Creature (2014) Movie Script

Thanks, Dad.
Thanks for coming.
Hey, it's my pleasure.
It's a beautiful place.
Looks more beautiful in the rains.
It rains all the time.
By the way,
how did you find this place?
It took me 6 hours
to get here from Delhi.
This place is not that famous.
Yet, I found it.
You know I'm talented.
That you are.
And it's right in
the middle of the jungle.
Yeah, dad.
That's the specialty of this place.
Middle of the forest.
Glendale Forest Hotel.
It's beautiful.
It's a Boutique Hotel, dad.
Meaning it's not
like the regular hotels.
Lesser number of rooms,
but every room is unique.
And less staff,
for personal attention.
This is going to be my reception.
Very good flooring. - Yes.
I'm going to make
this into my dining room.
And you did all this by yourself?
Without any help.
I'm so proud of you.
The guest rooms are this way.
- Nice.
And I will design
every guestroom myself.
I had no clue you were
an interior designer too.
You know me, dad.
Contractor Fateh Singh
speaking from Chandigarh.
Fateh Singh, when will the
Christmas decorations be here?
Sorry, madam.
It took me really long
to arrange all the stuff.
The vehicles have
just left for your hotel.
It will be there by morning latest.
You can check it thoroughly.
Thank you and sorry.
Ganesh. Where are you?
How much longer will it take?
First of all I'm in
the middle of a jungle.
And secondly,
the contractor's been calling me.
We need to deliver the
goods at Glendale hotel by dawn.
Okay, fine, fine.
Hurry up. HUFFY UP-
Who's there?
Who's there?
Who's there?
Is this right madam?
Ma'am. - Yeah.
MrRawat is waiting for you.
You go. I am coming. - Yes, ma'am.
Will you set it in place?
- Yes, ma'am.
Hi, Mr. Rawat.
Hello. Hello. Hello.
Hi, so sweet of you to come.
My pleasure, ma'am.
From everyone at the
Indian Global Bank, for you.
Thank you so much.
And there's one more thing. This.
It's so sweet of you, thank you.
Ma'am, this is your first hotel.
We at the bank wish that.
...soon you open a chain
of hotels under the same name.
Thank you so much.
And think of only
our bank for investments.
Of course.
Knock on wood.. Hope it all happens.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh wow, is that real?
- No, that's not.
But we can organize
a safari for you'll.
Can you imagine we were
in the same school, same class.
...sitting two benches
apart from each other.
Still we never spoke
with each other.
Went to the same college.
...we even had common friends,
yet we never spoke.
That's really sweet.
Finally, I think we spoke at
Regal Cinema, near Connaught Place.
When I had two tickets.
...and my friend ditched
me at the last moment.
So we saw the film,
went for a coffee.
...and then decided to have dinner.
And three weeks
later we were engaged.
Three days back.. marriage.
This is our honeymoon suite.
Wow! So pretty.
The best for you.
So sad.
Because I'm going to
keep the curtains closed.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
What's the problem?
Ma'am, I am trying my best,
but I can't fix this oven here.
He didn't fit it properly
in the first place, ma'am.. do you expect it to work?
I've been telling him from Day1.
So why don't you fix it.
Madam, with your permission
can I take it to the company?
Your company will
take 10 days to fix this.
And the party's today, idiot.
Madam, tell him
to behave otherwise.
Relax, guys.
We don't want fight here.
You go, I'll call the company.
Go on.
What will we do if
the oven isn't fixed?
Ma'am, I can make
a cake without the oven.
But it'll be a sponge-cake.
Please make it.
I knew when I hired you..
...I'm hiring the
best chef in the world.
What's this, Deep?
Why are the curtains so short?
Ma'am, they took
measurements of room no. 10..
...and made curtains for this room.
They thought the measurements
for both the room would be same.
Go to my room.
Get the curtains and fix those here.
Okay. - Go.
You too.
Yes. - Ma'am, that contractor
from Chandigarh called.
He was saying that the
truck's met with accident..
...and he can't deliver
the goods on time either.
Why is it all happening today?
Call up Mr. Gupta.
Make all the arrangements
from right here.
The guests must be on the way.
We can't cancel this
party at any cost.
Yes, ma'am. - Go.
So you're finally here.
I've been trying
to call you for 2 hours.
Your phone's switched off.
That's not the way.
And you're alone.
I am still alone.
I mean.. your musicians,
band instruments?
You're the singer, right?
Sort off.
I can sing a bit.
"Sing a bit?"
It's my hotel's opening.
And it's a very special day for me.
For me too.
I can already hear music in my ears.
If you want to rehearse,
the hall's that way.
My papa used to say, that.
...a home is not just
made of beautiful walls.
...but also from the
people that live in it.
Before today,
this place was in ruins.
But now you've made it lively again.
All of you turned this ruins
into a beautiful forest lodge.
I would like to thank you
all for being my first guests.
...and I would like to
wish you guys Merry Christmas.
And hope you have
a wonderful stay here.
"Just like heart needs heartbeats."
"One needs to breathe
for staying alive."
the innocent heart needs."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
Kevlin, get the
instruments quickly. - Yes.
Ma'am, actually we got
delayed in getting here.
It was raining really
heavily on the way?
But you are?
We're the orchestra people.
If you're the orchestra, then..
"Just like you need
words to start a jamboree."
"The stars need the night,
not the dawn."
the helpless heart needs."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A sweetheart is someone
who brings happiness."
" you've attained heaven."
"She's an ocean of serenity."
"The only motive to live."
"An embodiment of love."
"That's why the lost hear-t needs."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
"A beloved."
Kunal Anand. Right?
Yeah, Kunal Anand.
And I'm an idiot.
I know you're a little embarrassed.
Not little. Very!
Why didn't you tell me
that you're not a singer..
..but a guest instead.
Look, I knew you
mistook me for a singer.
But, I also knew that
your musicians were late..
...and you're upset
about your party tonight.
So.. I kept mum for a while
only to bring a smile on your face.
Thank you.
Come. Let me show you your room.
Was this the only pan
of the body you could find?
Will I take the rest of it home?
I sent you whatever I could find.
Just tell me which animal did this?
So that we can make our report,
and send it to our superiors
It's difficult to say that.
What do you mean?
I mean there is no leopard,
...lion or cheetah
behind this attack.
Because they don't
have a jaw this big.
The difference between
the teethes on the side. between 9-12 inches.
But the distance
here is much bigger.
And, the force applied.. sever this part
from the body is much more.
Come Rana.
This doctor's either a big fool,
or he's too smart.
I suggest we shut
down both the cases.
And we'll mention some
lion or cheetah in the file.
Sir, the doctor was saying.'s not a lion or cheetah,
it's something else.
Something else?
Do you have any name or
whereabouts of this "thing"?
No, sir.
So what do you expect to do?
Do you want to wander
in the jungle..
...and stick your head in his mouth?
Will you? - No, sir.
That's why I am telling you.
Lift your pen and
jot down few lines.
Close the case.
Come on.
I know he'll come back.
Humans can forget his past.
But he'll never forget it..
...nor let anyone
else forget it either.
That thing lying inside
is just the first body.
There will be many more bodies.
I had warned you..
..against cutting
down the Banyan tree!
But no one heard me.
But no one can stop him.
Only thing you'll hear
in the jungle now are screams.
Screams of innocent people.
Go away!
You will all repent it.
He won't listen to anyone.
He will spare no one.
He'll spread chaos.
- Sir, what's he saying?
Pay heed to my words.
- It's nothing.
He's uttering nonsense.
Ignorant fool!
Sir, what if an
innocent life is lost.
...because we didn't take an action?
Come on,
let's do something else, baby.
Something more fun.
Something more fun is okay..
..but, only if I
can understand this map.
So there you guys are.
Everything that
you need for a picnic.
Thank you so much.
Now that you're here,
please help us out. - What?
Can you please tell us which
is the best route for trekking.
...because this map
is very confusing.
Okay, I'll help you.
There are two treks here.
The longer route
leads to a waterfall.
And the shorter one
leads to a campfire site.
And I think this one
is right for you guys.
Campfire, baby, please.
Whatever you say, baby.
We're here for our honeymoon.
So we'll go on a
private picnic, right.
You're so cute..
Okay, guys.
Get a forest.
We shall. - Okay.
Thank you. - Enjoy.
Come, let's go. - Bye.
Follow me.
Where to? - Come on.
Hurry up!
This way. - This way.
Listen, this way. - Okay.
This is so beautiful.
Just like a postcard.
Thank you,
Baby, for getting me here.
I am so glad..
...that we didn't go for one of those
usual London-Paris types honeymoon.
I am extra-happy. - Why?
Because there's
no place to shop here.
Otherwise you would
be shopping all day..
...and I would've followed you
around carrying your shopping bags.
What's the point
of coming this far..
...when you're still
glued to this cellphone?
It's an alarm.
Alarm? - It's the last
day for your antibiotic.
You didn't remember.
So I've done that for you.
My nutcase husband.
I love you. - I love you too, baby.
Now, all the fruit juice
that I drank, I need to.. - Yuck!
You always have to spoil the moment,
don't you?
Look, I can either
spoil the moment or..
Shut up! Just go. - Okay.
Have your medicines, I'll be back.
I love you.
This is not funny.
Oh my God!
Somebody help!
Somebody help!
Hello, dad.
Did you do what you went there for?
No, dad.
But I'll get it done.
Actually, it was evening
by the time I got here.
Who are you making excuses to, son?
Me or to yourself?
No, dad. It's nothing like that.
I know, it's not a easy job..
..but my experience says,
either you do it now or never.
Do you understand
what I'm trying to say?
Yes, I'm understand.
Take care.
Can I come in? - Yeah. Sure.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Please sit.
Is everything okay with your room?
Anything I can do to help?
- Yeah. Everything okay.
Room is perfect. - Okay.
Ahana, there's something
I want to say to you.
...I am not like your other guests.
I've come here with a purpose.
You tried to hide it, but I know.
I know you're Kunal Anand,
the famous writer.
And you're here to
write your new novel.
My receptionist told me.
She's a big fan of yours.
So.. you were saying something.
Ahana.. - Excuse me, ma'am.
Ma'am, there's a
call from the hospital.
Hospital? - Yes, ma'am.
Ma'am, the forest
department officials.
...have admitted someone
in the hospital.
And they think it's one
of the guests from our hotel.
Ma'am, patient is seriously injured.
My God. Tell them I am coming.
Okay ma'am.
You see doctor, it's difficult
to catch this thing. - Yes.
We cannot do anything about it.
Do you get it? - Yes.
Excuse me, I am Ahana Dutt
from Glendale Forest Lodge.
Someone called about
our hotel's. - Rana!
Speak to her.
Go, speak to him.
So I was saying. - Yes.
I am from Glendale Forest. - Yes.
Is this napkin from your hotel?
We found it on the victim.
That's why we called you.
Can you identify the victim?
Yeah, sure.
Take down their statement.
Oh, God.
Is she a guest in your hotel? - Yes.
What happened to her?
Well.. she was attacked
by a wild animal.
Could be a leopard.
She was married recently.
Newly wed.
Her husband, is he okay?
There was no one else with her.
We found her alone.
She was partly unconscious.
What could've happened, Kunal?
We'll have to inform
the victim's family.
You must have her phone
number or address in your records?
I'll call at the hotel and get it.
- Thank you,.
It was my fault that,
I let my daughter come here.
I had told them.
Go to London, go to Paris. Wherever!
But no.
They had to come here.
You know why?
Because people like you
give huge ads in the papers.
Make huge promises.
"Come to Heaven on Earth."
What you really mean
is "Come to hell".
You ruined my daughter's
life to make a few bucks.
You have killed my son-in-law.
You and only you are responsible.
Are you okay?
Shall I call a doctor?
What happened was terrible but,
it wasn't my fault, Kunal.
If I had any clue..
"Then I would've never
let them go there.
For everything that
I have in this world.
...if the people find out,
who's going to live here?
And how will I repay
the bank's loan?
If this hotel shuts down,
then I'm finished.
That won't happen.
God will never let
you lose anything.
When God didn't help
me out in Mumbai.. think He'll
help me in Glendale.
He's already snatched
whatever I had.
He can do the same again.
What do you mean?
Talking is any day better
than taking these anxiety pills.
My Papa says, that.
...speaking your heart
out doesn't take away the pain.
But the feeling definitely lessens.
Come on.
I lost my mother in childhood.
My dad meant everything for me.
'He was my everything.'
'My dad,
my best friend, my confidante.'
'We were very happy together.'
'We had an old bungalow
in South Mumbai..'
'..and some builder wanted to raze
it down and build a shopping mall.'
Think about it.
'But dad didn't want
to sell it at any cost.'
'He used to say that.'
' one sells their
family portrait for any price.'
He didn't accept this deal.
'But they were businessmen.'
'Dad's emotional talk
had no meaning for them.'
'Gradually requests
turned into threats.'
'And when threats didn't work,
they started scaring us.'
'They would either disconnect
our electricity or telephone line.'
'But dad didn't lose courage.'
'He kept fighting.'
'But they knew,
that dad didn't need money.'
'So they created the need.'
'They used political pressure.'
'..and got dad fired from his job.'
'Not just that.'
'They made sure that he
didn't get a job anywhere else.'
'A man can stand
humiliation from others.'
'But when he loses
respect in his own eye..'
'..he's completely shattered.'
'I saw dad die a little each day.'
'And then one day,
that courageous man..
I am just a psychiatrist for others.
But I've seen you grow up.
I'm like your mother.
Look, in such situations.
...keeping to yourself
only does more damage.
You can share anything with me.
After dad's death.
I was shattered from within.
I can't fight the world now.
I'll sell my property to
those builders and go a new place.
Where I won't have to fight anyone?
And what if you face problems
in that new place too?
You'll shift to a
different place again?
Running away from problems
is not the solution, Ahana.
You have to learn to fight.
I know..
But. I don't have
the strength to fight.
I've decided.
I don't want to pressurize you now..
But yes.. you know it,
if you want share anything.
...I am just a call away.
These are Alprazolam pills.
It'll help you fight anxiety.
Thank you.
One more thing.
The urge to commit
suicide is genetic.
Whatever you're experiencing,
thinking right now.. taking you in that direction.
Don't ever go there.
I know you are strong.
Ahana, if we live in our past,
it makes us depressed..
...and thinking of the
future makes us restless.
So you should live in the present.
Because the present is beautiful.
There's nothing wrong in it.
That's sweet.
Finally we agree on one thing.
The Forest Department is helping us.
They will soon find a solution.
But as long as that's not done..
...I would request all of
you not to wander in the forest.
If we can't go in the forest.
...what's the point
of staying in this hotel?
It's just a matter of few days.
We're really sorry
for this inconvenience.
I'll wrap up this
as soon as possible.
Hey you..
You're doing a great job.
Don't worry.
Amit. - Yes, boss.
We'll be also making rice
cakes and lentil for breakfast.
Ready the coconut chutney.
- Okay, boss.
It's me.
Your beloved.
Your love.
How's the kid?
If the kid's ill,
then take her to a doctor.
Wife, don't trust
the newspapers of Bhopal.
They write nonsense.
Don't worry about me.
I never venture out of the hotel.
My duty's in the kitchen.
Look after yourself, and the kids.
Amit, pick up the phone.
Amit, please pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone.
Amit, pick up the phone.
Oh my, God.
How are you?
I am fine.
Have you sent the sari to Sarita?
Don't worry at all.
Take it on credit.
Don't worry, we'll cut
a few trees and pay you back.
You'll get your money.
Don't worry at all.
See you in the evening.
Don't forget to arrange for booze.
I'll talk to you later.
Excuse me. - He worked
in your hotel, didn't he?
I heard he was your cook.
That's alright,
madam, but first tell me..
...what was he doing
in the jungle late at night.
He didn't venture into the jungle.
Don't you understand.
...that animal's
ventured into my hotel.
Your hotel..
Have you found rest of the body?
Can't you see?
This is the body.. - Sir.
What more.. - Sir, please.
Ma'am, we're looking for it.
We'll find it. Soon.
Is that panther behind this?
Listen to her.
How would we know
who was behind it?
You think the panther will
leave his visiting card behind.
Excuse me ma'am.
Mr. Rawat from the
bank is here.
Please come. - Thank you.
Hello, Mr. Rawat. - Hello.
How are you?
Tea, coffee? - No, thank you.
Have a seat.
Ahana, I'm really upset
about what happened.
First the honeymoon couple,
and then the cook.
I mean, this isn't good
for your hotel's reputation.
And you know people come
here to enjoy the forest.
If they can't venture
into the forest, then"
The Chairman thinks.
- I understand your concern.
Look, this is a
setback for us as well.
But please assure him
there's nothing to worry about.
We're trying our
best to solve it soon.
Right, right.. that's exactly
what we wanted to hear from you.
Thank you.
Thank you for your assurance.
Okay, I'll take your leave.
Thank you, Mr. Rawat. - Bye.
Ahana, I've a way out of this.
I've some friends who
can son this out for us.
I'll just have to
make few phones calls.
...and some arrangements.
Can you trust me?
Truth isn't what you see..
...on Discovery channel
or the internet.
If you see them up close..
"These wild animals
can be very cunning.
...and very dangerous.
Thank you.
By the way, the forest
officers are not at fault.
They aren't even well-equipped
to defend themselves.
If and when they are attacked.
You get just one chance to shoot.
And when you do, you need
to be fully prepared for it.
Ahana, I'll be lying if I say..
...I can feel exactly what
you're going through right now.
But I promise you one thing.
I will leave no stone unturned.
Professor. - Yes.
Here you go.
When I was interviewing that girl.. assistant recorded
the conversation on his phone.
Just for a backup.
There's a copy in here.
Thank you.
Most welcome.
How do I explain what it was?
It wasn't human.. or animal.
It was 10 feet tall.
It was huge.
It had a long-broad tall,
like a lizard.
Long and sharp teeth.
And strange eyes.
This is no lion or cheetah.
It's him.
He killed my husband.
It's him.
Ahana ma'am. Come quickly.
The hunters have got the panther.
Oh my god, this is the same panther.
My photo is here... - Wait..wait..
Shall we take our photograph.
- Yes of course.
Are you old enough
to take a picture?
Thank you, God!
This is not fair.
I do all the work..
...and your God takes all the credit.
Not done.
How do you know what
I'm thanking God for?
"I'm no longer.. what I was."
"I've left myself..
somewhere behind."
"I'm no longer.. what I was."
"I've left myself..
somewhere behind."
"I'm getting drawn towards you."
"I'm turning into you."
"I'm surrendering myself to love."
"I want to die, only to live again."
"I'm surrendering myself to love."
"I want to die, only to live again."
Yes dad.
You couldn't do it yet, could you?
Dad, l..
I think you won't be able to do it.
Come back.
I Will do it, dad.
I'm hanging up.
Kunal you've been nominated
for author's choice awards.
I'll see you.
...if you're with me."
"I'll forsake the world, I promise."
"No matter how many times we meet,
it's never enough."
"I spend each day with you,
but my hean isn't fulfilled."
"I started to smile
after a lifetime."
"I am waiting for you."
"I'm surrendering myself to love."
"I want to die, only to live again."
"I'm surrendering myself to love."
"I want to die, only to live again."
"Your words sound like a prayer."
"That soothes my heart."
"One can see God in
the eyes of the beloved."
"I've finally realized that."
"I now bow before you."
"Now I wait in your path."
"I'm surrendering myself to love."
"I want to die, only to live again."
"I'm surrendering myself to love."
"I want to die, only to live again."
Most people invest in
stocks at the wrong time.
Run, Tushar!
Close it!
Let's go.
What you just saw.. what had attacked before
and you thought, it was some..
...wild animal or panther.
Actually, it was
a 'Brahma Rakshas' (Demon).
'Brahma Rakshas'?
What the hell is that?
You will find its mention
in the local folktale.
Of course, there's a detailed
mention about it in our scriptures.
You can even read
it on the internet.
It's called the 'Brahma
Rakshas' because.'s a curse levied on people..
...who swore to dedicate their
entire life to Brahma, i.e. God.
But they couldn't
control their bad nature.
And infested by their
greed or selfishness..
..they committed
a unpardonable crime.
Something like a rape..
...or a murder.
But what was this curse.
The curse was that he won't
be allowed in Heaven or hell.
He won't be human or demon.
His soul will never
attain salvation or solace.
His soul will stay
imprisoned in his body.
And his body will slowly morph..
...into a dangerous creature,
befitting his deeds.
And it won't have
any element of humanity.
Basically it will
turn into an animal.
Without any human
left inside of him.
But what's fascinating is..
..the more he eats...
...the more his hunger grows.
Of course,
those who gave him this curse.
...didn't know that
his insatiable hunger..
...will force him to target humans.
You two may be wondering that,
though I'm a zoology professor..
...I'm speaking about such
old and whimsical fantasies.
But you'll be surprised
to know that.
...scientists are the
most fascinated, by fantasies.
Because a fantasy
is nothing but a fact.
...that is waiting to be discovered.
But if 'Brahma Rakshas' exist.
..then why hasn't anyone seen them?
Because those who
saw a 'Brahma Rakshas'..
..aren't alive anymore.
And, no one believes
those who are alive.
Just like spotting a UFO.
Or a ghost story.
What mistake did we
commit that he's here?
What wrong have we done?
It's not your fault.
But yes, a mistake's been made.
What do you mean?
The highway construction
workers made a mistake.
There's a solution to every problem.
And similarly,
there was a solution. keep 'Brahma Rakshas'
away from populated areas.
A red thread was tied on
the banyan tree outside the village.
To curtain the powers
of the 'Brahma Rakshas'.
Just like a 'Lakshman Rekha'
These construction workers..
...uprooted many
of those banyan trees.
And made that demon more powerful.
So, Professor,
how do we get rid of this?
What can we do?
Because there's nothing
that you can do.
Just save yourself and run away.
As soon as the conditions stabilize,
we'll inform you..
..but, in the meantime
be thankful that you're alive.
And please go away,
as soon as possible.
Just shut this hotel down.
Please, just shut this hotel down.
Shall we go, Ahana?
I am not going.
What are you saying?
This time I won't run.
I came here fearing
the creatures in the city.
I can't be scared by the creatures
here and go back to the city.
There's no choice but to fight.
I am here.
Only one of us will survive.
Or me!
Hello. - Hello.
This is the chairman, Mr. Raman.
Hi.- Hi.
Thank you for seeing
us at such a short notice.
But Mr. Raman wanted to
see you as soon as possible.
I understand, please sit. - Yes.
It's a bit strange, Ms. Ahana,
but.. what to do.
Our bank has invested
a huge capital in your venture.
I understand.
I am really trying to fight this.
Since you've trusted me so far..
...please have a little more faith.
I wish we could do that.
What is this?
It's a order.
Para 3 clause 12.1!
It clearly states,
that if at any stage..
..the bank feels your hotel's
making a loss or liable to..
...the bank will take over
the management of the hotel.
And that's exactly
what we're trying to do.
What do you mean?
You're threatening to
evict Ahana from her own hotel.
Look, mister.
It's nothing personal, alright.
It's business.
- No, this is not business.
It's blackmail.
Look, I'm only demanding
what's written in the agreement.
And I am sure...
Ms. Ahana must have read
the agreement before she signed it.
I did, but I guess you
people didn't read it properly.
But doesn't this
agreement also state.
...that you'll give
me a 10 day prior notice.
...before doing anything like this?
It does.
So, Mr. Rawat, ask him to
get off my property immediately.
And don't show me your
face for the next 10 days.
Fine, Ms. Ahana.
We'll come on the 11th day.
But don't forget.
That day you won't
just evacuate this hotel.. fact, we'll sell
every piece of this property.
...and recover our interest.
So till then" all the best.
Let's go, Rawat.
Bloody vultures.
They are vultures.
"But I'm not a dead body yet.
If my hotel was operational.. wouldn't have to
go through this inconvenience.
So you didn't go back.
I tried, Professor.
..but running away
seems more difficult.
On one side I can hear your words.
..that, this is beyond my limit.
And on the other, I can
hear the screams of the people.
...who came here trusting me.
And I couldn't save them.
I've realized that this is my fight.
And if I leave it,
then I might survive..
..but, I'll never
be able to sleep again.
There's an important
meeting going on inside.
Sir's busy.
He said he's sent
the report to Shimla.
As soon as the Wildlife Trust of
India receives orders from Shimla...
...they will form
a team and inform us.
Can't we just meet him, once?
I am sorry.
Officer Rana,
even we understand these excuses.
But the question is..
..whether you want
to help is or not?
"My head's on fire."
So this is your meeting?
And you don't have time
to listen to people's complaints.
Who are you?
You can't just barge
in a government office?
Who let you in?
Rana, how did they get inside?
We're inside now.
So now give us a docket number.
Docket number?
What docket number?
For the report that
you sent to Shimla.
That report?
What report?
You all think I am crazy?
You think you'll all tell
me a story, and I will believe you.
And then we'll set
out to play in the jungle.
This is not a story,
I've studied this.
What do you want to say?
I've been doing squat
in the jungle for 22 years.
From the ants to the elephant.
...I've an account
of everything in this.
These writers never write
their book before interviewing us.
And the animals which
you teach kids about.
...we've dealt with them.
There's no such thing
as 'Brahma Rakshah'.
It's just an old folktale
of these villages.
...and you believe them.
Closing your eyes won't help,
There are others who have seen it.
Not one,
I can get you twenty witnesses.
And they'll tell the media.. you failed to believed
them and didn't take any action.
Do you get that?
Although you're working
like you're retired.
But if your superiors find out.
"Then you'll even
lose your pension.
You.. - And through
RTI if people find out.
...that you didn't take any action...
...then there will be
action taken against you.
Anger has never helped anyone.
No, right?
Tell me.. what can I do?
Cooperation from your
office and few weapons.
Now according to my research.
...the weapon that we
use to kill 'Brahma Rakshas'..
...should be smeared with
the ashes of Banyan tree leaves.
So now this is the plan.
Suppose this is the highway
heading towards Shimla.
Just like we use a
mousetrap to catch a mouse..
we use a trap to catch this demon.
And the trap will be.. an old bus.
We'll keep a human
dummy inside the bus.
And we'll cover it with
blood from the blood bank..
...and fresh meat from the market.
Just like a mouse is
drawn by the smell of cheese.
this demon will be drawn towards.
..the smell of blood and meat.
But remember one thing.
No one will fire as long as
he isn't completely in our clutches.
Because 1 or 2 bullets
won't harm him.
We'll have to shower
him with bullets.
He's coming.
I can see him.
No one moves.
No one does anything until
he's completely inside the bus.
He's heading towards the bus.
Go closer to the bus.
And when I tell you..
"Start firing at him.
Come on.
What the bloody hell is happening?
Come on.
This way.
Go, come on.
Ahana, that way.
Fast, close it.
Come on..
I had told you before.
You won't be able to endure this.
You should have left.
You said a lot of things, Professor.
But what happened.
The bullets didn't
have any effect on him.
The professor tried
his best to help.
He even risked his life for us.
No, no, you're right.
I was wrong.
Because before this,
I had only read..
..about the 'Brahma
Rakshas' only in books.
And people write
what they experience.
...or what they've heard.
It's always difficult finding
real solutions in folklore.
But there must be something.
Some weakness. or secret.
..which hasn't been revealed yet.
There is one man who can help us.
When this being attacked
for the first time..
..the headman of the village
came to see us and my sir.
I couldn't understand
everything he was saying.
But according to
everything he was saying. clearly indicated that he..
...knew about the
Brahma Rakshas' attacks.
Where can we find this man?
It wasn't just a banyan tree.
It was the villager's deity.
A deity that protected them.
We tried explaining them,
but they didn't listen.
Bad luck never comes with a warning.
They didn't listen.
They cut down the trees
and built the road..
"But also paved a
way for the Brahma Rakshah.
But how can we stop it?
There must be some way to stop him.
If we knew why would
we leave our homes?
We've only heard stories.
What stories?
The same old things.
Many years ago,
a hunter killed the Brahma Rakshas.
...and saved the people.
And then people
performed a veneration.
...and planted that tree there.
Do you know where
that hunter hailed from?
Dear, I wasn't even born back then.
It happened 70-75 years ago.
70 years.
Then possibly he's dead by now.
Oh yes, he does have a son,
who often paid us a visit.
He was practitioner
of English medicines.
He used to treat small kids.
Dr. Moga.
Okay, alright.
So my students have
shortlisted the names..
...of two doctors who have
done Masters in child health.
...and also visit
this area regularly.
One is Dr. Rakesh Moga,
DCH New Delhi..
...and the other is Dr. Om Moga,
DCH Shimla.
I think we should
breakup into two teams.
...and visit these places personally.
Yeah! - Right.
I was thinking,
Rana and I will go to Delhi.
Right. - Right.
Kunal and I will go to Shimla.
Two bottles of water, please.
- Yes Ma'am.
We're pleased to tell you that.
...Kunal Anand has been rewarded
as best book of the year.
Yes, before this Kanik
Ray and Rohit Sharma..
...were nominated for this award.
Come with me. - Where?
Come on. - But where?
Watch. - What?
You'll soon know.
Kunal Anand is the first
Indian to win this award.
And he's been given this award.
for his book 'The Golden Sun'.
Mr. Kunal,
heariest congratulations to you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're the first Indian
to be nominated for this award.
So how do you feel?
Obviously I am very happy.
And I am also feeling very proud..
...about the fact
that I am an Indian.
And I would really like to thank
all those people who read my book.
What was your inspiration
for writing this book?
Whenever someone writes something
or does any kind of work..
Who are you?
He thinks he'll get
handsomely rewarded for it.
And maybe it's the grace of God..
Karan Malhotra.
The owner of Malhotra Builders.
The one..
You spared your
valuable time for us..
Responsible for your father's death.
What happened?
Who broke these?
I'm sorry...sorry...
Ahana, please.
Ahana, listen to me.
Just give me a chance to explain.
Ahana I came here
only to apologies to you.
I am here so that
I can face you again.
I never wanted that
all this happened.
I just.
I just pressurized him a bit. that I could buy his land.
I had returned studying
architecture from London.
I wanted to prove
many things to my dad.
But I made a big mistake in haste.
If I had any idea that.
...your father would
take such a drastic step"
"then maybe.. I wouldn't
have been so stubborn.
Please trust me.
After meeting you,
I started trusting people again.
I felt like there are
good people in the world.
You gave me hope and love.
I felt like there's
someone in the world..
..with whom I can spend
the rest of my life.
Someone I can trust.
But I fell in love..
...with a man like you.
Ahana, please..
"Why do people use
love for selfish means?"
"No one understands
the pain in the heart."
"So let me live with this pain."
"I am better alone."
"Someday this hean
will forsake your memories."
"So let me live with this pain."
"I am better alone."
"Someday this hean
will forsake your memories."
"Enduring this pain
is better than.."
"..letting this
separation torment me."
"Why do people use
love for selfish means?"
"No one understands
the pain in the heart."
"So let me live with this pain."
"I am better alone."
"Someday this hean
will forsake your memories."
You're on the right track
Dr. Moga from Delhi spent
his childhood in an orphanage.
Give it your best try Ahana.
This is our last chance.
"Let the dreams shatter,
that's my fate."
"Let our paths separate,
so what if the pain's too great."
"Let me endure this pain,
I beg you."
"Why do people use
love for selfish means?"
"No one understands
the pain in the heart."
"So let me live with this pain."
"I am better alone."
"Someday this hean
will forsake your memories."
Are you sure?
Are you absolutely
sure that you have seen.
...a Brahma Rakshas?
Yes. And not just me,
others have seen it too.
Oh my, God.
It's killing people.
And I need to put a stop to this.
Give me a minute.
My father documented
his entire journey.. fight the Brahma Rakshas.
This album contains photographs.
..taken by his friend and
photographer, Krishnan Verman..
...whom he took along.
I've heard that Brahma Rakshas.
...are a result of
Lord Brahma's curse.
So only Lord Brahma
can help you get rid of it.
Do you see this temple?
This temple is in Pushkar.
This is the only temple
of Brahma in the entire world.
Now listen carefully.
Just like Ravan could be
killed by striking at his naval.
Dushashan could be defeated
by striking on his thigh.
And Brahmasur could
be killed by making him. his right hand on himself,
...Brahma Rakshas can be killed.. weapons dipped in the water
of this Brahmakund.
But the weapon can
only be immersed.
...on the night of
the auspicious Full moon.
My father had 30 bullets
of an old single-barrel rifle..
..which he had dipped in that water.
Even though he had a weapon.. was difficult to
control the Brahma Rakshas.
Somehow my father managed
to kill the Brahma Rakshas.
..but he lost his three friends.
And used 23 bullets.
I have still kept
those 7 bullets safely.
Now that gun and bullets
will be useful to you.
7 bullets and one old gun.
Do you think it will be enough
to kill that Brahma Rakshas?
I mean, they had 30 bullets.
...yet only one survived.
We'll have to be
determined to kill him.
Otherwise even 7 or
30 bullets won't be enough.
If that's the case,
then why don't we go to Pushkar?
New weapons, new bullets.
The auspicious full
moon is 11 months away.
And I have just 4 days.
I admit we have just 7 bullets,
but we'll have to take a chance.
So how do we do this?
Do we wait for him?
We'll go to him.
I'll head this way with my torch.
Ahana, you..
...head that way with your torch.
Scared by the fire
he'll come out this way.
Stand there with your gun.
As soon as he comes just shoot him.
But remember one thing. can fire only one
bullet at a time with this gun.
You have just one chance.
Okay, yeah.
Come on, Ahana.
Hurry up. Quickly.
Come on.
Come on.
Go.. go..
Let's go, quick.
Why are you doing this?
Earlier, it was to alleviate
the burden on my hean.
Now I'm doing it because
my head's made me helpless.
"I am close to you again."
"I'm fortunate to
have this moment again."
"Looking at you has
made me lively again."
"How do I explain my heart."
"..that now I am your past?"
"This is the only moment we have."
"This is the only moment we have."
"This is the only moment we have."
"This is the only moment we have."
"I want to live it."
"My words are concealed."
"..because you're in front of me."
"The head's looking for.."
"..the love that once
existed between us."
"I pray that you come back to me.."
"..and say that you
want to be with me."
"if possible don't ever forget me."
"This is the only moment we have."
"This is the only moment we have."
"This is the only moment we have."
"This is the only moment we have."
Only three bullets left.
Three bullets might be inadequate
to kill him in his lair.
But if he comes here..
..then three bullets
are enough to kill him.
I know this place better than him.
If I manage to draw
him here.. - You?
Why not us?
Because you're leaving, Karan.
This fight is mine.
I want to fight it alone.
And what about the battle..
...that I've been
fighting with myself?
You think I'm doing you a favor.
No, I need to kill
that Brahma Rakshas. slay the demon inside me.
And if you snatch
my motive from me..
...that what will be the
difference between you and me?
But on one condition.
If we survive..
...then you won't show
me your face again.
You will go far away.
Ahana, what.
Ahana come out.
Let's go.
I dropped the bullet.
I don't know where.
Come on let's go.
But when.. where? Think.
Where's the bullet?
Last time I loaded the gun
in the dining room.
It could've fallen in the
kitchen or even somewhere outside.
It's a damn big area to search.
- We'll have to find out.
Come on let's go.
There's just one way now.
One of us will distract him.
...and the other will look for
the bullet inside.
I'll do the first task"
...because he came her
smelling my blood.
I won't leave you alone.
If we stay together, we'll both die.
You will have to go. Please.
But how will you distract him
until I am back?
Mr. Raman.
Mr. Rawat. Such a pleasure.
Ma'am, you were truly wonderful.
You've managed to turn
everything around.. just ten days.
Mr. Rawat. - Yes.
On behalf of our bank.
Thank you.. but, this is for you.
What's this, ma'am?
This is a cheque for Rs 76,
We didn't understand, ma'am.
Para 5 clause 14.
It clearly states that, if I return
your money with interest.
"Then, you won't have any
control over my property.
But, ma'am..
Axis Bank thinks
I'm a great investment.
And other than your loan amount.
"They've sanctioned
my 100 million loan.
So now you guys get the hell out
of my property.
And stay out.
It's the opening of your hotel.
I thought if your musicians
are late again..
..then you might need this
novice singer.
You promised..
...that you'll never come back again.
If I had kept my promise,
my hean would've shattered.
So, to save my hean
I broke my promise.
Ahana, love me, hate me..
But please forgive me.
And you know what.
...Kunal Anand is a st writer.
"Shower me with your love,
the monsoon's here."
"It's the time for us to meet."
"Shower me with your love,
the monsoon's here."
"It's the time for us to meet."
"I want to hide you from everyone."
"..and take you in my arms."
"I want to cross all limits.
In your love."
"It's the first time I feel
such immense love."
"Shower me with your love,
the monsoon's here."
"It's the time for us to meet."
"Why can't I endure
a moment of separation?"
"Why don't you dwell in
my breath each morning?"
"Come closer to me,
I'll shower you with love."
"I've spent many sleepless nights,
waiting for you."
"How do I express my feelings?"
"I love you more than myself."
"Forsake everything
and come to me.."
"..the monsoon's here."
"It's the time for us to meet."
"I want to hide you from everyone."
"..and take you in my arms."
"I want to cross all limits.
In your love."
"It's the first time
I feel such immense love."