Creepozoids (1987) Movie Script

Is someone out there?
Who's out there?
Come on, let's go.
What do you think?
I think it's spooky.
I don't know.
It looks abandoned.
R and R. Five minutes.
What the hell are
we stopping for?
We ought to be double timing.
What's wrong?
It's bursitis.
It's like tennis elbow,
except I get it in my shoulder.
Are you belly aching again?
It's sensitive!
I'll show you sensitive.
Whoa, whoa.
It's about to rain.
I don't see any rain.
Aw, shit.
OK, we've got to find cover.
There, this building.
Hey, there's a door!
For right now, be careful.
What do you think?
Could be anything.
May be penetrated.
Yeah, by us.
They could still be in here.
Could be friendly.
Nah, not with
our kind of luck.
Anybody home!
Hey, you left the lights on!
Go for it.
Rats, I can smell them.
Yeah, OK, OK.
Let's do a little recon.
Blanca, you and
Butch over there.
Kate, you and I over here.
40 paces, no further.
Now rendezvous back
here in five minutes.
Maybe we shouldn't.
We don't know what's in there.
Yeah, well, we're going
to fucking find out.
Now let's hump it.
40 paces.
No farther.
What about me?
Come on.
You don't think
this setup's weird?
I just think they left
in a hurry, that's all.
Like us.
Come on.
Let's check the next one.
Come on.
Come on!
Let's go.
What do you think?
Probably livestock food.
They need a
continuous supply, and
by breeding their own stock,
it could be indefinite.
I don't think so.
Why not?
Well, what else then?
I'm not sure.
All right.
Let's try another room.
I could sack out right
here, no problem.
Careful, there.
Oh, god, I hope it works.
Hey, stop!
It could be contaminated.
Give me a break.
If this is poisoned,
give me more.
Oh, shit.
No use wasting it.
Well, let's get us some chow,
and that's all I'll ever need.
Leave it to Jesse to
find the latrine first.
Hey, come on!
More than three shakes,
and you're whacking it.
Mess hall's down here.
Fucking great.
Count us in!
Come on, easy now.
He can't hurt you.
I move we sit right here,
wait this damn war out.
Don't move for a couple
of 10 years or so.
Let the suckers upstairs
blow up from the radiation.
I mean, we've got it made here.
It sounds like a plan to me.
I like it.
What do you say?
We'll see what happens.
You got some bug in your
butt about this place?
That's right.
So do I.
You two want to go back
out and fry in the rain?
I just think we should keep
our options open, that's all.
Hey, we will check it out.
We will just check it out.
Well, I'll tell you one thing.
This soldier is
optioning herself
into a hot shower for a
couple hundred light years.
I better go stand guard duty.
What are you doing?
Standing guard.
No, you're not.
90% of household accidents
happen in the bath.
I'm standing guard.
No, you're not.
I'm not?
You're going to come
and soap my backside.
What's the matter?
Can't you handle it?
I can handle anything.
Well then, look
alive, soldier.
Oh, you're a big help.
You find anything yet?
Not a lot.
Well, you figure out
what this place is?
This thing's code crazy.
But by the look of the
lab and, uh, this--
What's that?
Amino acids.
Amino acids.
They're um-- they're
building blocks for life.
Those are the ones the human
body can produce on its own.
You know a lot
about this stuff?
I was a biochem major
when they drafted me.
Stuck me in a poison gas outfit.
You were a gasser?
Hey, it's not
like I asked for it.
They assigned me.
Anyway, we didn't get
a chance to use the puking gas,
not when the MIOBs came in.
So I just ran.
We all ran, didn't we?
Did you get a fix
on our location?
We're 400 miles from New LA.
If there's anything left closer,
I couldn't get any indication.
You know, I can get
an uplink on this.
I think there might
be something nearby.
Don't do that.
We're deserters, remember?
So what the hell were they
doing with these meanie acids,
Amino acids.
What were they doing?
Were they synthesizing them?
Making them artificially?
It's been done years ago.
This is something
else, something new.
Something important by
the looks of this place.
It's incredibly fortified
and maybe not empty.
What do you mean?
Earlier I thought
somebody was watching me.
We could stay up all
night telling ghost stories,
but let's not.
Come on, relax.
This place is dead
now, and it's ours.
"October 13.
It's gotten unbearable.
The communication
with New LA has
been curtailed for some
reason, nobody will tell me.
I've been iced out of
some major decisions,
and it's getting ridiculous.
The whole thing has
turned from biomedical
to social engineering.
How many people can you
cram into an enclosed space
before somebody blows up?"
"October 15.
I skipped a day.
Bennet was snooping
around the bookshelf.
He must know something.
He hasn't gone near
the books in months.
Had a weird thought.
What if Bennet were
drinking the stuff himself?
Maybe he's sprinkling
it in the food.
Wouldn't put it past
him, the weasel.
It's a funny joke, ha, ha.
But it creeped me out
for half the morning.
I shouldn't be
putting this down,
but sometimes I
think writing this
and the thought of
someday going outside
is the only thing
that keeps me sane."
That's not right.
Mm, something
smells good in here.
Mm, that's delicious.
It's all powdered,
canned, and dehydrated.
Well, you did
something with it.
Thank you.
I'd better go get the others.
Revelry, let's shag it!
You awake in there?
Sir, yes sir!
Jesse, get up.
Breakfast is almost ready.
Good morning.
Hey, come on.
Breakfast is ready.
That shoulder
still bothering you?
Not as bad as yesterday.
But you can bet it's still
coming down out there.
That acid was stronger
than ever yesterday.
So it means the
war is still on.
More acid, more megatons.
It ain't over yet.
It is for us, pal.
It's all over.
Now, come on.
Let's get some breakfast.
Aw, coffee.
Man, I never thought
I'd see coffee again.
So the way I figure
it, we pull recon
before we do anything else.
Let's search the
place thoroughly,
see just what's what.
And I'd like to work
up a floor plan.
That-- that might
be on the computer.
Jess will do his
looking on the computer
while we're in the field.
And I'd also like to
work up an inventory
of what we've got here.
That may take some time.
That might be programmed too.
Maybe they've got
movies and stuff.
Or a racquetball
and Jacuzzi, maybe
an intimate little disco tech?
Slow down now.
This place may not have all
the comforts of civilization.
Civilization doesn't have all
the comforts of civilization
That's just my point.
We've got to be somewhere.
And right now, this may
just be the best place.
It's good we stumbled on it.
They obviously built it
intending to stay awhile.
Then why'd they leave?
Maybe whatever they were doing
was over, and they just left.
You know how many government
projects just get tossed?
I mean, it's incredible.
What makes you think
this is government?
Maybe it's not.
That'd be even better.
Unless it's military.
Then we'd be in deep shit.
The military never
loses anything.
No, we don't need
any troops here.
I move we make Kate
permanent Mess Sergeant.
No way, uh-uh.
Jesse, come on, eat up.
We need that brain of yours.
Aren't we
forgetting one thing?
What's that?
That skull
in the computer room.
Jesse, what's wrong?
Oh my god!
You think you can get
anything out of that thing?
There's codes
within codes here.
Jesse got through, he
didn't leave a trace.
It was the food.
It was that food
that killed him.
No way.
We all ate the food.
And we're all
going to fucking die.
It was him.
Something about
him, not the food.
His metabolism
couldn't handle it.
He changed, mutated.
That does it.
We're out of here.
Come on, Butch.
I mean it!
I move we ace it
right out the door!
Right into the acid rain bath.
Oh, so we just sit here and
wait for it to happen to us?
We find out what
this is, and kill it.
Well, start finding!
First off, we've gotta know
what kind of a place it is.
It's a bomb shelter.
I don't think so.
Well, what then?
I think we're in a
containment vessel, designed
to keep something in, not out.
They built this to protect
the outside from whatever
they were doing in here.
Oh, great.
They were doing
some dipshit science
project, worried about some
damn germ getting away.
Meanwhile, the world's blowing
itself to little pieces
of rabbit shit outside.
This is bullshit.
Jesse said these were
building blocks of something.
Yeah, sort of.
Well, he said
whatever they were doing
had to be new and important.
I think you're going
to think I'm crazy.
Go ahead.
If they were experimenting
with internal genetic synthesis
of these, that would
be quite a trick.
If they solved it, it
would mean the human body
could make its own amino acids.
We wouldn't depend on the
food supply to provide them.
Then what happened to Jesse?
The mutation was complete.
He didn't need food.
In fact--
10 tons of rocket fuel
stuffed inside a hand grenade.
I'm on a diet right now.
No more food.
Not a bad idea.
You think we're
infected with this thing?
If it's airborne, we must be.
But we're breathing the same
air as Jesse, and we're OK.
Yeah, but he was
such a little guy.
Even so, I think
something got to him
to make it happen so fast.
Something in there.
I'll go in there find out.
I'm going in there!
Stop him, dammit!
I'm the one to go.
I'm the logical one.
Nobody should
go in there alone!
It wouldn't help to
stuff a regiment in there.
I've got to do it alone.
I've got to do it, Jake.
I'm the one with the experience.
I've got loads of experience.
Yeah, in combat?
That's right.
He's two weeks out of
boot camp, just like me.
Go ahead.
Wish me luck.
Don't, Jake, it's stupid.
Look, maybe you can get
your answer through that,
but this is all the
answers I ever had.
Be careful!
I will.
See anything?
Be quiet!
He's going around the bend.
It's in this place.
Do you hear anything?
I can't stand this.
This is bullshit.
I'm going in after him.
Butch, don't.
He should have been
back a long time ago!
He hasn't been gone that long.
Blanca's right.
It just seems that long.
I should've went with
him in the first place.
This is wrong, all wrong.
We don't know what this is.
We need ammo, weapons,
explosives, firepower.
There were rifles
in the warehouse.
You shouldn't go alone!
Please, Jake, please.
Are you all right?
No, I'm horrible!
She's not going to hurt you.
She's dead.
Not that.
It was some animal.
It went through that vent.
What was it?
I don't know.
It was--
A rat?
No way was it a rat.
It was six feet tall.
I'm going in right now.
Are you OK?
Oh, give me a second.
What happened?
Did it attack?
No, not really.
I don't think it wants to kill.
Then what's it want to do?
Now get the same
samples from Jesse's body.
My god.
That didn't take long.
I didn't linger.
Now, there's a
room with empty cages
near the sleeping quarters.
I need something from
whatever was in them,
even a piece of fur
or hair might do.
Well, you can forget that.
There's no lab rat I saw.
Come on.
Show me where you found.
I haven't tested
Jesse yet, but--
It's an incredible
protein count.
I'd say impossible.
Jesse was probably
healthier than all of us.
I'd like to check
those cages we saw.
That you're wrong on.
It wasn't a mutant
test animal I saw.
No way.
You saw it too?
Afraid so.
Well, whatever it was,
it was human, or at least
started out that way.
Wouldn't you say that?
And I don't think
it wants to kill us.
It doesn't?
We need to tag--
Be careful.
The generator!
I'll get it.
Stay here!
It's in here, I know it.
We cover that door.
Nothing leaves.
If Butch gets the lights on,
blast the first thing you see.
Somebody fucked with this.
Get it off me!
Don't touch it.
I want to check its protein.
Fuck its protein.
It's probably got
too damn much anyway.
How's your arm?
Oh, it hurts like hell.
Yeah, well, it
serves you right.
From now on, no more
running off on your own.
We all stick together.
We might have had
that thing cornered.
We need water and
something for a bandage.
All right.
We'll go to the living quarters.
It's got water, and
it's defensible.
No more food, but nobody's
eating anymore anyway.
OK, let's go.
Somebody better go
at that generator.
We start fucking
gardening, we are dead meat.
It'll pick us off one by
one in its own sweet time.
Now let's move it, people!
Get him up.
That lock won't stop it, but
it may give us some warning.
OK, what now?
We stay here.
That's all.
We can't do that forever.
Why not?
We're going to need
food, for one thing.
Do we?
I don't know.
Maybe not.
I still say we
should get out of here.
Maybe the rain stopped.
What do you hear?
Maybe we could rig something,
some kind of umbrella.
Lure the thing out in the
rain and then zip back in.
It's too smart for that.
Then we rinse something
and keep on going!
Even if it worked, Jesse
said New LA is 400 miles away.
But there might
be something closer.
Jesse didn't seem to think so.
If Jesse was so smart,
how come he's dead?
What about calling for help?
Jesse did mention
something about an uplink.
We'll send out an SOS.
You sure you want to do that?
Why not?
Because we're likely to
run into the government.
So we're AWOL.
Big deal.
I'd rather spend a couple
of years in the stockade
than get my head blown off!
Not AWOL, desertion, man,
from the field of battle.
They could line us
up against the wall.
And get our heads blown.
Maybe not.
They need personnel desperately,
especially at the front line.
We still get our heads blown.
This is ours.
We stay here
because we found it.
Now, I say we kill anything
that tries to push us out.
Search and destroy?
You're damn right!
I'm not sure we're
up to it, Jake.
Fucking monkeys.
That's us.
We'll try to make a phone
call on the computer.
Maybe we'll luck out again
and find civilian help
that doesn't ask any questions.
Come on, Butch, let's go.
Where are we going?
To make the phone call.
I should go.
Why not?
You can't use the computer.
I've had some training, enough
for communications, anyway.
Look, if this thing's as
smart as I think it is,
it's going to try and stop us.
Butch and I can move the
fastest and hit the hardest.
Now let's move it, Butch.
Show me what you got.
I don't know only damn codes.
They should be back by now.
It just seems
like a long time.
Didn't you say that?
But how long do we wait?
Stay here.
That's what the man said, and
that's what we're going to do.
I feel like we let him down.
Forget it.
That kind of guy is never happy.
Nothing's ever good enough.
Hey, I know you're in love
with the guy and everything.
Yeah, maybe I am.
What about you and Butch?
Let's not turn this
into a slumber party, OK?
You know, it's not
the dying I hate.
Even when I ran from
the front, it wasn't
because I was afraid of dying.
It's the rats, isn't it?
There were a hell of a
lot of them where I grew up.
Think you'd get used
to it, wouldn't you?
Where are they?
Where'd it go?
It hurts, Jake.
It hurts.
Where is Butch?
Blanca, please!
Where is Butch!
I don't know.
It's got him.
Get a blanket.
Now breathe in
and breathe out.
It'll just take a second.
It'll just take a second.
Did you get help?
Fuck that.
I've gotta kill it.
It's strong, and it's smart,
but I've got to kill it.
I've got to kill it.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Hi, Jake.
We've got to get
you out of here.
Maybe we should do that
protein test on him.
It's over.
There's nothing
we could have done.
It's all over now.
Kate, are you all right?
Well, wake up.
Come on.
Wake up, Jake!
Jake, please, wake up!
This'll do the trick.
What-- what?