me here.
Don't expect me to have a good time!
Smile for the camera.
Don't take a photo of me.
Tom, your missus just spat all
over me! How can you be with that?
You owe me one.
How many lifts have I given you?
Well, let's call it even.
All right. You OK?
No. I'm crapping myself.
What if she says no?
How much does she mean to you?
There you go.
There you go.
Thank you. For what?
This. Oh, Rach!
Told you. You did.
You look lovely, Rachel.
Love your dress.
Hey, Rachel.
Look, I thought you weren't
going to be here. If I'd known...
Rach! You're a real dickhead,
do you know that, David? Kate!
You say one more word and I'll slap
that fake smile right off your face!
Rach! Rachel, listen to me.
You can do better than him and
you can do much better than this.
No, I knew I shouldn't have come!
But you can't hide away
for ever, can you?
Do you know what?
At the end of the day, yeah,
life goes on whether it's
with you or without you.
And Ash and I have taken a vote
and decided it is better with you.
Do you know he slept with her
when we were together?
Yeah, I know. But it's better
that you know too, isn't it?
No, it doesn't feel better.
Yeah, but listen to me. It will. It
will feel better, I promise you.
Well, it doesn't feel better
right now.
Give it time, Rach.
There you are,
Kate, can I borrow you a minute?
Not now, Tom.
It's all right. I'm here.
Come here.
David is nothing but an idiot.
You can do so much better than him.
Trust me, OK?
This way.
It was just a shock. Like,
I knew he was going to be here
but I was having such
a good time with you,
I completely forgot.
And there he was.
Kate's right. Life goes on.
And bit by bit,
you just get on with it.
Tom's going to propose, isn't he?
You have the attention
span of a goldfish.
Come on!
Yeah, but where are we going?
You need to tell me!
Tom! Come on.
The pool. This is what
you wanted to show me
when I swim here all the time?
Where did you get those?
I have my connections.
Right. Close your eyes.
What? Close you eyes! Tom! God!
Oh, careful.
Two more steps.
I am not making out with you
in the pool, there's no way.
See, that were the thing.
Just seemed right.
You're always in the pool and
you're always going on about
how you love being under water.
Oi, are you peeking?
No! Good. Don't.
All right, OK,
sit here, sit down.
What are you doing to me?
And open your eyes.
Oh, Tom!
See? You're not the only one
that can organise things.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Will you do me
the honour of marrying me?
This wasn't supposed to
happen like this.
You were supposed to wait
a year or two.
You need to get a job. Yeah.
And I need to go to college and...
I've checked your schedule
and I've moved it up a little bit.
So, what do you say?
It's opal.
Are you going to answer?
Yes. Yes.
All right?
My cue to leave.
How are you?
Yeah, I'm good. You?
Well, David's a dick.
So everyone keeps saying.
Do you mind if I sit here with you?
Guess this is like
payback for you then?
What, you mean for me going
away on holiday with my family
and then you drop me by text
and then I find out over Twitter
you're going out with David?
No. But it's a pretty
good start, yeah.
You know, I did always feel
like a bitch doing that to you.
Well, you know what, don't worry
about it cos I always thought
you was a bitch anyway.
Well, so what are you doing here?
I don't know. Katie
organised it, didn't she?
No, why are you really here?
Fancy a dance?
Do you know what? I can't,
I've got two left feet.
Well, you'll fit right in.
Come on.
I feel like I'm underwater.
We should get back to the party.
Just one minute.
I wasn't going to come tonight.
What? I said I'm really glad I came.
I'm getting married!
What? Is she up the duff, yeah?
She said yes?
I designed it.
What? You sneaky cow!
Oh, you lovely, lovely boy!
Leah. Leah! Are you all right?
Leah, are you all right?
Are you all right?
Come here.
Brian? You're going to be
all right, all right?
You're going to be all right.
Brian? Brian?
You're going to be all right, mate,
you're going to be all right.
Hey, you, are you OK?
What's your name?
Are you OK? Are you hurt?
Nothing broken?
Ashley. OK, Ashley, are you OK?
Are you hurt?
I lost my hat.
Nothing broken?
Brian, I think he's...
OK, I need you to focus, Ashley.
Can you do that?
OK, keep talking to her,
just keep talking.
OK, mate, can you hear me?
Hey, mate, can you hear me?
Kate? Kate?
Kate? Kate?
Wake up, Kate.
Kate, you have to wake up.
Kate. Kate. You have to wake up.
I've got a priority incident.
Two vehicles off of Blacks Road.
A field off of Blacks Road.
For Rachel.
What would she do without you, eh?
Do you remember the prom?
Do you remember how you said we
all looked so good together
and that we'd always be
together we'd always be,
no matter what? You have to wake up.
Get up, Kate.
Get up, Kate! Get up!
Hope you left hot water in the tank.
I left more than you
ever leave for me.
Oh, tell me that's not work.
Are you sure it were Ethan's? What?
What... what road were it?
Can you hear that?
Can't hear anything.
Exactly. Peace and quiet.
Probably for the last time during
the Christmas holidays
now she's home.
Well, it's you who always
invites everybody over. I know.
Every year you say we're going
to have a nice, quiet family
Christmas and every year you
pack the house to the rafters.
We've got some good
memories here, haven't we?
And we'll make new memories
in the new place.
Did you hear that?
Oh, I'm not falling for that
one again. No, I'm serious.
I think that's the door. Just give
me a minute. Just hold that thought.
Jesus, Susanna, what is it?
There were an accident,
I don't know how bad it were.
Rachel's not answering her phone.
Kate were in it too. What?
Over the field.
Somewhere on Blacks Road. Keys.
Hurry up back here!
Can you hear me? Whatever you do,
don't take your goggles off, OK?
Confirm, the oncoming vehicle
is a silver four by four.
Driver is receiving
medical attention.
Rachel? Rachel!
Rachel! Rach?
OK, OK, listen to me! Everyone's
doing everything they can.
Rachel! You need to wait in my car.
As soon as I know anything,
I will come find you.
Whoa, whoa, you can't
come through here.
No, no, our daughter's down there.
Look, I'm sorry, mate,
I can't let you through. Kate.
She was in Tom Harris's car.
Just leave it to paramedics.
Have you seen her? Is she all right?
I'm just hearing chatter over
the radio. Is she all right?
All I can tell you is
they were working on the lads.
She's OK? 911, confirmed.
What does that mean?
What does that mean?
You should wait in your car. Oh,
for God's sake! What does it mean?
There's been a fatality. Oh, Jesus.
It don't mean it's your Kate.
Come through here.
Who's in the ambulance?
Tell us something, please!
We're taking two girls to hospital.
Rachel Grew to Millwood General.
Rachel? Kate Harper
to City and Borough.
Our Kate. Right, City and Borough.
Hang on, that's not right.
I need to see her!
We should be out there.
I feel sick.
We should be doing something.
How is she? Rachel's been taken to
City and Borough Hospital.
Was she OK? Was she OK?
She's pretty banged up. I'd get to
hospital as quickly as possible.
Mate, can you give us
a lift to our house, please?
It's just a quarter of
a mile in that direction.
I'm sorry, sir,
I can't leave the scene. Oh, fuck!
Sorry, Rachel Grew's
gone to City and Borough,
your Kate's gone to
Millwood General.
Ashley. Is that Ashley? Ashley!
She was with our Kate.
Two minutes, please.
Two minutes. Just you.
Ashley, you OK?
Our Kate. How is she?
She were all right.
I was holding her hand.
She were trapped in the car
but she were all right.
And you, you're all right, yeah?
Brian's gone.
Hey, love. You shouldn't wander off.
Get this round you.
They're done up there.
Someone'll be along to look at
you in a minute, all right, love?
How long is it going to be?
Why is it taking that long?
I can't do it!
Come on. Come on.
Suze, come on, come on,
we've got to be strong.
We've got to be strong. Let's just
get to the hospital, all right?
Cuts, bruises, fractured nose.
You were lucky. Right, love.
Kate, my girlfriend,
she was sat next to me...
Just rest easy now, lad. Please,
you've got to tell me if she's OK.
Let's get you sorted first.
Where's my girlfriend?
She were alive and
she were taken to hospital.
Thank you.
One, two, three.
I don't feel well.
It's probably shock.
Ashley! Someone get over here!
Ashley! Ashley!
Stop, mate. Stop, stop. We're going
to have to call it, stop, stop!
Stop, we're going to have
to call it.
Time of death 21:32.
You can't just give up!
She got me out the car.
You can't just give up.
No, she was fine! Please, no!
Why did you decide to
overtake when you did, Tom?
Well, Katie's family
needed you there, mate!
It were an accident.
Do you think I'm stupid?
He could go to prison!
You're going to pull through this.
I lost my sister because of you!
Tom, Tom!
You're a coward, Tom.
I don't know what Kate
ever saw in you.
Good to have you home!
You do love him, don't you?
Yeah, I do.
I remember when I had a boyfriend.
Oh, for God's sake.
Brian. You're a footballer.
She's out of my league.
I guess this is it.
We grew up there and we hung out
there. Everything changes after
Ash told me Ethan's single again.
Will you do me the honour
of marrying me? Yes.
I love filming her rants,
it drives her mad.
I'm not ranting, I'm talking.
Kate, you have to wake up.
There's been a fatality.
It doesn't mean it's your Kate.
I need to see her!
Stop, stop now. Stop. We're going
to have to call it. Stop, stop.
How're you feeling?
You know you had us really worried
there for a minute.
Who are you?
I'm Kate.
I'm your best friend.
We live next door to each other.
Yeah, that's right.
Are you gone?
You went to university,
you left me behind.
Rach, I would never
leave you behind.
Right. It's time.
For what? Well, you need to get up.
Later, when I'm better.
Rach, you have to get up
to get better, you know that.
Later, I promise.
Rachel has a torn liver,
fractured pelvis,
both her legs are broken in several
places, also her left arm.
We've had to induce a coma.
She's in a coma?
Talk to her.
Hello, hello? Excuse me,
our daughter's been in a car crash.
Harper, Kate Harper.
You need the nurse's station.
In the lift, up one level.
Thank you.
Is that your mother again? Yeah.
We're going to have to answer that,
you know. When we know something.
Come on!
Going up.
Doors closing.
It's Mum.
Dad's here too.
Hiya, love.
We just...
You're going to be OK.
You're going to pull through this.
And when you wake up,
we're going to be here.
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
She heard you.
She heard you.
Ann, love, come and sit down.
Mr and Mrs Harper?
Sorry for disturbing you.
Can you remember what your Kate
were wearing?
Well, she'd just got back.
A black jacket...
Sorry, I don't know...
It's OK.
Does she... paint her nails?
Light pink. Ann?
No, no, please no!
Not our Kate! Please not our Kate!
She were talking to Ashley!
She was talking to Ashley!
I'm so sorry.
Kate were really poorly
when she arrived.
We tried everything.
I'm sorry, we lost her.
I know it's no comfort,
but she wouldn't have been
in any pain.
I'm just not sure exactly,
what is it you need me to do?
The body will need to be identified.
When? We need to do that tonight?
That's not something you need
to do tonight, Mr Harper.
You can take your time.
The formal identification
can be done by a relative.
I'm just not sure if I'm ready.
It's Kate!
The police sometimes call
the last number dialled,
as part of their investigation.
Hey, come on.
I want to see her.
Do you remember King Kong?
That girl above us in school?
She used to beat me up.
You were always saying to us
stick up for myself.
Like you ever listened.
She just stopped one day.
I never did find out why.
Did you stick up to her for me?
Well, that's what friends do,
don't they?
They stick up for each other!
Your mum and dad really need you,
so does Leah.
What about your mum and dad?
Mr Harper.
I was looking for Kate.
No-one can tell me how she is.
Son, she um...
Tom, Tom, Tom! Tom!
No, no, no!
It's Dad!
I know, son.
I know.
Just wait, please.
I'm sorry.
Have you heard how Rachel is?
Leah, how's Rach?
Ethan, I'm Inspector Peters.
I'm arresting you on suspicion of
causing death by dangerous driving.
Mum, Dad! Christ, Leah!
Oh, my God!
I'm OK, where's Rachel?
Look at you. They said I was OK.
Ashley's dead!
So is Brian.
This can wait, please.
No, it can't, I'm sorry.
He's in shock.
I'm Detective Peters.
I'm arresting you on suspicion of
causing death by dangerous driving.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you don't mention something
which you later rely on in court.
Do you understand?
I think I've left
the front door open.
What speed were you doing?
Why did you decide to overtake
when you did, Tom?
I don't know.
What...? What happens now?
A collision team will start
an investigation.
If there's enough evidence,
a case may be brought to trial.
The other car that were
in the accident...?
The hospital's keeping
the driver in for observation,
but he should be fine.
What about...?
Tom hasn't been charged
with anything at this time.
So he's free to go home for now.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Rachel's out of the OR.
Oh, thank God!
The operation seems
to have gone well,
but it's early days still.
Can we see her?
Look, it's been a long night,
why don't you go home
and get some sleep and come back
rested in the afternoon?
I'm not leaving her, Jack.
We'll stay.
We're not leaving.
Come here, come on.
You can't be in here, Ethan.
Mr Grew, please.
The door's open.
I left the door open.
All the Christmas lights are off.
Is that because of Kate?
Kate wouldn't...
Anything could have happened.
We could have been robbed blind.
We could have lost everything.
I need some air.
I'm not going in there.
I don't know why
I put this thing on.
I haven't worn it in years.
Do you remember the night
of the prom
and how pretty Kate looked?
How happy she were, joy were...
beaming out of her.
I can't, Ann.
I can't.
I taught her to ride a bike here.
I played footie with her there.
She were a real tomboy at first,
weren't she?
I keep trying to forget it
and I can't!
One minute she was here
and the next...
I'll be living with that
every day.
Every day.
She sat here last night in his car.
I waved to her, she didn't see me.
I should... I should've just
dropped them off at the pub.
You can't think like that.
If I'd have stopped her going out.
No, Martin.
I didn't get to say goodbye.
I didn't get to tell her
that I loved her.
She knew, she knew.
It's all my fault, isn't it?
No, no, no. Shush! It's not!
We never have to go in there again,
I promise!
We'll go and stay at my mum's
till it's sold.
I'm so sorry.
One minute, you'll be strong for me,
the next, I'll be strong for you,
and that's how we're going
to get through this, OK?
It's Leah.
I saw you outside and...
Kate meant so much to all of us,
I had to do something.
After all you've been through,
Oh, look at you.
Oh, you must be freezing,
come on...
Come on.
Come on.
The hospital said
we need an undertaker.
Ethan's father said
we should get a solicitor.
A solicitor?
Yeah, of course.
Brian's more important.
I didn't mean.
I know, I can't.
I'll do it.
No, no, no, no, I'd rather just...
Val... Don't Val me, Charlie!
You have to get some rest, love.
I have to?
I'll tell you what I have to do.
I have to go upstairs,
I have to pick out clothes
for Brian,
his good clothes for the...
I know, I know.
I have to go through his wardrobe
and then I have to go
to the mortuary.
Mum... I have to give them
Brian's clothes,
the ones I HAVE to choose for him.
Shhh. And I have to hear them say
all over again they're sorry,
nothing could be done.
When they took me
into the mortuary...
it looked like he were asleep.
Inside, I was screaming,
"Waken up, Brian, waken up!"
But I just stood there
because that's what I do.
I never say...
It were that car, weren't it?
It were an accident, love!
It were an accident!
You think I'm stupid?
Do you think I don't know
he upgraded it?
He overtook in the wrong place.
Stupid, stupid car!
It could have happened to anyone,
any car, love.
I should have said something,
I knew I should have.
It were that car, but...
Mum... Please, love...
I never say anything and now...
Mum, please!
Oh, God!
Kate was always so bossy.
Just like her mum.
You know, she was like
a sister to our Rach,
more than I ever was.
I never knew how she put up
with her.
When I moved here in second year,
Kate were the very first
person I met.
The headmistress put me with her
and Kate showed me round the school
and introduced me to her mates.
The head always used to put Kate
with the newbies.
She was like an official
welcome pack to the school.
I never knew that, did you?
Do you remember that party?
I think you were in Wales
or something.
It were Tom's 16th, weren't it?
Everyone from school was there.
It went on till about
three in the morning.
How come that we never heard
anything from the neighbours?
Oh, you know Kate, she could talk
her way out of anything!
When we got up in the morning,
the day you were due back,
all the walls had permanent
marker on them!
The living room, the hall,
the kitchen, but Kate found
some paint in the shed.
That's why I told you
it was too clean when we got back!
The stairs, the kitchen,
the place stank.
We had to open all doors
and windows to get rid of the smell!
I'm just going to put the kettle on.
Keep talking.
Please, it's OK.
I'll... I'll stand here.
don't go.
It's cold out.
Do you want to...?
OK, OK, I'll stay here. Just...
Can I...?
I don't blame you for not wanting
to come in, I never...
Mrs Harper.
Oh, Tom, you've never once called me
that, don't start now, it's Ann.
I wanted to say I'm so sorry.
It were an accident.
It was nobody's fault.
How's your mum and dad?
Oh, I'm sorry, a stupid question.
People keep asking me
and it's just...
what you say when there's
nothing to say.
Oh, Tom.
You've lost more than all of us,
you've lost Kate, your brother...
It's... It's just...
These things happen, Tom.
And we want you to know
that we don't blame you.
Please remember that.
We know that you loved her...
I did...
Hey. I thought Ann
was making the tea.
No, um, I can take care of it.
Are you OK?
Yeah, honestly. Just go back in.
I've been awake all night.
Me too.
I didn't want to sleep,
I thought if I could stay away,
then, today might...
I know.
I don't think you should go
to the funerals.
I think you've been through enough.
Wake up.
She swears it were me
that put them there,
but you know what she's like
with anything black.
You're going to be OK.
You're going to be OK.
I thought we'd lost you.
It's OK. Take your time.
Kate's gone.
You've got to get better for her.
I'm here, Rachel, I'm here.
No, I want my mum.
I found that in a...
Brian'd want you to have it.
Rachel woke up earlier.
Yeah, I heard.
She can't remember who she is,
what happened.
She doesn't remember any of us.
The only person she remembers
is Kate.
Why didn't you go to the funerals?
I couldn't.
How could you not go?
Her mum and dad, I couldn't
have them looking up and seeing me.
You're a coward, Tom.
I don't know what Kate
ever saw in you.
You stand straight in that dock.
I don't care what the jury decide.
Or what anyone round here thinks.
You told the truth.
And you are a Harris.
And you are my son.
Leah, where are my fucking trousers?
I told you not to touch my stuff!
You told me to take them
to the dry cleaners. No, I didn't!
You said to leave them downstairs.
You're lying,
why are you lying to me?!
I must have got it wrong.
Well, I've changed my mind,
I'm not going.
But it's the last day of the trial.
I'm not going! Ethan's facing a death
by dangerous driving charge, Rachel.
He could go to prison!
You should be there.
What fucking word don't you
understand? I'm not going!
Kate's parents aren't going,
I'm not going!
Leave me alone!
All this waiting. How long does it
take them to reach a verdict?
Has Tom said anything to you yet?
No, nothing.
Not since eh...
Yeah, not since before the crash,
Rachel couldn't come, then?
She wasn't feeling very well.
Can I ask you a question?
You just did.
What changed?
You know, like, you blamed Tom,
what happened to Brian and that,
but you don't blame me
for what happened to Rachel?
I see the way you are with her.
She's treated you like a piece
of shit for the past year
and you're still there for her.
Yeah, but... I was to blame.
Just as much as Tom.
Tom just bailed on everyone.
It's like we don't exist.
Blame doesn't change what happened.
It was an accident.
Do us a favour.
Give this to Rachel,
for her birthday.
It's not till next month.
You're not going
to get sent down, Ethan.
The jury's in.
Remind me to bring a cloth
next time.
The headstone needs a clean.
Hey, hey, come on.
I know. Sometimes it just sneaks up.
Aye, you were right, you know.
I usually am.
About what?
Our place being here with our Kate.
I had no business at that trial.
It's Val.
I didn't know you'd be here.
I don't want to intrude.
No, no, no, no. Your son's here.
I'm really sorry, Ann.
There's no need to apologise.
The boys were cleared of death
by dangerous driving.
Good, that's good.
But, listen,
we never wanted a trial.
It were an accident.
That's why we weren't there.
Our Kate, she wouldn't have wanted
any of this for Tom.
Martin... Val.
Val, it's OK.
You don't have to say anything.
You go and see your son.
Tell Tom we were asking after him.
Yeah. I will.
Come on, you, let's go home.
What are you doing in here?
Nothing, I...
These were Brian's,
don't touch them.
Sorry, Mum.
Yeah, you're always sorry after!
If you thought for five... Val!
There's pizza in the kitchen.
Leave some for me, kidder.
I was in here cleaning
the other day.
I opened his wardrobe,
just to let his clothes breathe.
And I started crying.
I just saw all his clothes and...
I couldn't stop myself,
I just started crying.
I can pack them away, if you like.
We lost one son.
And I can't...
I can't help hating the other one
that did it.
Well, give it time, love.
Now, the trial's over.
Don't say we can get back to normal.
This isn't normal!
It will be... one day.
I don't know how to forgive him
and I don't think I ever will.
You don't mean that.
God forgive me, I do.
'How can you - YOU -
go out with that?'
'Rach, you're uglier than you look,
you know! Dance with me!
'Come on... Ouch! I've banged
my head!'
Fancied a walk. 'Course you did.
Are those for...?
Brian, yeah.
Um, listen, I was supposed
to give you this
if the trial didn't go well
for Ethan,
but I figured you'd want it anyway.
It's your birthday card.
Your birthday's next month.
I'm just going to say one thing.
There's a first time for everything.
Do you love Ethan?
Well, you're my sister, he's a mate,
and if you do love him,
then, stop treating him like shit.
He's been through just
as much as everyone and...
I mean, he's a good bloke,
he deserves better.
Are you done? Yeah.
Ethan was facing prison and
the whole time he thought of you.
If you don't love him,
then let him go, Rachel.
I thought you were only going to say
one thing.
Yeah, well, maths was never
my strong point.
There's no rush, you know.
Are you being funny?
No! Like, I mean, there's no hurry.
I can call us a lift or something.
Yeah, cos that worked out
really well last time.
I'm joking!
Jesus Christ!
Yeah, and I just want to say sorry
for telling you to fuck off earlier.
You must be getting
a bit soft in your old age.
That is the first time you have
ever apologised for anything.
And I mean EVER.
For as long as I can remember.
Yeah, well, don't get used to it.
And who are you calling old?
Emo slag!
It looks like nothing happened.
It's OK, come on.
Rachel's gone on.
I sent Leah to make sure she was OK.
Was she expecting you?
Um, yeah.
Yeah, we was going to go to the
crash site together, you know.
I'm sure she just forgot.
You know how Rachel is.
Yeah, yeah, I'll just..
I'll just meet them down there.
It's time, Ethan.
What is?
To let our Rachel go.
Rachel's not the same girl
you started going out with.
She looks the same,
sometimes she even
sounds the same...
but there's some days I think
we lost our daughter that day...
Susanna, please...
I'm grateful...
We got a second chance.
So did Rachel.
And so should you.
It's time to let her go.
It's hard...
And after the accident...
poor old Rach, she couldn't
even remember who we was.
And four months ago,
she couldn't even walk.
Just look at her now. She's...
she's getting there, yeah?
You can't keep hoping it'll be
the same as it was before.
It's not like that.
It's just...
I love her.
You know, I loved her then and...
I love her now.
I still love her, Susanna.
You know this is the first time
I've been back here since the crash?
You know, I still can't remember
nothing from the crash,
nothing from the day.
You know, maybe that's for the best.
I don't want to forget anything!
I just don't want to lose
anyone else.
It's my birthday in a month,
so you can give it to me then.
What are you doing here?
You've been avoiding us all year,
mate, and this is it, yeah?
You shouldn't be here.
He's a right to be here.
No, we have a right to be here,
you don't!
I asked him here.
It's what Kate would have wanted.
What, so you're speaking on behalf
of the dead now, are you?
Me, Kate and Ashley were friends
long before any of you came along!
I think I know them
so, yes, I am speaking for them!
Yeah, well, fuck him, all right,
cos he's not worth it!
This is all your fault!
Ashley, Kate and Brian are dead
because of you!
Why did you overtake that car?
I don't know.
I lost my sister because of you!
Leah... Everything about her's
You know, what she likes,
what she doesn't like!
You didn't lose me.
You didn't lose me!
You know I was the one
that arranged that night out.
Why did you overtake that car?
It wasn't one thing.
I just thought I'd put...
I don't know.
You just do what you do best,
yeah, Tom.
Just run away. Just like you did
at the hospital,
just like you did at Katie's
funeral, yeah? I was afraid!
Yeah?! Well, Katie's family
needed you there, mate!
How could I be with you
and not see her?
How could I be with you and not see
her and know that it was my fault?
And I keep saying that I'm sorry,
over and over again,
and it doesn't help!
It doesn't bring Brian back
and it doesn't make you better!
And it doesn't help my mum and dad
and I don't know what else to do!
Right, get up.
I can't.
Come on! You've got to get up!
I can't, I can't any more.
My mum, you know,
you know what she said?
She said I broke her heart.
And I want to fix things for her
but I can't.
I want to make things better
and I just can't.
You can't and that's the point.
You just have to learn
to live with the loss.
And you can't do that
by locking yourself away.
Or hiding from everyone
who reminds you of Kate.
Have you visited her grave?
Do you know what? I was exactly
the same at the start.
But now I like to visit her.
You know, sometimes, I look around
and I would see her standing there.
I wish I could see her.
Just once more!
You hear about that all the time,
people seeing someone they've lost,
but I haven't seen her once!
I haven't even dreamt about her.
I think I'm going to forget
what she looks like.
You have to forgive yourself.
You knew her. She has.
Visit her grave,
it's what she would want.
Why do you even care?
Because we're friends
and friends stick up for each other.
You know, I lost my best friend!
And I don't want to lose
anyone else!
Do you know if we remember them,
then, they're not really dead?