Crazy Beautiful You (2015) Movie Script

Dude, I installed a lot of cool stuff!
-I'm pretty sure I'll win this race.
All right guys, I have to go.
I have a flight to catch tomorrow.
Dude, stay a bit longer.
All right.
Take care, bro. See you around.
Are we good? Have you settled our cash?
-Yeah, it's all good.
You can do it!
I'm sure we'll win this.
Aren't phones allowed in here?
What are you thinking?
You can't just let her go to jail.
All she does is create trouble!
she'll live with me!
Wow! You leave, then come back
just to take my daughter away?
You will lock her up
alongside your family?
But she wants me to send her
out of the country?
How can I let her go and study abroad
if I can't even trust her here?
Next time I receive a call,
it'll probably be because she's dead.
That won't happen
because I will take care of her myself!
just let me bring her with me
to my medical mission in Tarlac!
I'd rather stay here!
-Take care of KC, OK?
-Yes, ma'am.
Your mom called.
She said someone will pick you up.
I know. I'm gonna wait outside.
Mommy told me about the--
You're such a good son.
I sometimes wonder,
what do you have that I don't?
Why did she only take you
when she left Dad to go to the States?
How do you do it?
How can one be a good child?
Isn't that what they want from me?
That's why we're having all this hassle?
Bro, we have to stop.
I mean, we are almost there.
Come on. Tell him to stop.
Mister, stop the car here.
Yes, mother.
Hey, watch it!
That's enough!
Miss, just stay there!
Give that to me!
-Excuse us.
-Bring him.
-He's a thief.
Send him to jail!
It's OK. Enough! That's enough.
Wow! You caught him immediately.
-Come with me.
-Getting close already?
Bring me to the nearest terminal
going to Manila.
I'll pay you whatever you want.
I can handle this.
My name is Kiko.
I drive around tourists
as a sideline work.
Are we there yet?
We're almost there.
We're here!
Why are we at hotel?
What are we going to do here?
Top Secret!
You're so heavy!
-Stop being--
Dont stand up.
You're so annoying!
Thank you for bringing her here.
I'm glad that you found her.
It was easy to find her.
Besides, she approached me willingly.
She's a bit heavy though.
But I don't mind.
You're a troublesome beauty.
Kiko is the coordinator of our group.
Him? A mayor's son?
The most handsome son of the mayor.
The mayor always sends Kiko
to help us out here.
He will also accompany you
on your trip to the barangay tomorrow.
What if he does something bad to me?
Jackie, Kiko is a good boy. I trust him.
I still need to wait for the other doctors
and the medicines to arrive
before I can go there.
Before I forget, ma'am,
the mayor has arranged
a dinner party tonight.
-All right.
-There you are.
It's OK, John.
That's what's important, right?
I'll just get her things.
I'll help you, bro.
I left my slippers outside too.
-Let's go.
-Thank you, bro.
How's your neck? Is it still hurting?
Madam, here are your bags.
Where should I put them?
I'll just put these here.
Jackie, what are you doing?
What? What do you mean hush?
-What are you doing?
-They might hear you.
What do you mean they might hear you?
Stop! Your mom might get mad!
No one will know.
Jackie! You're going too fast, Jackie!
Jackie, you're too aggressive!
What are you doing to me?
Jackie, do you think I'm cheap?
I'm not cheap, Jackie!
what are you doing with my armpits?
Jackie, it tickles! Jackie!
Jackie! I'm the shy type!
-Stop doing this to me.
-OK, fine.
-Just relax.
-What do you mean hush?
What are you doing?
Huh? What's that?
It's so dark. I'm scared, Jackie!
There! So you won't feel shy.
It tickles, Jackie!
Smells like a baby! So cute!
Jackie, I'm sensitive there.
-Not there!
And for the finale.
Just wait.
I have to tell you something.
This is actually my first time.
Miss, drive slowly! I don't wanna die yet!
Who are you?
Who are you?
This is my brother's jeep!
You're a kidnapper, aren't you?
My brother said there are a lot
of bad people here--
Kidnapper? You think I'm a kidnapper?
-Yes! You're a kidnapper!
-I'm not a kidnapper!
-Shut up!
-You're dead! I'm telling my brother!
-Help! Help! Police!
Shut up, brat! Be still!
-Hey, we're gonna crash!
Get down.
Get down!
Stay there!
I will tell my brother about this!
-Stop crying. OK?
-Stop here.
Hey, what did you do to my brother?
Tintoy, are you OK?
-I didn't know he was in the back.
-You molested me!
This body of mine.
You tainted my purity!
You can't just leave me!
Take responsibility for me!
You took the mayor's jeep too
and I still have to return it!
And then you made my brother cry.
You've gone overboard!
Hey! Don't turn your back on me!
Aren't you going to say sorry?
Just be patient with her, Tintoy.
She didn't have a happy childhood.
We'll just send her back
before going home.
-All right?
-All right.
OK, let's go.
You won't get me this time!
Did you hear what I said earlier?
Nothing. Just get inside.
Carmela Velasco, let's go, you're free.
There! See? I win!
Better luck next time, guys!
I'm leaving! Bye!
-Bye, Carmela!
-See you!
Thank you!
Tintoy, my baby!
Mom, start behaving, OK?
Stop going to the casino
and borrowing money.
We don't have enough money
to bail you out next time.
My dear son, you're so handsome.
You can ask your father for it.
What do I always tell you?
We never ask for money.
We work hard for it.
-OK fine.
-Hey, let's go.
-Hey, Kiko!
-Mister G!
Let's go this way instead.
-You have a huge house.
-It's theirs.
This is your father's house, yeah?
But I don't live here.
-Yo, by bro!
-How are you?
You guys look so cool today!
Of course,
you're just one shower ahead of us.
We're still handsome.
Oh, this is Jackie, Ma'am Lea's daughter.
-This is Dencio and Darwin. My allies.
-Hi, Jackie!
-Where's Mayor?
We'll go ahead.
Marcus sent you some shoes and shirts.
They don't fit him anymore
so he wants you to have them.
Thanks, sis. Sis, this is...
Let's go!
That's the mayor.
-How are you?
-I'm fine, sir.
Your mom?
Nope, I have a different mother.
My mother is prettier.
But she's a bit crazy like you.
-Ma'am Lea, here's Jackie.
-Thanks, Kiko.
Jackie, this is Harvey.
He's the leader of Team Smile.
Their organization
will give free photography workshops
to far-flung communities
that technology can't reach.
And they will also help us
with our mission here.
So aside from the medical mission,
they'll conduct those kind of activities.
All of this is the Mayor's wife's project.
Hi, Jackie!
I'm glad you joined us.
Dr. Lea said your shots are amazing.
So, you're a photographer?
That's why you're here.
Did you know that I'm a model?
Model, you know, model.
Like this? Then you do it like this.
Then a bit of this?
-Excuse me.
And like this, the fierce look.
Is Kiko bothering you?
No, Mayor.
Mayor Ito, this is my youngest, Jackie.
Jackie, this is Mayor Ito.
Welcome to our town.
Yeah, she's that pretty.
No, seriously.
That's why Arthur kept on calling me.
He asked me to look after her.
That's why, Kiko, I am giving you
the task of looking after Jackie.
Yes, Mayor.
And Kiko, I won't give you the job
at the municipal hall
if you won't do this well.
Yes, I understand, Mayor.
Jackie, if there's any problem,
let me know.
What if he's my problem?
Can I put him in jail?
The engineer is here.
Oh, OK. Please excuse me.
-All right.
Kiko, I talked to one of the
councilors earlier.
You haven't sent the goods
to the fire victims.
Not yet, but I will take care of it
once I'm done with my other tasks.
And don't forget to put the other bags
in the van later.
Margaret is leaving
for San Francisco tomorrow.
As you know,
she's going to study there with Marcus.
Marcus, thanks for the pants!
They look good on me!
But I'm most thankful for these. Look.
Look at me!
I could probably dunk with these shoes!
Those shoes are fake.
Actually, they're authentic.
Ah, Marcus, this is Jackie.
Jackie, meet my brother, Marcus.
This is the person I was talking about
who did something really bad.
At... at the race!
All right, Marcus. We have to go.
We will leave early tomorrow.
OK, Marcus. Take care! Thanks a lot again!
Aunt Dina,
I need to top up my phone credit.
The promo with the Internet connection.
This one please.
Write your number here.
By the way, Kiko,
tell the mayor we'll get him
as our godfather when I get married.
When will that be?
If my brother becomes mayor?
Silly, what do you think of me?
Just kidding.
-Here you go.
-All right.
Have you sent it?
-Did you receive it?
-There. All good now!
-Thanks, Aunt Dina!
Good luck on your wedding!
Mom, Mayor let me take home some food.
Where's Mom?
She left.
Her boyfriend picked her up earlier.
Not again.
She may have gotten bailed out of jail
but she's still a prisoner of love.
Forget it. All right, moving on.
You guys know what to do.
Tintoy, put the food away.
That will be your meal tomorrow.
Let's go.
Wait, hold on. You know the drill.
That's fine.
What about you?
This is it.
You're the youngest
yet you smell like an old man.
Go to the bathroom.
I'll take care of him.
Let's go.
-Nene, just put this in the bedroom.
-Bro, I'm going to sleep now.
Finish this medical mission.
If you finish this...
I will pay for your plane ticket myself.
Your apartment.
And your tuition fee in America.
And I will never bother you again.
Dude, it's already late!
-Thank God you're already awake!
-Let's go.
Good morning, beautiful madam.
Let me help you. Give me those.
This is a lot.
No plans of coming back, huh?
Let me carry it all.
Hi. My name is Kim.
This is also my first time here.
I was also late because I'm not
really a morning person.
What about you? What's your name?
Pardon her. She's acting that way
because of her period.
You can carry her too!
Let's go, Madam.
What the...
Don't you get tired of looking down?
Finally, you noticed me!
You forgot to like it!
There! I followed you already!
Follow back, please.
What's this?
Just making sure. You love to escape.
Now, there's no way you can escape me.
Hey! Be still!
After this, you'll be free.
-New York. Freedom.
-You're going to New York?
You'll miss me there!
You're so cute!
This is breathtaking!
I'll take pictures.
No, we can't!
It's not allowed. Ouch!
-I said we can't!
-Stay still!
What the hell?
Ouch! It hurts!
-There's dust!
-Let me see.
What now?
What happened, bro?
-Hold on.
-We'll take a look.
So, what? It just stopped?
Where are the signal spots in this place?
Do you see that?
As far as your eyes can see...
-there is no cellphone signal there.
So, you mean, I will be here
for a week without a signal?
Where are we going?
I have to pee.
I have to pee.
OK, here. Let's stop here.
Turn around.
-What if I don't?
Yuck! Yuck! What the hell?
-Here it is!
What that? Stop it!
Why don't you just release me?
No, I can't. You'll run away again.
Wow! Do you think I can escape
here in the middle of nowhere?
You're right.
You have a point.
No peeking!
Well, I think you like me,
you just haven't realized it yet!
Can't we call someone to pick us up?
Do you have any reception? None.
Fine! Then let's walk.
Hold on!
Your mother said not to give you
any special treatment.
So bring your own stuff.
Mayor said that you take care of me...
not punish me.
Mayor told me to help Ma'am Leah
change your attitude...
and not treat you like a baby.
Unless you want me to do so.
Then from now on, I'll call you baby...
Madam Baby.
Perfect, right?
So, Nene is the only girl in our family.
When Nene's father left my mom,
she got her heart broken.
But a rebound came.
Tintoy was the result of it.
Then she had Tokwa, also my sibling,
and he was left with us too.
Jackie, do you have siblings?
Can you still do it, Madam Baby?
Let's go!
Come on.
Before I change my mind.
Hello! How are you?
How are you?
This is the last time.
-Hi, Kiko!
How are you kids?
Are you studying well?
Say hi to Kim.
-Hi, how are you?
I would like to thank you
for whatever help you can offer
to this community.
Where can I charge my phone?
There's no electricity here.
It's very hot actually.
Look, it's very humid today.
Yeah, there's none.
There's no electricity here?
This is your room, where you will sleep.
And if you feel like pooping,
peeing or taking a bath,
that is your bathroom.
You can cook here.
No one will serve you here. OK?
Each volunteer is assigned two children.
They are the ones assigned to you.
That's Sheena. The other one is Jennie.
Kids, this is Madam Baby.
Hi, Madam Baby.
That's nice.
But something is missing.
It lacks emotion.
-Not really.
I'm not an expert.
But do you want to know how I felt
when I saw that picture?
I think the mission will help a lot
with your photos.
Maybe that's the reason
your mom brought you here.
So your works will have some heart.
Anyway, good night, Madam Baby.
Good night!
Is it heavy?
-Wanna try?
-You wish!
Can you still do it, Madam Baby?
If I say no,
are you going to help me fetch water?
Here's your towel, Madam Baby.
You know,
it's fine even if you don't shower.
I don't mind whatever you smell like.
Ready, one... two... three!
Freaking cold!
What happened there?
They usually eat banana blossom here.
Madam Baby!
Take care of my heart!
Kids, let Madam Baby carry that.
Include this as well.
Tell her to take good care of those.
She needs a heart.
She has no heart?
You're so cute.
Kim, be careful with that.
Madam Baby! Be quick!
-There's a spider on your back!
Kiko is afraid of spiders!
-Are we going to Kiko?
-Be quiet.
Oh my gosh! Go, Spidey!
Where's Kiko?
I'm almost done!
Kiko, let's go!
Shit! There's a spider on my pants!
What happened to you?
Spiders! Ouch!
Smile, Kiko!
I can feel it. Can you see it?
Oh, it got burned!
-It's your turn guys!
Stand there. You're in the left, Sheena.
-Like this?
Trying to make me feel guilty now?
Why? Are you feeling guilty?
-Doesn't he have other pants?
-My goodness.
Those are the only pants he got
from his brother, and yet they got burned.
It's your fault.
My teacher said
that if you do something wrong
you have to say sorry.
Go apologize to him.
OK. Pose!
Toti and Marie are getting married!
Madam Tweety, why is there a carabao?
It's their tradition.
The guy has to pay a bride price
to the girl's family
before they will give her hand to him.
They already have no food to eat,
and yet they're giving it away.
For love.
Oh dear, Jackie.
You can get your medicines later.
The doctors are here! Hurry!
Help them carry those!
It's Dr. Lea! They're here!
-Doctor Lea!
-They brought a lot of things this time.
-Ma'am, welcome back.
-Dr. Lea, welcome back.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
-Hurry up.
-Bring them all in.
-You can do it.
How is she?
You didn't tell me that your daughter
is as hard as a volcanic rock!
I don't think my powers can handle her.
-I'm sorry.
-It's OK, ma'am.
I'm really sorry.
Here. Please sit down.
-For a while.
-OK. Who's next?
This is the line for dental check-ups.
For those who need medicines,
the line is there.
What about those who need
a heart check-up?
How are our things in there?
Next please.
Get a lot of vitamins there.
One more.
Well, you're OK.
How's your baby?
-She has a cough.
-She has cough?
Do you know what meds to give her?
That's right.
There, there.
OK, here's your baby.
Just drink a lot of soup.
-So you can breastfeed her.
-Yes, ma'am.
Adri? Can you give her some vitamins?
Bro, here is the satellite phone.
-Just tell me if you need anything, OK?
-OK. Thank you.
You take this medicine.
Thank you.
Just a little every day
until your cough is gone.
-You're next.
-Dr. Lea!
The kid got hurt!
-Oh my!
-Does it hurt?
Where's the first aid kit?
First aid kit please!
These kids are too naughty!
Stop crying, Jennie.
Stop crying.
Does it hurt? Stop crying already.
Jennie, stop crying. OK?
Here, so you won't cry anymore.
Don't cry now, OK?
We have something for you too. Here it is.
Jennie, what will you say?
How about you?
Are you OK?
Jackie, I just want us to talk.
Do you how I feel,
seeing you taking care of others,
of other kids,
while I keep on asking myself,
how come you weren't able
to take care of me,
when I am your own?
Why, Ma? How can you do it?
Do they know
that you left your own daughter?
Why did you leave me?
Just answer my question! Why?
I don't have a "right" reason.
Just give me any reason
because I'm going crazy already!
I want to know why
you left your own daughter!
Back then, I was only thinking of myself.
My life was a mess.
Your dad and I kept on fighting.
We were hurting each other.
I wanted to leave him.
How could I raise you and your brother?
That night, we had a big fight.
I knew I couldn't bear it anymore.
But he stopped me.
I couldn't do anything, Jackie.
I left and told myself,
"I will come back for my daughter."
That I would come back for you.
But you didn't come back.
Life there was so hard.
I didn't think of the pain
that I would cause you.
I only thought that you'd have
a better life with your dad.
But when I was ready,
when I could stand up on my own,
It was hard, Ma.
Every time I went home
I was hoping that you were there.
But you weren't.
Every Christmas and New Year,
everyone had their mothers but me.
Whenever I was sick,
I always looked for you.
I wanted you to take care of me,
but you weren't there.
Maybe. I probably am.
Because it's too hard. It's too painful.
To the point that I'd do anything
just to make it stop.
I want this to stop but it won't!
I know it's impossible for you
to forgive me.
But I won't stop trying.
No one taught me how to forgive.
I'll follow her.
Jackie, wait!
-Jackie, don't leave yet!
-Give me the key!
Jackie, you're so stubborn!
Your mom already apologized.
just because you benefit from my mother.
Hey! You've gone overboard!
You want to leave? Go!
-Get out of here!
-What the?
What are you doing?
-Here's the key! Leave!
-Let me go!
That's the problem!
You only think of yourself.
"I'm hurt. I'm suffering. My life sucks!"
You have no right
to make light of my feelings!
I'm not making light of them.
All I'm saying is that
you need to set yourself free.
In case you don't already know,
you aren't the first child
to be left by a parent!
You're not the only one
who has problems in this world!
Tintoy, can we talk later?
Tintoy, are you crying?
What happened?
Bro, Nene is bleeding a lot.
Blood? Where did it come from?
What happened? Where are you?
At home.
-Where's Mom? Is Mom not home?
-She's not here.
Ask help from our neighbors!
-Bro, please come home.
I still have work--
Get in.
I said get in. I'll drive.
Tintoy, I'm on my way.
Bro, she's inside.
She hasn't come out yet.
-Nene! Ne!
Ne, it's me. I'm home!
-Sis, get out already!
Ne, open the door!
Ne, if you don't open this
I'll break the door!
Kiko, let me handle this.
-Sis, get out of there.
Hi. This is Jackie.
I'm your brother's friend.
Can I come inside?
Don't worry.
-Ne, what happened--
-What happened--
Stop panicking. She's fine.
-Next please.
-I'm glad that you were here, Madam.
If not, then she might not have
come out of her room.
Let's eat first.
I'll take you to the terminal after.
Thanks for helping Nene.
Let's go.
-Let's go.
I'll just go to Ka Muning's house OK?
OK. Don't stay there for too long
getting addicted to computer games.
-OK, bro. Bye.
-Be safe, OK?
Bro, I'll go back to my room.
-It's still hurting.
Nene, no boys yet!
-Yes! I know!
-That's not allowed!
If I see them... I'll seriously hit them!
We have the same situation after all.
Having no mother.
We're not the same.
Your mom's there.
She's reaching out to you.
Our mom's here but she is seldom with us.
What do you mean why?
She's not here because...
How come you're OK with it?
And that shirt,
aren't you mad at them?
Don't you sometimes ask
why life is unfair?
I do.
-Are you done?
Of course I ask that question.
Everyone who suffers asks why they suffer.
The kids...
Sheena and Jennie.
Whenever they pray, I'm sure they ask God
why their parents had to die so soon.
You didn't know that, did you?
But there are no right reasons
to those who are hurting,
What about you? Admit it.
Have you accepted
what your mom told you earlier?
Asking will just make you go crazy.
Then you'll get mad
because there's no answer.
Or, because you didn't get the answer
that you wanted.
So, what will your anger achieve?
Nothing. It's just a waste of your time.
Me? I can't waste my time.
I have siblings who depend on me.
If I think of my anger,
and only think of myself,
what will they eat?
What will happen to them?
Jackie, it's only a matter of choice.
Are you going to get angry
or will you just endure it?
It's hard.
Jackie, I love my siblings.
These? I love them.
And nothing is ever difficult
if it's for the people you love.
That's why I know you can do it.
Because you love your mom.
You wouldn't be that angry
if you didn't love her.
Madam Baby!
Why did you come back?
I need to study photography, right?
And I need to complete my requirements
for New York.
New York. OK.
Thanks for the follow back.
Where have you been? You left?
-I just went to the town plaza.
-New York, she said.
She said it's for New York.
I bet you took a lot of pics already,
Looks like she slept in again.
I know.
What a pretty girl!
Yeah, she's pretty.
You're so pretty!
It fits you well, Jackie.
Simple but stunning.
Jackie, this surname suits you!
One, two, three, smile!
Look at this.
Wow! So handsome!
Look, they're so happy.
They don't usually have
their picture taken.
-Don't they have a family picture?
-Did you see any?
-You can register here.
-Kiko! Come here!
You already know it, right?
OK, come on. Next please.
What's this?
It's my gift to them.
My small way of giving back.
of how lucky they are.
Because they are blessed
with something not everyone has.
they are probably
the richest people in the world.
Ready? OK.
Smile! Closer together!
You see, your mother is the best cook
for these banana blossom.
-No, dear. Just take some pictures.
Go, dear. It's OK.
I don't know how to do this.
It's easy, dear. Watch me.
-Smile, baby!
-Come on, baby. Look here.
You're good.
Dig in!
What did he say?
He said, you're not grumpy after all.
I fetched you some water. Wait a minute.
-Go get Madam Baby's towel.
And here's some hot water.
Wait. Let me fix your positions.
Smile! It's your turn to smile!
OK, smile, guys!
Jackie, you don't like the food?
No, she just wants to be fed.
He wants it too. Show them.
It tastes good, right?
-Happier! Hug your entire family!
Hug her!
Just hug her!
Hug her! Like this!
Like this.
Dr. Lea, look at Jackie's photos.
Nice shots, right?
-Thank you.
-It's starting to have some heart.
Jackie. I'm going to show you something.
Come with me!
Look at this.
Do you know what they said
when it erupted?
But after releasing all that rage,
take a look at it now.
So beautiful.
Just like you.
-Hug please.
-Give her a hug.
Kiko, how about I drive?
-You want to?
-Come on!
-No way.
We might crash!
Jackie, I said you can't!
-Let me do it, please!
No! I will do it! I'll drive!
It's going to be hard for you.
-Nope. Nope.
-Let me drive.
Give me the key. Give it back!
Can you get it from me?
I can.
I have to tell you something.
What is that?
This is my first time too.
You said you didn't hear it?
-I didn't say anything.
-It was just a joke!
Jackie, this is so embarrassing!
Don't be embarrassed! It's actually cute.
-We're just the same.
Get over it.
Come on. Get in.
Smile! Yay!
Next one!
Madam Tweety, are we done for now?
There's one left. Hold on!
Dr. Lea! Come here! It's your turn.
Come. Hold on.
Join her Jackie. Come on.
There! Both of you!
-There you go! Smile!
OK, right there. Smile!
Wait a minute!
What about the future family picture?
Kiko go join them!
Kiko, do you want to tell me something?
Nothing, Doctor.
Kiko, you have a visitor.
-Hey, Marcus!
What's up?
-What about you? How are you?
-I'm good.
-What's up? What time did you arrive?
-I brought something from dad.
Ms. B,
don't forget to give Kiko's goodies.
That's the mayor's son.
Ma'am Lea!
By the way, this is my daughter Jackie.
Hello, Kiko's project.
I thought you'd be back next month?
Of course,
I wanted to catch you guys here.
Of course, let's go!
All right, go and help them.
OK, you're next.
Kindly give me your green stubs, please.
Thank you.
-Please thank Marcus.
-You're welcome.
Thank you.
Wow! This is nice.
You took this?
Before, her shots were so awkward,
but now...
-Kiko, can you get me some water?
-One more.
-Thank you.
Mom's looking for a photographer
for our family portrait.
You know, it's for the giveaways
and greeting cards.
I think you should get
a professional photographer for that.
But you're already a professional. See?
And you know,
Mom has a lot of friends at NYU.
Right, Kiko?
Mayor, slightly angle your body please...
OK, there.
Hold on, let's fix your hair.
Your sleeves are a bit crumpled.
-Excuse me, Mayor.
-Thank you.
What do we do?
The girls we both like
always seem to like you first.
I like Jackie.
Just like with Anna. Is this a replay?
You'll give way again, right?
-Excuse me.
Compress a bit, please.
I want to thank everyone
for helping Tarukan.
Lea, thank you so much
for bringing our friends here.
-You're welcome, Mayor.
I hope to see you all again next year!
Anyway, let's all enjoy the party.
The night is young.
There is food and drink.
Thank you for organizing this party
for our dear friends.
Let's play games!
-Great idea!
-Yeah! Let's play games!
-You guys, game?
Sounds fun! Go!
Name some countries
that start with the letter B!
-Come on, Kiko! Letter B!
-Go! B! Faster!
-Three... two... one!
-What's there with B?
-Aw! Too bad!
-Time's up!
That's too fast. I wasn't ready!
Hey, let's listen.
Countries that start with letter...
"C!" Marcus!
That's a lot!
You're good.
I only know Capas.
Capas counts. That counts!
Oh, yeah! Capas!
OK, this is a different one.
Physical strength is needed here, OK?
Who wants to be "it"?
Marcus, come here. Stay out of the circle.
And who do you want to be your Princess?
Hold hands guys.
Hold hands.
There, we need to protect Jackie, OK?
Marcus is going to get her. Ready?
-Get set! Go!
-Go, Marcus.
Turn! Turn!
Right. Keep on turning!
-Go, Marcus!
Get up!
-Are you OK?
-Next game please.
so you can take something home for them.
Wow, Tita. Sure, thank you.
-Come with me.
-Let's go.
What's wrong?
You know,
I remember when both of you
were still young.
I caught him packing his clothes once.
When I asked him where he was taking them,
Because he said you didn't have them.
I also caught him stealing money
from my wallet.
He said he would give it to you.
So, I hit him.
He cried but then...
he told me something I would never forget.
"If it's for my brother,
it's OK that you hit me, Mommy."
You know,
that's when I realized
how much he loves you.
For he was able to endure
all the pain he got that night.
That's why I told myself,
if my son really loves him,
if he wants to feed him, go.
Money? Go.
Invite him to my house? Go.
If my son loves him,
I might as well love him too.
Nothing's wrong with that, right?
If that's what's gonna make him happy.
Guys, it's Toti and Marie's
wedding tomorrow. Be there!
Kiko, are you going to pick me up
tomorrow at the hotel?
Who? Kiko? Of course, he will!
-He's trying to pull out some moves.
-He is.
Where's Kiko?
He promised he'd drive us to the wedding.
He told me to pick you up instead.
I didn't receive any message.
Maybe he's running some errands. Let's go.
Where's Kiko? Kiko?
He's not here.
Kiko told me to try.
It turns out, I really had no chance.
Kiko knew about this?
Thank you, miss.
Why are you here?
How was the wedding of the century?
Why didn't you go?
There were some urgent things
Mayor asked me to take care of.
Why are you here?
Is there a problem?
Is there a problem, Kiko?
Do we have a problem?
Jackie, it's already late.
Your mom might be looking for you.
Go back now.
Aren't you going to drive me there?
Jackie, you're not a kid.
You can go home by yourself.
I also have to take this
back to Mayor's house.
Jackie, my brother likes you.
I know.
But you're the one I like.
Do you like me too?
If only I could.
I would marry you at once.
-But you can't only think of yourself.
This is not only about who you like.
You love your brother.
It's a choice.
You got me so high.
Too high, actually.
But you left me hanging.
And it's not easy.
It's your brother
we're talking about here.
Please don't do that again, OK?
Don't make me believe that you love me
when you can't even fight for me.
Because it hurts.
-No. Stop.
You were the one who taught me...
that if it's for the one you love,
even if it's hard,
you can endure it.
I can handle this.
You always tell me
to think of other people.
But when will you think of yourself?
You can't just keep on giving, Kiko.
It will drain you.
Learn to accept love too.
If not now, I hope that someday,
you'll see the Kiko that I see.
Kiko, I'm glad that you're already here!
You're the only one we can call
because he'll only listen to you.
Where's Mayor?
I don't know what to tell Marcus anymore.
You won again.
-Marcus, that's enough.
-What the!
I lost again!
Give it to me.
Now what?
You're the one she likes, right?
It's always you, right?
You're the kind one.
The perfect one.
What is it about you, huh?
Bring it on! Fight me!
-Stop it!
I said stop it! Stop!
-What's happening to both of you?
-What have you done to my son?
You ingrate!
Get out of my house! Get out now!
I did everything for you.
I never asked for anything from you.
I gave you whatever you asked of me.
This is the first time I wanted
something for myself, Marcus.
This is the only time
I wanted to say no to you.
And yet, I wasn't able to do it.
I'd always do anything for my siblings
because I love you.
For once, please fight for me.
I'm also your son.
Kiko, darling? Include this.
What's for breakfast?
Can I have some? I'm starving.
Don't you have work?
There are a lot of tourists today.
Give me coffee too.
By the way, wash my blouse immediately.
I have a date with Wesley later.
Oh, he just texted!
Also we need to pay our debt to Adora.
You know how greedy that woman is.
She might put me in jail again.
As if it will make me any less pretty.
If I know,
she's envious that I have a boyfriend
because she doesn't have one.
You know,
next week Wesley will take me to Vigan
so I can see the streets there!
I'm so excited.
Where's my coffee?
Why are you crying?
What happened to you?
Until when do I have to be a son?
Until when will I be a brother?
Because sometimes I get tired too.
How many times do I have to forgive you...
just for you to shape up?
I'm sorry, too, Ma.
I just need a mother right now.
Because of the things
that I've learned here,
I now understand the choice Kiko made.
I also understand how hard it was for you
to make the choice you made before.
that I've thought I was the only one
who suffered.
My dear...
I understand now, Ma.
Even if it hurts.
I'll be here for you, dear.
Be good, OK?
Always remember
to take care of yourselves.
-Thank you.
Jackie, thank you for these.
You have no idea how happy you made them.
I should be the one thanking everyone.
You have given me memories
that I will not forget.
-Dr. Lea, thank you.
-Thank you.
Jennie, Sheena, be good, OK?
-Yes, Madam Baby.
-I will miss the two of you.
Don't be sad.
We will come back here next year.
-Just always remember to smile, OK?
-Because Team Smile...
-Always smiles!
We will definitely come back.
Thank you!
Bye, everyone.
We will come back again.
-Always smile, OK?
-Don't forget to smile, OK?
I want to apologize for what happened.
I also want to...
spend more time with you.
I want to know you better.
And also, from now on,
I want you to stop calling me Mayor.
You want me to call you my father now?
That is if you will forgive me.
Is that fine with you?
I just don't know what to call you.
Father, Daddy, Papa, Dad?
-Which one do you want?
It's up to you. Call me anything you want.
Come here.
Thanks for this second chance, son.
I'm so sorry for all my shortcomings.
One more.
Are you OK?
-This is my first time hugging you.
-Mine too.
It's the same for both of us.
-You sure you're OK?
-Yes, I am.
Dad, I'll go ahead first.
-Take care.
-Yes, Dad. You take care, too.
Jackie gave me two of these.
The other one is yours.
Jackie, your parents are so cool
for sponsoring our exhibit.
This will help Tarukan.
I really hope so.
Mr. Gonzales?
Thank you.
-Excuse me, Jackie.
-Go ahead.
Sir, thank you for coming.
Thanks, bro.
I remember before you left, you asked me,
"How does one become a good child?"
What's with that frown?
When is Jackie coming back?
My heart is hurting.
We miss her.
I miss her too.
Where does she live?
Far away. In Manila.
Have you been there?
Not yet.
I haven't ever left this province.
There is always a first time, right?
Hey, Marcus.
-I'm sorry for--
Stop all the drama! Here! Go change!
You're going on a date!
Marcus, thank you.
Make it quick! Change now!
-Quick! Go!
-All right! I'm going!
Hurry! Go! Hurry up!
Thank you so much for coming.
Thank you, dear.
Dr. Lea? I'll go ahead.
-Sir, thank you so much.
-Thank you as well.
-I'll be there in a while.
Ma, Dad? Harvey arranged an afterparty
with the other volunteers.
-Can I join them?
-Of course!
can we have a family selfie?
-Game. Selfie.
I'm getting nervous! Are we there yet?
We'll be there soon.
Oh, no! We're late!
She left the exhibit already!
Huh? Then where are we going?
-Commonwealth? Do you know where that is?
OK, we'll go there! To Commonwealth!
-Dude, drive faster!
-I am driving faster!
Please stop for a while. I'm dizzy...
What else?
What will happen next?
We should take EDSA, Quezon Ave.
-She said Quezon Ave.
-I thought it was Commonwealth?
I don't know! She also said Quezon Avenue!
I'm getting dizzy chasing her.
Call her instead?
What about my surprise?
What will happen then?
I don't know! Just call her!
-We're now in Quezon Ave.
-Quezon Ave.?
Jackie, where are you?
I'm here in Quezon Ave.,
on my way to EDSA. Why?
I'm also here. Get out of the car!
-Get out of the car!
-Oh, OK. Wait. Here.
Hold on, drop me off here.
I'm getting out of the car.
Kiko, I got out of the car already.
Where are you?
I'm in EDSA corner Quezon Avenue.
I'm not sure but it says Quezon Avenue.
Why are you here in Manila?
Isn't it obvious? I'm going to court you!
How can I court you if I don't see you?
Where are you?
Wait! I'm here! At the corner of EDSA.
What is this I'm carrying? Wait, Jackie!
You're so heavy!
No wonder the flowers felt heavy!
I will just go up these stairs.
Wait for me upstairs, OK? Look up.
I'm up here!
Huh? Where?
Jackie, I'm raising my hand.
Do you see me?
Here, I'm raising my hand.
Do you see me already? Oh, my God! How?
Where are you?
-Jackie, I'm still raising my hand.
-I'm raising my hand too.
-Where are you?
-Here! See me now?
Give me back my phone!
Jackie? Get lost! Jackie?
Are you going to kill yourself
just for that phone?
I just need to hear an answer.
What is it that you need to ask
that made you come here to Manila?
My Madam Baby?
Yes, Kiko?
The answer is either yes or no.
Can you be my baby forever?
Can we be together?
As in together, official and verified!
Are you sure of this?
You might let go of me again.
After everything I've been through,
I'm absolutely sure.
No matter where I am,
I will never ever let you go.
I thought you were the shy type?
There are a lot of people, see?
I don't care anymore.
I've waited for this for so long!
What now?
I have to tell you something.
My answer to your question is yes.
First time for a lot of things.