Crash Site (2011) Movie Script

[distant howling]
[distant howling]
Go on!
Go on!
Get away!!!
[viscous barking]
[viscous barking]
Data Hold currently
manages computer systems
for America's largest
financial institutions.
We're talking thousands of
terabytes of data storage.
Back-ups if you will
for their most important files,
all completely secure.
Information is gold
and we're Fort Knox.
And your employees
are well-screened?
Of course.
Thorough background checks.
We only hire the brightest
data analysts
We have our own proprietary
security software.
Excuse me, Mr. Sanders?
When you get a second,
I just have a quick
question for you.
Just a second, Nathan.
Nathan just joined
our security team,
he's a go getter.
Your data will be safe
with us, Mr. Tanaka.
Sir, I really need to speak
with you.
Excuse me?
I noticed our internet
was choppy,
then I found a suspicious
software upgrade...
I don't know how, but
we're being hacked...
We have a leak.
Disconnect the internet!
Just a second.
Just a second.
How much did they get?
We caught it early;
five percent.
Customer accounts from
three separate banks...
Luckily they're
all scrambled.
Mr. Tanaka, I know
how this must look
but we've never had a hack
get past our fire walls...
And you call this
security bulletproof?
I don't know what
to say.
Well I do.
For the sake of
your customers,
I hope you
"fix your leak".
Good day.
Good day.
Our entire foundation has
just been compromised.
I want a report on exactly
how this happened!
Yes, sir.
It's unfortunate
the upload failed.
Now we're forced to get
a little more personal.
Move on to plan B.
Thank you so much
for coming.
Lovely to see you.
Hi honey.
I really wish you would change
your mind and come with us.
Mom, there's nothing
for me to do up there.
Come with me.
Frances, you're 21.
You're going back to university
in the fall.
This will probably be
the last time as a family
that we go to the lodge.
Now you're being
No, I'm not.
And there's plenty for us
to do together.
Like what?
I'm not into the nature thing
like you are
and I'm definitely
not interested in
listening to Dad talk on
his cell phone all weekend.
It'll be different this time.
No, it won't Mom.
Go do your thing.
I'll be fine.
That's probably your
dad now...
Nope. It's Matthew!
Hey, for my grad girl!
And for your lovely
It's been a long time since
a man gave me flowers...
They're beautiful.
Where did you get them?
A little shop down the street
by my apartment.
Matthew has a great place,
very classy.
Right on the corner
of Bute and Superior.
Funky, new little area.
Well, come in.
Let's get you a lemonade?
Missed you...
Missed you too...
Mr. Sanders home?
No. He's late, as usual.
He's not the only one
I'm a little perturbed with.
She's trying to get me
to go away with
them this weekend.
Four days stuck
in the wilderness
staring at trees.
Tell her trees are boring.
I think you should go.
Honestly, once you start
your MBA
you'll be so busy.
She will be wishing she was
looking at trees.
You're supposed to be
on my side.
I am,
but I think that
family's important.
Okay, all right already,
I'll go.
But on one condition.
I would like Matthew
to come with us.
we have a spare bedroom.
You're welcome to join us.
That would be great
Mrs. Sanders,
I'd really like that.
So it's settled.
So let's track down
your dad.
Actually, why don't
you try this time.
So how did they do it?
They piggy-backed a program on
a social networking download.
I've seen Lisa on those
internet dating sites
during office hours.
I'll talk to her.
I reinforced
the accessed ports.
We should be good.
[telephone ringing]
Hey babe, what's up?
Dad, it's me.
Where are you?
Sorry, Munchkin.
We had an emergency
at the office.
I'm going to be
a bit later.
Matthew is here.
We're waiting.
Did you guys eat yet?
Of course not.
Why don't you guys go ahead
and eat without me,
I'll be home as soon
as I can.
Okay honey?
Daniel, what could you
possibly be doing
that's more important
than this?
Just a few more minutes
and I'm on my way.
Just a few more minutes
and I'm on my way.
We had a serious problem
at the office.
You've got a serious problem
at home.
We got hacked today,
the first time ever.
I don't care.
This is not the first
family celebration
that you missed, is it?
Our livelihood is at stake.
Our marriage is at stake.
I will buy her
a trip somewhere.
I'll give her a weekend
shopping spree.
Sure, buy her off,
like you usually do
when you've missed something
important in her life.
Do you even hear me?
Yes, I hear you and I'm tired,
and I think you're overreacting.
Do you know our baby girl
has grown up
with an absentee father.
Her father bought her
a new car,
her father put
a roof over her head,
paid all her university expenses
and gave her a credit card...
She would rather have you.
I'm sorry, Rita.
I'm sorry I missed dinner.
And I know this trip to
the lodge is important to you,
but now is not a good time for
me to be away from the office.
Daniel, our relationship
has been dying for a long time.
And if you don't make an effort
to salvage it,
then it's over.
then it's over.
Bring a warm jacket,
it may get cold.
I'm really sorry
about last night.
No big deal.
You know if it wasn't
a serious problem
I would have been here.
No, I don't know that.
But it is not really important
what matters to me, is it?
Oh, come on,
that's not true.
I don't believe you
Hey Mr. and Mrs. Sanders!
Hi Matthew.
We invited him.
We did?
Yes, he's going to be sleeping
in the spare bedroom.
This is great...
just great...
Thanks for letting
me come.
I hope I'm not an
inconvenience to your family.
Not at all.
If you need me
to help you drive,
I am happy to hop
behind the wheel.
Matthew, please,
it's only eight hours.
I'll manage.
How are you?
Good. How are you?
Nick, how are you?
Hey. you don't sound
any different.
Should I?
Well, you know, being
a college graduate and all.
Your Dad have the
"pedal to the metal"?
Eight hours and 7 minutes.
Almost a new record.
How are you, buddy?
Good Nick, nice to see you.
How's business?
Hunting season is over,
fishing's been good.
Anything to keep the city
slickers happy.
Who's this?
Nick, I want you to meet
my boyfriend, Matthew.
Nice to meet you, Matthew.
Nice to meet you, sir.
So Matthew, what does a
young fella like you do?
Matthew's between jobs
right now.
But he wants to open his own
software design company.
Very impressive.
You're a software geek
like Dan.
I couldn't possibly compare
myself to Mr. Sanders.
He used to work for a computer
parts supply store.
He was the assistant
So listen guys,
before we go in,
I'd like to establish
a few rules:
for the next four days
no one opens up their laptop
no one talks business,
and cell phones are
for emergency use only.
I have to use my cell, Rita.
I need to stay in touch
with Nathan.
Nathan can handle a few
days without you.
I can't handle
a few days.
Welcome to the Sanders'
vacation adventure.
It's gonna be great.
Come on in!
Wow, this place
is amazing!
Matthew, please make
yourself comfortable.
Down the hall to the right
is your guest room.
Thank you.
Nick, do you want to stay
for dinner?
No thanks Rita.
I'll be back later.
I was serious about
what I said outside.
I just want to check
my e-mails.
I might as well be
talking to a wall.
Just let me do this and you'll
have my full attention.
I promise.
Take it. Hide it.
Do whatever you want
with it.
Thank you.
So you really want to go
bird watching?
I said, do you really want
to go bird watching?
Yeah, of course I do.
You're so distracted.
Long drive, first day,
tomorrow I'll be more
in vacation mode.
I hope so...
Hey Nick.
Mr. Sanders, if you need
to check your emails,
you can connect using
my internet stick.
I don't need you to do
that, Matthew.
It's really not a problem.
I can set you up, I
just need your laptop.
It's okay.
I won't be using my laptop.
You sure?
I'm sure.
You're so intimidating.
Yeah, but that's
what dads are for.
Seems like a bit of
a suck-up.
What does Frances see
in him?
She thinks she's
in love.
How was the walk?
Rita's unhappy.
That's obvious.
How about you?
I've made a mess
of things Nick.
It's not too late
to fix it.
I'm not so sure
about that.
I am no expert, but it seems
to me that you coming up here
is a good start.
Truth be told, I've got a
serious problem at work...
I didn't want to come.
Rita said we were through
if I didn't.
I feel like
I'm trapped.
By what?
Your marriage or your job?
I don't know,
maybe both.
Look, I filled your tank,
checked your tires
I loaded up all your gear.
You're good to take
off tomorrow.
Thank you.
I think you came to the right
place to figure this out, Dan.
Their server had
multiple jump points,
Poland, Tokyo, Chicago..
What are you saying?
This wasn't some hacker
in his mom's basement.
This was a professional
Corporate espionage?
On an international level.
But the data they uploaded
still left a trace.
I figure I should know
where the attack
originated from tomorrow.
How close can you pin-point?
With luck, I'll be able to
give you a street address.
There's one other thing.
We tried contacting
Mr. Tanaka.
Turns out Lycar Industries
doesn't exist.
Doesn't exist.
I thought you were
getting snacks?
Just a sec...
I'll be in in one sec.
Call me when you
have something.
Alright, bye.
No wonder Mom gets
so mad at you.
Do we have to go
to Raven Lake?
Can't we go
somewhere closer.
Nick's seen a lot of
eagle activity up there.
I wanted to surprise you.
What's going on?
Your dad is making plans
without me again.
Sorry, Rita.
It was my idea.
I wouldn't mind going.
Oh, yes you would.
It's a long bumpy drive
and a wicked hike up there.
You're turning
into a city slicker.
Tell me you're going
with them?
They're camping out
tomorrow night.
We are?
I've packed everything
you need.
I'm gonna stay here, keep
an eye on these two.
I'm gonna stay here, keep
an eye on these two.
Relax, enjoy the scenery.
I don't remember it
being like this.
Are you sure we're going
the right way?
Yep, this road will take us to
the north end of the lake.
[cell phone ringing]
I need to take this.
Hey, Nathan, what's up?
We've got a bad connection.
Can you hear me?
What's going on?
What have you got?
Our hacker's using an
anonymous proxy server.
We ran URL and TCP
Nathan, I'm losing you...
Looks like it originated
on the corner of...
Superior and...
He's out of range.
I lost him.
How are we supposed
to do this?
We're supposed
to be alone;
you've got your office
in your pocket.
Okay, then you keep it.
Feel better now?
Not quite.
That wasn't very smart, Rita!
What if we needed that?!
Why are we even bothering?
Sometimes I ask myself
the same question.
Daniel, I have something
I need to tell you.
Daniel, can you slow down.
Daniel slow down!
I'm trying!
What's wrong?
I have no brakes!
Hold on!
Oh, my God, no!
Oh, my God, no!
Stay on the road!
Hold on!
Oh, my god!!!!
Daniel, Daniel, baby!
Daniel, Daniel, baby!
Daniel, come on!
You're okay.
We're going to get
you out, baby.
Hold on one second,
hold on.
Help me.
I want you to put
your arm on me.
You need to get your foot out.
My knee.
I am going to undo
your seatbelt, baby.
You have to help me.
Put your legs down, okay.
Come on, one, two, three.
I got you, I got you,
that's okay.
You're doing great.
You're doing great!
Okay, come on.
Let's go!
Come on, come on!
You're doing good.
Good job,
Sorry, sorry.
Come on.
I got you.
One more, there you go.
Easy, easy.
You alright?
I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
My Knee!
What's wrong?
Can I look?
You've dislocated
your knee.
I think I can put it
back in.
You think...
Well, it's a little harder
than popping a shoulder back
in, okay?
Okay, okay, do it.
I can't stand the pain.
I'm going to pull
on it slowly.
I'll need you to guide
your kneecap back in.
On the count of three.
Are you ready?
One, two....
That hurt.
How are you feeling
Like I just got hit
by an 18 wheeler.
What is that good?
no nerve damage.
Maybe I want
nerve damage.
Numb the pain.
We're lucky to be alive,
I don't understand
what happened.
I guess the brakes went out.
Nick replaced the brakes
three months ago.
He checked everything
over last night...
I saw you pressing
on the pedal;
and they weren't working,
It doesn't make sense.
What are we going
to do now?
Well, if we had a phone,
we could call the lodge.
We were out of range.
Maybe not.
You're really going to start
a fight right now?
Unbelievable! God!
Listen, don't get upset.
When we don't show up,
they'll come looking for us.
Nick knows these woods
like the back of his hand.
They're not expecting us
until tomorrow night,
and you're hurt.
I need to go up
to the main road,
and flag down a passing
car and bring back help.
The main road is
10 miles away,
you'd never make it
before nightfall.
I'll be fine...
we'll be fine.
Let's see what Nick
packed for us.
I've got it.
Let's see.
It was a nice thought.
At least we won't starve.
We wanted to spend
time together.
So, let's spend time together.
It's starting to burn again.
I'm worried the gas tank
will explode.
Maybe we should set up camp
further down the way.
Oh yeah.
Let's go! We need
to move.
Your dad and your mom,
they're like family to me.
I can tell when they're
going through a tough time.
Dad works and Mom just
spends all her time alone.
Maybe that'll change once
they're on their own.
I know she has issues.
I figure she's going to have
serious empty nest syndrome...
but she's also talked
about jump starting
her nursing career again...
Tell me about Matthew.
Is he someone serious?
He's funny, considerate,
Mom loves him...
I think he's amazing.
Your Dad share
that view?
Probably not.
Nice camera.
Thanks. Dad bought it
for me.
You ready to go shoot
somethin' partner?
Yeah, almost ready...
He got family?
Yeah, they're
on the east coast.
Where did you meet him?
What is this,
twenty questions?
I've known you since
you were a baby.
I've got a right.
No you don't.
Lets go!
Have fun you guys.
Have fun you guys.
Hey, what did you find?
Well, at least we're by a stream
so we'll have fresh water.
I've been thinking about it.
If we cut northeast of here,
straight through the woods,
we can make it to the main
road in about ten hours,
maybe eight.
You can barely walk.
It'll be rough
but I can do it.
I don't think you should.
What if we're not found
for a week or more?
You found a stream,
we have water and we can
ration the food.
I think we should
stay put.
Just my opinion.
Did you recognize any
markings on the spider?
I don't know,
it was a spider!
It was big;
it had eight legs!
Could be poisonous.
Give me that knife.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to make
a small incision
so I can suck out
the poison.
As someone who was going
to became a nurse
before putting her career
on hold for you,
I'm pretty certain that
only works in westerns,
circa 1950s.
I think it'll work.
Trust me.
If there was venom
in that spider bite,
it's already in
my bloodstream.
How do you feel?
Annoyed, frankly.
Why do you have to act
like you know everything?
You'd rather cut my hand open
then listen to me.
I'm a trained nurse.
You were a trained nurse.
Okay, Rita, cut me
some slack.
I've never been in this
kind of situation before!
You're right.
You haven't!
Because now you have to think
of me as well as yourself!
That's not fair!
Just keep an eye
on me, okay?
In case it's a slow-acting
Should I be watching for
anything in particular?
No, believe me,
you'll know.
No, believe me,
you'll know.
I wish Nick had packed
an air mattress.
He's probably never used one
in his entire life.
How are you feeling?
I ache all over.
Me too.
I think I'm running
a fever.
You're really hot.
How's the bite?
Try and get some sleep,
How could I be so stupid?!
What's going on?
They found our bag
with the food in it.
I'm hot.
I'm hot.
You're burning up, you're
reacting to the spider bite.
You're burning up, you're
reacting to the spider bite.
Don't leave...
It's okay, it's okay.
I am right here.
I am right here.
Hang in there baby;
you're going to be okay.
Are we at the lodge yet?
Yeah, we're at the lodge.
Where's Francis?
She's here.
We're all there.
We're safe,
we're all safe.
We're safe,
we're all safe.
Come on...
Don't do this to me.
Tell me what to do...
What are you doing?
Trying to bring
your temperature down.
How's it working out?
Rita, stay with me.
Don't go back to sleep...
Come on, stay with me,
don't go back to sleep.
Go on!
Go on!
Get outta here!!!!!!!
Go on!!!
Get outta here!!!!
What's wrong?
Can you stand?
Why? What?
They won't attack,
if there's two of us.
You just made that up,
didn't you?
You see, they're going.
We need to get back
to the camp site...
I'm so tired.
So tired.
I know.
It's taking longer
than expected.
It's a delicate operation.
I'm on it...
I'll have something for you
by the end of the day.
Your breakfast is getting cold,
come and get it!
Good girl.
Good morning sunshine.
You want coffee?
Aren't you eating Nick?
Already did,
three hours ago.
Pancakes are great.
Thank you.
So what are your
plans for today?
Well, I thought we could try
our luck at trout fishing,
maybe catch a few for supper
and surprise your mother.
And then, we could
hike up Collard's hill,
show Matthew what's left
of the old gold mine.
Sorry Nick, we're probably
going to have to wait
for tomorrow to do that.
Frances and I already
made plans for today.
Mind if I ask exactly
what you're planning?
The weather around here
could change on a dime.
Don't get upset.
He means well.
He'll probably follow us.
Hey listen, my laptop
keeps crashing
and I need to check
you think your dad would
mind if I used his?
You could if I knew where
my mom hid it.
Hid it?
Rule No. 2.
No open laptops.
Why don't we just
find it?
Come on, you sound
like my dad.
Okay, okay...
You know what?
You're right...
Don't worry about it.
At least somebody ate well.
I'd feel better if
we had the rifle...
Are you saying you think
they'll come back?
Wolves are territorial.
I think the further we get
away from here, the better.
Are you sure?
We don't have a choice.
We either stay here
with a pack of wolves,
Or we use the compass
and cut straight across
to the main road.
I don't know.
How are you feeling?
But I think the worst
has passed.
What about the tent?
We travel light.
Are you sure about this?
It's clouding over.
Trust me.
Famous last words.
We'll be fine.
We'll be fine.
We're making
pretty good time.
This river basically
heads north east.
Same direction as
we're going.
We gotta stop...
my head's killing me...
Sit down for a second.
I think we have a couple
aspirin left.
No, you take it, you need it
more than me.
I'm fine, I'll manage.
My knee is a lot better.
My knee is a lot better.
This isn't exactly food,
maybe I can catch a fish?
I've been seeing someone.
I've been seeing someone...
for the past three weeks.
It doesn't matter.
It matters!
Are you sleeping
with this guy?
Why would you even
ask me that?
Why wouldn't I?!!!
You're sneaking around
behind my back, Rita!
He listens to me,
we talk.
We have a lot in common.
I really enjoy his company...
I see.
All this talk about
saving the marriage,
working it out...
tell me, Rita,
how are we supposed to work it
out if you've already moved on?
how are we supposed to work it
out if you've already moved on?
Do your sexy face.
My sexy face.
Oh, perfect.
Mid blink, and your mouth
is hanging down.
No, no, no.
Come on, this could be your
new Facebook photo.
We should take
more of those.
Are you glad
you came?
I'm glad I'm with you.
I guess it's nice to know
mom and dad are off
having together time.
I take it they don't have
much of that.
Last trip we took was
about two years ago
and it was a serious disaster.
How serious?
It was a week at an
all-inclusive resort in Mexico.
I got food poisoning.
Dad was on his
computer the whole time
and mom got third degree
burns from falling
asleep suntanning.
Did meet this nice boy who
taught me how to scuba dive.
Oh yeah, I taught
you things.
Like what?
How to reload an ink
cartridge in less than
30 seconds.
You are so mean.
You are picking on
the computer nerd.
But you're my nerd.
Just don't get a
pocket protector.
You okay?
I should have broken in
these boots before I came,
this blister is killing me.
Poor baby...
Mom and dad are probably
back by now anyway.
It's raining anyway.
We have to leave now,
you're being ridiculous.
I'm enjoying my vacation,
We're not going to make
it home before dark
if you keep this up.
Home? What home?
They found us again...
They smell the fish.
What are you doing?
You want it?
You want it fur ball?!
Dan please, stop it!!
Come on!!!
Put me out of my misery!!!
Come on, eat
my heart out!!!!
Stop it!!!
Wait, wait, wait,
my wife already did that!
Stop it!!
Daniel, stop it!
Why Rita?
It's not like you're going
to miss me.
What's in the basket?
You missed some
great fishing.
We're gonna feast tonight.
Maybe we'll have Mom's
famous baked trout
with wild garlic.
Maybe we should barbecue
them before they get back.
Where's your Romeo?
He's in his room,
soaking his feet.
He got blisters.
Hey, I made a mistake.
But at least I told you
the truth, Daniel.
It was eating me alive
but I told you.
Your such an open book,
No lies, no secrets.
Are you telling me in
20 years of marriage,
you've never been attracted
to another woman.
Just a connection,
that's all.
No, never.
What about Stephanie,
the skinny secretary
with the push-up bra?
What about her?
What about her?!
She drooled over you,
the way she'd bat
her eyelashes.
She'd wiggle her scrawny
little butt.
I didn't see any drool
and for the record I thought
she was professional.
You're lying.
She obviously had a crush on you
and you knew it.
Because you were spending more
time at the office with her
than you were at home
with your own wife.
Always deflecting.
What did you just say
to me?
We have to cross
this river.
We have to cross
this river.
How are those blisters
I'll survive.
Next time you soak them
throw some salt
in the water.
Cold tea works
pretty good too.
I'll do that.
This part is really slippery,
give me your hand.
Don't touch me.
Give me your hand!
Oh, no!
Foot's caught.
I can't get it out...
Alright, let me see.
It's really stuck.
Can you turn your ankle
to the left.
You're kidding me,
I'm afraid not.
Honey, did that hurt?
You should get the bag.
How's Romeo's blisters?
He's got them covered
up with bandages.
He should let the air
get at them.
I'm worried about
Mom and Dad.
They should be back
by now.
I don't think you have
anything to worry about.
They're probably just
stretching out the day,
enjoying each
other's company.
What if they got lost?
I packed them a compass,
and a map,
and enough food to last
a couple of days.
I've got a funny feeling,
Probably hunger.
Why don't you help me
with supper.
You peel, I'll bake.
They'll be walking in the door
any minute, you'll see.
Do you want me to take
the backpack?
I got it, Rita.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?!!!
The compass!
We've lost the compass!
Okay, we know we're
going east, right?
Because the sun's
going down behind us.
But we don't know if we're
heading north.
We have to go northeast
to find the road, Rita!
Don't you yell at me!
We could have been following
the logging road,
but no, Mr. Davie Crocket
thought it would be fun
to go trekking through
half the state!!!!!!!
Okay, okay.
Maybe it wasn't
the best plan.
Thank you.
Rita, slow down!
Are you coming?
Are you coming?
We need to find a place
to sleep.
This is going to be hell.
Can you try to be
a little optimistic.
About what?
We're lost.
We're not lost!
I refuse to be lost!
I have a daughter waiting
for me back at the lodge
and I will not let
her down.
I'm the lousy father
and the lousy husband
who let's you and Francis
down all the time.
Yes, you are!
Wait a minute, you're
the one snuggling up
with some guy over
a Cappuccino!
Look in the mirror,
Oh wait a second,
not a good idea.
You haven't put makeup on
in two days!!!
And stop throwing
things at me!
And stop throwing
things at me!
Did you lose something?
My book.
I can't find it,
have you seen it?
How can you read
at a time like this?
Like what?
I'm worried Matt.
Mom and Dad should have
been home hours ago.
Hey, they'll be back.
I'm so glad I have you
with me.
I wouldn't want to be
anywhere else right now.
Dinner is ready.
Dinner is ready.
Do you still love me?
I can't answer that.
Why not?
Because I don't know
the answer.
Tell me what to do.
Dan, you need to figure
that out for yourself.
Do you want a divorce?
I don't know
what I want.
I don't know
what I want.
Last one.
You can have it.
You sure?
Yeah, it's my punishment
for losing our lunch
to that wolf.
You could have wrestled
him for it.
You could have wrestled
him for it.
Tomorrow morning we'll
call search and rescue,
and while we're waiting
for them to show up,
I'll go out and check
some of the back roads.
I want to come with you.
Someone should stay just in
case your folks show up
If you two don't mind,
I'm going to spend the night.
I don't think
that's necessary, Nick.
I think it is.
I'll be up at first light.
Wake me up?
Will do, kiddo.
He's a bit of
a control freak.
Matthew, it's serious
someone has to take control.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not as worried
as you and Nick.
But your father is a survivor.
He wouldn't be where he
is right now if he wasn't.
And your Mom's she's like
the strongest woman I know.
If they've run into car trouble
they'll figure it out.
Car trouble?
Look, I'm just saying,
they're either having
the time of their life
and they decided to spend
another night camping
or the got into some
car trouble and the
jeep broke down.
Right now I think
Nick's blowing this
completely out of proportion.
You just float through life,
don't you?
Everything is always
flowers and sunshine.
That's not true and I'm just
trying to be supportive.
Do you think they're
looking for us?
It's ten o'clock.
Knowing Nick, he's
probably worried
but he won't start looking
till the morning.
Can I ask you something?
Of course.
Are you afraid?
A little, but we'll
get through this.
I keep wondering
what Frances is thinking.
She's thinking her mom
and dad are together,
and as long as they're
together they're alright.
Remember when I first
started out?
You'd answer the phone,
send faxes and type letters,
all at the same time.
Then Frances was born.
And I did all that while
caring for a baby...
Did you resent giving up
nursing school?
I had you and Franny.
I was happy.
And then your company grew,
you hired staff...
your hours at the office
got longer and longer.
I wanted to give you everything
my Mother didn't have,
and Frances, everything
that I missed out on.
What was the one thing
you and your Mom
wanted more than anything?
My Dad back.
Not sick, not dying,
back the way he used to be.
[distant wolf howling]
We need to build
a bigger fire.
We need to build
a bigger fire.
Daniel, Daniel,
Wake up!
[snarling and growling]
They're all around us.
[snarling and growling]
[snarling and growling]
That's a good idea.
Do you think they'll
come back?
Let's hope not.
We've searched
all the main roads.
So far we haven't seen
any sign of them.
What about the logging roads?
There are hundreds of them,
crisscrossing the entire area.
We don't have the man power
to search every one.
Don't you have a helicopter?
The helicopter is in the air as
we speak and searching,
but the tree canopy
is extremely thick.
And we're dealing with
some major weather issues.
We're hoping they're trying
to signal us.
What else can we do?
Just sit tight.
We'll continue searching
for as long as it takes.
We'll find them,
What if something
horrible happened?
Nick, what if they crashed.
We just need to calm down
and let them do their job.
I just need you
to stay strong.
Anything you need,
just tell know.
We're going to find them.
That's what we are
hoping for.
That doesn't make me feel
any better.
Don't like your attitude
Neither do I.
I'm just trying to be real.
We could be in
for a long haul.
We could be in
for a long haul.
I am so hungry I could eat
a horse.
Not me...
New York Steak
and a glass of wine.
This is a 1995
Italian, Cab.
A little watery
for a Cab especially 1995.
I am worried we won't
make it.
Get that thought
out of your head.
I am not going to let
anything happen to us.
Frances, needs us.
She needs you.
[helicopter sounds]
Do you hear that?
We need to find
a clearing!
We need to find
a clearing!
We're here!!!!!!!
Down here!
It's okay...
he'll be back.
If they took this route
we can look here.
They're a couple of small roads
that aren't on the map.
Only locals know
about them.
Dad said he was taking
the scenic road.
I'm going to take my truck,
have a look.
I'll go with you.
Where are you going?
Nick wants to check
out some of the roads
that aren't on the map.
I'll stay here, hold down
the fort.
If you hear anything,
try one of our cells.
If you hear anything,
try one of our cells.
See anything?
I thought I saw something
down in that embankment.
Just some old farm equipment.
We'll keep looking.
Do you believe in God,
I live with nature everyday,
and everyday I think
that none of this beauty
is here by chance.
I hope he's watching over them,
keeping them safe.
I'm sure he is kiddo.
And I'm sure he is listening
to you right now.
I prayed for them
last night.
I haven't done that
in so long.
Never too late to start.
Just thinking,
I remember an old road
that your Dad and I took
on a hunting trip once.
Beautiful view of the
mountains, just like this.
And it took us right into
the north end of Raven Lake.
Is Air Rescue
searching there?
Even if there was there's too
much foliage to see the ground.
I think we should
check it out.
I think we should
check it out.
I'm so tired.
I can't do this anymore.
Sure you can.
Come on...
We could die out here, Dan,
and they would never find us.
We're not going to die
out here.
We haven't seen
another helicopter.
They'll search for a week,
they'll search for a month!
But how are we going
to keep this up?
We don't have any food,
we don't have a tent!
We could be walking around
in circles!
I am so tired.
[begins to sob]
My head hurts!
We're not walking
in circles.
Come on!
This is definitely the road
I took with your dad.
I'll bet this is the way
he came.
It's a trail!
Probably used for hunting.
There's another marker.
Thank God.
Thank God.
Skid marks!
Looks like something crashed
through these bushes.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
At least they
aren't inside.
I think they went
that way.
It's been a couple days;
who knows how far they've gone.
I still can't get reception.
We gotta get back
to the lodge,
and call Search and Rescue,
come on!
I've been thinking
about Frances.
Remember when she drew
a family portrait
and the only ones in the picture
where you, her and the dog?
I remember.
And when I asked her where
I was in the picture,
you remember what she said?
I do.
She said 'Daddy,
you're at work.'
That was a long time ago.
She still loves you.
I know but I want
to be there for her.
For her wedding,
her children...
I missed enough.
I don't want
to miss anymore.
Tell me about the hacker.
You actually want to hear
about my work?
Yeah, I do.
It was a professional hack
targeting high-level passwords.
I also think our brake-lines
were cut.
If someone wanted
access to the system,
it's possible they would
come after me.
They followed us
to the lodge?
We were eight hours
on the road.
I didn't see anyone
tailing us.
That leaves
Matthew and Nick.
And we can rule out Nick.
Matthew's not a hacker.
What do we know
about this kid?
Do you know
where he lives?
Earlier he said he lived on the
corner of Bute and Superior.
Nathan said he traced the hack
to that area.
and Matthew
was pretty eager
to get his hands
on my laptop.
Where did you hide it?
In the kitchen.
All the arrows are pointing
at him, Rita.
Come on! We gotta move!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
They're alive!
Where are they?
We don't know, but we
found their Jeep;
they must have hiked
into the woods.
I'm just going to call
Search and Rescue,
and tell them so they
can narrow their search.
Where's Nick?
He's out by the truck
looking at something.
He's out by the truck
looking at something.
Find something?
Yeah, brake fluid.
Why is that?
Dan's Jeep had gone off
the road and I know for a fact,
those brakes were fine.
Do you know anything
about this?
Actually, I did see something.
One of your neighbours,
this young guy,
he popped by and he wanted
to borrow a wrench--
We don't have
any neighbours.
You know, I also did see
something behind the garage.
You think he might have used it
to drain the brake fluid.
Why would somebody
do something like this?
Why would somebody
do something like this?
It's Raven lake!
That's good.
Look someone is
down there.
Hey, yourself.
You two look like you had
a bad day.
You have no idea.
Please, we need you
to help us.
We crashed our car, we've been
out here for two days.
Listen, we need a lift back
to our lodge.
Why not?
Fish ain't jumping.
Do you by chance
have a cell phone?
Do I look like someone
who would have a cell phone?
Follow me.
My truck is back at
my fishing camp.
That would be great.
Thanks so much.
Have you seen Nick?
Yeah, he's tied up.
He's tied up?
In the garage, he was getting
a little too snoopy.
Matthew, what's going on?
Well, for the last two days
I've been trying to find
your father's laptop.
I have to admit his encryption
is state of the art.
You wouldn't happen to know
his password?
Let go of me!!!
No phone calls, Francis!
Sit down!!
Good girl!!
Now where were we.
I need to access your dad's
company's files, Francis.
If you don't help me,
our friend Nick is going
to get hurt.
You did something to
my parents, didn't you?
I cut their brake lines.
Couldn't have your father
around while I was messing
with his computer.
I have to tell you,
I've really enjoyed our time
together, Francis,
but I had this feeling
our relationship is going
to come to an end.
So why don't we play a little
game of brainstorm
and let's see if you
could help me figure out
what your father's password is
then I'll be on my way.
Any suggestions?
That's an incredible story.
car crash, spider bites,
even wolves.
I pretty much
got this theory.
If you take city folk,
drop them in the woods,
they're a magnet for trouble.
Terrence, do you mind driving
a little faster?
Yeah, no problem.
You sure you don't want me
to take you to the hospital?
You two got banged up
pretty bad.
If you could get us to our
lodge as soon as possible.
That would be great.
Do you mind tellin' me
what's really going on?
The man who cut our
brake-line might be
with our daughter
right now.
Your daughter is in danger!
Why didn't you say so!
I think you need to try
a little harder.
Ever have a childhood dog?
Try Jenkins.
It's my mother's
maiden name.
Try "munchkin"?
It was my Dad's nickname
for me when I was little.
That's really cute.
Terrence, I need you to find
a phone,
call the police and send them
to this address.
Are you two going
to be okay?
We managed this far.
Good luck!
We don't have a clue
what we're doing.
Sure we do.
We sneak up to the house,
see what the situation is.
Then we act accordingly.
Act accordingly?
Matthew almost killed us.
He's dangerous, Daniel.
And our daughter is up there,
maybe Nick.
If we're lucky, they've just
been worried sick about us.
I'll pull Matthew aside,
we'll wait for the police.
If we're lucky...
Come on.
I'm in.
I've just accessed
the company site.
I'm going to upload
the client files.
passwords will be attached
to each.
This is about passwords?
To half the financial
institutions in America.
Francis, on the black market,
those passwords are worth
billions of dollars.
You're a thief.
I like to think of it as
information broker.
Soon to be sitting on a
hot beach in Bora Bora.
Sorry, you're not invited.
Gee, I'm really disappointed.
Gee, I'm really disappointed.
Matthew is in there,
he has a gun.
Oh my God.
Is Frances okay?
Yeah, she's okay.
I don't see Nick.
Okay, we need a plan.
Rita, you remember how
to use the shotgun?
I'll go in the back,
you go for the shotgun
in the living room.
Shells are on
the side table.
I'll grab his attention,
try to talk him down.
You could get yourself shot.
It's a horrible plan.
If I get thrown a curve ball,
I'll improvise.
Okay, I'll go this way.
Two minutes away
from a full upload.
This is unexpected.
It's okay, I'm okay,
mom is okay.
Put the gun down Matthew,
we can work this out.
Daniel, why would I need
to work this out?
I've already hacked
into your system
and I'm the guy
with the gun.
But I don't think
you're going to use it.
You're not a murderer.
You know nothing
about me, Daniel.
This was all about closing
the deal.
And right now,
you're a liability.
[fighting grunts]
[fighting grunts]
[gun fire]
No more!
You've hurt my
family enough.
Come on, I'm so sorry,
You should be.
That's for ruining
my families' vacation.
I'm so glad you're okay,
Yeah, I got a pretty
thick skull.
Maybe a little too thick.
I should have known that kid
was up to no good.
Nobody knew, how could
you have known.
I'm sorry I brought him
into our lives, Mom.
I just got off the phone
with Nathan.
When Frances hit him
with the laptop,
she broke the connection
with the hacker's server.
None of the passwords
were uploaded.
So there was
no data leak.
Our clients
are still safe.
Matthew is going to
get locked away for
a very long time.
Matthew is going to
get locked away for
a very long time.
I got it.
I think we all need a vacation
away from our vacation.
Yes, preferably
without wolves this time.
Sounds like a good opportunity
for a second honeymoon.
What do you think?
I think it sounds great,
Mr. Sanders.